Patagonia was once a vast and beautiful piece of land just South of Argentina and Chile. Though due to pollution, much of the place has been damaged and many forms of wildlife now extinct. Once surrounded by magnificent mountains, quiet valleys and spectacular shore line, all that remains of the region is a dark reminder of what life was like before so many changes have gone through mankind. Poverty seems to streak throughout the area, bedraggled human settlements nearly as far as the eye can take in.

Ten [Bff] [RF]
Buenos Aires

Obvious exits:
Submerge <D> leads to Underneath Southern Atlantic.
East <E> leads to Southwestern Atlantic Ocean.
North <N> leads to Las Pampas.
West <W> leads to Andes Mountains.
South <S> leads to Tierra Del Fuego.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above Eastern South America.

A man in a trenchcoat solmnly looks around the forestation preserve. So many things have happened to him in the past few weeks, he wanted some place to go and think. There could be some deep meaning he'd choose this place, but really he just picked a random location on the teleporter and searched out the nearest quiet spot. Nature preserve, how dull. But Knight has no problem with keeping nature alive, he really doesn't care too much either way though.

What you see before you appears to be a blue avian reploid, but it looks as though she heas been painted blue very recently. The paint looks very fresh. She is cuurently wearing a red T-shirt, and blue jeans. Hmmm, why is there a naginata strapped to her back?
Sun Pendant

In the area where the reforestation project is under way, a certain odd-looking blue-clad avian reploid has been trying to help. Trying to do a little volunteer work to counteract the urges placed on her by a certain pendant she found in some ancient ruins. Undfortunaely, it isn't working. Already, one small fire of unknown origin has broken out in the supply area. Fortunately, it was quickly extinguished. Now, the reploid who failed to stop herself from causing it is running deep into the nearby woods, fighting the urge to scream.

Knight Man glances about as some of the gumbie workers put out a fire. He shrugs, no business of his. He'd turn around and go on his way, before a feeling strikes him. He sense something. Something... chaotic. The bit of Terra's energy Tron infected him with gave him a certain sensitivy to these things. There's a Chaos pendent nearby... not just any Chaos pendent... THE Chaos pendent. Knight Man hrms, this is not good. In these woods, should the bearer go out of her mind, would do untold damage. He grunts to himself, just great. In a flash, his trenchcoat is gone, and a green grid covers his body, forming into his armor. There stands Knight Man, fully clad in his midnight blue attire. A few workers stood to gawk at the Robot Master taking his true form, but none approched. And Knight ignores them anyway, as he dashes into the woods, letting his sense lead him.

Ten uses her short-range teleportation system to throw off any workers who decided to chase after her. She can also run faster than any human, which makes it pretty easy. Once deep in the woods, Ten fights the urge to scream with as much of an effort as possible. Looking about at the land, at the reversal of destruction she sees before her, Ten finds herself in the grip of an incredible desire to destroy it all. Unable to completely stop herself, Ten draws ehr naginata, and begins cutting down trees. Since ehr weapon can slice through the metal of combat robots, it's more than capable of this.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Magnet Man transmits, "o/~ Wastin' a-way again in Margaritaville! Searchin' foooooor myyyy lost shaker a' salt! o/~"

Knight Man is not a human, and can certainly run faster than them, and doesn't tire either. He may be slower than an average reploid, but he still keeps on Ten's trail, and the gap between then closes quicker once Ten stops to destroy the trees. Knight senses the destructive impulses practically radiating from Ten's location. So she's already starting to lose herself, Knight is actually surprised she lasted this long.

Ten happens to spot Knight Man approaching. She actually breatehs a sigh of relief when she sees that it isn't part of the work crew. Yet the sigh of relief quickly turns to a frown of anger as she begins to sense energies from the rbototic knight in front of her that she has neevr sensed before, yet somehow seem strangely familiar, and angering. Not knowing how to react at first, Ten simply approaches Knight Man, weapon in hand.

