You enter the Wily Sphere - Vehicle Bay (Blue level).
Wily Sphere - Vehicle Bay (Blue level)

A large sea port, gleaming with titanium and steel. Various watercraft are parked here and there, some hooked up to a fuel line, others merely tethered to the floor. Toolboxes line one wall, system analysis items line another. Everywhere you look there is technology. From marvelous seacraft and equipment, to the very space you are in. It shows the genius and ingenuity of both Dr. Wily and his hoarde of Robot Masters. Technical genius combined with mechanical muscle and artificial intelligence. A stunning combination that built this aquatic station and this very room.

Charge Man [RM]
Gravity Man [RM]
Metal Man [RM]
Ground Man [Robot] [RM]
Slash Man [RM]
Yamato Man [RM]
Dr. Wily [RM]
Construction Mech <Apharmd> [RM]
Construction Mech <Specineff> [RM]
Skull Shuttle [RM]
Construction Mech <Temjin> [RM]

Obvious exits:
North <N> leads to Wily Sphere - Corridor (Blue level).

Blizzard Man arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Blue level).
Blizzard Man has arrived.

Dr. Wily paces back and forth within the vehicle bay as his Masters arrive one by one. He peers left and right at those gathered, his hands clasped behind his back. his long white coat billows to his flank as he swivels around with each turn in his repeating pace. Finally, the doctor comes to a halt. Wily faces the group gathered before him.

"Masters, I have gethered you here today for a mission that will surely go down in history. Today, as some of you may know, I purchased precious information from the Red Dragons concerning a weak point in the Eurasia project. A damaged portion which has been overlooked due to the Maverick assault. As a result, a great opportunity stands before us today. I intend to exploit it."

Charge Man says, "Uhhh bosss?"

Metal Man says, "So we take the space Station?"

Dr. Wily eyes the train. "what is it Charge Man?"

Blizzard Man comes rolling in rapidly... He hits a tank of liquid nitrogen and bounces off. He unfurls and looks around dizzily.
Slash Man leans in against a wall and simply listens to the Doctor's orders.

Standing in the far back, practically on his own, is Ground Man. A sadistic smile begins to creep along his face, as Dad's news seems to be leading towards battle.

Charge Man says, "What's Eurasia?"

Metal Man says, "Space Station, which I lead a raid on supply shipment for it to day."

Charge Man blinks" YOU LEAD?"

Yamato Man stands silently at attention. He says not a word, looking towards his father and awaiting his specific task within this adventure.

Knight Man nods to Wily's speech oO(No doubteth he dost have some brilliant plan in mind..) and groans slightly to Charge's perfect timing with his stupidity.

Charge Man growls "I was built superior in bother stature and mass to you puny one! Father I should lead this battle! I am after all Commander of Eplison"

Dr. Wily blinks, the doctor frowns and moves on... ignoring the question. "Now then, we will be using the three construction mechs used for the development of the WilyStar as well as the Skull Shuttle to spearhead the operation and set it into motion." He peers and gestures to the vessels before him. "I'm sure you are all familiar with them... I will need a few volunteers capable of operating the mechs."

Slash Man sighs. .oO(Is he trying to be that stupid, or does it just come naturally? I can't believe he was made by Dad.)

Ground Man completely ignores the petty arguments that most of Robot Masters present are currently engaged in. He stands there, a pillar of discipline ready to move online if Dr. Wily should command it.

<Global News Network> Good evening. This is Rose Amber reporting live from Rocket Town where crews are setting up for tonight's speech by Secretary General McLaren. It promises to be a good one, with the recent success of Eurasia and the Gateway Teleporter, which was demonstrated not one week ago. We at Global News Network will keep you up to date with tonight's events.

Charge Man grumbles

Blizzard Man shrugs, "I apologize, Lord Wily... I lack the skill to drive... However, I'm sure you can teach me."

Metal Man raises his hand with a smirk visiable even under his face plate. "I can drive em Doc."

Dr. Wily points to Metal Man. "Excellent. You're in charge of..." He sweeps his gaze around and randomly selects one of the mechs. "The Temjin." Wily looks around for any other volunteers. "Well?"

Yamato Man stands at attention still. He was not programmed to operate heavy machinery, unfortunately.

Knight Man shakes his head "I apoligizeth my Lord, I do noteth have free hands to operateth a machine like that."

Charge Man grunts pacing to and fro.

Metal Man smriks his ego going though the roof.

Dr. Wily shrugs. "Metal Man, board the Temjin. The rest of you, into the Skull Shuttle, a new day awaits us. Glory in the name of Wily! AHAHAHA!" He tosses his head back and cackles before finally regaining his composure. "Quickly!"

Slash Man has left.

Metal Man has left.

Dr. Wily has left.

Charge Man howls and stomps in happily
Charge Man has left.

Ground Man has left.

Gravity Man has left.

Yamato Man marches with the rest of his Master Brothers into the Skull Shuttle.
Yamato Man has left.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Metal Man transmits: 'So Doc we taking the station?'.

Knight Man nods again, and mwahas as he follows the rest of the masters

Skull Shuttle

=============================== Skull Shuttle ================================

Picture the inside of a Voyager shuttle and there you go.

====================== Type 'vhelp' for a command list. ======================
Yamato Man
Gravity Man
Ground Man
Charge Man
Dr. Wily
Slash Man

Construction Mech <Temjin> has arrived.

Ground Man moves over to a section on his own. He frowns, slightly and then begins to transform into his Tank form. The low lighting of the shuttle gleeming off his drills...
Ground Man transforms into Drill Tank.

Blizzard Man has arrived.
Blizzard Man rolls in after everyone else.

Knight Man tromps in and sits. He would strap himself in, but #1-He's not a wuss, like Quint, #2-One hand holds a shield he refuses to let go of, the other is a.. well... mace

Yamato Man marches in and takes a seat, folding his legs into the lotus meditation position and lowering his head, putting his hands in his lap. He begins to mentally prepare himself for the coming battle, visualizing his technique.

Dr. Wily takes the pilot seat and powers up the engines...

The Tank just rests there, motionless.

Construction Mech <Temjin> stands there waiting.

Gravity Man strolls over and sits on the ceiling in the back. oO(This'll be fun!)Oo

Charge Man stands proud. his bulk strong enough to fight

Construction Mech <Specineff> has arrived.

Acoustic has arrived.
Construction Mech <Specineff> drops Acoustic.
Acoustic is no longer listening.

Construction Mech <Temjin> says, "Well Doc what is the exact plan?"

Dr. Wily cackles and takes off!

Blizzard Man plops down in a seat.

*After taking off, and some flying around later...*

Outside> You enter the Orbit of Earth.
Outside> Orbit of Earth
From this high up, everything is silent within the vacuum of space. Below you is the white, green and blue ball that is called Earth. From this high up, you can only make out the large land masses in the middle of the clear blue oceans. The white wisps of clouds can be seen stretching and swirling from one end of the Earth to the other. The site is breathtaking, and one that very few people ever see.

Outside> Moon

Outside> Obvious exits:
Outside> Eastern Hemisphere <EH> leads to Sky Above Eastern Hemisphere.
Outside> Western Hemisphere <WH> leads to Sky Above Western Hemisphere.

Construction Mech <Specineff> drops Acoustic.

Knight Man grumbles "I hateth space, I was built to be'eth big and heavy, and I should stayeth that way..."

Ground Man is still slient... And ever so deadly.

Charge Man says, "I'M GONNA smash and then I'm GONNA BASH and then I'm going to toot my horn and be happy"

Unlike Ground Man, who is slient, Slash Man remains silent, and also ever so deadly.

Yamato Man has connected.

Blizzard Man looks rather sick... Must've been something he ate.
You paged Napalm Man with 'Err, a bit I guess.'.

Gravity Man says, "Who wants to have a sing along?"

Dr. Wily spins around on his pilot chair to turn his back against the viewer. The doctor faces his men and cackles. Wily has already prepared himself for space. With a complicated looking orange space outfit branded with the 'W' insignia, the doctor looks quite ready for the emptiness that is space. He steeples fingers encased in black gloves and nods. "The time is at hand... my Masters." He peers over to his flank at an open viewport. "And so the serpent lies, sitting, waiting, crouching, hidden in the undergrowth, awaiting his prey."
Serenade meanwhile just lets out a slight yawn as she sits inside one of the mechas, silently reading some info on a datapad.

Yamato Man remains in a meditative state, wrapped in the full lotus position. One hand is in his lap, palm up, like the Buddha. He sits silently, waiting for the order to move -- in the meantime, he keeps his mind clear, continuing to visualize his technique.

Charge Man says, "What do you want to us to do Daddy?""

Dr. Wily eyes Charge Man. "For now my brilliant creations, we must lie waiting... be patient, and perhaps occupy ourselves with a good game of poker! Nyahaha... whatever your rampant destructive mind desires, however... I would prefer that the noise level be at an adequate decibel reading." He spins to the console and graces his fingers across the controls. "I shall be working."

Charge Man says, "working on what?"

Gravity Man says, "Does this mean no Sing-Along?"

Dr. Wily smiles. "What else my good Charge Man? Taking over the WORLD! AHAHAHAAHAHA-" He pauses and eyes Gravity. "No."

Charge Man says, "we can sing?"

Slash Man sighs and goes into a sleep-state.

Knight Man cackles along with the Doc, and then stops for a moment... "So what dost we doeth?"

Construction Mech <Temjin> says, "Well Doc this should go better than the Wily Star eh? We just nab a already built space base""
Blizzard Man has apparently missed something... And thusly remains with the whole sick-looking thing.

Gravity Man says, "We can't sing well, but it IS possible."

Various sensors alone the outer hull of Ground Man's tank form, align themselves and then focus in a few Robot Masters. Then they blink out, their power fading in a flash.

Yamato Man remains in a meditative position, having become used to the idle prattle of his brothers during these long family trips. His mind is elsewhere -- he is back on the training field, doing katas, focusing on imaginary opponents and watching himself spar with them. His mind is the keenest weapon in his arsenal, and he constantly seeks to keep it sharp. Always, he thinks of death -- and he accepts that he may die, knowing that his spirit will continue on as long as his father is alive. Truely, he is an immortal, though his body might be broken and scattered to ash. He fears not the caress of oblivion; the only thing he fears is not being the best he can be. So he meditates on his technique, and waits ... for a minute, for an hour, for a year, until the end of time if needs be.

Slash Man dreams of Brave Fencer Musashi. (OOC: Going to play in the interim.)

Knight Man grunts. And lifts his mace-arm up, the mace shrinks and retracks into his arm, and a hand forms (hey, other bots can form guns with their hands, I form a giant spikey ball :D) he lays the shield on lap, and grabs a slender blade attatched to his hip, generally used for his lance attack, it has an extendable handle. He places his other hand down on the shield and starts 'knifing' around it. *thunk*thunk*thunk*thunk*thunk*thunk*thunk*thunk*

Gravity Man sneaks up behind knight and goes "BOO!"

Serenade meanwhile just continues to read. La, da dee, da dee, da da. Sure she does look up as one of her sibs starts yelling, but after just giving a quick glance, she goes back to reading.

Metal Man has arrived.

Knight Man acks as he doesn't miss his hand on his 13th run, and removes the blade and elbows Grav in the face "Don't disturbeth me when I art concentrating!"

