Gesellschaft - Vehicle Bay/Lab

Welcome to the Vehicle Bay/Laboratory of the Bonne Family Pirates!

Large and expansive, this lab serves as both Tron's workspace, and the launch and repair bays for the Bonne Family Mechas like the Gustav, and the recent bay added for the Yakuza Mech, The Glyder. Repair tools of all shapes, sizes, and purposes can be found here for the repair and refueling of Ride Armor.

In the other sections of the Lab, places are set up for the more scientifically minded Servbots, for the research and development tasks they are put too. Here, the energy refueling 'Bottles' are made, and the Gustav Gatling was developed. The Science Stations expand to other parts of the room with large computer banks and large monitors, as well as several repair tables for smaller to larger beings like the Robot Masters. Included in this group is the as yet unprogrammed Supercompter, recently gifted to Tron after stolen by Teisel personally from right under the UN's nose.

Bonne Assault Mech <Gustav>
Bonne Dropship <Drache>

"o/~ From my heart and from my hands, why don't people un-der-stand... my intention?"

The voice that sings is in fact, lovely and full of melody... and the singer moves about the Bonne Family laboratory, a long white labcoat billowing around as she spins and twirls to her own singing, her body swaying in the pink dress she wears under it, moving her body to an unheard beat.

The singer is none other then the Pirate Princess, herself. Tron Bonne.

"o/~ Plastic Tubes and Pots and Pans, Bits and Pieces, and Magic from the hand will make... Weird Science!"

Tron begins to hum while her body moves to the beat of the music, covering up words she doesn't know, and filling the gap with her mind occupied elsewhere... the Pirate Princess leans over one consol, running her hands over the controls and with a suddenness... the actual song cues up over the speakers as Tron speaks up. "Oh, ERWIN!!!" The Screen flashes on, and the face of none other then the actor who played Data on Star Trek appears, smirking. "Enjoying yourself, Tron?" Tron smirks up to him. "Of course! I'm /done/! I've almost gotten it ready... can you notify Knight Man to prepare for the download?" ERWIN giggles with an almost insane glee. "I can't wait to see his /FACE/! I'll go tell him now... Heeheehee!" And ERWIN zooms from the screen as Tron turns to the side, walking over to where... something... lays upon one of the large tables. Before a clear look can be caught... Tron yanks up the sheet to conceal the finished body, singing softly with the song even as she kneels to attach the main Connector, which appears to be shaped like a hand-sized version of the old twentieth century computer camples.

"o/~ My Creation! Is it Reeeeal?! It's my Creation! Oooo! My Creation! It's my creation!"

And within the computers of the Wily Sphere, where the Personalities of the Robot Masters are kept when their bodies are destroyed... ERWIN makes his presence known with the ringing of a dinner bell, calling out in his Puck voice. "Oh, Kniiiiight! It's Reeeaaady!! Come and Geeet iiiit!"

From inside the Wilysphere computer, Knight Man hmphs "It art about time. I can't waiteth to get back into physical form again." A few seconds later, a manifestation of Knight's normal helmeted face appears on Tron's screen "Well Miss Tron, seems ye art done. I trust ye did an adequate job."

The Pirate Princess spins, beaming up to Knight Man's visage as it appears... ERWIN sliping into the next screen over... barely restraining a fit of insane laughter... sniggers coming from him from time to time. Tron, herself, bows to the visage of Knight Man, and even as the music fades, she waves with one arm and stops it all together. "Oh... /More/ then Adequate, my /Lord/ and high and mighty /Male/... /More/ then Adequate!" Tron rises putting her hands on her hips, her emerald eyes flashing behind the designer safety glasses, the lenses made of transparisteel. "Prepare yourself in the loading area, Knight Man... This'll be a short trip!"

There is something in Tron's words... Something... not right...

But turning, she steps up to one of the consoles and runs her delicate fingers over the keys... quickly preparing for upload.

Knight Man just hmphs as the upload takes place. His ego blinding him to Tron's decieving tone of voice. In the immortal words of Mario 'Here we GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!'

A brilliant smile on her features, Tron activates the transfer.

