New England
     The oldest of all the regions in the United States, New England is perhaps the area that is the greatest mixture of old and new. Bristling with the most MegaCities of any region in North America, New England MegaCities are an odd combination of advanced superstructures and ancient, carefully preserved historic buildings and monuments. Long standing traditions, such as the Statue of Liberty in New York City, the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, and an entire section of historic Boston, all remain as they have for centuries. Much of what was once suburban land, however, has been absorbed into the MegaCities and developed into what is now the large super-structures and modern buildings. A few wildlife parks are scattered between the vast cities, but most of the landscape has been absorbed into the cities. To the east, the fierce Atlantic Ocean extends out beyond the horizon.
     Of particular note is the remains of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Fully half the city has been wiped from the map, a still-hot cauldron of ruined buildings and rubble, the crater and surrounding ruin having destroyed fully half the city, the rest of it shaken with the major earthquake the impact caused. Once a famous city, it is rapidly becoming little more than a ghost town as emergency workers struggle to reduce the impact of the asteroid on the area. In the hills outside the city, another crater from the second half of the asteroid rests, tended to just as feverishly.

      A semi-trailer pulls up nearby an antique museum in Rural New England, maybe its Nantasket beach, since its close by the water. Either way, the driver seat is full of Shade Man, and this would mean that they are there for the usual. No good! Wether Gemini Man is inside is unclear. Shade jumps out of the drivers seat and heads up to the doors, as if he's supposed to be there. He blows open the doors and begins the theft.

An Alarm Bell rings! The Robot Masters have never been known for their subtlety. Nor, however, are the Mavericks. Some of the Coalitions forces are attracted by loud noises or the promise of food. And the wheel of fate has landed on the Square of the Hungry Box. Oh gods no.
As the alarm bell has just rung recently, there is no sudden appearence of Mavericks... yet. But in the distance... thud noises.

Thud noises may or may not indicate the presence of Smash Balrog, who wrote that pose.

Gemini is inside, sitting in the back and looking bored. Is he really here for the ... whatever the objective is? It's probably more like a 'if I go along with this the doctor will get off my back for a day or two about whatever stupid invention he's making, and I can get back to my real job.' Nobody really knows what Gemini THINKS his real job is until a city is destroyed or something.

The antique store looks promising. It's old construction, not large, and there's so many interesting and cool things to break. He smiles at it. "Okay. We're definitely in." And he hops out of the van, turning in to twins when his feet hit the ground.

     Wow. It's like a playground!

     Not the only one looking for treasure and stuff, Bon Bonne decided to go steal stuff that was cool! As such, old things ended up to be the thing of the day! Stomping in through the side of the building, actively making a way for himself. Looks like some of those cool things to break just broke.

     "Baaaaabuuuu!" The child, and a few servbots, begin to move about. He's going to take stuff for Tron! This .. might get in the way of whatever the robot masters might want!

The alarm bells go off, and the police computers register the issue. The Maverick Hunters -also- keep tabs on such things, and so it is that Blizzard Wolf, who was out walking himself as it were, got the emergency call. His tail solidifies into an aerofoil, and Blizz goes from walk to 250+ mph run, tearing up the turf at a terrific rate as he does so...

Magnet Man is also in the back, seemingly exciting by the whole endevour. "Hey hey hey, Shade Man! This antique museum, it'll have all KINDS of things in it, right?" Magnet Man prattles, as he leans up towards the front seat to stick his proverbial nose in the vampire's face. "Think I'll be able to gank some ancient gaming CDs? Or maybe some cartriges! Man, that'd be sweet in my collection!"

Clearly, Magnet Man is coming along for entirely different reasons than the others. But, as long as he's here, right?

      "Yes Magnet, go check the Antique electronic section and watch the door, alright?" Shade is heading the mission, so he's going to make the best out of his fellow RM's hyperactivity, if he can, so far, it is working. The alarms are already going off, but this doesn't bother him. He hears lots of alarms in many strange places. He strides to where the desired mechanism would be and begins hauling it out, of course Gemini and Magnet aren't HELPING so it will probably take a while to drag out, no matter.

Door? More like Ceiling. You should watch the ceiling. Because there's a large hole in it now. You see, Smash Balrog is too big for doors. He just jumps right through buildings. He lands on the ground floor amidst a flood of debris. When it rains, it pours. He appears to be standing near some ancient looking machines. He regards a 20th century sewing machine gravely. He is oblivious to anyone and everything.

Gemini hasn't exactly stood up and announced 'we aren't helping' yet. For all Shade Man knows Gemini is just taking his time getting inside. And since the door is conveniently open, both twins wander in and start looking around. "Where's the toy section, anyway?" one asks. "They probably have arcade machines or something." Yes, now he is just giving Magnet Man a hard time.

