Gesellschaft - Vehicle Bay/Lab

Welcome to the Vehicle Bay/Laboratory of the Bonne Family Pirates!

Large and expansive, this lab serves as both Tron's workspace, and the launch and repair bays for the Bonne Family Mechas like the Gustav, and the recent bay added for the Yakuza Mech, The Glyder. Repair tools of all shapes, sizes, and purposes can be found here for the repair and refueling of Ride Armor.

In the other sections of the Lab, places are set up for the more scientifically minded Servbots, for the research and development tasks they are put too. Here, the energy refueling 'Bottles' are made, and the Gustav Gatling was developed. The Science Stations expand to other parts of the room with large computer banks and large monitors, as well as several repair tables for smaller to larger beings like the Robot Masters. Included in this group is the as yet unprogrammed Supercomputer, recently gifted to Tron after stolen by Teisel personally from right under the UN's nose.

Shaun Gilmour
Glyde Loath
Variable Assault Ride Armor <Glyder>
Tron Bonne
Bonne Dropship <Drache>
Servbot #1

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Charge Man transmits, "SCOREO NE FOR THE SMASH BASH!"

The Pirate Princess nods slowly. "Gotcha." Then she slowly begins to pace, pondering for long moments before she begins to speak. "This started with the finding of a Sphere, by an Archeologist... ...which us currently possesed by Enker. He killed the Archeologist and stole the object, and then used it to follow the trail which lead him to the first Island... the Island which sank into the sea after I found my Pendant there. The first riddles there were about Twila, and simplicity... so that of course led me to theorize by the things it mentioned that it was the Stardroids. And my actions that day were... mostly under the control of the Pendant. I went to find The Chosen of Terra... ...Mega Man... and warned him that it was only beginning... then all that fun stuff with Sonic." Tron sighs. "And me using the Spark Chaser on Knight while I was escaping the island... which caused him to... ...become nice. The energy was obviously Stardroidal..." Tron sighs. "Then the next weeks... and the ten days of Pendant Scrabbling." Tron shakes her head. "Nothing really new, there..."

"But... the first riddle, which is the one we have now, is the one that is the key. There is obviously something more to it. It speaks possessively... 'my'. And the 'Confused Band' is obviously the Pendant Bearers. But who is speaking possessivly of us... as I said to Glyde earlier... There is /someone/ behind this... this isn't something they left... this is /intentional/. But for what purpose, I don't know."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Delta CO Dust Man transmits, "Status report?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Flash Man transmits, "*absent tone* Some worm and bird are blowing each other to pieces. Charge is picking a fight with a large lobster. Anyone have some butter?"

Glyde Loath hmms. "Well, where was this sphere found? On the island, or elsewhere?" he asks.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Delta CO Dust Man transmits, "Thank you. Sounds like Seismic and Crawfish are out playing. Have you ascertained why they'd be in Cairo?"

Knight Man stands at the doorway to the lab "The Confused Band, yes, it doest soundeth like something Brother Crystal toldeth me earlier..." He walks into the lab, with a short stride "Howevereth, before I dost geteth into that, I shouldst telleth thee what I cameth across on the final Pendent Hunt, Tron."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Flash Man transmits, "No idea, as of yet."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Flash Man transmits, "Argh! Damned whoever that is....augh.."

The Pirate Princess looks to Glyde and shakes her head. "I don't know... I don't think so... ...only the archeologist knows for sure... or perhaps Enker. We'll have to question him about it later." Tron then looks up at the words from the door, and beams. "Knight Man!" Tron waves him in brightly, then nods. "...Please. I'm very interested in what happened... ...I've only heard of Ten's acquiring of it."

Knight Man slowly nods "Aye, twas the Repliforcer called Ten that completed the final puzzle in the end." He sighs "Where to starteth... After thine Servbot dropped me off, I cameth across some suspicious desolate tombs, along with many others. Brother Guts, Gemini and Sir Quint were also present, along with some Mavericks, the Repliforcers, and an annoying reporter crew. We were faced with the usual type of tests, though nothing eventful happened until we reached a mysterious golden tower deep in the cavern. There, those who did rusheth at the tower were attacked by what seemed to be Scarabs, and unfortunatly, it dost seem that one of the Repliforce officers was eaten alive. People have seemed to dieth before on these quests, though I see not how she could have survivedeth that, I know not if she turned up or not. Anyway, at the top of the tower, we cameth across a globe of the earth, which looked rather dire, red oceans and black continents, and on the floor, there were many simple tools. After some Gargoyles attackedeth us, we were left with the final puzzle... which the Repliforcer solved by breaking one of each tool, apparently representing Sunstar's hated for being a tool. I could not figureth it out, though in the process I tried to keep Vile and those like him from getting the pendent. ...tis a good thing that the pendent fell into the hands of someone inherently good, though I know not how it is wearing on her mind..." He pauses for a minute, what a mouthful.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Charge Man transmits, "AWwww man the fool left!"

Glyde Loath listens, absently brushing a rose against the underside of his chin.

Shaun Gilmour has arrived.

