Olympic Stadium
A very large stadium, constructed for the opening ceremonies of the 2214 Battle and Chase games.
Evan Carpenter
Siege Wolverine
Flare Feline
Jared Kintane
Lunar Vixen
Pilfer Ant
Ayla Ericson
Pirate Man
Spring Man
Spitfire Jumpjet

(Ch. E [Public]) Rhyme transmits: 'Battle and Chase? What the heck is that?'.

Iris is sitting up near the front. She's such a tiny thing, but her red beret makes her visible.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'The Gladiator Games.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Wildfire Phoenix transmits: 'Reploid Olympics.'.

Just outside is also a black-suited racer. Wearing his racing suit with the Mikage International logos on it, Jared Kintane pulls up beside Spring Man. From behind his helmet's tinted visor, he peers curiously at the Robot Master, before continuing onwards. He's here to register his own car, the 'Rising Storm', and also sign for the fencing competition. He's just wondering how legal his choice of weaponry is.

(Ch. E [Public]) Spring Man transmits: '*cough* and Android!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Rhyme transmits: 'Boffo. Think I could get in with my pickup truck?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'The wall is hard.'.

Ayla Ericson wanders around the seating area, look for a spot with a good vantage point. She's rather curious about the entire competition though she didn't sign up for any contests. "I think this is going to be an interesting event to watch, don't you?" the teen asks her assistbot as she finds a seat.

Enker sits on his tush. Then he spots Iris' classic hat, and takes a very big risk... he gets up and moves through the still-filling seats down to where she is. Politely he bows (decked out in armor, by the way) and asks, "Is this seat taken?"

(Ch. E [Public]) Jared Kintane transmits: 'Ahem. Don't forget the Battle and Chase is for not just Reploids and Androids, but for humans, and the cybernetically enhanced too. Not just you all.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Bolt Skunk transmits: '*loud snort*'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Jazz transmits: 'And bioroid(s)!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Bomb Man transmits: 'Wahl, theht hahrdleh fahr. Weh hehv't tahn eht dahn sah's naht t'hahrt th'hyehmahns.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Crash Man transmits: 'You've got 'roids? Ugh, god. Keep your inflammatory problems to yourself, loudmouth.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Rhyme transmits: 'Oh, bioroids, like Mr. Banana guy?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Spring Man transmits: 'It's for all of the earth inhabits.... and a fine way to get in shape! I'm so psyched for this!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Nitro Gerbil transmits: '...you all worry me.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Enker transmits: 'It is an opportunity for every being to prove his or her athletic prowess. Of course, the Robot Masters, being naturally superior, shall prevail.'.

Spring Man is racing legit dangit! He nods to the other racer, and waves. He then stops. "Uh... you allowed to *drive* your car to the entery booth?" He asks in a calm matter.

(Ch. E [Public]) Bolt Skunk transmits: 'You wish, spear-boy.'.

Twila Peterson has arrived.

Reason has arrived.

Pilfer Ant enters the stadium, seeming a bit nervous... though not for the reasons one might expect. Sure, he'll be competing with the best sharpshooters in the world. Losing doesn't worry him; even if he does -- which he doubts he will -- he won't lose much.

If the Yakuza takes this perfect opportunity to assassinate him, on the other hand...

Jazz has arrived.

Razor Pterodactyl has arrived.

(Ch. E [Public]) Nitro Gerbil transmits: 'Um..anyone know where that ceremony's gonna be at, huh?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Shrapnel Phobosuchus transmits: 'Torontreal, I believe.'.

Knight Man lumbers into the arena. Surprisingly, he doesn't have his mace or shield worn. (Yes, he can actually take the mace off, it's just a normal hand there now) He is still wearing his armor and helmet though. He seems to dislike the idea of a truce, if it were up to him he'd blow away all the forcers and hunters here (or, at least he'd try) but they were orders from Wily directly that the masters not break the truce, so he abides. Of course... it still doesn't mean he can't be a bully. He scares off a couple of kids who come near him with an evil cackle. He sits down, and waits for things to start.

Siege Wolverine blinks into the area, in a cloud of smoke and accompanied by the stench of brimstone. He glances around, carrying his Siege Cutter and extending his Siege Blades toward the Fencing area. He looks around with an evil-ish smirk on his face.

Twila Peterson sends a radio transmission to Jet Stingray.

(Ch. E [Public]) Nitro Gerbil transmits: 'Where in Torontreal?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Star Man transmits: '*Leonardo Leonardo* Well played, Mavericks...'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Spring Man transmits: 'Park section.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Enker transmits: 'The Park.'.

Evan Carpenter's limo pulls up outside the stadium. As it stops, Evan opens the back door and steps out. He turns inward and speaks to his associates. "Lucas, please set everything up for our guest, I'm sure he will arrive soon. I'll be attending the opening ceremonies, Dr. You may join me if you wish." A female voice answers from within, "That's fine dear, you go ahead, enjoy yourself, maybe you'll meet a nice girl."
Evan stands up and straightens his tie, "Please Dr. Not now. I'll be in touch." He closes the door and heads into the stadium.

Jazz drags Twila along as she dashes into the stadium, "I hope we're not late it would be bad if we were late I hope we're not late this will be fun Twila!!! YAY!!!"

Iris is seated up in the front, in the Short Reploid section.

Reason enters the area, fully armed. No, he would not be taking part in this...He had decided that he was not ready to stand amongst the athletes here. Soon, though...His training would continue. However, he would enjoy watching those who were testing themselves, greatly so. Walking into the Tall Reploid section, the seven foot Reason takes a seat casually, crossing one leg over the other as he takes little notice of others around.

Nitro Gerbil has arrived.

This doesn't leave Twila to respond very much. She glances through the crowd quickly to see if she spots anyone she knows (and is on good terms with). Finally, she states, "Jazz, slow down and calm down ok? You goit longer legs than I do..."

The Camera turns on.

Shrapnel Phobosuchus has arrived.

Enker sits on his tush. Then he spots Iris' classic hat, and takes a very big risk... he gets up and moves through the still-filling seats down to where she is. Politely he bows (decked out in armor, by the way) and asks, "Is this seat taken?"

Nitro Gerbil bounds into the stadium and glances around, flicking an ear before she begins seat-hunting.

Jazz stops sharply, "Right!", she states, "Well we're here at least...hehe...This will be so neat!"

Reason's eyes dart around, as he taeks note of a few other Hunters. Raising one hand, high up above the rest of the crowd, he signals down to them.

Jared Kintane turns, slowing his car to a stop, nodding to Spring. "Yeah." he says, voice muffled by his full-face helmet. "You can drive your car in. Thought you knew." he says with a smile hidden by his helmet. "Just lookin for the garages, so I can store this till race-day. That, and register."

Syphon Squid has arrived.

Bomb Man has arrived.

Iris gives Enker a surprised look bordering on suspicion...but being the silly girl that she is..."Umm...no, go ahead, you can sit there."
Stalwart remains seated by himself in the 'Huge Robots' section. It's hard to read his emotional state currently, since he lacks an expressive face.

Razor Pterodactyl flies into the Stadium a bit behind Jazz and Twila, watching them like a hawk. Well, more like a pterodactyl, but lets not get technical. After looking around the stadium a bit, he makes sure to land in a spot where there aren't many people. In fact, the only one sitting in that area happens to be Knight Man. For some reason the seats around him appear to all be vacant, go figure.

Nitro Gerbil glances around, her optics locking in on the custom job car, as a grin spreads across her muzzle. "Well, well..." She flicks the tip of her tail as she begins to move towards it for a closer look, idly hoping her own car will be safe outside.

Spring Man shrugs, and switches hand. Ahh, it's great to have the ability to lift 18 wheelers. "I might as well carry it all the way now, since it's be a bother to bark with it and all." He keeps slinking along. "So... err.. do you know where the judges are?" He asks rather nicly.

Siege Wolverine remains in the fencing section, looking around slowly... He does, after all, have to represent the 'Force, if Colonel isn't going to. He shakes his head a bit, a slight grinding noise can be heard as his head moves against the blades on his back. "Frag it..."

Shrapnel Phobosuchus seems to be ready to head to the Big Robots Zone herself; she's not as big as Stalwart, but she's big enough that she hardly wants to block people's view. She heads up, not paying all that much attention to the world around her.

Stopping suddenly wasn't the best thing to do. Twila accidently bumps against Jazz's back. Stumbling until able to regain her balance she then rubs her nose. *sigh* "Where...do we sit?

Enker has no sinister intent. Not really, anyway. "I thank you very much, Iris." He takes a seat and looks about the room for his fellow Masters. "Tell me, have you entered any of the Battle and Chase events? I myself registered for fencing and dodge ball. Quint, Ballade, and myself are the team members. We should give our opponents quite a challenge."

Bomb Man walks into the stadium, carrying massive bags of popcorn, and massive cups of pop. He looks around the stadium to see if he can see anyone who he can sit down next to.

Reason keeps his hand up, signaling down towards the femme Hunters. Yep, two seats on either side of the samurai! Time to get some action, bay-bee!

Jared Kintane nods, pointing. "Over that way. I've got to register, so if you want to follow me, that's fine." The teen sighs at the heat, and finally just bothers taking the helmet off, revealing his face. "Phew. Hot in there."