The other twin looks around for jewelry.

     Rip and grab and take and rip and steal and grab.

     Bon practices the art of stealing everything he can possibly find with the servbots, a large sack being used to hold things in! It's real big and brown, just like in cartoons, and it's made with almost the same stuff! Or at least that's what it looks like.

     Bon just begins to take things while the servbots spread out, even waving to a few of the robot masters! For now at least. They aren't being mean! He'll just take everything he can and go.

"Sweeeet!" Magnet Man says as he skips (yes, skips) inside. "Loot, loot loot!" As he rounds a corner there's a few small crashes heard, as he's clearly knocking over things that have nothing to do with any of his interests. Priceless statue? Bah. Antique painting? Feh. What Magnet Man is after, of course, is the beloved electronics section.

Of course, Magnet Man already owns a sizable collection that could easily be the mecca of every gamer in the world, if he SHARED it with anyone. But, obsessive as he is, he wants MORE. More more more. More games, more accessories, more hardware, more everything! And that's just satisfying his gaming habits.

Despite being a room or two away, Gemini Man's comment is heard, and met with a "They're not TOYS! Sheesh!"

Blizzard Wolf has -no- clue what he's running into. Mavericks and Bonnes and Robot Masters, oh my. But he does anyway.

One...can't be sure how he's going to react, as he's still a little ways from the scene. He -does- hear some of the voices, and the building smashage, and decides back up may not be unwarranted...

      Shade Man looks up from his task of dragging the cotton gin machine out, it appeared something had come through the ceiling. Were the Stars up to their usual do gooder shenanigans? He stops and steps out in front of the device, not wanting it to get hit if someone takes a shot at him.
      "Well, lets have it, come on," he calls, not being able to see exactly /who/ it is yet.

"They are too!" shouts the first Gemini. He is actually still looking for toys. He turns in to another room, however, and finds some. "... Oo, Legos."

The other Gemini seems to be more practical, since he's looking in a jewelry cabinet now and wondering how you open it. This doesn't actually take a long time, however. Being made of a hologram, however, this isn't all that difficult. You just make your arm not-solid... that's step one... reach it through the glass...that's step two... and...


Glass explodes.

Smash Balrog emerges from the room of ancient machinery, bursting through the narrow doorway and leaving a trail of debris. He stares at the Shade Man confronting him. And proceeds to belch out a Sewing Machine. Slightly (Incredibly) chewed, and indistinguishable as a sewing machine.

"Okay. You can have old shiny." Balrog stands there and regards Shade Man. It's big blocky form is blocking the doorway. And blinks it's large eyes.

Smash Balrog emerges from the room of ancient machinery, bursting through the narrow doorway and leaving a trail of debris. He stares at the Shade Man confronting him. And proceeds to belch out a Sewing Machine. Slightly (Incredibly) chewed, and indistinguishable as a sewing machine.

"Okay. You can have old shiny." Balrog stands there and regards Shade Man. It's big blocky form is blocking the doorway. And blinks it's large eyes. (repose for Gigabolt, and he's in a museum)

     Coming in from the opposite side, Bon keeps taking stuff! He moves onto the larger items which would require actual heavy lifting like the games of the past! Only after a while does he see Magnet Man, waving with one arm while the other holds a rather large antique arcade station from a while ago. It had a full surround sound game and everything!

     After waving to Magnet Man, Bon went right back to steal everything, even the stuff that Magnet Man would want, without asking either! Well. Did he really need to? He was taking stuff and that's what was important. "Baabuu!"

Mumble mumble, stupid Gemini Man, totally doesn't 'get it'. Arcade Machines are not TOYS, they're RELICS! Meant for him (and only him!) to treasure and horde. Mmmyes. (and, maybe share them with the other RMs, if they ask nice... which is never).

After winding down another small hallway, Magnet Man finally comes across the Antique Electronics room. "Oh Lord Wily... I thank thee for this lewt I am about to gank." Absolutely GLEEFUL, he dashes inside to begin snatching every little thing, when something seemingly small and insignificant catches his eye. Is that..... ZOMG! It is! "NES cartridges..." He says, wistfully. Do they work anymore? Hell no. Does he have every NES rom in existance downloaded into his brain anyway? Most likely. So why does this matter. Because, he is a /collecter/! Yoink, yoink, yoink. "Ahh, poor things. Locked up on display for the sniveling masses who can't appreciate you for what you are. But now, you will be treasured by ME!" That is... until he finds something new that's shiney for him to pay attention to.

First Gemini Man gets a bag and brings it to second Gemini Man. The bag is already half-filled with Legos and Beanie Babies.

The second Gemini actually blinks at this. ... "Is that an adorable dalmation puppy I see?"

