Bonne Airship <Gesellschaft>

The bridge of the Gesellschaft is a wide open command center with a sweeping view of the world outside. The central control area is a circular trench of stations where the Servbots man their positions, with piloting, engine, and weapons stations. Within this there is a raised platform with a walkway and another tier above that. Jutting from this tier is the captain's position, dominated by a great wooden wheel. The Bonne's smiling robotic skull set on the wheel housing to watch over the command center. To either side of the forward Servbot stations are a pair of hemispherical navigation displays.

Corridors lead back from the bridge, leading to many other parts of the massive craft. The main one of these being the Forward Hangar Bay. Situated in the 'mouth' area of the Gesellschaft, the 'teeth' slide open vertically to disgorge the flights of Drache that are situated in fighter bays across the backs and sides of the hangar bay. Several large, square hatches on the hangar bay's deck are clearly marked with red danger signs, the locations from which the Bonne Ride Armors are launched.
Tron Bonne
Gesellschaft - Tron's Room <TRR>
Gesellschaft - Teisel's Room <TR>
Gesellschaft - Bon's Room <BBR>
Gesellschaft - Vehicle Bay/Lab

Knight Man stands on the bridge, arms folded, looking out at the peaks of the mountain. Something certainly seems to be on his mind, especially after the events of last night. Knight seems more worried now than ever.

The door to the Bridge slowly opens... and the figure of the Pirate Princess slowly strides in. Emerald eyes scan the bridge, and finds Knight Man. She smiles softly then, slowly walking up and towards him. "Heya, Knight... ...The Servbots said you were up here. Anything new?"

Knight Man glances back at Tron, and sighs "Aye, ye could sayeth that. Dost thou know of the events that transpired last night with the 9th pendent?"

The Pirate Princess sighs, then shakes her head. "No... I needed to sleep... ...I've been so..." Tron sighs. "I've just been out places, enjoying myself, and trying to relax. I'm so tired, Knight... I just..." Tron just waves it away. "Please, tell me if you were there. It could be important."

Knight Man shakes his head "Nay, I wasn't present. Though Sir Ballade twas, I knoweth this because... he was the victor." He folds his arms and looks back out at the peaks, he wishes what he had to say was good "Sir Ballade now dost possesseth Pluto's pendent of death, and dost now claimeth to be the judge of it. *pause* I art afraid this pendent cameth with a rather high price. From what I dost understandeth, in the final riddle only Ballade and a human girl, I believeth her name was Ayla.. something, were the only ones left. In the end howevereth, Sir Ballade was victorous.. and the girl apparently.. died." He is silent for a minute "Now three of mine brothers possess pendents of Chaos, I fear for tonights activities."

Tron pauses... then shakes her head slowly, steping around to slowly sink onto the Captain's Chair. Teisel wont mind, especialy when Tron just needs to sit down or fall down right now. "...So... Ballade has it." Tron shakes her head and sighs. "...This has the potential to be bad, Knight, if not for Enker and his Truce... i'd be even more terribly worried then I am now. Ballade... with the power of Death at his command. ...Well, at least I know he's probably one of the best people to have it. He's calm, collected, and extremely intelligent... ...he'll be able to overcome it. And for tonight..." Tron shakes her head. "I don't want to be anywhere /NEAR/ the desert tonight. Sunstar's... ...will be found tonight, I'm sure of it. enemy." Tron closes her eyes, and sighs.

Knight Man nods "I can understandeth that. But I dost feareth for another reason. Before last night, Ballade was mine best bet to keepeth Lord Wily from getting Sunstar's. He twas reluctant to let him get on himself, we both fear the effect that power would haveth on his body, he may not survive. But now... in Sir Ballade's message, he clearly stated he cares not for life anymore, not even Lord Wily's." He pauses again "Thou art right though, Sir Ballade is indeed a stable individual, he'll not go out to abuseth his power. But he'll do nothing to assisteth us, that's for sure. I fear Lord Wily or someone less... stable may aquireth the pendent tonight. And that would be utterly disasterous. I... have been pondering going out mineself tonight. I wanteth not Sunstar's power, but mayhap I can keepeth an eye on things."

Tron nods slowly. She turns her head, looking upon Knight Man. Slowly she nods to him. "You, being there, would be a very good thing, Knight Man. I'm just as worried as you are... ...and I hope you can help prevent such from happening. It would be a deep request of mine for you." Tron sighs. "As for Ballade... I'm as worried as you are. But, as I said, he's perhaps one of the better people to have as the Bearer... though Skull Man perhaps might have been better, and more interesting to see." Tron smiles softly at that. "Skull being what he's always thought he was, the Incarnation of Death, would likely be the best of all ends... But, no matter. Ballade it will have to be... ...I'm going to go up to Eurasia again, I think... maybe contact the other Order members from there... and speak to a few friends. I want this to end, Knight Man... ...this has caused so much pain, that I can barely stand it anymore. Every fiber of my body is crying out for it to end, and even the Pendant wants to stop this pain all over the world. I just don't know /how/." Tron sighs.

Knight Man sighs as well, he can truely see how this is wearing on her. Perhaps the power of the pendents is too much to bear for humans. Which makes it all the more important Dr Wily doesn't get this one, if he does he could easily die, powerful or not. He nods "I shalt go to oversee-eth it. And I do believeth that would be the best thing for thou to do. And I agreeth, this must end soon. The toll on the world is becoming too great. ...even if it means we go back to normal... this all has to stop." He looks back out at the peaks "If thou art taking the Gesellschaft, couldst thou droppeth me off near the desert? I'll do mine best to oversee what happens tonight."

Tron sighs softly, and smiles softly to Knight. "I'll do better then that... when it comes to it, you'll wait here and just use a Drache to go wherever... A Servbot can pilot you there. I want to make sure your at the right place... and I'll be monitoring for it. I'm not entirely sure which desert it will be, I need to consider perhaps." Tron shakes her head. "So, we'll just have to think and get you there on time. Hopefully, tonight, when this last Pendant is found... ...the last place where we can get rid of them/do whatever with them can be found. And yes, Knight. This has to stop... ...though..." Tron smiles softly. "It's still gratifying to my old self to be on the UN Most Wanted... I'm glad they lowered me from #1, at least... they know i'm not a threat." Tron then shakes her head. "But, thats just me rambling again. Thanks for everything, Knight... and come the end, I owe you a /VERY/ large hug and kiss on the cheek for this."

Knight Man eyetwitches, he's not changed that much. Still he chuckles "As thou wisheth... I suppose. Well then, I shalt go prepareth. Best of luck on thine side Tron." He heads off the bridge.

*Some time later that night...*

Eastern Sahara

Forever stretching across the continent of Africa is the Sahara Desert, its begotten landscape spanning as far as the eyes can see. Reaching 1000 miles wide and around 3200 miles from east to west, this is without a doubt the largest desert in the world. Its entire square footage is a blistering 3,500,000 miles, although currently you are in the eastern region. This is primarily the Libyan Desert, considered the most arid part of the Sahara itself. Oasises, as rare as they normally are, are almost nonexistant in this region, leaving little hope and even less chances for anyone to survive who manages to get lost here. The majority of the land here consists of sandy dunes, often rising up 400 feet or more in height. Far off to the east is the valley of the Nile River, the only end in sight to this infinite realm of death and, beyond its grace, is the mountainous area of the Nubian Desert as well.

Sonic Banshee [Armored] [M]
Guts Man [Normal] [RM]
Blaze Dalmatian [Firefighter] [RF]
Sewa [Cat-ears] [M]
Blast Hornet [M]
Storm Eagle [M]
Maverick Hoverbike <Tachyon> [M]

Obvious exits:
North <N> leads to Barbary Coast.
West <W> leads to Western Sahara.
South <S> leads to Ivory Coast.
East <E> leads to Egypt.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above Sahara.

Guts Man is happy to be in the heat, compared to the cold, he still hasn't had time to get proper repairs after last night's tumble down the fissure, instead he has makeshift patches all over himself. The equivalent for robot band-aids.

Storm Eagle had broken the soundbarrier when he left Cairo... but the eagle eventually banks around toward Blast as she calls. "Nothing yet, I'll scout around a bit... Keep aware and call on the radio if you see something," he tells her. The eagle again surges off, looking around for signs of life, or signs of... a different nature.

Blast Hornet nods to Storm Eagle, and buzzes off in a seemingly random direction. Her head pans from side ot side, and she tries to find something in this featureless desert. Sand... Sand... Sand... Scorpion... Sand... Sand... Ugh, this is boing!

Ahh the sands of the Sahara. The temperature today is Frickin HOT as always. Fortunatly for Knight Man he's A)An android, and heat to a certain extreme doesn't bother him, and B) He's in one of the Bonne's Drache's, being piloted by Servbot (insert number here) As they navigate through the desert (much faster than Knight would have on foot, thanks Tron) Knight keeps an eye out on the present company within scanning range. Maverick, Maverick, Maverick, Guts Man... dandy.

Storm Eagle simply continues at speeds just under the sound barrier. The faster the area was found, the better. Those wings and the engines they're connected to simply continue to push the eagle quickly through the cloudless sky.

Blaze Dalmatian looks up, spotting the Maverick eagle flying through the air, "Goodie." She mutters, "Just keep driving. He's here for the same reason we are, I'm sure." She says, as she pulls out her Gameboy Advance XIII, and starts to play.

Tempest Dolphin arrives from the Sky Above Sahara.
Tempest Dolphin has arrived.

Byakko is trudging through the sand, searching for something. That is the most of what she does, since no one else is with her.

Blast Hornet buzzes along in a different direction than Storm Eagle, to spread out the Maverick presence on the area. Her buzzing wings and her speed of flight keep her nice and cool in the hot desert sun, and at her altitudes wont get sand into her armor either.

Tidal Whale arrives from the Egypt.
Tidal Whale has arrived.

Storm Eagle can't help but peer downward toward the small buggy. "...Excellent," he muses to himself before he pushes ahead, breaking the sound barrier above them rather intentionally. They're slower, on the sands, he's flying, past the barrier, who has the better chance? ... Actually that's a good question.

Blast Hornet buzzes along, and sees nothing but more sand and roiling dunes. Almost like waves on a sea frozen in time, but dirtier.

Knight Man continues to fly through the air in the Servbot piloted Drache, thankfully the thing is small enough not to be noticed from a distance. Knight hmms "As expected, the usual turn-out of pursuers. I just hopeth we can find the right place in time. Should the wrong person get the pendent tonight, t'would be disasterous for everyone..." The Servbot pilot continues to navigate the air above the desert, as they make their way to their unknown destination.

Tempest Dolphin descends from sublight in a swirl of sparkling starshine. She swims looks around briefly and executes a radar sweep before pulling up alongside Storm Eagle, offering a polite smile and a tightbeam.

Tempest Dolphin sends a radio transmission.

Medieval Fox slogs through the sands with a little help from the natives of the area. It could almost be said that she likes the desert clime... and it is, in fact, one of her favourite locations to be on the globe. The vulpine reploid heads to what she thinks are the proper coordinates.

Firestorm Phoenix enters the Egypt.
Firestorm Phoenix has left.

Cappella has arrived.

Storm Eagle is caught slightly off guard as Tempest comes up beside him. He just hadn't expected anyone else until he banked back around to find Blast. ~Ah Tempest, seems your in better health now.. how are you?~ he asks before glancing downward, still hunting for anything in the sands

Firestorm Phoenix arrives from the Egypt.
Firestorm Phoenix has arrived.

Through the blown sands of the desert walks a traveller. Hunched over against the occational gusts, this wanderer adjusts his etremely wide brimmed hat, and pulls desert camo brown arms back within the comfort of a circus tent sized poncho. The trail he leaves in the sand has a set of footprints, and a wide center line where a tail might drag. He pauses at a high point, and the green forward opics of Tidal Whale can be seen from under that brim, flashing with anticipatory vengeance.

Skimmer Bee arrives from the Sky Above Sahara.
Skimmer Bee has arrived.
Afterburner Accipiter arrives from the Egypt.
Afterburner Accipiter has arrived.

Blaze Dalmatian just keeps on moving along in the sand buggy she's riding in, playing her Gameboy. She's so not taking this whole situation seriously..

Byakko just keeps trudging. However, halfway in several paces away from her hoverbike, she mutters a growl to herself and wonders why she doesn't just go back for the &^$&$&$ing bike, and from there, hover in the air till she sees something. .. Of course, the thing doesn't like flying in the sane, so..

Skimmer Bee buzzes around. Lots of Mavericks here today; that's good. Hope sand doesn't clog up his wings.

Storm Eagle is flying at supersonic speeds, glancing over the endless golden sea for anything. Signs, signs that seem to show themselves with every one of these artifacts.

Afterburner Accipiter roars overhead at a high altitude, making his way quickly towards Egypt.

Skimmer Bee enters the Egypt.
Skimmer Bee has left.
Afterburner Accipiter enters the Egypt.
Afterburner Accipiter has left.

Sewa is also, ironically enough, travelling the desert. She's running at a good speed but she has ran faster but she's trying to limit the usage of her pendant as much as possible. This is the pendant Sewa was certain she'd find Sonic at and she keeps an eye out as she travels. Unfortunately, she's in disguise. How evil!

Blast Hornet buzzes along, and can't see anything but endless sand. "This place is boring!" She cries out to the dry empty air. "But at least it isn't cold."

Tempest Dolphin settles into Storm Eagle's wake and follows the curve with him. ~Still a little fuzzy. I'm not sure. But I can help you find it.~ She's got the energy patterns of these devices burned into her brain by now, so if her scanner falls across an active one, she'll see it. Her scans make rotating blue lines on the sand below her.

Knight Man is still flying across the desert in one of the Bonne's Drache's. He muses "The answer to this riddle tis somewhere out here, but where... tis nothing but a huge mess of sand." He glances at the Servbot pilot "Be sure to keepeth an eye out for anything unusual..."

A sonic boom rings out across the sands, though it is not the one created by Storm Eagle. it is infact the avain of gold, Firestorm Phoenix. Homing on where he's sure the others Mavericks are located.
Storm Eagle nods, starting to bank ever so slightly. May as well go check on Blast again, ~Excellent, thank you for the help Tempest,~ he transmits to her as he begins a return path over some new ground. ~If you sense anything, tell me.~

The Kyuubi-Maverick mutters as she comes to a stop in the sand, and looks upwards, mistaking the forms of flyinjg Mavericks as vultures overhead.m Shakign a fist, the Byakko curses at them in silence, adn then sighs, looking out upon the sands.

Guts Man keeps on searching for anything out of the ordinary or any nomads.

Skimmer Bee hovers to Byakko. "Problems?"

Job arrives from the Egypt.
Job has arrived.

Tempest Dolphin sends a radio transmission.
Storm Eagle receives a radio transmission from Tempest Dolphin.
Storm Eagle sends a radio transmission.

Tempest Dolphin receives a radio transmission from Storm Eagle.
Blast Hornet buzzes along. "*sigh* Sand... Sand... Sand... Guts Man... Sand... Wha?" She says, and stops her buzzing flight. She peers down, and looks at the large red and black Robot Master, Guts Man. "Well, so the Robot Masters are going to get in our way again this time too." Blast says, and drops down to the ground to hide behind a dune, peeking over the top.

Sewa sends a radio transmission to Storm Owl.

Guts Man is standing on top of one sand dune, looking the terrain over. "This is almost worse as the stupid south pole. Only instead of ice and cold, it's sand and heat!"

Tidal Whale enters the Egypt.
Tidal Whale has left.

Blast Hornet peers over at Guts Man, and stays quiet. It'd be a bad idea to let that lummox spot her, and try to squash her like a bug.

Sewa sends a radio transmission.
Storm Eagle receives a radio transmission from Sewa.

Storm Eagle continues his trek across the sky, only to notice something below. A speck, smoething shaking a fist up at him, ~Now what's that?~ He transmits to Tempest before heading down toward it, circling slightly in that decent.

Storm Eagle sends a radio transmission to Sewa.
Sewa receives a radio transmission.

Job moves across the sands on his ever trusty but rather battered hover bike. Kicking up a plum of sand as he moves seeking the location of the last trial.

After recieving a few radio transmissions, Firestorm alters course ever so slightly, and pushes his engines further, accelerating enough to try and catch up with Storm and Tempest.

Tempest Dolphin is tempted to make a nice rainstorm... but no, that would be out of place. Just a few light fluffy clouds to offer some shade in selected areas. The blue lines sweep and rotate, and then she looks back to Storm. ~I believe that is Byakko, Sir.~

Sewa sends a radio transmission.
Storm Eagle receives a radio transmission from Sewa.

Blaze Dalmatian keeps on riding along in her dune buggy...Until it sputters and runs out of gas, "..." Shes hakes her head, "You have to be kidding me." The man looks upset, and she tosses him some money, "Guess you'd better call for a tow service." She says, turning and walking off, in the same direction she was headed. She has a mission out here..

Storm Eagle sends a radio transmission to Sewa.
Sewa receives a radio transmission.

Guts Man crosses his arms, if only he had cool Luke Skywalker binoculars, he could scan the desert for stuff. Like pendants or nomads. But as it is he doesn't, so he just walks across the hot sand.

Sewa sends a radio transmission to Storm Eagle.
Storm Eagle receives a radio transmission from Sewa.

Knight Man continues to jet across the Sahara in a Drache. Not doing much else than that, nope.

Blast Hornet creeps along around the end of her sand dune, and quickly hops over to the next one, cotinueing to watch Guts Man, assuming he's heading towards whichever fellow Robot Masters he came with.
Sewa continues merrily on her way, slowing down somewhat as she catches a transmission... Huh? She replies to a different transmission.

Tempest Dolphin sends a radio transmission.
Storm Eagle receives a radio transmission.

Variable Assault Ride Armor <Glyder> arrives from the Sky Above Sahara.
Variable Assault Ride Armor <Glyder> has arrived.

Storm Eagle sends a radio transmission to Tempest Dolphin.
Tempest Dolphin receives a radio transmission from Storm Eagle.

Byakko keeps walking along, her armor keeping anything visible of her true self from the world. Except the impatience and anger.

Messenger Marou arrives from the Egypt.
Messenger Marou has arrived.

Guts Man came with no one. For he is not a lemming. At least not until the TP starts and people end up fleeing to the same spot.

Variable Assault Ride Armor <Glyder> soars above the desert sands, quartering over the area as its pilot searches for signs of unusual activity.

Storm Eagle slowly continues his decent before landing a few yards away from this... Byakko. There's no greeting for now, he's not heard of this.. Byakko. All he does at this point is wander up to it.

Blast Hornet doesn't know Guts Man is alone, and wants to see who else he came with so she can tell the other Mavericks. Since we want to shoot Ballade in the head. She creeps along behind Guts Man, hoping to stay out of sight.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man transmits, "Apparently we have visssitorsss to our region..."

Medieval Fox departs from her small party of nomads as she begins to spot other robotic activity in the desert. Explaining her reasons to the group, the Hunter moves towards the location of the others.

Knight Man is still flying in a Drache. Flying in a Drache, yeah!
Sewa catches sight of Stormy landing and so increases her speed a little bit to catch up. She mutters to herself, "Soon things'll become clearer...I hope..."

The Golden Kyuubi-Maverick pauses as a 'vulture' lands before it, it's head tilting to the side as it examines for form. Oh. Storm. It's an eagle. The Fox bows her head breifly, displaying reverance to the eagle, and then stands upright pointing into the desert, the direction she came from, where the Tachyon still sits, protected from the sand and sun by a tarp pulled over it.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Snake Man transmits, "I hope none of them get it into their empty headsss to invessstigate the disssguissse to the bassse."

Messenger Marou glides in, flapping her wings every now and again to keep a good altitude. Having missed out on the last few hunts, she feels that she should definately show up for this one, since it is her orders and all. Squinting, she glances down to the sandy desert below, while trying to make out any familiar shapes.

Alia arrives from the Egypt.
Alia has arrived.

Blaze Dalmatian is wandering along through the desert. La la. Then she spots that Drache. And she remembers that Tron drives those. And then she remembers that Tron owes her a favor, so she tries to flag it down.

Guts Man isn't turning around to take notice of Blast Hornet.

Alloy arrives from the Egypt.
Alloy has arrived.

Storm Eagle peers back the path this reploid came, then ahead towards where it seems to be going. Doesn't talk hrm? He shrugs a little bit. At least this one seemed to respect the Eagle a little. He simply nods back to him

Firestorm Phoenix finally makes it to the general area of where the transmissions were made and begins to search for the ever familiar blue of a certain windy eagle. Finally spotting the avain he's looking for, Phoenix banks down, heading for the Storm and... ah, the silent fox from the northpole.

.. Byakko is very distinctively a female. But she allows it to slide for now rather than bring any attention to it, both because she doesn't know, and because she doesn't talk. At least, not when she plays the part she is playing now.

Blast Hornet creeps along, following Guts Man. Well, how exciting. But at least it's not as boring as flying above and seeing nothing but sand.

Messenger Marou quirks an ear as she dives down a little, folding her wings onto her back to give her a bit more speed in her descent. Hey...that one reploid looks kinda familiar to her. She turns a little, now gliding down towards Blaze in hopes that it's not a Maverick and she's not just imagining things.

Sewa comes up to Storm and Byakko finally and says, "Hey...guys...", she then looks at Byakku and blinks. And the hoverbike. Blink. That's weird. She looks towards Eagle and says, "What's going on?"

Storm Eagle glances up towards Firestorm first, "Ah. Welcome to the Sahara Firestorm!" he calls toward the Phoenix before he turns back toward the reploid. Then he looks at Sewa next, slightly surprised to see her here. "Simply searching for the Artifact Sewa, like I told you on the radio."

Guts Man trips over a stone in the middle of the desert, he falls down from his sand dune.

Byakko reguards all of her fellow Mavericks in Silence, and then keeps walking.

Firestorm Phoenix nods to Storm's greeting, "So this is where we have decided to go? Very well." He isn't so certain that this is the right place, but eh, the rest are here, so why not.

Blast Hornet watches Guts Man trip over a stone, and covers her lowr fce to stifle a snicker. Good thing Gust Man isn't known for his hearing.

Skimmer Bee locates the gathering of the Mavericks, and buzzes to join them.

Tempest Dolphin sends a radio transmission.
Storm Eagle receives a radio transmission.

Blaze Dalmatian shakes her head a little bit, and then hmms, and kneels down, starting to dig around in her backpack for something..

Knight Man continues down the desert path in a Drache. "I do hopeth we art headed in the right direction. The clue did appeareth to state the Valley of Kings as the destination, though I art afraid I know not the exact location." He turns back to the Servbot "Continueth to taketh us in the directions Tron gaveth us, hopefully we shouldst cometh across something."

Storm Eagle sends a radio transmission.
Tempest Dolphin receives a radio transmission.

Job speeds along the desert path himself, looking about as he speeds along. "Sand, sand and more sand. I'm stuck in a giant litter box." Job shakes his head and heads on.

Storm Eagle continues after Byakko once his greetings are finished, "Come now... lets see if we can find this medallion.." he says as he takes to the air once more, "Sewa," he calls, "Be cautious here, I'm sure many will be arriving soon if this is indeed the correct area!" That said, he takes off.

Messenger Marou lands a few feet away from Blaze, tucking her wings against her back so they're out of the way. "We meet again, huh?" the demoness chirps happily, while waving towards the canine reploid.

Blaze Dalmatian blinks, and looks up, "Oh, hey Messenger." She grins, "Yeah, funny how that works out." She says, "Not the best area I've ever been in, to say the least.."

Medieval Fox approaches the Maverick entourage but stops when she's still a good distance away. She isn't here to intrude, only to observe.

Tempest Dolphin shimmers into starlight and heads up into the sky again. For some reason she's decided to leave.

Messenger Marou chuckles. "I'm enjoying the place, myself. It's nice and warm here. Not cold, like New York." She glances around, quirking a brow curiously. " this the place?"

Blaze Dalmatian shakes her head a little, "Here, no." She says, looking around. She's on top of a sand dune, which is almost like a huge hill of sand going down, "But I'm gonna keep looking in this general area."

Firestorm Phoenix follows after the Eagle, heading back into the sky. Green eyes gazing out at the endless sands of the Sahara, "This place is as bad as Antarctica. Though atleast its not cold."

Skull Man arrives from the Egypt.
Skull Man has arrived.

Messenger Marou nods. "Well, here's hoping to you being right." She grins, then begins glancing around. "Are we looking for something in particular, or just something out of the ordinary?"

Byakko continues to follow her fellow Mavericks. And isn't posing much to save on spam and ebcause her sanity is down to nil.
Lawn Gnome slowly rolls over the sandy dunes from somewhere in the east, a tiny little speck in the wavering desert heat, most likely unnoticed by all.

Skimmer Bee is buzzing along, too.

Storm Eagle simply keeps his eyes scanning much like Firestorm's own. He's looking for anything in these never-ending sands that would stand out. "Keep your eyes open for anything Firestorm. I'd imagine you know how these treasure hunts work better then myself."

Guts Man just gets right back up and resumes searching for nomads and tusken raiders. Or nomadic tusken raiders!

Knight Man hmms as he looks at the vast expanse of sand. "...I think we're lost." He shrugs at the Servbot pilot "Keep going though, we shouldst findeth something sooner or later."

Blast Hornet holds back more laugh, and continues on behind Guts Man. o O (Hrm... It doesn't really look like there are any other Masters around... Unless they're hiding...)

Sewa looks towards Storm and Firestorm, "...Who is that? And why's she on the Tachyon?", she furrows her brow irritably...And then shakes her head, "The place will likely show itself."

Cappella has connected.

Blaze Dalmatian shrugs a little, "Nothing's ever ordinary with these. Umm.." She finds what she was looking for, and pulls it out. unfolding it. A snowboard? "Here, this should work." She puts her backpack back on, and hops onto the board, "You should like, look from the air, Marou. It'd be better off there. Radio me if you spot anything." And with that, she pushes off and starts to snowboard her way down the dune.

Sewa looks towards Storm and Firestorm, "...Who is that?", she furrows her brow irritably...And then shakes her head, "The place will likely show itself."

Ah, so much pain awaits the foolish. Pain for those that seek power, without knowing the price to pay. And for some...? Deactivation. The eternal slumber. Whom better, then, to guide the weary to their never ending rest than Death himself? Skull Man, that is. The electronic Angel of Death riding quite slowly upon the skeletal horse, Pale Mount. His tattered and ancient cowl rustling like corpseus skin against his lithe frame, keeping his features hidden from the eyes of mere Mortals. That wicked sharp scythe, Shame, casually leaning upon one shoulder - while souless emerald optics glow from underneath his hood.

Nothing more than tracks in the sand mark his slow but unavoidable travel. The Angel of Death is a creature of patience... he is in no hurry..

Messenger Marou eyes Blaze, then shakes her head and flares her wings out, taking to the sky. Circling like some type of demonic vulture, she attempts to cover as much ground as she can.

Storm Eagle sends a radio transmission to Sewa.
Sewa receives a radio transmission from Storm Eagle.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Shhh! Sword Man transmits, "Sir Snake? What is your status? Do you see any visible security threats?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Snake Man transmits, "None at the moment, but there'sss a lot of enemy activitiesss clossse by."

Medieval Fox continues her walk across the hot sands, her dark staff giving her balance as needed when she climbs the higher dunes. The fox pauses at the top of one sandy hill to look at the area below, using a hand to shade her eyes.

Lawn Gnome rumbles along. Still a tiny speck. Pay no heed to the lawn gnome. Meanwhile, beneath the dunes...

Chitinous Khan, king of the Saharan Scorpion people, lets out a shriek as his kingdom rumbles around him! His little desert scorpion servants panic around him. "He has come!" they wail! "The giant that the legends spoke of! He has come to destroy us all! Aiiiiieeee-" Their cries are silenced as their little scorpion-hole in the sand collapses, burying them all. Up above, the lawn gnome continues to roll along, heedless of the destruction it has wrought and the prophecies it has fulfulled. Anyway.

Sewa shakes her head, "No..I wasn't trying to...", she pauses for a moment and then says, "...I'd rather have anybody but a Maverick get this one...Because we might -lose- that person as a family member...y'know?", she frowns, "And I guess she's not here or ahead of us...It's like she dropped off the face of the earth."

Messenger Marou sends a radio transmission to Blaze Dalmatian.
Blaze Dalmatian receives a radio transmission from Messenger Marou.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Shhh! Sword Man transmits, "Brothers currently occupying the Citadel, be on guard. It is very possible that the enemy activity in Egypt may spill over nearby. I suggest that you NOT open the bay doors for fear of compromising the base's location."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Delta CO Dust Man transmits, "Understood."

Blaze Dalmatian sends a radio transmission to Messenger Marou.
Messenger Marou receives a radio transmission.

Messenger Marou sends a radio transmission to Blaze Dalmatian.
Blaze Dalmatian receives a radio transmission from Messenger Marou.

Knight Man hrms, and he turns to the Servbot piloting the Drache he's flying in "We art nearing the coordinates that Tron gaveth us. Let's hopeth her hunch was correct..."

Blaze Dalmatian sends a radio transmission.
Messenger Marou receives a radio transmission.

Byakko could actually tell storm a bit more about the treasure hunts than Firestorm, having come closer to winning several of them than anyone on the team. But she's not speaking. She just keeps walking.. and listening to Sewa...

Storm Eagle simply continues to fly, looking for a difference in the seas of golden sand. "Anything Firestorm?" he calls back to him, flying at a rather casual pace now.

Messenger Marou sends a radio transmission.
Blaze Dalmatian receives a radio transmission from Messenger Marou.

Job oO(I wonder where TD is? I thought he was going to be in on this operation. Oh well on with the quest then again is Sunstar's powers worth the price?) Job floors it and races across the desert landscape heading to his desitantion.

Blaze Dalmatian sends a radio transmission.
Messenger Marou receives a radio transmission.
Messenger Marou sends a radio transmission.
Blaze Dalmatian receives a radio transmission.

Lawn Gnome comes to a halt as its batteries die. Uh oh. And the heat of the desert claims another victim!

Messenger Marou continues to glide about. Weee!

Guts Man continues searching. Oh what fun this is.

Blast Hornet follows Guts Man. Yay!

Vile has arrived.

Messenger Marou is gliding about the sand dunes, looking for signs of anything unusual, while keeping track of Blaze Dalmatian below her. Every now and then she'll send off a radio.

Skimmer Bee is buzzing along with the other Mavericks in the area, just keeping up. Attempts at striking up conversation, especially with the fox-like Maverick, seem to have failed.

o/` Roaming sheep in search of the place you'd never know, listen to the wind, until you can hear the sign. Roaming sheep in front of the gate that close so tight, take a rest upon the earth, until you can find the key. Roaming sheep in search of the people full of love, bathe yourself in water, until your mind is soothed again. Roaming sheep in front of the deep and dreamless sleep, here you're by the fire, able to warm your heart.. o/`
Byakko Keeps walking along after the fellow Mavericks in Silence, though the faint sound of a song playing in her mind comes to her ears, and softly, the beast that walks in golden armor, starts to hum gutterally, as she growls. She is following her fellow Mavericks as they walk along, scouring the desert for some sign, in a prade-like troupe.
o/` Each and every m,oment, oh, as time goes by, all in this world has to change.. o/`

Blast Hornet is following behind Guts Man, hoping the huge robot master doesn't spot her. She had been looking for any signs of something unusual, and only found the un-extrordinary Guts Man. But he did fall over an land on his face, so it ws worth it.

Storm Eagle continues in his flights above the Sahara, searching, scanning, reaching out with anything he can to try and find some difference, some... spot in this endless sea that seems different. There had to be something out here. An Oasis, a tomb, perhaps a forgotten pyramid. He doesn't know what he's looking for, he just knows he's looking for it. Another glance goes back to Firestorm, wondering if he's seen anything yet.

Blaze Dalmatian is sandboarding along the dunes below Messenger, trying to see if she can spot anything down on the ground, while Messenger keeps track of the area from the air.

Medieval Fox is about one or two dunes away from the Maverick party. Having spotted them earlier, the vulpine Hunter is keeping an eye on the troupe in case they get into any trouble.

Guts Man keeps searching the desert for nomads and that giant dune that was seen in the vision. There sure are alot of big dunes around here, if he could only figure out which one was in the vision he'd be set.

Knight Man is in a Drache that Tron gave him, being piloted by a Servbot "Alright, these art the coordinates that Tron gaveth us. Let's hope her hunch was correct, and this tis the true Valley of the Kings." He prepares to depart "I'll proceedeth alone from here on." He opens the exit hatch to the Drache and leaps out. The Drache was still considerably in the air, though Knight is prepared and takes his shield and lands on it when he hits the dune and surfs down towards the valley, or the valley at the coordinates that Tron gave him anyway.

Sewa sighs and puts away her vocal radio and goes back to listening to text, which is more annoying, but more secretive. She looks towards Byakko and says, "...Sorry...Just wish I could find someone...I'm alright.", she narrows her eyes and scours the desert for some sign of anything interesting looking or Sonic Banshee herself.

And finally, after an hour or two of searching at sub and super sonic speed... "...Firestorm.." he calls to him. Pointing toward a slight difference in the desert. "I believe we've found something..." with that said the eagle soars toward this area in the desert...

And, out in the sea of sand... A lone suit of armor stands out in the sand, emerging from over a massive sand dune. Encased within... The Maverick General, Vile. The mystery man is moving in no particular direction, either, but he seems to have /something/ in mind regarding his destination. More interestingly, the fallen angel seems to be... Taking it slowly, as he stomps through the sand, an illusion or a dark mirage. The Mavericks -- His Mavericks -- would be on-site shortly. They would provide him the firepower he needed..

Messenger Marou squints her optics, shaking her head a little as she mutters into her radio once more.

As Knight surfs down the dune he landed on, he notices something near the base. From what he can tell they seem to be some strange tombs. He nods "Alright, this must be the place. Tron, I promise I'll keepeth an eye here, at least Lord Wily isn't here to endanger himself..." He jumps off the shield and reattatches it to his back, and progresses on foot the rest of the way, which isn't too far.

Messenger Marou sends a radio transmission to Blaze Dalmatian.
Blaze Dalmatian receives a radio transmission from Messenger Marou.

Alia is actually here. And in the middle of trying to avoid all the Mavericks and Masters and .. just about everyone else .. though wearing bright pink and black wasn't the best way to go unseen.. she follows the flow of movement. Which has miraculously begun to gravitate toward some tombs in the sand. Amazing, isn't it.

Blaze Dalmatian sends a radio transmission.
Messenger Marou receives a radio transmission.

Byakko has been following the commander bird.. And thus, when he calls out, and takes off, so does she, loping off towards the direction the bird has headed, in a sprint that's uncomely in the sands that shift beneath heavy foot. o/` Roaming sheep in search of the place you'd never know, better not take a breath until you can hear the sign. Roaming sheep in search of the place you've never seen, better watch yourself, until you can find the key.. o/`

You enter the Desolate Tombs.
Desolate Tombs

In the last century, thanks to the aid of technology, most of Egypt and the rest of the Sahara has been scoured for ruins and artifacts of the past. It is very common to one who travels in the Sahara to come across an excavation sight, as they litter the the desert's scenery. This series of tombs is one such, mostly barren tunnels and chasms, they wind around the depths of the Sahara in many good directions. However, one section of the tombs appears to be relatively newly 'carved', as the rock gleams freshly, and droplets of water run along its rims. Here there are strange etchings, not hieroglyphics, but something different. More like carvings in the brown rockface, but they shimmer with a quiet incandescence as they run along the walls of this particular tunnel.

Obvious exits:
Out <O> leads to Eastern Sahara.
Alia arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Alia has arrived.
Messenger Marou arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Messenger Marou has arrived.
Storm Eagle arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Storm Eagle has arrived.
Blaze Dalmatian arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Blaze Dalmatian has arrived.
Guts Man arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Guts Man has arrived.
Sonic Banshee arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Sonic Banshee has arrived.
Skimmer Bee arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Skimmer Bee has arrived.
Vile arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Vile has arrived.
Firestorm Phoenix arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Firestorm Phoenix has arrived.
Alia has disconnected.
Alia has connected.
Medieval Fox arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Medieval Fox has arrived.
Sewa arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Sewa has arrived.

[Radio: (E) Public] Plum transmits, "This is GNN Anchorgirl Plum reporting live from the Egypt, one of the areas rumored to be the location of the mysterious tenth pendant. We'll be covering things live all evening long, whether or not we're in the right place or not! Keep tuned in to GNN folks... it's gonna be an exciting night!"

Plum arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Plum has arrived.
Job arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Job has arrived.
Blast Hornet arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Blast Hornet has arrived.

Skimmer Bee notices Blast Hornet coming in, and buzzes to meet her.

Messenger Marou sticks close to Blaze, and since she's just so darn cool, activates her flame aura to act as a living torch. "Hrm...interesting place."

Blast Hornet is behind Guts Man, trying to be quiet. She brings a finger up to her face and glares threateningly at Skimmer, trying to make him be quite. Or else Guts Man mgiht squish the two flying insects. Like bugs.

Byakko arrives at the Tombs, and ducks into them slowly, drawing from the dempths of her armor, a lighter, which she flicks on. Then, carrying on forward some steps into the temble, she starts examining the walls, silently, especially as, wandering into the tomb further, she comes across a set of ruins which appear.. New.. and unlike any heiroglpyh she's seen..

