This vast, fertile savanna encompasses several of Africa's various biome zones, from woodlands to thornbrush to grasslands. For the most part, this savanna is a beautiful land, covered in gentle, soft grasses that remain cool to the touch and soothing to walk upon. Low ground shrubs are scattered across its velvet floor, sprouting up along the grasslands, often accompanied by larger deciduous trees which cast gentle shadows onto the otherwise sunlit savanna. This beautiful land was once full of life, but its numbers of natural animals has gradually dwindled over the crossing of time.. Now standing as remembrance to so many species which have faded from the earth within the last couple hundred years, hunted to the point of extinction, commonly for their beauty. So often we destroy the things we love the most; a harsh reality in a world where technology strives to be the answer for everything..

    The rather normal Ride Chaser (with mini-sidecar!) rushes over the ground of the dead heart of Africa, Chad. Somewhere west of the capital, a Robot Master base ('The Sandbox') still remains - and Alia is bound and determined to see if there's anything of worth there, or stomp out any opposition that remains. Luckily, she's brought company.

    Over the humming of the engine, she says to Fliptop: "Think we'll have any company today?" The hovercycle nears the front of the badly-hidden base as she speaks; another minute or two and they'll be there.

That little sidecar is just conveniently Fliptop size, with the subspace wonder sitting snugly inside. As his sister speaks to him, he replies "I dunno, but if'n we do, I'ma gonna suck 'em all up an' spit them out again so they go an' run away faster than fastest!" A mischievous grin spreads over his face

    Company? HAHAHA! More like PWN..PANY! Don't ask, Magnet Man sucks at these things. This IS what he's thinking, more or less, as he catches a blip on the internal security radar as Alia approaches.

    "Excellent! My time here won't be a complete waste after all! Muhahahaha!" Evil. So evil. He likes to think so! He had earlier lost to the other Gammas when they drew straws to see who would get the crappy Sandbox duty this afternoon. He was lamenting a day with no video games to play. Wily even restricted the network connecting to this place from accessing his favorite online games!

    That just shows how evil Wily is.

    But now, Magnet Man has a whole NEW game to play! Flatten the Tresspassers! Heehee! He FINALLY gets to try out his new toys, what fun! Heading straight for the base exit, he plans to meet them outside. Not TOO far away from the base, though. Sand isn't known for being particularly magnetic, and he'll want some scraps of metal lying around for him to use.

    Skidding to a sideways halt on the 'porch' of the base, Alia glances around. None of the automatic fortifications are functioning. There's no obvious blaring klaxon alarm. In fact, there's just the typical Wily Construction Vertical Sliding Door (299.99z at your nearest Evil Home Depot), set into a low hill that otherwise looks like a typical sand dune. Well, typical if 'typical' means 'sand dune next to a big metal square.'

    The comm officer arches an eyebrow. "Odd. There's /literally/ nothing going on. I'd have expected some automated stuff, but... this place is deader than dead." Swinging her leg over, she steps off the Ride Chaser and onto the metal porch, forming the A-Buster with a *foomp* from her right hand.

    You know... just in case.

Just before the bike stops, Fliptop leaps out of the sidecar, landing smoothly on the ground, then falling over. It's a dog's life being a suitcase. Rolling around in a circle before flipping back upright, he looks around. "Yah...kinda spooky innit? Maybe they's lying in ambush or dey saw us comin' and moved away? That means we'd have to go back on da bike again!"

    Good ol Wily, sticking to tradition. Those Vertical Sliding Doors have been a staple since... well, ever! With the location, the Hunters PROBABLY think they'll wind up fighting Stone Man, or Slash Man. Boy are THEY in for a surprise!

    Before they even approach the door slides open with its standard *chk chk chk chk chk* and Magnet Man leaps out. Backflip-somersaults, actually. "Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's BOSS TIME!" He shouts as he lands. He then looks at who he is facing. And laughs. "Bwahahaha! This is rich! I get to fight the radio girl and the walking item bag. Hah!" Poor Magnet Man, either doesn't know of Alia's abilities, or doesn't care, thinking his new power is so much greater. "Save yourself the trouble, folks, turn around and leave.

    It's almost a waste to use his newfound power on them. Buuuuuut, since when has Magnet Man ever passed up the chance to pwn a noob? "Lemme just show you what you're up against!" Raising one hand to the sky, he explodes in a flash of light. This isn't a by-product of Force Metal, per say, just something Magnet Man went to extensive trouble to rig his systems with so his transformation would look flashy.

