(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Knight Man transmits: 'I art getting uneasy. I hast been awhile since I have causeth carnage. A raid dost seemeth the perfect thing to remedy this. Any of thee wish to joineth me?'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'Hrm...I need to work off some...frustrations. Sounds good to me!'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Serenade transmits: 'Where? And any other reasons behind it besides just the fact that you can?'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Knight Man transmits: 'Well, Lord Wily didst order me to gathereth supplies, and if I can causeth as much carnage in the process, all the better! Bwahaha!'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Grenade Man transmits: 'Carnage?!'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Serenade transmits: 'I see....'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Grenade Man transmits: 'NOW you're talking my language!'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Serenade transmits: 'Where are you gathering then?'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'Grenade and I are in the Sphere teleporter room.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Serenade transmits: 'I'd recomend that someone bring in a vehicle for an easy getaway.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'Umm...I think dad wants the vehicles off limits until he gets done upgrading them.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Grenade Man transmits: 'Good idea! ..................... Anyone know how to drive?'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Knight Man transmits: '...not I.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Serenade transmits: 'I can. But if dad is upgrading them, then....'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'Umm....Dad said he wasn't going to let me learn how to drive. Something about nuclear road rage...'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Knight Man transmits: 'Yes, Lord Wily didst mention something abouteth the vehicles. Bah, we shalt take the teleporter!'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Grenade Man transmits: 'Yeah. Same here, only something about maniacal driving...'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Knight Man transmits: 'I say we targeteth Sydney, how does that soundeth to ye?'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'Okay by me.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Serenade transmits: 'Sounds good. Sea food, kangaroos, and former olympic stadiums a specialty.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Grenade Man transmits: 'Yeah yeah YEAH!'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Grenade Man transmits: 'Carnage! Mayhem! Destruction! Oooooooooo I feel giddy!'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Knight Man transmits: 'Very well then brothers, let us make our wayeth to down under! Bwahahaha!!'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Grenade Man transmits: 'Woohoo!'.

You enter the Wily Sphere - Teleporter Room (Blue level).
Wily Sphere - Teleporter Room (Blue level)

Somewhat of a departure from previous bases, the teleportation capsules are hollow egg-shaped devices with circular openings carved out to allow entrance, rather than the traditional cylinders. They line the walls of the room, and are also placed on various ledges jutting out into the air, and platforms raised from the floor. Aside from the capsules there are three programming stations, which are usually (but not always) locked to prevent some practical joker from linking the capsules to each other.

Type 'tel/list' to see a list of destinations and 'tel <location>' to activate the teleporters.

[Stealthed] Acoustic [RM]
Serenade [Pink Avenger] [RM]
Grenade Man [RM]
Heat Man [Ball Of Fire] [RM]
King [RM]

Obvious exits:
South <S> leads to Wily Sphere - Corridor (Blue level).

Serenade just snickers slightly, nodding at Knight. "Personally, I hope Protoman is there. I've got a few questions I've been dying to ask him... *Chuckle*"

Acoustic deactivates her stealth mode.

Grenade Man hmms and scratches his chin, "Bah. Protoman is all the rage these days. Why, some dork was asking about him over the general frequency. Said she wanted to get his scarf off. That was sick... we don't even have the right equipment!"

Knight Man smirks at Serenade "I could careth less who dost show, we shall obliterate them all the same. Now onward brothers... and sister. Let's show this world the might of Lord Wily! Bwahaha!"

Heat Man smiles brightly, becoming caught up in the enthusiasm of his family. "Allright!"

Grenade Man woohoos and jumps up in the air! "Yeah! I seriously need to BLOW STUFF UP!!!"

King hmms. "Indeed. Remember that our purpose is to gain valuable materials, however. Secure those materials first, then you may act as you will."

Serenade just motions towards the teleporter pods with that, "Then lets go."

Knight Man disappears in a flash of energy.

Teleportation Area--Sydney

Rows of tall teleportation capsules line the walls, each clearly labeled with a detination. A few are labeled 'Custom Location' instead of with a city name.

Type 'tel/list' to see a list of destinations and 'tel <location>' to activate the teleporters.

Obvious exits:
North <N> leads to Sydney - Business District.

Knight Man appears in a flash of energy.
King has arrived.
King appears in a flash of energy.
Grenade Man has arrived.
Grenade Man appears in a flash of energy.
Serenade has arrived.
Serenade appears in a flash of energy.
Heat Man has arrived.
Heat Man treads in, humming.
Heat Man appears in a flash of energy.
Acoustic has arrived.
Acoustic appears in a flash of energy.

King enters the Sydney - Business District.
King has left.

Serenade enters the Sydney - Business District.
Serenade has left.

Acoustic enters the Sydney - Business District.
Acoustic has left.

You enter the Sydney - Business District.

Sydney - Business District

This area had suffered the worst impact from the first Maverick assault and wasonce nearly reduced to rubble, but today the streets are free from ruin and the rebuilt Skyscrapers stand tall once again. The buildings that didn't survive the attack were demolished to allow room for others in their place. No matter where you look you'll see several sites in the stages of being half-built, or nearly complete. The newer office buildings reach heights that make the restored structures look quite small as these glass and steel giants around them cast their shadows over the streets during the late afternoon.

Acoustic [RM]
Serenade [Pink Avenger] [RM]
King [RM]
Razor Pterodactyl [RF]
Ring Redwing [RF]
Wind Falcon [Humanoid] [MH]

Obvious exits:
South <S> leads to Teleportation Area--Sydney.
East <E> leads to Sydney - Southern Downtown.
North <N> leads to Sydney - Commercial District.
West <W> leads to Sydney - Western Residential.

Grenade Man arrives from the Teleportation Area--Sydney.
Grenade Man has arrived.

Heat Man arrives from the Teleportation Area--Sydney.
Heat Man has arrived.
Heat Man treads in, humming.

Ring Redwing lands and folds her wings back along her back... sure she could have teleported, but she preferred winging it from Cairo and feel the cool higher atmospheric breeze as she flew over after the dispatch gave word the Robot Masters were targeting Sydney.

Wind Falcon got here ahead of time. Security's taken care of the evacuation stuff already, thanks to Iris' radio-interception resulting in an early warning. As for himself, he's perched on the rooftop to the teleporter grid, waiting, sword already in his right hand.

Ring Redwing lands and folds her wings back along her back... sure she could have teleported, but she preferred winging it from Cairo and feel the cool higher atmospheric breeze as she flew over after the dispatch gave word the Robot Masters were targeting Sydney. 0-Reposed for the others.-0

Razor Pterodactyl comes in flying, as is his usual routine. Teleporters are for the weak! And non-flying. Anyway... from his vantage point in the air, he sees the gathering below, and lands near his Repliforce colleague, making his presense known to her with the idle comment, "Fancy meeting you here."

Ring Redwing smiles and nods to Razor, "I was just patrolling the Rocket Town area when Wind Falcon and I received the transmission from Iris. Glad to see you too." She grins, "I see you don't use teleporters much either."

Casually, and seeming rather out of place if not for the other civilians who nervously take note of the sudden arrival of a number of Repliforcers, a man dressed in a long khaki coat emerges from the teleporter matrix, a few minutes before a few...Less-than-welcome guests. Making sure he doesn't stand out (yes), the Strider In Disguise shoves his hands in his pockets, walking towards a bench on the opposite end of the street. This could be interesting. The RMs were pumpking up their activity, it seemed.

Razor Pterodactyl nods to Ring in return, and stretches out a bit in anticipation. "Yup... I mean, when you got wings, you might as well use 'm. Didn't think the Masters would be back looking for yet another fight so soon... but they want it, they got it."

With a flash of golden light, a beam descends to one of the teleporters, filling the chamber as a towering form solidifies, stepping from within without hesitation. King's cloak billows as he begins striding forwards, his blue eyes scanning over the area. He pauses slightly, standing unconcerned in the teleporation area as he waits for the rest of his forces to arrive.

Another flash of light follow shortly after, and the maniacal, crazed, and strangely giddy Grenade Man steps out, giggling like a kid as he arms his weapons, "it feels so GOOD to be causing destruction and mayhem again!"

