<Global News Network> A Maverick rally appears to be starting in Able City's main park district. It appears peaceful! However, reporters remain alert.
Also, there is cake and pie. /Maverick/ cake and pie.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "ROBOT MASTERS!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "BRING ME THAT CAKE AND PIE!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "I DEMAND IT FOR MY BIRTHDAY!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Heat Man transmits, "Maybe you guys can make that rally /un/peaceful."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "You don't even need to make is unpeaceful just get me the damn Pie."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "You got it dad!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Heat Man transmits, " I'd help, Dr. W., but I just met up with those ducks you were talking about."

Able City - Park District

The Able City Park District was always one of the artier parts of Tol Eressea. Reploids of various shapes and sizes would create and perform art of various shapes and sizes. Commonly known for its mechanical nature art, many trees have been mechanized to help the trees withstand the effects of Force Metal radiation but also to create beautiful mechanical art. It is relatively easy to get an art permit to put on a show here so there is usually some exhibition going on.

The park is a couple mile block with easy to hop over walls surrounding it to separate the district from the rest of the city with four gates from east, south, west, and north leading in. The park's beauty is somewhat marred by a gaping mud pit of a couple hundred yards in the center of the park. This mud pit is a recent addition by Watercolor Pelican who bombed the area shortly after the Force Metal explosion, injuring twenty Reploids and killing two. Watercolor Pelican claimed as he was arrested that Duo.EXE told him to do it to promote Reploid culture, but it's suspected he merely went insane.

The mud pit has become since then a dangerous place to be as unsavory sorts, criminals, and gang members gravitated to the pit to claim territory and sell goods. Several yards down, the size of the pit enables a feeling of secrecy and protection from frequent Repliforce patrols. The explosion also created one happy accident as it revealed several small rock caverns leading underneath the city, though these caverns are usually taken up by archeological researchers and nobody knows the full extent of these caverns either.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Yeah. I BET YOU'RE REPENTING NOW!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Who else is coming? Which ride do you wanna take?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Heat Man transmits, "I didn't even know I /had/ a spleen!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "I'll come! The cake may not be phat lewt, but I'll never pass up a chance to tell the Mavericks they sux."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Slash, come on! Take the teleporter!"

The park has been filled with streamers, posters and signs of the Maverick variety. (This means that Sigma's head is prominent, although Maverick symbols and slogans moreso.) Apparently, fees have been paid and licenses acquired for this event, and the Mavericks certainly /seem/ peaceful enough. There is a small crowd gathered, because this is certain to be an interesting event. MAvericks don't do peaceful often.

Various Mavericks are working booths handing out pamphlets and such, and a pair are emceeing on an impromptu stage, on which a hologram screen is playing anti-Neo Arcadia and anti-Australia shorts and commercials.

    Attila stands at a small booth in the rear of the convention, the area labeled as a recruitment center. He has numerous flyers and pamphlets with him, and is presently in the course of leading a discussion. "Force has solved more conflicts in history than anything else. The Mavericks represent a forceful approach to the conflict of human versus machine. They fear us, they hate us, even though they /made/ us. It is our duty to our /race/, to our /people/, and to our /loved ones/, to rise up and take arms against our oppressors. United we will not fall!"

Oooh, shorts. Oh wait, you don't mean that sort of shorts. Some days, Chronoton Duck forgets all of his television terminology. There's so very much of it that one can forget when one doesn't encounter it day-to-day... Especially if one wasn't very familiar with it in the first place. Which would be right up the alley of one lazy Duck, who is currently dropping down from upon high to splash land in a smallish fountain just at the outskirts of the Maverick gathering.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "So do we wanna hear what they have to say, or wait until they're almost done and then crash the party and blow everything up?"

Vile is not known for his public shows of Maverick support. He is not one to pass out Reploid-sized T-Shirts and pass out brochures. But while he couldn't care less about the Maverick team spirit, he -does- care about what slop the Mavericks are going to be bringing in as fresh recruits. He wants each and every individual here considering joining up with the Coalition to know damn well what they're getting into.

    He won't have the Mavericks filled with drunken idiots that happened to get taken in by pretty lyrics from those up on the stage. The Maverick criminal stands alone on the edge of the rally, positioned somewhat near the giant mud pit. The monster has his arms folded as he glares outward, serving as a sure sign and warning of what, once you get past the streamers and posters, the Mavericks are all about.

Seemingly set up in the split-second when no one was paying attention is a cardboard booth advertising DECONTAMINATION ELIXER in large capital blue letters. The booth is stationed by an elderly Japanese man. Adjoining it at the left is a booth selling commemerative Sigma stickers and hats. The man at the Elixer booth appears to also be staffing the sticker booth, stepping behind one counter or the other depending on who approaches.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Hey let's dress in disguises! That could be fun!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Already got one lined up!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "I'm gonna dress like a lumberjack! Get it?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "That's horribly ironic."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Is that good or bad, Dad?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Uh... yeah... it is. Did you crank up his sense of Irony, doc?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Look, all I could find that would fit me was a big flannel shirt and jeans with suspenders! It's not my fault!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Eta CO Slash Man transmits, "Huh... i'm not good at the whole disguise thing."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Just do a trenchcoat. That way they won't know it's us until we whip their asses!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Mist Man transmits, "..."

Prismatic Spider arrives in Able City at the first mention of a Maverick rally. He has a duffelbag to go with his labcoat, the pockets of which bulge with various devices. Arriving at the edge of the rally, Prismatic frowns. "Hmph. /Mavericks./" He stalks into the rally, his Repliforce insignia pin and badge of rank on his labcoat quite visible as he stalks through, his expression stormy. Attila's loud proselytyzing simply triggers what he was planning on doing all along. Spinning to face him, Prismatic points towards him. "Foolish Maverick! With your so-called force you merely arm your opponents, creating the very environment you claim you rebel against! Reploids did not gain their rights through guns, they gained them through constructively working with the existing governments. YOU create the fear! YOU create the hatred! YOUR actions in Australia were contributing factors in their misguided attempt to distance themselves from the horrors of the war that you perpetuate! You revel in the atrocities you inflict upon the innocent. You have no place here."

    Attila shoots his finger back at Prismatic Spider. "The Mavericks took no actions against Australia until the expulsion of all Reploids! We were unjustly blamed for the violence that was a result of Australia's own repressive policies! You, Repliforcer; you seek to maintain a dead world. One full of decadence, of lust, of /sin/. This world must be burnt away, so a new utopia can be built. A /machine/ utopia, unlike all others. We can be upgraded, we can live forever, we can work in more environments than any human! We will turn the world into a thriving machine paradise, unlike the hell it is now! Had the Mavericks been in charge, Wily would have been executed! Black SHIELD would never have existed! Ra Moon would have been purged!"

