Wily Sphere - Training Room (Orange level)

This room, when not in use, is nothing but a big black box with a gridwork of shimmering yellow-green lines. But when the voice-activated computer is in use, it can become absolutely anything, from a thousand feet underwater to an Arabian desert, tropical rainforest, or Arctic tundra. Custom simulations can also be created by users, and often obstacle courses or gaunlets are used. The holographic medical drone can repair simulated damage instantly, and so the room is also popular for sparring and combat practice. But in this particular room, illusion meets reality, and anything you can think you can do.

Wind Man [RM]
Medical Drone
Three Story Doomsday Cage
Holographic Terminal <HT>

Obvious exits:
West <W> leads to Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).

Wind Man taps a few keys on the terminal and the room flashes and remolds to reflect the changes.

Crash Man arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Crash Man has arrived.

Wind Man raises his arms. Around him a cyclone begins to spin. It rapidly grows, and suddenly spins forward at Knight....

Wind Man misses you with his Whirlwind attack.

Knight Man stands firm, the wind having little effect on his massive bulk. He swings his mace over his head and lets it fly

You strike Wind Man with your Mace Shot attack.

Wind Man moves sideways, flowing with the wind to spin around Knight. The mace catches him in the shoulder, but seems to have little effect. "You're armor may hold the winds out...but will it this?" He moves forward at the "hip" and launches his own bludgeon.

Wind Man strikes you with his Morningstar for 12 units of damage.

Knight Man takes the impact, with little difficulty "Bah, thou art copying MY fighting style, Wind bag!" He reels back, and whips his mace at Wind Man like a, well, whip.

You miss Wind Man with your Morningstar attack.

Wind Man says, "Hah. You WISH. No...I was merely giving you a fighting chance.. call it the sportsman in me. *smirk* Now. You. Die."

Wind Man misses you with his Fan Blade attack.

Stone Man arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Stone Man has arrived.

Knight Man sidesteps the fanblade "So thou art throwing FANS at me now? Bwahaha!" And he flings his mace at him again, get used to it, it's virtually his only method of attacking

You miss Wind Man with your Flail attack.

Wind Man moves easily just out of range and smirks. "Pathetic...you are becoming terribly predictable. Fortunately..I have variety and style to make up for it."

Wind Man strikes you with his Windcannon for 8 units of damage.

Knight Man snarls "Alrighteth then, how abouteth this??" He charges at Wind Man, reeling his mace in and attatching it to his arm securely, then he swings back, and punches Wind Man with it

You miss Wind Man with your Mace attack.

Wind Man ducks underneath the attack and moves a shoulder in towards Knight's chest, hoping to knock/throw him over Wind's shoulder. "Keep trying, metal-head..."

Wind Man misses you with his Smash attack.

Stone Man whispers to Crash Man: 'These guys _were_ built by Doctor ... right?'.

Knight Man quickly spins out of the way, and avoids colliding with Windbag's shoulder "Thou art as much a metal had as I!" And with his spinning momentum he flings the mace at him again

Crash Man whispers to Stone Man: 'I ... ... ... ...'.

You miss Wind Man with your Morningstar attack.

Stone Man chuckles to himself.

Wind Man ducks back away from the morning star and tries the standard strategy again. Maybe it'll work better this time... "Affirmative. But you are denser."

Wind Man strikes you with his Wind Storm for 17 units of damage.

Knight Man stands firm again, expecting not to be affected by the wind. Nuh-uh. He is thrown back quite a few feet, taken by surprise at the force of THIS storm. He get's to his feet "Alrighteth Wind Bag, I have hadeth enough of thee!" He steadies his arm, concentrating, and fires his Mace at WindMan with an explosive burst (You have any idea how hard it is to RP just hitting someone with a Mace over and over in different ways?)

You strike Wind Man with your Knight Chain attack.

Wind Man grunts. "A little better. But you'll have to do much better to get me....." A frigid arctic gale blows passed around Windy and right at Knight.....

Wind Man misses you with his Wind Blast attack.

Knight Man jumps out of the way of the arctic blast. Quickly he de-forms his Mace, and forms a hand, reaches to his side where a blade is attatched to his hip. He grabs it and a handle appears, forming a lance. He quickly stands and charges at Wind Man with it

You strike Wind Man with your Lance attack.

Wind Man shrieks much like the wind surrounding him as the lance pierces his armor and sticks, rather gorily, out the rear armor. "Burn... in... a volcano..."

Wind Man strikes you with his Fan Blade for 15 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

Knight Man tries to retract the lance and dodge at the same time, no go. The Fan blade cuts into his shoulder. He re-attatches the Lance to his hip, and re-forms his mace "Burneth in a Volcano? I have heard wittier responses from brother Guts!!" And with that, he punches Wind Man with the Mace again

You strike Wind Man with your Mace attack.

Wind Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Yamato Man rises from his meditative position outside of the ring while clapping, the drones dragging Wind Man away to be virtually repaired. "Very good, brother Knight. I see you are warmed up now."

Knight Man nods towards Yammy as the virtual damage is repaired. "Indeed. Dost thou wanteth to spar with me too?"

