[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne pauses, then speaks softly. "Is everyone all right out there?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Quick Man transmits, "Nope, we're all dead!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Waste Disposal Dust Man giggles.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "I don't findeth this matter funny brother!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Burst Man transmits, "Alright? Of course! we are /just fine/ I mean our creator is missing and probably was deconstructed on the molecular level when the citadel was destroyed and half of us masters are missing and dead... but sure.. we are good!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Waste Disposal Dust Man transmits, "Sorry, bro, I'm just making some improvements to the Janes...."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Uh...huh. Well keepeth it to thineself!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Burst Man transmits, "It is not like we will be hunted down one by one by the Repliforce and be savagly beaten to e-rings and never be able to be rebuilt ever, ever, ever...*heavy breathing* I need my paper bag... I am hyperventaliting again..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "...wussy."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Burst Man transmits, "Wussy? WUSSY? I will see how wussy you are when you are a pile of 1's and 0's in the computer awaiting a body that will never be built! We are all going to die! it is the begining of the end! Father! *sob sob sob*"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Waste Disposal Dust Man transmits, "..............Who wants me to remove his voder next time he comes in?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Quick Man transmits, "Kinda like the Matrix? Cool!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne pauses, then sighs, before beginning to speak in a comforting tone. "Shhh... It will be all right. ...Burst Man, don't worry... Doctor Wily has been teaching me for a reason... ...I..." Tron pauses again. "If you need high level rebuilding and repairing... I /think/ I can manage to peice you back together, I know the systems... but you are all very complex creations, and it will be hard at first."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Waste Disposal Dust Man transmits, "I could help! I can get you some spare parts. I'm sure I've got some good stuff in the Heap to use..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Burst Man transmits, "Think... THINK?!?!? AHHHH! We /are/ doomed! Have you ever rebuilt an android from scratch? *whimper*"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Be silent Burst Man! Bah, and I doubteth that some 'woman' would be able to rebuildeth us in the grandeour that Lord Wily did....."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Quick Man transmits, "It'd be better than having no body at all, knight."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] King transmits, "Ms. Bonn is what we have for the moment, however, thus, a bit of politeness for her may be in order, wouldn't you say, Knight Man?"

King arrives from the Wily Sphere - Docking Bay (Blue level).
King has arrived.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Waste Disposal Dust Man humms for a moment. "I built the Janes..." A tittering can be heard in the background.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Burst Man transmits, "I know it... I will end up being rebuilt into one of those 'bubble blowers' that human children put in the back yard and run through on hot sumemr days... My arms will flail like a wacky wizzer as water sprays out my head and children laugh and point..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Tch... she's just a woman."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne speaks comfortintly. "That would be great, Dust Man... The Doctor told me he has replacement parts for all of you on hand somewhere... I doubt I have the fascilities to rebuild you up here on the Gesell--..." Tron then halts, and then snaps! "Hey! What are you insinuating /Knight Man/!" Tron growls softly. "I'm as good as /ANY/ /male/ Roboticist!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Waste Disposal Dust Man is talking to someone in the background. "I'll put your torso back on in a monet, dear, just hold on..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Quick Man transmits, "Oh Wily, if Dust rebuilds me, I'm gonna have a toaster for a head."

King strides out of the teleporation area, heading for the elevator up.

King adjusts course as he spots Knight Man, heading straight for him.

Knight Man has his back turned to King and doesn't spot him. He stopped here to talk to his radio coming from the teleportation area also.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "I art insinuating nothing but the truth."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Burst Man transmits, "I do not want to be rebuilt as a child's plaything and have half-naked children dance around me and then be left out at night for dogs to use me as a 'fire hydren' you know kids never put their toys away... *sob*"

King comes to a stop behind you, then reaches out and attempts to grip the back of your neck in order to lift you up off the ground.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne snaps. "A /woman/ who has turned a Cruiser Air-Yacht into a Flying Fortress, Built a Ride Armor, and /40/ advanced Robots!" Tron mutters... "...If you want it /that/ way, Knight Man... I /won't/ rebuild you." Tron sniffs like all women do when they want to drive their point across! "And... Dust Man will be good as Assisting... but... I /think/ I can manage with what Doctor Wily has been teaching me to rebuild you if you get injured... and with time and Practice... it will get easier and easier!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Calm down, Burst Man... everything will be all right..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Waste Disposal Dust Man transmits, "Where's Crystal when you need him..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Quick Man transmits, "Heh, I bet Tron would make a better leader than King."

King strikes you with his Grasp for 0 units of damage.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Quick Man transmits, "She can fix us."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "She can't doeth mu...urk!!"

