Gemini Man sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Hello out there...?"

[Radio] You send Gemini Man a direct message: "What dost thou want Gemini Man?"

Gemini Man sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Got a little something for ya. Do you know where Gamma's outpost is hidden?"

[Radio] You send Gemini Man a direct message: "Of course, I art not an imbecile. The Barbary Coast."

Gemini Man sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Sure. So...ya wanna visit?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad XO Sword Man transmits, "I wonder brothers, would any squad be in possession of defensive surplus to assist in fortifying the Lake Nasser area?"

[Radio] You send Gemini Man a direct message: "Bah, I guess so. I haveth nothing better to wasteth mine time on at the moment."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "What sort of surplus? *audible rubbing of hands*"

Gemini Man sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Grrreat. You'll love this: we promise."

[Radio] You send Gemini Man a direct message: "Oh I /can't/ waiteth. (Can you feel the sarcasm dripping?)"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad XO Sword Man transmits, "Sensors and sentry guns, perhaps, as well as some remote spike traps?"

<One quick walk later...>

Sphere Outpost <Gamma>

The interior of the Sphere Outpost is not so grand, but it serves its purpose--that of securing this coast for the Robot Masters--well enough. Once part of the giant Wilysphere, this section has been remodeled to serve many purposes. In contrast to the dingy-looking construction on the outside, the interior of the base has smooth, dark metal walls and a hypermodern security setup. A simple repair area, a storage facility, and other useful rooms surround the central command area. The middle portion has the base's main computer console, a small bank of monitors, and a meeting table, with seats set up for all of the Gamma masters: including two seats, side-by-side, at the head. There is no teleporter, here, and while the generic forces standing guard are great, if this outpost were to fall, it would fall on its own.
Tron Bonne
Snake Man
Gemini Man

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "I'm on my way, Sword. Hehe..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta XO Metal Man transmits, "Can't help this time, I'm over seeing the final stages of the new Smelter I been working on."

Gemini Man starts punching a few buttons on his weapon-arm. "Option.... two."

"I'll say," says the little false Tron, rather indignantly. Then, suddenly, her images shifts slightly, to, rather than the defiant young inventor she typically is, but, a young woman pale and tired, beaten and battered, with darkened circles under her eyes. She gives a weak cough.

"Actually, that's the original scan, mostly," says Gemini to Snake. "Cute, huh? And don't SAY a WORD..." He stomps one of his feet. "PLACES!"

The Tron hologram gives him a slight salute, then wanders off into the corner, and huffs, settling into an injured-looking heap.

Snake Man shrugs. "Asss long asss you're not going around making hologramsss of me, I don't care. Not that you'd do that anyway, hmm?"
Date Tree

An unassuming tree along the coast. It's nothing really.....what're you looking at?! It's just a tree!!!

Knight Man clomps along the Barbury Coast, and finally reaches the Gamma outpost. If Knight Man were any bit polite, he'd knock first. But he ain't. So as long as the door isn't locked he just barges in like he owns the place "Alright, what tis it thou art bothering me abouteth?"

Gemini Man startles a little as Knight Man stomps in: oO(Whew--just in time!)Oo Gemini throws a wary glance at Snake, and a slight shake of his head, signifying, 'no' as the answer to Snake's question. He then clears his throat, and points over to the huddled form of Tron, sitting, as she is, in the dim corner. "We... have a little something for you."

Tron Bonne, for her part, seems barely able to move. However, upon seeing Knight Man enter, her emerald eyes go extremely wide, and her weakened form begins to shake.

Snake Man doesn't appear surprised at Knight's appearance. He could hear the armored android from miles away. He simply leans back against the wall, and watches Knight's reaction to the hologram, judging perhaps on if it's good enough to fool Enker.

Knight Man blinks and hmmmmms? as he walks forward to get a look at what he's talking about. He blinks in confusion. Since his face is masked behind the black of his helmet, it's impossible to see anything or read his expression. Though if you could see it, he'd be quite confused. He looks from 'Tron' to Gemini "And what tis the meaning of this?"

Gemini Man paces away from Tron's form as he speaks. "Bringing her back to the 'fold' the proper way was our job. But we have new orders now. And you have some aggression to get out. So... we've softened her up for you. Now, she's all yours. Feel free to say, or DO, whatever you need to do. You OWE HIM," he adds, spitting the last sentence in Tron's direction.