Wind Man is being carried off on a stretcher, one fanblade covering his optics. "Tell dad I'm taking a break now, I'm TAKING my vacation..."

"Of course," says Yamato Man. "Mend yourself first. I will fight you at full strength."

Knight Man nods, as the virtual healing is completed. It IS a simulation after all. He nods to the Samurai "Thou may cometh at me"

Yamato Man takes a neutral battle position, staff falling into a defensive configuration. He steadies himself, turns his spear slightly, and says, calmly, "Have at."

Knight Man shrugs "Haveth it thine own way" He swings his mace over his head, and lets it fly. "I hopeth that thou challanges me more than our Windbag brother!"

You miss Yamato Man with your Morningstar attack.

Wind Man mutters from the sidelines, "I'm not a windbag...and I gave you a good beating. You got lucky."

Yamato Man was paying close attention to the last match. As Knight Man begins to swing, he stands fast -- waiting, waiting, waiting ... until the mace goes into motion and cannot be recalled. He rolls underneath it and lunges forward at Knight Man, going to stick him right in the chestplate -- his equivelant of a "tap".

Yamato Man misses you with his Spear Stab attack.

Knight Man quickly steps back a bit, thankfully the chain coming out of his arm is virtually limitless, (no, don't question what's wrong with that) Quickly he recalls the Mace, and aims for it to hit Yamato on the way back "Geteth out of mine face!"

You strike Yamato Man with your Flail attack.

Yamato Man gets clipped in the back with the mace, some ablative armor flaking off of his shoulder-panel. He uses the momentum to tuck into a roll, lunging up /behind/ Knight Man while spinning his spear.

Yamato Man misses you with his Spear Twirl attack.

Knight Man expects an attack, and jumps forwards, catches the mace and reattacthes it, spins around quickly, and using his momentum gashes Yammy across the face with the Mace

You strike Yamato Man with your Mace attack.

Yamato Man takes the mace straight on in the head, not being able to scout it coming. He reels back, mech-fluid literally exploding forth from the blow. His faceplate has been caved in, the `W' of his helmet falling off and clattering to the ground. He almost falls -- but pure instinct keeps him upright. Blindly, he strikes out with the butt of his spear, looking to get lucky just /once/ this match.

Yamato Man strikes you with his Spear Slam for 10 units of damage.

Knight Man is struck square in the center of his chestplate, denting it a bit, and throwing him off balance. The attack he HAD set up goes wildly in the air, and comes back down, will it hit Yamato Man anyway?

You strike Yamato Man with your Morningstar attack.


Crystal Man arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Crystal Man has arrived.

Yamato Man, staggering around blindly, is struck by the Morningstar on its way down. It blasts across his midsection, armor flying from his chestplate. Mech-fluid spurts from a thousand wounds as Yamato Man finally cries out in a haze of pain and rage, his body reacting instinctively. Blindly, he lunges forward, trying to skewer the Knight on the end of his spear.

Yamato Man misses you with his Spear Impale attack.

Knight Man quickly jumps out of the way of the spear, reattatching his mace. "Bah, this twasn't a fight at all!" He flings the Mace at Yamato Man, all hard-like (I'm running out of attack with mace ideas)

You miss Yamato Man with your Knight Chain attack.

Yamato Man, using his Drunken Boxing technique, swerves accidentally out of the way of the flying mace and lunges again at Knight Man (he thinks), running at him full-tilt to use his weight and power to his own advantage. He's basically fighting blind now.

Yamato Man strikes you with his Kamikazi Charge for 36 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

Knight Man is thrown back, painfully, by the impact. He gets to his feet "Aye... that be more liketh it... pity thou won't lasteth much longer!" He secures his mace again, and charges at Yammy, trying to punch him with it again

You miss Yamato Man with your Mace attack.

Yamato Man, continuing to Drunken Box, manages to swerve around around the mace and stab down at the Knight, trying to stick him in a joint mechanism.

Yamato Man misses you with his Spear Stab attack.

Knight Man quickly steps back, and instead of using his mace, he swings his foot back, so Yamato misses with his attempted stab, then boots him in the face

You miss Yamato Man with your Kick attack.

Yamato Man swerves around blindly, mech-fluid spattering onto Knight Man's armor. He lunges around the foot accidentally, staggering back and throwing his spear forward blindly; he better connect here, otherwise he's going to have some real problems.

Yamato Man strikes you with his Yamato Spear for 18 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

Knight Man grunts, as he is struck again. Darnit, he's harder to hit now when he's DAMAGED "Time to puteth thee out of thine misery!" *insert Mace attack description here, they're all the same anyway :D*

You strike Yamato Man with your Morningstar attack.
Yamato Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Yamato Man gets smote down, verily, and goes flying out of the ring. He rolls a few times, hemmoraging mech-fluid, and then begins to smoke. He almost, almost E-Rings, but then stabilizes as the drones drag him away. Another comes to yank the spear out of Knight Man.

Knight Man hmphs as the virtual damage is slowly repaired "That be'eth two for me. Is that all?"

Serenade arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Serenade has arrived.

Yamato Man gets brought back on-line and stands slowly, retrieving his spear from another drone. "A good fight," he says to Knight Man. "You fought well. I have learned much from this fight."

