New York City - Staten Island

Across the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and its many modern companions, Staten Island has changed more than any other part of the city. Once considered almost a rural part of New York, in the last hundred years Staten Island has become an important industrial center. Some of the cleanest and most modern industries find their homes on Staten Island, housed in complexes that are works of art as much as they are factories. The suburbs are still here, however, tucked between the factories, and life here is generally pleasant. Despite the massive industrial complexes, this is still a less hectic place than the rest of the city.

A trenchcoated figure sneaks around Staten Island. Magnet Man, pretending to be a 'Super Spy', weaves his way through buildings in a complicated, and wholey unnecessary, fashion. He takes about an extra 20 minutes to reach his target, as opposed to just walking there directly.

Johnson's Magnetic Generators, a warehouse on the northern end of the industrial complex. Perfect. Flinging off his trenchcoat, with a dramatic flair, Magnet Man turns to the Magnet Flies which followed him the entire way, ruining any stealth he would have had anyway. "You guys know the drill!" Magnet says, waggling a finger. "We bust in, create a distraction, you guys fly off with the goods!." The Magnet Flies bob up and down in excitement, while Magnet Man turns to face the main loading door of the warehouse.

"1000 points for the first score! Let's go!"

Fire Man opted to go for the more direct route. Every now and then he spites Magnet Man wearing his trenchcoat and debates whether or not to set him on fire every time he thinks he's moving stealthily out of view. Whatever Magnet Man's approach is, it's certainly garnering far less attention than Fire Man himself.

"Hmph." Fire Man cares not for this being a good place for magnetic generators. No. There is something of far greater interest to him likely residing inside. One of the higher-ups of the company is a San Angeles survivor. He has publicly stated he would assist in San Angeles' recovery.

Fire Man's not about to have any of that, the flame atop his head burning in anticipation. Unlike Magnet Man with his Magnet Flies, Fire Man had chosen to go alone... except with Magnet Man and his Magnet Flies.

Of course, most times, when there is evil, justice must be called onto the scene, whether it be by news, or the villains themselves. Of course, there are times when that isn't the case. This would be one of those times.

As he sees that, well, there is Fire Man and Magnet Man here, Jet Stingray pauses a half block down. "Great," he mutters to himself, merely rushing ahead as most people are making tracks in the OPPOSITE direction. He puts a hand to his helmet as he does perhaps using his radio as he makes his way toward trouble.

"You go do your thing, Fire Man!" Magnet Man says, enthusiastically. "50000 point Charcoal Body bonus if you succeed!" Turning back to the loading doors, Magnet Man fires a Magnet Missile to create their entrance.

"Stage Start! Let's go!" He says, bounding into the door, and announcing proudly to any workers, drones or otherwise, who happen to be in the main loading room: "This is a Robot Master raid! Hit the floor and assume the fetal position, and you may be lucky enough to get away with some light injuries! If you choose to resist us, well..." He rubs his hands in anticipation "It's game over for you!"

Meanwhile, his Magnet Flies enter the room, and begun buzzing all over the place, scanning shelves, crates, everything in view. Looking for SOMETHING it seems..."

Fire Man doesn't dignify Magnet Man's orders with much of a response other than charging on in without much strategic thought nor care for potential run-ins with armed security that might think they have a chance, if any. He spies a map attached to a wall and gives it a quick read while the Magnet Flies are busy doing their thing.

As soon as he knows where to go, he charges for the stairways.

Jet Stingray continues to race toward the scene of the fight, having a bit more confidence when he hears that he has help on the way. Making his way toward the front of the store, he narrows his optics. "Alright, Wily Wimps! Come out with your hands up! Or try and fight me and totally get pasted by yours truly and the back-up I have on its way!" He pauses as he sees that Fire Man is retreating for the stairs. He grunts and just runs after him, trying to ignore Magnet Man and his drones. It will likely be a painful mistake, but c'est la vie. "Hey, come back here when I'm talking to you!" The Ray calls out, figuring that if Fire Man is running away like that, he must be looking for something or currently have something important already.