[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Ok! I've got it on! What do you think Magnet? Is it good?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, ".....it's no cardboard box, but it'll do, I guess."

Crazy Yoshi says, "Elixer here! Fresh delicious Decontamination Elixer, guarantee to eliminate 100 percent Sigma Virus particle, no MSG!"

Up on stage, the emcees seem to be building up to something. Vile is...well, being politely ignored because every Maverick knows Vile is not big on being part of these things. They are, however, leaving him fairly visible. The Mavericks want no wusses. Wusses and idiots can't do the job. Several of the Maverick plants in the crowd glare at Prismatic as he shouts, and the holoscreen up on the stage begins to play something involving Marvin Thackery ranting.

Chronoton Duck remains in the fountain in which he splash landed. The Duck has adjusted his physical set-up ever so slightly for swimming mode and swims cheerfully. Like a very, very, very ridiculously large metal duck. His head swivels toward the Attila-Spider confrontation, watching with an inquisitive optic.

Although Vile is unmoving, out of the corner of his optic he keeps an eye on Attila and Prismatic Spider. It is a tough balance, Vile considers, in getting new Maverick recruits that are stupid enough to believe that the Coalition will make things peaceful and happy and flowery for Reploids, but not so stupid that they're worthless to the organization. Speaking of Reploids that would be worthless to the organization, Vile has already make a mental checkmark against the ninny in the fountain.

Lumine isn't here.
But some reploids who are spraypainting funny faces on the Sigma posters are.

A cloaked figure is also attending the rally. As far as Magnet Man is concerned he's being TOTALLY inconspicuous. A black cloak is just as good as being invisible! The only thing better is a cardboard box.

As he walks through the crowd, he pauses by the repoid graffiti artists, and asides to them in a low voice. "Sideways S's would look good over the mouth."
Y'know, :S

Wood Man is totally incognito too! At least, along the same line of thinking that includes the logic that if he can't see you, you can't see him. The cowboy lumberjack is looking around as he walks. He snickers when he hears Magnet, nodding at the reploids. "Yeah, and draw little bubbles so it looks like he's saying 'I like boys.'"

Prismatic geenrally ignores the Thackery recording for now. He's busy fighting this side of the hate before dealing with soundbites from misguided fools. He knows he's probably in danger here, but hey, he's willing to take the risk. At Attila's response, Prismatic scoffs audibly. "That's a lie and you know it, Attila! Besides, one doesn't need to specifically be targeted to know they are in danger, right? Those repressive policies were instituted because they thought it would insulate them from the horror of the Robot War, horrors that the Mavericks were responsible for much of! Were they wrong? Yes! But trying to kill them all isn't the way to fix that! You certainly did a good job of burning Europe, didn't you? And yet, your world does not exist! Why? Because you can't build a utopia with injustice and atrocity! You can't create a paraise on the bodies of the dead! Your false utopia you proclaim is nothing more than a diseased fascism, a living hell to both man and machine!"

    Prismatic then gives a mocking smile. "Besides, the Mavericks seemed less interested in purging Ra Moon, and more interested in looting the corpses for more weapons to use against innocent people!"

There's a guy in a very big black hooded sweatshirt following close to the guys who aren't Wood Man and Magnet Man. The guy is totally inconspicuous. He smirks, and adds, "Oh... give him a big swirly mustache too." By looking at this guy's hood, it would seem that this guy has a really, really spikey head. It's definately not Slash Man though. That's crazy talk.

    "The Mavericks are the ones who developed the entrapment strategy!" Attila retorts, his voice booming. "The Mavericks are responsible for the capture of Ra Moon, and fought gallantly! I was there! I FOUGHT THE REAVERS MYSELF! I bled my mechfluid on the ground, and I saw firsthand the wrath of the monster Ra Moon! Nothing comes easy, people! The world is full of blood, sweat, and toil. Before we can create our new world, we must summon the courage to fight against the diseased world that exists around us! One day, there will be a Reploid President. One day, there will be a Reploid commander and chief. The Mavericks will find the way! WE ARE THE FUTURE!" He levels an accusing finger at Prismatic Spider. "You are nothing more than a steward of corruption!"

The Duck continues to swim circular laps in that fountain in which he landed. As the speech seems to start up, Chronoton splits his attention between Prism vs. Attila and the speech itself. He's certainly having a busy day of info gathering, it would seem.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "So should we just start causing trouble, or should we try to incite a riot? I think a riot would be more fun."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Eta CO Slash Man transmits, "We need to secure as much cake and pie as possible. No need to cause trouble."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Duh, we're after the food. Let em have their little speech for now. I made a wager on an online forum that they won't have one single new arguement. Just the same ol stuff."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Oh alright."

Shortly after the emcee buildup begins, a new arrival steps out onto the stage. Well, not so much 'new' as 'previously busy with other matters.' Storm Eagle has come in, walking onto the stage after the emcees announce him. The Thackery recording shuts off as he begins to speak.

"People of Able City! Greetings. Many of you know of me - for those who, for some reason, don't, I am Storm Eagle of the Mavericks. I would like to thank you all for coming today - yes, even the Repliforcers. I know you're there somewhere. I'm sure Hunters are, too. However, I would like to inform you that we will not be firing the first shots here. You can check with the city to make sure we've filed all our forms and paid our fees."

Quiet chuckle from the crowd.

"In any case. I am here to speak to you all today to explain our cause, and why we are a benefit to you. We have been called terrorists, instigators, tyrants. We are not perfect - but no one is, robot or human. Perfection has, as yet, not been attained. I will freely admit that we have made mistakes. I will freely admit that we have done things we should not have done. But what remains behind it all is our cause, which stands unbowing and strong after all these years. We fight for our freedom and our equality. We fight to make sure that the world will accept us - or will learn the cost of hate and fear. We are not conquerors, nor tyrants. We do not seek to rule - far from it! The Maverick cause is no overlord! We have learned from the past, and we...well, we are the Coalition for Reploid Freedom. We are dedicated to that goal: /Reploid Freedom!/"

For the record, the cake and pie are being handed out at a refreshment stand free.

 Three-on-three teams. We agreed 'no gravity grapples'. And what he do? Gravity grapples the ball. Father /saw/ it and did nothing!"

    "How inane." Prismatic eyerolls, shaking his head. "You seem to like to resort to outright lies, then! Repliforce organized the concert, with assistance from the Irregulars and SciTech. The Mavericks contributed a Mechaniloid which was later used in the assassination attempt on James Houseman V, the Raptor II, and a handful of officers while everyone else gave EVERYTHING they had. Even the ROBOT MASTERS donated troops to the cause!" He leans forward, gesticulating with fists and hands to highlight points. "A Reploid might become President of the United States eventually, but he will not be a Maverick!"