Flashy Flashy! Out from the light stomps the armored tank..err.. Knight. Mace swinging back and forth, he cackles with glee to himself "Tis been far too long.."

A red and gold blur which gives the impression of incredible heat slowly solidifes into the form of Heat Man in echelon behind his "brothers", smiling happily. His green eyes are glowing with excitement, and small ripples of heat already slowly roll from his body. "So, where do we want to go first? Souvenirs, or Take-out?"

And then there's Acoustic, who comes out of the teleporters not long after Heat Man. Then of course the teleporters activate again, allowing for allowing for another femme to appear follwing along after the mecha wolf This femme is is of course Serenade, only she's ready for the ocasion in her 'Pink Avenger', and of course she has blond hair to go with said armor. For the moment though, the pair doesn't really look like they're here to cause much damage. Instead it's almost as if they're just here.

Zero arrives from the Teleportation Area--Sydney.
Zero has arrived.

Ring Redwing stops chatting with Razor, though she'd love to and takes up a ready stance, slipping 2 rings from her forearms and holding one in each hand in readiness... Her yellow optics watching and waiting and her fingers sliding along the thick metallic ring's surfaces make a soft scraping sound.

After the Robot Masters make their arrivals, one last, black beam hits the teleporters. Soon after, Stalker Tiger emerges from the chambers, gun slung over his shoulder lazily. oO(Odd. I hear no gunfire. Maybe I ain't so late.)Oo As he rounds the block, Stalker slowly lights a cigar puffing thoughtfully. As his gaze hits the Masters, Tiger grins. oO(Nope, not late at all.)Oo

Wind Falcon waits a moment before firing...he's appraising each RM as they arrive, matching them up with entries in the Hunter databases. Two in particular catch his eye; Serenade and her dog. Launching off the rooftop, he begins descending towards them with a loud yell. Even as he does, panels open on his back, disgorging eight silvery orbs; each a bit smaller than a volleyball. Four fire bluish/green energies at Acoustic, and the other four repeat the stunt on Serenade.

Wind Falcon misses Serenade with his Energy Spread attack.
Wind Falcon strikes Acoustic with his Energy Spread attack.

Acoustic has left.
Serenade takes Acoustic.
Acoustic has arrived.
Serenade drops Acoustic.

Acoustic has left.
Serenade takes Acoustic.
Acoustic has arrived.
Serenade drops Acoustic.

Razor Pterodactyl readies two of his Razor Discs on his arms as the teleporter reveals the first Robot Masters. He takes aim, and fires in the midst of the group of Masters. He wasn't really aiming at anyone in particular, but both his discs end up sailing in the general direction of Knight Man.

Razor Pterodactyl misses you with his Razor's Edge attack.

Ring Redwing spies the reflection of Heat Man in a shattered glass mirror lying on the pavement, the Robot Master sticking out like some sort of human torch. Hearing the shouts of her comrades as they fire upon the appearing Robot Masters, she takes aim upon the Robot Master who's just innocently inquiring whether he should go for souveniors or take-out and flicks both her rings at him before he's fully aware of her.

Ring Redwing strikes Heat Man with her Double Ring Toss attack.

Burn Dinorex arrives from the Teleportation Area--Sydney.
Burn Dinorex has arrived.

Grenade Man just blinks as the sudden rush of Repliforcers and Maverick Hunters come down upon them, then cackles maniacally and stands his ground as explosions go off all around him! "Come on ya Replidorks! Let's see what you're made of!"

Cocky little b*stard, isn't he?

As the first four bolts hit Acoustic, Serenade jumps to the side behind a convient park bench which absorbs the bolts without exploding. What ever that bench is made out of is tough stuff! Recycled Hardhats maybe? Anyways.... As the humanoid femme lands, she mutters something under her breath as her hand retracts into her her blaster arm. The exact same blaster arm that's now starting to hum strangely as she atempts to return fire.

Acoustic meanwhile, even after the bolts hit her, jumps for cover as well, but doesn't atempt to help her master just yet...

Serenade misses Wind Falcon with her Pressure Blast attack.

Heat Man looks as the 'Forcers begin to spring from their positions. "Umm...I think we go straight to the Take-Out part, then. But this doesn't look like much of a menu." Blinking clear of Razor's attack, he manages to also catch the middle of Ring's attack. "oof!" Spotting the source of the attack, he suddenly blinks into midair, then blinks downwards and attempts to catch the repliforcer in rings of fire! His smile is gone, replaced by a near psychotic anger. "DON'T. TOUCH. MY. FAMILY!"

Heat Man misses Ring Redwing with his Flame Hold attack.

King jerks as the suddenly flood of fire, taking a step back as the blasts cut into the Master ranks, his shield coming up as he attempts to cover with it, twisting as he retreats to put his back to a nearby tube as quickly as he can..

King projects a forcefield around himself.

Knight Man eyes up in the sky, and just barely manages to see the flying razors veer down at him and take a step back, as they ping harmlessly off the ground. He looks up at his new opponent, quite angry "So ye wereth waiting for us? Bah, no matter! Now get thine aft downeth here and fight me one on one!" With that, he swings his mace over his head a few times, and lets if fly at Razor, hoping that the chain will go long enough to hit him...

You miss Razor Pterodactyl with your Mace Shot attack.

Wind Falcon continues to descend, raising a hand to meet the blast. Surprise surprise, when he's really ready for it, air-attacks don't do much to him. Main reason being he's projecting a 'wall' of air from the hand himself. "That was pointless. VERY pointless!" He continues swooping down, and raises his broadsword. Air currents build along its edges as he makes a horizontal slash, and tries to rise back up after the attack.

Ring Redwing slides past the flaming rings easily. She unfolds her wings and gains altitude. "Not bad... I could use an attack like that. But Ring hold attacks should be more like this!" She slips one of her medium sized constraining rings from a compartment and hurls it at the screaming Heat Man.

Ring Redwing misses Heat Man with her Ring Trap attack.

Wind Falcon misses Serenade with his Deus Cutter attack.

Stalker Tiger stares over at King, and sighs. "Predictable. The biggest sones always step back, an let the lackeys do the work." he grumbles, as he pulls one of the frisbee-shaped explosives from his bandolier. "Look sharp, ax-boy!" exclaims Stalker, whipping the bomb towards him.
Stalker Tiger misses King with his Disk Bomb attack.

Heat Man blinks backwards after his missed attack, sizing up the situation. "Oh, boy...." As the containing ring slides past him, he simply shakes his head. "No, no. Thank you, but no." Suddenly, he slams his hands to the ground, and a fountain of superheated pavement heads for Ring!

Heat Man strikes Ring Redwing with his Fireball attack.

-SLASH- As the Robot Master codenamed Grenade Man speaks his challenge out, he finds himself assaulted from behind. The hum of a beam weapon is unmistakeable as Grenade Man smells his own metallic body sliced on the atomic level by the energy weapon, throwing him forward. As the Robot Master turns to see his assailant, a figure in gleaming red armor stands before him, holding the weapon. The figure looks down at the Robot Master, a dark glare emanating from his eyes. Long, ankle-length blonde hair sways in the gusts caused by the bombs and falls straight, danglingn from the back of his red horned helmet. "I don't know what to say about Repliforce, Grenade Man," the Hunter known as 0 states, "But you can count on me to send you back to Wily... In pieces..."

King's head quickly turns at Stalker's challenge, swivelling to bring up his shield as the explosive detonates harmlessly against the massive shield. "You mistake stepping back to assess the situation with cowardice. How foolish of you to misjudge me..." The shield's gem glows to life, then as he brandishes it it casts a bolt of bluish energy at the Tiger. "Allow me to correct your misconceptions!"

King lowers his forcefield.

Ring Redwing snaps her fingers as Heat Man manages to slip by... o0(Hmm... should have used a smaller one) she has time to think before the Robot Master surprises her with a fountain of flame that explodes underneath her. o0(Drat, okay time to get close and personal) She crosses her forearms in front of her and dives at the box-shaped Android with a cry upon her lips. "Ring Dive!"

King strikes Stalker Tiger with his Royal Shield Return Blast attack.

Ring Redwing strikes Heat Man with her Ring Dive attack.