You say, "H-Hey! What is'eth the meaning of this!!" Knight Man struggles to get a look at who grabbed him "Puteth me down!""

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Quick Man transmits, "...Knight Man?"

King lifts you off the ground, then says in a deceptively casual voice. "Knight Man, my brother, you do realize that currently Tron is the only person who can repair us, especially should we be reduced to an energy e-ring? And that antagnizing her, under the circumstances, would be...counterproductive?" His deep voice rumbles, eyes narrowing slightly.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne pauses, then blinks. "...Leader? ...hmph... I'm a Bonne, not a Wily, Quick Man... I wouldn't have the right... and watch what you say! King is an /excelent/ creation and robot, and will lead you /very/ well!" Tron sniffs! "...as for me.. I'll be on hand to assist, like always... ...I..." Tron pauses... "...owe Wily that much. And... I /like/ you all, you know? ...Your an amazing bunch of Robots."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne giggles. "It's rather fun, too."

Knight Man growls. He's programmed with the essence of a medieval Knight, he doesn't have much capacity for accepting woman as equals. "B-but she's just a /woman/!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Burst Man transmits, "AHHH I can't Calm down! You all are blind to the truth! It is the end! we are doomed! You want the truth! You Can't handle the truth! I deny your truth-handling abilities for you all are unable to handle the truth! *heavy breathing into a paper sack*"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...now I see why Wily has his cane..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Quick Man transmits, "Burst Man, could you go to the training room? You need to get some sense beaten into you."

King is currently holding Knight Man in the air by the scruff of his neck as he talks to him evenly. "Be that as it may, you may believe as you wish. But you will not voice such insults again. If the end is truly upon us and Father is gone, then we cannot bring about his dream if we have no one capable of reconstructing us, or to build new drones to assist in our conquest." His fingers tighten slightly, digging into the metal. "Do I make myself perfectly clear, Knight Man? I will not have one of our allies pushed into a fit of anger at this time."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Anyway, if any of you need me... the Gesellschaft is cruising over the Pacific."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Waste Disposal Dust Man transmits, "AHA! It IS COMPLETE!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Burst Man transmits, "*sniff* I am in the training room... why am I here again?"

Knight Man snarls a bit... but he's not totally blind to reason. "Tch, fine. Haveth it your way. Though I shall like to see the look on thine face when she is unable to rebuild one of our brothers with her inferior skills." He hmphs "If thou wishest, I'll insult her no further."

King nods slightly. "Excellent. Then, I must ask but a small thing. An apology to Ms. Bonne. That you did not mean to belittle her talents."

Knight Man almost blurts out 'No fluggin way!', but he doesn't want to alienate the one holding him by the neck, now does he. "As thou wishest. Thankfully I art quite adept at lying through mine teeth."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Burst Man transmits, "If the Repliforce knew where the citadel was... they might know where the Wily-sphere is... they could be ready to assault us at any moment! They could simply obliterate us with one single missile... they WANT us to all go back here and lick our wounds... they are trapping us..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "At the... request and ...persuasion of Sir King, I doth apologize for mine remarks earlier Miss Tron. Thou mayest be a woman, but thou art all we have."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne pauses, then with a smart snap to her voice. "You are forgiven, Knight Man."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Burst Man transmits, "Can... Can you really Rebuild us... Tron? I mean... Miss Tron...?"

King hmmps, then sets you on your feet again. "Adequate." he rumbles. "That will do. Now then, I believe I shall go have a discussion with Quick Man as well."

King begins heading towards the turbolift without a further word.

Knight Man harumphs, and goes on his way. oO(Repliforce... they stoleth Lord Wily from us..... they shalt pay...)

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne speaks with some minor apprehension, "I... think I can, Burst Man." Tron pauses, then firms her voice. "Yes, Burst Man. Yes, I thank I can."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Burst Man transmits, "*sniffles* If you rebuild us... does that make you Mom? From a logistical point of view? Or just an Aunt?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "*groans* Oh Puh-leeseth."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...I... don't know, Burst Man. But, whatever it makes me... I'm here to help..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] King transmits, "I have confidence in your abilities, Ms. Bonne. If you are currently not busy, in fact, I could make use of them."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Burst Man transmits, "Ahhh, Well... We will carry on with Wily's plan for world domination safe with the knowlege of Miss Tron's ability ro repair us and our troops and if we fail... We can all point and blame Miss Tron for the end of Wily's Grand Dream... But it won't come to that... FOR WILY!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Waste Disposal Dust Man transmits, ".............You done yet, Burst?"

