Eurasia - Stardock

The docking bay of Eurasia is massive, with room for several ships. However, at the moment it looks rather empty, for the station has just opened. Various workers mill about to conduct the sparse shuttle traffic from Earth: the teleporters handle most of the work. There's very little style about here... it's all business.

Gimel [C]
Skull Shuttle [RM]
Servbot #2 [C]
Construction Mech <Temjin> [RM]
Construction Mech <Apharmd> [RM]
Construction Mech <Specineff> [RM]
Siege Wolverine [RF]

Obvious exits:
Out <O> leads to Orbit of Earth.
North <N> leads to Eurasia - Sub Level 1.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: 'Hmm... any updates?'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'Monitoring the citadel's reactors while waiting for getting picked up from Earth is Booooring.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Clown Man transmits: 'Well, it's a definite. Veemon is a crossdresser... Oh wait, you're talking about Eurasia. Nevermind.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: '...and you are as always Clown... ...disturbing...'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Plant Man transmits: 'I have no idea what's going on.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Knight Man transmits: 'I art just partrolling the halls foreth now, it dost seem rather quiet ateth the moment...'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Plant Man transmits: 'Well, outside, that is. The biosphere itself is well on it's way to reconstruction.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: 'I'm keeping the Gesellschaft prepped... We have no idea if we'll need firepower...'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'All I know is I heard last night that Protoman showed up. But, I dunno. Heck, I'm bored...need any help, Plant?'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: '...and... Wily /really/ going to crash Eurasia? ...I mean...'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Knight Man transmits: '*sounds of metal scraping, shrugging probably* I do not knoweth, but if Lord Wily doth desireth it, then it shalleth be..."'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Clown Man transmits: 'Considering, Tron... I would really suggest if Da Freak Force refuses to co-operate... to make sure your will is up to date. *evil laughter*'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Plant Man transmits: 'Not really . . the joes already took the burnables to the furnace. Down to landscaping.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'Eh, I think genocide is really the Maverick's bit. We're more the power and extorsion types.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Plant Man transmits: 'Knock it off, Clown.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Clown Man transmits: '*pouts* You're no fun.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Plant Man transmits: 'I'm also the one that helps keep you in working order, so don't push.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: 'Clown! ...thanks Plant.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: 'Anyway... if the Freak Force doesn't co-operate... ...we can always /make/ them co-operate.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: ':sighs: Blast it. Being stuck at the citadel while you all get to run around Eurasia is frustrating! I can only play SO many games of solitaire.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Clown Man transmits: 'I'll can visit you there, Heaty. I can't go up to Eurasia, anyways. Bad back and all.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: 'Well, Heat... you can get some of your drones prepped... We're going to need to keep /some/ of us down here if the Replifarce tries anything'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'Hrm. Sounds good. But Enker wanted me to get back to Eurasia as soon as a shuttle was availible.'.
Outside> Gimel arrives from the Eurasia - Sub Level 1.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Plant Man transmits: '*lots of crashing noises, and several hardhats nerping panicidly*'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'Umm...Plant? Things okay over there?'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Clown Man transmits: 'In that case, maybe I /SHOULD/ head over to the Citadel.... Speaking of which, Tronnie... how is dear sweet Sarah? Hmm?'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: '...on Eurasia, Clown.'.
Outside> Siege Wolverine has connected.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Clown Man transmits: '*audible blink* Hold up on that, Tron. Planty? Something wrong?'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Plant Man transmits: '*indistinct yelling and more paniced hardhats* . . . . . never combine hardhats and boulders. The boulders don't survive. *sigh*'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: '... are you all right, Plant?!'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'ooof. Umm...I can detach some Joes to come assist...'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Clown Man transmits: 'Hm? Interesting. I'll DEFINITELY need to get up there.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: 'Some Servbots could come assist...'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Plant Man transmits: '*final bout of crashing, followed period of silence . . and smug 'Nerp'* . . . . I'm fine, just been set back a day or two for new boulders. Rrrgh.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: 'Don't even think of it, Clown...'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: 'Hmm... ...get Guts Man to pull some out of his hat for you, Plant?'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: '...I saw him do that in a fight once...'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'Umm...I suppose I should check...any Shuttle/mech pilots able to detach to Earth for a pickup? I have orders to return to Eurasia ASAP, and I wanna get back.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Plant Man transmits: 'Not a good idea. He'd rather squish me with 'em.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'I just liked it when he pulled the beer cooler out of his pocket. That was neat.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Plant Man transmits: '/Don't/ put that - *another crunching sound* . . . there . . . .'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'Uh-oh.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Clown Man transmits: 'Awww... I'm sure Stormie would love to be tossed out of the airlock... if only to watch her spleen, liver, pancreas explode outwards... Quite lov-- *An sudden scream of PIIIIIIIIKKKKKKKKAAAAAAA...CHU!!! is heard* Ouch. *static*'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: ' we even want to know what just happened to him?'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: '... that sounded painful... ...I should go and see if he's all right... ...and put him back together. Heeheeehee'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Plant Man transmits: 'Clown, if you can hear this . . . I'm NOT fixing damage delt to you by misusing your toys again.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Knight Man transmits: 'I do noteth...'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'Tron, please do NOT put his arms and legs on backwards again...'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Pirate Man transmits: 'I wouldn't mate, but by the sound of it was most likely one of his toys.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'Put his arms and legs on backwards and upside down. That will look neater.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'Hey, Pirate!'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Clown Man transmits: '*coughing* So, THAT's whom I gotta thank for that... and I'm okay. FACT: Pikachus hate getting
their tail stepped on. That is all. *cough*'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'Umm...okay...'.