(Ch. E [Public]) Napalm Man transmits: 'Hey Guts, is it true you're actualy a Metool ride armor?'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Guts Man transmits: 'What? No no no... of course not. What a silly nerp... er I mean idea.'.

Razor Pterodactyl sees Knight Man's mace come straight for him, but he's fast enough to dodge it... in fact, he makes a bit of a show of dodging it, looping around the spot where he used to be, and where the mace goes flying towards. Basically, he's circling Knight's weapon while it's in the air. "Tsk... you're going to have to be a little faster, Master. Hee hee, that rhymes!" He doesn't even bother to respond to the 'come down' comment. Yeah, right! Instead, he fires another disc downward. It's not even got any bladed edges, it's just to spite Knight, really. Hee, that rhymed again! ;)

Razor Pterodactyl strikes you with his Dactyl Disc for 3 units of damage.

With a snaphiss, a second sword appears to block the birds slash. And as one could easilly guess, this sword is Serenades. In fact not nly does she have a sword, but she has a energy shield as well on her other arm.

"Nice try. But compared to Sigma and Zero, you've got a lot to learn."

And with that, she just takes a swipe at the bird with her small circular shield...

Serenade strikes Wind Falcon with her Star Shield attack.

(Ch. E [Public]) Napalm Man transmits: 'Whats with those little feet then when Dad takes off your head? And why doesnt you jaw disconnect either?'.

Heat Man smiles, not even staggered by the attack from the 'Forcer. "You realize that yelling out your attacks is SO children's Trid?" The heat coming off of his body is INCREDIBLE. You can see the ground around him turning into glass. "But, if you insist. COMET STRIKE!" He suddenly leaps into the air, heading straight for Ring!

Heat Man transforms into Ball Of Fire.

Grenade Man blinks as he feels a sharp pain in his back, then turns around to face Zero, "Well well well... if it isn't our half-brother, come to pick a fight... how's your friend Megaman? I heard he got pretty smashed up by someone... now... who was it... oh yeah. It was *ME!*" Throwing his head back, he lets out a maniacal laugh that only begins to hint at the insanity in his mind, "Well then little man... let's see just how tough you really are!"

With a sudden yell of psychotic rage, Grenade Man thrusts his arm forward and launches a missile at the Maverick Hunter, point blank!
Heat Man strikes Ring Redwing with his Comet Smash attack.

Grenade Man misses Zero with his Missile Launcher attack.

(Ch. E [Public]) Guts Man transmits: 'Those aren't feet. Those are wires. And my head is made of two parts. There's the upper portion and the jaw portion. It's all very simple.'.

Stalker Tiger snorts as the blast slams into his armor. "Now that's a nifty trick. Let's see how ya do without that shield in the way eh?" asks Stalker, as he begins running at King. "Time t' see just how well Wily constructed your large aft." he exclaims, leaping claws-first at King and taking a swipe. "Let's dance."

Stalker Tiger misses King with his Claw Rake attack.

Razor's Disc pings off Knight's armor, just leaving a dent. Yes it struck him, but the damage wasn't even worth considering. He snarls at the show-off Dactyl "Very well then, I shalt have to bringeth thee down here then!" Knight Man notices that Razor is mainly using the jet on his back to stay in the air, so with all the speed he can muster (ie: not a lot) He 'charges' towards him and leaps in the air, letting his mace sail as high as it can go, not having enough time to have it gain enough momentum like before, targetting Razor's jetpack

You miss Razor Pterodactyl with your Morningstar attack.

Wind Falcon rises upward sharply to avoid most of the counter-attack. Still, the energy shield strikes one of his feet, 'scorching' occuring lightly in the affected area. "DON'T compare me to those monsters."
He's rather angry as he growls that out, still rising. Of course, the eight orbs begin making their own attack run. Circling around Serenade like so many lethal mosquitoes, they discharge several small globs of blue energy at their target, aiming for no specific limb.

Wind Falcon strikes Serenade with his Energy Blast attack.

Ring Redwing cringes as she is burnt by the collision her dive made with the Robot Master's charge. "Owch!" she backs off a ways, brushing the burning stinging ash from her optics. o0(Ugh... better not get to close... my armor's no match for a burning ball of flame.) Rapidly, she raises a thick wall of metallic rings and sends it hurtling at the Burning Heat Man. o0(Maybe I can snuff him out?)

Ring Redwing strikes Heat Man with her Ring Barrier attack.

Heat Man is momentarily staggered by the blast of rings. "Okay. Better. Points for originality. In fact, I'm willing to consider it a good hit. But you're still endangering my family." The heat begins to pulse, as he snaps his wrists downwards, then whips his hands outwards, his body sending out a gigantic pulse of fire!

Heat Man strikes Ring Redwing with his Atomic Fire attack.

-SLASH-BOOM- 0's reaction is incredible as he places his sabre at his side and then draws at awesome speed. "HI-YAAAAAAH!" roars the Hunter as he brings his sword up and perfectly slices the missile into two pieces, sending each piece past his head and causing them to explode behind him. The explosion rocks the area behind 0, causing his hair to sway ahead of him as he glares at Grenade Man. "I know what you're thinking... You're thinking I'm outnumbered. That your ranged skills will be able to keep me from attacking you up close, and that I'm as good dead." 0 smirks and brings up his sabre, mock-saluting Grenade Man. "I'm going to enjoy crippling you..." And with that, 0 takes off like a shot, dashing towards Grenade Man and downward slashing at the Master with his lightning weapon.


And with that multi-strike, Serenade literally goes flying. First one way, and then another as another part of the globes attack hits her. But when she finally falls, as luck would have it, the actress is just a few short feat few Acoustic, who's already charging towards her owner, before sudenly there's a bright flash of light.

"You're going to regret doing that..."

Serenade initiates a gestalt merge.

Alpha Serenade has arrived.
Serenade has left.

Zero misses Grenade Man with his Generic Melee attack.

Acoustic goes home.
Acoustic has left.

Razor Pterodactyl lets out a "Whoa!", when Knight jumps in his direction, and quickly moves aside from the attack in a blur of movement. From behind Knight Man comes Razor's voice again, still as cocky as before. "I have to admit, I'm impressed. I didn't think it would be possible for such a fataft to actually get off the ground." He patiently waits for the effect of his taunt, not firing the next disc he has readied until Knight is facing him again. Sure, he won't be able to tell the look on his face, but just seeing a frown would give him enough enjoyment.

Heat Man Sorry, dear. But you did ask me to make it as fast as possible.

Razor Pterodactyl strikes you with his Exploding Disc for 10 units of damage.

King takes a step to the side, his cloak billowing out to hide the movements of his body as he almost gracefully sidesteps Stalker's charge, his right hand coming up behind his back, then drawing his axe with a ring of metal, the wicked blade shining as he raises it. "As you would have it...." he grates, then lunges forwards, his axe whistling through the air towards his opponent.

King misses Stalker Tiger with his Executioner's Axe attack.

Wind Falcon begins diving sharply for Acoustic and Serenade, even as the merging begins. Shouting back, "I regret everything I do!", he doesn't seem too intimidated. Instead, he's crossed his arms in an 'X' shape across his chest. A tornado is building, visibly reaching a size of about 12 feet by 6 feet. Still approaching, he spreads his arms out wide, sending the tornado after Serenade. The merger completes before it gets there, but if it still strikes, she'll find the air currents within are trapping her, keeping her stuck in the center. It's kinda like being stuck in a tube of Pringles.

Stalker Tiger follows through with his charge, rolling on the ground as the axe comes down. "Feh. Looks like it's time t' break out the guns." he explains, as he comes to his feet, and pulls off his shoulder-mounted gun. "I'll have it with two sugars, and a creamer, but you'll have it with a side of hot plasma!" With that, Stalker promptly cocks and fires his rifle, the plasma discharging with a resounding *THWOOM*.
Wind Falcon misses Alpha Serenade with his Wind Column attack.

Stalker Tiger strikes King with his Fusion Blast attack.

Grenade Man grins and easily dodges to the side, dancing away from the Maverick Hunter, "Me? Stay back? Never! I was always the In-your-face sort of person! Much more gratifying watching your opponent's skin peel off their face from a point blank explosion." He chuckles and backs up a little bit, switching weapons.