A sudden rushing. Flecks of light pealing off into infinity. Images flashing by faster then they can be discerned. The sound of a thousand droplets of water condensed into a single moment.

...and Darkness.

Vague, hazy light filtering in through the cloth that covers him... The noises of before fading away and slowly normalizing into soft beeps, whirs, and the thrumming of machines as the sense of hearing is restored... the slow regaining of feeling as the very essence that is himself spreads back out through the oh-so familiar body. Systems come back online, fully restoring themselves over the slow moments of disorientation that plague this moment.

A soft tug, and hiss, and the data uplink cable is drawn away and the compartment sealed by softly gloved hands... the sound of soft footfalls... and the voice. Is it familiar? ...yes... Tron Bonne's voice.

It is not every day you are Reborn, afterall. Disorientation abounds.

"Rest for a minute, Knight Man... let yourself come back online... the Disorientation will pass..."

Every System comes online as it should... everything achieving normalcy in a matter of several long moments.

But... should Knight speak... he will discover something is very... very different.

No longer is it the resonant basso-prufundo of evilness... no longer the voice that gives nightmares to children... the voice that comes from his own body is no longer those things.

Smarmy is perhaps the first word that comes to mind. Then vague images of old... people speaking in the slightly accented voices that simply ooze with goodness, honor, and pride... a voice one would expect to hear from one of the mythical knights in shining armor from bad romance movies and books.

...something is terribly, terribly wrong.

Knight Man slowly tries to sit up "...something doth feel odd..."

The sheet slowly falls away as Knights sits up, looking through the world with soft eyes that would make maidens swoon rather then they did, cringe in terror. ...though he hasn't seen this yet. The silvery helmet like his own rests upon his head, crested like his usual helm... but instead of the midnight blue... it is shining silver!

The light shines off of the silvery, highly reflective armor that now adorns Knight Man, probably drawing his attention to it... and his voice is... the exact antithesis of what it was... made more for reading Poetry then shouting bloodcurdling Curses.

Tron stands to the side, smirking to herself as she turns, slowly walking over to the main moniter to lean against it... ERWIN's face sliping up to fill the screen. "...I studied your Profile, Knight Man... ...and thought... I'd teach you a lesson..." ERWIN then breaks down laughing, throwing back the image of his head and howling with mirth, no longer able to take it any longer.

Knight Man slowly realizes what exactly is wrong. Looking down he is nearly blinded by his reflective armor. Still a bit unsure of what exactly is going on. Looking over he sees his reflection in his new helmet. And just... pauses for a few moments. oO(She wouldn't... couldn't.... DIDN'T...) He clenches his fist on the side of his bed at the sound of the laughter directed at him, and on that handsome face a snarl starts to form, but it doesn't alter his features the way he'd hoped. His face lost all intimidation. He's gone from Vegeta to Yamcha! (bad example I know, but...) " hast..." His breating his heavy, and his teeth are almost chattering. With wide, unbelieving eyes he looks upon himself. He's everything he ever hated. Well, that's not quite true, the other thing he seems to hate a lot right now is smirking at him in a labcoat not too far away. Hmm, Human + Mace = Crush!

Tron Bonne nods to herself, smirking brightly as she looks to Knight Man. "I have removed what you so held dear... your power to make people afraid!" Tron crosses her arms slowly over her chest, leaning against that main screen and grinning impishly. "You prided yourself on being this Big, Scary Monster... ...and now your not!" Tron sniffs! "That will teach you /NEVER/ to make fun of me... and more importantly... the /VALUE/ of your own life! Your lucky... I /COULD/ have made it worse... I /COULD/ have made you a /WOMAN/! ...a Regular Joan of Arc in Shining Armor..." Tron smirks. "...and your lucky that Wily is alive..." Tron gives a sigh of her own relief... " you'll never need to be rebuilt by me again!" Tron's smirk broadens. "...because if I had you in my power again... you'd come out /worse/!"

