The Reploid Room - Bar

As you enter the bar area, you notice the fine chrome rail that stretches almost all the way around the pseudo-circular room. The bar is a full service station, equipped with not one, but two menus - reploid and human. A few back doors imply a kitchen in the back. The rest of the room is set up in lavish velvet booths and tables. A few very sweetly dressed female reploids and humans wait on folks, here to serve you. Kick back and enjoy!
Christmas Tree

Obvious exits:
Dance Floor <DF> leads to The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.
Pool Hall <PH> leads to The Reploid Room - Pool Hall.

[Radio: (E) Public] BroadbandClassic Jet Stingray transmits, "Just wondering, Tron, you aren't on the airwaves by any chance?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "She's resting."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dark Knight Man transmits, "What business haveth thou with her?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "Knight Man, it's Jet Stingray. I doubt he has any bad intentions."

[Radio: (E) Public] Zero transmits, "Maybe he wants to ask her out, or something."

[Radio: (E) Public] BroadbandClassic Jet Stingray transmits, "I need to talk... It's important."

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "I'll pass on the message that you wish to speak with her."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dark Knight Man transmits, "Repliforce, Mavericks, Hunters, it maketh no difference to me. But if it tis so urgent Repliforcer, then why not telleth me then?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Fashionable Feline transmits, "Because you speak queerer than a Shakespear play?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Dark Knight Man transmits, "I'll not wasteth mine words on thee, cannon fodder."

[Radio: (E) Public] BroadbandClassic Jet Stingray transmits, "If it is that important, why do you think I would talk about it on the public channel, dude? That's like Wily telling his secret plans on the public channel. He doesn't do that anymore, does he?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Blaze Dalmatian transmits, "He doesn't need too."

[Radio: (E) Public] Zero transmits, "'ve done worse."

[Radio: (E) Public] Blaze Dalmatian transmits, "He repeats the same evil plan over and over."

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "I'm still waiting for that "blasting a hole in the ozone layer" plan to come around, so we can laugh and let him know it's been done."

[Radio: (E) Public] Zero transmits, "Or the giant laser on the moon."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dark Knight Man transmits, "Hmph. Then cometh to the Reploid room to speaketh in person Repliforcer. And I'll not comment on the others failed attempts to tarnish Lord Wily's honor, tis not worth mine time."

[Radio: (E) Public] Fashionable Feline transmits, "Or the giant weapon of ultimate destruction with the big red button that says 'self-destruct'."

[Radio: (E) Public] Zero transmits, "Don't forget the stink ray."

[Radio: (E) Public] Fashionable Feline transmits, "Yeah, and the failed kidnapped robots that have gone berserk on him! Now those are lame plans."

[Radio: (E) Public] BroadbandClassic Jet Stingray transmits, "I'll be there, Knight Dude..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Morgaine transmits, "What about the sharks with frikkin' lasers on their heads?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Zero transmits, "And that plan to clone himself."

[Radio: (E) Public] BroadbandClassic Jet Stingray transmits, "I think his son beat him to the punch. I remember a 'Shark Man'."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dark Knight Man transmits, "...bah! *click, radio off*"

[Radio: (E) Public] Blaze Dalmatian transmits, "What ever happened to that kid, anyway?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Big Bad Sword Man mutters "Incessant prattle..." before chopping another wooden dummy in two and two again, then clicking his radio off.

[Radio: (E) Public] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "OOC: No! We like Wood Man!"

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission.
Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission.

Knight Man sits at a lone table to himself, in his armor. Boy he stands out. He's drinking some light seltzer, which if you know him, seems REALLY strange. His normal drinks include grog so strong it's lethal for humans to even breathe the fumes. But no, light seltzer is his drink right now. And in his eyes isn't a glaring look of anger, just... neutrality.

Jet Stingray makes his way into the bar, using his radio from time to time. He is looking about for awhile, trying his best to keep calm and the like. He isn't in the best of moods, but he is trying to be himself, despite what's been going on. At least when he is a place that could arrest him in a flash.

