Often confused with the South, the Midwest is the area between the Great Plains and the East Coast. Many of the areas here are a mixture of suburbs, cities, and sleepy towns, acting as a sort of transition area between the Great Plains, the South, and the East. Most of the identity of this area is tied to the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, which once acted as a lifeline to cities nestled along its banks many centuries ago. Filled with a rich diversity, many stories can be found about the adventure and excitement that once thrived along the rivers.

Across the midwest, a shadow starts to fall. It covers the whole of the Great Lakes, dropping that part of the world into midnight. Dark clouds roll overhead. Thunder crashes, lightning streaks across the sky. The air becomes thick with humidity, the temperature rising to an uncomfortable level.

It comes.

Vile is in a bad mood. Sigma is pussying out on them. Unhappy with the alliance, the Maverick Commander has taken his ball and gone home, taking his army with him. Were it not for whatever the hell Storm Eagle might have said to him, they wouldn't even have the Raptor II. What's the point of a death ship if you don't deal out death with it?

    But regardless, the Mavericks are sparsely located, as most of them have pulled out. Vile, standing in a combat stance smack dab along one of the defensive lines, perched on an overturned car he plans to use as makeshift cover, protecting Tent City and the soundstage, is not among the cowards. On his right shoulder sits the Vile Cannon. On his left shoulder sits a mini-missile launcher. In his right hand is a wicked plasma pistol. In his left hand is a napalm cannon. Attached to his legs are independent targeting scatter blasters, and on his back is the Vile Shield. Vile is carrying around more weaponry than many Ride Armours.

Alpha isn't here. Instead, a lone planted cactus stands defiant against Ra Moon proudly.

Drake Sunfire has been out here, waiting. He doesn't much care for robots, but he also doesn't care for the end of the world, either. So that's why Drake is at the tent city, waiting...He taps one of his swords on the ground, flat first, as the darkness begins to engulf the sky around them, "Here we go.." He says, as he brings his blade up into both hands.

Where danger and (more importantly) rare drops go, Magnet Man can be found. Camping, waiting, ready to strike. Granted all of his brothers are split up across the whole damn area, and there's something about a concert, but this is not Magnet Man's concern.

He has a gut feeling. Plus he heard a rumor on the internet. And the two of them combined are more than enough reason for the master of magnetism to be camping out in this exact spot. Plus, Wily pretty much ordered him to, so it's all good.

    "Come oooooon raid target!"

Its as the sun above starts to dim that Flare takes wing, burning like a comet in the sky as she just watches the sky. "This is it," she muses, shaking her head. Idly she hopes she won't be the only one in the air... but then again she was sure that she'd have plenty of company in the form of reavers very soon.

Suploid is here. There is no speech, he can't even see where his other Righteous Allies are. This is not good. Not good at all. He tries to use his radio, hoping that they are alright and ready to rumble as well. Scattered here and there are a few camera meant for serious battles, after all... If he gets good photos of this final fight, Pineapple will be set for LIFE. Or at least for a good long time.

Crap. That's the standard sign of unpleasantness. Zero, who until that point was lounging and kicking it with some Jam Band fans, bids his farewell. The end comes, and he has some work to do. The crimson crusader slips through the crowd, making his way back to base camp to regroup with his people and get ready to throw down. It may be the last fight for everybody.

At the first rumble of thunder, Synth questions exactly what the hell it is she's doing here. She's no warrior. This is a horrible idea. She glances down at her armament: a laptop, and a PDA. Martians beware, huh? The ex-Robot-Master tries to stand near someone bigger than herself, kicking off the subdermal trigger that puts the two items of electronics into 'repair mode.' Now, well, now to keep a sharp eye open for wounded robots.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "If I knew it would get humid this much, I would've put on a water sealant primer on my armor."

"Let's get this rolling," Francine McDonald comments. She has been mopey and despondant since London got smashed up, but she has decided to raise her spirits by going to visit the concert. Perhaps a part of her always knew that it was going to come under attack. Perhaps a part of her didn't care. She stoops down and ejects the pistols from each of her boots, and takes the safeties off of both. "For the sake of the planet."

Metal Man is here, he's pissed and has access to lots of sharp things. The Ego shall be making Ra Moon's minions bleed tonight...he looks up as the shadow comes and he stares. "...Mother of Wily...." He's no coward but how much has Ra Moon been holding back? That is his question this evening...

     Pharaoh Man stands before the gathered Robot Master legions. Rows upon Rows of primed drones stand at ready. Metools nerp grimly. Joes ready their shields and armcannons. This is it. The final battle against the destroyer.

     Ra smirks as the sky darkens, and the thunder rumbles. So a little heat is supposed to bother a Sun God? How quain

Overhead, the Raptor II looms, where it was casting a huge shadow before darkness fell. No Maverick army emerges from it. It seems the Coalition is content with shooting the Reavers from the relative safety of the sky. <Vile posing for the RII>

The storm of Reavers rises up, seemingly from nowhere. They surge across the landscape, charging at the standing forces surrounding the stage. Rapidly, their numbers overwhelm the initial defenses, and they start to spread across the area. A desperate battle for survival begins, robot and human fighting side by side to prevent themselves -- and this last chance -- from being lost.

It walks through the Reavers from the rear, taking its time. A pillar of black smoke rises up from Ra Moon like a low-grade tornado, sweeping away debris from its path. In front of him is a glowing black wall of energy, shielding the second wave of Reavers from long range attacks.

The Destroyer's glowing red optics stare straight ahead as it moves with the rear of its guard, looking to destroy anything that resists it. It knows that this is the last battleground. If its forces carry the day here, the world falls.

Valkyrie is floating in the Sky. it's been in Yellow alert, with Shields raised, watching. waiting. and soon the weater beings to change. the Ship begins to go to Red Alert... bringing all weapons online. Pvt. Pathfinder Butterfly, the ships Navigator, reports this to the Captain when Odd weather patterns appear. Rush Raccoon, the Captain, nods. Then.... the storm arrives. Awwwww.... Hellll.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Steady. Hold your fire. Let him close."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "In chess, the /pawns/ go first."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "He's not here yet. Just a thunderstorm and unusually high temperatures. It's a herald."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Gemini Man transmits, "Pharaoh Man, that sounds like a line from a movie, and also, you are stupid." "Sometimes knights go first!" "War isn't CHESS."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "As a matter of fact, it is."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Who is the military strategist here? ME."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "So shutup and do as I say."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Elec Man transmits, "Last time you strategized, Detroit."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Gemini Man transmits, "We beg to differ actually; we're a far superior strategist, also, we aren't there."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Then stop talking."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Elec Man transmits, "I'm going to repeat that one, because it's important. Detroit."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Gemini Man transmits, "You see, in Chess- PHARAOH MAN gets his ass kicked, while we sit at home and prepare the medbay and the laughter."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "Keep the arguing to a minimum please."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Boys. Trying to keep existance in one piece. Do stop talking."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "STOP ALL THE SASS! Anyone who gets Sassy doesn't get an armor upgrade. YOU HEARD ME."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Yeah. There's upgrades in the works. Now shut up and play nice!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Gemini Man very quietly: "...we love you Doctor."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Elec Man transmits, "I do like upgrades."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "Oh, an armor upgrade. Think I can add ice to the list of attacks that won't phaze me much? I am probably hoping for too much."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Yer daaaaamn right."

     Well then. Tent City.

     A certain gentleman had visited this city long ago, alone, looking for some tea. He also had left a large length of vines under the ground, and had planted a few things before, even a nice spy like creature. It's so simple for the humans, the earthlings, reploids covered in that phrase as well, to be tricked.

     Create something, plan it, and then set it off, two at a time. Make one rather large and obvious.. make the other unknown. Over the weeks they had been unaware, Flora Man had been growing a harvest crop under them, leeching off the nutrients that were provided from afar. They were durable, growing while never really making it to the light. They would come up for some though, and while they were normal plants, the bunker crop was anything but.

     But then, they wouldn't know about it.

     Flora Man himself is speeding towards the midwest at speeds about a hundred miles an hour, as something from the ground about the tent city, before it and towards it, begins to pull itself from the ground. Stalks of bamboo, grain and corn begin to lance upwards, the tips rather sharp, growing to about waist here and there while others lance up to about eight feet, this mainly being the corn stalks.

     It's obviously a bumper crop. The corn just seems to stay there before the seeds of them begin to swell, opening before arming like crude turrets, chemical weaponry loaded. The grain itself wafts, letting go the toxins that flow from it. These were situational, and none were actually mobile drones.. but they were fast growing after all.

     Flora Man heads in.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "And, you are."

Along with the destroyer, his faithful 'slaves' come. Along with the slaves, many, many reavers. As far as the eye can see. Cryogenic Man comes with an odd taste in reavers, riding upon a large reaver himself, shaped like a giant turtle, pulling it self across the land as it does. Scraping the ground, dragging up the soil and ground as it goes. The gentleman seems to wait for something, or at least, some one. He sits at a table above the turtle, sipping tea.

In front of him, reavers to no end. The small, miniature ones which march forward, artillery at best, with large squid like reavers up in front, their terrible arms lashing out, ripping trees and bushes from the ground.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Elec Man transmits, "I hope my upgrade includes /even more true power./"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Actually, I don't have enough stuff to upgrade ALL of you."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Metal Man transmits, "An overhauled targeting system would be awesome...dad."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "So upgrade those that do very well."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "We'll just have to tear some spare parts off our wayward cousins..."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Elec Man transmits, "Well, I've got plenty of true power anyway. I won't be too broken up about it."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Metal Man transmits, "Sounds good Ra."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "*rumbling in the background hat gets increasingly louder* It has begun."


The still shattered Sky Room of the Tower of Light grinds and groans, opening its terrible maw to the world below. A hiss of pnuematic gases clouds the extending opening, swirling and conflicting with the light from within and the nearly pitch black sky. The gases swim, and then finally settle to cool, rising and wafting upward to reveal...