"You're a very bad boy, you know that Zero? I mean, shunning dad like that... tsk tsk tsk... back boy..." There is a faint click as a Shrapnel Grenade rolls from his compartment into his hand...

"I think you should be SPANK!"

And with that, Grenade tosses the explosive into the air and dives into an alleyway!

Grenade Man strikes Zero with his Shrapnel Grenade attack.

King arghs as he's slammed back by the blast as it catches him in the midsection and shoulder, staggering from the impact as he shudders, then straightens, his optics narrowing. "A powerful strike...." he grates. "But this battle is only just beginning." With a flash the X on his chest flares, a trio of spinning crosses of energy shooting out at Stalker.

King strikes Stalker Tiger with his X-beam attack.

Knight Man lands on the ground with a loud 'thud', and hearing Razor's remark, turns and sneers in his direction "What did ye say--*Bla-boom*!" Knight is struck full in the face by Raz's explodo-disc. Knight Man waves the smoke away from his face, coughing, his helmet has been blackened by the explosion. He snarls "Alright, Mr. Smarteth aft, thou shalt regret crossing blades with me! Bwahahaha!" He laughs madly as he tries to run and jump at Razor again, and like last time he probably only gets a few feet off the ground, maybe a little more since he's angry. Knight's just trying to get more distance, and if he can just strike Razor's jetpack, he can make things a little more even.

You miss Razor Pterodactyl with your Flail attack.

Ring Redwing is caught directly in the atomic blast... and is engulfed, her crimson armor burns fiercely in the choking heat. She loses control of her wings and falls to the pavement below... trailing a cinderous trail in the sky as she plummets. She lies there.. smoking and charred for a moment, then with an "Ugghhh..." she slowly stands to her feet. She looks to Heat Man who is dancing around with glee. "You win..." she admits with a grim smile. "I know when I'm beat... I promise I won't harm your family if you'll let me go... " She radios to her comrades that she is pulling out before dashing away as fast as she can run.

Heat Man nods. "Allright. LEAVE. He blinks backwards to a nearby rooftop as Ring begins to pull out, looking for where he could be useful, and raises his forceshields on reflex to give him time to analyze the situation. "Ummm...I got one! I'm in decent shape... Orders?"

Flames begin to spiral around Heat Man, engulfing him in waves of nuclear inferno! The very ground buckles from the scortching tempratures!

Ring Redwing retreats from the area swiftly, leaving her open to pursuit or parting shots from Wind Falcon.

Stalker Tiger is knocked back by the crosses, taking a few steps with each strike. His formerly grey armor, is now a brighter white color as it gets energized by King's assault. "Keep em comin bud. The more you dish out, the more I can give right back." explains Stalker cooly, as he fires off a moderate plasma burst from his gun. Right after, Stalker begins muttering into his radio.

Stalker Tiger misses King with his Channeled Blast attack.

0 spins around, the Hunter looking as the explosives fly righ towards him. "Oh, &*(@#)@*#)@(!" shouts the Hunter as he brings up his arms to protect himself. -BOOM- He goes sailing into the air, his armor getting pummeled by the attack. Using his gyroscopic sensors, he rights himself through mid-fall and lands on top of a car, his large feet crushing it under his massive weight. He leaps off the car and rushes towards alleyway after Grenade Man. The Hunter watches the Robot Master flee and says, "You're not getting away from me that easily!" He rushes after the Robot Master and leaps into the air, his blade taking on an ice form and he slams it downward above of him. "I'm not done spreading your pieces around the Outback..." he snarls.

Zero strikes Grenade Man with his Falling Ice Strike attack.

King quickly raises his massive shield, the blasts slamming into it as the jewel in the center glows to life. "How interesting...." his resonant voice rings out. "We have a similar situation then....luckily, I'm a much better shot." His optics narrow, then he lets out a roared battlecry. "HAVOC!!!" And throws himself forwards into a quick dash, attempting to bodyblock Stalker Tiger hard back into the wall.

King misses Stalker Tiger with his Dash attack.

Razor Pterodactyl flies straight up this time, way out of Knight's reach before he can get close. From his new vantage point, he shouts downward: "Blades, you say? Don't mind if I do!" And with that, he proceeds to go on a little bombing run, diving down, planning to soar over Knight Man's head while showering him in razor-bladed discs.

Razor Pterodactyl misses you with his Razor Disc attack.

As the column is just about to finish forming, the gestalt just scrambles up onto her feat, and jumps up into the air, her jets carrying her not only upwards, but also away from the falcon.

"Nice try. But it's not going to be that easy to defeate a daugther of Wily."

Finally as Alpha Serenade comes to a stop, she starts to glow for a few moments, before she simply points a finger, cvausing a large bolt of electricity to go flying.

Stalker Tiger throws his gun to the ground to leap up, and over King as he charges. "Yeah? Let loose the dogs o' war baby. Cause we're gonna rock this place." he explains, as he comes down with two red-glowing claws.

Stalker Tiger misses King with his Ion Claws attack.

Alpha Serenade strikes Wind Falcon with her Lightning Beam attack.
Knight Man lands again, just as hard as last time, however since his eyes were still locked on Razor, he managed to see the Razor Discs' coming at him in time to roll out of the way. He slowly gets to his feet, fuming "I shalt shuteth that smart-aft mouth of thee's little man!" He spins his mace over his head again, harder this time, and with all the momentum it can handle he fires it up at Razor, time to test it's limit. Right now he doesn't care about disabling his jetpack, he just wants to take him out.

You strike Razor Pterodactyl with your Mace Shot attack.

Zero receives a radio transmission.

King whirls quickly as Stalker leaps over him, skidding to a halt as he plants one foot, his shield just coming around in time to interpose between himself and Stalker Tiger's claws, sending up a shower of sparks as the gleaming azure jewel set in the center of the shield glows even brighter. He takes a step back, attempting to backpedal and give himself space even as he swings his axe quickly at Stalker Tiger, primarily to make him leap back.

Grenade Man turns around just as Zero comes down on him, then makes a sudden attempt to dive away from the attack! he is only partly successful, so now instead of being impaled by Zero, there is only a rather big trench of carved away metal down his back.

"Oooooo! That smarts! I never knew you cared Zero!" he turns and chuckles, not at all minding the pain shooting through his back, "Now... be a good hero and DIE!"

With a savage scream, Grenade Man charges, trying to tackle Zero and ram him into the wall of the alley.

Grenade Man misses Zero with his Smash attack.

King strikes Stalker Tiger with his Executioner's Axe Swipe attack.

Wind Falcon rises up to pursue Alpha Serenade, the lightning striking home on his chest, sparks flying from mangled armor. He's stopped talking at this point. Main reason? His broadsword's ready again, and he makes a horizontal slash with it. Then, flying past Serenade's location, he doubles back with a diagonal 'divebomb' style slash from above, then turns around and repeats the strike from below...and he's picking up speed the entire time, flying along and making strikes all over. He's so frenzied, he's not even stopping to see if Serenade is /even there/ now...

Wind Falcon misses Alpha Serenade with his Hyper Deus Cutter attack.

Stalker Tiger tries leaping back, and predictably gets swiped across the chest. "Ugh. You're pretty good. But...it's no match for my style." quips Tiger, as he pulls a small pistol from a leg-holster. "Time for a bit of Electro-Magnetic goodness." Aiming carefully, Stalker pulls the trigger, while red warnings go up on his HUD. oO(I've gotta step it up.)Oo

Stalker Tiger strikes King with his Emp Cannon attack.

King is temporarily disoriented by Stalker Tiger's Emp Cannon attack.

King is too close, the pistol coming up inside his shield as he's recovering from the slash, then with a snarl, he jerks as small arcs of electricity play and spark over his golden armor, sending him staggering back, off balance.

The Hunter stands his ground his ground as the large Grenade Man charges towards him. He smirks and says, "I've got better things to do tonight than die...." He watches him come on and as Grenade Man is just on top of him, 0 pulls a new trick out of his helmet. He leaps at Grenade Man and places a hand. "ALLEZ OUP!" shouts the Hunter, vaulting and performing a triple-somersault over the explosive Robot Master. He lands on the ground behind Grenade Man and says, "And if you liked teh book, you're going to LOVE the movie!" And with that, Zero charges the Robot Master, clicking his sabre. The properties shift from energy to electric and he batters up, slaming towards the Master's mid section.