Knight Man continues to stare in disbelief for a few moments. Oh cruel fate.. etc. Slowly, he walks over and picks the helmet up, and looks at it's interior. Indeed, the mini-holographic device which was inside to place a shadow over his face is gone. Even in the helmet, there's no way whatsoever for him to intimidate even a child. Sure, he could ACT all big and scary, and putting a mace into someone's torso would be more than enough to grip them with fear. But, the very essence of terror he once possessed is gone. He's no longer a Dark Knight, he's a Paladin. The Armor, Mace, Shield, everthing, gold and silver. He was disgusted enough with the face he had before, his previous had /some/ handsome aspects to it, but looks nothing compared to this. But worst of all... his voice. Lost all ability to strike terror into weak hearts with words. And his prideful laugh cannot be uttered through these lips. Right now, the urge to 'kill all humans' or at the very least kill the female human in this room is unbearably great. However, she is a Master ally, and while she is, Wily has orders not to harm her or any other ally. And that one basic command terribly conflicts with Knight Man's emotions right now. But Wily's programming wins, of course, and Knight Man settles for bashing the table he just woke up on with his mace. He emits a scream from his throat, but instead of coming out evil and terrifying, it's almost soft, and full of anguish, horribly weak sounding. "Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!" With his mace, he sends the table flying a few meters. At least he still has his strength.

The Pirate Princess mearly stands there, arms crossing under her breasts... emerald eyes locked upon Knight Man for long moments. From Dark Knight to True Paladin... and she could have done worse... much worse. Shaking her head, she jumps as Knight, his now pure silver mace extending out, sends the table flying and unleashes his yell of anguish... like those the Heroes give when their True Loves die in their arms... the sound made by Romeo when he found Juliet and believed her dead...

Tron knows how much he wanted to destroy her right now... and how thin the programming is that is protecting her. Pausing a moment, she shakes her head, and smiles softly. "Good... your Combat Capabilities are still at Peak, Sir Paladin..." Tron hmmms. "I believe some of your brothers are out in the Hangar Bay, Knight Man... if you'd like me to call them in to say hello?" Tron beams impishly to the Paladin Man. "Your going to have to get used to it... untill Wily is free enough to return you to normal or you get destroyed completely again... your stuck!"

Knight Man doesn't say a word. Just gazes at the mutilated table he threw across the room. This is /absolutely/ inconcievable. However Tron is right, there's nothing he can do until Wily is free, or he is obliterated. According to Wily's last message, he won't be free for QUITE awhile. And it's unlikely his ego will ever accept the fact that he could be destroyed completely again. It still hasn't accepted his last defeat at Zero.

ERWIN is still rolling with laughter across the screen and performing psychedelic antics upon it. Tron looks up to him a moment, smiles, and calls out to him. "Thanks, ERWIN. I couldn't have done it without you... this is a wonderful success!" Tron beams, and ERWIN, laughter interspersing his words, and 'gasping for air' replies. "My pleasure Tron... now... if you want to give Bass a Tutu next time, you know who to call!" ERWIN breaks into another peal of riotous laughter as the screen blinks out.

Tron then looks to Knight Man, hmming softly. "You'll be fine untill then... ...I suggest you see what other talents and tactics you can develope..." Tron smiles. "And look at it this way... have a perfect costume for Halloween, now... Paladin Man."

Knight Man continues to stand there. Perhaps he's stunned?

*new desc*
Knight Man.

A vision of dark terror and evil corruption, a being that could rend hearts and devour souls. A being that could instill fear into the bravest of hearts with his dark, terrifying voice and hideous cackle.

This is no more.

Knight Man has underdone a drastic, and spectacular change... for no longer is he the vision of terror that he once was... but a vision of purity! Gone from he is the vision of the Dark Knight, and now is he the vision of a Noble Paladin. His armor, once midnight blue and glinting steel, is now untarnished, beautiful, reflective silver, trimmed with gold. What appeared to be black chainmail between the seems of his armor is now a soft yellow in color, the yellow of the rising sun, and appears to be hard leather padding and armor underneath the plate. On his arm is no longer the yellow and black shield of terror he once wore, now it is changed to a shield befitting a true Knight, silver and gold now, and instead of the shrieking wyvern, there is a benevolent golden dragon standing ready. And his other arm is almost as it was, the huge mace attached to the powerful arm, though the mace is no longer black and steel, but shining steel and seemingly ready to vanquish evil.

