<Global News Network> "This is Waal Abbusor sitting here in the middle of Mexico City's Downtown area for GNN. Tonight we came here to investigate the massive hurricane that has formed over the city and seemed to remain stationary above it. Weather analysis has shown it has growing in size dramatically, right now just approaching a Category 1. They predict this to raise to a Category 5 within the hour and have urged citizens t..." A loud amount of screaming is heard in the back, the roar of a crowd accompaning it. The camera pans around to the image of a Flesh Fair, humans surrounding two large metallic pikes in the center of the area -- on each pike is a reploid/android strapped to them, bound and unable to move. They appear vaguely to be Cappella and Beam Demon. "I can't believe this...they've completely ignored the warnings and are holding some sort of grotesque lynching in the middle of the city..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "...what...the hell?!?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "Is that...?!?!?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Ok, first thing, what in Lord Wily's name was she doing-eth there? And second, what do we do with those insolent humans?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "I am going there immediately! Mexico City, right? Those bastards...!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "Hrmph. Disgusting. They choose to ignore their own safety for the sake of an archaic, brutal display of hate and fear...Even despite my less-than-optimal systems, I shall not see this happen lying down. Who shall accompany me to assist in freeing Lady Capella?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Wait, we'd best attacketh in a group."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Turbo Man transmits, "I'm there. Should we meet somewhere?"

Teleporters - Skull Fortress

Tradition demands that the teleporter room be a row of open capsules, some linked to specific cities, others with programmable coordinants. These ones are pink, lit by rows of pulsing red lights. A square teleportation field in the middle of the room is provided for those Masters too large to fit into the standard capsules.

Type 'tel/list' to see a list of destinations and 'tel <location>' to activate the teleporters.

Sword Man [Mysterious]

Reinforced Doors <SE> leads to Medical Support - Skull Fortress.

Blast Doors <NE> leads to Gathering Room - Skull Fortress.

East <E> leads to Lift Landing - Skull Fortress.
Knight Man appears in a flash of energy.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "Indeed. Such hostile territory belies the necessity of a group effort."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "I'll be-eth in the teleportation room in Skull Fortress, whoever else is there withineth 5 minutes shall joineth the assault, agreed?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "Agreed."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Bass laughs.

Elec Man has arrived.

Elec Man appears in a flash of energy.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "Agreed. I shall be there shortly."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Turbo Man transmits, "Right on."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Haveth ye a different plan of action Master Bass?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Bass transmits, "No, no ... I just find this terribly /ironic/. Isn't she supposed to be a master thief, after all?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "'Even the crafty mouse springs a few traps.'"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Indeed, well we can berate-eth her for it later, but first we need to show-eth these humans whom they can and cannot make fools out of."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "Indeed. However, even the greatest of examples must falter in their...ahem. I believe Sir Elec has "beat me to the punch", to use the venacular."

Turbo Man has arrived.

Turbo Man appears in a flash of energy.

Magnet Man has arrived.

Magnet Man appears in a flash of energy.

Knight Man stands next to the transporters, tapping an armored boot impatiently.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Bass transmits, "Of course." As an afterthought: "Kill as many of them as you possibly can."

Turbo Man teleports in from Skull Haven, looking pretty calm given the situation.

Elec Man slowly, coldly storms into the area. He is clad in his more flashy, gold-and-white uniform. Y'know, the one he wore at Antarctica. The one he wears when he's really angry. "....I am not a happy Alpha right now."

In a hurried rush of clomping boots and creaking leather, a coat-covered Sword rushes into the teleporter room, moving somewhat stiffly, however still intent on making his services useful. "I am prepared."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "As you wish, it shalt be done with prejudice."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "Bass, I have never heard you say sweeter words."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Bass chuckles. "Never say I never give you guys anything..."

Magnet Man also teleports in from Skull Haven, he looks like normal, but thats probably because he doesn't know whats going on.

Knight Man looks to those present "Tis this all? Good, let us get-eth going, others can followeth if they so wish." He stomps towards the teleporters and heads off. Who the heck put him in charge?

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Magnet Man transmits, "Er, whats going on anyway?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "Hrmph...to stoop to their barbarism. Although I shall admit, the urge is unsettlingly tempting. If thee orders, however, I shall comply."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man transmits, "Wha? Kill who?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "Those mother~static~ers in New Mexico have Cappella tied to a Wily-damned SPIKE."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Kill insolent humans in Mexico Snake Man."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Magnet Man transmits, "Then they shall pay."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "Indeed. They shall."

Knight Man disappears in a flash of energy.

Teleportation Area--Mexico City

Rows of tall teleportation capsules line the walls, each clearly labeled with a detination. A few are labeled 'Custom Location' instead of with a city name.

Type 'tel/list' to see a list of destinations and 'tel <location>' to activate the teleporters.

North <N> leads to Mexico City Business District.
Knight Man appears in a flash of energy.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "Oh, and Mags? We have orders to completely decimate them."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Serenade transmits, "Cappella's where?"

Sword Man has arrived.

Sword Man marches in, as regal as ever. The White Knight of Wily is here!

Sword Man appears in a flash of energy.

<Global News Network> The Flesh Fair increases with its mob mentallity as it tosses a single reploid through a catapult at a target. Once it hits the target, it explodes in a massive show of sparks and parts. Meanwhile overhead, the storms winds start to increase and lightning and rain begin to come down.

You enter the Mexico City Downtown.

Mexico City Downtown

Although still dwarfed by the height of the Aztec Casino on the other side of town, the buildings here are nonetheless impressive. Taller than most of the buildings in the business area, these stratoscrapers are reinforced against heavy winds and rains. In the exact center of downtown stands a small fountain, often frequented by pigeons.

Quickdraw [C]

Thunder Triceratops [Base] [M]

Barrage Raptor [Heavy armor] [RF]

Cyclops [Armor] [M]

Morph Moth [Normal] [M]

Beam Demon [Quasar] [M]

Cappella [Capp] [RM]

Colonel [RF]

Hound Dog's E-Bar

East <E> leads to Mexico City Business District.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Bass transmits, "Nah. You don't /have/ to kill them. There's nothing really to be gained from it, at least in terms of the Old Man's plans. But I give you full permission to be as excessive as you want to be with them. In fact ... ooh, that one blew up /nicely/ ... ask Elec Man about the siege of San Angeles if you need ideas."

One doesn't quite know how Lady Cappella has managed to keep that brilliant red hat of hers from being shredded, and reveiling her face to the world, but it remains entact, unlike her usually brilliant coat. Not to say that being bound to a pike, and jabbed at with knives, shot at by pistols, and otherwise humiliated and abused is weighing things down much.

"This is hardly befitting a lady of my nature! Let me go! I said Let me-- ARRGHHH!!"

.. She jerks her leg as particularly evil blade is slung into the knee, And she desperitely seems to be wanting to kick the sorry excuse of a human who did this in.... Well. He'd probably be rolling on the ground, the insufferable bastard. She desperately tries again to activate her radio through manual means on her arm from behind the pike-- But frantioc motions are noticed and another bystander lashes in with his hombres, and rips the radio, and nearly most of Capp's arm, free before she can claw it on. This most certainly does not bode well.

Sword Man arrives from the Mexico City Business District.

Sword Man has arrived.

Sword Man marches in, as regal as ever. The White Knight of Wily is here!

Elec Man arrives from the Mexico City Business District.

Elec Man has arrived.

Magnet Man arrives from the Mexico City Business District.

Magnet Man has arrived.

Serenade arrives from the Mexico City Business District.

Serenade has arrived.

Turbo Man arrives from the Mexico City Business District.

Turbo Man has arrived.

Lo', unto thee whom doth disrupt the balance of nature, unto thee the force of nature itself shall unleash itself upon thee and thine. As the storm rages, and the riot increases, the massive form of Beam Demon's Quasar armor creaks, his arms straining agaisnt the cables he is tied with. He says nothing, not so much as a grunt of effort. His armor is scored in various places, chipped and dented, but yet he remains standing, and seems to have hardly noticed it, really. The benefit of his heavy construction...

When he finally does speak, it is in a low tone, "...All this... and the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce wonder why we Mavericks dislike humans..." It's mainly to himself, though he continues to apply steady pressure to his bonds. The lady in red beside him is ignored. He weathers the storm, unable to do anything else. Yet...

Repliforce Dropship <Falconis> arrives from the Mexico City Business District.

Repliforce Dropship <Falconis> has arrived.

Knight Man seems to be leading a group of masters, rather noisely, up to the current location. Well he's not really leading, he just arrived first. He's likely going to be in a smashy mood when things get down to it.

Turbo Man comes in with the other Masters, then takes a moment to survey the scene, touching his round face idly.

Neon Tiger arrives from the Mexico City Business District.

Neon Tiger has arrived.

Sword Man meanwhile rushes in behind Knight Man, hand pointed outward, brow furrowed in determined fury. "Let no man lay in our path. ONWARD BROTHERS!!!" Teeth gritted after that outcry, he holds up his blade, grabbing it with his hand and charging headstrong down the streets, sweeping away anyone in his path with a quick swipe of his blade's flat.

Thunder Triceratops stomps through the city, headed towards the big gathering towards the city. The winds of the building storm whirl around her, but the bulky femme seems barely care, her expression etched in a stoney scowl. It's a lot like a tank slowly rumbling it's way through.

Starburst Dragon has arrived.

The shadowy form of Cyclops just watches from nearby, prefering not to get too involved until more combat focused Mavericks arrive...

Barrage Raptor has left.

Elec Man follows right behind Knight, his white-and-gold uniform sparkling with each crack of lightning. "It is now going to get very bloody around here." He begins to float off the ground, electricity crackling all over him.