"Hey. These things are eBay GOLD, man. Just load up the rest."

From the hole which Smash Balrog entered through, lo and behold another Maverick enters, the intelligence unknown, but seemingly around the same as Balrog, if smart than that. "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.... I'mma wanting ta play a games! Hehehehe." The jellysaucer toddler smiles happily as it floats around, "Woahwoahowahowaohwoahwoahwoahhh......dizzzyyyyyyy."

Gigabolt floats around, he looks at everyone around him, a happy malice strewn across his face as the colorful lights flare everywhere, only accompanied by the power of his jet like vents.

      "Magnet Man! there appears to be a giant monkey and a metroid in here!" Shade Man calls over his shoulder, though he's not sure if he can hear them. In New England, no one can hear you scream! He begins edging back and pushing the cotton gin machine with his back, his taloned feet scuffing the ground.

Blizzard Wolf skids to a stop just outside the door, and looks around. His face is an odd mixture of joy and confusion. He raises an eyebrow and grins as he stands up on his proper legs.

    "Good Gate...I don't know who to shoot for once..." He visually scans the area, looking for the smart target...

Smash Balrog is not a monkey. It is, however, a giant box. It raises a large handless arm to point at Shade. "Bat Man. Put down shiny. Shiny not yours. Shiny is community spirit. Friend of covered wagon. Dysentary hedge row!" The large reploid begins walking toward Shade, waddling on it's two legless feet, approaching. Think Fast. You had best put down shiny. You come with delicious wings.

     As Magnet Man begins to grab the NES cartridges, taking them, something small comes up to him and begins to take a few also! Yep. Grabbing one or two here and there, the servbot then retreat backwards slowly away from Magnet Man, attempting to take those NES games for himself!

     Bon, meanwhile, is busy bagging something a little bit away!

Magnet Man's looting seems to come to an abrupt halt, as he turns his head to shout back at Shade Man "Donkey Kong??" Wow, really? That'd be AWESOME! He'd go out and check for himself when... hey, waitaminute! Who invited that servbot?? "Hey hey! Gimme that you little noob!" Snatch! Or.. attempted snatch, anyway! Sorry Shade Man, can't come help now, Magnet Man is busy wrestling with a little lego man.

"I'm the only one who deserves to have this lewt! It won't be ganked by something like YOU, twerp!"

Gemini Man isn't going to go outside to fight you! You have to come inside, where it's interesting and more cinematic!

Until then he goes back to the toy section.

      "Oh bloody ell..." Shade Man stops pushing the shiny--err Cotton Gin machine and stands up straight, ready to take on the strange box if needed.
      "Don't come any closer, I have a giant sonic cannon, and i'm not afraid to use it!" Shade Man barks, holding up his arm cannon.

     As the servbot happily raises it's treasure, waving to Bon, it speaks up. "Master Bon! Look what I found!"

     SNATCH. The servbot is unable to really hold onto it, not strong at all like the others! However, looking towards the servbot busily flailing towards Magnet Man is Bon. "Babbuuu!" Magnet Man took what the servbot was helping him with!

     As Magnet Man may have a brief victory over the defeat of the servbot noob, Bon, the boss, walks forwards, towering a bit over Magnet Man! "Babbuuuuuuu."

     He reaches out for the nes cartridge himself!

Gigabolt continues to float around happily, "I wanmna plaaayyyyy. Who wantsta be mah frieenddyenddd! We can play checkers and tag and hide n go seek and chase! Ohhhh, I'mma love ta play chase an anyting like dat! Hehehehehe." Gigabolt smiles happily as he floats around.

"Ohhhh! Whats dat over dere!" Gigabolt rockets off, heading towards a wall before smashing directly into it, skewering the contents of phones and other electronics, causing them to clatter to the ground. "Hehehehehe. Oopsie doodle."

But Smash Balrog does come closer. Bat Man is offering him a delicious snack treat and Smash Balrog has never been one to refuse a tasty treat. He lumbers forward and opens wide to bite down on Shade Man's arm cannon. And maybe a leg. And face. Smash Balrog has a deceptively large amount of hidden teeth. It's as if he was built for crushing things.

Geminis bag is now full of stuff. He frowns at it.

Both of them shrug. "See if there's like, some clothes or something we can make in to another bag."


They both head further in, but they're close to the back already. It's just not that big of a building really.

As Bon approaches, Magnet Man tries to leap back out of the way. He avoids any sort of damage at Bon's hand, but he loses the NES cart again. OH SORROW. "Oh no ya don't! I'm camping this place, you couple of griefers! And all of this lewt is mine, you hear me?" He slings his bag of lewt (marked with the word 'lewt' on it) over his shoulder, which is abruptly caught by a Magnet Fly that was following him. He tends to take one or two with him on these missions, they come in handy at times like these.

