WilyDrome - Medical Labs

Since Robot Masters have a tendancy to return in less than top condition, the medical bay is quite large. There are two distinct rows of cots along the walls in this cold, hospital-like room. As a carryover from what worked well in the last medical bay, small monitors hang from the ceiling in a few places, so that injured Masters might watch cartoons, use the computer, or at least read and make reports of their various missions while they are laid up to rest. The arms from which the monitors hang are adjustable and controllable from the position of each of the set-in cots. The civilian admin wrote this desc, and would like to note at this time that if you're actually reading it, which she very much doubts, you can page her to get a kudos post made about your diligence and thoughtfulness. In addition to the main cots, there are a few mobile medical stations on the floor for emergency or more minor types of repair. The floor is the same pale blue as the exterior hallways, with the walls a more medical and sterile white. The lights are bright, harsh, and rather industrial. The recovery chamber for minor injuries is in the back of the area, as is a terminal for the main computer so that medics can bring up patient records.

Elec Man lies inert. This will persist until tomorrow. At least he had his hair replaced.

Meddy is sitting on the bed, cradling Elec Man in her arms. She is reading a children's book in a quiet voice. Elec Man is not conscious.

Magnet Man is also, currently, deactivated and being worked on by lesser-endowed medical drones. He's totally been here since last night and didn't just float in here out of nowhere.

The Golden Form of Enker moves into the Medical Bay where many of the Robot Masters seem to be resting, or at least unconscious. No special reason, just a stroll around the WilyDrome to make sure everything was in order. And maybe, a sandwich.

Elec Man is also, notably, not wearing his chestplate or the top half of his leotard. Apparently he has versions that are two-piece.

However, his abs are basically a shirt. Surprisingly good fake muscle definition.

Damn straight 'lesser endowed', Magnet Man. Meddy will not be defeated on her home turf.

The nurse puts down the children's book (Snoopy's 1-2-3s), drops Elec Man back onto the bed, and moves to check on her other charge, the aforementioned Magnet Man. She stands imposingly over the head of his bed, looking down with her hands on her hips.

She pokes the giant magnet on his head.


If Magnet Man were conscious he'd activate that giant magnet just to teach Meddy a lesson, and to force her to play video games with him for a few hours.. Especially Dance Dance Revolution, no matter how awkward it would be.

But sadly this is not to be, as Magnet Man is still very unconscious, and dreaming of sneaking through the Fortress V in a cardboard box.

Enker continues his shuffle before coming to to visage of Meddy, looking down towards the head of Magnet Man. It was a large Magnet, and a good one filled with lots of knowledge that lets him cheat at the only system they have in the house hold.

Looking towards Elec Man, a quick glance was all he needed to remind him of what actually happened that night in the report. He wasn't there, but the report did nicely. Back towards Meddy, the Shiny Leader gave a single question, "Is everything in order here? I trust your supervision of the Medbay has been flawless, as usual."

Elec Man, if concious, would probably be talking. He would be talking about the possible ramifications of Japanese delinquents getting the power to throw elemental powers, the strength of which was directly tied to the length of their Super Regent hairstyles. He would segue that you've got to realize that would also make a badass TV show except for the inevitable problem of scheduling - you could only put a show that badass on at 13 o'clock PM, a time that doesn't exist. A dilemma.

Magnet Man does not understand that Meddy is not a mere woman. She is a Robot Master. Asking her to play Dance Dance Revolution for a few hours is like asking Guts Man to come hang out at Roll's Cookie Shop.

"Huh? Oh, hi Enker. Yes, everything's fine! Elec Man should be ready tomorrow and Magnet Man is doing just fine."

Magnet Man does understand that, subconsciously. But his geeky nature always causes him to immediately jump to the conclusion that she wouldn't just do it without an arguement. Let him have his fantasy.

Speaking of fantasy, he's just been seen in the Fortress V! Exclamation mark! Red alert! Ditch the box!

The Shiny Leader nods twice in recognition, "Very good, Meddy. As always, I know I can count on you to do what is best in their nature." Enker himself hasn't been very active, so coming to the Medical Bay for other purposes than getting a check up or checking up on the medical bay seems somewhat trivial, other than giving his legs some time to practice.