Knight Man sees Ten approach him, he can't help but feel nervous. Knight Man, however, isn't armed. His shield is on his back, and his mace-arm could form within a moment, should he need them. He hmms at the phoenix, how ironic. That the very symbol of life and rebirth could now embody death and destruction. He speaks up, his voice filled with a sort of neutrality "So, this is how long it has taken thee? Thou hast been able to hold in the urge to destroy for so long?" He stops, about ten feet from her "I have to admireth that in a way. Sunstar's power must be horribly intoxicating." He looks around at the woods surrounding them "And for now thou dost taketh out thine aggressions on defensless trees. Though it could have been worse, considering the rest of the party that went to aquireth the power thou dost now possess. Should Vile or Dopplar gotten the pendent instead, half the world may be destroyed by now." He speaks with an odd crypticness. And of course, the bearer of Sunstar's pendent should certainly sense part of Terra's energy in him.

en finds it very strange to hear Knight Man talking to her like this. "Why do you care? You Robot Masters are constantly destroying things anyway!" Ten suddenly begins to sense some of the Terra energy in Knight Man. "Hmmm, I think I'm starting to understand why you care!" Hatred starts to become evident in Ten's optics and voice. "So, you have ties with the bearer of Terra's essence, don't you?"

Knight Man grins, not that you can see it behind the darkness of his helmet "Thou couldst sayeth that. Tis a long story how I got involved in this mess, one I'll not wasteth time speaking of here. Though I supposeth, the best way to describeth me would be... an emmisary. But don't geteth me wrong..." He pauses for a minute, looking around the woods "I care not for the forest. Would someone else go about destroying it, I'd not bother. Howevereth... I have to maketh an exception for thou. Telleth me Repliforcer... how long dost thou think thou can holdeth out? How long before thou dost do something thou can not taketh back?" If Ten would sense harder, she'd notice there's something else besides Terra's energy. There's both Order and Chaos in Knight Man's spirit. The original Chaos that existed in his mind was altered by Terra's order, creating a now... neutrality in him.

Ten glances about nervously. Then she looks back to Knight Man. Whenever she speaks to Knight Man, there is always a least some loathing in her voice. The Sun Pendant simply won't allow her to be in the pressence of Terra's energies without feeling this way. "Look, we'll talk about it in a moment. We get to get further away from the project site. I... I don't want them to see me right now. Come on!" Ten starts to move in a direction away from the site of the project.

Knight Man sniggers, come she says. Whatever. Knight runs after Ten, he finds himself sort of amused, and worried at the same time. Should he say the wrong thing, it's a quick trip to e-ring ville for him, and that would halt his plans with Tron. He'll have to be careful.

Ten decides to keep talking as she leads Knight Man away from the searchers. "Now, I guess I'll answer your question, NOT! I really don't know how long I can hold out. Frankly, I'm wondering if I even should. I'm kind of starting to like the feel of destruction! I came to this part of the world with the intent of seeing for myself how terrible destruction is, but I didn't feel the tiniest bit sorry when I saw the destruction. When I saw the reforestation project, an effort to reverse the destruction, I found myself wanting to destroy it. However, I decided to disguise myself first. I stopped myself from destroying the project, and even decided to help. It was a horrible feeling! Now destroying the trees, that felt good! Yet, I tired to stop myself from feeling good about it. Maybe, just maybe, I ought to embrace the feeling!"

Knight Man continues to run behind Ten, keeping up with the fleeing phoenix. "Is that so...? Dost thou /really/ wanteth to do that?" He runs up, along side her "Thou art an inherently good person, inside. There must be something thou dost feeleth to want to stop it? For I can promiseth thee, should thou let thineself go to the destruction, there shalt be no going back. I've tasted descruction mineself many times. Tis not something thou can ignoreth again once thou starts down that path. But the pendent, and the power, tis thine. Thou art the only one who can keepeth thee from doing that. The pendent will alloweth thee to cause unimaginable destruction, and maketh thee enjoy it greatly. But is there anything deep inside thee? Anything left to holdeth thee together? Will power? Memories? Friendship? Surely thou must haveth something to holdeth on to, to keepeth thee from losing who thou art. If not..." He looks around the forest "...then by all means, destroyeth this entire place, and sell thine soul to the pendent."