Blizzard Wolf heard the call on the radio, and takes off out of the teleporters at a full run. A single leap gets him on the roof of a nearby building, allowing him to avoid traffic. Land speeds approaching 300 miles per hour allow him to arrive in the area post haste. A loud howl alerts Jet, and the Robot Masters, to the fact that they do not face just /any/ Maverick Hunter, but the First Son of Gate: Blizzard Wolf.

Magnet Man grins as Jet approaches the warehouse. "Hah-ha! So you want to stop the awesomely skilled, Lv99, Magnet Man?? Well that will be your LAST mistake, for I--" His pose remains unchanged as Jet ignores him completely and goes after Fire Man.


He remains pose-locked for a few minutes more, before finally snapping out of it, and laughs. "Clearly he is terrified of my might! He was not worth my time anyway, no experience for beating him. Now then!" Jumping off the box he was standing on, Magnet Man barks a few more commands to the Magnet Flies buzzing around, before firing off a few more Missiles at the occasional drone that looks at him funny. "I said /Fetal Position/! On the ground! Or do you all WANT to become fodder?"

Fire Man is heading up the stairs in spite of Jet Stingray's demands and whatever the heck is howling outside. It's meaningless to him. When a door slams open from the speed Jet Stingray seems to be coming at him towards, Fire Man only briefly turns towards him with a raised arm. "You've no business stopping me from taking a dead man," Fire Man snarls with narrowed eyes which are the precursor to... fire. Like from a flamethrower. Well, more specifically, like a blowtorch.

Fire Man strikes Jet Stingray with his Blowtorch attack.

Raising an arm to block the flames, Jet winces from the heat that melts the armor off of his left arm. Dodging is hard to do in this stairwell, more so when Fire Man has the 'higher ground'. "That's where you are wrong, Fire Man," Jet begins as he tries to fly right for Fire Man, hoping to crash into him rather painfully as he gives a loud battle cry. Hit or miss, Jet hovers a few inches from the stairs as he looks toward Fire Man. "It's exactly my business to protect people from the likes of you."

Jet Stingray strikes Fire Man with his Torpedo Slam attack.

Blizzard Wolf lands on a building within visual range of the warehouse. He spies the magnetic Master, and gives a low growl as he rears back on his haunches. He launches forward in a blur before leaping at the hole in the warehouse loading dock, tearing up small chunks of roofing as he does so.

As he lands near the Wilybot, he takes a backhanded swipe with his claws, his arm a white blur.

Blizzard Wolf misses you with his Backhanded Claw attack.

Fire Man would plainly ignore Jet Stingray were it not for the fact that the door he would be entering around now has been securely locked. Then exactly a moment later Jet Stingray flies up right at him and slams him through the thick metal door, a sickening *CRUNCH!* when Jet Stingray drives Fire Man all the way through.

Sliding across the ground on the door itself, Fire Man's flame atop the head burns ever so brighter. In his eyes, they made Reploids specifically to stop /him/. So be it. "Then burn to ashes like the rest!"

Fire Man points the same arm used before towards Jet Stingray, but then notes that there's a very very big stack of paper nearby. He moves the arm suddenly in that direction, spouting a gust of flame and superheated air that's powerful enough to send burning paperwork spreading everywhere and start to set the floor ablaze.

Fire Man strikes Jet Stingray with his Fire Sweep attack.

Jet's comment, and the rather loud howl which followed shortly thereafter, gave Magnet Man enough warning that more company was coming. So when Blizzard Wolf leaps in out of freaking nowhere, Magnet Man has just enough time to react, and leap to the side. "Hutah!" He shouts, and grins beneath his faceplate.

"Did the Hunters let you out of their kennel? Bad dog!" He quips, and takes a rather large video game controller out from behind his back. Never leaves home without one. "You need a leash!" Swinging the controller over his head for a moment, Magnet Man lets it fly at Blizzard Wolf. Aimed more to clobber him on the head, than wrap around his neck.

You miss Blizzard Wolf with your Game Controller Bolo attack.

Blizzard Wolf dives under the controller, his form a blur as he drops into a crouch, and leaps bodily at the Master, hoping to pin the Son of Wily under his weight.

"Yeah. They let me out when idiots like you try to cause a ruckus!"


Blizzard Wolf misses you with his Pounce attack.

