Sci-Fi Sector - Republican Coruscant

    The capital of the Galactic Republic, Coruscant is a planet covered almost entirely in city-structure. It ranges from the great towers reaching up into the very heavens, to the immense networks of subterranean manufacturing and maintenance tunnels. The traffic coming to and from Coruscant is mind-boggling, with hundreds of thousands vessels of every make and size moving to and from its numerous spaceports every minute.
    The city world ranges in its level of poverty just as much. From the high, white towers of the elite of the Republic, to the low, underground slums of those forgotten by the government, the hundreds of billions calling Coruscant home are amazingly diverse. However, the poor are often forgotten. The city is truly famous for the seat of the Galactic Senate, towering in size and height over much of the city, and the Jedi Temple.
    It is an impressive place, for those in power. Here, the decisions that drive the galaxy are made.

Not so long ago, in a Galaxy far, far away...

    Some people are sitting around in a bank. There's nothing spectacular about this bank, just a bunch of rich people on the capital planet of the Republic managing their money.

What with the large numbers of droids on the plane, it's probably not unusual to have a couple more running around. In this case, they happen to be several cameras on unicycles. What, is that extra security or something? Who knows? But quite a few of them begin to appear, casually stationing themselves throughout the environs with quiet whirrs, picking unobtrusive locations from which to watch the area. It all goes according to a tried and true plan. First: Gather information. Second: Deploy forces. Third: ... Fourth: Profit. And the master of these robots does so love the profit.

Kero Kero Kero, Iza Susume, Chikyuu Shinraku Seyo...


    A small mech hovers over the planet of Coruscant. A barrier is put up around it which prevents it from being seen from the naked eye. It has flown a long way, it is ready for action.. and its pilot just turned the radio off.

Kururu forgot that Keroro was the last one who had it out, he loves to play that song on repeat over and over again. Hmph.

The mech descends quickly, flying through the city. Traffic is busy here. It's chaotic. Suits him fine, makes it easier to get away with mischief. Speaking of, tonight's mischief involves monetary gain. Kururu's research lead him to this planet. Kerons are completely unknown here, so he figures he'll have an easy time getting away with any valuables to fund more of his inventing.

How tough can those 'Jedi' be, anyway?

    Exploration. The key to knowing one's surroundings is to -know- one's surroundings. Which, for the record, is why Robin is on this planet in the first place. Since he's been told about the Gotham Gate, he's been taking every chance he could to step through and explore the Planes beyond. This day? Sci Fi Sector.

    Not that anyone would notice him anyway, considering that he's cloaked in the shadows of one of the many buildings that make up this city. But, he's quiet as a dead mouse right about now. Perched on the side of a building... balanced on the edge and peering down at the bank across the street. Seriously, for once in his life, he's actually 'just in the neighborhood'.

    "God, I love being able to breathe in space..." he whispers to himself, over the hustle and bustle of this chaotic planet.

Superman's super-senses detect a dead horse being kicked.

Wondering if he should get his ears cleaned, the Man of Steel...taps his foot. Because Mild Mannered Reporter Clark Kent can't exactly do much /else/, even if he is stuck in line at the Republic's best...

Clark has no idea /what/ that stuff is, but it comes on a pita and it smells awesome, so he's getting some. Its decisions like this that make Superman's super-digestive system his most important power of all.

Could it possibly be a Republic falafel stand on the 'streets' of Coruscant? Who knows? But there is ONE... Okay, maybe TWO people who are not interested in pita-carried snackeries! An unmarked hovervan (You can tell it's the future because it HOVERS) stops by the side of the bank, and the rear opens up to reveal... ROBOTS! Taking a similar page from a previous attempt, several large, wheeled robots roll out of the back, cameras swiveling to survey the surroundings. Tim goes unnoticed in the shadows, and the mild-mannered Clark Kent isn't given a second look. The robots roll out, turning around the corner and bumping up the steps to the entrance... And then bouncing off of the reinforced glass. Robot camera swivels to look at robot camera... And then a low stomp is heard, as a massive black robot seemingly folds itself out of the back of the van, standing a good ten feet tall. The majority of the robot is matte-black, covered in armor, except for an area in the abdomen where there is a large hatch with a '34' stenciled in on it. Oh dear. The robot's red, demoniac optics glint, before he stomps up the steps behind the wheeled ones, a fist rising up to smash right through the glass facing.

Okay, NOW people start panicking.

Kururu rarely gets to pull jobs like this. Something so blunt and to the point usually isn't his style, but every now and then he likes to flaunt his superiority and do things in a blunt fashion."Location, check. Info, accurate. Status of bank, open. Kuuuuu ku ku kuuuu."

