Vehicle Bay <Skull Citadel>

The Citadels docking area is reached by entering the mouth of the giant skull on the outside of the fortress. The mouth/entrance is large enough to accommodate a vessel as large as the Bonnes Gesellschaft. If the entrance alone is that large, you can imagine how vast the bay itself is. Robot Master ships, ground vehicles, ride armors, and construction mechs occupy most of the wall-mounted refueling stations at the moment.

Skull Shuttle [RM]
Bonne Airship <Gesellschaft> [C]
Stealth Transport [RM]
SS Dreadskull [RM]
Construction Mech <Apharmd> [RM]

Obvious exits:
Descending Stairwell <DS> leads to Great Hall <Skull Citadel>.
Ascending Stairwell <AS> leads to Command Center <Skull Citadel>.
Bay Doors <Bay> leads to Siberia.
Blue Doors <BD> leads to Teleporter Room <Skull Citadel>.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Hello, Mr. Radio. How are you today?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Spark Man transmits: 'Feeling Baaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh-da.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'You'll find that our radio conversation is diseased at all times of the day, except when dead.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'I don't understand what that means, Mr. Buzz.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'And this is how I survive.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Jet Stingray transmits: 'Little dudette, don't mean to be mean, but it's not good for you to be on the radio. Not a good influence for you and all that stuff.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Why?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'The radio is largely a haven for purile comments, death threats, questioning of others' masculinity, and nothing else.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Why?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Sewa transmits: 'Big misunderstandings happen on the radio a lot.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Because of people.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Oh...'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Why?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Spark Man transmits: 'The only way to counter the 'why' game is with idiocy. If I had hands, I would be rubbing them in preparation...'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Metal Man transmits: 'Ya its best of kids keep off this channel.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Sewa transmits: 'Well, I guess it's because you don't see who is sending the message to you and vice versa. Or maybe because people are more impulsive with the radio.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Because people are dim.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'It's easier to say things if you're just talking to Mr. Radio and not a real person.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Why wouldn't they just stand in a brighter place, Mr. Buzz?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Ah, yes, expressions, child. Then let me correct myself.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Because people are fools.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Why don't they read a book?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'Just ignore Psych kid. Permanent case of bitterness.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Everyone knows that's how you get smarter!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Because people are fools.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Sewa transmits: 'They don't -realize- they should read books, possibly.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Bitterness? Oh, come now, am I bitter?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Cynical perhaps. Certainly not bitter.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Why don't smarter people give 'em books?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'No, I'm cynical. You're bitter. It's a matter of angst.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Because there are precious few smarter people, and the fools refuse anything offered.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Angst? You talk as if this were fanciful fiction. I am not an archetype.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'What's angst?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: 'Nevermind Grace, it's not a nice thing.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Hatred of the world, to oversimplify.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'That's silly.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'It is.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Why would there be angst when the world is so full of cookies?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: 'Hatred of anything is silly.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Because people fight over them.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'Bah. Not hatred, just a deeper understanding of how screwed up people are at a basic level.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'I prefer to think of it as realism.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'That's dumb. You say dumb things, mister.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'Hatred purifies the soul. Sharpens the mind. It gives one a reason to push forward!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'See? First thing said when someone disagrees, the other person has to be a moron, rather than having another viewpoint.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Sewa transmits: 'ooc: how about... SEH WAH! *BAP*'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'It's nice to know youth can still behave about as I'd expect.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Ah, the illustrious Doctor Albert W. Wily. We talk of fools, and speak of the devil!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: 'Hiya Uncle Wily.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'Lord Wily speaks wisdom as always, ye should listen child.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Hatred's bad. You're also dumb, mister.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'I don't like name calling.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'But you're a big dumb-head.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'You have not the faintest.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Sewa transmits: 'I'll be sure to give him a book, Grace, next time I see him. I tried to give one to one of his friends but she wouldn't take it. *sigh*'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: ' And thou art young and naive.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: 'I had to put out a fire in a school some of my cousins caused yesterday Uncle, could you ask them not do that again?