Gesellschaft - Vehicle Bay/Lab

Welcome to the Vehicle Bay/Laboratory of the Bonne Family Pirates!

Large and expansive, this lab serves as both Tron's workspace, and the launch and repair bays for the Bonne Family Mechas like the Gustav, and the recent bay added for the Yakuza Mech, The Glyder. Repair tools of all shapes, sizes, and purposes can be found here for the repair and refueling of Ride Armor.

In the other sections of the Lab, places are set up for the more scientifically minded Servbots, for the research and development tasks they are put too. Here, the energy refueling 'Bottles' are made, and the Gustav Gatling was developed. The Science Stations expand to other parts of the room with large computer banks and large monitors, as well as several repair tables for smaller to larger beings like the Robot Masters. Included in this group is the as yet unprogrammed Supercomputer, recently gifted to Tron after stolen by Teisel personally from right under the UN's nose.

Tron Bonne
Bonne Assault Mech <Gustav>
Bonne Dropship <Drache>
Variable Assault Ride Armor <Glyder>

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Tengu Man transmits, "Damn /straight/."

Welcome to the Laboratory of the Gesellschaft!

Today, it seems... the Pirate Princess is busy. Her emerald eyes hidden behind a pair of safety glasses, and she gazes upon a large construct in front of her that dominates the center of the Ride Armor bay. In two launch bays beyond the main RA Bay, both the Gustav and Glyder rest in their restive poses. Whatever is in front of her... it isn't one of them...

It is a long, deadly looking construct... even half-done as it is. With a Serpentine appearance... it looks like she has been /busy/ the last few days. And across it the Servbots work dilligently and all under Tron's orders.

Seems the Princess has been very, very busy indeed.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "Boooooooooored bored bored booooored."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] King transmits, "Doth thou haveth to disrupt Us with thy whining?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "Yep."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Heya, Elec, King."

The new Bonne shipguest seems to be up and about. He walks right into the lab, no knocking or anything. Knight Man be polite? Yeah right, he's not affected anymore. Which is quite apparent by the fact that he's still in his armor, unlike his last time spent here when he went around out of it. Well at least he's not armed.

He's by no means stealthy, his heavy footsteps should be easy to hear, even over whatever work is being done on the armor. He doesn't say anything, he's just... there. Hovoring around. It's probably quite uncomfortable.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] King transmits, "Greetings, young Miss Bonne. How doth the day pass?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Quite well, King! -a pause- ...Untill just a moment ago... -In a tone like she is speaking to someone beyond the radio in the room with her- ...Morning, Knight"

Tron pauses, the sound of Knight's entrance causing her to wince a moment... then she turns, looking at Knight. "...Morning, Knight," she echos softly, a gentle smirk on her lips. "...Welcome to my Laboratory. ...Again." Tron shrugs a moment, crossing her arms... her labcoat billowing softly with the extra gust of air from the doors opening. "...Hungry? Or couldn't find the Bathroom?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] King transmits, "Ist there anything We can do to make thy day go better?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man accidentally leans on his transmitter, and begins to broadcast the ~doonk-doonk-doonk-doonk-doonk~ of his paddleball.

Knight Man grunts. He doesn't even greet his own brothers morning, and they he can tolerate. But he doesn't say anything rude either. In fact, he's trying to behave at least somewhat reasonably.

"I haveth no need for such facilities." He states matter of factly, either he didn't pick up the sarcasm in Tron's voice, or he's making a poor attempt to patronize her. "I merely have to do-eth mine duty to Lord Wily, that tis all." He folds his arms, and just continues to... stand there.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...Unless you can improve Knight Man's personality, not really. Don't worry, though! ...I can handle him. -a pause, then a slightly concerned question- ...Any word from the Doctor, King?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Tengu Man transmits, "Yeah, has Dad said anything?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "~doonk-doonk-doonk-doonk-doonk-doonk-doonk-doonk-doonk~"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] King transmits, "We hath not heard from Lord Wily of late, no...unless Bass hath been supressing information once 'gain. Surely, thou shalt hear when we doth hear. And Elec Man. If We hear that paddle again, we shalt destroy it...and the hand thou doth use to play with it."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Tengu Man sighs.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Alpha XO Elec Man transmits, "~doonk~ Whoops, sorry. Leaning on the transmitter."

