Disney Universe - Resorts

    The resorts in the Universe are as varied as the parks themselves, each having an atmosphere all their own. Disney development has stretched all the way out to the beaches in Florida, and many of the pricer hotels are lined up here, overlooking pristine water. The landlocked resorts do just as well, however, and there is always a clean room and a quiet poolside to be found no matter where you happen to end up. A sophisticated transportation grid connects the resorts to the parks, and to each other. There is a hotel here for almost any theme, from the Polynesian to the Dixie, and just exploring the resorts can take days. A few or the more affordable "family-priced" hotels lack the sophisticated weather-monitoring programs that most of the Universe now operates with, and they are the only places where it may occasionally rain at the wrong time on what was once undeveloped Florida swampland. High-powered business deals are often made here, corporate leaders from all over the world coming to learn anything they can about the Disney secret to luxury and success.

The Destiny Islands Family Resort is one of several small mid-scale family-oriented resorts, located on one of the Florida Keys that has been carefully landscaped to resemble the islands presented from the old video game franchise. The 'Keyblade Resting Place' is a museum on the kids' island, which is both free of detailed overt surveillance, and currently closed for repairs.

It is, thus, easily approached by boat. The only people on the island - or at least, the only people who seem to be on the island - are some drone workers reconstructing the shipwreck playground on one beach. And, wonderful luck -- it's on the other side of the island from where the exhibit is!

Sometimes it's easy.

It might be easy, but not as far as Magnet Man is concerned. If something he does seems to have been too easy, then that just means he was FAR too skilled to have trouble with it!

Approaching via boat, or Skull Ski-doo in this case, is Magnet Man, currently dressed in a long black cloak. With long silver hair flowing one might ALMOST mistake him for Sephiroth, but for the love of Wily don't say that to his face. Not if you don't want to get stuck in an hours long debate over the evils of generic bishounens.

Anyway, the master of magnetism is coming here tonight for one purpose. With any luck he'll be in and out rather quick. But if he's unable to properly Solid Snake his mission, well, there's always the FUN way. This is why he asked for some back-up. He'll have to buy Magic Man a pack of cards or something for his trouble later.

Magic Man appears much less enthused about this mission than Magnet Man. Currently undisguised, but read to holographically conceal himself if necessary, Magic Man is currently sitting in the back of the boat, drumming his fingers on the side. He is currently wondering why he agreed to this, especially seeing as Magnet Man *still* hasn't told him what exactly they're after. In any case, Wily is never averse to a little mayhem, so the job couldn't hurt. How hard could it be to rip off a somethingorother from an amusement park?

There is no clear surveillance from the side that Magnet and Magic Man are approaching from. A few buoys with Goofy and Donald in a sailboat say: Gawrsh! We're closed for repairs! Sail clear! in a dozen major world languages.

The docks are there, and seem more or less intact. Nothing is moving, and there are a few discreet signs tucked away - so as not to detract from the environmental ambience - indicating which way to restrooms, an auto-snack bar, and the Keyblade display.

A bird chirps, somewhere; it might even be a real one that wandered in, somehow.

Magic Man sits up, an annoyed expression on his face. "Do you plan on telling me what exactly we're after any time soon? Or shall we simply play "Eye Spy" once we've broken in?"

"Just follow my lead." Magnet Man says to Magic Man, as if sensing his irritation at being thrown into this mission. "I'll know what I'm after when I see it. This is where they're keeping them, I'm positive. I'll just need you to either provide a distraction at the right moment, or help fight off... well... whatever they throw at us if we get unlucky. The defenses in this place are leeter than you'd think, so if things go south we're getting the heck outta dodge."

He flips some of his hair back, smirking. Things SHOULDN'T wrong. He'll show them. Thanks to Dr. Wily, only HE is now fit to be keyblade master! And then... then the rest of the world will see just how leet he is!

This whole ordeal is like a LARP gone bad. And Magnet Man's loving every minute of it.

Sighing loudly, Magic narrows his eyes at a nearby buoy. He'd like to take some of his frustration out on the aggravating device, but the need for subtlety holds him in check. Random acts of violence get noticed. "Lets just make this quick.

