Wily Sphere - Training Room (Orange level)

This room, when not in use, is nothing but a big black box with a gridwork of shimmering yellow-green lines. But when the voice-activated computer is in use, it can become absolutely anything, from a thousand feet underwater to an Arabian desert, tropical rainforest, or Arctic tundra. Custom simulations can also be created by users, and often obstacle courses or gaunlets are used. The holographic medical drone can repair simulated damage instantly, and so the room is also popular for sparring and combat practice. But in this particular room, illusion meets reality, and anything you can think you can do.

Spring Man [RM]
Yamato Man [RM]
Medical Drone
Three Story Doomsday Cage
Holographic Terminal <HT>

Obvious exits:
West <W> leads to Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).

Yamato Man rushes past Spring Man as he spins his spear, and turns around to see a cannon being leveled at him. Even as Spring Man speaks -- which is enough of a notice for Yamato Man to make evasive plans -- he runs back /at/ Spring Man, and in doing so manages to blow right by the flying Dangerous Wrap(ping) coils. His spear shines as he bears down on Spring Man, moving to gore him like some sort of mechanized bull.

Yamato Man strikes Spring Man with his Kamikazi Charge attack.
Spring Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Spring Man is slammed, and thanks to his light weight, goes flying off into the simulated blue sky. He grumbles as he goes flying. "And I was so close, to!" He yells below, before fading off into the distance with a nice *ping!*

Yamato Man stops running after Spring Man is sent into the holographic stratusphere, pausing to lean against his staff a moment. Mech-fluid drips from both sides of his chestplate, and dents cover him along with powder-burns. Still, he succeeded, and succeeded well, even if it wasn't easy. He begins to walk to the holo-repair droid to mend his wounds, mentally preparing for the next challenger.

And Knight Man is that challenger, probably. He loudly clomps into the training room, if you could make out his facial features there'd be a massive smirk there. "Welleth seems thou waseth able to defeat our exercise freak brother." He snickers "Wouldst thou care to haveth a rematch with me?" He turns to the distance where Spring Man sprug "Or wouldst thou in his stead brother?" He cackles, yeah, if he wins again he is SO gloating...

Arrogance does make the mind grow softer, though; Yamato Man steps back into the ring once his wounds are healed, spear at the ready. "Gladly, brother Knight. As always, the challenger gets the first blow." He readies himself for battle, focusing his mind on the task at hand.

Knight Man chuckles "If thou dost wisheth, prepare thine self!!" He snaps his Mace into place on his arm, and charges Yamato, reeling back and attempts to punch him across the jaw with his Mace. He's going all out at the very beginning this time... That could be confidence, or maybe he's actually worried that Yamato might get the best of him this time... nah

You miss Yamato Man with your Mace attack.

Just as Yamato had anticipated, Knight Man moves forward at full bore, wanting to end the fight quickly to continue his streak. Thus, his weakness appears -- he /has/ to win, while Yamato simply must survive. He begins to spin his spear, as if he were going to put up his Spear Block -- but then, as the mace comes down, drops down and spins his spear overhead, attempting to rake across the Knight's midsection!

Yamato Man strikes you with his Spear Twirl for 11 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

Knight Man is stuck by the blur that is Yamato Man, how he even won in the first place is anyone's guess. He almost trips in himself as he lunges forward as he's struck. Recovering, he spins around, and snarls "First strike goes to thee brother, but don't expecteth to get many more!" He flings his arm back, detaching the mace which goes flying back about 6 feet, stopping as he whips his arm foward, sending the mace flying at the Samurai.

You strike Yamato Man with your Morningstar attack.

Yamato Man can't quite get out of the way of the mace entirely, though he does manage to restrict the damage it does only to his right side -- the spike-covered mace drags down one side, armor flakes splintering off and falling to the ground, slick with mech-fluid. In response, Yamato Man rolls back and jumps up into the air, triggering something on his spear -- the head opens up with a *vrrt* of Gauss energy, and shortly thereafter a stream of razor-sharp blades rocket towards Knight Man, probably intending to do grievous bodily harm.

Yamato Man strikes you with his Spearhead Launcher for 15 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

Knight Man glares, as the blades veer towards him. Being the lumbering hulk that he is, he dodges them as well as a boulder, most of them deeply cratch his armor, one thunks into his side. Ripping it out, Knight Man actually decides to play it smart, and watch Yamato's next move, he readies his arm for a prepared strike, and raises his shield to defend against an onslaught.

Knight Man projects a forcefield around himself.