Knight Man thankfully is sort of prepared for the dark. Tron did send him afterall. She figured it may turn into a spelunking expedition, and she gave Knight some materials to get by. Knight whips out a nifty lighting torch thing and begins to make his way down into the cave, hearing voices behind and ahead of him, seems he's not alone, as always.

Storm Eagle lands outside one of the many passages and simply decends inward. "Firestorm, mind giving us a light?" he asks. He was a Phoenix after all, he should be able to do something along those lines he would assume.

Skimmer Bee nods and transmits, <Oops, heh, right, right.> and 'casually' buzzes off in another direction.

Vile enters into the matrix of tunnels and tombs beneath the sands... That was one thing. But going deeper within... Was another. It would have to be something that had not already been raided by busty tomb raiders and smart-alecking archeologists - And that, more than anything, was where the challenge lay.

Guts Man enters the excavation site, he spends a few minutes looking around.

Job enters into the maze of tombs under the desert. oO(I always wanted to tomb raid at least once. Looks like this is new... odd very odd.) Job pulls out a flash light of some sort and turns it on to light his way into the inky darkness.

Blaze Dalmatian nods a little bit, "Yeah." She says, "Lets just keep on going. We've gotta explore." One of her fists lights on fire, to keep a light of her own//

Medieval Fox's dark staff makes faint clicking noises as it touches the rock floor. The Hunter is making her way along the tunnel, running a hand along the wall. She's keeping half an eye on the path itself, while the other is scanning over the imagery. Fox begins to notice the occasional change as well... from paintings to the odd engraving.

So many different entrances to these tombs. So far, thanks to that, Alia had managed to avoid getting seen by anyone, apparently. And so the Hunter Dispatcher keeps wandering, bemused.

Firestorm Phoenix nods to Eagle, "No problem." Both hands erupt into crackling flames, lighting the tunnle around them quite nicely, atleast untill told otherwise. "Lets try and find the others while we're at it."

Messenger Marou nods to Blaze. " any good at reading those funny symbols on the wall there?" Still glowing due to the fmales dancing around her, the demoness steps towards them to get a better look.

Plum roller-skates into the area, smiling as she takes note of the others entering this large tomb, Camera floating over her like a little helicopter.

Sewa follows Byakko. She draws one of her daggers and ignites the flamethrower at a low level flame for light and follows after her since she kind of picked her as her 'leader' so she doesn't get lost. "Be careful...", she warns casually.

Skimmer Bee checks around on his person for a flashlight, finds one, and clicks it on.

Storm Eagle nods in agreement, "Yes of course.." he says as he begins to walk. The light clicks of his talons most likely echo through out this place. "...Look at this Firestorm," he says pointing at the walls. "These seem rather new..."

Blast Hornet follows after Guts Man, and looks at the walls as she goes. o O (Never been in a real tomb before... Place looks kind of interesting... But I've got more important things to do than lok at old walls!)

Vile seems to walk alone - Solely alone. He could care less about the others. The Mavericks had only proven to slow him down in the past, but now... No, now he would operate alone. If he needed the firepower... He would tug on the puppet strings he had taken from Sigma. But that was only if. Vile stalks along, paying little attention to any particular designs on the wall, but taking them into account - Clues, yes. Something potentially important, yes. Interesting beyond that basic purpose? Definitely not.

Blaze Dalmatian hmms a bit, and moves towards them, "Eh...Not really, but I can try." She says quietly, as she runs one of her hands along the symbols..

Byakko was just thinking that, as she looks to Sewa, Firestorm, and Storm Eagle. Without much word, the Kyuubi-Maverick turns, and starts to slowly trail her way down the wall, gloved fingers touching the new Heiroglyphs on the wall thoughtfully, as she attempts to follow it to it's source.

Messenger Marou flicks an ear back curiously. "Knew I should've studies foreign languages..." she mutters. "Ah well." She then blinks, "HEY! Do you have any paper and a writing tool? We can make rubbings of the symbols."

Job moves through the tunnels and mutters as his light lights up the armor profile of what looks like a Knight who is moving through the tombs as well. oO(A master Uhoh.) "Hey you up there!" Job calls out. oO(Please let it be a reploid and not a master.)

Medieval Fox mutters as she can't see the markings so easily anymore. Reaching over her shoulder, the Hunter pulls out one of her many arrows from her quiver and strikes it on her boot. As she does so the arrowhead ignites and burns merrily, providing adequate light once again.

Skimmer Bee buzzes after Firestorm Phoenix and the other Mavericks with him, not wanting to be left behind.

Alia pauses to study the incandescent carvings on the wall nearer her for several moments as Job passes by her, brow furrowed briefly before noticing the Gumbiebot. And sliding into step behind him. In perfect step. Nobody's here, really.

Skimmer Bee studies the carvings on the wall for a while, taking mental note of them in GREAT detail, as he is wont to do. He's a curious little fellow with a great memory!

Knight Man glances over his shoulder at the one who calls out to him from behind, not breaking his pace of walking. He quirks an eyebrow beneath the black darkness under his helmet "...yes?" His voice doesn't sound friendly, but not unfriendly either, and he continues to walk down the tunnels, not breaking his pace to talk.

Guts Man is on his own, so it's only natural he walks across the desolate tombs by himself. Or so he thinks. Blasted bees! Tonight Guts MAn is very perceivable, one of the tombs seems to be newer than the others. Could this be the right path?

Storm Eagle continues along these narrow halls, looking upon the rather new engravings in slight awe. "This is incredible.. this can't be as old as the Egyptian empire... this has to be the right place.." he muses as he continues on. A glance is given towards Skimmer, "If you can walk, please do so, I'd rather pay this place some respect and stay quiet.." he tells him. The eagle even starts to consciously try to reduce the noise of his talons on the floor.

Blaze Dalmatian hmms, and takes off her backpack, digging through it, "Here's some paper, umm..." She searches some more, "Pencil. Here, go for it."

Skimmer Bee blinks, shrugs, and touches down. He doesn't really LIKE walking, but he can.

Quint has arrived.
Get on your knees, simpletons! Quint is here!

Messenger Marou nods, taking the pencil and paper, then puts the paper against the wall. Holding it in place with her tail, the demoness begins to rub the pencil lead overtop of the paper, imprinting the symbols onto it. "There we go..."

Blast Hornet is a wasp, darnit! Not a bee! The femme wasp continues on along behind Guts Man, but doesn't yet notice the change in wall texture and carvings. But she is in the strange, seemingly new corridor.

Firestorm Phoenix nods to Storm as he looks back to observe the Vixen and Sewa, "Hmm, we're still missing Blast. I wonder where she got off too." He really doesn't care about the walls being new, since frankly, he isn't surprised.

Skimmer Bee says, "Blast's off following Guts Man; I saw her earlier and she waved me off."

Byakko shoots Skimmer a glower of red hot optics, before grunting softly at Stormie. She points down the tunnel the Glyphs seem to travel down... And starts to head down that tunnel silently, her many tails swishing slightly as she goes. There's something to the writing, but until she's seen it all, she doesn't know what.

Vile's crimson optic cleaves through the darkness like a blade through butter, announcing his coming and going as he stomps through the tombs away from the rest of his Maverick mini--... Er, comrades. Something that would probably turn out as a bad call in the end; But we shall see. He didn't know how to read hieroglyphics, so to spend time on them would be wasteful. So, he would simply continue delving deeper into the subterranean labyrinth. After all... The greatest prize of them all was here, and, potentially, the most dangerous theft of his will. But perhaps -he- could overcome Sunstar's influence and become truly independent. Perhaps not. In either case... That power would further his goal.

Skimmer Bee wonders why he's being glowered at, but doesn't expect an answer out of the silent one.

Cappella arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Cappella has arrived.
Stealth Nekojin arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Stealth Nekojin has arrived.
Snake Man arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Snake Man has arrived.
Ten arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Ten has arrived.
Ether Skunk arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Ether Skunk has arrived.
Alloy arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Alloy has arrived.

Medieval Fox pauses at one point where the number of engravings is almost equal to the number of painted images and carefully draws a finger along the carving. "Looks to be pretty fresh," she murmurs to herself as she holds her burning arrow higher. "And there's a small source of water as well. What is this odd iridescence?"

Morph Moth arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Morph Moth has arrived.
Gimel arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Gimel has arrived.

Plum heads down toward some likely-looking individual. Of course, she skates towards the biggest newsmaker here... VILE. "Hello, there, Vile, the world would like to know what kind of things you'd like this pendant for, and what exactly do you think it is?" She circles the Maverick Fett, holding up her microphone for a word from him.

Seismic Earthworm arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Seismic Earthworm has arrived.
Gravity Man arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Gravity Man has arrived.
Dr. Doppler arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Dr. Doppler has arrived.
Stormbringer Selkie arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Stormbringer Selkie has arrived.
Shyster arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Shyster has arrived.
Sword Man arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Sword Man has arrived.
Quantum Kitsune arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Quantum Kitsune has arrived.
Seismic Earthworm enters the Eastern Sahara.
Seismic Earthworm has left.

Gravity Man beams at Sword, waving him on. "Ha! We made it after all!" His excitable tone leaves no room for debate -- he's seeing this one through.

Job says, "I take it you searching for the pendant like everyone else?" Job asks the knight as he heads down the tunnel himself. "Might I ask your name?"

Afterburner Accipiter arrives from the Eastern Sahara.
Afterburner Accipiter has arrived.

Snake Man simply follows everyone else. He's here to watch the others mostly, and make sure they don't mean any harm to the base.

Sewa follows along. She herself isn't bothering to study her surroundings. She isn't here to get the pendant. ... And the pendant wants different people anyway, likely. "Urgh...Guess this is it.....I hope everybody got my message...", she shifts unsteadily and ponders sending out a transmission.

Sword Man glares at Gravity's exuberence as he manages to drag him along on this hunt. "I do not believe I have let myself be led on like this...." He follows Gravity, trying to make the best of the situation. "Well, perhaps this is the best way to monitor our foes..." he says softly....

Guts Man is near the section of the tomb where there's a newly carved looking section.

Storm Eagle simply continues along these silent halls, still slightly impressed by the nature of the tomb itself.

Messenger Marou continues to etch the carvings into paper like a good girl.

Blast Hornet creeps silently along behind Guts Man. Sneak sneak. o O (I wonder where the other Mavericks are?) She thinks to herself, and now sees the strange new carvings on the wall. How odd.

Knight Man maintains his glance at Job, while still maintaining his pace deep into the cave. Had he been thinking he would have worn his human disguise, but there's no matter now. Hiding his identity would just waste time "I art Knight Man, if thou cannot tell." He continues walking "..and I do not so much seeketh the pendent, that I do answers to this whole situation..."

Stealth Nekojin stays to the ceiling, moving silently and stealthily along, dodging the larger peoples and trying to get an accurate idea of who the heck is here.

Blaze Dalmatian hrms, "Yeah, lets get all of these things written down, Marou. Then we'll be able to study them later.."

Gravity Man nods his agreement to Sword. "Exactly. Keep an eye on our foes, and maybe we'll find out a few things that we can report back." He beams. "This is going to work out just fine, don't worry. Just stick close. You and me are in this together now."

The 'biggest newsmaker in the place' halts in the darkness, as one rather foolish skating newsgirl stops in front of him, pointing the camera square in his face. ... Fool. And he's got an answer to her question, as well. That answer is to slowly lift the Vile Cannon into place as it clicks with energy cartridges loading into the barrel, before firing just about half a dozen rounds into the newsgirl's direction, the muzzle flashes from each cartridge detonating in a release of plasma lightning up the entire corridor.

Ether Skunk rattles off a few quick radio messages as she peeks into the dark tomb entrance, sending out messages to the rest of the hunters. <<Hello?!>> she asks. <<Hello?! Hello?! Alloy?! Medieval?! Heeelllloooo-hoooooo!!!>> She quickly slinks inside and tucks herself into the shadows for now, dimming the ambient light of her optics and attempting to remain hidden for now...

Vile misses Plum with his Scatter Blaster attack.

Sword Man nods back to his brother. "For better, or for worse, brother, we are together in this venture....."

Quietly, the duo of Elite Master and pogo make slowly their way through the winding tombs, the optics behind Quint's dark visor scanning their surroundings carefully. Not very far ahead of Snake Man, the two slow their pace in caution, unknowing of what amazing adventures they'll get themselves into today.

Shyster enters the Eastern Sahara.
Shyster has left.

Messenger Marou gets a few more done, then curls the paper up into a tube, handing it and the pencil back to Blaze. "Where next, temporary partner of mine?"

Job says, "I see, Knight man. The name is Job." oO(Great the Dark Knight of the Master's himself.) Job keeps up his treck down the hallway. "I hear your umm brothers have had some problems after getting the pendants Is that ture?"

Ten carefully makes her way into the tombs, looking about as she does. The phoenix is carefully walking, feeling annoyed with the fact that she can't fly in the closed space. Her annoyance is quickly swallowed up as she witnesses the incredible mystery of the tombs. "Wow!"

Gimel is silent as he looks around the ruins, optics shifting left to right as he studies the walls, a smirk crossing his face as he moves along, the riddle going through his head as he focuses on a few of the carvings

Firestorm Phoenix moves along with his fellow mavericks, taking note of the markings, but not making anything out of them at this time. "Now if we can just manage to figure out what the problem that lies ahead."

Byakko the Maverick Fox says nothing. She hasn't said anything since she first made her appearance, and she's not going to say anything now. But to save on spam, she's going to keep her poses short since it's already going to be terrible. Whee. She's currently follwoing the trail of New-looking Glyphs, trying to see where they lead from.

Afterburner Accipiter slowly walks over to the small gathering of his fellow Repliforce members and gently places his right hand on Blaze Dalmatian's left shoulder as not to startle him, but alert him of his presence in the matter.

Ungodly spam aside, Alia remains still. The irridescent carvings draw her attention briefly before simply following the path they seemed to be pointing. It seemed like the most logical answer. As her path cross .. lots of others .. she looks for someone marginally familiar.

Alloy steps into the tomb, not entirely sure how he managed to find the place, but what the hey? He's here, so he starts traversing the corridors, mindful of any traps that might be present. Coming across the entrance to the somewhat newer complex, he murmurs to himself, "What's this?" and enters, fairly sure that something this out of place should be a fairly good starting point. Hearing Ether's transmission, he makes one of his own in reply.

Knight Man continues moving forward, deeper into the cavern, not paying total attention to the reporter, but not ignoring him either "Mine brothers have gotten three of them thus far, and while I art worried about their conditions, I haveth other things on mine mind right now." He stops as he comes in front of a wall with markings on them, and examines it "...dost thou haveth anyone else to bother?"

Storm Eagle nods slightly to the Phoenix behind him, "That's always the trick Firestorm," he says as he continues his trek through the passages. "I imagine more are on their way. Simply hold steadfast, keep your wits about you and pray that one of us mavericks get it.

Sword Man trails a hand along the walls of the tomb, taking in the various etchings and eccentricies of them. "Interesting. I believe brother Pharaoh would be pleased in such ancient, yet noble surroundings." However, he says nothing else as the duo make their way deeper into the area.

Pulling her fedora over her eyes, Cappella steps cautiously through the tomb, scanning her surrounding closely. The thief frowns just abit as her fingers lightly run across the wall, letting her gloved fingers touch the carvings.

Quantum Kitsune hrms, glancing around. "Great. Why did I volunteer for this? I'm not an archaeologist, for the luvva Pat Boone ..." She taps her chin, eyeing the architecture and structure ... "Well, I guess we'd better get rollin' here ... We'd better mark our path, so we can avoid backtracking. Feel free to mar, deface, or otherwise demolish the ancient writings of remarkable historical significance."

Alloy sends a radio transmission to Ether Skunk.
Ether Skunk receives a radio transmission from Alloy.

Plum leaps back, nimbly avoiding the scatter fire, and skates back. "And that was Vile's opinion... always a model citizen, but I'll probably have to talk to Sigma about his interview etiquette the next time I interview him." She moves over toward the other group of Mavericks, the avians. "Let's hope these guys are more polite than Vile. Excuse me!" She addresses Storm Eagle. "What does your group intend to gain from this pendant, and what do you think it is?"

Gravity Man, suddenly a bit nervous by this whole ordeal, flips to the ceiling in an effort to feel like he has at least SOME control over the situation. His head is still at about eye-level with Sword's, and he finds the curious sight even more so from an inverted stance. A marvel, indeed.

Sewa hasn't caught on that Byakko doesn't speak. Sewa probably figures that she's just angsty or something. Or speaks in Hiryunese, which like these Hyroglyphics are unstranslatable by Earthian means.

Medieval Fox glances up to try and find the source of the water. Not finding it, Fox continues her way up the tunnel where the iridescent carvings are more numerous. She flicks an ear at the sounds of others but keeps moving on her own for the moment.

Quint's already-crawling speed winds down to almost a stop, allowing himself to devote minutes of his precious time in gazing upon the etchings made upon the wall. He says nothing; he simply watches, quietly, as his prized pogo begins to give itself distance from its master. The Elite Master, however, has yet to notice the exploring Sakugarne.

Vile's optic slowly fades. As his rounds fire, he already begins to walk, ignorant of whether to connect or not - He could care less. It got her out of the way. With that, he stalks on. He didn't give a rat's about pretty pictures on the wall... Besides. If he had anything to say about it this entire temple would be reduced to ash by the end of the day.

Blast Hornet is in the wierd new corridor, but can't read the walls. Not that anyone would ever bother learning hoe yo read Hieroglyphs anyway, and she can't tell that they are some 'new and improved' heiroglyphs. She walks behind Guts Man, still undetected by the large Robot Master.

Ether Skunk drops out of her hiding-spot as she spots Alloy padding past, following him quietly- little cushions of antigrav beneath her feet ensuring the silence of her steps. At his radio message, she smiles brightly and says aloud... "Yeah, it is pretty neat, isn't it?!" Boo! Surprise! "So, do you know if anybody else is down here?" She glances around at the nearby shapes of Masters and Mavericks, before finding a nook to tuck herself into again. "On our side, that is."

Alia pulls out, of all things .. a small notebook. And in it, as she walks, scribbling several very quick sketches of the glyphs written on the walls. Just because she couldn't translate them -now- didn't mean she wouldn't try again at some later point in the future.

For those that managed to take a right turn and find the 'newly' carved portion of the expansive series of Tombs, will notice that the etchings along the walls seem to flicker for a moment as you move down them.
Blaze Dalmatian scratches her head a little bit, "Hmm. Just keep moving.." She says, "We'll figure it out as we move along.."

Stealth Nekojin studies the carvings as he moves along, saving them to memory so he can show them to someone whose field is more suited to translating them later. He keeps to the roof, stealth field on full power in the hopes of not having to get into a pitched battle with the others searching when the time comes for the 'showdown'.

Storm Eagle hrms slightly, blinking at the walls for a moment. "Firestorm... did you do anything with your flames just now?" he asks as they continue to go.

T Byakko pauses, peering at the Glyphs, as they flicker and flash. The Kyuubi-Maverick tilts her head, and reaches a claw out to touch them.. before she continues following, looking them over, curious in thought.
Job says, "Okay, I'll leave you alone then. For what it is worth watch your self." Job heads down the hallway looking at the odd symbols on the wall.

Guts Man keeps moving down the newly carved portion of the tombs, as the etchings on the wall flicker he presses a hand the flickering writting.
[OOC] Terra says, "For now, yes."

Blast Hornet sees the glyphs flicker. o O (Well, I'm no expert, but I'm sure the walls aren't supossed to light up. There's no electricity down here. The wierdness begins.) She says, and wanders on.

Vile pauses a bit as the characters etched into the wall flicker... Hmph. That was not his actions... And he was alone in this sector of the ruins. He had seen similar in the other locations. With that, he continues on, stomping forward.

Dr. Doppler is being neither careful nor respectful. He's stomping about these old tombs, heading ever inwards, his labcoat flapping behind him, spying all the other reploids, androids, and worthless organic beings gathered around him. He can't read hieroglyphics, real or otherwise, so he walks around with a medical scanner, checking for anything particularly out of the ordinary... And behind the majority of people of here.

Skimmer Bee scuttles along as fast as he can, trying to keep up while walking.

Messenger Marou nods, starting to walk forward, glancing around every now and then. "I wish I knew what these mean...and why they're all shiny and whatnot. I'm totally clueless here." Stretching a hand out, she turns to touch the new symbols in front of her.

Knight Man rubs his chin as he examines the markings. Curious. He can't seem to find a translation in any database, and they don't look like normal heiroglyphs. He doesn't pay attention as Job leaves, instead he tries placing his hand on the wall to see if it's a solid as it looks.

Gravity Man is utterly unaware of the flickerings, having been looking in the wrong direction at precisely the long time. Staring up at the floor did that to a person sometimes.

Afterburner Accipiter continues to follow Blaze Dalmatian, she being one of the only Repliforce members he can recognize in the dark. Silently, he flickers his engines, giving off a blast of heat and flame to enlighten the cave where he can see a little better. His attention seems to shift from side to side as he examines the walls for more physical clues, such as other passageways or unqiue sculptures.

Sword Man is taken aback as the glyphs he was examining before suddenly gleam and flicker. "Most interesting...yet disturbing. I believe maybe this is not meant to be, brother. However, I doubt you are willing to leave, true?"

Firestorm Phoenix blinks as the glyphs flicker, "Wasn't me." He also reaches a taloned finger out, tracing his finger along several of the glyphs as he moves down the passage.

Alloy jumps slightly as he hears Ether's voice. "Oh! Ether, it's you." he exclaims in surprise, but calming down quickly. "I'm not sure who else on our side is- What?" he stops speaking as the intricate carvings on the wall flicker. "Well that's new. Unless Egypt's government put this in as a tourist attraction, I'd say we're on the right path."

Sewa looks towards Plum as she tries to interview Stormy..and just groans... "Wonderful...", she says, "This is gonna be televised.", she doesn't seem to think it's so wonderful and a cloak appears around her to hide her at least somewhat with all the darkness and only low level illumination.

Morph Moth peers at the shimmering of the carvings as he passes along down the tunnel. o 0(Intetersting, definately more shimmering than any strand of my silk. What material could that be?)

Medieval Fox spares the walls another glimpse as the shimmering increases and decreases. "That's odd," she muses. "Considering that my arrow isn't at the right angle to produce this reaction."

Gravity Man nods. "True. Very true. What's got you so shaken up all of a sudden?"

Blaze Dalmatian nods a little bit, "Just roll with it." She says, "We'll figure out what's up with them further in. Trust me."

Ten momentarily stops in her tracks, she is so awestruck by the interior of the tomb. "Wow! This is just... just not where I should be right now!" Suddenly remembering ehr immensely important mission, Ten begins dashing down the corridor, hoping not to miss the party.

Gimel smirks as he moves on, turning right into one of the other corridors as he continues to study the markings, shaking his head as he finds no clue to what he wants to find as he keeps one of his hands near his sword

Scribble scribble doodle sketch. If Alia sees the walls flicker like most probably do, she makes no reaction to it, content to simply sketch and walk. She taps Knight Man briefly with her pencil and pauses. "A night ago someone caused a cave in by doing something silly. Might not want to touch, sirrah." Smiling broadly, the Dispatch Officer ambles on.

Storm Eagle nods ever so slightly. "Then it is the glyphs," he says as he peers toward the walls. "Curiouser and Curiouser... I wonder what they mean," he muses as he continues onward. "This is indeed the correct location. Pay close attention them Firestorm, they may be a clue.

Messenger Marou grins. "You're always telling me to trust you. I swear, I'm just waiting for the day you're wrong." Chuckling, the demoness continues to walk ahead, keepnig an eye out for anything unusual.

Skimmer Bee notices Sewa's reaction to Plum and has almost the opposite reaction. "Ooh! Can I be on TV?"

Job peers at the oddly flickering wall. "What do we have here?" Job sets his left hand against it to see if its solid or not. "Well it seem like this is the place."

Knight Man ignores Alia and continues to run his hand down the markings.

Sword Man says, "Just remembrance of the ordeal for the pendant of Pluto. It is of no concern at the moment. However, you may ask Sir Crystal and see if he is willing to divulge the information I entrusted with him..." He examines the markings even more carefully and wonders if these are at all natural...."

Quantum Kitsune casually takes a step, leaving an afterimage of herself in her wake ... then another, doing it again, all three of the Quantums walking in unison, then begins a marching cadence. "My-cat-had-nine-kittens-I-gave-some-away-and-now-I-have-three-kittens-left, left, left right left ..."

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Ether Skunk takes up a stance beside Alloy, scratching behind her neck, and along with him, surveying the strange and flickering runes. She glances up and down the hall, swallowing heavily... good thing most everybody is focused on the riddle and not eachother. A battle in here would be... nasty. She keeps her antigrav field raised just in case, however, ready to rouse a shield of she must. "Doesn't look like a language I know of..."

Plum hrmphs as the Maverick Avians simply ignore her, and skates over to Skimmer Bee. "You certainly can! What is it that you hope to do down here tonight, other than just find the pendant?"

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Vile continues stomping down the tunnel, moving deeper.
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Letting her focus fall on the etchings, Cappella peers at them, trying desperately to understand their forgotten meanings. Still there is nothing when it comes to understanding and ever so gently she bites her lower lip in thought. "Interesting..I would have thought I would have seen it all, but this if anything is much different then I would have expected." Continuing on her way, Cappie moves through the tunnels moving and winding though.

"Hmm?" Quint mutters, noticing the lack of small taps his Sakugarne emits as it travels. "Sakugarne?" Quickly, his lithe form swivels, his facial features displaying something of panic. "Sakugarne?" he repeats, his voice no louder than a whisper. . o O ( Now is NOT the time, Sakugarne... ) He takes a mere six steps forward, watching in awe as the wall around him begins to flicker, emitting their eerie glow in the dark tombs. Beyond confusion, Quint treks forward, at a relatively quick clip, hoping to have a rendezvous with Sakugarne ahead.

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Quint enters the Solar Pit.
Quint grows bored of his surroundings and marches his high and mighty self over to Solar Pit.
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Gravity Man blinks over at Alia, thinking her rather bold, and frowns. He doesn't say anything, but he does nod in her direction, alerting Sword that maybe they oughtta watch them. "Wow. C'mon!" And he follows along.

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Skimmer Bee says, "Well, first off, I don't wanna be left behind by my team! C'mon, I'll talk to you on the way." He takes to wing and starts buzzing down the corridor.

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Plum takes Plum's Camera.
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You enter the Solar Pit.
Solar Pit

Quite suddenly, the flooring of the tunnel bends into a steep decline, almost a sheer embankment, and sends any who march on its way down a chasm into this Pit. From crevices in the ceiling, shards of smoldering sunlight arch into the Pit, making rays of light that illuminate only the area they cast downward through, but not the majority of the chamber. The light seems to fall in some sort of design, like a connect-the-dot image -- though from this angle it is hard to perceive what pattern the light beams have.

Cappella [Armored] [RM]
Plum's Camera
Plum [Newsgirl] [C]
Skimmer Bee [M]
Gravity Man [Normal] [RM]
Job [C]
Quint [On Sakugarne] [RM]
[Stealthed] Stealth Nekojin [On-duty] [MH]
Messenger Marou [Normal] [RF]
Sword Man [RM]
Afterburner Accipiter [RF]
Ether Skunk [MH]
Firestorm Phoenix [Flight] [M]
Blaze Dalmatian [Unarmored] [RF]
Vile [Vile] [M]
Storm Eagle [M]
Alloy [Standard] [MH]
Blast Hornet [M]
Sewa [Cat-ears] [M]
Sonic Banshee [Armored] [M]
Alia [Armored] [MH]
Guts Man [Normal] [RM]
Medieval Fox [MH]

Obvious exits:
Out <O> leads to Desolate Tombs.

Byakko is quite curious, quite curious, indeed, over these new signs on the wall, and the flickering they cause. She continues following them, semi-at the head of the throng, as she was one of the first to start doing so. Her eighteen tails swish slightly in the aired, dead air of the tomb, faintly making a sound like breathing as she goes. But the fox makes no real sound.

The expansive tunnel suddenly becomes incredibly slick, and steep, and only the stoutest and most balanced of sorts will find that they can avoid tumbling forward and downward.

Skimmer Bee is momentarily distracted from the camera by the lights all around and flutters around to get a better look.

Well, Byakko was walking, until she slipped, and fell. "Ayeeeeoooo--*silence*"

Storm Eagle peers downward at the decline... "Now... we seem to be getting somewhere..." he says quietly as he leads his group forward. "I think you can put your flames out now Firestorm," he says. Those eyes dart all around, trying to make out the patterns before his talons seem to give way. "Ack!" Down he goes... not enough time to get his wings open since he lands on his back before slidding the rest of the way.

Gimel arrives from the Desolate Tombs.
Gimel has arrived.

Medieval Fox extinguishes her make-shift torch as she reaches for another arrow of the same composition. But at that point she begins to slip down the suddenly slick incline. "Dammit," she curses, forgoing the light for her black quarterstaff to try and regain equal footing.

Blaze Dalmatian continues walking...And she's definatly not the stoutest or most balance, "Whooaaaa!" And down she goes, tumbling along the steep path, "Eeee!"

Stealth Nekojin shifts down along the incline, then moves up, trying to get a better look at the place from the air, see if he can decipher the pattern from above better than he was able to from below.

Plum follows Skimmer Bee lower into the tunnels, Camera peering about everywhere as Plum keeps up with the bee.

Kind of disconcerting to have your flooring suddenly change its angle. Alia steps back quickly as soon as she finds out the floor is far slicker than it looks, sliding forward a few steps anyway. Call it good balance, call it incredibly good friction sneakers, either way. And carefully tries to sidle toward a wall in order to get out of the way of the sliding people.

Gravity Man frantically reaches out for Sword Man from his vantage on the ceiling, shifting his gravity as well to keep him from slipping. "Careful, Sword!"

Sewa notes the slippery slopes down here and says to Byakko and the other nearby Mavericks, "Be careful. I think it's just gonna get worse here."

Vile immediately falls with one gap - but his flight systems engage immediately as he floats down the incline, landing softly on the ground below with a harsh *clink* of metal greaves planting against stone. Well... Well, the Sun. So it -was- /his/. It was the only elemental theme he could garner from this place; Unless sand had a particular elemental affinity. However, as soon as he lands... The Maverick General immediately slips and slides, accepting this newfound speed immediately as he boosts forward, taking advantage of the runway before lifting off, flying forward as he takes note of the pattern cast on the floor by the sunlight, trying to commit it to memory.

Afterburner Accipiter blindly makes his way into the area, his hand still on Blaze Dalmatian's shoulder when suddenly the floor drops out from underneath him. Feeling his entire body lean forward, he throws his hands out to try and catch himself, but feels there is nothing where the ground should be. Grabbing ahold of his senses and reacting as quickly as possible, he extends his tremendous winds and fires his engines slightly to send himself into the middle of the room. Cutting his engines and throwing his wings back, the Repliforce aerial unit quickly makes sure he is steady in the air before looking back for his compatriots.

Messenger Marou luckily enough, has wings and was able to glide down. While hovering a few feet off of the floor she blinks, squinting her optics towards the lights. "And what might these be?" she mutters softly towards Blaze. "Someone's bad idea of a disco party?"

Alloy looks back at Ether amused. "How many Egyptian scripts can you read, Ether?" he asks. Continuing on, he says, "If we hurry, we may catch uuuuuup..." His voice is lost as he slips on floor of the tunnel, which has inexplicably become a precipitous incline that draws him away from Ether. And no, he doesn't activate his anti-grav systems, since he's too distracted bumping into the sides of the tunnel as he goes. 'Argh! Ouch! *clunk* Ooof!' all the way down.

Skimmer Bee buzzes back to meet up with Plum again. "So, now, what was it you were asking?"

As you enter the Pit below the slick portion of the tunnel, your optics or eyes are met with a blinding light for several seconds, like staring directly into the pits of the sun. But it subsides, leaving your eyes to adjust to the suddenly lessened light.

Guts Man is pretty damn stout. That's his whole gimmick and people call him chubby which have given him nightmares over the year. But he's not the most balanced of sorts, so his weight is a little disadvantaged, he starts to run down the steep floor, but ends up falling on his rump, sliding downwards.

Job urks as he loses his balance balance and starts to slide down the the tunnel. With some quick thinking he pulls out his sheild and uses it like a kids crazy carpet going down a snow hill. oO(Away we go!)
Sword Man grabs Gravity's hand as his lower half tumbles down the pit. "Blast!!! My legs have fallen!! I plead, release me, Brother! I am useless as just a half!"

Ether Skunk squints at Alloy. "I can't read it. I think it says... "STUPID TOURISTS YOU CANNOT READ THIS. Heh. Hee hee... hmmm- uh?" Perking her ears, the skunk looks towards the slick shaft, and notices... many people falling down. Goodness. "Good lord! The tomb is trapped! Alloy- ALLOY!?" With a squawk of dismay, she hurries up to catch up with her fellow Hunter, hopping into the air and shooting down into the slick shaft. Flying, not sliding, she soon reaches the bottom on her own accord and touches down with a grunt.

Blast Hornet feels the floor below her begin to drop, and tries to cling onto the wall to stop from falling. Why not fly? Because she's right behind Guts Man, and he'd hear her wings. But, she can't hold on very well at all, and begins to drop down the passage, smacking into Guts Man on the way, and then tumbleing uncontrolleby to the bottom.

Firestorm Phoenix sighs, as the others in his group fall, he only hopes they're ok as he readies himself and then... pulls out a small board from no where, setting it on the ground, he slides down the pit in STYLE. "YEEEEEEHA!"

Blaze Dalmatian erks, and rubs her eyes a bit as they get blasted with the light. She grunts a bit, and is glad that it finally goes away, rubbing her eyes just the same.

Plum says, "Well, basically, what do you guys plan to do with the Pendant? Is it a direct military objective, or do you have some large plan for Pendant collection? And is there any other reason to be here tonight other than it?"

Quint continues his journey down the tunnel, his small legs now carrying his frame as fast as they can, in a desperate search for Sakugarne. "SAKUGARNE?!" he calls, his high-pitched voice echoing as the waves make contact with the stone walls. "SAKU-" he begins to repeat, though interrupted by the sudden change in floor. The shock he gets from the sudden incline make his large Android feet trip over themselves, and he begins tumbling down the slope at a quick rate.

Now would be a good time for someone to say, 'Jane, stop this crazy thing!'

Knight Man is a big lunk. Who fortunatly is pretty good at keeping his balance considering his stout form. He continues down the path, he jumps and lands hard, though he doesn't slip or fall. He eyes the design, though from his angle he can't make it out. All he can do for now is push forward and see what he can find.

Skimmer Bee says, "Well, I'm not sure about the higher-ups, but from what I can see, it's like a race -- we know they've got some kind of power, and we know we like power, and we know we don't want anyone else getting them."

Finally, Vile makes it down into the deepest portions of the pit after sliding forward forcibly... And then... DAMN! Twisting his head away from the light, Vile deactivates his solitary optic, caught off-guard from the sun. He should have expected as much... This was, it seemed, the temple of the Sun. Blinded by the light, the Maverick General simply stares forward after reactivating, as if the pain of the illumination didn't register. After a moment,,, he begins to adjust... To see what?

Medieval Fox lets out another shout as she encounters the bright light. "Oh, man," she says, waiting for her eyes to acclimatize to the new source of light. "Light, dark, light. This is going to definitely be a trial on the senses at this rate."

Storm Eagle continues in his decent, vainly trying to get some traction with his claws. The eagle hardly looks very graceful slidding down the large incline. When the light floods his optics his hand raises to block his vision.. "Nggh," he squints a bit before the light subsides.

*CRUNCH!* "Yeeeeoooowwww" Whines the form of the Kyuubi-Maverick as, hitting the pit, she flails breifly in the air, and then falls, crashing into the wall and the floor of the pit. What's more, there's a momentary flash of light that nearly blinds her. "Nrrr?" Remarks for Armor-Fox, as she peers up into the darkness.. Nrrrgh.. Why is it always -darkness-?

Gravity Man watches the mass slide with dismay, hauling Sword Man's top half to the ceiling. He doesn't get the bottom, though, and searches through the fray for it. Finally spotting it, he leaves Sword's top on the ceiling, jumping down to snatch his legs out of the mess. He returns to his friend's top, reuiniting them, helping him to adjust to the altered gravity. "That was close. C'mon. We're okay up here."

Job is blinded by the flash of light at the bottom of the pit. He looks about dazed for a little while as his optic adjust to thelight and then back to the lower levels of light. "That was enlighting." He comments dryly as he gets to his feet and recovers his sheild.

Gimel scowls as he tries to keep his balance as he shields his eyes at the light before looking around, optics narrowing as he tries to figure what the source of the light is as he hovers for a few seconds before attempting to continue on

Messenger Marou glances down towards Blaze and chuckles. "Looks like we need to get you a set of wings, my friend." She then glides towards the lights, attempting to get a better look at things while shielding her optics with one hand.

Guts Man feels something or someone smack into himself as a bright light fills the area for several second, this temporary blindness is quite a burden, he's had it up to here with blinding lights in their search for pendants. But as the lights fade out he slowly sees things as what they are again. But will he see the Hornet who smacked into him?

Stealth Nekojin merely blinks, lens flare protection keeping him from being blinded, and moves into position overhead, looking directly down upon the chamber from near the roof.