"Excellent news. I want all Robot Masters to be in their best shape in the near future. We have unfinished business to attend to." He states to Meddy as if he had forgot to turn off the oven, or finish sewing a sweater for King, or finish a book. Nothing out of the ordinary, right?

Nothing out of the ordinary at all! Meddy beams. "Okay, Enker. Here, I'll switch them on now."

She opens her medkit and shoves a rather larger (read: football sized) pill down Magnet Man's throat. Somehow it fits. Somehow.

Also it might boost his self repair systems to OMGWTF.

Magnet Man's fantasy quickly goes to the pits as Meddy forces that pill down his throat. Oh no! Heart attack! The FOXDIE virus! Damn you! Damn yooooooouuuuuuu!!


She was very good at her job, she was. Perhaps soon in the near future, Dust Man will be obsolete, and Enker's plan will have come to fruition.

Either way, as Magnet Man wakes up very violently, the pill. Too near the Enker this method was, as he had the pill shoved down his own throat twice before. Once after the Marksmenship Tournament, and the other after getting the Sigma Virus. He won't forget it.

Looking towards Meddy, Enker's voice is cast in an approving tone, "Thank you, St. Meddy."

Elec Man's abs glisten with immobility.

Meddy finishes shoving the giant pill down Magnet's throat, and smiles brightly to Enker before moving over to Elec Man.

The pill shoving that ensues is legendary.

Elec Man namg namg namg namg namg. The pill distends his throat and chest comically.

"Agghgfdswdfjkl!" Magnet grunts, muffled, as a quick emergency reboot starts him back up, and he comes to just as the pill remains lodged in his throat for the last few moments.

With his one free (and working) hand he rubs his throat, and murmers "In videogames you just TOUCH the giant pill for it to work..."

Looooooooming over Magnet Man the Shiny Leader goes, peering down into his soul. Okay, maybe not his soul, but close to it.

"Wakey wakey. No rest for the restless. Still, you may be right, about the video games, It doesn't really concern."

"How are you...." Enker looks towards Elec Man, the pilling, and then back to Magnet Man. "How are you at this moment?"

Meddy hops back over to Magnet Man, trying to loom over him just like Enker.

She is less imposing.

Meddy casts a larger shadow, though, depending on the light. "Still busted up, sir. And I SHOULD still be deactivated, but thanks to the pill-happy nurse over there..." Mumble, stupid emergency reboot, he really didn't need to feel a boulder-like pill sliding down his throat.

He lies back down. "I'll be off again in a minute, don't mind me."

"I see. You do realize that I gave her direct permission to do such a thing, do you not? If you did, I would suspect a different tone from you. You will accept Meddy as your primary care provider save Dr. Wily himself. She is passionate about her job, as you should be passionate about being in the receiving end of it." Enker pauses, knowing that Meddy is a great mechanic, and a cook, and a supporter at events, etc. There is no reason for any Master to hate her save ignorance, or maybe its his pride getting in the way of though, since he carried out the kidnapping leading to the capture of Meddy in the first place.

Meddy might still remember this. "As you wish, Magnet Man." Enker mumbles something to Meddy as he goes by, heading towards Elec man. "Elec Man, how goes?"

Enker whispers something to Meddy.

Elec Man still hasn't moved. However, he can talk. "I can't move. However, I can talk now!"

Meddy tilts her head to the side, listening to what Enker may or may not have said.

"Okay!" she stagewhispers back.

The nurse rubs her chin. Hmmm. How to best make Magnet Man like her. Hmmmmmmm. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Magnet Man doesn't particularly dislike Meddy, he just dislikes having giant pills rammed down his throat, and being awake for the occasion. He also dislikes being lectured on being supposed to like things he dislikes, but he tries not to let it get to him. He just nods at Enker and lies in silence as he walks off.

Now then, should he reboot that Solid Magnet dream, or try something a bit more oldskool?

"I see." A pause, "I was wondering, did Axl do anything to you that seemed out of the ordinary than any other fights you have had?" Enker loooooomed over Elec Man, but this time it was easier because he was laying down, and much shorter.