Gimel is silent as he leans back against a wall for a bit, he looks around the dock for a bit as he chuckles for a bit before he blinks to a couple of locations first ontop of the shuttle then next to one of the mechs

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: 'Hmm... well... I've heard it's been pretty rough up there.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: 'Do any of you need repairs?'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Plant Man transmits: 'Quit feeding your toys nitroglycerin.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Pirate Man transmits: 'I shall take that as good advice mate.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'Hey, pirate! Could you swing down for a pickup? We could probably use Tron doing repairs up there.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Clown Man transmits: 'I don't-- NO!!! Snorlax, that's not to *HUGE BOOM!!!* I'll lie down now. *thud* *static*'.

Knight Man enters from the Turbolifts, in the middle of patrolling. This is generally the place where he turns around and begins over again. "Stupid orders... why shouldeth I be assigned to patrolling?"

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Plant Man transmits: '*soft snickering*'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Pirate Man transmits: 'Aye, I shall be on my way to the Citadel.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: 'I should stay down here and make sure that the Gesellschaft and our Land Forces are preped'.
Duelist Cavalier arrives from the Eurasia - Sub Level 1.
Duelist Cavalier has arrived.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: 'Any Masters in need of repair should come down... I can help repair'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: 'Then you can go up on the next trip'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'Oh. Good point. In that case, Knight, do you want to pop down?'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Clown Man transmits: 'Stupid pokemons... *cough* As much as I really don't trust you, Tronnie... I'm in need of repair... as does a certain STUPID FAT POKEMON.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Plant Man transmits: '*sigh* I'll give you a hand, Tron . . . I doubt all those weird defenses of Clown's disabled.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Pirate Man transmits: 'I'll just swing down by anyway mates. There be a few things I need to pickup at the Citadel. While for any that need a trip to the station, other than thee Clown, meet me in the vehicle bay.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: '...I'm in the repair bay, Clown. And dispite what you think... I won't put your head on backwards or something'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Plant Man transmits: 'I'd like a chance at that, myself . . . *giggle*'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'Umm...with that hat, how would you tell?'.

Siege Wolverine slowly comes to in his storage crate... He narrows his eyes, focusing his mind upon a single mental image... Forcing the changes in his armor structure. He smirks evilly as the entirety of his form shifts. o0(I love this armor upgrade!) He slowly whips about his new tail, scythe-like as it is. He stretches his long, spindly arms out to touch the walls. He stands up fully errect at eight feet tall. Slowly the insect eyes slide into place, completing the armor adjustment. "Excellent... Now, who yeh gonna call?" he asks very, very softly... Inaudible even. Quietly, Siege pops out some equipment. Sentry bugs, little cameras, in fact... They crawl out the many peep-holes in the crate, hunting out sources of energy in this bay...

Knight Man steps in and looks about ", nothing neweth here.." He turns and begins to head out. If he were a good patroller, he'd search a bit better, but he was made for smashing things, not finding them.

Heat Man has arrived.
Heat Man treads in, humming.
Pirate Man has arrived.

The tiny camera bugs fan out and locate various sources throughout the bay, reporting them visually to Siege Wolverine. He nods slowly, accepting the one or two people in here easily in view. Siege smirks, recalling the small drones, waiting patiently in the box... Evil thoughts running through his head.

Heat Man stretches as he disembarks the shuttle, carrying a few packages which he sets next to the ramp. "Thanks, you need anymore help before I go to check on the reactors?"
Knight Man watches the shuttle land and the others disembark, just as he's about to leave himself "Ahh, tis abouteth time! We dost need more people on patrol, Lord Wily hast ordered us to findeth the stragglers that snucketh away."

Pirate Man shakes his head as he exits the shuttle folllowed by the drones saying, "I have no more need of ye mate, except maybe to lead the drone to where they can store this stuff."

Gimel looks around silently as he studies the dock, he activates his flight mode for a bit as he lifts up into the air and looks around thinking where people are possibly hiding, he laughs for a bit as he flies close to the vents but says nothing as he blinks back to the ground nearby the masters that have entered

Heat Man turns to Knight. "Umm...Enker asked me to come up and check the reactors for sabotage. I can do patrolling once I've check them, right?" He's a little nervous, as well as his usual smile. After all, anyone who IS a walking nuclear reactor knows what a damaged or sabotaged reactor could possibly do...