Jazz falls over, "EEK!!", almost onto the field but instead she just bangs her head against a railing and falls backwards into Twila.

Perhaps a spectacle to some, a number of Maverick gumbies suddenly march into the stadium, supporting on their burdoned shoulders a covered throne-like chair in which is seated the illustrious Lunar Vixen. She cools her face with a traditional oriental rice paper fan, flapping it in casual, listless strokes, while aimless eyes survey the scene with a royalty's aire of disinterested boredom. The Maverick Gumbies shuttle her into the stands, seeking a largely unoccupied section.

Monitor Weasel has arrived.

Pilfer Ant notices Reason's have and waves back to him, somewhat relieved to know that there are other Hunters around to protect him. Reasoning that it would be safer to be near a fellow Hunter than by himself in the Tiny Robots section, the antbot makes his way to the samurai and climbs up onto his shoulder. "Konnichi wa, Reason-san. Will you be competing as well?"

Knight Man eyes the flying RFer who defiantly lands near him, probably the only one with the guts to sit near him. "And what art thou supposed to be?" He asked cynically.

This causes Twila to completely fall over. "Jazz!" she barks...then hits the ground. *Oof!* .oO(Why me...?)Oo.

Nitro Gerbil flicks her optics back to the entrance, and -zoom-, she's off like a bolt of lightning. A few minutes later the sound of one really loud engine rumbles into the stadium, followed soon after by Nitro peeling in in her car.

GM Pickup has arrived.

Nitro Gerbil has left.

Spitfire Jumpjet is just here, hunkered into a cockpit down position, scanning about as she settles down, since her even isn't until tomorrow.

Reason shakes his head. "No, Pilfer. Not this year. I will watch, this year, and learn. Next year I shall take part. Please, sit down."

Dodge Viper X-3000 has arrived.

Evan Carpenter enters his private box in the stadium and has a seat. He could really care less about these opening ceremonies, he is here for one reason, to show the world the capabilities of that which he builds. He pours himself a glass of the fine bubbly left for him by the managment.

Nitro Gerbil has arrived.

Iris grins. "Yeah, I signed up for...something," she says to Enker, in that 'I got a secret!!'-type delighted voice. "Wow, sounds you'll have quite a team there...good luck!"

Jack Torval has arrived.

The little black 'bot beeps an agreement before Ayla Ericson lifts it up onto her lap. "There. Now you shouldn't get trampled by other people," the teen comments as she looks around. "Wow, it's getting to be a really big crowd."

Jazz falls onto Twila, unless she dodges. Luckilly she's pretty much made to be a lot like a normal human type and isn't too heavy.

Blues is still watching from a light fixture, being the anti-social person he is.

Whipcrack Octopus has arrived.

Decibel has arrived.

Guts Man has arrived.

Razor Pterodactyl whirls around, as Knight Man was behind him. He didn't really take the time to look at who it was he landing nearby, but now it's quite obvious. "Errr... I'm supposed to be a pterodactyl-based reploid. I guess I don't have to ask you the same question... you're supposed to be a Robot Master, correct?" Even though there is a truce, Razor can't shake the bad feeling he has about all this.

"But I am sitting down, Reason-san," Pilfer replies. He frowns a bit as he realizes that Reason might be implying that he doesn't want him atop his shoulder. "...You don't mind if I sit here, do you?"

Quint has arrived.

Quint appears! Huzzah!

Unfortunately. Twila doesn't have *time* enough to dodge. Another grunt is sounded as the reploid falls on her. .oO(Ok...now I *know* this was a bad idea...)Oo. She nudges the reploid. "Jazz..mind getting off me?"

Reason sighs, shaking his head. "No. Not really."

Spring Man nods, and plods along the teen. "I've been working off and on this for the past year or so... but I didn't realize that there was a foot race this year. I would have entered it, but oh well.." Yea, alts can do that to you. :) "Maybe next year." He kicks a rock. "But it's nice to be in a car once, havn't been driving in such a long time..." fear the talkitive Robot Master.

At the entrance, Monitor Weasel emerges. Checks his ticket, and simply begins a walk to his seat. Passive participation -- love it. Now. Do it!

Enker bets she signed up for the car race. He has no idea why he thinks this, just a hunch. "Thank you. Good luck to you as well, at whatever event you have signed up for."

Rhyme has arrived.

GM Pickup has left.

Rhyme takes GM Pickup.

Reason o O (Oh no.)

Pilfer Ant smiles somewhat. "Arigatou, Reason-san..."

Iris smiles brightly, nearly outclassing the stadium lights. "Why thank you!"

One by one, the main viewscreens around the stadium flicker on, displaying the still empty stage. The lights around the stadium slowly begin to dim, giving everyone time to find their seats.

Jared Kintane nods as he leads the way to the judge's table, parking a good 10 feet away. He nods, and smiles. "Yeah. This's been a side project of mine for a bit, had to get a bit of help funding. You go the corporate route, all you need to do is a little advertising." he explains, indicating the logos on his racing suit, and car. All of them read Mikage International.

Broadcast Ocelot has arrived.

Broadcast Ocelot stalks into the area, tail swishing from side to side.

Nitro Gerbil peers out of the driver's window, glancing around as she looks for a place to park...

Syphon Squid strides into the arena, gazing about and looking down at his ticket, finding his seat. Sitting down, he looks backward a little bit, spinning his propellers to make sure his pack is in working order. Sure, the race isn't for a while, but he's gotta be ready. Also he flexes his tentacles before drawing his two rear tentacles back into his body and shrinking his side-tentacles to be the length of his arms.

Knight Man snarls at Razor, let's have some fun "Of courseth I art a creation of Lord Wily." Since Razor has turned he can see the RF insignia now "And thou art an RF worm I see, hah!" Knight crosses his arms and glares down at him "Thou shouldst be glad that this art truce time, and I won't haveth to crush thee little man."

Monitor Weasel makes his way to his seat in the dimming lights, and before sitting down removes a sheathed fencing blade from his person, setting it down carefully by his seat.

Rhyme has disconnected.

Bomb Man spots his seat, and goes towards it, slipping bits of buttery popcorn on people as he passes by, ignoring the insults thrown his way. He finally get there, and sits down, ready to relax, and enjoy the ceremony. He starts to munch obnoxiously on his popcorn, slurping on his Cocsi at the same time. Ew.

Siege Wolverine, the other mustelid reploid in the crowd, moves for his own seat. He stashes his blades and sits down... In the human-sized area. He glances around curiously, examining the crowds for a few moments, before returning his attention to the stage.

Quint enters the stadium, only slightly more than fashionably late. But Quint is always fashionable. He doesn't even bother to check his ticket at the front - none of these scum vendors deserve to hold a ticket that was once in Quint's possession. Quickly, he ventures to one of many salespeople, leaving the desk happily with a large foam hand worn over his sinister. Getting into as many people's way as he possibly can, he searches for an empty seat near some of his Robot Master chums. Chumps?

Jazz nods a bit, "S..sure Twila...", she rolls off of her and stands up, "Oh! We could sit right here!"

Reason puts his arm down. Must be too high up. Ah, well.

Broadcast Ocelot enters the stadium through one of it's many, many enterances and searches for somewhere to sit. He eyes his tickets and tries to figure out exactly where it is that he's suppose to go. "Damn, a lot of people here," he mutters to himself. Thinking about it, he knows that most of the Repliforce are sitting together. Now only if he could find them.

Quint picks a seat near Bomb Man, immediately raising his novelty foam hand in front of someone's face.

"Peanuts? Peanuts?" Lunar Vixen intones, glancing somewhat confusedly around. Behind her visor, her brow tightens, molded eyes growing narrow with frustration. She leans over, and shields her face behind her fan as she murmurs softly to a person, just now noticeable, in a seat beside her. "Are there not supposed to be vendors at functions?" The person to whom Lunar Vixen speaks is a rather handsome and debonair man, with wavy black hair the shade of ink fresh on the page, and chiseled features that are carved meticulously with both youth and maturity involved. His only marring feature is that sweat pours from his colourless, terrified face, as his tuxedo clad body trembles in it's titanium chain-bonds. A Maverick Gumby infront of him holds a gun levelled on the front of his head, passing the tiny red tracer dot over his eyes with cruel glee. Lunar comments idly to the Gumby, "Stop that." The kidnapped individual is too terrified to reply.

Bomb Man looks over, and spots Kunta Quinte! He waves his arms madly, and shouts, "KWAHNT! AHP HEHR! KWAAAAAAAHNT!"

Nitro Gerbil eventually finds a spot and slides out of the window without even bothering to open the car door first. She pads towards a registration table and quickly fills out some forms, then starts to search for an empty seat.

Whipcrack Octopus clomps into the stadium with a bunch of other individuals; human, Reploid, cyborg, other. He trudges onward, coiling himself in close; one tentacle holds a small banner, another has a commemorative program. A static-bonding Olympic logo has been affixed onto his side, and somehow someone has taped an Olympic baseball hat to the top of his body. He moves forward, clumping down closer to the front; he sees someone he recognizes and begins to head towards Iris, moving to sit on her other side. Where does a Reploid octopus sit? Anywhere he can.

Razor Pterodactyl nods. "Oh yes, aren't I the fortunate one... however, I have to point out that I'm not a worm. Worms cannot fly, you see. Well, at least not until they turn into a butterfly..." Uh-huh, even in the face of a Robot Master that just insulted him, Razor is still prone to get sidetracked on something completely irrelevant.