You find yourself in this moderately large pit, with the only exit the quick slope of the tunnel above, which is cutoff by a cliff edge. There are no other discernable exits, and the ceiling rises high, nearly 50 feet upwards above, with tiny cracks in it yielding thin slivers of glowing yellow Sahara sunlight.

Alia looks distinctly disoriented for several moments by the bright flash of light, sliding down the incline at more or less (less than more) a controlled pace. Okay, so she's practically falling. But she's still standing, sort of.

Afterburner Accipiter throws both his upper torso engines on, but not powerful enough to give him any momentum. Instead, he uses them like miniature torches to light the way. His wings flap slowly as he lowers himself to the ground to try and successfully find some of his compatriots. Seeing Messenger Marou join Blaze Dalmation in the distance, he slowly flaps himself in their directions while making his way to the ground, but not quite sure enough to land yet because of the previous drop.

Alloy *thuds* as he comes out of a corridor and lands on the hard surface of the Pit. Standing up a little shakily, he rubs his head a little before looking around at the room, and the light streaming through...from somewhere, falling onto the ground in some sort of pattern.

Gravity Man peers up (down?) at the ceiling, a good distance above him. He ponders hopping for it, gauging the space.

Firestorm Phoenix boards his way to the bottom, looking much like a snow boarder on the slopes. Before the light hits him and he hops off, landing conviently near Storm and Byakko.

Blast Hornet covers her optics as best she can when hit by the light, and then hits the floor below, and bounces once. "Ooof!" She cries out. "That hurt..." She whines, and peers around at the thin beams of light coming down from the cieling. "Well, at least it isn't pitch black and cold."

Guts Man is in a pit, a gladiatorial pit perhaps? Or a pit of death? Or maybe it's even a pit with a giant scorpion monster ready to kill all those that would enter? Meh, he doesn't know and as he stands up looking for an exit he finds none within reach. Having learned his lesson from yesterday he decides to remain in place.

Cappella continues to study the carvings still trying to make some sense out of it. Yet confusion hits in and the thief pushes further on. Ever so gently the thief pulls out a small baton and hits it against the wall. The baton imediately exploding open and forming into a rather large walking staff. Clinging tightly against the staff Cappella steps down and begins to slide downwards from the slopping ground.

Vile's solitary optic slowly adjusts... As he steps inside, to find himself face to face with the -rest- of the adventuring party at long last. Ignoring their presence at all, the Mvaerick General stares up above towards the ceiling, scowling. Well, well... Now what would they find?

Storm Eagle comes to a halt nosily, his armor skidding across the floor for a few moments. When he does stop finally he rises and dusts himself off. "Perfect..." he says glancing back up the incline, then around to the others in the area. "...Not nearly the number I had expected..." he says. "Firestorm?" he glances to his hind side, looking for the Phoenix, "Lets regroup with the others,".

Sword Man stares from his place on the ceiling, still somewhat disoriented from the gravitational flip. "...interesting, brother. A unique view we have. Still, I think we should venture into the pit? I doubt this is the most ideal place to be at the moment....

Plum hrms. "Interesting... thanks!" Plum starts skating toward the Maverick Hunters, smiling all the while. "Hello, Maverick Hunters! Anyone have a comment on this pendant race for the people watching at home?"

Sewa blinks a couple times, "Sonic?!", she shouts and starts floating instead of walking, "Are you okay?", she ups the power of her flamethrower to try and get more light. "Oh brother... maybe I'm losing it...", she sniffs softly.

Skimmer Bee says, "And anyhow, miss, as much as I'd love to stay and enjoy my TV appearance, I'd better catch up with my crew. Later!"
Byakko is probably at the bottom of a large dog pile of other people who fell into the pit. Isn't THAT fun. She grunts, and moves to stand on her knees and hands, and then peers up at the ceiling, attempting to make out the constellations high above.

Messenger Marou turns and nods to Afterburner, then spins around in place to survey the room. "Isn't this an interesting little puzzle, hmm?" she questions of Blaze and the new fellow. "Anyone have any ideas, suggestions, or anything similar?" While talking, she flaps her wings and attempts to move towards the ceiling.

Skimmer Bee buzzes down to join his team. "What happened to you guys?"

Knight Man looks up at the cracks in the ceiling. Well surely if they could illuniate the place better, they could all see what's going on. Knight Man looks at the platform ahead of him, and at the ceiling above, drawing his mace out he readies himself, and leaps into the air, and when he reaches the full of his jumping height he whips his mace at the cracks to try to blow a hole in the ceiling to light the place up.

Out come a pair of .. sunglasses? Alia looks around her breifly before slipping on the yellow-tinted shades; a style designed to cut down on glare and brightness without sacrificing visibility, before carefully sidling toward the cliff edge. Incredibly wary, but more worried about what's behind her than in front of her.

Morph Moth lands in the pit, having kept his attention upon the glyphs instead of the footing. It's an interesting room they have found themselves in. He studies the picture formed by the thin slivers of sunlight. o 0(Very innovative, almost as good as the work of Reploids.)
Afterburner Accipiter leans forward towards Blaze Dalmatian, throwing off a quick burst of flame to make sure it is her, and then starts to whisper to her. "So Lieutenant... What do you make of this room? Can't be too far underground if we have natural sunlight coming through those cracks..."

With a deafening crash, the tumbling Elite Master makes contact with the unsloped floor of the pit - headfirst, natch. "Ow..." he whines, rubbing the top of his head gently. Lowering his hand, rising his head, he brings himself up to a standing posture, glaring silently at the tiny slivers of light above. In a minute, his head lowers to face forward, and he begins to travel across the pit, a curious glint in his eye.
Blast Hornet sees Storm Eagle, Firestorm Phoenox, and the other Mavericks. She quickly makes her way over to them, and hopefully escapse the notice of Guts Man.

Or, at least, he begins walking. Somewhere.

Ether Skunk dons a stylish pair of sunglasses. She needs no light-adjustment! Smiling cheerfully, she turns to help Alloy to his feet, before whistling quietly as she looks around the room. "Oooh, coool. This reminds me of that one video game, where the light..." She squints, and takes off her glasses once her optics have adjusted. "The light... uh..." Slowly, the skunk begins to rise into the air, about ready to take up a stance in the air- when Plum spots her. GASP! A CAMERA! Ether turns and grabs Plum's microphone, shouting into it! "Hey, everybody! I wanna give a shout-out to Mike and Rock and Lucent an'... an' Dr. Cossack sir and everybody who isn't here with us! HI EVERYBODY!"

Dr. Doppler arrives from the Desolate Tombs.
Dr. Doppler has arrived.

Unfortunately the thief cannot catch her balance and the thief slips further down, landing in the huge dog pile below. Temporarily blinded Cappella groans and lets her eyes try to focus.

Plum managed to grind her way down the pit... yeah.

Medieval Fox takes a few stumbling steps into the chamber. Leaning on her stave momentarily, the Hunter takes a long look up at the solid wall and the cracks in the ceiling above. "Okay, this is going to be an interesting trial," she says to no one in particular. "But what is the trick..."

Voices rumble into your head, asking you why you let your enemies enter the Solar Pit. The statement seems pretty obvious to you when you hear it, strangely enough, as you look at the opposing factions huddled in the Pit. Knight Man'smace meanwhile, bangs harmlessly off the ceiling.

Quantum Kitsune arrives from the Desolate Tombs.
Quantum Kitsune has arrived.

Blaze Dalmatian hmms a bit herself, "Well..." She hmms a bit, "I'm not really sure what we should do about this light. After all.." She pauses, "Man, all these Mavericks and Masters in here. This is bad. We're way outnumbered."

Guts Man answers to the voices in his head, "They must have followed me..." That's his only explanation.

Gravity Man shrugs to Sword Man. "I'm really not sure. If they're all down there, and we're up here, maybe we've got some sort of advantage? I don't know if we should give that up just yet. Unless you really want to head down, in which case I can flip you back."

Sewa sends a radio transmission.
Sonic Banshee receives a radio transmission from Sewa.

Also, that familiar crackle of your radio dying snaps into your other ear. Although, somehow, perhaps as if someone wished it so, Plum's camera continues to function.

Lifesaver has connected.

Vile stares at all the others who followed the same course, before cocking his head and rising up, firing off a radio transmission to his fellow Mavericks to -destroy-... Only to be cut off. Instead, he does it vocally. "... Mavericks. Prepare."

Firestorm Phoenix nods to Storm, "Good idea." He begins to look around and spots Byakko and walks over, offering a hand to the proned Fox.

"Well hey, I didn't exactly /let/ 'em come!" Balst Hornet says out, and then realizes everyone probaly heard the voice too. "What are we gonna do now?" She asks to her fellow Mavericks, and looks around some more.

Sword Man is taken aback at the voice that pounds his head, questioning. "It would have been impossible to prevent all our foes from reaching here, even with a large force en masse." Idly, he wonders why he all of a sudden his responding to a voice in his head and his alone...

Afterburner Accipiter nods in agreement with Blaze Dalmatian, still continuing to hover a foot off the ground behind her. "I don't like it either... But I know I can lift one of you - maybe two - to safety if needed. I think we should just keep our eyes open and our backs to one another. What do you think Lieutenant?"

Messenger Marou squints. "Perhaps we can try to block out the light? Maybe that might accomplish something?" She then zips towards the closest beam of light and flares out her wings, trying to stop it from beaming down.

Storm Eagle hrms, glancing upward at the ceiling. A question, from who? It's then that those eagle eyes peer about curiously. He doesn't answer for the moment, carefully considering. "If I had known so many were coming I'd proably have made a distraction outside.." he muses.

Medieval Fox gives her head a shake as her internal radio suddenly goes silent with a crackle. "Time to get a little rustic. Wonder if the rest of these robots can handle it."

Knight Man growls as he lands with a hard *whomp* on the ledge he was aiming for below. Re-attatching his mace, he ponders, it does seem things won't be so easy, as always. He looks around again, and tries to ignore the voice in his head. Thinking again, he prepares to jump again, this time just straight up, and when he does, he looks down to see if he can see any sort of pattern on the platforms.

Byakko would allow her ears to fall meshed against her head, if she had the ability to move them. The voice is.. not comforting. She casts her eyes upon her enemies, and her fellows alike in the same light: They're all out to get her, to beat her out to the pendant. The Mute Maverick doesn't answer aloud.. But instead responds to the voice in her head. .o( They came seeking the same thing I want.. and will not find, because I'll find it first.) Smug, and over-righteous.

Alia didn't -let- them in there .. hardly. She wasn't exactly built for head-on combat, and there seemed to be few Hunters here. And yet she doesn't head for her factionmates. She'd do this alone. And she wouldn't listen to little voices in her head either.

Skimmer Bee starts to say a few things in answer to the voice, cutting himself off several times, before finally saying, "My enemies seek the same things I do. I do not intend to let them succeed. Their presence is no big deal, as long as they don't get in my way -- because I'm going to beat them to it."

Gravity Man's eyes widen, then turns to Sword. "You heard it too? We didn't have a choice, right? ...I think we definitely want to stay up here now."

Ten arrives from the Desolate Tombs.
Ten has arrived.

Guts Man starts to back away towards the other Masters, oddly enough he stands beside Quint. Looking down to the pogo riding Elite he asks, "What now Quint?"

Sewa blinks as her radio stops working. "We must be close...", she looks around and sighs softly. "...sheesh."

Gimel's optics shift left to right as he hears the voice before his radio dies, optics narrowing as he keeps his hand near his sword as he looks towards the others that are nearby

Looking at the light pattern from above yields nothing but random dots, nothing obvious...

Quint's attention shifts momentarily to the hammering mace above. " enemies are here, O Crazed Voice Inside My Head, because..." he begins to think, aloud, not taking particular care in his words. "Well, truthfully, I didn't let them come. Had I gotten the chance, I would have pushed anyone who tried to enter this place away, allowing only my glorious self entrance! Had I recieved the chance, O Crazy Voice, I could - would - have crushed them likes flies, and claimed all that is in this place for my own!"

Firestorm Phoenix fehs at the voice in his head, "Why not let them come? I am not afraid of competion."

Job args as his radio gives out. oO(Looks like this be the right place.) Job gets an idea from the dots of light.

Sword Man turns back to his companion, eyes wide. "So this voice does not seek my sanity alone? Hrm..." For a moment, he ponders how these voices and visions managed to breach their visual sensors and processors enough for them to see them. Then he looks at the light patterns. "I wonder, SIr Gravity? Can you figure any image from these random lights? I cannot myself...."

Cappella removes herself from the pile and gazes up. Yet a thin smirk continues to touch her lips as she begins to look around into pile of junk in her trench coat, retracting a small grappling hook. "Well I would love to sit and chat with you guys but I do believe I have a pendant to go after. Farewell my friends." The thief hisses as she tosses the grappling hook upwards.

Skimmer Bee checks the light patterns from several angles, circling around the perimeter of the room first, and then various arcs up and down.

Blaze Dalmatian shakes her head a little bit, "That doesn't seem to be doing anything. Besides, there isn't enough of us to block out -all- the light." She adds..

Guts Man stares upwards at the dots, "Hmmmmm." He remembers stuff from his formal education training for his basic dexterity skils, connect the dots. Reaching into subspace Guts Man grabs a hardhat, aiming upwards he starts to fire at the dots, trying to connect them with hardhat pellets.

Vile waits silently on the order to wipe the other factions off the map... But perhaps they could figure something out... And he could take advantage. Staring up for just a moment, Vile glares at the patterns of light... Could they be... Constellations? Of stars?

Plum doesn't gravitate toward anyone especially, having no enemies here... she's a reporter, and almost totally neutral to boot. Since she was moving towards the Hunters, she continues to do so, heading over towards Alia, though not saying anything... yet.

Alloy looks around as he notices the pit filling with people rather quickly. And not just Hunters. .oO(It wasn't exactly a matter of choice.) he thinks dryly to the internal question of why his enemies have been allowed in here. Not wanting to force the factions into a faceoff by joining his fellow Hunters straight away, Alloy observes the room more closely. The light doesn't make any obvious patterns on the floor where it can get to it, but there's always another clue. He just has to find it.

Morph Moth stays silent despite the going-ons. After all, when underground in a place like this, who knows how far your voice just might carry. And what sorts of things might be listening.

Knight Man lands again with another hard *whomph* Sensing that this platform becomes unstable due to his two landings, he quickly jumps to another. He then digs around in the bag of supplies Tron gave him, and takes out a flare (Not my alt, a flare lighting thing) He activates it and tosses it into the air, to illuminate the area, so he can get a good look at the place.

Messenger Marou hrms. "Good point," she calls down to Blaze while still hovering. She flutters up a bit higher while glancing at the lights. Gosh darn it, puzzles aren't her thing but she's gonna try!

Ether Skunk lets the microphone go and prances away from Plum, having said her piece. She'd love to bask in the glory of the Camera for a while longer, but there is work to be done. She rises up into the air and, like several others, begins to float... looking at the pattern of the beams of light. Something tells her...

Alia is being stalked by a reporter. However, she doesn't seem to notice Plum's approach yet, gaze turned upward for a while at all the little dots before she looks down again, curious as to the pattern they'd leave on the ground. Or, for that matter, in the cliff..

Quantum Kitsune , though lagging a bit behind, catches up fairly swiftly, standing to the right, left, and behind Dr. Doppler while a cat paws at her player's monitor. Kawaii! "A Maverick better get this one, darn it ... we're WAY below par on this little power-hunt ..."

Blast Hornet eyes all the dots up above, but can't make any sense out of them. She takes a few steps, and wanders out into the middle of the room, trying to get in the center of wahtever shape might be on the cieling.

Knight Man's flare yields a quick flash, before it's light seems to be put out as if by the dry air itself, and the only light returns to the beams that cascade down from above. Again the voice repeats its earlier message into your ears.

Speaking of being crushed like a fly, Dr. Doppler choses this moment to arise, fire-dashing in from the tunnel which all the others found earlier. When his dash rockets deactivate, gravity takes over, and the Mad Maverick Doctor falls... Landing right on top of Quint!

Skimmer Bee mentally compares the pattern of the lights to the rune carvings he tried to memorize earlier.

Ten slides down the pit, and lands lightly on her feet. Looking at the scene in front of her, she frowns slightly. .oO(Sheesh, why the heck didn't anybody tell me there was a big party down here?)Oo.

Vile crosses his power-gauntlets over his breastplate, cocking his head. He had... an idea... Could they be? Hmph. Or would that be too simple? It would fit. Well, then. "Mavericks... Prepare to eliminate our unwelcome guests."

Medieval Fox hmms, eyeing the dots of light. Noting a few others taking to the air, the vulpine affixes her staff to her back and climbs up the wall to get a different perspective. "If you can tell me how to prevent others from following, it would be most interesting to know," Fox says to the voice as she stops from her perch.

Plum wheels back toward Ether as she's already captured the attention of Plum's Camera... and her Mic. How'd she miss that? "So, what do you think of the situation here, and do you think the Maverick Hunters will be able to make it out with the pendant?"

Storm Eagle hmms slightly, pondering that question. He nods slightly at the thought. What this one is, what this one would want, yes, he's brought them here for something indeed. He simply whispers it.

Stealth Nekojin watches the lights, then brings up the files on Sunstar from his memory, trying to match them to something. A frown later, and he's moving towards the largest source of light, trying to track where it falls on the floor as well.

Job looks about at the beams of light light and wonders for a moment He looks about for one of the beams of light anf tries to reflect it with his sheild. oO(I wonder...)

Blaze Dalmatian looks around a bit, "There's way to many people in here.." She mutters, "And none of them look friendly. I think we're in a bad way, Marou.."

Messenger Marou quirks a brow at the message. "What enemies?" she snarls, her tail beginning to lash angrily. The demoness moves back towards Blaze. "I say perhaps we look for another way out, before there's a cave in or we get attacked by snakes..."

Alloy turns his head quickly at the sound of Vile's voice, announcing his intentions. not going to be a good place to be right now.

Byakko responds, once more, to the voice in her head, doing so silently. .o(Because they are here as they want. If they want to be here, let them. It will not stop me from getting what I want!) She pauses, however, head tilting to the side.. For she remembers somethign she'd head when she was researching the Stardroids. .o(They are here.. as I am here,) She adds, to the voice, .o(They have come to stand judges for their worthiness to live and to die. Their worthiness to weild the power.)

Guts Man stops firing hardhats at the dots, trying to connect them. As the voice repeats itself in Guts Man's head he shouts, "They followed without me knowing. I guess they must be destroyed!" That's what Sunstar would want right? Kill the foos!

Knight Man shakes his head as the voice repeats himself. He looks down at the others gathered here. He's not even sure who his enemies ARE anymore. Ever since that night Tron blasted him he's been confused about everything. It'll be likely whoever gets the pendent in here will become his enemy... so does that mean everyone? Then again, he himself would prove to be dangerous if he got the pendent, so does that mean he's his own enemy? He shakes his head trying to clear his thoughts, not knowing what to do...

Ether Skunk plops back down beside Plum and smiles cheerfully, happy to oblige the media for the time being. "Well, I think this is PRETTY SPIFFY, miss Plum," she chatters, playing up to the crowds. "And of course the Hunters are gonna steal the glory today!" She turns and grins brightly into the Camera. "'CAuse you Masters an' Mavericks ain't got NOTHIN' on our leet-Treasure Huntin' skillz! eh?" She turns away as Vile speaks, then scowls.... prancing away from the camera, and nearing Alloy, standing at his side.

Vile simply thinks. . o O (I could care less about them... They are insects. While they fight amongst themselves... -I- will ascend to victory. They are rats... Let the rats fight for food.")

Cappella stops her actions for a moment before turning towards Guts and eyeing him. Well she might as well help him too. "Are you going to stand around like that all day or do you want to get out of this pit." A thin sneer crosses her lips as she hears that voice again but for now she ignores it, let her think of that when the time comes."

Storm Eagle chuckles darkly, yes of course that's what he would have wanted after all. He simply whispers, 'to destroy them all,'. If that's true or not is known only to Storm himself.

"I already told you, voice! I wouldn't have allowed anyone here had I gotten the chance! I seek the prize concealed in this place, and, if the chance DOES come up, all here will be removed from my site, and your..." Quint explains to the celestial voice once more, unaware that a shadow lingers above him: the shadow of an old man's butt. SPLAT. His stomach falling to the ground with a muffled thump, Quint emits an angry growl. "Curse you, old guy! Get off me, before I do unspeakable painful things to you!" Quickly, the Elite Master begins to rise himself, in an effort to get the old man off his back.

Sewa blinks. Did she hear an order to...'eliminate the unwelcome guests?'. She's glad she has her cloak on. IF she cared about this latest pendant she might have done something to that effect. But for now she looks for Sonic. Storming across the area, swearing she heard her voice...but can't see her! "Argh..where'dya go?"

Sword Man hears the voice again. "What do you speak of, spectre? WHo do you speak of as enemies? Mavericks? Hunters? You? Our own personal demons? What?"

Guts Man looks down to Cappella. "Everything so far has involved us ending up at some sort of dead end. What makes you think we have to get out of here? Why the answer could be those stupid dots in the ceiling up there!" He poitns upwards to demonstrate his point.

Plum nods at Ether, smiling broadly. "Well, best of luck to you, Maverick Hunters! I'm sure there are a lot of people pulling for you!" She pauses. "Now... can I have my mic back?"

Let them fight. Alia had more important things to worry about. And the slim woman is doing an amazing job at not drawing a lot of intention so far, taking the pencil she had been drawing with and lightly .. tosses it over the edge of the cliff. Just to see if something's down there.

Ether Skunk tosses the mic back to Plum.

Gravity Man nods to himself, having decided something, apparently. From his vantage on the tunnel's ceiling, he calls down to the crowd. "Hey! Knight Man! Quint! Guts! Look up here!" And he waves frantically, trying to get the Masters' attention.

Quantum Kitsune raises an eyebrow. "Who're all you people talking to?!"

Blaze Dalmatian nods a bit, "Yeah, lets avoid them for now. Try and get out of here. Maybe they'll attack each other and save us some time.."

Blast Hornet looks around, and apparantly ,standing in the center yields nothing. "I let the enemies enter so they could watch me take the power of the pendant! And be the first to fall to my wrath and judgement!"
Job snaps his finger. oO(If this is Sunstar's pendant, he would want to destroy his enemies ... humm.)

Alloy looks to Ether as the vibes in the room in the room start to turn ugly. There's no time for rhetorical questions that his mind keeps throwing up... "Be careful Ether... this is going to get bad, I think." he murmurs quietly.

Firestorm Phoenix looks up at the lights coming down and hrms to himself. They seem random enough but, it never hurts to try. Phoenix begins trying to match the dots to star charts, constellations, known glyphs and the glyphs he can remember. When the voice comes again, he ponders a moment, only one stardroid left, Sunstar... He answers the voice in a whisper, "To destroy them all."

Guts Man huhs as someone calls his name, it's Gravity Man. He looks up. "Get off the dang roof!"

Gimel frowns as the voice repeats itself before looking to those nearby as he slides to the bottom, optics narrowing as he quickly looks for cover before focusing looking towards the beams of light as he silently prepares to draw his sword if needed

A tremor runs through the Solar Pit, a mild one, but notable.

Ten takes a moment to look about the room. "Hmmm, I wonder..." Spotting all the people, and the beams of light, Ten just takes some time to think. "Hmmm..."

Lifesaver's image briefly glows before one Lifesaver(s) appears.

Quint shoots an angry glance at Blast Hornet, even though the most of his head IS under Dr. Doppler. "Lies, insect! The token shall be mine! You came to watch ME, Quint, aquire it! Admit it!"

Ether Skunk nods quickly to Alloy, gritting her teeth; she extends her hands before her, and the air around her begins to shimmer and flicker as the skunk raises a force field.

Ether Skunk projects a forcefield around herself.

Sword Man peers down at the throng and notices some tension among them, especially from the one called Vile. He wonders, maybe he should not leave his and Gravity's post here.....

"I'll show YOU unspeakably painful," shouts Dr. Doppler, as he gets off of Quint and points a hand at his face. Each finger is tipped with silver, with a smale hole at the end... From which a sudden burst of flame licks forth, right for the Elite Master's puffy-cheecked face.

Messenger Marou chuckles as she begins to make her way down the hall. "Or should we go back--" She's cut off as the room quavers, causing her to take to the air once more, while offering a hand to Blaze. "Want me to carry you?"

Skimmer Bee considers his Stinger Ray... Perhaps another beam of light could be used somehow. Something to remember for later.

Guts Man shakes from the tremor, "Oh a wise guy eh?" Guts Man himself starts to pound back at the pit's floor with one of his deadly powerful blows. He'll show this whole pit who's the master of earthquakes!

Blaze Dalmatian blinks a little, "An earthquake?" She shakes her head a bit, "Just what we needed.." She looks at the walls, to make sure they're still stable.." She nods a bit, and hops up to see if Marou can catch her.

Gravity Man shakes his head at Guts. "No no! I think we're better off up here! I can get you up, if you want to. I think it's safer up here!" And he gives Guts a hopeful, inquisitive look, asking if he wants to come up.

If this was Sunstar's pendant, he'd want to destroy everything. Everything. Or, conversely, rule it. And what cannot be ruled .. will be destroyed. Frowning, Alia's head snaps up at the light tremor, then at Guts Man for trying to compete.

Blast Hornet hears someone call out to her. Maybe. "Hey! This is one insect that's gonna rule the world! Quint, you'll be dust at my feet when I aqquire the pendant!"

Afterburner Accipiter watches the walls shake mildly and his compatriots fixed on the ground either take a knee of stable themselves with their hands out. His eyes quickly shift to Messenger Marou as she offers her help to Blaze Dalmatian and awaits to see if she needs any help herself.

"Hmm?" The eagle glances down at the floor below him ass it shakes. "What are you up to Destroyer.." he says kneeling down to touch the floor. "What do you want from us? To destroy each other for your glory? To destroy even the world once the prize is taken? To finish the job you started a year or so ago?" QUestions he didn't expect answers, if anything he expected more tremors.

Quantum Kitsune hrms. "Why would I want the pendant ..." Hrm. "To destroy those who are unworthy, who fail to measure up to my standards. Those who fail to achieve their full potential, those who choose to wallow in the mud, impeding the progress of those who strive to better themselves." Maybe that's what it wants to hear ...

Vile's weapon systems begin to charge with a whine of energy pulsing through his system, as he has one final answer for Sunstar. He cared little for appeasing the Dark Destroyer... No. He would -prove himself his equal-. Why would he bequeath his power to an inferior? Hmm? He would tame the energies that lived within the pendant. Nothing else would satisfy him. Training his weapon directly forward, the Maverick General spreads his arms out, becoming increasingly aggressive. "I will destroy them all at once..."

Cappella lets the grappling hook to swing upwards and tightly pulls at it, trying to make sure it has a hold. Turning back to Gutsy the thief smiles. "Why, because I have style...that and I have been doing this forever..." Her voice trails off as everything shakes just abit.

Firestorm Phoenix hrms as the room quakes, "Well, it grows more interesting by the minute doesn't it Storm?"

Messenger Marou coils her tail around Blaze, then tosses her up, catching her in one arm as she grins. "Pfft. You weight next to nothing," she comments, chuckling softly. Turning to Afterburner, she smiles. "Shall we continue on our way, then?"

Plum manages to skate through the tremor, heading for the Robot Masters, nearly losing her balance as Guts Man slams the floor. Plum obviously has the mobility feat, able to pass near others without provoking attacks of opportunity. That must be it.

Byakko blinks in surprise at the tremor.. But does not panic. She looks to her fellows about her, and snots, moving to a seat on the floor. She somehow doesn't think they'll be going anywhere soon. She takes a breath, and then responds the truth. .o( I want to destroy Tron Bonne, and Terra's powers with her.) Eyes squint amidst the Kyubi-Maverick's face as she things this.

Knight Man growls as he tries to focus his thoughts again. He's found that ever since that night with Tron, whenever something like this blasts his mind, it becomes too hard to concentrate. He looks at all the others gathered here. oO(Tis no doubt that Sunstar would wanteth to demolish his foes... but what does that haveth to do with us...) Upon thinking about it, he doens't think anyone in here is really his enemy, at least not directly. In the end they're all competing for the same prize, though as far as it goes being individuals living on earth, against the might of the stardroids, they're not enemies...

Quint grumbles audibly as his small body is engulfed with flame emitted from The Hand of Doppler. "You call THAT unspeakably painful?!" he asks his adversary, dashing a few feet to the side in an attempt to avoid further contact with the blaze. "That was pathetic! Taste the power of my fist, fool! I'll teach you for even DARING to attack me!" Slouching his upper body, Quint begins a sprint for the Doctor, puny fists a-flailin'!

Blaze Dalmatian nods a bit, "That's because I don't have my armor on at this moment." She could get it on any time she would need too...But she has no reason, yet..

Afterburner Accipiter nods towards Messenger and stays close to her, almost a foot below her in altitude incase she loses her hold on Blaze Dalmatian. He says sternly, "Let's... I don't want to be around here when these big guys start shooting off more than their mouthes..."
Alloy spreads his feet as the floor shakes slightly. Now what caused that? Alloy can think of one answer straight off. The aggressions in this room. Keeping close to Ether, he charges his own gravity wells, preparing to deflect any projectiles that he can spot in time.

Messenger Marou shudders, flipping her ears back. "And while I'm sure the three of us could hold off quite a bit combined, who's to say what the firepower might do to this place? It could collapse and trap us all," she comments. "Now, where to? Y'all see any other exits around us?"

Medieval Fox growls as her grip is loosened enough to make her slide back down to the floor. Landing with a faint grunt, the vulpine Hunter puts her staff back in hand. She isn't making any claims about blowing people to nuts and bolts with a bit of scrap tossed in; actually, she's ignoring that bickering for the most part. The voice in her head isn't prodding her on anyhow. "Okay, where'd that shaking start from?"

Gravity Man takes a seat on the ceiling, looking 'up'

Quint, however, loses his balance somewhat due to the sudden tremor. Not enough to throw him off course, though, but he does ask why the universe hates him enough to make him fumble his attack.

Job looks about almost expecting a fight to break out shortly. oO(I wonder... could it be that Maverick has the right idea?)

Guts Man scoffs, "I am Guts Man! Strongest of the strongest! No little rumble will take me down! You hear me shakey room?! Nothing will take me down!? RRRYAARRGH!!!" He goes back to pounding at the ground as if intent on causing the entire place to collapse. See you in hell people!

Cappella turns slowly and glares at Guts. "Are you coming or not, or shall I leave you and let something fall on you?"

While Guts Man makes tremors, the tensile strength of the Solar Pit seems incredibly high-yield, as not even a single rock crumbles downward from the reverberations. And that voice in your head keeps on, "Why let your enemies continue on? Why?"

Stealth Nekojin speaks after everyone else seems to be done yelling, "Why do I allow my enemies into my sight? Because I don't care to think of them as enemies... Destruction isn't an answer to fighting, it just leads to more fighting. I want to protect these people, from themselves if necessary."

Quint flails Highly Ineffectively at Dr. Doppler, and the doctor merely laughs, his hands on his hips. Blow after blow connects with his armored chest, doing no percievable damage. "Your attacks are like those of a little giiirl! Clearly you have no muscle at all! But don't worry, for I shall PUMP," *clap*, "YOU UUUP!"

Afterburner Accipiter looks around the room, flashing a light flare of flame as he looks in that direction. "Have we checked the sides of this giant chamber? As in, have we checked for further exits down? Maybe there is something underneath this dome..."

Guts Man keeps hearing the entire room talk, "NYARGH!!!! DIE!!! DIE!!!!!" He decides to charge the nearest person and just kill them.

Skimmer Bee says, "There is no reason! No reason except that they have not yet been beaten!"

Blaze Dalmatian shakes her head a bit, "No exits.." She says, looking down at all the people in the room, "This is nuts. We really should try and stop them.." She says, "But still.."

Plum can't even get close to Guts Man, and blinks. "What enemies? I don't have any enemies, silly!" She looks around for an RM she /can/ get close enough to to interview.

"Let them continue?" Blast Hornet asks and rises up off the floor with buzzing wings. "I will let them continue so they can watch helplessly as /I/ gain the pendant!" She calls out. A bit big for her britches ,eh?

Ether Skunk narrows her eyes, glowering at Vile and the gathered Mavericks from where she huddles at the side; around her, the dust of thechamber is whipped into a harmless cyclone by the force of her protective field. She's angry, she's very angry- and scared, too. The skunk came to the tomb, but not to make it her own. In response to the question repeating again and again her head, she at last snaps and shouts, "Because I don't have the power to squish 'em, yet!!!"

Alia ignores the little voice in her head suggesting she's not doing the right thing. Why did she let them continue on? Well, -SHE- didn't have a problem with them. If the Ungodly Disembodied Voice had a problem with the people gathered, let /them/ do something about it.

Byakko then sweatdrops, peering at Gutsman, because so help her, if there's another repeat of the day before and she gets dumped into another unspeakable pit of darkness where death is mocking her.. She's gonna be really angry!!! .. The fox moves, standing up slowly, and then approaches one of the walls. .o( I want out of here. And I want to kill that insufferable little Bonne girl.) Then, strecting her claws upwards.. she makes an attempt to use them as hooks, and to try and climb the rock face of the cave...

A almost thin smirk tugs at her lips at the question as she begins to try to pull herself up with the help of the grappling hook. "Why? That is easy..they are no use to me dead. Not now at least."

Messenger Marou shakes her head at the voice. "Great. More nagging." She sighs, then nods to Afterburner. "Can you dig?" To Blaze, she hrms. "I say we dig ourselves a nice pit, and -hide- until this all blows over."

Quantum Kitsune hrms. "Because they are not my enemies ... they aren't worth the honor of being called that. They are nothing."

Vile raises one hand in the air, twisting it around slowly. "Open fire.... There's no reason to let them live. Wipe them /all out/." With that, his own Vile Cannon lifts up into the air, as if about to fire.

Storm Eagle shakes his head ever so slightly, Ah, but why do you continue to ask after we've answered?" he asks back. "It's rather redundant I believe," he says while still kneeling. As the atitudes begin to flare the Eagle hovers upward slightly, "Hrm..."

Sword Man shakes his head as the voice continues to torture him, and apparently others. He becomes increasingly sick of it. "Because they are not out enemies at the moment!! You are, spectre! We may merely be rivals for your prize, but you incessently continue to toture us! Enough!"

Gimel frowns as he hears the voice more, quickly blinking away from the group ignoring the tremors as he moves to another part of the room, occasionally looking back to see if a fight has started

"Why waste my energy when I can use it for something that gives better results?" Fox retorts to the voice as she examines the wall again. "Besides, making someone into a pincushion isn't exactly easy. Ever try doing that to a heavily-armoured robot? They aren't appreciative of your efforts."

Job says, "The only reason we lt out enemies continue on is because there are more use to me alive. for now."

Gravity Man looks 'up' at the light pattern, trying to make sense of it, frowning with the effort. It doesn't help that he's getting shaken by Guts Man, but he's not about to say anything. Frustrated, he yells at the persistent voice, "I'm NOT letting them on, don't you see? They're DOWN THere..." An idea occurs to him, and he glances to Sword. In hushed tones, hoping no one else can hear, he speaks to Sword Man. "You think they're trapped? Maybe we're in the right place... Maybe there's something back the other way?"

Ten keeps thinking about the room, while trying to say on her feet. As the voice speaks in her mind, Ten tries to focus on thinking about the riddle."

Knight Man shakes his head again "Because tis our continuing strife that dost leteth us continue! Tis our nature to be war-like and combative, tis sad but true. In the end we all self-consciously let our enemies thrive to continueth the war, mayhap tis to justify our own lives, or mayhap tis all we know how to do. Either way, we dost leteth our enemies live so that we ourselves may continueth to live in the only way we dost knoweth how to!"

Sewa says softly to herself, "...I don't want it...Go away. Someone else needs it. But where is she? She'", she pauses and suddenly wishes she could've just watched from a safe distance like Tron did. Grumble.

Vile puts his guard down.

Cappella continues to tug at the rope on the grapple and tries desperately to pull herself up.

Guts Man keeps on charging, and his path goes right for Vile! "Die purple smurf! Die!" His intents are simple, crush the competition, kill his enemies, come out on top!

Firestorm Phoenix grmubles at the the voice asking him the same question over and over, "They are not worth my time!"

"I TOO HAVE MUSCLE!" Quint declares to his opponent, beginning to put more force into his fists. "You'll be down in no time!" With a roar, he continues his feeble pummel against the Doctor's armoured chest. Something above him, however, makes a glint in his eye, a red reflection against his visor, barely noticable. . o O ( Sakugarne! It's about time!) Stiffling a dark chuckle, Quint delivers Dr. Doppler one blow to the face, before glancing upward, watching the narrow shadow fall towards him."

Sword Man turns toward his brother, still fuming from the voice's incessant pestering. "I do not know. However, the spectre invading our minds must be searching for a certain answer before he lets us be. Perhaps you understand what it asks for?" He sighs as he tries to calm himself.

Afterburner Accipiter shakes his head slightly at Messenger at her question about his ability to dig. He says, "That I cannot... But I do have a question... These riddles. You don't suppose when it says, 'Why let your enemies continue on?' they really mean taht we are going to wrong way, do you?"