Tron pauses, regarding Knight for a moment, arching a find eyebrow. She then motions to a side and a chair that looks at least sturdy enough to hold Bon... which rests at one of the Consoles. "Well, whatever. If you are going to watch my every move, there is a chair for you."

Tron turns back to the Servbots then, subvocalizing her questions and comments across the radio, before shouting! "CAREFUL, #22! That plate needs to be spotwelded tighter then that! This is going to be a Ride Armor, not some shoddy Car!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] King transmits, "See that it doth not occur again, Elec Man."

Knight Man shrugs slightly, and takes the seat. After a moment he speaks again. "So from what thou hast foundeth out, from this Virgo, which thou shouldst have summonedeth me for from mine regeneration, tis what I art ordered to do, ye believeth the Stardroids dost needeth our help?" He grunts, and says dryly "Wonderful... they try to kill-eth us, our world is throwneth into choas becauseth of them, and now thy puteth us in danger again, and we must assisteth them." He eyes the Bonne's new construct "A new weapon to fighteth with? Much stronger than thine Gustav I'd hope..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne sighs. "It'd be like Bass to do that... ...but, we'll here soon. I trust in the Doctor."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] King transmits, "All trust must be held in Lord Wily."

Tron pauses, then sends a glare at Knight Man. "...I was a bit to concerned with dealing with Virgo at the /time/ to remember calling you at all." Tron then sighs, and shakes her head. "...I really have no idea what they want. I think getting us to assist them is their goal... but it might be otherwise. The theories I put forward are only that... Theories. Not certainties. I do have faith in Virgo's trustfulness, but who knows what the other Stardroids might do."

Tron then pauses, and looks to the new Construct, a proud smile spreading on her fact. "You could say that, yeah. This, Knight Man, is going to be a Ride Armor. A new and powerful one! ...Its going the first in a /series/ I intend to build."

Knight Man rolls his eyes in an 'ohh goodie' motion. "Getting paranoid after all mine threats art ye?" He snickers slightly, but says seriously "Well if it tis so powerful, it shouldst helpeth greatly in the looming upcoming battle. If it doesn't falleth apart that is..." Seems Knight still has the whole lack of faith in a woman's ability to be a good scientist.

Tron glares a moment, spinning on her heel and crossing her arms over her chest. "Would you like me to give you a demonstration of how /GOOD/ my Ride Armors are, Knight Man?"

In its bay, as if called, the Gustav rises slowly, yellow eyes flashing on and glaring out through its visor.

"And no, Knight. I'm not Paranoid. You don't scare me anymore then any of the Robot Masters. I am more then capable of tearing any one of you apart in the Gustav, so don't doubt that this Ride Armor will be more then capable of it as well! ...And yes, it will help, as will the Gesellschaft itself. Unlike some people, we will actively be fighting for the safety of /our/ world... that dark mass that seems to have swallowed Pluto is getting closer, Knight Man... ...And we're going to have to fight it... ...whatever it is."

Tron just /glares/. "...Now, shut up and let me work!"

Knight Man acts mock-threatened. Right, good thing he's blinded by his own ego, or else he might actually consider Tron to be a threat, but he doesn't, so you all get to point and laugh at him behind his back. Though he does narrow his own eyes at Tron's coment about 'some people' "Art thou insinuating that I art doing nothing? I leaveth the planning against the Stardroids to Lord Wily, and I followeth his commands. I art built to be a fighter, and since there is no clear enemy to fighteth at the moment, aside from this Denebola, Lord Wily has assignedeth me here. I don't liketh being here anymore than thou dost wanteth me here. Believeth me, the moment this is over, I art taking mine leave of this wretched ship." He glares back at the Gustav, automated or not "And when the time comes for battle, I shalt be there, alongsideth all mine brothers, and likely, with the likes of Colonel, Sigma, that little blue wretch, and even thee. Thou'rt right about one thing, we art all in this together." oO(For now...) He thinks to himself.

Tron turns on her heel, glaring at the Mecha before her... where she would glare at Knight... the Servbots, at her and Knight Man's words, had paused... but when Tron flips back, they /QUICKLY/ go back to work!

