Gathering Room - Skull Fortress

The northern quarter of Skull Fortress's round sublevel is fairly spartan. A stage juts out of the rounded northern wall, usually sporting a podium for briefings but also used for recreational performances. A giant Wily sigil is painted on the otherwise white wall behind it. Wheeled tables and chairs are scattered about the room so as to allow the Masters to watch whatever's happening on the stage, gather around the tables only as relative equals, or simply sit around and chat. Wide automatic doors allow for quick deployment once a briefing is done.

Ice Man [Trenchcoat] [RM]
Freeze Man [Normal] [RM]
Synth [Armored] [Armored] [RM]
Centaur Man [Normal] [RM]
Sword Man ["Casual"] [RM]
Dust Man [Sorival] [RM]

Obvious exits:
Slide Doors <SE> leads to Vehicle Docking - Skull Fortress.
Blast Doors <SW> leads to Teleporters - Skull Fortress.
South <S> leads to Lift Landing - Skull Fortress.

Dust Man strolls in, looking all pimplike in his nifty leather jacket.

Knight Man is standing there, at the head of the table, or whatever's in here. Waiting for whoever's interested to show. And OOCly working things out too, man it's tricky juggling scenes like this...

Ice Man is here. Woo.

And in from the lift, Sword Man comes, clomping into the room in all his honorable splendor. He looks around and takes a seat, wondering what shall be happening.

Enker arrives from the Teleporters - Skull Fortress.
Enker has arrived.

Metal Man arrives from the Lift Landing - Skull Fortress.
Metal Man has arrived.

Synth walks in, still dressed in her armor, and pulls one of the chairs out of the isle before turning it around and draping herself over it. Crossing her arms over the back, she rests her chin on the top and waits to see what perticular bit of mischief that Knight Man has planned for this evening.

Sword Man is sitting on a seat near the stage, wondering what Knight has planned. Idly, he wonders who he shall end up facing this time, as there will always be the usual resistance to their plans.

Knight Man stands at the head of the table and eyes everyone gathered. He slams his fist down on the pad in front of him and the viewscreen behind him pops up with a pic of Newfoundland "Alright, if you morons were paying attention to mine report earlier, thou shouldst already KNOW what I haveth planned here." He presses another button, and the Naval Base in the city of Placentia shows up on screen "Tonight there shalt be a security shift in this base, which shalt be our best time to striketh at it. We move in, take what we can of their weapons and supplies, and destroyeth everything else. Now if there art no questions we shalt dispatcheth immediatly!"

Ice Man's been here a while. He waves to Synth as she walks in. "Booyaka sister. How are you feeling?"

Ice Man raises a hand.

Dust Man wakes up at the fist slam. "Oh, okay, Knight. You need me to steal stuff?"

Synth shrugs slightly at Ice. "A bit better... doing something to get my mind off of things always helps. I am HOPING, boys, that you will have the presence of mind to fall back for repairs if needed?" she asks to the room in general.

Metal Man walks in as well fully suited up in his combat armor armed and ready for what ever might be going on. He manages to get in just in time to hear Knight Man start to talk. So grabbing himself a seat he sits down and paya attention. "What sorts of enemy forces will we be facing on this attack Sir Knight? Any notable weapons emplacments or Ride Armors at the base?"

Centaur Man trots into the Gathering Room. Even he goes without his cabbit, and combat is usually an instance which he won't, & this is one of them. he hooved one enters. "Good day brothers."

Sword Man nods to Synth. "Aye Lady Synth. And it is good to hear your disposition has improved." He then looks to Knight and nods. "Let us be off then."

Knight Man looks at Ice Man "Hood-face, right what is it?" He then turns to Dust Man "Fight, steal, whatevereth, just be constructive!" And then turns to Metal Man "On base defenses shalt be slim when we first arriveth, though being a UN base I'd fully expect Repliforce and possibly Hunter Retaliation"

Ice Man says, "What kind of opposition can we expect? And my name is Ice Man."

Freeze Man leans against the wall near the door, scowling at Knight Man. "Will Dawn be there?" Freeze Man almost always asks this question. He's all obsessed with her, and not in that way.

Knight Man nods "Alright. Art we all straight then? Sweepeth in, steal what we can from that Naval Base, destroyeth the rest, and crush any opposition. Then lets depart." He looks at Freezer "How the heck should I knoweth Ice Face? Cometh along and see for thineself. All set then?" He turns and heads to the door "Metal Man, thou canst driveth us there..."

Synth slips off of her chair and walks out the door, heading to the hanger.

SS Dreadskull

So far as the general layout goes, much hasn't changed on the interior of the ship. The first floor below the main deck is still used for the crew, but its been modified more for the needs of a robotic crew, with energy dispensors, recharge chambers and assorted other high tech collections. The cafeteria and game room still exist however, as even terrorist robots need to take some time off now and then. About every second room over or so, there's a station that androids can man in the event of combat so as to control some of the weapon emplacements of the ship, putting less stress on the main computers so they can concentrate on other things...such as the shields and engines. The huge cargo bays are still as big as they ever were, except it's here that the majority of a workload is handled. When all weapons are retracted, they are here, able to be worked on by the myriad of drones that mill about. Craft carried within the ship's belly are also stored here in a makeshift hangar bay, where they can be repaired and rearmed. The engine room, while not as big as the cargo bay, is still massive in its own right, and constantly crawling with maintenance drones to ensure the ship is operating at peak efficiency at all times. The cabinhouse, aka, the Skull at the front has the same layout as before. A heavy wooden wheel at the front steers the ship left or right, and even can control the altitude. Along the back of the bay are dozens of terminals for scanners, radar, communications, weapons readouts, damage displays, etc. The entire ship is a bustle of activity at any time...

Synth sits down in her seat, checking over her systems as she readies to put the boys heads back together after they get cracked open.

Freeze Man says to Knight, as he enters the Dreadskull, "I am much more suited for piloting this vehicle than Metal Man. My reflexes are much better than his."

Sword Man simply straps himself in, getting his mind ready for the inevitable fight. His mental facilities already tempered by the fire of battle, racing through possible stances and forms to use.

Knight Man clomps in and takes a seat "I careth not who dost pilot us there, just GET us there, and stop bickering over who dost get to siteth in the front seat!"

Freeze Man nods, and heads over to the piloting wheel.

Ice Man walks into the cabin of the Dreadskull and takes a set at the sensor console. He buckles up, checks to make sure he's in tight (twice) and holds on for dear life.

Dust Man strolls in. Yup.

Centaur Man holds onto whatever he can, he cant wear a seatbelt after all.


Ahh, Newfoundland. So peaceful, so quiet. So tranquil. Almost always free of the violence of war despite it's strategic position. That all changes tonight. The new Naval Base which is opening in the city of Placentia would become a nuisence if left alone. And now, during the brief security break when it is most lax, the SS Dreadskull approaches with impeccible timing, seems Knight's spy drones did their homework well. Here, this base is being outfitting with the latest in new military supplies , weapons and vehicles.

As the Dreadskull lands, the first out is Knight Man. Smirking evilly, which no one can see, he booms "Go forth! Pillage! Destroy! Take all that's of worth and destroy the rest! This shalt be a double victory for Lord Wily!!!"

Dust Man streches as he tromps his way out the main doors of the SS. "Okay, loot and pillage time." He picks a likely looking building marked "Warehouse", blows a hole in the wall, and hops in, his vacuum running to clean up cool stuff.

Freeze Man strides out of the massive Dreadskull, leaving the drones inside to tend to piloting it away if it becomes endangered, and looks around, his chilling gaze sweeping across the landscape.

Sword Man clomps out of the Dreadskull and looks around. He swings his sword, trying to work out the pre-battle kinks, then cooly walks forth, following through the hole that Dust made.

Ice Man rushes down the ramp and advances on the base. He takes up position on the flank of the advancing Masters (he is a scout after all) and charges the compound. He sets his ice slasher to a wide dispersal and starts pining down those troops that try to return fire.
Synth steps off the ramp from the Dreadskull, raising up one aerial from her backpack in order to begin tracking any broadband traffic. Looking over, she gives Knight a thumbs up in indication of her readiness for her part of the raid. "If you can blow me open a hole in their defenses, I can try and subvert them from their main system," she says simply, looking about for a moment.

Centaur Man doesn't walk out, he teleports off the dreadskull. He readies his blaster, eager to serve the herd no matter what he must do. "For the herd!"

Metal Man hops out of the SS Dreadskull along with the other other masters along with a small Squad of his own Gear Clowns who are at the the ready. Metal Man and his drones form up with the other Masters before they move out.

<Global News Network> Your regularly scheduled programs are now inturpted by late breaking GNN news. Huzzah. "This is Sally Storm, we have just recieved a distress call from the new UN Naval Base in Placentia Newfoundland. It's audio only <<We're under attack! They appear to be the Robot Masters, they've arrived just as our security shift was taking place and we're short handed! None of os here have any combat experience to fight them off! We need help! We... *explosion* BZZZT>> It seems the transmission ended there, we'll keep you updated as we find out more about this situation."

Dawn arrives from the Central Canada.
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Sky Dolphin arrives from the Sky Above Eastern Canada.
Sky Dolphin has arrived.
Solar Draco arrives from the Central Canada.
Solar Draco has arrived.