Sneering viciously at the voice, the Kitsune of many tails growls sharply. And then astarts to scrabble her way up the wall slowly, towards the top of the pit. .o(Why fight them, when I can just get the power, and obliterate them all? There is nothing to fight for, if I can end it all now.) She sneers, inside her helmet, as she attempts to continue upwards, slowly becoming frustraited."

And with that... the Battle Begins. Leaping up into the air with an explosion of his booster jets, positioned just under the Vile Shield at his back, the Maverick General lets loose with a burst of napalm. One which hits the ground and begins to spin wildly, rushing towards Guts Man as Vile tries to fly up over Guts Man to evade the coming charge of the bull. Hmph. He always wanted to kill -this- one.

Sneering viciously at the voice, the Kitsune of many tails growls sharply. And then astarts to scrabble her way up the wall slowly, towards the top of the pit. .o( Why fight them, when I can just get the power, and obliterate them all? There is nothing to fight for, if I can end it all now.) She sneers, inside her helmet, as she attempts to continue upwards, slowly becoming frustraited.

Vile strikes Guts Man with his Napalm Cyclone attack.

Alloy feels the odd rhetorical question rise up in his mind. .oO(I'm not capable of beating half, well all right, three quart- *fine* /most/ of the people in this room...) Why does he keep asking himself that question? He's not an aggressive person by nature- unless it's something being caused by the location again.

Skimmer Bee takes Vile's initiative and looks around the room, picking a target at random -- Medieval Fox is it!

Ten decides to just answer the voice honestly. "Because I don't want to kill. I fight to prevent death, not to cause it. I only fight the Mavericks and Robot Masters to prevent them from taking innocent lives. That's why I let them continue."

Vile rumbles out from beneath his throat. "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!"
Skimmer Bee strikes Medieval Fox with his Tail Gunner attack.

Cappella sneers, really having no desire to get involved with the dealings below. She is a thief not a fighter, she will use her wits about her and use the others to get past obsticles. After they serve their purpose there really is no need for there.

Blaze Dalmatian shakes her head a little bit, "Can't dig.." She says, "Sorry.." She looks down, "Try...Not to attack, if you can. Defense only."

Guts Man runs by harmlessly as Vile opens fire on him as he charges him. He and Vile have a rather long history of hating each other. Mostly from Guts Man hurting the Guts Man, but tonight Guts Man is hurting. Quickly changing tactics he keeps running then jumps against a wall before bouncing off of it towards Vile. With a hardhat now in hand he swings the critter at Vile.

Blast Hornet peers around. This could get dangerous... And violent. "These fools would fiht each other, and waste thier time. I seek the power of the pendant for myself!" She cries, and rises a bit into the air, looking for someone to shoot at. Hrm... Well, might as well get some protection while she waits. Blast Hornet sends out a series of her drones, and they buzz around her protectily.

Gravity Man looks down at the rumbling below, gasping. "Oh, no... they're fighting down there..."

Vile gets caught in the path of Guts Man's Bash.

Wasp drones buzz around Blast Hornet, and create a protective barrier around her.

Ether Skunk lets out a squeal as the first shots are fired- falling back against the wall, huddling against it. She's scared. She's quite scared, really. "Because... because I don't want to get hurt!" she chatters, voice frantic. "I came here so THEY wouldn't get the pendant, so NOBODY would, so nobody would get hurt, so nobody would end up like the horsey and nobody would be fighting anybody!" She lashes out with a hand, trying to grab Alloy and pull him out of the way of any stray fire.

Messenger Marou blinks and raises an ear. "Hey...that is a good, I have no idea what your name is." She smiles. "I'm Marou, to make things easier. But as for going the wrong way, what would the right way be?" She then nods to Blaze. "Gotya."

Sword Man eyes go wide as he notices an attack afoot, as the vicious Vile blasts at his brother Guts. "Brother Guts! Sir Gravity, we must aid our brothers lest the foul Mavericks do any more damage!"

Quantum Kitsune doesn't really WANT to get involved in a massive brouhaha at this point, is what she'd answer to Vile if she were stupid and wanted to be his next target. On the other hand, Vile does provide quite the distraction ...

The weapons fire and eruptions of combat cause a more severe tremor to run through the room, shaking Gravity Man and company on the ceiling back to the ground. As for any flying, they find themself shot with a laser-like beam of solid concussive force, that drives them back towards the ground but doesn't do much damage beyond that.

Medieval Fox narrows her eyes as the entire group turn into mechabloodthirsty lunatics. "Great, just great," she mutters as she shifts her hold on her quarterstaff, moving to a defensive stance.

Dr. Doppler merely continues to watch Quint's rediculous assault - that is, until he notices the Elite Master's Glance, and the reflection. "...Oh /Sheißt/..."

Medieval Fox puts her guard up.

Job keeps back from the brewing fights for now. Let his enemies and other rvials for the pendants weaken each other off then he could finish off a victorus but greatly weakened foe.

Afterburner Accipiter smiles as best he can amongst the eruptions and blasts and extends his hand to take Messenger's. "Afterburner Accipiter... Sorry about the presumptions. I was just commissioned a few weeks ago and all ready feel as if I know everyone... But as far as the right way, I wouldn't have the slightest idea."

Vile is struck as he tries to fly-by, sending rumbling back... But not before his Napalm Cannon pours out liquid flames towards Guts Man. Vile, meanwhile, soars backwards from the massive impact, rebounding off of the wall before wrestling to his feet, ready to continue the combat. He would -not- lose to such an oaf.

Gravity Man says "Can you do anything from up here, or should I send you down?" The question ends up being rhetorical as they tumble down to the ground.

Knight Man blinks as the fighting starts. No good, fighting here would be a bad idea. Perhaps that's what Sunstar wants though... if that's the case does Knight Man really want to slaughter everyone to get the pendent? Were Knight Man normal, then absolutely. However since that incident with Tron, he's found himself to be surprisingly disliking combat. So instead of fighting for now, he leaps from platform to platform trying to find something that looks like an exit. Though if the voice that is plaguing them is part of the puzzle, he likely won't find anything until they solve it's enigma.

Skimmer Bee cancels his attack run as he's pegged with the beam.

Sewa is about to leap up and follow 'Sonic', feeling that she has the right idea by trying to avoid the fight altogether. Or so Sewa thinks. But instead she tries to step back into the darkness, seeing that those who are flying around are getting smacked down and so stays close to the ground as she tries to move into the safe darkness.

Messenger Marou blinks, then cries out as she's blasted, slamming into the wall behind her but keeping Blaze in front of her so that the canine doesn't get damaged. Sliding down the wall, she pushes herself away and shakes herself off, then shakes Afterburner's hand. " meet you too. Ugh. What a hit."

Storm Eagle was only starting to hover upward, then he gets slammed back to the ground once more. Landing with an audiable clank of metal against the ground, the eagle slowly gets up, "So it will be like this..." he growls before looking around.

Plum blinks as war breaks out in the pit, and skates back from the Masters, questions dying on her lips as Camera goes into wardroid mode, dropping to the ground and sprouting insectile legs so as to get different look on the action. "It seems to have gone right to hell here, folks, as the Robot Masters and Mavericks are going to war with each other... I can't pretend to know for certain whose pendant this is, but I think it's a pretty safe bet that it's a violent Stardroids."
Vile misses Guts Man with his Napalm Burst attack.

Blaze Dalmatian grunts a bit, "Okay. Time to stay on the ground.." She mutters, as she finally warps in her armor, "Remember what I said. Try and stay defensive, if you can.."

Blaze Dalmatian changes into her Firefighter armor.

Sword Man feels as the floor/ceiling shake violently. Finally, both he and Gravity are knocked loose and tumble to the floor in the middle of the masses. Not a place to be at the moment, but it is impossible to help. "Blast...Brother Guts! Do not worry! Aid shall come!" With that he raises his sword and tries to make his way toward the battle.

Ten shakes her head sadly. "I guess there's no avoiding this!" Sighing, Ten draws her naginata, and prepares to possibly be attacked.
Ten puts her guard up.

Sword Man puts his guard up.

Quantum Kitsune hrms, glancing upwards ... shielding her eyes, trying to see through or past the lights to see what's up there ...

As the room rapidly dissolves into chaos, Alloy steps back nearly as rapidly as Ether. Somehow being grabbed by her while she still has her shield up, he presses himself back against the wall, terrified by the amount of weaponry being discharged in the area. "Together, Ether," he mutters quietly enough, but loud enough to be heard over the roar of weapons being exchanged. "We weather this together!" With that he grips her hand tighter.

Guts Man has this thing to be able to dodge at the most opportunistic of times. Like just the other day when Wily almost destroyed an entire room full of people and somehow missed Guts Man. As the napalm cannon spews flames at the giant Master, the Alpha commander jumps out of the way and towards Vile's direction. "I will crush you Vile!!! Just like I crushed the Stardroids!!!"

Afterburner Accipiter is hit by the laser blast and falls a foot to the ground, where he catches himself with his engines blasting so his tremendous body does not go flying forwards. Steadying himself, he takes Messenger Marou's hand and helps lift her off the floor. "I have to agree with the Lieutenant... We can keep her close incase anything happens again where we need to take to the safety of the air..."

"Dammit!" Fox curses again, trying to keep her guard up for any stray shots as another tremor runs through the cavern. "It has to be nasty to be a flier right now..."

Vile gets caught in the path of Guts Man's Stomp.

Gimel chuckles as he watches the fight, a smirk crossing his face as he keeps back for now, optics shifting around the room as he keeps one of his hands near his sword but doesn't unsheath it as he waits to see what happens as he blinks the farthest he can from the fighters

The shaking shakes the climbing Kitsune free of the wall, and sends her crashing down to the earth amidst the pit, when she was halfway upwards. Now frustraited beyond all belief, she -howls- out viciously, and turns upon the first reploid near her-- Coincidentally the form of Job the Gumby. Snarling, blades lash through the air as she attempts to throw him for a wall with her rather brutal slap.

Alia sliiiides one foot in Plum's direction .. and quite suddenly is right next to the reporter girl. Smile. Hi. Moving at sixty miles an hour in that short of a distance causes really nifty effects. Don't mind her, she's just .. standing guard. Yep.

Blast Hornet gets knocked to the ground by a blast of energy. "Hey! Who shot me?!" She calls out, and struggles to her feet, and peers around. She can't attack right now though, ot with her drones making a nice shield around her body. "Well, who wants a piece of the hornet? I'll blow you to bits!"

Stealth Nekojin oofs, crashing into the ground. Fortunately, his stealth system stays up and he groans. Standing, he looks up at the ceiling while moving to a position where he won't be caught by any stray fire. "This is madness... Why do I let my enemies continue on? Because the only other option is oblivion. Life begets Chaos. Chaos begets violence. Violence begets growth... Who am I to interrupt an ancient cycle? Who are YOU to prolong it beyond it's natural time?", he demands.

Sonic Banshee strikes Job with her Throw attack.

Gravity Man rises from the ground, brushing himself off. He sees Sword Man charging through, and he hurries to keep up, staying just behind the large master, sticking to him. "Wait for me, buddy...!"

Morph Moth opens fire as Vile orders, his target is the now downed Gravity Man. He smirks to himself as he opens fire. o0 (What foolish androids.)

Firestorm Phoenix grumbles to himself, realizing what is going on, he trys to answer the voice, "They have not yet been judged. They must be judged and sentence pasted, then the unworthy will be clensed from this relm."

Skimmer Bee flies out of the way, deciding that if the ROOM ITSELF is going to counterattack, that he'd better not fight.

Morph Moth misses Gravity Man with his Silk Bomb attack.

Messenger Marou nods to Blaze and draws her sword, her flame aura bursting to life around her. "Didn't wanna lower myself to those heathens' level, y'know? Solve problems via peace and all that hippie stuff," she comments with a grin. She shakes her head at Afterburner, "Keep outta the air. Seems like it's gonna be how it was at the flying. The next shot might hurt."

As the rumbling errupts once again the thief cannot hold on to the rope. Her hands cling deseperate to stay on but her hands slip sending her hurdling towards the ground. Not even bothering to scream the thief releases her climbing claws and presses them against the side of the wall. Though it does not dent the wall it does slow down her falling.

Ether Skunk gives Alloy's hand a tight squeeze, gritting her teeth and nodding... she lets it go soon enough, however, wiggling her hand out of his. The air around her still shimmers and flickers with her raised field, and shines bright for a moment as the skunk draws her katana from its hidden scabbard and holds the blade ready, before her. She attacks nobody- she merely holds herself ready for an attack if one of these bloodthirsty fiends decides they want Skunk for lunch.

Vile is... Appropriately, stomped. Hit with insane damage because he can't dodge one of the most inaccurate things on the MUSH, the Maverick General rises up, firing straight down with the Napalm Cannon as he leaps up, not flying in order to avoid the big laser cannons. With that, he flies backwards, hoping to evade the coming onslaughts.

Vile strikes Guts Man with his Napalm Pillar attack.

Sword Man rushes through the sea of bodies, but notices Morph Moth's attack on his downed brother. "How dare you attack a downed foe! Brother Gravity? Are you well?

Quantum Kitsune hrms, and spots Capella trying to scale the walls. She hurries over thataway, leaving Vile and the others to break things. "Hey, you!" she calls out to the Femme Master. "Why you tryin' to get up there?"

Gravity Man dives into a roll, seeing the silky projectile just barely in time. He comes up to the side of Sword Man's path, and he considers firing back. Seeing that Sword stopped, too, he nods. "I'm fine. But I can't just take that from him!" And he levels his plasma cannon, firing off a shot at the moth.

Gravity Man strikes Morph Moth with his Plasma Shot attack.

This time a very violent tremor runs through the room, enough to shake everyone but the most agile of people in the Pit onto their backsides. And there, staring up at the light beams and ceiling, it seems that they are moving... In fact, they are, in what looks like a random pattern, but a keen eye would note that it is indeed a pattern.

Quint lets loose a maniacal laugh, one to send any good evil genius for their money. Take THAT, Doppler! "That's right! Feel the wrath of Sakugarne! That should teach you to challenge the likes of ME!" Slapping the side of his leg with decent force, Quint whistles a shrill tone, and Sakugarne rushes toward its master's side. Boarding his weapon, the Elite loudly taps the main body of Sakugarne with his knees; the engine begins a dim hum. "Sakugarne:" Quint commands, thrusting his right index finger toward his opponent. "Attack!" With a smear of scarlet, Sakugarne leaps off the ground, an impressive thirty feet, its shadow carefully aligned with Dr. Doppler's chest. With a whirr, the blade begins to spin, reflecting the diminutive amounts of light that touch it randomly as the two, Elite and weapon, begin to fall.

Skimmer Bee gets out of the fight, buzzing up higher to get a better look at the pattern of the lights.

Sword Man nodding as Gravity confirms his well-being, he rushes through, sword up, to find an appropriate foe, all thoughts of being "merely rivals for a prize" forgotten. This is about honor and life!

Blaze Dalmatian grunts as she ends up on her back, "Oof!" She lays there, helmet off, laying at her side, as she looks up towards the light, "..." She watches it. There's something odd about it, that's for sure, "It's all moving.."

Storm Eagle holds his hands, and his wings out at his sides, trying to hold himself up but with no such luck. The eagle falls forward onto his chest once more with a loud clank. Annoyed? Yes. As he gets up his eyes peer toward the ceiling to watch the lights above. "...What're you up to now?"

Stealth Nekojin maintains his feet easily in the feline manner, watching the lights shifting and flowing, padding carefully towards the center of the room to try and get a better look at the changes.

Skimmer Bee flies over to Storm Eagle. "What do YOU make of it?"

Knight Man sighs and steps back, watching everyone and their grandmother break out into battle. Knight Man almost wishes he was in his human disguise, though it seems no one has paid attention to him at all yet. He sighs "Must I fight...." Then something else hits him, he was... altered by Terra's energy thanks to Tron, that fact itself may prevent him from getting the pendent. Or conversly, should he get the pendent it may undo whatever Tron did, and he could revert back to his old self, or worse. He would ponder this further, but he is thrown onto his back by the shaking. Looking up at the ceiling, he sees the light dancing around, he tries to focus on it, to see what it's trying to do..

Blast Hornet manages to stay on her feet throughout the tremor, and her barrier drones buzz around her happily, doing thier job. "Hey! Who's shakin' the tomb?" She says, and continues to look for someone to fight. Hrm...

Ten decides to try and join the group of other Repliforce members, having finally spotted them in the chaos. Still gripping the naginata and staying ready for battle, Ten slowly and carefully makes her way toward Blaze Dalmatian, Messenger Marou, and Afterburner Accipiter. Unfortunately, Ten isn't the most agile of reploids, just close to it. So, she falls to the ground as the tremor comes. "Oof! I'm glad I was holding my weapon! I would have fallen on it!" Suddenly noticing the lights shift, she tries to get a better look at them.

Alia yelps as the tremor knocks her onto her bottom, rolling to her feet again quickly and glancing around. Damn earthquakes. "You'd think with all the groundshakers this would be Uranus's trial, not Sunshine's."

Cappella slids back down and sighs softly, before turning towards Quantum. "Why, simple dear...It is better to be up there then does here. Too many..." Falling down once again the thief curses softly to herself. "Too many dangers amongst ourselves then to those that go out alone."

Gimel quickly moves as another tremor comes through the room before he looks up at the lights, noticing that are moving as he tries to figure out the pattern

Messenger Marou gahs and flails before landing on her aft, dazed for a couple moments before rising once again to her feet. "This is getting annoying," she growls, her aura glowing brighter as the room begins to act all funky. But... "Hey, you guys seein' what I'm seein'?" the demoness whispers. "Like some type of light show..." As Blaze confirms her suspicions, she nods. "And I say we find out -why-."

Job huns as Sonic leaps at him with a underhanded and cleaver sneak attack. Job slamms up into the wall and growls. "So you want to fight do... ya then bring it on!" Job tries to counter attack with a punch of his own before the quake sends him flat on his back.

Afterburner Accipiter goes reeling backwards, unable to catch himself as he slams hard into the ground, his wings folding up to soften the blow under his torso, but the impact takes a bit out of his. Raising his hand up to his optics and acting as if he had a terrible hang-over, he moans and blinks, looking back up at the ceiling and now moving points of light. Watching them in amazement, he says, "Are either of you catching this? Blaze? Messenger? Are my optics failing me or is that light moving? Is it the light or is it the ceiling? I can't tell."

Job strikes Sonic Banshee with his Punch attack.

Ether Skunk lets out a startled cry, weaving about on her feet, but not yet falling- Gravity never affected her the way it really should, after all. Not to mention she's got that mustelid slinkiness goin' on, not to mention she only falls on her butt at her OWN convenience. Ether is MASTER of falling-on-her-butt. Can't touch this. She doesn't yet notice the moving beams of light... at least, not until one shoots over her eyes. Falling back a step and giving an alarmed cry, she wipes at her optics as they compensate for the bright flash... and only then.... "Wait a sec... it's... hey, cool! Alloy! It'a a laser light show!"

Guts Man lands on Vile with a sickenly crunching sound, but he's one tough midget. As Vile rises back up and opens fire on him Guts Man is caught in the crossfire, taking a sickenly large amount of damage. "Aaaaaargh!" He's about to jump at him again despite his wound, but falls on his rump, squinting he looks upwards as the lights seem to be moving in some sort of random pattern? The voices mentioned nothing of of lights, only why he had let his enemies follow him. Pushing himself back up on his feet. He stares at the blinking lights once more, but decides it's not the time to stop fighting, because if he does, Vile might just take this opportunity to kill him! "I won't let you win Vile! Guts Man superior! Goliath and Headmaster inferior!" He charges yet again, this time with intents of punting the little shrimp.

Quantum Kitsune nods to Capella. "Fair enough ... did you spot something up there interesting, though, besides the lights?"

Vile gets caught in the path of Guts Man's Super Kick.

Blaze Dalmatian nods a bit, "But we can't fly.." She says, sitting herself back up, "There has to be something we can do to figure out why the light is moving." She grabs her helmet and puts it on, trying to magnify the vision towards that light..

Slowly the moving beams of light stop, as do the tremors. They're in a clearly different place now, but from below their light prevents you from deciphering what.

Eyes wide, the ground lurches just as he fires, and for a moment Gravity Man thinks it was his doing. But no... everyone fell, too. He looked up at the lights, frowning.

Sword Man is stopped cold as the tremors cease all battle, causing one and all to fall to the ground. He is about to get up and rush back to the fray, but then notices the lights....and their movement. "What is this? The lights shift. Perhaps they seek to show something? Maybe a constellation?

There's nothing Dr. Doppler can really do about the terrible vangence of the one called Sakugarne, because the tremors knock him clear off his feet, landing hard against the floor of the pit. Fortunately for him, it seems Quint is equally shaken, and the mad doctor is not horrifically murdered.

Medieval Fox grunts, falling onto her tailed aft as the rumbling continues. "Okay... now what?" she asks the room in general as she picks herself up off the floor slowly.

Skimmer Bee isn't below. He's flying around, trying to find a sensible pattern to this whole mess, comparing it mentally with the original pattern and the carvings on the wall in the previous room.

Stealth Nekojin frowns, then tries to fly again, leaping into the air and pushing himself up as hard as he can with his gravthrusters, trying to get into position to see the new pattern.

Messenger Marou blinks, then grins as she grabs Blaze. "I got it! One fastball special, coming up!" If she can't fly, she'll toss someone, and toss someone she does, by hefting Blaze up into the air like a parent would toss their child at a playground. "Can you see anything now?!"

Alloy is thrown onto his aft as the pit shakes again. Stunned and still for a moment before he tries to climb to his feet, Alloy notices that the lights are moving, patterns. He wouldn't realise it if he hadn't once done some exercises with encryption routines that used something similar to this. He stares upwards for a few long moments, trying to catch every movement and record it, before Ether shouts to him. "Not just a light show, Ether," he says. "It's got a meaning...but I can't figure it out."

Storm Eagle shakes his head at Skimmer, "Not.. yet.." he says still looking upward. Finally the Eagle even stands, curious as ever. He should have went to more of these.

Plum erfs as she's knocked to the ground, wincing a bit, looking around for Camera, who's dutifully recording, able to stay on his feet due to his low profile and multiple legs. "It's getting really bad in here, folks... I don't know what's happening, but I know it's not good."

Afterburner Accipiter pulls Messenger by the arm a bit, as if giving her a tug to pay him some attention. He makes his way to his feet and leans over, saying, "Dare we try to see what the lights look like now? And by the way, are the gathered around any specific point now? They could be pointing us in another direction... Possibly another door... Or a way down out of here..."

As the blade of Sakugarne digs itself into the stone floor in landing, it immediately topples itself onto its side. "Ow," Quint mumbles, dismounting the sideways Sakugarne with a slow crawl, planting his hands onto the violently shaking ground. Turning his head up toward the lights, he watches them with utmost care and caution, his sleek visor reflecting the pattern clearly. Well, until they move. His optics trail about the room, curiously wondering if the lights moved, or stopped entirely. "You got lucky, old man," he says, flatly. "Very lucky."

Quantum Kitsune decides to do this the easy way ... if you can't climb close or fly close because of some barrier, let's try getting up there without physically crossing from Point A to Point B. With her mighty Teleporting skill, she attempts to teleport about the light show, triplicates viewing the pattern from multiple angles and distances to try to make out a message or symbol.

Blaze Dalmatian shakes her head, "Nothing." She takes her helmet off, "I've got nothing.." Then all of a sudden she's hurled into the air, "Aaaack!" Needless to say, she gets nailed by the laser that keeps people from flying, and drops back to the ground, "Ow.." She shakes her head a bit, "Nope.."

"Gnyaarr-oooh!" Announces the Byakko as she's knocked back on her aft on the ground after throwing the Gumby for a wall, and then being punched by him square in the chestplates. The vixen sneers at the Gumby.. But as the lights overhead cause her to look up, the vulpine-armor pauses. .. The lights.. they're in a different position. .. She considers this.. And decides to try something. Thus, using her heavily armored leg as a test subject, she suddenly lashes out with her claws, aiming a swipe of blades for the limb, sending up a scratch of sparks. Seconds later.. She looks skyward, as if expecting the lights to move again.

A thin yet mischievous smirk touches the thief's lips as she gazes at Quantum. "No not really, though I was not high enough to reach anything. I am sure with your help we both will be able to find something....or you can teleport.."

Firestorm Phoenix hrms, still getting nothing. He n=moves to and frow, avoiding the violence with uncanny skill. Though he does notice the lights and that they are making a pattern, but what is it? "Hmm, its hard to see, but perhaps... a sun pattern, like the ones on Sunstar himself?" He's unsure as the light makes it difficult, but he knows its part of the riddle and is scratching at staws here.

Vile stumbles backwards, now, lifting one hand forward as a forcefield is generated around him. It seems Guts Man's melee strikes were a bit more than Vile liked to handle. Erecting his forcefield, the Maverick General hangs back, looking around the room as things change. He had to stay alive, for the moment. To claim the prize.

Messenger Marou nods to Afterburner, "We should head that way..." To Blaze, she sweatdrops and blushes. "Sorry...thought it might work." The demoness then begins to follow the trail of lights.

Blaze Dalmatian picks herself up, and glances towards all the combatants, shaking her head, as she moves to follow Marou, "The lights are the main clue.." She says. She's sure that the voices telling her to drive the enemies away is a distraction of some kind..

Job looks about at the moving lights and starts to think his hunch about the lights relfting a Constlation might be correct. Job tries to get back up and peers about waiting for any more attacks. oO(I wonder if I could reflect the lights...)

Ether Skunk squints at Alloy... "You think? It didn't... it didn't look like anything..." She looks up into the air. "I'd... I'd check from the air, but... but you saw what happened when people flew into the air. The same thing that happened everywhere else.... you fly, you die." She sighs, and scours the new pattern of the light beams, trying to determine what's going on. Her katana stil rests in one hand, the air still churns with her antigrav forcefield, but her attention isn't really on the defensive right now.

Sewa frowns...Could it be her? Same voice...She looks up in the sky...but the problem with going up there to check is the beams of light...She walks slowly towards the battle between Sonic and Job. "Hey! Don't hurt her!", she says, scowling at the gumby. "The tests wouldn't be copied anyway!"

Cappella mutters softly at Quantum and tries once again to toss the grappling hook upwards. If anything she does not want to be here.
Gimel holds back a laugh as he looks from the lights towards the battle saying, "Sunstar must be having his way with them.", he shakes his head as he moves and attempts to focus back on the lights for a few seconds

Knight Man slowly staggers to his feet again. Shaking his head, and watching the violence erupt once more. Upon thinking about it, it seems that fighting may very well be the key to this pendent. But again he goes back to his earlier thoughts, do he want it? Best case scenario, Knight gets the pendent, and isn't altered mentally, best case but also most unlikely. Bad case scenario, Knight gets the pendent, and changes back to normal, combat lusting and violent, with super powers. Or worst case scenario, someone like Vile gets the pendent. No, he can't let that happen, he should stop that at all cost... He looks down at the battle between the Maverick General and his brother, still... he hasn't fought a single individual since Tron blasted him... does he even still have it in him now?

Blast Hornet isn't much good at puzzles. She peers at the cieling, and can't see what the pattern is, but it's different. Blast Hornet decides the cieling is looking rather annoying.

Sword Man looks to the lights, but sees nothing. He turns to his brother Gravity. "Brother, mayhaps you can attempt to take the ceiling and make sense of the pattern?"

Afterburner Accipiter follows Messenger Marou in their search for a gathering of lights or some object a light shines directly on. Occassionally, he flashes his thrusters twice to get a quick glimpse of everything lighted to make sure nothing would surprise them out of the darkness.

Vile stumbles backwards, now, lifting one hand forward as the Vile Shield is pulled forward. It seems Guts Man's melee strikes were a bit more than Vile liked to handle. Defending himself with his shield, the Maverick General hangs back, looking around the room as things change. He had to stay alive, for the moment. To claim the prize. Clearly overwhelmed as he can't evade Guts Man's attacks for his life, the General uses the one thing he -knows- will prove effective against the armored behemoth across from him - explosions. With that, he fires off a low-level missile swarm, holding back the bulk of his power for energy restrains as he strikes at Guts Man with a cluster of explosives.

Vile strikes Guts Man with his Minimissile Swarm attack.

Gravity Man just shrugs. "I don't know. There's something in the air; I'm not sure if I even could."

Byakko continues to wait to see if her taking a swipe at her own leg did anything to change the light patterns. Because she's got a hunch..
Ten studies the lights as best she can. She might not be able to make out the pattern, but she is going to try very hard. .oO(I can't let a Maverick or Robot MAster get this pendant! The consequences would be too dire!)Oo.

Storm Eagle simply traces the lights from the ceiling to the floor as best he can from his position. "Hrm..." he continues to reference as the battle rages on.. even if it is smaller now.

Vile puts his guard up.

Those that try to rise upwards now will find nothing barring it, as it seems the concussive laser things have stopped. There is also no voice, nor any tremors going on.

Stealth Nekojin checks the new pattern, comparing it to the old one in the hopes of discerning something important.

Lifesaver stumbles around a bit from that earthquake. That however, doesn'r hold Bones attention for long... the lights have that distinction. Still fighting urge to go up to Doppler and fight him (read: Challenge him to game of chess. The real sport for intelluals) He glances up at the light... Even as he breaks... into three individuals.
You paged Terra with 'Are there any ledges or things that Knight could jump up on to get closer to the ceiling?'.

Lifesaver's image briefly glows before three Lifesaver(s) appears.

Cappella sighs at the chaos around her and begins to scurry up the rope once more. If anything to look at the lights around her but also to try to get out of this pit.

Gravity Man nods to himself, then to Sword. "I'm going to give it a try, but it's awfully high. Do me a favor: toss me up as high as you can before I make the switch."

Storm Eagle motions at Skimmer, "Go up and see if the pattern is antying recognizable... please." he asks of the gumbie.

Skimmer Bee says, "Already one step ahead of ya, buddy!"

Job thinks now looking for a way to get out and keep up with his quest. oO(Let them slag each other while the smater ones keep going on.)

Medieval Fox looks around the cavern suspiciously, particularly the cieling with the were-moving lights. She drops her defensive stance to avoid trying to do a pointless gesture. "Hmm... perhaps another elevated view," the fox says to herself as she climbs the wall a few lenths again. "If those lights shifted, maybe randomness changed to order."

Ether Skunk gives Alloy a quick, wary look, before nodding quietly. "Okay. I'll catch you if you fall." She sheaths her katana and holds her arms out, demonstrating this.

Quantum Kitsune *zapzapzapzapzaps* around ... then blinks, staring at the floor ... of course, then, she starts falling ... to quote the Tick, Gravity Is A Harsh Mistress. Not Gravity Man or Beetle, just Gravity. But, in a burst of red light, she blinks back down to ground level, and dashes at a section of the wall (Terra knows where), and starts examining it ...

Byakko hmms.. And thus, rises to her feet, now ignoring Job's presence, as she decides it's a good time to try and climb upwards again. Thus... The Kyuubi-Maverick approaches the wall again, and, using her claws, starts trying to climb up it to the top again, tails dangling down beneath her.

Medieval Fox puts her guard down.

Blaze Dalmatian hrms a bit, "Marou, think you could take another blast?" She asks, "Assuming I'm wrong...I think those voices were triggering those lasers..." She moves over, "Carry me up there. Lets see if we can find anything."

Blast Hornet buzzes upwards towards the cieling, and slowly spins in a circle, trying to make out the image above made of lights in the cieling. "Hrm... What could it be..."

Those that rise up above the ground and look down will notice what looks like a picture of lights that shape an arrow on the ground, pointing towards a portion of the wall.

Skimmer Bee buzzes up, making the same pattern he did before -- check down from the top of the room, then flutter around the perimeter, then check various arcs, comparing the patterns to what he took note of earlier.

Stealth Nekojin heads for the direction of the arrow, shaking his head and muttering almost silently, "...too easy..."

Storm Eagle calls up to him, "Anything?"

Guts Man is blown clear into the air by Vile's oncoming attack of missiles, "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!" Slamming against a wall Guts Man falls back to the ground, the voices to destroy his enemies is now gone and Guts Man lays there on the ground injured, clutching his wounds. "Ahhhgrrrr... lousy Maverick." Leaning against a wall he stands back up, he's looking up at the lights while this is going on. With no one goading him to destroy Vile, Guts Man stops his attack, for the time being... Breathing heavily he shouts to the other Masters, "What's going on?"

Skimmer Bee notices. "Hey!" He buzzes down to Storm. "Yeah! It's an arrow! It points that way." He gestures with his head.

Medieval Fox glances over her shoulder, nodding sharply at the more-apparent image now. Scrambling back down to the ground, the fox heads for the specified section of wall... probably with a good deal of others as well.

Messenger Marou rubs the back of her neck. "I really hate puzzles, y'know? I wasn't built to be smart, I was built to lift boxes." She continues to follow the lights, then looks back at Blaze. "Damn straight I could," she comments with a grin, then leaps into the air. "HEY! Guys, you're not gonna believe me...but this way!" Laughing, the demoness begins to zip off.

Firestorm Phoenix hrms as things have stopped and he flys upward, tentively at first, waiting for the beam to hit, when none come he flys to tthe ceiling, looking things over, then looking down, he notices the arrow, "Well hello." He instantly beelines for the wall and begins looking it over and feeling it out, trying to find anything to lend him passage.

Sewa floats up after Sonic and works her mouth to say something to her but it doesn't say at first what she wanted to. Instead she points to the wall and says, "I think you need to go that way...", with a sigh.

Plum keeps filming the battle, Guts Man versus Vile obviously the most interesting thing here. "Ooh! That had to hurt. Vile and Guts Man are really laying into each other... I don't know who's gonna come out on top." She blinks. "But, the freaky voice has quit, so maybe things will calm down." What voice?

Well, Byakko can't exactly 'rise above the ground'.. But she can climb up the side of the pit, and notices, now closer to the arrows than before (she hopes, t'least), the shape of an arrow. She starts that way cautiously. She still bets something big and ugly will come to try and eat her.

Ten has learned a thing or two from her previous attempts at getting pendants, or so she hopes. She isn't interested in fighting, so she focuses on the mystery at hand. Since the tremors and voice have stopped, Ten figures that maybe the beams did, too. Staying on her guard, Ten flies slightly up to get a better look at the lights.

Storm Eagle nods and simply rushes in that direction... after taking to the air. "Keep up Skimmer!" he calls as he follows this... arrow.

Alia doesn't bother to start climbing. Oh, no, not when she could stand here and let others catch any traps themselves. So what if she'd be lagging a little behind, she'd be a little safer too. Though as Marou darts off, she follows quietly, idly.

Skimmer Bee jets toward the wall after Storm, leaving a trail of smokescreen behind him.

Quint stumbles to his feet, taking a moment to brush any dirt that happens to brush any dirt that may have placed itself on his beautiful self during this ordeal. "Whoo..." he sighs in relief, tipping the fallen Sakugarne up to an appropriate posture. "Now..." he begins to think to himself, his eyes carefully monitoring the image on the floor. "I wonder what these are here for..." In his curious wondering, he begins to walk in a random direction; whether it's toward the prize or not...he will find out soon enough.

Dr. Doppler smirks, and retrieves a handheld radio from his labcoat. "Mavericks! Destroy the androids!" He shouts, as if that wasn't what they were already doing... and as if his radio actually worked. He doesn't notice the pattern as he's currently more or less standing on it, as he turns to Quint. "I'll deal with /you/ myself," he says, throwing his arms out to either side, and raising a shimmering green energy field around himself.

After muttering to Ether, Alloy looks around as the battle continues in some quarters, and risks a quick flight upwards to see if he can make sense of the pattern. Bringing his gravity wells up to full charge, Alloy streaks into the air, zero to sixty almost instantly. Gaining enough altitude and keeping a watch for any attacks directed at him, Alloy looks down...and sees the pattern. An arrow.

Afterburner Accipiter stops in his tracks, noticing a pattern of lights. Not so much that they are gathered, but are in a nearly straight line pointing to a portion of the wall not more than ten feet ahead of him. Eyeing the line, and seeing other dots of light converge at a center point a few feet from his position, he looks to his left at the wall and then begins to make his way over to it, placing his hands against the cold stone and firing off his engines to see if he can see anything special with his own form of light.

Cappella continues to cling on the rope as she scales upwards. "Fools, let them all destroy each other if they must but..." Her voice fades as she looks down to the ground. "Oh no, don't tell me, I have to go back down.."

Blaze Dalmatian follows after Marou, "Right about now I'll belive just about anything.." She mutters as she heads after her friend and partner in this incident.

Gimel activates his flight engine and heads up before looking down, optics shifting in the direction the arrow is pointing in before quickly moving towards the wall, optics shifting to anyone else nearby
Dr. Doppler projects a forcefield around himself.

Blast Hornet buzzes around, and still cant see what the lights above her are trying to make out. So, she decides to look down again, to find an opponent to fight... And sees the arrow. "Well, this in interesting." She says, and flies to where the arrow seems to be indicating. Buzz Buzz.

Gravity Man shakes his head, growing increasingly nervous by all the others getting to it first. "Nevermind, buddy." And up he flips, standing on the ceiling, his eyes widening at the arrow, looking over to where it's pointing.