"As long as you're there on the day, Knight Man."

Tron just tosses her head and sniffs. "We do have no clear enemies besides the traditional ones we've been fighting all this time. Half the world is scrabbling, the other half is cowering in fear." Tron sighs, then turns her her slowly, turning on emerald eye on Knight. "...I /hope/ we have time to prepare... ...because if we don't, we're going to be in a lot of trouble, Knight Man."

Knight Man chuckles darkly "Unless Lord Wily orders me not to fighteth, or I art unable to do so, for some reason, nothing shalt stoppeth me from fighting that day. I may not seemeth like it, but I want not for this planet to die as much as any of ye do. Turning tail and running into space dost not appealeth to me, I art not a cowardly worm like DeVry." He crosses his arms "I'd rathereth die fighting defending this world in Lord Wily's name, then abandoneth it, though I shalt supporteth whatever action Lord Wily dost taketh." He clenches a fist "Prepared or not, we shalt stormeth that unknown threat with all our might, mine, Lord Wily's, mine brothers, the elites, Repliforce, Mavericks, Hunters...and... thou shalt probably helpeth too, I guess." he half shrugs.

Tron leeps her emerald eye on Knight Man for a long moment, her face seeming to smooth. Then she speaks, slowly and softly. "...Glad to heart it. We are in complete agreement then." Tron turns, watching the Servbots work. Memories flash in her mind, and almost defiantly, she shakes them away. She merely goes about ordering the Servbots to /CORRECTLY/ assemble the the ride armor they are helping their mistress construct.

Knight Man would throw in one last insulting comment normally, just to have the last word. But, he told Dr. Wily he'd... behave himself. So, he doesn't. It's almost like it's no fun without the bantering though. He isn't that nice guy anymore, and he isn't being unnecessarily insulting. So, in fact, he's quite... bored. Sighing lightly, he remains where he is. This is going to be a long mission.

Tron pauses then, turning her head. "Instead of watching... you could always help, you know." Tron offers a smirk with her suggestion, a single emerald eye on Knight Man.

<A little while later...>

Tron frowns, watching the Servbots continuing their work at her command... now and then stepping in to aid on some delicate bits of construction. The GNN Feed plays to the side, and she merely focuses on her work. Nothing she can do now... but work.

<Global News Network> A scene in Seoul, a lone diplomat walks through the Commercial District. Then a voice from no where, "And in the darkness he sits alone to watch his final hours bleeding. While unconcerned upon the building wall, the clock ticks away the time. No needs for words, for in the dark all words have since lost their meaning..."

Knight Man can't do much else either, but work. Or rather, follow his orders. Stupid orders. Watching the feed, he grumbles "I already don't liketh the sound of that knave..." He chuckles slightly, however "I wondereth how many nitwits shalt flock to Seoul to see-eth what is going on, tis likely a trap..."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...It is like the Chill of the Void... ...Curious, that the thing I sheltered within for so long has become an Enemy."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Guts Man transmits, "I love war."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Ahh war, the glorious heat of battle, crushething enemy's skulls under out feet, great conquest for Lord Wily..."

Tron pauses, and then turns her head to glare at Knight. "...I know it likely is. That is why I'm not flying the Gesellschaft there now. ...Oh well." Tron sighs. "It... should be all right." Tron then glares at Knight again. "...Yannow, you having sat there and staring at me this whole time hasn't been very fun... ...don't you have something /better/ to do?"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "I don't c-care what the he--AHHAHAHAH!!"

Knight Man shrugs slightly "Ususally when I art idling, I'd runneth a simulation in the training room, but thou has not one of them here, so I can't do-eth that without damaging one part of the ship. I can't really do-eth much else, haveth ye a /better/ idea?" He turns his gaze back to the monitor, nothing much seems to be developing yet.

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, "..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "Well looks like we will get to fight this thing."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Why are you laughing? Are you on the wacky weed again?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "You ready to kick this things sorry tail pipe?"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "I think someone better go check on him."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Ready? Aye. Unfortunatly, I art still bound by mine orders. So thou shalt have to do-eth without mine might."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "N-no."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Well then what's going on?"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "Nothing!"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Sigma laughs softly.