Metal Man oO(All of us in one place like this... oh boy. This shouldbe perfect to show them all up!)

Gravity Man turns away. "I'll be good..." Despite his words, he then flips up onto the ceiling, getting ready to scare the hell out of Knight.

The V-on wanna be mech known as Apharmed was here all the time. Really. In fact, so was Spring. He's currently reading the manual to pick up tips. "Letsee... and this lever is to activate the... welding arms?" He types on the computer keyboard... 'help welding arms' The computer blips, and shows a picture of the two side arm cutters mounted on the elbows of the mech. "Figures..."

Knight Man goes back to his knifey concentration activity, though the concentration thing is just BS, he's doing it for his sick little fun.

Gravity Man creeps up above Knight, getting ready to drop down and scare the beejebbers out of him.

Knight Man of course know's Grav is a glutton for punishment, and slightly slows his knife strikes, readying his hand to quickly transform back into a mace again for a moment :D

Gravity Man flips Knight up to the ceiling, then shouts, "BOO"!


Gravity Man meekly says, "sorry..."

Knight Man ehs as he wasn't expecting Grav to Flip HIM, but nevertheless, readies his mace and holds it ahead of him to mash him in the face has he is about to land on him... from below O_o (gravity's confusing sometimes.)

Pirate Man has arrived.
Frost Man has arrived.

Gravity Man gets his face mashed just enough to hurt, but not enough to really damage in any real way.

Knight Man glares at him "Puteth me down..."

With a sigh, Sere looks up from her datapad again, muttering something under her breath as she presses a button. What's the button do? Why it causes Bach to play inside the Mecha. Not exactly Ser's first choice of music to read by, but it's definately better than her brothers arguing.

Gravity Man sighs, and drops Knight onto the floor again.

Ground Man attempts to restrain himself from drilling thru the shuttle just to escape this maddness. His drills spin loudly for a minute and then slow down to a stop...

Pirate Man looks around silently as he studies the ship but says nothing as he looks to the others waiting to hear what the plan is

Knight Man shouts as he falls "I meant GENTLY...*whump*"

Yamato Man is in his own mental landscape, deep in meditation. He sits in the full lotus position, hands in his lap palm-up. In total silence, he visualizes his attack strategies against different kinds of opponents, mind focused totally on his skills.

Pirate Man chuckles as he watches the others before looking towards the pilots seat but says nothing as he leans back for a bit before saying, "So what be thee plan again?"

Blizzard Man looks out a window and peers down at the Earth below... "OOOH! I can see home from here!"

From the Army boy mecha, Spring Man keeps reading the manual. "In event of sudden power down, pray to Wily that you will survive.... Who wrote this sadist thing?"

Metal Man says, "We are going after the new space station."

Blizzard Man looks at Spring Man, "Grenade Man. Duh."

Knight Man grumbles, as he's forced back on the ground. And goes back to his knife-up-the-shield-and-don't-hit-your-hand-cause-it-hurts game

Blizzard Man idly looks at the other Robot Masters and attempts to visualize them as seven year olds...

Serenade just listens to the Bach she has playing inside of her mecha. For all she could care right now, her brothers could kill each other, just as long as they don't hurt Wily.

Dr. Wily finishes his calculations. "Finally..." Wily swivels around in his chair for a few immature moments, tossing his head back and cackles. "It has begun!"

Charge Man says, "whats begun?"

Spring idly goes back to pondering why there are fuzzy dice hanging inside the mech.

Knight Man quietly cackles to himself as the Doc announces the commencement. Sitting back up he reattatches the blade to his hip, grabs his shield and reforms his mace-arm. "This art going to be'eth fun..."

Blizzard Man looks to Wily, "Excellent, Lord Wily. How shall we proceed?"

Pirate Man smirks as he looks to Wily then to Knight saying, "Aye mate, we shall give them no quarter."

*Even some MORE flying around later...*

Outside> You enter the Cairo - Rocket Town.
Outside> Cairo - Rocket Town
This area of Cairo is on the extreme outskirts of the city, connecting to the rest by a lengthy magrail train that runs to the telestation. Just as the buildings of Cairo tower to the northeast, here a different set of structures loom up to the sky. The site of the United Nations Space Agency (UNSA), Gus Grissom Memorial Field, has been popularly named Rocket Town, after the forest of launching gantries and storage bunkers. Since Cape Canavral was transformed into a museum site, Rocket Town has been the global center of space exploration. Among all of the housings for space shuttles, booster rockets, and fuel, there are a few buildings set aside for the adminstration of the UNSA, and to coordinate the ground side of the great journey into the final frontier.

Outside> Sarah Storm [C] General [RF]
Siege Wolverine [RF] Skyblade Eagle [RF]
Kelly McLaren [C] Ska [C] [#4672 Oe]
Duelist Cavalier [Unarmored] [C] Bluegrass [C] [#4670 Oe]
Opera [C] [#4669 Oe] Spica [Armour] [SD]
Wind Falcon [Humanoid] [MH] Ring Redwing [RF]
Bruce Fury [C]

Outside> Obvious exits:
Outside> North <N> leads to Cairo - Residential District.
Outside> East <E> leads to Cairo - Southern Outskirts.

Outside> Bluegrass twiddles her thumbs, barely keeping from falling asleep.

Outside> General reaches his post in record time since nobody else seems to be doing anything. Halting in his designated area, the Repliforce Commander-in-Chief gives a formal salute to the Secretary General, as do the troops behind him. Not wanting to interrupt the proceedings too much (like he hasn't already), the General simply stands at ease and waits for something to happen.

Outside> Siege Wolverine leaves for whatever reason he might have.

Construction Mech <Temjin> waits. oO(Why do I feel like I'm in ep of Gundam?)

Dr. Wily takes the controls and brings the shuttle down, back into the atmosphere and flies the craft with the greatest of grace. "A change in plans... the ceremony has been delayed, so I believe I shall intervene to speed things up."

Dr. Wily chuckles. "I don't like to be kept waiting for too long."

Blizzard Man nods to Wily.

Outside> Marching rather predictably to the beat of her own drum, Stormbringer enters a little behind the rest of the RF's. Ah well. She's here, and to the selkie's mind, that's what counts.

Construction Mech <Temjin> says, "Well lets go get us a new home!""

Yamato Man opens his eyes and unfolds himself from the full lotus, calling his spear from hyperspace. He braces it around his hands and prepares for battle. In his mind, the drummers begin their drumming, and the flags of terrible war are unfurled...

Gravity Man says, "This is taking far, far too long."

Outside> Duelist Cavalier waits patiently to head to Eurasia. A whole new place to explore. Spiffy. And if he can find some fellow duelists to kill time will, more's the better.

As Serenade just waits as well, she yawns once more, inwardly debating pulling out her datapad again.

Spring Man blips up a picture on the main screen. He speaks up on the microphone, which transmits his voice to the outside. It also makes the voice sound suspisiously like PGY-11. "Geez, no wonder they can't do anything right. They have no planning whatsoever."

Yamato Man stands perfectly still, eyes focused on a point through the shuttle wall. He is mentally prepared for this battle, ready to face the insane defenses around the teleporter. He makes his peace once again with his gods, mind as focused as the point of his spear.

Outside> Another UN senator takes the stage to explain the benefits of Eurasia as a few of the random guards motion the SecGen towards the first large group of citizens who are going up to the spacecity. He takes the dias in preparation for his fifteen minutes of limelight.

Opera motions with her hand for the other Musica to follow McLaren as they all begin to board the ship going up.

Outside> Bluegrass goes along, la dee freaking dah.

Outside> Wind Falcon remains entirely silent, eyes still dimmed, as he waits in the crowd. Maybe someone oughta poke him with a stick to see if he's still alive. At least he's got the courtesy to remain standing...

Outside> An older man in a thick, heavy trenchcoat lingers somewhere, watching the Secretary General. Below his trenchcoat, he's wearing a blue ninja gi, complete with bladed weaponry hidden underneath. He's not about to prance about in Strider get-up infront of cameras, or lots of people. No publicity.

Outside> Yosho Roshi watches the senator speaking, rather.

Outside> Bruce Fury has disconnected.

Outside> Whirlpool Lobster is on patrol! Oh yes he is! He merely listens to the speeches as he does so.

Outside> Sarah Storm stops gazing at the really cute guy and begins follows after several guards towards the group of citizens that are going up.

Dr. Wily cackles and finally positions the craft above Rocket Town. "Alright boys, saddle up and get ready." The doctor watches eagerly, a snake waiting to strike.

Outside> Duelist Cavalier has no publicity, either, but he's just a normal nobody. Just here to watch, and be one of the first residents of the new station, hopefully.

Outside> General listens politely to the UN Senator, gaze moving to carefully watch the Secretary General and her Guard. He watches for a moment, then shifts his gaze to the crowd and beyond. He studies the people that are waiting to board the ships for Eurasia, idly wondering what motivates them to want to live in space. The General lingers on these thoughts for only a few minutes before his focus return to duty, as he scans the crowd for anything... bad.

Outside> Razor Pterodactyl, even if you didn't notice him before, is just one of the many Repliforcers who have been here since the speeches started. He's done nothing special... just stand around being bored the whole time, occasionally yawning.

Outside> Stormbringer Selkie simply surveys the crowd, on alert but rather happy to be at such an occasion. Mm, crowd. Selkies are social creatures. Tailswish.

A small speck from the sky becomes larger and larger... is it a bird, a plane? Who cares... it's just a dot that seems to come closer and closer. Ignore.

Outside> Skyblade Eagle is just chilling still, cause she's not really paying attention, cause she doesn't care...

Knight Man sits up in his seat, and mentally prepares himself... which basically includes many ego-inflating self boosting comments about how great he is, and how he will painfully smash whoever gets in his way for his liege.

Construction Mech <Apharmd> flexes a hand and looks to the other mechs beside him. "You guys ready?"

Construction Mech <Temjin> says, "All good to go here. Okay so Wily any special orders for us with the mechs?"

Dr. Wily stands up and flips the switch to open the ramp. "Masters, your objective is simple. Release all HELL! I want the repliforce occupied up their afts... UP THEIR AFTS! So occupied...." He snickers. "That they don't notice the great Wily, slipping onto the station to take off WITH IT! GAHAHA!" wily peers over the opening. "GO!"

Gravity Man says, "I'm ready to go! I want to avoid Ring Redwing. weakness' and all."

Outside> The crews prepare for the ship's departure by clearing the immediate area and prepping the security grid to let the space-bound ship through. The security remaining on Earth remains tight, but as the blast off begins, they are distracted by the event. Could this be a weak point?

Knight Man nods and mwahaha's to himself oO(It's the only time I feel alive!)

Blizzard Man cackles madly, "YES, LORD WILY!" He starts rolling towards the doors, before realizing he's still strapped in. He reaches back, unbuckling himself, then starts to roll forward again, for the door...

Guts Man wakes up from behind some boxes. "

Outside> General cares, because he has to. One of the troopers spots the small dot, who promtly informs the General via tightbeam. The Repliforce CO promtly looks up, narrowing his eyes to try and identify the ship. Quickly, he activates his own radio as he gets a rather bad feeling about this dot.

Guts Man says, "Hey what are you all doing in my room?! THis isn't another linch mob is it?"