Knight Man steps forward, and tears apart some of the weak security drones. He then turns to some of his own "Cleareth a path to where their central computer is! If Synth can disableth the security systems, that shalt maketh stealing and razing much easier!" He continues to fight off the small fry for now.

Dust Man cackles from inside a warehouse, where right now, he's sucking down a small arsenal of weapons and ammunition,. enough to power a legion of Metools, or Treble for one afternoon. Mwahahahaahaaaa.

Dawn arranged for the base commander to grant her 'guest' access to teleport in, it would seem. She steps out of the base's teleporter grid onto the base proper, looking around to see who all is in the area...and what the exact situation is.

Sky Dolphin is currently a spec on the horizon, but that's changing fast.

Sword Man merely takes an armful of munitions and walks back to the Dreadskull calmly. He knows the resistance is coming. Only a matter of time. What matters to him is who he'll end up fighting today.

Blues arrives from the Underneath Northern Atlantic.
Blues has arrived.

Solar Draco is another spec on the horizon, though a fiar distance off from Sky at the moment.

Blade Raven arrives from the Central Canada.
Blade Raven has arrived.

Synth walks slowly across the snow covered landscape, her eyes trained on the outpost as she scans it to the fullest extent of her enhanced sensor suite. "Well Knight, it appears that we are going to have company shortly... I've got chatter regarding the GNN message that got sent out. I think probably... ten minutes or so until our guests arrive, less if any of them teleport."

Ether Skunk arrives from the Central Canada.
Ether Skunk has arrived.

Metal Man is alread on the move comming out with several creates of supplies in his arms as he heads for the transport to load it up. His Gear Clowns are also hauling off supplies as well. "Come one grab what we can before backup arrives!"

Freeze Man walks forward, slowly, taking his time walking through towards the main area of the base, occasionally dispatching a guard here or there with little effort. "Pitiful," he murmurs to himself. "These weaklings are no match for my power. I only wish someone worthy of my attention would show up. Like Dawn." Ooh, foreshadowy.

Ice Man is keeping a fair portion of the base's would be defenders pinned down. He thrusts his arms out and a small, controlled blizzard lances out at the troopers. Like there isn't enough snow here already.

Knight Man continues to clomp through the base, as things explode around him. Finally he reaches the building where his spy drones informed him the central computer was. There's no door, so he makes one. He briefly points to it, before turning back to the main battle field "Go do what thou canst Sister, we shalt taketh care of things out here." And taketh care he dost, or something. And for drones, yeah there's some small fry of ours, only there to take on the other small fry. Some could escort Synth though, doesn't matter.

Dawn marches onto the central part of the base to look around for what section she can reinforce. Perhaps the front gates? Her backpack's flight thrusters unfurl, and then she dashes in to kick aside a nearby Gear Clown drone while assessing options.

Centaur Man follows his brothers. He shoots, and tramples thing in his path, almost taking pleasure in the destruction... o course that's a complete lie, because he really seems to be trying to find things to aide the herd instead, taking rubble as he goes. It may still be useful even after it is destroyed.

As the wall tumbles helplesssly under Knight Man's assault, with the Robot Master's attention drifting to his sister, a shadow becomes fiantly visible in the dust cloud springing up from the damaged wall. A massive silhouette of a lithe, spindly man, a massive tattered sash dangling from his neck, flapping up in the air behind him -- One needs little further introduction for Protoman, who stands dead in Knight Man's path. With the scarf concealing the lower half of his face, Protoman simply stares coldly back towards Knight Man and Synth as the dust clears, making his entire frame visible; Especially the Proto Buster at his side. And he says nothing -- All his words are conveyed with the reflective glint of his visor.

Blade Raven flies along, jet booster assisted as he moves to intercept the Robot Masters at this naval base. Oh, those poor Canadians. Always being tormented by these Masters. That's twice today he's had to stop them from doing their evil things...So he swoops in over the base, turning around to fly past again, looking for a target.

Sword Man returns from the Dreadskull, his minimal gains already loaded, and walks over to the warehouse again, wanting to find his inevitable foe.

Freeze Man stomps through the base, heading towards the central grounds in a straight line, pummeling anything in his way. Guards, turrets, walls, all are beaten to scrap along his path. Eventually, he busts down a wall to see his arch-nemesis, Dawn. A burning rage wells up inside him, and his fists clench so hard that mechfluid leaks out from them. He snarls, and charges forward at Dawn, swinging his fist out at her.

In a stunning change of pace, Ether Skunk does not approach with her usual aerial fireworks. This time, she delivers herself to the scene along the ground- shooting towards the besieged base along the twisting roads and highways that connect it to nearby cities. She's as fast as any speeding car as she rockets towards the action, no more than a few inches seperating her feet from the pavement below, as they sweep back and forth, carrying the skunk along the road with the gait of a speed-skater.

Freeze Man strikes Dawn with his Smash attack.

Knight Man stops in his tracks as Proto Man appears there. His big white eyes narrow as he stares into Proto's shaded equilivent. He snerks, amused, probably not a very smart reaction, but Knight Man IS Mr.Arrogance after all. "Well..." He starts off cynically "If it isn't our estranged brother, /Break Man/." Yes he knows Proto doesn't like to be called that. He gazes back to Synth briefly "Go taketh care of it Sister, I shalt handleth him" Turning back to the visored one, he chuckles "I have been looking forward to fighteth thee. Many of mine brothers may feareth thee..." His hand disappears, mace now where it once was "But I do not!" Ohh, MM7 Bass quote, you go buckethead! The mace twirls over his head, and is cast in Proto's direction, not too much strength put into it, but it is just an opener, afterall...

You miss Blues with your Flail attack.

Sky Dolphin is now close enough to see what's going on. He surveys targets, trying to decide who to engage. Noticing that Metal Man is up and looting, he arches his back slightly and sends several tiny projectiles at ridiculous speeds, easily knocking down several gear clowns, and attempting to strike the RM himself.

Sky Dolphin strikes Metal Man with his Graviton Railgun attack.

Dust Man keeps on sucking! Hopefully, noone will check out the busted up building anytime soon...

Dawn slams aside a second drone just as Freeze nears, and she's still recovering her stance as he lashes out. She gets hit in the midsection with a dent forming, skidding back on her feet several inches. Her pre-attack prattle is in Japanese, noticably. "(I have nothing to say to demons like you...)" Then her fists are surrounded in flames as she rushes in at him with a roundhouse aiming for a shoulder, and following with an uppercut to go for Freeze's chest.

Synth hands back near the Dreadskull, looking for an opening in the now building flashing cluster of combat that is taking place around the outpost. She narrows her eyes, wishing for something that she could actually fight effectively in. She reaches around and pulls the canister of her laptop away from her back, continuing to circle but drawing slightly closer to the fighting.

Dawn misses Freeze Man with her Flame Combo attack.

Solar Draco continues charging forward through the air. Eventually as the dragon nears the base, those twin optics and the HUD that operates in them lock onto the one of the herd, as he'd say. Centaur Man, how lovely.

He doesn't even have to teleport. He's damn quick as it is. As the mace swings towards Protoman, the precursor to all robots is consumed in a blur of movement as he leaps backwards and up, the massive weapon striking the ground beneath his feet as he lands atop it, one foot wedged between the spikes on the mace and the other balancing on the chain as he aims front-forward upon Knight Man's head, the flag-sized scarf at his neck fluttering faintly. And with a tone that would freeze salt-water, he says one word. "Die." And then, a flash of light from the Buster, as the dance begins.

Blues strikes you with his Proto Buster for 10 units of damage.

Ice Man is fighting between the buildings, spraying ice and frost this way and that. The gumbies trying to hold him off are slowly giving ground before him. He gives them another large blast and they scatter. Icey charges forward, out into an slightly clutered parade ground.

Freeze Man listens to Dawn's little speech, his internal translator doing it's work. He leaps back, away from the burning attacks, and circles warily, studying her stance. "If you have no last words, then so be it." He then dashes forward again, creating a pair of ice daggers in his hands and slashing out towards his pink-headed foe.

Freeze Man misses Dawn with his Icicle Daggers attack.

o/~ Suck suck suck, all day long... Suck suck suck, While I sing this song. o/~ Dusty's doing his thang.

Knight Man grunts as the blast sizzles into his armor, leaving some noticable damage, but not terribly much, since he does have rather thick armor. Growling, he snaps his arm back as the mace is recalled, though while that's going on, he charges towards the red one. "We shalt never die, so long as Lord Wily lives!" As he nears, his knee is lifted up, along with it's big spikey tip, as he aims to bring it up into ProtoMan's gut.

You miss Blues with your Spiked Knee attack.

Sword Man walks out from the warehouse again, another arm full of munitions in hand, this time in the form of a long crate. Blast it all, who will fight him? All his brothers seem to be engaged already, and he's not willing to interrupt set duels unless absolutely necessary..... oO(This annoys me...)Oo Menial labor has never set well with Sword.

Dawn makes good on her promise; she's saying nothing back to Freeze, flipping into the air over and (at least until he turns) behind him to get by his slashing. Instead of landing however, she starts hovering a few feet off the ground, right leg held out as she starts spinning over and over. These spinning 'kicks' are all aimed for Freeze's chest and head level, primarily.