Yamato Man lands from his flight and watches Knight Man raise up his forcefield. In response, Yamato Man begins spinning his spear around himself -- going faster and faster, making him appear to be encased in a blurry brown bubble with silver highlights. Over, around, under, above and below Yamato Man spins his spear, the samurai having to hop and skip intermittently to accomodate it. If Knight Man puts up a shield, he can put up a shield too.

Yamato Man projects a forcefield around himself.

Knight Man glares as Yamato Man defiantly doesn't attack him. They could get into a bit of not attacking and seeing who has the patience to last, but Knight Man isn't that patient. He lowers his shield, and instead of attacking directly, he deforms his mace back into his hand, and reaches to grab his lance at his hip. He aims it forward, just to the left of Yamato Man, still in the spears spinning range, and extends it, holding tight to see if he can knock the spinning spear out of his hand.

Knight Man lowers his forcefield.
You miss Yamato Man with your Lance attack.

All too easy. Yamato Man's mental discipline carries the day as Knight Man blinks first -- with only a very small recalculation, he contracts the shield in to miss the lance. Alas, now that Knight Man has played his card and missed, it's time for Yamato to drop the pretense of defense -- the moment Knight Man is between weapons, the samurai /throws/ the wobbly spear-shield at him with all of his strength, rolling back to calculate where the spear will reflect back if it hits.

Yamato Man lowers his forcefield.
Yamato Man misses you with his Spear Block attack.

Knight Man jumps to the side, out of the way. Normally his huge mace would keep him from jumping so nimbly (well, nimble for him) but he just barely manages to avoid the spinning spear. With his Lance knocked out his hand for now, he re-forms his mace. And flings it at Yamato Man once more, while he tries to recover his spear.

You strike Yamato Man with your Flail attack.

Yamato Man runs at Knight Man to recover his spear, and in doing so gets grazed by the mace. Fortunately, it isn't going as fast as it could be because of Knight Man being off-balance. He rolls with the blow and baseball slides back to his spear behind Knight Man -- and goes back to a reliable technique. Turning his spear towards Knight Man, the head opens up again and fires more razor-sharp blades at his exposed flank.

Yamato Man strikes you with his Spearhead Launcher for 13 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

Knight Man is in the process of reeling in his mace, and since his Lance is gone, he has no method of attack Yamato, even at such close range. Oh wait, yes he does. Planting his feet on the ground he reachs back with his OTHER hand, and smashes Yamato's face in with his shield

Yamato Man regains his footing as Knight Man raises his shield, and runs straight at him; once again, he looks like he's going to parry the blow, but as it starts to come down he dives low, spinning his spear around him in an attempt to hamstring you.

Yamato Man misses you with his Spear Twirl attack.

Knight Man quickly reattatches his mace, and raises his foot out of the way of Yamato's attack, and forcefully brings the mace down on his head. *crunch*

You strike Yamato Man with your Mace attack.

Yamato Man baseball-slides clear as the foot rises up, but can't get up in time to dodge the mace -- so he takes it head-on, allowing it to slam into his shoulder. He does, however, use his mace like a pike and tries to jam it up through Knight Man's chestplate, hoping for a quick finish.

Yamato Man strikes you with his Spear Impale for 30 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

Knight Man is indeed hurt badly. His armor is deeply punctured, the blade going right through and striking his systems inside. Mech fluid pours out, as he staggars back, snarling "Blast thee... thou shalt pay dearly for that..." Yeah, Knight Man is hurt, however you should remember what happened in the LAST fight when Yamato got Knight pissed. He swings back, and lets the Mace fly with Yamato with all the strength he can muster at the moment...

You strike Yamato Man with your Knight Chain attack.

Yamato Man gets smacked back by the chain, which ruptures his breastplate and sends forth a stream of mech-fluid and destroyed systems. He reels back, rolling ungracefully across the field -- but he instinctively gets back up and, with the last of his power, chucks his spear straight at Knight Man. It's now or never -- time to seperate the fake-tough from the crazy-brave.

Yamato Man strikes you with his Yamato Spear for 12 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

Knight Man is struck by the spear, right where he was hurt before. He flys back a few feet and lands on his back. Hacking he sits up, and looks over. Hello, whats this? Why it's his lance he lost earlier in the fight! Reforming his hand he grabs it, and charges at Yamato, aiming for HIS damaged part, lets see how much HE likes a blade in exposed systems...