The Surf Ninja sits at a table, looking kind of tired. His sleeves are rolled up, and at the moment he is applying moisturizer to angry red arms. He looks pained yet, even though he basically had new skin put over his bones from several days in the chamber.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Delta CO Dust Man transmits, "I have my drone on site, what's the situation?"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Charge Man transmits, "Well It seems like theres a lotta fights"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] God of War Gemini Man transmits, "Wehere, Charge Man...where?"

The Pirate Princess nods, her eyes closing in sadness upon nearing the events that took place. "...Well... if there is any justice... those who died will be revived like those in the other tasks were... So many people died in the fight for Gemini's... but only he emerged Victorious. And everyone else... got back up." Tron sighs, before looking to Knight. "You did a very good job, Knight Man. And yes... Sunstar..." Tron shakes her head, just shaking /that/ Pendant induced thought away. "...It's good that Ten got it, at least... and not Sonic Banshee or someone else... ...if someone good did not, there would be a /lot/ of Destruction by now." Tron sighs. "Thanks for all your good work, Knight. You've helped more then you know... and likely helped save the world a few times over." Tron smiles to the Knight. "I don't know if your going to be able to stomach it... when this all gets over... ...but thanks. I'm very glad your here with me."

Tron then pauses, looking to the others. "Now, what else needs be said... ...we have the Origional Riddle. We have something ahead of us that not even /we/ can guess." Tron sighs. "I'm thinking that we need to gather all of the Order Pendant Bearers here... and then, this weekend, initiate our search for the End of this." Tron shakes her head. "This weekend will... give some of us time to say goodbye... or get more things done... ...because I don't know what is going to happen to us, Shaun, when this is over." Tron looks to him. "Now or later... It's going to probably be /bad/."

Knight Man shakes his head, and lightly chuckles "Saveth the world? Heh.. nay, don't giveth me any such credit. At least not until this tis all resolved, and I'll dealeth with any feelings I'll have then. But for now I haveth no regrets." He pauses as she talks of the coming weekend, preparing to bring up another point, which Crystal Man had mentioned to him, it may help her decide her actions.

Glyde Loath shakes his head slightly, tapping the rose against his chin absently. "The problem does arise, also, that while the other pendant bearers may have a truce with you now, that may not last. And if Enker is the only one who's sure where the sphere came from, he may be troublesome about revealing more about it. Perhaps if we were to study the archeologist?

"A smart man once told me," says Shaun, "that death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back."

He rubs the last of the moisturizer into his arms, rolling back down his sleeves. He produces a cold Guinness from hyperspace and cracks it open, producing a pint glass from another hyperspace pocket. Carefully, he pours the Guinness into the glass, then lets it sit for a moment.
"We're all going to die. Now, next week, next year, in twenty years, in a hundred. We all die. That's what I've learned in this life. Once you accept that, you've learned the only lesson worth learning."

Tron Bonne receives a radio transmission.

The Pirate Princess looks to Glyde and nods. "I have several ideas... and theories. Studying where the Archeologist was last is a good idea... and yes, the Truce might not last, especialy if all of us come together in one place. I don't want to know what would happen if that occured. Gathering the Order bearers here and then me speaking to Enker would be our best bet."

Tron then looks to Knight and smiles. "Whatever you say, Knight... It's how I feel. Thank you."

Tron then pauses, listening slowly to Shaun. A soft smile spreading on her lips. "You have a point there, Shaun." Tron looks to him. "But... I'm not ready to die yet. In fact... /I/ intend to live forever!" Tron smirks an impish smirk to Shaun. "But, what we intend doesn't always happen. We'll see what happens in the next few days... ...we may have a battle on our hands. Can you tell the others? The Striders? Kain and the others could help a lot... I really don't think it is over, from what everyone seems to thin. We got to find out /who/ is doing this. And I don't know about you... but I don't want to be a 'Goddess' anymore. I'm rather tired of it... I would rather be what I was, just a normal girl, again." Tron then shakes her head.

"So... We have some preperations to do..." Tron looks to Glyde. "Soon, I'd like you to do a scouting mission over the Southwest pacific for me. I want to make sure the origional island... well... is still sunk. If not... then we may have our answer."

Glyde Loath sighs, then shrugs. "Sure, why not? I could use a south pacific vacation, if nothing else. Certainly if it's there, I shall find it!"

Tron Bonne sends a radio transmission.
Tron Bonne receives a radio transmission.

The Surf Ninja tends to agree with Tron. It's not like his `elite powers' have made him any better at doing what he does best, anyway -- it's just made him grumpy and gotten him into trouble.
He nurses some of his Guinness, putting it down gently afterward. "I don't want the Striders involved with this," he says. "I take care of my own problems. If they want to help out, it'll be because they want to, rather than me asking them."

Knight Man coughs, and speaks up "If I may Tron, I believeth there is a point I shouldst make, one that Brother Crystal informed me of a few days earlier..."

Tron Bonne sends a radio transmission.

Tron smiles to Glyde. "Kay... You have a bit of time to take it easy for now... then we'll likely need to learn what you find." Tron nods firmly, before sending a glance to the Surf Ninja and nods again to him. "Gotcha... ...I'd rather put this behind me, then deal with it for much longer." Tron hmms softly... "...I have a few things to take care of myself, before this is over... I need to see Sonic again... and the Cho--..." Tron shakes her head sharply there, before leting Knight change the subject. "Hmm... Please, Knight. I'd like to hear it. Crystal is... definitely one I'd trust to know."

