Tower Heights - Skull Haven

Ahh, the balcony. Here, the worries of the world can be shed and forgotten, and devious planning and plotting may be devised instead. Well, you get the good and the bad, at least. Despite the weather about Skullamanjaro, the view itself is splendid still, particularly since one can properly see the writhing mass of the Robot Master generic forces. The balcony itself is large, with a marble railing (no doubt reinforced internally) along the edge to stop people from falling. Which means the Elite will have to throw them over the top, to get them down the mountain.

Sword Man ["casual"] [RM]
Metal Man [Armor] [RM]
Elec Man [Normal] [RM]
Procyon [Saturn] [SD]
Enker [Disguise]
Balcony Door <N> leads to Command Chambers - Skull Haven.

"YOU DARE!?!?! You have a piece of /me/, and dare tell me I have the arrogance that is rightfully mine to have to want a piece of my own body back?! You are a fool, a very stupid and foolish android who shall now incur the very wrath I sought to avoid giving. All of you here, save my dear Metal Man, shall be knocked into the world of the Marches. I will have my body part back, you tin ripoff of C-3P0!"

The fury that burns within Saturn's form causes his very body to exude a gravity wave that seem to push on all of your bodies. But the focal point of the anger is within the dark depths of Saturn's black eyes. Those same black eyes that let out a blast of black energy, not a single ounce of light being emitted, and in fact much light being sucked into it that the room seems to dim.

Procyon strikes Enker with his Eyebeams attack.

Elec Man grits his teeth, trying to resist the force that acts on him. "Previously... I just wasn't a happy Master, but now you've attacked my brother. Which was a bad move." Electricity flares around Elec Man, lightning building in his hands. "Now, Stardroid, so-called robot god, prepare to feel the rage of lightning!" He holds his hands up, lighting gathering between them, and a lightning bolt blasts out from the palms of his gloves, lancing toward Saturn.

Elec Man misses Procyon with his Lightning Bolt attack.

Metal Man says, "ROBOT MASTERS ATTACK!" Metal Man bellows and then leaps into action and a sawblade appears in his left hand. He then leaps back towards the door lines up the shot and sends the razor edge at the god like machine. "FALL STARDROID FALL!" The fury of the ego has been summoned time to play...

Metal Man misses Procyon with his Sawblade attack.

Sword Man growls. "Perhaps thy should learn from thy lessers. Cryptic they may be, but at least they had courtesy. Now...HAVE AT THEE!!!" SHouting at the top of his vocalizer, Sword swing his blade upward and rises, his upper half shot off like a bullet toward Saturn while his lower ends rush around toward Saturn's rear flanks. By Saturn or through Saturn, Sword will make it to the otherside somehow.

Sword Man misses Procyon with his Thrust attack.

Knight Man walks into the area. He was probably just in the area, large groups tend to attract people. Pity the poor buckethead has no idea what's going no. "Did I heareth someone say Robot Master's attack?" He queries as he looks around, until he spots Saturn, at which point he sort of freezes. Not so much terror as an 'oh crapeth' look on his face. oO(Oh great, this is all I needeth...) Knight Man doesn't like Stardroids, he REALLY doesn't like Stardroids, after what happened earlier in the year, who can blame him?

Pirate Man arrives from the Command Chambers - Skull Haven.

Pirate Man has arrived.

Procyon sends a radio transmission to Bass.

Procyon receives a radio transmission.

The beams of non-light sear across Enker's golden chestplate, scarring it with a sickening sizzle and a wisp of dark smoke. The assault causes the Golden Warrior to take a step back to keep balanced, though he grunts slightly, setting his jaw and washing his face clean of any expression. The Pendant disappears behind his back, no doubt removed from the scene to ensure it does not become an obstacle. The Golden One dashes forward, and executes a neat spiral, bringing the full force of his spear's blunt shaft around with the added momentum, and attempts to smash it into Saturn's bucket-like head.

Enker misses Procyon with his Smash attack.