*Later that day...*

You enter the London - Eastern Residential.
London - Eastern Residential

Split into two distinct sections, upper and lower, the Eastern Residential district of London represents two sides of a common coin. Multi-level streets and highways zigzag through the skies, linking building to building far above the limits of the ground. Parks and blocks are built in the air, supported by massive collumns and some by retrojets. Below the majestic metal city above, the lower residential area has been a bit more neglected, where the more common people live. Buildings, save for the very bases of the massive skyscrapers, are less technological and advanced, and common stores decorate the blocks. While some may see as a slum, to those that inhabit it, the lower area is very warm and friendly.

Zero [Jersey] [MH]
Iris [Minidress] [RF]
Iris and Zero's Flat

Obvious exits:
South <S> leads to London - Historical District.
East <E> leads to London - Eastern Outskirts.
North <N> leads to London - Commercial District.
West <W> leads to London - Eastern Downtown.

Iris joins Zero after a stop at the stadium store. She's bought a few colletors pennants, t-shirts, bumper stickers...oh, she has a good 100 zenny in merchandise. Expensive pit stop.

Zero grins. "Sure you didn't want a jacket as well, Iris? You got everything else. Cheering for the hometown team?"

Iris says, "Yeah...London's great, but Paris is in my heart, sweetie, so I'm cheering for the Towers."

Zero grins. "Good girl.. I don't really have a team, though I still pull for the Cubbies sometimes."

Down the street walks a tall man with blonde hair, chiseled features, and a suspicious looking trenchcoat. If you've had access to criminal records, he's the man who identified himself as 'Arthur Kingston' and assaulted Kalinka Cossak a few weeks ago. He certainly seems like the brazen type, as he walks right up to Iris and Zero. "Excuseth me, thou art Lady Iris correct? I needeth thine help." He seems to ignore Zero, and boy does he have an odd accent.

Iris is in a good mood...she's just spent Zero's money. Being the gullible and all-around nice girl she is, she turns toward the strange man with a smile. "Yessir?"

Zero hmms, hearing the odd man talk. He finishes paying the man for a Towers jacket as well, and turns to head back to Iris. "..here, got you the jacket too, angel."

A slow smirk vaguly makes his way onto his face. "Good, I hast been looking for thee. Now, what I wanteth thee to do, miss, is..." Suddenly his face contorts into a twist image of pure rage, he throws his left arm into the air, and his body is briefly enveloped in a green grid, which takes the shape of a bulkier person, with a mace, shield, and helmet. It fades, and there stands Knight Man in his full medieval 'bwahahaing' glory. He finishes his sentance "...Die!!! For the name of Lord Wily!!" In order to knock her down and make a quick kill, he thrusts the front of his shielf at her, to throw her off balance and to the ground.

Your desc has been changed to 'Armor'.
You strike Iris with your Shield Smash attack.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Quick Man transmits, "So, when are we gonna take the sub?"

Iris screams in terror, getting knocked back and falling down a couple of stairs as she's hit.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Waste Disposal Dust Man transmits, "When Pirate jumps the fish."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Man transmits, "Patience Quick, ye and Dust have the security detail to handle. I'll be moving into position soon."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Metal Man transmits, "What is going on?"

The jacket falls to the ground as Iris is struck. Zero's armor is there in a flash, as he suddenly leaps over Iris, and slams into Knight Man headlong, crashing into him headlong with an engranged scream of anger. "DIE!" he thunders at the Robot Master, crashing him through the barricades, and out into the street.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blizzard Man transmits, "Oooh... Fishies..."

Iris lays there after getting hit, trembling and not doing much else...not entirely certain of just how badly she's been hit, her processors begin making this assessment for her, overriding the terror she's feeling at the moment.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Quick Man transmits, "We're stealing a high tech sub!"

Zero changes into his Black Armor armor.
Zero strikes you with his Ram for 3 units of damage.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Metal Man transmits, "I'm in."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Quick Man transmits, "Then head for Guanabara Harbor in Rio, and come disguised."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Waste Disposal Dust Man transmits, "We're in Rio... Stop it, Beret..."

Knight Man grunts as he's struck by the black berserker. "Bah, out of mine way pest! I should have thought I'd need to dealeth with thee. I haveth no immediate quarrel with thee at the moment, I doubteth that thou would leteth me kill her, so en guarde knave!" He swings his mace around a few times, charges and lashes it at Zero. Something's sure gotten into Knight Man, to try something so stupid as to attempt to kill Iris while Zero is right there.

You miss Zero with your Morningstar attack.

Zero receives a radio transmission from Rock.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "*grunt* Blasted Zero! He shant get in mine way!"