Just for effect? A lightning bolt strikes Elec, and the gathering electricity is multiplied twofold.

With a sound like a helicopter, Starburst Dragon darts from the Falconis like a comet, one arm in a satellite-dish shaped shock weapon, the other a metal tentacle. He's heading for the kidnapped people.

"Evacuate innocents. Then ah'm gonna deal with that storm. Starburst, comin' through!"

Morph Moth keeps an eye on the still developing yet strangely not moving hurricane from atop some nearby rooftop. Making radio updates to the Mavericks occassionally. The big purple moth is acting as lookout tonight.

Harley Davidson Hoverbike has arrived.

Kain has arrived.

Rigger arrives from the Mexico City Business District.

Rigger has arrived.

Through the howling winds and rapidly increasing storm from the east, the Falconis drives through the buffeting force at a much slower pace than normal. Even high-tech dropships have problems with things like this, after all. Of course, the sudden appearance of Anti-Aircraft weaponry doesn't help. The Falconis is rocked in the explosions surrounding it as the pilot tries to get the craft low enough to avoid them... Cant it hold out?

Kain has left.

Jet Stingray has arrived.

Quickdraw mutters, idly glancing about with a nervous glance. Sheesh...this isn't the sorta thing that Quickdraw likes. Riots have a tendency to get wayyyyy outta control. Anyways. The riot cop, guns loaded, riot baton and ruddy big nightstick at hand, and said cop is sticking to cover, shield at the ready as he moves in on the riot. not sure what one cop can do, but eh, he's lived a long life. And he IS equippped to deal with this. Anyhoo. The cop is quietly slipping up behind the rioters, as in the heavy armor he easily passes for human, as long as no one gets a good look at him.

Harmony has arrived.

Running towards the big scene Knight Man notices something, he can't call any of his other non-mace weapons out of subspace. Or even form his mace back into his hand. What the heck-eth? It doesn't matter much for the bucket-headed one, since his main weapons come from the big spikey ball attatched to his arm, but still, it's disconcerting. And now all of a sudden they are being fired down upon by some really strong blasts. Calling back to the other robot masters, he shouts "Something dost seemeth to be afoot here, mine weapons systems are not moving save for mine mace, be on thine guard!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Something tis amiss, some of mine systems are not working."

Announcement: Procyon shouts, "Turn to Live News if you care to. :)"

Magnet Man arrives on the scene, a little bit behind the other Masters, but he charges in right behind them. His face looks grim, something which does not suit the usually happy Master. Lucky for him he's following right behind Sword and Knight, ready to rumble with anybody that gets in his way. He only punches people out of the way though, it seems, to his annoyance, that his magnetic powers aren't working at all. Poor him.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "Odd...my flame emitters seem to have become non-functional as well..."

Elec Man's electric sphere suddenly shorts out, and he drops the the ground. He has entered the dampening field. "Ungh... but..." His non-visible eyebrows furrow, and his generators whirr uselessly. "...Damnit! Damnit!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "My generators aren't working..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man sounds panicked. "My generators won't work!!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Serenade sounds entirely too cheerful. it's not a good thing. "Grab yourselves some baseball bats, axes, swords and cars, boys. Let's do this the bloody way."

Harmony sends a radio transmission.

Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Harmony.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man breathes hard. "I can't... I can't do anything without my generators!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Magnet Man transmits, "Thank god dad made me with fists."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Calmeth thinself Elec Man. Useeth thine Wily-given strength if ye haveth to. I supposeth the bulk of the fighting shalt have to be done-eth by mineself and Sword Man."

Sword Man growls low as he realizes the problem. Narrowing his eyes, he shouts to the others, even as rocks and such fly their way. "All Masters lacking melee weaponry, take up the rear!! Sir Knight and I shall take the brunt of the assault!" As he says that, he quickly advances forth, charging along side Knight, blade raised to knock away any of the primitive attacks that may come their way.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Serenade transmits, "Nonsense! Calm down, Sparky, and grab yourself something to whack people with. Pretend you're Guts Man if it helps."

Obi Wan Duonobi waves a hand sideways, "This is not the Live News you are looking for."

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission to Harmony.

Harmony receives a radio transmission.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Gust Man would be-eth quite helpful now, nevertheless we shalt have to maketh do."

Harmony sends a radio transmission.

Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Bass sounds absolutely fed up. "This week has -sucked- for us. First Atlantis, now this crap. OK. Anybody who can't hack it hand-to-hand should pull back....I *GUESS*." He makes a loud, overdramatic sigh. "I expect the rest of you to cover the retreat of your less capable colleagues."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "Indeed. I suppose now wouldst have been an optimal time to have brought one of my other, external blades."

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission.

Harmony receives a radio transmission from Jet Stingray.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man's panicked breathing slows... "Yes... just start hitting people..."

Neon Tiger scowls as she follows along behind the dinosaur Maverick. "Moronic fools," she hisses, snarling at the occasoinal rioter.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man transmits, "Don't hyperventilate."

Through the harash weather of the hurricane, an hi-tech Harley Davidson Hovercycle comes into view, the lone person driving it through this storm. The Cipher seem dulled by the storm, but Kain takes no notice, yet. (No wonder Derek is the way he is! Mexicans are psychos...)Oo. As the Hovercycle slllidess to a halt, Kain hops off and takes in the situation...

The Maverick along-side her is ignored. Hey, Masters and Mavericks are no longer at truce. So when she gets out of here, she'll leave him behind, she will! And that's that. .. Now comes the big problem. How to actually get -out-. She tugs valiently at the bindings wrapped about her now savaged wrists, and mutters, before yelling at the humans in the stands.

"Beat you all senseless with my own chopped off arm if I have to!" .. Let's just say, the Lady in Red is not in a happy mood. Would -you- be, bound to a pike, and staring at what could be your own demise in the form of a catapult nearby, flaming hoops of death, explosives, acid, water, gods. "I'm beginning to wonder why I offer these people a discount just because I retail here.." She mutters to herself.

Kain has arrived.

It seemed Mexico was always having riots of some sort or another. Rigger was kind of used to it by now, frankly. Typically she avoided it but in this particular situation she was more than willing to make an exception. Due to the weather and the crowds she simply stalks at a quick clip to the center of trouble on foot. Her hair snaps about in the wind, as does her less-than-white lab coat as she hadn't bothered to change into something more suitable for trouble before coming. For once she really doesn't seem to care if she spots any Masters or Mavericks. They aren't her goal tonight, or the targets she intends for the oversized wrench she carries.

Thunder Triceratops shrugs, and tosses her rifle over her shoulder. She doesn't need it. Sure, guns may be her thing, but it doesn't mean she's inable to operate without it. She's got.. other means to deal with trouble. And a fellow Maverick to rescue.

Fighting alongside Sword Man. How degrading for the black knight. But for now, his feelings toward his more honorable medieval brother do not matter. Wily's honor is on the line now, so for the time, Knight Man can put up with teaming up with the White Knight. It's the medieval Yin and Yang, comin at ya!

Leaping out of a flying dropship under fire while in a hurricane winds? While someone would be praying to survive, Jet Stingray, Stingray of Battle, is having a different reaction to these. "Yeeeeeeehaw!" he offers and he uses his powerful foot jets to try and propel himself to a good rooftop to get a good commandering position to see what's going on. Yeah, Jet isn't exactly Paton here, but he's not dumb. Of course, he is carrying a certain femme in his arms... So it isn't quite as easy as it usually is. But no one joined Repliforce for an easy buck.

Turbo Man swats a small percentage of incoming rocks away from his pristine face. "Hooligans..." he mutters, then making his way towards a particular gang of rioters, swinging angrily.

Finding most weapons systems not working, Serenade has ... gone the way of Something More Physical. Namely, a pair of metal baseball bats, one worn over her back in the same spot where her rifle usually belonged. Baseball bats were fine with her. Bludgeoning these creatures into mush would be just fine with her. Unlike those like Sword Man, the Femme isn't bothering to knock people out of her path, instead weilding her chosen weapon like a blodgeon, to shatter any comparitively fragile human-limbs that come too close. Despite having her sister chained to a spike, there's a certain vicious joy in deliberately crippling people. At Elec Man's nervous radios, she pauses only briefly to toss the second bat to him. "Let'm have it, Sparks."

The Flesh Fair continues its destruction of robotic life, and sets flame to a circle around the two main captives. "Tonight folks, we have a special treat. Two very strong little robots that try to steal and kill. Lets show them how our form of justice goes!" The crowd responds in a roar, drowning out even the lightning overhead. That same lightning destroys one of the nearby towers from its sheer strength. The winds start to pick up dramatically, a hundred miles per hour.

Elec Man growls, walking forward determinedly. He cracks his knuckles... and catches the bat. "Thank you Sere." He spins the bat, and brings it down onto the head of the first human he comes across. The rock rolls out of the poor guy's hand as his brains splatter out of his head, splattering Elec's chestplate with viscera. Oh, it's an angry Elec Man, it is. "For WILY!!!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Bass crunches on popcorn. "Ah, the news cameras are back up and working, good. You guys seem to be making progress."

Harmony doesn't look pleased about being toted around by a dorky Stingray, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Instantly jumping down as Jet lands, she scales off the roof to the ground below. Which, suffice to say, isn't all that much safer than being in a ship pelted with rockets. Met with a happy crew of anti-reploid crazies, she pushes through them and hurries for small groups of scared innocents. Da da daaa!