The heat burns the room around the Stingray of Justice, the Stingray himself getting burned rather badly from that attack all over. His armor shows holes here and there, mostly where his armor was already hot. Still holding his hands over his face and faceplate, Jet says, "We'll see about THAT!" before he pulls out a blade from his belt and just chucks it right for Fire Man's chest.

Jet Stingray strikes Fire Man with his Diving Knife attack.

Letting go of the cord, Magnet Man slides under Blizzard Wolf as he attempts his pounce. "Well they really should put you down! You're a meance to society! And clearly rabid." He adds. "But it's always like that, people ignore the faults of their pets, until a child is bitten! What do you do then, huh? What do you do when a child is BITTEN?" Without a newspaper on hand, he pulls another item out from behind his back, an empty metallic tube. It doesn't remain empty for long, though, as an energy blade shimmers to life and takes for form of a giant rolled up newspaper.

"Bad Dog!" Whap whap whap!

Meanwhile, the Magnet Flies stay out of the way of the fight, and continue their search around the warehouse. A small group of them start to gather around the southest corner.

You miss Blizzard Wolf with your Lightsabre Facsimile attack.

Blizzard Wolf skids across the floor of the warehouse, before whirling around at Magnet Man, already gone while the blade comes down. A low crouch, and a the chill of the room suddenly losing heat around the Gatebot, and then there are lots of small sharp chunks of ice launching out at Magnet Man.

His only response is a feral growl.

Blizzard Wolf strikes you with a glancing hit from his Ice Shards attack for 2 units of damage.

Fire Man had yet to fully get up off of the busted down steel door entirely. Jet Stingray wedged the world's first truly sentient torch pretty firmly in there. Fire Man's only getting up to a stand when the larger Jet Stingray stabs his chest. Boiling mechfluid seeps down his chest, Fire Man looking none the more fazed for it. He almost appears insulted at the idea.

As if the floor isn't already ablaze, Fire Man points both arms up towards the ceiling and gives it a two-fisted spray of napalm to open up the ceiling so he can ascend further. It's nothing anybody would want to stand under, which is why the part of the ceiling Fire Man chose is right above Jet Stingray.

Fire Man strikes Jet Stingray with his Napalm attack.

Plink. "Ow." Plink. "Ow." So much for their banter. Magnet Man always enjoys that part. Oh well. "You'll have to do better than that, Hunter! I hope you have more than ice cubes in your arsenal, they would be better spent cooling drinks!"

He backflips back, showing off, then points at a small steel pipe that was littered on the ground in the ruckus. He then points at Blizzard Wolf, and the pipe flies up into the air, and towards Blizzard Wolf. "You'll regret facing the MASTER OF MAGNETISM!" He then poses, rather flamboyantly.

You miss Blizzard Wolf with your Blunt Object attack.

Blizzard Wolf whips to the side, ricochetting off of another wall, and then another, before launching at Magnet Man with a wild claw slash, slivers of frost trailing in his wake.

"Plenty more, android. Plenty more."

Blizzard Wolf strikes you with a major hit from his Frost Claw attack for 24 units of damage.

Jet Stingray doesn't move, just ignoring the fires that burn above him, even as it makes his helm's racing strip melt and peel. "You should run awhile while you still have a chance, Fire Man. If there is any one that can take the heat, it's yours truly." With that, lets his arm cannon release a torpedo, which slides out into Jet's left hand. After all, there is no water for it to shoot through. This makes Jet pine for water battles for a split second, but soon after, he shakes it off and throws the powerful explosive right for the Robot Master. Jet's tone and poise is confident. Clearly, he thinks he already has this fight won.

Jet Stingray misses Fire Man with his Torpedo attack.

Fire Man leaps up onto the next floor with impeccable timing, the torpedo striking where Fire Man was only a second before. He's almost there, if the map was any indication. "Then take it," he remarks when he dashes off towards his own personal esoteric objective that guides his continued existence.

The sprinklers finally come on the floor below where Jet Stingray is. Want a shower?

Fire Man's combat roll has succeeded against Jet Stingray.

Ok, that? That hurt. The frozen flaws dig into Magnet Man's armor, and into his sensitive sensitve electronics. "OW!" This time, screamed. "Mrrrgghh... I'm not about to be shown up by a.. a.. NOOB like you!"