You strike Yamato Man with your Lance attack.
Yamato Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Yamato Man staggers back up and tries to run forward and roll clear of Knight Man's charge -- but it's no use. His right arm is so damaged as to be useless, having taken the brunt of the point-blank mace strike, and he can't coordinate his body to move properly with part of his spinal column bashed in. The lance hits him and he hardly feels it, going down into the snow crash ... he didn't win, but he definitely showed Knight Man that he wasn't invincible. The drones drag him off the field shortly thereafter to be virtually repaired.

Knight Man stands up straight, reattatches the lance to his up and starts laughing like a madman. Yep, like I said, he is SO gloating. Whatever Yammy showed him doesn't mean squat at the moment "Bwahahahahaha! I knew thou waseth still no match for me!" However after a few moments, he lurches and coughs a bit, the drones attending to his virtual wounds.

Yamato Man gets revived by the drones and regains his footing, his spear returning to him. "Brother Knight," he says. "You fight well. Your toughness often preserves you when you make mistakes. But do not forget that even a less durable opponent can do you in if you get careless." He grants you a bow. "Thank you for the opportunity to refine my technique."

Knight Man hmphs as the drones finish their work. He's arrogant, but not so much as not to see SOME truth in Yamato's words... "Thou dost fighteth well also brother, but thou art a shade too weak for me. Mwaha!"

"Strength alone does count for much in battle," a familiar voice rings out, "but not everything." It seems that Crystal Man is sitting not far from the ring, in his armor. When did he get here?

Yamato Man approaches Knight Man and inclines his head, looking to Crystal then back to Knight Man. "My weakness against you is our Father's strength, brother Knight. I carry no hard feelings towards my losses against you. It only demonstrates that you could easily decimate almost any foe you encountered, as I am among one of the most highly trained close-quarters fighters our Father has ever made. In battle, fighting together, we could destroy all comers."

Wind Man has connected.

Clown Man arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Clown Man has arrived.

Knight Man eyes Yamato, and hmms "Thou art quite right, with thine assitance I could be even more brutal to Lord Wily's foes." He cackles "Yes, I dost looketh forward for a chance to fight togethereth with thee..." He then turns to Crystal "Well, dost thou wanteth to test mine strength?"

Wind Man wakes up from his nap in the corner, where he'd been beaten by Cent earlier, and looks at Yam. He raises an optic. "Shall we continue our earlier bout? ....So that you may reap vengeance upon me?"

Crystal Man brings his left index finger to his mask in thought, frowning somewhat behind it. "Perhaps," he concedes, standing, "though it seems that I only succeed at combat when the spirits deem it necessary. Combat was not my intended function. Still, it would do me good to grow better at dodging..." With that, the mystic approaches the ring where Knight Man is.

Yamato Man looks to Knight Man, nods his head again, and turns towards Wind Man's voice. Spear twirling, he walks towards Windy, eyes cold and hard. "Our Father has reaped his vengeance on you. I, however, have not." He stands at a comfortable fighting distance from the Windy Master, spear turning slightly in his hands. "I will defeat you and regain my face. Prepare yourself. You have the first move." He settles into a defensive posture, going silent.

Knight Man cackles as Crystal approaches "Bwaha, then alloweth me to assist you as much as I can! Though I can'teth gaurentee that I won't hiteth thee in the process! Mwaha" He swings his mace over his head, meanacingly

Wind Man nods and stands, moving to his position before giving a slight bow in difference..hey, it's what Yam does..when in his HV program, do as he does...raises his windcannon and fires, already moving to dodge in one direction or another.

Clown Man merely shrugs. "Yeah, well, chances are...Team Clown can take on anybody..."

With that, an Meowth toys pops up, "MEOWTH! That's right!"

...At which, clown beats the poketoy up, "It's not time for the motto!!!"

Yamato Man is all about business when he fights. His anger evaporates; his focus stays solely on Wind Man and his actions. As he scouted in the first bout, he relies on his cannon -- so he runs directly at the attack and then, at the last moment, baseball-slides under it. At the same time, he raises his spear and aims it at Wind Man; the spearhead opens along the blade with a *vrrt* of Gauss energy and disgorges several razor-sharp blades at Wind Man for his trouble.

Yamato Man misses Wind Man with his Spearhead Launcher attack.

Wind Man was already dodging, trying to keep things random and unpredictable. As Yam slides past, Windy unloads his fanblade at the Sliding Samurai before retreating and getting as far away from the spear as possible, as fast as possible...he begins gaining altitude as well.

Wind Man strikes Yamato Man with his Fan Blade attack.

Crystal Man shakes his head, his hands suddenly alight with the energy he uses to form crystals. "Humility, brother," he says to Knight Man as he creates a roughly softball-sized sphere of yellowish-green crystal in his left hand. "You forget humility. That can be a fatal flaw..." And off in Knight Man's direction he sends it...