Knight Man glances over at Yamato, normally he'd gloat mightily over two victories in a row. However Knight has to have a bit of respect for his Samurai brother. "Aye, I did! Bwahaha! Though, thou didn't do too badly I suppose."

Knight Man glaces around the training room, two of his brothers recovering from a good bit of smashing "Dost anyone else wanteth to taketh me on?"

Serenade is just entering now, without Acoustic anywhere is sight. Sure she's reading a datapad like usual, but I guess some habbits are impossible to break.

Yamato Man returns to a folded-leg position outside the ring, watching the next bout.

Crystal Man walks into the training room now as well, scribbling a bit in one of his usual large, leather-bound, bejewelled appointment books. He nods to himself as he notices the number of people present, then sits down a safe distance away from the ring. He's in full armor, though... did he come to fight as well?

Stone Man powers on, already in the room. Apparently he's been doing some training of his own. Stone Man looks his normal self -- he doesn't seem to need extra "armor" to take care of his enemies.

Stone Man says, "Knight Man, I accept your challenge."

Stone Man steps up to the "ring," as it were, his footsteps thudding on the solid ground.

Knight Man grins at his rocky brother, all the virtual damage from the last fight washed away once more. Knight Man is 2-0, his ego couldn't be much higher right now "Very well then brother, prepareth to be beaten down! I shalt even leteth thee strike first." And he does so, standing there.

Wind Man floats up behind Crystal. "Consider yourself challenged to a duel, fool..." .... then mutters... "Slag, I think I'm learning waaaaay to much from Yam and metal-head over there..."

Stone Man says, "Knight Man, my research has proven that the times of your antiquity are come to an end. Prepare to have any victory streak similarly ended." He grins, and stomps right up in front of Knight Man. He stares Knight Man (down) in the eyes, and lets a big meaty fist swing at Knight Man's jaw."

Stone Man strikes you with his Smash for 17 units of damage.

Knight Man really shouldn't have just LET him attack fist, oh well. He staggars back a few feet, and faces him again, grinning "Alloweth me to show thee how to HURTETH someone with a punch" He charges him and swings back and punches him back... with his mace.

You strike Stone Man with your Mace attack.

Serenade just blinks, sighs, and shakes her head at her siblings as she glances up from her datapad, a faint, almost amused smile crossing her face. "And to think, I actually missed this..."

Stone Man becomes slightly dented from the impact of Knight Man's mace. His expression doesn't change at all -- he doesn't appear to lose any confidence. "So, it is to be a test of brute force? I assure you, few save Guts Man may equal me in bare fisticuffs, as it were."

Stone Man misses you with his Bash attack.

Wind Man looks over at Sere and shrugs. "It's how some entertain themselves, and others train, during the less active cycles...
Stone Man jabs a beefy fist at Knight Man lightly. Maybe he'll let him off easy...

Crystal Man stands and turns around, not being surprised by Wind Man's approach in the least. "Perhaps you have," the crystal conjurer comments, "but I'll gladly accept your challenge. After all," he adds as he puts his latest appointment book away, "I did come to polish my skills." He starts towards another holographic ring, motioning for Wind Man to follow.

At that, Seres smile can't help but grow ever so slightly. "True brother. Oh so very true. But still... There's something more to it... Something I can't put into words..."

Wind Man says, "Primal and un-Android-like?"

Pirate Man arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Pirate Man has arrived.

Knight Man quickly steps back, after three fights, he's gotten used to jumping back to avoid a counter. "Bah! Dost thou really think that mere stone canst standeth up to the might of steel??" He detatches his mace and swings it over his head, letting it fly at Stoney

You strike Stone Man with your Morningstar attack.

Serenade snickers at that, rolling her eyes, "Not even close Wind Brother."

Wind Man floats for ring 2 and settles in on the opposite side, allowing fog to mist up around his waist. "Bring it on, facet-face..."

Stone Man is bonked inna heat by a mace. "You really like this weapon? I prefer something more down to earth, myself." A panel on his chest opens, and a large boulder exits. The boulder spins on its own in the air, but flying in the general area of Knight Man. Stone Man points, and the boulder dashes at maximum speed in Knight's direction.

Stone Man strikes you with his Brick Toss for 3 units of damage.

Crystal Man grins mildly behind his face mask, the usual light lancing from his left and fading to reveal... an orange crystal boomerang, of all things. "As you wish, brother." The master of jewels throws...

Crystal Man misses Stone Man with his Crystal Throw attack.

Wind Man watches Crystal taunt him and then turn and fire off at ring one.. and smirks..

Knight Man is struck by the boulder, but doesn't seem too affected by it. "Bah, thou wouldst needeth to restort to more than mere rock throwing to beateth me!" And he flings the mace at him again, in a similar fashion as before

You miss Stone Man with your Flail attack.

A lesser Master would be laughing hysterically. Not Wind. He just smirks in amusement, raises his cannon-arm, and taunts back. "Try aiming for something in this zip-code, ok?"

Wind Man strikes Crystal Man with his Windcannon attack.