Jazz pauses and points in several directions, "Or there... or here?...Or there maybe? Or there?"

Spring Man has Dr. Wily as a sponser. Wily for ruler of the world! *cough* "Yea." He sets his car down in front of the awestruct judge with a plop. The Judge quickly regains his composure. "Uh sir... I take it you are here to register." Spring noddles. "Ok, well, here's the paper work, I'll have Tim and Bub check the car out while you fill it out." Springer nods again, but holds one of the mechanics back. "Watch out for the springs." He warns, pointing at the two spring arms on the body.

Reason sighs, watching Jazz be totally confused. Tapping Pilfer a bit, he gestures down towards them. "Would you mind letting them know that we are here, and that they are welcome to sit down? They look as though they could use a seat." Switching the cross of his legs, Reason briefly repositions his swords, as not to poke anyone sitting behind him.

Iris says, "Well hello Whipcrack!! Welcome to the show, glad you could make it -- this is going to be so exciting!"

From seemingly out of nowhere, a beam lances out, neatly vaporizing the gun from the gumby's hand. It was announced that security would be tight.

As the lights dim, a few spotlights come on, illuminating the central area of the stadium.

Twila Peterson glances towards Jazz, skeptical as she gets herself up. Er...I think I'll find a seat in one of the stands..." she mutters. When the femme reploid isn't looking she makes ehr way over towards a stand for the "height impaired" and slips into a seat. Breathing a sigh of relief she glances over towads the one she sits near. "Iris, hey!" Her smile is shortlived as she also notices Enker sitting on the other side. "Uh...hi."

Knight Man just eyes Razor for a few moments, then bursts into an evil laughter "Bwahahahaha! Thou art a funny little one indeedeth!" The show then starts up "Now be silent, thou art making me misseth the event."

Jared Kintane grins, and accepts his paperwork after Spring's done, fills it out, and throws a spare set of keys to Tim. "She handles nice, and watch the paintjob boys." he warns. That done, he turns, and pokes Spring in the side, motioning towards the stands. "C'mon. We've gotta get seats before they're all gone."

Nitro Gerbil blinks and quickly bounds towards the closest seat she can find, nearly knocking some random person over in the rush. Whoops.

Jazz says, "Gee...Twila...It's sorta hard to see from he..Twila?...Twila?"

Stalwart has remained amazingly quiet and calm in light of all the hub-bub, though his eye brightens when the beam shoots out. He idly checks his vision's HUD to ensure his weapons are secured to his back, and hopefully won't be viewed as 'readied'.

Iris waves Twila over. "C'mon guys, there's still a few extra seats, hurry and get them!"

Broadcast Ocelot eyes as the lights dim out and decides to quickly find a seat. Moving through the now dim area as he waits for his optics to adjust, he finds a seat and sits down. After they adjust, Broadcast Ocelot looks around and finds himself sitting almost right in the middle of the Robot Master group... oO(Oh damn...)Oo

Quint's head turns toward Bomb Man, his lips forming into a mild grin. "Give me some popcorn," he orders, eyeing the fluffy white bits floating in the bag filled with liquified yellow. His arms crossing at the back of his head,

Spitfire Jumpjet does the same as Stalwart, snickering as Lunar gets hers. Foolio. She remains in poistion, wings flickering slightly.
...he rests his legs on the back of the chair in front of him. Time to relax.

Whipcrack Octopus settles nearby Iris, waving his banner. "You wouldn't believe what I had to go through to get a ticket," he intones to Iris, offering her his commemorative program for a moment. He seems to be ignoring Enker in hopes that maybe he just won't see him.

Razor Pterodactyl blinks. Well, he didn't really know what else to say to Knight Man anyway. After all, he's never had any training to /talk/ to Robot Masters. So he just shrugs and turns back to watch the events unfold.

Shrapnel Phobosuchus's gun is safely off. She clambers up to a seat near Stalwart. "This one taken?"

Monitor Weasel looks up as Nitro makes an abrupt entrance. He raises his sheathed blade to hold it in a way that's less likely to hit speeding aisle traffic.

Whew! The thought of seeing Enker was just her overactive imagination!

Twila scoots herself closer towards Iris, half appreciating as the show is about to start. "Thanks. Actually, almost was going to just watch this on the Holo-Vid."

Reason carefully holds his swords with the curvature facing down, so that they are not viewed as offensive...At least not by samurai customs. Hopefully, the automachines are set to some sort of Japanese knowledges such as that.

Morgaine has arrived.

Siege Wolverine idly continues to glance around curiously... Ok, there are three mustelid reploids here... That's never a good thing.

Pilfer Ant nods. "Hai, Reason-san." With that, he looks around for Twila and Jazz. He soon notes that Twila is already seating herself, but Jazz is lost... He projects a hologram of himself before the confused detective-ditz, then proceeds to make it speak.

"Konnichi wa, Jazz-san. I can lead you to Twila and Iris or to Reason and myself. Where would you like to sit?"

Bomb Man passes Quint a bag of greasy, greasy, greasy popcorn, slathered in butter, with some sort of red powder on the popcorn. "Hehr yeh gah, Kwahnt."

As the gumby's hand is emptied of it's weapon, it shrieks and flails wildly. Lunar Vixen hefts up a foot and suddenly slams her stiletto heel into it's chest, dislodging it from her throne-like seat podium and sending it tumbling down through the stands. The Man beside her falls to the ground, balling up into a fetal position, while a gumby assisting in holding her little podium up murmurs a few soft, calming words to her. Yet, her reply is a few scathing, unspeakable and unladylike profanities, followed promptly by a screeched, "PEANUTS!"

Spring Man would grin, if he actually had a mouth. Ahh... to be treated like this for the rest of the year. "All right. I'll be right there." He says, as looks at the flier... and wisly omits his home address. "First name... Spring... Last... Wily... middle.... Man.... That's easy!" He fills the rest out, points to the keys, which are on the seat, and goes off to find Jared... or not, if someone else catches his eye.

Ayla Ericson turns her attention to the main stage. "Looks like it's going to start soon," she comments with a grin on her face.

Decibel suddenly appears to be sitting near the rest of the resident - well, people he knows. No, he didn't teleport or anything, but he's been quiet for a while. "Hiya, Miss Iris." he says.
Nitro Gerbil screechs to a halt and salutes to Monitor, a grin on her muzzle. "Hey!"

Reason shakes his head, as they take a seat. "Do not mind them, Pilfer. It seems they have found a place to sit." Leaning back in his chair, Reason frowns, dreading the thought of his beautiful weapons being vaporized by a stray laser blast. So he would be sitting almost alone, save for Pilfer? Very well...

Iris says, "Good evening, Decibel!"

Quint dips his hand into the bag of grease, butter, and fluff, his head nodding once in approval. Unaware of the high red content in the popcorn, Quint scoops up a handful of popcorn - dripping with so-called butter - and quickly throws it in his mouth. Chew. Chew. Choke. Open mouth REALLY wide. Spit. "What are you trying to do to me?! What's this red stuff?!"

Monitor Weasel sets his blade down again, now that it won't hit anybody. "To you as well a good evening, Miss. It proves to hold at the very least interest.

The main speakers around the stadium come on, "The Battle and Chase committee would like to welcome everyone to the opening ceremony of the 2214 Games. Will everyone please rise for the national anthem of tonight's host." The speakers go silent again and the lights focus on the center of the stage.

Nitro Gerbil nods and finds a seat near Monitor, her tail lashing back and forth in the air behind her. "Yeah...but I just can't wait for the races. Oh yeah..." She grumbles, getting to her feet. "Hope this is quick."

Jared Kintane is already making his way through the stands, with a bag of roasted peanuts from the vendor's stand he passed. By some twist of fate, the Yakuza teen's ended up by Lunar Vixen's contingent. Idly, he stares at the chained guy, and shakes his head. oO(Talk about your ball and chain. What a shrew.)Oo

Bomb Man looks at Quint, who he almost posed as Kwahnt, "Eht's hahbehnrehrah pahdr. Dehd Ah fergeht t'mehnshahn eht's spahseh? Sahreh." He holds out a Cocsi container.

Twila Peterson offers a small wave towards Decibel, but doesn't over verbal greeting when the cerimony begins. She simply turns to the front to watch the screens.

Iris rises respectfully, for the anthem.

Twila Peterson then rises/

Adler Blau has arrived.

Jazz rises but so does the 10 foot tall reploid in front of her.

Stalwart doesn't exactly rise. He's plenty 'risen' just by his height. He's more preoccupied with 'no sudden movements', lest the security grid vape his bazooka...while it's loaded...that would hurt.

Shrapnel Phobosuchus gets up for the anthem as well, quickly and standing very straight.

Monitor Weasel stands, calm and silent, returning Nitro with a nod beforehand.

The gumbies and Lunar exchange a few more words, it becomes heated, and the Vixen slams her heel into the podium, resulting a deafening crack of metal on metal. The only discernable words are, "I DON'T care, I'm NOT standing. You say the damn anthem."

Whipcrack Octopus gets up as well, filing his tentacles down as a gesture of respect. He channels the vid feed of the event in another window while waiting for the signal to sit once more.