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'I'm sure he's heartbroken to hear your opinion of him kid. He may even cry I bet. Yup.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Thou? Ah! Second person plural, how I miss thee.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Art? Like crayons?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'I'm not young! I'm already four full days old.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'No, thou ART young and naive.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Well, maybe three and three fourths.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'I already have crayons, mister.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'I certainly hope thou useth the tense properly. Let's hear a nice long sentence.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Wily transmits: '...YOU dare to call ME, Dr. Albert Wily, the worlds' most brilliant scientist, a... BIG DUMB-HEAD?! I should say that you will take that back! Do so immediately! ... ... ... Ah, good evening, Roll.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'See you've upset him now kid.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'I'm sorry, Mister Dr. Wily...'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Sorry you're such a dumb-head!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'There's the child.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'I art not talking abouteth crayons!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: '*giggles!*'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Sewa transmits: '*chuckling.*'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Oh, see! You don't use it properly.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'And what art thou going on about, Maverick?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Second person plural. You append the 'eth' suffix only to second person plural verbs. About isn't even a verb, blunder.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'You keep talkin' about art, Mister Art. Do you want one of my drawings?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'Tch, I don't needeth grammar lessons from thee. I talketh how I wish.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'You invent your own language, I suppose.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'My name is not Mr. Art! (does this remind anyone of FF6?)'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'You talk silly, Mr. Art.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Oh, stop. If the child calls you Mr. Art, you are Mr. Art.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Art, art, art!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: 'Now Grace, it's not nice to call people names. Uncle Wily is not a dumb head. Dad says he's just a bitter old man so consumed by the fact that he never got any attention as a kid that he has to show off to the whole world by trying to pull off lots of really silly plans that always fail.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'I see. Please, child. Your name and location? I wish to introduce you to some playmates. All of which are /my/ children. Mayhap you have heard of them, mmyesss? Bass, Guts Man, Clown Man... you would appreciate meeting a clown, hrm?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Sewa transmits: 'Sush!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'Don't forgeteth me my lord.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Oh, come now, little Roll.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'I'm in my house, Mister Dr. Wily. You're a lot like a clown, except you're not trying to be funny.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'You're dad must be very smart, lady.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: '*dry tone* I see she already has a firm grasp of diplomacy.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: 'He is! My dad is Dr. Light! He's the smartest, nicest man ever! I'll have to introduce you to him sometime!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'Ah-heh. Now now, Roll. It is not nice to spread lies about your dear uncle. Perhaps some truth, mmyesss? About how that fool attempted to steal all the glory for himself! About how that idiot thought that he could outsmart me!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'It was the Doctor Light and friends, along with Miss Bonne, who were troubling Miss Sewa last night, you realize.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'That sounds real neat, lady.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'But your dad can't be nicer than mine.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Cuz' my dad's the nicest in the world.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'I'm sure all the people he's slaughtered felt the same way as he was murdering them.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'That's dumb.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: '*scratch that, don't know who Grace is yet* :P'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'ooc: bad techno! No OOc info! *hits self with mallet*'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'And who art thine father again child?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'My daddy is my daddy, Mr. Art!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'Mine name is Knight Man!! And does your daddy haveth another name aside from 'daddy'?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'Pops? Dad? Old Man?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Sure he does!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Does it matter?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'And that art?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'His name is Sigma, and he's the bestest dad ever!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: '...Sigma is....a father....? *laughter*'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: '*choking sound*'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Metal Man transmits: '*sound of jaw dropping.* "Son of a metool!"'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Yeah! I love my poppa!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Mr. Art's a better name than Knight Man. Why would you put 'Man' at the end of your name. It sounds dumb.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Sewa transmits: 'Wily, Grace. *innocently*'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: '*still choking*'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'Your father is the accursed Maverick, Sigma? In all seriousness? This is not a time to jest, child!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: ' *giggles* maybe that's why he went bald. *giggle* Having a kid is a lot of stress, least, that's what Dad says.