Metal Man misses so what? It matters little to the ego one asx he fades back and calls in a swarm of his dagger drones that launch towards Saturn. "Seek and destroy Dagger drones." The blade like drones obey their master and head right for the Stardroid. "Let the games BEGIN!" then he starts to cackle more. Yup Metal has lost it so it seems.

Metal Man misses Procyon with his Explosive Drone attack.

Pirate Man wlaks unto the scene taking place at tower heights, not knowing what to expect, but recognizes his fellow masters, and the Stardroid Saturn. He stays off to the side, for now, not being one to get into battles without proper motivation or alcohol.

Where once the form of Saturn stood, instead stands a lump of granite in his form. That granite statue takes all the attacks in stride, breaking apart into utter bits from the force of the attacks. If you look at it, its painted very closely to look just like him, even the inside parts of the statue look like internals. A puddle of fuel spills out from the statue's remains.

"What entertainment. Not only this, but your very own Force Commander has tossed you aside now." Saturn's now cackling at mad from his radio message response, "Oh, what joyous fun!"

Where is Saturn perhaps? Oh, walking around on the ceiling, his head a good half dozen feet above the rest of your heads. "Now, Enker, I ask this one final time, hand me /my/ body part, or DIEEE!!!" And to show his point, the blade of the ring around Saturn jumps off his form and flies toward Metal Man.

Procyon strikes Metal Man with his Ring Slash attack.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "Knight Man! You coward! We could use some help here."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "Damn... heavy damage recouting power systems... yes... weapons back online. Time to teach this Stardroid some manners."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Bass chuckles softly. "Fighting Saturn? Already? No, this is not the time. All forces not currently facing their imminent doom at the hands of Saturn, fall back. Metal Man and Enker have damned themselves to some time in the mainframe; I /require/ the rest of you. For the moment."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Procyon transmits, "Thank you my dear Bass."

Sword Man barrels through the statue, meeting up with his other half. Swiveling about, he glares at Saturn, eyes narrowed in defiant rage. "We carry thy burden of the threat of this Nothing. Yet all you chatter about is your pendant. Perhaps you shouldst review thy priorities." A low gutteral noise eminating from Sword, he dashes toward Saturn, before sliding in low on the instep of his right foot...and halting? Growling at the radio, he thrusts his sword into the ground, muttering at the order. For now...all he's left to do is watch while Saturn beats them about.

Knight Man blinks at the fighting going on, and just shakes his head slightly "Fools...." Right, fighting a Stardroid, when in the past it virtually took an ARMY to take one out? Yeah right. Even Knight Man doesn't possess that level of ego. Of course, he can't help but look at Saturn with contempt, but not enough contempt to challenge him. If Terra showed on the other hand... "Blasted Stardroids...." He grumbles. He slowly takes a few steps back to get out of the yeild of the fight, he's not participating, especially after Bass' order. Though he might have to help clean up the mess when Saturn's finished.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "I haveth no intention of participating in a fight againsteth a Stardroid right now, especially againsteth that one... though I'll stayeth around in case the remains of Metal Man and Enker needeth to be cleaned up."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits teeth gritting. "I don't want to leave Enker or Metal behind..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Wanteth it or not, we haveth orders not to engage. Tis a futile struggle at the moment at any rate..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Bass transmits, "Your destruction does /not/ help them, Elec Man. Fall /back/."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man can be heard thrusting his sword into something metal, though obviously not robotic. "BLAST IT ALL!..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "I never took you for a coward Sword Man."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Bass transmits, "This channel is compromised. We will discuss this situation later."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "Orders are orders, Metal Man. No matter how much of my honor must be compromised for it's sake."

Elec Man grits his teeth, electricity still flowing in his hands. Will he listen to Bass? Or will he fight on? "I can't leave Enker and Metal behind... but Bass's orders..." He is lost in his thoughts.