The helm he wears is crested as his normal helm, but it is silver as the rest of his armor now, and there is now darkness generator to hide the features of the being within anymore, only natural shadows. The face is a regally handsome one, fine and symmetric, with eyes that could cause ladies of ancient legend to swoon when gazed upon. His hair is a light brown, trimmed smartly with a few strands handing to one side of his features, giving a frame to the too-handsome features, and a full beard, trimmed short, extends down to his chin and all the way up the other side, complimented by a neatly trimmed mustache. Golden earrings are also present, one in each ear, visible when the helm is removed.

The most drastic change of all however, is his voice. No longer is it the terrifying deep, monstrous cackle... but a voice that would be more deserving of Romeo, Lancelot, Gallahad, or any other great hero of the age. A voice that could inspire women to fawn in adoration around him as he speaks sonnets and poetry, instead of causing them to cower in fear as he shouts out hideous curses like his old voice.

He is, Knight Man, Robot Master. Changed as a lesson by the hands of Tron Bonne, who rebuilt him after his destruction at the hands of the Maverick Hunter, Zero.

*end desc*

The Pirate Princess pauses a moment, looking to the moniters... raising up a small device and passing it in the direction of Knight Man... "There... ...and from these readings... after you adjust, you are fit as a fiddle!" Tron grins to herself. "...when your ready... do come out... King, Pirate Man, Crystal Man, Quick Man, and Dust Man are waiting in the Hangar Bay..." Tron slips the device back into the Rack. "I'll go see they are entertained untill you are ready." And turning, she strides for the doors that lead from the Laboratory.

Knight Man stands there for a few moments. Finally, he takes his helmet, dons it, and heads for the door, trying to maintain whatever dignity he believes himself to have.

Bonne Airship <Gesellschaft>

The bridge of the Gesellschaft is a wide open command center with a sweeping view of the world outside. The central control area is a circular trench of stations where the Servbots man their positions, with piloting, engine, and weapons stations. Within this there is a raised platform with a walkway and another tier above that. Jutting from this tier is the captain's position, dominated by a great wooden wheel. The Bonne's smiling robotic skull set on the wheel housing to watch over the command center. To either side of the forward Servbot stations are a pair of hemispherical navigation displays.

Corridors lead back from the bridge, leading to many other parts of the massive craft. The main one of these being the Forward Hangar Bay. Situated in the 'mouth' area of the Gesellschaft, the 'teeth' slide open vertically to disgorge the flights of Drache that are situated in fighter bays across the backs and sides of the hangar bay. Several large, square hatches on the hangar bay's deck are clearly marked with red danger signs, the locations from which the Bonne Ride Armors are launched.
Tron Bonne
Gyro Man
Crystal Man
Pirate Man
Nurse Jane #4
Quick Man
Dust Man
Gesellschaft - Glyde's Room <GR>
Gesellschaft - Tron's Room <TRR>
Gesellschaft - Teisel's Room <TR>
Sarah's Room
Bon Bonne's Room <BBR>
Gesellschaft - Vehicle Bay/Lab

The doors to the Lab slide open slowly, and through it steps the figure of the Pirate Princess herself. A self-assured and pleased smirk is on her features... and as soon as the doors close behind her, she leaps up into the air and gives a girlish whoop of delight and joy! Landing, she reaches up, gripping one of her earrings and softly squeezing it... and there is a brilliant FLASH! ...and Tron stands again in her Pirate Regalia, giggling, if not downright laughing with relief, joy, and delight!

Quickly then does she dash to the side of the still closed door, calming herself almost instantly... and assumes a pose. "My good Robot Master's... I hereby Present you with... the new and improved... ...Knight Man!"

Tron motions to the doors like an illusionist showing off a trick.

Gyro Man immediately comes to attention, and pulls his attention away from the window he was stareing out of. He blinks, and folds his arms over his chest, grinning behind his facemask at the Pirate Princess' antics. "Hoo boy...this should be good." he mutters. "I guess he hasn't been changed enough to be anything but Knight Man though...couldn't be too wacky."