Conjuring a large golden coin, Magic passes it through his fingers idly. "What sort of defenses do you suppose they'd have? This dinky island doesn't look like it would merit one of those Mickey ride armors to me." At least, he sure hopes it doesn't. Those even give Magic Man the creeps.

Magnet Man clips by one of hte Goofy buoys, taking a moment to waggle his fingers going 'nyaaaaaaah', before resuming his course. They're almost on top of the island by now. "Now remember. Nothing big, nothing flashy yet until I find what I'm looking for. When I do, or if we're discovered, then we can feel free to go nuts."

Magnet Man idly wonders if his keyblade will be guarded by a Sora ride armor. It'd be horribly appropriate... if not horribly difficult. But he's sure he'll manage.
There appear to be no ride armors.

There is a faint noise of something being worked on on the other side of the island; stone being ground back into shape, or perhaps more properly, concrete being shaped back into a better casting. Fortunately, the shape of the island means it's on the other side, away from the approaching boat.

Smiling faintly at the prospect of 'going nuts', Magic Man waves a hand dismissively at Magnet Man's words. "Yes, yes, I understand. Sneaky, then scary." Magic Man is feeling somewhat more optimistic about this expedition, now that his mind is on potential trickery.

Magnet Man lands their ride at the docks, and hops off. "This world has been connected.... Tied to the darkness." He says cryptically. It doesn't really MEAN anything, he's just being dorky. In fact, Magnet Man can't help but snicker. "I've always wanted to say that." He says, pulling the hood of his cloak back up over his head.

"Let's go. We shouldn't get too far away from each other. Let me know if you see a giant key, or a ride armor that looks like a punk kid with gigantic sneakers." Starting off, Magnet Man makes his way towards the various sheds and huts. One of em has to be storage...
Most of the little structures and shacks contain cleverly-disguised vending machines (presently out of service). The path to the keyblade exhibit leads up past a waterfall and is in the mountain that forms the island's center.

That bird chirps again, wherever it is.

Magic Man steps onto the docks as well, taking a moment to holographically disguise himself as a human construction worker. 'Not that there's much point', he thinks to himself as he observes Magnet Man's hooded figure hurrying off. With a shrug, he follows Magnet Man towards the group of buildings. A giant key. Right.

Hey! Magnet Man's disguise is a stroke of genius! He fits right in with the exhibit, thematically. If course, he'll still be in trouble if anyone directly questions him on it, but if they get to that point then they fail at stealth anyway.

"To the top of the mountain!" He proclaims, after reading the various signs with large bold print, and giant arrows, telling the location of the Keyblade. He considers deducting this a minor achievement.

"And if you find the bird that's making that racket, cut it in half."

Magic Man points to the sign and opens his mouth-- but is interrupted, as Magnet Man brushes by him triumphantly. Sigh. Magic Man grumbles quietly to himself for a few seconds, but at least Magnet Man appears to know where he is going. Magic Man would really like to ask what a keyblade is, and why Magnet Man wants a giant key, but refuses to beg for information. If Magnet Man doesn't want to tell him what they're after, fine. Magic Man isn't above a little petty sulking.
The signs that have a weird elongated key on them, plus arrows, are probably hints - TO THOSE WHO HAVE EYES TO SEE.

The lights are mostly off in the display entrance. On the up side, no lines! There are structures for holding lines, though, leading up to a large gray doorway that seems sealed. Perhaps it is a door to another world?

Magic Man can't help but agree in regards to the bird. Since when were animals allowed into Disney? Magic Man thought they were the leading producers of anti-vermin security systems. Oh well.

Magic Man has also made the connection that a Keyblade = a giant key, but lacks the video game experience of his brother and is hence still somewhat mystified by the concept.

"The door..." Magnet Man says again in his fake-o Ansem voice. Once more he's getting into the whole LARP aspect of this mission. "It is sealed in here, I can feel it." It seems he's not stopping the bad acting either, for the moment. "It has hidden from the darkness for far too long. It seeks a new, stronger wielder. Sora's heart has grown weak, and complacent."