    When the light fades, Magnet Man is now hovoring a bit off the ground. His helmet is qutie different from his normal one, the giant U-shaped magnet covering his face like a faceplate. He also has on giant, poofy, blue shorts, with far too many belts and zippers. And he's also wielding a giant key in his right hand. Behold Wisdom Form, biatches.

Magnet Man changes into his Wisdom Form armor.

    Alia flinches. "Spoke too soon." Magnet Man comes flipping and cavorting out the door, then turns into a Square-Enix leftover muddled with Magneto. She raises the A-Buster almost immediately, steadying it with her left hand, and peers over it - that one eyebrow still quirked. "What the heck're you supposed to /be/, anyway?" She shrugs. "Not that it matters. You're still in the way."

    With almost careless ease, Alia fires a weak warning shot - just to show Magnet Man what he's up against (and, you know, maybe get him to underestimate her). "On your guard, Eddie," she mutters to her smaller bro.

Alia misses you with her A-buster Warning Shot attack.

Flip's far from being on his guard, though. As Magnet Man goes through his transformation, the suitcase blinks a few times, before falling onto his back, little feet kicking with laughter. "You looks silly, Magnet Man! Ya got anymore silly costumes like dat? Any in my size, cause it's so silly an' funny!"

    "Wisdom Form. biatch!" He shouts, somewhat insulted that she has NO IDEA of the magnificence of his majesty. The most under-rated of all of Sora's forms! It kicks ass once you know how to use it! He could go on a rant about it, but he has a blast to dodge!

    And dodge he does! Instead of manually ducking to the side, Magnet Man simply levitages off to the left, without even changing his pose. Which should strike Alia as odd, because in the past he hasn't been able use his magnetism to levitate HIMSELF. Very odd. "Mwehehehehe! You're facing someone on a completely different level now, Alia! I'm totally different from what I was three seconds ago! I have a power level over one miiiiiiillllllliiiooooon!!"

    To demonstrage this he thrusts his hand forward, causing a mild magnetic field to form between her and Fliptop, which should send the two colliding with each other for some light damage.

You strike Alia with a glancing hit from your Magnet attack.
You strike Fliptop with a minor hit from your Magnet attack.

Magnet Man isn't the only person in the castle. A brittish voice echoes from somewhere within, adding an unwelcome mystery to the problem. "Oh wouldst thy please stop fooling around Magnet Man. Thine armor do nott make thee invincible. They just make thee shortsighted and cocky." We know this voice. Before the fighter pops into view, it isn't hard to tell who it is. Not at all. At least this RM isn't all goofed out in armor.. Yet.

    "Oof!" Alia is clubbed somewhat lightly in the knee with Eddie, probably dazing the poor lil dude... her legs are rockin' some armor now. She doesn't have time to ponder the implications of Magnet Man floating through the air, since he's busy being Mr. Magnets.

    She aims the A-Buster again, moving away from Eddie (hopefully to keep that from happening again). Squinting over her barrel, she muses, "What's a Wisdom Form?" as she begins firing a carefully aimed shot.

Alia strikes you with a minor hit from her A-buster Precision Strike attack for 12 units of damage.

Fliptop suddenly finds himself flying from the ground into Alia's knee, preserving the dignity of both Hunters this time. "Owie...dat was mean! I'ma gonna get yoooou!" Without second thought for getting into potential crossfire, Eddie's little legs work their magic, the suitcase lunging towards the new Magnet Man, seemingly not noticing Sword Man in the background either. Now, Eddie /would/ slap Magnet Man in the face, but he lacks hands. He does had a lid, though, which is a good second best.

Fliptop strikes you with a glancing hit from his Flip Tap attack for 2 units of damage.

    Magnet Man snaps his head in Sword Man's direction. "Can it, Swordo! My power is awesome, and YOU know it! I don't need your help here, so don't go kill-stealing!" He proclaims. He speaks a bit too soon, though, as Alia blasts him dead-on while his attention was off of her.

    "Oww. Darnit, now see what you did?! Just butt out, Britty, she's mine. Take on the little red twerp if you want." Floating back up in the air, he looms towards Alia. "What is a Wisdom Form? Hahaha, noob! If you don't know, I'm not going to waste time explaining. Though I could go on at length..." He could, too, don't tempt him! Fliptop slaps him, but it seems rather inneffective, and Magnet Man doesn't seem to even notice. Poor guy!. "But we'll see how you like THIS!"