Unlike Knight Man, however, Sword does not lament the need to combine efforts with his darker aligned brother. After all, when it comes down to it, family's gotta stick together. So past philosophies and conflicts forgotten for the time being, he continues to rush forth, again keeping up his method of brushing those opposing him to the side. After all, these brutish peasants WANT to see the reason they fear and despite robots so. They want to see the murder machines. And Sword is damn set on making sure they don't get that glory.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "Anyone know a good drycleaner? I'll need it after this. I forgot just how wet these humans get when something blunt smashes into them."

"Such rage." states the demon. He bows his head, eyes closing. His fists clench tightly, and he begins to apply his full strangth on the bonds. He finds it unlikely that the mob will target him any time soon, due to his massive weight and size. If he doesn't want to move to the catapult or other deathtraps, he's not going to. The massive Maverick, continues to strain against his bonds, the heavy cables starting to cut into the heavy armor around his own thickly covered wrists. The humans around his feet continue to batter at his shins and knees, and it's starting to annoy him. When one of them manages to wedge a blade into his knee joint, that's the final straw. He's not going to put up with this much longer. "...Rrrg..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Serenade transmits, "I know a nice one in Louisiana."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man transmits, "Why are you wearing clothesss to sssmash humansss with blunt objectsss, you idiot?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Bass transmits, "They do leak a good bit."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Shade Man twould appreciateth that fact a bit more methinks."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "Unlike you, Snake, I look rather human outside of my uniform. I wouldn't be very intimidating in the buff, now, would I?"

Cyclops watches grimly, practically all of his weapons not functioning. He does have a metal pole in his right hand to protect himself if need be, but it probably won't do that much good. Turning his head to the side, he notices the incoming Thunder Triceratops, and begins to run over to join the Maverick...


Now the wind's picked up, Starburst is not only flung to the ground, but crashes straight into Jet and Harmony, his arm-weapons apparently disabled, and his flight capacity grounded.

"Er, sorry... hey, waitasec... what's happened t'mah arms? Ooh, ah feel really woozy all o' a sudd'n..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man transmits, "I meant put your armor on, geniusss."

Neon Tiger hisses as her claws fail to extend. Continuing to snarl silently at this point, she flexes her hands and the shorter metal claws at the tips of her fingers glint in the uneven light.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "My uniform _is_ my armor."

Rocks and various projectiles clatter off of the armor of the Falconis as it arcs around past the insanity, trying to get out of sight of the weaponry. The ship's job is done, now it just has to wait to get everyone OUT. The sight of the dampening field in action is disturbing to the pilot, but what can one do about it?

Idle Note: Hundreds of humans are around. Attacking them likely gets more to turn and start and attack you. The winds are enough to knock out aerials and the Falconis right now as well.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man transmits, "Then why do you need a dry cleaner? You're not wearing ssspandessx."

Kain sees the madness going on, and frowns darkly. (...)Oo. Seeing Knight... and his favorite Master (favorite Master as in Clown is Sarah's 'favorite' master) Sword Man... he considers the situation. He owes Cappella his life at one time... so its time it is paid back in full...

...not to mention he still has a crush on her, so...

Kain joins Sword and Knight. Hey, what's one more Yang to the Yang and Yin Combo? :)

Morph Moth in his state of alert and watching, notices Jet's dropping to a nearby rooftop and approaching stealthily and relatively unheard due to the noise of both the hurricane and lynch-mob, he clamps a hand on the recently landed Repliforcer. "We meet again."

Morph Moth misses Jet Stingray with his Grasp attack.

Turbo Man trudges over to a small party of rioters, trying to take some temporary refuge from the storm in the shadow of some building. The people disperse somewhat, a couple of them continuing to lob handy projectiles at the android. With a particularly substantial gust of wind, one of them grabs a hold of an adjacent street light. The poor fellow finds Turbo Man standing over him, letting the gale add to the force of an angry blow to the human's cranium. "About that cleaning service...."

Scribe Robin arrives from the Mexico City Business District.

Scribe Robin has arrived.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Turbo Man transmits, "It's kind of hard to focus with all this commotion. Anyone know exactly how many people are between us and Capella?"

KILL ALL HUMANS! Except Wily! That's Knight Man's train of thought for now. Too many humans! Just too many! Knight Man doesn't like too many humans! Rar! "Blasted pests! Begone from mine sight!" His mace manages to mow down the few that run up close enough, but those that keep their distance from him and can dodge somewhat well can avoid a lot of his flailings. Ah, the limitations of sheer melee. Knight Man has a lot of humans to fight through, all the while they're hailing blasts down on him, good thing he's one of the more tanked Robot Masters.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "/Too many/!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "Not enough to stop us. That's all you need to know."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "But yes, Elec Man is right, they'll all be piled in a heap once they day tis out."

Magnet Man grabs a conviently placed metal bar that was placed on the ground, usually he wouldn't even punch all the humans, but they've got his sis, and he's not happy about it. Luckily for Magnet Man his armor is already red. He is getting pelted with rocks quite a bit, but right now he's so peeved off that he doesn't even care.

Thunder Triceratops grunts as a few stray rocks clank off her armor, but for the most part unphased. "No, we're going to have to do this the hard way, I see.." Reaching for a compartment, she pulls out a good old fashion nightstick, reploid sized, and starts wading her way through the masses. For the most part, she's not even paying attention to the storm, her heavy form withstanding the winds and rain without a problem so far. "Out of my way, insects." Though she's not outright attacking anyone.. yet.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man snickers. "Besssidesss, I think you'd look REALLY intimidating in the buff.

Elec Man whips his bat hard to the right, smacking a thrown grenade back at the lobbing human. He catches it and blinks, before the little bomb goes off in his hand. Well, it was a hand... He grits his teeth as the wind intensifies, and he has to brace himself before he can keep walking. Bullets smack into his chestplate, unnoticed. "WE'RE COMING CAPPELLA!" He screams above the din, smacking aside another rioter.

Sword Man watches as another human heads their way. Reading his blade to knock him aside, he quickly halts his swing as familiarity strikes him. "Hrmph...the Swordsman K. 'Twould seem that the midst of strife makes for odd bedfellows, would it not?" He says this as friendly as possible, but unfortunately, being assaulted on all sides does not make for a good conversation piece, so the comment comes off a little more confrontational as it was meant to be. Still, Sword focuses on survivial, trying to deflect, and if that's not possible, absorb the blows which his brothers unfamiliar with melee tactics cannot.

Neon Tiger lashes out with her hands as she slowly inches her way forward. She keeps low to the ground to try and avoid the worst of the wind gusts, and the rocks simply cause her to get all the angrier at the useless humans.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Serenade transmits, "Hn. Sword, Knight, take point. The rest of you, follow. Let's put a wedge into this crowd. Don't spread out unless you wanna get pulled apart by fleshies. These idiots know what we can do. Let's PROVE it."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Turbo Man transmits, "Gotcha."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "Sword, stop being a weakling with these guys. Cleave a few heads. I'll be right behind you..."

Harmony squeaks and slides messily through angry people. "Auogh, GO AWAY!" she says, as if it'd work. Smacked in the ankle with a rock, she half skips and runs towards a small group of surrounded reploids. Ones that don't look like they could fight much, either. "EXCUSE MEEEE!" she shouts, violently pushing the sea of people aside. Strong, yes. Not hurting them. Making them mad, yes. Getting smacked with a board, she 'OW's and shoos the reploids off running. Watching them duck into a small, dark alleyway.. she's smacked with more boards and rocks. "STOP IT!" she shouts, annoyed.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Acknowledged. Sword Man, stopeth being a pansy, slaughter them!"

Cyclops now reaches the side of Thunder Triceratops, prefering to be standing next to a larger Maverick then my himself. He holds the metal pole in his hand tight, waving it slightly at the humans around him, trying to keep them away. He doesn't really seem at all comfortable with this situation... Especially since pretty much all of his inbuilt weapons aren't working at the moment.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man says through gritted teeth, "Hrmph. I shall not fall prey to these brutish peasants' whims. They want to see the killing machines they so label us. I shall not give them the pleasure, as much as their insistance and increasing number is trying my patience.

Knight Man is a good little Wily soldier and listens to his orders over the radio, yay! Alongside Sword Man, he takes the point for the other Masters to follow and try to drive a wedge through the crowd. One medieval armored wedge coming throooooooooouuuuuugh!!

Rigger tightens her grip on her wrench as she approaches a crowd that's busy attacking someone currently. She can't see who it is that they're throwing things at, but neither does she care much. Without faltering in her step, save for the effort to move against the high winds, she draws her arm across her chest to swing her wrench out at the nearest person she comes up to. She doesn't aim for the head, but a rather pleasing crack of bone as her wrench hits the man's arm causes her to grin. "GET OUT OF MY WAY YOU FARKING MORONS!"

As Jet moves to land, the is flung about by the winds, knocked into by Starburst, finally lands rather painfully into the ground. After letting Harmony go, who he protected from any harm the entire time, he mere gets up and moves out of the reach of Moth by flipping to his feet. Groaning in pain for a moment, Jet respond, "You freaking moron... You better not be even /thinking/ of fighting me in this mess or I will /so/ throw you in that mob it won't even be funny." .oO(Unless they are going to be on the roof soon and going to try and kill us anyway... Freaking dang it. I always get this stinky missions. Times like this make me want to have just done professional racing as a job.) Despite his hate of his position, he still gives orders like a good little stingray.

[Radio: (C) RMSecureII] Knight Man transmits, "Screweth trying to proveth to them anything, they faileth to see the glory of Lord Wily's rule, so they shalt DIE!"

Robot Masters don't need no steenking powers. They're strong enough on their own, especially when armed and very angry. The crowd might be pulled to bloodthirstiness, but Serenade's counting on Self Preservation to drive some back from the oncoming Masters. Thinking while herself seriously pissed off isn't the easiest thing to do, but she'd be DAMNED if she'd let them kill her sister to appease this bloodthirsty lot. Let's see how the watchers like it when their 'victims' turn on them. Sidestepping briefly to all but fall in line behind Knight Man, the baseball bat is used to crush any who come too close, with the pink, blood-spattered form of Acoustic following apace.

