Besaid Islands

One of the most noticeable features of the islands is the bright sunny weather. Always seems sunny and never any other weather types expect on rare days. There are plenty of cliffs and water falls. There is very little grass as they are covered with white sands and trees. In the center of the island is a very small village in which there are tents on each side of a road but stop near the steps of a large temple. In the center of the village is a circle of stones which suggests many bonfires has been lit within that circle.

    Arriving at the beach that the girls decided to go to, Sabrina lands on the sand, putting away her broom. Yes, she rides a broom. Shush. Taking off the T-shirt she was wearing to the meeting, it turns out she was wearing a tank top style swimsuit beneath it as she rubs her feet in the warm sand. "That so hits the spot.."

    Looking left, right, and around to make sure that noone is watching her, the girl wiggles her fingers, closing her eyes, then bites her lip.

     ~ For my new friends looking for a treat that have travelled so far ~    
             ~ Powers that be give me a fully stocked juice bar! ~             

    Poof! What appears is what looks to be a Tiki type shack on the edge of the beach that looks like it just came straight from a cruise ship.

    It's fully stocked.. right down to the friendly bartender behind it. "Hello Sabrina, my name is Issac, and I'm your ship's bartender!"
    ...oh god, she summoned something from the Love Boat.

Not long after the other girls arrive, Kitty makes her way onto the islands, flipflop sandals on her feet and a long white blouse covering up the dark blue-and-white two piece bikini worn beneath. She even has a white sunhat worn on her head, along with a pair of black shades - for some reason, she's decided to make TINA carry all the towels and such. Maybe it's part of her punishment - but more likely she just said, 'Hold this for a sec' and forgot to take everything back. ._. Oh well. "There she is." Kitty comments to her friend, lifting a hand, "Sabrina!" And.. "What the ...." Was that... NAH, Can't be -- then again. "....All rightie then..!"

    Now THIS is what Tina is talkin' bout!

    The Blonde girl follows her friend along the beach, just giggling to herself as she savors the feel of sand on her bare toes. The girl lugs the pair's towels, not minding the forced labor much at all. She wears a green faus-snakeskin two-piece bikini, her sandles dangling from her offhand as she gazes up at the blue caribbean-esque skies above, a pair of black wrap-around sunglasses perched on her brow. "This is SO what I call the jackpot Kitty! Heeheeee! This is -awesome-!" It's been far, faaaar too long since she's enjoyed a hot tropical beach. And to think, all it takes is just a jaunt through a portal! Eat your heart out Carnivl Cruise Lines. XD

    "Hrm? Who? OH!" Tina snaps out of her stupor a moment to follow Kitty's indicated hand.. jade eyes blinking as she peers, "Oh hey! Tiki Bar! -SWEET-!" Having missed the spontaneous bar generation.

Orihime Inoue's feet are bare, and scuffling through the white sand as she weaves closer towards her friends. "Hey guys! Sorry I'm late!" The girl is wearing a yellow and green bikini, with small beads adorning the thin straps that keep it in place.

And wow, that girl has huge melons. ...No, not THAT kind!

"I had to get some watermelons, I thought it might be fun to eat!" Orihime beams and hoists up her burden...two round watermelons in white netting. Then she stops and stares at the juice bar. "Wow, neat! I guess we don't need these after all!"

    Issac grins coordially, "Now now, little lady, you let me handle your melons, and I'll mix you up something special." He winks, taking the watermelons from Orihime as Sabrina thows up a wave. "Hey everyone!" she says cheerfully, jogging up to see the other ladies. "Issac, they're with me, so it's all on the house."

    Issac tosses Sabrina a wink. Is that a magical glint in his eye? Probably just the sun! "You've got it, Sabrina!"

    Turning back to the girls, the witch smiles innocently. "I got here earlier and just like to make friends!" she offers with a n.n face. "I'm so ready for a swim, that water just looks so awesome!"

A very small, unseen, figures flies over Besaid. Hidden behind the anti-barrier (an invisibility unit that rarely ever works as it should), Sergeant Major Kururu scouts the area. He's not particularly happy at the moment, either. This was the scene back in his dimension not too long ago....

Keroro: Sergeant Major Kururu! It's all up to you now, you have to go seek out Corporal Giroro and find out his progress in locating a new Pekopon to invade! And my new supplies of Gun-pla, of course!
Kururu: ...I don't want to.
Keroro: Oh, did I mention I was about to sign my recommendation for your future funding? It would be a shame if the paperwork was lost, wooooooouldn't it?
Kururu: ......tch..

And so, Kururu has spent his time looking for Giroro to drag back. So he's tried to make the most of things, by observing the various alternate Pekopons on his own, plus the many other worlds out there. Today, his travels bring him to a world that's NOT an alternate Pekopon, from what he can see. Doesn't mean it's not worth investigating, though... perhaps a closer look at this beach...

Okay, so this time Alphonse took another detour on his way back through the Fantasy Gate. After getting people to safety in Ravaged Tokyo and getting part of his arm ripped off in the process, he decided to hightail it and find some metal to replace that which was missing from him. Mental Note: Looking for metal bits is harder than it seems when one goes through gates. Hmmm.

On the plus side, the metal-bodied alchemist has managed quite well with whatever he has in a small sack, clanking and creaking along the crunchy sandiness beneath his light, metal steps. He now just needs a nice place to set it all up. Glowing eyes scan the beach for an open spot...are there any? Maybe. Once he does, Alphonse makes his way over to it - a place that may be nearby the area these girls are hanging out. They won't mind, would they?