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Metal Man transmits: '*cuckles*'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'I think stress is the least of his problems.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'I don't know what a jest is, Mister Dr. Wily, but I don't think I'm making it.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Why did you give poor Mr. Art such a bad name, Mister Dr. Wily?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Fusion Phoenix transmits: 'Sigma and daughter, I just can't see that.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Sewa transmits: '...Oh?...'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'A jest is a joke kid. When you're pulling someone's leg.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: 'Uncle Wily is jelous because Sigma is replacing him as the world super villian. Isn't that right Uncy Wily?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Why would pulling someone's leg be funny?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'The Doctor Wily has little creativity.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'What's a villain?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Why, look at Bass.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: '*choking clearing* I gladly... taketh whatever name Lord Wily giveth me... *cough* And thou art serious about Sigma being thine father??'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: '*sighs* It's a figure of speech. It's not literal. Never mind. A villain is someone who's out to get what he wants regardless of what other people think or want.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Sure!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'In other words, a realist.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Fusion Phoenix transmits: 'ooc: well if you pull cut man's leg, it comes off'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'Jealous? Of that third-rate reploid? Hardly.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'You shouldn't do everything someone tells you to, even if they're your dad. If my poppa tried to give me a bad name like Grace Man, I wouldn't want it.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Slash Beast transmits: 'Little girl, your father is known for hurting people.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'That's silly, Mr. Slash.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'My dad wouldn't hurt anybody. Not for a million zillion zenny.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'OOC: Scratch the Mr. Slash part. =)'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Metal Man transmits: 'And I'm a saint.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'Like I saideth before... naive..'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: 'Hey Grace, I have a kitty kat. Would you like to play with my kitty sometime?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Except for Unca' Vile.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'I knew she'd say that. It's only silly because you don't know him. You have a computer, or anything resembling actual news, you'd know.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'YEAH!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Who's idiotic off-spring is this cluttering up this already clogged artery of communication like so much fatty cholesterol?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'Truely, it is silly. Sigma is not known for hurting people. He is known for disrupting their life essences.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'You use lots of big words, Mister.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Sewa transmits: '*SUSH at Landon*'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Oh, now, it's the Doctor DeVry, who blows his children up.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'Tis apparently the child of Sigma, Sir DeVry.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'I had a ferret, once, but it turned out that it never existed.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'I'd love to play with your kitty some time, lady.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'When I get big enough to go outside, I'll visit you.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Sigma had a child? Did one of the Mavericks crack his egg-like skull open allowing for this creature to spring forth like some sort of brain-dead Minerva?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'Ooh, classical references now.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Wow, Mr. Big Words likes to talk for a long time.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'I knoweth not how this came to be. Though I admiteth this is not how I expected a child of Sigma to be...'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'He runs from death, and spears men so that he may run further. Talking is merely one of his beloved pastimes.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'I'm the way I am cuz' my poppa loves me.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Slash Beast transmits: 'Can you use the Internet, little girl? As you said, reading is how you get smarter, and the Internet is full of things to read. You can learn all kinds of things about your 'daddy' that way...'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'Your father is a genocidal maniac, child.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'You're the way you are because of how you were programmed to be, kid. You havent' had any experience to make any judgements.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'What's the internet? And what's a genocidal maniac?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: 'Uncle Wily! Your being mean, even for your meanie old self!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Are they like cookies?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Jet Stingray transmits: 'Dudes! Lay off the kid... It's not often a kid gets a chance to be a kid in today's age.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'Internet is a worldwide computer system. You can watch all sorts of neat things on it. Genocidal maniacs are people who kill large amounts of other people because they believe they're different.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Is Wily your unca' like Vile's my unca'?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Grace....hrm. Grace, tell me, would you like to meet me some place? I have a wide variety of friends and I can assure you that certain people I know could offer you all sorts'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'I already have lots of people I've promised to meet, Mr. Big Words.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'Bah, and being this innocent and naive will help her how, Jet?