Kururu giggles as his mecha quickly descends towards the bank. The anti-barrier keeps it nicely hidden, which is a good thing. It would stand out like a sore thumb otherwise. Though anyone or anything with moderatly advanced scanning equipment (or abilities of another kind) would probably be able to detect the Kururu Mech.
As the mech finally reaches close to ground level, it stops abruptly. "Hnnn?" Kururu makes a displeased noise as he sees ANOTHER robot approaching the bank. Security perhaps? Did he miscalculate and get detected? No... that's not it. There's something else afoot here...

Kururu smells another mad genius.

    Bird Sense... Tweeting.

    Or more like the fact that a giant robot has just entered Robin's vision is what makes the Boy Wonder stand at attention. He stands up, right on the ledge of the building, narrowing his eyes and peering through his mask to get a better look. Enhancements within the mask allow him to zero in on details of the robot. Mental notes are made of the '34', for future reference. And possible investigation. Not that Robin's paranoid, but he just wants to be ahead of the game, in case he needs to.

    Unfortunately for Robin, he hasn't looked up and therefore his hi-tech lenses haven't spotted the other hidden mech. But that's just as well, as he's not going to just let anything bad happen to this bank. Not while he's here, anyway. Leaping into action, the moment he spots that huge fist rising up, Robin somersaults off the ledge! His legs connect with the side of the building close by and he launches himself off in a cape flowing leap towards the top of this 34 Bot. He brings his legs in close, as he attempts to land in a crouch on the back of this thing, reaching out to grab whatever grooves he can, so he doesn't fall off.

    No words, just action. Its louder that way.

Clark is about to get his hands on one of those delicious Space Falaffles...and he deflates, visibly, about a second before the robot's presence becomes all too obvious. Duty. Food. Duty. Food. Duty. Food. Mr. Kent's eye twitches a little, and he sighs. "S-sorry. I just remembered something..." he shoves down a few credits. "For the trouble. I'll be back soon!" Clark rushes off!

And a few seconds later, a red and blue blur is seen coming in over the city-planet! The blur comes to a snapping stop in front of the bank, and, cape flowing in the wind(He loves the cape flowing thing), Superman looks down at the giant robot, crossing his arms and setting his face in a frown. "Friend, I was sort of in the middle of something, so lets make this quick. Turn around, go home, and I won't have to break you in two."

Clark smiles, a little. "Please?"

Pindar isn't exactly what you would call 'maneuverable'. But it is a big robot. It does what a big robot does. Robin finds it easy to drop on top of the mecha and latch onto some small crevices in the armor, but Pindar doesn't seem to be fazed much by the weight of some guy hanging off him. The optics flash, and Pindar intones while the Kyds (the wheeled robots) roll in, railguns hissing out to point at the people inside. "ARE YOU... A MARTIAN?" The large robot seems to consider Superman's offer for a moment. He's obviously intelligent enough to make decisions, at least. He does, however, straighten up and shake his head, almost threatening to throw Drake off of his back. "I'M SORRY, I HAVE A JOB TO DO. PLEASE STAY OUT OF THE WAY SO NO ONE IS HARMED. THANK YOU."

The robot turns, completely ignoring that he has a caped superhero/sidekick on his back as he walks into the bank. "ATTENTION: PLEASE LEAVE THE BANK IN AN ORDERLY FASHION. NO ONE WILL BE HARMED IF THEY DO NOT INTERFERE."

"Tch..." Kururu sneers at the arrival of even MORE people. He'd chalk this up to bad luck if he believed in such a thing. But now he has to deal with what looks like another rival mech, and at least two would-be heroes. One of them, Superman, he recognizes, he's been paying attention to the various sources of news. "He looks like a Pekoponian, but he's an alien of another sort. I guess I better not underestimate him."

Will he give up and leave? Not after a long space flight he's not. So, Superman or Pindar? Which side will he take.

Kururu wants to leave with SOME valuables, so he doubts siding with Superman will net him nothing more than philanthropy will offer. So the mech it is. Pindar has trustworthy optics.

Kururu quickly adjusts his transmitter to send a tight, short range, frequency which should be picked up by Pindar. ((Oy, I have a proposition. If you're willing to split the rewards I could be convinced to help you out. Otherwise I'll take my chances and steal what I can while you're being kept busy.))

[RADIO] To Kururu, Virgil Haas radios: ;, who sounds nothing like Pindar, transmits, "Your proposal is acceptable."