Zero sends a radio transmission.

Iris is helped up by a couple of kind-hearted Boy Scouts, who are here with their troop. Still shaking with fear and stress, she stands protectively in front of the boys, not letting them venture further as many of them want to see this exciting fight between Knight Man & Zero in progress.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Quick Man transmits, "What's up, Knight Man?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blizzard Man transmits, "Yeah! You beat his pansy aft down, Knight Man~"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blizzard Man transmits, "You're better than him! Show him Knight Man 3:16."

Zero receives a radio transmission from Rock.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "In the name of Lord Wily, I shalt avenge him by robbing that blasted Colonel of his sister! Once I get this prettyboy out of mine way..."

As Knight charges, the berseker growls darkly, and leaps aside, past the morning star as it smashes into a nearby hot dog stand, destrorying it completely. Zero growls. "Sorry, brother.." the sarcasm drips from his voice, "...but you attacked someone I love, now you will die for it!" Knowing exactly what Knight's weaknesses are, Zero exploits it, charging in, and slashes out in a wide crescent arc at the can of spam.

Zero strikes you with his Crescent Moon Slash for 33 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...Knight Man... what are you /thinking/!? This is foolish! Do something in a group and planned!"

Iris looks on from an entryway, trying to keep the boy scout troop behind her. Many, many curious little faces are peeking out the entryway, however. A couple of them make 'battle noises'... "Byyeeeoooowww. Bssssshhhh!!" one boy exclaims, swinging his arm like he has a saber in it. "Kill that Robot Master, Mr. Zero!!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Knight Man... you realize... this is /STUPID/! ...Retreat now! We'll do something as a /group/ later!"

A brief scream of pain escapes Knight Man for recieving so much damage at once. A good chunk of his outer armor was torn off, and most of the circuits underneath it was damaged. Still he snarls "Someone thou loves? That wench's brother stole Lord Wily from us! He was our father, mine Lord. With him gone I haveth no other duty to avenge him! And I shant let thee, the Colonel, MegaMan, ANYONE geteth in my way! I'll avenge Lord Wily or die trying!!" He firmly attatches his Mace to his arm, and charges Zero taking a swing at his face, attempting to use his mace to punch him.

You miss Zero with your Mace attack.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Forgeteth it!! I'm making those Replifreaks pay for what they did!!"

Iris' eyes widen as she hears Knight Man's words, and they fill her full of dread. "Children...get back inside the stadium," she whispers. "-Now-!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne splutters! "But... But... /Knight Man/!! ...this is... ...Insane! I mean... you don't have... we... you... ...AAAARGH!" Tron growls. "...Whatever! ...just... Good Luck... radio what happens, kay?"

Zero grunts. "Ding dong, dad's a fathead, now he's dead." He singsongs, just to draw Knight even further away from Iris. As he leaps aside another mace attack that smashes into the ground where he was standing, Zero hefts up the remains of the hot dog stand, and charges in on the overly armored Master, and brings it down to attempt to crush Knight with it. "Dead as a doornail, so go and ring the church bell."

Zero strikes you with his Bash for 27 units of damage.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Waste Disposal Dust Man transmits, "You want I should get you Knight Man's specs from ERWIN?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Waste Disposal Dust Man transmits, "Tron?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...please."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Tch, I art not gone yet!! I *crunch* ... ... ...I art ok.."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Waste Disposal Dust Man transmits, "Guys, are you going to be okay here?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Quick Man transmits, "Sure, I'll be fine."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Man transmits, "Aye, go do what ye must, Dust Man."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "If any of you need extraction, The Gesellschaft is ready."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Waste Disposal Dust Man transmits, "Where are you, Tron?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne speaks with a smile in her voice. "No where in particular... but near wherever i need to be."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Man transmits, "Thanks for thee offer Tron, but we may not need it."

Knight Man isn't exactly the quickest dodger in the world, and can't dodge the oncoming... hotdog stand. He breaks out of it, tearing through it with his mace, however with the pure force that Zero brought it down on him, most of his armor is at least dented, mostly twisted out of order entirely. Still, he stands, and begins swinging the mace over his head "I... shant leteth thee mock him, Lord Wily was a brilliant man who gaveth me life!" *swing*swing* "I sworeth an oath of obediance and servitude for him!" *swing*swing*swing* "And with him gone, I haveth nothing left! Only revenge!!" *swing*swing*swing*swing*swing "Thou will NOT stand in mine way!!!"
Incoming! One Mr.Great-Big-Spikey-Ball-Of-Painful-Death!!