Elec Man's eyes flick over to Enker. "Aside from generally being bland and uninteresting? Nothing that I can recall as being particularly weird." His mouth sets in a line. "And I mean /very/ bland and uninteresting. He is completely incapable of the art of the Banter."

The doors slide open to reveal Tomahawk man, as he walks in he quickly glances over the room. Of course Meddy is here, along with Enker, a immobile Elec man and Magnet man. Enker hangs over Elec which Meddy also does. Tomahawk man goes to a corner and sits down, crossing his legs as he folds his arms.

Mist Man's lamp is sitting on a shelf. He is apparently inside it, and this is why he's sitting here and you have seen /nothing/.

Meddy continues rubbing her chin. "So, uh, Magnet. You like, uhm, games?" She doesn't know much about games. She does know that Mist Man is cool, so she reflexively reaches out and grabs his lamp when she notices it. The lamp has a tendency to appear and disappear so she's not fazed.

Mist Man pokes his head out of the lamp. Or something, the solid mist plays hell with actions like that. "Yes, o blossom of the sands?"

Elec Man was right, Axl was bland, but to Enker, a probable foe with considerable strength, but more a of a kid in many different aspects, "That's terrible. How will he ever be 'hip' or 'cool'. Axl will continue to be a wet blank left to soak in the soil of yesteryear. Is that what you are saying Elec Man? Because if it is, I readily agree." Enker continues his looming. "Well that is too bad."

Does Magnet Man like games? "Does Frost Man like Snowcones?" He grunts, and goes back to picking out some of his game dream subroutines. Ooh, he hasn't played Mett-roid in awhile...

Meddy breaks out into giggles at the blossom deal. She loved that stuff. Even though, the snocone thing sobers her up. Did Frost Man like snocones? He must.

"Uh, maybe I could get a game system or something for you?" she offers. The nurse also pats Mist Man's lamp reassuringly.

Mist Man's head retreats into the lamp. The lamp also purrs quietly. Well, sort of. It sounds vaguely happy, at least.

The offer for a video game system actually seems to brighten Magnet Man up considerably. "Oh really? Awesome. I'll be so into that, once my other arm is repaired."

...aww who is he kidding? There's not a console game out there that he can't beat one-handed... as far as he says.

Meddy stops patting the lamp and rubs it briefly, "Mist Man, can you go get a console from the commons room? Uh, I mean, I wish a console from the commons room was here."

The lamp says, "Your wish is my command, mistress." And then a line of smoke leaves the spout, forms a hand at the end, and sets off, moving throughout the Wilydrome. This could take a while.

Unfortunately Magnet Man will likely be back in his deactivation phase of repairs by the time Misty gets back. But hey, at least it'll be here the next time he wakes up. Unless someone else comendeers it.

Meddy frowns. She will have to try next time, when Magnet Man isn't being all wounded and stuff. She sits down on a chair and puts the lamp in her lamp. "Hghrhgh. Now I just need to destroy Roll."

Tomahawk Man sits in his corner, watching everyone. He finally gets up on his feet and walks slowly over to Elec man, as he uncovers the object he brought. It is a Mandela. To others it looks just like a dreamcatcher, but it's one Tomahawk mans "lucky charms" in which he has. He puts it onto the torso of Elec man and stares on his older brother ( a mandela is a talisman that act as a shield for whomsoever has it, from bad luck and ill favor etc).

Enker gives a nod to Tomahawk Man before setting starting to leave. Elec Man had fallen under the stress of his systems again. Either way, Enker was done in the medical bay for now, moving on to check up on more of the WilyDrome.

A sting of Spanish guitar plays, announcing the arrival of Enker. The Golden Elite is standing before you, in all of his sexy golden glory. And then, Enker reaches up for the top button of his shirt. "NO ENKER, IS TOO SEXY!" You exclaim, but Enker only replies with, "BUT I MUST!" And the top button is ripped.

After the doctors give you corrective eye surgery to restore your vision after seeing the Sexy Golden Beast unleashed, you find a +cookie stuffed in your pocket.

The line of smoke leading from the lamp recoils away from the Mandela.

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