Spring Man has arrived.

Outside> Yosho Roshi continues to meander along, some really old guy in the crowd.

"Let us fight well for our Father's honor," Yamato Man says, in his usual quiet tone of voice. Gripping his spear, his eyes shining cold behind his mask, he charges after the other Masters. He enters the battle-trance, shutting out all other distractions.

Frost Man's eyes smile down at Guts Man. "You not in room. You in space ship."

Pirate Man chuckles as he looks to the others, "Lets give them no quarter mates!", he looks towards the door as he prepares to to head out, a smirk appears on his face as he prepares his arm cannon

Spring Man has disconnected.

Construction Mech <Temjin> says, "Rock and ROLL!"

Outside> Bruce Fury has connected.

Outside> Yosho Roshi has a trenchcoat over his crazy ninja stuff, by the way.

Outside> Skull Shuttle arrives like a bat out of hell. It's thrusters roaring, engine pumping, the shriek of the boosters deafening. It comes down like the finger of God, dust kicking up as the powerful machine superheats the air surrounding the vessel. The mist of brown veiling everyone and everything with frightening speed. And with equal swiftness, the craft opens it's maw-like ramp to unleash the army of the devil himself, Wily. Guns appear from the side of the ship, blazing, mowing down the unprepared occupants like lambs.

Guts Man screams, "Ahhhh!!! Space ship?! Oh my god the Stardroids have come to wreak revenge on me for kicking their afts!"

Knight Man bwahaha's as he heads to the door.

Outside> Bluegrass demerges.

Gravity Man walks over to the door, flipping to the floor before exiting.

Enker leaps out of the shuttle, spear in hand. "For the glory of Wily!" He jumps zealously out of the craft, not even waiting for it to land.

Enker has left.

Gravity Man has left.
Yamato Man has left.
Outside> Enker lands. BWAAAA!
Blizzard Man rolls out the doors.
Blizzard Man has left.
Ground Man has left.
Knight Man jumps as well

Cairo - Rocket Town

This area of Cairo is on the extreme outskirts of the city, connecting to the rest by a lengthy magrail train that runs to the telestation. Just as the buildings of Cairo tower to the northeast, here a different set of structures loom up to the sky. The site of the United Nations Space Agency (UNSA), Gus Grissom Memorial Field, has been popularly named Rocket Town, after the forest of launching gantries and storage bunkers. Since Cape Canavral was transformed into a museum site, Rocket Town has been the global center of space exploration. Among all of the housings for space shuttles, booster rockets, and fuel, there are a few buildings set aside for the adminstration of the UNSA, and to coordinate the ground side of the great journey into the final frontier.

Ground Man [Drill Tank] [RM]
Blizzard Man [RM]
Yamato Man [RM]
Gravity Man [RM]
Enker [RM]
Toilet Duck [C]
Yosho Roshi [Strider] [C]
Razor Pterodactyl [RF]
Colonel [RF]
Whirlpool Lobster [RF]
Stormbringer Selkie [RF]
Skull Shuttle [RM]
Sarah Storm [C]
General [RF]
Skyblade Eagle [RF]
Ska [C]
Duelist Cavalier [Unarmored] [C]
Opera [C]
Spica [Armour] [SD]
Wind Falcon [Humanoid] [MH]
Ring Redwing [RF]
Bruce Fury [C]

Obvious exits:
North <N> leads to Cairo - Residential District.
East <E> leads to Cairo - Southern Outskirts.

Stormbringer Selkie stands up straighter suddenly, whiskers quivering and tail twitching. She backs away from the crowd a foot or two by dint of bouncing backward. As the dust surrounds her, she cants her head from one side to the other--and sets up a slight local current. Mm, bad.

Gravity Man falls to the ground like a leaf.

Construction Mech <Specineff> has arrived.

Frost Man has arrived.

Yosho Roshi is in the ship already, fools! Ha ha!

Slash Man has arrived.

Construction Mech <Temjin> has arrived.

Dr. Wily has arrived.

Construction Mech <Apharmd> has arrived.

[OOC] Slash Man says, "AAAH! IT'S A GUNDAM!"

Toilet Duck quacks in distress as he notices the shuttle falling. "I haven't been keepin' up with this here project, but that don't look like one of ours..."

Wind Falcon 'wakes up', eyes brightening to normal levels as he watches the ship arrive. He quickly launches to the air to avoid the fire from the shuttle...and the air's already swirling around him in the form of a tornado. Reaching in, he draws out a broadsword into his right hand, and continues ascending.

Ska springs into motion as the Masters arrive, heading swiftly for a particular rendezvous...

Frost Man has left.

Yamato Man jumps out of the ship just behind Enker, another spear-wielder. He spins his spear overhead as he flies through the air, slamming onto the ground in a resonating thud. Dust flies from all around him as he looks towards the field of combatants, his spear gleaming in the white night of the city. Once again, he battles for his father's glory -- once more, into the breach. Already in the battle-trance, he charges forward, hunting for a suitable opponent.

Duelist Cavalier rides up in the shuttle, clueless and blissful.

The Tank that is Ground Man, comes rolling out the read of the Shuttle still in flight. Tipping 90 degrees to dive head first right into the ground. Kicking up dirt, as if the ground it self was water, and the
dirt was the splash of some Olympic Swimmer diving into the pool.

Frost Man has arrived.

A distinct, and evil sounding "MWAHAHAHA!" Comes from above you, you look up to notice the RM armored medival tank, Knight Man, has leaped out of the shuttle. After falling for a bit he realizes something... he doesn't have a parachute... Desperate, he loosens his Mace and spins it over his head quickly to have it act as a propeller. Does it work?


"Crapeth!!!" *FWHUMP*

Knight slowly stands out of the mini crater he made, and shakes the sand out of his helmet. He then resumes his threatening stance as he proclaims "We do'eth this for the glory of Lord Wily! Have at the Vermin!! Mwahahaha!" And he runs towards the goodguys. Anyone wanting a piece to have him at, feel free.

Ring Redwing leaps to as Skyblade radios the Aerial Ops. Readying a ring in each hand she rises into the air by hovering with her boosters as she leaps, peering through the dust to find targets and cover innocents.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'Chaos! Mayhem! ENTROPY! No one must witness my presence...'.

Slash Man comes falling out of the Shuttle, landing firmly on the ground. "Whooooooo! Party on the deck! Party on the deck!"

The sounds of the speech that Whirlpool Lobster was listening to were drowned out by the entrance of the shuttle. He looks to it and mutters under his breath. He sends a quick message into his radio to proclaim his suprise.

General's eyes widen as the ship comes into full view. Immediately, the General stomps between the shuttle's position and Secretary McLaren. "33rd and 28th Secdef, evacuate the civilians! 12th and 16th Secdef, form a perimeter between their position and the main launchpad. 42nd Marines, all others, attack!" the General barks out loudly, jarring nearly everyone within hearing range. Quickly, the troops jump into action. 20 Repliforce troops immediately start trying to heard the hundreds of people gathered away from the fighting, while another 20 promtly get between the civilians and the Robot Masters. 10 more Marines jump forward, ahead of General and start laying down fire against the Robot Master position. General himself lumbers forward, fists clenching as energy builds up around them. "Attack!"

Construction Mech <Apharmd> follows after the other mechs, firing off its jets as it slows its descent, Pirate Man can be heard laughing as the mech starts to move forward and starts to smash anything that comes in his way except whatever is living as the pilot yells out, "GIVE THEM NO QUARTER! Destroy them all!"

Look! Up there! What is it? A giant meteorite come to destroy the Earth's populace upon impact? Or a giant egg reploid from outer space, come to pass judgement upon the world? Or is it... Could it be? Yes, it is... It's a giant snowball... Falling from the skies over Cairo...

Wait... Is that... Yes, it is... Arms and a head. It's flying Frosty the Snowman! No, wait. It's worse... Those are skis... It's Blizzard Man! Quickly, hide the fragile items of the city... For now, falling from the skies comes Blizzard Man. The despicable despot of delusional disobediance! The accident that makes Cut Man seem like a good luck charm. Indeed, falling from the Skull Shuttle and now the skies... There comes Blizzard Man. He cackles madly, free-falling... Then he realizes something.


Yes, that's right. Blizzard Man accidentally forgot to pack a parachute. So the overtly rotund Robot Master falls toward the ground, as lost as a snowflake in a blizzard... Blizzard Man continues to fall towards the ground, spinning around and around... Gathering speed. Finally Blizz hits the ground... Hard. He slowly rises, blinking a bit. "Whoa... What a place to put the ground in..." he states woozily. He stumbles about, looking for someone to fight.

Construction Mech <Temjin> leaps out of the Shuttle with the long missing Metal Man at the controls. "Don't stop fireing untill you have destroied every last one of those inferior Replforicers!!!" The mech lands on the ground with a thump. Then the engin of death comes to life stomping to wards the Rf lines while its pilot cackles. "Flee before me or your lives are mine!!!"

Wind Falcon enters the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Wind Falcon has left.

Razor Pterodactyl receives his orders, and acts upon them, taking to the sky. He swearves around to avoid some enemy fire, then looks around in dismay at the massive force that disembarks. "Great. Just great." He readies a metal disc on each arm, and sighs as he looks around, trying to single out an opponent.

Frost Man leaps from the door of the Skull Shuttle, landing hard on the ground below. <KABOOM> His chilling armor flashes over once as he raises his balled mittens above his head and -slams- them into the ground, leaving some impression. His brows fold into a point, and he looks ready to fight!

Enker wields his spear and stands fast, awaiting the onslaught of the reploid Marines. "Pitiful excuses for warriors," he grunts as the tip of the Mirror Buster renders one's optics inoperable. "Robot Masters! We /shall/ win the day!"

The Marines aren't an onslaught, there's 12 of them. And they aren't charging, they're holding their ground and laying down cover fire as the General advances. Speaking of which, General stomps up to the line that has been drawn. Raising his right hand, a white beam of energy launches from his fist, going straight for the Robot Master grouping. It's not meant to destroy, however - it's meant to destabilize their positions and make it easier for the Repliforce troops to pick off the Masters one by one.

Slash Man roars loudly and swishes his long red synth hair. "It's time to think big, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm thinking two stories tall!" He bound-dashes over towards General, claws outstretched.

"Hey, big guy, want some?" He makes a silly face as he moevs.
The ground buckles and shakes for a moment, and then Ground Man, comes bursting out from below right behind General. His sharp pointy drills spinning maddly, wurring with insane power... His engine pumping full power as he barrels along, aiming right for the General.

UN Shuttle <Magellan> has arrived.
Spica drops UN Shuttle <Magellan>.

Like a tidal wave, Yamato Man moves through groups of Repliforce gumbies who dare oppose him. His staff spins around him in a haze of petrified wood and gleaming metal, striking down any gumbie minion who comes to close. He moves like Bruce Lee through the surroundings, but still ... still, he has not found the right opponent.

Scorpio has arrived.

The notorious doctor Wily and his mad sneaking abilities come to work tonight with full grace. Slipping unnoticed through the mayhem and chaos, the doctor approaches the ship, unnoticed.

Toilet Duck has left.
Dr. Wily has left.
Duelist Cavalier has left.
Bruce Fury has left.
Yosho Roshi has left.
Sarah Storm has left.
Siege Wolverine has left.