Dawn strikes Freeze Man with her Slamming Kick attack.

Ether Skunk skates right into the blasted base, drawing a surprised yelp from a few soldiers watching the entrance; after yakking into their radios, though, they confirm that that blur of white and black and purple is, indeed, a Hunter, here to help. Shooting between a pair of buildings, down a road, around a corner, and over a wall with a quick hop, she skids to a halt as she stumbles upon a besieged group of soldiers... and the evil nastybad punk who's molesting them! Wait a sec... that parka.. "I KNOW YOU!" howls Ether, jabbing a finger at Ice Man as she hovers in place. "I saw you in Russia once!!"

Protoman moves like a demon, bending at the knees to launch himself forward like an uncoiling snake to leap forward to meet Knight Man's assault, lifting his Proto Buster hard through the air as he moves over the deadly spiked knee of the Master. Slamming the blunt of the weapon up towards Knight's face, Protoman rips past him, bounding off the ground as he flips through the air, twisting around to face his foe as he spares no delay in charging up his weapon once more, ready for a second volley.

Meanwhile, while combat erupts in the area. There's more going on than meets the eye. Another thing Knight Man's spy drones discovered was the ruins of old mine-shafts, and underground storages that were not refitted, that exist under the base. So while the battle rages on, some of Knight Man's pre-dispatched drones begin carting explosives into those tunnels under the base. Of course, they'll be set to blow once the Masters pull out. Knight may be arrogant, but he's smart enough to have a backup plan...

Blues strikes you with his Smash for 3 units of damage.

Freeze Man's torso is pummeled by the spinning kicks multiple times, and he staggers back. He snarls, clearly damaged, but his expression doesn't show it. He doesn't cry out in pain, or even wince. He then dashes back into melee combat, and spins in a circle, similar to Dawn, but instead, he swings out with the back of his fists, like Yoshimitsu from Tekken.

Freeze Man strikes Dawn with his Pummel attack.

Metal Man is caught off guard as Sky Dolphin mercless opens fire on him with what could be called a Glitterboy's Boom Gun after all shots at mach five. Anyhow he is kicked off his feet and goes flying into a pack of defending soldiers sadly for them with them being humans. The weight of Metal Man's body and the force of his impact kills two of them and several of the others are ripped up by the blades on his body. Metal Man pays them no heed as he breaks free and attempts to start to dall back towards the SS Dread skull his armor now soaked with the blood of those soldiers who lay withering on the ground. "I WILL GUT YOU LIKE A FISH YOU FLYING FREAK!" Metal Man tosses a twin pair of blades at the flying Dolphin.

Metal Man strikes Sky Dolphin with his Twin Blades attack.

"Oh no...." It's that skunk again. Somehow, Ice doesn't think lieing will get him outta this one. "Well, uhh......I didn't do I good job of fixing the power plant?" Yeah, that's hold water. Only Ditz is that thick. Ice whinds up, and chucks a MIGHTY snowball(tm) at the floating skunk.

Centaur Man is gathering as much useful items as he can... all stuff can be used to aide the herd, whatever he can do to help. Taking destroyed parts of the base, which might be good, if salvaged for other parts, that can also be useful.

Ice Man misses Ether Skunk with his Snowball attack.

Finally spotting something to do, Blade lands in front of Sword Man, sword already drawn, "Where do you think you're going with that?"
Synth slips a bit closer to the base, looking around cautiously as she shys away from Freeze and Dawns ferocious battle - and she does her best to stay completely away from Break Man and Knight's little battle. Her fingers tap a rapid steccato against the wall, her eyes darting about - until she finally catches sight of a small side door with an electronic lock. Smiling, she hurries over towards the entrance, already pulling out an input spike to access the security systems.
Solar Draco continues his quite pace of flight, suring toward Centaur, "HEY!" he roars out at him, pulling his shield off his back, "I don't think that's yours!"

Solar Draco puts his guard up.

Dawn lands just in time to be on the receiving end of the spinning fists; she's a bit dizzy and gets knocked down onto the ground by it. She does roll back onto her feet though, and slams a fist into the ground after a loud yell. People around the area might feel light, non-alarming seismic activity, though those nearest to her will feel a quake that may well knock them off their feet.

Dawn strikes Freeze Man with her Local Quake attack.

Freeze Man is temporarily disoriented by Dawn's Local Quake attack.
Knight Man is bonked. Ow. Shaking his head slightly, he harumphs at Proto. Also, not one for combat bantering it seems, Knight Man swings his mace over his head again, this time whipping it at Whistle-boy a bit harder. He's not about to lose... he'll defeat his traitorous brother.

You miss Blues with your Morningstar attack.

Freeze Man stumbles as the quake rocks into his feet. His gyroscopic stabilizers can't compensate for it, and he falls to the ground.

Ether Skunk lets out a yelp and ducks, throwing her hands over her head. Egads! The snowball misses, though she still looks stricken as she lifts her head, blinking. "The hell... HEY! It's NOT NICE to throw things!" Dropping to the ground, no longer hovering, she extends her hands forward. "But it's not my job to be nice to a fakey little faker like you!" Welling up her antigravity field, she lashes out with it, trying to strike Ice with a blunt wave of force.

Ether Skunk misses Ice Man with her Ether Wave attack.

o/~ Roll... out, the barrel, roll out the barrel of GUM! o/~ Dusty still cleans. But now his capacity has reached it's limit, and he makes his way up the ship, avoiding the cover fire that is picking off opposing gumbies. He humms to himself as he goes.

Centaur Man looks up, then into his hand, what's not his? The salvaged goods, hmmm, well, he does seem to own them. Shruging, and ignoring the one who scolds so foolishly, he heads for other parts to be salvaged, in this mess of debris.

Sword Man smirks, his hold on the crate slackening. "Very well. If you shall be my foe today, so be it." He quickly kneels down to put down the crate, then slide it to a safer spot. He then puts up his blade in a closed stance, obviously meant for more reactionary attacks. "I, Sword Man, 59th Son Of Wily, shall not deprive you of your battlelust. Hopefully, you can satisfy mine." His eyes burn with a fire untold. He's ready. So ready.

Dawn promptly flips into the air, right hand extended as she descends fist and head first towards Freeze Man. More yelling, but no coherent conversation. As her fist slams into Freeze's chest, she then 'handsprings' off of him, landing on her feet a few yards ahead and spinning to face Freeze again.

Dawn strikes Freeze Man with her Heavy Punch attack.

Sky Dolphin is quite well gutted, the blades tearing easily through his thin armor. He's hurt, but not out of it yet. He doesn't slow down, though, instead shooting twoards Metal Man, rolling to one side at the last minute, and, rather than directly striking him, vents heated gas on the Robot Master.

Sky Dolphin misses Metal Man with his Exhaust attack.

Protoman once more drops down below the morningstar, this time ducking. His scarf follows him last, caught by the mace and slashed slightly, becoming yet more tattered, but still intact. With the attack evaded, Protoman crosses the gap between he and Knight Man in a split second, movements barely visible. Something is different with Protoman, here... If he was all business before, he's all business and then some now. Slamming the barrel of the Proto Buster up at point blank range, Protoman simply looks up, his face barely visible through the visor as light hits it just right. And then he fires again.

Solar Draco growls, obviously the master isn't listening to him, "I said, That. Isn't. YOURS!" He roars as he pushes his engines harder. The ion trail behind them increases as he lifts his shield before him, moving to swoop by right over him and drag that shield's bladed edges and tip across his backside.

Knight Man successfully deflects an attack randomly.
Blues misses you with his Proto Buster 2 attack.

Solar Draco misses Centaur Man with his Dragon Slash attack.

Ice Man steadies himself and dashes forward, falling into a somersault to push against the pressure that's directed at him. All in all, he's only moved a couple inches. "I'll tell you what. I'll be nice, kay? You just turn around and go away.....and then we won't have to fight. Capice?" He points his arm cannon at his opponent and unleashes a wide burst of frosty goodness at her to emphisize his point.

Ice Man strikes Ether Skunk with his Blizzard attack.

Freeze Man's chest caves inward, leaving a rather large hole. He struggles to his feet, his eyes burning with hatred. His hands glow with an unholy white light, the light of cryo-energy. The glow grows brighter and brighter, until it is difficult to look straight at Freeze Man. He then claps his hands together, and opens them, the light transfering into the air between him. He looks up at Dawn, and snarls, before pushing his hands forward, and sending the blast of freezing energy outwards to encase Dawn in an icy tomb.

Freeze Man misses Dawn with his Freeze Cracker attack.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Synth speaks, with the sound of typing. "Alright boys... give me a few, and I'll have a surprise ready for the goodies."

Centaur Man looks up, all this debris can come to good use after all, the horseman sighs, "Oh fine, you want this stuff back... HERE!" The hooved one throws it, and even picks some off the ground to throw too. He doesn't want to bothered righ now, but as if he has a choice.

Centaur Man strikes Solar Draco with his Falling Debris attack.

The Raven smirks slightly, "Finally, a real swordfight." He shuffles his feet slightly as he grips his blade with both hands, "Come on then. Let's see what you've got." He takes a step back with one foot, then dashes forward, and slashes twice at Sword Man.