Tron Bonne begins to openly cry, her resolve finally giving out, it seems, under this last instruction. Not speaking save in soft, incoherent wails, she clutches her hands tightly and rocks on to her side, avoiding the gazes of the Robot Masters.

Knight Man hmms, and strokes his chin thoughtfully, as he walks a circle around the battered 'Tron'. "I wasn't made awareth of any new orders dealing with Tron. I would thinketh that something like this would have been brougheth to everyone's attention. Just what /were/ these orders?" He throws a glare back in 'Tron's' direction, he doesn't quite know what to do yet, but he knows what he WANTS to do.

Snake Man simply watches, not saying much

Gemini Man simply replies, "Anything, short of killing her, is fine. Punk wanted his licks in and he wouldn't stand for a no-pain lesson plan. But since she was stil in my custody, I thought I'd FIRST alert you."

"Knight Man... I'm sorry!" blurts out the little hologram, putting up a convincing show of sobbing, for 'her' part of the deal. She struggles to her knees at last...and the fear she looks up at Knight Man with is not actually completely feigned. oO(I SO hope that 'pain-turny-off' thing we did worked, or this is gonna really sting.)Oo

Knight Man really wants this to be true. But is untrusting enough to be somewhat suspicious. He raises an eyebrow "Mmm? Is that so? How generous of thee. Ironic that this twould cometh about after I defended her frometh thee at one point." He snickers as he kneels and grabs 'Tron' by the scruff of her neck and raises her up to his eye level "And how dost thou feeleth /girl/? As weak and powerless as thou really art?"

'Tron Bonne' chokes and stammers... "I-- I-- Yes... I..." She looks up at Knight Man, the light in her green eyes already dimming... "I'm just me," she says. "Just Tron."

Gemini Man steps back, to watch the fun. He, too, is checking the holo-projection for possible weaknesses. However, since it was taken from close proximity, at close proximity, it seems to be holding up.
Date Tree has left.

Knight Man chuckles evilly "Just a weak and useless woman, as always. Thou weret never worth anything to us. Eh? Isn't that right, /little girl/?" Knight grings his face closer, eyes narrowing, tightening his grip slightly.

Gemini Man hms a little to himself, and glances over at the nearby security camera... yup, looks like a good angle. oO(Come on, let's see some blood...)Oo

"No, no, it's not true!" the hologram protests. "I'm still a useful ally to you! I can still..." She falters, and chokes, then manages to meet Knight Man's gaze. "But... I owe you... I've hurt you... so... do what you must," she says, seemingly trying not to cry.

Knight Man keeps his gaze on 'Tron' for a moment or two more, then stands upright, and drops the girl to the ground. He then turns to Gemini Man and glares at him angrily "And what art thou just trying to pulleth over on me Brother?"

Snake Man simply hrms, rubbing his jaw thoughtfully

Gemini Man's shoulders slump. "What gave it away?" he asks, a bit disappointed. "It has to work on PUNK--I promised Tron it would work on Punk, so it needs to be TIGHT."

The Tron hologram crosses her arms, and huffs.

Knight Man cackles, and laughs outright. "Thou truely haven't spent enough time with her have thee? What gaveth it away thou ask? She's TOO broken. TOO pathetic. I /despise/ that woman more than anything, but I do have to at least respecteth the fact that she's just not that pitiful. /Especially/ when I insult her so-called feminity. I could truley be poised to killeth her, but had I said what I did to her just now, even in the face of death she'd sneer at me, and telleth me off about talking to her like that, because she's a woman." He hmphs, and looks back at the double "One other thing, even if this TWAS real, I'd haveth no desire to crusheth her as she is. She's too broken." He glares back at Gemini Man "What I want, more than anything, is to be able to beateth that smug, superior smirk off her face. To harmeth her like this would be pointless."

Gemini Man taps his chin thoughtfully. "Hm. You're RIGHT. Even when Enker had her grabbed in the Devil, she was still spitting insults at him." He nods. "My memory must be going. Just that LAST time I saw her she was just this incoherent. You know." He taps a button on his arm... "Option One."

The Tron hologram stands up, and dusts herself off, perfectly uninjured, and sincerely perky. "Ta-da," she says, throwing Knight Man a wink. "Better?" She takes a step back from him, and blinks. "How DARE you call me a little girl!? I am NOT worthless!"

"Please DO hit her at some point. She won't last forever and I want to test the blood-splatter function," Gemini says. "Besides..." he sits down in his chair to watch, "It'll do you some good."