Glyde Loath glances to Knight, a bit curious what was come up as well.

Knight Man sighs "Well, Crystal Man has madeth it clear before he haseth his own views on this whole matter. So I decided to asketh him about it over radio. Basically, what he dost believeth is that the Stardroids originally cameth from one being, like Duo and Chaos, and that their... seperation into their divided factions twas never intended. He believes they art in an unnatural state as we knowest them. And that this entire situation, what tis happening now, is a 'test' for THEM. Crystal Man believes that in order for this to conclude, the Stardoids, or their essences must realize their true selves. That the Stardroids art reviving now to carryeth out this task, and art using their hosts to restore themselves, at least their souls. Crystal Man toldeth me, he believes the only way their war will end is to geteth them to realize this. Howevereth he dost mean to do it, is unknown. But it shalt likely proveth to be difficult, as the Chaos Stardoids want nothing to do with the Order, and indeed vica versa, I'm sure associating thineselves, Shaun and Tron, with the Chaos Stardoids must not be appealing at all. Howevereth, Crystal Man dost believeth this is the true meaning of this, and will only end when it tis realized..."

Tron Bonne receives a radio transmission.

"Hmf," mutters Shaun, and drinks more of his Guinness in response.

Tron Bonne sends a radio transmission.
Tron Bonne receives a radio transmission from Alloy.

The Pirate Princess pauses for long, slow moments... her brow furrowing and her eyes closing. "...Crystal... has good theories. I'll take it into consideration for all of this. If anyone can intuit the things going on, I think he can. ...You have a point that associating right now with the chaos bearers is /not/ something I would ever do very willingly. It took all of my strength not to blast Enker and Gemini when they came to the Gesellschaft's bridge to discuss the Truce." Tron looks to Knight. "Thank you, Knight."

Tron then hmms softly. "Can you do me a favor, Knight? ...Go back home, and tell Enker that he needs to go about gathering the Chaos Bearers, if he can... ...they'll likely as kill one another then us. But, I'll go about doing so here. We have to reason out what is going on here, and I /think/ we still have some time... ...quite a bit of time, maybe."

Tron looks to Glyde, "If you can see what the Yakuza know, and do that scouting flight... ...if the Island is there, leave it alone. Do /not/ land on it. I'll supply you with the co-ordonates before I go."

Tron then looks to Shaun. "Rest for a bit more, then do your thing, if you need it. The Striders may need you. Just radio the Gesell and a Drache will come pick you up anywhere in the world and bring you back here..." Tron shakes her head, looking to all three men. "Thank you all. We have a lot of work to do before this is over... ...and if the Pendants were any inclination... We /won't/ be able to solve this before the appointed time. The island may not even be there now, Glyde... and it may appear another time, or wherever we need to be. Whatever the case, I'm glad your all here."

Tron them beams her brightest, most lovely smile to all three, "Shall we get to work?"

Glyde Loath nods slightly, pushing off from the wall. "If it's there, I shall certainly spot it." He saunters towards the Glyder. "I'll inform you if I find anything, of course."

Tron Bonne sends a radio transmission to Alloy.
Glyde Loath has left.

Variable Assault Ride Armor <Glyder> powers up, its visor glowing to life, then seems to leap up into the air as it shifts to aerial mode, rumbling forwards as it launches.

Variable Assault Ride Armor <Glyder> changes into its Aerial Armor armor
Variable Assault Ride Armor <Glyder> has left.

Tron Bonne receives a radio transmission.

Knight Man eyetwitches "Sir Enker... is one I'd rather not approacheth in person. He... in a recent report of his, between his ravings, he mentioned that he wouldst... taketh care of me. I know not if he was being serious, or if it twas nothing more than his ravings, especially since Lord Wily's orders for mineself abouteth thee still stand. Yet... who knows what he dost thinketh. Howevereth, tis no matter, I can radioeth him, and if necessary, I'll see him in person."

"Sure," says the Surf Ninja, easing back careflly in his seat. "After my beer."

Tron looks to Knight, and nods. "See if you can't ask about the Sphere. I'm sure it has some importance... the thing or sphere or whatever it was the archeologist had. It started us on this wild goosechase... and I just want it over before I hurt anyone else." Tron sighs. "I know you have the courage, Knight... It's up to you. Be careful, however... ...Enker should hold to the agreement, and it should cover you as well, if your being sent as my emmesary because... ...well I don't think I can control myself too well if we meet again. Tell him that I feel the need to fight only getting worse... and it's going to be come very dangerous if we all do encounter one another..." Tron shakes her head slowly, before looking to the Surf Ninja. "Kay... Rest a bit... your still hurt, as you said... feel better..."

Tron smiles then to the pair. "I have to go get to work myself... I'll see you both later today..." Tron turns, striding for the exit from the Labs... "It'll be over soon, I'm sure of it."