Blade Raven strikes Sword Man with his Double Slash attack.

Knight Man doesn't have his shield out, so there's no way for him to deflect that. So, he dodges, yeah. As impossible as it may sound, Knight manages to tumble out of the way of Proto's buster in time. Good thing too, that would have stung like heck. Stopping abruptly he stands to his feet again. His huge white eyes narrow, and a snarl is heard from the eternal blackness which cloaks his face. He dashes again at the scarfed one, this time his hand files out to grasp him, not to attack, but just to hold him in place for the headbutt which follows. Knight Man has a hard head, and an even harder helmet.

You miss Blues with your Headbutt attack.

Ether Skunk ducks back behind her arms, folding her bracers in front of her face, shielding it from the frigid blast that envelops her. She accumulates a nice sheen of glittery white frost, and when she unfolds her arms and lifts her head, her joints crack as they unfreeze. "N-n-nice?!" she chatters! "Th-th-that w-wasn't v-very n-n-nice!! Th-th-that w-was c-c-cold!!" Her hands are thrown forward once more. You want to tamper with the weather? Fine! Again, the skunk's gravity manipulation flares outward... seizing the air around Ice Man instead of the Master himself, and whipping it into a furious tornado centered squarely on him, sucking the oxygen out like a vaccuum.

Ether Skunk misses Ice Man with her Gale Force attack.

Dust Man walks past the Sword/Blade scuffle and unloads his stash all over the loading bay of the Dreadskull. Mmmmmmmm... Plasmalicious...
Meanwhile, again, Knight's drones are still lining the tunnels with explosives. This base is going kaboomie one way or another.

Dawn simply launches upward over the cold energies, though they do graze just below her feet. Descending towards Freeze, she lands in a crouch and tries to grab his legs. If successful, she'll yank him off balance and then slam him on the ground of the base like he was a dusty floormat. Mind, she may fail to grab him.

Dawn strikes Freeze Man with her Bash attack.

Freeze Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Synth types rapidly, but not overly quickly on her gauntlet, quickly bipassing the security overrides on the door, and though them accessing the base's internal defenses. Autoguns, blast doors, force fields - one by one the systems begin to fall to her control, with new, more appropriate targets. The nonlethal defenses are designated for the humans and other UN personel inside - the more lethal onces are still outside of Synth's grasp, but not for long.

Protoman seems to play the matador for a moment, standing across from Knight Man as he charges, spinning to the side in a flurry of yellow scarf fabric as he twists around to the back of Knight Man, lifting the Proto Buster into the air as it explodes into a pillar of golden plasma - The Protoblade! Hefting it over his head, Protoman brings it down onto the Robot Master foe, slashing crosswards at his back. Stepping away for a moment, the Hunter pulls the Protoshield from his back with a click of releasing metal clasps, gripping it in his hands as he brings it forward. Bring it on.

Blues strikes you with his Protoblade for 20 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.
Blues puts his guard up.

Solar Draco blinks a bit. Stuff, thrown at him. And it hurts! The dragon winces a bit and grinds into the ground as a wing gets torn a bit. Using that same momentum though, he plants his hands into the ground and flips up before he turns around, "That hurt freak!" He yells, slinging his ripdisc toward Cent, the blades rotating on it singing like a buzzsaw as it flies

Solar Draco misses Centaur Man with his Ripdisc Throw attack.

Sword Man takes both slashes dead on, one to his chest, the other to his normal arm, the blade cutting deep into his armguard. He grits his teeth as the bird seems to get straight to the point, not wasting time in doing damage. No matter, Sword has taken down one of the lauded Striders. He can defeat a mere Blackbird. He is the Master of the Blade, as blessed by his father and lord.

"Very well then. HAVE AT THEE!" With a loud shout, Sword feints, a dodge to the side, a thrust to the knee, and finally strikes out with a wide flatswipe aimed for the Raven's shoulder. The battle rages, just like his burning desire for the perfect battle.

Sword Man misses Blade Raven with his Flatside Swipe attack.
Freeze Man is positively /shattered/ against the ground, his limbs flying every which way. Come to think of it, that's the same attack that killed him last time. Huh. He lays against the ground, unable to move, and definitely not fight back.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Freeze Man transmits, "I'm down. I can't move. I need evac."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Someone get Ice-face out of there. I art occupied by our traitorous visored brother..."

Ice Man goes rigid, and he stands perfectly still. "Eyayayayaya!" He stumbles about after the attack passes, a bit dizzy. He shakes his head and gets back to business. "Well, I tried, buuuut don't say I didn't warn you!" He flicks his arm downwards, and suddenly it's holding small, icey needles. He snaps his arm forward and throws them....rike neenja!

Ice Man strikes Ether Skunk with his Ice Stars attack.

Metal Man pulls into the his hyper matrix dodge mode as he spin jumps out of the war of Sky Dolphin. He lands on the roof of a burning APC and serks. "Well little Replid what to do to you! Ah yes I shall kill you and use your neurtal net to play cats cradel!" He flings yet another blade at Sky.

As the flat side of the blade comes in, the Hunter ducks, tucking his blade away, as he reaches back into subspace, "What else you got?" He grins, as he shuffles back, opening his wings up as he takes to the air, and hurls a grouping of throwing stars at Sword Man

Blade Raven misses Sword Man with his Throwing Stars attack.

Metal Man misses Sky Dolphin with his Sawblade attack.

Dawn isn't finished with Freeze Man yet. She hoists him up again by his legs and starts spinning. This continues for several seconds yet, then she flings him. ....Saaaaaiiiilll AWAY! Possibly towards the Dreadskull transport by sheer luck. That done, she looks to see who needs assistance.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "I am occupied with a Sword-weilding Blackbird of sort. I shall not be able to reach Sir Freeze."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Synth transmits, "...I think its a bit late for that."

Freeze Man's legs don't hold up that long, as they are torn from their sockets, his torso flying towards the Dreadskull whilst leaving Dawn holding his legs. Whee.

Centaur Man is not hiy! In fact, they land on the ground, missing by a long shot, creating an even bigger mess. The horseman smirks, readying his energy bow, and fires arrows. This seems to be a battle in his favor thus far, but who knows how long that'll last?

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "I shall get him..."

Knight Man's armor is pierced by the blade. The armor can withstand impact incredibly, but can't withstand being torn. His circuits sear underneath as he winces. But he spins back around and turns to Proto again. Sneering, he reaches to his back and grabs his shield, Zelda64 style. If he takes his out, so will Knighter. While he does that he grabs a blade that's always attatched to his hip, and it extends into a lance. Now eyeing Proto again, he charges, lance foward, and will hopefully impale him if his attack hits /this time/ <eyes combat system>

Centaur Man misses Solar Draco with his Centaur Arrow attack.

You strike Blues with your Lance attack.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Freeze Man transmits, "*thud* No need. I am suddenly at the Dreadskull. I just need someone to put me inside."

Knight Man puts his guard up.

Sword Man sees the Hunter duck and try and chuck something right toward his stomach. Or rather, the lack thereof. Simply dodged just by raising his upper half quickly. "Nay." is the simple response as Sword attempts to smack down at the Raven's head with the "hilt" of his sword.

Blade Raven puts his guard down.

Sword Man misses Blade Raven with his Bash attack.

Ether Skunk again ducks back, trying to throw herself out of the range of the icey blades that pepper her armor- but they pierce and score her anyway, drawing a gasp of pain from the skunk as the little lances of cold sink into her flesh. Reaching back to brush them off, the little ice blades shattering and leaving their tips stuck in her side, she produces a handful of throwing daggers with her other hand, splaying them like a hand of cards. "I TOLD you! If you wanna be nice, you DON'T shoot people! Geeze!" Her hand whips forward, and a handful of throwing daggers becomes a hail of sharp metal shards, slicing through the air.

Ether Skunk strikes Ice Man with her Steel Rain attack.

Dawn decides to keep the legs. Opening up her backpack, she stashes what remains of Freeze's legs in there; they may make for extra repair parts after all. Stopping to assess her moderate injuries and deciding she's still ok, she takes to the skies to see who needs help, if anyone.

Another dodge, this time jumping back, and Raven can only shake his head, "I don't think so." He takes a step towards Sword Man, but then plants his right foot forward, jumps backwards, flipping, and bringing his talons up for Sword Man's chin.

Blade Raven strikes Sword Man with his Backflip Kick attack.

Protoman is struck this time, even as he brings his shield up. Impaled neatly on the blade, Protoman is brought right up into Knight Man's face, the lance /through/ him... And he still seems undaunted, as if he has no intention of letting his task falter here. With the Protobuster on his arm charging up, Protoman uses his own body to try to wrench the weapon out of Knight's hands, at the same time slamming the Shield onto him. Now it was on.

Blues misses you with his Shield Bash attack.

Dust Man walks out of the SS, tosses Freeze inside, and walks back the 50 meters or so to the warehouse. Hmmm... Awful long time, that...

Not for long, or that's what Solar would hope! The dragon dashes to one side as the disc returns to him. Time to try something else. A small button is pressed on the handle that rests in the center of that disc and it's thrown again, only this time the disc is buzzing with electricity.