Stone Man ducks to one side to avoid the mace. He says, "Fool me once, that's all you get. Doctor Wily programmed me better than that. And you shouldn't knock boulders. They're really very effective in large quantities." His chest panel releases another boulder, this one slightly larger than the other. It also flings in Knight Man's general direction!

Crystal Man tries to stand his ground, perhaps not the smartest move as this simply causes the wind to rake against and slightly warp his armor -- occasionally in painful ways. Afterward, though, Crystal Man does nothing... aside from simply saying, "Behind you."

Guess what just came full circle?

Crystal Man strikes Wind Man with his Crystal Throw attack.

Stone Man strikes you with his Charged Stone for 11 units of damage.

Knight Man is struck again, this time slightly more affected. Growling, he says "Very welleth then, tryeth this!" He de-forms his mace back into a hand, reaches to his hip and grabs a blade attatched there, and a handle extends from there to form a lance. He then charges Stone Man with it

You miss Stone Man with your Lance attack.

Wind Man finds a boomerang caught in his fanblade and immediately descends to ground level. "Hmm. This may require more tact. Ok, Crystal... let's see how much pressure you really can stand." With that, wind curls around the arena and focuses on Crystal, attempting to pick him up and throw him into the next ring over, roughly at Knight.

Wind Man misses Crystal Man with his Whirlwind attack.
Wind Man misses you with his Whirlwind attack.

Stone Man is very dextrous for such a large guy, it's true. He moves past the lance as it comes mere inches from vital spots. He says, "You are very skilled, Knight Man. Perhaps your agression is misplaced. I can show you how to better use it." A small group of boulders emerge from Stone's chest, and they fly every which way!

Stone Man strikes you with his Earthquake Smash for 1 units of damage.

Knight Man is temporarily disoriented by Stone Man's Earthquake Smash attack.

Stone Man strikes Crystal Man with his Earthquake Smash attack.

Crystal Man is temporarily disoriented by Stone Man's Earthquake Smash attack.

Stone Man misses Wind Man with his Earthquake Smash attack.

Enker arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Enker has arrived.

Metal Man arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Metal Man has arrived.

Serenade is just off to the side, reading. not fighting. Reading.

Yamato Man sits in a meditative state above the fighting squares, watching the carnage unfold.

Wind Man fortunately, was already back in the air, having already cleared the boomerang from his vent ducts. Crystal was not so lucky. Windy again smirks and uses this opertunity to take down the falling Master... Clicking his fan into place, he lets loose.

Knight Man acks as he looses his balance "Damneth thee you golem! I don't needeth lessons from thou!"

Wind Man strikes Crystal Man with his Fan Blade attack.

Enker enters the Training Room with a neutral expression on his face. It's simply too good to be true that all these Masters should be actually /training/.

Gravity Man arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Gravity Man has arrived.

Stone Man chuckles to himself slightly as Knight Man is unbalanced by his most recent barrage. He runs towards Knight Man (which albeit is pretty slowly) and jumps in the air, trying to bodyslam him with his large frame.

Stone Man strikes you with his Crush for 31 units of damage.

Crystal Man learns from his previous mistake, moving with the wind and downward to clutch the ground. Then, quite suddenly, that ground shakes... it doesn't damage him terribly much, but it does disorient him. Which, of course, he's snapped out of when a fan blade digs into his back like a shuriken.

The mystic winces, but apparently isn't down yet as he pulls himself to his feet. "Very well," Crystal Man says, "if it's a free-for-all, then it is." Quite suddenly, a beach ball-sized sphere of crystal appears in his hands... his trademark Crystal Eye. Without further ado, he hurls it straight at Wind Man...

Crystal Man misses Wind Man with his Crystal Eye attack.

Knight Man is crushed by the sentient boulder. Growling from underneath the pile of rocks, he readies his mace, and rolls out from under the hulk. He gets to his feet, barely... and fires the mace at him, fuming

You strike Stone Man with your Knight Chain attack.

Wind Man spins and dives, letting the crystal go flying. Using his momentum, he moves his shoulder into place and SLAMS into either Crystal or the ground....

Wind Man strikes Crystal Man with his Smash attack.

Enker calls up a holographic monitor so he can monitor the combatants' status.

Stone Man's frame releases sparks as sections creak out of their normal places and then back into place. He is heard to groan slightly, and he slowly rises to his full height from the hunched position the last attack had put him in. He begins go glow as the largest boulders you've seen yet emerge from his chest. All of them fly towards Knight Man in a flurry, trying to bury him alive.

Stone Man misses you with his Power Stone attack.

Crystal Man tries to leap aside, but alas is too slow... Dr. Wily's second largely wind-wielding creation rams him, knocking him down and cracking the crystal that comprises his left shoulder armor. The master of jewels, for his part, doesn't try to keep attacking just yet, but instead dodge...

...and there's a good reason for that. After the Crystal Eye shot past Wind Man, it impacted against one of the standing stones, fracturing into several pieces -- which are still rebounding...

Knight Man quickly jumps out of the way ofthe assaulting stones. He's still mad. Stone is the only one to really hurt him so far tonight, and he's not about to let him get away with that too easily. He flings the mace at him again (Mmm, Macey!)