Zero strikes Grenade Man with his Lightning God's Fury attack.

Heat Man blinks around the area, still looking for orders. He then sees King get knocked down by the Tiger. "Directive 2 engaged. PROTECT." He doesn't bother to blink, he simply lands in front of the Tiger, unleashing a blast as he falls!

Alpha Serenade believe it or not, is still there, even with the frenzied strikes. But she isn't exactly the easisest thing to see right now. Between the duel energy blades that just appeared in her hands, and the blurr that her entire body has become as she atempts to blocks those slashes. And yet, somehow during all her blocks, the femme tries something. She tries to slash back with one of her two blades...
The roiling flames scatter from Heat Man in all directions, igniting much of the flammable materials around him!

Heat Man strikes Stalker Tiger with his Flame Hold attack.

Alpha Serenade strikes Wind Falcon with her Alpha Sabre Slash attack.

Wind Falcon is caught in the chest again, tossing his sword away as he glides back from the injury. The blade disappears in a puff of wind. He transforms...and launches himself away from the city.

Wind Falcon transforms into Bird.

There is something in the air, a certain sound, almost subaudible, accompanied by a scent. A tang, as though metal had been heated to a glowing state, and the sound that of flames roaring distantly. That distant seeming sound is joined, much closer, by a sound of nearly primal annoyance, a roar that speaks of haste and warning.

Around the corner of a building steps the source of that sound. first the muzzle, filled with gleaming teeth and more than a little reptilian in nature, followed by the rest of the massive Reploid known as Burn Dinorex. Subtle? Not him. He has never been one for subtle, but intead he is far more direct. The battle has most certainly spread out somewhat, but the evidence of violence is clear, and a few combatants can no doubt be seen. He announces his presence again, as both a warning to enemies and a heads up to friends. Reenforcements have arrived.

Razor Pterodactyl is hit by Knight's mace, but by the time it finally catches up to him, it's lost almost all of its momentum. The result is Razor receiving only a small tap on the shoulder. oO(...hm, gotta be more careful.)Oo, he still reminds himself, as it could've been far, far worse indeed. For his next move he turns around in the air, facing Knight Man once again. "That armor looks like it's pretty cold... let me warm you up a bit." The crystal on his chest begins to glow slightly and emits a thin red beam. Doesn't look like it could damage anything, and indeed it can't. It's designed to overheat a reploid's critical systems. And since field tests have proven it's just as effective on androids, Razor decides to see if he can turn up the heat on Knight Man a little...

Wind Falcon retreats from the area swiftly, outdistancing all pursuit and parting shots.

Razor Pterodactyl strikes you with his Inferno Flare for 0 units of damage.

Knight Man is temporarily disoriented by Razor Pterodactyl's Inferno Flare attack.

Stalker Tiger smirks, and levels his right arm at King as a plate moves aside, and reveals a hidden cannon. "Awright. This'll hurt me a little less than it hurts you." he explains, just before Heat Man decides to ruin his shot. "Oh. That's it. That is so it." exclaims Stalker, raising his left arm, and promptly the cannon before aiming at Heat. "Prepare t' get scrapped!" yells Stalker, as a large, orange blast of plasma explodes from his cannons. *KRACKA-BOOM*

Grenade Man turns just in time to take the lightning stab in the gut, and the results are rather... spectacular...

In other words, Grenade man lights up like a Christmas tree.

Stabbering back as the electricity rushes through his systems, blowing out sevral vital things in the process, Grenade looks up, studdering, "Th-th-that one is g-gonna cost yoooooooou..." Apparently, the jolt shorted out his speech program. His weapon systems though, still function. Most unfortunately for Zero.

There is a click as a Limpet Mine slides into Grenade's hand, primed and ready to go, "YEEEEEEERRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRG!" Lunging forward, he tries to plant the bomb on Zero's chest, causing the mine to seal itself to whatever it hits!

Stalker Tiger strikes Heat Man with his Critical Mass attack.

Grenade Man strikes Zero with his Limpet Mine attack.

Knight Man looks up at the thin red line coming towards him "Whateth in the.." *Kzzzt* Knight Man buckles to his knees, his glaring white eyes briefly going dark.

Heat Man blinks and staggers, absorbing part of the blast, and sliding with the hit. He's clearly severly damaged. The heat isn't even contained anymore. It simply licks out around him in 6 foot waves, blasting ground to glass, withering vegetation, and igniting wood or other flammables. 'DIRECTIVE 3 PRIORITY. GET. YOUR. HANDS. OFF. HIM." Suddenly the entire 6' square aura of flame around him flies forward at Stalker Tiger! It's clearly a desperation attack, but a damn good one.

Wind Falcon enters the Teleportation Area--Sydney.
Wind Falcon has left.

-KRACKKSSSSSSH- Zero feels the satisfying contact of Grenade Man making contact with his weapon and watching him writhe in pain. He smirks and waves Grenade foward. "Come on," he says, and readies his weapon. He waits for Grenade Man to come at him again, but is shocked to find the bomb planted on his chest. "What the Hell!?" he says and looks at the bomb. Red Light. Green Light. Zero mutters, "Oh Hell...." -BOOOM- The Hunter is shocked backwards and into a building at the force of the explosion. He grunts and pushes away rubble from himself, studying the large, blackened crust that was once armor. "Damn it all... Alright, time to take the gloves off...." Zero rises and looks at the Master. "I'm not through hurting you yet, don't go anywhere..." And then shifts his arm from sabre to buster mode and fires a volley at the Master. "I've got ranged weaponry too....."

Zero misses Grenade Man with his Zero Buster attack.

Alpha Serenade just hovers there, snickering as Wind just runs, not even bothering to chase afterwards. Instead she just circles for a few moments, watching the chaose below...

Stalker Tiger just charges through the flames, leaping at his opponent. "Feh. Directive Zero. You're goin back to Wily. In pieces." he states simply, trying to tackle Heat Man to the ground.

Stalker Tiger strikes Heat Man with his Generic Melee attack.

Heat Man rolls on the ground with the tiger, the heat becoming nearly unbearable. His eyes are focused on Tiger, not seeing anything else. Warnings appearing all over his systems, he unleashes what will almost certainly drain his power reserves to the Max for a few minutes.
Heat Man misses Stalker Tiger with his Atomic Fire attack.

Razor Pterodactyl nods in approval of another successful overheatance. "Well, Knight Man...", he begins, extending more bladed edges from his body as he speaks, "...as they say, if you can't take the heat, stay out of the fire." And then he kicks in the afterburners, heading straight for the incapacitated Knight Man. Oh sure, /now/ he's willing to go man to man. At this speed, this impact isn't likely to leave either unscatched, but it's bound to hurt Knight a hell of a lot more than it'll hurt Razor.

Razor Pterodactyl strikes you with his Blade Crash for 11 units of damage.

You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

King grunts, shaking his head furiously as his systems cut in breakers and override, fixing the damage and rerouting damaged circuits as he comes out of the shorting damage behind of Stalker. He shakes his head again, then growls as he raises his shield, the gem on the center glowing brightly as glares at Stalker....then notices the massive form of DinoREx appearing. He immediately shifts aim, hoping to catch the arriving Repliforcer off guard before he can adjust to the current battle situation. There's a powerful, bright glow as the jewel in the center flares to life, then a storm of bluish energy shoots out at DinoRex in a gigantic bolt of energy.

King strikes Burn Dinorex with his Royal Shield Megablast attack.

Stalker Tiger looks at Heat with narrowed optics as the flames are absorbed by his armor, which promptly goes from neutral grey, to bright white again. "Thanks for the recharge. Now say g'night." states Stalker, as he brings down a set of Red-glowing claws towards Heat's face. "Raaaaaaaargh!"

Grenade Man, despite the heavy damage to his system, still manages to weave his way out of the path of the energy bolt, smirking (with the ocassional electrical caused twitch) as the bolt blows a chunk out of the walls. "You wa-anna play hard ba-- *zztt* ll... fine by by by me..."

With an ominous sound of loading, a Flash Bomb locks into place, glinting in the Australian sun. The sphere of destruction almost hums with destructive energy as the maniacal Master brings his weapon to bare against the Maverick Hunter, a sadistic smirk on his face...