Knight Man nods "Well if thou hast other orders, geteth to then first. But we need to hurry and findeth the missing hostages, or Lord Wily will be most displeased."

Siege Wolverine chuckles softly to himself, within the storage crate in which he hides, as he hears the other two enter. There's a soft *pfoof* of smoke as he blinks into the ventilation shafts which he discovered yesterday. He crawls quietly to approximately where Heat and Pirate are. Patiently, Siege waits for them to start walking again, as his optics watch through small holes in the wall.

Heat Man nods, looks around, and heads for the reactor area. "Okay. I'll check back in with you as soon as I've inspected them."

Heat Man enters the Eurasia - Sub Level 1.
Heat Man has left.

Even as the Masters start walking, Siege activates the very special blink device. The other side of the bay is only about forty meters from where he is now... A blurr of of black flashes behind Heat Man, moving around three or four hundred miles per hour... Think Boomer Kuwanger in Megaman X, when he does that weird move thingie across the screen.

You enter the Eurasia - Sub Level 1.
Eurasia - Sub Level 1

Broad hallways and well-lit passages mark the sublevel of Eurasia. This is meant to be Earth's first major space station, a definite stepping stone to the stars, and it shows, even here, in this utilitarian area. Numerous well-labeled areas lead to the different parts of the station.

Obvious exits:
Lift Down <LD> leads to Eurasia - Sub Level 2.
North <N> leads to Eurasia - Detention Block.
South <S> leads to Eurasia - Stardock.
East <E> leads to Eurasia - Industrial District.
West <W> leads to Eurasia - Power Plant.
Lift Up <LU> leads to Eurasia - Empire Central Square.
You enter the Eurasia - Empire Central Square.
Eurasia - Empire Central Square

This area is by far as breathtaking as any downtown megalopolis area, but even moreso due to the large dome that covers the top of it revealing the black emptiness of space, disturbed only by the defiant light from the hundreds of stars. This is the main hub of activity on the space colony Eurasia, and it's easy to tell. Mobs of people constantly rush through the streets and sidewalks at all hours of the day. Armed guards watch over the proceedings carefully, making sure things continue to run smoothly and efficiently with as few disturbances as possible.

Bluegrass [C]

Obvious exits:
Lift Down <LD> leads to Eurasia - Sub Level 1.
Lift Up <LU> leads to Eurasia - Skydeck.
South <S> leads to Eurasia - South Quadrant.
North <N> leads to Eurasia - North Quadrant.
East <E> leads to Eurasia - East Quadrant.
West <W> leads to Eurasia - West Quadrant.
Teleportation Station <TS> leads to Teleportation Station--Eurasia.

Siege Wolverine arrives from the Eurasia - Sub Level 1.
Siege Wolverine has arrived.

Knight Man clomps into the big empty area, "Lousy, stupid, boring patrolling. Why can'teth I be doing something more interesting." He grumbles "At least I'd prefereth if one of them would be kind enough to show thineselves so I canst smasheth them, mwaha!" He swings his mace around, and comtinues looking about.

Siege Wolverine pops out from a wall, just behind Knight Man. He smirks, o0(Show myself? Hardly.) He then dashes almost silently, at 20 mph, across the hallway. He diving teleports through the wall... The only sound is a soft click of his claws hitting the ground... Giving a rather eerie presence to the hallway.

Knight Man eyes the noises in the halls, and turns around, grunting "Bah.. now I art starting to heareth things!" He looks up, at the giant dome, and the space beyond it "...hmph, this place has waaaay too mucheth atmosphere... "

And again, Siege Wolverine alien dashes across the hallway, soft clicking noises abound. Even as Siege disappears into the wall again, he lets loose a small, hiss, similar to Snake Man.

Heat Man sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "No sign of tampering to the reactors...what would you like me to do?"

Knight Man turns back again, to where the noises came from, he'd gulp, but even when there's no one around he refuses to show such a sign of weakness if he can help it. He shakes it off "This station art starting to geteth to me... I needeth someone to torture..."

You send a tightbeam radio transmission to Heat Man: "Well if thou art done, cometh help me with patrolling."

Heat Man sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Sure! Where are you?"

You send a tightbeam radio transmission to Heat Man: "Empire Central Square, the center of this abomination"

Heat Man sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Abomination?"
Someone to torture? Are you sure?

Siege Wolverine darts about the vents, quietly, above Knight Man. He stops, peering through some vents, before dropping a large, mechanical rat through... Aiming for Knight Man's head. Siege smirks, before drop-blinking to the ground behind Knight and then again to the vents below the floor.