    Wielding the Keyblade, he points it at Alia. You might THINK he plans to zoom down and slash at her, but instead he fires a quick volley of magnetic blasts down at her, which erupt from the tip of the Keyblade.

You strike Alia with a glancing hit from your Keyblade Blast attack.

Sword Man takes a few steps into the light, glowering with his arms carefully crossed. "It is what /you/ did Magnet Man. This is not a video game. It is armor. Not some kind of dungeons and dragons plus nine ogre slaying knife. Thou should not look away from the enemy. And second, don't be lulled into stupidity. Hunters do have their tricks wither or not they look mostly pathetic. So stop thine fooling around and treat it like it must be treated. With respect and thinking it out. This could be a ranking official for all ye know." He still hasn't made an agressive move. This could be good, or bad.

Ring Redwing just so happens is flying through the Savannah, playing some kind of handhel videogame that depects a santa-hat shooting cookies at Mets. But then she hears the sounds of weaponfire from some kind of 'sandbox base'. Putting down her game, Redwing jets towards the sounds of battle. o0(Hope I'm not too late. This is what I get for crusing thru the Savannahs. Oh well time to show the African audience a good time.)

    Alia seems to be struck by almost nothing; the magnetic blasts are not extremely visible, but they certainly play havoc with her internal systems as they sweep through her. Gritting her teeth, and actually sliding backwards a step or two (not of her own free will), Alia takes one step forward towards Magnet Man, then a second, leaping into the air and bringing her foot down hard - hopefully, right onto the 'Keyblade,' but really, any part of Magnet Man will do.

Alia misses you with her Axe Kick attack.

As Sword Man makes himself known, Fliptop turns to the larger android. "Hey! Alia's not an ugly ogre! She's nice an pretty an' don't you forget it! An' I dun even know what an ogre is anyway!" Without giving Sword Man a chance to reply, Fliptop's lid opens to reveal the subspace portal. A moment later, a cog from one of Auto's failed experiments (of which there are many) flies out.

Fliptop strikes Sword Man with his Whazzit attack.

    Magnet Man snorts at Sword Man. "Blah blah blah, thou art such a pain in the necketh!" He mocks. "I KNOW what I'm doing. I wouldn't get beat by Alia on a bad day, let alone with all this uber loot!"

    Oh-ho! She's trying to match Magnet Man's aerial superiority? Nope, sorry! As Alia leaps into the area, Magnet Man quickly floats backward, and down UNDER her before she descends. "Nyaaaaaaaaaah!" He says, he'd stick out his tongue if he wasn't wearing a faceplate. Instead of blasting something back up at her, he magnetizes Alia directly, and sends her leg (and her along with it) flying through the air a bit before slamming her back down on the ground. Or, at least, he tries. Maybe Alia will get lucky and he'll get sand in his eyes as he dives.

You strike Alia with a minor hit from your Stop Hitting Yourself attack.

Sword Man gets pegged in the face. Ow. He doesn't move. Even with the cog sitting there pressed against his metal nose. It looks funny. But he calmly and quietly removes it and stares at it. "I was referring to Magnet Man's armor. Not this two-bit one-trick hunter. But if you want to play, then let's do so." FWISH. Where did all this black fire come from? It's a little cheesy, maybe eerie. But when it diminishes, he's someone entirely different. And that cog is still present.. "I'll just give this back to thee."

Sword Man strikes Fliptop with his Generic Ranged attack.

Tresspassers tresspassers. There's even more tresspassing afoot. Redwing also tresspasses where the Maverick Hunters have already tresspassed before. Seeing the seemingly helpless Suitcase battling the 8-foot tall shiny Sword Man she glares widely in the archaic Robot Master's direction. She glare and glares until eye-lasers erupt from her bright yellow optics. Gekigan biiimu! Zzap! "Sword Man or Charbroiled Swordsman! Well.. .whoever you are! Stop picking on Fliptop!"

Ring Redwing strikes Sword Man with her Eye-laser attack.

    Alia's leg goes up, up, up! And she goes down, down, down, landing squarely on her back. The fall and the magnetic charge bend and twist her armor something fierce, causing her a bit more damage than maybe the magnets would do alone, and the Hunter grimaces, briefly lying on the ground.