Tron mutters softly, then /glares/ at Knight. "We /DO/ have a Library, you know! Go read a book! Watch some TV! Anything!" Tron glares for a few more moments, before turning back to work a particularly delicate part into firm placement and structural integrety. Tron sighs. "...Just... ...keep updated on the situation. I have work to do. ...And, if you need to, go to your fellows and lend a hand. You /ARN'T/ ordered to stick to me like Glue, are you? ...If they need you, they need you. You can take a Drache with a Servbot Pilot."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Yer an idiot."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "Shut up!"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, ".. THE Nothing, or just nothing?"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "How the hell am I supposed to know?!"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "Right. The first, then I'd wager."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Make me!"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, ""What you can not see, what you can not here. All you can do is roll up your sleeves and fight.""

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Abernathy, mildly annoyed: "R-right then! If Nothing doesn't kill ALL of us, I'm going to c-come beat your @#! down, Gutsy!"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Oh cripes. Now Metal Man's talking like a Stardroid."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Hahaha! I'd like to see that!"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, "Its a line from an old song."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] A faint whisper, "Nothing is not its name. Nothing does not exist."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Sword Man transmits, "What happened now?"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, "... I do not fear the void."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne transmits, "...Yannow... I read a book once..."

Knight Man bahs "I doubteth very much that thou hast the types of books I'd taketh interest in." Bloody war stories, medieval ones, like Braveheart. "And I believeth TV is what I art watching now, if only the blasted GNN would keepeth us up to date on what is going on." And he shrugs slightly "Lord Wily toldeth me to keepeth an eye on ye, what if a Stardroid comes while I art gone hm? If they absolutely needeth mine help, I shalt go, but otherwise, here I stay." He smirks slightly, not that it can be seen, and glances back at the monitor. Maybe this is his subtle way of irritating the heck out of her.

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Only once Tron?"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne transmits, "...In it... there was a force called 'The Nothing'. ...Similar to what we have now, I guess... ...swallowing up the world."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne transmits, "...Shush, Guts."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "The Neverending Story. That was one of my favorite books as a child."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne transmits, "...Pity we can't give a Princess a New Name to stop it this time, eh Rigger? ...And no Aurun..."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne transmits, "I'd feel at least a little better if we had a Luckdragon though..."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Maybe you could create a Wily Dragon mark 2 instead."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "The original was of use in stoping Duo the first time around..."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Abernathy growls, "Whoever's playing fast-and-loose with the burst transmissions and /my/ radio, bloody STOP. NOW."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Whoever's doing that I'll give you an extra $50 to continue!"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Abernathy *click*

Tron merely pauses, glaring at Knight for a moment. Drawing one hand up, she brings her free hand to a small pad she wears strapped to her right wrist, and presses a swift series of keys.

And, the chair Knight is sitting on abruptly turns around.

Tron merely smirks, and turns back to her work. "As you say. ...While you're there. I have a simulation running. Route it to my wrist-top."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Is anyone of us terrans in the area fiddleing around with the gravity?"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] The whisper, "Nothing is just that, nothing. Remember what he said? Remember?!" The voice changes from a whisper to a loud roar, "LET THIS GET SCREWED UP!? YOU, MY FRIENDS, ARE THE ONE WHO BROUGHT THIS ALL UPON YOURSELVES! My inclinations are not the essence of the Stardroids as you think, they are not the remainders of their energy on Earth! They are my essence, made with my hands to give to them so that they may stop the events -you- all have set into motion! OBLIVION IS UNLEASHED! The end is NIGH!"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne transmits, "...What?!"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Knight Man transmits, "Gah, thou'rt fast becoming annoying, O unnamed one."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne transmits, "...That... ...Voice... ...Is it an Echo... ...or the real thing?"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "Huh?"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, "Wait... all the Stardoids were fragments of duo's essance..."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Serenade transmits, "..Okay, who let the crackpot get ahold of the radio again?"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "... Hardly. What have we done to deserve such a thing?"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Yeah I brought it upon me and I'm gonna kick its ass into the sun. You don't scare me at all."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "...trying to locate source of transmission now. *tap tap tap*"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Kalinka transmits, "Who WAS that? He must be crank."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne begins to speak firmly. "To those who are listening and were not present... ...that was the exact phrasing used by the Child-like entity that we found and faced on Easter Island at the end of the Pendant Crisis." Tron pauses, and speaks slowly. "...But... ...was it an Echo?"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Ricochet transmits, "..."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "I doubt it, Tron. We wouldn't be so lucky."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Ricochet transmits, "Oh, S***."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Who cares."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Ricochet transmits, "...I think I know what this is now. As if it wasn't obvious already."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "... My, how convienent. At least we get a reminder."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne transmits, "...I played that scene for Virgo only last night... ...from the Gesellschaft's logs."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Elec Man transmits, "...I always wake up at the most inconvenient times... what's happening??"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider remarks amusedly, "Nothing.