Knight Man glances as the Stingray of bad moods enters. Knight just tilts his helmet in his direction, he doesn't bother calling him over. Knight Man pretty much stands out in his midnight blue armor and hige white eyes on a black silhouette of a face. He takes another sip of his drink as he wrestles with his thoughts.

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission.

Knight Man may be alone at his table, but he's far from alone in the room. The Reploid Room Bar does quite good business for itself, especially at around this hour. The bar itself is rather crowded, and many tables full, although a few are still empty. Among the patons are a few who stand out for whatever reason - the largest being a Rhinocerous reploid at one end of the bar and an Elephant reploid at the other, a pair of identicle female rabbit reploids in pink and white synthfur, and a blue humaform who looks like he could well be a Shadow Hunter. Hardly noticable is a man clothed in a black hat and trenchcoat, leaned over at the bar, a clear drink in front of him, whom one would probably assume to be human by appearence.

Dischord arrives from The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.
Dischord has arrived.

Jet Stingray looks about and as he spots Knight Man, begins to slowly move over to him. "So, you wanted to talk?" Jet's words are calm, like he was talking to a known killer that could and may snuff out his life rather swiftly.. Which might be the case. He doesn't think to order anything at the moment to drink, figuring business before pleasure.

Knight Man raises his eyes at the Stingray, before taking another sip of his drink, before saying calmly "I believeth it twas thee who wanted to talk, forcer. What business haveth thee with Tron Bonne? She is... greatly occupied with these events, and can't afford to wasteth time on drabble." He puts his glass down "So what is thine story?"

Jet Stingray shakes his head. "I said I wasn't telling anyone that... It is for her and her alone. I assure you that it isn't to hurt her, if that is your concern. I've fought off Mavs to make sure she is safe... She is just a kid after all." A kid that has killed hundreds of Reploids, but still a kid.

Sewa arrives from The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.
Sewa has arrived.

The man in black at the bar grasps his drink and swirls it around for a while, as if distracted in some thought or another, not an uncommon occurance at such places of course. After a pause, he down about a fifth of it.

Dischord has disconnected.

Knight Man almost chuckles "Hurt? I know thou wouldn't tryeth that, because I know thou wouldst fail if thou did. But I know the way you Repliforcers work. Thou dost want /something/ from her. And as I said, she has no time to dealeth with nonsense. So why don't thou just giveth me the jist of what thou dost want with her?" He takes another sip of his seltzer. Besides the cold attitude, Knight Man is getting along surprisingly civil with Jet. Seems more than his drinking habits were altered.

Jet Stingray shakes his head. "Like heck, I would do so willingly. I don't care how honorable you think yourself or the Robot Masters to be. I'm talking with Tron and Tron alone. It doesn't concern you at all. And don't classify me as 'you Repliforcers'," Jet points out, his tone not bitter... More tired oddly enough than anything else.

Knight Man chuckles again, and sips his drink once more "Very well then Stingray. If it's thine business, then it can stayeth that way. I'll leaveth it up to Tron to decide if she wants to speaketh with thee." He pauses for a moment "So telleth me, how's Mercury, Uranus and Sunstar?" There's a hint of bemusement in his voice, though he is asking seriously.

Sewa walks into the bar and says 'Ouch'. ... Or maybe just walks in and yawns slightly, scanning the room for somebody not present. Blargh!
The man in black's eyes dart to the new arrival, for merely a moment before returning to his drink.

Jet Stingray merely states confindently. "Tron would speak with me, pendant or not... She knows I don't mean any harm just like everyone else. If I wanted to nail her, I would, just like how I said I want to kill Ballade for what he did to Ayla." He figures that letting as many children of Wily know of his intent, the sooner he will get a chance to get Ballade out in the open for a chance of revenage, though how he will get it... he doesn't know. "As for my friends, I'm not too sure. Keeping track of them isn't the easiest things to do. They seem to be don't as best they can be expected to I guess."