Magnet Man extends his hand to open the door, /with magnetism/. He has to do everything extravagantly. "Now I will claim it for myself." His fake-o voice may be an attempt at being dramatic, but it ultimately fails. Particularly because in Magnet Man's MIND he can't help but think over and over again oO(This is SO cool!)

Magic Man opens his mouth to speak, but decides to let Magnet enjoy his little fantasy and closes it again silently. Despite the bad acting and silly voices, Magic Man is starting to feel a little intrigued with the whole thing. Must be a closet Disney fan. He moves up alongside Magnet Man, and peers at the slowly opening door.
The door creaks open to reveal a wide, cathedral-like hallway. The floor has a familiar mosaic - at least, familiar to Magnet Man. It represents a boy with large sneakers half-curled, and a few smaller faces in relief. There is a stairway leading downwards, and a sign that says 'Journey into the Heart'.

There is also what appears to be a 15-year old girl standing in the wide circular open space. She is holding a Keyblade that seems to have been assembled out of wood and tipped with a pot of honey, along with a white top and a rather short skirt. She, too, has sneakers that appear too large.

She taps one foot, several times, as if expecting an answer.

Magic Man blinks in confusion. The girl isn't raising an alarm, that much is clear. Looking to Magnet Man, he asks "Is that what you want?"

Magnet Man's gone this far into his act, he's not about to break out of character now. "The Princess..." He says. "Unfortunately, I don't have any use for her. HER key is not what I am after."

As far as Magnet Man's purposes go, it probably doesn't matter WHICH key he gets. But he'll be damned if he's seen swinging around the stupid 'Sweet Memories'. "It would be best if you move on your own. I'm not interested in fighting you of all people." Which is also a bit of a lie, Magnet Man would love to beat Kairi into the ground. But he's remaining in character, darnit!

"You should do as he says, little girl. When he gets into one of his little fantasies, there's no snapping him out of it." Magic Man begins to step through the doorway, towards the "Princess".

Kairi shifts to put the keyblade on her shoulder and her hand on her hip.

"And what if I don't?" she says, with a determined pout on her face. She lifts her head, looking down her nose towards the cloaked figure - and then says, "Hold it," as Magic Man steps forwards.

She shifts her weight now, hoisting the Keyblade up with both hands into a clumsy-looking ready position. "I don't know what you're after - but I won't let you take it!"

Always the cautious one, Magic Man looks to Magnet Man. "Is this 'Princess' at all a threat?" Magic Man isn't sure what to expect at this point, and figures that Magnet Man would have some sort of guidance from this point onwards.

Magnet Man lifts his hood back, DRAMATICALLY. "Then I, Gatxemn, will make you move." Wait, Gatxemn? He's taking his fantasy to the next level, isn't he? This'll probably bewilder Magic Man, but he won't get an explanation just yet.

Bringing his two hands together before him, 'Gatxemn' emits a focused pulse of magnetic energy at Kairi. He's assuming she's a robot, so he plans to just repulse her (magnetically speaking) to the other side of the hall.

You miss Mesarthim with your Repelling Throw attack.

Magic Man eyes the Keyblade the girl wields. Huh. It really is just a big key. Apparently this isn't the one he wants, however. Gatxemn? Too late to bewilder Magic Man, he knows that Magnet Man is deep in his own world and takes it in stride.
The strike hits Kairi and she goes sailing back; she seems to be built lightly, although Magnet Man can tell from the way she reacted to the blast that it is, in fact, an android. She goes sailing towards the far end of the wide open circular plain -

- until she leaps, suddenly, in midair. From her increased altitude, she descends, and steers herself as she approaches Magnet Man. "Hiiiiiyaaaa!"

The Keyblade, when swung, makes a ploopy-doopy sort of noise, with small holographic flowers and an effect like spilled honey swirling around the tip. The doors, meanwhile, begin slowly swinging shut.

Mesarthim strikes you with a minor hit from her Sweet Memories attack for 9 units of damage.