Ground Man strikes General with his Drill Ram attack.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'Masters piloting the Mechs, into the shuttle. With me! Stay with me!'.

Slash Man as he dashes toward the giant, he leaps into the air and brings his claws down at the enormous one!

Slash Man strikes General with his Claw attack.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Pirate Man transmits: 'Aye sir, on my way.'.

Construction Mech <Specineff> has arrived.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Metal Man transmits: 'Roger that!'.

UN Shuttle <Magellan> enters the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
UN Shuttle <Magellan> has left.

General's balance is destabilized by Ground Man's assault on his legs, as a trooper is chopped up by the mini-earthquake in the process. The Master's drills even manage to penetrate the General's thick leg armor, making a gash on the back of his left leg. Grunting in pain, the Repliforce CO turns halfway, raising his foot to stomp at Ground Man. While doing this, he doesn't notice or doesn't care about Slash Man's attack on his other side, which barely makes a scratch in his armor.

Meanwhile, the Secdef troopers continue herding civilians away. Unfortunately, many civilians aren't herded in the right way, as they board the shuttle in a panic. Deluge Elephant needs to work harder on his evac drills for the troops.

General strikes Ground Man with his Stomp attack.

Construction Mech <Temjin> enters the Cairo - Residential District.
Construction Mech <Temjin> has left.

From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, Ring Redwing leaps to as Skyblade radios the Aerial Ops. Readying a ring in each hand she rises into the air by hovering with her boosters as she leaps, peering through the dust to find targets and cover innocents.

Skyblade Eagle is flying around and shooting at various RM mets and such.

Slash Man roars, as he apparently hasn't made a proper impression on General. Bounding across various beams and other climbing tools, he leaps towards General's head, claws outstretched, both of them cleaving inward towards the large one's--shoulder, oh dear. Slightly miscalculated that one, didn't he?

Slash Man strikes General with his Shred attack.

Yamato Man continues onward through the Repliforce gumbies, mech-fluid flying and spattering onto walls like a Kurasawa nightmare. He presses on, looking for that which will satisfy his desire for a real battle. And then, suddenly, he comes upon a giant lobster. "Repliforce lobster!" he calls out towards Whirlpool, his voice having a Japanese accent. "I am Yamato Man, beloved of my Father, Wily-sama! I have battled for years, striking down enemies of my father and bringing him the bounty of the earth for his pleasure! Are you worthy of my challenge?"

Acoustic goes home.

Knight Man continues to charge into the good guys like a maniac, spinning his mace over his head "Mwahaha!" Looking around he spots the various RF aerials oO(It doth figure... now how shalt I proceed to combat these opponents.... I knoweth! I'll just hit them hard so they dost get groundedeth! Mwaha!) With that he swing his mace over his head some more, and with the momentum he has built up from running (which can get pretty powerful with his size) He lets the mace fly out of nowhere at Skyblade "Have at thee Repliforce bird!"

Frost Man finds himself wondering off toward the evacuating civilians. "Move along! Nothing to see here!" he shouts, moving up behind the Secdef troopers. He pushes them out of the way and takes their place in moving the civvies.

From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, Gravity Man scans the scene, eyes settling at last on the unfortunate Ring Redwing. Noticing that she doesn't seem to see him yet, he takes advantage to set up his forcefield.

The force of General's Foot coming down on Ground Man, buckles his treads for a moment. His top armour taking most of that assault though, leaving a giant foot print on him. He snarl, "AAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGG!!!" More so in anger, rather than pain, and then attempts to burrow thru the mighty General's other leg...

Ground Man strikes General with his Burrow attack.

Blizzard Man is completely clueless, still staggering about after his rather rough landing. He blinks a bit, stumbling about, causing random destruction to random items.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'I'm inside the shuttle. Don't get too close, don't let them spot you... mmmyes. We must lay low until we reach the station.'.

Skyblade Eagle twists in midair as the mace comes in towards her, "The hell?!" She turns around in midair and flips, landing on her feet, "Oh, hell no." She makes a hand motion, "You want some, Robot Master? Bring it on." She jumps up, and rockets through the air, twisting to nail a spinning heel kick on Knight Man

Skyblade Eagle misses you with her Kick attack.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Metal Man transmits: 'Roger that doc.'.

Enker continues fighting Marines. BOO-yeah!

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Pirate Man transmits: 'Aye sir, it shall done as you ordered it.'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Serenade transmits: 'As you wish.'.

Whirlpool Lobster has his attention taken off of the Skull Shuttle by a challenge from Yamato Man. He jumps back a few feet and goes defensive. "Yamato Man, huh? Well, I'm Whirlpool Lobster. I fight for the peace of this planet, and I accept your challenge." A very rare occasion, he takes the initiative in this fight. He opens a claw and a bright beam of energy blazes outward at the Japanese Master.

Whirlpool Lobster misses Yamato Man with his Cutting Laser attack.

General remains rather off balance as the pair of Masters assault him. However, he is far from worried. This time, Slash Man's attack leaves quite an impression, he makes it to the General's shoulder while he's busy stepping on Ground Man. The blades cut into his armor, going through the first layer of armor. There's two more underneath that, so it's still not much to hurt him. However, it does make the General pay attention to the Master now hanging from his shoulder. The Repliforce CO growls with hostility, but says nothing. Instead, he brings his thumb and forefinger together to try and flick Slash Man away. On the ground, Ground Man's burrow attempt cuts another small hole in General's right leg, but does little overall damage.

General misses Slash Man with his Swat attack.

From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, Ring Redwing noticing a flicker of 'something' out of the corner of her eye, Redwing catches the glimpse of the Robot Master, Gravity Man pulling up a forcefield of intense gravity that surrounds his form. Undeterred, the Aerial Ops Repliforcer Corporal charges the Robot Master, not to strike... as she grabs hold of the field with her gloves and... tries to toss him?

The Marines fight Enker. Booya.

Frost Man is hearding civilians. Maybe COLONEL would like to keep the ROBOT MASTER away from the CIVILIANS, hm?

Yamato Man sees Whirlpool's claw open and immediately rolls to the side, brandishing his spear towards the Repliforce crustacean. He flips a toggle on the side of the spear near his thumb -- with a *vrrt* the spear-head opens up, doubling in thickness as spear-heads go flying towards the lobster with gauss-rifle like *thwhip* sounds.

Yamato Man strikes Whirlpool Lobster with his Spearhead Launcher attack.

Knight Man does something he doesn't do often against a fast opponent, he dodges. In fact he just sidesteps the Eagle as she misses him and hits the sand instead. In the dust cloud that rises, Knight Man reels his mace back in and fastens it to his arm, swings back and slams Sky on the back with it as hard as he can "Thou dost want it, and thou shalt have it! Mwaha!"

You miss Skyblade Eagle with your Mace attack.

Slash Man flips up from the incision he's made just in time to avoid being smacked by the Hand of God(tm). As he flips in the air, he cattily changes his orientation and begins spinning on an entirely different axis, claws outstretched, deep red energy flowing through his claws. As he spins, he falls again towards the great General's shoulder, and spinnyslashes, kind of like Top Man, only bladishly instead of bluntishly(no comments, please).

Slash Man strikes General with his Spinning Slash attack.

A cloud of dust forms beneath the General, as Ground Man dips back into his element. Only to emerge this time as a Giant Drill!!! Three cone shapped Drills popping out, each about the size of Ground Man himself, spinning wildly, as he attempts to gouge himself on the massive form of the General...

Ground Man strikes General with his Giant Drill attack.

From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, Gravity Man,busy with setting up his forcefield, doesn't notice Ring until she's nearly on top of him. Then, finally noticing her, he gets thrown about, crushing a trench as he rolls along unharmed inside. Getting his feet back, he decides to try and ground Ring. Concentrationg, he drops his forcefield and greatly increases her gravity, hopefully bringing her down.

Razor Pterodactyl doesn't really know just what to do in these chaotic situations. So he just hangs in the sky a bit, taking pot shots at random targets, doing an exceptional well job at missing. One of those targets just happens to be Blizzard Man.

Razor Pterodactyl misses Blizzard Man with his Exploding Disc attack.

Whirlpool Lobster grits his teeth as the beam strikes empty space. While waiting for the laser to dissapate, he is hit by Yamato's spearheads, many of them striking his body. Some of them stick into his armor, making him look porcupineish. He winces at the pain and rushes the Master. During his run, he takes a swipe at Yamato Man with one of his claws.

Skyblade Eagle rolls foward through the sand, and ocmes up into a crouched position, "Bad move." She growls out, raising her right wrist up, and unleashing a pair of ion disks towards the Robot Master, to hopefully catch him off guard

Whirlpool Lobster misses Yamato Man with his Claw Slash attack.

Skyblade Eagle strikes you with her Ion Disk for 14 units of damage.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'We have landed! Excellent. Procede carefully into the weak point, coordinates are being uploaded to your systems... now. *coordinates uploaded* It appears that Mr. Wiggins -is- a reliable source after all... thus far.'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Metal Man transmits: 'Proceeding to Nav Gamma now.'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Pirate Man transmits: 'On my way.'.

Blizzard Man stumbles, falling over sideways. Narrowly avoiding an explosive disc, Blizzard Man blinks. "WHO DARES ASSAULT ONE OF WILY'S MIGHTY WARRIORS?" He demands, even as his player comes up with an object for Razor and Blizz to battle in.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Serenade transmits: 'Coordinates acknowladged.'.
Snowcone Lord has arrived.

Blizzard Man drops Snowcone Lord.

Entering the fray of Robot Master and Repliforce Troops, The Colonel begins walking through battling the enemy at a moderate pace. His forces may be outnummered but not necessaily outgunned. "Fools!", He calls out as he slashes through another Joe and spins about a 180 degrees to impale yet another, "How dare you tress on this territory!"
The Repliforce XO shakes his head, "This will not end pretty." he states simply and notices Frost Man in the distance Terrorising the civilians of this peaceful town. Grumbling slighly, Colonel dashes over and stands a good distance from Frost Man. Pulling and igniting his Beam saber, Colonel calls out to the massive RM, "Hey big and ugly... Why don't you try picking on someone your own size."

Razor Pterodactyl has left.
Blizzard Man has left.

From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, Ring Redwing grunts as she is pulled down to kiss the dusty Cairo dirt. "Oomph!" she gasps as she slams down hard onto the ground. Gritting her teeth she stands to her feet, only now noticing that the Robot Master's field is down. Usinger her wings to give her throws some extra power, she sends two of them spiraling at the Robot Master.

Broadcast Ocelot arrives from the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Broadcast Ocelot has arrived.
Broadcast Ocelot stalks into the area, tail swishing from side to side.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Metal Man transmits: 'So far so good. No signs of any turrets or other defence units.'.

Snowcone Lord loses its ears and becomes deaf.
Spring Man has arrived.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'Status report! Are you inside the station?'.

General remains rather annoyed that Slash Man avoids him, but is more concerned when Ground Man attacks his already damaged left leg again, from the front this time. The General falls to one knee this time, grunting in clear pain. Slash Man's top spin impression on his shoulder remains acknowledged but ignored, as the energy around General's fists suddenly brighten. With a massive amount of strength and force, the Repliforce CO raises his fist and pounds it into the ground, sending a energy-backed shockwave into the area around him. The ground shudders with fury and intensity under the shock it has been hit with.