The Wilysaucer III. An exact replica of Scott Wily's beloved Wilysaucer II.

The discus ship shoots forward from the Tower, cutting a path low and hard across the Tent City. The turbine, the magical Wilytech engines, shake and thunder the tents of the Juggalo, Repliforce, Maverick, Robot Master, Civilian, and every other variety of sentient life that has accumulated on the planet below. And they cheer, screams of buoyed morale boosted by surprise. Was it really Doctor Wily, on their side, fighting The Destroyer?


Straight for the line of Reavers the Wilysaucer III churns and burns. It soars straight overhead of the frontline, the swarm of Reavers oblivious to it's flightplan. It cuts uphill -- slicing through the smoky nether -- heading for the great black barrier. The very same barrier that has kept China quartered off from the world. The barrier no being on the planet has yet deduced a method of penetrating...


With a crackle of thunderous energy, the Wilysaucer III explodes straight through the wall of energy -- straight into the heart of Ra Moon's moving sanctuary -- straight into the second battalion of his Reaver forces. Explosions ripple through the saucer's frame, a twisting series of smoky contrails blistering off it's mass as it spins erratically through the air.

The opaque cockpit hisses, a crackling spiderweb crumbling outward. The glass shatters into a thousand pieces in a spray of light.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "/That/ is why the pawns go first."

You paged Rock with 'Standing next to Rock, who happens to be flying the Wilysaucer III, is his other faithful sidekick, Fliptop. For a suitcase with two huge eyes and a mouth, he looks pretty serious. He looks up at the Hero, and says "We're gonna give 'em hell, aren't we Mega Man?"
Then, as the saucer flies right through the barrier, Fliptop nearly loses his balance. Rock doesn't have time to pick him up, so the little suitcase uses all of his balancing powers to stay upright. He doesn't look a bit nervous. Well, maybe just a little.
"That's interesting," Francine McDonald comments, as she looks up at the Wilysaucer III. She tracks its progress as it flies overhead, and moves towards the Reaver-ranks. And explodes. And woah, there's Rock. And all his little buddies. "Very interesting." Francine taps her pistols together. "So what are we going to do next, my brothers and sisters?"

Fear overtakes Synth at the sight of the Reavers. Holding her laptop aloft, it rapidly reconfigures itself to emit a sonic-based weapon; it's not going to complete with the rock-n-roll by any chance, but it might irritate or disintegrate a spare Reaver or two. Mostly, she follows Zero back towards his 'base camp,' hoping to merely serve as a medic - and knowing that if the Reavers make it this far, there's not much she CAN do.

     The Pharaoh smirks faintly, as Rock plays the usual Hero-Martyr with his Animal Friends. How very predictable. His hand goes up, signalling the Robot Master forces to be at ready. His optics calmly look upon the charging mass of Martian technology, waiting for the right moment to strike...

[Radio: (B) Secure] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Synth is present."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Shall I make effort to apprehend her in the chaos?"
[Radio: (B) Secure] Dr. Wily transmits, "Directive: s/apprehend/MURDER/. Go."

Zero moves through the throng, moving as quickly as he can to meet the Reaver Hourdes head on. As he moves, his crimsom armor shifts, darkening in tone to a glossy black from the candy red. The berserker doesn't even bother with his sword for the moments, he pushes into the throng, wielding his crushing strength with expertise. The berserker spares a skyward glance at the WilySaucer, only to smirk and redouble his force at the reavers. Fists and feet work in tandem. The blond reaches out for a tentacled Reaver, ripping one off quickly and brutally to assault its fellows with it.

That's like a Buster, isn't it?

That.. sound. Its unique, its well known, it only comes from ONE kind of ship that Flare knows of. As the swarms begin to draw near and the firebird prepares herself for the most important fight of her life, she can't help but stare over at the Wilysaucer. "You gotta be kidding me!" she calls, hovering in the air, eyes darting between it and the massive swarm. Then the dome opens! "Much better!" she calls out toward Megaman, doubting he'll hear it, but its a relief to see him anyway. After its obvious the saucer holds no ill intentions within, her eyes focus out upon the reavers and Ra Moon as well. "Bring it on..."

"Idiots!!" Vile shouts as plants suddenly sprout out around them. He's referring to the morons that let this sneak attack come in the first place. It doesn't take a genius to realize how Flora Man managed to pull off this trick. In one fluid motion Vile has spewed forth a conical blast of napalm from the cannon in one of his hands. Frustrated at having the lines already assaulted up close and personal in this manner, Vile attempts to burn down as many of the damn plants with liberal amounts of liquid fire. One of the plants aims at him and fires off a toxic dart of some sort, but Vile manages to leap aside despite the considerable weight that he's lugging around.

"Hoooooo boy..." Magnet Man says, finally starting to feel a bit of anxiety once Ra Moon appears for real. The reavers aren't helping matters either. But... this is it! This is what he was waiting for. You could call it the end of expansion event, Magnet Man does. Most others, though, would probably call it judgement day. But Magnet Man doesn't like to think of details like that. Takes away from his illusion that he placed on reality.

    "Well, you only live once. If you're HUMAN, anyway. For Dr. Wily! MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET MAN!" The Gamma bellows, running forward. He tries to use his magnetic powers to fling the reavers in his way aside. It'll likely prove too much for him, making him rely on traditional dodging methods, but anything to give him an advantage.

Drake Sunfire knows that sound. He watches at the saucer moves through the sky, and then flies straight for the villains. Drake just grins a little bit to himself, and then adjusts his sunglasses, "It's almost time to rock and roll.." He says. Drake's not going to rush headfirst into the battle, though. That's what the heroes are for. Drake's going to strike when the right opritunity arises.

As the Reavers race in, Suploid merely pulls out his gun. He knows that things will be getting ugly soon, but it doesn't matter, instead he just figure off shots as he takes to the air, trying to provide support from above, hoping that most of the Reavers are ground forces and Ra Moon focuses on ground units. After all, Suploid gets the feeling that one or two good hits from Ra Moon could kill him. After all, Suploid seems weak to alien energies for some reason.

Ra Moon stares down the approaching forces, thinking them barely worth mentioning. It gestures broadly, directing his forces through the weaknesses he sees in their lines. The Destroyer pays little heed to the flying saucer. The Reavers generally ignore it, sparing only some harassment fire while they focus on their main objective.

The saucer carves through the forcefield, disrupting it. Ra Moon's concentration is broken even as he focuses power at the intruder, the black wall evaporating.

As the saucer explodes, Ra Moon turns his full attention to it. "You /dare/." he says, summoning up a large energy blast.

The Reavers charge forward, ripping and tearing into anything in their path. Their overpowering numbers challenge even the most elite combat units. Magnet Man's strafing clears a path for him, but it's like a needle passing through quicksand. How long can he keep it up without help? Fortunately, Suploid is there and provides some helpful covering fire.

Ra Moon strikes Pineapple with its Reaver Plague attack.
Ra Moon misses Zero with its Reaver Plague attack.
Ra Moon misses Francine McDonald with its Reaver Plague attack.
Drake Sunfire deflects Reaver Plague from Ra Moon.
Ra Moon strikes Synth with its Reaver Plague attack.
Ra Moon strikes Riot with its Reaver Plague attack.
Ra Moon strikes Vile with its Reaver Plague attack.
Ra Moon strikes Flare Phoenix with its Reaver Plague attack.
Ra Moon strikes you with a minor hit from its Reaver Plague attack for 12 units of damage.
Ra Moon strikes Pharaoh Man with its Reaver Plague attack.

The Valkyrie does but one thing. It opens Fire at the Reavar advance. and this time, fighting against a direct assault, it can open fire Completly, the Valkyrie lights into a flurry of Lasers.... Heavy Lasers. Railguns.... Rockets.... and most importantly, Heavy Ion Cannon fire into the oncoming revears. It DOES watch it's fire as Rock begins it's approach however, being careful of friendly fire, but otherwise, it's Assault haas begun. Rush , sitting in his chair is staring a holographical tactical display on the bridge. let it it be so!

Metal Man looks at the masses of the enemy and readies his blades, the blades fly, Joes fire, Gear Clowns attempt to run over the Reavers. Some of the drones fall but those that don't keep on fighting. Metal Man meanwhile lets the blades fly towards the enemy some how hes ignored he'll just make them pay for that as blades rain down upon the enemy. He leaps upon reavers in his way using them as stepping stones. "Come on try and hit me you worthless slaggers! WE ARE ROBOT MASTERS! WE WILL END EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU!"

Metal Man strikes Ra Moon with his Sawblade attack.
Ra Moon successfully reflects Sawblade.

    Synth is now VERY nervous. Not only are the reavers swarming even her, striking at her (as she fights one off with her laptop gun), but someone - or something - has spotted her, someone from the Robot Masters. Her eyes sweep the crowd, spotting likely candid--ah. Pharoah Man.

    "Note to self," she says, levelling the laptop with the rest of the Reaver swarm. "Don't stick around for the celebration." A small smile plays across her face, and a loud beat plays acrosss the air, synchronizing with Michael's song to strike at the Martian hordes.

Synth strikes Ra Moon with her Laptop Gun - Beatbox attack.
Ra Moon successfully reflects Laptop Gun - Beatbox.

Ra Moon brings its reflect system offline.

Despite Magnet Man's best efforts a number of Reaver Bots collide with him anyway. This doesn't do him a lot of good, but he doesn't slow down either, despite gashes in his armor. Magnet Man... almost seems to be in a bit of a panic while running, repeating to himself "It's ok, it's ok, it's ok, everything's cool, I'm leet. I'm leet, I'm leet, I'm leet. I can handle this! I'm in the zone, it's all mine! YAAAAH!"