Making an excessively elaborate pose, which likely is due to spending far too much time watching old kung fu movies, Magnet Man proclaims "I shall have that lewt back, before I PK you both!" Then taking out an old X-Box controller, swining it over his head a few times, and chucking it at the youngest Bon's 'face'. (?)

You strike Bon Bonne with a glancing hit from your Game Controller Bolo attack.
Bon Bonne is temporarily disoriented by Magnet Man's Game Controller Bolo attack.

Blizzard Wolf stops short when he hears an all-too familiar voice drift out of the store. He growls. It is -ON!- The Wolf takes a few steps back, and then gets on all fours again. He then -dashes- toward a nearby building, wall-jumping his way to the roof, and the hole Giga entered through. The Big Brother of the Gates drops through the hole like a ton of mech, maybe two tons. Blizz is a beefy guy.

    "-I'll- play with you brother..."

Blizzard Wolf strikes Gigabolt Man-O-War with his Pounce attack.

      Shade Man actually had to freak and pull his arm cannon back before the strange box TRIES TO EAT IT. Curses these strange robots out of nowhere! Shade then raises his cannon again, bracing his left hand against it so theres no funny business this time, and sends a small bolt of sonic energy at Balrog, its like a kick of kinetic force when it contacts something.

Shade Man strikes Smash Balrog with his Sonic Blast attack.

     As Bon takes it again he smiles! It's his again! He begins to turn as Magnet Man speaks angrily towards him. It's okay! As he moves away though, Magnet Man has attention drawn to him, the X-box controller, hueg like XBOX, being thrown towards him.

     "Baabuuu?" It slams into his face, winding around it and covering his eyes. Bon, unable to see, flails about! Oh misfortune! "BaaaabUUU!" Oh no! He's blind!

Geminis both hear the sounds of Babbuu from a nearby room. Hm. It might not be a good idea to go in THAT room, then. With their bag of loot, they wonder how exactly they can get outside without traversing through that area. Perhaps they will by really fast. They brace themselves against the wall on opposite sides of the archway that leads in there, waiting for an opening.

As Gigabolt is pounced upon, much of his armor is thrown backwards, skewered from his form, "UwaahhhH!" He cries, falling back towards the ground. It hurt a good deal, but Gigabolt was only happy to see his brother. "Hiya brudder udder. I'mma having so much fuunnnn. I'mma happies to see yous here!" The jellysaucer calls out as the lights spark around it, throwing itself out of the way.

In a serious of quick movement, Gigabolt seems to climb up a a bit, looking down towards Blizzard Wolf, "Hehehe. I'mma always havin' funs when I'mma playing wit youus!" The toddler than takes off at sub hyper speeds with a mach two twist only to pass right over, or clip, his brother. "Weeeee!"
Gigabolt Man-O-War misses Blizzard Wolf with his Passing Through attack.
Hah! That'll show ya, and ALL of you griefers out there! No ganking Magnet Man's lewt! Well now, he COULD just reach up and snatch the cart while Bon is briefly blinded, but he as another idea. He magnetizes his arm, and forces him to lower it, so he can snatch it with ease!

"I am too leet for you." He says, before making Bon's fist fly up into his own face before de-magnetizing it. "Pwn."
Smash Balrog gets knocked over from something loud. He manages to prop himself upright again, and looks sternly at Shade Man. "Bat Man. You are mean. You offer tasty treat and retract offer. You give only loud pain! You are not fit for sharing of shiny. I take back shiny." It hobbles over to the destroyed sewing machine, picks it up, and eats it once more.

"Now is the winter of my discontent. Huzzah!" Smash Balrog leaps through the ceiling, disappearing into the upper floors and sky! He is... gone? No... here he comes back down... trying to land on Shade Man through several floors ceilings and museums! THUD!

You strike Bon Bonne with a glancing hit from your Embarrassing Self-wounding attack.

Smash Balrog misses Shade Man with his Vertical Crush attack.

Blizzard Wolf spins to the side, glaring at Gigabolt ferally.

    "" Blizz almost -spits- that word out, "Where's the old man? I've been wanting to have a word with him..."

The Wolf leaps again, raking a claw across the 'front' of Gigabolt...

    ...does Gigabolt /have/ a front in that mode?

Blizzard Wolf strikes Gigabolt Man-O-War with his Claw Slash attack.

      Shade Man stares at the ceiling for a moment before jumping back out of the way of the giant box, off to the side of the cotton gin machine. He sidesteps back in front of it as he fans his wings, hopefully in some sort of defensive position.
      "Don't try my patience, box!" He looks to his cannon and wonders, hmm, best not yet, eh? his shoulder angel tells him, best now... Instead, he picks up one of the pieces of the destroyed sewing machine and tosses it at him!

