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More Unspecial News Sun Aug 19 News Source
".... Yes, yes. Those starving orphans look absolutely adorable, don't they? Lets send these little buttons of joy some nickles. Maybe they can buy a piece of gum with your donation, you greedy wenches. GIIIVE!!!" The first guest interviewy on the news show breathes hard, her face turning red for a second.

The Reporter waits for the camera to swing back to him, trying his best to look pleasant - while security drags the nutcase away, offscreen. "... Right. Now!! As a follow up story to our.. follow up story..." He quietly eyes the cue cards for a moment, sighs, and just continues: "... we have even MORE information regarding this so called 'Excalibur' fiasco. A simple archaelogical find turns into a massive court battle as a UN sanctioned historic group... headed up by a Mr. Tommis Tomoe... vies with the Camelot-Neo Preservation troupe for the relics found aboard the sunken ship that was discovered but a few days before. Now, with us, today, in the studio is both Mr. Tommis Tomoe... AND a Ms. Jiph Jerone, who is representing Camelot-Neo in this case." The reporter pauses, to turn the camera towards - Ms. Jiph. Interview time. "So. Ms. Jerone, is it? Give us your thoughts on the trials."

Jiph appears on screen. Woman in her mid-twenties, relatively cute - black shoulder length hair, fair complextion brown eyes. And, of course, black lipstick and nail polish. These are your historians, people. Learn to love them. She speaks "I was fortunate enough to watch Tommis Tomoe on TV the other day, but have no idea what he meant. In spite of being intimately familiar with the nuances of Mr. Tomoe's persona, and my degree in psychology, those mangled words in that nonsensical patois conveyed little or no meaning. That 'worthless piece of compressed metal', as he described the pricessless artifact, will soon be in the Camelot-Neo's possession. For the common good, naturally."

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Unspecial News Duece Sun Aug 19 News Source
The Reporter nods his head a few times, pretending to understand everything that was said - before turning to his other side. Where upon, one will see.. Mr. Tomoe himself. Who seems to be munching on something brownish. "And your response to that, Mr. Tomoe?"

Tommis glances up from his munching, eyes hidden under the shadows of his longish hair. "... my answer? ... I have many answers. I can answer any question upon the state of the ship itself. I can tell you your geneology, simply from tracing your last name back through the annals of historic datum that no human eye but myself and a few select others have seen. I could even give you the break down of the molecular composition of mayonaise, if you so desire. But as to why the courts are even considering turning over this.. MY finding... to a group of adle minded laymen who wave swords about and whom seem to revolt against all modern thought involving anything higher than 'grog is gude'? I have no answer for this. Quite obviously, they are disturbed beyond belief to believe this... particular artifact and the rest of the relics there in... would be better preserved by those whose sole occupation is the pretence of medieval life. And, yes, Jiph..." Tommis now turns his head towards his female antithesis: ".. I speak of you."

The Reporter, seeming satisfied, turns to the camera, nodding his head. "Strong words from both sides. Any final thoughts?" Jiph just remains silent, looking rather peeved in her own little way. As for Tommis..?

Mr. Tomoe glances up once more from munching. And holds out the tiny, half eaten brown object: ".. Yes. I have quite a few thoughts. One of which happens to be about this extract of toffee. Very relaxing. I'd offer you some, but this is my last piece. Besides. They're known to increase the chance of a heart attack. And you don't want to DIE, do you...?"

Tommis pauses for a moment. Ponders the piece of toffee. And offers it across the way to Jiph: "... here. Have some toffee."

Fade to other news.

<You know the drill. Contact Pollux for info :D>

You enter the Iberian Peninsula.
Iberian Peninsula

The southern now sports a new icon - the Colossus reborn! The once mythical wonder of the world stands across the straits of Gibraltar, commanding respect from miles away. Near the sizeable city of Madrid, large mecha-bulls stand in between the local residential areas, monuments to their champions. To the east is Lisbon, the home city of Cartgen, the leading company in informatics, space exploration and astronomy. How ironic that the Portugese, the pioneers of the New World, have become the pioneers of the New Frontier.

Mr. Tommis Tomoe
Land Rover [C]

Obvious exits:
Submerge <D> leads to Underneath Central Atlantic.
West <W> leads to Eastern Atlantic Ocean.
South <S> leads to Atlas Mountains.
North <N> leads to France.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above Western Europe.