The Mirror Buster is withdrawn from its strike, and its owner hops away from the decoy statue, planting his feet firmly in the ground as he adjusts his fighting stance. The radio is ignored, the Stardroid's ranting is ignored, and the fact that his brothers are leaving him to fight on his own is ignored. Enker only sees, hears, and breathes the fight. Stubborn, certainly, but moreover merely determined. The Golden Warrior tilts his chin up to observe his opponent, then springs high into the air, lashing out with the Mirror Buster in a fierce swipe of its sharp tip before touching down across the room.

Enker misses Procyon with his Spear Slash attack.

Enker puts his guard up.

Metal Man breaks into an an evasice pattern and its all that saves him from being totally ripped apart but as he said the night before he does not scream. He grunts as he holds his left hand over his savaged torso that bleeds out mech and hydrolic fluid. Then he fights to summon what might be his final attack. "So you will leave us Sword Man? Where is your honor? OR ARE YOU JUST A COWARD! I never guessed you to be Bass' LAP DOG! But I guess you are one." He kicks off the wall and launches him self at the stardroid sending a pair of blades towards Saturn.

Metal Man misses Procyon with his Twin Blades attack.

"There's a rusty halo on my head, it must have been something that I said. This is the final broken nail. Fill this hole, suck this soul. I'm the thing that I can't control. FLESH MY FLESH!" Saturn's form fazes from existance, exploding outward in all existance.

A second later, he appears right in front of Enker's form, glaring down toward the smaller Golden Master. "A pound for a pound!" Saturn's hand drives outward toward Enker's waist, reaching for the pendant and a chunk of Enker's armor in the same grasp.

Procyon strikes Enker with his Teleport Attack attack.

Metal Man sends a radio transmission.

Enker receives a radio transmission from Metal Man.

Sword Man sends a radio transmission to Enker.

Enker receives a radio transmission from Sword Man.

Elec Man sends a radio transmission.

Enker receives a radio transmission from Elec Man.

Elec Man finally backs off, his eyes averted, anguish visible in the set of his mouth. He hates doing this... and you can tell. The electricty is dispelled.

Knight Man eyes Metal, and shakes his head. "As much as I despiseth the whole notion of honor, I must defendeth Sword Man, to a point. We art born to serve Lord Wily, and we followeth his wishes to our own deaths. To defy his wishes is to be a traitor. And besides which, there tis a fine line betweeneth courage and stupidity, one that even I can plainly see-eth, and that thou dost crosseth often, like now." He just folds his arms, and continues to watch Saturn kill the hell out of Enker and Metal Man. In fact, he has a question for the ringed Stardroid when the battle is over, if he can get the chance. He doesn't expect a straight answer out of Saturn, or an answer at all, but it's something he has to ask. It's been gnawing at him for awhile...

Sword Man simply remains where he is, blade still embedded into the balcony, fist clenched. The balled up hand shakes a bit, before Sword slams it to the ground. As much as he wants to, he can't fight. And that just makes him feel utterly weak for some reason.

Pirate Man says, "Arr, Matey's yea have a point. There be no point in plunderin' if yer too dead t' enjoy what yea just plundered..." Pirate Man, obviously, and, as usual, is not all there due to dipping into the grog barrel."

Metal Man says, "We follow Wily's orders. Bass is not Dr Wily." Not to mention Metal thinks he is some how become Staturn's puppet." Metal is already breaking into another attack run when bolts of elecricty start to dance out of his sucking chest wound and he drops to the ground with a crash and does not move at all. Soon a pool mech fluid forms about his fallen form. He manages to utter, " Enker...."

Elec Man has disconnected.

A pained squeal and crunch sounds from Enker's side as not only is the Pendant yanked from his waist, but a sizable chunk of the Master's armour is teared off of his side. Immediately, the Golden One's eyes widen, as if he'd been winded from a punch in the gut and he immediately outstretches an arm, splaying the fingers of its hands, in hopes of retrieving the stone. This is, of course, impossible, and the defeated Master slowly, resignedly, lowers his arm, and looks away from the Stardroid. His face softens, and he scowls. He says nothing, and slowly returns the Mirror Buster to its niche along his back.