You miss Zero with your Knight Chain attack.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Metal Man transmits, "I'm in postion what are your orders?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Man transmits, "Stay in position until I launch the signal, then take care out the security."

[Radio: (E) Public] Jet Stingray transmits, "I would like to take this time to say that the race was fun, but the sub gave a decent fight and maybe with a year or so more of improvements could give me a run for my money... Oh, wait, I should wait until /after/ the race is done before that."

Iris grips her slightly-injured midsection, which is hurting her a little bit but the self-repair has already kicked in. At the moment, she isn't worried about it.She's worried about Zero. Never mind that he can more than take care of himself...in her mind, there's ALWAYS reason to worry about loved ones.

Laughter. Zero's enjoying himself? His bloodlust his swallowing his systems for the moment, and he's in full kill mode. "Guess what, Knight?" the berserker says with a dangerous grin. "You can carry your oath to Wily into your next life." Charging in, the berserker leaps high over the chain that is flung at him, and lands next to the large Master. Reaching in, Zero wraps his arm around Knight's elbow. Is he going to do a do-si-do? Hardly. Twisting around, the berserker stares at Knight with dead, dangerous eyes. "But, I want to keep a little of you around on this side. With that, Zero suddenly swings his sabre straight up, and brings it down at the elbow joint.

Zero strikes you with his Hurricane Fang for 11 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Man transmits, "There be the signal, ye know what to do!"

Knight Man screams again, as his arm is severed, as is his link with his weapon. He quickly steps away and turns to face him, sputtering "I... shant be denied mine vengence!" Moving quickly, at least for him, he takes his shield and attatches it to his back, then with his one remaining hand, he grabs the blade attatched to his hip, the handle extends to form a lance "I art taking /someone/ with me this day!!" He lunges forward, trying to run Zero through.

You miss Zero with your Lance attack.

Zero is simply practicing an exercise in disassembling now. And he's feeling cocky. So cocky in fact, that instead of using his sabre, or buster, as the berserker sidesteps the lance easily, Zero simply sends a hard punch at the helmet. "Hey, you Vile wanna be, take this, you old bucket-head."

Zero strikes you with his Punch for 1 units of damage.

Knight Man growls "Thou shall NOT compareth me to that Maverick scum!" He tries to re-orient himself, but with the sheer amount of damage he's taken, he's finding it difficult, his breathing is heavy sounding "All I haveth... tis revenge now....." He voice takes an odd sound of seriousness there, then goes into anger again "... and thou art in my way!!!" He charges with the lance again at the berserkr "For Lord Wily!!!"

You strike Zero with your Lance attack.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Cappella transmits, " My my my, I definately missed a lot as of late, didn't I."

Iris gasps, then cries out in fear has her blonde beauty is run through with Knight Man's lance. "ZERO!!!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Waste Disposal Dust Man transmits, "Anyone here not busy smashing stuff?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Crystal Man transmits, "I am unoccupied, brother. Are you in need of assistance?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Waste Disposal Dust Man transmits, "Tron and I need to get stuff from the Repair Bay to the Schaft."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "And yes, Carmen... /Quite/ a lot. ...and any help would be wonderful.."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Cappella transmits, " I am sure it would. But why bother."

Cocky. Too damned cocky and overconfident. Zero's guard drops just enough to allow the lance to enter his stomach, just below his armor, and punches through, point sticking out of his back. There is a pained screech that escapse the berserker for a moment, before he stares at Knight through glazed over eyes. There is no compassion left in them, no want to give Knight a chance of survival. Instead, the berserker lapses into coldness, announcing. "A damn shame that's your epitath, Knight."

Pushing forward, the lance makes a sickening sound as Zero pulls himself along it's length, before suddenly gasping loudly, and unleashes a fury of attacks in complete and utter rage upon the hapless one-armed defender of Wily. His words are incomprehensible, but he is ready to place Knight's helmet with his head still in it on his mantle back at the apartment. Slash, hack, slash, gut, chop.

Zero strikes you with his Berserker Barrage for 49 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Blade weakness.
You fall to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Knight Man transmits, "Brrwargh! *slice*slice*slice*slice* *gasp* L--Lord W-Wil-y... *e-ring sound effect, then static*"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...because if any of our dear /friends/ were too be des... ...oh no..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Crystal Man transmits, "Brother!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Cappella transmits, " Were to be what?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Metal Man transmits, "KNIGHT!!!!!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...destroyed... .../I/ am the only one who can put them back together!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...Noble /idiot/"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Waste Disposal Dust Man sighs audibly. "Wily Dammit!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Blizzard Man transmits, "KNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT MAN!?!"