Knight Man slowly begins to recover, just in time to see Razor sailing towards him. Naturally he can't get out of the way in time, but he does prepare something. As Razor smashes into him, Knight Man tumbles back, but quickly he gets to his feet, and while Razor is at ground level, he runs, er, jogs at him, and reeling his mace in he swings back, and with all his might, punches Razor across the face with his mace (See! I can rhyme too!)

You strike Razor Pterodactyl with your Mace attack.

Stalker Tiger strikes Heat Man with his Ion Claws attack.

Grenade Man strikes Zero with his Flash Bomb attack.

Radiowave arrives from the Teleportation Area--Sydney.
Radiowave has arrived.

Heat Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Grenade Man, Zero, Burn Dinorex, Razor Pterodactyl, Alpha Serenade, Ring Redwing, Radiowave, and Stalker Tiger.

Heat Man is slammed into the ground once more, his body nearly at collapse point. He silently begins to whisper something you can't quite make out before his body begins to shimmer into a roll of flame, and he disappears.

Heat Man blinks to another location.
Heat Man has left.

Stalker Tiger snarls as Heat Man takes off, but Stalker still got the job done. "Least I'm walkin." mutters the burnt, cut, and otherwise beat Tiger. Slowly, Stalker begins heading for a nice shadowy alley to watch, and see how the rest of this goes.

Radar Meerkat arrives from the Teleportation Area--Sydney.
Radar Meerkat has arrived.

Shifting back to his sabre mode, 0 grunts as he misses Grenade Man with his weapon. He leaps forward to attack once more before the damaged Robot Master can assault him, but blinks as instead, he himself is assaulted. The Flash Bomb explodes against 0, sending him flying up into the air. As the forces cancel one another out, Zero falls in an arc, crashing into a skyscraper. He then proceeds to pick himself up from the torrent of furniture and other things, shaking himself. Inspecting his body, he finds himself covered in a myriad of stickies and office tape. Were 0 any other man, he'd be shouting, "They're in my hair! They're in my hair!" but he does not. Instead, he rushes towards the window, leaping out of it and heading down towards the ground at Grenade Man, aiming a kick at the Master's shoulder joint. "I OWE YOU THIS!" he roars.

Alpha Serenade just stops, pausing mid air as she watches two of her 'brothers' take each other on. Yes that's right. Zero and Grenade Man are getting special atention from her. "Destroy him Grenade..."

Zero strikes Grenade Man with his Bash attack.

As the Repliforcer is gazing around the battle site, there is a flash of unleashed energy. Half turning his head to see, the section of building he is half behind explodes, obscuring Burn Dinorex in a cloud of dust and debris, adn tilting the building section itself ominously.

Less than a second later, the entire corner of the building slides down and off, tumbling downwards into, and presumably onto, the space he occupid just moments before.

Second tick by, and the sound of rubble shifting can be heard. The dust begins to settle, and a certain fiery Reptile strides into the clear.

From the damage to his armor, it is perfectly clear the megablast hit, one whole pectoral covering is simply gone, flash vaporized or torn off, it is impossible to say. But if he is succumbing to his injuries just yet, he shows no sign. Instead, his gaze fixes on King, and there is a low, throaty snarl. Opening his mouth wide, a gout of flame bursts forth,the roar of combusibles amplified and resonating with the roar of fury.

Burn Dinorex strikes King with his Flame Breath attack.

Radar Meerkat sneaks around a building, trying to get a better look at the combat in progress without getting mashed up.

Jeanno arrives from the Teleportation Area--Sydney.
Jeanno has arrived.

Razor Pterodactyl is smacked in the face. Hard. He now goes backwards almost as fast as he was going forward when he rammed Knight Man. He's sent into a very inconveniently place building, leaving a Razor-shaped dent in it. Might spook the nearby Meerkat just a bit. ;) Moments later, Razor falls from his dent onto the pavement. He picks himself up again, slowly but surely, glaring at Knight from afar. "Ow. Ow ow OW! That really hurt, you know!" Bringing up his arm, loaded up with another Razor Disc, he exclaims, "Didn't I warn you to stay out of the fire!?" On that note, he fires his Razor Disc... but this one is engulfed with a huge fireball as well.

Razor Pterodactyl strikes you with his Inferno Disc for 21 units of damage.

You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

Radar Meerkat blinkblinks when he spots Razor. Backing up a few steps, he takes a few pictures of him in battle with a tiny camera.

King staggers as his systems flicker wildly at the overload caused by channelling so much power at once, his shield dipping slightly...thus the flame blast skims right over the shield, picks up the mighty monarch, and hurls him backwards with a crash as he smashes through several teleporter tubes, sparks and smoke shooting up all around as he slams into the ground, his armor charred and blackened. He blinks slightly, stirring, then sitting up as he slams his halberd into the ground, leaning heavily on it as he rises once more, his optics burning as he straightens with a bit of effort, then inclines his head towards DinoRex. "....well struck..." he rumbles, wincing as a dancing coronoa of sparks run along his shattered breastplate. He shakes his head, then brings up his shield, taking a moment to recover as he sets the tower shield firmly in front of him.

King projects a forcefield around himself.

Razor's, umm, razors slice through most of Knight Man's armor, with the blade and the fire, rather large slice marks are left in his chestplate. He winces with pain, but doesn't show it, instead he cackles mightily "Bwahaha, little man, thou art the only one who needs to stayeth out of the fire. The fire of us who followeth Lord Wily!" Now that Razor is on the ground, Knight has the best chance to hit him. He aims his mace at him, and for a few brief seconds it looks as if pressure is being built up behind it, he swings back over his head, and fires it at Razor, the mace going faster than it ever did.

You miss Razor Pterodactyl with your Knight Chain attack.

Crash Man arrives from the Teleportation Area--Sydney.
Crash Man has arrived.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'I've made it safely to repairs before my pile went meltdown. Umm...are the rest of you okay? Sorry I had to leave...but...the whole nuclear accident potential thing...'.

The sounds of battle ragin are like a magnet laid next to a coin for Radiowave, he is flying high over the area, Cam is already turned on as he looks down and sees the slaughter "My God people! seems like a battle's ragin' dowbn there! look at that!" he points cam to Razor as he uses his inferno disc and then points downward at the scene once more! "geez! that red guy with the sabre! that's...... um... what was his name again? I know it was a number.... oh yea! number 2! we have a hunter battling against forces of evil here!" ......yeah,, I know it sounds silly.... but it's radiowave speaking...

Grenade Man gets slammed in the shoulder and flies through the air, landing so hard on the ground that his cannon arm pops right out of his socket and skitters across the ground. He bounces a second time and his leg goes flying off in another direction, while his other leg bends back in a way that is unatural, even for an android. Finally, he comes to a stop, broken, beaten, but now out just yet, "... Heh... hehheh... hehehehahahahah..." He turns his head to look at Zero, then smirks, "You wanted... to scatter my parts... to the four winds... Zero... well... you just got... your wish..."

"I'll see you... in hell..."

Reaching up with his only operating limb, he pulls his pin free, then throws his head back, "Ehehehahahahahahah... bweheheehHEHEHEHEHHAHAHAHAH! BWAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH!!!"

And then, the world is enguilfed with hellish flames, consuming all in it's wake...

Grenade Man strikes Zero with his Self Destruct attack.

Grenade Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Zero falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Grenade Man misses Alpha Serenade with his Self Destruct attack.

Spark Man arrives from the Teleportation Area--Sydney.
Spark Man has arrived.

0 lands on Grenade Man, his foot slamming into him at full speed. The Hunter then performs a push, vaulting backwards and landing on the ground. He smirks with pride as he's damage Grenade Man enough, but blinks as the Master prepares to go nova. "Sunnova......" And Zero doesn't even get to finish as he's suddenly engulfed in the explosion. And when the area clears..., there is no sign of him amongst the debris from the battle.