You send a tightbeam radio transmission to Heat Man: " ...the station you dolt. Anyway, geteth over here, we canst patrol better if we spliteth up from here..."

Heat Man arrives from the Eurasia - Sub Level 1.
Heat Man has arrived.
Heat Man treads in, humming.

Duelist Cavalier arrives from the Eurasia - Sub Level 1.
Duelist Cavalier has arrived.

Knight Man acks as the rat collides with his mohawked helmet "Whateth in the name of Lord Wil--EEE!" The rat begins to crawl inside his helmet, shaking his head, he tries to get it out. He de-forms his mace back into his hand to reach in and grab it out "Why you blasted little rodent..." He growls, and crushes the vermin with his free hand, and flings it away, reforming his mace "Why do people buildeth these pests? The biological ones art bad enough. He grunts, and continues to look around.

Heat Man leaves the lift, his eyes swinging around. He can't BELIEVE this place. It's amazing. Even if Knight and Plant don't seem to like it. His eyes bug slightly as he sees Knight flining...something? "Umm...did I come at a bad time?" His quizzical expression matches the extremely puzzeled tone of his voice perfectly.

Bluegrass crouches down into the shadows, near the area where Ayla has been tending to Protoman. Her orders are simple. If anyone come nears Blues or Ayla.. lead them on a wild goose chase.

Siege Wolverine smirks evilly, waiting for the precise instant that Knight Man would see him dart upwards in peripherary. Siege then blinks, directly upwards, toward the ceiling vents... Once more the odd, darting blurr of his form can be seen... Only as a black and slightly yellow, alien beast. Even as Siege Wolverine disappears into the ceiling, there's a loud hiss and a momentary rolling blackout in the room. Lights go out in sequence, then turn on again for barely a second...

Oh, and Heat Man might see him as well... The little blurr of him, at least.

Duelist Cavalier wanders into the area, casually strolling about. After having blinked away from the weapons-searching the night before, he's probably not real high on Metal Man's good list, but he doesn't care.

Knight Man grumbles as he turns to Heat Man "Nothing, just some pest..." The lights go out, "Whateth the...NOW what?" and go back on again "...I sweareth this place is terrible shape, if it weren't for the hostiges, we shouldn't have botheredeth with it at all..."

Heat Man Blinks his eyes as the lights go out. Once. Twice. "Umm...this does NOT look good...Fortunately, I have torch in a can!" The temprature around him rises, and he tenses, stopping from going into full blaze when the lights return. "Umm...okay. My reactors are fine. And the thing's a prototype...prototypes always have problems...right?" His smile is a little weaker than usual, his eyes darting about, looking for threats.

Knight Man eyes Heat "...whatevereth. Let's just splitteth up for now, we need to findeth those stragellers before they causeth us some trouble..."

Yosho Roshi arrives from the Eurasia - Sub Level 1.
Yosho Roshi has arrived.

Heat Man looks around. "oookay. Umm...which way do you want to go, bro?" He looks around the massive area. "It's a lot of ground to cover..."

Siege Wolverine is an alien beast of a threat, or so he appears. The lights go out again, more of Siege's handiwork. Oh, the joys of having lots and lots of gear. He smirks, o0(Ahhh... Remote circuit shifter... Gotta love em.) He removes a vent on the ceiling, crawling out, blades holding him to the ceiling. He replaces the vent with the prehensile alien tail doo-hickey. He pauses, just over Knight Man, making a soft, saurian hiss, hitting a button on the remote to make for a random selection of lights on, off, and blinking. He smirks, evilly, waiting as a small droplet of goo drips down, to splat on Knight's head.

Slash Man arrives from the Eurasia - Sub Level 1.
Slash Man has arrived.

Duelist Cavalier blinks to a nearby windowsill to watch the Robot Master. He hums idly to himself, annoyingly, at that.

Bluegrass decides to add to the current confusion. Unfolding the crossbow that makes up her left arm, she lifts it up slightly, and loads in a single bolt. Arching her arm slightly, Bluegrass lets the bolt fly. It launches, quiet at first, but as it rises to the arc of it's flight, the protective cover falls off, and the built in emitters starts to wail like a certain banshee we all know and hate with her butt in a bear trap as it continues to fly, landing on the otherside of the square.

Knight Man looks up as the lights go out "Alright! I art getting tiredeth of this nonsen..*glop* So what iseth this now? Blasted space station, the thing's falling apart, look it's leaking oil..." He pauses "...oil? This does not runeth on oil, what iseth this stuff?" He de-forms his mace again, and rubs the gunk off his helmet with his hand

Almost two days straight in this hideous ventilation system. Two freakin' days. And all through it, Yosho has managed to avoid detection, while covering hismelf in dirt and soot. After a stopover in the power sector, he's made it to his goal - the upper levels. With a vest of of mission specific equipment on him, such as an energy pistol, disks with small packets of sweat inside, a low pressure survival pack, smokebombs, etc., he makes his way through a long vertical shaft, using his crepe rubber-soled boots and tight, gripping gloves. This one doesn't run parallel with any walls - instead, it's simply a transportation unit to bring air from here to the large cooling unit down below, into the ventilation network up here.