Is it really forced when the whole of the conversation was, 'Hold this a sec.' 'Kay.' and off they went? Lockheed is taking advantage of the sunshine, currently flying somewhere well out of sight of the naked eye, as Kitty had asked. He needed to stretch his wings every now and again. "Now all we need are some hot guys, right?" Kitty nudges her friend with a grin, "What's your rating? Better than the California beaches?" Probably cleaner at the least. "Kind of reminds me of Hawaii." Kitty glances around, "Without the volcano's." Orihime's arrival gets a surprised glance, "Hey, let me help you with those!" She slips off her sandals and trots over to the orange haired girl, reaching out to take one of the watermelons. "Juice bars are one thing, but nothing beats eating a slice of watermelon." Now they just need something to slice them open! "Ah allow me to introduce you." She motions to her friend, "That's Tina Potter, the girl I was telling you about - that might be interested in the Relief Society. Tina!" Kitty waves to get her friend's attention, "That's Sabrina, and this is Orihime." She briefed Tina on this one - if she mocked or ruined the names in any way, Kitty would wipe Brad off of the Sim Net. So - let's see if she listened!

She won't minde additional people to join the fun! Though hopefully Alphonse won't have a problem with sand in his armor, and Tina won't freak out about Kururu!

    Tina laughs at the nudge and nudges right back, "EVERYTHING is better with hot guys, I mean, DUH." Grinning mischieviously before looking back out to the rolling ocean, "TOTALLY! I mean, I do like Cali but it's SO cluttered with people! Hard to find a great beach that isn't loaded. But.. like.. Its like we have this ENTIRE beach to ourselves! I mean, wow. Our own personal Hawaii! Yeah!" As the blonde certainly seems estatic about it all!

    The blonde oops as the new girl drags along her huuuuuuuuge melons. Like her friend, she moves to help but sees that she's already got some help.

    However! At the introduction, Tina waves to the pair, grinning as brightly as ever, "Hi Hiiii! Pleased ta meet both of yoooooou! Kitty has told me so much about you guys! And yeah! I totally am! I do that kinda work back home all the time!"

    You bet she listened! o.o;;

    Since Tina and Kitty are helping with the melons, Sabrina only folds her hands behind her back. "Hi, Tina, I'm Sabrina!" she offers cheerfully. "And yeah, you'd be so awesome in the Society." The witch in training grins. "Maybe we can brainstorm some more projects while we' -- whoa, is that a real life knight?" Sabrina asks as she sees Alphonse skulking forward across the sand, sun glinting off his armor. "He must be unbearably hot.."

Orihime Inoue smiles gratefully at Isaac, then at Kitty as the two of them hoist the heavy fruit onto the counter. "Oh thank you! Phew..." She wipes her brow, then clasps her hands together and bows cheerfully to Serpentina. "Pleased to meet you! I'm Orihime Inoue!" She straightens, her chestnut hair falling down her back once more, and glances back at the gate. "Where did he go, anyway..."

What does she mean? Too late! Orihime is suddenly distracted by the mention of a knight. Oh! Uryuu was in the area too, wasn't he? Oops... But that's not his reiatsu that she feels, thankfully. Then who? She turns her head, then spots Armor Boy, and her smile grows exponentially. "AL-SAN!" she calls out, waving her hand frantically back and forth in the air. She grins at Sabrina, pointing. "That's Alphonse Elric. He loves cats, and he's so nice!"

'Armor Boy' was about to set down the sack of metal goodness gently on the sand when Orihime somehow times her greeting at the exact moment. With a start, the sack drops, giving all the sound of that a very small car accident would make. The metal helm turns, looking in the direction of which hime's voice came. "O-oh! Orihime! Hi!" He waves his good arm, glad to see a friendly face again. "I didn't see you there. Am I missing something?" he asks, innocently in his childish, tin-can voice.

"Where did who go?" Kitty asks, eyeing the girl curiously. Bouncing a little on her toes because sand .. hot hot! And so she TOTALLY cheats. By going intangible. Because intangibility wins! "We had our meeting earlier, Tina - I told you about that. We've got a whole bunch of ideas lined up - they've even agreed to help with the fund raising charities, and to raise mutant awareness." How cool was that? Looking up when Orihime calls out to Al, Kitty nods agreement with Sabrina. That guy has GOT to be superhot in that. And we mean like, 100 degrees not, and not jaw drops to the ground, swooning, hot. "Just a friendly gathering. It's nice to meet you Al; I'm Kate, and this is my friend Tina."

Weeeeeell now, there seems to be a gathering at this beach. Despite this not being a Pekopon alternate, there seems to be many Pekoponians present. Kururu has noticed this frequently. The vast majority of worlds he's seen are either Pekopon alternates, or worlds that resemble them. He's never seen any planet Keron alternates, or as many other fellow alien worlds. It's as if there's some sort of CONSPIRACY going on.

Flying lower, Kururu takes his platform behind some bushes. Juuuuuuust in case the anti-barrier gives out at an inopprotune time, like it's ought to do. Taking out a small device, Kururu speaks into it. Seems to be some kind of recorded.

"Pekopon subjects identified. Variants included. Some abnormalities. Interesting.... ku ku"

Now then, how to best take advantage of this? He didn't have the foresight to take a Pekopon suit with him... though he COULD bring one in via remote subspace transmission...