    Robin's busy hanging on for dear life as he listens to the Robot give his red-lettered speech. He doesn' do much of anything, except for reach onto his utility belt to retrieve his laser cutter. He tosses the thing in his mouth and hangs on tighter, as the robot starts to move again. As he sees Supes, while the Robot is making its way into the bank, he offers the Super Boyscout a quick wave of greeting. Its followed by a thumbs-up to let the S know that he's got everything under control.

    Attention is back on the robot, though, as he reaches up to grab the laser cutter from between his teeth. Holding onto that small crevice with one hand, he ignites the laser and brings it down towards the back of this 'bot. Not sure if he'll be able to cut through the type of metal it is or not, he can't help but to try. This is only Plan A of E, so we'll see what happens.

Superman coughs, a little embarrased. "Kryptonian, actualy, though I grew up on Earth, since the planet sort of explod-..." Wait a minute...

Clark also looks at Tim a little dumbfoundedly. And here he thought the boy was the sensible Bat-kid. ...and, on second thought, that title still stands. Bruce wouldn't have bothered to acknowledge his presence. The Man of Steel focuses, looking at, and through, the bank with his X-Ray Vision, hoping to get a better idea of what exactly he'll be charging into. This might also alert him to the presence of a certain frog...

Meanwhile, to buy time, "...ahem, I mean, I cannot let you get away with your evil schemes! I'm Superman, by the way. What's your name?"

The people of the bank, alternately frightened by the Kyds and given hope of escape by Pindar, begin to edge towards the exit of the bank, ushered along by the rolling robots. The X-Ray vision exposes a half-dozen of the railgun-equipped robots, and one Pindar. The giant robot continues his efforts without missing a beat, playing Giant Robot Traffic Cop as he works to preserve an orderly exit. "MY NAME IS PINDAR... AND DO STOP THAT, IT IS MOST DISCOMFORTING." The robot reaches up, attempting to grab onto the boy cutting into his armor and dislodging him off his back (and probably onto his butt, too). Either way, the cutter seems to work, but the metal is thick. It'd take some time to get in that way.

Virgil Haas successfully targets Tim Drake with his Pindar Says Off action.

An acceptance? Weeeeeeell, things just got much more interesting. This whole trip may prove to have been worth it after all. The voice didn't match the robot's, though. But Kururu isn't interested in small details like that right now. First order of business is to remove the Pekoponian (Earthling) and Kryptonian.
Superman's X-ray vision does indeed reveal the cloaked mech. But it proves to do little good as Kururu deactivates the anti-barrier moments after Superman would have seen the robot. The Kururu Mech fades into view about 14 feet to the left of Pindar. Kururu himself can't be seen, but he's inside. His cockpit actually got its protective armor installed.

"Ku ku ku... I'd listen to that robot if I were you. Or else I'll have to keep myself entertained while fighting you." Kururu's voice seems directed at Superman, though it's hard to tell which direction the mech is facing.

    Robin's focused on the cutting into the back of this thick armored 'bot, so he doesn't particularly notice the fact that he's been picked up until his fingers slip from the crevice and he's dropped onto his butt. Rolling instinctively, the laser cutter is back on his belt before he finishes his first rotation. He pops right back up into a small crouch, his cape practically drowning him as he stares at the robot.

    "Unless you're coming to make a serious deposit, Pindork, I think you should reconsider your plans." Not that he knows what the robot's plans are, but a Gotham Knight never lets the enemy know he doesn't know. Though, Robin realizes a bit too late that his witty banter will probably be lost on the humorless Pindar.
"Ha ha! Pindork. I just got that!" Superman has a really, really, cheesy sense of humor.

Or he's acting dumb while evaluating the new machine, and buying himself a second of 'Jeze, that guy's head really is made of meat.' time to make a quick plan. He doesn't like that 'fun' comment, Clark decides, and even if it lets the tanks start shooting at him, he's got no choice...

"Sorry, little guy, I make it a habit not to listen to bank-robbing robots. Its a religious thing." Superman winks-with IMPUDENCE-at the Kururu Mech, and suddenly...hey, where did he go?

A red and blue blur whips around the room, sending a powerful rush of wind around the area, and in the blink of an eye, the team of mad scientists suddenly have a whole lot less hostages than they used to! Superman is about a block away, carefuly depositing the civilians on the ground and quietly praying that Tim Drake can hold on long enough for him to finish...

Pindar does not obstruct Superman's attempts at removing the 'hostages'. They were being removed anyway. "THANK YOU FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE... KRYPTONIAN." Pindar's domehead swivels as Robin makes his taunt. "PLEASE REFRAIN FROM MOCKING ME. ROBOTS HAVE FEELINGS TOO, YOU KNOW. PLEASE STAND ASIDE AS I WORK. I WOULD NOT WANT THE ROOF TO ACCIDENTALLY COLLAPSE ON YOUR HEAD." That's one polite giant robot.

