Wily Sphere - Meeting Room (Orange level)

This large and open room is where many of Wily's plans and operations are devised and perfected. In the center and occupying most of the space is a large black table, from which computer terminals can pop up for calling up any needed information. The table is surrounded by chairs for Wily's minions to discusses the plans to them, and the far end is a much more comfortable and regal looking chair reserved for the mad scientist himself. The wall directly behind him is taken up by a gigantic version of the Robot Master symbol, a large blue W superimposed onto a skull, sure to instill patriotism into all who see it. To the right is a huge computer display map of the world, which can be zoomed out to the whole globe or in to only a few acres, so that Wily can show his Masters what's going on. To the left is a readout on the goings on of all the other major military factions, and of the UN.
In one corner of the room is a small glass table with only four chairs around it, for matters to be discussed more personally between fewer people. In the other corner is a semicircular array of workstations from which the information on other military bases can be compiled and processed. And last but not least is the functionless terminal kept a few feet away from Wily's chair, should the need to whack something arise.

Obvious exits:
East <E> leads to Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).

(Ch. B [RMSecureI]) Knight Man transmits: 'My brothers, I doth haveth a proposal to discuss. If any of thee art interesting in claiming the famed Excalibur, then cometh to the meeting room.'.

Burst Man arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Burst Man has arrived.

Burst Man enters the room... he heard the transmission... "I say, what is this about some human sword?"

Shade Man arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Shade Man has arrived.

Knight Man glances over at Burst, as he is the first to enter "Aye, the Excalibur, sit while we waiteth for others to come."

Napalm Man arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Napalm Man has arrived.
Napalm Man rumbles his fataft in

Pirate Man arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Pirate Man has arrived.

Shade Man steps in quietly, and leans against the wall near the door.

Serenade arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Serenade has arrived.
Acoustic has arrived.
Serenade drops Acoustic.

Burst Man takes a seat at the table and awaits the begining of the meeting... and does he ever hate meetings...

Knight Man is standing at the head of the table, as the others arrive. "Alrighteth. As most of thee should knoweth, the ledgendary Excalibur twas recently unearthed, and now is in the possession of some human dogs who dare to call themselves Camelot-Neo." He nearly spits as he says that "I hast had a /meeting/ recently with the discoverereth, Tommis Tomoe, and after some... persuasion he twas more than willing to assist me." He eyes around a bit, seeing if they're any general questions or comments before continuing

Serenade doesn't move to the table. No instead she moves to the side of tghe room, and takes a spot by Acoustics side, since the mecha-wolf was aparently already here...

Pirate Man looks around silently as he takes his usual chair he grabs a mug of grog looking towards Knight man saying, "Aye, but what be this sword worth to us? There has to be some gold to be gained from this.", he almost drains his mug before looking to the others

Burst Man has a question, "And why should we care if some ignorant humans have an ignorant artifact made by ignorant humans? I mean, it is probably a rusted stick by now"

Serenade ahems as she hears Burst Man, butting in, "it's not a rusted stick brother. In fact, it's in perfect consition. Almost too perfect a condition." How's she know this? She does. Its probably safer to leave it at that for now.

Knight Man eyes Burst and Pirate "The sword has remainedeth in perfect condition over all these ages. The Excalibur itself tis priceless, and should belong to no other than Lord Wily. And I shalt presenteth it to him. For now, I do noteth know exactly when or how I shalt claim it, however once I recieveth more information from that imbecile Tomoe, then we shalt plan our assault. What I wanteth now is people who shalt assisteth me."

Pirate Man places his mug on the table before saying, "I shall only help thee if there be possible profit from this other then a sword. No matter what its condition may be.

Knight Man looks at Pirate Man "Well of courseth Camelot-Neo dost haveth in their possession other artifacts frometh that site, among others. The Excalibur tis all I art interested in, the rest wouldeth be up for grabs from the thee."

Shade Man cocks his head a bit, not moving any other part of his body. "Mmmm.... I'd like to see that legendary sword myself...."

Burst Man claps his hands in a sarcastic way and says , "I know I know! We can all dress up like medieval fools with costumes made out of common burlap-potato sacks, and as we do our juggling acts and sword eating, we can creep closer, closer to the sword... And as the humans tiny-little brains are distracted by the 'flashy things' that we are doing, someone can snatch the sword... I mean, how could that _not_ work!"

Napalm Man listens from the edge of the room, running his translator systems to decipher all the eths.

Pirate Man frowns as he aims his cannon towards Bursts head saying, "That be a stupid plan mate, ye best watch your tongue before I decide to cut your voicebox out.", he then looks back to Knight and nods, "Then I am in brother, unless ye have a silly plan such as his?"

Knight Man snarls at Burst, and forms his hand back into his mace, and points it at him "Dost thou want to sayeth that again??" Referring to the 'Medieval fools' comment.

Shade Man peers at Burst Man, a glint in his eyes.

Burst Man eyes the robot Masters and feels the glare, "surely... " *cough ahem* " We can all dress up like medieval fools with costumes made out of common burlap-potato sacks, and as we do our juggling acts and sword eating, we can creep closer, closer to the sword... And as the humans tiny-little brains are distracted by the 'flashy things' that we are doing, someone can snatch the sword..." he repeats in his snobbish voice... and with a glare at Pirate Man "And good luck getting at my tounge, it seems I was built without a mouth..."

Serenade just manages to roll her eyes at burst, before sighing.