Crystal Man misses you with his Crystal Throw attack.

Yamato Man jumps up, but can't quite miss the blade -- it embeds itself in a fold in his armor, where it punctures the outer layer of his armor and causes some mech-fluid to drip out. More annoyed than anything else, he raises his spear again and fires at the retreating Wind Man, the blade falling out on its own.

Yamato Man strikes Wind Man with his Spearhead Launcher attack.

Knight Man sidesteps "Humility be damned! I dost not serve for Lord Wily to be humble, save only for my Lord himself!" He swings his mace over his head and lets it fly at Crystal, the side of impact being the tip which is relatively low in spikey number...

You strike Crystal Man with your Flail attack.

Falling was right. And Wind was ascending. The spear knicked his boot, doing nothing more than scratch the paint...it should be repaired within a few moments, if father's auto-repair systems were as good as advertised. Wind turns around and creates a tornado, causing it to fall more or less on top of the speeding Sam...hopefully hitting.

Wind Man strikes Yamato Man with his Whirlwind attack.

Yamato Man tries to dodge the tornado at first, but then lunges up into it -- the cutting winds nick across his armor, causing fissures, but it gives him something he can't get on his own -- altitude. He rides the tornado up, then lunges out of it, flying out of it at high speeds in what could only be perceived as a crazy, suicidal maneuver. He really doesn't like Wind Man very much. No sir.

Yamato Man strikes Wind Man with his Kamikazi Charge attack.

Wind Man staggers in his hovering state, the speer sticking through his armor out the side. He frowns at Yam. "You really should not have done that...." and then he just...cuts the fans. Well, he makes one more personal propulsion boost to arc him OVER Yamato, but that's it...the whirlwind ceases to exist, and Yam and Wind plummet, the latter on top of the former.

Crystal Man tries to somersault out of the way of the ball and chain, but alas is too slow; he's whacked pretty solidly in the bottom. He hisses as he attempts to stand again, somehow managing, though not comfortably. "And if you were to lose a fight," the master of jewels says as he pulls back a glowing fist and charges the warrior, "what would you say?" As he nears his opponent, Crystal Man all but throws his fist forward -- and when he uses *this* technique successfully, the fist also crystallizes what it touches for a moment for maximum damage.

Yamato Man is racing towards the ground at terminal velocity, having been given a `nudge' by Wind Man. It dents up his armor and scuffs some more paint, but at the same time -- now Wind Man's at point-blank, which gives him the advantage. He yanks out the spear from Wind Man, twisting it a bit as he does `by accident', and then seeks to embed it /back/ in Wind Man just before they hit. He jams it at Wind Man as hard as he possibly can, tapping into his rage to do so.

Yamato Man strikes Wind Man with his Spear Impale attack.

Knight Man side steps and bringing his mace in, reattatching it to his arm, he says "We shalt come to that when, and IF I dost lose!" And as Crystal passes him, he swings his mace down and cracks him on the back of the head with it

You strike Crystal Man with your Mace attack.

Wind Man slides off the spear with a grunt and hits the skies...hovering up there, mechfluid leaking down, he mutters. "I'm becoming irritated..." He closes his optics and brings the winds in, on his beck and call, to slam into Yam.

Wind Man misses Yamato Man with his Wind Blast attack.

Yamato Man rides the resulting thermal from Wind Man's attempted attack to soften his landing, feet slamming into the tile and leaving an impact crater. He throws himself forward as hard as he can, missing the blast's edge by a few meters, and then turns around. It's time to finish this blowhard airborne menace off. Bracing his spear with both hands, he chucks his weapon as hard as he can at Wind Man, hoping to bring him down for the last time.

Yamato Man misses Wind Man with his Yamato Spear attack.

Thermals? That was the stunner, Yam-o...the COLDEST attack in his arsenal. Absolutely frigid...and downward-pointing. No thermals there...the spear falls well below the intended target. Windy shrugs and sends a north-easter...this time, aimed to push Yamato down and as far-the-slag AWAY as Masterly possible....and Windy begins floating backwords, away from Yam.

Wind Man strikes Yamato Man with his Wind Storm attack.

Crystal Man screams as Knight Man's mace connects with his head, not just sending him to the ground, but pushing him part of the way *into* the ground and shattering his helmet. The spikes sink into his head as well, causing mechfluid to trickle down his now-revealed triplet of black braids... and an internal warning sign to go off.