Heat Man ignites into flames as the lights go out again, illuminating a decently large area just as the goo smacks down onto Knight. "YEEEEEEEEEAHHHHHHHH! What the....!" The heat coming off him is a shock reaction as he blinks 20 feet away from Knight....just as the scream passes right by his ears! "WHOA! What's going on here? This isn't even vaguely right..."

Heat Man transforms into Ball Of Fire.

Yosho Roshi has also had to avoid Ballade's damn camera drones.

Duelist Cavalier cackles as the robots below scamper about. He pulls an pocket camera and starts taking snapshots, acting like a total tourist.

Slash Man enters the Empire Central Square, humming quietly. His cat is not on his shoulder as usual--she's afraid of heights, she's back on Earth. As he moves into the Empire area, he sniffs around. "Very artificial. Smells like...oil, sweat and mechfluid...what's sweat doing here?" He sniffs around. "Hm. Must be that Yakuza boy. I should've gotten a better wiff of him." And then he hears a clicking sound. It's faint, quite a way away, but it's definitely there. It's...the echo makes it hard to tell which direction it's coming in. "Do you hear that?" He says, to nobody in particular.

Bluegrass giggles softly to herself, as she redirects her aim. Another bolt flies through the air, landing 90 degrees south of the first, Again, it's a silent *pop* and then a very loud *FWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!*

It's far from oil, that's for sure. It smells like rancid milk mixed with sweat extract from thousands of gyms across the USA. Not that you'd notice that scent in the stench of the Eurasia. It feels like a mixture of rubber and glass, somewhere in between... What the heck is it? Well, it's liquified explosives... Just need a match... Oh, look, Heat Man.

Siege Wolverine lets out a psychotic roar, still above Knight Man... Only problem, that sonic bolt goes zipping past. So Siege vanishes in a flash, disappearing into the vents once more... He grumbles, waiting patiently... Oh, if only he knew where it was coming from.

Yosho Roshi stops suddenly. Jesus, what are those noises? Has a team arrived this early, to save them? Pulling a knife from his bandolier, he holds it in his teeth, continuing to move up the vents. As he reaches the peak, he slowly pushes a cover up in the darkness, poking his head up slowly. Right near the big eight foot tall alien thing. Luckily, he hasn't turned his head enough to spot him.

Duelist Cavalier looks down, noting Slash Man's recognition. He cups his hands around his mouth. "Oh, that was just me and my camera!" He waves. "Hi, down there!"

Slash Man looks up at Duelist, this time he can here exactly where the voice is coming from. "...What /are/ you doing? You can't run around like a little tourist in here! ...Would you mind coming down here for a moment?"

Heat Man spins to see Slash enter. "Huh? What? The screams? Or the monster?" He actually jumps a little when the next shreik goes past him. He's starting to get a little creeped..."Where did? What the? HUH?"

Knight Man blehs as he tosses the vile substance off his hand, thankfully reforming the mace got rid of it totally, and then more sounds whizz by, certainly not normal space staiony stuff, something's going on here. "Alright!" He stamps his big heavy foot on the floor "I knoweth that someone else is out there, so showeth thineself coward!"

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Knight Man transmits: 'Who art all my other brothers stationed at'eth Eurasia right now?'.

Siege Wolverine doesn't notice Yosho yet either, and knocks down the vent beneath him. Then he drops down, roaring powerfully at Knight Man as he stands fully erect. He opens his mouth wide, revealing another mouth within, which sprays more of the liquid explosive at Knight Man, like ectoplasm. The lights come on entirely, revealing the eight foot beast with spindly limbs and blades.

Bluegrass checks her map of the station, and the square, and having a sudden idea, she looks at the map of the square. Grinning darkly to herself, the Musica loads up a new bolt. Placing it somewhere between the two screamers, Bluegrass fires. This time, instead of screaming, when the bolt in question reaches the pinnacle of it's flight, it hits a pipe, and explodes! The pipe the Musica chosen was done so with great care, and right above the masters, the pipe bursts, raining down water on the group, just to make Siege's attack more dramatic.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Clown Man transmits: 'Like I told, Tronnie, Veemon is a crossdres-- Oh, it's about Eurasia. Nevermind.'.

Duelist Cavalier blinks. "Why? The view's really good from up here!"

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Knight Man transmits: '......cretin.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: 'Not sure, Knight Man. I know 6 of my Servbots are up there with my new Probe drone.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Charge Man transmits: 'We find em yet?'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Knight Man transmits: 'There art something odd nigh in the Central Square... methinks the straggelers from the hostages art upeth to something...'.

