Mojave Desert

The transition from the hot Sonoran Desert to the cooler and higher Great Basin is called the Mojave Desert. This arid region of southeastern California and portions of Nevada, Arizona and Utah, occupies more than 25,000 square miles. On the northwestern boundary it extends from the Sierra Nevada range to the Colorado Plateau in the east; it abuts the San Gabriel-San Bernardino mountains in the southwest. Near the Great Basin-Mojave border lies Death Valley, the lowest point in North America. The Mojave's desert climate is characterized by extreme variation in daily temperature, ranging from skin-scorching heat during the day; to tongue biting cold during its nights. Though, unlike most deserts of its kind, the Mojave Desert is a host to many forms of green plant life, amazing that such things are able to survive the heat.

Yamato Man [RM]
Ring Redwing [Civilian] [RF]
Snake Man [RM]
Vile [Vile] [M]

Obvious exits:
East <E> leads to Central Mexico.
Northeast <NE> leads to Texas.
West <W> leads to Baja California.
Northwest <NW> leads to Southwest United States.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above Mexico.

Snake Man is quicker than he looks, dodging the punch with ease by ducking underneath it and rolling to the side. He knows he can't win, he's just trying to buy some time so the snake can get out of sight. Curling his tail around Vile's leg, he takes a shot at sinking his teeth into his opponent's thigh. For her part, the python flattens herself to the base of the rock, slithering up against the side and out of sight of those on the rock.

Vile remains clear of Snake Man's Bite.

Knight Man is quickly advancing to the scene with Yamato on a Joe-piloted skiff (whatever that is) with the plan on evaccing Snake. Well that's Yamato's plan, Knight Man being as arrogant as he is, wants to kick some aft, whosever it is.

Vile swiftly realizes his mistake and quickly fades from existance for a brief moment, only to reappear on a cliff a few feet up. "You are indeed quicker than you look Snake Man, but that remains to be only luck. I shall prevail and take my prize from you, the life of the one you love.", Vile states with a sinister tone from under the sun's blazing rays. "Allow me to show you pain and see you squirm.", The Maverick General states with a simple statment as he raises the cannon on his left arm and launches a single concintrated fireball in the direction of Snake Man! The fireball explodes into a massive surge of flame, enveloping all within its radius!

Vile misses Snake Man with his Napalm Cannon attack.

The samurai is riding on the back of the flying skiff, legs folded, sitting in the lotus position. His spear is slung across his back, eyes closed. He visualizes the coming battle, feeling the hunger of his blade for Maverick mech-fluid. The Joes pilot the skiff with the intent of giving transport -- the fighting will be done by Zeta squad.
As the explosion rips across the desert, Yamato slowly opens his eyes and rises to his feet, looking towards the source of the detonation. He draws his spear, putting it into a defensive posture in his hand, and puts himself into a battle trance. All distractions fade; his sole focus is on the enemy. No one attacks his brothers and lives.

Snake Man's teeth click together on thin air, as his tail tightens around nothing. Reacting more on instinct than reason, he rolls sideways again, right off the rock just as the fireball impacts. Little bits of flame rain around him, but he's undamaged by the blast. Catching the faint humming sound of the approaching skiff, he ignores Vile and grabs the snake roughly around the midsection, yanking her out from beneath the rock. Slinging part of her around his neck, he starts to run in that direction, as fast as his legs will carry him.

Knight Man's eyes narrow as they approach. "There they art. Thou all seteth brother?" Kngiht Man snickers as he prepares to leap from the skiff to engage in sweet sweet battle. Screw just getting Snake out of here, Knight Man wants some action!

Vile laughs once again from atop of the cliff, "Fool! You cannot escape the invetible! Accept it and prepare to DIE!" He roars out over the desert lands. The Maverick General notes the direction his opponent begins to flee in and enhances his sensors to pick up to additional targets, "Hehe... A knowledgable coward, calling in reinforcements to assist him in making his escape. No matter, provides me with more target practice and fun to toy with."