(Ch. E [Public]) King transmits: 'We've done, and I quote, "bad things". How quaint.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Quire transmits: 'Yeah, it's not like you're the Mavericks.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Oh, stop nitpicking. Would you rather she read you the script for Faces of Death?'.
<O-Master> The Voice of Radio Free Wily Heat Man says, "Nice. Is this crazy glue, or regular?"

(Ch. E [Public]) Quire transmits: 'They're the real heavyweight badguys.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Fencer Naiad transmits: 'Your just.. naughty.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Quire transmits: 'You guys are property damage pussies.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Quire transmits: 'You smash up some stuff and run away. Oooooh, scaaaary.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Charmed, but is it really good strategy to provoke and prioritize your foes on worldwide radio, or for that matter, to inform them exactly how bad of an idea that may be?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) King transmits: 'Well, when you make a claim like your building is indestructable, your ship unsinkable, etcetera, you have to expect someone may take you up on it.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Guts Man transmits: 'Actually the last thing I smashed ran away.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Zero transmits: 'See your mouth is as big as ever, King.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Reporto transmits: 'No I didn't.'.
Ah. The Iberian Peninsula. How beautiful. How majestic. "How utterly boring."

Mr. Tomoe himself, with roughly two or three of his 'favorite' lab rats.. err... collegues.. performing one more dig. Just a small finding, to see what can be dug up on the more ancient colossus'. Nothing special. He's even dressed in the same morbid, depressing outfit as he was before.

(Ch. E [Public]) Spark Man transmits: 'I mean, come on? What do people do whe you say "Don't look down?"'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Burst Man transmits: 'hey! I asked permission first! I was just trying to articulate a point!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Guts Man transmits: 'Did so!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Terrible, Guts Man. I do have faith that you'll be able to hold a victim next time you go on an outing, though.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) King transmits: 'Why Zero, I'm so hurt by your insinuations. *dry tone*'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Zero transmits: 'Rather hurt you by feeding you your crown, Jester.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) King transmits: 'Your bluster amuses me, by all means continue. Or is this distracting you from washing your hair or some such? I wouldn't want you to suffer splits ends or the like. The horror.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Inferno Panther transmits: 'Ahahahahaha, I was not aware that you hunters and masters were so well adept at comedy. Please please, continue, this wholey amusing!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Zero transmits: 'Tired of havung Quint polish your rear end with his tongue yet, Hester?'.

*Rumble* ... ... *Rumble* ... ... *THUNK!!!* The rumbing and crashing get's louder and louder, and appears to sound like a massive heavy being dashing towards the current site. If Mr. Tomoe and his collegues wouyld look up, they would see a Mace-wielding, iron-clad, ANGRY looking Knight Man racing towards them. Well, racing for Knighty anyway. He comes to a stop not to far from the site, and shouts in a booming, evil sounding voice that echo's from inside his helmet "I wanteth to see that insolent human named Tommis Tomoe, immediatly!!!" He has an evil glare in his eye, he's out for trouble..

(Ch. E [Public]) King transmits: 'Alas, the humor sinks to Maverick Hunter levels all too quickly. A pity, a foe with actual wit might be worth a response.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) King transmits: 'I expect the hair replaced any such, however.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Oh, really, now, do you have to? Allow yourself a luxury and sink to his level. I can't tell you how disinteresting your jabs are.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) King transmits: 'Oh, by all means Psych Mosquito, continue in my place, he's below my level but several notched above your wit, I'm certain.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) King transmits: 'Consider it a challenge, if you will.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Refusing to listen, now. More colorless commentary on intellect, will you stop that? I'm falling asleep! Let's hear something more about rectal bathing. That catches the ear.'.

<O-Master> The Voice of Radio Free Wily Heat Man says, "We need some kind of nasty nickname for Signas..."

(Ch. E [Public]) Burst Man transmits: 'Must you dull-witted bufoons jibber-jabber on about your pseronal insults on the radio liek this? I mean, we should be spreading the word of this compnaies faulty buidling material... if it is anyones fault, it is the buildings fault for not being impervious to my explosions...'.