Broadcast Ocelot sweatdrops at being around the Masters but the feeling soon passes and he stands for the national anthem of whatever country they're in.

Down below, on the field at the center of the stadium, a spotlight suddenly clicks on. For those high above, a miniscule figure appears, slowly walking to the center of this spotlight. It dims after a moment, serving only to let those about know that something is up. At least, for the moment.

Siege Wolverine stands respectfully, nodding a bit... After all, he is a Canadian reploid. He looks at the Lunar and the gumby, narrowing his optics a bit. "Stand up, now, rookies, 'fore yeh get thrown out."

Razor Pterodactyl doesn't really know why he should rise for this, but seeing almost everyone else rising, he follows suit.

Bomb Man stands up, spilling popcorn all over the legs and butt of the person in front of him.

Knight Man raises an eyebrow (err, well he does, under the helmet) "They wanteth me to rise?" Knight Man's first impluse was to just sit there, but he WAS ordered not to cause any trouble, and reluctantly stands, don't expect him to do much else. "Bah, the only anthem that shouldeth be played is Lord Wily's!"

Spring Man Quickly runs to go find a seat. Dang, that's taken, dang that's taken.... DANG! No wait, there's a seat! He slides into a seat, right next to Timmy, the little kid from south cental San An, and Tony, the drunkard. He stands for the anthem.

"Darn right you should be sorry," Quint utters, reaching for someone else's napkin to wipe the half-chewed popcorn pieces from his lips.
"Perhaps I should order my own popcorn. That way, I can be sure that nobody has spread their existance on it by eating it." Shrugging slightly, he thrusts one finger in Bomb Man's direction. "You. Order me popcorn - this I command! But don't eat it, or I'll have to shove this foam hand down your neck."

Adler Blau makes his way in from the concession stand, he moves towards one of the better, more expensive box seats and sits down there, all by himself. He opens up the bar, takes out a bottle of 2012 Merlot and proceeds to pour himself a glass and watch the goings on.

Syphon Squid tilts his head to one side as the announcement comes over the PA and nods once, standing respectfully for the National Anthem.
Lunar looks around wildly at the words thrown off by Siege Wolverine, murmuring in a simply astonished tone, "What? What did he say?" The brimming fury in her disquietingly hushed voice strikes at the gumby's cores, and the suddenly break into speech, as though to distract her, "OOOooohhh say can you SEE!" One of the group of gumbies enters a change of pace with a scarcely noticed, "OooOoooOOOooh Canada..."
Protoman is already standing, so he really doesn't need to for the anthem. He just hopes the cameras don't find him like last year.
Reason rises up, holding his arms at his sides as he has all the look to him of a Canadian Nationalist.

Ayla Ericson stands up with a burst of energy, easily holding her assistbot in her arms. You'd think it was a lot heavier...

Pilfer Ant holds on carefully as Reason stands before getting on twos himself... . o O (At least this isn't being hosted someplace questionable...) O o .

Jared Kintane snorts as Lunar shows such obvious disrespect. Shrugging, he sets his helmet on the stands beside where Siege is, and stands respectfully for the Anthem. He doesn't know it, but he'll at least be polite and quiet.

Adler Blau stands up himself, he doesn't sing though...they really need to hold this thing in Germany more.

Jazz sneezes a couple times.

Siege Wolverine glances at Lunar for a moment, then returns to peaceful behavior... Might as well keep his muzzle clean of being an inciter of trouble. He folds his arms behind his back, glancing around cautiously, attempting to find anyone else that isn't being respectful.

An announcer's voice echoes through the stadium, pausing only to give a translation of what was said in English.
"Ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the singing of the national anthem."
"Madames et messieurs, s'il vous plait, levez-vous pour l'hymne nationale."

All is quiet for a while after that. And then, the words come. Softly at first, but gradually stronger are they. o/~ Oh Canada! Our home and native land..! True patroit love, in all thy sons command. o/~
o/~ With glowing hearts we see thee rise, the True North strong and free. From far and wide, O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.. o/~
Stalwart isn't being respectful. He's being cautious, remaining seated in light of the security display. But he's in another seating section entirely, too. At least he's being quiet throughout the song.
Shrapnel Phobosuchus is standing next to Stalwart. It's like she's standing for two, given how straight she is.

Quint doesn't need to stand for this national anthem. He's not standing for any anthem until he has his own!

Spring Man sings along, replacing God with Wily when nesseary.
Reason takes a deep breath of Canadian air, feeling inspired by the sound of the anthem flowing through his ears, filling him with pride. It made him so proud to be...


Guardian has arrived.

Nitro Gerbil blinks, quirking an ear. "...eh? Well, this is a new one."

Knight Man sneers. "Ridiculous song..."

Monitor Weasel stands silent and reverent at the anthem.

Broadcast Ocelot doesn't know the words to the song, so he doesn't sing. He does however stand at attention like a good, little soldier boy. Well, not fully at attention, his tail swishes now and then.

Bomb Man waves a tiny Canadian flag at one of the cameras sweeping the audience, and grins.

Razor Pterodactyl just sorta stands there, puzzled. o O(Why are we all standing for a song?)O o

Ayla Ericson hums along with the anthem. She should know a bunch of them by now, being an ambassador's daughter.

Whipcrack Octopus doesn't know what he is. His original parts came from all over the world, whether they be the metal, the machining, the installation, the shipping, the installing or the bug-testing. And even those parts have mostly gone by the wayside during the course of regular maintanence, replaced by even more esoteric components. This anthem may as well be his own; regardless, he stands nearby Iris, watching the ceremony internally within a live feed window.

Adler Blau stands respectfully, glass of merlot in hand. He admires the patriotism...its starting to remind him of that old romantic scene in the 2091 remake of Casablanca....with everyone singing in the bar.

Spring Man suddenly realizes he ain't supposed to be singing, and quickly shuts up... and shinks a a half a foot.

Iris smiles, she can't help but feel the pride here this evening. The fact that the anthem is sung in French makes it even more dear to her.

Siege Wolverine sighs happily. "That's such a great, ehh, song." He smirks and sits down when it's over... Hey, he's a patriotic wolverine... What can be said?

One particular fellow suddenly breaks out into a loud chanting of 'God Save the Queen', and is quickly escorted out.

Overdrive Ostrich has arrived.

Pilfer Ant sings along, being a lover of music... sure, he's not Canadian, but seeing as Canada is a big place he's spent enough time there while on the run to pick the anthem up. His singing voice isn't bad, really, but still not good enough to take note of.

Twila Peterson merely listens as she stands, smiling slightly in thought.

Quint is so very, very close to pointing and laughing at that poor sucker whom sang the wrong anthem.
o/~ Et ta valeur, de foi trempee.. Protegera nos foyers et nos droits. Protegera nos foyers et nos droits. o/

Ever so softly, the music starts to dissipate, leaving the singer standing there; she looks at the crowd with a smile, before heading back to the stands.

Jared Kintane nods. "Not bad. I'm sure if I was Canadian, I'd like it more." he says, to the Wolverine beside him. "Peanuts?" he asks, offering his bag, after taking out a few.

Spitfire Jumpjet has left.

Guardian rushs in as he arrives a bit late muttering, "Stupid alarm clock never works." Finding a seat next to his fellow Repliforcers he stands up while the anthem plays. His right hand is placed over where his heart would be as the anthem play. He hums along with the tune slightly. The anthem holds special meaning to him as he was mostly constructed in Canada and his own creator was Canadian.

Knight Man sits back down, and shouts "Boo!" While everyone else cheers

Nitro Gerbil lets out a sigh of relief as the song ends.

Monitor Weasel politely ignores the dissenters to the anthem.

Spring Man sits, still looking embarrised.

Protoman continues to stand and watch from above the standium, both arms crossed, though the look on his face actually shows off a little amusement at the singing.

Numerous spectators join in with Knight Man's booing, only they can't get kicked out, since they're not actually yelling, "Boo!"

"Boo-urns! Boo-urns!"

Siege Wolverine eyes Jared, "No. Thanks."

Decibel continues to stand, saluting hand touching his forehead gem.
But - then the song ends. Hm. "Not a bad beat," he muses.

Pilfer Ant sits back down quickly -- if Reason were to sit down first, most likelt the thief-bot would be thrown off-balance...

Afterburner Pigeon has arrived.

.oO(Now if Americans can still keep up with our National Anthem...)Oo. Twila muses as she retakes her seat after the singing is over.

Reason takes a seat, crossing one leg as he leans back to watch.
Bomb Man sits down, then pulls out his Wily-Phone, ordering up some new popcorn for Quint. The jerk.

Monitor Weasel also takes his seat, equally reverently.

As Morgaine steps down, a small troop of others steps up to the stage. A few humans, and some Reploids.. After they all sit down, a dapper-looking penguin Reploid steps up to the podium, "Thank you, Morgaine. Ladies and gentlemen, Reploids, androids, and children... Welcome to the opening ceremonites."

Jared Kintane takes his seat, and begins munching away loudly on his peanuts. He's interested in seeing what they've lined up for this year.

Nitro Gerbil settles back in her seat, yawning.

Stalwart has been sitting. His head turns to face Shrapnel as he notes, "Amazing, isn't it? How for just a few minutes...people will shut up, stand up, and do the same thing in perfect harmony?"