Shade Man strikes Smash Balrog with his Generic Ranged attack.

Gigabolt gets raked by the claw, sending him towards the sides and taking off a major amount of armor. "Uwaaahhh! I'mma not feelin' so good Blizzziyyyy.. I'mma gonna go back and resssttt. Squiiissh!" The jellysaucer calls out, much of the mechafluids leaking out as he tries to escape, exiting the same way he came, from the roof.

"Uwaahhh. Gets some candah for me, later, Boxxxyyy! Peppermint!" And then the saucer exploded upwards and out. Gigabolt was gone.
Gigabolt Man-O-War retreats from the area swiftly, outdistancing all pursuit and parting shots.

     Oh no! His hands are moving by themselves! Oh wait that's Magnet Man! "Baaabuuu!" He attempts to move, his eyes still covered, but no! The fist flies up and strikes his own face due to Magnet Man's magnetic influences! Bon cries out and actually begins to cry a small big!

     Oh! He can see again! There's Magnet Man also! So Bon does the simplest thing he knows how!

     Bon pulls back a fist, looks at Magnet Man, and then attempt to punch him! Hard! That'll show him, yep!

Bon Bonne misses you with his Generic Melee attack.

Smash Balrog is hit in the face (entire self) with a bit of sewing machine. It blinks it's eyes once. Apparently it did not notice. "Metroid Prime! Come back! We must find the ribbon candy maker! METROID PRIIIIIME!" Smash Balrog waves it's arms up and down frantically. It turns back to Shade Man.

"Look what you did! You Made Metroid Prime Sad!" He hasn't noticed Blizzard Wolf. At All. Balrog lives in his own little world where tiny elves paint his feet a different color every night, and Oprah speaks only in braile. "Bat Man! Prepare yourself! Prepare for hug beam!" And Smash begins waddling at Shade Man and the cotton gin at High Velocities! Pray that you're the one that gets hit, Fangs.

Smash Balrog misses Shade Man with his Running Tackle attack.

Oh my.

Blizzard Wolf lands from the slash, and then watches as Gigabolt runs. Or flies. Whichever. He casts around, looking for another target...

Something people might's getting kinda...cold in here. The air around Blizz is starting to get a bit foggy as Blizzard's coolant systems kick into overdrive.

Blizzard Wolf forfeits a turn to charge WE.

That'll show him? Nope. While Magnet Man doesn't have as good 'ninja-skillz' as he likes to say he does, he's still no slouch in the agility department, and manages to avoid Bon's fist, laughing all the time like the sore winner he is. "Wahahaha! A little too fast for you there, Bonne boy? I guess it's not too surprising, you ARE fighting a leet master like myself."

Running to another corner of the room, where there are a few odds and ends he DOESN'T care about, he swirls around some magnetic energy, and tosses a few objects towards Bon's poor head.

You strike Bon Bonne with a minor hit from your Blunt Object attack.

Well, the Geminis assume, there's really only one way to go from here, so, they'll have to race through that room where things are getting colder and fighting is still going on.

It's not to say that they're cowards, but they have a haul and didn't care about the objective, so why would they really stick around? They both peer in to the room... then decide to run into it and head for the opposite side as fast as they can. When they get to the spot where Gigabolt left, one of them jumps up to the second floor through the empty hole. They can jump about a story even though they can't fly.

Gemini Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Shade Man, Sword Man, Blizzard Wolf, Gigabolt Man-O-War, Smash Balrog, and Magnet Man.

     As Magnet Man leaps about him with such ninja skills, Bon is unable to do much! The fist misses, slamming into nothing as it goes past. Oh no! He hit the air. He hopes the air will be okay because Tron needs it to breathe.

     Then Magnet Man makes fun of him. Aww! That's not nice at all! "Baaabuuu!" Not that it matters. The servbots help out by still taking stuff. Because Bon has this under control! Maybe.

     As the objects are thrown towards him, Bon cries out as the small objects beat against his helmet and body, him flailing. "Baabuuu. Babuu!" There is only one solution! He must make Magnet Man enjoy being smashed.

     Reaching for a wall of gaming antiques, Bon takes it and moves closer towards Magnet Man, hefting the wall with him. He doesn't need to get that close to use the wall as a crushing weapon... which he does!

     How convenient! The wall, with the valuables, comes down! Well. Only valuable to Magnet Man!

      Visibly panicking this time, Shade Man dodges out of the way, but wait! the Machine! Shade Can only hope he can stop it from getting crushed (or eaten) by incapacitating the box. He crouches a bit and his eyes begin to glow red and white, eerie orb-like energy discharges floating from his eyes, coating whatever they touched with a layer of artificial stone.

Shade Man misses Smash Balrog with his Petrification attack.