Vile immediately breaks off contact with Guts Man, stumbling back and leaning on the Vile Shield, his entire body wracked and raped with injuries inflicted from the mighty Guts Man... He was... he was inferior... It couldn't be. Optic burning with rage at his embarassment, the Maverick General glares at the massive behemoth. Any more of this battle and he would have been /destroyed/. As lights slowly emerge... Vile dashes. He would wipe out that bastard and all along with him... And then he would instate his true Chaos. Madness at work, the demon Maverick's mind operating at full power.

Skimmer Bee says, "Hey Blast, you think one of us should check the OPPOSITE wall, considering the last test?"

Ether Skunk flicks her ears at all the racket, all the attention... she squints as everybody runs towards the side of the wall. An arrow? Even if the skunk hadn't seen this herself, the commotion caused by its discovery is enough to alert her to its presence. She beckons Alloy down and begins to prance towards the wall in question. Her forcefield fades as she goes, as the battle seems to have died down...
Ether Skunk lowers her forcefield.

Afterburner Accipiter enters the Nova Tower.
Afterburner Accipiter has left.

Job sees some of the others starting to move off, oO(Looks like that is the way to go.) He mutters something and taking his sheild in hand he head after the those people who seem to be heading for one of the walls. oO(One I go.)

Ten flies higher, and spots the arrow. Suddenly full of hope, the phoenix flies toward the wall that the arrow seems to be pointing at, all the while staying on her guard. .oO(I sure hope this is the right solution!)Oo.

Back down Gravity Man goes, landing heavily on the ground, perfectly reoriented. He heads for the indicated direction, nervous and excited all at once.

Stealth Nekojin blinks as Afterburner vanishes, and presses against the wall himself, trying to duplicate the results.

Shooting back down again, Alloy jars himself slightly as his feet impact. "It's an arrow..." he says to Ether. Of course, that's a little obvious by now. He watches the rush with a wary eye, waiting to see what happens next. Caution rarely hurts.

Knight Man would continue to ponder the meaning of all the fighting, when he hears a few noisy Mavericks and Hunters yelling something about an arrow, and pointing in some direction. Thinking that is as good a place to go as any, Knight leaps from platform to platform, glad he never engaged anyone in combat, and heads in the direction the others are heading about this arrow business.

Cappella mutters softly as she scales down the rope once more. Her curiousity has gotten the better of her once again and she has to see where the arrow leads. Landing lightly on the ground the thief looks around Cappie rushes towards the wall.

Vile continues dashing forward... But... he wouldn't make it. Feh.
Messenger Marou stops in front of the wall, then attempts to go through it. She's so...forward.

Lifesaver #3 hrms upwards at the fliers... "...Anything?"
#2 and #1 checks the walls idly.

Lifesaver enters the Nova Tower.
Lifesaver has left.

Blaze Dalmatian has seen this vanishing thing before. She dashes up to the wall, and pushes against it. Yeah, this is just like that bookshelf in Prague, she's sure.

Medieval Fox raises a hand at the wall that isn't a wall, pressing against it lightly.

Quint shoots his glance upward, watching, for a moment, those flying, as they seem to flock toward the wall. "Eh..." he mutters, beginning to follow, running toward those who are airborne. But not vertically, of course. That would just be silly.

Sewa follows after Sonic slowly. "...Please let it end right.", she says to herself.

Storm Eagle simply continues to dash ahead and at the wall, eventually coming to a hover where the arrow points. He begins pushing on this part of the wall, "Now.... lets be off..." he says figuring the arrow is true...

Ether Skunk looks over to Lifesaver and nods quickly. "It's... it's an arr-" Lifesaver disappears. She runs over to the wall in question and begins to pound her fists on it. Pound pound pound! BEat that wall!

Blast Hornet buzzes to the wall, and peers. "Well, we walked through walls before on these pendant quests..." She says, and walks into the wall, hoping she doesn't bump her nose.

Plum blinks. "Now that's odd... people seem to be disappearing into the wall... what happened to them, folks? We're gonna find out." She and Camera head over to examine the wall.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Punk transmits, "Status report."

Alia runs her hand along the wall lightly, searching for a hidden trigger or what have you. "Don't break it, Ether."

Vile is still dashing towards the arrow desperately, twisting around and firing as he struggles to move on, leaving Guts Man in his wake.

Job heads towards the wall that everyone has been moving towards and touches it looking for any sort of hidden switch ot passage way.

Skimmer Bee catches up to Storm Eagle. "What if it's a trick? The last test went to the OPPOSITE side."

Storm Eagle enters the Nova Tower.
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Medieval Fox enters the Nova Tower.
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Gimel is silent as he moves near the wall and starts to push himself as he looks towards the other fliers for a few seconds before he continues to push

Quint, now one of many who follow the arrow.

Guts Man starts to limp after the others. If those voices end up coming back in his head once he's done following the others, you can be sure he's going to finish his opponent once and for all. Not being the most agile of people he shouts, "Gravity Man, lend us a hand!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Repair Bay at 94 effiacancy."

Cappella pushes against the wall, trying to force her way through.

Gimel enters the Nova Tower.
Gimel has left.

Skimmer Bee is abruptly talking to thin air. "Hey, where'd he go?" He pushes on afterward, right where Storm vanished.

Ten spots Blaze Dalmatian pushing against the wall, and decides to do the same. Then again, alot of people as pushing on the wall, so Ten tries to find her own spot on the wall to do so, though she tries to do so as near to the exact spot the arrow was pointing as possible.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man OOC Put a perecnt after 94.

Sonic Banshee enters the Nova Tower.
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Cappella enters the Nova Tower.
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Ether Skunk pushes against the wall as well. As she has been doing, after seeing Lifesaver disappear.

Sewa enters the Nova Tower.
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Gravity Man he skids to a stop, torn between the wall and his brother. Eventually, loyalty wins out and he dashes that way. "What do you need me to do?"

Dr. Doppler is no idiot. He may not have found the arrow himself, but he's capable enough to follow the others, as he fire-dashes right for it.

Messenger Marou hmphs at the wall, shaking her head. "C'mon you..." she growls as she pushes a bit more.

Sword Man shakes his head, apparently dazedm and notices the sudden movement toward a wall. Noticing the lights in an arrow, he moves over to the wall it points to. He pushes and finds himself going through it.

Vile glares at the arrow, before shoving the wall, trying to follow after the others.

Knight Man reaches the wall that everyone is gathered at. He seems to be the only RM there besides Cappella, and he does what he saw everyone else do, push in on the wall. Worth a shot. He still has reservations about this, but he has to try and make sure the /wrong/ person doesn't get the pendent.

Messenger Marou enters the Nova Tower.
Messenger Marou has left.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Guts Man sounding a bit tired says, "Just battling Vile. Systems operating at 1/3... following others for pendant... must destroy!!!"

Vile enters the Nova Tower.
Vile has left.
Skimmer Bee

You enter the Nova Tower.
Nova Tower

Nestled within the layers of the Earth sits a massive clearing, that opens up into a glorious sight. In a massive atrium in the rocks sits a structure, carved from the very earth, but from a rock unlike any previously seen. A Golden stone tower, that glows from its own heat, and a large emblem sits at the tip of the tower - A large red sphere with glowing gold tips on its circumference.

Vile [Vile] [M]
Messenger Marou [Normal] [RF]
Sewa [Cat-ears] [M]
Cappella [Armored] [RM]
Sonic Banshee [Armored] [M]
Gimel [Armor] [C]
Medieval Fox [MH]
Storm Eagle [M]
Lifesaver [Three-lifesavers] [MH]
Afterburner Accipiter [RF]

Obvious exits:
Out <O> leads to Solar Pit.

Lifesaver #1 #2 and #3 all blinks in shock as they went through the wall. "What in Einstein...?" They all murmur in unison...

Storm Eagle can only stare for a moment himself... "... Incredible," he whispers. "Not all the treasures in the Earth could compare to whats before ... us now." he says.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Punk transmits, "Who is with you?"

Blaze Dalmatian arrives from the Solar Pit.
Blaze Dalmatian has arrived.

Medieval Fox's eye is almost instantly drawn to the golden tower. "It's... gorgeous," she murmurs. "The sun is dangerous all on its own, but it is still beautiful." The Hunter is drawn closer to the pillar, away from the odd wall, but she retains a safe distance.

Ten arrives from the Solar Pit.
Ten has arrived.

Skimmer Bee arrives from the Solar Pit.
Skimmer Bee has arrived.
Plum arrives from the Solar Pit.
Plum has arrived.
Stealth Nekojin arrives from the Solar Pit.
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Ether Skunk arrives from the Solar Pit.
Ether Skunk has arrived.
Quantum Kitsune arrives from the Solar Pit.
Quantum Kitsune has arrived.
Blast Hornet arrives from the Solar Pit.
Blast Hornet has arrived.
Dr. Doppler arrives from the Solar Pit.
Dr. Doppler has arrived.
Firestorm Phoenix arrives from the Solar Pit.
Firestorm Phoenix has arrived.
Quint arrives from the Solar Pit.
Quint has arrived.
Get on your knees, simpletons! Quint is here!
Job arrives from the Solar Pit.
Job has arrived.
Alia arrives from the Solar Pit.
Alia has arrived.
Skimmer Bee falls through. "ACK!"
Alloy arrives from the Solar Pit.
Alloy has arrived.

.o( Heeeere, big nasty beast..) The thought seems to echo across the form of the Kyuubi=Maverick as she approaches the arrows's point, and starts down yet another tunnel. Byakko is unimpressed so far with the temple, but isn't holding her breath. She just KNOWS, something big and ugly will be here...

Messenger Marou blinks, her optics widening. "Ooooooh boy." She moves towards the pillar, an ice ball forming in her hand as she does so. "Remember, don't touch it..." she mutters softly.

Afterburner Accipiter is standing with his mouth agate and his optical sensors focused solely on the marvel of architecture in front of him, the light shining down as if a sign from the heavens that this was their final destination. His tall stature and expansive wingset acts as a natural gathering point for his fellow Repliforcers.

Morph Moth arrives from the Solar Pit.
Morph Moth has arrived.

Blast Hornet doesn't bump her face, and finds herself somewhere else, just like when she walked through the wall at the ancient library in Prague.

Vile forces his way through the door, limping on his Vile Shield as he forces his way on forward. Was that.... the thing? Hmph. Suitably dramatic. But it would matter not, in the end. No one to allow his injuries to slow him down, the General continues forward, substituting the Vile Shield for a leg.

Skimmer Bee flies up and around, once again trying to take in the sight from every possible angle.

As you touch the portion of the wall that the arrow points towards, you find yourself suddenly appearing in this wide open area, with the massive Tower overlooking the atrium in the earth.

Blaze Dalmatian pops in, and oofs a bit, moving after Marou, "Hey Marou, wait up.." She says, as she moves in, "Last time we went through a hidden area, we got attacked by golems."

Gravity Man arrives from the Solar Pit.
Gravity Man has arrived.
Guts Man arrives from the Solar Pit.
Guts Man has arrived.

Stealth Nekojin launches towards the tower at full speed, trusting to his own abilities as he tries to get there quickly, and trusting to his stealth systems to keep him from getting attacked by anything as he goes.

Cappella gasps softly and gazes at the tower. Her eyes narrow slightly as a thin smirk touches her lips. "That will be an excellent addition to my collection. I think I will take it now, or on my way back from here."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Punk transmits, "I SAID, WHO IS WITH GUTS MAN?"

Plum's Camera arrives from the Solar Pit.
Plum's Camera has arrived.

Knight Man continues to clomp down the path, almost shocked at his sudden teleportation (or whatever it was, he went through a wall anyway) finally bringing himself to a stop, he gazes around, and stares in awe at the tower. "This... tis truely remarkable work... that the Stardroids were able to do this on our own planet without our knowledge tis impressive..." He shakes his head, no time to admire it, he has a job to do, one of which his goal is not yet certain.

Medieval Fox is off to the side of the winged Repliforcer, also gazing at the pillar in awe. Her black stave reflects some of the stone's light from its surface, reflecting the beams.

Gimel's optics shift to the tower as he ends up in the room, a smirk crossing his face as he quickly makes his way towards the structure, chuckling as he says to himself, "Let us see what is in this tower.", his optics shift to the others nearby as he runs

Sewa sighs. It's getting closer and closer. What will she feel like to whomever becomes... She looks to Sonic. "Bet we're close. Good luck..."

Ether Skunk tumbles through the wall a few moments after Lifesaver, hot on his heels- and likely to trip over them if he didn't clear the chamber's entrance quickly enough. BLinking with surprise, her attention is neatly grabbed by the Tower. Optics wide, they slowly settle on the tower and wander up its girth... holy... the skunk gives a loooowwww whistle. "This must be the Pendant of Manliness."

Alia stumbles as she reappears, expecting the force of a wall in front of her and finding none. However that wall was made, she wanted one. Though at the image before them, she snirks faintly and heads for it.

Gravity Man says, "Guts! Can you throw me up that way?"

Job looks up at the tower and lcomments. "Impressive, Sunstar was said to have one hell of an ego and this fits the pattern well."

Sword Man arrives from the Solar Pit.
Sword Man has arrived.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Guts Man transmits, "Bunch of other Masters. There's Gravity Man, Sword Man, Knight Man. Might be some others."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Punk transmits, "Have them all assist you in destroying Vile."

Firestorm Phoenix hrms as he moved to a move place, a familiar feeling after the search for uranus' pendant. He begins to slowly move for the tower and atrium, "Lets see whats in store for us this time."

Disappearing through the wall and suddenly reappearing in the atrium, Alloy blinks and takes a moment to readjust. He wasn't in Prague, he's never experienced a teleportation quite like that. Taking in the new surroundings, his eye is obviously drawn to the golden tower and the prize, or what /looks/ like the prize.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Punk transmits, "I want to drink beer out of his helmet, Guts Man. MAKE THIS POSSIBLE."

"Stupid wall," Quint utters under his breath, his attention focused only on the floor. "Dare to stand in MY way, will you?!" With his angry yell, Quint's head raises, his eyes barely believing what they see. "I...I'm further." He begins to slowly trek forward, offering a small, "Thank you, wall." Cautiously, he places one hand atop Sakugarne as he advances.

Messenger Marou's right arm is entirely coated in ice by now, as the demoness continues to move towards the pillar. She doesn't even look concerned. At least, she doesn't now.

Ten once again falls down as she suddenly tumbles into the tower. However, she doesn't even have time to say ouch before being awestruck by the sight before her. Ten's optics are wide, and her beak is hanging open in shock. "Wow!" She actually forgets to stand up!

Ten puts her guard down.

Storm Eagle nods once at Firestorm, "Lets be off..." he says as he walks forward, after a few other brave souls as well. "One can only wonder what the Destroyer will have us do..."

Plum pops in through the walls. "Wow... do you see this, folks? This is truly one of the weirdest places I've ever been... I don't know what's going to happen, folks, but I'm gonna cover this as long as I can."

"Either that or he's trying to compensate for something," Alia comments to Job as she strides by. Smirk. One has to wonder, with something like that, whether or not the Sungod -was- trying to compensate.

Blast Hornet peers around the large open space, and at the singular tower overlooking the area. "Well, that's where I wanna go!" She says, and begins to fly towards the tower, her shield drones still buzzing noisly around her. Buzz buzz. She tries to shoulder her way past everyone else, and take the lead. Hopefully, nothing will smite her for her enthusiasm.

Lifesaver draws in his clones as he looks up at the podium. "...Odd thing," he murmurs as he rubs his chin, before looking at Cappella. "Mi Lady, mind if you get us who can't fly... up there?"

.. A solarium. ".. Nice touch." Mutters the Byakko to herself, for the first time uttering spoken speech in days. Well, that was too good an utterance to pass up! .. Her many tails shift as she slowly enters the area.. and starts to step forward, looking up at the giant stone tower. Heat.. a sun.. stone? ".... Mirror would've loved this," Adds the fox softly, "She'd have been trying to bring some dad-blamed Pokemon-holo with her.."

Skimmer Bee flies up to get a closer look at the sphere.

Lifesaver's image briefly glows before one Lifesaver(s) appears.
Guts Man slowly comes limping in, more or less the last person to enter this room.

Quantum Kitsune WHUMPHS and ker-thuds onto the floor, having not expected something like that. "Well, darn it, now I'm all dirty. Once I get my phenomenal cosmic power, the first thing I'm going to do is take a phenomenal cosmic shower."

Skimmer Bee encounters Blast as he flies, and follows her. "Hi."

Morph Moth hmms, a large glowing sphere. Could it be the glow of the pendant? He follows after the other flying insect Mavericks as they speed toward the glow like Moths drawn to the flame.

Plum's Camera takes off again, hovering above the ground like a little drone.

Ether Skunk wrinkles up her nose, looking towards Alloy. "Don't try to fly. I'm sure you'll get struck down if you try...." She pads towards the tower in question, squinting at the tower, before reaching out and gingerly poking at it with her fingertips. Look, everybody! The skunk is touching the tower! Now, everybody giggle the way you would if she were eating a banana!

Cappella turns slowly and eyes Lifesaver for along time before a small smirk touches her lips. "Why you think I will be able to get you up there..." A soft laugh is emitted before nodding as she gaves carefully. "Yes, perhaps I can.."

Quite the impressive sight the area is, until those that blasted wrecklessly forward notice that there is some sort of golden swarm covering the large majority of the Tower's walls. And they break off, many running on the ground like scampering gold insects, many more flying in a swarm...

Sword Man has disconnected.

Ten stands up, and makes her way toward the tower with everybody else. Not much else has her attention right now. She is just that awestruck by the sight in front of her.

Job oO(If I get this pendant it will be... heh pay back time.) Job almost heads towards the tower but stops as he sees the things breaking off.

Blaze Dalmatian blinks a bit, "Marou! Get back!" She calls out. She saw this in a movie once, she's sure of it.

Skimmer Bee is flying. No swarm on the walls or floor shall threaten him.

Afterburner Accipiter looks towards his winged commander Ten who entered shortly after he did as if looking for answers. He ask inquisitively, "Are you all right Commander? Need any assistance?"

Blast Hornet buzzes along with Skimmer Bee and Morph Moth. "Well, insect Mavericks rule, huh guys?" She says cheerfully, and races onward. "And um, speaking of insects, I think we've woke something up..." She says, and fearfully eyes the swarm heading thier way.

Skimmer Bee says, "We sure do!"

Gravity Man blinks in disbelief. Suddenly he's glad he stayed back, for one reason or another. He scrambles back, bracing for the worst.

Knight Man still keeps himself far enough away from the tower, observing it at a respectable distance. He then sees the swarm breaking off, and is glad he kept his distance for now "Seems fighting is unavoidable at any rate..."

Vile pauses, staring forwards at the swarm of golden scarabs that begin to approach. Well. Dropping to a knee, Vile aims his Napalm Cannon upwards, timing things right as he is nestled within a band of other Reploids, to fire straight up into them and take out a whole army.

Stealth Nekojin doesn't even stop as he notes the swarm, using the sheer agility that his gravthrust gives him to try and go around the insects without slowing, at the same time priming his weapons and getting the best look at his possible opponents as he can. Praying that they can't detect him with the stealth on...

Firestorm Phoenix didn't go blasting forward lucky for him, but none the less, he begins to back up as this swarm of what he's betting is some sort of scarab rush at them. His golden form glows briefly, his light armor replaced with much sturdier armor.

Medieval Fox's eyes widen as the walls... move. Sorta. Quickly drawing another fire arror out of her quiver, she lights it to try and ward off some of these bugs. Primitive? Yes. But it might work for a bit.

Firestorm Phoenix changes into his Heavy armor.

Messenger Marou, once the ice is about 4 or so inches thick, takes another step towards the glowing thingy. Then.. "Oh...CRAP!" She begins flailing as her aura flares up around her, the hot temperatures emitting from her body able to be felt by those around her.

Plum blinks at the onrushing beetles, and grabs hold of Camera. "This doesn't look good, folks. C'mon, Camera! Lift! LIFT!"

Guts Man is limping in last into the room, slightly behind Gravity Man. Maybe being slow has its advantages right now?

Job pulls out his shild and he gets his guard up ready for the swarm of bugs of doom.

Job puts his guard up.

Ten gasps in surprise yet again as the insects come closer. "Oh... my... gosh!" Ten draws her naginata and gets ready for a possible battle, looking about as she does so hoping to see if her friends are okay.

Sewa Says, "Yeah...probably.", she pauses and then floats up to beside her and offers her one of her daggers, "...If you want it..take it. Because..y'might need it. And I don't think I can help you any other way than offer this to you, y'know?", she does notice the swarm but she wants to offer this to Sonic first.

Terra strikes Ether Skunk with his Scarab Swarm attack.
Ether Skunk falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.
Terra strikes Alia with his Scarab Swarm attack.
Alia falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.
Terra strikes Messenger Marou with his Scarab Swarm attack.
Messenger Marou falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.
Terra misses Blast Hornet with his Scarab Swarm attack.
Terra misses Gimel with his Scarab Swarm attack.
Terra strikes Quantum Kitsune with his Scarab Swarm attack.
Quantum Kitsune falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.
Terra strikes Skimmer Bee with his Scarab Swarm attack.
Skimmer Bee falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Ten puts her guard up.

Cappella turns slowly and eyes the insects before frowning and muttering towards Lifesaver. Then again, perhaps I will pass..."

Skimmer Bee is KO'ed.

Afterburner Accipiter watches as his commander continues forward, but is not that sure of himself to continue forward. He stands back, his mouth still slightly agate with concern as to what the tower means and why they have all been brought into this extremely large room. When he sees the large cloud of moving objects, he draws his wings up and starts to bring them into his body as if he were shielding or cloaking himself.

Messenger Marou is torn into shreds.

Ether Skunk touches the tower, gets swarmed by bugs, and squashed flad on the spot. She's lost beneath the swarm and out of sight. Yes.

"Accursed insects," mutters Dr. Doppler when his dash rockets deactivate again. His green fluctuating energy field still surrounds him, slightly distoring his voice and his image, as he checks the positions of his fellow Mavericks. ".../That's/ not good..."

Storm Eagle can only peer at what's coming their way. "...Scarabs?" he asks to no one in particular before swallowing as the Swarm attacks. "...Well now Destroyer, you've shown your true colors..."

Alloy steps back slightly as the swarm of insects starts to..well, swarm towards them. "Oh no...dammit, who showed the Stardroids the first Mummy movie!?" He shouts at the room in general. Activating his gravity wells once again (nifty gear, ain't it?) he floats slightly off the floor, and spins a shield to protect himself from any of the little critters that come his way.

Lifesaver smiles lightly, "I saw you use the gr--" He ducks under... as a swarm of... something... zooms in. "...Get the line, ready, miss." Lifey informs, backing away from the swarm... "And hurry!"

Gimel starts to slow down as he notices the swarm, quickly grabbing for a small bomb as he says, "Now what is this here.", he jumps back as he looks around, ready to throw the bomb as he notices others being knocked out

Alia unfortunately, is one of the silly people that had gotten out in front, and squeaks in surprise before backpedalling quickly.. but not quite fast enough to get out of the way. And thankfully reploid flesh isn't as yummie as human hide is; as she's damaged enough to knock her out, but she'd survive. Maybe.

Gravity Man points dumbly at the swarm, a hand laid on Guts Man's shoulder. "It's a good thing we're back here. They get too close and I'm sending us both to the ceiling, okay?"

Quint, thankfully, isn't at the head of the group. In fact, he's about two thirds down it. No reinactment of The Mummy is going to harm THIS Android! Slowing his pace to a sluggish crawl, he continues to advance, making sure that at least a couple of large 'decoys' are in front of him...

Cappella just nods slowly and pulls out another grappling hook and connects it with some rope. "Fine, of course dear... Just tell me where to throw this thing, oh and you can go first."

Quantum Kitsune charges on ahead, intending to teleport past the bugs to get to the gemstone ... but she doesn't seem to be quite fast enough, as a barrage of the scarabs rips her synthfur to shreds, wrecks her outer hull, and basically chew her up like a school of pirhana after Rush Limbaugh. Okay, so it's never happened, but darn it, it's a cherry thought.

Firestorm Phoenix ah craps as many are torn asunder by the attacking beetles, "How did I know this would happen?" He quickly joins Storm Eagle, "I would suggest falling back a bit untill we can figure this out."

Guts Man squints as a big cloud of something is making its way across the room, he hears a buzzing or something, "What the hell is that? A lawnmower?" He takes a look then notices the big cloud for what it is, "Yaaaaaaah!!!" He looks to Gravity Man, "Can you protect us with a wall of gravity against those things?"

Blaze Dalmatian jumps back, "MAROU!" She cries out, "No! Son of a.." She growls a bit, "Why couldn't she have listened?" She smacks her fist into the ground, "Damnit. It's my fault for not stopping her."

As for those who took a slightly more cautious approach towards the Tower, the Scarabs head straight forward you, and actually encompass around you in their golden swarm, but they do not attack, and instead pass onward and into the wall where you arrived from, disappearing. As for those that were devoured, little is left when the Scarabs are through.

Ether Skunk is eaten alive by a bunch of bugs. Holy effin' hell.

Vile fires straight up... But fortunately, most of them have swarmed those who ran ahead. Hmph. Guts Man had been his savior, slowing him down as he had? Perhaps. His wounds would likely delay him more than enough. Optic flicking and fading as he redistributes energy throughout his systems, Vile rises up, leaning on the Shield. Safe to continue?

Storm Eagle nods slightly at Firestorm, "Yes, yes indeed..." he says stepping back a little bit. "Scarabs can-.." he cuts off as the swarm swoops by, then passes them by. "... Hmm..."

Job gumbles and calls out. "Okay who has some raid on them?" Job's right armor morphs into an arm cannon incase some of the swarm chose to rush him. oO(great more bugs.) Seeing the bugs pass by his arm goes back to normal. "Not a way I'd want to go out."

Byakko stops, as a sound hits her ears.. and she turns, to watch as many small golden beasts in the form of .. Scarabs? She pauses. and steps back a bit, not liking this. She just KNEW!!! She should have brought her bug stompin' boots along. Quietly, she starts walking again, slowly, towards the object.. Until the Scarabs hit her. Reaction is immediate: A girly-scream of fright, and Hopping to one leg as the Scarabs team about her and head for the wall.

Medieval Fox growls low in her throat as she spots Ether going down. Holding the flaming arrow in one hand, the vulpine reploid shifts the grip on her quarterstaff in case she needs to swing it. "Okay... this is decidedly odd," she says as she eyes the halted swarm.

Plum eeeeps and holds on to Camera for dear life as the Scarabs do their nasty work. "Oh my God, look at that! I'm sorry that you had to watch that folks, this is horrible... may they rest in peace."

Afterburner Accipiter slowly makes his way to within yelling distance of Ten, his wings still drawn up in case another swarm of scarbs makes their presence felt. He yells as the get closer, "Commander! Lieutenant! Get down!" He too takes a knee and protects himself from the path of the vile bugs.

"EEEEEeeeeee!" Blast Hornet shrieks loudly, and rises upwards with buzzing wings. "Hey! I'm an insect too, don't hurt me!" She says, and her protective barrier drones buzz around her angrily, and she barely manages to escape the wrath of the scarabs. "That was close!" She sas, and buzzes on again towards the tower.

Gravity Man doesn't even have time to respond before the things get WAY too close. He throws himself protectively over Guts, though he's surprised when they pass. "I... I don't think I need to..."

Messenger Marou would twitch...y'know...if anything was left.

Morph Moth curses, That was quite a shocking event after all. The Moth can still feel the insects(?) Or perhaps some sort of robotic equivalent crawling all over his body.

Guts Man is surrounded by the swarm, crouching slightly Guts Man starts to snaps his fingers ala West Side Story. That's the only true way to fight when surrounded. But fortunately for the bugs they fly into the walls. Lucky for them Guts Man didn't break out into songs. That would really anger the Gods.

Sewa shouts, "Quantum!!", desperately as she sees her friend get all chewed up... "...urgh...", she just sinks down to the floor. "..."

Blaze Dalmatian holds up her fists as the scarabs go right past her...She relaxes a bit, and then stands back up, "Don't worry, Marou." She growls, "I'll get that thing for you, that's for sure."

Scratch that. This wasn't pirhana attacking Rush Limbaugh. This was Roseanne Barr attacking a box of Waffle Crisp.

Firestorm Phoenix winces as the bugs pass by, "Well, guess we continue on, but carefully." He then begins to move toweards the tower slowly.

Cappella just blinks, remaining completely still as the swarm passes by her. Yet the little camera lady is getting slightly on the thief's nerves. "Do you mind dear and turn that blasted camera off or perhaps it will be you that is thrown into the scarbs next."

Gimel watches as the scarabs start to leave as he puts the bomb away as he slowly moves towards the tower saying, "Hmm, so those scarabs eat metal. Interesting, but at the moment not very usefull."

Terra misses Stealth Nekojin with his Scarab Swarm attack.

Quint does nothing but watch as the golden insects circle around him; he keeps his eyes to his front at all times, refusing to move a single joint, to make the slightest noise. As they pass him, however, he begins to increase his speed to a slow, slow, oh-so-slow jog, though acting no less cautiously, as he resumes his journey to his current goal: the tower.

If any of the Scarabs are unfortunate enough to strike Dr. Doppler's energy field, they'll have the life sucked right out of them, and the energy thrown into the doctor's own power grid. Chances are they'll simply avoid it.

Knight Man is now GLAD he kept his distance. But still, he has yet to decide what to do. As the Scarabs zoom past him he actually walks up to Blaze "I'd worry not about thine friend, if the pattern of previous pendant challenges remaineth true, she may be restored come the end of this. For now though Repliforcer thou must maketh a choice, art thou going to let someone like Vile or Dopplar geteth the pendent? I'd suggesteth moving onward for now, no matter how cold it may seem, it may be the best for everyone..." ANd witout waiting for a reply, he then runs out towards the tower himself.

Gravity Man slowly rises after the insurgence, and just stares at the tower.

Byakko, quite frankly, will now be having flashbacks of the Eleventh Hour Cancer Spider Epidemic, thank-you-very-much. She resumes walking. But does so on tip-toes. In case another Scarab swarm comes her way. She wants to be ready to hop to one leg again.

Afterburner Accipiter stands up from his guarding position and makes his way slowly over to his commander, still a bit twitchy about what just happened and if it will happen again. Easing as he makes his way to within a few feet of Ten, he realxes his wings and says, "Shall we go retrieve Messenger Commander? Do you think there is anymore risk?"

Alloy grimaces as the scarabs pass over, around, and not surprisingly, through his gravitic shield. Tensing himself for the attack, he doesn't open his eyes until the bugs have all passed, but when he opens his eyes...he's untouched. "What?" he says in confusion. Turning back, he sees little sign of Ether. A icy grip settles around his heart once again, and he hopes that she'll 'get better', as just about everyone seems to after the search runs it's course.

Stealth Nekojin gives a sigh of relief as the swarm skims past him, and continues on his way at full speed towards the tower.

Blaze Dalmatian sighs a little, "If you can...Find anything left of her, yes.." She says, shivering slightly. If she didn't have her helmet on Afterburner would see that she's crying, because she just failed a friend of her's..

The last gold Scarab scampers along the rocks in front of Guts Man, making a strange chattering noise, before lunging for the Robot Master's face.

Job heads on forward at a quick pace not wanting to let any of the masters or Mavericks who shuirved the swarm get the pendant. All he really cares about is keeping those pendants out of evil hands and hopefully his.

Storm Eagle resumes walking forward, nodding toward Firestorm, "One of the mavericks must aquire this..." he says, his voice quite dire. The power of the Destroyer is not something we can let anyone else have..." he continues as they go. "Keep your wits about you, but i'm sure you know that already."

Terra misses Guts Man with his Scarab Swarm attack.

Lifesaver glances around at the swarm, "...Do it now." As he speaks, another Saver appears ready to be the first to go up...

Ten almost screams as she sees Messanger Marou get torn apart. oO(Nooo!)Oo. She is about to charge the insects, hoping to avenge her friend, but she stops just in time. .oO(She'll come back to life when this is over. For now, I have to concentrate on surviving!)Oo. Ten forces herself to do just that. She looks quickly toward Afterburner Accipiter, and answers her. "I'm afraid Messenger Marou has failed this test. All we can do now is try to pass it. Don't worry, she'll come back to life. It's a patetrn the tests have always followed. Anyway, let's go!" Ten flies toward the tower.

Medieval Fox takes a deep breath before beginning to move slowly towards the gorgeous tower.

Blast Hornet buzzes along, flying towards the tower. A small swarm of her own drones fly around her body, and she goes towards the tower as fast as she can. "I will succeed!"

Sewa follows after Sonic, keeping an eye out in case she has to move in to get devoured by giant spider things instead of Sonic. She doesn't, and yet does, want Sonic to get this one.

Lifesaver's image briefly glows before two Lifesaver(s) appears.
Cappella nods once more at Lifesaver as she begins to spin the grapple around several times before releasing it.

And Byakko would stop and laugh at the scarab going for Guts Man's face. But doesn't. Because she's being a (Snortsnicker) good fox today. She continues onward towards the tower slowly, doing so in some form of proud measure. Proud only because.. She didn't get eaten. And neither did her clothes! hah!!

Blaze Dalmatian blinks a little, as the words of Knight Man register with her finally, "Ye-yeah.." She says, as she starts to move towards the tower now. She'll get this thing. And she'll destroy it. No one is getting the powers of Sunstar if she can help it..

Guts Man grabs the damn bug as it comes flying right for him. "Oh no you don't!" He squeezes ever so slightly, shaking his head, "Now you listen to me here bug! I ain't gonna die after kicking the butt of a purple smurf! And I ain't definately going to die at the likes of a little critter like you!" He keeps shaking his hand trying to disorient the thing before putting it in a small container. This could prove useful in the future, like playing pranks on Quint and watch him get eaten alive.

Firestorm Phoenix nods, "These fickle powers do not tolerate those who rush, we must be careful and precise in our actions, lest we lose." He continues to move forward at a careful pace, growing ever closer to the tower.

As all the scarabs disappear, including the one which Guts Man used... Well, his guts to evade, Vile begins to move on. This time embroiled with cautioun... But not so much to slow him down, as he moves on, beginning to stand upright with auto-heal beginning to restore basic functionality. He wouldn't want to engage in a battle.

Afterburner Accipiter nodding to his commander in some agreement, he looks at the body and parts of Messenger Marou and tries to remember this is all a game. Shaking his head and closing his optics, he turns to look at Blaze Dalmatian with sympathetic eyes and then turns his attention back to the aerial commander. Turning on his rockets, the room echos with the blast of powerful engines as he propels himself into the sky, following Ten at some distance.

Quint is doing nothing of note. Just jogging. Forward. As in, toward the tower. Yeah, that's right.

Gimel's optics shift back to the door for a few seconds before he continues towards the tower, a smirk crossing his face as he focuses on the structure

Dr. Doppler continues towards the tower with all the others, trying to catch up with Sewa in particular.

Knight Man is still running toward the tower. He's still not sure what he'd do should he be faced with the choice of taking the pendent, it's a decision he'll have to make when and if he's forced to make it. Though for now, he should focus on his main goal, to keep the pendent out of the wrong hands...

Storm Eagle nods, "I've noticed that similarity in the trials Firestorm when I had asked about them," he tells the Phoenix. "Though this one may be difficult, it's the Destroyer of worlds we are dealing with,". The Eagle continues in rapid strides toward the tower.

Plum moves on behind the group, very hesitantly. "Okay, folks, as you can see, I don't know what to expect in here anymore, but I'll stay with you for as long as possible, if I don't get torn apart first..."

The Scarab eats right through the container, and starts to run up Guts Man's arm for his face again. These things eat through metal like its tofu, a container is even easier. As for those flying towards the tower, for the moment there seems to be no entrances, and the Red Sun just gleams down at you silently.

Terra misses Guts Man with his Scarab Swarm attack.

Morph Moth follows after Blast, somewhat being outdistanced by the much more enthusiastic Hornet. And also because that earlier shot from Gravity Man did do quite a bit of damage. He shakes his head, still trying to get rid of the feeling of the scarabs crawling over his body.
Job speeds along the ground heading for the massive tower and the giant red sun before it.

Gravity Man exhales in relief as Guts manages to catch the bug, then tuns back to regard the tower. "So what now, bro? Do we hang back or make for the tower?" He looks back to see the bug not disposed of yet, and Guts dodges AGAIN? "Whoa. You, Guts, are my new hero!"

Quint only quickens his run as the Red Sun begins to sparkle in his eye...

Medieval Fox comes to a halt at one of the empty spaces near the base of the pillar. "Gorgeous," she murmurs. "But still dangerous. Yet as dangerous as one of those more inclined to evil having it?"

Stealth Nekojin starts spiralling around the tower, going up and down it looking for an entrance or even anything that seems out of place, checking even the gigantic red sphere and it's glowing pointy things for some clue as to what to do next.

Byakko continues walking. She remembers what happened to everyone ELSE To ran ahead and sped for the blasted thing. In patience, a virtue she prides herself in, things will more often come out in your favor. She simply approaches at a normal speed, examining the tower, and the sun stone atop it in thought.

Lifesaver #2 awaits for the Grappling Hook of Cappella's to be secured, before he starts climbing...

Knight Man walks up to examine the base of the tower. Curiouser and curiouser. He runs his hands along the surface to see if he can spot anything that stands out.