Heat Man blasts steam out in all directions as the water hits him, forcing him to drop his temprature. On the other hand, what he sees almost makes him wish he'd stayed blind. "gaaaah! Alien space monster!" On reflex, he drops into stance and prepares to attack if it makes a move.

Heat Man transforms into Heat Man.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'ALIENS! HERE! KILL!'.

Slash Man looks at Siege Wolverine. "What is that?" Slash turns around and looks back up at Duelist. "I'd like to ask you a few questions, that's all." And then he's hit by the water. "Eeeeeee. Maybe I'll come up there in stead!" And bounds up the walls, in spite of his watered feet, up to Duelist. "Now, tell me, who in Wily's name are you?"
Yosho Roshi looks just as the the monster roars downwards. o O ( My lord.) He shuffles into the vent above quickly. Better not stay here, with this guy doing that. He turns and begins to worm through the vent to a side passage. He hates being in the ones with the hall below, leaving his belly exposed.

Knight Man gazes up, wide-eyed at the elien monster thingy "Holy mother of natural things outeth there!" *ker-sploooge* "Ack! Geteth this vile stuff off me!* Knight topples and falls over, surprised

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Knight Man transmits: '*sound of general splooging, and a large ACK from Knighty* Lord Wily almighty! Whateth the hell iseth that thing!'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Slash Man transmits: 'It's a big thing with a lot of blades? What's your problem?'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: '...something... ...wrong?'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'We found an alien space thingy in central square!'.

Siege Wolverine turns his head around on his shoulders, so the bug-eyes are looking at Heat. He roars once more, before crouching down, and leaping upwards, blinking into the vents, ala Boomer Kuwanger. His form is partially visible as a black blurr of light and movement.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Slash Man transmits: 'There's a big thing with a lot of blades spraying Knight Man with fluid.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Slash Man transmits: 'It's not displaying any bio-signs though.'.

Duelist Cavalier smirks, and bows deeply, purple hair drifting over his eyes, which he brushes back with a delicate hand. "Cavalier. Duelist Cavalier. But not at your service." His smirk broadens, and he leans against the sill, having no trouble standing up here. "Smells in here, doesn't it? I didn't think this is what you guys wanted to do with the place."

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'It's...gone? What?'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Knight Man transmits: 'Well whatevereth it is, it shalt pay for its insolence towardeth me!'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: '...I... don't want to know...'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Tron Bonne transmits: 'Just uhh... Break it.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Knight Man transmits: 'Blast, it hast fled, the cowardly... whatever it art.'.

Heat Man watches the...thing disappear. "Okay. I've seen these movies. I'm not chasing it through the vents. But we should kill it." His eyes's Purge and Burn time...

Slash Man looks at Duelist. "Ah, yeah, it does. Listen, can I ask you a few questions? Do you know what that was?" He points to where the thing
was, which leaves him pointing at Heat Man from this vantage point.

Slash Man sends a radio transmission to Heat Man.

Heat Man receives a radio transmission from Slash Man.

Knight Man shakes most of the fluid off his helmet "Nay, I art not going into any vent." He hmms "How should we go abouteth this...

Metal Man has connected.

Heat Man sends a radio transmission.
Slash Man receives a radio transmission from Heat Man.
Slash Man sends a radio transmission.
Heat Man receives a radio transmission.

Siege Wolverine sends a radio transmission to Interceptor Falcon.

Heat Man sends a radio transmission.
Slash Man receives a radio transmission from Heat Man.

Duelist Cavalier looks down idly. "That? That's Heat Man. He's a Robot Master, unless the people on the news have been lying to me. Burns things, I think." His smirk returns. "He's got the same last name as you."

Siege Wolverine receives a radio transmission.

Siege Wolverine sends a radio transmission to Interceptor Falcon.
Heat Man shakes his head. "Umm...Slash says there's a lot of oil in the air, so it's not a good idea for me to use too much fire...otherwise I'd just start flushing vents...I dunno." He's puzzeled and a little scared.

Slash Man sighs. "No, not Heat Man. The thing that was there before, that roared and spit up on Knight Man." He's holding onto the edge and looking up at Duelist slightly frustrated.

Duelist Cavalier shrugs. "Damned if I know. Thought it was one of you guys. Ugly enough to be, at least."

Slash Man sighs. "Gee, thanks for your help. I can't stay and talk any longer, but stop wandering around like a tourist. It's dangerous."

Enker arrives from the Eurasia - Sub Level 1.
Enker has arrived.

Yosho Roshi slips his way through to a side vent, slowly guiding himself downwards. He rests on his side, silently peering out between ventilation cracks at whatever is going on out there.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Clown Man transmits: 'Aliens? Are you sure it's not a Kermit toy with spock eyes?'.

Siege Wolverine receives a radio transmission.

Cappella arrives from the Eurasia - Sub Level 1.
Cappella has arrived.