He snarls, and waves both hands outward, dousing the area with magnetism, and sends every spare piece of scrap metal that was lying around towards Blizzard Wolf's position. "Yah!"

Meanwhile, the Magnet Flies all seem to be heading to one location now, swarming and buzzing about, clearly excited about something.

You strike Blizzard Wolf with a solid hit from your Metal Storm attack.

Blizzard Wolf lands, skidding at, and looks up just in time to get, well, dogpiled by all sorts of metal...stuff. He yelps a bit from the pain; that stings a little bit. He howls as he flexes, knocking the metal clear.

"That...was a mistake."

Suddenly, he leaps at Magnet Man, claws and fangs and ice and punches and kicks, as if he plans on, well, mauling the Robot Master right there on the spot!

Blizzard Wolf strikes you with a solid hit from his Frigid Maul attack for 20 units of damage.

Jet Stingray grunts as Fire Man just runs. "You coward! Turn and face me!" he bellows out before he runs after Fire Man. Jet really doesn't have much of a way to stop the retreating Robot Master as he races after him, but he tries to get his extend his tail out to about ten feet, holding to snag one of Fire Man's ankles, giving it a light stab after curling about it once or twice.

Jet Stingray strikes Fire Man with his Sting attack.

"Arrugh!" Magnet Man screams again. Blasted wolf, stop being so effective! It's not fair! "Grr... HAXX!" He shouts, really frustrated at this unlucky streak he's facing. Blizzard Wolf is cheating somehow! He KNOWS it! He's going to have to bring out the big guns.

"Let's see you eat THIS!" He clenches his hands before him, and channels some intense magnetic pressure within Blizzard's own body. Not quite strong enough to cause immediate, fatal damage, but it will surely leave some marks. As long as nothing breaks Magnet Man's concentration, anyway.

You strike Blizzard Wolf with a minor hit from your Internal Struggle attack.

Jet Stingray is a much, much faster runner than Fire Man. Also, being narrow-mindedly focused on his objective, by the time he hears Jet Stingray move on up it's already too late, tripping over the snag and hitting the ground with a 'thud' as Jet Stingray yanks his left leg and stabs the back of the ankle. Hot, hot mechfluid seeps as it is additionally stabbed..

Fire Man does, in fact, face him with one eye wide open in fiery ire. "Do you think you're the bigger fish?" He doesn't wait for an answer when he slams his fist down onto the floor. A small trial of fire sweeps towards Jet Stingray before it then rises into a column that threatens to engulf the slickest fish of 'em all.

Not more than twenty feet away, an office door stands. Its occupant is hiding under his desk as per typical safety policy when it isn't safe to go out into one of the many battlefields of the Robot Wars.

Fire Man strikes Jet Stingray with his Flame Column attack.

Blizzard Wolf growls a bit as Magnet Man tries to disrupt his systems. It doesn't work very well; when your insides are moving as fast as Blizzard's are, things like gravity tend to not work so well on him. I mean, really, this guy can run on the cieling. He does not, however. He stands there with a very feral grin, and a low growl. Puffs of frost expel from his muzzle while he gathers his energies...

Blizzard Wolf forfeits a turn to charge WE.

Uh-oh, Magnet Man can regonize something big coming when he sees it! Well, he's just going to have to keep Blizzard Wolf from doing anything too destructive! He gathers some energies of his own, but this doesn't take nearly as long! Magnet Man opts to expent his energy quickly, than risk saving it.

"I'm hardcore!" He shouts, before unleashing a massive EMP shockwave at Blizzard Wolf. It's quick, painful.. and looks really really cool.

You strike Blizzard Wolf with a minor hit from your Emp Wave attack.

Jet Stingray is surrounded in flames, the attack burning all about him. Jet winces from the pain as his armor continues to get roasted, but he doesn't react verbally to the pain. "I don't think, Fire Man... I KNOW. Either way, let's take this outside." With that, he tries to grab Fire Man and just leap out a window. If there isn't a window? Well, he will have to crash through a wall, taking Fire Man with him. Might cause damage in the short term, but the more Fire Man is allowed to burn, the more damgerous he makes the building and the higher risk of him hurting innocent people.