    He continues batting Reavers aside with his magnetism until he finally gets a clear view of Ra Moon. "This'll mean aggro on me for sure... but here goes nothing!" Trying to get clear of Reaver Bots, even for a few moments, Magnet Man concentrates on all the pieces of scrap in the area, reaver bot or otherwise, levitates them into the air, and sends them speeding towards The Destroyer.

You strike Ra Moon with a glancing hit from your Metal Storm attack.

Still in the air, Flare looses a loud cry before decending for the hordes, her wings a good 20 feet across as she buzzes over the massive swarm, the fiery wings constantly dropping off blazing feathers into the reaver swarm, "This is SO going to be a long long long night," she mutters, pulling back up into the air after her first run.

Flare Phoenix misses Ra Moon with her Wing Shards attack.

     A reaver lunges for Pharaoh Man, and then another, and another. He goes down in a small group of five or so...only for a sudden blast of superheated air to tear them apart. Pharaoh Man calmly blinks upwards into a hover, back into his original pose, and brings the hand downward.

The Robot Master drones charge.

Ra begins to blink rapidly, sending further bursts of superheated air at pockets of reavers, directing his forces as best he can.

Pharaoh Man strikes Ra Moon with his Heat Wave attack.

Suploid blinks as he gets hit with the plague like attack. The Hero in Green coughs a few times before he sees that he quickly runs out of ammo. Seems like he should have brought a second gun. Either way, Suploid uses his super strength to get the most out of his gun, merely throwing it as hard as he can right for the eye of one of the Reavers, hoping to take down one of the larger ones and cause it to fall on the smaller ones. He would offer some witty banter, but in epic struggles this big, such words are lost in the roar of battle.

Pineapple strikes Ra Moon with his Well-aimed Small Object attack.

Drake might not want to be a hero all that much. That's OK. Francine doesn't want to either. But she is angry. And she wants to shoot things. A lot. So as the Reaverbots rush up, she has the hot bullets of handgun to die for them. A bot flies at her. She kills it. Another. Kills it. Another. Kills it. Francine walks forward slowly. Shooting. Shooting. Shooting.

Francine McDonald strikes Ra Moon with her Generic Ranged attack.

     As Vile immediately begins the assault upon the plants, the bamboo, dry as it was, as well as some of the wheat stalks. The bamboo was the one that was set aflame first, the heat of the cannon incinerating the ones closest while turning some of the others into burning pyres about them.

     A bit of flame happens to catch towards the one that shoots the dart, and it catches aflame. The corn seems to be lit for a few seconds before exploding. Apparently the chemicals were unstable, and reacted less then welcome to the fire.. although it didn't look like, like normal plants, burning was the way to deal with them.

     Flora Man himself grows close, grabbing a small stem that happens to be growing, before pulling it about a few of the plants that stood long, running in close and beginning to crate a miniature obstacle course with a few vines, leaves, and of course, ground spikes.

     The corn stalks begin to fire off towards the crowd of drones and reploids, the midwest defense, as Flora Man himself yet ceases to get directly involved. For now. They change to aim towards the robot master drones, firing bursts of them.

     The grain still wafts, not quite sharp, not quite useful, except the fact that the pollen upon it might be used for a few other things, perhaps to help the reavers. They were already incited and angry, but there were always ways to increase optimum efficiency.

"Stay close," Rock says to Fliptop, Rush, and Beat as the Wilysaucer starts to descend for the hoard of 2nd wave Reavers below -- it's eoowoo generator busted. Their descent is slow, almost too slow, like a slowly lowering cargo bay door. His arm flickers, crackling with a flash of blue energy, as the Mega Buster is drawn to life. A second later, eclipsed in motes of incadescent energy, Mega Man finally leaps from the Wilysaucer and straight down into the hoard; a red robo-canine and a blue robo-bird immediately leaping to follow.

Rock lands with both his booted feet crushing down on one unfortunate Reaver. The smoking Wilysaucer III roars by over his head, crashing into the line of Reavers and momentarily lighting the black-stained sky with a brilliant flash of explosive light. Charging forward, Reaverbits flake off of Rock's boots as his buster arm levels. Whitehot pulses of plasma lash out from his cannon, slamming into Reaver after Reaver as they all start to recognize his energy signature as hostile. His momentum, his direction, is clear -- straight for the Destroyer -- born on a path of the dead.

Rush trails Rock, covering his back, growls and pouncing bites -- aided by laserfire courtesy of Beat above -- keeping the Reavers that circle and close from cutting Rock down from behind.

"There's so many, Rush! Keep moving! They're all /depending/ on us!"

The tentacled reavers get brutally assaulted, the arm being ripped directly off. The friends around it are thoroughly beaten to a pulp without a second notice. It doesn't take long for the berserker to destroy the area around him. Even some of the artillery reavers are destroyed from the raw strength of the berserker and his pseudo-buster.

Magnet Man's hurls reavers towards here and there as he does. They get hurled, man handled like any robot master would. The gravitic Robot Master seems to hurl the reavers as if they were nothing. As they were. It just keeps going. Reavers are just the drones of apocalypse after all.

Cryogenic Man still waits upon the turtles back.

He takes a sip of tea.

Reavers suck hard. Zero jumps over a barrage of fire, arcing forward into the swarm. "I've killed better things than you Reavers! Come on, I want a /challenge/!" Zero howls as he crashes to the earth feet first, aiming to drive his feet through one reaver before he turns to its fellws and sets to work. Fists fly, hands swing wide, and Zero tears at Reavers, aiming to rip them apart into so much scrap. The berserker drives his fist into one man sized Reaver before he rips his fist out, dragging wires with it. Using those wires, he swings the drone around into more like it. "Is that all you've got?! COME GET ME! I'll take you all with me!"

Zero strikes Ra Moon with his Beginning Brutality attack.

Vile lets out another plume of napalm towards Flora Man's plants, roasting them as best he can. Unfortunately with their line already disrupted by this plan, it means Vile has little defense against the Reavers that are swarming past them, ripping the forces of Earth as they pass by. Angrily, Vile lets the plants be long enough to focus on the Reavers. Bracing himself and angling himself almost at random, the mini-rack on Vile's left shoulder begins releasing mini-missile after mini-missile in rapid succession, each having the power to hopefully down a Reaver. "Don't think I've forgotten about you..." he snarls at Flora Man, although given the distance between each other it's obvious Flora Man was not meant to hear it. He'll find out soon enough.

Vile strikes Ra Moon with his Generic Ranged attack.

Rock strikes Ra Moon with his Generic Ranged attack.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "Big, dumb, and apparently careless. For a large worm, this thing seems a little too easy to evade."

Fliptop nods to Rock, before activating his rear mounted rocket boosters and following Rock out of the Wilysaucer III. Flip stays close to Beat, and while the little bird is dropping lasers on the Reavers, Fliptop is dropping something more interesting into the crowd, Eddie Bombs! Keeping his subspace lid constantly opened, the little suitcase drops as many bombs as Beat drops lasers.

Reavers. Drake Sunfire hates Reavers. As they swarm towards him, he meets the first one of them with his blade, deflecting the blow away from himself. A second one is brushed off with a sweep of one of his wings. Then Drake strikes back, unleashing into the Reavers in front of him with a slash of the blade that he holds in his hands, "You're going to die out here, Ra Moon. Because there's only one ultimate being on this planet, and it's not you." It's not Drake either, but he's not gonna add that part. It'd ruin the threat.

Fliptop strikes Ra Moon with his Eddie Bombs attack.

Drake Sunfire misses Ra Moon with his Flame Swipe attack.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Skull Man transmits, "What?"

Ra Moon advances on Mega Man and his companions, black energy swirling around him. Mega Man's shots take down Reavers, but Ra Moon cares not for them. "Now is the time of your destruction," it says, pulsing a blast of energy at Mega Man hard enough to drive him back 50 yards.

Metal Blades soar through the Reavers, cleaving through two or three at a time before losing too much momentum to continue. His aggressive posture draws the attention of the horde, who continue to fire upon the speedy, dexterous Robot Master. Synth, formerly a master, clears away some of the Reavers with her sonic pulses; Magnet Man collects many of the pieces and fires them forward, deeper into the horde. This provides an opening for the Robot Masters' own drones to charge, providing a wedge for others to act. Zero gets up momentum in the gap and pounds at the Reavers, tearing several of them apart with his bare hands.

Flare's dive doesn't have the desired effect, scattering rather than harming the Reavers. This gives Pharaoh Man an opening to wash the confused Reavers with flames, destroying a good dozen. One of the Reavers that Pharaoh Man's roasting miss gets smote by Suploid's gun. Other Reavers go down from Francine's precision fire, making more room rapidly filled by Vile's missiles.

But still, they come.

Ra Moon strikes Vile with its Generic Ranged attack.
Ra Moon misses Zero with its Generic Ranged attack.
Ra Moon strikes Francine McDonald with its Generic Ranged attack.
Ra Moon strikes Pineapple with its Generic Ranged attack.
Ra Moon strikes Pharaoh Man with its Generic Ranged attack.
Ra Moon strikes you with a minor hit from its Generic Ranged attack for 8 units of damage.
Ra Moon strikes Synth with its Generic Ranged attack.
Ra Moon misses Metal Man with its Generic Ranged attack.
Ra Moon strikes Drake Sunfire with its Generic Ranged attack.
Ra Moon misses Rock with its Telekinetic Mosh Pit attack.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Gemini Man transmits, "So that's the Irregular hologram guy? Pfft."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "They're using a zombie worm.. Doctor Light mentioned something about Ra Moon having fetched it from the sun, or some such drivel. It looks quite clearly dead and falling apart. And called it a Seismic something or other. My databanks have no record of it."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Metal Man transmits, ".... SY?!"

     Pharaoh Man continues to blink, only for a stray reaver blast or two to smack him for his efforts. This will not do at all. He takes a few moments to relocate Synth in the mix of things. Oh, soon, she shall rejoin her brethren. But for now, her efforts are far too useful against the Reavers to be disrupted. But soon...