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Elec Man transmits, "Clearly something."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Oh, it's something, but it's clearly Nothing."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Knight Man transmits, "Nothing, an Echo... whatever it tis, it tis fast becoming a nuisence."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Elec Man transmits, "Uh... huh."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "Prattling on asss usual, I sssee."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Why do you people all worry so much? Everytime there's a Stardroid threat we live through it."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "We've only had one Stardroid threat."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "For there to be an echo, there must be something to bounce off of..."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "And we lived through it."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Sigma transmits, "Tsk."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "This is true. However, that does not guarantee that we can sit back and ignore this new occurance."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "With the way you people are being so negative and pessimistic I hope you all die while I live through it."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "It hasssn't been 'new"

Knight Man shrugs "Whatevereth..." He clicks whatever buttons would be needed for that, and goes back to silence. But actually, he's been thinking something over. Oh yes... something SUSPICIOUS! HAHA! Ahem. After a few moments of silence, he decides now's as good a time as any, let's see how she reacts to this "So...." He says, starting off " long were ye planning to hideth this from me?" This?

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "Not for weeksss now."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "The void is new."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "Ssso would intelligenssce from you, provided you were showing any."

Tron pauses a moment, then turns her gaze slowly, looking at Knight. "...Hide... ...what, exactly?" Tron's eyes narrow slowly, a frown of concern on her features. "...Servbots. Continue setting the outer plating." Tron then turns as the Servbots resume work, slowly beginning to walk toward Knight Man.

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "I don't think you're in a position to be judging intelligence, Snake Man. I remember something about you almost ending up an Android Meteorite recently."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "What android meteorite?"

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Snake Man has every right to judge your intelligence."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "I haven't eaten any metoritesss, android or otherwissse."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "On Eurasia? I heard you were taken out for a... walk."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "Stop your bickering, all of you."

Knight Man's eyes narrow. Suddenly, it's almost like he begins to speak, but it more sounds like a recording. Not his normal voice, but his human sounding one. Something that Tron should find very familiar

"Tron... I recorded this message, believing that it may endeth tonight. And should it end as I hath predicted, then we shalt both turneth back to normal, and I shalt likely detesteth thee again. Before that, there is one thing I wanted to telleth thee.."

He's silent for a moment, ending it there, then speaking "A little something I stumbled acrosseth after a self diagnostic a few months back..." Uh-oh..

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "No."

[Radio: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "That wasss becaussse I grabbed Mega Man'sss ssstupid bird."

Tron reacts faster then she has in her life. She quickly dashes forward, and presses a finger on one control on the console, shutting it down. "...That was nothing!!!" Tron looks... flustered... to say the least. "...Ignore it! Nothing but an error!" Tron quickly tries to work out explanations in her mind for what has already been heard.

Knight Man's grin widens, again it can't be seen. Poor Tron, doesn't realize that Knight Man has heard the WHOLE THING, long ago actually. The only thing to signify it was that he went on a big destruction spree in the Training Room immediatly after it, but he's come to keep it to himself. And now was as good a time as any to freak Tron out about it, it's working out better than he thought. "Oh really..." He says, trying to sound like he doesn't know anything about it " doesn't SOUNDETH like an error... Is there something I art forgetting from the that time?" This is too rich...