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: 'Vile's your uncle? But he's so mean to my brother all the time....'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Like Unca' Zero, and Mister Dr. Light, and Alia-Lady.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'Hush, Roll! I speak the truth! Do you deny Sigma's goal of the annihilation of humanity? Perhaps that imbicile you call 'father' would appreciate hearing of your sympathizing, mmyesss?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'A genocidal maniac, child, art someone bent on killing off one group of people to furthereth the goals of another. In this case, thine father art bent on exterminating the humans for his cause.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Unca' Vile doesn't know any better. He just needs to stop carrying all that nasty pain with him.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: 'I don't like Sigma either Uncle, but I don't think it's very nice telling a young girl things like that about her dad.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Oh lovely, she's a psychologist too...'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Sigma bred his own spin-doctor...'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'How precocious.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'That's silly. Dad doesn't hurt anyone. You're.. 'pulling my leg.''.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'Learns fast too.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Jet Stingray transmits: 'It lets her try and lead a life where she can be as happy as is right now... I /said/, dudes, lay off the kid. If you want to slam on someone slam Vile... He doesn't have any kids.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'Then asketh him next time thou dost see him about what he thinks of the humans.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'If dad hated humans, I would to. And I like humans. They love their poppas and like cookies, just like me.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'I find the very thought of Sigma creating a 'child' of his own absurd. It's rather... human of him.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'I sense a short lifespan on this one.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Unlike you, Albert, Sigma -is- a hypocrit remember.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'And lo thou saideth to me earlier not to do things people telleth me, even if they're mine father? What if your father DOES hate humans?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Sewa transmits: 'Don't -say- that!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Unlike? Oh, don't.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'What's a lifespan?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Is that like a cookie?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Hypocrisy is inevitable in all life.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'If you don't believe us kid, then go find out for yourself. If he's really a good guy, that's what you'll find. If he isn't, you'll find that out too. Either way, there's the truth, in all its ugly glory.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'And why'd mine be short.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Because your father will grow irritated with you and destroy you.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: 'No he won't! My brothers won't let him! /I? won't let him!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'That's dumb, Mr. Big Words. You shouldn't say dumb things.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Cuz it doesn't matter if you use big words to say dumbs things, cuz' that's all they are.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'My name is Dr. Landon DeVry, Grace. And I wish to be your friend, perhaps you would like to meet me somewhere?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Kalinka transmits: 'Lifespan's how long you live. Dunno why yours'd be short, though. Gee, but there's alot of people talking tonight...'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: 'Kali!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'Tch, Sir DeVry speaketh the truth. Sigma shall geteth tired of thee if thou dost persist in thine outlook on life, and refuse to bendeth to his will.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'I'm not big enough to leave the base yet Mister Dr. Landon DeVry.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Kalinka transmits: '*eeps* Um, Grace? Who ever you are, I can tell you you shouldn't be meeting with that DeVry person.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'Free advice kid. You don't want to meet Dr. Devry there, or Dr. Wily. They aren't nice folks. They'll hurt you.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Why?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Kalinka transmits: 'Hey Roll!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Sewa transmits: 'I'm old enough though, Mister Dr. Landon DeVry...would you like to be my friend?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'I haven't done anything to him.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'They'll do no more to her than Sigma shall...'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'Yeah, well, one of the sad things about life is adults will hurt people even if they haven't done anything back to them.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'And someone who knows such big words should know hurting people is wrong.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Doctor Albert W. Wily kills en masse in order to dominate. Doctor Landon DeVry kills en masse in order to survive. He's also not all that pleasing to look at.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: '...perhaps, I am more interested in Miss Grace at the moment however.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'Go talk to Roll or Kalinka...Kalinka's a kid like you, you could go play or somethin'.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Kalinka transmits: 'Big words doesn't mean someone knows right from wrong. DeVry's just...a very bad person. He tried to kill my Da.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'My form is as pleasing as it needs to be.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Are they like Sewa? Sewa's a kid like me.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Does it have pink bows?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Your father is a -fool- Kalinka Cossack. Do not force me to use -you- against him to acquire what I wish.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'They make anything prettier.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: '...yeah, I know. Kalinka's a human kid though. Roll's a kid like you and Sewa. Slag, why the hell am I playing matchmaker or something here?