    Light refracts from Prismatic's abdomen, bathing the area around him in shimmering light as he returns the accusing point... And then with a free hand, pulls out a bullhorn from his duffelbag, flicking it on and turning it up. "The Mavericks are nothing more than overdramatic rabble who were infected with a virus and think they have to force the world to give them something that they would be given freely if they were not a bunch of infected lunatics bent on forcing every human man, woman, and child into hellish slavery... or death!"

[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Should we just try to get behind the stand and take all the cake and pie that way?"

Vile knew Prismatic would bring up the Ra Moon incident. Nevermind that he, Overclock, and a bunch of losers that Vile doesn't care about were also there fighting against Ra Moon. Sigma took his ball and ran home, leaving the Mavericks that stayed to their own fate. While Vile has no issue with letting Mavericks stay behind to die, he thinks it was pretty stupid since twits like Prismatic are never going to shut up about it. Out of one corner of his optic, Vile continues to watch and listen to Attila and Prism. Out of the other, he observes the pair of Robot Mas- I mean, innocent guys walking around in a hooded sweatshirt, lumberjack gear, and black cloak. He only marginally pays attention to Storm Eagle and his speeches other than to compare them with Sigma's old ones to see whose are better.

    As the speech begins, Attila falls silent. Then, Prismatic Spider begins shouting into a bullhorn. Attila growls, and leaps out of his booth, a burst of fire shooting out from behind him as the large Reploid shoots through the air. He aims to tackle Prismatic to the ground and wrest the bullhorn away. "Silence, the General is speaking!" he shouts, attempting to crush the bullhorn in his hand.

The present citizenry, at least not those who aren't already Maverick or Repliforce lovers--there seems to be more of the latter than the former--aren't really paying attention to Prism and Attila, they are speeching at each other but they came here to hear the bird who actually was seen protecting the city from Ra Moon.
That and they wanted to deface the Sigma posters.

When Storm Eagle comes up many pay attention since they came here to see him, but there are plenty of stragglers--Prism might even recognize one from a recent gangfight--vandalizing the Sigma propaganda.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Guys?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Nah, the Mavericks aren't THAT blind. They'll see us. Hold yer wooden horses."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "If you say so. I'm not good at this kind of thing. I like to smash stuff up."

    A hand, almost out of nowhere, clamps onto Attila's arm before it can reach the bullhorn. The hand is attached to an orange forearm, which in turn is attached to a grey torso. The owner of these parts is one Singularity Shrike. He grins at Attila almost ferally.

    "Now. I understand you have permits and the like to speak, but if you start throwing punches, I'll be glad to take you in, Attila."

[Radio: (A) Chat] Eta CO Slash Man transmits, "Hrm, it's that bird again."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Heh heh, all in due time, my Woodsman."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Easy Slash. No smashy yet."

Prismatic Spider was seen protecting the city from Ra Moon too, you know. Maybe he should have brought the Raiden to be more identifiable.... But that probably wouldn't have gone over well. Prismatic grins as Sing intercepts Attila's hand, and continues talking at him with the bullhorn at full blast. "Aw, poor Maverick can't handle someone puncturing his delusions? Ah well, let me know if you need some better wax for polishing Sigma's head."

    Prismatic turns away, tantalizingly exposing his back to Attila as he begins making his way towards the stage... And stops, peering at the stragglers for a moment before he continues towards the stage. He'll bust them later.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Eta CO Slash Man transmits, "What a sissy."

Storm Eagle takes a moment to look out to Prismatic Spider. "Sir, if you'd like to speak to the crowd, I suggest you schedule an event. We would appreciate you keeping your protests to the appropriate forum - which is not here." He turns back to the crowd, continuing his speech.

"Many of you were once citizens of Australia. You were peaceful, law-abiding and patriotic, no doubt. But they cast you out."

Storm shakes his head slowly as he says this.

"They did this out of the basest of all causes: hatred. Hatred, the legacy of humanity. Some hate out of fear!"

The holoscreen shows a silent image of Lachlan Cooper giving a press conference.

"Their fear of a possibility! They fear that each of you could murder. So could any human - but have all humans been cast from Australia?" Pause. "Some hate out of jealousy."

The screen changes, showing a split image: the first, Elpizo and his Guardians on a battlefield. The second, Marvin Thackery at a Children of Eve meeting.

"They hate because they cannot, unaided, do what you can do. This is no fault of humanity - they are not built as we are. But some are consumed by this. And some hate out of misguided ideals."

The image changes to Thomas Houseman standing with James V.

"They hate because they truly believe they are right and that you all must die. Every last one of you - every Repliforcer, ever Maverick, every simple garbage-disposal robot. Humanity has always been prone to hate. If not reploids than their own kind! Skin color. Religion. Politics. Social standing. Sexual preference. For all these things have humans irrationally hated other humans, as irrationall as they hate us! Some humans transcend their nature, of course. Thomas Light. Sigmund Doppler. Our own Professor Overclock. The Mavericks would accept these humans - indeed, we have accepted two of the named, and would accept others who felt as they did. But an exception is not a rule!"

Chronoton Duck does believe that Prismatic Spider has been issued (pronounced with a British accent) a burn by Storm Eagle. Keep his protests to the proper forum indeed. Duck stifles a laugh, likely out of politeness... Or possibly because he doesn't want to laugh at Maverick-based mockery.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Eta CO Slash Man transmits, "Let's look for where they're keeping the goods, shall we?"

    Attila glares daggers at Shrike from behind his visor, his jaw steeling. He stands there for a good, long moment, staring him down, before he wrests his arm away. "You don't have the courage to fight me here, Shrike. I am a Maverick, in a Repliforce-protected city. I have killed dozens of civilians. I could kill your loved ones at any moment. End the threat now, Shrike. Do what you really want to do, before I kill again." He ignores Prismatic Spider, consumed by his hatred for the Repliforcer before him.

"Y'know what I hate?" Not-Magnet Man says aloud. "European soccer. Calling it football, I mean, what the ****? Football is football, soccer is soccer, get a clue!"
Was there ANY point to what he just said? No, not really. Just being an ass.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "It's gotta be over there where they're handing it out."

Attila manages to draw attention away from Storm Eagle's speech as he moves to attack but the attention returns to the General shortly after.

They also do know Prism was at the assault too, but they didn't come here to listen to Prismatic Spider--this is a scheduled event, not an impromptu shout match. They didn't interfere with his yelling because of his own protection of the city. On the bright side, one gets the feeling that those gathered are here to be polite, there are no hoorahs or uh-huhs so it's pretty quiet, though this may be because Attila is threatening to kill them. People are trying to keep the distance, aside from the spraypainters who are probably armed.

The invisible form of Abyss Infernalis slowly approaches the gathering crowd. Her eyes see much, and she hears even more, but she remains silent and hidden herself. She hugs herself in her protective tentacles, keeping herself physically and emotinally seperated from the crowd of strangers, although there are some faces she recognizes. She knows that Storm Eagle speaks the truth, but knows he will not be well-recieved by the Repliforce members present. If the same words came from a /human/ they'd listen with rapt attention, but thier thougts and opinions have been clouded by the very hatred Storm is speaking of.