Groaning, the crystal conjurer carefully pulls himself out of the ground... only to blink as he notices that he can't hear his own groan. Or anything else, for that matter. Fear registers for perhaps an instant before the mystic shakes his head. . o O (This is a mere simulation,) O o . he reminds himself. . o O (And the damage could have been much worse...) O o . He shuders when he realizes just *how* much worse it could have been, but again forces himself to dismiss it as he takes a couple of backward leaps. Without another word, he forms another crystal sphere... only this one's a lot bigger than the last. It, too, is thrown forcefully in Knight's direction...

Yamato Man is blown back considerably from Wind Man, ice crystals forming on his armor and causing more fissile fractures. Fighting him is not doing so much gross, obvious damage -- no major ruptures appear, but his internals are being ripped at with each temperature fluxuation. He rolls with the gust, being blown clear of the ring before he can regain his footing and flank the outside, darting as fast as he can -- he leaps, regains his spear, and turns it towards Wind Man again, firing off another burst of spearheads to try to keep him off-guard.

Crystal Man strikes you with his Crystal Eye for 9 units of damage.

Yamato Man strikes Wind Man with his Spearhead Launcher attack.

Wind Man snorts, looking down at the spear-sized dents and punctures in the chest. He eyes Yamato again and shakes his head. "This...isn't...my week..." He sighs, firing another cannon-shot and retreating even further...Yam seems to do better up close and personal.

Wind Man strikes Yamato Man with his Windcannon attack.

Knight Man sidesteps the poorly aimed Crystal, and snerks "Thou had better train thineself well beforeth thou dost challengeth me again. Now see how much strength DOES count for in battle!" Of course Crystal can't hear him, but Knight Man doesn't know that, if he did, he probably wouldn't care anyway. He brings his arm back, and lets the mace fly towards the shattered Crystal with all the strenth he can muster, which is quite a bit

Yamato Man takes another hit from the Windcannon, unable to dodge /air/. More frost forms on his visor and on his helmet -- some more armor cracks off, falling to the ground, and his joints creak threateningly. Calling on all the power of his reactor, he powers up as hard as he can and makes a second attempt at his first knockdown attack, running forward after the wind disperses and chucking it full-force at the flying master.

Yamato Man strikes Wind Man with his Yamato Spear attack.

You strike Crystal Man with your Knight Chain attack.
Crystal Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Wind Man grunts, SERIOUSLY hurting now...he eyes Yamato and bows. "You have...done harm. Now I MUST do more." With that, as a desperation move, he fires another arctic blast. He *HAS* to take Yam out of the fighting *NOW*, if he is to survive.

Wind Man strikes Yamato Man with his Wind Blast attack.
Yamato Man is temporarily disoriented by Wind Man's Wind Blast attack.

Yamato Man is struck by the wind blast as he runs forward to prepare to retrieve his spear, being suspended in the middle of a mini-tornado or something. He focuses on the task -- he's got to win this one to regain face. He focuses the fury, keeps it simmering, and waits for the opportunity.

Wind Man focuses his mind, closing his eyes...Wind builds up behind Wind, in a MASSIVE strike...the strongest attack Wind can muster, in this most desperately needed of times....he only prays that he survives the fall-out.

Wind Man strikes Yamato Man with his Wind Storm attack.

Crystal Man is still somewhat disoriented from the earlier attack that damaged him so, and thus has a difficult time dodging the fast-moving Knight Chain. He's thus struck solidly and sent flying by the force of the hit. Energy arcs around his form, however, and he appears to Energy Ring before he has a chance to hit the ground again. Shortly afterward, though, the crystal conjurer reappears, unharmed once more.

Yamato Man is struck by the gust of wind, ice crystals shattering within him -- agony strikes through him, every joint screaming for precious, life-giving heat. However -- the gust of powerful wind knocks his spear back right into his hands, which he catches -- and, calling upon his fury and the power of his ancestors in the Yamato Empire (imagined or not), he goes for a three-peat -- he wings his spear at Wind Man once again, hoping to put him down for the count.

Yamato Man strikes Wind Man with his Yamato Spear attack.
Wind Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Centaur Man arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Centaur Man has arrived.
Centaur Man trots into the area and looks about calmly.

Crystal Man is walking away from the fighting rings, shaking his head and casting a glance backward at Knight Man. . o O (I fear for him... that egotism may backfire at the worst time.) O o .

Wind Man feels the spear fly into his gut, and then get twisted sideways and out by the winds...disembowling Windy. He clenches his vocoder, not saying a word...and falls through the air. Before he hits...he just dissintegrates. The UNsimulated Windy falls unseen through the HV's background, and the med drones attend to him, while the sim image goes nova, dissappearing in a burst of E-Rings.