The marines continue fighting Enker, and the Secdef units keep trying to evacuate people. At this point, most civilians have been cleared off the main battlefield in one form or another.

Yes, thinks Yamato Man, getting to his feet as the lobster rushes at him. This is the kind of combat he relishes -- the up-close-and-personal kind. He runs towards Whirlpool as he runs at him, his spear spinning overhead -- and at the right movement, he lowers the blade down, trying to slash across the lobster's abdomen.

Knight Man being the great big armoed lummox he is, is totally thrown off balance, since he put a lot of force into his attack, and wound up striking air. So this time he is unable to miraculously dodge, and is clobbered by the discs. Thankfully they struck him at the right angle, which propted him back on his feet, it hurt, but at least he has his balence back. "Alright then, Repliforce wench, thou shalt see mine true might!" He losses his mace again by a few feet, and swings it back and lets it fly at the Eagle.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Pirate Man transmits: 'Preparing to enter sir.'.

Yamato Man misses Whirlpool Lobster with his Spear Twirl attack.

General strikes Slash Man with his Earthquake attack.

Slash Man is temporarily disoriented by General's Earthquake attack.

General strikes Ground Man with his Earthquake attack.

Ground Man is temporarily disoriented by General's Earthquake attack.

You miss Skyblade Eagle with your Flail attack.

From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, Getting slammed backward from the impact, Gravity is deciding it's time to be serious. Slowly rising to his feet, he ignores the large dents in his chest, and tries to alter Ring's gravity to crush her under her own wieght.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Serenade transmits: 'Almost...'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Metal Man transmits: 'Just reached the Nav point now I'm entering it..'.

From Snowcone Lord, Razor Pterodactyl looks around near where he fired his last disc. Looks like he made someone mad. Sounding cocky, even though he actually isn't, he calls down, "Oh, that was probably me. Wanna make something of it?"

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Metal Man transmits: 'I am entering though the weak point not. I'm in Doc, this was.. too easy'.

Whirlpool Lobster is able to leap backwards to avoid the spear, but only slightly. .oO(That was a little close.)Oo. He brings a claw around to bash Yamato's head while he's still swinging.

Whirlpool Lobster strikes Yamato Man with his Punch attack.

Broadcast Ocelot sends a radio transmission to Ten.

Frost Man picks up a horde of troopers... just as Colonel catches his attention. He turns around, glaring at the Repliforcer. The troops are dropped and the massive Robot Master lumbers over in Colonel's direction. "Who you call ugly? And you not as big as Frost Man. Me giant!" He flexes!

From Snowcone Lord, Blizzard Man turns around and glares at Razor, "Oh, you better believe it, Birdy!" he calls, waving a ski pole threateningly. "Come down here and fight like a man!"

*CLANG!* Yamato Man takes a claw to the faceplate as he turns through his spear-spinning attack, knocking him back about a foot more than he wanted to go. No matter, though -- the lobster has left his underbelly open for attack by swinging at him, and with both hands he attempts to drive his spear-head into it.

Yamato Man strikes Whirlpool Lobster with his Spear Stab attack.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Pirate Man transmits: 'Following right behind Temjin, I agree with Metal, almost too easy.'.

Skyblade Eagle ducks under the flail as it comes towards her, "... Is that the best you can do?" She asks, "Cause if it is, Wily f***ed up when he made you." She picks herself up, and dusts some sand off, "Okay. I think I'll take you down now." She turns and fires off a couple of disks in Knight Man's direction. If these hit, they impact like normal blades, and wait a couple of moments before they explode..

Skyblade Eagle misses you with her Explosive Disk attack.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Metal Man transmits: 'Might be a set up.'.
Broadcast Ocelot receives a radio transmission.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Serenade transmits: 'I'm going in last. And boys, stop worrying. After all there's nothing any of us can do at this point.'.

Even from atop the mighty General, Slash Man is shaken by the attack, and the agile Robot Master loses his footing for a little while. "Whoa, whoaaaaaaa, who-w-whoaaaaaaaaaa!" As he sways back and forth, maintaining his place atop General, but not able to do anything as he tries to keep his balance.

Broadcast Ocelot sends a radio transmission to Ten.

From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, Ring Redwing is once again smashed to the ground, this time the weight of her wings slamming down on her head, a shard flies off and slices a deep deep gash down her right cheek. Fluids begin leaking from the wound like human blood. Gritting her teeth in pain, she launches her primary attack, all of her rings soar at the Robot Master as she cries out, "Hissatsu! Ringu RAM-PAGE!!"

Broadcast Ocelot receives a radio transmission.

Ground Man sluggishly receeds into the ground, after taking the brunt of the last attack...

Yamato's spear strikes full on, penetrating Whirlpool Lobster's stomach armor about an inch inward. He winces heavily from the pain, and staggers backward a few steps. .oO(This guy's a close range fighter, I've got to try keep him away...)Oo. Whirl then opens one of his claws and fires a stream of high pressure water to push Yamato back.

Whirlpool Lobster misses Yamato Man with his Pressure Stream attack.

Broadcast Ocelot sends a radio transmission to Ten.

From Snowcone Lord, Razor Pterodactyl crosses his arms, remaining in the air, nothing but amused at the Master's antics. He's just too goofy-looking for his threats to be taken seriously. "Now, why would I do that? That would be giving away a tactical advantage. Hey, I know... why don't you come up here instead." He chuckles to himself. Damn he's funny.

Knight Man fumes, and jumps out of the way of the disk, reeling his mace in again. She struck a nerve. "Insolent one! Thou shalt not speak of Lord Wily that way! I can gaurentee thou that..." He runs at her again, normally a snail can dodge Knight Man, but since they're in all the sand, he's kicking up a LARGE amount with his big feet, thus making it hard to see "...he dost NOT make mistakes!!" With all the sand that was kicked up, he's hard to see, then out of nowhere his... shield comes out of it? "Taketh THIS down!" He says as he rams her with his shield.

You strike Skyblade Eagle with your Shield Smash attack.

General gets much-needed time to regain his balance and his bearings while his enemies are disoriented. Since Slash Man is the main threat (being on General's person), the Repliforce CO deals with him first. Raising his fist at the Robot Master, General doesn't build a charge in it as he usually would. Instead, a small energy beam pulses out of an emplacement atop his wrist. It isn't very powerful, but enough to nicely remove the Master from his person. Ground Man can wait for now, since he's nicely stuck in the ground.

From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, Gravity Man gets smashed again and again, as rings come smashing into him, beating his armor up real good. At long last he's sent flying backward, struggling to regain his feet. Gritting his teeth, he aims his blaster at Ring, and starts to fire a barrage of plasma shot at her.

General strikes Slash Man with his Wrist Blast attack.

Move like water, the virtual /sensei/ Yamato Man had trained with shortly after his first activation had told him. Move like water -- do not move /into/ water. Almost expecting some sort of water-based attack from the lobster, Yamato Man rolls underneath the claw just before it begins to spray and spins his spear around, trying to club Whirlpool upside the head with the butt of his spear.

Yamato Man misses Whirlpool Lobster with his Spear Slam attack.

Colonel shakes his head as the Robot Master speaks of himself in rather, "high tones". Gazing up towards Frost Man, Colonel smirks and scoffs slightly, "A giant you may be, but alas I thought you'd be a credit to your race. Unfortunately, I was mistaken."
The Repliforce XO brings his beam sabre up in a challanging pose, while remaining in a defensive stance, "Ever heard the phrase, Size doesn't matter? Well here today, I shall prove to you that phrase is indeed true. Prepare yourself fiend!" Colonel dashes off and makes a minor slice to the Robot Master's armor!

Colonel misses Frost Man with his Sabre Slice attack.

Spring Man has been here the whole time. Really. just convient that the player's mom wants to use the flakking internet RIGHT when the battle starts. >.< *cough* anyways, Spring is currently fighting toe to toe with Transmition Weasal. He's not but 30 feet from colonel.

General sends a radio transmission.

Whirlpool Lobster drops to his knees at the swing of Yamato's spear, then goes for his legs. If successful, Whirl's gonna grab Yamato's leg and fling him over his shoulder.

Whirlpool Lobster strikes Yamato Man with his Throw attack.

Skyblade Eagle grunts as the shield strikes her, and she's knocked to the sand, but she flips up to her feet without much trouble, "... Is that it?" She asks, "Cause, I'm about to fall asleep here." She makes a mock yawning motion, "Anyway." She chages in, jumps up, flips through the air, and shifts her boots to talons as she comes in for a dropkick to his head

Skyblade Eagle misses you with her Talon Kick attack.

Slash Man falters in balance, and falls from quite a height. The blaster doesn't deal too much damage, it's the fall that's the real kicker. *WHAM*, Slash's systems aren't mean to recieve that kind of shot. As he stands up from behind General, he walks, that's right, walks, in front of General, looks up at him, and yells, "Hey, big guy! That was a nice shott! ...Here, let me show my appreciation!" He makes the Raised Arm Of God(tm) motion at General's face, and from his arm a capsule shoots into the air, blowing out and sending icky icky goo all over the place. "Woo, Gel Rain!"

Slash Man strikes General with his Gel Launcher attack.

General is temporarily disoriented by Slash Man's Gel Launcher attack.

Being just too slow to evade, one of Frost Man's massive arms moves out to intercept the attack, colliding with Colonel's wrist. "Me not fiend!" he argues. At the same time, his other arm flies out to meet Colonel's face, mitten balled into a destructive fist.

Frost Man misses Colonel with his Punch attack.

Emerges from the ground at full tilt, getting some good air at the same time. Transforming in mid-air in some impressive moves, that faintly resemble Megatron(The Gun) going at it as well... Thrusting his gut forward and unleashing a Spread Drill. The single rocket gains speed and then parts into two rockets, then forming into four...

Knight Man sidesteps Skyblade again. He's still made. While she kicks into the dust cloud, Knight Man quickly takes this time to de-form his mace and form his hand, and reaches to his hip, where a blade is strapped. A long handle forms at his hilt, to create a Lance. "Oh, art I boring you? Well I doth apologize. Here, take THIS to maketh up for it!" And he attempts to run her through with the lance, but with all the dust, it's hard to see, so he kind of takes a shot in the dark... err.. dust.

You miss Skyblade Eagle with your Lance attack.

Yamato Man tries to execute another roll after his spear misses the mark, but in fact rolls right into Whirlpool's clutches. His leg clenched between the claw, Yamato follows another lesson he had learned; be like bamboo -- bend, but do not break. He goes slack as Whirlpool tosses him over his shoulder, only knotting into a ball at the last possible moment. His back slams into the ground hard, developing a dent from a rock he was tossed at, but seems not too badly hurt from the attack. He unrolls, flips back to his feet, and rushes back towards Whirlpool with a cloud of dust forming behind him, spear spinning overhead. If at first you don't succeed...

Yamato Man misses Whirlpool Lobster with his Spear Twirl attack.

General receives a radio transmission.

From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, Ring Redwing dodges the beam that Gravity Man sends her way, apparently it's much easier to dodge a beam of lazer than gravity itself. Still she's hurt bad and she can feel the fuel leaking from her face... ugh... o0(Gotta hold out...) Redwing quickly sends a distress signal to her Repliforce Comrades. Not waiting for a response, she tries a defensive tactic knowing that now the Robot Master is probably very mad... albeit badly damaged and isn't going to just sit and wait for her reinforcements.