Singularity Shrike simply lets Attila go when the Maverick pulls him arm away. His eyes narrow as Storm Eagle uses the Houseman family as part of his campaign. He folds his arms across his chest, and gives Attila a dead stare.

    "You're a bit late if you want to kill my loved ones, Attila." The Repliforce Aerial jerks his beak towards the sky. "We can take this upstairs if you want."
Vile slowly turns his featureless helmet towards Attila and Prismatic Spider. The Maverick criminal asks himself: Who to shoot first if a fight breaks out. Prismatic because he's Prismatic and shooting Prismatic is always a benefit to just about everyone, or Attila for disobeying orders. Lumine will probably want the honour of shooting Attila, but Lumine isn't here right now so he can screw himself. Herself. Vile mentally readies himself to unveil a plethora of guns, should it be needed. He also reports in the presence of the Robot Masters, in case nobody else has noticed.

Wood Man isn't a Robot Master! Neither are the other two guys that just happen to be walking in the same general area as him. He's just a lumberjack in a cowboy hat.

    Attila spreads his arms. "Face me here, Shrike. If you do not, I promise I will kill a human. Tonight. There, you have just cause. Conspiracy to commit murder. Open fire. I was like you once. Fighting to protect a world that didn't care about me. Seeing every death around me - the ones I couldn't prevent. Now you have the chance to prevent one. One single life, Shrike. An innocent. Perhaps a child. Or an elderly old woman. Or perhaps I will kill the head of a family, ahead of his children."

[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Hey. Guys. I see it...whoa...look at all the cake and stuff behind the table. That's what we've gotta get."

Singularity Shrike simply watches Attila with his arms across his chest. The look on his face...is not the usual grin Singularity is known for having. The red face markings that frame his eyes make the look a bit more intimidating. He nods back up to the stage.

    "You'll do it regardless of whether or not I attack you." The look does not abate. "I suggest you get back up on stage."

[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Ok! Magnet, Slash, I got a plan! We run in, each punch out one of the mavericks, grab all the cake and pie we can carry and run like hell."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Eta CO Slash Man transmits, "... I like it."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "...how about a plan where we don't get shot into a million pieces before we get going?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Eta CO Slash Man transmits, "... good point."

The more easily frightened people watching the speech start to leave, politely. The people here are very experienced in avoiding fights. Even if Singularity doesn't start it, Attilla might. And if Attilla doesn't start it, then Singularity might. And if neither start it, it's still really annoying. If this is good publicity for the Mavericks.

Lumine, meanwhile, is still not present. Or is he? There is a big hole in the ground. He could be there.
The people closer to Storm Eagle, those who arrived first, are largely ignorant of this and are paying attention.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Hmm....so how do we get it without smashing them?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "They need to be distracted first. We don't got the numbers for a zerg rush, so we need a distraction."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "What's a zerg rush?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "What kind of distraction?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Quiet noob. Anyway, wait for them to start arguing a lot more first, then we'll pipe up and egg em on."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man sounds rather chipper at that idea. "We have eggs to throw?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Eta CO Slash Man transmits, "I don't remember bringing any eggs."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Sure, why not?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Don't get my hopes up like that."

Chronoton Duck pauses in his otherwise endless swimming circles of the relatively small fountain in which he's long since landed. Were he able, Duck would have likely puffed his cheeks up in frustration by this point, finding it difficult to focus on the speech at hand with all of the Attila-Prism-Shrike activity going on in the not too distant background. Chronoton discretely draws his Universal Remote Control from its gauntlet-back sheath and squints his orange optics at the three 'rabble-rousers' for a few moments before turning back to the speech. He's apparently decided to fix them if they continue to prove loud and unruly.

Vile hears from Gigabolt that 'guys like Magnet and Slashy are trying sometings!' If the Masters interfere with this, then to hell with Prismatic Spider and Attila. It's open season on Wily's boys. There's a quiet series of clicks as a fresh set of missiles are loading up into Vile's left-mounted shoulder cannons. One wouldn't notice unless they were specifically looking at him. Beyond this, the Maverick remains unmoving, waiting to see how things are going to unfold.

Oh ho, Storm! Is that a challenge? Prismatic grins as he raises that bullhorn. "Ah, a pity, Storm Eagle, I thought you were interested in the truth, not following a dogmatic party line! If you can't handle some disagreement, why did you even bother coming? Did you honestly think everyone here was just going to nod and smile at your blatant campaigning?" Yep, still using the bullhorn.

    "Reploids were built in the image of mankind. We were blessed with free will. The ability to think and reason, the ability to feel emotion... And you must realize that we are no more immune to anger, to hatred than any other being. Indeed, the Mavericks trade in it as a commodity! You hold up the extremists that YOUR ATROCITIES helped to create as an example of all of humanity! Hatred begets hatred, atrocity begets atrocity... But you can't stop, can you? You can't stop because you're consumed with the very anger and hatred that you accuse humanity of, amplified by a Virus! And not just /any/ virus, but the /Sigma/ Virus, a mind-rotting cancer that helps lead you down the garden path to Hell!"

    Attila watches Shrike silently for a few moments, before turning away. He stalks off through the crowd, mingling with it and keeping an eye on the Robot Masters. He grits his teeth as he hears Prismatic Spider, but has orders not to instigate a fight with him. If the Masters dare try anything, though, they're dead.

Thanks to Coalition scientists, Abyss Infernalis is both invisible and silent. Her anti-gravity systems neutralize her weight, and produce little more than a whisper. While she would much prefer 'working the crowd' with her stick fingers, there are more important things at hand. She lifts herself up above the crowd and slowly but surely approaches her fellow Maverick, Attilla. Although he's behaving... for now.

Singularity Shrike lets out a sharp breath once Attila leaves. His arms stay across his chest as the Maverick leaves.
Just as well.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Eta CO Slash Man transmits, "I guess they ain't gonna fight."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "How boring."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Eta CO Slash Man transmits, "So what's Plan B, Magnet?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Darnit, I wish Gemini were here. He's better at ticking people off with just a few words..."

The jellysaucer quickly stalks in over the sky with a loud cry, aided in shining, rainbow lights. The toddler hurries over towards the Repliforcers for now reason at all. He just hovers over Singularity Shrike for a moment.
"HIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii." IS the call as he looks down, a dumb grin of the mavericks face. About half a dozen jellydrones follow in turn.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Eta CO Slash Man transmits, "... the hell's that."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Paydirt."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "What?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Just.... start telling that thing how mean the spider is being to the Mavericks."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Oh! Got it!"