    . o O ( Get up. )

    Her combat instincts soon kick in, however, and she nips up, a pink-and-black blur regaining her feet. The colors of her armor ripple momentarily, however, and flow away, being replaced with a violet so dark it's nearly black, and actual black. She sees Ring swoop into the scene, and cringes momentarily. "Sorry, you two!" she yells to Ring and Fliptop, as she fires the Buster. Darkness flows into the whole area, and time seems to s l o w ... d o w n.

Alia strikes you with a glancing hit from her Dark Hold attack for 0 units of damage.
Magnet Man is temporarily disoriented by Alia's Dark Hold attack.
Alia strikes Sword Man with her Dark Hold attack.
Sword Man is temporarily disoriented by Alia's Dark Hold attack.
Alia strikes Ring Redwing with her Dark Hold attack.
Ring Redwing is temporarily disoriented by Alia's Dark Hold attack.
Alia misses Fliptop with her Dark Hold attack.

Sword Man is really starting to make Fliptop angry, and that's never a good idea. He gets clonked right between the eyes with that cog. "Owie...that hurts!" He's about to launch a torrent of cogs when Alia shouts out. Fliptop turns to face his sister, and looks confused. "Sorry about what, sis? Nuttin' wrong is there? Cause if there is, Eddie can fix it!" He smiles, blissfully unaware that everyone else is frozen.

Fliptop forfeits a turn to charge WE.

"Nyahahahah!" Magnet Man laughs as he hovers back up into the air again, looming over Alia as she thuds to the ground. "Oh, this is rich. You can't even TOUCH me! Perhaps there is a thing as being too leet, the Doc has outdone himself this time! Hehehehehehe!"

    He raises his unarmed hand into the air, as if he was planning something big. "But now I think I'll bring a swift end to this! After all, you can o n l y l a s t s o l o n g a n d y o u a r e a b o u t........" STOP.

    Well, that's ONE way to handle Force Metal, isn't it?

As time slows to the point that words start breaking up into individual letters, Redwing is frozen in mid-Gekigan Beam. Her bright yellow optics still aglow from the brief lasering she'd like to just take this moment to advertise Santa-Met 2. Control the Santa-hatted Met and shoot ginger cookies at enemy mets. 1000 points opens up the bonus stage! End blurb and back to frozen combatants!

Sword Man watches with satisfaction. It's a tradeoff hit. Direct for direct. And then he has to get plinked in the shoulder by lasers. Oh.. Now it is ON. He starts to light up with fire.. And spin like a top. Then time slows to a snail's crawl and then ceases movement entirely. He's stuck. Unaware for the moment that he's been locked in place. Just that in a second or so, he'll know after the fact what happened.

    The Hunter raises an eyebrow. Must be a subspace thing. She quickly flashes a smile at Fliptop. "Errr... nothing, Eddie." Alia returns her attention to Magnet Man. She knows he can't hear her, but... While her colors remain nearly-black-on-black, her weaponry returns to her traditional set as Alia aims the Buster at Magnet Man. It charges with a ferocious alternating red and blue glow.

    "What was that about not being able to touch you?" Her system gives one last hum, then a burst of flame-charged plasma comets from the end of the A-Buster.

Alia strikes you with a minor hit from her A-buster Comet Blast attack for 16 units of damage.

Fliptop tries to shrug, but he can't because he lacks shoulders. So, he looks up at Sword Man. "Hey, is we playin' musical statues? Odd time to be playin' games." Flip then gives an almighty kick to the frozen in time Sword Man. He might just feel it if his legs are made of wet paper.

Fliptop strikes Sword Man with his Kick attack.

    Just as Magnet Man's sensors register 'Oh shi- time stopper!' he's frozen. Then the next moment (to him) he's blasted by Alia's Comet Blast, and sent spiraling down to the ground. A major cloud of sand is kicked up when he lands, covering the area in a bit of a dusty haze.

    Magnet Man doesn't stay down for long, though, as he explodes back up out of the sand, and hovors in the air again, a bit ticked. "Heh... HAH! That ...didn't hurt ONE BIT!" He lies. "It didn't hurt at all, but I think I'll try and end this quickly anyway. Not that I'm scared... I'm just... um, bored! Yes, dull fight, no EXP, yawn." In fact he is quite surprised that Alia landed both of those blows. He was hoping the Doc would make his armor Timestopper immune, but even Wily can't work miracles.