Magic Man gapes at the tiny girl's abrupt attack. He was not expecting this, and frankly, it makes him nervous. He wasn't expecting combat, at least not until they had what Magnet wanted. "Move aside, girl! We do not have time for games!" He growls, and he swings his cane at her.

Magic Man strikes Mesarthim with his Cane Whap attack.

Yup, he was right. Android. As if Disney would put a HUMAN girl on guard duty. Not that they're probably not cruel enough to do it, but it just wouldn't be feasible. Looks like it's time to do things the FUN way.

He's about to turn to Magic Man, when Kairi whallops him good with her keyblade. It stuns him for a moment, but he shakes it off. "Don't just stand there, attack!" Honestly! He doesn't remember setting Magic Man to passive in the config menu. Magnet Man pulls out a lightsaber facsimile from the interior of his cloak, just to make him even MORE like a particular member of Organization XIII. He charges at Kairi, and swings the blade at her, in the middle of doing an impressive backflip. Wild stunts are made a lot easier when you can affect your own magnetic pull to a small extend. Viornt!

You strike Mesarthim with a glancing hit from your Lightsabre Facsimile attack.

At this point, Magic Man has dropped his holographic disguise. They've already been spotted, even if by this girl.
Kairi pulls the Keyblade up to swing it at Magic Man's cane strike. The impact rattles her with an audible squeak of surprise, and sends her staggering back. She does something similar, or tries to, with the lightsaber slash - this one, at least, sends her soaring backwards, almost over the edge of the impromptu arena.

She balances, swinging both thin arms rapidly to recover herself, as the doors finish closing.

"Mf!" she says, waving the keyblade with a flourish. "I won't let you steal these things for your evil plans! Thunnnnndara!"

There is a moment of possibly guts-shearing terror for Magnet Man, before a bolt of lightning comes up from a dark and seemingly very high 'sky' towards Magic Man. Fortunately, it can be seen a moment before it would hit.

Mesarthim strikes Magic Man with her Thundara attack.

The lightning strike surprises Magic Man, who stumbles slightly as the energy courses through his system. He hates being surprised. Regaining his composure, Magic Man steels himself for combat. Despite the strangeness, combat is familiar enough. To further boost his confidence, he pulls out a familiar weapon-- his deck of cards. "Your fantasy is about to end, my dear." He says, pulling out a single card and flinging it towards the girl. Looks like he caught some of Magnet's drama.

Magic Man strikes Mesarthim with his Card Throw attack.

Frighten indeed. Magnet Man just /barely/ supresses an 'eeeeeeeeeeek!', if only due to his immense desire to stay in character. Well played, well played. He'll never be able to summon up that amount of courage again.

Coughing, he removes any feeling of quaking from his voice, and speaks again in his fake-o Gatxemn voice. "This is becoming too long of a distraction. We will NOT be held up by this girl." Keeping his lightsabre ready in one hand, he pulls out a small cartridge out from his cloak with the other, which he promptly chucks at Kairi. Old, useless video game cartridges may as well be used for SOMETHING. Ah Captain Novalin, fare thee well.

You strike Mesarthim with a minor hit from your Exploding Cartridge attack.

The card knocks the Princess of Heart back, and the exploding cartridge, once again, knocks her into the air. This time, it takes her until near the end of that path to leap back up, with a flash of white.

She leaps once more in the air; this system is certainly unusual, or at least not often seen. "Now - face this!"

Then she descends, and slams the keyblade down towards the ground. There is another of those ploopoopgoop sounds, and a sudden, sparkling flash of light bursting out towards both of the Robot Masters!

Mesarthim misses Magic Man with her Explosion attack.
Mesarthim strikes you with a minor hit from her Explosion attack for 10 units of damage.
You take less damage due to your Explosive resistances.

At the flash of light, Magic Man rolls to one side and pulls his cape up to shield himself. He narrowly avoids the blast, although the gust of hot air causes his hat to fly off. Lowering his cape, he points to his tumbling hat, halting it in midair. "Please be more careful. This is my favorite hat." He says calmly, as he swings his arm around. The top hat follows his pointing finger, and goes spinning towards the Princess.