Pirate Man's optics narrow as he looks towards the others saying, "So what shall be done with this fool, mates. I say we take him apart and leave his parts around the base for a few days."

Knight Man gives one angry glare to Burst man, but for now stands down and reforms his normal hand "Very welleth brother Pirate. I shalt haveeth more of a plan in a days time. Tomoe seemed more than willing to assisteth me after some proper threatening, and he himself seems to disliketh this Camelot-Neo group. Though I expecteth him to tryeth to pull one over on me, which is why I asked help from all of thee, as he is expecting me to be alone on this."

Shade Man eyes Burst Man. "Cease this buffoonery at once. That's an order."

Burst Man chuckles and mutters to himself...

Napalm Man shakes his upper torso "Why all of this tomfoolery!? I say we march across the earth, destroying all that would oppose, for the greater glory of Wily!" taking on a heroic pose.

Pirate Man nods to Knight, "Aye I shall wait for ye to find more information.", he then looks to Napalm saying, "Would thou like to be blasted by the Repliforce again?"

Burst Man whispers to Burst Man: 'well that ... ... ... vampire-wannabe a ... scurvy seadog and ... ... ... ... can calling me ... At ... ... ... wasn't based on ... ... ... ... ...'.

You say, "For now, while I wouldst liketh to utterly destroy these Camelot-Neo dogs and leaveth no trace of them in my wake, I grudgingly admiteth that stealth twould be our best partner now." Gee, Knight Man is being unusually stealth for once, with something as big as the 'Excalibur' this medieval nut isn't takign ANY chances "So brother Pirate, I know thou art in..."

Napalm Man snarls, looking at Pirate "Repliforce fighten me not! I march over their pathetic forces as I have marched over many of our own in the training facilities!"

Pirate Man shakes his head towards Napalm as he turns to Knight saying, "Aye I be with ye."

Napalm Man snorts, annoyed at his wounded bravado

Knight Man nods "So what abouteth the rest of thee?"

Burst Man sighs... "If you need bot-power... I am at your service, but don't expect much out of me. If the deal goes bad, I am going to be the first one out of there."

Wood Man arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Wood Man has arrived.

Napalm Man looks down at Burst "How cowardly"

Burst Man scoffs, "Why does everyone confuse, 'knowing the limitations of your design' with 'cowardess'? if we were rading a bubble factory, I would be the first to fight it out and kick some aft, but simply put, I am no good in most situations..."

Serenade just shrugs at Knight as he asks, before glancing at Acoustic. Otherwise she doesn't respond, but it doesn't exactly look like she'll be in on this.

Wood Man enters in, Hardhat Tom on his head, a half-eaten pickle and ham sandwich in hand. "What's up?"

Napalm Man blinks "Pussy" shaking his upper torso "Battle until you must energy ring! That is how Wily will be victorious"

Burst Man coughs, "You do that, don't you know how much time and resources that wastes? I mean the Doctor has better things to do than rebuild the lot of us on a weekly basis..."

Wood Man winces. "E-ring? Since when has Dad stopped teaching us that He who fights and runs away lives to run away another day?" The hardhat nerps. "Oh. Lives to fight another day."

Knight Man sighs "Very welleth then brother Burst, I shalt leteth thee know if I dost needeth thine help once I planneth the raid." He looks around "Tis that all?"

Serenade just manages to snerk at the talk of energy rings, as she once more rolls her eyes.

Napalm Man simply scratches his aft plate

Knight Man sighs "Very welleth then, I shalt assume I have brother Pirate and Shade to assist, with Burst as backeth up if needed." (two of which are off, whee!)

Wood Man blinks. "We raiding something again?"

Burst Man leans back in his chair, "yes. very effective use of our time... much more productive than 'world domination'"

Knight Man finally pays attention to Woody "Nay, I art gatheringeth volunteers foreth when I go to claim the Excalibur for Lord Wily. Once I getheth the rest of the information I needeth we shalt be formulating a plan." He lowers his eyes at him "Art THOU interested?"

Wood Man nods. "Crashbo always says something about the Excalibur, and how the slot machines are rigged there. But I hear they have an all-you-can-eat bar. So it might be worth checking out."

Serenade is just standing around, to the side, silently watching.

Napalm Man is using Serenade's head for an armrest.

Burst Man blows a bubble and balences in his index finger...

Knight Man maintains his gaze at WoodMan for a few moments "...I art talking about the SWORD you imbecile!"

Burst Man chuckles and begins to talk to himself about a pot and a kettle and one calling the other black... :)

Wood Man ohs, pondering it over. "Well, that doesn't sound as fun. Why are we getting it again?"

Knight Man once again just gazes at his wood-clad brother "To claimeth it for Lord Wily.. bah! Forgeteth it, if thou art not interested, then fine. Brother Pirate and Shade shalt be more then enougheth to secure the legendary blade." He looks around "Well art there any other questions foreth me? If not then I shalt summoneth thee again once I gathereth the rest of mine information."

Napalm Man bets Wood Man is sporting wood

Burst Man looks around, "well... if you don't mind, I will take my leave, feel free to draft me on your 'wacky' crusade to gather a rare gift for out creator... I hope it works out." With a bow he heads for the door.

Wood Man headshakes. "No, no, no, I'll go along if you want. I need to go out for a walk anyways. That and we need some food for the koala."

You say, "We aren't going tonight. Howevereth if thou art interested in helping, them attendeth the next meeting. If that tis all I shalt taketh my leave as well."

Wood Man nods. "I'll be there... I think."

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