Skyblade Eagle turns in time to spot Knight Man through the dust cloud. She drops back, the lance passing over her shoulder as he charges at her. She flips back up to her feet and rockets up into the air, turning around and launching off a grouping of fire blades down towards him as she comes around

Skyblade Eagle strikes you with her Flame Disk for 10 units of damage.

Repliforce Cargo Plane <Cow> arrives from the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Repliforce Cargo Plane <Cow> has arrived.

Ground Man strikes General with his Spread Drill attack.

Whirlpool Lobster had planned on Yamato Man rushing him again, so this time he was ready. He parries the spear, clutching it in his left claw. "You fight very well, Yamato Man. I'm really hoping that I'm proving worthy of your challenge." This last part seemed to have a hint of sarcasm, but who knows? He drops the spear and jumps back a few feet, landing with a claw opened, torepedoes already flying out of its blaster.

Whirlpool Lobster strikes Yamato Man with his Pincer Torpedo attack.

General's grunts with displeasure as the gel hits General square in the face. It is enough to blind the Repliforce CO for a short time, while a pair of wipers extend from under General's hat and begin to clean the goo. However, it leaves enough time for Ground Man's attack to hit him squarely in the back. He growls in -pain- at that shot, as the rockets explode across his armor and rend many holes there. The wipers finally clean General's eyes, as he yells in anger while spinning around to face Ground Man. The General's fist raises highly into the air and comes down with a massive amount of strength behind him. Moreso than the Earthquake attack. A fist the size of a Buick is quite a sight to behond, especially since it's heading straight for Ground Man.

General misses Ground Man with his Crush attack.
General receives a radio transmission.

Knight Man growls as he misses, and growls again as he is struck from behind. "I shalt show thee..." quickly he puts the lance back in it's place and reforms his mace. He's still in the sand cloud and he can't see a thing, so he just swings his mace over his head and fires it into whatever direction he thinks the blast came from. "Where art thee!!" If he can't see her, then she probably can't see him.

You strike Skyblade Eagle with your Morningstar attack.

General sends a radio transmission to Dr. Wily.

Slash Man allows the deep red energy to flow powerfully through his systems. Looking at General, he decides it is more than time. He triple flips into the air and, one bound, two bound, three bound, the energized claw rips toward General's arm, in an attempt to lodge and rake.

Slash Man strikes General with his Slash Claw attack.

From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, Gravity Man sees his attack missed, and decides to smack Ring around some more. Unfortunately, he also sees that she has all of those damned rings shielding her. oO(Oh Well. I guess I'll just have to...break them!)Oo Running straight at her, he activites a large field of gravity around himself, encompassing Ring, some rocks, and an unlucky bug.

Yamato Man 's momentum is only partially deflected, the parry serving to allow the crustacean to work in a torpedo blast to the side. In a pretty impressive explosion, Yamato Man's side is blackened and smokes a bit, but the armor is still in good shape. With his spear captured, however, Yamato Man can't work in his element very well. He decides to change that; he attempts to throw what looks like a fierce Tiger Uppercut directly into Whirlpool's head, hoping to daze him enough to free his spear.

Yamato Man strikes Whirlpool Lobster with his Punch attack.

Repliforce Cargo Plane <Cow> flies in at a faster speed than a massive cargo plane should be able to fly. It's also maneuvering far betetr than a cargo plane should be able to maneuver as it gently touches down in a clear area of the city. Obviously, this is no ordinary cargo plane! (OR maybe you already figured that out from the fact that it's colored like a cow!)

Guardian has arrived.

Ground Man barely lands on his feet... When a massive fist comes crashing next to him. His head turns to look at the fist, and his eyes blink in responce. O.o;;; He quickly regains his composure and then charges the General's damaged left leg!

Ground Man transforms into Robot.

From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, Ring Redwing cringes as a visible dent is punched in her forcefield, the dent coming dangerously close to ramming a more lethal dent in her head... something she definately wants to avoid with a gash in her cheek already.

General receives a radio transmission.

Ground Man strikes General with his Shoulder Drill attack.

The cargo doors of the Cow open and standing at the entrance with the other Repliforce relief troops, is our hero, Broadcast Ocelot. Along with the others, he leaps down towards the skirmish between Repliforce and Robot Master forces. The cat pulls the cord to his parachute, deploying it, heading straight for he last picked up Redwing's GPS signal. After all, his division XO game him permission to assist.

Broadcast Ocelot has left.

From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, Broadcast Ocelot stalks into the area, tail swishing from side to side.

General sends a radio transmission to Dr. Wily.

Skyblade Eagle gets smacked by the morning star, "Ow!" She growls, "You little bastard.." She picks herself back up, and locks and loads her weapons, "I'm gonna send you running home to daddy!" She fires, twin alloy blades flying towards Knight Man

Skyblade Eagle strikes you with her Razor Disk for 17 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, The cargo doors of the Cow open and standing at the entrance with the other Repliforce relief troops, is our hero, Broadcast Ocelot. Along with the others, he leaps down towards the skirmish between Repliforce and Robot Master forces. The cat pulls the cord to his parachute, deploying it, heading straight for he last picked up Redwing's GPS signal. After all, his division XO game him permission to assist. (repose from outside)

Whirlpool Lobster is struck by Yamato Man's uppercut, knocking his head backwards. However, much like many Dragon Ball Z situations, Whirl bends his head back down to normal position, totally unfazed. He also seems suprised. Regaining composure quickly, he spots some debris that could be of use to him. Dashing to the side, he hefts an impressively sized bar of metal. It's like a bat, only about 5 times larger. Yelling at the top of his lungs, he rushes Yamato with his new weapon.

Whirlpool Lobster strikes Yamato Man with his Generic Melee attack.

The ground where General's fist landed explodes into a flurry of dust and pebbles. His attack on Ground Man leaves his other arm open to Slash Man's attack, which gets through three layers of armor surprisingly quickly. The blades penetrate deep enough to cut at a mech-fluid vein, which immediately begins leaking out of the wound that's nearly three feet across. On top of the damage already rendered to General's right arm, it doesn't look too pretty right now. The General growls angrily at the pair of Masters, as more energy is pumped from his core into the dreaded Ion Cannon. Even Ground Man's assault on his damaged left leg cuts through more armor there, the General holds his standing position. "Enough," he rumbles with an intensity rivaled by few, as more energy gathers in his fists. Moments later, he points them in different directions. One at Ground Man, the other at Slash Man. A second later, a flurry of energy balls explode from the fists, raining down at the pair of Masters like an angry hailstorm.

General strikes Slash Man with his Ion Blossom attack.
General strikes Ground Man with his Ion Blossom attack.

Yamato Man uses the time Whirlpool gives him gathering a weapon to reset his grip on his Yamato Spear, moving in on Whirlpool. He attempts to parry the metal, but it slips by him, hitting him on the opposite side. However, as Whirlpool finishes the swing, Yamato Man takes a shot of his own, moving to swat Whirlpool in the back with the butt of his spear again, setting him up for the kill...

Yamato Man strikes Whirlpool Lobster with his Spear Slam attack.

From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, Ring Redwing pants with the exertion and concentration it takes to maintain the forcefield around her body, she can feel the fuel trickling down her cheek and pooling on the floor, she just hopes Broadcast Ocelot can arrive in time.

Guardian comes jumping out from the Cow but Guardian does not merely jump out he flips out and perfectly lands on his feet. Pressing a button his visor and facemask comes over his face and a group of around 10 gumbies come out behind. He shouts back the group of gumbies and says, "Fan out and engage any target you can find." with that the gumbies move out and he charges forward into the scene of chaos and carnage. He looks around electricity cracking around his body for a moment and looks for someone to engage or help.

Knight Man growls once again, this Repliforce pest is annoying him. Thankfully the sand cloud has subsided, and they can see each other again. However by the time it clears around Knight, he already has his next attack ready. The sand lowers over his face, and if you could actually make out his facial features, he'd be smirking. By the time it lowers over his upper body, you'd see his arm reached back. It almost looks like it's shaking, building up strength, which is JUST what it is doing. A split second later he fires the Mace with all the strength he has... which is a lot. It sails through the air with pure momentum.

You miss Skyblade Eagle with your Knight Chain attack.

Whirlpool Lobster hits the ground as the spear impacts him. He rolls away to the side and readies a claw for an attack. The claw itself rockets off of his arm, intent on crushing Yamato.

Slash Man is broken and sparking critically, he is not doing particularly well. This fight looks like it's going to end rather quickly if something doesn't happen fast...

Whirlpool Lobster misses Yamato Man with his Crusher Missile attack.

Slash Man sends a radio transmission to Dr. Wily.

Yamato Man has reconnected.

General receives a radio transmission from Siege Wolverine.

And here's the pitch! It's a heater, right towards Skyblade! She dodges left. Ooh! Ball four! And Knight Man has just walked Skyblade Eagle. Indeed he has, as she jumps up, and heads towards him, aiming to walk all over his head with those talons of her's, "Damn you suck."

Skyblade Eagle misses you with her Talon Kick attack.

From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, Gravity Man,seeing that ring is holding her shield up, decides to try another tactic, namely, that of spearing the forcefield with his head. Running up, he makes a mighty leap, and dives headfirst at Ring.

With a violent explosion, Ground Man errupts in a spray of mech fluid and flames... Insanely enough he is still standing. His one good eye zero's in on the General, peering thru the mech fluid that is seeping down his forehead dripping along his face. His ice cold facial expression cracks for but a moment as he smiles, and that sadistic mentality to push on, surges forward, pressing him over the edge, willing to do anything for his "Father". He unleashes a flurry of missiles aiming for his target, ignoring all those around him, but his target.

Ground Man misses General with his Spread Drill attack.

Yamato Man's eyes gleam as Whirlpool does exactly what he expected he would do. Sort of. He wasn't expecting the whole claw to fly at him, but he was expecting a ranged attack. Clearly, the lobster is not a close-quarters brawler like himself. Rather than trying to dodge it, he parries it with a swing of his spear, which sets up Yamato's powerful downstroke. It's going to be lobster on the half-shell unless Whirlpool manages to get away in time.

Slash Man sighs under his breath, and shouts up to General. "While normally I would love to stay and fight you to the death, I have a tournament to run. I cannot disappoint my entrants." He sighs heavily, and turns tail to run. "Another time, dear General!"

Yamato Man strikes Whirlpool Lobster with his Spear Impale attack.

Slash Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Colonel, Skyblade Eagle, Whirlpool Lobster, and Spica.

Just because Knight Man may have fired his mace out, he can still move. It IS on a chain after all. He jumps to his left, and turns to her "I have hadeth enough of thine insults Miss.." The mace is quickly on it's way back to Knight Man's arm, as fast as it was sent out. Instead of setting another attack up, he raises his arm over Skyblade, as the mace hurries back, like it was on an elastic or something. As it snaps back into place, he let's the momentum carry the mace, and his arm, further, on a collision course with Sky. Screw being nice, this time he's not aiming for her back, but the back of her head.

You miss Skyblade Eagle with your Mace attack.

Colonel has left.