Ten stops in her tracks, and spins around to face Knight Man. "Why do you even care? Wait, I know why! You are speaking for Terra! Terra, who would stop me from destroying the stupid things of massive magnitude that consantly annoy me with their foolishness! Terra, who would deny me the great pleasure of watching these things burn!" Though Ten sounds angry, the slightest hint of doubt can be heard in her voice if one listens carefully. Knight Man's words did do some good.

Knight Man cocks his head "I speaketh not for Terra, she speaks for herself. If anything, I art speaking for thee. Thou dost wanteth to know why I care? I'll telleth thee, because I wanteth this over. Though the past few weeks have giveneth me memories, and friendship I'd likely never be able to experienceth otherwise, it hast also giveneth me alienation from mine brothers, a sense of duty to a girl I used to hateth, and the unexplainable urge to see this situation out. But now, all I wanteth is for this to end! Even if it means going back to mine evil, mindless ways. And I believeth... for this to end, order and chaos must unite. Tis a complicated theory, one that tis not mine own, yet I believeth in. If anything, I art proof that the union of order and chaos can succeed. But the pendents... they shalt not leteth thee do that. The souls of the Stardroids resist what needs to be done. That is why... above all else, all of ye must retaineth thine true selves as much as possible. If thou dost leteth thineself be swalloed by Sunstar's spirit, then thou may very well spelleth the fate for this planet." He pauses "So... what shalt thee do Repliforcer? Destroy this whole place... or.... destroyeth me? I know the urge is there, tis a strong one. So... what... shalt... thee.... do?"

Ten feels an almost overwhelming desire to destroy Knight Man. He is speaking of uniting with bearers of order pendants! Yet, some of the things he says do make sense. Sense to Ten. Not what Ten has become, but who Ten truly is. However, the pendant just won't let her even consider the idea of uniting with the bearers of order pendants. Yet, despite what the pendant is trying to do to her, she won't let it force her to destroy the forest. For just a moment, Ten does not speak. Then, she says just a single word. "Idiot!"

Knight Man hmms. After all that, he's still alive three seconds later? In fact, he merely has an insult thrown his way. Perhaps there's hope yet. "If that insult is the worst thou shalt do to me, then thou hast better control than I thought. Thou certainly were the best to aquireth the pendent, regardless of how horribly thou may feel now, thine self control may very well saveth the world in the near future. Yet... I shouldn't geteth ahead of mineself. It shalt be several days before plans come to fruition, canst thou holdeth out till then? And what shalt thee do when faced with Tron? Mineself may be one matter, but the bearers of Terra's pendent herself? Thine self control up to that point may meaneth nothing if thou dost loseth thineself there." He starts walking towards Ten, walking in close is likely not a smart thing to do, but he hast to test her self control. However long she can hold it will be a deciding factor in the fate of the world "Destroying a forest is one matter... what abouteth people? Homes? Lives? Thine own friends? Tron Bonne herself? How long will thine control last?"

Ten does not attack Knight Man as he walks closer. It appears her self control is indeed holding out for now. Still, Ten definately looks like she wants to turn him into liquid metal. Some flames come off of Ten, and she begins to glow with sdolar energy, but she does not attack.

Knight Man is surprised again. This is going better than he thought. "Still, thou dost holdeth strong. I admireth thee for that..." Yet, there is one last thing he has to try, which will show him for sure just how far she can go. Knight Man walks right up to her face, huge white eyes becoming narrow slits "Then we shalt just see.... how thou can holdeth it in..." After a few moments pass, he blurts out one simple phrase. "Attack me!"