    Pindar turns away from the others, and begins heading directly for the vault, little things like 'counters' and 'bulletproof glass' not really slowing him down at all.

Hostages? Ok, whatever the Kryptonian wants to spend time doing. Hostages aren't Kururu's thing, he was just going to force his way in and out. Even if this style is more akin to Giroro, but Kururu can be aggressive every now and then.

Kururu enters a memo to himself while piloting the Kururu Mech into the bank:


The weapons on the mech activate, though, as the Keron fully expects Superman to return. In the meantime, it follows Pindar through the bank. If the larger robot wants to take point and do all the smashing, that's fine by him.

    Robin's small, well... compared to Pindar anyway... and he's not going to stand idly by while this giant robot just takes all the credits from this place. He's just not. Leaping up without a second thought, Robin manages to soar over the robot's head and he lands right on the other side, in the midst of the bulletproof glass and counter rubble that has been recently created by the stomping bot. He stands his ground, masked eyes peering into the red optics of the robothief.

    "Not gonna' happen, Tin Man."

    Robin's hand moves to his belt, beneath his cape, and twin marbles are plucked from that particular pouch. He holds them in his hand, rolling them silently against each other, as he prepares for battle. But, as Batman taught him, everyone deserves a second chance.

    "Last chance. Stand down or be destroyed."

Pindar watches Robin for several seconds, parsing what is happening here. "ARE YOU FROM THE VORSTELLEN POLICE? THIS DETERMINATION WILL SIMPLY GET YOU HURT. YOU CAN NOT DESTROY ME, YOU HAVE NO WEAPONRY TO DO SO. NOW, PLEASE STAND ASIDE." Pindar raises a mighty foot, preparing to step forward. Is he playing chicken with Robin? Would he really walk right over the kid?


Ahem. But we'll see, won't we?

Superman nods to himself. Bruce'd be proud, and now they know what needs to be done. Lets see, how do I want to start...the one with the cocky voice, first, Clark thinks, and with a quick wave to the ka-saved populence, the Man of Steel blurs again...

And back in the bank, there's a crack of thunder and a blast of wind, as Superman makes his entrance! "I heard that, you know." Superman explains to the do-badders, and goes with an old favorite-instead of stopping his flight, Clark attempts to body check Kururu Mech! Preferably through a wall or two, but Superman's not picky.

Superman gets a glancing blow on Kururu with his What's Going On In This Thread? jab.
You take 17 damage.

Oh snap, body-check. Superman collides with the Kururu Mech with a LOT more force than Kururu was expecting. The mech only breaks through one wall, though, before its thrusters activate and start pusing BACK. Kururu makes another memo:


...that was surely a coincidence.

"Tch, not bad. You're tough, for an alien that looks an awful lot like a Pekoponian." Typeity typeity type type. "But don't underestimate a Keron's might. Kuuuuu kuu kuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUuuuuUUUUuuu..."

Kururu's giggle suddenlt becomes MUCH more high-pitched, as a audial amplifier pops out of the 'head' of the mech. The sound-waves of Kururu's voice are intensified, and slam into Superman. His super-hearing may get the better of him if he can't handle such a high-pitched sound. At the very least he'll be thrown back due to the sound waves being converted into a physical shockwave.

You miss Superman with your Audial Assault jab.

    Robin doesn't flinch. He doesn't move. He doesn't do anything but stand his ground, as he listens to the big ol' robot talk. Apparently, the bird boy doesn't hear what he wants to, so he's going to have to kick this tin can's tin butt all over the place. He didn't want to... but he's been left with no choice.

    "Underestimating me?" Robin says, before he flips up towards that mighty foot, reaching a hand out to swing around it. "... will be your last mistake." He sounds almost like Batman with his tone and post-pubescent voice. But there's still that distinct playful tone underneath all the bravado, to remind everyone that he's still just a teenager. Anyway, as he swings, his left hand comes up and he hurls both of those marbles in the direction of that Robot's 'face', aiming to knock his optics out.

Tim Drake misses Virgil Haas with his Simply Marble-Us? stun.

Tink! Tink! tinktinktinktink! The marbles impact the domehead, but fail to break or disrupt the optics. "PLEASE STOP THAT, IT TICKLES." Pindar's foot continues its massive descent, but at the last second it moves to the side, slamming down right next to Robin. This seems like a small miracle, perhaps, or maybe a gesture of mercy... Until the big robot fist sweeps over, attempting to swat Robin out of the way. Sort of like a fly, or maybe even a butterfly.