Slash Man sends a radio transmission to Heat Man.
Heat Man receives a radio transmission from Slash Man.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: ', Clown. Just no.'.

Cappella receives a radio transmission from Clown Man.
Heat Man sends a radio transmission to Slash Man.
Slash Man receives a radio transmission from Heat Man.

Siege Wolverine giggles evilly to himself as he talks on his radio. He drops down again, activating the circuit thing-a-majigger again. This time every other light is off, with random lights flickering. Siege grins, roaring yet again, a large electrical whip snapping out and sizzling one of the comm relays, before disappearing... Gotta love those psycho space aliens, right?

Slash Man sends a radio transmission to Heat Man.
Heat Man receives a radio transmission from Slash Man.
Cappella sends a radio transmission to Clown Man.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Clown Man transmits: 'So where is this... Alien?'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'It's in the walls....'.

Cappella receives a radio transmission from Clown Man.

Slash Man sends a radio transmission.
Slash Man sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Heat Man is going to flush the room with flames, there's oil in the air, so we're going to scorch it. Get out, now."

Metal Man is still looking for the blasted human intent on making her bleed.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Clown Man transmits: '...In the walls? Uh-Huh. Guys, get the Straitjacket. Heaty is madder than me. And that's saying something.'.

Cappella sends a radio transmission.
Slash Man sends a radio transmission to Metal Man.
Metal Man receives a radio transmission.

Enker dashes onto the scene, spear in hand and prepared to kick alien/UN/Repliforce/Strider/etc ass. He calls out to the present Masters, "What is the situation in this section?"

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'Clown....don't even get me started....please...'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Charge Man transmits: 'Come on down to the star dock and we'll put him out of his misery'.

Duelist Cavalier pouts. "But I like being a tourist. And if I stop, I may just have to cause trouble!" He blinks to a different window.

Slash Man sends a radio transmission.
Enker receives a radio transmission from Slash Man.

Metal Man says, "We got load of spookes lose sir!"

Slash Man drops from the rail and back to the floor.

Knight Man is standing around, still wiping the glop off him

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Metal Man transmits: 'Why not tell them if they don't give up we kill hostages?'.

Heat Man turns towards Enker. "Umm...aliens. In the vents. Bad." His eyes are a little bugged out...this is even what he can deal with. "Umm...can we do something about this, please?"

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Charge Man transmits: 'Cuz they don't care!'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Heat Man transmits: 'They are mostly politicans...'.

Yosho Roshi remains hidden in a side vent, watching.

Enker nods, "Heat Man, commence your plan of filling the vents with fire! The worst that could happen would be an exploding oxygen tank, and that we can handle."

Yosho Roshi o O ( Idiotic alien. Now look what he did. )

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Guts Man transmits: 'Who cares.'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Guts Man transmits: 'Let's blow something up.'.

Duelist Cavalier cups his hands over his mouth again. "But isn't this all oxygen here? What if you end up blowing up the station? I'd hate to wake up in heaven all burned and dirty!"

Heat Man nods. "Umm...okay. Do you guys want to clear out? I'm just going to use a high level thermal pulse, I think...or do you want me to use something more damaging? I suppose I could use a focused lava pulse in each vent...or I can try other stuff...I've never had to be an exterminator before..."

Siege Wolverine giggles evilly to himself as he talks on his radio. He drops down again, activating the circuit thing-a-majigger again. This time every other light is off, with random lights flickering. Siege grins, roaring yet again, a large electrical whip snapping out and sizzling one of the comm relays, before disappearing... Gotta love those psycho space aliens, right?

Metal Man cackles. "Burn them out Heat Man this should be good."

Enker concentrates. "Could you possibly heat the air in the vents without bringing it to the flash point?"

Slash Man looks at Siege. "Hey, alien! Cut it out!"

Heat Man blinks... "Umm...yeah...but I could also just roast the alien, too..." He turns towards the creature, his eyes narrowing. It's clear which option he prefers.

Knight Man glares at the alien... thing "Alright heathen! Prepare thineself for a good bashing!" He says that as he loosens his mace

While everyone else is watching Heat work, Bluegrass decides it's time to bug out. With a burst transmission to Ayla to clear herself and Blues out, the air guardian slips into the shadows, and was about to go into the open, when she sees Metal standing there. That would blow her cover. Drats. Taking a powered leap, Bluegrass lands on the roof of a nearby building, and starts her way down one of the dozen evacuation routes her and the Musica have planned.

Duelist Cavalier flips down from the window he's standing on, landing neatly on the street below. "Now, I say, that's hardly fair! Three, four of you, against a single poor alien? Have some decency... not like it's a Stardroid or something."

Enker looks coldly at Duelist. "We have no way of knowing that for sure." He then thinks about the voice, finally recognizing it. "Aren't you the same person whom I challenged over the broadband? Duelist Cavalier?"

Metal Man drops Blade the Hardhat.