Knight Man starts cackling again, yes Crystal is right, his ego is growing far too much for his own good. Can SOMEONE put him in his place? Mwaha!

Yamato Man watches the resultant fireworks from Wind Man's virtual demise, eyes hard and cold. One fist balls slightly in satisfaction, but that is the only other outward sign that he savors his revenge. Retrieving his spear from where it crashed down, he plucks it from the ground and walks back to the drones, sitting down for internal repairs.

Metal Man enters the traing room and is dang well going to try and put the upstart Zeta Squad memeber known as Knight Man in his proper place. Side there is only room for one non elite ego and thats Metal Man. "So Knight Man I hear you are a roll... care to try your luck with me? Or do you think you don't have the skill to do so?"

Clown Man approaches Knight. "I suppose that I'm next, hmmm?" The clown arches an eyebrow towards Knighty.

Knight Man glares at the upstart err... higher ranking RM "Oh? Dost thou wanteth to challengeth me? Mwaha! Very well, I could useth more of a challenge after the LAST fight!" He battle poses in a 'bring-it' sort of way

Enker arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Enker has arrived.

Yamato Man is repaired, and shortly afterward heads back into the ring to await his next opponent. He stands there for a moment before looking at Clown Man. "Brother Clown," he says to him.

The hooves appears to be stampling towards the ground, drawing closer into the ring. The half man- half horse CO starts to enterthe battle station, the optics cleaming towards what is going on. He wonders what has been going on, so this shall be rather interesting. Centaur Man just steps up, watching. "Hrm......" He turns his attention towards the other Masters, bowing towards them.

Wind Man is busy being repaired after kinda-sorta seppekuing for Yam and virtually E-Ringing...

Metal Man grins and pulls a metal blade from sub space. The older master then kicks it up into a run and leaps up into the air and kicks off the wall. "I think its time someone put you in your place Knight Man!." Metal Man lets the blades fly at the zeta knight.

Metal Man strikes you with his Gears for 1 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

Crystal Man takes a seat with a good view of Knight Man's combat area. . o O (May the spirits guide you, Metal Man...) O o .

Knight Man stands in place as the gears tink off his armor, not even denting it. He eyes him cynically "Oh thou hast GOT to be kiddingeth." He swings his mace over his head "Stoppeth playing around, and fighteth me seriously!" He flings the Mace at him "Or was that ALL of thine strength???"

You miss Metal Man with your Morningstar attack.

Enker enters the Training Room, then spots Knight Man with a host of defeated opponents and one current opponent. He crosses his arms over his chest and leans against the doorway. Perhaps /tonight/ Knight Man will be ready to battle him.

Metal Man grins behind his face plate as back flips out of harms way. "If you want to dance then so be it Knight." Metal Man pulls another blade from subspace and hulls it at Knight Man as he leaps up again.

Metal Man strikes you with his Sawblade for 18 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

The blade 'thunks' into Knight's armor, wincing he knocks it off with his mace, "Lucky shot..." He murmers, as he reattatches his mace to his arm, and runs to the place that Metal Man will fall, readying to clobber him when he lands

You strike Metal Man with your Mace attack.

Clown Man glances back at Yamato, blinking. "Yes, Yamato?" He states, already getting into a battle ready pose, as sideshow leaps off Clown, and also assumes battle ready position.

Little whirlwinds fly around Windy's head, as his optics roll around to track them...he's not had a god day.

"Brother Clown," Yamato Man says, speaking politely to Clown Man. "Do you care to spar?"

Guts Man arrives from the Wily Sphere - Corridor (Orange level).
Guts Man has arrived.

Metal Man is caught unable to dodge the blow so he tries to bring up his arm to have it take the damage. Well the mace shatters Metal Man's arm with sicking crack it rips on though leaving massive spirt of mech fluid and sparks from severed power lines along with a few armor shards. The mace now impacts on Metal Man's torso shattering the armor and digging into his chest. Shocking Metal Man does not cry out in pain... but lets out a Bellow of rage as he manages to free himself from the deadly weapon as his chunked arm hits the floor. Metal Man does not wast any time as he kicks off again. This time no more mister nice guy and Metal Man pulls a Metal blade and whips it at Knight.

Metal Man misses you with his Metal Blade attack.

Clown Man nods, "Bring it." is all the little clown says.