    Oh my goodness, he sounded so cute in that armor! Sabrina smiles brightly at Al. "And I'm Sabrina! Nice to meet you!" She says, rocking back on her heels. "I'm going to go hit the water, see you all there!" With that, she darts into the surf to get cooled off. The sand's hot!

    Tina seems pretty thrilled to meet such nice people! Considering the throngs of anti-socialites that those other places Kitty visits seems to attract, its kinda nice to meet some friendly outgoing types for a change! "Aww, thank you!" Tina replies to Sabrina's kind statement. The girl leans down a moment to carefully arrange her blankets upon the hot sand for a moment so she can properly greet Kitty's comrades! "Nice to meet you too, Oriiii..." Her lips triping over the Japanese word. Oooh.. Why can't the Japanese have PRONOUNCABLE names! "Heee..No! Ah.. Hiiime?" Jade eyes sliding over nervously to Kitty. <.<;;; She got it right, didn't she? DON'T DELETE BRAD!

    However, as the girls spot this 'knight' she blinks, "Huh? What the.." Voice trailing off as she turns on her heel to spy... some dude in a full set of plate armor, baking in the sun. o_o; She holds her hand up over her eyes to ward off the sun as she stares, "That guy has got to be out of his freaking gourd! It's like a MILLION degrees out here!" Even worse, it sounds like a little kid in there!

    Tina does, however, grin briefly at Kitty's suggestion that they'll help mutant awareness. Oh good! ^.^

Orihime Inoue grins widely. "I don't think so! We just had a Relief Society meeting, so now we're swimming and just hanging out, getting to know each other. You're welcome to join us, of course. It's nice to see you again!" She shrugs her shoulders, beaming, then notices the very loud sack that he dropped. "Anou, what do you have there?" she asks curiously, trotting closer to the giant. She doesn't seem particularly disturbed about the mismatched voice with the gargantuan size, nor does she seem concerned that he's wearing a full set of armor. Clearly she knows...HIS SECRET.

It's not -that- difficult! Or maybe Kitty just finds it easy because she's a polyglot. >.> Nah.. it's just not that difficult. At least Tina hasn't said the dreaded, 'They all look alike to me!' which would have resulted in the deletion of Brad Pitt faster than you could say, 'WaitnoIdidn'tmean-'. At Tina's stammered attempt, Kitty grins, nodding approval. Orihime! Ya got it right! Good girl! "I'll meet you in the water, kay Tina? Here, give me the towels." She holds out her hands so as to not burden her friend. She'll even stretch the towels out on the sand near the tiki bar. The better to get drinks quickly, after all!

Wow the beach got a lot of visitors fast. "Good thing we got here first, and staked out a spot." Kitty murmurs, kneeling on the towel and tugging her shirt off so she can join the others in the water. Pausing mid tug, she sits back against her heels. ~You don't have to join us Lockheed - have fun up there! You haven't had a chance to really exercise your wings in a while.~

Alphonse Elric chuckles, nodding to the rest of the gaggle of girls. "Ah, I see. Well, it's nice to meet you all. And it's nice to see you again, Orihime. It's been some time, huh?" He tromps a bit prior to stopping at the edge of the beach blanket, crossing his good arm across his chestplate, the 'bad arm' hanging limply at his side. And yes, he thinks of how most of them are trying to figure out how he can survive inside of this suit.


"Ah? Oh - that's just some...stuff I need..." he stalls, trying to think of a proper way to explain. Of course, his arm does the explaining for him, deciding to DROP onto the blanket and sand. Oop. Alphonse eeps, stooping quickly to grab the arm. He really needs to fix it right away!

"I d-didn't know they had swimsuits on s-space stations, Amuro..." A SNEAKY SNEAKY SPY mutters to his SNEAKY SNEAKY SPY PARTNER IN CRIME. The former being Shinji Ikari, Third Child, Designated Pilot of Evangelion Unit-01, who has /again/ found himsef in the less than willing role of an espionage agent for his evil bosses. Well, okay, Commander Fokker isn't /evil/ just....Kajiesque.

He is also basicly wearing his spiffy new injured description, except the pants have been replaced with with knee-length swim trunks that have a 'NERV' logo on the right pant leg, and a pair of flip-flops. In addition, Shinji Ikari, international man of mystery, is hiding behind a sand dune and occasionaly muttering to his partner in crime. "...they'

"...they're going to kill us, aren't they. They're going to find us and then they're going to eat us alive and if there's anything left the girls in the squad will make a festive barbeque lunch out of it." Is the entierty of what Shinji said.

    Tina nods quickly to Kitty as she grins faintly, "Right! Right, Be right there.." Voice trailing as she absently hands Kitty a towel. She certainly seems uber concerned about this guy waltzing around in full platemail! She could fry on that thing and that ain't no joke.

    "Hey!" Tina blurts out as she quickly moves over beside Orihime, "S..Shouldn't we help him? I mean.." Rather concerned by her new acquaintances.. well.. total lack of concern!