     The Pharaoh blinks in and out of patches of Reavers, lashing out with a flaming khopesh violently, while snapping out directive code-phrases to the Robot Master drones...

[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Oh F***."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "KILL IT! KILL IT!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Skull Man transmits, "Oh /god/ no. /That/ thing."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "DESTROY IT FOREVER! WHY DID THEY BUILD SUCH A THING?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Metal Man transmits, "You head Dad. MAKE IT DEAD AGAIN."

Valkyrie from above, continues it's downwards massive assault at the incoming swarm of Revars. The Repliforce Warship still holding it's ground. It's assumed that it's most likely being attacked so it's shield's glint as fire disapates over it's shield. shreeding it down bit, by bit, by bit. Rush sits back on the Bridge and directs fire. "Move Laser battery 25's fire to sector 5-A and Move the Railgun's fire to sector 4-B.." and so on. Rush is being strictly direct as Artillery Snake goes about making the alterations in the Ship's weapons. "Aye, Sir!" he replies in his stern, almost Mr. T Sounding voice.

Pharaoh Man strikes Ra Moon with his Khopesh Brand attack.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "Somoene will have to fill me in on the missing chunks of my memory later. The last transfer has left me unable to recall any events from before the last two months. *fwish* It's slow and clumsy. This should be easy."

     Well, why let all of his drones do the work?

     Flora Man aims at a particular one to escape the wrath of the reavers and Ra Moon. Eyes, heavy brows furrowing as he takes precise aim. Meanwhile, Vile sets more of his plant drones aflame, some catching on fire, others burning more. A group of oddly grown turret like stalks explode through the heat, chemicals splashing from the waste. The wheat as well is set aflame, some of it burning, pluming as it begins to burn. And it burns well, oddly well, as a green smoke begins to waft from the burning wheat like plant.

     But it isn't, an obvious testament to the pure amount of fire weaponry used upon him on this planet. It burns, and as it does, it begins to release a rather thick gas, slightly noxious in it's creations.

     Picking a random target to fire upon, Flora Man aims, a burst of pollen being fired at high velocity towards the unlucky reciever. He's close by, but far enough from Vile to not hear him.

"Son of a bitch!" Reavers still coming from everywhere. Drake decides that it'll be best if he uses some of his new moves to clear them out. Charging up one of his claws with electricity, Drake leaps right for a reaver, to drive the claws straight through it, and then move on to others, repeating the process.

Drake Sunfire strikes Ra Moon with his Ion Claw attack.

    She's not made for this kind of nonsense! Synth raises the laptop, grunting, as it reconfigures itself into a bazooka-like shape. There's a noise of locking and loading, then Synth aims straight for what she can see of Ra Moon. She narrows one eye. "I've had enough," she says through gritted teeth.

    She may have come to repair, but tonight? Tonight, she's striking with firepower. A trio of large bullets head for the Reaver swarm and their bossman, the Robot Devil himself.

Cryogenic Man randomly selects someone in this room. Ra Moon is picked.

Synth strikes Ra Moon with her Pda Unit - Rappers We Crush attack.

Flora Man strikes Fliptop with his Pollen Blast attack.

Power thrums through Zero's systems as he engages in brutality to the drones. If he is going to die, he is going down in battle. The berserker lunges, drawing his beam saber and igniting it all at once. He swings it wide, trying to make the Reavers shy back, even as he lunges at another, his arrogant smirl slowly slipping into a grimace. There's so many. He can't conceivably hold out forever, attrition will get him.

He'll get them first, though. With a bellow, Zero surges deeper into the reaver throng, his free hand driving at a Reaver. His intent is to shove his hand through one, and another, and another until he cannot move forward with the weight. So far, so good.

Zero strikes Ra Moon with his Z Knuckle attack.

Ready to make her second run, the Firebird once again sweeps down over the reaver swarm, wings blazing bright and hot as she surges across, even taking potshots at anything she notes that is just a bit bigger then the rest. There's just so many, its hard to really focus on any one reaver at any given point, "Just freaking die, ever single one of you.." she growls, not bothering to pull up this time, even trying to help out Megaman with a potshot or two from her distance.

Flare Phoenix misses Ra Moon with her Heat Wave attack.

Suploid decides to get up close and personal, just flying down and trying to crunch one under foot. He looks about, trying to figure out how everyone else is faring, but it is only for a second or two before he flies forward, knowing that even if he was twice as powerful and armored that it would still be a hard fight for him. Best to take as many down before he himself gets put down for the count.

Francine McDonald is on the move. And why? Because she wants a rematch with a certain person. A person who gave her some significant pain in the past. And even if she can't win, Francine will be happy to take her pound of flesh from Flora Man.

"FLORA MAN!" she shouts, moving through the obstacle course as she approaches the Gentleman. Her pistols are hot with anger, possibly also drunk. We don't know, but those British, they always drink a lot. "Care for round two, you despoiling wretch?"

Magnet Man is, at least, marginally effective. But he still gets sprayed with counter-fire. "I AM NOT A TANK, DAMMIT!" He shouts, trying to take cover. Where the hell is their strategy? He doesn't have the endurance to take straight hits, even if they are still pretty mind, all things considered. All of the high hit-point people should be drawing Ra Moon's fire.

    "Think Magnet, think think think. At this rate I'll be dead before this even begins." He tries to think of a strategy, but ultimately fails. Magnet Man is more of a follower, letting other people come up with the methods, and himself only carrying them out. "Oh fork it." He grumps, and jumps back out from his shelter, firing a blast of pure, destructive, magnetic force at Ra Moon.

    And, of course: Magnetism is Blue.

Francine McDonald strikes Flora Man with her Rapid attack.

You strike Ra Moon with a glancing hit from your Magnet Buster Megablast attack.

Pineapple strikes Ra Moon with his Faster Than A Speeding Bullet attack.

    Sometime early in hte fight the portable buildings of Tent City had collapsed in, burrying one of the defenders... That defender has worked his way out. The Cobalt and Navy blue ex-Cop Reploid stands again. "...I hate being late." he draws out the aging SWAT Buster and works the action once before levling it and fires... Hey, it's a target rich environment.

    Rich in -reavers-.

Riot strikes Ra Moon with his Ripper Buster attack.

Cryogenic Man continues to sit on his turtle while his reavers continues to plow forwards.

He sits back on his turtle, sipping down some tea.

He's far enough that his reavers will do the work for him.

With every missile Vile shatters a Reaver with, two more zip past to take its place. The Maverick criminal prefers fighting enemies that are alive. Or more alive than the Reavers are, anyway. Vile twists and narrowly avoids a Reaver aiming to impale him. Unfortunately he's too slow to get the /second/ Reaver, which slashes into his left arm just above the elbow. Somewhere behind his helmet, Vile grits whatever passes for teeth. His gaze darts about, eager to avoid any further attacks on his person. As he looks around, his glare falls upon Flora Man once again. The architect of this little plant mayhem. Muttering a battlecry only to himself, Vile begins charging through Reavers, ignoring the pollen blast fired elsewhere. The Maverick drives through any drones in his way, attempting to slam into Flora Man and knock him down for the coup de grace.

Vile strikes Flora Man with his Charge attack.

The blade slinger is unharmed at this moment he weaves out o the way of a number of attacks. Even using some reavers to shield them from their fellows. One beam type one he grabs and spins letting its own weapon turn upon its fellows. Then he fires off another blade for good measure at the reaver he used as a weapon.

Metal Man misses Ra Moon with his Single Blade attack.
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "Hmm. Fire doesn't seem to be working.."

The world freezes. The dark sky burns to white. Mega Man's attention homes in, like a laserbeam, his green eyes solid steel locked on Ra Moon's form. The ground around the blue bomber starts to curl as the dark telekinetic forces of the Destroyer start to bend reality to his will. Clumps of sod, hunks of Reaver debris, even Rush starts to lift off the ground. There is a piercing wail that cuts the sky, shaking the ear, a piercing noise that feels like it is grabbing your spine and shaking it to pieces.

The wail bottoms out. The white sky shatters. The wave of telekinetic force slams straight into Rock's body, sending him sailing back through the air. He lands and bounces, skipping through the air on his back several times until his twisted form finally skids to a rest. Seconds later, the horde descends, Rock disappearing in the cloud of Reavers.

Rush stands close to a hundred yards deeper into the swarm. A second ago, his best friend was standing at his side, surging up the hill for Ra Moon. The robodog twists his head and can see nothing but a horrible pile of clattering, blood-thirsty, Reavers beyond.

Beat notices this too. The bird, loyal to the end, looks at Fliptop. It gives a call, a shrill bird shriek. It means, let's go, motherfucker!

The loyal companions descend on the pile like hellfire. Rush's sonic amplified barks rail into Reaver after Reaver. Beat's laser burns through an entire clip, the bird divebombing and lifting Reavers -- two at a time -- in it's super-reinforced talons to hurl them into the black barrier down the hill.

A rumbling noise starts to rise; drowning out the din of feeding Reavers and the noise of Mega Man's robotic companions valiant stand. It melts into what sounds like thunderclaps -- repeated cracks of pure noise. One, after another, after another. With each clap, a pile of Reavers explodes into dust. Within seconds, the entire swarm is nearly exhausted -- a pile of debris left in their place. One final thunderclap resounds -- snapping the air. Rush, Beat, and company scatter back, creating a perimeter.

A flash of explosive force washes out from one side of the pile. Then the other side. Then straight up, lighting up the dark sky with a brilliant fiery cyclone. Seconds later, a grotesque mass -- a machine of war -- ascends on a trail of light.