Guts Man acks as the bug tries to eat him again, ok no more mister nice guy. He catches the bug yet again, shaking it in his mighty grasp, "WHY WON'T YOU LISTEN TO ME?!?!? RAAAAAAAARGH!!!" He throws the bug into the crowd of people, "Eat them! This I command!!!"

Blaze Dalmatian isn't going fast, but she's still moving. She looks at the tower, taking in the details of it. Thinking about how she should do this. How can she get inside..

Firestorm Phoenix follows after Storm, keeping a wary eye out for any trouble, "This does not feel good."

Afterburner Accipiter turns off his engines after gaining enough speed and resorts to simply flapping his wings to slow his approach towards the tower, still a significant distance away. He yells ahead to Ten, "What do you make of this Commander? I don't see anywhere us two can head except circle that tower, no?"

Alloy watches the others heading forwards towards the tower with trepidation. On the one hand, there's scarabs here quite intent and capable of destroying even reploids. On the other, if a Maverick or Master gains the pendnt, the world's in for a pretty rough time. Come to think of it, it might be if one of the good guys gains the pendant as well. What a choice. Gathering his courage, Alloy starts floating forward towards the tower, accelerating as he goes to try and pass the Scarabs before they notice and/or go after him.

Gravity Man makes sure to hang back, apprehensive after all these scarab attacks, letting the OTHERS serve as the vanguard. Somebody's got to stay back, after all.

Blast Hornet buzzes along, and finds something unexpected. "Well, the tower doesn't seem to have any doors?" She asks aloud, and begins to circle the tower, looking for a way in. She's quite glad she evaded the scarabs, but expects much worse lurks inside the tower. Her drones fly around her protectivly, and will sacrafice themselves to save thier queen.

Gimel smirks as he reaches the base of the tower, optics shifting towards the sun for a few seconds before starts to search for a way in

Storm Eagle shakes his head, "No, it does not. I think we are in for more then simply scarabs. Hmm, can you recall anything out of egyptian myth that dealed with scarabs and other things?"

Ten keeps flying toward the tower, staying on her guard, and intent on protecting the new aerial recruit whom she only just met and only recognized because of a new personel report. Ten takes jus a moment to glance back at Afterburner Accipiter, then looks forward and keeps flying, while speaking. "Soudns like as good a plan as any to me. Stay near me in case we run into trouble, and keep your optics wide open."

Terra strikes Gravity Man with his Scarab Swarm attack.
Gravity Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Cappella lets Lifesaver to go first and goes on after him. Let him get his if something will happen. If she really has to she will use her climbing claws once more to escape from stuff.

As Guts Man hurls the Scarab, it flutters in the air with its incredibly fast wings, and turns directly around, lunging for Gravity Man's face.

Morph Moth takes out a medical scanner and scans Gravity Man.

Blaze Dalmatian keeps on moving, before waving to the other 'Forcers, "Hey guys!" She calls out, "Think I could get a lift if you move into the tower?"

Knight Man begins to circle the tower, and he eventually finds nothing. Pausing at one part he forms his hand into his mace, first lightly taps at once spot, then with all his might, tries to punch a hole in the wall. Knock Knock.

Morph Moth takes out a medical scanner and scans Skimmer Bee.

Afterburner Accipiter slips in behind Ten, accompanying her as a wingman would, staying a few feet behind and below her as the begin to make their patrol around the outside of the tower. His eyes are peeled on the structure of the building itself, looking for any weakspots or openings, but occassionally checks around for the presence of Blaze Dalmatian or other reploids on the quest for the pendant.

As for the Tower, shortly after Guts Man's Scarab fills itself on Gravity Man, a pair of doorways open at the base of Tower. And for Knight Man's punch? The walls are made of sterner stuff.

Blaze Dalmatian blinks at the doorways, "Oh." She says, "Nevermind!" She waves again, as she heads for the doors. Now, what trap could there be on these ones? Hmm...She moves up close to them, carefully..

Stealth Nekojin drops like a stone, increasing his own gravity to get down even quicker, then stopping lightly in front of the pair of doors, inspecting them cautiously.

Vile limps forward, being increasingly cautious. He can walk upright, now, without the aid of the shield... But his injuries show. With that, he continues onward, careful as can be... But ambitious of the power that waited. He had to be watchful, however, of traps...

Storm Eagle grins a bit, "Wait and the answer comes.." he says pointing towards the doors, "Come Firestorm.." he says heading forward though carefully, peering in with those eagle eyes.

Byakko just continues walking towards the tower.. And as the door opens at it's base? She immediately begins to head for that, still walking. After seeing a bunch of SCARABS eat people ALIVE, you think she's goign to risk her hide by running? NYeah! right! And if you believe that, there's some shore front property in Arizona she'd like to see you...

Blast Hornet finds a door that opens directly in front of her, and peers inside. "Hrm, might want to take safer measures." She says, and mentally flies one of her drones inside the door, to see if it gets incinerated or something.

Guts Man facepalms as his bug eats Gravity Man, "No not him!!!" But it at least ate someone, thus demonstrating Guts Man superior leader abilities. That's why he's Commander of Alpha! He then moves on while the bug feasts, trying to catch up with the others.

Firestorm Phoenix eyes the tower opens up, "Well, it seems we are invited Storm, lets not keep our host waiting." He then heads for the doors.

Lifesaver #1 climbs up after Cappella, even as Saver #2 observers the tower as he goes up... if something does go wrong... he would be able to warn Cappella... assuming his clone doesn;t get him kill first...
Lawn Gnome has left.

Quint. o O ( I need more speed! I MUST obtain this celestial token! ) Glancing toward the weapon which bounds beside him, Sakugarne, a devious yet logical notion finds its way into Quint's brain. With a sneer to all those behind him, Quint leaps to his right, landing square on his prized scarlet pogo. "Sakugarne:" he commands, pointing toward the opening door at the base of the tower. "FASTER!"

And it does. Sakugarne's speed slowly begins to increase, not stopping for slowing for one second...

Medieval Fox's eyebrows raise at the sudden appearance of the door. "How convenient," she says sarcastically as she steps towards it with her quarterstaff at the ready.

Afterburner Accipiter hears the opening of the doors, not too far from the base as the circle the upper portion of the tower and begins to circle around the piece of architecture, losing altitude so that his commander can follow him down. Landing a the foot of the tower after about half a minute of circling, he waits for Ten to land as well before he enters to ominous looking building.

Anything that passes through the doorways finds nothing to happen, and in fact within all that is to be found is a long, winding stairwell that leads to towards the top.

Plum looks around. "Okay, the beetles seem to be gone, folks, but there're now doors in this freaky-weird tower. I'm gonna move in closer to get a better view, if I can stay away from everyone's favorite Maverick General.

Sewa frowns slightly. "Next ones'll likely get rid of most.", still following, of course.

Stealth Nekojin shrugs, heading in and flying up the center of the stairwell. He's not one for walking if he can go another way.
Job looks about as people are being consumed by the swarm. oO(I could be next.) Job speeds up to his max heading for the doors to the tower. oO(Here I go.)

Blaze Dalmatian heads in through the door, then, since she can't find any traps on it. She just starts hoofing it up the stairs, going as fast as she can to get up them.

Storm Eagle enters the Tower Roof.
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Stealth Nekojin enters the Tower Roof.
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Terra enters the Tower Roof.
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Blaze Dalmatian enters the Tower Roof.
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Gimel is silent as he opens one of the doors and heads inside, optics narrowing as he starts to run up the stairwell

Dr. Doppler doesn't care about any damn fool traps, or at least doesn't seem to at the moment. He goes marching right on into the tower, labcoat flapping behind him. "Come, my Mavericks!" he shouts, "for Phenominal Cosmic Power or some such similar rubbish! Damn you, Stardroids! Damn you all to hell!!!"

Firestorm Phoenix hmms and begins the climb

Vile looks up again. He could fly up... But... why risk the fates? If the stairs collapsed on him, he could simply choose to fly -then-. With the burning knowledge of anticipation, he headsonwards.

Gimel enters the Tower Roof.
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Vile enters the Tower Roof.
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You enter the Tower Roof.
Tower Roof

The roof of the Tower is reached by a long, winding, stone stairway within the Tower below. It is roughly a quarter mile in diameter, and looms over the massive cave in the rockface below. All along its rim, like a castle of ancient yore loom Gargoyles, except these are distinctly manlike in their gaping stone appearances. In addition, they are craft from the same golden rock that the tower and cave seems to have risen from. There are someodd fifty of them situated on the rim of the tower, each with spears or blades held outward towards the cave walls as if to ward of attackers. However, even more peculiar to the whole tower roof than the gargoyles is the pile of random everyday tools that litter its floor. There are shovels, gardening hoes, chopping axes, rakes, and hammers all over the tower. And in the center of the tower, on a ten foot pillar, is a hovering 2 by 2 foot globe of the planet Earth. The only differences in this globe from a standard one found in classrooms across the world is that the land masses, rather than green, are black, and the oceans are red -- in addition, running like a tear in the globe across africa and to the poles is a rift, and very tiny bursts of flame seem to play along the rim of the cut, as if the Earth was ripping in half slowly.

Vile [Vile] [M]
Gimel [Armor] [C]
Blaze Dalmatian [Firefighter] [RF]
Terra [SD]
[Stealthed] Stealth Nekojin [On-duty] [MH]
Storm Eagle [M]

Obvious exits:
Down <D> leads to Nova Tower.

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Quint arrives from the Nova Tower.
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Get on your knees, simpletons! Quint is here!
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Plum arrives from the Nova Tower.
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Blaze Dalmatian moves along as she gets up the stairs. Good thing she's a Reploid, and an in shape Reploid. She looks around at the vast roof, and then blinks at what she spots in the middle. It's a good distance away, but still...She starts to move towards the middle of the rooftop.

Stealth Nekojin hovers over towards the globe, curiously snagging a random tool on his way past as he moves along. "Curiouser and curiouser...", he mumbles to himself, still maintaining the stealth since it seems to be keeping him alive so far. The crossed kittyfingers will hopefully keep it doing so.

Blast Hornet looks around, and shrinks back from the gargoyles, hoping they don't attack. And she sees the globe in the center, like a blood red eye glaring menacingly towards her. She takes a few careful steps in the direction of the dark, evil globe, and flies a drone up ahead to get a better look.

Storm Eagle arrives atop this roof, his eyes lock onto this... rather sinister version of the planet earth before him. The tear catches his eyes quickly. "...Hmm..." he glances about at the things scattered about before peering toward the globe again.

Medieval Fox glances around the rooftop, her gaze skimming the human gargoyles, the tools, and finally the blood-red globe. "Someone needs to have some decorating help," she comments as she steps closer to the abandoned tools. "But what are these from?"

Job speeds up the stairs with those who surived the swarm's onslaught.
Ten hurries up the tower, calling out to Afterburner Accipiter to stay near her, and trying to catch up to Blaze Dalmatian.

Guts Man slowly limps up the stairway. He's like a terminator, he won't stop until he reaches his goal or ends up dead.

Byakko keeps making her way up the stairs of the tower, stepping out onto the roof. The first thing she notices is the giant pile of ordinary, every day tools. The second.. Is the Gargoyles. And she doesn't trust Gargoyles. She's suddenly reminded of that cartoon show... And eyes the sun stone warily, as if she's.. Not sure she.. trusts.. the darned thing.

Vile emerges onto the roof, looking towards the terrifying globe... Ha! That was appealing... Secondly, Vile looks to the Gargoyles positioned around the roof. He could GUESS what they would do shortly. How predictable. Standing slowly, the General continues onwards slowly, not wanting to upset these gargoyles.

Afterburner Accipiter uses his wings instead of his legs to carry him up the stairwell, one of the last to enter the tower, but keeping close to his compatriots. He calls out to Ten, "Right behind you Commander... Stay alert!"

Lifesaver reasorbs #2 and *EYES* the Gargoyles. "...If these things come alive, I'm going to eat Sonic's Cookies..." //Even thought they may kill me.// He glances at the tools and frowns. //I don't think we're the first here...// He shakes his head, and cautiously approaches...

Gimel looks around silently as he studies one of the gargoyles before saying, "Interesting sculpture, maybe this riddle is like the one in the graveyard.", he then looks to the others nearby but says nothing else

Lifesaver's image briefly glows before one Lifesaver(s) appears.

Firestorm Phoenix looks about, "I would say we have a puzzle on our hands. We'll have to solve it, and quickly."

Knight Man arrives on the roof, from climbing up the side! Dar! Well not really, he gave up his fruitless climbing effort when the doors opened. He arrives a bit behind everyone else and looks around. After examining the scenery, one word crosses his mind "...whafork?" He blinks at the globe, and the gardening tools... what on earth could they mean...

Cappella eyes the Gargoyles carefully before remaining calm and thoughtful. "So this is about the time that those things come to life."
The speed of Sakugarne's bounding slows dramatically as the pair make it to the roof. Quint's eyes begin to wander, locking onto the sight of the humanoid gargroyles for almost half a minute. After this, he dismounts Sakugarne, walking slowly to the...uh...forward.

Morph Moth arrives from the Nova Tower.
Morph Moth has arrived.

Sewa frowns as she enters the roof. "It can't be that simple.", she winces at something unseen and looks to Sonic. "I think this is it...Last one to solve. I guess.", she hangs back a bit. "...I can't do anything here, really."

Blast Hornet looks at all the tools laying around, and idly decides to pick up a hammer from the ground. She struggles to lift it, but maybe it'll come in handy. You just never know with these things. The slim waisted hornet femme steps closer to the globe, watching it. "The world is dark and ravaged, and the oceans are blood. Is that the world as Sunstar sees it? Or is that the world.. As Sunstar will MAKE it?"

As Gimel looks at the Gargoyle carefully, the golden glow of the Tower seems to fade as a shadow runs all the way up from below like a shockwave. But the darkness lasts only a second, with only the shimmering black and red burning globe offering any illumination. But when the shadow has passed, the Gargoyles face inward now, all fifty of them, and then they step forward... Even predictably, coming to life.

Stealth Nekojin nods as the gargoyles come to life, having expected it. Then shrugs and raises the trowel he snagged, attempting to press it into the rift on the globe experimentally.

Ten slows down, looks to Afterburner Accipiter and says, "Hmmm, looks like another puzzle. Be sure to... huh?" Ten's thought is cut short by the suddenly living gargoyles. "Get ready!"

Plum eeps! She doesn't approach, and sends Camera above the level of the people around to watch.

Vile stands completely still, the Vile Cannon lifting up, laboring to charge up as Vile's systems are diverted to keeping him alive and walking. Well. Did anyone expect otherwise?

Job looks at the devastated world and humms and then as the Gargoyles come to life. "Why did you have to say that out loud! Looks like the guard shift just came on duty!" Job watches them for signs of hostile actions.

Alloy floats up the stairwell, and out into the open rooftop of the tower. Keeping well out of the way of everyone else, he takes a few moments to observe the surroundings. A group of gargoyles, most likely prepared to attack at the least expected moment, a scattered collection of...gardening tools, ookayyy, and a 2 foot globe of the earth. Well, this looks like the final stretch. As the darkness washes upwards and over the rooftop, Alloy turns as he hears the gargoyles coming to life. He starts cursing sulphurously.

Guts Man is still climbing up the stairway, he's 3/4 of the way up now.
Blaze Dalmatian lets out a faint sigh, "Saw this one coming." She mutters a bit to herself, stopping her forward advancement. She knows one of these idiots will attack them, and then all hell will break loose.

Knight Man is about to spend his precious brain-circuits trying to figure this puzzle out, when the Gargoyles spring to life "Oh bother... can't we haveth one pendent riddle that won't involveth fighting?" He readies himself, but makes no hostile moves for now..."

Storm Eagle eventually stops peering at the faultline to regard the gargoyles. Lots of gargoyles. "Well, I actually expected that of the Destroyer," he says as some energy channels into his cannon. "Firestorm, ready yourself."

Byakko sweatdrops. She knew it! She knew it! She knew! She just KNEW! When it got dark, they'd all wake up. The Odd fox looks to all the Gargoyles oddly.. and then siddles up towards Blast. Who's got the hammer, y'kknow. She taps Blast on the shoulder, and points towards the Gargoyles: Start busting up some rock beasties! .. Then, thoughtfully, she approaches the pile of gardening tools.. and selects the simple hoe.

Lifesaver picks up a tool and looks it over, and hrms... before looking at the Gargoyles then looks at Sonic. "Remind me to have some of your cooking, later." he grumps. Then approaching the globe, Lifey nudges it a bit with the tool to see what could happen...

Cappella mutters quietly and gazes at Plum. "Umm, dear why don't you go up to one of those things and get a personal interview. I am sure your viewers will love for you to go one on one with a gargoyle."

One of the Gargoyles lunges forward with ferocious agility, coming straight for the guy attacking the Globe with a trowel. It swings a mighty spear, despite the stealthed nature of its target.

Afterburner Accipiter comes flying up the staircase and makes his way to the roof when suddenly his wing strikes one of the gardening hoes lying around, flipping it into the air and subsequently at him. Seeing the piece of hardware come flying at his torso, he quickly puts both hands in front of him and tries to catch the hoe by the neck near its blade. Grasping it, he eyes it for a moment, before becoming aware of the tremor and the subsequent change in the Gargoyles' appearances. Holding onto the hoe like he would a rake, he walks up behind his commander and says, "I'm ready to roll out of here if need be Commander - just give the word."

Terra misses Stealth Nekojin with his Stone Warrior attack.

Blast Hornet sees the gargoyles come to life, just as she feared. "Gargoyles, creatures of stone... Even you will not stop me, not when I am this close!" She says, and wields her mighty handyman's hammer, waiting for the stone beasts to strike towads her. Since she's pretty close to the globe.

Medieval Fox shakes her head, sending her long earring swinging as she prepares to defend herself. "Solar eclipse? Thanks, but I prefer functionality," she states as she swings down and grabs a rake. She might need something with an edge instead of her quarterstaff.

Stealth Nekojin eeps, flipping almost entirely in the air with his gravsystem, but maintaining his approach, trying to jam the trowel into the globe despite his suddenly reversed axis of motion.

Blaze Dalmatian looks around, and sees one of the Gargoyles go off and attack at...Nothing? "Odd.." She mutters. There has to be more to this than meets the eye.

Dr. Doppler finally arrives, again behind the others, in time to see the Gargoyles alive and menacing. He glances at the tools littered on the floor, but he takes one of them, perfectly well equipped with his own weaponry.

Gimel scowls as he draws his sword quickly blinking a few feet back before looking to the gargoyles then to the globe saying, "Interesting.", he looks to the others nearby saying, "I believe we all may have to work together on this one.", he then quickly resheathes his sword as he grabs one of the hammers

Plum continues to report from her relatively safe location. "Are you seeing this, folks? These statues are going mad!"

Quint's jaw drops in shock as he witnesses the structures become mobile. Without a second thought, be reboards Sakugarne, the gentle hum of the motor growing louder and louder as it prepares itself for yet another ordeal. Despite being prepared, Quint does nothing; he and Sakugarne simply remain still, except for Quint's bigness-challenged arm sliding toward the ground. The arm brings itself back to chest-level, a large rake clutched tightly in the hand.

Storm Eagle hrms, glancing down. "Well, may as well make use of what's provided." The eagle picks up one of the axes in his free hand since his other is gone, making way for the barrel of his cannon.

Byakko sweatdrops larger as the gargoyles start approaching people. Well! She looks to the globe, where the light appears to be coming from, thoughtfully. Globe. Gargoyles. Globe. Gargoyles. Well then. Without another word.. the fox suddenly charges for the Globe, and attempts to strike it along it's cracked edge with the blade of the hoe.

Afterburner Accipiter extends his wings quickly at the sight of the hostile Gargoyles and folds them halfway around his body, still leaving him an opening in front of him to work out of. Holding the hoe in front of him, he holds it parallel to the ground and puts his back up against Ten, not prepared to fight the creatures, but making sure he isn't harmed by someone's careless mistake in the process.

Knight Man glances at Gimel "Mayhap thou art right..." He walks over and picks up an Ax. Though he's not sure what to do with it, he glances at the globe, particularly at the rift in Africa...

Vile looks towards the gardening instruments, eyes narrowing a bit. Hmph... No doubt another stupid puzzle. A pointless one.

Firestorm Phoenix erms as the gargoyles come to life, "Well, this really doesn't look good." Picking up an axe as well, "What do you suppose the intent is here?"

Sewa just stays back and doesn't participate. Instead she tries to figure out what's supposed to be done.

Blaze Dalmatian grabs a shovel off the ground, not to attack, but only to defend herself if she needs to. She feels all alone, unable to find any of the other 'Forcers, and, needless to say, pretty scared..

Sonic's attack bounces harmlessly off the globe, as another Gargoyle rounds the corner to swing his Pike for her head. Meanwhile, about 15 of the Gargoyles head directly for Sewa, some of them hopping on astonishingly agile feet, and a unified voice rings from their stone mouths, "Begone, Jupiter, this is not your business."

Ten decides to pick up a shovel, since other people seem to be picking up tools. Ten stands battle ready, naginata in one hand, shovel in the other. She does her best to then reposition herself back-to-back with Afterburner Accipitor, while trying to see if Blaze Dalmatian is okay.
Terra strikes Sonic Banshee with his Stone Warrior attack.

Upon seeing what happens to Stealth, Lifey immediately drops the tool. //Okay. They attack if we attack the earth... or the copy of it. I wonder what happens if we try to 'heal' it.// Carefully watching the Gargoyles, Lifey points at the globe, intending to turn the scar into a scrab. Or at least try to.

Guts Man makes his way up to the last 1/4 of the stairway, reaching the others and the Gargoyles, "Ah crap! This is just great. First the purple smurf, then a bug that tried to eat me twice, now there's these statue things! Oh this is just great!" And he notices people with tools in their hands and lots of tools on the ground. "What the hell is with all the tools anyways? Bunch of tools needing to use tools to defend themselves!" He jogs towards the others but doesn't pick up a tool just yet. He's about the same height as the ten foot tall pillar, maybe if he just tries to grab that globe off of it? Eh it's worth a shot. Maybe it's better to not kill in this instance?

Sewa nods slowly and turns around, walking away to wait outside. She's not about to go against the will of this 'quest' so soon.

Is it so much that they attack when you attack the globe, or that they feel that is the most important thing, is unclear. As the other Gargoyles not chasing Sewa begin to intertangle with the others on the Rooftop, one in particular lunges a nasty swing towards Lifesaver.

Terra misses Lifesaver with his Stone Warrior attack.

Stealth Nekojin 's brain clicks over... "Destroyer... Sunstar... sun..." He prays he's right on this, taking a tighter grasp on the trowel and HAULING on it, trying to snap the globe in half using the trowel embedded in the rift as a lever.

Dr. Doppler dashes in front of Sewa, that is, between her and the advancing gargoyles, his forcefield still shimmering around him, hands held out to either side. "You'll not touch her," he growls, glancing back, and then staring at the Gargoyles. He retains that position as she makes her way out, checking to see they don't follow her.

Blaze Dalmatian shakes her head a bit, and puts the shovel back down. No, that won't work. She sighs a bit, and looks up towards the globe, "Come on, how do I do this.." She taps her head, "Think think think.."

Blast Hornet watches as Byakko goes after the globe with her hoe, and decides that perhaps one must strike the globe with the proper tool, almost like a key for a lock. Blast Hornet thinks for a moment, and grudgingly lowers her swarming shield drones. Blast struggls to raise her hammer above her head, and aims fro the globe. "With this mighty hammer I will smite the world! I will crack it asunder, as Sunstar wanted! I will break the world and remake it!" She says, and lets the mighty, though humble, hammer drop.

Blast Hornet's wasp drone stop thier protective orbit.

In a panic, between the gargoyles and the entire journey in general, Quint's head begins to look about the environs swiftly - his eye does, however, pay very close attention to the globe; primarily, South Africa. . o O ( What would happen if I tore at the hole with this rake? ) Bouncing toward the centre pillar of the roof, Quint spins the rake between his fingers, the bladed end at the top...his eyes remain only on the rift...

Cappella taps her foot lightly in thought and tries to think over everything carefully. Yet the puzzle confuses the thief.

Quint is going in for a slash, naturally.

Medieval Fox turns to watch the other fox's motions bring about a pike to her head. "Well, that's a pleasant greeting, isn't it?" the vulpine reploid comments as she keeps her back to the others on the roof.

Knight Man continues to graps the axe, pondering things. He raises an eyebrow as the statues react to Sewa oO(I wondereth if they can detecteth what Tron did to me...) He shakes his head again, now's not the time to worry about this. He looks back at the globe, Sunstar apparently wanted to destroy the world... and looking at the globe it seems to be nearly done. He eyes the crack in Africa in particular... well it's sink or swim time. Knight still isn't sure he wants the power or not, though he probably doesn't. Nevertheless it's either him or someone worse. Grasping the axe he charges at the globe and swings at it, right at the crack that's already in place in Africa.

*WHAM!* "DO SOMETHING!" Snaps Byakko at the Hoe, as she continues trying to crack a hole into the earth. Suddenly-- Noise, behind her. She whirls-- "AAYEEEIK!" -- And dodges in time to simply get impaed right theough her chest by the lancet of a pike. And now Byakko REALLY Has some things to say, as she rips her helmet off, displaying to the world a very PISSY Sidhe, who screeches out, as she attempts to snap the end off the pike while it's still burried in her, "G';DEMNIT!! That bloody well hurt!!" .... Yet she still lives. .. Then, dodging away from the beast, She, too, takes ANOTHER, Swing for the Globe with her gardening tool.

The Gargoyles stop as Sewa turns to leave, pausing for a moment with rigid bodies, spears in hand. Then they turn to the nearest person, Doppler, swarming. As for attacking the globe with the hammer and rakes, the blows merely bounce off the hovering Globe harmlessly.

Terra misses Dr. Doppler with his Stone Warrior attack.

Plum continues to watch the carnage. "This would be unbelievable folks, if it weren't actually happening. Words can't express what's going on... you can see for yourself. It's not pretty."

Gimel scowls as he watches the others attempts with the globe before focusing on the gargoyles ready to attempt to smash the stone creatures apart if they come close ..oO(Destroying the globe may be close, but first to get rid of the guards.)

Job drops his hammer for an axe and helts it heading for the globe himseld. "I will do just a Sunstar would SUNDER THE WORLD IN TWO!" Job with his new axe in hand heads towards the globe and watches KnightMan take another swing,

Seeing that the Gargoyles don't intend to follow Sewa, Dr. Doppler decides it might be a good idea to avoid having his own skull bashed in, so forcefield or no forcefield, he dives out of the way of their assault.

Ten decides to try talking to the gargoyles, strange as it may sound. She stays ready for anything, but she also tries to speak to the nearest one in a calm voice. "Why are you protecting the globe? Is it important? I'm sorry if we've caused you harm. We didn't mean to. I'll help put right what is wrong if you will allow me to."

The same Gargoyle that missed Stealth earlier rebounds on his as he continues to stab the globe, slashing again with his pike.

Floating backwards warily as the gargoyles close in, Alloy's foot brushes against an axe laying on the tower roof. Looking down, he hesitates for a moment before picking it up. .oO(Sunstar was a fighter, and this looks like the most aggresive weapon here.) Noticing the others actions and the result, he pauses before attacking the globe itself. If this fails, he'll most likely get a good beating from the gargoyles. But there doesn't seem to be any other choice. Dashing towards the globe, he shifts around until he sees the rift, tiny flames licking out of it. "Sunstar wanted to destroy the world..." he murmurs. "Do we have to destroy this one?" he asks of the air, before raising the axe over his shoulder and swinging it as hard as he can directly into the rift.

Terra misses Stealth Nekojin with his Stone Warrior attack.

Firestorm Phoenix hmms as nothing seems to work. He then looks down at his axe and ponders, "Attacking the globe is not the answer, so what is?"

Quint unleashes a vile growl as he witnesses the globe swat away his weapon, as a human child does flies. "Impossible! Thrown away like an old sock!" Angrily tossing his rake to the floor, another intriguing notion reaches Quint's mind; what if he were to attempt to slide his hand into the rift? Remaining still in thought, Quint, for now, ignores the gargoyles entirely...

Vile pauses, considering as he moves forward, unsure of a course of action. Appeasing these gods... What a painful affair. But Sunstar's prize was too valuable to throw to the dogs, he felt. No, this one one... is more desirable than those of the others. Pausing, Vile stares at the Globe, cocking his head. "These games... Tools." He would not be minion to this -things- whims much longer. Lifting up an axe, Vile slowly approaches the globe, cocking his head. "What value is it to tear asunder a toy globe... I intend to use the tools I will find -here- on a -true- scale." With that, he dangles the axe at his side, optic flaring with renowed power. "Toys! Come... We can establish something -worthy-." He says this to the globe; His target? The Earth itself. Enough of this garbage. Sunstar, one for games? He had thought the herald of destruction to be more serious-minded than that. He cared little about this POWER if he would be reduced to playing games.

Blast Hornet finds her hammer is completly innefective on the globe. "Well, so much for being dramatic!" Blast Hornet says and lets the hammer drop with a thud. "No... Not with tools..." Blast says, and gets a bit of an idea. "I'll tear it apart wih my bare hands!" Blast says, even though she only has one hand, really. She thrusts her fingers into the gap along with the edge of her launcher, and tries to pull the rift wider with her own limbs.

Stealth Nekojin frowns as nothing happens, then sighs and says to himself, "If this doesn't work, I'm going to hurt." He holds onto the trowel in one hand, pulling it back, and presses his other hand forward, attempting to put it into the rift.

Storm Eagle hrms a bit, deciding attacking the globe just isn't going to work right now. Instead the eagle decides to do something else. Peering across the rooftop he spies one of the gargoyles. The Eagle tosses his axe into the air just so he can catch it in a different position. Once in his hand comfortably Storm flings it hard at one of the gargoyles a distance off. With luck, they'd not know who had thrown it.

Medieval Fox shifts the grip she has on the rake, dropping into a slight defensive mode as she continues to watch the stone gargoyles.

Blaze Dalmatian takes off her helmet, and tucks it away. She doesn't need it here, "Come on Blaze, think." She mutters, "You're smarter than these puzzles. Think.." She wracks her brain, trying to ponder this. She gets up and moves forward towards the globe still, watching for anything that would wish to harm her/

Medieval Fox puts her guard up.

Lifesaver eeps and back steps quickly getting out of the Gargoyles' way. //Okay. Healing and Attacking are the same thing. The tools are the key. But what purpose do they serve?// He picks a rake and eyes it carefully. "Maybe healing it... Or trying to blow it all up in one blow... or..." He eyes the scar... "...In one direction..."

Kyuubi-Sonic Grinds her teeth as she strikes the Globe again, and nothing happens. She scowls at the stupid ruddy globe! Stupid ruddy globe! And stamps her foot as a nice puddle of mechafluid begins gathering at her feet. .. Something Firestorm says catches her ears, though.. And looking at the globe.. She hmms.. And approaches it, suddenly drawing from her pocket the standard Jury-Rig kit she tends to bring with her. She pops out a scanner.. and then checks the globe over thoughtfully, as she ponders. Maybe she has to heal this bugger...

Guts Man hmmmms as he stares at the tools, maybe the riddle isn't to destroy the globe which seems to be what everyone is doing. What are tools used for? To build... Guts Man grabs a shovel. "I'll make my own orb!" He starts to dig away at the floor, throwing what he digs up at the orb.

Afterburner Accipiter watches Ten's back and sides as she tries to converse with the stone creatures - making sure no one comes up behind her to try and catch her off guard. He starts to spin the hoe around in a circle much like a skilled master would with a bo, but whacks himself in the head after about its third spin and shakes his head, deciding not to do that anymore. His attention reverts back to the situation at hand.
The red of the globe increases twofold, like a furnace, at Vile.

Cappella moves slowly back and forth, falling in deep thought. "Well if we cannot heal the map nor hurt it then what exactly is left..."

And Storm Eagle's axe lands in one of the Gargoyles backside soundly, and the Gargoyle crumbles into dust.

Morph Moth shakes his head and muses for a moment as the attacks have no affect. Sunstar was a stardroid, an immensely powerful one with the ability to destroy the world, but what was the reason that the stardroids came to earth? To destroy it? That didn't seem right somehow.
Furthermore, one of the other Gargoyle Men interdicts Blaze's path, and thoughts, with the swipe of a pike.

Storm Eagle hehs, "..Excellent.." he says before reaching down, taking up another of the weapons. As with the Axe, he throws it at yet another Gargoyle.

Terra misses Blaze Dalmatian with his Stone Warrior attack.

Blaze Dalmatian happens to catch sight of Storm Eagle smashing the Gargoyle with the axe. This gives her an idea. But then the other Gargoyle shows up, and takes a swipe at her. Falling backwards, she's missed, and then grabs the nearest item, a shovel, and hurls it at the gargoyle's head.

Gimel watches as one of the Gargoyles crumble before quickly moving to one nearby as he attempts to slam the hammer into one of the guards

Medieval Fox gives a toothy smile as she hears a stone gargoyle crumble to dust. "So, you don't like these weapons, do you? These are tools... tools that can help or harm the earth. And what is stone, if not part of the earth?" she says as she swings the forked end of her rake at the nearest statue.

"Sakugarne:" Quint commands his weapon, his optics focusing on the tear in the globe. "Bounce!" With a series of jumps, the peak of Sakugarne's altitude begins to slowly rise, the rider releasing the handles from his grasp. When high enough, Quint's arms reach forward, in an attempt to grab the globe, and rip it like a ball of paper.

Quint's hands find the globe to not be hot or otherwise unordinary as they clasp onto it. At least for the moment, before a blast of flame extends outward from it knocking everyone around it backwards. Including Stealth as he moves to touch the rift, inches away from it. The Gargoyles move in with that same ferocity that they came to life, pikes swinging, cleaving, and aiming to rend people into pieces.

Plum has disconnected.

Sonic is still scanning this thing when she notices the globe suddenly glowing. She blinks. And then looks about for something everyone else could have been doing that she wasn't. Hmm. Vile's throwing weapons.. Off the tower? Or at the ground.. She looks to the hoe she had in her arm again.. And then to the globe. She lifts the arm holding the hoe up, approaches a nearby ledge.. and drops the hoe off the side of the bilding, testing.

Blast Hornet stops, and looks at Vile. "Vile, sir? I think you made it angry." She says, and goes over closer to the short purple guy, who holds evilness above his stature. Blast Hornet pick up the hammer she put down, and flies to the edge of the roof. She twirls like a ballarina, and hucks the hammer off the edge, towards the ground far below. Maybe the dropping hammer will crack the ground far below, since they're standing at the same place the rupture exists on the globe.

Terra strikes you with his Stone Warrior for 26 units of damage.
You take less damage due to your Blunt resistances.
Vile remains clear of Terra's Stone Warrior.
Terra misses Quint with his Stone Warrior attack.
Terra strikes Job with his Stone Warrior attack.
Job falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.
Terra strikes Lifesaver with his Stone Warrior attack.
Terra strikes Sonic Banshee with his Stone Warrior attack.
Sonic Banshee falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Knight Man ponders Vile's words "Indeedeth Sunstar was not one for games, I believeth." Still, he knows not what to make of all this. He ponders the meaning of the Gargoyles... what Sunstar wanted was to destroy, or judge the world, and what the gargoyles are doing is attacking us who are trying to do the same to the model. Perhaps the Gargoyles represent us in our struggle to defeat them? He'd ponder this more but then a Gargoyle comes out of nowhere and strikes him on his side. Though with his thick armor and brute strength he withstands it, mostly. "Mayhap we have to defeateth all these Gargoyles.. do what Sunstar failed to do by defeating Earth's protecters?"

Storm Eagle hehs, "..Excellent.." he says before reaching down, taking up another of the weapons. As with the Axe, he throws it at yet another Gargoyle. (re just in case)

Vile pays little heed to Blast Hornet beside him as he ducks beneath a Gargoyle, lunges back and striking it with the axe. "COME ON! Don't you have more than your little TOYS to throw at me?!" As the oceans grow with red, the General's one eye glows brighter and brighter. "Yes........" Sunstar had something to offer him... And he, to Sunstar. He wasn't going to play out some scripted game. He was -no- puppet. "That's right... I know what you want. Only I can achieve this for you... The rest are weak. Together -we- will consume the planet in flames. I will bring chaos... And you shall bring destruction." Speaking more than he usually does, Vile's optic flares up violently with the pure rage boiling within. Is this even POSSIBLE? That a sociopath like him could achieve this?

Guts Man notices the globe glowing brightly as Vile speaks. He stops to dig away at the ground to build his own orb. "Wait!" He shouts to the orb, "I Guts Man the great and powerful ask for your powers! I will crush all those that cross my path and destroy those that would oppose me." Maybe the only way to win this riddle is to infuriate the globe with hate and destruction. Guts Man is good at destruction. The hate part he's still working on. "Unlike the others that need tools all I need are my fists! Don't listen to the purple smurf. Listen to me, the biggest, baddest, robot of them all!" He smiles, "And if you lend me your powers I will finish the job of destroying that insignificant little one over there." He points to Vile.

Job is hit by a walking load of bricks so close to his final goal. "OH Slag NOT AGAIN!!!!" CRUNCH! Job get flattened. Look Ma I'm road kill! The crushed Job lays there on the floor smoking an sputtering from the damange

Blaze Dalmatian stands up, and glares at everyone crowding around the globe, "What's the point of this?" She asks, "Come on! Sunstar would never make people try to run around in circles to do anything." She sighs, "He'd just come right at us and try to kill us."