Reason watches Morgaine depart the stage, smirking somewhat. Same one from the Repliforce ball, wasn't it? She must be famous, or something. He really must keep up with these pop culture things...

Siege Wolverine sits down and eyes Jared for a moment, "Must yeh munch so loudly, rookie?"

Broadcast Ocelot sits back down in his seat next to a bunch of random Robot Masters. Lucky him.

Shrapnel Phobosuchus says dryly as she retakes her seat, "Except for the idiots, yeah."

Razor Pterodactyl is still standing. When he notices everyone else sit down, he quickly does, too. He lowers his head at Knight Man's loudness. o O(I'm beginning to understand why noone else is sitting anywhere near here...)O o

Afterburner Pigeon isn't late! Never late. Well, not late when he's delivering packages. Just having delivered yet another parcel to the far reaches of New York, he rumbles towards the stadium, wings outspread and four jet engines roaring. "Aw, crap, what'd I miss already?" he grumbles, circling the stadium, looking for a landing spot. Although, landing 14 feet of squawb will be an accomplishment in this throng...

Guardian smiles and sits down. Taking off his helmet he places it on his lap and runs a hand through his hair. Looking over to Iris he smiles and says in a soft voice, "Nice show isn't it?"

Stalwart has a brief laugh at Shrapnel's reply, "But...they have their place too. Ah well. Did you enter any of the events?"

"Ahh," Quint sighs in relief after recieving his popcorn. "Sweet, buttery, uncontaminated popcorn." Laughing quietly to himself, he scoops up a few kernals with one hand and plops them into his mouth. . o O ( Excellent. Maybe if I can get Bomb Man to order me things - one at a time - all night... ) "The only thing I'm missing now in order to make this evening very slightly more enjoyable is a drink. Bomb Man," he addresses, turning his head to one side as he munches on another few pieces of popcorn. "Be a good little servant and order me a soda. But not one of those icky vegetable sodas. How about a nice cola?"

Guts Man does stuff.

Iris grins at Guardian. "And this is only the opening!! The rest of this is going to be terrific!"

Pilfer Ant waits patiently, finding himself starting to relax... then catching himself reflexively. He then shakes his head. . o O (I'm in the middle of a crowd. I shouldn't need to worry... yet.) O o .

Overdrive Ostrich leans against the wall until the anthems are over, then finds a place to park himself for the rest of the ceremonies.
Preferably toward the back where his neck won't get in the way.. :p

Jared Kintane shrugs, as he has a mouthful of peanuts. After swallowing, he smiles sweetly at Siege. "Well...they're peanuts. It's not easy t' eat em quiet-like." he explains, before crunching into another few, this time about half as loud. oO(Pff. I'm older n' him anyways.)Oo

Guardian nods, a smile on his face, "I've always been a fan of the olympics, sadly I have not been able to attend them in a long time. Will you be competing any events?"

Bomb Man points at the trays of Cocsi sitting on the chair between him and Quint. "Ahnjahy."

Twila Peterson offers a half wave to the newcomer, not really recognizing Guardian. Although if she had met him it was a while back. Possibly she just doesn't remember. "Lats year I just watched this on television."

Broadcast Ocelot also just happens to be sitting next to Guts Man. Even luckier for him. So when Guts Man starts doing stuff, BO sweatdrops.

Quint's heart is struck with fear in the event of Guts Man's very vague actions named - or rather, not - in his pose.

Shrapnel Phobosuchus nods to Stalwart. "Of course. Sharpshooting, water and land races, dodgeball. And the big racing event, of course. I'm entering myself."

Ayla Ericson drops back to her chair and gives her 'bot a hug. "I wonder if I've heard that lady before," she murmurs to herself as she tries to remember recent events.

Spring Man is getting bored already. Where's the compition? The atheletes? the events? THE EXERCISING? He starts tapping his foot....
Stalwart dims his eye for a moment, then brightens it. "Dodgeball...an unusual choice, but I think the rules will make up for it. Good luck with that."

Quint says, "Ah. Sweet, sweet cola. Mine for the taking."

Quint takes, for it is his for the taking. Bwar!

Siege Wolverine is 4 years old... That's like middle aged in reploid years. Last time he checked, Jared was only a teenager... Or did someone give him the wrong info again? Siege sighs and shakes his head, "Sure there is. Give me a few." he holds out a massively misproportioned paw. "I'll show yeh, ehhh, how teh eat peanuts, bub."

Knight Man looks across the crowd, and sees Quint getting Bomb Man to order stuff for him. He mumbles "Cretins..." Just for fun, he picks up a conveniently placed stone next to his seat and flings it at the back of Quint's head.

The penguin Reploid continues, "This year, we have competitors from the Repliforce, the Hunters, Robot Masters, and Mavericks, as well as representatives from nearly a dozen private teams, companies, and organizations. The Games Committee would like to first congradulate all of this year's athlete's. We would also like to pay tribute to the athletes who participated in last year's events, the first annual Battle and Chase games..."

He steps back and the spotlights dim. The viewscreens around the stadium light up, accompanied by a fast-paced symphony. Images are shown, of Mega Man lighting the torch, of the proud winners of some of the events... of a few cars exploding in large fireballs.. Hey, it can't all be glamorous. Some of the competitions in progress are shown next, with Cut Man flinging a Rolling Cutter at the sharpshooting target.. of Colonel and Dischord running neck and neck for second place in the aquatic races. And of several other memorable moments which the emitter wishes were more memorable to him, since he's forgotten them. Ah well. It's still impressive.

Magma Dragoon has arrived.

Adler Blau puts his feet up on the empty seat in front of him, he continues sipping on his drink softly and just soaks in the surrounding. He hrms and looks around, for a pretty girl to invite in to the empty space surrounding him. An evil smile reaches his features, yes...surrounded by pretty girls. bwahahaha. He then notices the penguin and the imagrey..he must make a perfect moment! He absolutely must! But, thats for later...now...for the girls.

Iris applauds happily at the sight of her brother competing in last year's B&C footage...she's so proud of him.

Quint looks around with great alert as a rock is bravely flung at his head! "Alright, who did that?!" the Elite Master complains, hunting around for the thrower of said rock. "Don't make me throw a rock at all of you to get my revenge!"

Broadcast Ocelot wishes someone could be proud of him. But he's just a lowly Repliforcer troop. Oh well.

The roar of Afterburner's jet engines starts to decrease to a continuous whine as he circles. No luck for him tonight down on the ground, but hey, the edges of the stadium'll do for now, that's for sure. The huge pigeon with the tacky shirt angles himself to land on the stadium wall, blasting hot air around him for a good twenty feet.
Guardian looks over to Twila. For a moment he just looks at her trying to put a name to the familar face, "I unfortunately was unable to watch it on the television last year. How are you today.. er um Miss Peterson I believe?"

Monitor Weasel nods with interest at the more heroic incidents, and frowns at the more combustive ones.

Nitro Gerbil's optics light up at the car races. "Oooh...yeah."

Knight Man sees Quint look in his direction, and says nothing, pointing to Razor sitting in front of him. o O(Heh, this should be good...) O o

Morgaine has left.

Siege Wolverine watches with interest, cheering a bit at the footage of the Repliforce dodgeball team... And especially with Cryogen, Chi, and Ten... Those were games to behold. He looks at Jared, a bit impatiently.

Jared Kintane shrugs, and shakes a few peanuts into the oversized hand of Siege. Jared then grabs a few more, and eats them in a fashion as muted as he can.

Twila nods with a smile. "That's right. Guess we did meet before. Your face did look farmiliar. And I'm fine. You?"

Bomb Man sighs, and whispers to Quint. "Kwaheht dahn, Kwahnt. Yehr gahneh ehmbahrahs... uh... yersahlf." Bomb does not mention that Quint's raving madness would also embarass Bomb.

Shrapnel Phobosuchus nods. "That's the idea, anyway," she says with a smile. "It's just like shelling, except you have to aim much more closely...that's what the sharpshooting's for."

Spring Man nods, and idles ponders if his car's ok.

"Hey, Tim! Wonder what this level does?" "I dunno, Bub, but I wouldn't trust that slinky freak's car." "Lemmie see, though..." "No wait!" *flip* *SPROING!* "WAHHH!!!!!" "I tried to warn him..."

Stalwart doesn't nod. It's an odd motion for his head to do. "Well...you'll do well, I think. I'm pretty sure I saw a few Repliforcers who intended to have their gold medals bronzed for posterity."

Quint takes a slow sip of his cola, looking around for the small projectile. "Quiet, Bomb Man. I have no idea what you just said, but...you said...something. Don't." With a devilish grin, he picks up the rock, flinging it 'back' at Razor. "Now...silence. I'm here to enjoy the ceremonies in piece. Don't make me heave you into the torch."

Shrapnel Phobosuchus considers that, then laughs. "Seems dumb to me."

Pilfer Ant smirks to himself at the sharpshooting footage. . o O (Cut Man? Surely I can do better than that.) O o . His optics then widen at the clip of Michael Eildath and Zero finishing in perfect unison in the race... . o O (Wow. It really *was* close...) O o .

Siege Wolverine glances around for a moment, hearing one of his trademark ripoffs being used... He hrmms quietly, looking around slowly for a second, then shrugging. He takes the peanuts and pops them into his mouth. He then demonstrates, by bringing his jaws together so hard that the peanuts literally explode silently within his mouth from the pressure. He smirks, "That's how yeh eat peanuts, bub."