Stalker Tiger stares with large optics at the explosive blast. "Crap." he mutters. oO(Looks like I'm gonna have to pull his hippy aft back home.)Oo Still inside his alleyway, peering out as he tries to let his body's repair systems do some minor patching, Stalker shakes his head. oO(Damn. This is Grenade Man's fault. He should be the slaggin fool who oughta be on Hair-detail.)Oo

Alpha Serenade just blinks as she manages to catch Grenade mans words, before her form begins to sparke once more, only this time the sparkle is not to merge, but instead to protect as she raises a forcefield between herself and the explosion. A forcefield that happens to snap up into place just mere microseconds before the wave of chaos hits her, sending the femme flying even farther away...

sweatdrops..... sweatdrops..... and sweatdrops! the exploding Grenade man knocked zero (or 2 according to radiowave...) out... "....oh geez.... it don't look like a good day for the good guys...." he scratches the back of his head and sighs "what will become of us..."

Razor Pterodactyl blinks when Knight Man's weapon approaches at high speed. Oh boy, this looks bad, only a split second to react... not good when all the evasive maneuvers you know are aerial-based and you're on the ground. So he goes for an unconvential tactic for him. He lets himself fall to the ground. Just in time to have the chain go over his head, making the dent in the building behind him even larger. Scrambling back to his feet, he tries to take to the air, only to find that the attack Knight did hit with before knocked out the thrusters on his back. "Damn!", he curses, and just sends a random disc in his arsenal in Knight's direction, while running around looking for cover.

Razor Pterodactyl misses you with his Exploding Disc attack.

Knight Man reels his mace back in, as he steps to the side to avoid Razor's attack. He's delighted now "Bwahaha! Get back here little man! It twas thee who said not to get in the fire if ye couldn't help it!" He chases after Razor, well, just so he get's in range to fling his mace at him again (Mmm, Macey!) aiming to it his head from above.

You strike Razor Pterodactyl with your Morningstar attack.

The Infernal Dinoploid cuts off the stream of high temperature to survey his work, noting King's comment, and current position. Shaking his head to clear it, sparks play across the internals exposed by the missing pectoral. They glow with an eerie red radiance, as though heated from within. Taking a single step forward, he makes no further advance, instead moving backwards as Grenade Man rather spectacularly self-detonates. It would be hard to estimate if anything isleft, but since it's happened before, one surmises the Master will return. He sees nothing of Zero, but will have to find out what happened there when his own life is not in danger from King and that shield.

"Come on out, monarch. Tell us again about Wily's rule..." One step, then another, and he advances lightly, a radiance playing around one clawed fist. More as a taunt than anything, he speedballs a plasma bolt downrange.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Grenade Man transmits: '*automated message* Unit Grenade Man... status: Non-Functional'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Take him to medical, use the Repair chamber, I am not available presently.'.

King raises his shield to catch the plasma blast, the flames gouting over his shields, then the gem glowing brightly then immediately returning to DinoRex as a bluish blast of energy. "Raaaahrrr!!"

King lowers his forcefield.
King strikes Burn Dinorex with his Royal Shield Return Blast attack.

Guardian arrives from the Teleportation Area--Sydney.
Guardian has arrived.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'Umm...the Repair chamber is occupied unless you want me to rist overloading my pile.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'No, just leave him on the med-table. I'll repair him when I get back home.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Heat Man transmits: 'I'll get him in there as soon as I'm taken care of.'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'I appreciate that, Heat Man.'.

Alpha Serenade retreats from the area swiftly, leaving her open to pursuit or parting shots from Razor Pterodactyl, and Ring Redwing.

Razor Pterodactyl runs around frantically, looking for a place to provides adequate cover, but doesn't manage to find something suitable before a mace strikes him in the back of the head with a dull thud. It leaves a mace-shaped indent, from which sparks and wires can be seen. "Ah damn... you... you're giving me a headache! I'll let you go this time... lucky you!" And with that, he's off, flying, by using his wings rather than his knocked-out thrusters. It's slower than usual, but it should still be fast enough to get away from the likes of Knight Man.

Razor Pterodactyl retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Ring Redwing.

The ladies scream, "Oh, oh, oh, Craaaaaaaash!"

o/~ I think I'm cute, o/~ Crash Man struts down the street, surrounded by the millions (and millions) of fans. o/~ I /know/ I'm sexy. I got the looks, that drive the girls wild. I got the moves, that really move 'em. I send chiiiiills.. up and down their spine, I'm just a sexy boy. o/~

o/~ Sek-si boyyyy-oyy, o/~ the ladies reply.

o/~ I'm not your boy-toy. o/~ Crash Man stops in the middle of the street, right leg bent and the left held straight to the side. His arms flare out, elbows bending up, hands tightening, and mecha-muscles flexing. He keeps that pose, while numerous fireworks go off behind him.

o/~ Boyyyy-toyyyy.. o/~
o/~ I'm just a sexy boy.. o/~
o/~ Sek-si boyyy-oyyy..! o/~
o/~ I'm not your boy-toy.. o/~
o/~ Boyyy toyyyy-oyyy.. o/~

Suddenly, an explosion goes off, and Crash Man wakes the hell up in some alley-way. He sits up, while covered in confetti and empty beer-cans. "Whoa," he groans. "Man, what a party.." The Red Bomber rubs his helmet, "Oy."

Guardian comes running into view looking around. he outs his facemask on and begins to run through the scene of chaos. He begins to look for the broken form of Zero. He has not met the Hunter face to face many times but he knows what he looks like enough to try and find his wreckage.

Alpha Serenade demerges.
Serenade has arrived.
Alpha Serenade has left.

The return shot pounds into Dinorex's centerline, some spilling over into unprotected torso, the rest @splashing on mostly unharmed armor. Still, no one likes having salt rubbed in a wound, and that's the equivalent.

Straightening, the flames around him increase in their intensity, and he gathers them in his arms, before smashing them groundward, and out towards King.

Knight Man bwahaha's at Razor as he retreats "And ye had better remembereth it!! Do not cross us who serve Lord Wily! Mwaha!" And with that he turns to find another opponent, since he hasn't had his fill of battle yet...

Burn Dinorex misses King with his Firewall attack.

Stalker Tiger stares at the alleyway explosion, and promptly at the master beside him. oO(...Dang. Note to self. Expect the unexpected.)Oo Slowly, Stalker begins heading for home, a nice, soft repair chamber, and then a cigar.

Stalker Tiger retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Zero, Serenade, Razor Pterodactyl, Ring Redwing, and Spark Man.

King's optics narrow as the wash of flasm shoots out at him, then without hesistation he calculates how best to avoid it, flexing his knees as he raises his shields, then leaps into a charging dash, his basso voice roaring out. "HAVOC!!!"

King strikes Burn Dinorex with his Dash attack.

Apothecary arrives from the Teleportation Area--Sydney.
Apothecary has arrived.

Knight Man quickly looks about and sees King taking on Burn, and mutters to himself "Hmm, two fighters art always more unfair than one, mwaha!" And with that he charges the big dino "For the glory of Lord Wily!!" He yells as he screams swinging his mace, which he lets fly at Dino.

You miss Burn Dinorex with your Flail attack.

The flames around Burn Dinorex have not diminished at all, not even in the face of King's dash to glory. Certainly the impact of such a massive being is something to be noted, but it would seem lees than what is necessary to unsettle the massive guardian.

In fact, the fires burn all the higher, going from red to an almost solar white, engulfing thereploid in a carona of heat and power that must be released. And so...it is, in a nova of flame.


Crash Man gets himself up, and brushes himself off a little. "Next time, when a tig-bittied girl asks if I want to drink a keg of Jagermeister, I'm saying yes.. and then punching her in the jaw. Unhhhh.."

Burn Dinorex misses you with his Grand Fire attack.
Burn Dinorex misses King with his Grand Fire attack.

Guardian runs around looking for the form of Zero. While it almost pains him that he cannot help his fellow Forcers in the fight he knows he must find Zero. Looking around he spots pieces of metal and various fluids everywhere but then he spots out in a pile of rubble just the slightest hint of red armor and he dashs towards it.

Crash Man stumbles out of the alley, while yawning loudly. "*YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWH*.. I need another nap." But, before he's got a chance to head to Shanghai's teleporter complex, the fight of a battle stops him in his tracks. "Say, what's going on here?"

