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Title: Report and Return
*Wily spinny, and then Knight Man's ugly mug. Huzzah, he's back!*

Knight Man stands there, in his full midnight blue armor, looking back to his old self, and if you can notice, his right eye twitches briefly. "Well brothers, I haveth returned from mine... absence. As I art sure many of thee hast figured out what hast happened to me over the past several weeks, I'll try to explaineth mineself, though I must admit... I art still puzzled as to /how/ this all came about. It started the night Tron recieved the first pendent, I believeth. When I tried to stoppeth her from leaving the island, she blasted me with a burst of green energy (Spark Chaser) When I awoke the morning later, I felteth... well, I can not explaineth it. Any anger towards Tron I felt was gone, and I twas gripped with an urge to... well, see the coming events out for mineself, tis the best way I can explaineth it. Everything that happened since then, thou shouldst all know. Howevereth, now I art back to mine old self, Lord Wily hast scanned me over the past day to maketh sure of that. Whatever happened, hast passed. Now, as for that wench, /Tron/..." He says her name, with a slight snarl, but he pauses and continues "...despite mine outburst when I regained mine senses.... I'll go no further to try and endanger her.. for now. Should Lord Wily deemeth her our ally again, then so be it. BUT... the moment should Lord Wily should /ever/ deemeth her our enemy and order her eliminated, I shalt be the first to act! I holdeth no affection for that girl, nor do I holdeth her in ANY positive light. I'll containeth mine rage against her for now." He sighs for a moment, pausing "And finally.. .about mine behaviour over the past several weeks, particulary on Tuesday eve...I..." He pauses again, looks like this is hard for him to admit "...I wish to ...apoligize to Sir Enker, Sir Ballade and Brother Gemini, not for mine actions against them. But for insulting their loyalty to Lord Wily. Mine own loyalty was thrown into question as well, I art just glad this tis all over and we knoweth who our allies are again, more or less..." He pauses, one more issue "One final thing. A request. If the elites or Lord Wily haveth any sort of punishment in mind for mine actions, I'll not try to talketh them out of it, I just ask they get it done quickly, so I may returneth to active duty." He smirks, not that you can see it behind the black holographic shadow his helmet projects over his face "It hast been FAR too long since I buried mine mace into the skull of an enemy. I art looking forward to getting back to normal. For Lord Wily. Knight Man out."

*And there's the skully spinny. Zortch.*
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Re: Report and Return Thu Feb 07 Punk
A super dynamic news special! We now bring you to the Robot Master news-desk, where Punk wearing a plastic Knight Man helmet sits!

"I. AM. KNIGHTMAN!" Punk tilts his head back and bellows. His right hand raises, and makes those movements as if he's talking. "BLEE BLA BLO. I AM TALKING NOW! BLEE BLA BLO. I ran out with some skank! I apologized to everyone BUT Punk! Fo fi fo fee thee-fum!"

Calmly, Punk removes the plastic Knight Man helm and tosses it off to the side. A window shatters, a cat screeches, and a woman screams bloody murder. Clearing his throat, the Elite stares into the camera.

"In other news, Knight Man is going to die sometime this week."

Punk glances down to his watch and then back up to the camera.

"Clock's tickin', motherf**ker.."

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Punishments Thu Feb 07 Enker
Enker appears on screen, looking faintly amused.

"Considering the acts of the last four hundred hours under a closer light, there is indeed a need for punishment, as my dear brother Punk has already begun the elaboration of. Unfortunately, given our current situation, no one -- and I mean no one -- is to be put offline for those actions. I have something else in mind."

"Knight Man. Crystal Man. Dust Man. Quick Man. Metal Man. For various reasons, all five of you will now make your way to Antarctica, and carry out construction of our new base, preparing it for the arrival of the Citadel. Skull Fortress itself has arrived, but the generic forces are not building fast enough. So, the five of you, my fellowship of five, will venture forth and see to construction. Your weapons are to be locked, however, and permission from an Elite must be gained in order to return, unless additional support is needed."

"If anyone else wishes to assist, they may. Otherwise, get your rears to Antarctica, before I throw you there myselves. Thank you."

He nods. Transmission end.

Bonne Airship <Gesellschaft>

The bridge of the Gesellschaft is a wide open command center with a sweeping view of the world outside. The central control area is a circular trench of stations where the Servbots man their positions, with piloting, engine, and weapons stations. Within this there is a raised platform with a walkway and another tier above that. Jutting from this tier is the captain's position, dominated by a great wooden wheel. The Bonne's smiling robotic skull set on the wheel housing to watch over the command center. To either side of the forward Servbot stations are a pair of hemispherical navigation displays.