The crowd begins to raise in its loud intensity for blood, but of course that is cut short. First with the Masters and Mavericks about hacking their way through, which gets quite a stir out of them, then by the sudden strike of lightning on the two poles in the center of their Flesh Fair. Poor Cappella and Beam. But are they really hurt as many would think? The humans seem awestruck at this, and by the fact they're getting steadily evened up in odds. Most begin to run, but probably more from the fact that the hurricane overhead has raised to a category 3.

Cappella sneers. If it weren't that armors, and weapons are disabled, she would not be IN this mess. What's more, she doesn't like the appearance of the storm. That storm is not a happy looking fun fun silly willy storm, like those spoken of by Ditz. "... This isn't going to be fun. This really isn't going to be fun."


Thunder strikes. a tower nearby, and Cappella, though usually brave and 'fearless', suddenly feels incredibly small and helpless. Not that it's going to stop her from cursing out the bastards around her who've bound her there. She's about to shout an obscinity to the roaring crowds and the storm above.. But is drowned out by the roar of the crowd.


.. One senses an eminent change of location for Pandemonium, Inc. , and a later assault from various Bodyguards of Carmen's on much of Mexico at some other time and date.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "Sword, we're all already crushing with prejudice. You might as well join in the fun. ~splat~"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man transmits, "Sssoundsss icky."

Turbo Man does his best to fall in behind the better-equipped Masters, sporting a bit of a limp, even.

Crowd/Weather: The crowd begins to raise in its loud intensity for blood, but of course that is cut short. First with the Masters and Mavericks about hacking their way through, which gets quite a stir out of them, then by the sudden strike of lightning on the two poles in the center of their Flesh Fair. Poor Cappella and Beam. But are they really hurt as many would think? The humans seem awestruck at this, and by the fact they're getting steadily evened up in odds. Most begin to run, but probably more from the fact that the hurricane overhead has raised to a category 3.

Magnet Man quickly follows Knight Man, slamming the metal bar into any that get in his way, no mercy coming from him. And to think, he used to be a good little boy, now he's a cold killer. Well, for a little while anyway. He does have many dents in his armor right now though. But the number is decreasing as most of them run away. Like little pansy girls. HAH.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Serenade transmits, "If you don't want to crush with prejudice, then DEFEND YOUR OWN FAMILY, Sword! Honor their safety enough to fight for them."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Bass transmits, "Beautiful, beautiful violence...ah, I savor it."

Guts Man arrives from the Mexico City Business District.

Guts Man has arrived.

Kain nods shortly at Sword, "Indeed," he states. But he can't focus on Sword for now. You see, the humans that live in this wonderful country hates mechanical life, and includes humans who willingly associates with said life. Kain draws out his Cipher... noticing it's not blazing white as it used to. But he has no time to think about it, for here comes a guy with a chain whirring around his head.

Kain slices off the arm of the guy, and hopes there is some medical attention nearby for the poor guy for a brief moment.

"The battle is joined," is all he whispers to Sword...

Morph Moth smirks a bit behind his gasmask-mouth. "As much as I'd love to, considering how the fact that normal weapons systems are deactivated give me an advantage. My priority and that of the Mavericks is the rescue of our comrade. You as a fellow reploid must see the error of this scene. I propose we form a temporary truce at least for this night. As a symbol of good faith. I'd be willing to provide you with information I have been gathering on the Hurricane since this event began. I've got a feeling that the weapons deactivation may be a result of the brewing storm." Morph extends an immacuately white hand, "Shake on it?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Serenade transmits, "Sure, they want blood and killing, but as soon as it's THEIR blood we spill, they turn like cowards. *snort*"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Weaklings, let's showeth them what violence and killing tis all about."

Harmony dashes quickly in a zig-zag back to Jet, hair mussed and looking annoyed. Really didn't go that far, so it doesn't take much to get back to where she started. Can we go home now? "Make up your mind, geez! You said help innocents, I didn't think that meant hiding on a rooftop.." ^*#&!

Sword Man continues onward, joining Knight in making a wedge in the crowd, his blade proving quite useful in a land where melee weapons and primitive projectiles rule. Gritting his teeth, he still tries to maintain the idea of trying to keep from being the murderers the crowd wants. He pushes. The crowd shoves back. He swats them away. The flies swarm twofold. Finally....the stress breaks. THe last wall containing the rage breaks down. The demon within awakes.

Eyes burning with untold passion and bloodlush, Sword lets out a battlecry, slashing out at the whole of the masses in front of him. "BRUTISH PEASANTS!! YOU TRY MY PATIENCE!! IF THOU WISHETH TO SURRENDER THY LIFE FOR THIS VENDETTA, SO BE IT!!! I WASH MY HANDS OF THEE AND YOUR CITY!! NOW, /FALL TO THE WAYSIDE!!!/" And with that, Sword increases his fervor in parting the crowd, this time literally as well as figuratively.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Bass transmits, "Yes..."


The mighty pillar of Maverick Might grunts in surprise, the sudden surge of electricity running through him, completely negating the heavy density of his armor, as well as the grounding properties garnered by the sheer size of it. The great Maverick jerks, his body stiffening upwards, before slumping foward on the cables. The pole he's lashed too creaks in complaint at having such a massive weight put against it laterally. Beam Demon's eyes close, his head dipping forward. ... Is this the end..?

While all this spammy stuff is going on, the distant teleporters flash, and out walks Scribe Robin. Upon taking in the weather, the crowds, and the total pandemonium, even from this distance, he only has a few words for the situation.

"This... is most certainly unpleasant."

And seeing that he would almost instantly die if he tried to go into the mob proper, he does the only thing he's able to do, and pushes a button on his pen. The big blue button.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Turbo Man transmits, "I can't transform... otherwise I'd mow some of these b-----z down like you ain't never seen...."

Guts Man walks on into the area with a sombrero on his head, a poncho on his torso and a bottle of cheap liquor in hand, "OLE!"

Starburst Dragon trembles in rage. Not at the rioting and madness... but the lightning! /He/ uses lightning! Lightning should not be... frying trapped, hurt, possibly scared people! And he intends to rectify that!

"Save innocents, huh..."

Starburst leaps down from the building, demonstrating the fact that yes, his legs were built with lots of springs. And there's one course he's taking. Straight for Beam Demon and Cappella. He might be powerless, but he's still agile as a greased cat, and he uses that boon to weave through the rioters. His eyes are focused on the kidnapees. His only desire now, to save them. Hey, they could be a friend if given the chance. And he doesn't give up on friends, potential friends, and people in dire need.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Guts Man! Good of ye to joineth us. These humans have insulted thing Kareoke, they need to be crushed."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man transmits, "Hmm. Killing humansss isss like eating a weiner robodog. Too easssy."

Elec Man moves right behind Sword, and this has two advantages. First, he gets to hit those the honorable one brushes aside with a nice hard bat thwack. Secondly, he can stand behind Sword and have a lot of wind blocked. "I just might have to burn this suit..." Indeed, the suit is mostly dark red and gore-splattered at this point. Some of the red is mixed with his own light-green mechfluid as a few bullets have penetrated his weak armor. He hisses in pain as a rioter stabbs his cheek with a broken bottle. "OH, SCREW YOU!" He punches the man in the face, and brings his bat down hard on his ribcage. The man coughs blood up onto Elec's shoulder, the one truly clean spot. "...damnit. Now I'm sending my dry-cleaning bill to your family." He crushes the rioters relatively soft head with his nice hard bat.



Like a bolt out of the blue, literally. Thunder strikes the spire to which she is bound, and, without the grounding she usually keeps within her armor, well.


.. An ear peircing scream of pain erupts from Android as sparks fling about she and Beam. Sweet Wily in a Speedo that HURT. .. And as the smoke and sparks and fireworks clear, and the crowd falls hushed in awe, the form of the Lady in Red goes limp... Dead? Or playing possom? Cappella certainly has no way of letting on either or, for if she's been deactivated, she can't talk, and if she's tyring to convince them to let her go in such a manner, she can't talk, either!

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Serenade transmits, "But it's THERAPUTIC."

Hummingbirds has arrived.

Scribe Robin drops Hummingbirds.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "Gutsy! Come crush skulls with me!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man transmits, "True. Until their protectorsss show up."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Serenade transmits, "Then we can thwack them too!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "These peasants have tried my patience for LONG ENOUGH!!! HRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHH!!!"

The Falconis lurches in the ever-increasing winds, swinging about almost like a drunken sailor as it fights to take advantage of the clearing the Masters are making. Just as it moves in to land, a large lightning bolt strikes the Falconis, shattering and cascading about as the transport suddenly FALLS the last 10 feet or so to the ground with a crash. It's not looking good for the Falconis...

Thunder Triceratops notices the cyborg at her side, but only gives him a brief nod. "Stay close. Things are probabling going to get ugly soon." Apparently the crowd doesn't like the storm, or their presence, as they start to panic. ".. Frag it. Screw being cautious." Forget being careful, she starts to really force her way through, shoving humans out of her way. Or just stomping over them if they don't move, she doesn't really care either way at the moment. They should just be glad she isn't using her horns to clear a path!

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Glad to see thou'rt getting into the spirit of things Sword Man"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Now if thou could just ditcheth that honor of thine, ye'd be set."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Serenade transmits, "Took long enough. Now let's kill these fleshbags and get Cappella back."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Bass watches the lightning hit on TV. "Ouch."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Turbo Man transmits, "Let's get this over with. It's starting to get ugly out here."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Twas ugly when we goteth here, stop whining."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Guts Man transmits, "Ugly like femmes! Har har har har har!"