Knight Man nods for a bit, particularly at the mention of Ballade. Briefly his eyes look over to Sewa/Jupiter. "Yes, I imagineth that they may not be easy to track, if they want not to be found, they likely won't be." He pauses for a second, finishing off his drink "And I heardeth about the human girl. And for what it's worth, I'm sorry it happened. Sir Ballade, Sir Enker, and Brother Gemini, they worry me now. Like all the other pendent bearers, they art not acting like themselves." He murmers under his breath "Even I art not acting like mineself..." Maybe Jet heard it, maybe he didn't "I'd recommendeth not trying to fight Sir Ballade, for thine own sake at least. For one, he wasn't directly responsible, whatever is behindeth all this is. Second, thou wouldn't standeth a chance, and no one will be able to saveth thee from him should he decideth to judge thee." He calls a waitress over, and orders some more seltzer.

Sewa looks towards the shadowy shadow man and then looks towards Jet and Knight. She walks slowly towards them.

The man in black makes no movement towards them. After a pause, he reaches into his coat... But his hand is withdrawn empty.

Radar Meerkat arrives from The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.
Radar Meerkat has arrived.

Jet Stingray shakes his head. "I don't /care/ how powerful Ballade is. I don't care if he has the power of /two/ Stardroids. I'm doing what my heart tells me to. And that is to get revenage for Ayla. I heard that it was his fault that she died and he made some freaky pact to work with her... If I hadn't fought Guts Man, I might have been there to save her." Jet doesn't notice Sewa yet, perhaps not in the mood to. "As for the pendants and stuff, few people aren't affected by it. The Stardroids stink like that."

A very feminine mongoose-ploid jaunts into the bar area, and has a seat up at the bar.

Sewa sends a radio transmission.
Radar Meerkat receives a radio transmission from Sewa.
Radar Meerkat sends a radio transmission.
Sewa receives a radio transmission from Radar Meerkat.
Sewa sends a radio transmission.
Radar Meerkat receives a radio transmission.
Radar Meerkat sends a radio transmission.
Sewa receives a radio transmission.

Sewa walks towards the mongoose, furrowing her brow. As if confused! She's not being too interesting at the moment. aww.

Knight Man muses over Jet's words, and thinks back to a conversation he had with Crystal Man the day before oO(Followeth thine heart, eh?) And he sighs "Well I can't stoppeth thee from doing what thou will. But telleth me, is it worth throwing thine life away? When thou hast much more to do? What would the girl wanteth thee to do?" Well it's official, we're in bizzaro-world. Knight's actually trying to talk a Repliforcer out of killing himself it seems. Just how much has Tron affected the big lug? He recieves his next glass of seltzer, and sips it, eyeing Sewa as she approaches.

Sewa sends a radio transmission to Radar Meerkat.
Radar Meerkat receives a radio transmission from Sewa.

Delia's been in the bar for no less than three minutes, and already she needs a cigarette. Reaching into her purse, she pulls out her pack of Parliament 100's.

Sewa sends a radio transmission.
Radar Meerkat receives a radio transmission.
Radar Meerkat sends a radio transmission.
Sewa receives a radio transmission from Radar Meerkat.
Sewa sends a radio transmission.
Radar Meerkat receives a radio transmission from Sewa.

Sewa walks towards Radar and says, "Hi Delia! Nice to see you again!", sweatdrop.

"Who says I'll be throwing my life away.... I plan on winning. Somehow." Jet's usual hope is there, though against the foe he has never won against /without/ the super powers. With them, it might be like fighting Sigma... or worse. But he is firm in what he says, his convictions for justice driving him on. "As for Ayla, I don't know what she would want... But hopefully, she will be around to tell me. I can hope." He still talks with Knight Man, standing about as he does.

Delia grins kindly at Sewa. "Good to see you too, dear, would you like some water or juice or something? Maybe some beer nuts? They were kind enough to leave us a plate of those, if you'd like some."