Solar Draco strikes Centaur Man with his Electrified Ripdisc attack.

Of course, any Hunters that are flying around are going to get a surprise - there suddenly comes a loud whine as the base defenses come back online, several large anti-aircraft turrets springing to life in their emplacements and tracking for targets. Dawn is obviously the first, being where she is - and earns her a pair of heavy cannons, spitting flak into the air and encouraging her to stay on the GROUND. For the rest, defense turrets go online and begin to spit shells at the Maverick Hunters in the area, generally adding to the confusion.

Sky Dolphin builds distance between himself and Metal Man again, seeing the saw just in time to jerk himself out of the way. Not easy to see something that thin head-on, especially when it's coming from behind you. Still, it's good enough. Good thing, too, because he probably can't take another hit. He decides to keep a prudent distance away. Not the best move when you're fighting Metal Man, but, there you have it. He emits a piercing *ping* from his sonar systems, focused carefully on Metal Man.

Sky Dolphin misses Metal Man with his Sonar Slam attack.

Oh HO. Now it seems the tables have turned. Knight Man's grip on his weapon remains strong, especially as he yanks it out of him as he leaps back, doding the shield. The lance shrinks, and is placed to his side once more, and the mace is formed again. This time it doesn't extend on the chain, but remains secure on his arm. He then dashes at Proto again, arm up, and delivers a nice big spikey punch to his visored face.

Blues deflects Mace from Knight Man.
You miss Blues with your Mace attack.

Sword Man takes the shot to the chin, his head snapping back from the force. He straightens up and shakes his head loose of the cobwebs. He narrows his eyes and switches stances, this time a more offensive, pressing stance. It leaves him fairly open, but allows him quicker attacks. And that just may be needed as Sword quickly feints again, this time faking a slice to the stomach, swiveling, and thrusting at the Raven. Either way, whether it hits or not, he jumps back, ready for his foe's next attack.

Sword Man misses Blade Raven with his Thrust attack.

Ice Man tries to dodge out of the way, but to no avail. He grunts as several blades pierce him at various locations. A quick diagnostic returns that nothing was severly damaged. He took a light hit to the right leg, and starts favoring the left one, however. "Hey, you're shooting at me, so that makes you the same as me, missy! He inhales deeply, then exhales with all his might. See, Dust isn't the only one who can...I won't finish that.

Ice Man strikes Ether Skunk with his Frost Spray attack.

Centaur Man is hit by an electrical blade... not much more than a deep scratch, which doesn't stop the horseman yet. Jumping into the air, the hooved one attempts to skewer with his great horn, just like a rhino... or something like that.

Centaur Man strikes Solar Draco with his Headbutt attack.

With a hail of sparks an an explosion of sound and light, Protoman lifts his shield up into the way of the mace, shearing it out of his way. He doesn't seem too flustered by the strike as he lunges to the side, trying to throw Knight Man off-balance from his charge. Spinning on his heel, Protoman trains the Proto Buster onto Knight Man once more, the charge far more eminent than it was before. With an ourburst of energy, an orb of golden plasma pours forth from the cannon, streaking towards Knight Man, more powerful than any previous strike.

Blues strikes you with his Proto Buster 3 for 23 units of damage.

Solar Draco isn't so much hit by that horn, instead he gets a bit of a graze across his shoulder. A scratch for a scratch it would seem. The dragon decides to back off a bit and heads higher up into the air to decide what to do. It's only a few moments later that he decides and swoops down quickly, shield held before him as he looks to just ram right into Centuar's side.

Blade Raven steps left, twisting around as Sword Man thrusts into where he'd been standing moments before. His moves are as if he knew what Sword Man was going to do next. Or maybe he just go lucky, "Not good enough." He pulls back his right leg, and kicks it for the back of one of Sword Man's knees. Should that hit, he'll twist around to put his other talon into Sword Man's back.

Solar Draco strikes Centaur Man with his Battle Shield Charge attack.
Blade Raven misses Sword Man with his Double Kick attack.

Metal Man cackles evily as he dodges yet again. He seems to sense something coming and is gone by the time the sonic pulse arrives at his last location meanwhile he is making like some sort of goofy FF style summoner pose. Just what could Metal be up to? Well he is summoning some of his dagger drones to attack Sky Dolphin. "DAGGER DRONES SEEK AND DESTROY!

Metal Man strikes Sky Dolphin with his Explosive Drone attack.

Centaur Man is bashed by a shield... that punctures, and hurts a bit, but it's a good oppurtunity to get a kick out of this fight, and smash with his hooves. It is time to move on the road to victory.

Centaur Man misses Solar Draco with his Hoof Smash attack.

Dawn spots Dust Man as he begins making his way back to the base's ammo stockpiles. Must not like that, because fire surrounds her hands and she rockets down towards him with a loud war-cry style shout. As she gets near, her right fist lashes out in an overhead 'dunk' style punch. That's Japanese for 'Hi! I don't like you!' apparently.

Dawn strikes Dust Man with her Flame Rush attack.

Oh no, Sword's not letting that fly. Not after that stupid foul-mouthed met from last night tried to do the same thing with it's blasts. He jumps....well, his lower half jumps, while his upper half stays afloat in front of it, if barely. "Perhaps. But neither was that." And with that, the upper half descends along with the lower, coming down with a hard downward slash straight for the Raven's chest.

Sword Man strikes Blade Raven with his Overhead Slice attack.

Ether Skunk is once again caught in a frosty blast, her sheen of ice replaced by a thick layer of snow that covers her from head to toe, freezing her joins and making her look... well, really stupid. Blinking her optics open, two pools of blue amid a sea of white, she puts her hands on her hips and glowers at Ice Man. "E-e-enough w-w-with th-th-the c-c-c-old at-t-tacks alrea-ready!! I'm f-f-f-freezing h-h-here!" She shakes the snow off brisky, reaching behind herself to draw her katana, even if her grip on the weapon is shakey and fouled by a slick of ice. Still, she doesn't drop it... and shooting forward with a sudden burst of antigravity, she throws the weapon forward, point tearing towards Ice Man, and blazing with a white-hot glare of cold light as the skunk shunts as much power as she can into honing her weapon's tip. Shish-ke-bob, samurai style!

Ether Skunk misses Ice Man with her Ether Lance attack.

Sky Dolphin is hurting badly. Smoke pours from several gashes on his body, and his flight systems are starting to degrade. Damaged heavily, he has no choice but to pull back as fast as he can.

Sky Dolphin retreats from the area swiftly, outdistancing all pursuit and parting shots.

He doesn't dodge this time. As the golden orb stikes him, much more of his armor is seared right off. The damage is extensive, and so's the pain. Staggaring back, he growls. The mace is de-formed once more. And he reaches to his back again, and grabes a really large hammer. With his mighty strength (raar) he grasps the huge warhammer in one hand, and charges Proto again, swinging high, and sending the hammer down on top of him.

Meanwhile again, his drones have finished lining the tunnels with explosives. They vacate hastily, all that is needed is the proper detination...

Either you do not have that attack armed, or you were not specific enough.

Blues deflects War Hammer from Knight Man.
You miss Blues with your War Hammer attack.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Sister, haveth thou gotten control of the detonation sequences of some of the missle silos? I haveth a back-up plan prepared...."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Synth transmits, "This base is mine, Knight - give me the world, and I can deal with this place."

Sky Dolphin enters the Sky Above Eastern Canada.
Sky Dolphin has left.

Solar Draco flaps those wings of his, hard, and gets out of the range of Centaur's hooves before they can connect. The dragon then swoops in again with that shield, turning it over and thrusting out, trying to pierce before he yanks it upward, hoping to make a nice injury in Centaur's side

Solar Draco misses Centaur Man with his Battle Shield Cleave attack.
Blade actually takes a hit! Stumbling backwards, he holds one of his hands across his chest, "Erf...Okay." He clenches his fists, and rushes back towards Sword Man, "Take this!" He leaps up, and then bring both of his fists down towards Sword Man's skull, aiming to knock him silly.
Blade Raven misses Sword Man with his Panic Rush attack.

Sword Man deflects Panic Rush from Blade Raven.

Dust Man grunts as Dawn slams into him. "SH*T! WHAT THE F*CK!" He gets up, SLOWLY, and glares at the little annoying person. Then he looks at his busted arm. And, a la MediEvil, rips off the arm. "Right, I'll do you for that!" He flys in, the arm upraised...

And ejects a cloud of smoke and debris into Dawn's face.

Sword Man puts his guard down.
Dust Man strikes Dawn with his Lint Cover attack.
Dawn is temporarily disoriented by Dust Man's Lint Cover attack.

Protoman raises the shield over one arm, as it and the hammer impact solidly, another storm of sparks hailing down onto the battiefield. Instead of following with an attack, however, Protoman leaps backwards, planting the base of the shield into the ground as he aims his Proto Buster over it, the charge ever-increasing. He's about to attack, and it's about to hurt... Knight Man needs to do something; Fast. As the glow from the Buster increases, the light glinting off of Protoman's visor does as well, indicating just what awaits the Robot Master.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "...I'll taketh that as a yes. Whilst we were fighting out here, I've hadeth mine drones outfit some abandoned tunnels and storage areas under the base with explosives. One rather large group tis near some of the missle silos. Detonateth the right one, and this entire base goes up. Canst thou establisheth a link to the Dreadskull so we canst detonateth it as we maketh our escape?"