The colleagues, of course, panic. Most begin dropping what light weight tools they were holding and heading for the nearest tree. Or highway. Or even wheeled vehicle. Yes, they are running quite quickly... save for one.

Mr. Tomoe himself. Giving a slow, pained, long suffering sigh - he slowly turns. Pauses for a moment. And says, in /just/ the right voice to be heard: ".... okay. Do you have an appointment? I'm his secret lover slash secretary."

(Ch. E [Public]) Cappella transmits: ' Must you guys continue your child like argument?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Inferno Panther transmits: 'Ah psych, I think you went and upset him, thats not nice, apolgize! *insert laughter*'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'By all means.'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) King transmits: 'Ah, it appears the calvary is late but arriving. You may wish to depart, Guts, Burst.'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) King transmits: 'Apparently the Vanguard was just attempting to keep your attention.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Should we stop bantering and blathering, Hell would freeze. Would you like to descend into an Antarctic realm? The flames are hot, but they give you something nice to look at.'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Burst Man transmits: 'I am trying but some fool has seemd to encased me in a electronic bubble of some sorts...'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Aesthetics are what this great nation, and by that I mean whatever nation happens to strike your fancy, great.'.

Knight Man snarls. Once again dashing forward, he spins his mace over his head "THIS..." He lets it fly aiming it to land not to far from where he hard the voice "...art mine appointment!!!" The mace leaves a rather large crater where it landed, and almost as quickly Knight Man snaps it back up, and fastens it onto his arm, continuing to walk foward he growls "Bringeth him before me, or I shalt slaughter every human here and demolisheth this place within moments!!"

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) King transmits: '*sigh* Ah well. Which masters are availiable to extract our wayward brothers?'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Burst Man transmits: 'HElp! I am a political prisoner! All i did was blow up an indestructable building to protect the public from that fruad of a company and _I'm_ the bad guy!'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Blues transmits: 'Of course you are, Burst Man.'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Cappella transmits: ' ...'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Guts Man transmits: 'He sure is Break Man. He sure is.'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Cappella transmits: ' Now what have you gotten yourself into?'.

Tommis Tomoe... for his credit... seems utterly, completely, and totally unimpressed. Well, considering how morbidly gothic he is in the first place, it's not an unusual thing. The depressed historian simply... quirks an eyebrow, for a moment. Ponders. Then asks, quite curiously: "... every human? In the entire Iberian Peninsula? My. That'd be a feat to watch. You don't mind if I do, do you? I mean, considering most of them would immidiatly flee to the transporters. You'd have to hunt them down, one by one, and kill them. Seeing as they were in this area. Or are you going retro-grade with your treat, in that you'll only kill those who are STILL in this place?..."

The smart ass pauses for a second, pondering: ".. unless you mean /this/ specific place. It's so hard to tell without a proper width and length grid to work with. Of course, seeing as I /am/ the only person in this area... let me get him for you."

Mr. Tommis Tomoe begins quietly walking for a nearby land rover, seeming as calm as ever. He's like the antithesis of Mr. Rogers.

Knight Man grows more and more infuriated by the moment, he does NOT like smart-asses, particularily when he's trying to threaten them. "Well how abouteth I alter mine demands, and just resolve to kill THEE if thou does not do as I sayeth??" Once saying that Knight Man fires his Mace in his general direction, something like this would scare the bejabbers out of a normal person. Thankfully Tomoe isn't the target, but the Land Rover he was making his way towards.

Tommis... depressed or not.. IS just a human. He watches, with what SEEMS to be utter unconcern, as the landrover is crushed, sent spinning down a hill, crumpled into a bloody mess. He stands there for a long, LONG time, and finally states: "... my cell phone was in that. It /was/ the only way to get a hold of Mr. Tomoe. Unless you care to go find him? I can give you an address...."

Anger boils within the Dark Knight of the Robot Masters, as he takes steps towards the arrogant human. "Dost thou taketh me for a fool, Mr. Tomoe? I knoweth very well that thou art him, so don't tryeth to pulleth one over on me!" The hulking mass of medieval power nears Tommis, mace detatched from his arm, chain extended a foot or so, waving side to side menacingly. "Now then, I shalt leteth thee live, if thou dost coperate with me..." He stops about 4 feet from the man, evil eyes glaring.