Sewa smiles and says, "Sure! I'd love to have some water! And...", she blinks, "What are beer nuts?"

Knight Man sips his drink some more. "Well I can admireth thine courage, Tron would acknowledgeth that as well. But there is a line between courage and stupidity, one which I crossed many times before..." He trails off for a second, before speaking again "Tell me, I'm curious. However these events shall playeth out is unknown, but what shalt thou do if it turns out that your 'friends' with the Chaos pendents have to be terminated. What will thou do?" Again, he doesn't ask mockingly, it's as if he wants someone's opinion on this, like he feels he has to may have to make a similar choice himself.

Delia orders a water for Sewa, then grabs the little container of beer-nuts and sets them down in front of her little friend. "Fancy name for peanuts," she admits. "Actually...they're only called beer nuts because we're in a bar, and they happen to go well with beer."

Sewa sits down next to Delia and says, "Oh, well they look really tasty...but I don't like beer.", she pauses, "Not that I've ever tried it.", she winces and picks up the beer nuts container to study it.
Meanwhile, a lone figure, clad in a long hooded black cloak, one that hides not only who's wearing it, but also makes it impossible to tell if it's weare is male or female, just kinda drifts into the back of the bar area.

Delia chuckles. "Well they don't -taste- like beer. Not unless you have them with beer! Otherwise, they just taste like peanuts."

"There will be another way... If the power can be transfered somehow... Maybe it can be removed on its own. I won't kill my own friends, bottom line. You might attack your own, but I never will. As for my bravery and stupidity, I'm not in the mood to care. I would rather be considered a great guy that was a moron than a scum ball coward that was a genius." More wisdom from the stingray. "In any case, I think I'll stop talking about this... I will most likely have a chance to do more later." With that, he begins to move to the bar to get himself a drink.

Sewa nods slowly, "Alright..uh...want any?", she opens up the contrainer and offers the container back to Delia.

Knight Man glances down into his drink as the Stingray moves to the bar, speaking to himself "...I want not to fighteth mine own kin. But I wish I could shareth thine optimism. What will thou do... when faced in battle with thine brothers...?" He's looking down at his reflection as he says this. These past few weeks have been the most confusing out of his life.

Sewa blinks, "My work? Whadya mean?", she usually wouldn't ask something like that and would assume Delia meant 'work' as in 'work' but 'work' seems to include slowly losing your sanity thanks to a pendant thing.

Jet Stingray merely looks back to Knight Man, but in the ruckus of the bar can't over hear his words... If they were directed at him, he would say something. Since that doesn't appear to be the case, the Stingray of Justice merely takes his place at the bar. Spotting the glowing eyes and the disguise that comes with it, he offers to himself. .oO(I've heard of freaky reploid designs, but floating Jawas? Those reploid designers need to get a clue, man.) As he waits, the stingray gets himself a drink... A root beer to be exact.

Delia sighs. "Work, it's what you do when you aren't at rest...that's sort of what I meant." What to do with this girl, what to do?
Sewa says, "Yeah..well...I know, but I don't know what work you're referring, um, y'know...", she looks towards Knight and waves cheerfully towards him before looking back to Delia, "I guess it's been pretty bad though..."

Jawa indeed! As the reploid in question takes a seat at the bar, it slowly turns it's head to glance at Jet, before ordering a drink with what can only be described as a low, electronic, and artifical sounding voice.

Dischord sends a radio transmission.
Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission.

Knight Man hmms as he glances at Sewa. As much as he knows he'd be indifferent to her chattering, something suddenly came up. He talks lowly into his radio as he stands up to leave, paying the waitress. Well that was sudden.

You enter The Reploid Room - Pool Hall.
The Reploid Room - Pool Hall

As you slide into the smokey and somewhat subdued area that is the pool hall, your optics/eyes adjust to the dimmer light. Clearly you can see that this area is designed for those infamous bar games. Pool tables fill the majority of this room, clad in red and green felt. On the far wall rest a few dart boards. Near the entrance are a half a dozen tables set up for card games. Looks like one could make a fortune around here if they knew what they were doing.