Knight Man steps out from the lab, not at all amused at the showing he's being displayed on. He's mad, he's pissed, and he doesn't want people gawking at him right now. Trying his best to look as imposing as he can with his new face, and fails, he tries to glower, and trying to sound mean as always "....What??"

Pirate Man turns away from the drones chuckling as they draw swords once more but doesn't stop them this time as they keep their guns at their sides, he almost laughs as he looks towards Knight man saying, "That be an interesting look for ye, brother. Maybe ye can even sneak up behind Zero looking like that."

King's brows just.....riiiiiiiise up, his lips twitching slightly as he keeps his arms folded. "It's....good to see you....reactivated Knight Man." he says neutrally.

Gyro Man 's eyebrows raise as he eyes his brother. He ...tilts his head slightly, and his propeller twitches slightly. He grins slightly, and manages to refrain from laughing. Instead, he just looks to Tron, and drops a sincere nod. "You....worked really hard, and it paid off."

Nurse Jane #4 SCREAMS! and the whole lot of them charge at Knight Man. "HE'S SO DREAMY!"

Gyro Man >.>;

Dust Man facepalms. "Landon was right... They are very silly..."
Crystal Man's first reaction? Pity. He already knew how much his mace-wielding brother hated his appearance while out of armor. But this?... . o O (I'm sorry, brother... I only wish it had been within my power to prevent this.) O o .

Knight Man sighs, it's going to take real practice to be able to scare people the way he is now. On the bright side, when he /does/ get his old body back, he should find it that much easier to frighten the crap out of people. He can sense his brothers keeping themselves from laughing, and is both angry, and relieved that they don't actually bust out. Then he sees the Janes rushing towards him. Knight Man has NEVER been in a situation like that before, like a dead caught headlights he just stands there "....oh dear..."

Quick Man falls to the ground as the Janes let go of him. "UWAAAGH!" With a resounding thud, he lands on his aft. "Owww..." he groans, then sees his brother. "WOAH! Um, geeze. What'd you do to him, Tron? He looks like King Arthur."

King sees the Janes charge at Knight to mob him, then moves his hand up over his mouth, letting out what is either a cough or a strangled chuckle.

The Pirate Princess quickly steps to the side, posing and clasping her arms behind her back as her emerald eyed gaze turns to Knight Man... the Pride in her expression obvious. It is not what she /did/ to Knight Man that was important... is that she was able to Build a Robot Master from Scratch.

And she thinks he could do it again...

At Gyro's words, she smiles brightly to him, her face alight with her personal triumph... and then she /blinks/ as all the Nurse Janes dash for Knight Man, screaming and shouting. ...and Tron quickly steping further to the side and infact... slowly distancing herself from the scene of what is going to be one /interesting/ melay.

Nurse Jane #4 is the first to stop just short of Knight. The rest skid to a halt, and hold out a swarm of autograph books... "Will you sign this, pleeeeeeeeeease?" The whole lot of them giggle franticly.

Gyro Man's eyes widen as his brother gets mauled by those crazy things called...girls. Slowly, he takes a few calculated steps back, and stifles a chuckle, still wide eyed. "Ohhhh....I wonder what Father's Reaction will be when he sees this. Heh." Once again, he turns his attention to Tron. "Your talents won't go unrecognized, that's for sure."

Dust Man sighs and slowly pets Beret... "I'm gonna have to modify them a bit..."

Crystal Man steps forward and tries to help pry Nurse Janes off of Knight Man. "Please, ladies, be still... one at a time, please. Allow him his space..."

The drones ignore knight as the large Power muscler(Cravex) and the Joe(Mr. Black) keep their cutlasses in their hands while the others step to the side clearing an area as the pair already start to clash swords as the master corsair only glances back to make sure that nothing gets in the pairs way even Servbots until they are finished, he chuckles as he looks back to the other situation saying, "Crystal please, allow thee ladies to have their fun. They seem to enjoy the black or should I say silver knights new look as a few of us do."

Nurse Jane #4 blushes along with her sisters as they squabble over who will get the first autograph. #6 wins, and holds out her book. She titters madly. "Will you sign it for me, please?"