Magma Dragoon eventually makes his way to the stadium. His meditation exercises had all but consumed him this evening and by the time he realized what tonight was, he found himself to be rather late. Regardless, the Elite makes his presence known as he works his way through the crowds over to where Twila Peterson and others sit. He looks around, then offers a slight smile as he indicates an empty spot on the bench, "Twila . . . Friends. Is this seat taken?" It should also be noted that, for once, Magma lacks his cloak.

Decibel sits behind Iris - perhaps to one of the upper sides. Or maybe he's sitting next to her, it wasn't really established in any of his poses. The bandroid pops open a soda can. "Anyone thirsty? I brought drinks."

Celestial Blackbird has arrived.

Stalwart remarks back offhandedly, "I was joking, but I know a few of them who really would try that."

Iris grins back at Decibel. "I'll take a cola, thanks."

As the last of the images plays and the symphony dies down, the spotlight reappears on the stage as a human steps up to speak. "And we all hope that this year's games will be just as exciting..." As he speaks, a large column rises behind him, bearing an empty torch at the top. A tall millipede Reploid appears near the entrance of the stadium, wearing a shirt with the games logo on it. Another spotlight follows the millipede as he runs up toward the stage. "And now, for the lighting of the torch, we would like to invite a rather mysterious individual... One who I'm sure we all know..." Another spotlight swings up, focusing on a certain red, shade and scarf wearing figure on the wall of the stadium, "Protoman!"

Shrapnel Phobosuchus's eyes dart over toward Iris for a minute, then back. "I'm sure."

Broadcast Ocelot shuffles his feet nervously as he tries to his best to be cool and calm around all these Robot Masters. Not that they scare him. Of course not, he could kick any one of their afts. Especially this big guy sitting next to him...Guts Man.

Twila Peterson beems towards Magma as he makes his presence known. "Feel free. Just in time too--." She stops right at the latter announcement and...facepalms. *sigh* "Interesting...wonder if he'll have the same message for the crowd this year."

Guardian nods and returns the smile, "I believe we met back during the ordeal with the Stardroids." he pauses as he remembers such a unpleasent time and frowns for a moment but he quickly pushes the memories aside and looks to Magma Dragoon. Giving him a friendly nod and smile he says, "The seat is free. Please sit down."

Nitro Gerbil yawns and sighs, wishing they'd show the clips of the car races again. oO(Pfft. I could drive circles around those guys. Hmph.)Oo

Adler Blau is again entranced by the images. He then blinks behind his glasses, Protoman? If the first time it was Megaman...well, it makes logical sense. He guesses next year it'll be Roll, then maybe Auto....he feels sorry for poor Fliptop a decade from now.

Ayla Ericson watches the screen as if she's memorizing every detail of the past events. "Protoman?" she questions, her gaze bouncing around. "Where? Oh, I guess following the light would be a good indication of his position..."

Stalwart zooms in on Iris' general direction, and chuckles. "That's not exactly who I meant...but perhaps you're right."

Broadcast Ocelot blinks, "Protoman? Oh this I man haffi see." He grins and looks up with the rest of the spectators.

Jared Kintane snorts at the Car Race. "Hrmph. I'll show em how racin's done..." mutters the teen under his breath. At the announcement of Protoman as the torchbearer, he stares, wide-eyed. oO(...)Oo

A rock crashes into Razor Pterodactyl's head from the side. "Ow!" He grips his head with his left hand. He looks around, puzzled. "What the? What was that?" Not noticing the rock, eventually he just shrugs and forgets about it.

Iris blinkblinks in surprise at the mention of the special speaker. The look of surprise on her face is nothing short of humorous...except, not to her.

Afterburner Pigeon folds his massive wings over his chest, watching curiously. "Heh heh heh. The guy wit' the scarf." He turns to speak to one of the organic seagulls milling about, chewing on a bit of popcorn. "I heard dat he gave the big bird last year," he remarks, illustrating his comment with his wing and giving the bird to the bird. The seagull yarks and flaps its wings, perching on his head. "EY! Git off, ya airborne rat!"

Monitor Weasel is surprised by this turn of events as well. Huh.

Spring Man is still waiting for the events.

Knight Man cackles at Razor.

Quint literally leaps out of his seat at the mention of Protoman's name. "I can't believe this! Him! HIM!" Grumbling definately unrepeatable language, his fist squeezes so hard that his cola literally explodes. "Don't just sit there like the clump you are," he snaps at the rotund Master whom he sits next to, throwing his broken can to the ground. "Hand me a towel before the soda gets sticky!"

Bomb Man pulls out opera glasses to look at Protoman.

Reason crosses his arms, as the spotlights turn on Protoman. This would be interesting...Especially to see if the spotlight survives the encounter.

Pilfer Ant blinks and looks up... . o O (Protoman-sama?) O o . He frowns a bit... . o O (Surely he didn't agree to it... But why did they offer? He's on the most wanted list...) O o . He glowers at no one in particular. . o O (Even though he doesn't deserve it.) O o .

Knight Man cackles harder at Protoman

Nitro Gerbil tilts her head, studying the expressions of everyone around her. oO(This should be very amusing.)Oo

Celestial Blackbird has left.

Lunar Vixen has left.

Bomb Man pulls out a roll of paper towels. You know, the kind you find in a mechanics garage, all stained with grease and oil, and other fluids found in mechanical devices. He then holds it in front of Quint, so the avocado-green Elite can dry himself off.

Whipcrack Octopus watches the event unfold, looking sidelong to Iris. "Isn't he wanted for something?" he asks, quietly.

Magma Dragoon does indeed seat as his offer is approved, eyes narrowing briefly so as to get a better look at the proceedings, "So . . . What have I missed so far?"

Iris rolls her eyes, "Oh, -mygod-," she groans. "To say the -least-, Whipcrack..."

Razor Pterodactyl is getting more of a headache from Knight Man's incessant cackling than he did from that rock. o O(Aw man... I can't even focus on the ceremony like this.)O o

Quint swipes the towel from Bomb Man, beginning to wipe himself all over, muttering all the way.

Knight Man doesn't want to see his little prank end so quick... "The rock that struck thee is to the left of thine seat." Knight leans over to Razor "And the one who threweth it was..." He thinks for a bit as he scans the audience "My comrade, Spring Man!" Knight Man points over to him.

Guardian smiles slightly at the sight of Protoman being the speaker and thinks (This should interesting.) Looking over to Magma Dragoon he says, "Well we heard the Canadian anthem beautifully sung and now they announced Protoman as a speaker."

The spotlight hits Protoman, and as it does so, he's gone in almost an instant, teleporting from his place ontop of the stadium lighting to down where the torch is. There's a mischevious grin on his face the entire time. The lone hunter's armor begins to shift from it's normal crimson into an orange hue. Extending his buster towards the torch, the prodigal son of light shoots out a small burst of flame that ignite the olympic symbol in a brillant blaze. Returning his armor to it's normal color, and his right hand reforming, Blues raises both hands into the air and extends both of his middle fingers.

Tradition and all that.

Twila Peterson glances up again. "Well...Canadian Anthem...and asking Proto to cary the torch...not much else." She cuts herself off, feeling somewhat uncomfortable. After all, she was indirectly involved in what caused Proto to be on top of the UN wanted list...

Lunar Vixen has arrived.

"Now that wasn't appropriate," Whipcrack Octopus says, mostly to himself, while the stadium erupts in flashbulbs. Assuredly the commentators are having a field day.

Nitro Gerbil's jaw drops. "...my. Even I've got better manners than that." She snorts and flicks her ears.

Jack Torval has a field day.

Broadcast Ocelot snickers at Protoman's actions, "I haffi give him his props fuh dat. Kick ass."

Celestial Blackbird has arrived.

Overdrive Ostrich returns the gesture with a smirk. "Same ta you, buddy!" he yells over the crowd.

Bomb Man abruptly starts cheering Protoman's lack of respect for The Man at the top of his lung. "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" He does that Arsenio Hall fist thing, rooting the whole time.

Siege Wolverine eyes Protoman, "What the frackin' hell? Why's he get the do all the fun frackin' stuff?" He twitches angrily in his seat, feeling a bit left out. He then promptly blinks up to the stage next to Protoman, "Yeah, yeah, yeah... Get goin', 'fore I have teh arrest yeh. Duty an' all." He smirks.

Adler Blau facepalms, laughing, "Oh God, thats priceless!!"

Iris shakes her head. "Now they could have asked that nasty Leech guy to light the torch, and they would have gotten better manners," she mutters, shaking her head. "What a disgrace..."

Siege Wolverine sends a radio transmission.

Blues receives a radio transmission from Siege Wolverine.

Shrapnel Phobosuchus watches Protoman and his 'tradition' with a wrinkled snout. "Is pandering to the lowest minority so necessary?"

Monitor Weasel eyes. How crude. Mentally crosses Protoman off the list. I don't know what's on the list. I don't know what it's a list of. It just sounds like a nice metaphor.

Whipcrack Octopus sends a radio transmission.

Iris receives a radio transmission.