Rock changes into his Ultimate ODESSA armor.
Rock strikes Ra Moon with his Fight On For Everlasting Peace attack.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Gemini Man transmits, "We hate 'everyone,' and 'everyone' is stupid, but we think we're right about 'everyone.'"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Delta PB Dust Man transmits, "I want to see my Mars clone!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Gemini Man transmits, "He's probably dead."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Delta PB Dust Man transmits, "That's no fair!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "A King Clone ate him."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Delta PB Dust Man transmits, "DAMN HIM!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "That would account for his abject st-DUST MAN GO DEFEAT MY ENEMIES."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "There can be only one."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Delta PB Dust Man transmits, "YES!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Metal Man transmits, "My own clone is dead as well....pitty."

Fliptop doesn't speak robot bird talk, but he gets the message loud and clear. He dives down with Beat, dropping more Eddie Bombs and divebombing alongside the bird. Looping back around, he glances at what Rock has now become. Landing between Rush and Beat, he reinforces the perimeter they have created.

Pharaoh Man smites at the Reaver horde while giving orders to the Master drones. Several explode impressively, sending up towering plumes of smoke. The air support from the Valkyrie provides critical cover for Zero's rampage, letting him carve through an swath of them in an impressive display of power. This also clears a lot of the ground that Flare was aiming at, but hey, it's a deterrent. The fire gives Suploid room to drop down and smoosh a particularly persistent Zakobon dead, and shortly thereafter the dead Reaver is bombarded by Metal Man's toss of another dead comrade.

Riot emerges from the ruins and starts firing on the Reavers, giving cover fire to Vile inadvertently to let him get over to Flora Man. Meanwhile, Magnet Man's magnetic blast tears through a line of Reavers, causing a series of powerful explosions, but stops dead about five feet away from Ra Moon. He barely notices it.

He notices something else instead.

The force of Mega Man's transformation is terrible. Ra Moon stumbles back a step from the force of it, raising a hand to push the energies back. The pets are of no concern -- that power is.

The wave of force obliterates a legion of Reavers in front of Mega Man, the power bowing and buckling as it snaps around Ra Moon, leaving him unharmed for the moment. "You have strength," Ra Moon observes, and proportionately elevates its own powers. It begins to summon up something from within itself, but has enough leftover power to account for this new threat -- he sends the next wave of Reavers at Mega Man and any others in his path.

Vile deflects Generic Ranged from Ra Moon.
Ra Moon misses Zero with its Generic Ranged attack.

Ra Moon strikes Francine McDonald with its Generic Ranged attack.
Ra Moon strikes Pineapple with its Generic Ranged attack.
Ra Moon strikes Pharaoh Man with its Generic Ranged attack.
Ra Moon strikes you with a minor hit from its Generic Ranged attack for 8 units of damage.
Ra Moon misses Synth with its Generic Ranged attack.
Ra Moon strikes Metal Man with its Generic Ranged attack.
Ra Moon misses Drake Sunfire with its Generic Ranged attack.
Ra Moon strikes Riot with its Generic Ranged attack.
Ra Moon strikes Rock with its Generic Ranged attack.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Omega XO Cold Man transmits, ".... It's tempting to answer Rock's call, sadly."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Give him a busy signal."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Gemini Man transmits, "With sarcasm? Let the kid have his moment."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Gemini Man transmits, "We say 'kid' rhetorically because he's older than we are, but the chicks he dates are way younger."

Is it her or is fire just not hurting these things? Flare grunts a bit and pulls up into the air again, getting her bearings, "The hell does it take to hurt these things," she growls.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Gemini Man transmits, "WAY younger. SANDLOT."

Flare Phoenix forfeits a turn to charge WE.

     A clip is emptied into Flora Man, bullets piercing the vitals that make up Flora Man's armor. He staggers backwards as the assault strikes, turning to see just who would do such a thing. It was simple, that woman that he had seen before, dealt with before.

     Flora Man is hardly interested in dealing with her, but he will so he can go back to what he was doing. "Whaht do ye whaht lahssie. Ye jes' be ruining whaht 'ah be doin' 'ere. Please, do yeself a favor 'ahn GO AWAHY!" A barrier swells about Flora Man as he dives for Francine, slashing past back and forth, and then coming to a rest from where he started, hopefully with a few slashes into the woman.

     Flora Man himself does not see something coming though.

     Vile charges through the plant mayhem as Flora Man still directs them, to build, to grow, to destroy... but there is only so fast you can do it.

     As he rips through the reavers and drones, he then comes to Flora Man.. and charges straight into him. Flora Man, eyebrows bushy and wide, emits his surprise through a heavy based cry before slamming backwards, and skidding to a stop, breaking a bit of ground and unshelving the grass.. unfortunately.

     Would he get up before the assault continues?

Flora Man misses Francine McDonald with his Flora Shield attack.
     Pharaoh Man continues to fight on, but with each materialization, stray shots slam into him. There are simply too many to evade this way. He terminates the blink sequence, and rises into the air slowly, hovering in midair. His aerial drones leap to protect his ascent, using themselves as kamikazi's as need be.

The armcannon is raised, beads of light pulling inwards as a charge grows, before it is pointed upon the mass of Reavers. And a single, pure beam of sunlight emerges, tearing accross the ground...

Pharaoh Man misses Ra Moon with his Sunbeam attack.

"Hey!" Drake yells, after taking down his reavers, when he spots Flora Man going after Francine, "Nobody screws with Neo Arcadia, especially not some prick from Mars who thinks he's better than us!" Drake takes to the air, quickly sailing through the sky, before he drops to the air, aiming to land on Flora Man, and then fire his boosters to backflip off of him and land back into his combat pose, "If you wanna fight somebody, asshat, fight me!"

Drake Sunfire strikes Flora Man with his Dragonsault Kick attack.

Cryogenic Man was waiting. He had been waiting for his opponent. Sitting down at a table on top of a massive turtle reaver. He looms over the horizon, slowly approaching the battle field while he sat down to have a cup of tea.

He continued to wait, sipping his tea.

The reavers were his meat shields. Nothing could touch him there.

Fliptop forfeits a turn to charge WE.

"Tch, being so freaking flashy." Magnet Man comments to no one in particular over Mega Man's trnasformation. "I could do that too ((if I had the upgrades and capacity for it)) but I don't wanna." Oh well, back to being ineffective against Ra Moon. Probably a whole lot MORE ineffective now that Mega Man has /gotten serious/.

    "Hmm, let's see.... no need to waste my fuel, I--- OW!" He shouts, as he's pelted again by a barrage of fire. Sheesh, can't a blaster find SOME cover? "Ok, time for something quick and cheap..." Quickly scanning the battlefield for some more reavers, particularly damaged ones that are barely alive, Magnet Man swiftly sends a surge of magnetic energy through them, forcing them all to clump together like a giant Reaver Katamari, and sends that rolling towards Ra Moon.

    "I <3 Revamari."

Still powering through the Reavers, Zero shouts as loud as he can. Sure, he could use the radio, but it's personal. "Come on, people! Let's finish this! It's in our hands!" Only now does Zero start to use his saber, the green blade flickering as he cuts deeper into the swarm, making his way towards the Destroyer and his best friend. While Rock isn't alone figuratively, he's out there withonly the animals and Fliptop to protect him. Zero is on a mission, now, and woe to any who get in his way.

 He's in his own place right now, focused entirely on assaulting the drones, which leaves him open for heavier assaults from the back. He can take it for now, but for how long?

You strike Ra Moon with a glancing hit from your Magnetize attack.

Zero strikes Ra Moon with his Flesh Wound attack.

Metal man is not dead yet even as he watches Roc transform, he's in shock he's never seen anything like this before. He then yells

 Metal Man then keepson going even as the reavers manage to damage him, he's shot, armor is melted but the blade master still stands and he will keep fighting so long as he has a spark of power in him. Then one attack hits him in the helmet but keeps going. Then out of the ground come legions of dagger drones on sucide missions into the Reaver ranks. They seek out Reaver Power Signatures and attemp to explode on contact.

Valkyrie is still overhead. Hopefully safe from any immediate Mega Man Friendly fire. Does Rush see this? Yes. the whole Bridge crew see's this as he hrms. Frequency Ferret is annocuing an important transmission. Rush takes it on the main screen. yes, the Medivac is being assaulted...

Metal Man strikes Ra Moon with his Explosive Drone attack.

    "Dropping back," Synth mutters to no one in particular. She moves out of Ra Moon's blast range, or as far as she THINKS she can go, letting the rock from the nearby concert wash over her and silently praying she doesn't run into Pharoah Man.

    "MEDIC!" she hollers, moving the laptop back into a repairing configuration. "MEDIC SERVICE HERE! If you're hurt, fall back to me!" She raises the PDA in her other hand, a bright blazing blue beacon of hope for any who need a brief repair before charging into combat.

Francine McDonald fighting alongside Vile. WHo would ever have thought. The Reaverbots keep on attacking, slicing at her with their wings and serrated limbs. It cuts through plastic and skin equally, but even as the slices pile up, Francine doesn't care. She's focused. "This is for London, Flora Man!" she shouts, firing at him. "This one is for the Pantheon! And this one is for me!" She fires again and again, her eyes full of tears she's not been willing to let out. If she destroys the Gentlemen, it might help heal her home.

Francine McDonald misses Flora Man with her Bang Bang That Awful Sound attack.

    The Tower of Light is in a bad way. Whatever wasn't wrecked by the initial assault isn't being done any good by the massive outpouring of power now going on in the plains surrounding it. Regardless -- one young Hunter charges out of what remains of the mess, defiantly, preparing to join the rest of the fight. A bright golden sheen of light surrounds her frame, the generation of a massive amount of energy having been done in preparation for the battle already in progress.

    Cinnamon has arrived.

It seems that there is a hope. Mega Man is truly a powerhouse now. But the most powerful fighting machine working with the most powerful scientists... It is not surprising that there would be some last trick will be pulled out. But as Rock does his thing, Suploid takes the pain of the Reavers shots, his frame battered and torn. But he can still fight. He just starts to fly through the Reavers, punching and kicking with a power unmatched by many reploids in this world. He keeps fighting for the time being, covering himself in the 'blood' of Reavers at this time. "For Peeeeace!"