Iris winces at the carnage that follows...it's a bit much for her, so she averts her eyes, holding back tears, as Zero make short work of the vengeful knight.

Within the fury of Zero's slices, not much is seen or heard from the Medieval Knight. From the screeching blade there comes one thing, echoing from Knight Man's voice "L-Lord Wi-Wil-y...." When the fury ends, there's nothing but a storm of e-rings. The only tangible piece of him remaining now is the arm Zero severed. And with Wily gone, there's no one to rebuild him...

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Cappella transmits, " Your point being?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...can someone please help Dust Man bring some equipment to the Gesellschaft? ...Dust... where can we do the Transfer? ...Teleporters wont work... what about that Sub?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "Knight Man's intellect, such as it is, will no doubt be stored until such time as a new chassis can be constructed. I thas happened before, and will happen again. There is no need for hysterics and irrational outbursts. Perhaps next time he will have learned from the experience."

[Radio: (E) Public] Zero transmits, "Hey, Masters? Set one less place at the table. Knight.. won't be coming home. Ever."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dust Man blows a raspberry. "Zero Eats It!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Dischord transmits, "Death to Wily."

As soon as Iris thinks it's safe (or at least, the carnage has abated), she rushes toward Zero, intent on assessing his injuries.

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne bursts out. "Enker! Hello!! How are you doing? Did you get in the Repair Chamber? ...I stabilized you as much as I could... but couldn't get the more serious injuries..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Enker transmits, "Yes, yes, Zero. Wonderful display of bravado. You have not seen the last of knight man, so keep your silly pronouncements of demise to people who believe them. Like Iris, and those lovely school children you helped terrify a short time ago."

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...Bit late, Disch-witch."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Cappella transmits, " So, is the dear Doctor actually gone?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Zero transmits, "Want his arm, Enker? Or can I use it as a backscracther?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Stalker Tiger transmits, "Why, he go and die on us already?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Jet Stingray transmits, "Speaking of Robot Masters, could you guys have /waited/ until the race was done before trying to be all evil?!?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "We... ...don't know... but... the Citadel... and..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Zero transmits, "Tron musta finally decided to try natural childbearing, Stalker, and the old fart couldn't.. rise up to the challenge."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "And not miss the chance to ruin your glory? Of course not!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Stalker Tiger transmits, "*choking noises* BWAHAHAHAHA!"

[Radio: (B) RMSecureI] Crystal Man states firmly, "He is alive. Do not doubt that."

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...Hairball... Shut /UP/!"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Cappella transmits, " ...."

[Radio: (E) Public] Stalker Tiger transmits, "Damn Zero, made me spit my beer out."

[Radio: (E) Public] Zero transmits, "Tron, did you kill Wily? Damn, we knew Twila could give him heartattacks, but you sucked the life RIGHT outta him, eh?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Enker transmits, "Feel free to keep it. He won't be needing it back, as we have more than enough resources to replace it. You can use it to decorate your hovel as a momento of self congratulation and ego stroking."

[Radio: (E) Public] Maiwai Eralube transmits, "Dammit, stop the chatter and send some damn help!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Jared Kintane transmits, "Huh? Help for what?"


[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...Sorry, Zero... That is Iris' Job."

[Radio: (E) Public] Zero transmits, "Wanna try? I'm just now warmed up."

[Radio: (E) Public] Stalker Tiger transmits, "You couldn't break a sweat, let alone Z."

[Radio: (E) Public] Serges transmits, "Well, it seems he's 'Quick' to anger, in addition. Wily does indeed design his monstrosities well."
Iris quietly begins repairing Zero. "Aww...sweetieheart...our night out was ruined. Again."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Sure thing! Once I'm done making beef stir-fry out of the big blue Replicow, I'll come and kick /your/ aft!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne growls softly... "...I have /work/ to do..."

Zero holds his gut where the lance pierced him, and as the boy scouts approach, gives a grin. "Here, kid, a souvenier." He hands over Knight Man's arm, as Iris rushes over, and chuckles. "Hey, angel. Question is, are you alright?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...yes, Carmen..."

Iris effects some repair work on Zero.

[Radio: (E) Public] Enker transmits, "I feel certain that, while Quick Man may not be up to the challenge of Zero, our wayward brother can not be at Iris' side all the time. I do believe that she has been caught...less then protected, at several instances in the past. It will happen again. Perhaps Quick Man will take advantage of that opportunity."

[Radio: (E) Public] Zero transmits, "*hmms* Well, we all know that Knight eringed. And with the old coot dead, that makes Granny Tron the heir apparent. So.. Knight Man will become what? Knight Servbot?"