Corridors lead back from the bridge, leading to many other parts of the massive craft. The main one of these being the Forward Hangar Bay. Situated in the 'mouth' area of the Gesellschaft, the 'teeth' slide open vertically to disgorge the flights of Drache that are situated in fighter bays across the backs and sides of the hangar bay. Several large, square hatches on the hangar bay's deck are clearly marked with red danger signs, the locations from which the Bonne Ride Armors are launched.
Tron Bonne
Gesellschaft - Tron's Room <TRR>
Gesellschaft - Teisel's Room <TR>
Gesellschaft - Bon's Room <BBR>
Gesellschaft - Vehicle Bay/Lab

And here, between the peaks of Mt. Kilamajaro... there is a think and blanketing fog. It spreads from peak to peak, filling the valley heavily and giving it a gently mystical appearance... ...the valley floor as it always was... save where a massive bulk hides in the mist. A massive bulk that is entirely and heavily damaged by the actions of the Chaos Pendant Bearers... and the Mad Dash through the world.

And here, on the Bridge... is Tron Bonne. She is herself again, though weary... her talk with someone still here helped her a great deal... ...though the ship and what happened to it that night are still her primary concern. She runs hands over consoles, directing and planning out the slow repair of the massive ship... hiding out while she recovers from her terrible Ordeal...

...and indeed... she did forget to tell the Servbots... about the events on the Island... and about certain people. Tron has been very tired, and looks very, very drained...

...but for someone who had the very power of Life Energy at their fingertips for 2 whole weeks, not to mention the feel of that energy rejuvinating your body... then to have it suddenly and violently ripped away... ...she is holding out admirably.

A light clomping can be heard from the hallway. Not terribly heavy, it could easily be a servbot, or perhaps Bon. The footsteps stop at the enterence to the bridge for a moment or two. Seconds pass, and finally a voice comes. But it is not the voice or a Servbot, or Bon's tell-all 'Babu'. It isn't even the voice of Lance Princeton, no it's Knight Man. Knight Man's hard, coarse and evil sounding voice suddenly echos throughout the Gesellschaft bridge. "Hmph. After all tis said and done, after thou hast played hero for weeks, and strung me along, thou dost sit tight and lick thine wounds? Art thou hiding out, hoping that certain people may forgeteth?"

The Pirate Princess doesn't bother with the sound of the footfalls, figuring it likely to be Bon... someone who she'd be very glad to see right now. The seconds pass as Tron runs her hands over the controls and studies the panels... seeing to the Ordering of the Gustav. Then... ...the Voice. The terrible, deep, hard, and coarce voice that is terribly and all together Evil again. Tron /starts/ and looks up, blinking at the figure near her and gazes for long moments in shock... then slowly... she sighs softly... and speaks in a slow, resigned voice. "...Something like that, Knight Man, actualy... ...being a normal girl again is both good, and bad like that. ...I forgot to tell the Servbots about what happened, it seems... ...oh well." Tron looks up to Knight Man. "So... ...what have you come here for?" Tron seems... resigned... ...the 'depression' after loosing Terra's pendant hitting her hard. "Whatever it is... ...thank you for what you did for me during that. Without you... I would not have been able to remain sane..."

Knight Man sneers "Don't talketh to me like we art on friendly terms!" He clenches his fist, and it IS just a fist, all of his weapon systems were locked thanks to Enker's 'punishment'. He hmphs, as he walks closer "I've not come for thine life, if thou art at all worried about that. Though it dost looketh to me that thou wouldst looketh death in the eye and not flinch, tis a sad sight, really." He snickers at this for a moment or two " Mine brothers who possessed the pendent art already on their feet, as eager as ever to go back to serving Lord Wily, with no ill-effects it seems." Except Enker's persistence of using LOTR expressions, but whatever. "But thou art only a /girl/ afterall, I art surprised thou survived the whole ordeal as it is! Tch, but I came here not to insult either..." Though he's done a pretty good job so far. He glances at Tron for a second, to see her reaction, if any.

The Pirate Princess gazes at Knight Man with her emerald eyes rather emotionless... though as the insults flow... a spark of her old anger and peak coming from her. A frown builds on her face. Her emerald eyes narrow... ...oh yes, she is still Tron Bonne... as firey as always. She leans back, taking a bit more of her Princessly posture of old, and the one she took a lot in the last few weeks. Chin up. Arms on the Armrests. Fists clenched. Feet on the Floor. Shoulders back. She is the picture of a Princess on her Throne.

And she gives what all girls do in this sortof situation... though not many, if /ANY/, have been in this particular situation. She sniffs! "Hmph! So what /have/ you come for, Knight Man? If you'd stop throwing insults and get to the point, and if not to hurt me... then just say it and get out of here before I call the Servbots and Bon!"

Same Old Tron.