    The blonde turns her jade eyes back to the metallic giant, regarding him directly, "Hey? Ah.. Your name is Al right? Uh.. Are you okay?" o.o;

    Of course, that's when the arm falls off, earning a startled YEEEK! from the blonde as she hops back a step with her arms over her head! o_o! Oh no! She's too late! He's melting! ;_;

Orihime Inoue gasps, immediately dropping to her knees next to Al. "Oh no, your arm!" She's too late to pick it up, seems Al has it in order. "Gosh, does it hurt? Is it uncomfortable? Do you need help healing it?" Which brings up an interesting point...can Shun'ou and Ayame heal armor? Or are they just restricted to fleshy pulpy bodies? She glances up at Serpentina, noting her panic, and quickly puts on a smile. "A-anou, it's okay! Al-san is just...he's really..." She glances at Al. Should she tell? Envy told her about Al's uniqueness. "He has really short arms!" she points. And that's why his other hand isn't showing, right? Right!

"I bought one for that beach party," Amuro insists, as he ducks alongside his fellow Harried Young Male Rookie Pilot and adjusts a pair of sunglasses sitting on his nose. Really, the sunglasses should protect him! Everyone knows that sunglasses are the ideal disguise and if people can't see your eyes, no one can recognize you. He's also wearing a pair of blue swim trunks with the Federation logo on the side, so maybe he should think harder about 'disguises.'

Plus, the Haro with sunglasses is a little obvious.

"And nah, they'll probably just try to drown us, and then Fraw and Mirai will do the rest when they find out."

Kururu fingersnaps. He got it. "Kuuuuu ku ku ku..." He giggles at the plan he just devised. This should prove to be an interesting distraction.

Tapping a few buttons on the flyer he was riding, he sends a signal back to his lab in his homeworld. He may not have been able to figure out how the Gates work, but it didn't take him figure out how to strengthen certain signals. The space next to him shimmers, and the form of a teenage girl appears.

The girl is, of course, just a construct. Kururuko, the 'magical girl' robotic suit that Kururu occasionally brings out to torment the Hinatas. "Ku ku... All I have to do is use the remote control, and I can gather the information I need." And escape harm of whatever potential abilities these Pekoponians possess.
Hitting a few more buttons, 'Kururuko' springs to life, and leaps out into beach. Crazy magical girl ahoy!

....Really short arms? That's one for the records.

Alphonse erks, waving his broken-off arm around awkwardly. "Uh, yeah! I'm -I'm fine! Dandy! This...this is just a minor problem! You see....uh..." How to get out of this one..... "I'm....part robot."

He did -not- just say that. Darn.

"I just...I just need to fix it right now. The stuff in the sack is necessary for it!" He's breaking up inside, yes. Poor metal boy.

    Finally, after getting in a quick dip, just enough to get soaked, as she wanders back up the beach to rejoin the others. "Oh my gosh, you /have/ to go for a swim, it feels /heavenly/!" the little witch says, before she finds herself in the 'fix the tin boy' bit. "...uhm, fix it right now, how?"

Well .. THAT was a surprise. ~Stay up there, 'heed, we just got an influx of people, and I don't know how they'd take a dragon. .... what do you mean you weren't coming down anyway!~ Kitty barks a laugh for no clear reason, a hand slapping over her mouth as she turns away, incidentally at the same time as Al's arm plopping to the ground. "Part robot? You're a cyborg?" Kitty glances over to Al. Tina quick! Kitty's inner geek is starting to surface! Get her away! Get her away! "IF you need a little help, I'm a fair hand at making repairs." And he's already got the stuff to repair himself too! Bonus! Of course if Orihime has a faster way of doing it, that's a double bonus. Kitty glances out towards the ocean curiously, grinning as Sabrina rejoins them. "Really now.." .... the wicked glint in her eye is not a good sign.

Orihime Inoue giggles. Part robot with really short arms. Poor Al! Orihime playfully tugs on his helmet's tassle, as she's wont to do when she thinks he's being adorable. "He's an alchemist," she explains, her smile widening as she peeks over her shoulder. "They can fix just about anything, or change it into something else! It's really amazing, you should see what he can do! He fixed my friend's bow once, too! Really, don't worry, he'll be fine!" And peeking over her shoulder, wow, there are a lot of people out here today. Seems great minds think alike! Now Shinji, she's never seen him before. Neither has she seen Kururuko. But Amuro? Oh yes, she recognizes that fro anywhere! And rats, she had a present for him, too. If only she'd known he would be here, she would have brought it!


Orihime turns her head to blink up at Sabrina. Well. She IS a witch. "Sabrina-san? Could I ask you for a favor?" she smiles. Then she cups a hand towards the teen-ager's ear and starts to whisper.

Shinji Ikari looks at Amuro, unconsciously mimicing You Know Who with his own Spy Sunglasses Adjust. He mulls this terrifing information over for a minute or two, perhaps taking some time for a confusingly worded internal debate between his inner child, pubescent self, and anxieties. Perhaps he is mildly jealous that Amuro has people close enough to him that they would destroy him so thoroughly. Perhaps not. It is a mystery. He does, however, finally say, "...we need to work on this whole 'sublty' thing."

Having a shirt with pockets, it is Shinji's dread duty to hold one of the prized artifacts of the Black Sheep Squaderon. Which is to say, the camera. "O-okay, I think this is w-working right..."

A few MYSTERIOUS INDIVIDUALS roll up to the beach. Swathed in darkness and terror, enemies to all who live, it's, it's...!



...highschoolers. Specifically, highschoolers from the fairly insular Tategami High School, racing along toward san, sun, and sea! Several are here: Shun Ukiya, nose bandaged as eve,r in a blue swim suit; Ruriko Ikusawa, currently chasing him with intent to maim, in a two-piece white and blue number; and Kaoru Konoe, wearing a one-piece yellow and orange outfit. And, of course, Reiji Kageyama is here as well, his sunglasses, as always, resting on the crest of his brow. The assembly of people stop, however, as they realize there's PEOPLE HERE ALREADY. Reiji blinks, owlishly. "Oh, dear. I thought for sure we'd have at least a while to ourselves..."