Guts Man laughs, "And unlike Captain McShorty over here I don't need weapons or little ride armors to hurt people!"

Plum has connected.

Storm Eagle hehs, "Excellent! Firestorm, take a tool and attack these things!" That said, the eagle takes up a shovel and wields it much like a sword, "Have at you Destroyer!"

After those already there are thrown back, Dr. Doppler pauses a moment, and then nevertheless walks right up to the globe, gazing at it, like so many others have... But like the Maverick General, he does not attempt to destroy it. He merely turns to look at the others gathered, and glances at the tools on the floor and in various hands, before returning his eyes to the globe. "/This/," he growls, pointing a finger accusingly at the rift through Africa in the globe, "This is humanity. And these tools they use for their own selfish gains tore that rift in, that rift through Africa, their rechid birthplace. Destroy it, would you? Doubtless. But the Mavericks would not. We would rebuild it, mend this rift, and calm its red rage."

The axe bouncing off the globe seemingly without effect, Alloy grits his teeth slightly as it hums in his hand. Dashing away from his position before the gargoyles go after him, floats slightly up and away from the fiery replica of the earth. Having been looking at it when Vile spoke, Alloy saw the brightness of the fires increase. So the globe wants someone with the right temperament? A violent mind? His musings are cut off as the globe roars with flame, knocking him backwards and nearly into the path of a gargoyle's sword. Yelling in surprise, he manages to dodge the wild attempt to skewer him, and heads back towards the glowing orb, but approaching from above so he doesn't need to worry about the gargoyles.

Ten can see what Vile is doing, and she does not like the thought of the Maverick general getting the pendant of Sunstar! "Oh no!" Ten has a good idea of what Vile is trying to do, and she has every intention of beating him to it. Unfortunately, she isn't quick enough. Other people toss tools off first. Then she notices storm Eagle tossing tools at the gargoyles, and decides to do the same. She tosses the shovel she is holding at whatever gargoyle is nearest her.

"Ah, found your weak point," Fox chuckles darkly, taking a swipe at two more gargoyles as they approach. "Over here, lumps of fool's gold. I've got something for you."

Firestorm Phoenix takes note from Storm and begins picking up weapons hurtling them at the gargoyles, now that his player is back from a forced afk.

Cappella continues to remain in complete thought as she picks up an axe and looks at it closely. "And what exactly should we do, kill off each other with this stuff or have the gorgoyles kill us off?"

Quint is launched away from the globe, almost straight up; the peak of his flight is quite high, and he lands onto the ground with a hefty *THUNK*. "Curses!" he shouts, angrily picking a hammer up from the ground. "This ends now! Stupid globe!" With a deafening scream, Quint hurls the hammer in the direction of the tower; his angle, however, is off, and it flies into the general vicinity of a gargoyle.

Gimel watches as the gargoyle crumbles infront of him before he slams the hammer into another ready to turn as he stays focused on the guards, ignoting the globe as others are attacked, optics narrowing to slits

Lifesaver collapses from the blow of the Gargoyle, which nearly rip Lifey apart. He coughs up some Mechfluid... Even as he watches the tools hitting and destroying the gargoyles... With his remaining strength, Lifey hurls the rake at the gargoyle who nearly killed him.

The Hammer Blast Hornet hurled bounces off the base of the Globe's Podium, chipping it slightly, but doing mostly nothing.

Stealth Nekojin snarls as he's blown back, kicking in his flight systems and trying to move towards the globe again, "Do you really want THEM wielding your power, Sunstar? By all rights you were THE force of destruction, the one that ended everything. But you never fought until all else had been done. You were the final destruction, the END. Are you going to let your powers be thrown into the world by them? If all you are is a bully to throw things at people who still have a chance, then I don't WANT your damned powers." Gravthrusters flaring full, he tries to smash the globe with the trowel he still clutches.

Sonic doesn't get to test her idea about the Hoe being thrown off the edge of the tower. Why?
"..... Ow.." She's suddenyl -REIMPALED_, on a pike, from behind, by a gargoyle she didn't see coming. As if Staked through the heart, the sidhe falls to the ground in a heap, hands resting atop her armored chest, suspended off the ground by a pike burried in her back.

Afterburner Accipiter takes the gardening hoe in his hands and breaks it in half across his knee, creating a two foot long piece of wood and an makeshift axe that resembles his kamas with a one foot handle. He gingerly throws the broken piece of wood on the ground and begins to assist Commander Ten in her effort to clear the roof of the Stone Guards by taking a violent swing at the same guard as she, to make sure the job is completed with the least amount of effort.

Morph Moth comes to the aid of the other Mavericks who're attacking the gargoyles, taking a hammer in his hand, he fires it off at one of the animated statues and watching it crumble.

Seem that was a different Hammer, instead, Blast Hornet's falls a good ways downward, and the response is a small swarm of scarabs running up the edge with a mad furor and making their way for the Hornet.

Guts Man keeps on babbling, "The Stardroids themselves feared me along with their Zodiacs. I've sent a many running terrified from my might. Even the so called great Duo feared me, making me his priority to destroy when he went berserk! But I still stand to this day!"

Cappella takes a deep breath and presses forth towards the globle, trying to be extremely careful. "I wonder what will happen if I spill it?" A clawed hand reaches out towards the globle and attempts to turn it.

Terra misses Blast Hornet with his Scarab Swarm attack.

Plum looks around fearlessly. "Oh, no! The scarabs!"

Blaze Dalmatian grabs up an axe, and slowly starts to make her way towards the globe as everyone crowds around it. She pauses to slash at another one of those gargoyles, but then the scarabs show back up, "Ack!" She makes a break for the podium, and tries to find a way to scramble up it.

Terra strikes Blaze Dalmatian with his Stone Warrior attack.

Medieval Fox is... laughing? Indeed she is, for this is the exact type of combat that she excels in. This time the vulpine Hunter goes after another three nearby gargoyles, taking them out in a few hits with a series of moves.

Gimel looks down as scarabs move in but quickly ignores them as he swings the hammer towards another Gargoyle as it crumbles, a smirk crossing his face as he looks towards the globe for a few seconds

Storm Eagle continues to weild that 'weapon' as if it were a sword. A slash, another, a few more of the creatures fall to the wayside.
One of the still surviving Gargoyles lunges for Plum and her camera, some ancient tongue fluttering forth from its bowels with fearsome might.

Terra misses Plum with his Stone Warrior attack.

Knight Man glares as Vile seems to be making some sort of progress. No. That can't happen. He promised Tron he'd keep an eye on this situation, and that is something that can't happen. Someone like Vile can't get Sunstar's power! He faces the Maverick General, looking at him through his own matching cross helmet "It... must not happen! Not with thou!!" Suddnely Wily's own dark night charges at the Maverick General, right behind Vile is the ledge, should he hit, they'd likely both be thrown off. But this is the chance Knight Man takes. He finally realized he doesn't want Sunstar's power, but he does want to help Tron anyway he can, and he can do that by preventing Vile from getting the pendent. Banzai!

Vile deflects Grasp from Knight Man.
You miss Vile with your Grasp attack.

Lifesaver holds onto his chest in a attempt to stop the bleeding. //A medic... needs a medic.... but I can't stop now...// He crawls weakly to a tool... a hammer... and hurls it a Gargoyle. In particular the one that just assaulted Plum.

Plum eeeeeps and leaps back, skating away from the warrior at top speed. "Hey, no interefering with the media!"

"Not again!" Blast Hornet cries, and buzzes away from the nasty scarabs. "Don't eat me, I'm a bug too!" She says, and gets away from the evil golden nasties. She looks at the globe yet again, and wonders what to try next.

Afterburner Accipiter speaks with a booming voice to Ten, "Commander, I think I hear something..." as he looks in the direction of Blast Hornet. But then his attention is suddenly drawn to the damage brought upon Blaze Dalmatian and screams out, "Blaze!" Turning his attention, he sees the Stone Warrior put her in her place, but not deactivate her. He himself, is not brave enough to approach the globe and his friend quite yet, still fearing the physical retribution.

Firestorm Phoenix follows along side Storm, slaying gargoyles as they go. Seems these things have no sense of self preservation.

Ten tries to find another tool lying nearby since she tossed the shovel. Quickly, she picks up another shovel, and gets back into her defensive position near Afterburner Accipiter. All the while, she watches for anything to attack her, ready to defend herself, and Afterburner Accipiter. Quietly, she says to her fellow aerial soldier, "We can get through this. I just know we can."

Alloy floating quietly above, Alloy considers what's happening. Noticing the hunter medic is almost down for the count, he forgets the chase for the moment and streaks down towards the other Hunter, yelling "Lifesaver!" as he goes. Rage rising in his chest, he shouts, and brings the axe up to swing at the head of the gargoyle over Lifesaver. Regardless of the other gardening implement that Lifesaver threw, Alloy brings his chopping axe down on the head of the stone warrior, and to his surprise, cleaves it in half. "What?" he exclaims.

The Gargoyles begin to fall at an accelerated rate as attention is focused on them, there are maybe 20 left still standing and fighting with wild abandon.

Blaze Dalmatian grunts as she gets hit, but then she picks herself back up. Shaking her head, she rips off a bit of her armor that's hanging loose, tossing it to the ground, and spits out some mechfluid. She can keep going, and so she does, grabbing a new weapon to replace the one she lost when she was hit.

Standindg before the globe, it seems that Vile is getting the most reaction from the orb. As Knight Man lunges forward, Vile simply cranes his neck back, snarling... Before lifting up the Vile Shield and throwing it in between them, as the resounding *CRACK* of the desperate Knight Man into Vile's shield resounds. As Knight Man rebounds off, Vile simply stares down at him, raising his cannon. "Inferior pile of scrap... KNEEL!" With that, he fires off a magnetic round from his Vile Cannon, hoping to bind Knight's parts to... Knight's other parts, effectively constraining him while he finishes here.

Quint glances about the roof of the grand tower, as though looking for something inparticular. Slow and sneaking, Quint makes his way to one of the crumbles remains of the great stone warriors, one hand clutching the spear it once wielded with zeal. Pointing the blade upwards on an angle, the Elite Master charges for the globe, in a curious attempt to poke it with something other than a garden tool.

Knight Man may not have gone careening off the ledge, but his movement attracted the ire of a Gargoyle, who springs to crash into his backside.

Vile strikes you with his Magnetic Hold for 0 units of damage.
Knight Man is temporarily disoriented by Vile's Magnetic Hold attack.

Terra strikes you with his Stone Warrior for 23 units of damage.
You take less damage due to your Blunt resistances.

Afterburner Accipiter still has his back turned to Ten, fighting off the Gargoyles as each one gets close enough to be considered a threat. Bashing through another two stone guards, he yells to the Aerial Commander. "You know Commander... *Huff* This isn't even worth it anymore... What is that power worth anyways? I bet it doesn't even help us as much as its hurting us. I - bet - that pendant is as worthless as this entire mission. If we got our hands on it, we'd be no better than those scum over there now."

Gimel continues to smash the gargoyles ignoring anyone else that is nearby as their numbers lessen, optics narrowing as he says, "Out of my way stone beasts. Your the ones who are not welcome here."

Dr. Doppler merely glances at the scarabs, but otherwise pays them no attention, merely concentrating on the globe. "Ultimate destruction? Who cares who the pendant goes to? Ultimate destruction will NEVER happen, so long as a single reploid stands. The Stardroids tried it before, and failed. We are stronger now than we were then. Give the power of Sunstar to myself, give it to General Vile, give it to the medieval android, even give it to that rediculous Hunter medic who lies broken there," he says with a finger pointed at Lifesaver, as he speaks to the globe as if it were a sentient being, "but chaos and destruction will never be triumphant. The Maverick Empire will overcome all that is thrown at it, from earth or beyond. Total destruction comes only to the deserving, the obsolete. Destruction is merely a prelude to creation." It seems Dr. Doppler for one is very much aware of the camera rolling, although he faces the globe.

Guts Man runs for the orb as Vile is distracted for the moment by Knight Man, he attempts to touch it, "Let my powers reawaken your desire for destruction and empower me!"

Firestorm Phoenix contniues to battle on, taking out gargoyles left and right. They can dish it out, but they can't take it.
And as Storm watches another gargoyle fall, a thought crosses his mind. Immidately the shovel he was weilding as a weapon is cast aside for a spear of theirs. This spear is thrust toward the globe.
Medieval Fox leaps towards another group of the thinning out stone warriors, leaving piles of dust in her wake. "At least I'm getting a good challenge from these... things."

Blaze Dalmatian lets out a growl, as she hears Doppler's little speech, "Shut up, you old windbag." She growls a bit more, "You and all your self righteous Maverick crap. A few things go wrong and you blame it on the human species instead of owning up to your own failings." One of her hands is held over her side, "Why don't you just cram it? We're tired of hearing that crap."

Ten shakes her head. "As bad off as we would be if we got the pendant, think of how much worse off the world would be if somebody like Vile had the power of Sunstar! Think of what it would be like for the humans we have sworn to protect if any Maverick, with their genocidal madness, had the power of Sunstar! We have to get it before they do! We HAVE to!" All the while, she keeps staying ready to strike any gargoyles who get near her.

Alloy blinks as he stands there, still somewhat startled by how easily the gargoyle was dispatched. He phases back to reality as Lifesaver speaks to him. "Oh! Yeah sure." he says quickly, gently taking Lifesaver under the arm and pulling him up.

Cappella and Stealth are again inches away from the Globe again, when Stealth's attack sends another fiery shockwave out from the globe to knock them both backwards before any hand lays on it. A Gargoyle yet again goes for the Nekojin's throat, quite irritated at its assaults on the globe.

Firestorm Phoenix eyes Storm as he trys to impale the planet and shrugs. He to picks up a spear and goes for it, what the heck.

Vile turns back as Knight Man gets reamed by a Gargoyle, staring towards Sunstar. And he simply stares. No words are conveyed - They've lost all meaning. None of the others truly meant what they spoke - They simply wished for power. Vile was different. Vile simply glares at the orb, the chasm carved into the Earth like a reptilian eye mirrored by Vile's loner optic, burning brightly. That was all he had to offer to Sunstar - He would not bow down. Now... But he had a deal to cut with Sunstar, something to achieve his ultimate objectives.

Terra misses Stealth Nekojin with his Stone Warrior attack.

Knight Man grks as he fails in his attempt, and is paralyzed by Vile's blast. And to make matters worse a gargoyle takes this time to strike him. He falls to the ground for a moment, before stagarring back to his feet, not too far from the Repliforce Aerials that are in the area "Blast...someone like him... must not aquireth this power... it would mean the end of everything." He takes another step towards the globe "But what can I do now? If I can not stopeth him, must I get the power mineself? Nay... I want not that power..." He stares at the globe, trying to figure it's enigma out...

Blast Hornet eyes Firestorm and Storm bashing in the gargoyles for her. "Thanks guys!" She says and waves towards them, and looks around for something to do. She looks deep into the rift on the globe, and it's fire reflects in her eyes. "Power... The power of Sunstar... Let me hold the power! Join with me, together the world will be cracked, just like the globe you created and have set here upon this grim tower. Join with me, and the world will have no choice but to fall!" She cries out. She's run out of ideas fro now, so she just blabbers to the fiery orb.

Dr. Doppler whirls around, eyes narrowed at Blaze Dalmatian. "Perhaps you are tired of hearing it, child, but perhaps you should stop merely hearing and actually LISTEN for once! Can you not see that even the Stardroids know that they are a plague, a /flaw/ upon this Earth?"

Storm Eagle hrms, then just drops the spear and takes up the shovel again. Call him the shovler! *CLANG* Another Gargoyle goes down.

Cappella is thrown viciously back, slamming harshly against the ground. Blinking several times the thief looks around her once more and grins. She is alive? Getting back to her feet with axe still in her hands she waits this time for others to move away from the globe before attempting to spin it again.

Stealth Nekojin growls, getting blown back again, finally going past anger and discarding the trowel... by trying to slam it into the gargoyle that keeps trying to stab him. Then he ignores it, padding towards the globe once more. His stealth system dying as he shifts back to being visible, armor black as night and eyes glowing with rage, "You want total annihilation, yet you don't want to follow in it, Sunstar? Destruction means EVERYTHING dies. So obviously, that isn't your goal. Prove to me that you are the true final destruction! Destroy me, by YOURSELF, not with these bloody toys!"

Stealth Nekojin deactivates his stealth mode.

Medieval Fox lands in a crouch, swinging the rake in a sweeping motion to take out the lower support of her new group of stone victims. "Have a seat, please," she says as she completes the swing. "I insist, really." She then smashes the trunks into gravel and scatters it across the rooftop.

Gimel smirks as he watches Storm while smashing another gargoyle before turning to another, swinging towards it head this time, knocking it off before the gaurd crumbles to dust

Firestorm Phoenix hmms as the spear does nothing. He then whips the spear around killing another gargoyle before he reaches with his hand, trying to put into the fissure, to see if anything is held within.

Blaze Dalmatian points towards the globe, "In case you didn't notice, you senile fool, the Stardroids are equal opritunity psychopaths. Human or Reploid, they don't care. They'd kill you if they got the chance, and Sunstar was the worst one out of them all." She looks at the globe, "And now we're all here, why? So we can have some of that power? Anyone here for that power makes me sick like you Mavericks do. I'm here to stop anyone from getting it by destroying it, as soon as I figure out how."
One of the last few Gargoyles lunges for Cappella, his pike following.

Plum keeps skating away from the gargoyles, letting Camera film while she reports. Alone among the gathered she doesn't want the Pendant... she just wants the story, and story she's getting. "The fight seems to be turning in the favor of the living people here, as they strike back against these vicious beasts. But who's going to get the Pendant? Indeed, where is it? Is it the Globe, or something else, and how will it be unveiled?"

Another one does likewise for Firestorm, it seems like they attack any who are go near the Globe. Yet, their numbers are dropping quickly...

Terra strikes Cappella with his Stone Warrior attack.
Cappella falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.
Terra strikes Firestorm Phoenix with his Stone Warrior attack.

Morph Moth is getting tired at how long the battle against the gargoyles is, he gets an idea. Calling to the other Mavericks who are fighting the golden statues he shouts his plan, "I'm going wrap them in my strands of silk and try to froce them into one big lump. Attack them quickly afterwards!" Morph thrusts his palms out and shoots a thick blanket of the sticky silk, targeting the last few gargoyles.

Ten blinks in surprise, and looks toward Knight Man., nodding. "That's right! We can't let Vile get the pendant. I can't believe I'm saying this, but if you must get it in order to stop Vile from doing so, then go for it!" As she speaks, she keeps trying to think and fight at the same time.

Vile pauses, staring towards the globe. HA! That was it...? Why is he waiting for another to give him his fate? He will seize his destiny -personally-. Like Napoleon taking the crown from the Pope, Vile outstretches his hand to touch the globe, as Quint had. Only this time he reaches for the chasm in the Earth, his hand reaching inside. He wasn't going to play second-fiddle to anyone... Not even Sunstar. Nothing else would be worthy.

Afterburner Accipiter takes the broke gardening hoe in his hands and flicks it in his hand, catching it by the end of its handle and flicks it at the last Stone Warrior on his side of the roof like one would launch a throwing axe, letting it fly straight for the creature's neck/upper torso. "This should put an end to these guardians... What now Commander?"

Lifesaver coughs a bit more. He is really bad shape. "Alloy, listen to me. I think I know the answer," Bones states in a light whisper, "The scar at the top of the world... aim for it. I will provide coverage so this can be accomplished." He coughs weakly, as he readies a Scalpel and stabs downwards... at the earth, hoping that they ignore Alloy and go for him.

Guts Man takes a few steps back from the orb while others deal with the statue. He has to claim this for Wily. But how?

Firestorm Phoenix erfs as the gargoyles spear pierces the outerlayers of his armor, severing a few internal power cables. Growling viciously he spins his spear around, lopping off the offending gargoyles head, before yanking out the spear and moving away from the globe, hand clutched over his wound.

Knight Man continues takings steps near the globe, axe in hand, thinking over everything. oO(Should this representeth something, I believeth it be Sunstar's battle. The gargoyles may representeth Earth's forces that ralleyed against Sunstar, just as they fighteth us now. What will happen once they art all defeated? Shall we progress further?) He barely pays attention to Ten, as he wasn't directly speaking to her. But maybe she is right, he may have to taketh the power for himself, no matter how much he doesn't want to wield it. He keeps his eyes on the gargoyles, and is ready to strike any of them that come near him, he believes that this puzzle will be solved once they're all defeated...

Vile's hand finds the globe to be smooth and ordinary, until another shockwave of light erupts from it, knocking him and Firestorm who was still nearby aside. Stealth Nekojin too, should the Hunter be nearby still as well.

"Curses! Another attack, foiled!" Quint grumbles, kicking the floor with his foot; a large cloud of gargoyle dust arises from the motion. . o O ( Hrm... ) Reaching down, Quint fills one hand with a collection the ashes of fallen gargoyles. "Out of my way, Maverick!" Running toward the globe, Quint throws his hand in the general area, in hopes to smother the small ember with the dust...

Ten glances to Afterburner Accipiter, and speaks simply. "We do what we must do, think about this puzzle. Remember, we have to get the pendant before our enemies do. Keep thinking."

Storm Eagle continues to keep his calmness about him. That shovel is sliced at yet another gargoyle... idly the Eagle peers around, wondering, hunting, seening if any of them are still around.
Blast Hornet glares as the globe makes no response to her. "Don't ignore me!" She says, and buzzes closer to the dark red sphere. "Together we will flood the world with the blood of men, and let Reploids rule supreme! Sunstar, I want your power, and through me your might will walk anew upon this Earth!" Blah blah blah. Someone's running out of ideas.

As fast and as swift as the thief maybe, Cappella is still not as good as she would hope. She had gotten away scott free from the first turn but fate shown that he really hates her now. As the thief reaches out to touch the globe once more she doesn't notice the gargoyle swifty approching behind her. Cappie only has a moments time to turn before the spike digs deep into the thief's soft armor.

Vile flies backwards, landing forcefully on the ground. Ha.... Well, well, then. Not overtly injured, apparently, by that, Vile begins to walk forward slowly again, imagining... The gap in the Earth was made with an axe... Feh. Clasping up an axe in the hand which is wrapped by the Vile Shield, Vile limps forward again, even more injured... Before repeating the effort. The axeman would be the only one worthy of reaching inside the chasm made with -his- weapon... Correct?

Firestorm Phoenix oofs as he's blasted away. Stumbling he falls to the ground. He sits there for several moments on his hands and knees before finally making it back to his feet, his vigor renewed as his system reroute power around the damaged area.

"You /fool/," says Dr. Doppler to Blaze, picking up a hoe from the ground. "You see what this is? This is a /tool/. A /tool/ like Sunstar. What did he want? Did he ever tell us? Did you ever ask? No. We don't know what Sunstar wants. We know what he tried to do... We know that he tried to execute judgement. Is the executioner the judge? Sunstar was a tool like these! His destruction was like everything else they have done, merely a test. His power is the same power as this hoe... The power to do the will of the hand that guides. My guidance comes from Emperor Sigma, my own son, my own better, the leader of the new, reploid world. Let whoever aquires this pendant not deliver descturion to all, but desctrution to those over whom judgement has been passed. Do not underestimate or oversimplify the Stardroids. Do not assume they are humans."

Knight Man snerks as Vile is thrown aside. Though he may not have been too far off. Grabbing the axe he no longer plays the defensive, and sighs "I art afraid I do haveth to fight afterall..." Taking the axe he actively goes out and fights down the last of the gargoyles, they've been attacking us, now it's our turn to attack them, just like Sunstar did to the defenders of the planet.

The Last Two Gargoyles standing head directly for Firestorm and Vile, and they both attack desperately. One pike after another, horizontally downward, to cut people into two symmetrical portions.

Afterburner Accipiter turns to give his attention to his Commander but keeps his eyes peeled for any approaching Stone Guards, his wings pulled up around his body in a protective manner. He yells to Ten, "Keep thinking? I'll tell you what I'm thinking... That thing doesn't want to be claimed. I think it's all ready chosen who it wants. It's probably feeding off the chaos we're causing and loving it..."

Alloy looks at Lifesaver for a moment, puzzled. "But nothing seems to..." he stops as Lifesaver seems to be intent on carrying this through. Taking a breath to prepare, letting Lifesaver stand by himself, before streaking upwards, axe once again raised over his shoulder. Summoning up all of his strength and rage, he lances forward, roaring a wordless battlecry as he swings the axe down, aiming directly for the scar on the top of the world as Lifesaver said.

Stealth Nekojin plants his feet, skidding backwards as he uses his gravsystem to fight the shockwave, expecting it this time. "Oh no you don't, you sick bastard! If you want to destroy me, then DO IT! Don't push me away like some damned toy you can play with!" He pushes forward, fighting, as he continues almost like he's thinking out loud, "Or CAN you? You need a REASON to destroy us, and none of us has given you one, have we? Your job was to destroy us if the other Stardroids failed. What are you waiting for now?! They FAILED, and YOU DID TOO!" He snarls as he grabs onto the globe, "Here's your second chance! Give the power to someone here, try again! Go ahead, TRY!" Okay, he's just a little bit out of his mind... "If you want a vessel to destroy with, take ME! I don't *censored* CARE ANYMORE!"

Terra strikes Firestorm Phoenix with his Stone Warrior attack.
Vile remains clear of Terra's Stone Warrior.

Morph Moth is getting tired at how long the battle against the gargoyles is, he gets an idea. Calling to the other Mavericks who are fighting the golden statues he shouts his plan, "I'm going wrap them in my strands of silk and try to force them into one big lump. Attack them quickly afterwards!" Morph thrusts his palms out and shoots a thick blanket of the sticky silk, targeting the last few gargoyles. 0-reposed Because I think everybody ignored it. ~(00)~;-0

Terra has arrived.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Wood Man transmits, "Mister Ralph, do you think we should try to call them again? ... You do?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Hey, Wood!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Wood Man transmits, "My brother! I found it!"

Firestorm Phoenix arghs as yet another gargoyle comes at him, pierced once more he's starting to feel like one of those freaks with all the pierced body parts. But yet he manges to live, a tough SOB indeed. He drives the spear out of his body and back at the attacker, destroying it.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Wood Man transmits, "Yes, Mister Ralph. ... ... Heat! The forest! It's everything I thought it would be! I've befriended the creatures here, and they've offered to help in our plight!"

Plum skates around... right near Vile. Looking around, she notices that he's trying to figure out this thing... and bless her soul, Plum was /annoyed/ at him for shooting at her. . o O (Wonder how he'll respond to the camera to this...) Plum dashes forward, pulling out her taser and shoving it at the Maverick General, clearly pissed off at him.
Lifesaver proceeds to attack at the globe with a scalpel, watching Alloy... //Don't freeze up on me, now...//

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Awesome! Very nice work."

Blaze Dalmatian growls a bit, "Please." She says, "It doesn't matter who gets the pendant, you're right." She says, "Because whoever does get it will probably lose their mind and attack anyone and everything that they can." She shakes her head, "What makes Reploids superior to humans? Is it the way we were built? What makes us any different from humans, besides that we're metal and they're flesh?" She says, "Nothing. Look at me, I'm a firefighter. I make it my mission to save everyone I can, human, Reploid, or other. I don't care. And half the fires I've responded to have been caused by your Mavericks." She grumbles a bit, "Set a real great example to persuade people over to your side by attacking targets indescriminatly."

Vile puts his guard down.
Vile gets caught in the path of Plum's Taser.
Vile is temporarily disoriented by Plum's Taser attack.

Storm Eagle simply slams that shovel against the last of the Gargoyles. He watches the last stone warrior falls due to his weapon. Then a thought crosses his mind. Immidately the shovel he was weilding as a weapon is thrust toward the globe, and at the rift in Africa, "Destroyer of worlds, I finish your job.." he says during the thrust, hoping that with it's guardians gone, it will shatter.

Vile is stunned. With minimal health. Crouching from the lightning filling his body, Vile had better have claimed the pendant as he plunged his hand in... Or he's done for.

Gimel watches as the last of the gargoyles move to attack the others as he grips the hammer as his optics narrow as he prepares to smash either of the two, but doesn't hold back as he says, "TIme for you to die!", his optics narrow to slits as it crumbles to dust

Vile's hand connects with the globe moments before Stealth's does, and a crackling of light rises up out of the globe as it begins to split into pieces. But then Plum's Taser drops the Maverick General, and the crackling of the globe ceases and it forms back up. And another shockwave launches from the dias and its globe, knocking Plum, Vile, and Stealth backwards yet again...

Quint's efforts to smother the flame surrounding the rift are apparently for naught...he remains at stance, pondering new ideas...

Medieval Fox turns towards the supporting pillar. Ignoring the globe on top, she hefts a handy shovel and launches it at the chipped spot on the column.

Stealth Nekojin skids back again. Eyes gleaming. "Got'cha." He snarls, leaping forward and trying to grab onto the globe before the immensity of what just happened settles into everyone.

Blast Hornet glares at the globe, and draws nearer. "The power! Give it to me, Sunstar... I deserve it, and I will use it as you see fit! Take me, and use me as you will!" She cries, and moves closer to the globe. "I give myself to the power of the pendant!"

Firestorm Phoenix staggers to his feet and begins to move for the globe, reaching out he trys for the crevice, he would be the closest by now, but is he to slow in his wounded state?

Storm Eagle awks rather annoyedly as he's slammed back and away from the Globe. He quickly gets up, "I'll not allow any other faction to have it.." says before diving toward it, trying to ram it to make it shatter.
Vile is thrown back once more, the stun still running out of his body as he struggles up to his feet. With that same resolve - But now critical wounds on his body - he stumbles forward again towards the shattered globe, certain that the prize must be within.

Knight Man stares at the globe. The world is injured... these gardening tools seem to mean something. Perhaps they have some significance to mending the earth? He drops his axe, and picks up a hoe instead, he walks over to the globe and with the hoe, he tries to smooth over the crack in Africa. Yet another long shot, but that's all he has to go one now.

Afterburner Accipiter hears the words of his teammate, Blaze Dalmatian, and makes his way over to hear after hearing her words that nearly echo his in purpose and meaning. Unsheathing both his kamas, he wraps the chained weapon around his neck, letting the two bladed axes hang daintly around his neck. He places his left on Blaze's right shoulder and gives her a comforting pat, nodding to her in agreement. "We do our job for the good of the world... We do it proudly, we do it well..."

Quint's Dust comes down moments after the last shockwave, and sprinkles across the globe. It glows a little bit as it lands on the black and red sphere, but the globe does mostly nothing in reaction to its sprinkle covering.

Ten can understand why Afterburner Accipiter has lost interest in the pendant, but she still feels that she must get it before Vile does! Since most of the gargoyles are gone, Ten casts the shovel aside, and tries topick up a stone left over from a smashed gargoyle, and try toi place the stone in the rift. That's her plan, though it may take her a little while to pull it off.

Lifesaver is knock back by the blast... He blinks and shakes his head... "NO...!" He breaks into three, and with one last leap... hopefully all three would have their hands on the globe...

Plum erfs, and is knocked backwards, landing on her bare knees, skinning them on the stone of the room. "That hurt!" Scrambling to her feet, she skates towards Vile. "Don't hurt the media, hon," she says, then looks up at Camera. "Did you get that?" The hovering unit blerps. "Good."

The hoe of Knight Man offers a similar response to Quint's, with the globe just sitting dormat on its simple dias.

Lifesaver's image briefly glows before three Lifesaver(s) appears.

Knight Man hmms as the globe... doesn't react. Knight continues to smooth over the crack... maybe he's on to something...

Blast Hornet watches as the globe reacts to the dust. "Hey! That could be it..." She says, and grabs a shovel. She scoops up some gargoyle dust, and tries to jam it into the hole with the shovel, to fill in the crack.

Firestorm Phoenix has moved his hand for the rift, but is he too late, have others beaten him to the punch? Lets find out shall we.

Stealth Nekojin slams his hand forward into the rift, instinct causing him to try and wrap himself around the globe in a feline shielding manouver as he tries to grab it, "I AM NOT LETTING YOU HAVE IT AFTER ALL THIS CRAP!", he screams, apparently waaaay beyond what is healthy for one's mind.

Quint idly hurls a hammer at the globe in thought. He often gets destructive tendencies while thinking.

Storm Eagle awks again, most likely just bouncing off the Globe as he attempts to hit it. Growling he walks toward the globe and slams the shovel against the support of the Planet before him.

Guts Man grabs a shovel then walks to the piles of dust like Quint did, he shovels up a huge pile of dust before walking back to the globe, maybe Quint didn't smother it enough? He just pours a shovel full of dust on it.

Vile is positively determined not to be defeated... He saw it! He saw it working... The globe splitting apart. Even more wounded than moments before, Vile limps forward on his shield with the axe still in hand, going to cram his hand back into it... To break it apart completely. This time, no taser.

Blaze Dalmatian makes a break for the globe, upon noticing all the sudden actions around it, "No!" She cries out, "No one is getting this pendant! I'll destroy it before that happens!" She dashes up towards the gobe to try and stop anyone else from getting the pendant by not using any weapons like everyone else seems to do.

Sonic Banshee is dead. She can't make much motion towards this.

Skimmer Bee is deader than Sonic, so there.

"Indiscriminantly?" says Dr. Doppler. "The Mavericks do /not/ strike indiscriminantly. We are not simple warmongers. We are /revolutionaries/!" He turns around to look at the globe, having previously been facing away, and missing all the previous action.

A small grin begins to shape on Quint's features. He reaches down once more, rubbing his hands on the remains of a warrior, coating them with the dirt. With this, he runs toward the globe, attempting to grab it, wondering what will happen if he tries it while coated in dust.. Oh, he uses Sakugarne as a boost, like last time. Bad poses come from short time!

Medieval Fox hmms, watching the commotion at the top of the pillar. "Nothing like a little more climbing," she mutters as she approaches the tall column and begins to scale it, trying to avoid the others around. It isn't an easy job at all either. As the vulpine reploid nears the rift, she tries to reach a hand in as well.

Medieval Fox puts her guard down.

Plum follows Vile toward the pendant/globe/whatever. "Oh, Vile, dear," she says, tensing one leg for when he turns around.

Those that touch the globe find it smooth and very ordinary, as those above. Those that shovel dirt onto it find little to happen do to it. Those that rake at it or do other assort things with the tools find little to change the globe. Those that jam rocks at it, find little to happen. And then it pulsates again, and sends just about everybody back. Including the two wounded sorts who have been trying to get close to it for the last several minutes, namely Firestorm and Vile.

Skimmer Bee has been decimated by scarabs in the previous room. Yay.

Ether Skunk is healthy and nutricious, a delicious snacks for growing scarabs! Mmm, tasty! Purina Scarab chow- made with real reploid skunks!

Firestorm Phoenix arghs as he's blasted again, sent hurtling back. This time when he hits the ground, he stays there. Concious, but unable to move.

Guts Man is sent flying back to the ground. He just lays there as his shovel goes flying into the air, it just keeps falling all the way down to the ground around the tower. Holding his head Guts Man grunts, "What will it take to solve this puzzle?"

Blast Hornet is knocked away, and struggles to her feet. "Well, so you want to play it that way?" She says, and moves back towards it. "I won't be beaten so easily! Let me have the power!" She shrieks, and tries to get closer to the globe.

Sonic Banshee is still flooding the ground with mechafluid while propped up on a spear. Dead Sidhe.

Knight Man is blown back again. Owies. He gets to his feet once more. He simply cannot figure this puzzle out. Of course, as always part of him doesn't want to figure it out, but still... it beckons. However, for one brief moment, part of Knight's old personality resurfaces, and he decides to take his frustrations out on the globe, he walks up to the globe, and punches it as hard as he can. Aiming right for the crack too, by the way.

Vile is about to get kicked, but... Is fortunately sent -backwards-. Again. Bah. As he is sent back, however, he allows himself one action. And that is to slowly stalk towards Plum on his way to the globe, lifting the Vile Shield up into the air brutally. He was -tired- of this little girl. WIth that, he brings it down upon her with no mercy, looking to send her tumbling out of the way. And then, maybe, he can decide on a new course of action.

Storm Eagle growls, then slams that shovel against the base pillar again. He figures, what better way to destroy a globe but by letting it fall. The eagle is hurled back, but that doesn't detour his idea. Figuring that's wrong, the eagle tries something. The shovel is aimed at the globe, trying to hit where the rift across Africa and the rift from pole to pole meets.

Despite the strength he puts behind the attack, Alloy's hands rattle again as the axe bounces off once more in a shower of sparks, and then he gets knocked back by the blast which emenates from the orb. The axe goes flying away, clanging on the roof. Shouting in anger as the attack fails once again, Alloy feels helpless to stop the worst choices for the pendant from taking it. But...what was Vile doing when he attacked it? Reaching into the flickering rift. As the globe explodes once more, blowing back everyone else nearby, Alloy streaks back down towards the globe. Hanging to the side as if glued there (isn't gravtech great?) he pauses for a moment, steeling himself before he reaches into the infernal fires that lick the sides of the rift in the globe.

Lifesaver #1 #2 and #3 gets knocked back from the globe and slams into a nearby wall. The three remerges into one, but other than that... he's out of it.