Heat Man snorts. "Evil monstrous slimie things don't deserve Fair....and who says he isn't some sorta thingy sent by another dimension? Or StarDroids? Or a combination of both?" He's grasping at straws a little, but...he knows all about this stuff from watching those movies. No mercy or it'll eat you from the inside out.

Yosho Roshi crawls through the floor ventilation area a little more, before removing a cover. It's farther from the disturbance, with a lot of sidewalk and shubbery inbetween. Slowly pulling himself out, for fear of getting scorched, he removes a small black ball. Giving it a quick hurl, it rolls along in a direction far from him, a good thirty or so feet. The tiny orb hits a wall in the alley, hitting the side and creating a quick, bright flash. And after it has subsided, the vent cover is back on, and Yosho is far elsewhere.

Bluegrass gets to the maintenance shaft for the contruction of the station. Opening it, the small reploid slides down the shaft, but Metal Man might see a flash of white before she disappears.

Slash Man turns to look at Enker, totally ignoring the glint. "I say we just have Heat flood the place with fire and get ourselves out of here."

Bluegrass enters the Eurasia - Sub Level 1.
Bluegrass has left.

Metal Man optics catch something and he heads towards the shaft to check it out getting away from the chaos. Metal Man sees the open shaft and leaps down it after who ever might have gone down it.

Duelist Cavalier smirks. "In the flesh, Enker!" He already knows who the RM is. "Though it is nice to be able to associate the voice with a face at last." The smirk becomes a smile. "I am Duelist Cavalier, wandering sage and master of the saber."

Metal Man enters the Eurasia - Sub Level 1.
Metal Man has left.

Knight Man is still wiping the stickly alien glop, while trying to look menacing at the same time

Slash Man dashes out, he wants to get the hell out of here. "I'm not sticking around to see! Later!"

Enker nods to Heat Man, "Do it. Irradiate this entire room. Get Duelist Cavalier out of here with you, it would be cowardly for us to leave him here. Make sure the fire reaches down into the vents." He then shouts out at the top of his voice, "BETA EXECUTIVE! METAL MAN! GET OUT OF THE VENTS RIGHT NOW AND COME WITH US! THIS ROOM IS ABOUT TO BECOME AN INFERNO!" He then nods to Heat, takes Duelist's arm, and starts out. "Come with me if you want to live."

Knight Man looks at Enker while he makes his orders "Fair enough." He re-attatches his mace, and begins to run towards the exit, /most/ of the gunk wiped off himself, and on the floor

Yosho Roshi o O ( Phew. Good thing I'm on my way out. )

Heat Man kneels and nods. " we go..." Heat begins to slowly spiral around him, the area around him beginning to crackle with heat as the temprature increases.

Flames begin to spiral around Heat Man, engulfing him in waves of nuclear inferno! The very ground buckles from the scortching tempratures!

Heat Man transforms into Ball Of Fire.

Knight Man ducks out of the room, back into the hall (I'll still stay here OOCly)

Yosho Roshi slips off through the alleys, Heat Man providing a better distraction than he ever could.

Duelist Cavalier smirks. "I much prefer to go my own way." He flickers with violet, and vanishes.

Yosho Roshi is hiding east, by the way.

Duelist Cavalier blinks to another location.
Duelist Cavalier has left.

Yosho Roshi heading.

Siege Wolverine merps, then shrugs it off mentally. He dashes towards Heat Man, regardless of his own weakness. He then blink-dashes straight through Heat Man. "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWK!" he screeches, dive-porting through the doors and into another room...

Siege Wolverine sends a radio transmission to Interceptor Falcon.

Yosho Roshi enters the Eurasia - East Quadrant.
Yosho Roshi has left.

Heat Man spins suddenly, the...thing...passing right through him! NO! WHAT? looks as the thing dives -through- the door. "Umm...orders?"

Siege Wolverine blinks to another location.
Siege Wolverine has left.
Siege Wolverine arrives from the Eurasia - East Quadrant.
Siege Wolverine has arrived.

Enker shouts, "Irradiate the entire /LEVEL/ if you have to, and if you can! Just clear out the aliens!"

Heat Man nods. "OKAY! Starting with this room, then I'm going through the hatch the thing...dived through!"

Merlin enters the Eurasia - Sub Level 1.
Merlin has left.

Enker enters the Eurasia - Sub Level 1.
Enker has left.

Heat Man begins to slowly pulse with radation and flames....his entire body seems to sublimate into energy. The power coursing through him is incredible, and he suddenly reaches his liquid state, his entire body becoming rippling metal, flames beginning to spread from where he stands. Power courses EVERYWHERE, and cascades outwards from the shimmering "robot", in the form of a sudden catastrophic blast of heat, flames, and energy!

Unfortunately for Heat Man, Siege sprayed the place with liquid explosive... And ummm... Well, it's mostly right around where Heat is... So...


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