    Tina, the font of unending concern, continues staring at poor Al's stumpy stump, "Short arm?! But He.. It!.." Her voice trails as she holds her fingers to her bottom lip. Until! That is, Al gives the old Robot excuse!

    Tina oooooooooooh's slowly, her lips forming a perfect oval as she nods once, "Of COURSE! Dur." Bonking herself over the head lightly as she flicks out her tongue. DUH. Of course he's part robot. And he better thank his lucky stars she's from a world where that kind of explaination actually has legs.

    Tina grins then as she helpfully thumbs to her doubtlessly drooling comrade Kitty, "Oh! Have her look at it! She's really good with robots." ^.^ Typically, Tina would give Kitty THE SPEAR and tackle her to the ground to keep her from leaping upon an electronic conundrum such as Al, but! The guy needs some repairs, he's a Robot Boy in need!

    Tina then nods and grins to Orihime, rocking on her heels as she folds her hands behind the small of her back, "A Chemist? Wow! Chemistry was like my -worst- subject, I swear! GOD, I dreaded going to my chemistry courses in High School, I could never remember that STUPID Table that was like ginormous and had a million numbers and letters and UGH." She then grins up at Al, "You must be SO totally smart to know all that stuff! Especially at your young age!"

    She then perks up at Sabrina's description, "Really? Oooooooo, I gotta check that action out!" As the blonde then moves to rush past Kitty back to the ocean. ^.^
"I don't see why this is necessary anyway," Amuro insists with a sunglass-glint, conveniently ignoring how he himself admitted to a confusion about girls and asked Sheppard about it, once. This is probably karma, after all. "I mean, I guess it's a spy thing, so it's necessary for a soldier to know how to...oh, whadda I know."
He peeks back over the sand dune, blushing a little, and then gestures to Shinji. "Well, um, you have the camera! Try-try taking a test photo. shouldn't be too hard...and anyway, it isn't like girls are /that/ scary. I asked one out just the other day and-youdidn'thearthat."

Haro rocks.

Hm...why not. They need to see how alchemy works. And...Kitty's starting to scare him a little. A little? Eh. "Really, I'll be all right doing this. Thanks, though, girls." Alphonse places his arm on the fround for now, trudging off to find a conviniently placed stick somewhere in the sand. He then walks back to their spot and starts drawing an array on the beach's surface as clearly as he could. Maybe he needs a wet sand surface.

He goes off again, to the ocean's edge. He knew he forgot something. Sighing, he goes to a nearby beach setup, asking to borrow a pail for a bit. Successful (somehow), he comes back, wetting the sandy area thoroughly. With that, he draws a good array, placing his broken arm on top of it. When the alchemist places the other metal bits as well, he sets his gloved hand. Blue light comes up again, crackling and somehow reconnecting the arm back in its rightful place. This also adds some more repair to his chestplate and wherever else was sort of damaged. Woo!

"Sorry about that," Alphonse laughs weakly as he tests out his transmutation. And wow, so many good comments.

    Sabrina blinks at Orihime for a moment, then nods, looking at the mass of orange hair, and toes at the sand for a moment, considering. Finally, her toe clips against a seashell, and she's stuck with inspiration.

    "Be right back, again~!" She says cheerfully, heading over to the bar. As she orders herself a fruity drink in a coconut shell, the girl picks up a small cocktail pirate sword.

    She holds it for a moment, and then.

            ~ This sword looks like it could be from a pirate fair ~            
                    ~ Make it into a pick for unruly hair! ~                    

    What she ends up with.. however, is an ornate hair pick that looks like it came straight from a pirate's treasure chest. The girl smiles, coming over to Orihime. "I found this?" she offers the silver and jewel item to her.

From his vantage point BEHIND THE BUSHES, Kururu giggles to himself as he sends Kururuko out. Holding onto the remote control for the robot, Kururu hits a button marked 'PLAYFUL'. Apparently, while in remote control mode, the robot is generally controlled with auto-settings, and not direct movement. Kururu much perfers to watch spontaenous chaos erupt, rather than orchestrate things bit by bit.

So in proper response to the command, Kururuko leaps out, and lands on poor Alphonse's shoulders. "Hiiiiiiii everyone!" <3 "Beautiful day, isn't it? Though, as they say, life's a beach, and then you fry! Don't forget your sunblock!" ...who says that?

Kururuko is a quick little thing, and leaps back off Al. "Eheh, nice to meeeeeet you! I'm Kururuko, the magic spirit of summertime!" Despite all she says, she doesn't seem all that magical. And she just DRIPS insincerety. It's the smirk that's on her face.

They all thought that, Reiji. Alas. But the girls got here first! At Orihime's explanation, Kitty nods absently, and! turns, and should count her blessings that she managed to NOT get THE SPEAR. In case you're wondering, that would be when the rubber girl flying TACKLES the Shadowcat like a thrown lance.
Personally, Kitty thought it was a little extreme just to keep her from geeking out. "I wonder if they have surfboards.." Kitty muses idly - erp!ing when Tina rushes past her. "HEY! Watch out for the jellyfish! I'm not coming out after you!" .. yes she will.