Magic Man strikes Mesarthim with his Magic Hat attack.

Magnet Man takes the explosion with little effort. His body is designed to resist explosive force, thankfully. Doesn't mean it didn't hurt, but it hurt way less than it could have. He uses this to flaunt his precieved superiority over the girl. "You've wasted enough of my time with your petty tricks, girl. We will see our way through here, and you shall not stop us."

Going for another flashy move, Magnet Man rasies his free arm again, sending another magnetic pulse through the air. This time he magnetizes Kairi directly, along with giving much of the debris in the area the opposite charge. What exactly this means should be self explanatory, if the debris flying through the air towards the girl is any indication.

You strike Mesarthim with a minor hit from your Magnetize attack.

"Ngh!" Kairi says, as she brandishes the blade once more, turning to face Magnet Man. "I won't le-"

She is struck from behind by the soaring hat; it sends her sprawling, now, and the Keyblade drops from her hands with a blurbly rattle. She pushes against the ground, rising halfway to hands and knees -

There is only one large piece of metallic debris in the area; the Keyblade itself! It is enough; it flies into Kairi's side, and this time, she misses her trigger and goes sailing off the side of the circular platform.

There is, some time afterwards, a faint thump and a groan from far below.

The doorway behind the two Masters opens, slightly. There is also a faint echo from far below; Kairi is talking to someone, even if it isn't clear whom. However, there are a great many crystal racks on a platform down a stained-glass staircase, and each seems to hold a Keyblade.

Magic Man smiles as he reaches out a hand to catch his hat. Putting it back in place, he turns to Magnet Man. "Well. Shall we continue on this little adventure?" Magic Man is in a great mood now. Winning in combat is one of his favorite hobbies. Heck, he even creates for himself a similar cloak to the one Magnet Man is wearing, although with purple trim. Gotta keep stylish, after all.

Yay! They triumphed over a little girl after ganging up on her! They rock! "Hmph." Magnet Man grunts, keeping up the 'cocky mysterious bad guy' routine. "Let us continue." He says to Magic Man, heading downwards.

Internally, his excitement builds and builds. oO(Thisisitthisisitthisisit!) He can hardly contain himself under his LARP disguise. Descending down the staircase Magnet Man browses the various Keyblades. As if searching for the right one. "So many to choose from. I feel like a child in a candy store."

They're all there. All of them.

There's even a Sweet Memories. Kairi must have had a duplicate.

Very distantly below there is a cry: 'Sora!'

There is then an answering 'Kairi!'

Magic Man doesn't especially care who or how he beats someone up, so long as he comes out on top. He follows after Magnet Man, eyeing the strange weapons. "What a strange concept. Was there a Key Man I forgot about?"

Magnet Man is, of course, a big geek. Rather simple minded, and single-minded too. So Magnet Man is, of course, making a beeline for the one he deems is 'best'. That's right. He's going right for it.

The Ultima Weapon.

Some may debate that the Ultima Weapon is best switched out in certain situations, but Magnet Man will have none of that. Though just as he is about to grab at it, he hears the voices. "About time he showed up." He smirks widely. "But he's too late. Behold, Magic Man. The most powerful keyblade..."

Magic Man looks about for the source of the voices, but can see only blackness. It seems to dent his good mood a little. Concealment is HIS bag, and he doesn't appreciate it being used against him. "Grab it and lets go then. Or do you want to beat up on more kids from your video game?" Magic creates a small ball of light and casts it about, but nothing penetrates the darkness.

The door is opened. It's there: the Ultima Weapon.

There are footsteps coming up a staircase. They are very distant and faint now, but they seem to be speeding up.

There are no further shouts, at least.

Magic Man turns to the staircase, still holding the glowing orb, and moves to the side of the room opposite Magnet Man. "Snap out of it, Magnet. We've got more company."

"As you wish. This is what I came here for."