Bon Bonne strikes you with a major hit from his Crush attack for 21 units of damage.

Weep for the cotton gin! For it is destroyed! Smash Balrog continues running as Shade Man dives out of the way! The Cotton Gin is Not So Lucky! It is utterly destroyed. Lucky for the Robot Masters that Wily has something comparable to it by this point.

Smash Balrog stands in a pile of rubble. "You are not a big! You are a small. A bad small! Narrow vision! Listening to smell head! Silly Batman." Smash picks up a large piece of caved in wall and throws it at Shade Man!

Smash Balrog misses Shade Man with his One Ton Dodgeball attack.

Blizzard Wolf glances as Gemini Man, both of them, take off through the hole. He notes the sack on Gemini's back, and growls. Gemini Man's the -smart- Robot Master, comparatively speaking. No, actually, Blizzard's willing to bank on Gemini being the brains of this particular operation. So without further ado, Blizz takes off after the andriod, springing off the floors and ceilings in hot, er know what I mean!

Gemini makes it to the second floor, his hologram leaping up after him watching his back. But they aren't fast enough to get away from Blizzard before he comes running up behind... and it's another leap to the next convenient exit.

The twin with the sack turns around and looks. "Um. Er. Nice puppy! Puppy like fetch?" He reaches in to the back and starts rooting around.

The second twin just backs up.

The servbots are mostly ignored, since Magnet Man is currently embroiled in his battle against their master. Luckily all the other lewt he snatched before Bon showed up has been carted away by his Magnet Fly minion, all save for the cartridge he's holding in his hands, which he just snatched from Bon a moment ago.

He's about to do some more trash talking, when Bon does the unthinkable. He jeapordizes some COLLECTIBLES! As the wall is hurled towards Magnet Man, there's only ONE THING he can do. "MY PRECIOUS!" He.. runs.. TOWARDS it, arms outstreched. He must be thinking he can just catch that entire wall easily. He thought wrong. The sight of all rare antique objects made something snap in his 'geek' section of his logic drive. A few moments pass, while a number of inaudiable grunts from from under the rubble of the wall before Magnet Man's hand dramaticall shoots up out of the rocks. Beaten up, dents in his armor EVERYWHERE, with some fluid seeping out of one or two tears. "GrrnaxXCerhie. fffssshh czzzzaaaAAAAaaerrr---*SNAP* OW!" He shouts, stepping out from the mess. "Alright big boy, you want to play like that, fine!" He aims his hands towards Bon, not 'firing' anything at him, but instead, causing some magnetic chaos inside his body. Nothing lethal, but potentially strong enough to really, REALLY cause some damage in the armor.

You miss Bon Bonne with your Internal Struggle attack.

      "You..." Shade Man looks at the remains of the cotton gin, though ducks his head as a remnant of it goes flying. The mission was kind of a failure now, well, maybe we could still rob the place for valuables, he thought. Either way, he was pissed. The vampire raises his cannon yet again, firing off a series of parabolic green rings, the actual shot was recoil less for him, but would send whatever it touched flying.
      "You die, now!"

Shade Man strikes Smash Balrog with his Noise Crush attack.

Smash Balrog gets knocked through several walls by the noise crush. Smash usually doesn't feel pain of even acknowledge it but when he finds himself in a pile of rubble amidst several piece of his own armor, he can only wonder if something is amiss. He stands up again, an unstoppable juggernaut of stupidity.

"No." He intones. "No. I do not fall down. You lose shiny access. You are bad. Not friend. No shiny! No shiny for Batman! Utility Belt No!" A large hatch opens on the back of Smash Balrog, revealing several... missile batteries. Okay. Your guess is as good as mine why he's lugging around hidden missiles. But the moral of the story is "Hey... missiles.".

Smash Balrog misses Shade Man with his Missile Barrage attack.

Blizzard Wolf growls at Gemini as he closes in on the 'pair'. His hackles raise as he makes ready to smack the -crap- out of the San Angeles Bomber...Bombers? It's always kinda confusing when you are referring to Gemini Man.

"No. Puppy does -not- like fetch." Looks like Blizz has treed himself a Gemini Man, maybe?

     As Magnet Man goes /towards/ the wall, Bon claps and giggles! That was kind of funny!

     "Baaaabuuu!" Yaaay! Oh.. he must have hurt Magnet Man's feelings. Because Magnet Man seems to yell out something why means something important! He forgot.

     Then Magnet Man bursts out, Bon gasping! "Baa.. BU!" Oh no! He's lost his mind! He has to find an adult! Oh. Wait. That's just him frustrated! Like Teisel! Well Teisel isn't as frustrated and stuff like Magnet Man, but Magnet Man, unlike Teisel, lost something valuable to him!