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: 'Yeah Grace! Come and play with Kali and me. I'll let you hold Tango and everything!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'I do not kill! I have never taken a life. Those that have died in opposition of my forces were the stupid, culled from the ranks of their species.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Neat! Lemme ask my dad if I can come out.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'Hell. Have him send Sewa with you if you go kid.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'I art sure THAT will go overeth well...'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Sewa transmits: '...'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Kalinka transmits: '...I don't have to listen to you DeVry! I know my Da's safe. Anyhow. *deep breath* Yeah, come play Grace!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Very well, Doctor Albert. You build children who play with automatic weapons and kill.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Cossack survives only for the moment. -Break Man- cannot be everywhere, Kalinka.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: '*snicker* What, you don't like being a babysitter Sewa? You're the older girl, isn't that your job or something?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Why are you so mean, Mister Dr. Landon DeVry?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Because he is afraid.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'Too many prunes, kid.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'I am forced to be.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Sewa transmits: 'No, I would enjoy being with Grace at any time. I just wish you would stop 'pulling legs'.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'Yeah, well, at least half the time I'm not, and that was one of the times I wasn't.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Yay! My daddy says I can play with you, Roll and Kalinka.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'Just because I'm a cynic doesn't mean I like little kids being hurt.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Tell me, Grace. Where are you and your friends playing?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'I dunno.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'But I'd like it to be as far away from you as possible, Mister Dr. Landon DeVry.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Well when you find out, tell me.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: 'Mr. DeVry, I'll make sure /Protoman/ knows where we are all the time, so don't try anything, or you'll be sorry!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'If you tell me why you hurt people.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'If you won't tell us where you are, Doctor DeVry, why do you ask others?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'And I think it's a good reason, then I'll tell you where I am.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Kalinka transmits: 'Yay! Maybe we should stay somewhere near the Labs. DeVry can't come too near here.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'I do it only because I must, Grace. I do not enjoy it. It is a requirement for the ascension of the human race.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'So the world can be safe from disease, injury and death'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'That doesn't sound like a good reason to hurt people.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Why would you hurt people to keep them free from injury and death?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Sigma transmits: 'On such a note, Doctor, if you so much as come near my daughter, I will see that you are personally converted into a pretzel. I'm sure that the world will find more use for you that way. Enjoy yourself, Grace.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'The majority over the minority, Grace'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: 'Liar! You do it cause you enjoy seeing others suffer!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'We sound rather protective, Sigma.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'I thought doctors were supposed to help people.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'Have fun kid. I hope the real world isn't too painful for you.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'Ah, tis the father himself. Perhaps now some truth shalt be shed, hmm?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Oh, now. The Doctor DeVry is afraid. That is all.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'You're a bad doctor.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Kalinka transmits: 'DeVry's insane, that's why. What he does just doesn't make sense.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'I am a very -skilled- Doctor.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'You shouldn't be able to be one until you can really help people.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'It makes perfect sense you -stupid- little girl!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Sigma transmits: 'Indeed he is, Grace. He's a twisted sort . . . Hardly worthy of the title. He, Grace, is the kind that hurts people. DeVry! You would do well to be silent.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Sewa transmits: '*SUSH at landon*'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'Ah, Sigma! I must ask, what did possess you to birth a child of your own? Has the lonliness of the top of the trash heap finally gotten to you?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'He does no more than thee Sigma.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'You hurt people and I'm stupid for not understand?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'No. Kalinka is stupid.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Oh, it's still mean.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Sigma transmits: 'You will learn with time, Wily. *click*'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Kalinka transmits: 'Oh no, DeVry called me stupid. Nyah.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'You should put duct-tape over your mouth until you can say nice things.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'She is a very -willful- little girl. Didn't your lush of a father ever teach you that girls were to stay silent, Kalinka.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: 'Kalinka is not stupid! She's a lot smarter then you, ya smelly old fart!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'You should act like the braindead decrative device you are.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Fusion Phoenix transmits: 'I think grace has it right about Dr. DeVry.