Wood Man blinks and looks up as the Jellysaucer flies in, walking in that direction and waving to it. "Hi!!!! Hey that spider has been being really mean to all the people up on the stage!"

Magnet Man smirks as the jellysaucer arrives. Weeeeeeeeell now, this could be interesting. Just the distraction he was hoping for.

Scanning the area around him for a loose piece of metal, Magnet Man flings the small piece of debris up at Gigabolt (with magnetism!). Not enough to hurt him, but certainly enough to get him to shout this: "Oh hey! Did you see that Repliforcer chuck that rock? Boy, they must really hate Mavericks!"

As Prismatic keeps up his jeering, Storm merely waves to one of the emcees, sending a quick radio message. The emceee nods, and quietly walks over, handing a small note reading 'we had hoped you would be polite and wait for the speech to end. We are sorry we misjudged you.' Storm seems to be playing 'I have the higher ground' today.

Storm himself continues his speech. "Reploids were, as our Repliforce friend states, created in the image of man, with all of man's faculties. Why, then, are reploids bought and sold? Why, then, did it take so long for robots to be /legally recognized as people/? How many years into the Robot Wars was it? The Mavericks realize that peaceful change is slow - too slow. Far too slow. Sometimes, it is useless. I point you once again at Australia! We reploids were passive in our resistance, we protested but did not strike at them...and what did we receive? Were we granted full rights to live there? Limited rights? No! An entire race was cast off of the island. They cast us out. We have learned, my brothers and sisters - peace is too slow! If we want change, real change, we must fight! Freedom, you see, has a price. Freedom wants grease, freedom demands sweat!" Storm's voice is passionate as he speaks. He's either an excellent actor or he really believes what he's saying. "Above all, however - freedom craves /blood!/ We Mavericks are willing to pay that price! We are willing to fight the foes of our race! I mourn every reploid that dies in these wars, every android - every /robot/. I mourn the deaths of the innocents among humans, and the deaths of humans who have transcended the nature of their race. But I am honest with myself and with you: for our cause, for our race, I would wade through seas of blood. I stood against Ra Moon, as did my fellows who were not blinded by their own egos, as all sometimes are. I stood for our world, and our people. Our freedom. That is the Maverick cause - to strike at the oppressor, to pay the price of freedom! That is why we fight - for all reploids. The reploids who believe in our cause, the reploids who do not care, even the reploids who stand against us. We may fight them, but it is for them, for you, and for all robots yet to come that we fight."

Prism gets up to speak, followed again by Storm Eagle. But Vile still isn't really listening. He's heard all of this before. Mavericks commit atrocities, etc etc, Mavericks are just fighting on behalf of Reploidkind, yadda yadda. No, Vile is much more interested in what the Robot Masters, Attila, and Singularity Shrike are doing. Any one of them could be the start of a particularly vicious bloodbath, and it something Vile wishes to be prepared for.

The jellysaucer's mouth grew five times that second as Wood Man talks to Gigabolt. It kind of resembles a large O, looking directly towards the figure of the Spider. He watches really closely as he does, looking over towards even as he radios him in secret private ultra private secrecy.

And then, a small piece of debris strikes the jellysaucer, rebounding off of him. On a regular basis, Gigabolt would just watch the rock rebound and giggle happily. But something is different in the eyes of the jellysaucer. They are filled with malice.

"Hey! Hey!" The jellysaucer calls out, the jellydrones getting in line to 'play', before the maverick charges down towards the crowd, towards the particular Repliforcer which Magnet Man picked out. Its like an arc, the jellysaucer scooping up the land based reploid, and taking it high into the sky with him. "SKREEEEEEEEEEEE."

[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Nyahahaha."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man giggles.

Nobody is looking good from this. People are rapidly leaving as rocks start getting thrown. Some people think it's a Forcer that does it, others can see quite clearly that it's Magnet Man throwing stuff at Gigabolt. Regardless, there won't be enough people to start a riot for very long, the only people who seem like they want to stick around are the vandals.

    Attila blinks as Gigabolt flips out and grabs a Reploid. He slaps his forehead, and speaks into his radio. He hates Gigabolt /so/ much.

Duck blinks a few times as Gigabolt flies into the sky with a reploid captive.

"Well. That's, um... Different."

Prismatic looks at the note, frowning and rolling his eyeballs. Didn't people know that protestors have no manners? Ah well. However, the sound of the SKREE interrupts Prismatic's preparations for his next salvo against Storm Eagle, as a Reploid is pulled up into the air. "Oh no!" Prismatic points up at the Reploid and calls out to Sing, "Sing! Make sure he gets back to the ground safely! No shooting!"

[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "And now, Wood Man, Slash Man, grab the food. I'll provide a.... heh... added distraction if I have to."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Can I punch the Mavericks?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "No, then you'll ruin the Doc's cake."

Singularity Shrike dashes up into Gigabolt's "face" and glares at the Gatebot.

    "Put the man down. This is your only warning."

Sing does /not/ look happy about this.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Eta CO Slash Man transmits, "Can we toss them out of the way?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Of course we can! CHARGE!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Mmmmm, sure. 1000 points for each one, 5000 point bonus if you get to the transporters with the food intact. Ready-go!"

Chronoton is beginning to wonder if Singularity Shrike ever looks happy. About anything.

Wood Man is giggling now. Finally, this thing gets interesting! He gives Slash a look and motions for him to follow, and then starts running. He charges the...refreshment tent? He barrels through the side of the tent, grabbing one of the servers and hurling him out.

Singularity Shrike looks happy about a lot of stuff. Just not Mavericks spewing hatred and starting trouble.

Storm Eagle bows to the crowd as he ends his speech, sighing. They listened, but damned idiot Repliforcers, Masters and Maverick idiots had to go and cause trouble. He then walks out into what crowd remains to chat. The emcees begin frantically playing shorts again.

Abyss Infernalis lets out a small gurgleing sigh, which, in the crowd, isn't likely to be noticed as having come from empty space. She dashes upwards towards the quicker jellysaucerthing, and puts herself between the crowd(and the Repliforcers) and Gigabolt. She whispers at the child-like Maverick, "Calm down pal! Don't be afraid, I'm a friend. You've have to put this guy down. Nice. And. Slowly. Maybe you can take me for a ride after, ok?"

Slash Man springs into action! His target? The refreshment tent of course. He doesn't go for what's on the cake and pie table, no. He goes behind it, to the stacks of boxes. He grabs hold of the remaining server and tosses him onto his colleage.

Gigabolt giggles menacingly as Singularity Shrike stops him in mid air. The reploid on his chassis struggling to stay on. The Toddler shifts towards the sides to keep him on his feet.

"Ummmmm... okies!" The toddler announces, shifting a little, before violently spinning, the reploid finding it hard to hold on at all.

Slowly the maverick slows down, and tosses flips the reploid towards Singularity.

To the random voice, he nods. A lot. "Okiesssssss. I'mma liking thatsalot."