Tron Bonne beams brightly at Gyro's words, looking over to him and nodding. "I don't think I could have done it without what Lessons Wily taught me and without ERWIN... but... I /DID/ it!" Tron almost dances for joy, she is so elated. Given time... she will be able to design her own... though it will take her /years/ yet. Maybe one day, she'll even be able to construct her own Blink device, or Timefeild Inhibitor Generator, or a thousand other things that are as yet beyond her reach... ...but she has taken the first step in that direction.

Tron looks around to everyone else, her face brilliantly lit and beautiful in this hour of her personal victory...

Knight Man is surrounded by these... Janes. It almost seems like he's hyperventilating for a second. Crystal's assistance doesn't do much to help. Sign autographs? He's a /killer/ not a movie star!! Or not Action for that matter either!! Finally, he has enough, thankfully he retains all of his physical abilities, he leaps straight up and out of the way of the swarm. (Hey, haven't you played MM6? He can jump the height of the screen! Mwah!) He lands with a heavy thud, and without looking back, he runs straight for the exit.

Dust Man giggles at Tron. "Nice job! A bit on the bishonen side, but I guess that was the idea..."

Crystal Man spins as Knight Man makes a break for it, his expression clearly resolute as he... holds his hands out and suddenly conjures a crystal wall? Indeed so; the master of jewels is attempting to block the Janes' path of pursuit. Of course, something that big would take time to form despite its simplicity and the fact that it's one simple crystal -- he might not be quick enough.

As Knight breaks free of the encircling Janes... Tron blinks... and watches him as he runs for the open bay doors, the extended rampway... and the darkness beyond. A touch of concern crosses her features for an instant... but then she pauses, shaking her head and looking firmer, murmuring softly to herself... no one really could hear beyond several feet from her. "...maybe now he'll have a greater care for his own life... Robot Masters are /NOT/ expendable..." Tron shakes her head slowly.

Gyro Man pumps a fist in the air! "Go Knight! Run!" He laughs, just from the comical antics. As far as he knows, Heat Man is the only Robot Master to have actually been swooned over, and naturally, it's hilarious to see someone else getting the fangirl tratment. He grins, and without turning to Tron, replies to her. "Oh, I wouldn't worry about it. I doubt any one will be able to recognize him as a Robot Master at all. Just so long as he keeps his profile low, he could mingle with civilians if he really wanted to."

Dust Man facepalms, and gets that Slasher Jane schematic back out...

Crystal Man lowers his hands from the newly-synthesized wall, raising an eyebrow as he overhears Tron... then sighing again. . o O (It isn't that he considers himself expendable, Tron... he simply didn't know what else to do.) O o .

Pirate Man chuckles for a bit as he watches Knight run off befores saying, "There he goes for now.", he blinks as the clashing of swords draws his attention back to the duel as Cravex tries to stab Black as the two continue doing their best to stay in a small area so as to not damage any of the ship saying, "Speed it up ye scurvy dogs, we have other business to handle soon."

"We are expendable," a voice says as a figure enters the lab, the samurai Yamato returning from a long patrol. This is the first time anyone has seen him since Dr. Wily returned into contact with the Masters. He walks tall and confident, having passed the test of fire and water put to him by his own faith. The Yamato you knew before has returned to the fore ... a little wiser than before, perhaps.
"We live for our Father. We die for our Father. Yet, we must make our deaths worthy of Him by fighting the greatest foes with honor, and without fear. It is in this striving that we earn the right to be reborn."
A pause as he steps into the room, moving around the ruins of a Jane. "Knight Man, however, died in an unworthy fashion, and deserved the punishment you gave him."

King hmms, then says. "Well...I do thank you for rebuilding him Ms. Bonne. Perhaps his changed appearance will be more of an asset than he currently believes."

Dust Man inhales the remains of the janes, and shakes his torso. "Maybe the next time I'll make them do something else..."