Crystal Man strikes Wind Man with his Crystal Segments attack.

Crystal Man strikes you with his Crystal Segments for 7 units of damage.

Crystal Man strikes Stone Man with his Crystal Segments attack.

You strike Stone Man with your Morningstar attack.

Wind Man grunts upon impact and spins around... then, moving well away from Crystal, he charges up a REALLY windy attack.

Wind Man strikes Crystal Man with his Wind Storm attack.

Stone Man is struck from both sides by different attacks. He staggers, as his frame continues to dispense sparks in random directions. He falls to the ground with a thump, and he rubs his head. He seems to have just a few more stones left to fling out of his chest cavity. He's going to fling those at Knight Man, you know it.

Stone Man misses you with his Brimstone attack.

Knight Man sidesteps once again, yes he still wants to make Stone Man pay for hurting him that badly. Though some of his anger has subsided when he sees what poor shape he's in. He firmly secures his mace to his arm, runs up and punches Stone in the 'stomach' or whatever his equivilent is with his mace.

You miss Stone Man with your Mace attack.

Crystal Man finds that the air itself is somewhat difficult to dodge... the Wind Storm pushes the mystic a few feet away, though it doesn't manage to quite lift him off the ground. Still, the damage is bad enough; now Crystal Man's armor is *really* warped, to the point that it's pretty consistently uncomfortable.

"I see that the kit gloves are indeed off," the mystic comments as he holds his hands to his large forehead-crystal. Its structure changes ever so slightly... suddenly focusing all the light it takes in in one direction...

Crystal Man strikes Wind Man with his Reflection Beam attack.

Stone Man accepts the swing to the 'gut' though he's somehow still got a bit of armor there. As the attack 'pangs' off he counters with a swing of his own. He directs his fist at the most badly-wounded-looking areas of Knight Man's frame, and lets the stones fall where they may.

Stone Man misses you with his Smash attack.

Knight Man quickly sidesteps, it appears that Stone Man has gotten sloppy with all the damage he recieved. Quickly he deforms his mace again and grabs the blade attatched to his hip, forms the lance, and stabby-stabby

You strike Stone Man with your Lance attack.
Stone Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Wind Man seems to be unable to avoid the damage... he takes the brunt of it - not that bad... - and focuses another shot of the cannon. "You won't win."

Wind Man strikes Crystal Man with his Windcannon attack.

Stone Man transforms into Pile of Rocks.

Knight Man glares at Stone Man's collapsing form, and gloats mightily "Bwahahaha!! So mine antique weapons proved to be too much for thee afterall!!" The virtual damage starts to fade from them "Now then, dost anyone ELSE want to challenge mine invincible force?"

Gravity Man steps up. "No." Then he steps down.

Stone Man's frame collapses, as he takes enough damage to put him out. His bricky form loosens, and tumbles out into a pile of roughly shaped stones. A grumble is to be heard from the pile.

Yamato Man has watched Knight Man's various battles, observing the technique, trying to pick out weaknesses. His continual victory puzzles the samurai, who sharpens his virtual spear by way of regaining his concentration.

Serenade has left.

Crystal Man is struck in the leg rather hard by the blast of air pressure, sending him to the ground yet again. He stands carefully, then glares at Wind Man... "Perhaps not, brother," the master of jewels concedes, light appearing between his hands again, "but neither will I concede." Another Crystal eye takes shape, and upward it's flung...

Crystal Man strikes Wind Man with his Crystal Eye attack.

Wind Man grunts and shakes his head. "Time to die..." A FREEZING wind hits Crystal upside the head...windy hopes.

Wind Man strikes Crystal Man with his Wind Blast attack.

Crystal Man is temporarily disoriented by Wind Man's Wind Blast attack.

Pile of rocks limp outside of combat range, and go sit in a vat of cement.

Knight Man glares around the room "Well? Dost anyone else wanteth to taketh me on?"

Crystal Man finds himself chilled below the point that his systems can manage... fortunately, he's not hurt, but he does find it difficult to move. "Errgh..."

Wind Man closes in for the coup de gras... or... whatever... and flings another fanblade at Crystal.

Wind Man strikes Crystal Man with his Fan Blade attack.

Crystal Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Wind Man returns to his marker spot, fog once more curling up around his chest... "Well. That was stimulating."

Yamato Man rises up after Crystal's body settles against the pavement, descending towards the ring. "Brother Wind," he directs to the blowhard Master. "You fought well. Shall we see who is the greater of us?" He steps into the ring, spear twirling around his body. Maybe he's warming up.

Wind Man nods. "Indeed. I would be intrigued to discover this..."

Crystal Man stands after the holographic damage to him melts away. . o O (Such is the drawback to not being cut from warrior cloth,) O o . the crystal conjurer thinks as he steps aside to watch once more.

Dr. Wily arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Dr. Wily has arrived.

Yamato Man's spear begins to twirl around him in a complex battle kata, his hands moving almost faster than the eye can track. Over, around, and under the Master the spear goes, creating a brownish blur surrounding him. The blade whistles through the air as he advances to his spot before Wind Man, and he keeps it up even after he arrives before him. Apparently he's giving Wind Man the first move.