Jet Stingray misses Fire Man with his Grasp attack.

Not as painful as you might think. Don't get me wrong, this gets a yelp out of Blizzard, but it also gets a a very loud growl, as the GateSon leaps at Magnet Man, aiming to apply sharp claws at the Master's chest.

"Let's find out, shall we?"

Blizzard Wolf strikes you with a solid hit from his Maul attack for 18 units of damage.

You are below your courage-endurance point.

Jet Stingray's grab comes up a little short. With one leg injured, Fire Man can't move about so quickly, but fire tends to spread on its own anyway. Even so, Fire Man soon positions himself right behind Jet Stingray and produces his hand out of his left cannon. It burns like anything else that has something to do with Fire Man. "What goes on in here..." he says in a low, threatening voice as he then throws a somewhat potent, if telegraphed, lunging punch to try and knock Jet Stingray closer towards the door. "...burns in here!"

Fire Man strikes Jet Stingray with his Burn Knuckle attack.

The sheer force of this attack knocks Magnet Man back a few feet, into a few empty cardboard boxes that were knocked over. Warnings blare in his head, telling him it's best to retreat at this stage. He has a special recording of Dr. Wily shouting 'YOUIDIOTYOUIDIOTYOUIDIOT' over and over again to remind him of the urgency of retreat. He jumps to his feet, and nearly falls over. Ow. Stupid wolf, and his stupid twinky dodging. Haxx, it has to be!

"Alright, wolfy! You got lucky, and caught me on an off day! 100000 points for you! But as for me, I'm outta here! Ta!"

The Magnet Flies, which were busy picking up about half a dozen crates also take this moment to flee the warehouse with their purloined goods. A pair which are not carrying anything swoop down as Magnet Man leaps up, and grabs onto them, one on each hand, and they fly out of the Warehouse. "I am INVEEEENCIBLE!"

Magnet Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Jet Stingray and Blizzard Wolf.

Jet Stingray gets punched in the chest, taking a few steps closer toward the door, not knowing that this is the person that Fire Man is after. Lowering his shinplate, Jet shakes his head. "That's it. I'm going all out on you. I'm gunna beat you down, then loot you for money to pay for the damages you've done here!" He begins as he stands on one foot, lowering the shinplate of the raised leg. Narrowing his optics, he says, "Say goodbye, Fire Man." With that, a blue stingray shoots right out for Fire Man, hovering a few inches off the ground as it tries to give a massive explosion against Fire Man's leg.

Jet Stingray strikes Fire Man with his Ground Hunter attack.

Blizzard Wolf growls when he sees Magnet Man making his retreat. He's also fairly certain that whatever is in those boxes doesn't belong to the Robot Master. Blizz drops to all fours, and scrambles after the Magnet Maestro.

"Not so fast!"

He leaps at Magnet Man, a trail of frost is left behind in his wake. Blizzard hopes that it might help to douse the flames a bit.

Blizzard Wolf strikes you with a major hit from his Ice Dash attack for 23 units of damage.
You fall to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

"Nyahahaha--" CRACKLE, SMASH, DEAD! Magnet Man's systems violently shut down after Blizzard's final strike, and the Magnet Flies carrying him take the brunt of the blast too. As he falls to the ground, four of the Magnet Flies, which WERE carrying two boxes to themselves, drop their goods and fly over to Magnet Man, and pick up his remains and quickly fly off. Another pair drops another box to attempt to block Blizzard's pass, while four more fly off with two more boxes they had managed to hold onto. It's not a TOTAL loss.

Stage Complete!
Damage: -100 points
Style: +10 points
Collateral Damage: +35 points
Time: -10 points
Rank: E

The little blue stingray that is ANYTHING BUT scoots true. Fire Man chooses to do nothing about avoiding it when Jet Stingray raises his gun to fire. He raises up his right arm in turn, fire swirling about him in a flaming aura. Jet Stingray makes a polite request. He humors it. "Good bye!"

A devastating explosion rings out as Fire Man is launched a ways back, the full extent of his damages becoming apparent as soon as the explosion clears when much of his lower body is stripped of armor. At this very moment of explosion, a hellish, gigantic burst of flame launches forth. Fire Man probably intended to disintegrate the Ground Hunter... and Jet Stingray. And everything behind him. It is a very terrible weapon that defines Fire Man and the destruction he has wrought straight from the beginning... and up until now.