Saturn teleports himself back to standing on the ceiling with his head staring down toward the group on the normal floor. Then he takes the pendant and glares at it for a long moment, the gem in the center seems to brighten some for a second before fading completely of its last bit of energy. "Will we close our eyes. Will we fall for those lies?! Or will we make the conclusion, that this life's a delusion?!?"

Taking the pendant he hurls it and the chunk of Enker armor back at Enker, "I'm in fear, I'm in anger. I'm in a desperate state. I will be careful now. And I will make no mistake."

Then, the dark lord of Chaos is gone, just like that, with the pendant at Enker's feet.

Procyon has left.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "Operation status green...?? What the frag?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Well, I supposeth ye'd need no help to the medbay afterall..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Bass transmits, "I expect a report on this `incident' as soon as possible."

The dark, lifeless rock that sits before Enker's heavily booted feet is stared at for a good deal of time, Enker's expression betraying his disappointment and defeat. Eventually, he crouches down and collects the drained Pendant, giving it a close examination before sighing quietly and tucking it away. He stands, shakes his head to clear his thoughts, and looks to each and every Master in the room. "I am not disappointed, or angered, by any of you," he declares, his voice once more robust and stern. "You followed a superior officer's orders, just as you should have. Now. Leave this place." And, like any good superior officer should, Enker practices what he preaches, and briskly removes himself from the balcony.

Enker goes home.

Enker has left.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "It shall be forthcoming."

Metal Man damange vanishes and he slowly gets back to his feet. "Unn why do I have a bad feeling about that..."

Sword Man sighs and slowly rises, taking his blade out of the balcony floor and standing up straight. "Pardon me, brothers...but I believe I need some time in the training room to...what is the venacular?...vent." Giving a short nod to all, he walks out not that long after Enker does.

Knight Man shrugs "Lucky thou, ye don't have to payeth for that stupid scene. Those blasted Stardroids art hard to predict..." He grunts once, then turns and leaves. He doesn't like where his thoughts are going, he'd like to have a world with Lord Wily as soon as he can...

Metal Man follows the others out.

[Radio: (E) Public] Teisel Bonne begins to cough. "Gyah! Guts Man! Don't do that! I nearly choked on my dinner!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Knight Man transmits, "...Excelsior..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Guts Man transmits, "Drats..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Teisel Bonne transmits, "Bah! I bet you would have like that."

[Radio: (E) Public] Guts Man transmits, "I sure would!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Teisel Bonne transmits, "I don't get any respect in this world."

[Radio: (E) Public] Guts Man transmits, "What a shame."

<Some time Later>

[Radio] You send Dr. Wily a direct message: "<sound of a transmission, but no voice for a moment. A bit of pacing, and finally> Mi-Milord... if ye dost haveth a moment to spare, I'd like to asketh ye something."

Dr. Wily sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "I'm not busy right now. Can you come to my lab?"

[Radio] You send Dr. Wily a direct message: "Yes Milord, I'll be there momentarily"

Laboratories - Skull Fortress

If Skull Fortress is a testament to Dr. Wily's madness, then this room is a testament to his genius. Diagnostics and computer displays line the left wall, the right covered with handwritten charts, diagrams, and ramblings. The rest of the room is a disorganized collection of equipment and desks, many of which are likewise covered in papers and equipment. A few large areas have been cleared for special containment fields. At the very back of the room is a row of high-tech capsules, access to which is restricted to the doctor himself, as is the knowledge of what they contain. Several smaller labs branch off from the main, where others may put their creative abilities to use in ghastly ways.

Dr. Wily [Normal] [RM]

Synth's Computer Lab

Reinforced Doors <S> leads to Command Center - Skull Fortress.

Southwest <SW> leads to Secure Dome - Skull Fortress.

Dr. Wily ists at a terminal near the front of the lab, running over and over security footage from the Stardroid's little 'visit' last night. He mutters to himself, pausing to make a note on a small data pad now and then. With a frown, the Doctor finally sits back for a moment, and shakes his head. "Interesting...but what could it possibly mean..."