After Clown Man speaks, Yamato Man promptly charges at him, spear spinning over his head in a blur of motion. He rushes Clown Man and seeks to give him a nice gash across the midsection for starters.
Clown Man evades Yamato Man's ever-so wacky Spear Twirl attack. HOO HA!

Knight Man sidesteps the metal blade, by inches. A good thing too, because those legendary blades are known for their intense power. He smirks as he reattatches his mace and steps back "It dost seem that thou also art no matcheth for me! Pity..." He swings back and lets the mace do the rest of his talking, say hi to Mr.Big-Spikey-Ball-of-Painful-death

You strike Metal Man with your Knight Chain attack.
Metal Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Enker claps, slowly, for Knight Man, then speaks up as Metal Man falls. "Very good, Knight Man, extremely impressive! Now... are you prepared to face me? I should think that six Robot Masters in a row would make you more than ready." He smirks, and there's a hint of confidence in his voice. Enker puts an arm behind him, then pulls his spear out of its waiting place and grips its long, heavy, golden shaft with both hands.

Clown Man falls back, as Sideshow's chest glows and in Clown's hands... is a pie. "Well, that's that for you... My turn." Now, it's time for the almighty...


Metal Man gets a look of horrior on his face as the Knight Chain strikes his torso it does not stop as it shatters what armor remains and keeps going though interal systems from power lines to Metal Man's frame. WIth final sicking snap it rips out his back and the Robot Master falls to the floor like a puppet with its strings cut. At the same time there is a eplosion of Mech fluids in all directions at the Knight Chain shatters Metal Man's fuel pup. Finally Metal Man twitches on the floor and goes still his optics locked wide open with look of horror frozen on his face.

A crimson flash appears in the corner. In it's wake is left Break Man. Crossing his arms, the returned master swivels his mono-optic around the room.

Knight Man snaps his Mace back in place, laughing madly. 6 straight victories. Not even Knight Man is experienced with this level of egoism, all he can do now is laugh. His confidence is through the roof, he'd take on even Bass right now...

Crystal Man shakes his head again as Knight Man wins yet another fight. . o O (If Enker fails...) O o . He does stand, however, and direct the medical drone to Metal Man to heal his holographic damage.

Enker nods to Knight Man and takes his place, but his smile disappears when he sees how inflated Knight Man's ego is. A spear poke should take care of that quite nicely. Then there's a flash in the corner, and ohgoody! it's Break Man. Enker can't possibly lose this battle in front of him. Especially considering that it's the first time they've seen each other in person since Blues' change of heart... Enker charges Knight Man, bringing the razor point of his spear across Knight's tough armor.

Enker misses you with his Spear Slash attack.

Metal Man grones as he is restored to full function. "Even Bass' beating don't hurt that much"

In the midst of all of Knight's laughing, his Lance blade falls off his hip, he bends down to pick it up just as Enker charges him, dodging the blade by luck. He stands back up and realizes he was just attacked. "Oh, dost THOU wanteth to spar with me as well? Mwahaha!! Very well, I shalt soon have to put the word Invincible in mine name!!" He swings his mace at Enker, this will truly be his toughest battle yet...

You strike Enker with your Morningstar attack.

Enker takes the mace in the chest, sending spiderweb cracks all over his breastplate. A similar blow would have knocked the wind out of a human, but Enk has no such limitations. From his place he kicks out between Knight Man's legs, hoping to hook him behind one foot and bring him to the floor.

Enker strikes you with his Kick for 3 units of damage.

Centaur Man watches the fight some, sighing towards Knight Man's ego. He watches as it grows rapidly, frowning a bit. ".......I will have to step in afterwards.." He frowns, tilting his head to watching Enker and Knight Man.

Wind Man looks up at Cent. "Take it from me...you'll lose...don't do it...it's suicide."

Knight Man is struck by the kick, but none so weak to fall. He remains firm in his place, and reattatches his mace "Prepare thineself Sir Enker!!" He brings the mace down in Enker's head... hard.

You miss Enker with your Mace attack.

Enker blocks the mace with his spear, where its chain wraps around the shaft and becomes stuck fast. He brings the weapon then down to chest level and shoves outward with it, hoping to score a blunt blow.

Enker strikes you with his Spear Bash for 3 units of damage.

Knight Man steps back from the blow, a small dent in it's place. And hmphs "Cometh on, I know that thee art capable of more! I wanteth a FIGHT!!" He tosses the Mace up and it sails through the air, down on Enker's head

You miss Enker with your Flail attack.

Break Man continues to stand and and watch the fight, saying nothing, and not moving a servo.

Centaur Man is watching as well, rather surprised of the situation. He will be ready to step in next, if necessary.