Skyblade Eagle ducks, "Whoa! And here we go again." She backflips, showing off, "You really suck man." She says, gloating, "And now, I think, I'll kill you." She turns, and fires from behind her back, sending an explosive blade towards Knight Man again

Skyblade Eagle strikes you with her Explosive Disk for 9 units of damage.

Repliforce Cargo Plane <Cow> just waits in the area, ready to do whatever needs to be done in the event that something needs to be done.

From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, Broadcast Ocelot is still attached to his parachute, guiding himself lower and closer to where Gravity and Redwing are going at it. He refrains from unhooking himself as yet so as to keep the element of surprise. When he does get closer, he drops down and faces Gravity while in a defensive crouching position. The cat calls out to the Master, "Hey yow, Gravity Man! Ah tink yuh a little outnumbered now. So how's about yuh make like Santa Claus an' leave our presence?" Groan.

Spring Man finishes the gumby weasal with a kick upside the head. "Right... He's down the the count... And he was out of shape, anyways. Probably sitting in front of the computer way too much, the lazy bum." And at this moment, Spring's player smacks him upside the head. "Ow! Oh.. sorry." Spring looks for a target. Whee... what fun. And he spots Guardian's well muscled self. "Excellent..." he says to himself. "All right, Goodie!" He calls out to Guardian. "Time to test those muscles of yours!" he calls out before forming his right arm into a fist, and lashing out at Guardian. The entire fist springs out and flies toward Guardian. "Take this!"

Knight Man once again is struck, but instead of cursing, or insulting her, he laughs. "Kill me? My dear Repliforce peon, don't think that just because thou hast been striking me more that thou art going to win." He stands up straight, yeah his armor looks beaten up, but he seems to be fine. "The strong always stay standing, whilst the weak are eventually exposed as such!" With that he swings his arm back and lets the mace fly at her again. Yeah, it's kinda boring with mace attack after mace attack, but Knight Man wasn't built for variety.

You strike Skyblade Eagle with your Flail attack.

General's fists smoke as the Ion energy disapates from his form for the moment, 'breathing' heavily as he rests for a moment. He watches Slash Man run like heck, which is an action General is rather thankful for. One less target for him to worry about, and now he won't have to kill him. Unlike Ground Man, who is still standing and fighting. Turning his head as the Master makes his stand, the General raises his fist again, not even waiting for a charge to build. He simply fires a beam of energy, which is enough to disapate the rockets in mid-air and continue on course to Ground Man.

Spring Man strikes Guardian with his Rocket Punch attack.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Serenade transmits: 'I take it we're going to kill people now then?'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'MASTERS! We have... a situation, to the shuttle... autopilot will be activated, your destination... EURASIA!'.

Ground Man expecting an attack like that, jumps clear over the beam. Aiming both of his legs for a jump attack, hoping to catch the General off guard, as he sails thru the air...

Whirlpool Lobster's optics widen in pain as the spear plunges through his torso armor. He can hear the spear chunk into the ground below him as well. .oO(That's not a good sound.)Oo. Mech fluid begins coming out of the wound as Yamato (assumedly) retracts his spear. Whirl tries to get to his feet, having a fair amount of difficulty. The best he can manage is rising to his knees. "Alright... Yamato... Looks like you've... won this one." He clutches the wound and then falls back to the ground, gasping.

Ground Man strikes General with his Jump Stomp attack.

From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, Ring Redwing with Gravity Man gone, Redwing finally lower her forcefield, she slips in the pool of fuel at her feet and collapses.

Skyblade Eagle gets hit again, and stumbles back, "... Ow!" She growls, "Okay, that's it. I tried to get you to die, but nooo, you couldn't just be a good boy and die. You have to make me do it the hard way. Fine then." Weapons powering up, the Skyblade launchers hum, "Eat alloy, bitch." She raises both arms and unleashes a hail of blades towards Knight Man's form

Skyblade Eagle strikes you with her Skyblade for 15 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'Not just yet my dear...'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Knight Man transmits: 'Acknowledged my Lord. I shalt have to finish this Repliforce pest off another day.'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'I will maintain our base of operations. It shall remain as you leave, Dr. Wily.'.

Yamato Man withdraws the spear after punching a hole straight through Whirlpool Lobster, mech-fluid dripping off of it and covering its shine. "You were," he says to the fallen enemy, "a worthy foe, after all. Move no more this day and I shall suffer you to live." With that, he twirls his spear once, sets it into his hands in marching formation, and moves on to another foe.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Gravity Man transmits: 'I'm there, Dad. Glad you gave the order, too.'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'You do that Landon.'.

Knight Man laughs as she is struck, but then some radio chatter distracts him as she fires. "Blast it! Don't taketh this as me retreating from the likes of ye wench. But I art needed elsewhere, I shalt have to finish thee off another time.!" And he runs, heading for the shuttle.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Blizzard Man transmits: '... OOhhh, but I was having fun smashing this puny little Repliforcer.'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Frost Man transmits: 'We running away?'.

Cappella arrives from the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.
Cappella has arrived.

From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, Broadcast Ocelot keeps a straight face while Gravity turns tail and runs. The feline then drops down onto all-fours smoothly from his crouching position and sprints over to Redwing. Getting back up into a crouch he examines her, "Hey Redwing. Yuh aight?"

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Spring Man transmits: 'But I found this guy with cute Pects!'.

Knight Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Yamato Man, Spring Man, Slash Man, General, Guardian, Ground Man, Cappella, Skyblade Eagle, Whirlpool Lobster, and Spica.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Crystal Man transmits: '*sound of a facefault at Spring Man's 'pects' comment*'.

Skyblade Eagle watches Knight Man run, "Yeah! Well, here's a going away present!" She unleashes a grouping of explosive blades towards him

Skyblade Eagle misses you with her Explosive Disk attack.

General makes several radio transmissions after missing Ground Man, hoping it would have been enough to chase the Master off. It wasn't. After the Master hits him in the side, but barely phases the General, he sighs with resignation. "You seem to have a destruction wish much like your brothers, Master. I am pleased to oblige you." Leveling his still-good, left arm at Ground Man, it hovers there for a moment, waiting... Suddenly, the fist itself explodes off its hinges, launching a car-sized object straight at the burrowing Robot Master.

General strikes Ground Man with his Flying Fist attack.

Ground Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Guardian looks on as Spring Man calls out to him. At first he is confused as Spring Man begins to comment about his muscles but his thoughts soon revert back to its normal state as Spring Man punchs him right in the face. He lets out an ouff as the punch slams into his face and he is sent back. Shaking his head he looks up and says, "Hmmm well I guess its official now. Its time to fight" while he doesn't like fighting he is often forced to do it and he will now. With that he raises his hand into the air and sends out a burst of energy towards Spring Man.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Metal Man transmits: 'I say we get rid the the dead weight asap and make sure they are dead.'.

Guardian strikes Spring Man with his Pulse Blast attack.

From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, Ring Redwing has one serious facial injuries, the deep gash in her cheek continues to leak fuel, and you notice she has a broken wing-tip... probably snapped off by a gravity blast. Other than that though she seems alright and even able to stand... so she does so, carefully avoiding the slippery pool of fuel as she uprights herself.

Knight Man hears the blades coming towards him, and tries to jump out of the way, but ends up tripping. He DOES dodge them but he comically rolls down a sand dune screaming "I shalt get the for thiiiiiiiiiiis!!" When he lands, he stands, dusts himself off, and takes cover in the Skull Shuttle

Skull Shuttle

=============================== Skull Shuttle ================================

Picture the inside of a Voyager shuttle and there you go.

====================== Type 'vhelp' for a command list. ======================
Gravity Man
Guts Man

Outside> Spring Man is nicked by the blast. But he has more important things on his mind. An order to get to the ship. Yes, Springer's going to hit and run. "Uh... I'm sorry, but I have to flee now. Nice hitting you!" he calls out, before beating feet towards the shuttle.

Outside> Spring Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Slash Man, Guardian, Skyblade Eagle, Whirlpool Lobster, and Spica.

Outside> Whirlpool Lobster struggles to his feet and begins making his way to the Cow.

Knight Man stumbles into the shuttle. "Blasted Repliforce wench! If Lord Wily didn't summoneth us all to the station I would have..." He waves it off "Bah! It is no matter, we have to hurryeth and help our liege!"

Outside> From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, Broadcast Ocelot helps the avian as she climbs to her feet, lending support. He grins at her, "I go take dat as a 'yes'." He blinks at his radio and sends out a transmission before looking back to Redwing, "Aight, I takin' yuh tuh de Cow." The Repliforce Kitty then picks her up and gently places her onto his back, kinda like a piggy-back. Looking back to her he grins again, "Hold on."

Outside> Yamato Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Slash Man, Guardian, Skyblade Eagle, Whirlpool Lobster, and Spica.

Outside> As the car size debris goes flying towards Ground Man. He in fact has no chance... The object hits, tearing his legs off at the waist, as his drill shoulder bury themself into the debris, taking them with him. Finally stopping a few hundred meters near the edge of the battle, Ground Man firmly latched onto the hunk of metal, mech fluid pouring out of the gaps where his legs should be.

Gravity Man is slumped over in the corner. You can hear him mumbling, "I am going to nail her soon as I'm fixed...

Outside> Guardian looks around as Spring Man runs off. He shrugs not understanding what is going on and he moves over to Whirlpool Lobster and gives him a hand, "Need some help?"

Outside> From Ring Redwing Versus Gravity Man, Ring Redwing holds on... her grip still strong and nearly yanking out the Ocelot's synth-fur.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Metal Man transmits: 'So what now?'.

Outside> Whirlpool Lobster hehs as Guardian comes up to him. Mech fluid is still oozing out of the hole through his body, and his steps are quite sluggish. "That would... be nice..."

Outside> Yamato Man, for some reason, starts running full-bore towards the shuttle. Along the way, he stabs his spear down at Whirlpool's stray claw, which he had deflected just before vanquishing him. He picks it up like a piece of loose rubbish and carries it onto the shuttle with him. Apparently he's taking a trophy back to Wily.

Yamato Man has arrived.

Outside> General stares at Ground Man's parts for a moment, before lumbering toward him. He picks up his launched fist with his damaged arm, grunting in considerable pain. He considers trying to reattack it himself, but decides against it. That's why he has an entire division of Repliforcers to repair him with. The General takes one last look around the battlefield, then begins to trudge toward the Cow's position.

Outside> Guardian hekps Whirlpool Lobster along struggling though as he can barely support any weight.

Yamato Man runs onto the shuttle, pulling what looks to be a gigantic lobster claw off the end of his spear. He quickly tosses it into an empty container, closes it up, and runs towards the front of the shuttle, doing a head-check.

"Where is brother Ground?" he asks his family.

Knight Man staggers over, and slumps in whatever chair he first sees, ignoreing Yammy's question

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Yamato Man transmits: 'Brother Ground? Where are you? We need to go!'.

Spring Man walks in.... and then hears What Yamoto said. "Oh... for the love of Wily!" he grumbles, before walking out again.

Spring Man has left.

Outside> UN Shuttle <Magellan> arrives from the Cairo - Southern Outskirts.

Outside> Broadcast Ocelot makes his way at top speed, with Redwing riding piggy-back, towards the Cow over in the distance. Taking care to avoid the rest of the combatants as best he can, Broadcast looks back now and then to the bird resting on his back to make sure she doesn't, you know, fall off.