Ah well. It was a good run while it lasted. Mr. Tomoe just, quietly, sighs. "... it always comes down to violence, doesn't it? I really wish we could move past that." After a moment's consideration to weigh the values of running for the freakin' hills against the value of cooperating with one of those 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Microwaves', he chooses to live a longer life. "... Why didn't you say so. What do you need? Mint?"

Another growl emits from deep within the Iron clad master, this smart ass attitude of his will be the death of him, by Knight Man's hand if he pushes him any further. Quickly he brings his mace arm towards him, such a violent action may distress a person, however he quickly reattatches his mace to his arm, and the mace transform into a normal hand, which Knight Man uses to grab Tomoe's left arm, squeezing hard. Not hard enough to break the bone, but hard enough to be really painful. A slight cackle is heard before he speaks "Thou shouldst be able to guesseth perfectly well what I wanteth. I wanteth..." He pauses a moment, almost seeming like he is about to speak of his god... other than Wily ".. the legendary Authurian Blade... the Excalibur."

Wince. Pain!!! Tommis's face screws up, for a moment, at the pressure on his left arm, actually forced to stand on his toes for a second. "......... ow ......." Despite the searing pain, that IS the only amount of emotion he shows, other than his ever present cyncism. Luckily, he isn't QUITE suicidal. Give him a few days: "... doesn't everyone? ... you'll have to get it from Camelot-Neo. I don't think they've run that particular segment of news, but I got the order from the courts. Relics are turned over for preservation to those ch-.." He breaks off. Considering he is currently having his arm vastly harmed by a 'chain swinging medieval freak house', it might not be best to continue the insult.

Knight Man sneers, but for now he ignores the terminated comment. "Very welleth then, human. Then thou shalt taketh me to where it tis kept." He squeezes a bit harder, lifting him up off the ground about half a foot "If thou dost not comply to mine demands, then thou shalt die... in about a month or 3, I have been wanting to try and breaketh mine record for keeping someone alive through mine torturing, tis an art to me." He smirks, behind the blackness of his concealing helmet "Thine fate tis up to thee, taketh me to the Excalibur, and thou shalt only haveth a broken arm for awhile, otherwise thou shalt be begging me to end thine suffering before long." He cackles, crossing him now would NOT be wise.

Unfortunatly, our dear Mr. Tomoe was never known to be wise. And, even more unfortunatly: "... problem... " Wince. GOD, that stings!!! His arm feels like it's about to come out of it's socket: ".. err... I have no clue where Camelot-Neo is storing that partic-.. DAMN!! That stings... particular relic. Ee..."

Knight Man scoffs, unbelieving "Oh thou DOESN'T? Well then I would suggesteth that thou findeth out." Knight drops him, but continues to stare down, imposing, physically saying that running would be a bad move and get a mace through the back "Thou must haveth other radio supplies here, I do not believeth that thine 'cell phone' twas thine only means of communication." His hand reforms back into a mace as he continues talking "Thou shalt findeth out, or I shalt make good on mine threat."

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Sword Man transmits: ' Robot Masters! Rally to Rio! The Repliforce Infidels are attacking your brethren!'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Cappella transmits: ' I think I will just stay here, thank you.'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Knight Man transmits: '*silence, he's listening, but ignoring for now*'.

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) King transmits: 'I can see that. Why are you still in Rio waiting for them to send more reinforcements? There is no point in remaining. I would suggest you withdraw.'.

The historian falls to the ground with a crash, wencing. Rubbing his shoudler to try and push some more feeling into it, as he simply.. speaks. Voice as calm as it ever was, - as if he wasn't being vitally threatened by a hulking, heavily armored freak job with a ball and chain for a hand: "... no, really. That /was/ my only means of communication. I dig up old bones. I can barely afford a burrito, much less my own specialized radio equipement..." He states. Not bothering to stand up again, of course. "... Besides. You think it'd be as easy as walking into a building to grab that particular relic? Not after all the attention it's gotten.."

Knight Man snarls, having quite enough of this, he stomps foward, intentionally making a crater in the ground, about 2 feet from Tommis, dust being kicked up. "Thine means or reasoning mattereth not to me human!!! Since thou art having a hardeth time understanding mine demands, I shalt make it clear. I want the Excalibur in mine possession before this night is out, or THOU shalt be the one who will suffer the consequences."