Enker twists his right foot to the side and shoves it hard into the ground, sending him leaping backwards out of the way of the flail. He takes a short bow as he lands. "Very well! Your ego shall be your undoing, Knight Man!" He lifts up one leg, hefts his spear javelin-style, and chucks it at Knight Man.

Enker strikes you with his Spear Toss for 12 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

Knight Man is struck by the blade, but his ego is on too much of a runaway ride to let him slow down now. He quickly deforms his mace into his hand, grabs the lance at his hip, extends it, and tries to run Enker through with it

You strike Enker with your Lance attack.

Enker takes the lance in the chest, which unfortunately was already cracked. Its point pierces through his armor and progresses at least six inches into his chest before stopping. Enker charges toward Knight, using the strength of his own body in the temporary absence of his weapon.

Enker misses you with his Charge attack.

Knight Man removes the Lance, and to try and counter Enker's charge, he tries to Ram into Enker himself to throw him to the ground

You strike Enker with your Ram attack.
You rebound off of Enker, taking 5 units of damage.

Enker suddenly finds himself as one football player tackling another football player coming in the opposite direction. And guess which one won out? Enker is thrown backwards, landing on his back on the ground. Quickly he draws his pistol and fires a shot at Knight to keep him at bay. Idly, he notes that Break Man has left for some reason.

Enker strikes you with his Laser Pistol for 7 units of damage.

The laser bores a deep burning hole in his Shield holding arm. Wincing, he reforms his Mace, and charges Enker ready to clobber him

You miss Enker with your Mace attack.

Enker rolls to the side, wincing at the resounding *CLANG* as the mace hits the steel floor. He rolls in the direction of his spear's landing point, picks it up, and slashes again from afar with its tip.

Enker strikes you with his Spear Slash for 11 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

Knight Man urks, as the blade slashes across his chest, cutting quite deep into his armor. He steps back, realizin that he'll really have to fight seriously if he intends to take Enker down... Snarling, he reels back and whips the Mace at Enker with all the might he can muster...

You miss Enker with your Knight Chain attack.

Enker ducks under the swinging Knight Chain. It looks as if Knight's ego is fading fast and he's settling into the fight. From his low position, Enker bunches his fists together and smashes them into Knight Man's leg armor.

Enker strikes you with his Smash for 11 units of damage.

Knight Man growls as he is struck again oO(Ohhh no.. I shalt not be beaten now! I art too strong for this!" "Raaaaargh!!" He screams as he tries to kick Enker off of him

Enker is kicked, but it does little more than make him take a step backwards. Enker next thrusts forward with his spear in both hands, taking advantage of Knight Man's periodic lapse into anger.

Enker strikes you with his Spear Thrust for 19 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

Knight Man growls again, he's getting too close, he must NOT lose!! "Arrrrrrrrrgh!!!" He reaches back to punch Enker across the face with his mace with all the strenght he can muster!

You strike Enker with your Mace attack.

Enker arrrghs with pain as the mace shatters armor and sends sparks flying. Back to Knight Man, ever the endless melee continues... this time he runs forward with the spear, hoping to run Knight Man right through with it.

Enker strikes you with his Impale for 34 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.
You fall to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Knight Man is indeed run through, run RIGHT through actually, the spear comes through in his back, he coughs, not believing it "B-b-b-BLAST IT!!!" Sputtering mech fluid from his mouth he staggars back, starts to fall to the ground, and e-rings before he hits.

Yamato Man watches Knight Man finally fall, E-Ringing even. The other spear wielder pauses for just a moment before golf-clapping in approval of Enker's performance.

Centaur Man blinks towards Knight Man's defeat, rather impressed. Clapping sounds can be heard from the half-horse Robot Master. "Congratulations Elder Enker....."

The bigger they are, the more sparkley they E-Ring

Enker stands for a moment in his kill-pose, then draws back his spear and wipes holographic mechfluid off it with his hands. He bows deeply to his opponent. "It would appear... that your winning streak has just ended, Knight Man. Let this be a lesson to you. Egotism and overconfidence are not good allies." He replaces his spear on his back and waves a hand to call over the med-drones.

The simulation ends, and Knight Man fades back into view. He slowly stands. He. Is. Not. Happy. "Blast thee... I shalt beateth thee ... some'eth other time..." He snarls. He hates losing, he also hates having to admit that he lost. That was probably the best reaction you could have hoped for.

Crystal Man pulls himself to his feet again. "Very well-put, brother." Knight Man gets a sidelong glance, but nothing more.

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