Of course, being timed just at the explosion, it just may harmlessly (sorta) pass up towards the ceiling and set that ablaze instead.

Fire Man strikes Jet Stingray with his Fire Storm attack.

Blizzard Wolf picks himself up off of Magnet Man, and hearing Jet in need, he bolts up the stairs, using the walls to skip the steps altogether. He skids out, wincing at the levels of heat; his internal monitors are already complaining at him. Nothing else for it. Using sound and scent to locate the Robot Master, he inhales sharply.

A moment later, a sharpblast of wintery air sweeps out of his mouth and at the flames nearest Fire Man. With any luck, they might stop the Alpha dead in his tracks!

Blizzard Wolf misses Fire Man with his Frost Breath attack.

Jet Stingray gets slammed into by the powerful flames, getting thrown back a couple of feet before falling onto the ground. He gets up slowly, barely able to stand. "Shouldn't have taken it easy on you," the reploid says. He races into the office door that he is right next too, opening it and seeing that there is a person in there, a man likely coughing his lungs out from all the smoke. He can't just leave this guy to be at the mercies of Fire Man. Fire Man's a cold blooded killer. "You're coming with me!" Jet states, just moving to grab the man by the belt, regardless of the fact that he's a bit overweight. That said, Jet just breaks through a window (and the wall surrounding it since Jet is much larger than most windows), his left arm outstretched behind him to make sure that the man doesn't have to feel what it's like going through a wall just to be saved. Will Fire Man get a chance to shoot for Jet as he makes his way with the guy in tow? Find out next week... Or right now, if you REALLY can't wait.

Jet Stingray retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Blizzard Wolf.

Fire Man struggles to stand when the explosion clears. Through the flames, he charges towards the door, unable to see Jet Stingray. Yet, the office behind the door seems... intact. Sure enough, out the window, Jet Stingray escapes. Fire Man stands at the very edge of Jet Stingray's escape, angrily staring into the distance.

They can run forever, but one day. He will hunt them down and reduce all of them to ashes. Who happens to be 'them'? Whoever dances too close to the flame. Like Blizzard Wolf.

Fire Man feels the temperature of the inferno behind him slowly decrease. Blizzard Wolf comes at him, wintry winds blowing. Fire Man responds by pointing an arm back and firing an even larger stream of flames back towards him to overpower the cold air. His arm sparks slightly. "Burn."

Fire Man misses Blizzard Wolf with his Flamethrower attack.

Blizzard Wolf is already in the air, leaping for the Alpha. His fangs, still ice cold from the previous offensive, lash out at one of the first robots ever made.



Blizzard Wolf strikes Fire Man with his Frost Bite attack.
Fire Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Blizzard Wolf leaps upon the smaller Alpha Master, chewing and biting all the while. He takes several big, sizeable chunks of metal right there as Fire Man staggers back, one eye wide open as he struggles to lift another arm to try and shoot him off... but it's too late. Though the mechfluid may not be pleasant for Blizzard Wolf to be in contact with, Fire Man's head flame goes out then and there, the cold jaws of Blizzard Wolf having its way with him.

Whether Blizzard Wolf remains on top of him or not, Fire Man plummets down, down, down to the ground below through the hole Jet Stingray made. He remains conscious long enough to keep a half-frightened but angry glare that promises revenge until he slams into the ground far far below, his systems shutting off from the massive trauma.

A Magnet Fly or two will probably drag him off.

Jet Stingray makes his way out, just flying off to take the man to get medical attention. Hopefully, the guy won't try to sue Jet for saving his life. After all, that would be rather lame.

Blizzard Wolf doesn't stay on for the ride. He kicks off of Fire Man's chest, launching him back up to the floor the pair just left. He glances about somewhat nervously as the flames rage a bit. Blizzard ramps up his cooling systems, in an attempt to extinguish the flames; if left out of control, they might cause damage to the surrounding area.

A few straggling Magnet Flies pick up Fire Man, indeed. They carry him ni a humiliating, upside down, position, but he shouldn't complain since he's getting a free ticket out of there!

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