Stepping up to its alter, Magnet Man grabs the keyblade. At the same time, he flings off his cloak, which sets off a bright flash. Something he had rigged up earlier. He wants it to be dramatic, after all. When the flash fades, Magnet Man looks much different. He's back in armor again, except the armor is not the same as his standard. The giant Magnet on his head is upside down, and covers his face like a faceplate. He is also wearing a pair of blue, poofy trunks. His attitude seems to have popped back to normal, as well. "Wisdom Form, biatches."

Magnet Man changes into his Wisdom Form armor.

Watching the stairs for the source of the footsteps, Magic Man looks over at the flash of light. Oh sheesh. What, are those blue shorts? Why are they so poofy? Abruptly disgusted with himself for getting caught up in Magnet Man's fantasy, Magic Man lets the cloak he donned disappear into a few motes of light. With a snort, he turns back to the stairs. "New armor, eh? Where did you get that?"

Magnet Man lies. "I earned it! Wily saw fit to reward all of my efforts in spawn-camping Ra Moon, not to mention the actual raid itself! So I got a much deserved respec. Hahahahaha!" This is only sorta true.

Magnet Man feels the urgency to leave, though. Wily will have his head on a pike if something happens to the precious force metal he's embued with. "Let's book it, Magic Man. But if we can, I want at least ONE shot at that freak, Sora. I'll show him who the real keyblade master is now." Ok, maybe he's only SORT OF out of his fantasy.

An interesting note, Magnet Man no longer walks. He sort of glides above the ground. Apparently the power of the armor has strengthened his own magnetic abilities to the point where he can hover himself around with little effort.
The footsteps draw closer. Closer, closer, closer, higher, higher, higher...

Something goes 'pwik' and Magnet Man would likely feel a distinctive sensation, as if he was being somehow tracked.

There is an angry young male voice coming up the stairway. "You hurt Kairi!" it says, and there is a faint hint of spiky hair, and a raising of another Keyblade.

Lightning comes down again. There is a great deal more of it, and it's centered on Magnet Man. However, there is plenty still to come, spilling over towards Magic.

Mesarthim strikes you with a major hit from her Thundaga attack for 25 units of damage.
You take extra damage due to your Electric weakness.
Mesarthim strikes Magic Man with her Thundaga attack.

Magic Man starts to follow Magnet Man, but is abruptly bowled over by an enormous lightning bolt! As he is knocked onto his back, he uses his cane to slowly rise. Growling, he mutters, "You're lucky we're in a hurry, kid." As he stands, he whips his arm back and hurls the ball of light he was using as a lantern at the newcomer as he heads towards the stairwell the shadowy figure stands on.

Magic Man strikes Mesarthim with his Energy Ball attack.

Unfortunately for Magnet Man, he doesn't get far. Sora plays just the right card, and strikes Magnet Man right where it hurts. His gliding through the air comes to a sudden halt as he is thrown to the ground. Smoke rising from his form, he groans as he gets back up. "Ok, even the new armor has its limits. I'll have to remember that." He throws an angry look towards Sora. How DARE he humiliate him at this point! He'll have to pay for that! "Sorry kid, I got no more time to play with you. You shoulda been upstairs." He begins hovering again, and glides towards the exit, full throttle. "I'll be taking this, though! See ya later, kid!"

At this point, Magnet Man doesn't plan on sticking around. He DOES unload one final parting gift to the chosen wielder, though. His signature attack, a pair of Magnet Missiles are shot out towards Sora. Hopefully that'll either injure Sora enough to stop him in his tracks, or keep him occupied long enough for them to get away.

You miss Mesarthim with your Magnet Missiles attack.
"Ngh!" Sora had half the staircase in the way and did not see the ball in time to deal with it. He is not knocked back; he does not even seem to be significantly affected.

He DOES see the Magnet Missiles. He blocks them with casual sweeps of the Keyblade, shouting, "Get out of here! We won't forget this!" as he does so.

He does not chase after them as they move towards the door. Perhaps he's more worried about Kairi?