Knight Man nods "Aye. Though whilst Sir Enker may listeneth to me, I don't think Brother Gemini will be quite as civil, so I'll try and arrangeth a meeting with Sir Enker in a place like San Angeles, or Eurasia. However I don't believeth he is active now, so I haveth some time to prepareth mine case. And aye, I art sure this will be over soon as well... I only hope t'will be in our favor..." He nods again, and turns to exit himself.

Mumbling to himself, the Surf Ninja drowns his pain in Ireland's finest, staring into the bottom of his glass.

The Pirate Princess slips away, waving to the pair, calling out. "Take care, and good luck!" ...and then she is gone!

*Some time later...*

You enter The Reploid Room - Bar.
The Reploid Room - Bar

As you enter the bar area, you notice the fine chrome rail that stretches almost all the way around the pseudo-circular room. The bar is a full service station, equipped with not one, but two menus - reploid and human. A few back doors imply a kitchen in the back. The rest of the room is set up in lavish velvet booths and tables. A few very sweetly dressed female reploids and humans wait on folks, here to serve you. Kick back and enjoy!
Christmas Tree

Obvious exits:
Dance Floor <DF> leads to The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.
Pool Hall <PH> leads to The Reploid Room - Pool Hall.

[Radio: (E) Public] Snake Man yawns. "Ssso what are the dippy Mavericksss up to now, hmm?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "Something menial that requires their combined brainpower, I'd wager."

[Radio: (E) Public] Metal Man transmits, "Quite ture, I'm suprised they have the brain power to do anything."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quint transmits, "The total of them couldn't outwit a desk."

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "At least that's one advantage you have on them, Quint."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quint transmits, "Are you suggesting something?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "That you can outwit a desk, while they can't."

[Radio: (E) Public] Snake Man snickers

[Radio: (E) Public] Quint transmits, "I can outwit any magnitude of desks."

[Radio: (E) Public] Stealth Nekojin transmits, "How are you with rocks?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "What about large wooden badgers?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Rocks can get the better of Quint."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quint transmits, "Lies!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Along with mayonaise."

[Radio: (E) Public] Big Bad Sword Man transmits, "This is news to me, Sir Quint..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Snake Man transmits, "What'sss that, Sssword? That Quint'sss not sssmarter than mayo?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "But if you mayonnaise, would you let yourself be outwitted by something called 'Quint'? I think not."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quint transmits, "Shut up! I've outwitted mayo in the past! I can do it again!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "Even.. low fat mayo?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Metal Man transmits, "That is nice quint."

[Radio: (E) Public] Flash Man transmits, "....Quint, there is a point where responding further just does not help."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quint grunts.

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Yeah, but he doesn't know where that point is."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Do ya Quint?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Quint transmits, "I don't need this! Are you questioning what I've said?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Metal Man transmits, "I would never do such a thing Quint."

[Radio: (E) Public] Big Bad Sword Man transmits, "Is there truly a point to your prattling, Brother? I, for one, cannot find one...."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Nah. I wouldn't make you want to have to think of an answer and hurt yourself, Quint."

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "How do you know you're not questioning what you said?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Quint transmits, "There's always a point to me speaking. You get to hear more of my beautiful voice."

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "If rubbing a chalkboard with sandpaper was beautiful, I suppose.."

[Radio: (E) Public] Egocentric? ME?! Quint transmits, "Shut up!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Flash Man transmits, "*sarcastically* I'm just attempting to keep you sounding foolish, brother. We couldn't have that, could we?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Flash Man transmits, "OOC from sounding, bleah."

[Radio: (E) Public] Egocentric? ME?! Quint transmits, "I never sound foolish! The reason your brains think I sound foolish is because they're so poorly developed and can't handle my un-foolishness."

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "You can't stop what comes naturally, I'm afraid.."

[Radio: (E) Public] Big Bad Sword Man transmits, "Do not make jest at our brother, Sir Flash. After all, it his not his fault that he tends to sound foolish."

[Radio: (E) Public] Egocentric? ME?! Quint transmits, "Don't make me pop you one."

[Radio: (E) Public] Egocentric? ME?! Quint transmits, "One punch from me and you'll be down and out! For your own safety, Sword Man, just shut up."

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "Would that be akin to throwing a pebble at someone, Quint?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Flash Man transmits, "Quite true Sword. I apologize for suggesting it is your fault you sound foolish, Quint."

[Radio: (E) Public] Flash Man transmits, "I blame society."

[Radio: (E) Public] Egocentric? ME?! Quint transmits, "Pebbles are small and weak. I am strong, stronger than any of you!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "If we were rocks, I'd agree with you."

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "Because you've got the most rocks in your head out of all of us."

[Radio: (E) Public] Egocentric? ME?! Quint transmits, "What's in your head, then, if it's not rocks?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "A functioning, human brain."

[Radio: (E) Public] Egocentric? ME?! Quint transmits, "My head is rock-free and functioning perfectly!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Egocentric? ME?! Quint transmits, "'Functioning'. I wouldn't go that far."

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "Functioning as well as it can, for someone running on a 486."

[Radio: (E) Public] Egocentric? ME?! Quint transmits, "I believe you're misinformed. 486s are slow and clumsy."

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "I'm sure the WilyOS is making you less clumsy, at least."

[Radio: (E) Public] Egocentric? ME?! Quint transmits, "You're implying that I need to in order to not be clumsy."