Obvious exits:
Dance Floor <DF> leads to The Reploid Room - Dance Floor.
Bar <B> leads to The Reploid Room - Bar.

[Radio] You send Enker a direct message: "Sir Enker... art thou busy?"

Enker sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Perhaps. Perhaps not."

[Radio] You send Enker a direct message: "I haveth something to discusseth with thee on Tron's bequest. I'll be at the Pool Hall in the Reploid Room if thou dost haveth the time"

Enker arrives from The Reploid Room - Bar.
Enker has arrived.

As soon as the second transmission ends, the weight within the room.. shifts.. as a being suddenly appears. Enker replies verbally, whispering right in Knight Man's.. ear.. or the closest thing to it. "And just what.. praytell.. do tell.. what you have to say, Knight Man.."

Knight Man sits alone in a corner, at a card-table, with no cards out. He glances up as Enker enters, he should have know he'd take no time to arrive. He glances into Enker's eyes, a little worried? A little frightened? Who knows? But his voice is unbreaking as he speaks "What I haveth to speak about, is everything, Sir Enker. Everything involving this situation, at least." He sighs "Now that all the pendents are found, what remains? We likely all haveth our theories. But one thing dost remaineth for sure. There art Stardroids of Order, and Stardroids of Chaos, and they likely want to haveth nothing to do with each other, correct?" He stalls just a bit, to see how Enker's reaction to him in general is.

Silence is the response, although there is always more that can be said with the body than through the vocal arts. The Elite's hand reaches out, taking the back of the chair opposite Knight Man, and he seats himself. The other hand comes into view, waving itself across the table in front of Enker -- and in its wake, a solitaire set is present. To judge by the cards already in play, it's a specialty deck. Depthless eyes on Knight Man, he reaches to the pile of cards, dealing out the next three. The two of clubs, Gemini Man. The jack of diamonds, Ballade. The king of spades, Enker.

Knight Man continues, seeing as Enker isn't verbally responding. "At any rate, Tron has asked me to speaketh with thee about something. Right now, she wants nothing more than for this whole mess to be finished. And I have to agreeth. What she requested of me, was to ask thee to try to get together all the bearers of the pendents of Chaos. Thineself, Sir Ballade, brother Gemini, and the Repliforcers. She said not what she had in mind for this, but only that she herself would gathereth all the bearers of the Pendents of order. All I know is that her intentions are not violent. This weekend, she hast something planned, she'd tell us not what that was." He pauses "As well, there was another issue she wanted me to speaketh of with thee. She believes that the key to the end of this, may be in the beginning, and this all started with thineself. She wanted to knoweth more, about the orb, and the archeologist."

The silence continues. Enker moves the jack over the Queen of Hearts, Iris. The two of clubs it placed up the top, over the ace of clubs, who in this case is none other than Enker himself. Wait, wasn't the king of spades the Elite? A glance at it now would reveal the king to be Spiral Pegasus. Holding the king, looking for a placement, Enker finally speaks. "And just what does Tron Bonne, Bonne named Tron, Tron the movie.. think she will be able to learn, that I have not already? This entirely debacle is on my hands, my gloves, my gauntlets.. The mess cannot be washed clean just yet. There is more to be done. But my question, do answer it."

Knight Man blinks at the cards, and continues "I know not exactly what she dost intendeth. But she, and I mineself, dost believeth the best way to endeth this situation would be to poll our knowledge. Tron has asked me to be an... emmisary between ye both. Because regardless of how reasonable thou both art, the pendents ye both possess driveth thee to hate each other. So all I knoweth, is that she believes the original riddle dost holdeth some significance to bringing abouteth the end of this." He pauses for a minute, narrowing his eyes "Surely, even thineself, no matter the power thou dost have, no matter the insight thou may have aquiredeth, no matter what the pendent tries to convinceth thee... even thou must be yearning for an end to this as well, on some level?"