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'And I refuse to take insult from you, you miserable trollop of a trash compactor'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'You sound like more of a baby than her, Mister Dr. Landon.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Only babies cry.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Trash compactor? Pot and kettle, Doctor.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Fusion Phoenix transmits: 'Oh, and he's cranky too.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Didn't you have a poppa and momma that loved you, Mister Dr. Landon?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: '*gets really mad* You silly old man! Girls are /not/ meant to stay silent! We can do JUST as much as ANY boy can!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'You are female, and therefore inferior. You are a female -robot- and are thusly the lowest of the low.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'You go girl.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Although you do rank in slightly higher then base bacterophage'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Slash Beast transmits: 'The depths of your depravity never cease to amaze me, Sigma. Go on with your plan. You'll never prove anything this way... and if you should slip up even once, I'll see that the world learns about it.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Kalinka transmits: 'My Da taught me to think for myself, he taught me that I can do anything I work at doing, and most of all, he taught me /not/ to be silent!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'You musn't have had a good momma.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'And slightly above a brain in a bottle, eh doc?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'You should know that the more you debate him, the more his credit.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: 'I'll show you who's inferior!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Do as I. He's good merely for a few laughs.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'My mother was unnessesarilly sentimental. She was an idiot who felt that we were supposed to help those beneath our station.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Did she love you?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Though admittedly good laughs. Do you remember the skeletons, Doctor?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'It's amazing how much people will jump at simple bone.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Love is irrelevant.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: 'Only cause no woman in her right mind would give you any!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'That's silly. It's the only thing that matters.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'It is a petty emotion which causes us to forget the primary cause of existance: Survival.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'If your mother loved you, it should be the only thing that mattered about her.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'What about your poppa?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'Now, now, drVry. Love is a useful tool. One can manipulate others quite easily with it.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Without death there is no life, Doctor.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'A foolish moron of a diplomat who served as nothing but a ponce to the pathetic UN'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Why would you want to survive without love?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'To -survive-'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'When will you submit and sink to a dignified grave? Death is not a reaper behind you.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'That's silly.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Even if I lived forever, I wouldn't want to without my poppa and my friends.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Even if I had all the cookies in the world.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'I shall be the killer of death. I shall take him and place her on the ground and make her -scream- to me for mercy before I destroy her and cast her body on the charnel fires!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Slash Beast transmits: 'You should be more concerned about propagating your genes, DeVry... although I suspect that such an option is no longer available to you.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Roll transmits: '*giggles* DeVery, get a life.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'You're very silly, Mr. Landon. But I forgive you.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'I should weep should death end. It is my greatest beauty.'.


(Ch. E [Public]) Bridgit Cascio transmits: 'Bull*@!$.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: 'Now, see there? Good for laughs.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Metal Man transmits: '...'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Kalinka transmits: 'Ooookay...this is getting silly, DeVry. Maybe you should try not talking where other people can hear you.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: '*coughs to clear his throat* And I still have sufficient biological material to extrapolate enough material for reproduction if needs be.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Heilen transmits: 'Whoa, whoa. Can someone spell 'obsession'?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Psych Mosquito transmits: '*snicker* Doctor Landon DeVry, pitiful man lashing at chains.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'Poor Mr. Landon's so sad.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Bridgit Cascio transmits: 'Your sins ain't ever gonna be washed away, not if you sat down and scrubbed 'em with bleach, you pompous old b*@!$^.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Grace transmits: 'What's a b*@!$^?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'When I request a woman's opinion I will pay the 5 zenny that all of your other clients pay, you degenerate UN whore.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Bridgit Cascio transmits: 'Puh-lease. Try again. I've heard better insults outta my five year old nephew's mouth.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Techno transmits: 'Cover your ears kid. In fact, just shut of fthe radio and go play, you won't get anything useful out of this conversation.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'It would stand to reason that your miserable low-bred family would have such foul-mouthed spawn.'.

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