"... Hey, I can understand the sentiments..." Comes the response from the still downed human, as he slowly picks himself up. And quietly dusts. It's getting there. Almost to the suicidal point. "... but I haven't got /access/. I can't get anywhere near to that sword. It belongs to Camelot-Neo, now. I simply can't get it for you."

Knight Man's blinding anger reaches a boiling point. But thankfully, not so much that doesn't realize that right now Tomoe is his only link to the sword. "Welleth then, if thou canst not geteth me the sword, then thou shalt bringeth me to the person who can!!" He takes another step forward, looking down on the human with utter comtempt, wanting so badly to shut that mouth up "Thou shalt communicate with these Camelot-Neo's" He says that, almost spitting it, sounding insulted by their mere existance "And arrange for me to meeteth one of their superiors." He snarls, but calms himself down "If thou dost successfully do this, then the blame in mine eyes for the sword shalt be passed onto them. So how dost THAT sound?"

(Ch. E [Public]) Quire transmits: 'Man, you Robot Masters are all big and bad until someone suspends you a mile or two above a city.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Therapy does wonders.'.

PING!! A way to get even with Jiph? Ooo.... too good. ".. Not a problem. Give me a few nights. Ms. Jerone and I are.. not.. on pleasant grounds with each other. Capieche?" He almost sounds, for just a second - happy. Morbidly happy. What a freaky little man..

(Ch. E [Public]) Burst Man transmits: 'Bah! bah I say!'.

Knight Man eyes him, but recalls the broadcast he viewed earlier "I see... well then it seems thou dost haveth more to get out of this than thine life." He chuckles a bit "However, I don't trusteth that thou will live up to thine end of the bargain once I dost leave thee alone..." He ponders for a few moments, keeping his eye on him, wondering how best to take advantage of this...

For once, Mr. Tomoe - seems in control of this situation. Taking advantage of people is a speciality. Comes from having been a tacked on field boss for so long: "... You found me once. You think it'd be that difficult to find me again?" He asks, looking strangely morbid and strangely confident. "Besides. Anything to bring down Camelot-Neo.." He hates them. He HATES them. HE HATES THEM!!!!! And not for reasons that one might think.

Knight Man thinks for a moment "...very well. Bear in mind that I SHALT findeth thee if thou dost not come through, The reach of Lord Wily extends all over this planet, and don't thou forgeteth it." He stands back up straight again "I giveth thee two days. In two days time I shalt findeth thee, and if thou hasn't come through for me..." He unlocks the 'saftey' on the mace chain, letting it plummit freely onto the ground, with a loud 'clang'. "Then thou shalt wish that thou were dead. Capiecheth?"

Oh so tempting to mock that 'th' at the end. OH SO TEMPTING!! But, no. For some INCONCIEVABLE reason, Tommis finds that he wishes his life line to /extend/, not decrease. Nothing like the thought of impending death to bring otu the zest for life in a person, eh? "... Comprende." He mutters.

Knight Man nods "Very well, and also keepeth in mind, that if thou informs those Repliforce dogs, or the Hunters or anyone else for that mattereth, of what I art planning, then I shalt make it my personal mission in my life to make thine a living nightmare." He reels his mace back up and attatches it to his arm. "No tricks, thou shalt regreteth it."

The depressed historioan shrugs his shoulders: "... Okay. Let them eat cake." Say whatever it takes to get this mace wielding psychopath out of his kitchen. So to speak. We'll worry about details later.

Finally, Knight Man decides to leave the human alone. He turns and begins to walk back in the direction he came from, and turns to speak once more "Oh, and thou shouldst really cleaneth this place up, I can't imagineth how thou dost manage a dig in these conditions." He is of course, referring to the carnage he caused. Maybe he's oblivious to it, but most likely he's just mocking him. He then continues to make his way out of the penninsula.

Mr. Tommis Tomoe... waits, for just a moment. Till he is well and sure that Knight Man is out of sight. And then? "... Well. At least we know he'll never get bored. I wonder what the good Doctor put that little spikey ball on the end of his arm for, mmm? Probably in case he was forced to wait around. Catch the ball with the cup. Marvelous game. I certainly hope he doesn't strain himself trying to figure out the rules..." A weak come back, yes. But, then again, this was a rather... shocking.. event.

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