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "Your command of the obvious should be commended."

[Radio: (E) Public] Egocentric? ME?! Quint transmits, "Silence."

[Radio: (E) Public] Snake Man transmits, "Sssomeone actually lissstened to Quint. I'm amazed"

[Radio: (E) Public] Egocentric? ME?! Quint transmits, "You shouldn't be!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "I've taunted the poor child enough."

[Radio: (E) Public] Snake Man transmits, "Why? None of usss do."

[Radio: (E) Public] Big Bad Sword Man transmits, "We shouldn't be listening to you, Brother Quint?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Egocentric? ME?! Quint transmits, "You should! I deserve more respect than the lot of you."

[Radio: (E) Public] Snake Man transmits, "Quint, you don't dessserve the ressspect you get."

[Radio: (E) Public] Egocentric? ME?! Quint transmits, "You're so very, very right. I deserve much better!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "He gets respect, Snake Man?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Snake Man transmits, "Oh? How much do you think you should get? And no, he doesssn't dessserve the ressspect he getsss, human, which isss none."

Crystal Man arrives from The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.
Crystal Man has arrived.

Knight Man sits at a lone table in the corner, in his human disguise as to not draw attention to himself. He sips a seltzer, yep, no more hard grog, not since... that occured. He's here because Tron has asked a favor of him, one of which he's not too happy to do, but he'll do nevertheless. But until then, he waits here. He just sits, sipping, with an almost blank expression on his face.

And after a moment... a young man dressed rather oddly ascends the steps into the bar area of the Reploid Room. Chris Wilder, to those who bothered to look into the identity of Hymn's wise friend... but Crystal Man to the one brother of his alone in the corner. The semi-disguised mystic glances in the direction of Knight -- as usual, little fails to escape his notice -- and orders a bit of red wine before approaching. He lets his neutral mask break just long enough to flash his brother a tiny, yet warm smile.

Knight Man glances up from his seltzer sipping, and of course recognizes his spiritual kin. He nods briefly, and speaks in a voice low enough that only he can hear "Brother Crystal, what dost bringeth thee here?" He's not suspicious of Crystal, no, he's probably one of the few of his brothers he believes he can trust in this dark time. Still, Knight is a bit cautious with the turn of recent events.

Crystal Man takes a seat at Knight Man's table. "My concerns," he replies, "and hope that I might find a way to address them if I speak with the right people." The deep gaze of his blue optics grows a bit distant. "The spirits suggested the crossroads of the world as the best place to start..." He blinks, then looks up at his younger brother. "Here."

Knight Man blinks at Crystal "I see. And what exactly art thine concerns? Or art I not the right person to speaketh to?" He takes another sip of the seltzer.

Knight Man blinks at Crystal "I see. And what exactly art thine concerns? Or art I not the right person to speaketh to?" He takes another sip of the seltzer.

Crystal Man sips at his wine at Knight Man speaks, then sets it somewhat aside and folds his hands, letting them rest on the table in the far corner where the two are quietly conversing in disguise. "I've told you of my theory as to what is happening," the crystal conjurer responds, "and of what I feel must be done. My primary concern is that it might be much more easily said than done. Mars is much more interested in blackmailing me than discussing his own problems..."

Knight Man slowly nods "I can understandeth that. I imagine Brother Gemini is not exactly in a cooperative mood right now, and that shall complicate things." He pauses "I recently informed Trom of thine suspicions, and as thou predicted, she wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea. Howevereth she's not going to reject it either. She's considerably more reasonable than our pendent bearing brothers. In fact, she senteth me out to speak with Sir Enker, for some reason she dost wanteth him to gather all the bearers of the Pendents of Chaos, whilst she dost gathereth the bearers of the Pendents of Order. What her main plan is, I know not..." He looks at Crystal Man for a moment "Haveth thou any more suspicions on the course of these events? The pendent bearers likely will be the key, and Tron for one is willing to listen."

Crystal Man shakes his head. "I've no ideas of my own that I haven't shared, no. But a suggestion that Venus's bearer voiced worries me, and I pray that her suspicions are false..." The mystic's look drops to his hands. "She fears that the bearers might not merely be incubating the Stardroids as they recover... but may be being changed into replacements." He pauses, then looks up again. "I wish to speak to Tron again, if that can be arranged. I would like to know what she plans..." He unfolds his hands, reaching for his glass again to take another sip.

Knight Man narrows his eyes, that's bad news indeed. And if that's true, what will happen to him? If Tron's energy as Terra never dies, will he always be changed? He sighs, thinking it over "I'll telleth thee where to find the Gesellschaft. Tron is out now, howevereth, once she returns, thou shouldst be able to findeth her. But thou must keepeth it from mine brothers, especially the ones with the pendents..." He pauses "She has her ship hidden at Mount Kilamanjaro" (Or however it's spelled)

A vaguely uncomfortable look appears in Crystal Man's bottomless sapphires. He doesn't feel right promising anything to anyone -- not when he knows that he might well be ordered to break that very promise. That, perhaps, is one of the greater motivations behind his secret ambition...

"I will do my best," is, thus, the only response the mystic feels comfortable with. "Thank you, brother."