Sky Dolphin arrives from the Sky Above Eastern Canada.
Sky Dolphin has arrived.

Synth pulls her input lead out of the data terminal, turning around to look at the general swarm of combat going on outside - the boys are taking a bit of a beating, but that is to be expected. She pulls out a remote imput spike, jamming it into the input slot so she can retain contact with the Base's computer. Stepping back out into the battle, she immediately spots Dusty's plight. Shoot at one of HER medics, will you? Of course, she needs to wait for the lint to clear...

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "OOOW! I'm /near/ the SS... But Aparently Dawn think... Wait, I may hav ethis covered."

Metal Man goes back to hauling off supplies in the chaos now with his drones assisting and fendinf odd others attacks.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Synth transmits, "I've got remote access to the base from my computer - I can detonate it from Cario if you like. The Dreadskull is easy."

Dawn lands in a crouch from her 'dunking' punch, which both Terry Bogard and Rock Howard aim to sue her for doing. Rising back to her feet, she's just in time to be caught by the dust-cloud and coil back, confused. It's a momentary off-balancing, but Dust can probably use it.

Forming a wicked looking spear of (what else) ice, the parkaed master wields it just in time to knock aside the incoming blade. "HeyheyHEY! It's not like I have a choice. If you don't wanna be cold...then GO AWAY ALREADY!" Ice Man lounges forward at Ether, determination in his cute widdle efkimo eyes.

Ice Man misses Ether Skunk with his Icicle Spear attack.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Very well then, waiteth for mine mark...."

Centaur Man smirks, another dive, dont they learn? It isn't always good to be repetitive, because you lose automatically for having no style, and bein really boring... or something of that similar sort. The Dragonic one, having flown down, is open to be charged at, like a raging stampede of horses. It's time to charge into battle.

Fisted attacks against Sword? You've got to be kidding. Well, kidding or not, Sword managed to block the hammerfists, his blade upraised flatside up. "Nay," he says again. This time, he tries to shove the bird back, going for a quick shoulder block while the hands are out of the way.

Centaur Man misses Solar Draco with his Charge attack.
Sword Man strikes Blade Raven with his Ram attack.

Dust Man grunts, and inhales. Violently. Dawn might remember this. Dust Crusher? Any one? Well, this is the opener. "VACUUM ON!"

Dust Man strikes Dawn with his Vaccuum attack.

Ether Skunk lurches to the side, catching Ice man's ice spear with the blade of her katana and deflecting the stab before it reaches her; her body creaking and cracking as her chilled systems protest, a cloud of dislodged frost shaken off her tail with the movement. Keeping her blade firmly in hand, she whips back, then forward again- the charge at its tip spreading down the blade, as Ether looks to slice Icey clean open.

Ether Skunk strikes Ice Man with her Ether Blade attack.

And Blade gets shoved back, landing on his talons, as he draws his own sword again, "Alright." He shakes his head a little, "Let's try this one more time." He jumps up into the air, flapping back away from Sword Man, "Take this!" He pulls back, and then dives in, landing, and twisting, as he moves to impale the blade through Sword Man.

Blade Raven puts his guard up.
Blade Raven strikes Sword Man with his Moon Strike attack.

Ah, but maybe Solar does have other ways of attacking Centaur. He'll show him, oh yes he will! The dragon wings back and away once more, the shield and disc placed back together and on his back. "Hrmph," Centaur should learn to stop just charging him every time he dives. As such, the dragon stays in place in the air, a deep breath is being taken in. This is Centaur's cue to dodge, he should take it. When the Dragon exhales a river of fire flows out and down toward the master
Solar Draco strikes Centaur Man with his Dragonfire attack.

Dawn is pulled into Dust Man's vaccuum rather harshly, head-first. While her head gets torn up rather nicely, she starts banging her still a-flame fists into Dust's sides, trying to get him to let go. If he does so soon enough, he might get away with just the first exploratory and harmless jabs to find where his body is.

Dawn misses Dust Man with her Flame Combo attack.

And so Sword is impale. "Grraagggh...." he gurlges as the sword pierces his chest, letting a good amount of Mechfluid flow. Quickly, he tries to come out with a forceful slash across the chest of the Raven, perpendicular to the first one, hoping to catch him before the blackbird draws back again.

Sword Man misses Blade Raven with his Slash attack.

Blade Raven deflects Slash from Sword Man.

Knight Man is unsuccessful yet again. Dammit Wily, why couldn't you build HIM as strong as Blues? Or any other robot for that matter? But he still chuckles inwardly, they'll be successful here yet. But for now... one final strike against his estranged brother. His shield is planted in front of him as his other arm is raised in the air. Suddenly the mace, the Knight Chain, increases in size, growing larger, and less spikey. Now one big crushing ball of painful death, Knight's arm trembles as he prepares to cast it at Proto Man, which he DOES a split second later. The Knight Chain tears through the air, leaving a wake behind it. Knight Chain, ProtoMan's face. ProtoMan's face, Big Spikey Ball of Painful Death!

You strike Blues with your Knight Chain attack.

Pulling the blade right back out of Sword Man, Raven turns, the weapon coming up to deflect away Sword Man's own strike. He pulls back his right leg, up to his chest, before he kicks it out towards Sword Man, twisting with his blade to smack the flat of it into the side of Sword Man's head at the same time.

Blade Raven strikes Sword Man with his Stunner Kick attack.

Sword Man is temporarily disoriented by Blade Raven's Stunner Kick attack.

Centaur Man can't dodge the fire, because it came right after a wave of stinky dragon breath, and bad hyjene really gets to the horseman... of course, that's an excuse, the real reason is that he was planning to jump up, having plans of his own, but now they're slighly altered, and just before hitting the ground from the flaming assault, the horseman teleports, right behind the dragonkind, and presses at him with his hooves, to trample him, and make him fall flat.

Centaur Man misses Solar Draco with his Trample attack.

The blade rips down Ice Man's arm, leaving a fine trail of mech fluid in it's wake. The brown-black fluid stains the blue parka a rather ugly color. "Ohhhh, do you have any idea as to how hard it is to clean these things?!?" He puts his hands to the ground and raises a pillar of ice upward at Ether, trying to trap the floating Skunk in midair. Fat chance.

Ice Man strikes Ether Skunk with his Ground Freeze attack.

Ether Skunk is temporarily disoriented by Ice Man's Ground Freeze attack.

Dust Man grunts as the blows land inside the rather vunrable Duct, and points himself at a wall. "Alright, missy, TASTE WALL! DUST---- CRUSHER!" The last is screamed as Dusty switches from suck to blow.

Dust Man strikes Dawn with his Dust Crusher attack.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Geteth our injured back to the Dreadskull if we haveth any still in the battlefield. Those that can still fight, do-eth so. Though be prepared to retreat when I giveth the order."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Freeze Man transmits, ""

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ice Man transmits, "I copy are we doing?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Freeze Man transmits, "I cannot beat her. No matter how hard I try."

Sword Man is slapped by the flat of his foe's blade, as well as a good swift kick to the chest, right where his stab wound is. He falls down on his aft dazed, sliding up to his knees to clear out his head, but he's in no position to attack at the moment.

Solar Draco blinks, the Centaur teleporting behind him?? In the air??! YEEK! The dragon hits his thrusters hard and takes off away from Cent, maybe he'll get lucky and the horse will get nailed by his engine backwash

Ether Skunk lets out a shriek of surprise as she finds herself anchored in place by a column of ice, the frozen blast enough to cause many of her key motor systems to lock up. Hand splayed, she drops her katana, the weapon clattering uselessly to the ground below; and for once, she's too frozen to speak, only managing a little teeth-chattery cluck. If only that burning hatred in her optics was enough to melt her free, though...

Solar Draco strikes Centaur Man with his Engine Backwash attack.

In a shattering of glass and helmet, Protoman's face is briefly revealed to Knight Man... The face of Rock, of Megaman X. They are one and the same. But Protoman has no mercy for Knight Man. With the continued outpouring of energy, Protoman unleashes the full power of his assault with one massive surge of energy, which pours forth from the Proto Buster, streaking across the battlefield in one massive bolt of plasma. That... He hadn't expected that. Still dizzied from the assualt, Protoman stumbles back after firing, landing on one knee as he looks up over the Protoshield.

Blues strikes you with his Proto Buster Megablast for 34 units of damage.

You are below your courage-endurance point.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "I gathereth we've gotten a nice sum of their supplies... as for the destruction of this place, I goteth it covered. Just be ready to geteth out of here once I giveth the word, unless thou dost wanteth to be caught thineselves."

Synth drifts about on the battlefield, before making her way over to where Freeze is lying on the ground in a rather bad, battered condition. "I'm getting rather tired of this," she says, giving Freeze the once over. "Lets see about getting you mobile again." And Synth pulls out her tools, making some field repairs to Freeze and getting him back online.

Synth effects some minor repair work on Freeze Man.
Synth takes out a medical scanner and scans Freeze Man.

Blues puts his guard down.