Scene: If you've bothered to look down, you'll notice your legs are now in near a foot of water. The storm continues to rain as the crowd disperses quicker, some heading to shelters others heading the roundabout way to the teleporters (the direct being cut off by the Masters and the Falconis). The two on the pikes remain as they are, the crowd quickly loosing interest when the lightning struck. And then, life gets so much better as the winds increase further in speed and the rains begin to come down harder. Smash... was that hail???|

"Fine, bug boy, tell me what you know and make it quick. Time is not..." Cue thunder crack. "...On our side." Jet merely nods to Harmony after he speaking to Morph Moth again. "I'll let your Mav get out of this... But the first sign of attacking humans directly or using this truce again what Repliforce stands and the only thing that will be at peace will be your parts."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "~spplooort~ Hey, are they supposed to bleed like a geyser?"

Skull Shuttle arrives from the Mexico City Business District.

Skull Shuttle has arrived.

And, from the distance, a flock of hummingbirds can be seen zooming into the area, orienting on the signal from Scribe's pen. Unfortunately, though, the weather conditions have affected yet again the remainder of the robin's drones, this time the lightning causing havoc to the high-flying hummingbird drones. What was 20 is now 15... 11... 8... 5 left...

Kain is having the same problem as Sword was having. He has no intention of killing these people for their feelings. However it is had to do... when THEY want to kill him. Gee, and for being a friend to a chick in red leather. For shame.

Finally, Kain growls out: "I've sworn for a time that no one will die by the blade of the Yang... But I pray this won't do... I also wash my hands of this..." With this, the Yang starts striking once more... with blood on it... and bodies piling up. Ick. o.o

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Pharaoh Man here. I am en route to the scene with the Skull Shuttle, and a squadron of melee oriented drones, to cover you once ready for extraction."

Knight Man cares not for foolish rain or wind! The hail on the other hand gets his attention, as he continues to plow a wet cold path. "The bloody hell tis with the weather anyway? Good thing I art not a water-weak." He shrugs, and plows on through as good as he can.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "What in Lord Wily's name tis with the weather here?"

Skull Shuttle enters the area, though is still very far from the scene. However, one with appropriate radar or otherwise might detect in the craft on it's direct course to the city.

Cyclops jogs alongside Thunder, now lashing out at the panicked humans around him. Two humans with bats come up next to him, swinging at his hard armor, before merely giving up and running off before Cyclops can fight back. His armor now partly red and quite wet, he continues to move along with Thunder at his side, his head constantly looking around, his red eye flashing....

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Bass transmits, "Hm. Looks like the hurricane is starting to get stronger. How curious."

Thunder Triceratops on the other hand, doesn't give a **** either way. The humans are known reploid haters, which justifies any slaughter that comes of this in her mind. She's not -trying- to actively kill anything, but she's not particularly avoiding it either.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "Pharaoh, I hope you're not FLYING here right now. It's freaking HAILING!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Indeedeth. This tis Mexico City, wind and rain tis one thing, but now tis starting to hail."

Harmony sighs at the thunder, the hail, and the water slowly creeping up towards her knees. "Don't suppose I could learn to swim in 5 minutes.." she says, really wanting to scream. Just really really loud. "Okay, Jet. Situation. Falconis down, I can't swim, it's hailing, everyone's crazy, and it's literally a blood mess. A plan, I hope, is what you have."

Oh, there are rioters, alright. Rioters that don't react kindly to the Dragon dancing through them like a thunderbolt. Starburst Dragon would be terrified. He hasn't even figured out his Forcefield- the one thing he holds dear more than anything else in his body- doesn't work either. But he doesn't care. The only things existing for him are Cappella screaming, people sloshing heavily into water as they collapse from injury... and suddenly, a warning on his retina.

"Warning. Water leak."

Now the fear strikes. Starburst is taking in water. He was never really fully sealed, thereby creating his greatest weakness- the fear of water he overcame, but it still does the damage to him. Starburst falters for a second, and it's enough for somone to jump onto him. His wings instincively blow into a scissoring buzz, throwing him away with clothes shredded- Starburst looks back, heas another crash of thunder, then fierce anger rises in him again. He stares up at the sky and curses it, before jumping through the crowd, further towards those pillars.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Delusions of Grandeur, Pharaoh Man transmits, "I've been monitoring weather patterns, and plan to keep a distance until I am needed."

A snap of sharp teeth from Acoustic, and a pipe-weilding man goes down screaming, leg severed neatly at the knee, left to be dealt with by others as both the pink mechawolf and Serenade entirely too cheerfully put a good deal of effort into leaving a bloody path behind them. Once the crowd starts to dispurse they're all but ignored, Acoustic swiftly darting THROUGH the fleeing crowd to reach those same pikes. The water is all but ignored, though it splashes nicely when people wade through it, running crimson in thin whorls from the slain.

Some things come first. And not long after Acoustic heads for Cappella, Serenade follows with the same purpose in mind, darting around her brothers, the hailstones splashing into the ground and on -her- ignored. First things first. First, get Cappella down, get her OUT of here. Family always comes before vengeance.

Turbo Man rues the fact that he hasn't brought his galoshes. He looks down at his feet, heel-mounted tires swishing heavily through the water. Meanwhile, growing hailstones play a percussive tune on his checkered head.

Quickdraw mutters, idly hefting his riot stick and plunging into the crowd, growling and sapping any of the humans who try to give him a bit of lip/violence/whatever. eh, Quickdraw's in his element, and various thrown rocks and whatnot are either bounced off of shield, or bounced off of armor, helmet, and full facial armor. Crazy riot trooper. Quickdraw's determined to make his way to the very center of the fire, slogging through water with a stoic tread. "...eh. Least they ain't zombies."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Delusions of Grandeur, Pharaoh Man transmits, "And, while you are occupied, I can gather assorted scans of the weather anamoly to present to Amun-Wily."

Elec Man sloshes through the water, and the torrent has the side effect of washing his armor somewhat. And now the hail. A large stone streaks down and breaks off the side of his lightning bolt crest. "Oh, DAMNNATION! Now I need to _repair_ the damn suit!" He grits his teeth, his arm seemingly working of its own accord, only now he winces with each hailstone to impact his head. "Getting closer now..."

Morph Moth antenna-twitches at the intentional insult. o0(Bug-boy?!) His fist clenches tighter for a second or two and then relaxes. "Well despite the looks of this style of execution, the humans are merely taking advantage of this storm, they did not instigate it themselves. It is most unnatural in origin, and..." *whap* Morph is cut off in mid-speech as a sizable hailstone collides into him, knocking him rather abruptly off the roof. Oh darn, and it sounded like he was going to say something important to Jet too. Pity.

Neon Tiger follows behind her fellow Mavericks, covering the distance in short bounds. Any wounded humans that get in the way get a little more crushed; what do you want from a nine-foot tall metal robot, feather-stepping?

Thunder Triceratops on the other hand, doesn't give a **** either way. The humans are known reploid haters, which justifies any slaughter that comes of this in her mind. She's not -trying- to actively kill anything, but she's not particularly avoiding it either. Trudging through water, getting pelted with rain, wind and now hail. A few chunks shatter as they pound on her headshield and horns, but it doesn't stop her from trudging onwards towards Beam's position. Hopefully the water and wind will put those fires out. The few fanatics that care more for their hatred than their lives are smashed out of her way with her nightstick.

Guts Man sips on his liquor bottle through a fancy bendy twirly straw. "Mmmmmmmm noveltyrific."

Sword Man continues to push through, the coat which covers him from the rain and hail also keeping him from sullying his armor with the blood of the rioting. Kicking one man away in the face and breaking another brick-wielding one's nose with a sharp punch, he continues to move through, his blade notching up kill after kill, the bloodlust growing within the usually composed master slowly growing by the slash.

*PING* One of Scribe's rogue hummingbirds impacts against Beam Demon's chest, smashing itself to pieces against his scratched, pitted armor. And yet, he remains quite still. It may become a question of whether that bolt of lightning really did him in or not. ... Though is he leaning forward...? The post he's lashed to creaks again in complaint again, louder. Thirty tons of dead weight ain't going over well, it seems. He doesn't make the faintest of controlled movement. Hell, he may even be unconscious.


Magnet Man already has to repair his suit, not only is it splattered with blood, which doesn't change the look of it. It's covered in dents. He keeps on attacking, wanting to make sure his sis is okay. Brotherly love, isn't that sweet.

Kain grimaces as rather large hail smacks him hard. He collapses to his knees... just as the rioters starts to leave. As he starts to get to his feet... he notes the rather pool of water that his feet are in. And to make matters more fun... the wind kicks in, making his scarf-like mask flow in the heavy winds. He glances over at Sword. "I believe we should get lady Cappella down before anything else happens and get to some sort of Shelter... fast."

Scene: The crowd is mostly gone now, a few humans have taken up spots from second floors of buildings and are tossing things out at those below, but thats about it. The hail however gets bigger and bigger...the winds of the hurricane hit 200 mph, making it impossible to fly in the air without being shattered into a building. The hail seems to be about the size of a golf ball. And what is that howling wind and low cloud range off in the distance?

Skull Shuttle steadies to a hover near the city's outskirts, and sets down upon a hilltop. Inside, Pharaoh Man begins extensive scans of the meteorological anamoly above the area, namely the concentration upon the center of the city.