Knight Man sighs, looking into his drink "...Brother... should Tron become Terra's replacement permantly... what dost thou think shall happeneth to me? I supposeth I shouldn't asketh that of thee, as I'm not even sure what hast happened mineself... the power of the Stardroids tis something we cannot comprehend... But, as these events become more and more complicated, and the black and white becomes one mess of grey, I know not where I stand. Mine impulse to serve Lord Wily tis still strong, but the growing impulse to assisteth Tron hast grown almost as much..." He looks down at his hand, the one that transforms into the mace he used to proudly swing about "I wonder if I'll ever be minself again... though mine old self was egotistical, arrogant, combat lusting... and now... I know not what to thinketh of me now..."

Crystal Man lets himself frown a bit in concern, taking that very hand with his own. "I do not know enough of your situation to say," he responds softly. "I suppose the best place to start is at the beginning... How did this happen?"

Knight Man hrms "The beginning? I supposeth it started... when this entire situation started. As thou dost know, a few of us went out to assisteth Sir Enker who was stranded on the island this all began on. After the events transpired, Enker ordered Tron detained once she got her pendent. As the island began to crumble I, in my arrogance and want for revenge against her, attacked. However she struck before I did, peircing mine armor with a blast of green energy. Just one. After being helped back to the Citadel, I felteth mineself being... drained... or not drained... more like... something twas being integrated. I collapsed on the shuttle floor and awoke the next morning. I felt... odd. By that time I felt the odd urge to go out and looketh into the pendent events. The curious desire just... possessed me. Then I raneth into Tron at the Reploid Room that evening. And at that moment, when I saw her again, the desire for revenge was just... gone. And instead I felt the desire to speaketh to her. And after doing so... the urge to help her in this strife grew as well. I cannot explain it more than that, but as time went on, I foundeth mineself and mine personality being... changed, and the desire to help Tron growing. Mine loyalty to Wily hasn't lessened... but at this rate... it may be overshadowed..."

Crystal Man nods slowly, quietly drinking in this tale. "So that is how... and yet it has happened to no one else despite the fire that has been exchanged..." The forefinger of his free hand touches his lip. "Strange..." He ponders this for a moment. "This was likely meant to be," he murmurs to himself. "But why...?" The master of jewels then descends into silence as he continues to mull over the puzzle.

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne winces softly. "...Next time, Sigma."

Knight Man looks back down at his drink, and sips again "Meant to be huh...? I've tried thinking over why and how this hast happened. Mayhap it was due to her sudden gaining of the new power, something may have goneth wrong... who knows?" He sighs "Since then, I've done nothing but helpeth her, and tried not to thinketh too much about what I was doing. I was hoping this would all cometh to an end soon. However... if thou art right, and Tron may become Terra's replacement... I can only wondereth what shalt happeneth to me."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dust Man transmits, "Hello, Miss Tron!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Dark Knight Man transmits, "...what has been going on Tron?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Sigma kicking her butt, last I saw."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Not that I did much better against Ballade. But hey, you'd run as fast as you could too if you heard him singing."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blizzard Man transmits, "... Ballade sings?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Heat Man transmits, "Hey, he's not -that- bad..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Well, it's more of a screeching, nails on a chalkboard type of sound."

[Radio] You send Tron Bonne a direct message: " thou alright?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Crystal Man transmits, "Only when he aims to attack."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "He calls it singing. I swear, a Banshee/Guts Man duet would sound better."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dr. Edward Cain transmits, "So -thats- what happened to the disruptors he stole from me...."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Not much better, though."

[Radio: (E) Public] Sonic Banshee speaks softly. "Ballades singin' is a site better than' hearin' you sit an' complain about it. If thaw ask me, Ballade's voice t'is like thet of an Angel.

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "I didn't ask you, now did I?"

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne winces softly. "...Actualy... ...Sigma didn't 'kick my butt'... ...He just gave me about 5 broken ribs, a broken shoulder, a few second degree burns, and a lot of bruises. ...Next time... He will be the one go away in pain."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dust Man gasps. "Miss Tron! Oh, no!"

Tron Bonne sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "I should be... Glyde is taking me to a black market hospital... I'll be fine."

[Radio] You send Tron Bonne a direct message: " that's what thou were planning? As much as I know the pendent shalt protecteth thee, thou shouldn't maketh us worry like that."

[Radio: (E) Public] Sonic Banshee transmits, "OOC: .. Now as disturbing as 'Wicking' butts, either."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "...Ask... Sigma... how he feels... after what I did to him."

[Radio: (E) Public] Sonic Banshee transmits, "... Do yae ever learn, Miss Bonne?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Dr. Edward Cain transmits, "Usually most men are quite upset when the girl beats him, ties him up, and then just leaves him, in my experience. Especially if he bought her dinner."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Personal experience, Doc?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Blizzard Man transmits, "Most men, Dr. Cain... However, as I've been informed, there are many human males that enjoy that type of... experience."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dr. Edward Cain transmits, "Let's just say I've been there. Done that. Got her t-shirt."