Neither she nor Lockheed have noticed any spies yet, though she does notice Kururuko when she lands on poor Al's shoulders. "Well that was one helluva entrance.."

Shinji Ikari blinks, ducking back down behind the sand dune as the newcomers show.

His eyes widen, his sunglasses nearly fall off, and he makes a move to stand in front of Amuro, hand jamming into his sweatshirt pocket as he zooms in on the pale, sunglasses wearing young man, looking truely terrified...

And after a second, Shinji lets out a sigh. "G-getting paranoid..." Shinji mutters, "Not like /he'd/ waste time at a beach, even if he i-is a kid." It seems like this is all Shinji's going to say while he catches his breath again, untill...

"...I'll test...if you tell me who she is?" is muttered, weakly, but with a smile.

Orihime Inoue beams, clapping her hands together. "Wow! That's BEAUTIFUL, Sabrina-san! Thank you so much!" She gladly accepts the hairpick, grinning at the Awkward Duo. Now she just has to sneak over there and put it in. They sure seem distracted! By what, she wonders? Are they having a hard time with their camera? Orihime's no good with technological devices either, so that's understandable. She pats Al's shoulder. "Nice work! I'll be back in a second, I have to deliver a present real quick." She rocks up to her feet, clasping the comb securely, and turns away /just/ as Kururuko attacks Al. Ain't that always the way?

(This paragraph has been omitted, since the combination of bikini, running, and Orihime's anatomy need not be described in explicit detail, or any detail whatsoever. If you feel deprived, there's sure to be plenty of Baywatch episodes available on

"Ray-san!" Orihime calls out, grinning widely as she finally skids down the sand dune to stop beside the pair. "I didn't know you were in the area, how nice to see you again! Anou, do you two work together?" she beams at Shinji.

Ahhwhatthe?! With the thing landing on Alphonse and jumping back off, the poor thing is confused for a moment. If his eyes worked, then he'd blink several times. "...what is that..." Oh. Kururuko. Huh. " And it seems like the young Elric is losing his pacing within the events surrounding him. Waugh, Orihime, don't leave!

Amuro can vaguely hear some small talk from the girls, but not quite enough to make out his name. Hey, they're treasure-hunting! And that girl just did...some kind of magic or alchemy! That's kind of cool.

He stumbles back when Shinji freaks and tries to protect him, almost falling back onto the sand. "H-hey! Hey! Calm down! They're just girls, they don't bite." He dusts himself off. "And if you gotta know, her name is Tatsu-"

Woah, hey, Orihime is coming! And she's admittedly hard to miss. He tries to hide his blush, gestures at Shinji to hide the camera, and stands up to look innocent like nothing at all is up really honest. "Oh, Miss Inoue! N-nice to see you again. Yeah, we kind of work together sometimes...I dunno if you've met him yet, but this is Shinji Ikari."

He needs to work on this 'stealth' thing. It was never really an issue when he was piloting an 18 meter robot.

     In the water an enlongated form moves about. It circles around, chasing after nothing in particular. And then the tell-tale sign of a shark comes into view. Out of the water comes the dorsal fin. The fin marks the movement of the beast as it circles around a few more times. Circling ever so slowly, so smoothly. And then the fin folds over and out of the water pops Greed with a triangular piece of cardboard. He seems to be staring at the piece in great dissatisfaction. "Ah damn..." It seems the dorsal wasn't suppose to fold over like a pizza sandwich.

There's quite a group gathered on the beach! But Kitty didn't come to the beach to just stand around and chit chat. She came to have fun! So while everyone's gathered around chatting, Kitty makes her way to the tiki bar, leaning forward to have a few words with Isaac. That apparently are the equivalent of, 'Drinks please'!
Because surely the people are getting thirsty, standing around on the hot sand with the Besaidian sun beating down on them. Snagging a tray, Kitty loads it up with drinks and glances around, spying a group nearby. "Hey!" Mind not the ghost girl who pads upon hot sands towards Reiji and company, "Drinks on the .." Well okay, so there isn't a HOUSE per say. So Kitty grins weakly, holding up the tray, "... drinks?" It's totally non alcoholic! Fruit juice! Yay, fruit!

Even as she waits, she goes on tiptoe a little, glancing in the direction of the very very inviting water. Wait -- where'd Tina go? Did she spot that cardboard Shark?

Kururuko is either unaware of any odd stares, or just doesn't care. Clearly she doesn't, she's just a robot, of course. Kururu, still hiding behind the bushes, frowns. Not QUITE the reaction he wanted. Perhaps he could better understand the abilities of these Pekoponians by challenging them! Scanning his remote control, he giggles again. "Ku ku... I press!" The button he presses? Magical Girl Battle Mode.

Kururuko, in response to the signal, suddenly shines with a bright light. There's some sparkles, gratuitous almost-nudity, and lots of frilly ribbons. When it's over... she pretty much looks exactly the same, except now her headphones have large antennae, and she's holding a staff.

"I see now! You there in the armor, you're an insidious monster sent to rob these people of the pleasures of summertime!" She's pointing at Al, of course. Poor Al. "In the name of the <INSERT CELESTIAL BODY HERE>, I will threaten you!" Yes, that's how she says it, apparently there's a bug in her scripting programming. She was supposed to actually say a random celestial body. Kururu will have to go over her code later. Oh well, it's probably not THAT suspicious.