Knight Man starts to get tried of this very fast. "BAH! There tis no end to this!" He turns to Sword Man "Thou! Thou'rt more agile than I, I'll chargeth ahead and taketh some of them down, whilst ye leapeth ahead to those up on the spikes!" Knight doesn't even bother to wait for a reply, as he lunges forward to take on a whole slew and a half of humans that he and Sword should have shared.

Back to the hummingbirds. Now the hailstones are wreaking havoc on the remnants of Scribe's mighty army of drones with historical personalities. What was 5 is now 4... 3... 2... 1...

But the final remaining hummingbird manages to evade the lightning, the hailstones, and the thrown bricks, and arrives at Beam Demon's side, trying to avoid looking at the remnants of the one that had hit the demon. It then looks quizzically at Beam, trying to ascertain whether he's conscious or not.

Jet Stingray brings up an arm to block in the incoming hail. "Freaking dangit! Stupid Mavericks... Stupid rioters... Stupid storm! If I don't get to kick someone's aft in the next 48 hours... I'll do something /really/ uncool." He then notices the Robot Masters. "Great... Just great!"

Now, the storm changes... and Starburst finds himself pelted by hail. Skidding to a watery halt in front of Beam Demon, he mentally wills a forcefield around himself...

And finds nothing forthcoming.


Quickly, he scrabbles up and runs over to Beam... now less concerned with a rescue. Now he needs something to hide behind. Starburst Dragon just had all of his courage and confidence pulled from him in one shot. And then... another message.

"Heatsink #1 shuting down. Critical water damage achieved."

Terror starting to creep in, Starburst shakes Beam.

"Wake up! C'mon... please... help!"

Turbo Man struggles to walk against the wind now, with most of the humans in his group's way having either retreated or been killed. He half-extends his arms in front of him, in a futile attempt to shield himself from nature.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Serenade transmits, "..Uh, I don't think we wanna be here when the cloudbank over the mountains hit, boys..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Magnet Man transmits, "Cappela comes first."

The wind whorls about, the rain beginning to flood the streets, and hail pelting downwards. And as the humans begin to depart, scared crudless either by storm or by storming maruaders come to save their captive numbers in vigilante-style mass. And through this? Lady in red continues to remain, hunched against her bindings, her various torturous wounds becoming a risk of water damage, her hair whipping about in the wind, as the water starts to flood up to her feet from the rain. Cappella

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Turbo Man transmits, "Can anyone see her? How far are we?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Serenade transmits, "I KNOW that. I think i'm more concerned than you about her. So move -faster-. And yes I can see her. I'll be there in another minute.."

Sword Man nods to both of the Ks as their sentiments share a joint purpose: The freedom of the theif Cappella. Pushing forth, he lifts his blade up and uses it much like a bumper, knocking away any and all in his path as he rushes forth. Finally, with a cry, he jumps up above what little is left of the crowd, using his antigravs to thrust him in dangers away. Raising his blade to protect him from the battering hail, he fights through the wind, the pain, the beating weather, until finally, he descends upon the spires. Eyes narrowed, roars, allowing the hailstones to slam against him, until finally, he slashes in a fury of swordsmanship, attempting to hack his way through the cables which bind the two prisoners. Even through the horrid whether, the fire within still burns.

Rigger is forced to duck back closer to the buildings as the hail continues to rain down in increasingly larger sizes. Along with the wind and rain, she was both drenched, bruised, and becoming rather sore from the onslaught. Her arm raises to flip her bangs out of her face and try to see through the sheets of rain that continue to pour down. "Where the heck is that generator..."

Elec Man is beginning to tire. "Nnngh..." The swinging of the bat slows, and ceases, his arm staying limp at his side. And then, the bat slips from his hand, and Elec nearly falls to his knees with the next burst of wind. His battle rage beginning to subside, Elec is suddenly aware of _everything._ The building water, the crashing lightning, the hail, the incredible winds. The wind gusts again, and Eleccy does go down to his knees, thrusting a hand into the water to steady himself. His hand comes to rest on a pile of entrails from a sliced up human.


Cyclops has disconnected.

Starburst Dragon looks around nervously. He gulps, and tries one last, deperate thing...

Tearing the fabric and synthetic fibres from one hand, already fraying and battered from the rain, he reveals a dragon legacy- sharp knife-claws hidden under his hands. With these, he starts to hack at the bonds holding Cappella. Why proritize? Well, because she's a cute girl. Go figure.


Thunder Triceratops is for once very glad she's built compact and heavy, it makes keeping footing in the insane weather that much easier. She cranes her head back a moment, having to pretty much shout to be heard over the wind. "Neon! You're faster than I am, try to get to them. I'll..." She stops, grunting as a piece of furntature shatters against her side, and snarls, the force of the blow only propelled more by the wind. "I'll deal with the organic fools." Grabbing a piece of tossed debris, she hurtles it back at the buildings it came from.

Cyclops has connected.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "I... can't stay concious much longer out here..."

Cyclops enters the Mexico City Business District.

Cyclops has left.

Having her thermal cutters working right about now would be a good thing. Serenade scowls into the rain as Acoustic slides to a stop at the base of Cappella's pike, barking sharply when Sword Man arrives and starts to hack at the ties that bind. Serenade for her part stops near the pink wolf, braced as best she can against the winds, eyes on the cloud bank over the mountains; bloody bat still in hand. "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.." She was as worried for Cappella as any of them were, but she did NOT want to be there when that cloud bank hit.

The Falconis still sits where it landed, silent and powerless. However, it's well defended at the moment from the hail, and sealed against the water as long as the hatches remain closed... One wonders what's going on with the pilot.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Serenade transmits, "Yes you can. Stick with someone who can drag you out of here if you pass out."

Harmony is using Jet as a big shield. Conveniant! "Well, most of the rioters are gone! Not that it makes the situation better.." she sighs, looking around quickly. Spotting the suffering Starburst, she does her best to move quickly through the knee-deep water. "Starburst!" she shouts, trying to get his attention. Her best bet is to somehow get him to the Falconis.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "Nnnnh..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man transmits, "Ssso what'sss the sssituation at the moment?"

Everyone goes after rescuing Cappella, bah. Knight already played his part. Let Sword Man play the shining knight of honor, Knight Man will be the cavelry. He's fully prepared to high-tail it out of there once Cappella is secured.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Serenade transmits, "Rain, hail, blood, people tied to posts.."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Serenade transmits, "Elec about to pass out.."

Quickdraw is, unfortunately, while capable of sustaining the fairly minor nicks and dents thrown about by rocks and bottles, not quite prepared for 200mph hailstones. Retreating under fire, so to speak, the riot cop is pushed out of the streets and into a neaby house, ducking inside and eyeing the series of large dents along the top of his shield. "...Crud."

Kain is now soaked and is VERY Annoyed. And yet, his scarf/mask still flows in the high winds... Kain hacks through the remaining crowd to get to Cappella's pike... Failing which, he jumps to that place and uses what remaining energy in the Cipher to activates its Antigrav and proceeds to help Sword with Cappella's bonds (Hold on, my fair lady! We're here!)Oo.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Wussy."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man transmits, "Elec isss rarely more than one ssstage above passsing out."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man screams rather incoherently, the sound of steel slamming into steel rather evident in the background.

Turbo Man continues to struggle against the wind. He looks about as best he can, prompted by his radio. Discovering he hadn't gotten much farther than Elec Man, he makes a vague, desperate gesture towards his comrade. "Someone help me with him!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "Shut up, Snake... or I'll rip out your fangs... when I get back."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Serenade yowls as her radio sends an ear-splitting feedback loop, thanks to the proximity to Sword's scream.

Ear-like spars twitch once. Ever so slightly. Unless one was staring, the movement would go unnoticed. Ice pellets ricochet off his armor, chipping the paint loose moreso. He makes a pretty good windbreak while everyone goes for the Feature Character, though, as she happens to be more or less on the leeward side of him to the wind. Beam Demon grunts quietly, red eyes opening slightly, as slits. "..." Whatever hit him was not fun. No sir.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man transmits, "Touche."

Neon Tiger nods, though the dino Maverick probably can't see it unless she has eyes in the back of her head. Crouching low to the ground, the felinoid judges the winds and their velocities before leaping into the air to land by the demon. Hissing softly, she begins to scratch away at the bonds with her sharp metal claws.

Guts Man just keeps drinking as objects are thrown all around, he doesn't mind, the objects feel like a tickle to him, Lord bless this blunt resistance. He looks around, "So when's the real party starting and do I need my own water carpet for the water ride?"

Starburst Dragon screams to Harmony. "MISS HARMONY! Get up here QUICK! Help these two... we gotta save 'em... help th'big guy!"

A massive crackle runs along his body, causing him to clench and squeeze the bonds, cutting in deeper- clawing at them in a feral manner. Inside, he silently, fervently whispers to himself, trying to convincne his forcefild generator to live... growing weaker.

Serenade holds her ground! Which isn't surprising. What might be is something spoken low and fast to Acoustic, who immediately spins around and sprints toward Elec and Turbo through the puddled water. While the mechawolf might not be the ideal 'help', she can certainly bear his weight easy enough, as well as provide however brief transportation.

Magnet Man is taking a battering, but he doesn't care about himself right now. Seeing that Swords taking care of Cappella, Magnet then looks at the other masters. He then runs over to Turbo and Elec, ready to do whatever he can, he grabs Elec Man's arm. "Don't worry, I got you."

Scribe's one remaining hummingbird perches on Neon Tiger's shoulder, being kind of useless without its fellows.

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Metal Man transmits, "What in the name of Wily is going on in Mexico?"

Elec Man passes out at the moment that Elec grabs his arm, slumping. His face dips into the bloody water. Elec, originally designed to power cities, rebuilt into one of the most powerful beings in terms of firepower in existance, simply wasn't built for physical exertion.