The Pirate Princess looks to, and nods to Gyro Man... sending a glance after Knight... . o O ( He'll be fine. ) Tron turns her back to the hangar doors, giving a sharp sniff... and just then notices... Pirate. ...and his crew Dueling. Tron narrows her eyes for a moment, giving an indignant sqwuak! "Stop that! Stop that, right now!" Tron begins to rush forward, and call her Servbots to break it up... ...but is stopped by the voice of Yamato Man as he makes his presence known. "...Yamato?" Tron shakes her head a moment... "Good to see you, Yamato... I am very glad... ...Glad for you all." Tron looks around to the individuals around the room. "...I was just as worried as all of you.... but... ...Trust in Wily to have a backdoor..." Tron shakes her head slowly... and at the next clang of steel, Tron snaps. "Pirate! Break those two up, will you? I won't have anyone fighting on this ship!"

Tron then looks to King, nodding slowly, "I believe he will, as well..." Tron looks after the vanishing, if not Vanished, Knight Man... before looking to Servbot #1. "Orders, #1! Prep the ship for launch! Get us ready to move... Set course for Cairo and the new location of the Skull Citadel!"

Servbot #1 salutes smartly to Tron, beaming brightly! "Yes, Miss Tron!" And he turns, dashing off for the passageway.

Crystal Man remains silent, keeping his expression neutral... but to hold back displeasure, not amusement. To him, Knight Man's pain isn't a laughing matter. "I apologize for the mess," the crystal conjurer murmurs to Tron before turning to the wall he made and placing his hands upon it. It crackles loudly as its structure changes, then with a single punch, he shatters it, creating a pile of shards on the floor.

Pirate Man blinks before nodding and looking at the two, "Cravex, Mr. Black, ye can finish your duel later.", the drones clash swords a couple more times before finally finally orders and sheath their swords
Going... going... gone!!! Knight is out of the park! Err... Gesellschaft. He's heading back to the Wilysphere for now, but his thoughts are focused on what his next goal is oO(I'll showeth them.... I canst still striketh terror into the hearts of anyone!! They'll see...Mwaha...)

Gyro Man 's posture straightens, and he looks towards Tron in disbelief. He glances around to his assembled brothers. "We're going to the Skull Citadel..? No one told me! ..Aww, I bet Father is just gonna make us clean the whole place up, too." He frowns slightly. ...Ah well, better than getting slapped around again. x.x; He peers out a window and watches Knight take his leave. "I wonder how long it's gonna be before he shows up again.

Dust Man stands up stock straight at the sound of "CLEAN THINGS UP!" He grins evilly. "I get to clean the Citadel?"
You hand Tron Bonne a cookie!

The samurai grants Tron a nod, then -- once within appropriate distance -- gives King a suitable bow; he falls to one knee with his head lowered at the lowest point, holding the posture for a moment before straightening. "M'lord King," the samurai says, showing proper respect. He can apparently deal with being on cleanup duty, if that is what is expected of him.

The Pirate Princess pauses, looking to Crystal now... pausing as she watches his actions and blinks in confusion... then nods slowly. "...I wondered how I was to get rid of that..." Tron shakes her head, waving it away. "I'll have the Servbots and the Hardhats we have here clean it all up later... ...thanks, Crystal." Tron then looks to Gyro, smiling softly. "Well... I thought i'd be best... the Gesellschaft cant sit in this feild forever... someone is going to show up... and I think we've pushed our luck a little too far..." Tron then chuckles to Dust, returning the nod to the Samurai and then smiling to King. "We'll be underway in no time... and maybe you all would like to come up to the bridge?" A fine brow arches... even as the rampway slowly begins to raise... and the hangar doors to close... the very ship beginning to come to life around them.

Pirate Man looks to the pair saying, "Ye stay below decks, Reekon take their swords.", another drone which almost looks more like a samurai then a pirate takes the drones guns and cutlasses stashing them on his pack before walking to another part of the hangar as Mr. Smee keeps behind the master corsair as he makes his way to follow Tron, "Aye I believe that shall be a better place to be. While sorry about a few of shipmates, sometimes they cannot settle a quarrel without drawing steel."

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Snake Man transmits, "It isss good to hear of your return, Massster..."

King nods to Tron. "Aye, I would prefer to see where our new home is, as it is. By all means, lead on, Ms. Tronne." the monarch rumbles politely.

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