The air around Sky Dolphin shimmers as he raises his defenses.

Freeze Man is severely damaged, and has no limbs! It's doubtful he'll be on his feet any time soon, since Dawn has them in her pack.

Ice Man fully intends on breaking Ether free. Although, I can't say that she's gonna enjoy it much. He retrives the discarded spear and thickens it, makes it more, squared off. The diminutive Master lifts it high over his head (read: not very) and smashes it down on Ether. Of course, he jumps up there first.

Ice Man strikes Ether Skunk with his Ice Block attack.

Backing off from Sword Man, Raven holds the blade in both of his hands, eyes closing for a few moments, before he opens them, spotting Dust Man in a nearby proximity. Excelent...The Hunter takes a couple steps forward, twisting as the blade is swung out in front of him, hacking towards Dust Man, as he then turns, jumping and twisting through the air, as he aims to slice Sword Man at the same time with the weapon.

Blade Raven misses Dust Man with his Whirlwind Slash attack.
Blade Raven strikes Sword Man with his Whirlwind Slash attack.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Synth transmits, "Boys, do keep your tranmissions to the MAIN frequency. I can't tell Hunter chatter from yours if you are talking."

Too arrogant Knight, too arrogant. He allows him self to revel in the brief satisfaction of smashing ProtoMan's face in as he recalls the mace, that he is apparently distracted enough that he is nailed head on by his highest output attack of his buster. The energy explodes around him and knocks him back on his big armored aft. His armor is scortched and melted, circuits exposed in many areas. Slowly he stands to his feet, it seems the battle has taken a toll on them all. He eyes Blues with contempt, but still on the inside he knows they'll win. "Well met, for now. But I'll not forgeteth this day!" He quickly attatches his shield to his back again, and says nothing more as he turns and runs for the Dreadskull.

Knight Man puts his guard down.

Knight Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Dust Man, Centaur Man, Freeze Man, Sword Man, Blues, Sky Dolphin, Blade Raven, Dawn, Ether Skunk, Solar Draco, Ice Man, and Metal Man.

Ice Man strikes you with his Incessent Worrying Out Loud for 0 units of damage.

Ether Skunk is smashed clean out of her icey prison, falling back with a shocked cry and hitting the ground hard; immediately raising a hand to clutch it against her forehead, in visible agony as mechfluid seeps in between her fingers. Glaring in the general direction of Ice Man and what remains of her icey prison, she throws her other hand forward, towards her fallen sword- it lifts from the ground and shoots back into her grip, and from there, is stuffed back in her sheath. A moment later, and Ether rises to her feet, hissing. "You're MEAN!" she cries! "You're MEAN MEAN MEAN MEAN! You're the MEANEST ONE OF THEM ALL!" Ha! That'll show him! And maybe give him something to worry about instead of Ether, as she shoots up into the sky like a little rocket, towards the safety of the clouds above.

Ether Skunk retreats from the area swiftly, leaving her open to pursuit or parting shots from Sky Dolphin, Blade Raven, Dawn, and Solar Draco.

Centaur Man is not super sturdy, that means it's time to run, back to the ship, and the safety it provides. Run horsey, run like there's no tommorow, for there may not be, at this rate.

Centaur Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Sky Dolphin, Blade Raven, Dawn, and Solar Draco.

As Knight Man turns to flee, Protoman reappears... Right in front of him. But he doesn't fire. No, that would be too easy. Then, Knight Man would simply be sent home in a few hundred tiny boxes. That was a bit too easy. Reaching out and attempting to grab Knight Man by the throat, Protoman simply... squeezes.

Blues strikes you with his Grasp for 0 units of damage.

Dawn is propelled into a wall rather forcefully, her head ringing now. She's in a condition to continue, barely. Dented all over, face mangled, she rises to her feet, 'breathing' heavily. Then as she observes people on both sides, but primarily RMs, withdrawing en masse, she decides to fly back to the teleporters. She did what she wanted to do, best to lick her injuries and probably tend to that of other Hunters...

Dawn retreats from the area swiftly, leaving her open to pursuit or parting shots from Sky Dolphin, Blade Raven, and Solar Draco.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Everyone. Pulleth out of the base now! We art leaving... though not without a goodly sum of supplies. And we art also leaving this base with a little... present! Mwaha.. so now headeth to the Dreadskull and -urk-"

Solar Draco is not about to just let his opponent get off so easily, "Get back here you!" He roars, giving chase. The dragon eventually lands and actually starts running after him on all fours. The shield on his back slips off as he goes, making way for the large energy cannons that reach from his back, then aim for Centaur, "Finish what you started!" He roars, the cannons firing

Solar Draco misses Centaur Man with his Dual Energy Cannons attack.

Sword Man is cut deep, right across the chest, further eliciting a spill of mechfluid from him. He growls and finally can take no more. "Very well, you leave me no choice." With that, he flares up in a grand display of fire, his entire upper ends blazing in a grand might, sword included. "PREPARE THYSELF!" And with that, Sword rushes, leveling a heavy swipe with the flat of his blade, the attack augmented by the flames.

Sword Man strikes Blade Raven with his Blazing Sideswipe attack.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Synth transmits, "Confirmed Knight - I'm commencing the Omega Sequence."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Synth transmits, "That means you should run now, boys."

Knight Man really should remember things like ProtoMan being able to teleport at will. The not-so-shaded one snags his throat quite well. Knight struggles, but his systems are too damaged to do anything at the moment, he just stares back at ProtoMan.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "Ahhh, sh*t. That means run, right?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ice Man transmits, "Alrighty, I'm on my way."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Freeze Man transmits, "You know, I would, but I have no legs."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "Nay. I shall see this fight to it's last!"

Dawn goes home.
Dawn has left.
Ether Skunk enters the Sky Above Eastern Canada.
Ether Skunk has left.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Synth transmits, "You're already inside the Dreadskull Freeze. And Sword, you can either run or be turned into a puddle of slag, and its REALLY boring in the Ring Computer now."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "<Gasping strained voice>R--retreateth if thou dost know what tis good for ye. This base shalt blow once I giveth Synth the word..."

Dust Man looks to Knight and Proto. "You'd better leave, Break, this place is gonna go up like New York!" And he waits for a response.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man growls....

Blade Raven grunts, and stumbles back away from Sword Man, the flames not doing all too much when they strike his resistant armor, "Heh." He smirks, "Prepare? Oh, I'm more than prepared." He opens his wings up and floats backwards, winging through the air in reverse, as his engines start to charge up, "You prepare for the end!" He pulls his sword up, lowers his angle, and launches himself at Sword Man, "Hah!" He slashes as he rockets past the Master as fast as he can go.

Blade Raven misses Sword Man with his Buster Slash attack.
Sword Man successfully deflects an attack randomly.

Ice Man watches the skunk go. Well, time to get the heck outta dodge. He dashes off in the direction of the transport. Buh-bai!

Ice Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Centaur Man, Freeze Man, Sword Man, Blues, Sky Dolphin, Blade Raven, Solar Draco, and Metal Man.

Protoman simply stares up at Knight Man, cocking his head at him. Aw, what the Hell. Without much more delay, Protoman squeezes tight enough to damage the soft area between Knight's chestplate and helm, clearly trying to rip his head clean off his shoulders and E-Ring him immediately. With that business completed, Protoman turns his attention on Dust Man, his hands covered in Knight Man's mechfluid as glares at the Master with one revealed eye, the rest of his face covered by his scarf. "..."

Centaur Man isn't hurt, besides gashing wounds, and a massive lack of Mech Blood Cells. Look at all this debris, that's landed near the transport, it'd be so useful for the herd, it will, and dispite his heavy injuries, he grans what he can, and enters the transport, to rest, until he can stay consious without blacking in and out of consiousness due to injuries.

Ice Man strikes Sword Man with his Incessent Worrying Out Loud attack.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Synth growls... "Dust, you ARE going to pay for that..."

Ice Man misses Metal Man with his Incessent Worrying Out Loud attack.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "SH*T!"

Dust Man runs for the SS. "GO MAN! GO!"

Sword Man barely manages to get a blade up and smack the blade aside as he recovers from his own attack. He readies himself for a grand charge....but grimaces as something comes over the radio. "...ggrrrrrr....this shall have to wait for another time, bird of the ancient blade. You should leave as well, if thee wouldst like to survive." And with that, Sword breaks for the Dreadskull. He punches a passing tree on the way, making a good size dent in the truck.

Sword Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Centaur Man, Blues, Sky Dolphin, Blade Raven, and Solar Draco.

Ice Man misses Synth with his Incessent Worrying Out Loud attack.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "I art allright for now. Just boardeth the Dreadskull and prepareth to detonate once I art aboard!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Toad Man transmits, "I bet you wish you had me there now."

Ice Man runs really, really fast onto the transport.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Freeze Man transmits, "Not really, no."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "SHUT UP, FROG BOY!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ice Man transmits, "Not really, but thanks for not caring."

Knight Man manages to wrestle himself free before Blues' grasp damages him too extensivly. He doesn't waste any time and tears off to the Dreadskull again.

Dust Man leaps inside the SS. Wheee!