Pineapple strikes Ra Moon with his Super Smash attack.

Riot ducks slightly as the amassed fire strikes his body, stumbling back. Riot grits his teeth and steps forward against the incoming fire. His lessons learned from the attack on Tora Bora come to his mind and he powers up the sonic emitters in his armor pauldrons. "Reavers in the side pocket." He ironicly continues fire support for Vile as he advances.

Riot strikes Ra Moon with his Come Quietly... attack.

Vile impacts with Flora Man, unaware of he covering fire Riot accidentally gave him. It is a satisfying feeling hitting the Robot Gentleman. Vile makes a note to keep doing it until it stops being satisfying. It is likely to keep being satisfying for a long, long time, however. Reavers streak about overhead, darting around in a maddening pace. Raising his fist, he lets a Reaver fly into it, demolishing it. Quick to charge towards Flora Man even as Drake gives him a swift kick. "Out of the way, human," he hisses, "Let a Reploid do the job the job right." Without any further warning, another jet of liquid fire shoots out towards Flora Man... and alas the very close Drake.

    "Whoops," Vile says no matter who gets hit. He doesn't seem all that concerned after all, though.

Mega Man X, Ultimate ODESSA. Rock can feel the raw power flowing through his veins. He can taste his systems surging with the activation of the armor. His attack was intentional, designed to draw Ra Moon's full gaze. It succeeds. Reavers come, and Mega Man X is prepared. Two over-sized arms lock into position at the foreground. The left one crackles, expelling a seismic thunderclap like some distorted shotgun on crack. The oncoming wall of Reaver's explodes into a thousand pieces just after one takes a chunk out of his shoulder. The gun-arm ker-clacks, a giant, smoking, shell spinning off into the air.

"Time to go back to your cage, Ra Moon."

Both of Rock's gun-arms lower. Missile pods on his shoulder swing outward. A green targeting reticle folds over his eye, flickering on his internal eye until it flashes red. A sea of some four dozen missiles scream out of Rock's body, each twisting and swirling in a wild zig-zag pattern through the air until they reach Ra Moon. And then they break apart into a hundred littler, smaller, clusters of rumbling explosions.

Vile strikes Flora Man with his Napalm Cyclone attack.
Vile strikes Drake Sunfire with his Napalm Cyclone attack.

Rock strikes Ra Moon with his Missile Torrent attack.

    There's a flash of energy only a few feet from Cryogenic Man. It's the very person that promised to kill the Robot Gentlemen division leader earlier today, Protoman. "Hello Cryogenic. It's been awhile since we've last seen each other." The ex-Hunter doesn't fire on Cryogenic, instead his buster sits there and charges before he fires off a shot at Cryogenic's feet.

    "So are you going to take the coward way out and hide behind the Reavers, or did you want to finally 'prove your mettle' and take me on one on one, filth?"

Blues misses Cryogenic Man with his Proto Buster Warning Shot attack.

Fliptop continues to stand by the sides of Rush and Beat, keeping an edgy eye open for any wayward Reavers that might come his way. In all the madness of this battle, he's only just noticed that there's a flower petal sticking in his side. He leaves it there for now, as he stands ready, ready for whatever his latest upgrade was to come into effect. For now, he waits.

Fliptop forfeits a turn to charge WE.

The torrent of missiles pound down at Ra Moon, tearing into his body hard. He doesn't immediately react, focusing his attention elsewhere. He sinks to his laurels after the attack, perhaps more weakened from the energy shield dropping than he thought. What is he doing?

The energy beam refracts off the body of a large, grub-like Reaver-beast, apparently hardened against energy shots of that sort. However, Magnet Man appears to have a good idea; he fires a ball of magnetically interlocked Reavers at the grub, which knocks it down and leaves it vulnerable to Zero's slashing. It explodes in an impressive plume of smoke. Wilybot teamwork!

Metal Man keeps attacking, desperate, ennobled by the end of the world. He sends out his drones, which clear a path in front of him to advance. More air support pounds down, giving Synth an escape route -- and letting Cinnamon into the fray.

Suploid battles onward, fighting the Reavers in close combat. They mass around him, but he gives as good as he gets. However, even superheroes can get worn down. This is where Riot's sonic blaster comes in, helping Suploid keep himself mobile and taking out even more Reavers.

The Reavers charge onward, even as Mega Man and his allies continue to fight. Robot Gentlemen die in the distance. He focuses on a point nearby the stage, rising up. He throws his hands up over his head, radiating anti-light; black whisps rise up from his body, a dreadful buzzing permeating the landscape. Energy surges up in the distance, nearby the stage, and something is made. Something ... humanoid.

It speaks, power radiating out from his body, as it stares down Mega Man. He can handle the hero -- but the others could use a new playmate.

"PA TRI ARCH," it buzzes, as the monster makes itself manifest on Earth for the first time.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "...Amun-Wily, we have a problem."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Patriarch has been ressurrected."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Wha.."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "KILL HIM!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Oh crap."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "At once."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "WHY ARE YOU EVEN ASKING ME THIS."

     Another thud, Flora Man was not fast enough to get out of the way of the kick assault, the backflip off of him painful, but lesser than a few things. He roots himself, different than steeling himself, and then pulls himself up off the ground.

     Upon standing up, a bang is heard, Flora Man not taking the time to look at it, but instead, throwing out a fine to catch onto a row of the larger corn stalks, pulling himself out of the shots and out of harm. It just prevents the bullet from striking him.

     Willing it to grow, it does, Flora Man riding it upwards. .. Oh now this isn't good. The liquid flames also have a blast of air with them, and whatever damage the fire is done, it is lessened by such effects. Towards the three that assault him, Flora Man burns.

     Literal and in spirit, of course. "Blokes, don't ye understahdn. 'Ah do not CARE about ye silly beliefs 'ahn attempts. Ye 'ahll jes' continue ta' spout such logical fallacies while 'ah jes' wish ye would be quiet 'fer once, 'ahnd 'ere, let me 'elp you with this attempt!"

     Burning still, Flora Man watches the corn go critical. Now would be the time to do something. Raising a buster upwards, large seeds are created, raining down towards the three, Flora Man even riding one of them down towards Vile, making sure none of the seeds go for him.

     He lets go of it, landing before Vile, and pulling back a fist, Flora Man throws a few punches towards him, in quick succession. "Ye' be enjoyin' this, aren't ye?" Flora Man asks, backing off after the combo, fists up, waiting.

     The plants still grow, but what are they growing for? Perhaps a bit more will explain it, those that are alive at least.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Omega XO Cold Man crick, crick. "Alright. Moving out!"

Cryogenic Man instantly noticed the Blue Bomber as he fell. He growls as he sees the face. Cryogenic Man shakes his head. "You shouldn't have come to your own funeral. But I have waited for you." The gentleman stated, his feet moving to avoid the blast. He didn't even know if it was supposed to hit. But he gets up anyways, before flipping the table towards the side, sending it off the side of the turtle, crackling and bursting as it falls.

"I have been waiting for you, Blues. This 'filth' wants to take you one on one, a duel to the end." The gentleman stated, walking up towards Blues, and taking off a mitten before slapping the Red Bomber with it. Or at least trying to.


Cryogenic Man strikes Blues with his Gentleman's Challenge attack.

Flora Man strikes Francine McDonald with his Samara Storm attack.
Flora Man misses Drake Sunfire with his Samara Storm attack.
Flora Man strikes Vile with his Fisticuffs attack.

Please. Flames are nothing to Drake Sunfire. The word fire is /in his name/, after all. So when Vile unleashes the napalm cyclone around him and Flora Man, it just helps to brighten Drake's mood. The dragon cyborg just grins a little bit, the flames all around him, as he stares down Flora Man, "I hope you're ready to die out here." He says, "Because you won't leave this spot.." The Corthborg suddenly flares his wings, and then plants one of his foot talons, and ignites his boosters, launching himself straight at Flora Man. Drake weaves through the incoming seedling fire, powering right at Flora Man, even as he engages Vile in hand to hand, aiming to drive his flaming claws straight into the Robot Gentleman's chest, and rip out whatever type of internal power source he might have in there. Drake wants to finish this fight right here and now. Drake doesn't want Vile to get the kill. He doesn't even want his fellow Neo Arcadian to get it. This is his kill, and it's his night to shine.

Drake Sunfire misses Flora Man with his Dragon Striker attack.

Zero is pressed back by the Reavers. His might is great, but numbers are his bane. His bare hand works in tandem with his energy blade, swaths being carved through the swarm. "It's almost done! You guys are boned, so why don't you just give up and /die/!" In a flash, his left hand shifts into the Hyper Buster. His weapon belches globs of plasma as he whirls through the horde, like a vortex of death. The berserker vents his rage, anger at the invasion, anger at the needless death, anger at the monster that harmed Roll. He's just so mad. Luckily for Ra Moon, Zero's venting on what is in front of him, Reavers.

He'll fight them til they're gone or he dies.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Doctor. Requesting to deploy the Yellow Devil."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wind Man transmits, "... A splendid idea."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Omega XO Cold Man transmits, "Hmm.."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Metal Man transmits, "Bring in the firepower Cut Man."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Sweet! Bring out the heavies!"

There was aFlora Shield Francine ducked under, we forgot to mention that. However, there is a problem with her being sprayed with corn shrapnel from all directions, many of its bullets punching into her rubber suit and bruising her. Flora also has apparently a higher vantage point in the form of a stalk.

    Not for much longer, he doesn't.

Francine stows one pistol and takes out her Duel Baton, attempting to strike through the stalk and knock Flora Man. Whether or not it succeeds or just shakes him, she quickly takes her second pistol back up again, and jumps up to meet him. She might even be right up in his face for a moment.

    "Hi there, mate."