Singularity Shrike catches the reploid with a slight yelp of panic. Way to go, sidekick. He glances at his inpromptu passenger with a smile. "You okay?"
Servers go flying as the Robot Masters sneak into the refreshment tent! Oh no!

And now for Magnet Man's distraction.... He trots over to where the graffiti artists were busy defacing Sigma's propoganda. "Sorry, needa to borrow some of these spray cans for a sec...." Using his powers of Magnetism, Magnet Man swipes some of the spray cans, and has them hover near the wall. "Hey Mavs! Lookit me! I'm a distraction!" Yes, he actually said that. But the distraction technically isn't him, it's the giant, bold, message that's just been spraypainted into the wall.


"Yeah man! You go, dude!" Some gang members shout as Magnet Man starts spreading their propaganda.

    Attila surges up into the air, as an order is given. His rocket thrusters hold him aloft as he flicks the safety of his carbine off. He aims at Magnet Man, his targeting computers rapidly analyzing the flight course of bullets. He fires a shot right at Magnet Man's face, attempting to get him riled up before the real killing begins.

Attila strikes you with a glancing hit from his Carbine Shot attack for 7 units of damage.

The saner people, conversely, shake Storm Eagle's, uh, well they converse with him, some at length, some more shortly. A few just mumble an e-mail address before running off. Others stick around even after chatting with him, some stick around without chatting with him at all. These are the strong ones.

Vile jerks his head upwards as Gigabolt snags some poor Repliforce soldier and lifts him up into the air. "Why do we keep that imbecile around," he mutters to himself. There's movement from Vile's hands, and a split second later a pair of deadly guns are in them. In his right is a stubby napalm cannon, and in his left a wicked looking plasma pistol longer than most Reploid's arms. How does he even carry that thing around?

    After a quick 'negotiation' with Prismatic Spider, a deal is struct. Stomping towards and into the refreshment tent, Vile hisses at Slash Man and Wood Man. "You idiots. This isn't Robot Master play-time. This is the big leagues. This is -Maverick- work." Vile has to be careful not to gun down any of the, sigh, 'innocents', but taking aim with the plasma pistol in his right hand, he fires off a bolt of blue energy towars Wood Man.

The reploid that Sing carries nods. A lot. It wants to be let down.

Gigabolt himself just kind of floats there. Almost stupidly.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Where's my CAKE!?!?!?"

Storm Eagle finishes his chats, breaking off as the deal is struck. "I suggest you all move away from the refreshment tent. Now. The Masters have decided to make asses of themselves as usual." He starts to head in quickly, his left hand shifting to the Turbine Buster.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Comin' soon Doc."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Workin' on it dad! I'm on my way in just a minute with all the cake I can carry!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Slash is handling the pie!"

... Okay. Duck really does not like this. There are /GUNS/ about. Chronoton looks at the fountain and notices that it's not deep enough for him to fully submerge himself in. Curses. No natural cover. Chronoton instead taps a couple of buttons on his Universal Remote Control and suddenly he is replaced by...

            A TREE!

Singularity Shrike sets the reploid down with a smile and a nod before calling his spear up from subspace.

    "You'll have to excuse me for a moment. There's trouble to deal with."

With that, Sing takes to the skies, looking for a Master to punch. Magnet Man makes himself apparent, as Sing pulls a standard-issue Repliforce Plasma Rifle out of subspace and snaps off a quick burst at the android.

Singularity Shrike strikes you with a glancing hit from his Generic Ranged attack for 4 units of damage.

Wood Man yelps as he is blasted out of NOWHERE, tilting and his arms pinwheeling as he does his damnedest not land in the piled up cakes and pies. "OW OW OW OW OW!!!!" He turns and stares at Vile, "I don't want to play! I just want cake!" He grabs all of the cakes he can carry and then activates his forcefield before he starts to carefully run away. Can't hurt the cake!

Wood Man projects a forcefield around himself.

Abyss Infernalis decides to leave the violence up to those who are better suited to it. If she is needed, then she'll put her meagre combat skills to use. If not, she'll just float here. OMINOUSLY.

Abyss Infernalis is no longer covering anyone.

"Nyahahaha!" Magnet Man chuckles. "No-- hay wait, that should be a 'Z', not an 'S', SUXXORZ, not SUXXO--"


Ow. Headshot. Grr. Magnet Man's fuming. How DARE someone headshot HIM! Ooooohhhh.... "Hmm, do I bring /that/ out? ...Mmmnah, not worth it." What is 'that', you ask? Well, clearly, Magnet Man's not following up on his audiable monologue. Instead he faces Attila, waves his hand, and magnetically sends another, larger, piece of debris flying up towards him.

A moment later, Singularity takes a pot shot at him, which makes him even madder! "Heyheyheyheyhey! Noob! What is this, the free-for-all zone? Find some other schuck to torment!"

You strike Attila with a minor hit from your Blunt Object attack.

Gigabolt continues to float there. He twitches a lot, here and there. Lights still seem to flicker about the crowd under the jellyfish.

    The debris slams into Attila and breaks apart, barely doing any damage to his armor. He smirks, and watches as Singularity Shrike opens fire on Magnet as well. Too bad Shrike wasn't closer...Attila could settle a score. No matter. He squeezes the trigger down, sending a quick burst of bullets at Magnet Man's chest as he hovers overhead.

Attila strikes you with a minor hit from his Carbine Burst attack for 9 units of damage.

Slash Man stacks a few boxes of pie on top of one another and lifts them. The stack is over his head, but he doesn't care. Totally ignoring Vile, he makes a run for it, dashing after Wood Man. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't have any barriers.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "Hmm. Get him a sword. Not just any sword. A light sword. A slim sword. And inscribe his name on it."

Prismatic can't shoot the Mavericks, but he'll live. The Rally was effectively broken up anyway, which more or less accomplishes Prismatic's Not-So-SEKRIT goal anyway. Prismatic sends out orders to nearby Repliforce troops, who come in and begin quickly evacuating civilians from the area since it's now officially become a combat zone, what with Vile and Attila breaking out the guns. Wounded are retrieved and taken to the nearest hospital, as per standard methods.

    A Repliforce soldier stops as he notices the tree sitting there in the middle of the plaza, staring for a minute, and then moves on.

Prismatic himself turns, ignoring Magnet Man. When a Robot Master yells that he's a distraction, he usually is. Instead, he rushes in the direction of the tent the servers were tossed from, and the Spider Scientist skids to a halt as he sees none other than Wood Man and Slash Man. Uh oh.

Suddenly, Prismatic comes up with an idea. He pulls out a small silver object with a lens, and flips it on, a litle red dot appearing in the tent. He wiggles it around seductively near Slash Man. "See the pretty dot, Slash Man? You want the dot, don't you? Yes, Slash Man..." It jerks left, then right, then left, then right... and then the little dot falls upon Wood Man.