But what's this? After drying himself, Quint displays the perfect way to show his appreciation of Protoman and his torch lighting! The Elite Master slides one arm under his seat, removing the foam hand and placing it on his lap. The arm shows itself from under the seat, carrying...another foam hand. Only, this one's...different. For one, the index finger isn't raised. The one next to it is. Sliding it onto his left hand, he slowly waves the hand in the air - mainly directed at Protoman. On this rather offensive hand is large, red letters, all written in script.

From Quint, to Protoman.

Stalwart seems to be unamused by Protoman's actions. His eye dims as he more or less grunts disapproval.

Afterburner Pigeon forgets the seagull for a moment as he turns to watch the torch-lighting ceremony, and then he falls over laughing, right onto his back and pointing a wing. "DIDJA SEE DAT?" he yells to the other birds, who flap off around him in a huff. He laughs helplessly, his other beak to his head. "Aw yeah, I'd'a done th' same damn thing! What a set of bearin's on that guy!"

Magma Dragoon leans back a bit and sighs, looking to Twila, ". . . Maybe I should have simply stayed in my quarters and continued meditating." He smiles weakly, "But then you would have no one to endure this with, since your brother does not appear to be about. Nor Rock." A pause, "At least, not here with you."

Jared Kintane begins applauding, and hooting and hollering as soon as Siege blinks away. "Go Proto!" he cheers. Of course you know footage of this'll be on the 'net within minutes. And he'll have it on Doji's computer's startup menu. You betcha.

Decibel has reconnected.

Monitor Weasel notes, Quint is off this mysterious list as well.

Razor Pterodactyl looks over at Knight Man. "Huh. I thought there was a truce. Doesn't that include the throwing of rocks?" And yeah, he completely missed Proto doing his thing, just like he missed 80% of the whole ceremony.

Quint quickly switches back to his other foam hand before he gets kicked out. It's held up just enough to renew his hatred with Protoman.

Pilfer Ant just stares at Protoman expressionlessly. . o O (I didn't think he agreed.) O o .

Celestial Blackbird has left.

Twila Peterson offers a light shrug, somewhat ignoring the torch's lighting for some reason or another. "I haven't seen Rock in quite some time so..."

And with that, Proto blinks back to a diffrent light fixture at the top of the stadium.

You say, "Who cares abouteth the truce? He threweth a rock at thee! Art thou a man or a mouse??"

Bomb Man chortles at Quint's foam finger, and slaps the Master on the back. "Theht wahs rahch!"

Guardian has a totally apathetic look as Protoman lights the torch. In a rather quiet voice he says, "Well that was interesting I'll give him that"

Pilfer Ant has disconnected.

Quint slaps Bomb Man in the face with his novelty foam hand as he gets slapped on the back. "Don't touch me. When I get back to base, I must wash myself. Again!"

Shrapnel Phobosuchus eyes Quint as well. "This is ridiculous. The both of them should be banned."

"...I didn't see that," Ayla Ericson comments hollowly as Protoman disappears again. "Though the lighting was impressive. Just the actions after that moment."

Magma Dragoon touches Twila's shoulder softly, giving it a pat, ". . . Perhaps the night will improve. Twila. Try to smile, hm?"

A few officials pop up to shoo Siege off the stage. As another Reploid steps up and the microphone turns back on, some muffled giggles can be heard in the background. Hard to tell the source though. "Ahh.. thank you, Protoman." Now that the torch is ablaze, the Reploid raises his hand, "I now declare the 2214 Battle and Chase games officially open!" Hatches fly open all over the stadium, releasing robotic doves, which fly up in a spiral over the stadium...

Spring Man just hrms. Even flipping the bird is getting boring now.

Broadcast Ocelot continues to snicker. Yes, he should probably stop. But what fun is that?

Stalwart remarks back, "They won't be. The idea here is to avoid friction...unless one of them gets violent, they can get away with just about anything."

Adler Blau smiles and leans back in his chair once again, "One has to love a person with so much pinache." He's not talking to anyone in particular....he resumes his search for female seat-fillers again. He notices the Doves, flipping the bird followed by doves...now thats just perfect.

Siege Wolverine eyes the officials and harumphs, teleporting back to his seat... Of course, he leaves them with a special prize... A near permanent stench of brimstone on their clothing/armor. He snorts and frowns a bit. "Stupid anti-humorists."

Nitro Gerbil stands up and cheers loudly, bouncing around in front of her seat. "Woo! Games! Can we start the car races now?!"

Overdrive Ostrich ooohs, impressive. After a moment watching he considers taking a potshot at one of the doves, but.. naah. Not worth it.

Twila perks an eyebrow and turns towards the now-lit torch now that *that* incident is over. "I'll...work on it. How's that?" she grins. A hand works itself up to gently pat his hand. "And how've you been?
Shrapnel Phobosuchus shrugs. "It's not like we banned Quint and not Protoman. I say both, because they're both being disruptive."
Pilfer Ant has connected.

Jared Kintane just quietly waits for the show to go on. He's sure there's still more to come. Things never end this fast.

Bomb Man sticks his tounge out at Quint, then pulls it back into his mouth, which he quickly fills with pop. He looks up at the birds, pulls out his Kod(i)ak camera, and snaps a few shots.

Afterburner Pigeon struggles back to his feet after a moment, cackling softly. "Damn. I gotta get the replay for dat, yeah. Heh heh heh heee..." He wipes a tear from his eye, and readjusts the spectacles on his beak.

Quint's head tilts up to watch the pretty birds, his mouth busy with popcorn rather than with continuous cursing. It's an improvement, despite the rather impressively loud slurping of butter.
Stalwart sighs, adjusting his seating position slightly afterwards. "They won't be. Sometimes dealing with annoyances through inaction is how it has to be done."

Broadcast Ocelot sits back in his chair and relaxes a lot more easily after witnessing Proto's actions. See, that's why my player thinks he's the coolest Maverick Hunter.

Magma Dragoon gives an approving nod, "Better, better . . ." He pauses and looks to the torch briefly, almost seeming to be strengthened by the mere sight of the burning fire, ". . . I've been alright, to answer your question. Can't really complain."

Razor Pterodactyl frowns at Knight. "Repliforce cares about the truce. I've always suspected you Robot Masters would violate it, and your words only serve to increase my suspicion. I'll be keeping my eyes on you... further infractions will not be tolerated." Oh yeah, he sounds like he's really sure of himself now. Not that he actually is, but...

Javelin Whitetail has arrived.

Shrapnel Phobosuchus snorts. "It's still repugnant."

Stalwart gives his own shrug in reply. "The truth about that never changes."

Nitro Gerbil glances around, chuckles nervously, and takes her seat. oO(Note to self: cut back on the nitro.)Oo

Knight Man thbbbpts and sits back in his seat. Seeing the robo doves fly over head he decides to continue the prank in a different way, by picking up another rock and chucking it at one of them. He strikes it dead on and it falls into the middle of the audience, near some kids who are startled and run off screaming. He cackles some more.

Well, that's good to hear at least. Twila nods idly. "Actually, was undecided on coming. Jazz dragged me here if you really want to know," she smirks. She never really functioned well in large crowds.

As the doves dissipate, the spotlights dim down and the houselights brighten just enough for those who want to leave to not trip over anything. The screens around the stadium come to life again, every other one following a group of the doves from several angles. The other screens display listings of all the names of the competitors this year.

Shrapnel Phobosuchus waits for her name. "Man. I'm famous. Hopefully Repliforce won't make this Open Season on lizards."

Broadcast Ocelot eyes the robodoves hungrily... oO(Mmmmm, birds. Ah wonder how dey go taste. Doubt anyone would miss one. Note to self: Go huntin' later...)Oo His tail swishes as he ponders this.

Adler Blau looks for his name, he narrows his eyes behind his visor. The name comes up: ALDER BLAU! Adler clenches his fist, "Someone is going to hear from me..."

Cappella has arrived.

Stalwart hmms, and dims his eye again. "If they do...it'd be rather surprising. But ceasefires and global games don't always stop vendettas."

Javelin Whitetail sits there, having really been here the whole time. Oy. One puny little civilian deer in these games.....and to top it all off, she needs to keep those two teammates of hers from killing eachother. Oy.

Jazz has left.

Monitor Weasel stands and calmly takes his blade and reaffixes it to its hold upon him. He proceeds to make his way gently through the crowds to observe idly the fencing tournament ranks, more out of curiosity than anything else.

Spring Man nods and looks proud as his name. He ironicly dosn't notice Jolt's name. :) And then he frowns. " Hey.... they spelled my name wrong!" He points, pointing to the Spring Man Willy on the list. "The nerve!" he grumbles, as he sneaks off to go fix it.

Shrapnel Phobosuchus shrugs. "I didn't mean necessary /during/, but after. They know where I am now."

Broadcast Ocelot hrms and observes the vid screens, searching for his name. Hey look! There it is. Go Broadcast.

Afterburner Pigeon grins lots as he watches the names flash by. "Yeah, yeah, I'm up there, heh heh..." He watches one of the doves flit by, and frowns a little. "Ey! Ya aerial menaces to avian society! I don't care if yer pretty an' crap! Knock it off, I'm tryin' t'read heah!" He shakes a fist before he turns back to the vid screens, tailfeathers waggling. .oO(Cyber Peacock. What kind of stupid name is that?)

Iris smiles shyly as she sees her own name, and she looks back down at her hands.