Virgil Haas hits Tim Drake with his Meet Mr. Hand jab.

Superman's jaw chenches as he struggles against the wave of sound...with a CLAP, Superman's hands fix around his ears, and the Man of Steel manages to buffer himself against the powerful sonic attack! That was a close one...but, Superman knows that letting the /enemy/ know that is a bad move most of the time.

So, he crosses his arms...and smiles. "I haven't underestimated anything, I see." The Origional Tanker taunts, smirking in a jaunty way that's enraged villains for years. His eyes glow, a little...

And suddenly, a concentrated beam of heat blasts out of Superman's eyes! His heat vision streaks at the Kururu Mech's right arm, Superman hoping to cripple the machine!

Superman hits Kururu with his Layzyer Eeeeyyyyssssszzz jab.
You take 21 damage.

Fzzzzt-BOOM. There's a small explosion on the mech's right arm, where Superman's laser-eyes struck. The explosion's not quite as big as what Superman would have likely wanted, but it just goes to prove that this mech is quite a bit tougher than it looks. The armor, at least, is impressive enough.

Aim leaves something to be desired, though. New Memo!


"Ku ku ku, a concentrated eye beam huh? Not bad. But I'm not finished yet." Kururu hits the dreaded 'Big Red Button' on his control panel, which causes various guns of all sizes to pop out of every nook and cranny of the mech. Except the area around the damaged part on the right arm. So Superman isn't facing /quite as large/ a volley of laser fire as he is now. It's still a heck of a lot, though.

You miss Superman with your Mine's Bigger jab.

    Robin frowns, unable to really do anything else so quickly, as he could've sworn those marbles would've done some damage. But the Robot's armor is quite thicker than he expected. Thus when he lands, he's jumping back into the air to prepare for something else... but it gets intercepted by the hand that smacks right into him. He soars through the air, smackiing against the wall and he grunts with the pain. He's not down for long. A Gotham Knight never is.

    Back up and on the partial counter top quickly, he's flipping one of his Wings into his hand, holding it for a second so the light can gleam off the razor edge, before he flings it off in the direction of that robot's head. Let's see if Robin's personal Batarang clones can actually do something besides look hellatiously cool...

Tim Drake hits Virgil Haas with his Razorwing! Go! jab.

Shing shing! The Razorwings prove to he more effective than marbles as the boomerangs slice into Pindar's armor. This proves very distracting, as the robot had assumed Robin would get the hint and stay out of the way. Ponderously, he looks down at the gashes in his armor, and then up to Robin. "THIS IS UNUSUAL. BOOMERANGS SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO PIERCE MY ARMOR. THIS WILL BEAR FURTHER INVESTIGATION." Pindar bends over, scooping up some debris and hucking it at Robin in retaliation. Hope you can dodge that counter and shattered glass!

Virgil Haas hits Tim Drake with his Junk Toss jab.

Lasers! Superman flinches a little...but, he can't move out of the way in time, and doesn't want to risk the building falling down anyway. He's nearly consumed, visualy, by the energy blast...

And, when it fades, Superman's standing there, crossing his arms, and smiling that same smile. Inwardly, Clark is whiping his brow and thanking whoever that his invulnerability's working today. Poor Tim keeps getting pinged...he's got to heat this up. "Cool! Neither am I." Clark breathes in...

And icy super breath follows! A whole lot of it. "Cool, get it! Little joke there."

Superman misses Kururu with his Super Comedy, he ain't got. stun.

That smirk... something about that smirk is really ticking Kururu off. And he normally keeps good tabs on his temper. However, when someone learns how to push his buttons, they get pushed easily.

The manuevering thrusters in the Kururu Mech seem to be working right again, finally, and it flies upward sharply, avoiding the ice breath. The mech also flies over Superman, giving the man of steel a fresh blast of thruster fire. That oughtta take care of the ice breath, at least.


You hit Superman with your Afterburn jab.

    In Gotham, the backflip would've made getting out of the way really easy. But here, on this planet, his luck isn't so good. He's in the middle of crouching to jump, when he sees the stuff coming back towards him. He raises his cape up, trying to block as much of the stuff as he can, but he's still smacked hard by a huge chunk of the counter. Grunting, he rolls with it, so he doesn't get pinned and finds himself back where he started. Not close to the robot.

    Eyes narrowing in anger as he's starting to get pissed off, Robin goes onto his belt and yanks up a pair of Impact Batarangs. Heavier and packing more of a punch than the originals, Robin leaps up and hurls them both in the direction of that damn robot. He may not be kicking its ass, but at least he's keeping it from getting the money and that's the important thing.