"Oh, most certainly, Knight Man.." Enker responds, before falling silent again. More cards are moved, before the four aces are put up the top. Each one shows one of the Elite -- without Enker among them. King, Ballade, Punk and Quint -- with Sakugarne. "But there are other forces at work here. You do not see them. Tron Bonne does not see them.. I see them. I understand them.." He seems as if to go on with that thread, but instead moves off to another. "Inform Tron Bonne that I will.. meet with her.. at a time in the near future. Despite your current.. assignment.. you should make yourself available for the upcoming events. I hope you are not giving that information to Bonne."

Knight Man hrms "Thou dost understandeth them hm?" Maybe he does, maybe he's just a loony. Who can tell anymore? "At anyrate, I'll informeth Tron of thine decision." A pause "And what information art thou referring to, mayhap?"

The Ace of Spades is brought back down, showing Rock. It's placed over the two of diamonds. Knight Man. Enker shrugs. "You would not understand at present, Knight Man. It is.. beyond the scope of your imagination to understand this. It does not matter. It is of no matter." The hand waves back over the cards, all of them disappearing apart from one. The Joker. Knight Man. "It matters not." The final card vanishes.

Knight Man hms, not really sure what to make of the cards, or of Enker period. He sighs "Well, as thou wish. And worry not, I'll maketh mine self available for the coming spectacle, oh yes. As for which side I shalt be on, as always, it'll be the side which shalt ensure Lord Wily's well-being. That hast been all I've ever cared about. Order. Chaos. I careth not for either. The feelings thou dost haveth towards the order pendent bearers and theirs towards thee also meaneth nothing to me." He eyes Enker once more "So, haveth thou anything else to sayeth to me?"

"Why, yes.." Enker waves his hands, going higher and higher, and a card pyramid is built. The Elite takes the cards from the very apex. Knight Man, Tron Bonne, Shaun Gilmour. "A question for you, Knight Man. Quite simple." The Bonne card is taken, and dropped off the side of the table.

Knight Man eyes Enker's actions, suspicously, is he trying to set him up? "...what games art thou playing at Sir Enker?"

The card is lifted from the ground, reappearing to fall once more. Enker watches Knight Man silently. "Would you save her from falling, Knight Man..? Would you break her fall, or would you let her tumble into the abyss?"

Knight Man hmphs "I'll not fall for thine trickery, Saturn." Instead, he extends a hand into the card pyramid itself. And yes, he called Enker Saturn. "I've stated before. Order. Chaos. I careth not for either. I assiteth Tron now because I believeth she is the key to bringeth about the end of this. I defended her from Brother Gemini that one day because he was fool and could not controleth his impulses. And yes, while I art keeping an eye oneth her for Lord Wily, I'll continue to defendeth her against unprovoked attacks because I wanteth this whole situation to /end/." He actually stares defiantly into Enker's eyes. For there is one point Enker is missing. Before his encoutner with Terra/Tron that night, Knight Man was certainly an agent of Chaos, more or less. And now Knight's finally starting to understand what Tron did to him on a fluke. It bestowed upon him a sort of equilibrium. Neither order, nor chaos. In essence, he is the perfect one to act as an emmisary between the two.

The cards crumble, falling back to the ground. Enker is gone, however, by the time the last card lands face up. The Game Rules, but with a new variant. The Knight Man Flush. The Elite's voice whispers from nothing. "Good, Knight Man.. Good. But do not interfere in my business, that would not be.." ".. beneficial.." ".. to your health.."

Knight Man smirks to the empty room "I want not to need to fighteth mine own kin, above all else I want not that. But who can predicteth the future? Mayhap we'll be on the same side again come the end of this, maybe not." He stands, and continues to speak into emptiness "Howevereth, I'll continue to follow mine instinct on this, and do whatevereth I can to bringeth an end to this and protect Lord Wily. And if that /does/ mean going against thee..." He just trails off, as he begins to exit.

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