Knight Man snerks "Do it thineself." He turns to walk out "If beating up a hologram would quelleth mine anger to her, I'd have done that LONG ago." Maybe he already has, who knows? "Right now, she is still our ally, and I'll conform to Lord Wily's wishes. I art content to wait, for the time where she /does/ slip up, and art declared our enemy, and I SHANT be on her side again when it does happeneth..."

"DAMN!" chorus both the twins, fraternal as they currently are. They both make childish kicks at the ground. "Are you SURE?!" Gemini Man asks. "The INTENT was to show HER the footage next time I visited..."

Snake Man gives a snort that sounds suspiciously like a muffled laugh.

Knight Man blinks, and glares back at them "Thine intent twas to do..." His eyes narrow to little slits ".../what/?"

Gemini Man points at the security cam. "You know.... Footage. A little show of what might have been."

Knight Man hmphs "Oh /really/? Well if thou dost REALLY want to maketh her scared of me, instead of footage of me beating up a helpless little girl, how about we show her the footage of me crushing one of mine idiot brothers?" He glares at Gemini with a bemused smirk.

Snake Man examines his wrist idly. "Quint dessservesss a good beating. Beat on him."

"HEY!" say the twins.
"It was just a SUGGESTION," says Tron. "If you don't want to play along, that's perfectly all right. We'll just...have to go back to the drawing board!"

Knight Man snickers again "Thou dost taketh things too seriously." He turns again. "But if thou art so intent on getting me to attack thine double... fine." Without showing hardly any effort at all, the mace forms on his hand and his arm moves in a blur, and the mace flies out at 'Tron' before anyone can blink. The dreaded Knight Chain, that itself is probably strong enough to utterly demolish a human outright, and even totally disable a weaker robot. And now it's headed right for a hologram coded to be a human. She had better HOPE those pain receptors are turned off.

With a smash and a CRACK, the mace hits, striking the image of Tron directly in the head and producing a satisfying spray of blood. The girl is knocked aside, and gives a delayed-reaction scream before dropping to the ground.

Gemini Man shudders a little; he apparently got a kick out of that--that or it stung. "Oh, thank you. That at least wasn't too bad."

Knight Man withdraws the mace, refastens it to his arm, and it turns back into a hand. He just hmphs, and turns back to the door again "Oh, and for thine sake, thou hast better maketh sure that when thou dost try to fooleth Sir Punk, that thou dost haveth it correct. If he dost discover that thou tried to pulleth one over on him.. .well... I'm sure thou couldst imagineth it."

Gemini Man nods, and dismisses the hologram, cleaning the false blood off the floor with the press of a button. "Yeah, yeah, I definitely know. Thanks for being my gineau pig, anyway..." Gemini grins.

Gemini Man turns off his holographic projection of Tron Bonne.
Tron Bonne has left.

Snake Man receives a radio transmission.
Snake Man hrmphs

Knight Man snerks, and walks a few more steps to the door "Oh, and don't try to pulleth one over one /me/ again either. I may not be able to geteth away with crushing thee for no reason like Sir Punk could, but I haveth other ways." And he really leaves this time, seriously!

Gemini Man turns the chair back toward the computer, and mutters to himself. "Gotta be...sassier. RIGHT." He shakes his head. "I don't get women, either. But, you have to play what you have to play." He then double-checks to at least make sure the attack footage is usable.

Snake Man sends a radio transmission.
Snake Man receives a radio transmission.
Snake Man sends a radio transmission.
Shadow Man has arrived.

Snake Man sends a radio transmission.
Gemini Man receives a radio transmission.

From a distance away from the Sphere Outpost, a hoverbike approaches rapidly. Absurdly rapidly, in fact. There may or may not be a speed limit in this area, but if there was, one could rest assured that this hoverbike is breaking it, no matter how high it may be.

Snake Man sends a radio transmission to Dynamo.

Snake Man receives a radio transmission from Dynamo.
Shadow Man receives a radio transmission from Admiral.
Snake Man sends a radio transmission.
Snake Man receives a radio transmission.

Knight Man leaves the Sphere outpost. It's odd he didn't fully take Gemini Man up on his offer, even if he knew it was a fake. And when he DID finally attack her, it was... spiritless. Perhaps, Knight Man really doesn't want to hurt Tron deep down inside...

Gemini Man uploads the footage into his own holo-projector, for later use.


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