Tim Drake misses Virgil Haas with his Shadow of the Batarang: Making An Impact! attack.

A Jedi, Robin is not, apparently. The Batarangs swish through the air towards Pindar, crashing into him... But he was ready. Instead of his body, Pindar offered up a chunk of bank counter to take the hit instead. The robot discards the broken furniture after the Impact Batarangs hit, and he stomps closer. Fists rise, fingers interlock, and Pindar finally discards any pretenses of playing nice as he brings both hands down in a hammerblow.

Virgil Haas misses Tim Drake with his PINDAR SMASH attack.

Oh, hey, fire. Screw you super breath! You never work oooow! Superman whinces as he's singed...rubbing his thumb across his nose and narrowing his eyes at the frog-esque robot, while keeping an eye on Pindar and the smaller robots's fighting with Robin. The kid's doing okay, but...

"I don't have time for this." Superman proclaims, and in a flash of red and blue, is /again/ standing in front of the Kururu Mech. Only this time, his fist is sort of there too...

Superman hits Kururu with his My Fist Says Hi attack.
You take 26 damage.


At first, Kururu doesn't believe Superman can do all that much damage with his bare fists. Then the fist actually connects, and he changes his mind real quick. Superman's fist puts a rather large dent in the 'face' of the mech, it even causes the glasses to shatter.

Luckily the glasses on the mech are just for cosmetic appearance. Kururu has a huge ego, after all.

"Tch, he's more dangerous than I thought." Kururu mutters to himself." Time to bring out the heavier fire. Hitting the 'other' Big Red Button on his console (You can never have too many of them) two Very Large (TM) guns appear out of both sides of the Kururu mech. It's hard to tell exactly what they fire, just by looking at them. Kururu doesn't keep Superman in suspense, though, as the guns fire sending two very large, very stout, missiles towards the Man of Steel.

If they happen to miss, then there'll probably be a very big hole in the side of the wall behind them. With any luck it may open up the vault, if the bank has one.

You hit Superman with your Overkill Missile Assault attack.

    "Come on... come on..."

    Robin's whispering to himself as he sees the robot coming towards him. His hands are behind his back, opening another compartment on the belt to retrieve one of his many toys. He doesn't move though, keeping his eyes trained on the giant robot that's coming in his direction. He's trying to time this perfectly, dammit and thus concentration is needed.

    When that Hammerblow comes down, Robin goes up. As he goes up, he swings his hands out, aiming to wrap the mini-lasso he's made around the wrists of those interlocked hands. The lasso is part of the cord of his Jump Gun, which is also in his hand. He twists in the air, so that he can see where he's shooting on his descent and aim's the gun at the roof. The trigger is pulled.

    Should everything go according to plan, Pindar will soon find itself hanging by more than a thread...

Tim Drake stuns Virgil Haas with his Pindar the Pinata! action.

Robin's timing and acrobatics are impeccable. Pindar's fists come down, and he is quickly bound. The fists are attatched to the ceiling, and Pindar finds himself trussed up. The robot strains, servos whining and groaning against the strong cord. "THIS IS MOST UNCOMFORTABLE." He's wide open, but with the way he's straining, he won't be for long!

Aww, snap, missles. Superman blurs, a little-

Yes, he's /trying/ to get hit by the missles. Sure, it burns him a little...but it keeps the place intact. Groaning, a little, the Man of Steel hears Robin's call for help, and holds up a finger. "Get riiiiight back to you." The Man of Steel flies-

-and, faster than a speeding bullet, is in front of Pindar! "Hi! Nice to see you again. You need to leave now." Superman pulls his arm back, steps on the floor, and SWING, SWING, SWING, SWING, the Man of Steel swings his fists hard enough to turn each punch in the old school boxer's combo into some kind of...fist-powered stepping, or even a punching hop. Either way, damn, son, that's some fisticuffs.

Superman juggles Virgil Haas with his You've seen the Fletcher cartoons, you know how this goes! combo.
Virgil Haas is no longer stunned.
Virgil Haas breaks Superman's combo.

Zoom! Superman is gone. Or, gone a few feet away, anyway. Kururu doesn't REALLY mind him focusing his attention on Pindar, but he still feels a bit annoyed.

"Kuuuuuu, so you think I'm THAT little of a threat, hmm?" Oooohh, underestimation. Kururu hates to be sold short. Readying another weapon on the Kururu Mecha, he aims the barrel of yet another gun that popped up out of nowhere at Superman. "You move around too much. Kuuuu ku ku kuuuu..."

The ammo that's being fired? Glue missiles. Non-lethal, but they should hold even the man of steel in place for a few moments.

You stun Superman with your Glue bomb 4 U action.