Vile crosses his arms and leaps from his current position down towards the others, then disappears once again from view. A few moments pass and then The Maverick General reappears above the other Robot Masters and launches numerous balls of black energy against them all. Soon, he lands on the ground in a kneeling stance and then stands up to check how the assault went.

Vile strikes Snake Man with his Magnetic Scatterblast attack.

Snake Man is temporarily disoriented by Vile's Magnetic Scatterblast attack.

Vile strikes you with his Magnetic Scatterblast for 0 units of damage.

Knight Man is temporarily disoriented by Vile's Magnetic Scatterblast attack.

Vile misses Yamato Man with his Magnetic Scatterblast attack.

Knight Man blinks as Vile dissappears before them in mid air. "What in the nameth of Lord Wily... oh crapeth." Knight doesn't see him, but expects an attack from behind, or above, whatever. Being a slow lunk of medieval slowness he doesn't get out of the way, and falls to the ground out of the skiff from the blast and lands with a large THUD-ETH (Yes, even his sound effects have eth's on them) He tries to stand, not really hurt, but MAN his head is killing him.

Snake Man hits the dirt as his balance sense is violently disrupted. His scaly charge gives another offended hiss as they both impact the hardened sand. Placing his arms over his head, Snake tries to sort out just exactly which way is up.

Silence reigns in the samurai's mind. He looks up as Vile reappears; it's part of Vile's standard repetoire. If Knight Man had watched the surveilliance footage, he'd know this is part of his M.O. The attack is scouted as well as anyone can scout it; at the instant Vile launches it, Yamato leaps from the skiff. He simply assumes Knight Man follows as the attack rains down all around him, darting at top speed around it.
Vile falls out of the sky and lands -- Yamato is already on a collision course. It's time to teach the Maverick menace why you never leave yourself open after a big attack. He steels his spear in his hands, setting it up like a lance, and attempts to run him through in a vicious strike.

Vile gets caught in the path of Yamato Man's Kamikazi Charge.

Vile says, "Arrrrgh!" as the lance strikes him viciously in his right side. The Maverick General quickly spins around, while pulling his own desired melee weapon from its sheath, his military pick. With a simple press of a button, the weapon bursts to life as the forks form with energy and Vile knocks the spear away, ripping some armor as it comes out. Coming back with a unheard of speed, Vile spins the Pick to his side and thrusts it directly towards Yamato Man, while shouting, "You wretch, i'll make you pay dearly for that!"

Vile misses Yamato Man with his Military Pick attack.

Snake Man staggers back to his feet as his systems finally come back under control. Looking around frantically, he spots the offended python and grabs her around the neck. Amazingly, though she looks mad enough to spit nails, she doesn't bite him as she's dragged across the desert towards the skiff. Piling her in the trunk, he slams the door and chances a look back towards the fight.

Knight Man finally stands again, head no longer spinning oO(Thanketh for the warning Yamato...) He turns and faces his samurai brother and... another guy in a cross helmet, cool! Knight Man shouts, while making his way over to them "Hmph, while I hateth to fight someone with as much fashion sense as thee, thou hast attacked one of our brothers, and that art unforgivable! Prepare thineself thou detestable, yet well dressed, Knave!" Knight runs forth, spinning his good ol mace over his head *spineth*spineth*spineth*spineth*swingeth!!*

You miss Vile with your Morningstar attack.

Magnificent. A melee battle. As his spear is knocked back out of Vile, some spatters of mech-fluid strike his faceplate. His eyes gleam in anticipation as the military pick comes forth, retreating back a few paces; the pick whistles past him as Vile makes the strike. He lunges inward reflectively, looking to make another jab into his armor.

Vile gets caught in the path of Yamato Man's Spear Stab.

Vile growls loudly as Yamato strikes yet another blow to his armor. "I'll deal with you in a minute.. I have my mission to fullfill." Just then, Vile disappears once again only to reappear in the skies above Snake Man, his favored weapon charged and prepped to fire. "Say good night... Snake Man." The Maverick General growls mencingly and launches the Vile Cannon's devastating blast towards Snake Man below!

Vile misses Snake Man with his Vile Cannon attack.