Prismatic Spider strikes Wood Man with his Laser Pointer attack.
Wood Man's forcefield withstands the attack.

    That'd be cowardly, Attila. Sing is kind of expecting it. He's got a bit of distance between himself and the Maverick for a /reason/. The rifle gets stowed as Singularity spins up a small mass of ultra-dense force, and slings the dark ball at Magnet Man.

    "That's exactly what it is."

Singularity Shrike misses you with his Black Hole attack.

BLAM again. Dammit, this plan was working so well at first. Magnet Man was sort of expecting the Mavericks to turn against Repliforce and have them fight amongst themselves. Clearly Magnet Man has much to learn about manipulating his enemies. He should talk to Gemini Man about it later.

Now he's stuck dealing with TWO Mavericks. This is just wonderful. But now... now is not the right time to rely on 'that'. When the time comes, he will bring 'that' out, but now? His standard self can handle the job. "Hey punks! Don't think that just because it's two on one that you got this wrapped up!" Thrusting his hands out again, Magnet Man sends MORE debris up at Attila AND Singularity.

Gigabolt seems to hover for a few more moments before starting to float away.

He doesn't come back. "Weeeeee!"

Gigabolt Man-O-War retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Storm Eagle.

You strike Attila with a minor hit from your Metal Storm attack.
You strike Singularity Shrike with a solid hit from your Metal Storm attack.

Storm Eagle is a master of self-control, from his feelings to his weapon systems. Carefully avoiding the crowds, he actually uses his legs to get closer to the fleeing Slash Man. Making sure none of the crowd has followed, he takes aim, waving any bystanders away. The turbine begins to charge up, humming as it gathers airpower to launch its powerful winds. He, however, notes that Prismatic has made a grave mistake - Slash Man's attention is taken up! That can't be good. He decides the best way to rectify this is to send both Wood and Slash Man flying. However...they're far too close to each other. Hm...ah. A pinpoint windstorm will help. He adjusts his aim, and then fires off a single blast, designed to pick Slash up and toss him towards the pit. The boxes...well, they should go with him, should Slash not react in time.

Slash Man deflects Whirlwind from Storm Eagle.

    Attila weathers the storm of Metal, and kicks his thrusters into action. He zooms down at Magnet Man, coming in low and fast as he aims his carbine carefully. As he passes, he aims a flurry of shots at him, before shooting back up into the air once Magnet Man is by him.

Attila strikes you with a solid hit from his Carbine Fusillade attack for 16 units of damage.

Singularity Shrike bobs and floats back under the assault of junk and debris. The Shrike says little to this as his armor dents and cracks in places from the debris. The Bird decides to take a more direct approach, dashing in clase before spinning and stabbing the spear directly for Magnet Man's head!

Singularity Shrike strikes you with a solid hit from his Iaido Pilebunker attack for 18 units of damage.
You are below your courage-endurance point.

Vile flips the plasma pistol around as Wood Man very nearly gets knocked over. Unfortunately the Robot Master Beta both manages to keep his balance but also snag a couple cakes. Vile of course couldn't care less about the cakes, but he DOES care about punishing the Robot Masters for their stupidity. Holding the recharging plasma pistol upwards, Vile takes aim with the napalm cannon, spraying liquid fire towards Wood Man and his shield. Hit or miss, the Maverick stomps after Wood Man, clearly planning to pursue him for as long as he can. "Out of the way, 'force," he hisses to Prismatic as he very nearly cuts the Repliforcer off.

Wood Man sees the fire by the glow and shadow it creates. He's got more than a couple of cakes. He's got a stack as high as he can make it and still fit it in his shield. The Shield holds against the fire, but some of the napalm gets through and burns him right in the ass, "OWWWW!!! I'm out of here!" He kicks it up a notch, trying to run faster and get the hell out of here with his booty intact. AND an intact booty.

Wood Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Slash Man, Zero, Chronoton Duck, Abyss Infernalis, Overclock, Singularity Shrike, Prismatic Spider, Vile, Lumine, Attila, Storm Eagle, and Magnet Man.

Chronoton Duck remains holographically disguised as a tree.
    In the middle of a fountain.
        In a robot city park.
            Just a few dozen feet away from all the action.

Did we happen to mention that the Duck Tree is the only tree in the park that is also shivering? Because it is.

BLAM x3! And before Magnet Man can recover from being shot at, Shrike dives and impales his precious brainmeats with his spear. Ok, not 'brainmeats' persay, but his head takes way more damage than it should have, and now he probably couldn't rely on 'that' if he WANTED to.

So he throws his hands up into the air in frustration. "That's it, I'm outta here. Buncha Maverick noobs can't fight one on one, they need to gang up. Bah!" Of course it would be perfectly fine if HE ganged up on someone. That's just how his mind (and like so many other RMs) works. "See you freaks later. Try not to get crushed under the weight of your own SUCK. Toodles."

And throwing that final 'taunt' out there, he runs like the wind. A whoop whoop whoop whoop.

Magnet Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Chronoton Duck, Abyss Infernalis, and Storm Eagle.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP!!!!! VILE'S GONNA EAT ME!!!!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "That's one heck of a way to go."

Slash Man peeks behind him as he runs, just in time to notice a whirlwind headed his way. With a short hop, the wind catches his feet, and actually sends him forward into the air. Of course, he drops a few pies, but at least he wasn't hurled into the air. Zoom!

[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Um. Wait. Vile doesn't eat people."

Slash Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Zero, Chronoton Duck, Singularity Shrike, Storm Eagle, and Magnet Man.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Run Wood Man! Run! For everlasting cake!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "If I make it back I'll have cake enough for EVERYONE! Unless you want it all dad."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "...damnit! That guy is a jerk! NOBODY BLOCKS MY CALLS AND LIVES!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "You have a bloody forcefield.. If he hasn't ripped it down already, use it to cover your escape. Meanwhile.. I should probably order a sword. A shortsword. Yess.. But to do it anonymously.. Hmm."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Shut up sword man! I don't like you until dad says you're fixed!"

    As the Masters flee, only one of them is slow enough to gain Attila's attention. And that is the unfortunate Wood Man. Attila swoops in behind him, his thrusters burning bright, as he opens up with a quick few rounds from his carbine, at Wood Man's forcefield. "Taste the pain of Sigma, Master!"

Attila strikes Wood Man with his Carbine Spray attack.
Wood Man's forcefield withstands the attack.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Mist Man transmits, "..."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Mist Man transmits, "Why not learn blacksmithing and /make/ a sword?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "He's fixed. I think. I detoxed him at least."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "That doesn't stop him from being Robo Hannibal Lecter but he's fixed enough."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "Oh too bad brother Wood. I still hath a desire to clock you for last night's mis-aimed Leaf Shield. Especially since I could have done much better without it. So thus, deal with it."