Yamato Man projects a forcefield around himself.

Dr. Wily walks into the training room... silent, he isn't amused. Wily tilts his head and observes the pseudo fray. Cand in one hand, the doctor leans.

Wind Man floats upword, enveloping himself in a cloud, and prepares... suddenly a hurricane flies by overhead and strikes at Yam....

Wind Man misses Yamato Man with his Wind Storm attack.

Crash Man is sitting in the stands, eatin' from a bag of fritos with one hand, and reading Popular Mechanics with the other.

Knight Man is standing in the middle of the training room, still laughing his head off. Having won three fights in a row, his ego is SORTA inflated. Of course, then he sees the Doc enter. "My Liege!" *fwhump* He quickly falls to one knee, bowing

His diodes shoved in some panel, Spark Man is high off of elctricity. Oh yeah, baby! The good stuff!

Crash Man witnesses Spark Man jack of.. er, in.

Yamato Man flips up, his spear still flying around him, and evades the downdraft, landing on his feet. He is so involved in his fight that he doesn't notice the Doctor enter, instead focusing on his next attack -- mainly, abruptly releasing his spear, allowing it to fly forth at the airborne Wind Man.

Yamato Man lowers his forcefield.

Yamato Man misses Wind Man with his Spear Block attack.

Crystal Man looks over to the entrance as he hears others speak of Wily, widening his eyes at the fact of his presence as he does so. "Father... what brings you to this place?"

Dr. Wily doesn't even glance down at the kneeling armor bound Master. "May I ask what is so amusing Knight Man? You seem to find something rather humorous, hrmm."

Gravity Man doesn't notice Wily enter, being busy thinking of new ways to make artificial tuna.

Knight Man clears his throat "Tis nothing M'Lord, I just merely felled three of my brothers in succession." His gloating seems to be.. well... not gloating, like always, he's humbled before the Doc.

It is about this time that Windy fires a room-wide blast of frigidity, more or less directed at Yamato... which, incidentally, may very well freeze Dad solid... whoops.

Wind Man misses Yamato Man with his Wind Blast attack.

Wind Man strikes Dr. Wily with his Wind Blast attack.

Dr. Wily is temporarily disoriented by Wind Man's Wind Blast attack.

"Oh, he f'kin' dead." Crash Man comments in the middle of munching on friots.

Spark Man continues "jackin in" with the wall panel, completly involved in the act, and nothing else.

Ballade arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Ballade has arrived.

Dr. Wily is... frozen? What, what the hell? Did a Master just hit him? Did a Master, just hit Doctor Wily!? Shivering, the doctor is quickly thawed by his own anger. Wait... are those withered old hands shaking violently from the frigid temperature, or are they shaking because... he's about to kill a man? Specifically, a -Wind- Man. Wily coughs, teeth chattering as the cold begins to wear down. A breath of white mist blows from his lips, and one can hear a bit of raspy voice from the frozen scientist. "Wind Man.... c-c-come here.... now."

Wind Man pales visibly... "Umm... Ya-ya-Yamato...we may have to postpone this...umm...Gotta run, bye!!!!" and with that he *BOLTS* for the door ASAP!

Crash Man continues eating Fritos.

Wind Man starts pounding on the door frantically... Or not..

Knight Man acks as Wind Man's blast heads towards him "My Liege look ou---" Too late... he turns fuming at his clumbsy brother "WHAT DOST THOU THINKETH THEE ARE DOING???" He's mad...

Yamato Man jumps as he throws his spear, rolling forward and running blindly towards its point of reentry, watching it miss Wind Man. He rolls as he sees the next attack coming, still not seeing the Doctor -- he dodges it gracefully with a leap as he finishes his second roll, making it to the other end of the ring and catching the spear automatically -- and just now sees the consequences of the strike he just dodged. . o O ( FATHER! ) O o . He is too stunned to even act at first, this unthinkable action simply not computing.

Crash Man continues eating Fritos.

Ballade was just coming to see what was going on in the training room. In time to see Wind Man blast Wily with a chilling blast of wind. He doesn't even blink. He doesn't bother with weapons. As Wind Man sprints towards the door, Ballade starts sprinting at Wind Man. Can you say high speed impact?

Ballade strikes Wind Man with his Dash attack.

I knew you could.

"Now that's an old-fashioned ass-kicking," Crash Man comments.

Knight Man doesn't even bother with Wind Man anymore, especially since Ballade happened to arrive, he runs up to Wily "My Liege! Art thou alright??"

Wind Man spins from the impact but keeps on a-moving for the door....basically because this is a matter of SURVIVAL at this point...
Crystal Man also stares in shock at first as Wind Man stuns Dr. Wily, but he snaps out of it to rush to his creator's side and offer to help him up. "Are you all right, Father?!"

Gravity Man snaps out of his mild trance, first seeing Wily, then seeing Wily get Wind Blasted. Then he runs up to Wily to see if he can do anything to help...

Gravity Man has partially disconnected.

(Ch. E [Public]) Wind Man transmits: 'Umm. Help. ....Scrap.....'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Knight Man transmits: 'What the f<BEEP>eth is the matter with thee brother??? *Knight sounds mad... like pissed mad*'.