Outside> Spring Man slinks out gingerly, looking around. "Uh... Ground? Where are you?" He yells.

Outside> Ground Man is currently lining the big fist imprint crater...

Outside> Broadcast Ocelot retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Skyblade Eagle, Ring Redwing, and Spica.

Outside> Ring Redwing retreats from the area swiftly, leaving her open to pursuit or parting shots from Spica.

Outside> General is walking away from Ground Man's parts with a General-sized fist in him. He trudges to the Cow, and stuff.

Outside> General retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Spring Man, Slash Man, Broadcast Ocelot, Ground Man, Cappella, Skyblade Eagle, Ring Redwing, and Spica.

Outside> Spring Man blinks, as he sees the fist, and Ground. "Ground!" He yells, as he runs over to the large tank, and attempts to lift him up. "Comeon, let's go!"

Outside> Skyblade Eagle retreats from the area swiftly, leaving her open to pursuit or parting shots from Spica.

Yamato Man runs another head-check as Spring Man leaves, standing up near the front. The auto-pilot timer is starting to tick down; the samurai looks towards the rear doors, alarm starting to enter his eyes -- he finally /sees/ Ground Man, or what's left of him. "Brother Ground has been demolished!" he exclaims, with a mixture of anger and shock. Meanwhile, the timer continues to tick down. "Hurry!" he yells towards Spring Man.

Outside> Skyblade Eagle is standing around, watching the battle field as it clears up..

Outside> Ring Redwing digs her fingers into BO's synth-fur as they run away from the battle.

Spring Man has arrived.
Ground Man has arrived.
Spring Man drops Ground Man.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'Dammit to hell, do you Masters understand the meaning of retreat? I need you here and NOW!'.

Outside> UN Shuttle <Magellan> slowly touches down to the ground, remaining docile and quiet once more.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Spring Man transmits: 'Sorry, Pops, but I had to get Ground!'.

Gravity Man says, "You heard the man, lets get out of here..."

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Blizzard Man transmits: 'I'm sorry, Lord Wily... It is most difficult to elude this Pterodactyl.'.

Yamato Man quickly closes up the doors behind Spring Man after Ground is through. "We can go!" he calls out towards the front. He takes it /somebody/ is driving.

Spring Man arrives in the doorway, with Ground on his shoulder. "Got him!"

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Crystal Man transmits: 'Father? Where are you? I'll get there if I can.'.

Knight Man hmphs, and crosses his arms, well, as well as he can anyway. He took a beating, but is HE gonna show it, heck no.

Yamato Man throws open the doors as Blizzard Man runs towards the shuttle, offering him his hand to try to help yank him in.

Spring Man sits in the cockpit. "Ok, brothas! be sure to buckle up and extinguish all smoking wounds!"

*Even some MORE flying later...*

Outside> You enter the Eurasia - Stardock.
Outside> Eurasia - Stardock
The docking bay of Eurasia is massive, with room for several ships. However, at the moment it looks rather empty, for the station has just opened. Various workers mill about to conduct the sparse shuttle traffic from Earth: the teleporters handle most of the work. There's very little style about here... it's all business.

Outside> Opera [C] [#4669 Oe] Construction Mech <Apharmd> [RM] [#4173
Ska [C] [#4672 Oe] Sarah Storm [C]
Construction Mech <Specineff> [RM] [#41 Construction Mech <Temjin> [RM] [#4172
Yosho Roshi [Strider] [C] Dr. Wily [RM]
Duelist Cavalier [Unarmored] [C] Siege Wolverine [RF]

Outside> Obvious exits:
Outside> Out <O> leads to Orbit of Earth.
Outside> North <N> leads to Eurasia - Sub Level 1.

Spring Man lands the lot. "All right, everyone out who's able and go help Pops!"

Charge Man growllllls howling nad slaming on the wall "I'm going to tear up sommebbdy goood!"

Outside> Construction Mech <Temjin> says, "Neg sir I'm still at it."

Yamato Man darts out of the shuttle, brandishing his spear and ready for more combat. "Let's get on with the killing," he murmurs.

Outside> Construction Mech <Apharmd> says, "Still continuing the search, sir."

Knight Man tands up, not as quick as he normally does, still being injured. But nevertheless "Onward brothers! For the glory of our liege!! Mwaha!" And charges out as well, but he probably won't last long

Outside> Skull Shuttle comes in through the docking bay and touches down, as the aiming jets flare out. Reinforcments have arrived.

Guts Man has left.
Yamato Man has left.
Spring Man has left.
Charge Man has left.
Eurasia - Stardock

The docking bay of Eurasia is massive, with room for several ships. However, at the moment it looks rather empty, for the station has just opened. Various workers mill about to conduct the sparse shuttle traffic from Earth: the teleporters handle most of the work. There's very little style about here... it's all business.

Charge Man [RM]
Spring Man [RM]
Yamato Man [RM]
Guts Man [RM]
Skull Shuttle [RM]
Opera [C]
Construction Mech <Apharmd> [RM]
Sarah Storm [C]
Construction Mech <Specineff> [RM]
Construction Mech <Temjin> [RM]
Yosho Roshi [Strider] [C]
Dr. Wily [RM]
Duelist Cavalier [Unarmored] [C]
Siege Wolverine [RF]

Obvious exits:
Out <O> leads to Orbit of Earth.
North <N> leads to Eurasia - Sub Level 1.

Gravity Man has arrived.

Siege Wolverine remains hidden within a storage crate... None may find him... For whatever reason someone may find.

Dr. Wily makes a cheesy smile and steeples his fingers. He announces more information to the crowd. "Bwaha... now then, things look a little brighter. Reinforcement has arrived. I hope you all realize that you are utterly helpless in your predicament, resistance is futile. You might as well cooperate like good little hostages, let the sheep be your role model. Nyaha." He nods to Metal Man. "I see no reason to contain them within such limited confines, let them roam a contained vicinity. No killing without my permission."

Gravity Man lands on the ground lightly, ready to fight if need be.

Charge Man hopes out and snarles glancing this wave and that. "What do you want us to do first?" he asks, not really to anyone in particular.

Knight Man leaves the shuttle. He looks pretty beat up, but while the rest of the forces may be battle worn too, the big asset is the sheer NUMBER of them. He readies his mace, preparing to fight anyone who challenges him, even if it will be a short fight...

Spring Man comes out from the shuttle, and jumps up on the shuttle. "All right! Is this our new home?!?"

Charge Man says, "I call the bathroom!"

Yosho Roshi looks to Sarah, handsigning, <This is rapidly deteriorating. I am going to seperate.> With that, he slips off as they're allowed to roam about. Having yet to be searched, after turning over his gun and wallet, he leans against a nearby wall, hand subtly feeling for ducts or maintenance shafts.

Yamato Man is one of the first to burst out of the shuttle. He has once again dented his faceplate, and one side of his body is blackened from a point-blank missile explosion. He is, however, still in a fighting spirit, and his wounds look worse than they truely are. Silently, he surveys the field, looking for anyone who wants to become a target.

Siege Wolverine receives a radio transmission from General.
Opera moves to avoid the searching parties, wandering down one of the hallways to explore the newest addition to the globe.

Siege Wolverine sends a radio transmission.

Sarah Storm's mouth just drops as Yosho leaves her?

Charge Man blinks. "Poking Guts "Where we sleep?"

Gravity Man says, "I'm gonna go exploring!"

Yosho Roshi's hand idly slides the latch off a duct. Slowly, he withdraws a small ball from within a concealed flap, in his coat. Flicking it into the air, the dull ball lands twenty or so feet away, producing a quick, small glint of light. As soon as it appeared, it is gone. And so is Roshi, the cover on the duct closed again.

Guts Man eyes Charge, "We're not sleeping anywhere."

Yosho Roshi sends a radio transmission to Sarah Storm.
Sarah Storm receives a radio transmission.

Gravity Man runs toward the exit.

Gravity Man enters the Eurasia - Sub Level 1.
Gravity Man has left.

Charge Man says, "But spring said we got rooms!"

Guts Man says, "Spring's an idiot."

Spring Man blinks. "What was that?" He muses, as he looks around. "Uhh... I did?" He says, as he hears what Charge says.

Charge Man turns "He said your an idiot"

Knight Man eyes around, and doesn't see any opponents. Shruging he re-fastens his mace to his arm "Mwaha, seems we doth have a new abode, I think I shalt familiarize mineself with it..." He starts to walk off

Dr. Wily enters the Eurasia - Sub Level 1.
Dr. Wily has left.

Spring Man says, ".... Pfft. Yea right."

Sarah Storm mutters softly. This is not her day. But hey there is still that really cute guy over there that she can talk too.

Yamato Man grunts; he detects something moving -- his eyes, as expected track towards the glint. But by the time he sees it, there is nothing. The misdirection fooled the one Robot Master present who was watching the hostages, rather than doing something frivelous. Such is the lot of the samurai. Silently, he begins patrolling within the herd, keeping an eye on as many people as he can. Mech-fluid continues to drip off of the end of his spear, and little dribbles land on the floor as he walks. He considers that warning enough.

Duelist Cavalier narrows his eyes at the Robot Masters, wondering what to do now. Nothing in the errant swordsman handbook said anything about this.

Charge Man nods and blinks "what are this dorks doing here? We got this patheticl ittle civi's.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Yamato Man transmits: 'Brothers! The foppish swordsman from the party has disappeared! He couldn't have gotten far -- get him if you see him!'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Charge Man transmits: 'Who?'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Metal Man transmits: 'SLag it I knew we should have spaced the lot of them!'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Yamato Man transmits: 'I do not know his name, but he just used a teleportation effect! We must find him before he threatens Father's plans!'.

================================ Robot Master ================================
Message: 12/49 Posted Author
Eurasia Conquered Thu Jul 19 Dr. Wily

*Text only*

LOL. That is correct. LOL. Our equipment has yet to be fully integrated into the systems of Eurasia. Unfortunately, cameras have not been installed as of yet. That is why no audio/video reports cannot be made at the moment. For now we are fortifying our position in Eurasia, the hostages are our leverage against a full scale assault of our latest territory. Precisely why I want them alive, no killing without my direct permission. If they are giving you trouble, throw them in the docking bay where they are restricted for the duration you deem worthy of their hassle. I doubt they will be much trouble, thus far they have been cooperating like sheep. LOL. For now we wait for negotiations to open once more, General refuses for the time being, but he cannot ignore us forever. We shall prevail. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. (A mad cackle obviously) LOL. LOL. LOL. Wily Out.


(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Metal Man transmits: 'Doc at least one of the hostages has vanished.'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Main base: All is secure.'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'WHAAAT!?'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'Find him!'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Yamato Man transmits: 'We are creating a perimeter to prevent any further escape attempts, Father. If any further hostages escape, do we have your permission to use sanction on those that remain? We seek to deter any would-be heroes from fleeing.'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'It never works...'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Metal Man transmits: 'As I said before. Space them all!!!'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Cut the chatter.'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Metal Man transmits: 'As long as they think the hostages are alive we will be fine.'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Crystal Man transmits: 'They'll want to see proof, my brother. Certainly they would be fools to take us on our word.'.

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