Knight Man smirks under the black of his helmet, then starts snickering. Looks like he unintentionally brought her back, how ironic. His snickering becomes a bit of a chuckle for a moment before it dies down. "Seems we art both back to normal... indeed, tis better this way." Any pleasentness in his voice stops, as he turns to glower at Tron for a moment "First of all, I'll haveth thee know that because of mine actions, which I was not totally responsible, Sir Enker hast ordered mine weapons locked and sent me and several more of mine brothers who were insolent to do menial labour in Antarctica. Meaning of course, I art forced to miss out on the coming battles, thanks to thee." He hmphs, and looks away, back out the window at the mountain peaks. He'd look out from the bridge frequently in his stay, maybe it's one last time for old times sake? "Though I said I'd geteth back at thee, I haveth no time for it now. ...not /now/... howevereth..." He pauses, the same uncomfortable pause he made when he was about to apologize to Enker Ballade and Gemini. "...after consideration of EVERYTHING that hast happened, not only in the past several weeks, but EVERYTHING thou hast done... after thinking about it... I've decided..." He glares back at Tron once more, perhaps to scare her? "...that we art even. I'll try not to harm thee, or hold any vendetta. For now."

The Pirate Princess gazes on Knight with her chilled emerald eyes, both of them becoming as cold as two shards of ice. At the snickering, she only firms her features, nodding firmly as he continues to speak... though without the raging torents of her old Courage, she does feel the Fear that radiates from Knight Man in his current, returned state... ...she does her best to conceal it just as her mother taught her.

...then at the final words... she /BLINKS/ a moment... then nods. Slowly.

"I... See. ...And I understand..." Tron shakes her head firmly, shaking away her old fear as rapidly as possible... then turns on Knight Man her brightest, most wonderful smile.

"...And I look forward to the day day, Knight..."

A Pause.

"...I think you'll look good as 'Shield Maiden'.

Knight Man SNEERS. "Don't geteth me wrong, girl. I've decided to bury mine rage against thee for now, and only for now. Do /not/ ever considereth me thine ..friend again. For should the day come that Lord Wily deem thou our enemy again... thou shalt see me soon after that, before I bury mine mace into thine skull!" He hmphs, and turns to leave "And if I haveth anything to do with it, thou shalt have NO opprotunity to do any such thing to mineself again." He takes a few more steps "...and if I were thee, girl, I'd prepareth to grovel considerbly to Lord Wily and Enker before they alloweth thee as our ally again. Good luck restoring thine wreck of a ship... girl." *walk*walk*walk*

Tron /sniffs!/

Then for long moments after Knight slowly walks away, Tron having not replied to words that do make her dread... ...Tron sighs softly then... her face returning to sadness... looking after the being who helped her so much and kept her sane in her long, terribly long last two weeks... and murmurs softly... the sound still carrying in the empty bridge... ...and maybe even to Knight Man as he walks away.

"...thank you, Knight man..."

Tron then turns slowly back to her work, running her hands over the controls and ordering the Servbots to prepare themselves and issuing reports of who should not be allowed in and who not... and everything /else/ she had to do. -_-

A console blips. Whichever one, it's Tron's ship. It seems there's a message for her... or rather, by the date, it was recorded sometime on Tuesday, before everything slipped into madness, timed not to appear until sometime after.

Tron blinks, pausing to study the console for long moments... ...then slowly her pink gloved fingers run over the console, and keys for the message and it's playing. Curiousity sparking in her eyes...

And appearing, holographicly projected, is a mini-image of...Knight Man. Or, Lance, to be precise. "Tron..." He starts "I recorded this message, believing that it may endeth tonight. And should it end as I hath predicted, then we shalt both turneth back to normal, and I shalt likely detesteth thee again. Before that, there is one thing I wanted to telleth thee..." He pauses, for a moment "Though thou hast been thanking me considerbly for mine efforts in thine aid... it is I who should thanketh thee. In the end, I believeth I finally realized what it was I was experiencing all this time. Brother Crystal's words helped considerably. 'What do I want'? Tis what I was asked. And for now, I haveth no answer, outside of servitude of Lord Wily. But this has helped me realizeth something. Till now, I thought of nothing but being a fighting machine for mine Lord. Mine time with thee hast showed me, that I do indeed haveth more to experience. It hast given me hope... that one day should Lord Wily's fight be over, one way or the other... and I findeth mineself with no more battles to fight. Mine time with thee hast shown me that I /can/ be more than merely a war machine. As of right now, I art not ready to fighteth for mineself, or seek out what /I/ want, but someday, when Lord Wily's use of me is no more, and I still findeth mineself seeking a purpose for existence... someday." He nods "Till then, I'll likely be mine old self. To maketh sure this message isn't erased by mineself when I art restored, I have managed to find a way to erase part of mine memory, which I shalt do once this message is complete, erasing mine memory of making it." He pauses once more "Be aware of me once I art restored. I likely won't be happy. I wisheth there were a way I could retaineth mine current personality, but it likely won't be possible. I wisheth thee luck in thine endevours in the future Tron....farewell." And the image blips out, message ending.

The Pirate Princess watches for all the moments of the message... ...and as the final message blinks out... ...a tear silently falls on the screen. Her Pink gloved hands are in fists before her mouth, in the posture of someone very torn up inside... leaning over the screen and gazing intently at the blankness. Her legs slowly fold up onto the chair under her.

Silently and slowly as a few more tears fall onto the screen... a hand lowers, and presses the replay.


And Tron watches it again, tears in her eyes, and a soft, yet sad smile on her lips.

...and so it goes.

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