The vault doors to the lab open, and in walks Wily's own Dark Knight. The medieval one takes a few steps in, and kneels for a moment "Milord, thank ye for thine time." He stands again "I haveth an inquiry... or mayhap... a request... about the recent incidents with the Stardroids..."

Dr. Wily turns in his chair as Knight Man enters. The doctor was finished with his analysis anyways, as it was about to drive him insane. Cocking his head as he crosses his legs, Wily smiles gently at Knight. "A request?" He rubs one side of his mustache, then leans forwards slightly. "Recent events have been troubling. Make your request, Knight. If I can grant it, I will." Wily's tone is calm and confident, betraying no hint of his inner thoughts about this whole affair.

<Global News Network> GNN newsflash. Location: Middle of Nowhere, Russia. A smiling reporter appears on the screen, "Hola. Tasha King here. We've received reports of an odd earthquake phenomenon out near a town in Russia whose name can be loosely translated as 'Middle of Nowhere.' Seismologists are thus far unable to determine the cause of the shakeup, but they claim that there are no major fault lines nearby."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Guts Man transmits, "10 greenbacks it's Stardroids doing."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Guts, I think my bubble is broken!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Guts Man transmits, "Let's get you a new bubble!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Ok!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Plant Man transmits, "A pity . . it was so very much more peaceful when you were in the bubble . ."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "I'm still in it!"

Knight Man coughs before speaking oO(I cannot believeth I art going to do this... I must be insane) He thinks. "Well Milord, the recent incident with Saturn, which I hadeth the... pleasure, of viewing the latter half of, has madeth me... worried. Saturn seemed to be aftereth his pendent from Sir Enker... I wondereth if the other Stardroids shalt be aftereth the same?" He crosses his arms, he doesn't like what he's going to ask, but something tells him he should "If that tis the case, then that blasted girl may needeth some... supervisation." Of course, 'that blasted girl' is Tron. "It pains me to spendeth any time near her, or onboard that blasted ship" He mutters "Again..." Under his breath "But... if he dost feeleth she needs to be looked after, I shalt oblige." oO(I'm going to regreteth this, I knoweth it...)

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Guts, where do I get a new bubble? Or do you think we can fix the old one?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Guts Man transmits, "Bubble Man."

Dr. Wily rubs his chin as Knight speaks. A smirk crosses his face at the mention of 'that blasted girl'. "Well, I know how much you detest Ms. Bonne, Knight." He stands and paces away a bit, then comes back, standing a bit closer to the Master. "Not that I blame you, I would hate her too, had I been in your shoes. Still, the fact remains that you /are/ the best qualified to watch her in this situation. The Stardroids make me uneasy, especially now that Saturn has claimed his pendant." He shakes his head. "Watch over her, and ensure that she doesn't do anything...stupid. Select one of your brothers to accompany you if you wish." A chuckles. "And take a vacation when you get done with this little assignment. Tron /and/ those Servbots are enough to try anyone's patience.

Wily accepted the offer. Knight is sort of torn, part of him was hoping he wouldn't... but if some part didn't want to do it, he wouldn't have offered. Considering that the only Masters Knight has authority over are those in Zeta, and aside from Plant Man, they're all unavailable for such orders, and since Plant and Tron have the annoying habit of getting along, which irritates Knight Man to no end, he'll go solo. "Thank ye Milord, though I'll subjecteth not any other of mine brothers to accomanyeth me on that mission, unless one steps forward. I'll posteth mine assignment, and... informeth that girl immediatly. Worry not, I'll keepeth her from doing anything that would endangereth thee, tis a volatile situation." He bows one more, and leaves. oO(Those blasted Stardroids can't be gone soon enough... this shalt be a long few weeks, but tis all for Lord Wily...)

Dr. Wily watches Knight Man go, and shakes his head soflty. it appears more is troubling Wily than he's willing to let on.

Dr. Wily sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Do try not to hurt her. I understand she can be irritating...."

[Radio] You send Dr. Wily a direct message: "I'd causeth no harm to any of thine allies Milord, even her. I shalt try to... ignoreth her more annoying traits for the time being."

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