Pindar certainly didn't expect to be turned into a punching bag today. He sees Super come after him with his fists of fury, and the robot's toothy expression seems to almost bend downwards. "OH DEAR." Now, Superman and Robin's plan was an excellent one. Pindar certainly is at their mercy, but there was one tiny flaw in the plan:

The roof attatchment isn't really strong enough to handle the super-powerful fisticuffs. The first hit causes Pindar to fly backwards, and he slams into the front of the vault with a big Super-Fist Indentation right over the number. "IS THIS REALLY NECESSARY?" Pindar comments plainatively as he stands. His objection, however, doesn't keep him from turning and punching at Robin. Oh, look! BIG METAL FIST.

Virgil Haas gets a glancing blow on Tim Drake with his PINDAR PUNCH attack.

Superman is about to bring the freaking noise and/or funk.

And then he's stuck in /glue./

"I am going to set you on fire." Superman camly informs the assorted evildoers in the room.

"Let me start." Kururu says.

A flamethrower comes out of the mech now. Kururu really designs these things with a 'everything but the kitchen sink' mentality.

Oh, and the glue? Flammable.

"Kuuuuuuuuuuuu ku ku ku ku ku...." The alien frog apparently finds this very very funny. Though he tends to find most everything funny.

You hit Superman with your Inflammable means Flammable? What a country. jab.
Superman is no longer stunned.

    Robin has to keep himself from fistpumping as the Superman dents the Pindar. Which is good. Not as good as he wanted it to go, but it was still a nice team effort. They should totally get a spot on the highlight reel with that one. But for the next moment, Robin isn't paying attention to the big metal bot... until he gets clocked in the side of the head by a BIG METAL FIST.

    Another grunt comes from the Boy Wonder and he finds himself sliding across the floor for a moment. As he slides, though, he yoinks a Spinning Batarang off his belt. Taking a moment to pinpoint trajectories in his head, he flings it off in the general direction if Pindar first... hoping that it will do some damage to him, that big ol' mech and those damn camera bots if they're still around.

    All before coming back to his waiting hand. Hey, this works for Batman...

Tim Drake hits Kururu with his Shadow of the Batarang: Around The Room In 80 Wings jab.
You take 24 damage.
Tim Drake hits Virgil Haas with his Shadow of the Batarang: Around The Room In 80 Wings jab.

Fire. Fire /bad/. Superman actualy goes, "Aah!" because of his damn unreliable solar shield, and with a few quick puff sof Super-breath, manages to put himself out.

On the plus side, Kururu, you managed to whipe the smile off of Clark's face. As he doubles forward not bothering with a quip as a super-fist is brought back to slam into the robot, however, the wisdom of making the Man of Steel angry might start to be called into question.

Superman gets a glancing blow on Kururu with his Angry Face attack.
You take 19 damage.

Kururu rarely EVER questions the wisdom of anything he does. No matter how beaten-up that action may have gotten him. He's just that arrogant.

That doesn't mean he can't get worried. He tries to move the Kururu Mech out of the way before Superman's fist collides with it, but it's a no-go. The man of steel is faster. The Kururu Mech gets another large dent in it. It's at this point some warning alerts start blaring in Kururu's cockpit. "Tch, I should have serviced this better before I left. Oh well, can't help it..." Kururu HATES having to leave empty-handed. But it's better than him not having ANY easy way back home.

"Later. Kuuu ku ku ku ku..." The mech's thrusters flare to life and it flies out of the building with impressive speed. If Superman wants to catch it, he probably could. If he wants to.

Pindar recieves another long gash in his armor, and a shower of sparks arcs out as the Spinning Batarang scores a hit on Pindar's juicy internals. He shudders, optics blinking for a moment while the 'rang proceeds to decapitate a couple Marlowes (the cambots). It's v. stylish. "PROCESSING... ENGAGING DAMAGE CONTROL PROTOCOLS. THAT WAS MODERATELY UNPLEASANT. I APOLOGIZE FOR WHAT I HAVE TO DO NOW." Turning, Pindar sinks its fingers into the sides of the vault door, the sides crunching inwards slightly under the robot's immense strength...

And then the door rips off, the thick blast-hardened metal breaking at the hinges to come off in Pindar's hands. Getting a better grip, the immensely powerful robot raises the vault door...

And then attempts to squish Robin with it.

Virgil Haas hits Tim Drake with his I Said: PINDAR SMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH super.

    Robin's in the middle of trying to backflip out of the way, when the door smacks him in the chest and the next thing he knows... he's attached to the floor, with the door pinning him down. His arms are underneath the door with him and the wind has been knocked out of him. He's not going to be doing anything right this instant. Instead, he's going to wince and struggle for a moment, while trying to move his arms enough to get to his waist.