     As the magnetic force is heavily applied to Bon, the Bonne begins to shake shudder and .. huh? Nothing happens! Maybe Magnet Man targeted something plastic by mistake, or maybe that's what is really lining it inside! Or maybe rubber! Who knows. You'd have to peel away to find out!

     He claps, finding it a bit funny! Unfortunately for Magnet Man, Bon's arms are rather large! His hands are even larger!

     This might put Magnet Man smack dab where he's clapping! He's giggling... so maybe he's having fun?

Bon Bonne strikes you with a solid hit from his Crush Clap attack for 14 units of damage.

"Well... Chew on this anyway!" And Gemini reaches in to the bag, and throws something directly at Blizzard Wolf.

It is soft and plushie, and small, and full of beans, and not very likely to explode.

"Awwww..." the second twin whines. "Not Pounce the Kitten."

"I thought you hated Beanie Babies."

Gemini Man strikes Blizzard Wolf with his Generic Ranged attack.

      "That shot could level a building... is he still there?" Shade Man peers through the holes in the walls before ducking back out as missiles sing by.
      "Pbbth! Don't make me come in there!" Indeed, Shade Man won't, he's just going to send his bat drones in after him. The vampire bots wings spread and countless tiny bubble bat drones are released, flying through the holes and heading straight for Smash, their sharp wings tend to sting, like bees.

Shade Man strikes Smash Balrog with his Night Raid attack.

Smash Balrog gets gnawed on and slashed by several much smaller bubblebats. Some continue to actively gnaw on him and he begins his standard farewell speech.

"Bat Man. You are not share good. You are not friend good. If only share, if only friend, Smash not have to smash you. You choose bad. You listen bad. I go now!" And with those cryptic, epic words, he immediately leaps vetically skyward, through one of the many holes in the ceiling, off into the sky. To parts unknown. Unless you manage to catch up with him and kill him dead first.

Smash Balrog retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Shade Man, Blizzard Wolf, and Gigabolt Man-O-War.

CLAP CLAP CLAP! Staggar staggar... THUD.

Magnet Man falls off his feet after being clapped to death by Bon Bonne for a few moments. He lays there for a moment or two, armor even MORE dented up than it was, in a bit of a daze. Not from the pain, though it does indeed hurt like hell, but mostly that the child-like Bon is BESTING him here! He's... just a noob, isn't he? ISN'T HE?

"Sploitz..." He rumbles, getting back to his feet. "You must be abusing something, yes! That must be it! Well it will take more than some cheap tricks to beat me, Bonny boy! I'll beat you, AND take my beloved games---" He trails off, looking down at the NES cart he HAD been carrying, which is now on the floor, in a couple of pieces.

"I... I... I...." He repeats, before snapping into full-out 1337sp33k mode. "...I PWN J00!!" He roars, thrusting his hands towards the ceiling, and with some pure magnetic force (even if the ceiling isn't metal, stuff behind it must be) brings part of the ceiling crashing down on Bon.

You strike Bon Bonne with a solid hit from your Magneticrush attack.

Blizzard Wolf gets -faced- with the Beany Baby. It even scuffs up the forehead gem. Blizzard growls, and slashes Pounce the Kitten into a lot of little pieces as it slides off his face. He grips the flooring he's grabbing, as frost pours out of his his mouth, and a burst of ice cold air is blasted in the general direction of the 'solid' twin. Blizz is targetting with his nose, as it he might miss.

Blizzard Wolf strikes Gemini Man with his Winterspring Burst attack.

      Shade Man turns from Smash and looks over at the smashed Cotton Gin machine again. He sighs, realizing how much driving it took down misty wet roads it took to get here. Well, maybe wasn't that much, but it was definitely a bit. He wasn't interested in hunting anyone, so he'd let the box get away... /for now./

"Poor kitty," says Second Gemini. He pouts a little at the shreds of kitty bits.

The first twin gets a faceful of ice. "... Do you have any idea how much that beanie was worth? That would've put my son through college!" Never mind that this quip makes no sense whatsoever, now Gemini is MAD. He raises up his blaster arm, and points it at Blizzard, but then he angles it toward an antique chair at the last second. The Gemini blasts a laser at the chair, which then bounces right back off. "The lack of concern Maverick Hunters have for relics is so shameful. Your sister destroyed anymore fault lines lately?"

Gemini Man strikes Blizzard Wolf with his Ricochet Blast attack.

     Oh no! As Bon claps, he feels something between them! Opening his eyes he frowns. Oh no! Magnet Man! Now he's going to be hurt for having fun! He shouldn't have hurt him like that though, nope! That's mean. But he did! And as Bon ponders this, rather slowly as it goes around in circles, Magnet Man seems to lie there for a while.