Ice Man has left.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "Ggrrr....I am on my way back to the Dreadskull...*growl/grumble*"

Blues throws Knight Man to the ground as the battle begins to conclude, trying to finish with him something he was unable to do with another Robot Master. "Tell your /boss/.... Tell him I'm coming for him." With that, he throws him down, allowing him to scamper off to the Dreadskull as he wiggles out of his grip. Tch.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Toad Man transmits, "Retard. Oh sure, you guys all whine and moan I just get you guys damaged. I bet you wish you were covered getting your afts out of there. And you guys need to treat those exhaust ports with respect, cuz they're the most intelligent spots."

Knight Man scampers!

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ice Man transmits, "Oh, so you do have your brain in your aft then, Toad?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "Sir Toad, it would be wise of you to BE QUIET!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Toad Man transmits, "Was I talking to me Nanook?"

Centaur Man stands by the door to the dreadskull, eager to help his brothers into the ship, to help them save their strength, not caring so much about his own.

As Sword Man breaks for the transport, Blade turns to attack him, when he spots Knight Man. Oh, how convinent, "It's payback time." The Raven activates his boosters, and dives past Knight Man, landing in front of him, "Not so fast." He grins, "I'd say it's nice knowing you...But it ain't." The Raven makes like he's about to attack...But then sidesteps at the last moment, twisting around behind Knight Man, pulling back with his blade, and slashing downwards, towards where his spine would be.

Blade Raven misses you with his Double Kick attack.

It begins at a place far to the back of the base - a single missile, brought online by remote, begins its warm-up sequence. Computers inside of the base chatter wildly, warning sirens speaking of the deployment of one of the bases several defense rockets brings itself up to full power. But a different sound speaks of an even greater disaster, the sound of many, many explosives going off in rapid succession. The base personnel dont have much time left - the teleporters are online, but it is going to require a bit of effort on the heroes part to ensure that everyone gets out in time. Without it, those still outside defending from the drones might not make it.

Synth spins around and walks back onto the Dreadskull, placing her laptop on her back as she steps inside, pausing only once to look back as the massive airship lifts into the air, steering clear of the area, the ramp still down to let stragglers jump onboard.

The shimmering around Sky Dolphin stops.

Sword Man finally enters the Dreadskull, not exactly pleased at being forced to retreat. Sure, he likely was outmatched, but he's a KNIGHT, dammit! It's in his code of HONOR never to leave a fight unfinished. oO(Another stain on my armor, another stain on my honor)Oo

Knight Man leaps into the Dreadskull at the last minute, as the base starts to explode. Eruptions from underground consume the base in fire and desruction. And as for Knight Man? He makes it inside, virtually falling apart. But this raid was more or less successful for the Robot Masters. They got a mighty forkload of supplies, and destroyed a UN facility. Yes. He's falling apart, but he won, more or less.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Toad Man transmits, "You know, if you guys hadn't cut your exhaust systems out for 3 extra horsepower, you know who you are... You might have had the brains to ask me nicely to cover your asses so you can pull out."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] RM #30 Dust Man transmits, "You *static*"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "Sir Toad, once I return and I am capable again, I shall make sure you learn of respect. One way or another, I shall."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Toad Man transmits, "You remember the basic idea of /safely/ pulling out from Sex Ed? Don't get ERinged and get out safely. Use cover fire if necessary. If you fail to do this you /will/ E-Ring. If you E-Ring you will be exposed to sex at the hands of ERWIN or Gumball Man or whatever."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Bah, stoppeth with the bickering. We have won tonight, that tis all that matters, bwahaha..."

Blade Raven misses! Argh. He stumbles a bit, but manages to maintain his balance. Too bad Knight got away. Then the base starts to go up around him, "Hell." He opens his wings up and takes off..

Blade Raven retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Sky Dolphin, and Solar Draco.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Freeze Man transmits, "Yes, bwahaha indeed."

Explosions continue to rock the UN facility, literally bringing the house down. What ammunition and fuel that has not been stolen is consumed in a firestorm as box after box of Sword Mans explosives go up in what might be the worlds most impressive fireworks display since Repliforce Island sank beneath the waves. The base itself seems to sink slightly - and then the missiles themselves go up, twelve detonating in rapid succession, their fuel and payloads transforming what was once an intact installation into a massive pillar of flame stretching forth into the heavens...

Knight Man is in the Dreadskull, and shouldn't be out here. The RMs are victorious. Yoinks and away! They fly off into the sunset leaving a blazing fire pillar behind them. How pretty.

Outside> Fire bad! FIRE BAD! The dragon gets the HECK out of there, jets blazing as he tears out of the base, glancing back only to see the devistation. ... "..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Synth transmits, "Mmmm... well, I think we avoided anyone being killed in that blast. Good work, boys."

You paged Dawn with 'Drones planted underground explosives all under the base in abandonded tunnels, and they were detonated by some active missles that Synth detonated when she hacked into the computer's mainframe'.

Sword Man walks in, tracing a finger along the tear in his armor, the mechfluid still seeping from it. He silently lies down on a table, not saying much. He still would have wanted to finish his battle, but alas....

Synth takes a look at the boys filing in, and shakes her head at the various degrees of battering all of them have suffered. "Alright, Knight - on the table! Sword - on the next! Cenny, do you think you can keep standing?" Synth growls and prowls about the room, grabbing tools and parts, and ordering her Medical Joes to bring spares up from storage. "And when I actually DO need assistants..." she growls, moving over by Knight. "Alright, where does it hurt?"

Metal Man hauls himself in to the repair room and it looks like he has no lower left torso at all. "Now that's what I calll a fight and I'm not mauled too bad." Not mauled too bad? Well he is not most of the time he can't walk off the feild so this was a good run.

Sword Man is already lying on one of the tables, though through some odd luck, it is the same table Synth ordered him on. Oh well.

============================ BB Post in Progress =============================
Group: Robot Master
Title: Naval Base Raid
<Wily Spinny!>

Heeeeeeeeeere's Knight Man! Busted up REAL bad, sitting in the medbay, his armor is off, so that means it's his prettyboy human face and voice, wheefun. He's hurt, but none the less cocky. "Brothers, Elites, Lord Wily, tonight I leadeth an attack against the UN's fledgling Naval Base in a wretched port in Newfoundland. And of course, we were successful." He pauses to snicker, but is inturpted by coughing, and he resumes speakign again "Mineself lead the attack, and was accompanyed by Brother Centaur, Metal, Dust, Sword, Freeze, Ice and Sister Synth. With the recon mine spy drones had done, we were well preparedeth for the attack. While we launched our initial assault, mine drones were busy, lining the various underground tunnels that existed below the base with explosives. And when Synth hacked into it's mainframe, she detonated some of the active missles in the silos which thus detonated the underground explosives, and caused the entire base to explodeth in a glorious pillar of fire! Beforeth all that, of course, we raided all we could that twas of worth. We aquired a hefty amount of ammunition, military and naval equipment, among other things, and the rest twas destroyed in the explosion. With this, the UN's attempted to restoreth their defense in the east coast of North America are crushed. They art without Repliforce Island, and now without even this." He grunts "We recieved light resistance from the Maverick Hunters, but we foughteth them back. Though Break Man puteth me in this condition, and a few of our other brothers needeth repairs as well, tonight was a grand success. What with our stolen goods, and yet another crippling blow to our foes. And we need not worry about that base anymore, it may have becometh a nuisence had we left it there, but now defenses on that side of the coast art next to nothing! For the glory of Wily!" And with that, the transmission ends, and Knight prepares to recover.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Synth transmits, "Do we have ANY other medics on duty? I've got four injured boys, and not much in the way of help down here."

Knight Man is placed on a medbed, all the armor removed. It's humaform Heath Ledger..err.. Knight Man! Yeah! He's damaged, but none the less smug over the victory

Well, he's going to be much less smug in a moment - Synth breaks out the circular saw, the hack saw, and the power drill as she begins to cut into the damaged Master's thick armor. Her tools chew away damaged bindings and plates, and within moments Knight's armor is completely seperated from his body. The next step is removal - which is accomplished by a crowbar and a rather large nutcracker on Synth's part. Armor shards clatter across the floor, quickly swept away by Medical Joes as Synth buries her hands to the elbow in Knight's insides, tearing out damaged circuits and fliging them aside, cutting damaged power leads, and genreally vivisecting the Master in an attempt to get all the damage cleared out. That done, she begins taking new parts from a nearby tray and installing them.

Synth walks away from Knight - he can do without his armor for an evening, and that might actually keep him out of trouble for a while. And thus her next patient comes to view, a rather heavily battered Metal Man. "Well, you look to be in a bit better shape," she says, brandishing her saw and prybar. "Lets see what we can do about improving that."

Knight Man was worked on, and now he lies there. But he's still smug. Darhar.

Metal Man nods and hops up on the medical table and lays down the wires along the wound line sparking and fuzzing., "Well then Sis lets get cracking and I got a question for you. Just how much alterations did Dad do to you?"

Synth begins poping armor plates off of Metal, but raises an eyebrow at the rather - to her - rude question. "And what do you mean by *that*?" she asks quietly, her eyes narrowing. She starts working on one of the plates Metal's arms... and with a rather resounding CLANG and too hard of a pull, removes the entire limb in the process. "Ooops." That must have hurt.

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