The Hack and Slash moves of rescuers prove worthy; after several moments of this, Cappella's bindings break free; hopefully someone is standing before her, for she soon proves to truely be as unconcious as she seemed, slumping limply towards water and ground if not caught before she so plummits.

Scene: You know, life was so much more pleasant for the inhabitants of Mexico City and for those who've responded today probably. The Hurricane has now hit well beyond Category 5's limits, hail the size of baseballs have started to hit. And of course, to make all of this so much better, the lightning has set several buildings on fire. This does appear to be a rather bad situation.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "~beep~ Unit DRN 008 Elec Man emergency power down. ~beep~"

Starburst Dragon grabs Cappella... but then falls himself. This is it for the dragon. He collapses in the rain, gripping her. Gee, what a rescue this turned out to be.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man transmits, "I'm not essxactly sure."

<Thunk> Ow. <Thunk> Ow. <Thunk> Ow. <Thunk> Ow. <Thunk> These hail pellets are really starting to irritate Knight Man. I mean, he's blunt resistant and everything, but there's only so many he can take. "Blast it, I can't taketh much more of this weather! Something tis afoot here, and if I findeth the fool who tis controlling this weather if one is, he shalt tasteth mine mace!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Bass chuckles. The situation is amusing to him. "This reminds me of when I used that Maverick weather-manipulator's attack...get Cappella and Elec Man out of there. And if I may make a suggestion? Wreck any shelters you see any rioters in on your way out. Let their God finish them off."

Starburst Dragon says, "Ah'm... sorry..."

Skull Shuttle takes off once more, the storm worsening all around. It heads for the side of the city opposite of the incoming storm, as inland as possible. While Kain may die, the pilot has no intention of allowing such to happen to him. His brothers and sisters........he can always download after they E-Ring.

Scribe says, mostly to himself, "This... is CERTAINLY most unpleasant." But he has to be here in order to assist the other mavericks, but there's not a whole lot he can do, especially that all but one of his drones have eaten it. Right now he's cowering inside of the teleporter facility, feeling depressed at the loss of life again.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Magnet Man transmits, "Me and Turbo have got Elec Man, you others get Capella."

Guts Man's head seems to deflect the baseball sized hail without any problems while his body just takes the blows, he keeps standing there drinking his booze until one of the hailstones shatters the bottle, "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Damn you!! Damn you Weather Gods!!!" He shakes a fist up at the heavens, "I'll have my revenge on you yet!"

Harmony watches Starburst fall, but already sent someone else to get him. Feeling bad for leaving her comrade, she pushes that thought aside to find Moth. Which could prove to be difficult. Getting blown about easy in the current, she grits her teeth and makes her way for what /looks/ like a floating Moth. Darnit, if this is any harder than it has to be..

Jet Stingray merely leaps off the roof and onto the ground... Just in time to avoid getting fried. Now he's getting vases, hail and who knows what else thrown at him. He sighs as most of his men aren't able to help of one reason or another. Shouting on the top of his 'lungs', he yells to the Robot Master over the gale. "Stop fighting the humans or you deal with the Repliforce!!" While he makes his order, he tries to look around for humans in need. His rage is through the roof about now.

Silver Mane arrives from the Mexico City Business District.

Silver Mane has arrived.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Turbo Man transmits, "And make it quick... unless you're so dumb you don't notice /these/ things. *loud clank of a large hailstone against alloy*"

Mouth curled into a desperate toothbearing grimace, Sword finally hacks through the cables with the help of Kain and the others. Falling to the ground, he barely is able to catch himself on his lower half, hand sticking outward trying to help catch Cappy. Of course, with Sword's imbalance at the moment, he MAY need a little help in catching the theif.

The demon's eyes close again, and he shakes his head. One can almost hear something rattling around in there. "...Ouch." The red eyes open once more, and then narrow. Oh, yes... He plants his feet. As Neon shreds at the cables with her claws, the demon presses his full weight against the bonds. They're bound to break eventually..!

Thunder Triceratops snarls, the large chunks of hail starting to actually dent and crack at her thick armor plating. Grrr. She almost wishes she'd come in one of her more armored states, but that would of only slowed her down more, took her long enough to trudge through the water and finally reach Beam's side as well. "Storm, nothing. This is turning into a slagging tempest. Let's get you down, and get out of here." She snarls, and lashes at the bindings with her horns.

Kain nods at Sword as they freed Cappella... and then? The weather turns... FREAKY. "JESUS H.!!!" The Strider yells out. He gets off the pike (before the increased lightning makes it a really unsafe place to be) and shouts, "IS THERE ANY SHELTER NEARBY?!"

"Aw, shut the #&* up!" This, snarled in response to Jet's 'threat' to the Master forces. Like Serenade needed to listen to HIS boyscout goodiness when there were more important things to do. When it seems like Sword can't quite manage to grab Cappella on his own, Sere promptly lends a hand in holding onto the red-clad android. "Let's get the hell out of here!" And take out the buildings as they go ... friggin humans..

Harmony sends a radio transmission.

Morph Moth receives a radio transmission from Harmony.

The Falconis is right over there... Maybe if you knocked and asked nicely? Or perhaps radioed?

Magnet Man shouts over to Turbo, "Come on, lets get Elec out of this city. I can't take much more of this, and neither can he." Magnet Man is taking heavy damage from the hailstones, and is dreading the lightning hitting him. He lifts Elec Man as much as he can, then starts heading out of the city, towards the skull shuttle. With Turbo Man hopefully following him.

Turbo Man glances up at Magnet Man long enough to say, "Let's help this guy," but doesn't lower his head quickly enough to avoid taking a tennis ball-sized hailstone in the visor. The result is an ugly crack, and Turbo Man lets out a rather humorous yelp.

Knight Man growls ad Jet gives his demands, and yells back up at him "Biteth me Replifreak!" Stupid Repliforce, thinking they can order HIM around, hmph. Seeing that Sword got Cappella, he's not going to spend anymore time in that miserable environment than he has to. Breaking free from the humans he was fighting he run...err... bravely retreats! And on his way out, his mace swings back and forth at the various buildings the humans were using as shelter, taking out as many as he can. They'll not be sheltered from this storm, mwahaha! Weak buildings topple as Knight Man makes his way out of this crazy place.

Skull Shuttle is outside the city towards the edge of the storm, and should it only be snatching up a few of its faction and allies, could maybe venture a bit clower.

Pharaoh Man hands you a cookie for a job well done!

If only the lightning would hit Elec. Knowing him, it would probably wake him right up.

Morph Moth lies on the mucky ground for a moment, dazed from the hailstone strike and getting all this mud and unclean stuff on him too. He's going to be spending quite an amount of time getting clean after this. Getting up, he blinks at the new radio transmission. He shakes his head, antenna flinging mud left and right before he responds.

But if the lightning hit elec, it would probably hit Magnet Man, and that would be bad.

Quickdraw is, indeed, in nearby shelter. The cop punches out the remains of the window, it's glass shattered by the storm. The cop lights a flare, waving it at Kain, bellowing out. "OVER HERE." The cop is visible and a reploid, from the look of things. Crazy, eh?

Morph Moth sends a radio transmission.

Harmony receives a radio transmission.

Point taken.


Turbo Man does his best to suck it up and takes Elec by one arm, Magnet Man, to Turbo's knowledge, having the other. He heads for where he figured he came in.

This is depressing.

Harmony sends a radio transmission.

Morph Moth receives a radio transmission from Harmony.


If anyone is looking in an easterly direction, they'll see what looks to be a rather freaky sight. A rather large shape, cloaked similarly like a Predator is rocketing along the surface roads to the east of the glut of Robot Masters and Repliforce in the heart of the city. The hail and rain and wind create a rather strange effect as they bounce off and around the fast-moving figure, light bending all around the shape. Two red optics flare up, then change to a emerald green as the shape hurtles itself into the air, launching itself over a large cluster of gathered robots, landing down on the ground, continuing to thread through the storm to get to Starburst Dragon's beacon.


Okay, that's enough now.

Yeah, let's stop.

*creeee-SNAPSNAPSNAP* WIth a series of stress-snaps, and a mighty crash, the massive Demon pitches forward into the water with a mighty splash of water and asphalt from the roadway beneath. After a moment, Beam Demon plants his arms, lifting himself slowly, "...Let's... get out of here..." he mutters quietly. He's had enough of wind, rain, lightning, seaweed, and hailstones in the last few days to last him a lifetime.

Sword Man hisses as the storm beats down upon them. One crisis leads to another, leads to another, and so on, it seems. Battlelust quickly fading with the lack of foes and opposers, he quickly calms, seeing the situation here. Narrowing his eyes, he quickly turns to Serenade. "Carry Lady Cappella to safety. I am unsuitable for such desperate assistance." Looking about, he holds his blade in the direction of the wind, heels digging into the concrete and asphalt, trying to keep standing in the storm. "Blasted weather!! TAKE SHELTER BEHIND THE TALLEST BUILDINGS!! KEEP A BARRIER BETWEEN THYSELF AND THE WIND!!!" Quickly, he revolves about, trying to find something suitable to allow themselves an escape.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "That's it, I'm pulling back, I'll knocketh down any humans that standeth in mine way, followeth behind with Cappella once ye've secured her."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Serenade transmits, "Actually, Sword ... head for the teleporters. Not the buildings."

Scribe's last remaining hummingbird sends a quick message to Scribe Robin.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Delusions of Grandeur, Pharaoh Man transmits coordinates at the outskirts to the city. " I will rendesvous with evacuating Masters at these coordinates in 20 minutes, if they are unable to get to teleporters. "

Morph Moth sends a radio transmission.