Vile, still intent on doing the most damage to Wood Man that he can before the Beta manages to waddle to freedom, lets loose with a blast from both shoulders. A vicious energy beam shoots out towards the Leaf shield, followed quickly be a plethora of mini-missiles. It probably won't stop Wood Man, but hopefully it will make him think twice about the price of stealing the Coalition's possessions. The Robot Masters are all fleeing, but this is to be expected. The rally is probably ruined. Vile sends a warning to Wily through Wood Man.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Mis-aimed?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "I mean, er, yeah, Mis-aimed."

Singularity Shrike watches as the Robot Masters flee from the scene. The spear remains in play; he's not sure if Attila's dumb enough to try anything.

He makes for some of the people who might have been knocked over or otherwise roughed up during the scuffle.

After having drifted down towards the action, Abyss Infernalis bides her time. She has learned that patience is key in getting what you want. Of couse, with the Robot Masters leaving, she decides to trade an insult or two with the biggest instigator, Magnet Man, before he flees entirly. She floats into his path of escape, and sticks out her foot to trip Magnet Man flat on his face. And then the still invisible Abyss shouts "WILY WEARS DIAPERS!" right in his face.

Abyss Infernalis strikes you with a glancing hit from her Grasp attack for 0 units of damage.
You are below your courage-endurance point.

Storm Eagle watches the fleeing RMs. He cannot move fast enough to get them all /and/ keep the crowd safe. He hates Robot Masters. They all deserve pain for this. Storm Eagle thinks for a moment...and then his neck bulges as he creates an egg. One short cough later, the egg bursts, releasing a flock of drone-eaglets. At their master's silent command, the little birds fly off in three groups, each harassing and trying to peck at a Master.

Storm Eagle misses Wood Man with his Storm Eaglet Drone Flock attack.
Storm Eagle misses Slash Man with his Storm Eaglet Drone Flock attack.
Storm Eagle strikes you with a glancing hit from his Storm Eaglet Drone Flock attack for 7 units of damage.
You take less damage due to your Explosive resistances.
You are below your courage-endurance point.

Wood Man screams as Attila hits him, then the force field goes down under Vile's assault. He is peppered with missiles, but fortunately he's solid enough that it doesn't knock him over with his loot. He manages to somehow dodge the eaglets too, and then he's gone.

"It's just Depends!" Magnet Man shouts ash e continues fleeing.

"He can't help having an old-man bladder! He's still cooler than Sigma!" Run run run run run run-- 'SPLODE! "AUUGH!" Storm Eagle punks him at the last second with his explosive drone. He goes flying, thankfully in the direction of the Teleporters.

"TETSUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~" Tumble Tumble Tumble Crash.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "I would like to think he deliberately misaimed, thus.. The need to hurt him. In a simulator. That way, it shalt not impact his performance. And we dost not need him to walk around in potential combat situations with any damage from a retaliatory bushwhacking, do we father? No. Thus, simulated duels shalt do. In the meantime, I shalt relish at least some of the things I hath done last night in combat, and the fact it helped stall them until we got what we needed. Next on the list.. The ball. And plunger."

[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Uh, we have a plunger. Get me material for durable translucent balls. Big ones."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Delta PB Dust Man transmits, "Oh! Oh! I can use my new supra armor to get it! When I finish it... THEN I WILL BE THE MASTER OF THE ENORMOUS BALLS!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "YEEHAWWW!!!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "We did it dad!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Delta PB Dust Man begins to cackle like a little girl.
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "Would transparent aluminum over six inches thick work?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Where do you want it?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily dispatches a Robot Spider to lay eggs in Dust Man's core.
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Yeah that works. Bring the cake to the Common Room."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "I need some kind of super ball, capable of safely housing monkeys!"

Bleh. And the Robot Masters run like hell. Typical. Prismatic sighs, flipping off the laser pointer and putting it away, before nodding towards Sing. "Looks like we're done here. Have a good evening, Mavericks. Make sure to clean up after yourselves!" He gives a not-too-innocent smile and wave as he begins to walk off.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Delta PB Dust Man transmits, "Hmm. My Supra Force Metal has captured a giant spider."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Delta PB Dust Man transmits, "And eaten it."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "I see."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Freak-k-k-king n-n-n-noobs..."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Did you just get ganked by an Elite aggro Maverick?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "I t-t-tanked for-r-r-r the team. Held th-th-th-three mobs at once."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Delta PB Dust Man transmits, "Mobs of what?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Ma-ma-ma-Maverick do-do-do-douchebags."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Delta PB Dust Man transmits, "Wow. Three whole mobs? That must be like... a hundred!"

    Attila touches down, his carbine smoking. "And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why the Mavericks reign supreme over Doctor Wily." He pops the nearly spent magazine out of his carbine, and reaches to his belt for a fresh one, slapping it in. He smirks. At least he got to hurt someone.

Tree. Tree. Tree. Tree. Duckbutt. Tree. Tree. Tr- Wait. Duckbutt? THERE IT IS AGAIN!
In case it wasn't obvious, Chronoton Duck is still hiding in his holographic tree shell. In the middle of the fountain he landed in so very long ago.
Singularity Shrike looks around, and follows Prismatic. Sing looks somewhere between angry and simply unhappy with the situation.

But he leaves anyway.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "In-in dog yea-yea-years maybe-be-be... *SMACK* Ow. Yeah, about a a hundred, sure, why not? Anyway, we got the cake."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "Transparent aluminum it is. The question is.. Who knows where they make it? I hath only knowledge that it exists, and its capabilities. Like for example.. Theoretically, a pane of the material 60 feet wide by 10 feet tall, is capable of withstanding the pressure of 18,000 cubic feet of water yet be only one inch thick. But that is after all a theory. I find swords much more interesting. .. Wait.. Mavrick Mobs? I do declare it is time to fire up the Iron Maiden."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "And now I'ma go lie down. <CRASH>"

Vile finally stands upright, shunting the plasma pistol and napalm cannon back into subspace. He stares in the direction of where Wood Man and the others ran off for several seconds before finally turning away. He glowers at Prismatic Spider but doesn't say anything. Vile knows where to put the blame for this setback - squarely on the shoulders of Dr. Wily and his clan. Vile decides that something like this just cannot go unpunished.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Sword, seriously...shut up. It's party time! Dad you coming to the Common room?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Yes, Soon."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "He hath better not have squished the cake."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Want us to all wait for you dad?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "yues."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "YOU WAIT NOW!"

Storm Eagle nods to the Repliforcers curtly, and then orders the Maverick emcees and rally-overseers to start cleaning up. He himself will not, of course, sully his hands on it. He heads over to Vile. "We will need to have a planning session soon."

[Radio: (A) Chat] Wood Man transmits, "Don't worry! I'll make sure everyone waits!"

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