It seems that the attention on the tall suit of living armor has lifted some, giving the boy some time to get a better glance around the area. Wait a minute...should a random Tiki bar be here? Lots of thinking to do today.

Shinji Ikari isn't holding a camera. He does shyly take his hands out of his swearshirt pockets, to push his sunglasses back up the bridge of his nose and rub the back of his head in a social outcast-esque sort of way. Internaly, Shinji is glad that months of living with Misato Katsuragi had helped the boy build up something of a resistance to...

Kindness. Orihime's unexpected kindness. Yes. That's it.

'That can't be Shadow.' Shinji decides, 'Shadow acts cold but flips his wig and starts screaming when things go wrong. He'd have attacked Tokyo-03 with a giant space bee made of old tugboats or something. Its okay. Don't freak out.'

"Um...h-hi..." Good thing about being shy, you have time to think. "I'm, uh, in the B-black Sheep with Amuro, y-yeah. N-nice to meet you, miss...?" Shinji blushes a little, perhaps nervous over being so forward as to ask someone their name, keeping his eyes slightly downcast and his posture pretty darn formal for, well, the damn beach.

It seems that the attention on the tall suit of living armor has lifted some, giving the boy some time to get a better glance around the area. Wait a minute...should a random Tiki bar be here? Lots of thinking to do today. The set of glowing eyes then glance over at the Shadow, Reiji, and co. Who are they? They seem out of place as well, but hey - most of them are, here.

And oh! Back on him! Alphonse bwuhs, turning back to Kururuko. "...Wh-what? What'd I do?" Ooookay. No panic. It's cool. Alphonse just keeps his guard up now.

    Tina is indeed swimming! Nope, she didn't happen to notice the shark as she's headed out a little further in the gorgeous Besaid waters. Occasionally glancing up from doing the backstroke to see the pretty good crowd of people milling about the Tiki Bar. Damn.. if you build it, they will come. o.o And here she was thinking this secluded hideaway was going to have less crowds than Cali! Ahwell. It's still nice and calm, all told. And ... wow.. this water is to die for. *.*

    Fortunately, it seems most people missed her little magic trick. Giving a wave to Reiji and company, Sabrina enjoys her drink as she watches over the people in the area.

There's a small sand dune on the outskirts of the small gathering.

"Hmph," it mutters, shifting imperceptibly to adjust a magnification visor mostly hidden by sand. That idiot, Kururu... he wouldn't know the meaning of stealth if it turned around and shot him in the face! And what kind of hobby IS that, masquerading as a Pekoponian woman-warrior of celestial justice?!

Covered in sand, Giroro's mission is thus: 'observe more extraplanar Pekoponians'. While the briefing said nothing like 'stop Kururu from doing stupid things', well...

The inconspicuous sand dune's occupant accidentally (really!) presses a hidden button, which just might activate the remote mine hidden somewhere under Kururuko's current position.

Shadow is indeed not here. He is clearly too busy arranging an attack on Tokyo-03 using a giant robot whale composed wholly of twelfth-century Spanish Armada vessels.

Reiji, however, IS here, and while he may indeed look uncannily like the newest of all Syndicate Dons, that is surely just an unfortunate coincidence. They're so different! He grins at his companions, says, "C'mon, I know some of these people. It's not so bad!" and walks onward. He waves at the newcomers, and even throws a grin downrange at Shinji and Amuro - but maybe he's just smiling at Orihime? He knows her, you know. Kitty pads over, and he chuckles, nodding. "Sure, drinks sound fine. We're sorry for intruding, this was...unexpected."

Awwwwwwww, poor Shinji. He IS shy! Orihime smiles sympathetically, then cheerfully sticks out her hand. The one without the comb. (That's behind her back at the moment.) "Orihime Inoue. I think I've seen you before on some of the IPA reports! It's nice to meet you in person, finally, Ikari-san! Is it true that you pilot a giant robot?" Squee! Gush! Shimmer! Roooooooobots... <3

But she has to deliver Amuro's present. No sense in wasting any time, then! "Hey, look, sharks!" she points gleefully at the water., there really IS a sh--oh wait, no, just Greed. What's he doing here? ...What ISN'T he doing here is a better question. She waves at Reiji, happy to see him as well since it's been months, but watches Amuro out of the corner of her eye. Come on...turn around...let Orihime give you a tasty present...

Geez, here Kitty was talking to a cute guy, and Tina is NOWHERE TO BE SEEN! What the hell! You call yourself a man-chaser? Kitty is /so/ revoking your license. "Help yourself." She would add that the Tiki booth was Sabrina's doing, but then he'd probably ask why there is a Tiki booth in the first place. So instead... O/~ "Sabrina!" Kitty .. cannot wave, alas, since her hands are full, but if she could wave, rest assured, she would be waving Reiji's hand and pointing in the universal OH EM GEE Hot Guy Alert, Get your blonde butt over here!

Tina missed her chance - For SHAME, putting a swim in front of meeting a cute guy. And in her Swimsuit no less! Tina where /are/ your priorities!

It's been a few days since Uryuu first visited the Isles of Besaid. And, barring a quick trip to the IPA HQ, and another quick trip back home to pick up his pet kitten, he's been around ever since. Right now he's just coming back from some Quincy training out in the forests, Souken on his shoulder -- and good lord, is that a lot of spiritual energy. What on earth is going on back at the village?