Tron Bonne sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "-sighs softly- I was out... when I heard a report that Sigma was attacking... that was I had the choice in doing... going to go stop him and his Mavericks... ...Thanks for worrying."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne giggles softly. "I'll... remember that, Dr. Cain."

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne transmits, "And Sonic... ...He attacked somewhere. I'm a hero now. ...I have to do what I have to do."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Can i get an ID on a repliforcer?"

[Radio] You send Tron Bonne a direct message: "Tis thine life and thine power. And thine choice what to do with it. ...and out of curiosity... what /did/ thou do to Sigma?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Actually, 2?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Blade Raven transmits, "Yeah, and you haven't attacked people before?"

Tron Bonne sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "...Blasted him a new one? ...not to mention kicked him where he's needed to be kicked for a /while/. -she speaks pained, but amused."

[Radio: (E) Public] Sonic Banshee transmits, "... An Attack... Mm. Jist be careful, Miss Bonne... Be careful. *soft chuckling.*"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "I can try..."

Crystal Man stops and shakes his head. "Again, that is not my own theory. It is simply one difficult to dismiss. I hope that my own thought, that the Stardroids will not need such hosts once they've recovered enough, is true. But in either case, what I feel must be done remains unchanged..."

The master of jewels pauses here, taking another sip from his red wine, before looking Knight Man directly in the eye piercingly. "You speak of your impulses alone, and of simply following them. But thinking about this is the one thing you *must* do if you are to come out of this as you are meant to be... however that may be. For there is something important you are overlooking in it all... When all that directs your actions is stripped away, what is the calling that resides deep within your own soul? What do *you* want, Knight Man?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "I'm looking at a big bug, with a glowing butt, looks like a firefly, and a girl, lools like she's got functional wings. Looks like an older Dawn."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Hrm. Shining firefly and I don't know the other."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta XO Metal Man transmits, "Humm was the second one a medic?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Wait. Wings?"

[Radio] You send Tron Bonne a direct message: "*small pause, followed with a brief chuckle* I see... then mayhap it wasn't a total waste. ...and no matter what a strong fascade he put on... we're designed to experience the same pains humans do. At anyrate, thou shouldst get some rest. I believeth Brother Crystal wouldst like to speaketh with thee at thine earliest convienence. And I'll speaketh with Enker as soon as I manage to contacteth him. Sleep well."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "She got a beak?"

[Radio: (E) Public] 'Terra Bonne?' Tron Bonne pauses, then, "I have... just..." Tron sighs. "...I wish this be over."

[Radio: (E) Public] Heat Man transmits, "No offense, but I think most of the world agrees."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "No, I haven't seen any of that. Looks human enough."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Hrm. Not any of the winged repliforcers I know."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Star Man transmits, "Maybe its the Replidorker chick I beat last night?"

Knight Man is briefly occupied by a radio conversation. After looking worried for a moment, a bit of relief and amusement passes over his face, before finally relaxing. Then Crystal says what he does. And for a moment, Knight is utterly lost. Even before this event, impulses dictated his actions. When he wasn't following orders he was out causing destruction and bathing in his ego. What is there besides that? Deep down, under the Stardroid influence, under Wily's tight unbreakable programming, what else exists? For the first time, Knight actually thinks about his purpose. After looking through the layers of what influences him... he doesn't know what to say. "...I... I don't know."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Could be. She got a name?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "I'm not asking it now..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Retocn that."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Star Man transmits, "Uhm, Big, uh, Many Headed Dragon Girl, or something."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Something tels me that's not quite the right one."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Star Man transmits, "Okie dokie then! I still made her wish she had chose to party with me instead of fighting. Heh heh!"

Tron Bonne sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Indeed... Thank you, Knight Man. I'm going to rest now... And I'd love to speak to Crystal myself. I think this shoulder may need some reconscrution... ...but... I'll be all right. Thank you, Knight. I will."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man chuckles.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "I'll ask her, then."

Crystal Man doesn't visibly react to Knight Man's changes of expression; from what he can hear over the radio, he can guess what all that is about. After the younger Wily present responds to his query only with confusion, the mystic sets his glass down and pats Knight Man's hand with his free one. "Worry not, brother. It is not a question that is simple to answer the first time..." . o O (Particularly not for us.) O o . "But it is always one worth pursuing. There is always more to know, and what we do come to understand about ourselves enriches us and our lives."

Knight Man sighs. And oddly doesn't move. Normally if one of his brothers tried any sort of physical contact like that, for any reason, they'd wind up with a Mace in the Face. But right now, Knight has too much on his mind to care. He's never before had to think about what he wanted. He's either served Wily, or lately, assisted Tron. What does he want? Is there even anything he wants outside servitude? It's not something he's used to thinking about. But one thing does remain clear in his mind though. "I believeth right now, what I want doesn't matter as much. I believeth that Tron could easily be the key to the fate of this world, and thusly Lord Wily's fate. I think, what I want is to protecteth Lord Wily. And to do that, I believeth I'd be best to assisteth Tron. That... is the only answer I can findeth right now."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Guys, I could use some help. This thing hasn't come down to shooting yet, but they're on to me."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Elite Master. No, really. Quint snorts. "You're a strong one. I'm sure you can handle it."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Well, I'm supposed to take it easy....but what the hell. Anyone else availible?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Shadow Man transmits, "...What exactly is going on?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Epsilon CO Crystal Man transmits, "I am available if necessary, though Shadow asks a good question."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Magnet Man transmits, "Shore, I could help ya out. 'Sup?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Apparently Dust may need some friends."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Two Repliforcers are questioning me about being a pimp. I have the Janes out helping me shop for parts."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Tell them they're your...cousins?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Magnet Man is obviously holding back laughter as he replies. "Awright, where ya at? Mebbe I could bail ya out, since I just got my foot back, seeing as how you got me outta Togo!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "I gave them my usual line, that I work hazmat freelance, but they're not buying that a small company would have that many secretaries."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "They're...ah....interns."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "I'm in Moscow."