Dr. Wily begins to move his somewhat thawed muscles. The doctor appears quite composed, odd. His voice has managed to raise to normal levels however. "Wind Man, when I say come over here... I mean, come over here." The doctor goes insane, the vein on his forehead throbbing like mad. Wily slams his cane into the wall, creating a deafening eruption of noise. "I"M NOT FINISHED! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE! NOOOOOW!"

(Ch. E [Public]) Metal Man transmits: 'YOU FOOL WIND MAN YOU WILL PAY!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Deluge Elephant transmits: 'Aww, did he forget the bagels?'.

Crash Man clucks his tongue, and then eats some more Fritos.

(Ch. E [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Ooh. Sounds like the Bradys are having an argument again.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Colonel transmits: 'what else is new'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Crash Man transmits: 'Silence, skankimus prime.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Stalker Tiger transmits: 'Heck with bagels. Gimme some donuts!'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Stalker Tiger transmits: 'Aw hell. I'm turning into a beat cop.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Alice forget to prepare your dress for the prom, Crash?'.

Looking up, Sparky views what happens. Oh, this extra energy is going to go into something painfull...

(Ch. E [Public]) Crash Man transmits: 'Yes. That bitch will pay.'.

(Ch. E [Public]) Deluge Elephant transmits: 'Maybe he hit Wily in the nose with a football.'.

Yamato Man snaps out of it and goes into a blind fury -- seeing that the Doctor is being attended to, he begins to run after Wind Man -- though Wind Man is faster, Yamato Man is more /angry/ and thus, in anime logic, is more likely to eventually catch up. He begins to spin his spear overhead even as he runs, powering up a truely furious attack ... and he's going to have plenty of time to use it, provided his brothers slow Wind Man down enough so he can /just/ get into range with his Yamato Spear...

Metal Man normally would warm up on his foe first,but most foes of his have not hurt Dad... this is beynd any personal vendettas of his. He who hurts dad pays in spades. The elder Robot Master pulls a Metal Blade from subspace and hurrls it at the offender. "There is no escape!"

(Ch. E [Public]) Arctic Wyvern transmits: 'Something wrong?'.

Metal Man strikes Wind Man with his Metal Blade attack.

Dr. Wily looks around, his anger doesn't seem isolated to Wind Man. "All of you, shutup and STOP! None of you will harm Wind Man further. NONE OF YOU!" His burning gaze rests once again at Wind Man. A finger points to the Master. "You, here, now."

Crash Man eats his Fritos. Munch munch munch.

"TRAITOR!!!! PERISH!!!" Spark Man creates elctricty all over his arms, forming at the point. A giant ball of electricity forms, a lot of energy being put into it. Spark Man swings his amrs down, the ball flung at Wind Man.

Spark Man misses Wind Man with his Giant Spark attack.

Ballade takes a step back, his slam having bought enough time for orders to be issued. He nods once to the Doctor, as cool as the wind that caused this whole incident. He steps away from Wind Man, off to the sidelines where Crash Man sits. And calmly steals a handful of Fritos. *munch*

Yamato Man stops running at the order, though his rage roars up through every system; hands trembling, he stops the spear's terrible motion cold, stowing it behind his back and falling to one knee, bowing his head in a sign of submission. He trembles, though, his fury boiling within him -- mostly at Wind Man, but a good portion at himself for not taking the attack full-on and protecting the Doctor.

Crystal Man steps back, giving Wily and Wind Man ample room...

Crash Man's gaze shifts to Ballade, who is apparently stealing his Fritos. Suddenly, the Red Bomber's eyes narrow into catlike-slits. "Dude, you are -such- a bitch."

Knight Man also steps back from the Doc. He seems fine now right? No need to crowd him...

Crash Man rolls his eyes, gives a slight sigh, and goes back to eating fritos.

Ballade nods calmly, chewing contentedly on the Fritos.

Wind Man was just flying for the exit when the command clicked in place... he shuts down, goes sllllliiiiiding, and hits the door, before crawling back to Wily murmuring apologies at lightning speeds.

Wind Man crawls up to "dad", all the while repeating a mantra: "I didn't mean it, I'm so sorry, please forgive, I didn't mean it, I'm so....."

With the occational "It was an accident" thrown in for variety...

Crash Man looks at Ballade, "You know what we should do?"

Dr. Wily rolls his sleeves up and chuckles. "Now then... there are times when a father has to hand out discipline, it need not be the consequence of a conscious deliberate action in which defies the father's wishes. No. With our case, that is simply impossible. However, there is that uncontrolled factor of simple clumsiness, and I'm sure that it was not... intended. In fact, I KNOW it wasn't intended. But... however, your intentions do not matter. What DOES matter, is that you did strike me. Now, it's a simple psychological fact that behavioral shaping through punishment and reward extends to all sentient life, experience builds the personality. Today, we shall exercise that psychological function... ahem. And then perhaps, YOU WILL WATCH WHERE YOU ARE SHOOTING!!!"

The doctor goes berserk with his cane.







"And most importantly, YOU DO NOT. SHOOT. MEEEE!"