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "What is going on Seoul at the moment?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Snake Man transmits, "Lotsss of headlesss chickensss."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "I noticed but whatelse I think we got at least one stardroid in the area"

Tron merely /GLARES/ down at Knight Man now, worry on his features... ...then rises slowly, and speaks planely, though... clearly disturbed still. "...Knight Man. You were another person during that time. Terra's power made you so. You... ...were my friend." ...there is obvious pain in her voice there. "...And... ...I was terribly sorry when it ended. ...I had never known a stronger, more noble comrade in arms. ...He had prepared for the contingency, however, and left a message, and set the memory of setting that message to be erased. ...He was noble, that you. He was kind, and honorable. "

Tron pauses, and then speaks /harshly/, "...And he was more a Knight then you will /ever/ be!"

Tron, obviously distraught, turns slowly... and begins to move swiftly from the lab.

Knight Man smirks again, score. He grunts before speaking "I remembereth everything I DID at that time, except that. And calleth me what you will, but I was nothing more than a sniveling little wretch, pacified by whatever it was ye did." He seems to be getting angry himself "That fool I turnedeth into, the only redeeming thing he did do was followeth Lord Wily's orders, thou'rt only lucky that Lord Wily saw thine and mine side of things in the end. Affected or not, if he had ordered me to attacketh ye like the others, I'd have done so anyway, though I'd have looked like a blasted weak wretch doing so."

He stands from his seat, arms crossed. "That whole thing waseth a mistake! /That/ Knight Man waseth a mistake! And don't forgeteth that." He relaxes his arms again, one last touch... "And don't ever hopeth that he may returneth some day, because that shalt never happen..."

Tron pauses at the doors, her head half-lowering a moment, her eyes closing... ...and a tear escapes her tightly closed eyes. "...I don't, Knight Man. ...And that is what hurts the most," Tron relates, then slowly, keying the doors open, exits the Laboratory.

And thus Tron leaves, and Knight Man chuckles darkly, and murmers to himself "Well, that wenteth well. I think I can leaveth her alone now for awhile..." He walks over and turns his gaze to the ever unupdated GNN report. Funny... Knight Man doesn't feel quite as good as he thought he would after doing that to Tron "...I must be losething my touch, I feel oddly empty..." He shrugs it off for now. But he can't quite shake a... nagging feeling in the back of his mind.

Teisel Bonne has arrived.

Tron quickly exits the Laboratory from without, moving out and away... ...she is obviously crying as she moves away, ignoring anyone... even Teisel, heaving for her room.

As if the Stardroids weren't enough for her.

Well, he /was/ in a fairly decent mood. As Teisel is passing by the Lab's door on the way back from supper, Tron comes running out, and passes him--he blinks, turning to catch her as she moves past, but doesn't get a hold. "Tron? Tron! What in the world..." He frowns, suddenly suspicious, and turns to enter the lab, putting on his best stern/angry face.

Knight Man continues to just sort of idle around in the lab for now. He was perfectly content to leave Tron alone now for awhile. But Teisel sticks his head in, glancing back over his shoulder at the Captain, he oh-greats to himself oO(Wonderful, Captain Incompetance dost arriveth...) He doesn't react at first, thinking this might be interesting...

Tron is, sadly... gone... and not there to witness what occurs.

And in the Ride Armor bay of the Lab... the Framework of the Ride Armor is already complete, with Servbots still at work. The only one besides them, now, within the large room... is Knight Man.

His suspicions confirmed, Teisel throws open the door to the Lab, and strides forwards, hands on his hips. Knight Man looks far too nonchalant--Teisel steps right up to him and leans forward, one eye squinted. "What's the meaning of that, huh?! You're reeeeally asking for it!" He waves one finger in front of Knight's face, menacingly. Sort of.

Knight Man tries as hard as he can not to snort and start laughing in Teisel's face. This should be fun. He keeps up the innocent act "Why... what on earth art thou talking about, Captain Bonne?" He says 'Captain Bonne' just a tad slower than the rest of his words. He quickly goes over in his mind how best to deal with this, he STILL has orders to carry out in the end, it won't do for him to be thrown out of the Gesellschaft just yet...

Teisel Bonne rises up to his full height, which is--incidentally--comparable with Knight's, and lifts his chin. "Tron doesn't cry just because she feels like it, Knight Man! And I happen to know you've got a grudge against my little sister, too! So when I see Tron running out of here--with YOU in here, standing around like you just don't care--well, it's not a big leap of logic!" He pauses, furrowing his eyebrows. "I don't think so, anyway." He squints at Knight. "You /were/ taunting her, yes? Yes, of /course/ you were! It's in your nature!"