Ten blinks in surprise. She certainly didn't expect Knight Man to go that far! Unfortunately, he may have finally gone too far. Ten and Knight Man are members of enemy factions. What reason does Ten have to not attack him? Well, there is the reason that they are in the middle of a forest, but will that be enough at this point? It's really beginning to look as though it won't be as Ten jumps back, and points her right hand at Knight Man, open-palmed. The hand begins to glow as Ten channels power into it.

So he finally struck gold. Or in his case, it's likely fool's gold. Knight doesn't flee however, he's dug himself this far, he'll not run now. "So that's as far as thine self control goes? Thou can controleth thineself for an impressive extent. But it may not be enough. I know what thou art thinking. I art a Robot Master, thou art a Repliforcer, just that in and of itself means that thou has the right to fireth on me. And in that simplicity, tis true. But what tis going on in thine mind? Art thou going to fireth on me as a Repliforcer? Or art thou going to fireth on me as Sunstar? Because if it tis the latter, thou could easily be dooming this world." He pauses again, looking at her hands which burn with an unquenchable aura "What will it be, Ten, bearer of Sunstar's power?"

Ten doesn't fire! She looks about for a moment, and looks as though she wants to scream. Finally, she looks back to Knight Man. Looking right at Knight Man's visor, she says, " Alright, I'll admit it! Some of what you have said does make sense! For now, I'll spare the stupid lives of all the stupid people around me! I also won't destroy the forest. I won't kill you either, for now. Now, I have no desire to speak to you further. I'll be taking my leave now!"

Knight Man hmms again. She may just be able to do it afterall. But only time will tell that. "As thou wish. I'll not keepeth thee here. Howevereth, while I art here, thou can telleth me. Be there any message thou wouldst wanteth me to deliver to Tron? Either as Ten, or as Sunstar? This may be thine best bet of getting a message acrosseth to her, without it being swaying by thine impulses of a moments flash of anger." Knight Man is, deep down, relieved like you can't imagine. He was about to brace himself for a world of hurt. But Ten's surprising self control shines through to the end. Admirable.

Ten takes a moment to think. She can't really pass up an opportunity like this, can she? "Hmmm, tell Tron Bonne that if she ever tries to get in my way, she'll be incinerated!" Evidently, Ten can't stop herself from hating the bearer of Terra's pendant. "Her and I can not co-exist! Her very being here tears at me! Now, good bye!" Ten turns to fly off, hoping Knight Man doesn't try to detain her.

Knight Man tries no such thing. He's not that stupid. He pretty much pushed the limits of Ten's control. And while she held out for an impressive amount of time, he's not about to tempt fate. Knight makes no move, not until she is gone. But as she leaves, Knight utters one last thing "Just always remembereth who thou art. If thou dost want to bringeth this whole situation to an end." Knight is silent from this point on, until Ten is out of sight. Just left with his thoughts, to wonder just how close did he come to being destroyed just now?

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Magnet Man transmits, "Bap-a-wap-a-do-wap, a wap bam boom! Wazzaaaaaaa?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "... Interesting."

Ten receives a radio transmission from Spiral Pegasus.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Magnet Man transmits, "Hey, Enker Dude. You doin' good?"

Ten hears Knight Man, but does not reply. After he finishes, she spreads her wings, and flies off. As she does so, she satisfies the pendant to a small degree by circling back and sending a fireball into part of the forest, creating a small fire. It's near the project HQ, so they should be able to put it out quickly. Just some minor destruction, nothing major. Then she flies back toward New York, lost in thought the whole way. Knight Man's words did have an effect on her.

Ten sends a radio transmission to Spiral Pegasus.
Ten receives a radio transmission from Spiral Pegasus.

Knight Man cares not for the small fire she started. It's minor, compared to the hunger of destruction the pendent must be driving her to. As she flies off, Knight turns around and walks back out of the forest, his armor vanishing and is replaced by his previously doned trenchcoat. Funny he came here to clear his mind, and in the end he found more chaos. When will it all end?

Ten sends a radio transmission.

Ten enters the Sky Above Eastern South America.
Ten has left.

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