    "Nngh.... if... I could only... reach my... utility belt..."

    Oh yes. He went there.

Superman sees the mech run, and smiles, a little. Uuuuugh that hurt-and oh hell. "Robin!"

Its not really a conflict. He can /find/ villains again, but he can't raise the dead. The Man of Steel snarls, over by Pindar in a flash, his hands on the steel door. "That wasn't very polite, buddy..."

The Man of Steel struggles with the door, groaning a little as he heeeeffffftttsssss the futuristic alloyed steel up over his head and, eyes glowing with power, charges at Pindar, seeking to smash the door into, and possibly through, the robot!

Superman hits Virgil Haas with his Issue One Cover super.

Pindar doth protest too much. "I DID APOLOGIZE AND WARN HIM, KRYPTONIAN..." Of course, he's just standing there when he could be doing something like looting the open vault, but Pindar is a polite deathbot. Sort of. Of course, when he sees Superman pick up the door, his optics flash green. "I KNEW I SHOULDN'T HAVE ACTIVATED THIS MORNING..." The vault door slams into Pindar with incredible force, sending him flying right out of the front of the bank to tumble down the stairs (leaving tiny impact craters wherever he hits), and slamming into a building on the opposite side, leaving a Pindar-sized and shaped impression in it. His eyes flicker on and off, body crackling with electricity as his systems struggle to compensate for the incredible damage dealt to him. He speaks, his voice distorted and garbled, "I BeLiEVE... IT iS... TImE To... EXeRcIsE... THe BeTteR PaRT oF VaLOr..." The unmarked hovervan, already laden with the Kyds, sweeps by, and Pindar stumbles forward into the back. The van closes, and begins to speed off.

The Marlowes, meanwhile, scatter.

    Robin's on the ground. Hurt. But he's not going to let it show. He grunts to himself, before pushing up to his feet. A rib or two might be broken, but he stands up straight anyway. He just stands where he he is, watching Superman put the own on Pindar. With the danger avereted and gone, Robin can now slump against the wall.

    "Ow... ugh... I think my ribs are broken..." Poor Birdy.

You'd /better/ run, is the look on Superman's face as he watches the robots skitter away, arms crossed and cape, somehow, finding a gust of wind on which to flow dramaticly on. "Tell your boss, Pindar, that this is so very much not over." Superman informs the robots.

He then turns back to Robin, his voice lowering...and softening to the quiet tones of Clark Kent. Supes is /really/ worried. "You did great out there, Tim. I'm sorry I didn't grab the door in time...come on, I'll give you a ride home."

    Robin sighs and nods, still holding his ribs as he leans onto Superman. "Not your fault. I hesitated." From saying that, its obvious that Robin has no plans on ever making that mistake again. As a true Gotham Knight, all it takes is making a mistake once... before the lesson is learned. "Could you fly top seed? I've got Math homework to finish."

Somewhere, in a Secret Lair on a storm-tossed ocean island, a man with glinting glasses and wearing a labcoat is pleasantly conducting an string quartet. His baton waves through the motions, directing the four robots before him through the piece, punctuated with thunder crashes... He is drenched in the music, and all is well. Nothing could possibly ruin his day...

A small sphere with lenses bobbles up and floats beside Haas. "Um... Sir?"

Haas doesn't reply.

The sphere tries again. "Sir? Doctor?"

Behind the glinting, one can't see his eyes, but the sphere can tell that he's finally gotten the Doctor's attention. "Yes, Chaucer?"

The sphere shudders, and comments nervously, "Well, Sir, the mission you sent the Kyds and Pindar 34 on... They're on their way back."

"Good, good. Nothing to worry about, then."

"Um, Sir... they don't have the money."

There is a screech as the Doctor's conductor baton is sent flying through the air, barely missing Chaucer. Chaucer squeaks in fear as the Doctor yells, punctuated by crackling, rolling thunder. "WHY? WHY DO THEY NOT HAVE THE MONEY?"

Chaucer bobbles, and a glittering holoprojection of Superman flying through the air with Robin in hand appears. "It appears, Doctor, that these two had stopped it."

The Doctor stares. "You mean... these two... stopped Pindar? They look like rejects from the circus!" He sighs. "Chaucer."

The sphere bobbles. "Yes, Sir?"

"Get me information on them. They will learn that this isn't the last they've seen of VIRGIL HAAS!" Thunder and lighting crash down, illuminating him in silhouette. "AAAAAH HA HA HAHAH HA HA HA HA HA HA!" 

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