Apothecary creeps from building to building, watching the fire fight at a distance. "Oh, I hope nobody got really hurt... I better go check! Yeah, I will go check!" he says out loud. Apothecary scuttles foward some more, and then breaks into an outright run as he approaches the scene. He tries to spot some fallen before ducking behind some rubble.

Guardian looks at the pile of rubble and sighs knowing it will be hard to lift it up with his handicap but he tries anyways. At first the smaller rocks move easily but then the bigger ones are seen. He tries to lift them but cannot so he begins to blow them it smaller pieces with charged electrical bursts. Eventuall he finds the broken form of Zero under the rubble and gasps.

Radar Meerkat enters the Teleportation Area--Sydney.
Radar Meerkat has left.

Jeanno runs into the area, hurrying a civilian out of the way before she gets hurt. (Yes, she -- one of his countless fans.) He notices the two masters ganging up on the Dino, and decides to help out just a bit. He draws his Fanneli and aims for a shot between both Knight and King... to give Burn a little chance.

Jeanno misses you with his Fanneli 25 Semi-automatic Shotgun attack.
Jeanno strikes King with his Fanneli 25 Semi-automatic Shotgun attack.

Stalker Tiger enters the Teleportation Area--Sydney.
Stalker Tiger has left.

Guardian sees that Zero has been broken into pieces and is much lighter now. Its a good thing for him cause if he weighed too much the frail reploid would be unable to lift the beserker. Picking what is left of Zero up he begins to run back to the teleporters.

Razor Pterodactyl enters the Sydney - Western Residential.
Razor Pterodactyl has left.

Ring Redwing enters the Sydney - Western Residential.
Ring Redwing has left.

Guardian enters the Teleportation Area--Sydney.
Guardian has left.

Knight Man eyes as a shot whizzes by his helmet, just barely missing. He turns to see the overzealous superstar, "And what dost THOU want, human? You wish to take on a servant of Lord Wily?" Knight, not usually one for fair play, decides not to bother with the rockstar "Bah! You're not even worth my time, begone cretin!" He then resumes his assault on Burn, swinging his mace over his head "Feel my merciless wrath! Bwahaha!" Oh yeah, he get's a little TOO into this

Zero has left.
Guardian takes Zero.

You strike Burn Dinorex with your Morningstar attack.

Guardian enters the Teleportation Area--Sydney.
Guardian has left.

King sees the flames flaring up, approaching the brightness of the sun, rebounding off the massive form of Burn Dinorex, then leaping to the side in another dash that just takes him out of the path of the flames, his cloak igniting, cloaking him in flames as he lands, his axe coming up, then with a cry he leaps up, his shield vanishing as he grips the haft of the Executioner's Axe in both hands. Before he can immediately bring it down a shot from Jeanno rings off his shoulderplate. Sloooooowly he turns his head, where he's now perched atop one of the teleporters, his gaze falling on Jeanno. "Not. Wise." he rumbles. The gem on his forehead flashes, then a blue laser zaps out, ricocheting wildly back and forth as it bears down on Jeanno....(RP'd shot, skipping my turn)

Jeanno can barely manage to leap out of the laser's way as King tries to zap him. "Wrong. Wise enough, Robot Master." With that, Jeanno makes a fast run for his motorcycle, leaving the area with that fan of his. With a smirk on his lips, knowing that was bold (and mayhaps stupid) enough, but at least gave Burn a little chance.

The Shadow <Jeanno> has arrived.
Jeanno drops The Shadow <Jeanno>.
Jeanno has left.

The Shadow <Jeanno> retreats from the area swiftly, leaving it open to pursuit or parting shots from Knight Man, King, Acoustic, Burn Dinorex, Apothecary, Crash Man, and Spark Man.

As the fires wash out, sadly to no constructive effect, Burn takes a step back.

Just in time to take Knight Man's mace to the side of his head.

The blow knocks him to the side, and slowly he turns back, snarling. "You are between me and King." The snarl turn into a roar as he lunges forward, "GET OUT OF MY WAY!"

Jaws Gape. Teeth Flash.

Burn Dinorex strikes you with his Chomp for 28 units of damage.

You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

Knight Man arghs, as a rather large bite is taken out of his shoulder, he was already damaged there from his previous fight. "Ye shalt pay for that, inferior one!" And before Burn can get far enough away from Knight, he brings his arm back, and lets his mace fly at Burn with all the might he can muster right now.

You strike Burn Dinorex with your Knight Chain attack.

King glares down at the mighty dinosaur, now somewhat humbled as Knight slams a powerful attack into him, then lowers his axe, holding it in his right gauntlet as he surveys the battlefield, his azure eyes watching the remaining Repliforcers. His voice rings out. "Does anyone ELSE wish to contend with us?"

Crash Man enters the Teleportation Area--Sydney.
Crash Man has left.

The Dinoploid is indeed felled by the blow. The flung mace on a chain smashes into the already exposed chest area, and crushes it, knocking Burn off his feet in the process.

When he stands again, a glowing sludge runs down his chest from a series of cracks, a sludge that acts like magma, even cooling like rock. His gaze passes over the area, seeking the forms of any that were incapacitated. He finds none, and that relief allows him to swallow his pride.

"Today is yours, Masters. We will meet again." With that, he staggers back, and to the side, moving slowly towards an intact teleportation tube.

Burn Dinorex retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Acoustic, and Spark Man.

King hmmphs, then leaps down from his perch, his armored boots crashing into the ground, then crushing the glass and debris underneath them as he walks towards Knight Man, turning away from the retreating Repliforcer. Then, as if nothing had happened. "Let us proceed with obtaining Father's shopping list, lest more reinforcements arrive?"

Knight Man also hmphs as Burn staggars off, he's not worth the trouble anymore "Bah, sniveling coward." He then turns to King "Yes, let us doeth that, before more pests arrive."

Burn Dinorex enters the Teleportation Area--Sydney.
Burn Dinorex has left.

King enters the Teleportation Area--Sydney.
King has left.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Dr. Wily transmits: 'Top Man, Spark Man... report to the WilySphere training room ASAP!'.

(Ch. A [RMBroadband]) Spark Man transmits: 'Right away, dad!'.

============================ BB Post in Progress =============================
Group: IC Broadcasts
Title: Robot Master raid in Sydney
*The GNN's logo spins up for a moment, followed by an Irish looking reporter*

"Aye, this is Rick McNeil reporting from the scene in Sydney, not too long after Wily's Robot Masters arrived, looking for trouble. They were apparently ambushed by various Repliforcers and Hunters, but it didn't do any good, as they were all beaten back, and the remaining two masters, who I am told were Knight Man and King, proceeded to loot whatever they could carry and retreat. The tally on what was stolen isn't released yet, but they apparently made off with several crates of various electroic supplies, weapons, and..." *is handed another sheet of paper from someone off camera* "...beer. Ahem, the amount of damage done to the area is also unknown, though it is assumed in the upwards of a few million zenny. Considering last night's assault on Neo-Tokyo by the masters, one must wonder if this is a new wave of attacks by Wily's men. This is Rick McNeil reporting."

*The camera zooms in on the destroyed area once more, before returning to the GNN spinny*

============================ BB Post in Progress =============================
Group: Robot Master
Title: Successful Raid in Sydney
*The Wily spinny spins on for a moment, and fades out to revealed a slightly beat up, but nevertheless evilly happy looking Knight Man*

"Bwaha! Lord Wily, and mine brothers and sisters. Earlier tonight I followed Lord Wily's orders and organized a raideth on Sydney, unfortunatly those Repliforce dogs intercepted our plans and ambushedeth us. Never fear though, mwaha, even though some of us tooketh strong beatings, myself and Sir King remainedeth to finish off the remaining Repliforcer scum Burn Dinorex. After beating the last opponent away, we proceeded to loot whatever we could carry, and returneth here. My liege, we managed to aquireth various crates of new and valuable electronic supplies, as well aseth weapons, and also, a few dozen kegs of strong ale for thine personal ...needs. Mwaha" He cackles some more, and kneels briefly and rises "I do hopeth that it dost please thee my Lord. Let us never cease in showing the world the true power Lord Wily and the Robot Masters! Bwahahaha!"

*He goes into a brief fit of laughter again, and before the Wily spinny refaces, he hacks and coughs a bit*

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