Afterburner Accipiter throws his arms in front of himself, blocking his face and his torso, while at the same time wrapping his wings around his entire body as a defensive shield. The shockwaves pushes him back a few inches, his metal feet grinding into the stone of the building as he puts his rockets into affect to keep him from being blown off the roof. He continues to stay in the defensive stance, having been back some ways from the globe, for a few moments after the blast in order to make sure he is still safe and alive.

Vile strikes Plum with his Shield Bash attack.

Medieval Fox grunts, sliding a few feet down the tall stone column. "Okay, that doesn't work," she murmurs as she runs a hand along the surface of the pillar, searching for some sort of trigger.

Lifesaver's image briefly glows before one Lifesaver(s) appears.

Somehow Dr. Doppler is slammed right through his forcefield, thrown of his feet and back away from the globe, landing with a muffled klunk against the floor of the tower.

Quint is, once again, launched away from the globe; but that doesn't stop this determined Elite Master. Once again, he boards Sakugarne, and rushes toward the globe; when the two reach the pedistal, Sakugarne is used as a boost once more. At the right height, Quint places his hand, the small palm facing the bottom of the globe, between the orb and the pedistal.

Blaze Dalmatian lets out a grunt as the thing flares up and knocks her back. She stands back up, and dusts herself off, slowly. She drops another peice of broken armor onto the ground, and looks at the globe. She scratches her chin a bit. There has to be something about this that she's not getting. Then something dawns on her. She looks over the globe, but without what she's looking for, that idea is out. She doesn't touch it, and stays a short disance away.

Gimel moves back a few feet from the orb still gripping the hammer as he notices the shockwave but luckily is not sent flying as he scratches his chin for a few seconds before looking around the room trying to find a clue as others are knocked around

Ten is sent flying back, landing on the ground hard. "Ouch! Well, looks like that didn't work." Ten is still holding her naginata, she simply refuses to let her weapon leave her hand. Still full of hope, and realizing that it isn't over yet, Ten tries to get back to her feet.

Plum erfs, bashed to the groud painfully. "Ow..." Looking up, she snarls. "Time to change your religion, Boba." She spins, angling one foot up...

Vile remains clear of Plum's Blow.

Stealth Nekojin skids back once more, growling and landing on both feet and one hand, then rising and walking forward with a still-growing anger. He stares at the globe, looking around, "What is it that you're waiting for?" He shakes his head, then reaches out to try and place his hands on either end of the rift in the globe, at the poles.

Morph Moth notices that everyone who is near the globe, keeps getting blown away from it. Well then, just make the globe come to you instead. Again, Morph thrusts his palms out, this time to snare the globe from its perch with a string of silk. He aims the shot for the crack in the globe.

Vile cocks his head as he evades -- no, STUMBLES back in a heap of limbs, leaning onto the Vile Shield... Before pulling something out from behind the shield into his free hand. That is? A small scythe, which flares up with energy. The Military Pick. He has no words, of course... Only rage. And the desire the impale her against a wall. Bringing the Military Pick down on her gut, Vile's objective is to do just that. Impale the girl.

Vile misses Plum with his Military Pick attack.

Several people attack the rifts yet again, still not seeming to learn the lesson. And their manuever invariable spoils all others, as another blast recoils out of the globes bulk in a glowing shockwave of force.

Plum scrambles out of the way, pulling a pen out from behind an ear, getting quickly to her feet and circling towards Vile. "The pen, Vile, is mighter than the pick!" She launches at him, trying to drive the pointy implement into his eye. Journalist RAGE!

Guts Man gets right back up as another shockwave shakes the rooftop. He then goes to the orb to try something, anything in hopes that it'll work. He attempts to put his hands into both poles of the orb. Then speaks to it about joining together and mending the world once and for all.

Storm Eagle is blown back once more, but this time he was slightly prepared. His wings open slightly to catch himself. He peers at the globe for a few moments. He gets a different idea. Glancing at the occasional flickers of flame from the rifts... the Eagle's cannon is leveled at the globe and fires. The Storm Tornado soars toward the globe, to try something else. Two ideas the eagle gets at this point. If he can't knock the globe from the platform, why not try to put those fires out?

Blaze Dalmatian shakes her head, "Idiots." She mutters quietly to herself, "Look." She says aloud, "How many times does it take before you realize that attacking it isn't working? Geeze." She doesn't know what to do, but attacking isn't it.

Medieval Fox gets an inspiration and slides back down to the ground. Picking up the same shovel she discarded earlier, she affixes it to her quiver next to her stave and climbs the pillar once again. "Okay, if you don't like me touching you directly... have some of this," she says as she gripes the stone and puts the tip of the shovel into the rift and twists, trying to force the blood red sphere to spin.

Gimel shakes his head as he watches the others as they continue to attack the orb, he doesn't drop the hammer as he continues to look around trying to find a clue to what he's supposed to do

Vile leans out of the way of the pen... And lifts up his elbow, bringing it towards her neck as if to crush it and flatten her voicebox and everything in her throat beneath it. He couldn't -believe-, meanwhile, that was engaging a newsgirl in mortal combat like this. But so be it!

Vile misses Plum with his Smash attack.

Knight Man is thrown back again, and stands to face the globe "I... art totally stumped. Nothing dost seemeth to work... I can not figureth this one out... I can do nothing now but sit back and wait for someone else to claimeth this prize... though I do hope tis the right person..."

Quint is launched, once again, from the globe. "Sakugarne," he begins, tapping the floor gently with one foot. "You see if you can get that little blade of yours into that hole in that globe there. Or..." the Elite Master says, pointing toward the pedistal. "Take that down." With optics filled of uncertainty, Sakugarne begins to approach the orb; Quint, on the other hand, begins to wander around the roof of this tower for clues. Even the slightest clue would do.

Plum scrambles backwards, falling and managing to avoid Vile's crushing grasp. Erf. Scrambling about for a weapon, she hurls her microphone at him. "MICROPHONE STRIKE!"

Vile gets caught in the path of Plum's Microphone Strike.
Vile falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

/What am I missing?/ Lifey questions as he lies there, conscious, but not able to move... /The globe is the key...or rather the lock... what's the key...?/

Stealth Nekojin sighs, stopping and examining the globe from a distance, moving to try and see into the little rift on it. At the same time shaking his head at these people, the rage draining away from him and leaving only frustration and confusion. "Destruction-god my butt." He mutters, waiting for the inevitable shockwave when someone attacks the globe yet again.

Vile hits the ground in a big thump of metal and other assorted stuff.

Afterburner Accipiter turns his back on the globe and extends his wings to their full span, creating an aerodynamic shield between his body and that of the living object. He takes a knee, putting his right knee down on the ground and placing his left arm over his left leg. He shouts towards his fellow Repliforce members, "Well if attacking it throughs us back... And we can't reason with it... What happens if we were take on the totem and not the globe?"

Ten gets back to her feet, and looks about. She loosk rather determined. "I have to try something else!" Ten places her naginata in the straps between ehr wings, picks up a shovel, and starts jamming it into the floor, as though trying to dig. It probably won't work, but she has to try something.

Firestorm Phoenix moans a bit as he begins to shift power, deactivating but the he absolutely needs. The rest of the pwoer thans actually left over, what little there is begins to store into the charger for his weapons system. What this is for is as of yet unknown, as all Firestorm does outwardly is roll over and get onto his knees, in a resting position, still where he was blasted the last time.

Blast Hornet is blown back from the globe again, and lands on her big butt. She buzzes her wings in annoyance and goes to her feet. "Hey! Leave the globe to me!" She cries, and goes towards it. o O (What to do, what to do? I MUST possess the power!) She thinks, and pop out a small round mine. She sticks it to the base of the pedestal, and back away quickly. It's gonna BLOW!

Plum blinks, and schoolgirl leaps in happiness, giving Camera a victory sign with one hand. "Yatta!"

Ten puts her guard down.

Afterburner Accipiter unwraps the chained kamas from his neck and holds the handle of each one in either hand. Preparing himself, he starts to twirl the chained axes together in a fast, almost blindingly hypnotic circle, before turning around and launching the spining disk of metal and fire towards the base of the totem pole holding the globe aloft, trying to knock out the base since he knows from battle tactics no army can stand without its roots firmly in the ground.

"Posess it?" says Dr. Doppler, narrowing his gaze at the globe as he rises to his feet once again. "Why? Why not leave it here? Do you really think you'll get to do anything with it, before whoever has been handing out these pendants makes their intentions known? If we can all agree, this curse can stay here forever, the final phase left uncomplete."

Alloy gets thrown back once again, the blast knocking him well back and onto the hard surface of the tower. Ooof, he's getting a bit knocked around. Struggling to his feet, a defeated look on his face, he happens to be watching as Pum down Vile, and blinks a few times. Damn, he /must/ be hallucinating this.

Morph Moth tugs, but the globe appears to be firmly attached to the pillar, when the globe blasts those nearby it back, Morph string of silk is broken by it's force. And then the leader of the Maverick expedition is downed by the spritely newsgirl. Even less Mavericks to attempt to seize the prize. Well, then perhaps the playing field needs to be leveled. Morph backs up even further from the group clustered about the globe, he seems to be taking aim...

Yet again, an attack on the globe by Storm Eagle triggers a shockwave that blasts those around it back.

Blaze Dalmatian lets out a sigh, "Stop attacking the f***ing globe!" She yells out, before calmly walking up to it and putting both hands on it, "What is wrong with you people?! Are you that dense?!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Wood Man transmits, "You know what? I miss my brothers, and I miss being around in the city. I think I shall introduce my new friends to my family."

Medieval Fox growls as she's shoved back again. "Quit firing, would you?" she shouts at the others within hearing range. She then shoves the shovel back into the rift and -twists- it.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Punk transmits, "Don't be a p*ssy, Wood Man."

Quint summons Sakugarne back, before the pogo has a chance to do anything suicidal. "I have an idea..." One more time, he climbs aboard Sakugarne, and begins rushing toward the orb. Bounce. Bounce. Okay, he's at the right altitude, the same as he as been before. Carefully fending off any tools that happen to come by the globe with his legs, Quint leans his head down to it, and begins to whisper something along the lines of:

"I seek your power, O Celestial Being. Bestow me with your power. Let me destroy all that stand in my path. Let me obtain revenge for those who have tormented me for so many years. Let me have that power..."

He waits, seeing if anything happens, slowly reaching his hands toward the rift...

Knight Man steps up behind Dopplar "You know Maverick, thou canst actually maketh a bit of sense sometimes. I agreeth." He turns to address everyone "What thinketh thee? I say we all abandon this mad quest, then bombeth this entire cavern to the ground, I truely doubteth any power attained here twould be lasting."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Ask your friends to bring us whatever substitues for beer, too. I think we have something to celebrate."

Guts Man falls flat on his butt from the shockwave, still pretty close to the pillar and orb. But there's also an explosive on the pillar. As the shockwave goes off so does the explosive, causing a bit of damage to Guts Man who's looking like he could be shutting down any minute now. He looks to Quint, "Hey Quint. Maybe we have to do something to it together?" As Quint speaks to it he grabs hold of the orb, "Try breaking it. I'll hold on to it and stop it from going to pieces."

Plum hrms. . o O (I just know that Chest is gonna be mad at me for that... but he deserved it.) Hrming, she has Camera point at the globe while she pulls out a little photo of herself and writes an autograph for Vile. >No hard feelin's, hon, but don't pick on the media, pleeeeassse?< She draws a little smiley Plum face beside it, and sticks it in his helmet-crack.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Punk transmits, "And get me a sixpack before you tread your lumpy ass in here."

Storm Eagle is happy he was a good distance from the globe. He gives up, attacks are no good. Wandering up to it after the shockwave has passed, the eagle hovers up to it, The Eagle places his hands on it, he doesn't push, doesn't speak, simply gives a really slight nudge to it in one direction to try and set it spinning. Not an attack at all... though he hopes the Fox's shovel isn't going to be interpreted as one.

Firestorm Phoenix nodding at the shockwave, he goes into action. Power in his charger unit is shuntted to his thrusters. They scream to life, with the overload of power, rocketing Firestorm forward, actually accelerating him fast than deisgned to do, infact they overload and melt as he's flung out ahead of everyone else. In his left is an axe, his right, extended outward towards the glode. He impacts with the globe, his hand reaching for the rift before anyones attacks can reach it. Firestorm prays this works, if not, this was his last attempt.

Afterburner Accipiter keeps in his defensive position, just in case another shockwave catches him off-guard, and it does, sending him this time about a foot farther, his feet still grinding into the gold, stone floor of the roof. Feeling that his attack on the base of the globe was worthless, he turns his attention back to his lieutenant and shouts, "Lieutenant! What do you suggest now?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Wood Man transmits, "Well, I haven't had a bit of fun in a long time. And I think Rio would make a nice forest once we reclaim it."

Stealth Nekojin moves towards the globe once more, running things through his head. He pauses and braces himself, having figured out just WHY the globe loathes the tools so much, but tries to figure out what to do next...

Lifesaver /...The tools... They are the key... Just like the hidden diamond... Onr has to fit in that rift... and chances are it's not one that one would think would fit in there.../ Lifey opens his eyes, and looks about the room, searching for a tool or a weapon that stands out.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Punk transmits, "I said I wanted beer, ass."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Punk transmits, "Not ramble."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Punk transmits, "Go get me my beer."

Ten sets the shovel aside, and looks at the other tools. .oO(I definately have a feeling that one of these is the key. Hmmm, I agree with Knight Man, but I don't think everybody is going to listen. I can't risk somebody staying behind.)Oo.

"Now," says Dr. Doppler, turning to look specifically at Quint, "if only you can convince your idiot brothers..."

Gimel is silent as he turns away from the others and walks to where one of the Gargoyles sat, he studies it for a few seconds as he still attempts to find a clue

Morph Moth has a thought occur to him suddenly, perhaps the pillar is also made of the same material as the gargoyles. Picking up another hammer, he hurls it as hard as he can at the pillar from afar. Hopefully Storm Eagle will be able to wrestle the Globe away from any others nearby if it begins to fall somehow.

Alloy just stands, watching the scene as everyone desperately tries to do something to the globe. Himself included a few moments ago. He sees lifesaver looking around purposefully and walks over to him, not bothering to fly or hurry. It's not likely anyone will be solving the riddle immediately and the main antagonist, Vile, is down for the count. As are some of his allies, further below...but he can't do anything for them now except hope for a 'getting better'. "What're you looking for, Lifesaver?" he asks as he approaches.

Blast Hornet chuckles. "Abandon this? When such power lies here, waiting to be tapped? Never! The pendant will not be just thrown away and buried while I still function! I will stay here until I rust if I must, but I will not let this fall from my grasp!" She says, not agreeing with the Maverick doctor's idea at all. o O (There must be something here... The tools won't work on the globe, but they crushed the gargoyles... What can the gargoyles do now? The dust had no effect on the globe... What else can we do?) She thinks, remembering the seemingly random attempt that yielded a pendant in Prague.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Wood Man transmits, "... ... ... Very well. Mister Tom, you heard Punk. I want you to lead the minions to get us all the beer you can. Mister Ralph, we are going to enjoy the fun of razing. Bring your packs."

Afterburner Accipiter stands up straight, frustrated with the entire situation, and stamps his foot, making a slight inch deep indentation in the stone floor. He spies one of the left over shovels and kicks at it much like a soccer player, flipping it up into his hands. Holding it with both hands, he looks about the mess that once was the magnificent tower and shouts at Ten, "You know something Commander? It just isn't worth it anymore. I know we're not going to die participating in this, but its just too frustrating working under these conditions. We should have solved this stupid puzzle hours ago - with less effort. Why can't we crack this thing and go home!?!?" He then turns around swiftly and launches the shovel, its tip end out, at the pillar in pure anger and hatred for the entire event.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Wood man, you sound more and more like an XO every day. Remind me to do something about that."

The mine on the pillar explodes harmlessly against its gold-stone body, but it enough to enrage this incadescent ebony and crimson globe, which explodes outward with a shimmer yet again -- sending everyone, including those that fly forward for it like Firestorm and Storm Eagle, backwards once more. Airbourne shovels however, pass through the shockwave, but do not effect the globe.

Blaze Dalmatian suddenly remembers something. The blast pushes her back, and knocks her down, but she recovers. Looking around, she goes looking for that axe that Vile had earlier, remembering the reaction the globe gave when he got near it, before someone attacked it. If she can find that axe...She heads to where Vile has fallen, to search for it. She knows that has to be it. At least, she hopes. That's about all she has left, is hope. Hope that she can save the world by getting this pendant.

Quint, for the sake of the tired player, just does what he did last time, only even more careful to fend off incoming tools. Why, he even uses one of his hands, too!

Plum watches quietly, pondering now ways to make Vile not kill her. She probably shouldn't use him as a chair, like she was thinking of.

Storm Eagle is sent backward again, but he knows he didn't attack it. Annoyed, he returns to it and does the same as before, his hands press up against it lightly, one tool still in hand, and he gives it a push once more.

Lifesaver /The gargoyles' destruction allows to get this close... destruction... not of the world... but perhaps... life itself./ Bones doesn't not respond to Alloy. /So how does it comes down to? Destroying a person and hurl them at the globe? Or place... 'blood' in the scar? So many different ways to unlock.../ He finally sighs. "I think I got a idea... but I need you to carry me. Almost all of my systems are offline."

Medieval Fox snarls in frustration as yet another weapon sends out an energy wave. Crawling -back up- the pillar from her knocked back position, she puts in the shovel tip into the rift and tries to forcibly twist the globe. Again.

Ten has a flash of insight. As much as she would like to try to calm down Afterburner Accipitor, she just has to try her latest idea! Ignoring all else, she quickly takes a hammer, and tries to chip a piece of stone from a shattered gargoyle into a shape that will fit the rift. As soon as she has the fitting stone, she will try to place it in the rift. Ten looks determined, but is very careful.

Stealth Nekojin sighs, weathering the shockwave yet again as he shakes his head, "Okay people. Let's not attack it, kay?" He hovers back in, snagging a handful of crumbled gargoyle on the way, and tries emptying the handful of dust into the rift on the globe.

Afterburner Accipiter goes flying forward towards the edge of the roof, his chest grinding against the rooftop and sending a shower of sparks into the air. His eyes clenched in moderate pain, he slides for about a total of ten feet and shies a yard or two from the edge. Propping himsel fup on both knees and both arms, he shakes his head, clearing his circuits as he stumbles to his feet - wondering 'What in the hell just hit me?'. Turning around, he watches the rest of his comrades find other means of capturing the pendant.

Guts Man sighs and ducks as another shockwave is sent throughout the area. Standing right back up he walks to the orb and attempts to keep hold of it until it explodes like before and reforms.

Knight Man eyetwitches as he looks at Quint, and turns back to Dopplar "...yes. Though thou dost haveth to convinceth thine own Mavericks as well." He says reacting to Blast's stubbornness. He sighs and looks at the globe once more "Tis frustrating, I just know we art overlooking something obvious..." He is tempted to just leave this entire place, since he is no longer interesting in getting Sunstar's power himself. Yet, he made a promise to Tron, that he'd look over this event and see if he can make sure the pendent doesn't fall into the wrong hands. But who's hands are the wrong hands? It seems now that whoever solves this puzzle is the only one worthy to get the pendent. But how much frickin longer will it take?

Cappella just lays on the ground with a spear digging deep within her. Whee!

Job lays on the ground crushed like a bug. Oh the joy of being roadkill.
Firestorm Phoenix is flung backwards once more. Hitting the ground with a thud. He lies motionless, just staring up at the ceiling, its all he can do for the moment.

Ether Skunk is helping many young scarabs grow up to be as bright, beautful and blood-thirsty as they can be.

Gimel chuckles as he watches the others move before pulling out his kurusari-gama as he flies over to the globe, positioning himself near the rift as he says outloud to himself, "Maybe a small sacrifice is needed.", he then starts to cut a gash into his arm before allowing some of his mechfluid to fall into the rift

Alloy looks down at Lifesaver. "I think I can still lift you..."
Bringing his gravity wells up to power, but no to full, as the strain is starting to wear, he holds one arm out at Lifesaver's body and raises...and up rises Lifesaver's body, slowly, but surely. "All right, what do you want to do?" he says, tiredly.

Blast Hornet finds her bomb to be rather ineffective. "Well, that didn't work... Dammit! What must we do to appease this globe?" She picks up some of the gargoyle dust, and filters it with her hand, pausing in thought. "What are we missing here..."

Plum grabs a cookie from somewhere and munches on it while she lets people do their best for the globe on national news.

Afterburner Accipiter looks down at the ground, remembering that the shovel flew right through the shockwave - the physical force hurting him, but not affecting the trajectory of the projectile. He picks up a broken rake and his original garden hoe. Crossing them like the hero would in an old Dracula movie, he makes his way towards the globe again to help his allies in finding a way to end its power over them all.

"Right," says Dr. Doppler, picking up another axe from the floor and staring at the globe, "I've had just about enough of you. Throw us all back if you will, but this is still going to feel pretty damn good," he says, thrusting the blade of the axe into the crack, as if intending to split it in half like a block of wood.

Quint tries so very, very hard to keep Doppler's axe from reaching the globe. Whether he does, though, is up to a Higher Being.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Wood Man transmits, "We shall start with the suburbs around Rio in Las Pampas. I do the slashing, you do the burning, hunh Mister Ralph? ... Get it? ... Oh, don't give me that look. ... Ahem. My brothers, you are welcome to join us in the purrrrging."

Many hands touch the globe at various points, but nothing happens with any of them. Then Medieval Fox and Doppler trigger another shockwave as they tries to use the shovel and axe on the Globe to twist it, or perhaps rip it apart in Doppler's case.

Morph Moth finally feels the force of the globe as this shockwave sends everyone flying backwards. o 0 (First everyone was trying to destroy the globe, now a majority of them seem intent on trying to mend it. I was pondering about the purposes of the Stardroids and their plans for the planet. Perhaps...) Morph reaches down to take a hammer in his hands once more and advances towards the globe cautiously. Waiting for a break between when people get sent flying back and approaching.

Guts Man grabs an axe and a hole after being blown back by the orb. Making his way back to the orb he tries to stick the hoe into the poles and the axe in the rift before holding onto it again. "GIVE ME POWER!!!!"

Storm Eagle is sent flying away from the globe once more, landing with a solid clank. He can't help but glare at the one who threw the axe. The shovel Storm was holding is thrown aside. The Eagle simply flies up to it and tries to push at it again, nothing in hand. He whispers something to himself about people and shockwaves and how attacks don't seem to work. One hand rests upon the fault's center, the other in a random location, and agin, the eagle gives it a push.

"I've had enough!" Quint bellows, recovering from being tossed by the shockwave. "All of you! Cease your moronic attacks!" Quint, yet again, reaches for the globe, carefully positioning himself in front of the crack, whispering desires for power. "Stop it! All of you!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "I would...but I actually am incapable of leaving the TV. Plus I'm working on being drunk. This cherry sake is gooood, Ya. Remind me to get more bottles of it."

Sonic Banshee is still dead. Whee. o.o

Afterburner Accipiter eyes the shockwave, caused by their attempts to rip the globe apart, and throws his wings around him to protect him from the violent shockwave coming his way. Feeling the shockwave subside, he continues his way up to the globe and in one fail swoop, thrusts his arms out wide, a tool in each hand and tries to wrap his arms around the globe like a mother would hug its child. Then, with all his might and a little help from his rocket thrusters, he tries to squeeze the globe together and effectively seal the crack running down the surface of the globe.

Medieval Fox is shoved down farther after this blast, losing her grip on the shovel. "Gotta keep trying," she mutters as she labours back up to the globe. "Rotate like the real Earth, the one you imitate." The Hunter reaches out a battered gloved hand to try and put a rotation to the oddly coloured globe.

Plum is staying clear of the globe. Yep.

Knight Man growls. He's about had it. His old temper starts to resurface again, as he shouts at the globe "I've about had it with ye! Thou dost presume to controleth us? Thou dost think that thou can't haveth sway on our fate? Well I haveth news for thee oh enigma of the stardroids, thou art nothing! Thou art an insignificant little test! A trial! I careth not for thee anymore, I'd sooner destroy thee if I could. Thou art nothing! NOTHING! And thou hast no control over me! I'll no longer play these games!" He stands, not too far, and not too close to it, just outside of shock range. He folds his arms, he's helluva pissed.

Firestorm Phoenix moves his head a bit and spies Doppler. With a barely audiable voice he calls out for the Good Doctor, "Doppler, please help me."

Quint begins to fend off incoming tools and missiles with swift work of his legs and one of his arms. Will they miss? Will they miss?!
As expected, Dr. Doppler is thrown back by the shockwave, landing on his rear yet again. "Well," he says, rising and rubbing his head, "I was right. ...mostly."

Blaze Dalmatian grabs up a few different tools of all types from the ground, and then starts to move to climb back up the pillar again. She hears another shockwave. "Morons." She mutters, as she climbs.

Blast Hornet is knocked flat on her butt again as another shockwave strikes. She rises to her feet once more, and peers at the globe. "Why can't you just tell us what you want?!" She shouts to the globe. She doesn't approach the globe, and stays right where she landed. "We're missing something... Overlooked some hint." She muses outloud, but not to anyone in particular.

Lifesaver speaks very carefully. "Take me to the globe..." He sticks his hand within and comes out with gore colored hands. "And pray that this works, my friend." /Please.../ He waits until Alloy gets him there and starts mending the scar on the globe... with his own blood.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "Hmm...did someone say slash and burn? It stopped being interesting after they stopped killing each other."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Punk transmits, "..what're you drinking?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Punk transmits, "Cherry -what-?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Cherry something that makes me feel like my whole body is burning. It's great. I also can't feel my legs."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Punk transmits, "Your usefulness to me is quickly fading, Stumpy."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "...Your body IS burning. Most of the time."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Yeah, but this is different. It's like sleepy burning."

Stealth Nekojin sighs, sent flying away yet again. He hovers there, shaking his head. "You know, it occurs to me that this is highly annoying." He moves forward yet again, the anger beginning to boil once more, stopping only when he sees Lifesaver at the globe, noting how injured he is. "What have we come to? Are we really this desperate to lay claim to something that can destroy us all?" He shakes his head, then sighs, "Ah well. Back to work." Then goes back to trying to figure out how to get the globe to open.

Gimel's optics narrow as he is blasted back as he pulls out something to wrap his arm to stop it from bleeding as he focuses on the globe then to Quint

Ten is blown backwards as she tries to fit the partially carved stone into the rift. The pheonix yells, "Darn it!" Clearly, she is very disapointed that her idea didn't work. Not letting it get to her, she keeps looking at the various tools. .oO(Something here just has to do it!)Oo. Not knowing what else to do, Ten tries to break one tool of each type.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Wood Man transmits, "My brothers Gemini! You sound... different. Come! Come! We need to return these houses into forests! (Sounds in the background.) "Ah! It's begun!" (Sounds of a flame-thrower, then houses collapsing)"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "We're THERE." "Where?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Ooh. Flamethrower. I MUST find. FIRE."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Where the hell are you?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Wood Man transmits, "On the edge of Rio. You'd like it. Very nice. (Las Pampas) Mister Ralph has been showing me how him and the rest of his wolf-pack help our cause."

Ether Skunk enters the Nova Tower.
Ether Skunk has left.

As Ten breaks the first of the tools asunder, the entire room suddenly drops away and you all find yourself sitting in white void, with no apparent walls or floor. Yet, somehow the limbo supports you like a floor, but you can walk in any direction. But where Ten stood instead is a large glowing rift, like a cut in the limbo, until is becomes apparent that it is instead Ten, alight with a flame the Repliforcer has never before been able to generate. And in her hand rests a small red pendant, with gold 'suntips'...

Plum blinks. "Oh my god! A Repliforcer has the pendant! But there's been no vision yet... what's going on?"

Storm Eagle shields his eyes quickly, blinking slightly at the intense light. "Gyah!" Storm was indeed wrong this day, but when, and if he finds the answer he'd agree with it.

Knight Man grunts as he tries to shield his eyes from the light, seems we have a winner. And to Knight's relief, it's someone who's inherently good. But will that matter when faced with the might of the pendent...

Stealth Nekojin shrugs, "Ah well. On the plus side, I didn't die." He grins, and does a happy l'il nekojin victory dance. Then runs before someone decides to try and 'fix' that.

Guts Man is blinded by the light, taking a few steps backwards into nothingness?

Dr. Doppler first shield his eyes, and then looks upon Ten, and smiles. "Excellent..."

Blast Hornet shields her optics from the bright flame emanating from Ten. The Maverick wasp may not have gotten the pendant herself, but the good news is, she's still in one piece.

Quint enters the Nova Tower.
Quint grows bored of his surroundings and marches his high and mighty self over to Nova Tower.
Quint has left.

Lifesaver watches Ten...or the being that was Ten... /It is finally over... what's going to happen next?/ He leans on Alloy for support.

Gimel shields his eyes, quickly stepping back as he looks at the flame, optics widening for a few seconds as he almost prepares to turn and run but remains where he is as he looks away from Ten

Firestorm Phoenix contniues to just lie there, in the coid like thingie, bot much else he can do.

Stealth Nekojin decides to vacate, collecting up Ether and taking her back to base.

Medieval Fox gives a startled sound as she's blinded again for the second time withing a few hours. Cracking an optic open, she's able to make out the shape of Ten with something in her hand. "My sensory systems are going to need a system check at this rate," she murmurs as she tries to make out the Repliforcer.

Stealth Nekojin enters the Nova Tower.
Stealth Nekojin has left.

Alloy's grip on Lifesaver fails as the area suddenly dissolves. But no matter, since none of them seem to be falling. Squinting, before the white light fades slightly and he sees the flame which is Ten, he slumps. Not in despair, but in relief, possibly at the fact that one of 'good side' got the pendant, or possibly that he won't have to worry about trying to attaing the pendant. What happens now, though? And what of the others who seemingly perished before they even reached the tower?

For several moments the skies above the Earth seem to be alight with dancing orange flames, but almost as quickly as they appear, they fade away.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Zeta CO Yamato Man transmits, "Uh-oh."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ballade transmits, "And so Judgement... begins again."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "UnBELIEVABLE."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "I think that's an official Oh, sh*t, Ya. You ready for plan B?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ballade transmits, "I would say that the Accord will be no more. Sunstar is reborn."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Zeta CO Yamato Man transmits, "Do we have a plan B?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Punk transmits, "Yeah."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Yeah. B, as in Beat the SH*T out of Sunstar."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "OOC: I love being drunk ICly."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Wood Man transmits, "What? What's going on?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Godlike power in the hands of someone who is NOT US, Wood."

Ten glows with intense fire. Not the fire the phoenix normally glows with, but the fire of the sun itself! Yet, Ten retains enough of her control to keep the flames from harming anybody. Ten looks about, no longer scared, and definately not looking like her usual from the almost mad expression. Ten speaks, but her voice seems to contain madness. "Well, it looks as though I have been chosen as the one to embody great Sunstar! Well, I think my superiority is pretty clear!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Wood Man transmits, "Oh. That is bad."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ballade transmits, "Do you truely wish that is was one of us, Heat Man? Quint, perhaps, who hates all for his torment?"

Alloy has partially disconnected.

Plum blinks... a little bit afraid of the Repliforcer now...
Job lays there someone... is there a functional medic in the room?

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "Sure. The accord was a GREAT idea as long as we were winning, hm? Look at it THIS way. She's probably still got MORALS, maybe she won't blow up the world..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Not really. But I'd really prefer that we had it more than someone who hates us, Ballade."

Firestorm Phoenix also lays there, unable to move from power loss.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Zeta CO Yamato Man starts to lose it. "I don't think any of us should have gotten those pendants! They are a menace! They will be the doom of us all!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ballade transmits, "Tron had no morals. She gained them. This is Sunstar of whom we speak, Gemini."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "I just turned on the News, What's happened?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Oh, well. I beat her before. I'll beat her again."

Afterburner Accipiter looks up towards his Repliforce commander, a bit of pride and probably some jealous in his eyes, as he folds his arms in front of him and simply nods - the task at hand finally completed.
Storm Eagle blinks at Ten slightly, "...The Destroyer..." he just backpedals, "We need to get out of here, Mavericks... Move out.." he says before turning to get the HECK OUTTA HERE!

Storm Eagle enters the Nova Tower.
Storm Eagle has left.

Morph Moth aye-ayes, and scoops to recover the fallen Maverick General's body before hurrying after Storm Eagle.

Vile enters the Nova Tower.
Vile has left.

Lifesaver blinks at Ten as he is fully healed. Look Ma! No holes! He approaches Job to jury-rig him until he reaches San-Ann General...

Morph Moth enters the Nova Tower.
Morph Moth has left.

Knight Man narrows his eyes at the phoenix, now embodying everything the mythological creature is. He takes a step forward "Aye, thou hast figured out the riddle, thou dost deserveth to possesseth the pendent. What thou dost do with thine power now... may change all our fates. I only hope that thou dost retaineth enough of thineself to control Sunstar's power..." He seems a bit nervous, perhaps at the fact that Ten/Sunstar might recognize the spark of Terra's power that Tron infected Knight Man with.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "What I'M wondering is...what happens NOW."

Firestorm Phoenix is magicly healed, so he gets up and makes a hasty retreat.
Lifesaver effects some minor repair work on Job.
Firestorm Phoenix enters the Nova Tower.
Firestorm Phoenix has left.
Blast Hornet enters the Nova Tower.
Blast Hornet has left.

Job blinks gets up and grones. "Thank you... sir."

Guts Man limps over to some of his fallen comrades to pick up their bodies and head back to base.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "I think I throw up the stuff I'd been drinking."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Now... we wait. I believeth is all we can do."

Dr. Doppler nods solemnly, and follows Storm Eagle.
Dr. Doppler enters the Nova Tower.

Dr. Doppler has left.

Plum says, "Well, folks, we've gotten you the scoop... Ten from Repliforce now embodies the power of Sunstar! You heard it here first, folks... here on GNN!" She looks to Camera. "Now let's book before the Mavericks realize what happened to Vile. End transmission."

The Camera turns off.
Plum's Camera has left.
Plum takes Plum's Camera.

Plum phews. "Best show I ever did."

Job looks at Ten. "Ten? Is that you?"

Cappella has left.
Guts Man takes Cappella.

Gimel frowns as he backs away watching the mavericks run off before quickly throwing a smoke bomb down saying, "I do not care who that is. Time to disappear."

Gimel blinks to another location.
Gimel has left.

Sonic Banshee would say otherwise. But she's currently still Braindead. Of course, since her player is pondering going to bed, Sonic is going to just shuffle off.

Medieval Fox tilts her head at Ten as she heads for the stairway back down. "May you be able to retain your true self," she calls out to the changed Repliforcer. "And contain the madness that already seeps out from your lips." The vulpine turns towards the exit, already unsheathing the stave at her back.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ballade transmits, "We'll see, Gemini. If we all die... then so be it."

Guts Man leaves before the the possibility of Ten going Sunstar happens.
Guts Man enters the Nova Tower.
Guts Man has left.
Sonic Banshee enters the Nova Tower.
Sonic Banshee has left.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "How many wounded and unconcious?"

Alloy struggles to his feet, looking at the phoenix and her...supplicant? If you could call Knight Man that. It seems his own injuries, flesh wounds if that, have been healed as well. Looking around at Lifesaver, his eyes almost sparkle as he hears Ether's voice once again over the radio. "Well, are we off?" he asks, almost anxious to head back down and find her.

Ten sees the faces of some of her friends, and regains some measure of control. Trying to get ahols of herself, Ten says, "We... let's get out of here. I... I hate this place! I want to be away from it! I want to destroy it!" Ten huffs for a moment. "I want you all to be safe! Let's go!"

Sewa enters the Nova Tower.
Sewa has left.

Plum blinks at Ten, eyes widening. "Camera! Let's go, NOW!" She wastes no time in getting the heck outta dodge, Camera zipping behind her.
Job nods and one does not taunt a pendant holder escpially one who has Sunstar's powers. "I'm out of here!" Job moves like a bat out hell heading for the stairs.

Terra has reset your health to full endurance.

Afterburner Accipiter starts his powerful engines up, getting them built up to full speed - shaking the entire tower as he does so. He spreads his magnificent wings to their maximum spand, and prepares to lift off as soon as Ten gives the word - following his commander out in honor.
Knight Man eyes Ten for a moment. He's not one to argue with a pendent bearer. At least Ten didn't go ballistic on him for being an envoy of Terra/Tron. Knight quickly makes his way out of there, and eventually back to the Gesellschaft deep in the continent.

Plum flees!
Plum enters the Nova Tower.
Plum has left.

<Global News Network> The screen flashes, as an anchor man runs to his seat. "We interrupt this event which could change the entire fate of the world for you this one news bulletin. We have a report of a small fire in Rio. Let's go to our Eye in the Sky." Cut to the camera. "Well, Dave, what we thought was a small fire has gotten an entire neighborhood ablaze!" Shaky Zoom in on what appears to be 4 robots, and a pack of large timber wolves.

<Global News Network> <Cont> The wolves and robots look up, and one fires. "This seems to be a case of arso--AHHHHH!" Large, deafening explosions light the skies, as a large jolt of the camera is punctuated by a silence. The camera view flies about, looking forward at a house on the ground, closer, closer, closer, to pure static. Cut back to the news stage. The anchorman stares towards the camera, mouth open, dumbfounded.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Wood Man transmits, "I think so. The twins did us a favor."

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