     Then Magnet Man speaks up, pointing at him. All's fine an dandy as Magnet Man speaks, UNTIL he looks at the poor corpse of the cartridge! THis is what war brings! It makes people sad. "Babuuuu...." < Sorrryyyy. > A servbot helps translate.

     But woe! Magnet Man is lost in his hatred, and rightfully so! Bon, confused by the sudden interruption of sensible talk, hears PWNJOO and is afraid. What is pwnjoo? Is it bad? Good? Really fun?

     Pwnjoo, apparently, is the ceiling crashing about you. He flails, armor and helmet being worn down as the ceiling and things above it fall out and around him! Oh no! What will he do, stuck under it?

     There is an answer! Missiles! And lots of missiles blast his way out, and then towards Magnet Man! Go missiles, go! "BaaaBUU!" The heavy armor around Bon looks nicely dented, by himself, X-box hueg, and the ceiling! It's still in one piece though.

Bon Bonne strikes you with a minor hit from his Bombastic attack for 10 units of damage.
You take less damage due to your Explosive resistances.

Smash Balrog leaps away into the distance! AND NOTHING CAN STOP HIM NO-Oooh. Shiny object.

Blizzard Wolf gets pelted in the back by the laser, knocking him clear off the ledge he holds. He reaches out and grabs a loose pipe, and impossibly, uses it as a parallel bar, hoisting himself onto floor level with Gemini.

    "You can leave Blaze out of this." Blizz leaps at Gemini and attempts to rip the android's throat out with his teeth!

Blizzard Wolf strikes Gemini Man with his Bite attack.

      Oh well, back to the truck, he thinks. Shade Man stalks out admist random goings on and flying pieces of antiques.

Shade Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Blizzard Wolf.

Missles. Ow. Normally, Magnet Man has decent, explosive-proof armor. But considering all the damage he's taken thus far, that doesn't help him much, as Bon's missiles rain on him. It takes a few moments for the master of magnetism to stop seeing four of everything. Alright... time for his most sensible action this entire fight.

He runs right out the door.

With the ceiling crashing, and the explosives, there's not much left of the electronics room. At the very least he got away with ONE bag of stuff. He'll lament the loss of all the other precious artifacts later, and probably hold a small ceremony for them. Lost forever to the world, what a tragedy.

 Oh yeah, running. Run Magnet, run!

Magnet Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Shade Man, Sword Man, Blizzard Wolf, Gigabolt Man-O-War, and Setsulo Swanson.

"Ooh. You hit a--Augh!" Gemini is about to laugh that he's made Blizzard upset... but even the hologram feels pain when Blizzard tears in to his brother's throat, and both twins are silenced. The first Gemini falls back onto his back as he's ripped open...and chokes a few times. There is a nasty spray of mechfluid from the ripped bit of his neck. He tries to cover it with his hand... and also, soundlessly swears. Can't speak in this condition. He drops the bag he was holding, and legos and adorable plushies spill out onto the floor.

The hologram runs over and tries to put everything back in, instead of dealing with Blizzard immediately. "Jerk. What'd we ever do to you?"

One hand still clutched to his throat, the solid twin starts pelting the room with little white bursts. Most of them bounce when they hit structure, floor or ceiling, so something somewhere ought to hit Blizzard after all.

Gemini Man misses Blizzard Wolf with his Laser Barrage attack.

Blizzard Wolf is everywhere, and nowhere at all. It's kind of Zen, really. It's the only explanation as to -why- the barrage manages to not find Blizzard. He dodges like a madman...wolf. He growls.

    "To me? Nothing lately. To San Angeles? I sholdn't have to explain." And with that, Blizz attempts to leap at the pair, laying into them with a flurry of punches, designed to cave Gemini's face in. Seems like someone woke up a bit cranky. At least -this- Gatebot lacks lasers...

Blizzard Wolf misses Gemini Man with his Maul attack.

     Unconvering himself with missiles, Bon is okay! Infact he's actually in one piece this time! "BAaaabuuUU!" And so, Bon begins to grab this and that as he and the servbots... uh oh.

     Upon grabbing some of the stuff and seeing Magnet Man run out, Bon actually looks at what he's holding. Oh that's not good at all. It's all blown up! He forgot his own strength again!

     Trudging out of that room, into an equally or not more destroyed room, Bon begins shifting through stuff and taking whatever isn't blown up or smashed into by a smashing Smash Balrog!

     Needless to say, Bon can only find handfuls... which is good! Have you ever seen the size of his hands? Bon heads out the front of the building with the servbots, the Drache on the other side... but it'll move! It does too, and the stuff Bon got is loaded onto it!

     Looking out, he sees a puppy! And Gemini Man? Oh no! Is Gemini Man kicking the puppy? O.. It looks like it's the opposite way actually. Bon's a bit confused.

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