Crystal Man nods slowly. "Perhaps, then, that is the best answer to work from for the moment," he agrees. There's a pause, then he opens his mouth to speak again only to be interrupted by the radio. He glances in the general direction of the exit, just in case he needs to rush to Dust Man's aid.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Magnet Man transmits, "Okiedoke. Which district? Got any street signs nearby? Oh, yeah, can ya recognize the Reppies?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Heat had one pegged as Shining Firefly, the other one identified herself as Ring Redwing."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Wait. Redwing? I've met her! She used to have a beak! Wow. I didn't know the 'forcers went in for cosmetic surgery."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Magnet Man transmits, "Uhm, I dun' think I've seen either of 'em 'fore. Oh, yeah, if no one else is gonna head on down? I'll just kinda snoop 'round just ta make sure that they don't get all violent n'stuff."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Epsilon CO Crystal Man transmits, "I will come if you feel you could use the additional assistance..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Magnet Man transmits, "Yeah, I'm still a lil' wobbly on this new foot, so mebbe you could come back up the backup, Crys."

Knight Man hrms... well if that's what he thinks he should follow "Aye... then I believeth I'll continue on mine route then. The only thing I fear now, ironically, more than anything is mine own kin. Three of mine brothers have pendents of Chaos, and regardless of what the purpose of them are, they'll feel compelled to fight Tron. And if Lord Wily were to suddenly think that he'd rather follow their side of Chaos and say that Tron is better disposed of..." He trails off... not knowing what to think should that arise...

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Try to get out of there without arousing too many more suspicions from the repliforce."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Epsilon CO Crystal Man transmits, "Very well. I'll be there shortly."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Will do. The old seems to be buying it now, though."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Magnet Man transmits, "Uhn huh. Dun' wanna start shootin' or anythin', 'cause, y'know... I just got fixed up an' all."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Ah, good girl."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "I just might get out of this yet."

Crystal Man frowns inwardly. . o O (I, too, hope that doesn't happen...) O o . He then releases Knigth Man's hand and lowers his voice a bit more. "I would stay, brother, but Dust Man may require my aid. May the spirits guide you." He then hastily stands and weaves his way through the crowd...

Knight Man nods "Thank thee for thine insight brother. Before thou dost go, I was speaking with Tron, she said she'd like to speaketh with thee as well, once she recovers. Good luck." He goes back to sipping his drink.

Crystal Man tosses a nod over his shoulder, then vanishes into the crowd... well, as best someone in aqua robes can.

Crystal Man enters The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.
Crystal Man has left.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Two down! That wasn't so bad."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Epsilon CO Crystal Man transmits, "Ah, excellent, brother. In that case, I'll let you be."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Magnet Man transmits, "Whew, good thing there."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Magnet Man transmits, "I dun' like shootin' folks an' all."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Star Man transmits, "Alright dudes! Who wants to kick back and have a GOOD TIME?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta XO Metal Man transmits, "Sounds good."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Elite Master. No, really. Quint transmits, "Any time spent with you is bad by default."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Epsilon CO Crystal Man transmits, "That would depend on the nature of it, brother."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Star Man transmits, "Well, me and Pirate Dude are kicking back and celebrating me beating that freaky Replidork Chick last night in the Vehicle Bay! And we've got SODAS and Pirate Dude has some grog if you are really brave! So come on down! Even YOU Are welcome, Quint Dude!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Magnet Man transmits, "Mmm... soda."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad Taskmaster, Sword Man transmits, "Hrm....the thought is tempting, but I must woefully decline. I still have much thinking and training to do...."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Elite Master. No, really. Quint transmits, "While I don't normally stoop to your level, Star Man, perhaps I will join you in your grouping. I need something to calm my nerves."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Elite Master. No, really. Quint transmits, "Frankly, witnessing your stupidity at work should do just fine."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Epsilon CO Crystal Man transmits, "I could use some time to simply relax as well... I shall be there shortly."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Heat Man transmits, "Well, if it's a party with Quint, I might not be able to resist."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Elite Master. No, really. Quint transmits, "I'm just that good, everyone wants to hang around with me. Which is unfortunate for myself."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Star Man transmits, "You know Quint, you really should erase the hate, dude."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Elite Master. No, really. Quint transmits, "What, and spend quality time with my brothers?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Elite Master. No, really. Quint stiffles a muffled laugh.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "I'll have to decline, too. The Janes have decided to have a bee. Apparently, they need new color scrubs."

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