    Then she shoots him in the face. It's dramatic. It's slow. Birds take flight.
Francine McDonald strikes Flora Man with her Slow Motion Shooting With Doves attack.

Cinnamon takes the short advantage she is given within the sudden assault from the air support -- scrambling in as best she can. She isn't prepared to fight in this battle; she's here to make sure the fighters have the energy they need to keep going. To that extent, she has a difficult task -- she /cannot/ join in the fighting, must refrain from it so she can be prepared to help when others start to need it. There looks to be an open area by Fliptop, Rush, and Beat -- Cinnamon scrambles in that direction, ducking under waves of fire and misfire.

Mega Man floats upward, meeting Ra Moon's glare with his own cold stare. There are only so many limits you can push a normal, down-to-earth, happy-go-lucky man before he becomes the one thing you fear. A weapon of war. One of these limits is nearly killing him. The next limit is paralyzing him while you kill another. The next limit is converting his brother; making him sell out the planet. But all of that could be dealt with. All of that Rock Light could handle.

Then you try and kill his sister.

Both gun-arms come together as Rock interlocks them out before his body. Balls of energy flicker and grow in the multiplicity of weapon chambers. The buzzing of Patriarch's resurrection diminishes into the hissing crackle of the ozone as the Ultimate ODESSA swallows the air for fuel. The rock and roll concert booms in the background.

Rock plays his own percussion; a salvo of banging notes: BASTION'S THEME.

Rock strikes Ra Moon with his Bastion's Theme attack.

     The Pharaoh snarls as his beam is deflected by the meddlesome reaver. He snarls for a moment in rage, before breathing deep, and screaming at the Reaver. It like a chorus of a thousand damned souls, crying out for revenge....

Pharaoh Man strikes Ra Moon with his Requiem Of The Damned attack.

"Thanks!" Suploid shouts out to Riot, not knowing the person's name. But having someone take his back is always helpful and deserves thanks. As he sees Cinnamon, he is instantly worried. After all, Good Old Pat was all about Force Metal and eating things... And him getting Cinnamon is unacceptable. So, he flies toward her, merely saying, "If I have anything say about it, none shall harm you." With that, he lands and just gives the opposing army the EYE OF JUSTICE.

Pineapple begins covering Cinnamon.

High in the sky still, even Flare knows that name.. "oh god..." she winces, looking toward the stage as if considering something, but no, she shakes her head at the idea. "No.. My place is here," she growls before looking toward the swarm, grinning widely. "And I have a present for the whole blasted lot of you," she growls before rushing down, even landing amidst the massive swarm. At first she just unloads with the firearms she brought along, a -lot- of them, giving her wings time to grow. They're getting huge as she pours in an utterly massive amount of energy in them, pushing the shield generator's that make her wings to the very limit. "Go to hell," she says before she simply shuts the shields off. The flames, free, create a massive inferno around her, attempting to anihilate a huge number of reavers.

Flare Phoenix strikes Ra Moon with her Broken Wings attack.

Vile is off in his own little world with Flora Man and a pair of Neo Arcadians... and a swarm of Reavers. He finally notices Protoman's arrival through the thick haze of Reavers. He sees X, in a new Odessa form, take the fight to Ra Moon. "Where does he get those wonderful toys?" Vile snarls idly. He knows damn well where X gets those toys. His failure of a father's responsible for it. Vile knew the bastard was up to no good the moment he spoke with Axl about Pavel's whereabouts.

    Turning back to Flora Man, Vile shouts, "Yes! Yes I'm enjoying this, Flora Man." he spreads his arms. "Look around you! It's glorious what you and Ra Moon have done for us. Because of you... because of you twits coming around and stirring up s---, we're all STRONGER for it! Nothing like the fear of obliteration to force people to better themselves!"

    Somewhere behind that terrifying helmet, Vile is grinning like a madman, practically gleeful for all that Ra Moon has done for him and his cause. Casually, Vile shunts the napalm cannon and plasma pistol back into subspace, drawing out his military pick. He taps the shaft of it against an open palm. "So on behalf of Earth, Flora Man, for all that you and Ra Moon have done for us... thank you." He lets Francine shoot Flora in the face, and then charges, swinging the pick like a baseball player, madly trying to plant the sharp point of it in Flora Man's face. WHAM WHAM WHAM! Swing after swing, Vile brutally tries to impale the loyal Robot Gentleman repeatedly, viciously taking him apart piece by piece, smashing them over and over. Ten... twenty... thirty times... it doesn't stop. Vile keeps swinging the military pick gleefully, showing his appreciation for Flora Man.

Riot is aparrently fire support tonight. That suits him just fine. Swinging around his heavy Guass SMG and lets the heavy barrle slap in the palm of his hand, the wepon fires with a *crack-THOOM* as the football shapped ferrous fiber slugs and ejects the single shot power capacitors out the side as the line of fire sweeps towards the reavers to clear them for his allies. "Just keep pressing the attack!" He replies to Suploid.

Vile strikes Flora Man with his Maul attack.
Flora Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

This is no good. This is no good at all. If Magnet Man doesn't land an attack against Ra Moon DIRECTLY he can kiss any epic loot goodbye! He won't stand for THAT! He has one sure-shot.

    "Alright, Destroyer. You act like a big shot, torment the world, tease us all constantly, then in the final battle bring out THAT freak again. Well we've had enough!" Magnet Man readies his main firing arm, aiming squarely at Ra Moon. This'll probably be suicide, but... "Mega Man will take care of you. But consider THIS a gift from an irked player! We don't appreciate being walked all over, no matter HOW High and Mighty you think you are! Always remember..." Magnet Man readies, aims, and fires one of his most powerful Magnet Missiles at the Destroyer.

    "...that WE'RE THE LEET ONES!"

You strike Ra Moon with a glancing hit from your Magnet Missiles attack.

Riot strikes Ra Moon with his ...or There Will Be Trouble attack.

Fliptop continues to stand his ground, keeping an eye on any Reavers getting too close. Some of them do, and he opens his subspace area towards them, the pocket almost having a blackhole effect on them. No sooner have they been drawn in, the suitcase then propels them back out into the rest of the Reavers. All the while, Fliptop keeps glancing over at Mega Man, wary of the power he has, and still pondering what his upgrade is meant to do.

Fliptop misses Ra Moon with his Forced Ejection attack.

Is in a corner, he's like a predator that knows it's cornered and has no way out. He fights in desperation, unloading every weapon he can. The battle goes on as he watches ironically Synth gets a way out from his attack, he knew Ra Moon ha to be stopped here, if he failed Wily would likely die. That went against his core directive, heck it goes against the tides of fate? But wasn't it always that. Then he unloads trying to let lose as many blades has he move to be a bit more focuse in targeting the more heavy reavers trying to weaken the big guns of the attack force.

Metal Man strikes Ra Moon with his Blade Storm attack.

      Cold Man appears in the area, running in at his semi-fast pace, heading for Pharaoh man and the other Robot Masters quickly, only to.. see a whole lot of reavers. He frowns deeply, and then pulls a Popsicle stick out of somewhere on his body, before ice starts to form into a blade, and he smirks, "Time to beat down." He starts to attack the reavers carefully, sticking to the small ones until he has the energy in his systems to take on larger ones. He brings the popsicle stick around in wide arcs, trying to take out as many reavers as he can!

Cold Man strikes Ra Moon with his Popsicle Pop attack.

    Protoman walks into the smack from the mitten, as he glares at Cryogenic. The look on Protoman's face isn't one of simple anger or hatred; it's a loathing hatred from the very core of the ex-Hunter. And the emotion is about to be completely unleashed on Cryogenic Man as grabs Cryogenic and teleports them about two dozen miles away into a quiet and empty field.

    There's not a word that comes from the ex-Hunter as Protoman's buster is already being raised toward Cryogenic's face once they're on the other side of the teleport. "No, see, I've been waiting for this since I started down the path that I'm so reviled for now. So I'm going to take out every bit of anger on your pathetic form then I'm going to smelt your body down to form a new I-beam for my new cabin."

Blues strikes Cryogenic Man with his Generic Ranged attack.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Damnit, Fire Man!"

     Flora Man, however, is not one to break a duel that he has initiated, Drake weaving through the seeds, and towards Flora Man. Rolling to the side, brushing himself off, and then facing Vile again, Flora Man stands upright, bushy brows blowing, slightly charred from the flames as well.

     Flora Man still faced Vile, fists up, facing him. Perhaps this was a mistake.

     Perhaps ever angering a being like Vile would be a mistake, but he would not know such. Not until Vile began to speak. He had picked a warrior bent of violence, who thrived on it. Flora Man was not capable of handling one such as him.

     "'Ahye... So ye be stronger chahp! So ye grow 'ahn better yeself, but ye forget, whaht if ye not be good enough? What if ye stop a bit short?... Iffin' ye just don't cut it, dinnae ye no.." He cannot see in the helemt, and he cannot see the grin. There is little his can stop... "Thank us? O'.. Of course. We be but.."

     And then Flora Man is cut off. A bullet slams into his face, straight between the bushy eyebrows, catching him off guard, the bass filled voice ending suddenly as Vile rushes forwards, swinging the maul, attempting to plant the maul into his face.

     Flora Man, while he is agile to duck under, move to the side of a few, cannot prevent it, it slamming solidly, imbedding it in the face. That is where it ends, the maul slamming down again, each time another piece of armor being scattered at whim, being ripped off into the crowd of reavers, slammed towards the air to fall, or just launched away, the maul taking apart Flora Man before he knows what is happening.

     Flora Man does not cry out, he does not even comprehend what is happening.. they were to succeed. He then stumbles, a frame at best, perhaps even pieces of it broken and twisted as a testament to Vile's strength.. before he falls, in pieces and in form, to finally rest upon the grass and the field.

     He at least felt the grass once more.

     Flora Man ceases activity completely, the drones stopping, shutting down, wilting about him. The drones he had brang, were not more.