Dr. Wily strikes Wind Man with his Cane Whack attack.
Dr. Wily strikes Wind Man with his Cane Whack attack.
Dr. Wily strikes Wind Man with his Cane Whack attack.
Dr. Wily strikes Wind Man with his Cane Whack attack.
Dr. Wily strikes Wind Man with his Cane Whack attack.
Dr. Wily strikes Wind Man with his Cane Whack attack.

Spring Man walks in right after Wind supposidly pulls that stunt of his. "Ohh, is it true? Did I actually hear that you guys have started exercising?" He says with delight, arms raised out. "It's about time!" His routine slows down a bit as he takes in the scene. "Umm... did I come at a bad time?

Ballade mmms. "Let the Doctor beat Wind Man silly while ranting?"

Crash Man says, "That.."

Crash Man says, "..and tokin' a shibby!"

Crash Man yanks out one of Wily's oldest creations, Bong Man.

Ballade shrugs, and swipes more fritos.

Knight Man quickly steps back from the Doc, and winces each and everytime the Windbag is hit "I can't sayeth I feel sorry for him..."
Crash Man explains to Ballade, "See, Wily made this a long-ass time ago. Back during his days in college at Capcom's Mad Scientist University."

Crash Man says, "Wily was one hell of a toker."

Enker watches with a smirk on his face. The justice and true logic of Wily at work. Then he looks over to Knight Man. "You seem to be quite successful this evening. Perhaps you'd like to fight me?"

Crash Man says, "There's a rumor that he's got Plant Man horticulturing a special breed of Maui Wowie, but I've never found proof."

Crystal Man whistles as Dr. Wily goes berserk with his cane. . o O (No wonder he wanted to do it himself...) O o .

Wind Man falls to the ground and pretty much gets his armor dinged up... "Ow..."

Metal Man oO(Dang that has got to hurt)

Spark Man goes back to jacking in with the open wall power. "Lousy idiot..."

Ballade has access to Wily's files. He knows where the plants are, what they're there for, and exactly how effective they're supposed to be. "Mmm. It's medicinal. Lowers his blood pressure."

Crash Man .oO(First Bass stealing my fries, now Ballade stealing my fritos. Man, what a bunch of fucking moochers.)

Crash Man says, "So anyway, you want to light this bastard up? I think we could all use a toke at this stoke or two."

Wind Man now just lies there sparking...

Yamato Man doesn't move, still kneeling with his head bowed several meters away from the ritualistic beating. He feels responsible for the action in some way ... but then again, he wasn't the one shooting /at/ him when the Doctor was clearly behind him.

Cappella arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Cappella has arrived.

Ballade shakes his head. "I'm on duty. Take an extra inhale for me, if you like."

Dr. Wily kicks Wind Man. "GET UP! Go to the repair bay, wait for me there."

Knight Man waryily eyes Enker "Err... I think I'll passeth on fighting for the rest of the night... mayhap another time?" He slowly sneaks to the exit, he's not responsible, but Wily was talking to HIM when he was hit by Windy's attack...

Crash Man lights up Wily's oldest creation, Bong Man.

Enker ponders sending the holographic medical drone over to heal Wind Man, but alas... he had already left the holographic matrix and was taking real damage. Pity, that.

Wind Man grunts, moving up and then slamming back into the grounf for a couple of moments before turning around and crawling for the repair station...

Spring Man listens to everyone speak, and his attatude slowly drains. "I should have expected as such...." He says dispiritly, as he haunchs over. "You guys never exercise... you 'train'. you beat up each other and call it exercise..." He starts to pout. Aparently, he dosn't seem to notice that Wily just hacked half the life out of Wind. "Beating each other up is NOT exercise!" He yells, fist's clenched.

Enker replies to Knight Man, "I see." He sounds skeptical, wondering if maybe Knight Man wants to quit while he's ahead. "It is a challenge, then."

Crash Man adds, "Now tokin' a phatty blunt, DAT'S real exercise in bein' koo'."

Crash Man lights that stuff up at 4:20.

Knight Man nods quickly, just wanting to get out of there for now, continuing to edge towards the exit, ignore Spring an for now...

Ballade says, "I don't need exercise. I'm a robot."

Wind Man leaves a trail of mechfluid in his wake on the way to the repair bay...

Crystal Man sits down, allowing Spring Man to continue his tirade... and pulling his newest giant, jewel-studded, leather-bound appointment book again to write in it in the meantime.

Spring Man grrs at Ballade. "Says you..... EVERYONE needs exercise!" shouts Spring as he starts pacing, fist in palm. "It's been proven by science, and MY charts and graphs of improvments!" He points at Ballade. "I believe you are under delusions, my friend!" he says accousingly.

Knight Man is nearly edged towards the door, well it looks like the Doc WON'T blame him for what happened, good *yoing!*

Dr. Wily has disconnected.

Ballade enters the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Ballade has left.

Yamato Man rises again once the Doctor takes his leave, having calmed down from being forced to not move for a while. He clears his head, focusing on his internal workings, and pushes the rest of the anger to a hidden place in his mind to be released later. He walks back into the holographic matrix and finds a flat, grassy area to sit down in and meditate.

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