Iris nods.. "Yes...just a little dent, and that was all...it was more frightening than anything else. You certainly made short work of him..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Stalker Tiger transmits, "Enker, you better hope he doesn't. Because there'll be more n' just Zero comin after his aft."

[Radio: (E) Public] Zero transmits, "Even you ain't that stupid, are ya, Enker?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "How about I make you Servbot 0, hairball?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Maiwai Eralube transmits, "Just in case someone need a summation, there are innocent people on this dock! We need some goood guys here, stat! Stop with the jawing and start the reinforcing Taurus Bullba over there."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Cappella transmits, " ...Very well. If his body is found please inform me. No order attached of course, just asking. Til then I believe I will remain quiet and detached."

Zero shakes his head. "Maybe we shoulda just stayed at home and watched it, hmm?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "K, Carmen..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Enker transmits, "A pity the lovely Iris does not share our recuperative abilities. I imagine that when she reaches the point where a Robot Master would E-Ring, well, that would be the end of her. Better keep a close eye on her, Zero. Colonel isn't in any shape to help you right now. Maybe you will ask your friend, Sigma, to help out? You too do share Iris, after all."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Enker? How are your wounds?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Roll transmits, "*sounding annoyed* Hey! No one talks nasty about my friend Iris! Lay off her, golden rod!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Serges transmits, "Ah, yess.... Tell me, Miss Iris, how -is- your arm?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Serges transmits, "I trust it was successfully reattached?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Iris transmits, "..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Jet Stingray transmits, "First I'm taking down the bozo that mess with my race, then I'll take you down, Enker. I'll let Zero pound Serges though."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Enker transmits, "Your skills are exemplary, Miss Bonne. I will no doubt recover before my adversary."

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...oh... I know that voice... ...Heya, Sergie. Long time no talk too!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Serges transmits, "Quite."

Iris grumbles as she fixes you. "Radio bullies...talk is cheap..."

Zero says, "Anyway, ready to go home, angel?"

Iris says, "Yeah."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Hey, it's the crusty old bot! How are ya, ya geriatric galoot?"

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne gives a sigh of relief. "Good... I stabalized you the best I could, but the deeper trauma was beyond my skills. A few sessions in the R-Chamber should fix the rest..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Roll transmits, "You tell him, Zero!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Jared Kintane transmits, "Y'know...all your bickering really kills my time on the beach. Just smash each other, and get it done with. Lazy schmucks."

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne sniffs! "Hmph! I don't char /what/ he tells him... only that he /shut up/." Tron mutters. "Stupid hairball..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Serges transmits, "Hmph. Believe me when I assure you completely that my age has absolutely no bearing on how quickly I could make you beg to have never been brought on-line."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Yeah, Serges, you sucked when you were young, and age has had little effect on your ineptitude."

[Radio: (E) Public] Roll transmits, "Hey! I don't know who you Mrs. Prissy Voice(Tron), but no one gets to tease Zero except me!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Jared Kintane transmits, "Quick, newsflash! Serges is younger than you."

[Radio: (E) Public] Jared Kintane transmits, "He just aged really, really bad."

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "One again, hairboy... that is your girlfriend's job. Hmph!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Serges transmits, "Ah, so you are not quite as inept as I had estimated."

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne growls. "I don't know who /you/ are either, Mrs. I-Eat-5-Tons-Of-Sugar-A-Day! And I'll taunt the hairboy however I /like/!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne sniffs! "...No, Zero..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Maiwai Eralube transmits, "Excuse me, Zero, aren't you part a PEACE keeping force? Wanna come keep some damn peace?!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "I wouldn't put it past her, since Knight was bad-mouthing her before an- All right, that's it! You lay off Tron, you girly-aft bishounen!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Zero transmits, "Why, she polishing your armor too?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Roll transmits, "Oh yeah! You're not even any good at taunting! Leave Zero alone, or I'll...I'll..do something not so nice!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Zero transmits, "Now run along, kids, go defend Momma Tron. Ascension by assisination is your way, after all."

[Radio: (E) Public] Enker transmits, "Zero? Keep the peace? Well, perhaps if you consider the silence of dead innocents 'peaceful'. And he claims to be better than his creator, or the Mavericks he would like us to believe he opposes. No, the Hunters merely protect him, a murderer many times over, because he is willing to kill while they are not."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "Damn, Roll, you sure are a hypocrite. Saying I can't taunt, ha!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Zero transmits, "*yawns* And this is supposed to affect me when, Enker?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne gives a rich, long cackle! "...your a /lot/ dumber then you sound, Girl! You should know better then to pick a fight with the /Bonnes/!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Roll transmits, "I don't remember talking to you, not so Quick Man, I think I could have a more intelligent conversation with Rush, then you with /you/."