Charging up the stairs, Magic Man glances over at Magnet Man. With a small 'hmph', he causes himself to appear as though he were gliding as well, though in reality he is still thumping upwards. He isn't about to be outclassed if he can help it. "So, mission accomplished, right? Is that all you were after?" Magic Man doesn't see the importance of the Keyblade, though he is impressed by the new armor form.

"Later taters!" Magnet Man shouts as he glides out of the keyblade chamber. "Boy, Disney sure does go all the way, don't they? I could spend months here, if they wouldn't shoot me on sight." Ah well, his dreams will have to be bound by this one event. When he was a self-identified Organization XIII member bent on getting the keyblade.

Ahh, the stuff of fanfics.

"Heeheheeheeeheeeheeheheeeeeee~~~~!" Magnet Man squeals, as he continues gliding forward. "I got the keyblade, I got my kickass new armor. This is great! Now the whole world will know how leet I have become! Nyahahaha!" Nothing can POSSIBLY go wrong now! Wait... he didn't think that. "Let's get back to the boat, Magic Man!"
That would probably be a good idea.

It has gotten dark outside, which is strange, because the sun is still faintly visible off near the horizon. Despite this, the sky is black.

At least the bird has stopped chirping.

Magic Man nods to his companion. "Indeed, lets. Congratulations on your... 'leet' new blade." This errand was a little out of the ordinary, but nothing they couldn't handle. Magic Man looks at his scorched cape with distaste, and removes his top hat to find that the lightning bolt blistered it somewhat. Grumbling, Magic Man heads back along the paths, keeping pace with his brother.

"I can't wait to tinker with this. The Ultima Weapon has all the power I want, but the look is ALL wrong. It needs to be more personal, more... Magnet Man." But there'll be more on that later. As they dash/glide down towards the beach, Magnet Man finally notices the eerie darkness lingering in the air.

"Uh-oh..." He says aloud. "Naw... can't be. No /way/ Disney went THAT far... They wouldn't..." Wouldn't they? They already made replicas of Sora and Kairi, why not the Heartless? "Pick up the pace, Magic Man! Things might start to get real unfriendly."

Thankfully the boat is just ahead.

Nothing's blocking the boat - YET.

Something on the other side of the mountain is rustling. It's a whispery, shivery sound, and it does not portend for anything good.

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to leave Disney Universe national waters: just head straight ahead!

"Right..." Magic Man is visibly unsettled by the surroundings, and speeds up to keep pace with Magnet Man as they draw near to the docks, and the boat. "Unfriendly." Magic Man is starting to wonder what exactly the significance of this Keyblade is. As noises begin to echo around from the other side of the mountain, he pulls a card out of his sleeve and fingers it nervously. "Unfriendly." He repeats.

Which is what they do! Magnet Man is in no condition to fight Darkside right now. And unlike that loser Sora, he has the option of leaving the island. Nyahahaha! Hopping into the boat he waits for Magic Man to get onboard before starting it up.

"Like I said when we got here, time to get the heck outta dodge. If Disney IS as insane as I'm now thinking they probably made robot Heartless too. So it's time to make like the Gummi Ship and fly."

Whatever it is...

Doesn't strike.

The sky remains dark, although as the boat gets past the buoys, it becomes clear that it's a holographic effect being projected, dome-like, around the island resort.

Magic Man stands in the back of the boat, card in hand, facing back towards the island in case anything nasty appears. "Then lets fly, brother." The surrealness of the island is starting to get to Magic Man, and he is more than ready to head out. "We got what we came for." Magic Man slowly sits down, and slips the card back into his sleeve.

"Sure did!" Magnet Man says, still a bit giddy. Even the painful zapp he recieved earlier is starting to sting a bit less. "Can't wait to use it for real! But for now, Magic Man, let's head back. There is something of VITAL importance I need to check out..."

Oh yes, something indeed. Magnet Man is now a man with a mission. "I am positive that in the original release of the Kingdom Hearts saga all those centuries ago that Sora had a different pattern on his clothes than he does now. Disney swore they'd stick to their classic roots, dammit! Buncha liars."

No one said the mission was of importance.

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