He sneaks out to the beach and peers at the scene with bemusement. Lots of people are here! Is that suit of armor out in the water Alphonse? Well, who else could it be? And there's Amuro, and Shinji, and --



Yeah, Uryuu's just been brought to brainmelt by Orihime and her bikini. Processing capacity exceeded, press any key to continue...

Unfortunately for Giroro, Kururu is controlling Kururuko by remote control, a new feature he recently added. Kururu himself is off in the bushes. The Sergeant Major was also sent out by their 'fearless leader' to find Giroro and get a status report. So perhaps he'll get to compelte his own mission early and get to go back. ....but he'll worry about that later, he's having fun now.

Kururuko is still busy putting on her magical girl performance, and Alphonse is the villain! "Now come, evildoer! And face my smashing Hammer of <INSERT VIRTUE HERE>!" ....ok, perhaps there really IS a bad bug in her coding. This is what Kururu gets for taking shortcuts in her speech subroutines. Oh well. Her behaviour seems to be getting erratic as well. While dashing at Al to thwack him with her Staff, she trips up under he own feet and falls face-first into the sand.

Kururu frowns. "Tch, a bug? Must have been due to the subspace transmission..." Kuuuu... he'll have to go over the records later. This new invention is still experimental, of course. Hitting a few more buttons on the remote control, Kururuko stands back up and giggles.

"Soooorry." She wings. "Let's do this again. Come, foul monster, I shall save the glorious season of winter from you!" Kururu is wishing he just went for manual control to begin with. Oh well, that's what these tests are for!
Amuro gives a little wave up at Reiji, but doesn't recognize him in the least. His brain registers 'oh, blonde highschooler.'

Buut, it seems his prank-sense isn't the best at the moment, as he does indeed look to the ocean. Years of living on a colony have left him not entirely sure whether or not to expect strange things in the water of planets. "-Sharks? Really?" He whips his head around to look, but doesn't quite see any yet. Dangit, where are the sharks? He wants to take a photo of one! Maybe then, his 'bosses' would forgive a lack of girl-photos.

He crosses a pair of arms that are a tad muscular for a self-proclaimed geek, raising an eyebrow.

The sound of pryeflies is the actual announcement of the Besaidian Summoner as she leaves the temple. Valefor can be heard singing even to those on the beach. She stops in her tracks and was wondering why most of the villagers were in the temple or being anywhere but their duties. "What is going on here?" She demands as she looks at all of the people.

Alphonse isn't really in the he? Well, now he finds his armored feet being washed over by the sea's waves. And he glances back down, WAY down, on the frogs there. Okay... Instead, he decides to address Reiji and his cohorts - er - pals, letting others put in their own two cents here and there. "Nice of you to join us," he greets genuinely, being as naive and innocent as he can possibly be.

In fact, if he had a real body, he'd be really cute and cuddly right now in a loose tank top and swim trunks with his messy hair, bright eyes and winning smile! YES!

...Er. Back *cough*

Uh oh. It looks like they're in trouble. And he's SEEN her before! Alphonse gasps.

Shinji Ikari shakes Orihime's hand, smiling a little. "Um, t-thanks, I're t-the one who started that Relief Society g-group, right? Sounds like really important w-work." He then turns to look at the shark, though one may get the feeling he's doing it out of politeness more than anything else-he waves akwardly at Reiji, and a little more warly at Ishida.

And then their sand dune drives away. Shinji squacks a little-it almost sounds like Pen Pen when he's in shock like that, and does the only thing a man can do in a situation like this.

He quietly takes a few pictures of the Greed-Cardboard Shark teamup.

     Lifting the cardboard fin out of the water, those who are still interested can see it's nothing more than a painted peice of board. A glance over determines the fin to be useless now, and the homonculus whips the remains back out to sea, where it dissolves into a billion pieces in mid-air. After watching the piece go off, Greed turns and notices the activity on the beach. My my, what busy day indeed. Not wanting anything of the company, Greed waves off, and then dives back into the water.

REVERSE-YOINK! Orihime plants the jeweled comb snugly into Amuro's curly fro, setting it at a jaunty angle. There! <3 Now he looks exactly like one of those American disco dancers! He'll be so happy when he finds it! Or so she hopes. She beams at Shinji, then nods, answering his question. "Yep! We had our first meeting just a few hours ago! I'm really excited about it," she rubs the back of her neck with a modest smile. "We've got three projects lined up already, not bad for beginners! If you'd like to help out sometime, we'd really love it. And the others are so nice!" She turns to point them out. "That's Sabrina Spellman, and that's Kate, and that's Tina! We had Kirby-san too, but he fell asleep after we were done eating. Would you guys like to come join us?" she suddenly brightens. "There's fruit juice and watermelon, lots of it!"

Kururu's troubles don't seem to be over just yet. After Kururuko's latest (and incorrect) justice spiel the robot just... collapses into the sad. Fizzle, fizzle, shut down.

"Hmmmmm?" Kururu muses, annoyed. "Maybe this new technology isn't quite ready to use yet afterall... but I suppose one more test couldn't hurt, ku ku..."

With one more press of a button, Kururuko fades out of existance as quickly as she appeared, sent back to the Hinata Household. May as well test BOTH directions of his subspace teleportation technology, of course. He can do a full system scan of Kururuko when he gets back.

With that much done, Kururu flies back off into the air, and away from Besaid. He didn't even notice Giroro. That's what the Corporal gets for being TOO effective at being stealthy. But, there's plenty of chances for the two Kerons to meet up in the future....

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