Harmony receives a radio transmission.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Turbo Man transmits, "The storm's not going to pass any time soon... we have to get out of here!"

Harmony sends a radio transmission.

Morph Moth receives a radio transmission from Harmony.

Scribe Robin sends a radio transmission.

Beam Demon receives a radio transmission from Scribe Robin.

Harmony is having a horrible time, here. Sure she has a helmet on the inside, but that doesn't make giant hail smacking against the back of her head look or feel any nicer. Shouting angrily, she forges against the current towards Morph. Frigging.. water! It's getting higher, too, and she isn't the best swimmer. So this leads to her akwardly half doggy-paddling towards her destination, whether that certain someone there wants her to or not.

Kain looks over in Quickdraw's position. Having no other choice, he hauls the Harley that he came in on over to QuickDraw's location. He's soaked, he's looks absolutely miserable... and he's pissed. (I'm going to kill all weatherpeople...)Oo.

Neon Tiger drops back to the ground, keeping low to try and avoid the worst of the wind. Her armour *pings* as it gets bombarded with hail and such objects.

Serenade takes a moment to pry her sister OUT of the Repliforce Lizard's grip, with extreme force if neccessary, snarling under her breath, before lifting her comparitively lighter sibling away from the draconian with an angry sneer. "Thanks." Now, time to go. Having the extra weight helps her keep her footing as Sere heads for the teleporters as quickly as she can, immediately followed by Acoustic.

Morph Moth sends a radio transmission to Harmony.

Harmony receives a radio transmission from Morph Moth.

The hummingbird on Neon's shoulder preens, even though it's in 200 mph winds.

Scribe Robin enters the Mexico City Business District.

Scribe Robin has left.

Thunder Triceratops watchs as Beam finally breaks free, and trudges towards him and Neon. "You still able to move under your own power, Beam? We need to get out of here as swiftly as possible."

Silver Mane receives a radio transmission.

Rigger gives up on attempting to find any source of the dampening field. The weather was too strong and it had already begun to take it's toll on her long before now. Like most of the other's she's forced to head for the nearest building to seek shelter from the storm. As luck would have it, she heads into the same building that a certain Strider is pushing his Harley into. Beggers can't be choosers, though, and in this case she's definately grasping at straws. "Is your bike really *that* important?"

Repliforce Dropship <Falconis> suddenly shudders, and with a whine, begins rising, lights glowing along the dropship's hull. Looks like someone finished some patchwork...

There's a big hurricane blowin' though! Woooo! The wind, it sears! The hail, it rains! The rain... it... too, rains! The cows, they fly- no, wait. That's the tornado. Um... carry on a few moments while your friendly neighborhood wizard-behind-the-curtain takes the reigns.

Silver Mane sends a radio transmission.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Delusions of Grandeur, Pharaoh Man transmits, "Is anyone meeting me at the given rendesvous, or are all in range of the Teleportation Nexus?"

The large Maverick takes a step forward, then pauses. He turns about suddenly, shooting a look at Thunder Triceritops, "I am fine. Go. I shall catch up." He takes two great steps forward, leaning down over the smaller Tiger. Seems he has developed a limp. "You cannot handle this onslaught." He holds down his great hands, offering to lift and carry the smaller Maverick rather then force her to walk around in this hell.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Serenade transmits, "I'll snag the lift back, you're closer."

Kain peers at Rigger. "I paid 125,000 Zennies to get this custom made. You better believe it."

Silver Mane receives a radio transmission.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Magnet Man transmits, "I'll bring Elec Man over to you, I wouldn't trust the telpeorters in this storm, they could malfunction."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Turbo Man transmits, "There's no guarantee the teleporter will work in this weather...."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "I'll boardeth the shuttle momentarily."

Magnet Man continues to drag Elec Man, with Turbo's help. Over to the Skull Shuttle, there nearly there.

Knight Man boardeth's the shuttle momentarily. In other words his player has to go soon, yay1

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man hisses as the sound of steam transmits. "I shall be on my way to the teleporters shortly."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "Blast it....my brain is addled by this crisis...I shall meet thee at the shuttle, then."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Delusions of Grandeur, Pharaoh Man transmits, "Excellent. I shall be there momentarily. Hurry, I cannot stay long, the hail will be too much that close to the city to wait."

Silver Mane sends a radio transmission to Snake Man.

Thunder Triceratops nods, and stomps off, using her own head as a shield against the winds. It was made to be such, after all. Too much damn water around, or she'd just go under ground. But right now, that'd just get herself flooded out. And keeping an optic for Moth, just in case she happens to see him on her way out.

Skull Shuttle lifts off agian, and slowly begins to move towards the city outskirts, keeping low to the ground.

Skull Shuttle

Pharaoh Man

Outside> Quickdraw mutters, idly helping pull the bike further into shelter with a slight nod at the strider, then leans against a wall, cursing for a moment. "...Eh, at least it ain't zombies. Corporal Quickdraw, UN PD."

Outside> Jet Stingray growls as the people retreat into the buildings... Buildings the Sons of Wily are actually attacking. He's getting pushed further and further. His leadership and who knows what else wavers with time... And is only getting worse with time. Luckily he knows when to hold them and knows when to fold them. Sadly, there isn't too much he can do here... Not even relief efforts can do what they need to in this weather. For now though, he moves to a somewhat destroyed building, saving a young boy that is trapped within the rubble. Holding the hurt child in his arms, he lowers his head. "Someone is going to pay... /Someone/."

Outside> Starburst Dragon is still here, completely soaked, hands wrecked, body dented many, many times. But, as Starburst lies there, on the edge of conciousness, he knows what he helped save them... and because of that, he's happy. He makes a couple of mental notes- number one, meet up with his recuees sometime in the future. After all, as the tradition of many an anime and computer game didcates, nothing creates a friendship better than saving someone from imminent, certain death. Two, spend as long as he can in the desert. And to Serenade?

"Yer welcome."

Outside> Neon Tiger simply looks at the other Maverick's hands. "I've been in worse," she replies shortly. "I'm going back to wall duty, now that this is done." The bird perched on her shoulder is shifted to between her hands. Odd, that, unless you truly knew the tiger. She trudges through the winds, remaining crouched over to reduce the wind's effects as best she can.

Outside> Morph Moth, avoids contact with as many people as possible, not wanting people to see him in his unclean state and begins to make his way out of the city. Mo-Mo's player also has to leave soon. Say bye to the big purple morphing moth.

Outside> Sword Man quickly dashes toward the direction of the slowly creeping Shuttle. "'Tis time we left this forsaken city of the damned. Until next we meet, Strider!" With that, he dashes, steam starting to billow his coat outward and creeping out of the sleeves of his clothing. The storm is starting to take it's toll, and damned if Sword's gonna end up like he did last time he got caught in this weather nonsense.

Outside> Harmony sends a radio transmission.

Outside> Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Harmony.

Outside> Serenade doesn't stick around any longer than her brothers do, and reaching the outskirts of the city occurs quickly enough despite carring Cappella as well. And from there, to the transport! Anywhere but this place would do. She pauses only long enough to stick explosives on the corner of one building, set to go off as soon as this dampening field is down. Viva la Wily, and Random Chaos! That done, the Femme flees the scene, and onto the Shuttle. Run away!

Outside> The hummingbird is shifted. It doesn't struggle.

Outside> The flowing rain and hail suddenly stops over Starburst Dragon as Silver Mane shimmers into view, manipulating his body slightly so that he's misshapen, looming over his fellow Repliforcer. He watches the retreating Robot Masters and Mavericks for a minute, then reaches down and picks up the downed Repliforcer. Silver Mane reaches down and picks up the humanoid form reploid, sinking him slightly into his liquid metal body, setting it into place against his chestplate, protecting him from most of the hail that's whipping around, and turning the thin outer layer of his liquid skin to a flowing skin, absorbing most of the impact from the hailstones, letting them simply fall off around him as he turns and hooves it towards the groaning Falconis that starts to rise.

Outside> Guts Man has disconnected.

Outside> Turbo Man starts to pick up the pace just a little, noticing the Skull Shuttle in the distance. "We're getting there...!" he attempts to shout above the screaming of the winds, probably to Magnet Man.

Outside> Skull Shuttle lands momentarily just outside the city, into the slightly heavier area of wind and hail. Its pilot is anxious to retrieve his kin, and leave the area, lest the shuttle be damaged too badly to escape.

Pharaoh Man nods to Knight Man as the Master enters the shuttle. " Greetings..." he says, working the controls, along with numerous portable pieces of sensor equipment brought along.

Outside> Beam Demon raises his arms, "Very well..." He turns to follow her, idly scooping up the fallen Starburst Dragon instead. Or not, as Silver Mane is on the task. He removes his hand, eyeing the 'forcer, before he turns and moves away from the city center. As he wails, he raises a hand to protect his face form the falling hailstones, letting them shatter against his now paint-stripped armor.

Outside> Thunder Triceratops doesn't bother on finding a clear way out of the city. Most of it has been scrapped by the wind and lightning, so she doesn't worry about just smashing right through the nearest structure with her horns. Nothing like the direct route to leave the scene. Has nothing to do with it being the same building people were throwing furnature at her from earlier. REally, it doesn't.

Outside> Repliforce Dropship <Falconis> swings over to Silver Mane, a hatch opening for Silver Mane and Company to get in... It's not totally stable, but it's the best he can do.

Outside> Harmony growls angrily, all that hard work for nothing. Eyeing the Falconis in the sky, she rides the rough waters towards it.

Outside> Magnet Man nods at Turbo Man, he'd speak, but he has to conserve energy. Luckily for them, they finally reach the Skull Shuttle. Magnet Man quickly tries to haul Elec Man, and himself on board.

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