Well, damnit. Vile went and took down Flora Man after Drake missed. That's upsetting. And yet, Drake will live. So now that that's taken care of, Drake goes back to focus on the reavers, spreading out his wings and cranking up the plasma output, before he flies straight towards a large group of them, aiming to slice into them with the plasma edges of his wings, and hopefully cut them down to size.

Drake Sunfire strikes Ra Moon with his Plasma Wing attack.

...and that's that. Francine McDonald feels a little better for herself, and she wanders out of the obstacle course reloading her pistols. Flora Man is dead. Very good riddance. Now, if only she could do the same for Cryogenic, destroyer of the London Eye, she'd be laughing. She takes her duel baton and starts sweeping the Reavers aside, trying to move towards parkaman.

Francine McDonald misses Ra Moon with her Duel Baton Slash attack.

As Synth glances up, she spies Cinnamon from afar, with her happiness sparkles and superior medical mojo. Good. Rearming the laptop gun, Synth reconfigures the thing into an absurdly large gatling machine, slung under her arm. She moves to face down a small branch of the remaining reaver horde.

Drawing on a tiny fragment of her own energy, the gun rattles as Synth unleashes a storm of lasers into the Martian juggernauts. Too bad she can't see a Gentleman from here...

Synth strikes Ra Moon with her Laptop Gun - Gatling Laser attack.

Ra Moon starts to rebuild power after recreating Patriarch in the distance. The giant monster should suffice to kill off his foes for the present. Reavers keep coming, but most of the attention seems to be focused on the remaining Robot Gentlemen. So be it.

The giant guns pound into Ra Moon, ripping into his armor. He is blasted again and again, the thundering bass of the concert mingling with the rapid-fire slugs of bullets ripping into his body. The sheer force of it tears through his superstructure, his body seeming to evaporate under the torrent of abuse. Black energy leaks out like tar as more and more of his frame is pulverized, snaking up and around him. The darkness seems to be filled with eyes -- it looks into the enemy with contempt.

Ra Moon staggers back, reconstituting his body in a perverse display of strength -- the shards that were blasted off retreat, his systems reintegrating around his crystalline core just as they were.

As more Robot Gentlemen go down, attention returns to the Reavers. The sonic bombardment from Pharaoh Man carves through more of his forces, as does Flare's furious torrent of fire. Riot lays down conventional fire, while Magnet Man's missiles tear through the Reavers. A few of the missles hit Ra Moon during his regeneration phase but don't seem to cause any significant damage. Cold Man's bludgeoning, meanwhile, covers Magnet's six.

Fliptop's crazy black hole effect sends up a geyser of Reavers. Metal Man has an easy time carving through the helpless drones with his blades, causing a variety of impressive explosions. That's definitely a highlight reel shot. Similarly, the flaming wings of Drake carve through numerous Reavers, helping Francine advance toward her target. Synth's suppression fire plows into more Reavers -- there's starting to look like there are gaps in their advance now.

But this does not seem to deter Ra Moon. "Try harder," it says, raising up his hands. The skies open up with steaming pieces of ice, some as large as fists, that pummel down on Ra Moon's foes while almost entirely missing the majority of the Reaver forces.

Ra Moon strikes Synth with its Hot Hail attack.
Ra Moon strikes Francine McDonald with its Hot Hail attack.
Ra Moon misses Drake Sunfire with its Hot Hail attack.
Ra Moon strikes Cold Man with its Hot Hail attack.
Ra Moon strikes Metal Man with its Hot Hail attack.
Ra Moon strikes Fliptop with its Hot Hail attack.
Ra Moon strikes you with a minor hit from its Hot Hail attack for 10 units of damage.
Ra Moon misses Riot with its Hot Hail attack.
Ra Moon strikes Vile with its Hot Hail attack.
Ra Moon strikes Flare Phoenix with its Hot Hail attack.
Ra Moon strikes Pineapple with its Hot Hail attack.
Ra Moon strikes Pharaoh Man with its Hot Hail attack.
Ra Moon misses Rock with its Hot Hail attack.
Ra Moon strikes Zero with its Hot Hail attack.

Cryogenic Man doesn't see it coming. He knew Proto Man had this, but he didn't know he could teleport others with his ability. He is dumbfounded for a moment, only before the buster is raised towards the gentleman's face. He stands there, looking directly into the buster. He didn't back down. Not today, not now. He had to settle what he had started weeks ago in Tora Bora in the underdark.

"Every bit of anger, chap? Every bit? Bloke, I think you don't have the guts to do it. In fact, I don't think you can win me even if you tried as hard as you could!" The gentleman exclaimed, only before the shot of plasma seared into the gentleman's face. It hurt a great deal. But it only melted some of the face of the gentleman. He still stood tall.

"Was that it? And you expect to melt me down with only that kind of power? Hah! Bloody fool!" The gentleman exclaimed, his right hand grasping air before a large ball of ice formed from nowhere. He growled. "HAVE AT YOU, BLUES. MAY YOU ROT IN HELL." The ball was hurled towards the chest of Proto Man. Mean while, the plains around Cryogenic Man begun to freeze, wilt, and die. It became icy. Like the gentleman.
Blues deflects Ice Sphere from Cryogenic Man.
The Fiery Hail slams into Pharaoh Man, but he is used to the flames, and shrugs the blow off. The armor is still torn up rather badly, but he will continue onwards for the moment. Blinking downwards, he appears next to the fallen form of Flora Man.

A single foot goes upon the chest, shaking it experimentally for a moment, before reaching down to heft it over his shoulder.

Time to reclaim what is Wily's.

[Radio: (B) Secure] Pharaoh Man transmits, "I have secured Flora Man's body."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Dr. Wily transmits, "Destroy it immediately. It has nothing I want."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Cut Man transmits, "Good job. I'm attacking Atmospheric man."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Bass transmits, "Don't screw with bodies! We can get that stuff later!"
[Radio: (B) Secure] Dr. Wily transmits, "Destroy it immediately. It has nothing I want."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Pharaoh Man transmits, "...at once, Amun-WIly."

Vile stands over the downed and broken Flora Man, bloodied and dented military pick gripped tightly in his hands. He peers down at the Robot Gentleman, thinking about how Flora Man was a gentleman to the end. Fisticuffs. Hah! That's just too perfect. Let this be a lesson, Vile silently thinks, that a hand with a weapon always beats a hand by itself. All the frustration that Vile had been having before with the plants and Reavers washes away. He meant to keep hitting Flora Man until it stopped being satisfying, and he's accomplished this. A quick gaze shows that the plant drones have gone offline as well. This just leaves Ra Moon himself. By the time Vile finally looks away from the Robot Gentleman before him, the skies are open and the hail beats down on him. The Maverick hasn't time to ready his shield to protect himself, though he does his best. Defense for now. Rest after taking down Flora. Then Ra Moon's next.

Vile forfeits a turn to charge WE.

[Radio: (B) Secure] Metal Man transmits, "Let Bass buster em then smelt em."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Dr. Wily transmits, "Destroy it immediately. It has nothing I want."

Metal Man catches out of the corner of his optic Flora Man fall to the onslaught of Vile himself. He's not sure what to think about it. Flora Man had almost well got Metal Man to feel some sympathy for the clone of Plant Man. Prehaps it was all an act in the end? He doesn't know either way the battle must go on then on he's caught in the hail he's hurt badly by the attack the hot hail rips into his frame, he's not defeated yet. He staggers however. "If you Insist." Then he hears Wily's music start to play, he now morphs his right arm into a flak cannon and starts to let off shots into the swarms of Reavers. Well tis the end of Flora Man one way or another, back to killing reavers.

Metal Man strikes Ra Moon with his Flak Blaster - Quick Shot attack.

The next time Francine looks, she's wading in Reavers and CYOGENIC MAN'S NOT EVEN THERE WHAT. Blues, you kill stealer! And also, OW MY HEAD OW FAHR. Francine is hit by blazing ice, rather bizzarely, and now she's in the middle of some reavers with nowhere to go. So she decides to make the best of apparently plunging into the middle of a death zone, and starts clearing a space with her duel baton. As she did in the China base, she becomes a cold, shattering, crushing machine.

That took a little bit out of the firebird. For the moment her wings are gone, but that isn't slowing her down. She simply keeps on tugging loose handguns, all hand cannons, unloading them into the reavers that get close enough to get her attention. Finally, after a moment or two, the Phoenix's wings come back and she surges back into the air, "Try harder, huh?" she repeats before she goes up, up, up some more, getting hit by the hail on the way, though it doesn't seem to do a lot of damage. Once at a good height the firebird's wings swing back. Her whole form ignites, Flare turning into a fiery comet before plunging into the hoards, pulling up, only a foot or two off the ground as she drives through the massive swarm.

Francine McDonald strikes Ra Moon with her Duel Baton Power Smash attack.

Magnet Man... quickly ducks behind some more debris. "Darnit darnit darnit, I didn't even dent him. Argh, that figures. That's what I get for going up against a +5 Archvillain. I guess I'd better leave it to the ones that power leveled, and take care of the minions."

Now, Magnet Man turns his attnetion on the reavers. His magnetism seemed to work before, so he keeps at it. Sending reavers flying into each other, into walls, occasionally into Ra Moon when he thinks the Destroyer isn't looking. And until he's inevitibly knocked out by his efforts he keeps it up as the battle rages on.

Fliptop smirks at the effect he had on the Reavers. Not much, but amusing. Then, suddenly, his eyes open wide as he begins to hover in the air, surrounded by a light blue energy field. A split second later, a light trail from the field shoots into the Ultimate ODESSA's back, as it begins to siphon energy away from Fliptop. After a moment, it drops, and so does Fliptop, not looking quite as chirpy as he was a moment ago.

Flare Phoenix strikes Ra Moon with her Meteor Strike attack.

Fliptop transfers fuel to Rock. 

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