Nitro Gerbil bounces up out of her seat, standing on top of it as her name scrolls by. "Oh yeah! I am -so- owning the car race this year!" she chitters loudly, thrusting a fist into the air. "Bow down to ME!"

Guts Man does more stuff. Like eat a $582 stadium hot dog.

Stalwart begins spinning his head in a full 360-degree rotation a few times, zooming in on certain Repliforcers before facing Shrapnel again. "True. But it can't be helped now. Those that come after you can either join us...or find out that what they're doing is wrong."

Pilfer Ant grows more sober as his own name comes up on the screen... . o O (The moment of truth is likely to come soon... The moment when I'll see how safe I really am.) O o .

Quint nods sagely as his name flashes across the screen at light speed. Munch. Slurp. Sip. Chew. Sluuuuuuuuurp.

Guardian smiles as he sees his name and says to no one in paticular, "Never thought that I'dbe competing in the Olympics then again I never thought I'd make a living fighting."

Knight Man of course isn't on any of the lists, he's not competing. But he will be here watching most of the games and just generally being a pest.

Magma Dragoon chuckles in Twila's direction and nods, "I could figure." A quick glance causes his focus to shift entirely to the listing of those participating in the games this year. His name, of course, appears, ". . . Hmm, yes. I had best prepare, now that I think about it.

Bomb Man stands up, his belly glistening with Cocsi and 'butter'. He stares up at the screens, looking at all the names, "YAHS! Ah'm thahr!" Bomb Man does the Dance of Joy! Which involves much shakeage of his massive butt.

Jazz has arrived.

Quint is smacked in the head with said massive butt.

Razor Pterodactyl sits back in his seat as well, satisfied that apparently his words were intimidating enough. o O(Wow. I can't believe that worked. I should do that more often.)O o He stares at the screen that comes up. Lots of familiar names. Now what could that be for...

Adler Blau stands out of his booth, taking the merlot with him as he goes but leaving the glass. He's grumbling to himself quietly as he goes.

Uranus goes home.
Uranus has left.

Shrapnel Phobosuchus nods to Stalwart. "Bingo. That'll be my job, for after I guess."

"You entered?" Twila questions, smiling now. "Best of luck and all that. Hope you have fun anyway regardless."

Broadcast Ocelot oys and facepaws at the RM antics.

A distant and quiet spot in the stadium, a dark shadow cast in menacing contrast to the celebration of the games to come. Yet lurking therein, a sinister force is preparing, manifesting, conspiring against all that is good, all that is pure. It's voice leaks out in the form of a first barely audible, hushed murmur, a chuckle so soft and tender. But it grows, builds and expands into a cacophony of maniacle laughter vile enough to bring even Sigma's bones to quake. Lunar Vixen, at hearing her name spoken as an event competetor, is the wielder of this maddening laughter, hissing and scowling gleefully like the insane mastermind with his finger hovering over the BIG RED BUTTON.

Jared Kintane rolls his eyes, hearing the proclamation of Nitro Gerbil. Quickly, he stands, throws a peanut at the head of his 'worthy' opponent, and sits back down again.

Magma Dragoon looks around to take note of the competition before looking to Twila with a smile, "Of course. I believe I entered the Foot Race, Fencing, the Car Race and Dodgeball with . . . Dawn and Dischord."

Nitro Gerbil squeaks as the peanut connects with her noggin, causing her to bound over her chair and start off in the direction from whence it came. "Hey! Who did that, huh?"

Bomb Man doesn't notice! He Dance of Joys out of the aisle, and whips out... SOMETHING NON-SEXUAL! It's... I dunno. Food! Yesss... Bomb pulls out a Subway sub. "Ahhh. th'wah uh sahnwehch shahd beh!"

Javelin Whitetail sees her name come up. Erm....yay? Well, there it is. Yep. Her name, up there, with a whole bunch of big mean guys. Eep. One, tiny deer, in the middle of all that mess of big powerful 'bots and stuff. o O (Dear lord. They're all carnivores. And I'm in the foot race.) O o

Quint flings some popcorn at Bomb Man. "Quiet, you."

Stalwart completely dims his eye now, replying, "You'll get used to it eventually."

Adler Blau disappears for several moments....his name on the board is corrected and he returns to the main area. He takes this time to look for fellow hunters, and naturally...girls. Its a sad day when an attractive german swashbuckler can't find pretty girls in a Canadian stadium.

Cappella leans quietly in her seat, just relaxing and blending into the crowd.

Lunar Vixen is an extremely pretty girl, pretty crazy!

Bomb Man ponders throwing his Cocsi at Quint...

Quint just cleaned himself. Do, and he kills you.

Pirate Man has left.

.oO(Better you then I...)Oo. the human Hunter muses wrly, knowing well she's not exactly built for this type of athletics. "Hope it goes well for you. You too, Iris," Twila adds even as she stands up. "Anyway, I sorry for leaving a bit early but...kinda don't want to be around when certain members of the other factions start milling about. I'll be headed back to base. Take care ok?"

Anyways, with the opening ceremonies over and everything. Broadcast really has no reason to stay here, now does he? So with that, the Repliforce Kitty gets off his furry behind and makes his way out, purchasing a 'Catnip in a can' drink. The ocelot makes his way for the exit and the way back home.

Monitor Weasel begins to take a bit of a walk around the stadium, to observe exactly who's here.

Blues has left.

Broadcast Ocelot has left.

Magma Dragoon looks up at Twila, "Do you require an escort, Twila?"

Guts Man has left.

Stalwart rises from his seat, and likewise begins heading for the exit. He doesn't have much trouble getting out; most people don't want to get in the way of a Mobile Sui...er, Ride Armor.

"If you like," Twila answers, not exactly going to refuse the offer in the least.

Shrapnel Phobosuchus tags along behind Stalwart, simply to save time.

Spring Man finally gets back, and his name is properly updated, and spelled correctly.

Stalwart has left.

Magma Dragoon rises with a nod, "Lead the way then."

Shrapnel Phobosuchus has left.

Jared Kintane stays seated a moment, putting his helmet back on his head, visor down. He's still got his incriminating bag of peanuts in-hand though.

Adler Blau just shakes his head at the message, "No class, its not even clever." He resumes searching for girls.

Javelin Whitetail sits there, waiting until the area clears a bit before getting up. She winds up moving down and over a few rows, though, being pushed around by larger beings. Eep.

After a final wave to Iris and the other Repliforcers Twila begins to make her way out of the stands...and eventually out of the stadium.

Twila Peterson has left.

Iris gets up from her seat, waving goodbye to her friends as she heads off to buy some pricey souveniers. She has her brother's credit card...oh happy day.

Magma Dragoon has left.

Afterburner Pigeon ruffles his feathers in heavy amusement, and spreading his wings again, he brings his engines back online with a roar. Maybe he can get somthing to eat off a cart outside, where he won't have to mortgage his roost for meat by-products.

Guardian has left.

Afterburner Pigeon has left.

Pilfer Ant hops off of Reason's shoulder and to his lap, then to the ground. "Arigatou, Reason-san," Pilfer says to the samurai. "You made a good seat." He smirks, then winks. A joking comment? That's unusual for him.

Nitro Gerbil looks around, then locks optics on Jared. With a smirk and a flick of her tail she bounds towards him, hopping over those who happen to get in her way. "Hey, you! Buddy! Peanut-guy!"

Bomb Man plods out of the stadium, leaving poor, poor Quint all alone.
Whipcrack Octopus gets up for Iris, following shortly behind. Maybe he's toting the bags.

Knight Man snarls as he stands to leave. "See thee later RF worm, hopefully next time thou shalt be on the recieving end of my mace! Bwahaha" With that, Knight Man walks out of the stadium, most people jumping to get out of his way, as he won't be stopping for anyone, he'll walk on them if he has to.

Bomb Man has left.

Quint jams the remainder of his popcorn and cola down his throat and runs for the door. Zoom!

Quint leaves! Boo! Oh, well! You just might find him at Torontreal - Park District!

Quint has left.

Jared Kintane grins slyly behind his helmet. It's a good thing it muffles his voice. Leaves his identity more of mystery. "Yeah, me." he answers. "Figured I'd get your attention and wish such a 'confident' opponent luck." explains the dark-suited racer as he holds out his hand.

Overdrive Ostrich scans the crowd as it thins, finally spotting the small reploid below.. He makes his way down to where the jumpy deer is. "Hey there!"

Spring Man puhs, and realizes that it's over. "What a rippoff! Where was the compitition? The events!?! He waited a whole year for this!?!" He stands up, and goes to leave.

Nitro Gerbil raises an optic brow and takes the hand, giving it a quick shake before taking a step back. "Opponent? Oh yeah,....racing." She smirks. "Hope you like the rear of a car, because that's all you'll be seeing of mine, buddy."

Adler Blau walks along, still looking for the hunters. So many people, must find them...and women...after all, he needs someone to cheer for him when he fights bravely.

Reason rises up, nodding a bit. "Goodbye." That himself, he rises up and leaves the stadium, to return as an observer soon.

Reason has disconnected.

Razor Pterodactyl narrows his eyes as he watches Knight Man leave. Oh yes, he'll definately have to keep his eyes out for these Masters, they're obviously up to no good. Seeing as the ceremony's come to an end, he decides to leave himself. He spreads his wings and flies out of the stadium.

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