[Radio: (E) Public] Cappella transmits, " Oh please Tron, do not start this again dear."

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...wait... ...Roll? ...you mean... that Blue Boy's Sister?!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Jared Kintane transmits, "You got so burned. Bam!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Roll transmits, "Yep! I sure am! Rock's my brother! So's Protoman! Their the best brothers in the whooooooooole world!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Dischord transmits, "Want another sister Roll?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Enker transmits, "Effect you? It isn't. If you were effected it would prove me wrong. No, my statement was merely one of fact, and to warn the individual crying out for help that asking you was akin to asking, say, Sigma for help. You kill as many as you save, and it doesn't bother you in the slightest. That was my point. I wonder, when you berzerk, can you tell the difference between, say, Sonic Banshee and Iris? You certainly couldn't stop yourself from assaulting MegaMan...And isn't he supposed to be your friend?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne pauses... then gives another long, bright laugh! "Hahahahahahahahahahaha! /Hardly/, Little /Girl/. Teisel and Bon are the Best Brothers in the /ENTIRE/ World! ...as for Scarf boy... and that... that... /Blue Boy/... they are nothing! Not to the /Bonnes/!"

[Radio: (E) Public] Roll transmits, "Another? I don't have one as it is! Though I consider all the Hunter's my family, so I guess that makes you kinda my sister Dischord! *giggle*"

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "I don't have time to be taunted by a 3 year old, I'm too busy kicking aft and chewing gum, and I'm all out of gum."

[Radio: (E) Public] Zero transmits, "Proved you wrong many times over, Enker. Don't need to do it again just to make you happy. Go play with Quint, he makes a much better puppet."

[Radio: (E) Public] Roll transmits, "Well, if your so great, how come I've never heard of the Bonnes before, oh, wait, I remeber hearing about some two-bit want to be Pirate group called the Bonnes once, are they you? *giggle* Wow, you guys are so lame."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man transmits, "*mimicing Roll's voice* Yeah, they're so lame! I don't know why, becuase they've never been captured and they always get away with what they came for, but they must be lame, since my big brudders say so, and I always believe what they say, since I can't do anything but clean house. *voice returns to normal* Right, whatever."

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne grrrrrs... "...I'll deal with /you/ later, /GIRL/! /Personally/!" Tron sniffs angrilly! "I have some actual /WORK/ to do... go back to playing with your /dolls!/"
[Radio: (E) Public] Cappella transmits, " I thought you already do play with your dolls, dear."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] #48 Yamato Man transmits, "This bickering and name calling ... what purpose does it serve? We are better than our enemies who must make up for their physical weakness with insults and taunts. Ignore their attempts to rattle you. We will prove ourselves on the battlefield in due time."

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "You know, Carmen... you /really/ arn't as /good/ as you think you are! I've had enough! I have stuff to do... not to mention starting to rebuild the mess you just made, hairboy..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Enker transmits, "Yes, of course. Proved me wrong. I suppose the news reports from Singapore could have been faked, but somehow, I find that unlikely. I don't believe they've quite rebuilt from the fire..."

[Radio: (A) RMBroadband] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne growls deeply... then takes a slow breath. "...you might be right, Yamato Man..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Roll transmits, "Well, actually, I wasn't playing with my dolls, I was fixing the stabilization matrix on one of the ride armours but you wouldn't know anything about that. *pauses* And why are all of Uncle Wily's goons defending you? Are you Uncle Wily's giiiiiiiiiirlfriend?"

[Radio: (E) Public] Cappella transmits, " Prove me wrong dear Tron."

[Radio: (E) Public] Dischord transmits, "Of course Roll. After all, Scott had to come from somewhere."

[Radio: (E) Public] Quick Man bursts into laughter upon hearing Roll's last comment.

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Oh really? The Stabilization Matrix? /Well/... I suggest you tune it to 5.300, Little Girl... And get yourself one of the new Crystal Stabilzation"
[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "OOC: Bah! Evil enter key..."

[Radio: (E) Public] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Oh really? The Stabilization Matrix? /Well/... I suggest you tune it to 5.300, Little Girl... And get yourself one of the new Crystal Stabilzation Matrixes, because you'll /never/ get anywhere /near/ peak efficiency if you don't. As for /why/... we Bonnes are /Business Partners/ with the Robot Masters... Wily is a Genius, and teaching me what he knows of Robotics... And I could teach you things about Ride Armors that you are /lightyears/ behind!"

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