Snake Man is already on the move by the time Vile disappears. He drops to all fours and scurries underneath the skiff, the blast barely missing the end of his tail as he vanishes underneath. The heavily armored vehicle takes the blast with only minor damage, and its scaly occupant gives a loud hiss from the trunk.

Knight Man grrs "Ignorething me art thou? Well thou shalt regreteth that. Leaveth our brother be and fighteth us!" Knight Man charges, as well as he can anyway, and leaps up and bashes Vile with his Mace. What? How can a big lunk like him jump so high? Didn't you play MegaMan6? He can jump the height of the screen! Hoo hah!

You strike Vile with your Mace attack.

// Never take your eyes off your enemy, // the samurai thinks, knotting his hands around his spear snugly. Yamato hates it when they fly. Time to bring down another Maverick foe. He runs a few steps, then heaves his spear upward at full power, hoping to catch Vile on the rebound from his mace-strike.

Vile gets caught in the path of Yamato Man's Yamato Spear.

Vile lands on the ground, but doesn't entirely miss Yamato's oncoming attack as he lightly grazes his armor. Joints and circuts begin to spark as the damage taken begins to take a toll on the Maverick General, " I wish.. you we're here.." He mutters to himself lightly before standing up. "My mission fa..ils today Snake Man... Rem..mem.ber.. I'll be looking for you." With that, Vile leaps into the air again and unleashes yet another wave of black energy towards the Robot Masters. Performing a perfect spinning 360 and landing on the ground, Vile looks around and begins to blink away to gain some distance to escape.

Vile misses Yamato Man with his Magnetic Scatterblast attack.
Yamato Man deflects Magnetic Scatterblast from Vile.

Vile misses you with his Magnetic Scatterblast attack.

Knight Man watches as Vile lands, this time paying attention to what he's doing, he manages to get out of the way of his magnetic blast this time. Angered at being ignored by the fellow cross-helmeted one and by his retreat, Knight Man prepares one last attack. Watching him blink he prepares his Mace, as soon as he sees him reeappear in another spot he throws his mace at him as hard as he can before he can blink again.

You miss Vile with your Mace Shot attack.

This will need to be perfectly timed, Yamato thinks, as the spear hits Vile. As the Maverick General removes the spear from his body, he maxes out his speed and runs at full tilt -- at the last minute, he rolls and recovers his spear, toggling the Gauss generator at the spearhead. As the grapeshot-like blast rains down from the heavens, he swings his spear wide, sending the charged particles aside.

Time to end this. Yamato leaps back with a flip, resetting his spear to its normal configuration. He sees Vile about to blink and runs straight at him, knotting his hands together into the `perfect fantasy' configuration around its length. He's going to kill Vile -- kill him for the glory of his father, kill him for making him come out to the miserable desert and battle. But most importantly -- he's going to kill him. And then ...
Onward, then, to find and kill Zero, his most hated enemy, his brother, the one cut from his cloth.
But that is in the future. Vile is the present. At the critical point, he leaps and looks to fall onto Vile, using his full strength and his weight to run him through.
And just then; the enemy disappears, leaving only a impressive impact crater with Yamato at the center. Calmly, he rises, drawing out the spear and walking out of the crater. He knows Vile is gone. And he knows that they will battle again.
// This ... is not over, Maverick, // thinks the samurai, walking towards the skiff.

Vile enters the Sky Above Mexico.
Vile has left.

Snake Man pokes his head out from under the skiff and looks around. "He gone?"

Knight Man harumphs as he retracks his Mace's chain. Turning to the skiff "Yes, the coward hast fled. Now let us geteth back to base, I goteth sand in mine helmet *pfffbpth*" Knight Man spits some sand out as he walks into the skiff

The samurai climbs back onto the skiff, takes his old place, and enters a meditative position again. Not even a nick on his armor. Before he goes back into a trance, he comments, "Let us return home."

Snake Man crawls out from under the skiff, dusting the sand off his knees. The wound in his shoulder is already almost healed. He nods a thanks to his brothers.

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