Knight Man grins, aww, big brother comes to the rescue. "Oh I don't knoweth, last time I was on-eth this ship, Tron cried quite a bit and I had-eth nothing to do with that..." He shrugs, and takes a step back, his breath reeks "And I taunted her not... twas merely... a statement of fact, of sorts. Something she needed to cometh to grips with, and apparently overreacted to." He idly shrugs "She's a female, that tis in her nature..."

Tron Bonne has left.

Teisel Bonne folds his arms. "So since the Doctor has told you not to beat her up, you take to poking at her another way, huh? She's just a girl, you know that she's got..." He pauses, and bites his lip briefly. "...Well, every girl her age has a thing or two she's a little sensitive about. You should know better!" He frowns. "Why, I bet you do know better! So what do you have to say for yourself?" He leans forward a little. "And.. what was it exactly you mentioned?"

Knight Man almost bursts out laughing, leave it up to Teisel to totally not get it. "That tis /not/ what I meanteth..." He shakes his head slightly. Then glares a bit at the Ship's Captain "And thou art blinded by thine own emotions, for thine sister. I holdeth a grudge? Yes. But thou dost know nothing of what happened between us, and thou dost blindly taketh her side out bonds of family." He pauses "Whilst I could understandeth that... the fact dost remaineth, that what happened between Tron and mineself, whether now, or months ago, is our business. No doubt that wretched girl will returneth to maketh mine life miserable once again when she is done blubbering. So tis best that thou mindeth thine own affairs."

Teisel Bonne humphs, turning half to the side and looking away, almost as if sulking, before turning back to Knight a moment later. "Well, I know Tron has her secrets. I won't push you for /that/. But let me tell you...!" He unfolds his arms and again wags a finger in front of Knight's face. "Anyone who makes my little sister cry has to answer to me. You hear? I won't stand for you making my Tron cry on her own ship, and if I ever hear of it happening again...!" He squints. "Well, I surely /hope/ it won't happen again." He tries to put a menacing emphasis on it, but he should wait until he at least has Blitzkrieg before he threatens Knight's life. The Robot Master could probably do a number on him as things stand.

Y'know, it's SO tempting to just grab that finger and break it off. Knight Man hates people getting in his face. Shrugging, he says dryly "Well she shouldst know how to better treateth her ship guests..." Oh Knight could do a number on Teisel right now, he'd be using little bits of Teisel to floss with. But he won't do anything, for the same reason he can't hurt Tron, stupid Wily allies. "And it won't happen again... as long as she dost learneth not to overreact..."

Teisel Bonne folds his arms again and mutters, "Well, I'll... talk to her." It's true that he really doesn't need any outbreaks of violence on his ship, and he'd prefer not to have to jettison Knight from an artillery cannon. Wouldn't that be something to explain to the Doctor. "Why are you staying here, anyway? Just to poke at my sister?"

Knight Man sighs, he really doesn't want to explain his reasons for being here. "Lord Wily ordered me. Those Stardroids said that the 'touched' ones would be used-eth as bait, so he wanted to keepeth an eye on thine Sister, being one of the most... prominent of those, to maketh sure nothing happened, and that she didn't do-eth anything stupid. Thus he choseth me." He shrugs. "And I shalt remaineth here until this entire blasted situation is resolved..."

Teisel Bonne tilts his chin. "Well, then it's all the better reason to get it resolved as soon as possible! Hmph! Bah, you probably don't want to be here either, so we should try to get along." He turns away from Knight to head back out of the Lab, but stops and looks over his shoulder somewhat suspiciously. "Don't you go making any more trouble, you hear?"

Knight Man snickers quietly "Oh... wouldn't dreameth of it.." Actually, in all fairness, Knight intends to leave Tron alone for awhile now. He's done enough. Unless, of course, she starts something herself, then it's all fair game.

Teisel Bonne nods shortly. "Good! Maybe we won't have any repeats of this incident!" He turns and heads out of the Lab, leaving only goggle-eyed Servbots who were watching the confrontation with intense curiosity. As Teisel leaves, they eep and go back to work as quickly as possible, lest they attract Knight's attention.

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