    "Prepare for a world of PAIN, Radio Girl!" Magnet Man says, as raises both hands into the air, and sends another magnet field around Alia. This one doesn't throw her around violently. It simply levitates her into the air, and begins to slowly crush her armor around her, like you would a piece of tinfoil. He can only maintain this for so long, though, even in his new form and eventually has to let go. (Or, since it's so difficult to maintain, it could fail entirely if his concentration is broken.) Magnet Man always wanted more power in that department, if he could maintain that field indefinetely he could crush Alia into a small cube. But, c'est la vie.

You strike Alia with a minor hit from your Magneticrush attack.

Sword Man doesn't see anything in his frozen state. It's pretty obvious. He can't feel anything either right off the bat. But seeing eddie right under him in the blink of an eye in mid-attack was a FTW moment. "How did ye!?" No matter! He has two pets to deal with. His lower half darts out of the way, and his top half takes flight like some rampaging black spiked helicopter on fire. Up at Ring, then down at the walking lunch box. Flame on!

Sword Man strikes Ring Redwing with his Fire Spin attack.
Sword Man strikes Fliptop with his Fire Spin attack.

    Since everyone seems to be using Tabs, I think I will too. Redwing tabs around until she hits the toggle to become unfrozen from the time-stop. But apparently not in time before Sword Man lights himself on fire and hits her sending her sprawling. Getting up and dusting herself off she examines the tear on her right shoulder. "That hurt you bully!" She then spins right round and whirlwind kicks him. You spin me, I spin you... let's spin more than the Repliforce Spinny can too.

Ring Redwing strikes Sword Man with her Spinning Bird-kick attack.

    The armor crush is a real treat. Alia's armor is forced back into its natural color as it crumples and squeezes, eliciting a cry of pain and a steady flow of mechfluid. The Hunter's face is contorted with pain until Magnet Man drops her, and she - somehow - lands on her feet, wounded but alive.

    She glares in Magnet Man's direction again, charging up the A-Buster the same as before, but attempting a quick dodge or two. She's /really/ got to start avoiding his magnetic powers. "Yes, it hurts... but I'm still up, video game boy." A burst of flame and plasma barrels towards Magnet Man with a FWOOSH noise.

Alia strikes you with a major hit from her A-buster Inferno Blast attack for 27 units of damage.

Fliptop is rendered helpless as Sword Man's legs begin to trample all over him. Eventually, he manages to get away from the legs, but not before he's taken a serious beating. His armor is dented and cracked, and it's not even armor anyway. "Ooooh...dat really hurts...why is der two of ya?" Flip begins to stagger around, the beating having left him dazed. The suitcase then trips over his own feet, and his subspace portal opens up, and a ball rolls out. But, this balls has a wick, and a skull and crossbone on it. It also goes 'tick tick tick', /and/ it's rolling right for Sword Man. This could be messy.

Fliptop misses Sword Man with his Explosive Miscalculation attack.

    Magnet Man... honestly wasn't expecting her to still be going after all that. His surprise results in her nailing him dead-on with a rather powerful blast. Like Alia, though, he doesn't fall to the ground, he catches himself before he hits sand, and he floats back up. He's not happy, but rather than angry he's startled and somewhat panicky.

    "But... but... NO!" He shouts, swiping the Keyblade at the air in front of him. "I am LEETER THAN YOU! I am LEETER THAN ALL OF YOU! One little lucky shot means nothing! Do you hear me? NOTHING!" Well the mechfluid slowly seeping from the damage to his armor seems to indicate it means SOMETHING. His concentration right now is wrecked too, so he can rule out his fancier magnetic powers. He can keep himself hovering, though. He'll just have to rely on direct weaponry! "Take this!" He shouts again, aiming his Keyblade once more at Alia and firing another volley at the Hunter. A double volley, actually.

You strike Alia with a minor hit from your Keyblade Combo attack.

    Alia is nailed with the magnetic shots, being forced backwards again as her armor literally peels off around her, leaving the black bodysuit exposed in places. Still, she fights on! The Alia Buster is raised, and the Hunter does not speak now: she's through speaking.

    She'll let the gun do the talking. A quick charge later, a burst of energy peels out of the end of the barrel, hopefully striking Magnet Man in his highly hidden face.

Alia strikes you with a minor hit from her Alia Buster attack for 16 units of damage.
You are below your courage-endurance point.

Ring Redwing would like to help the hunters out in beating down the gamefreak, but since Sword man was OOCly shot off the internet by Alia. Redwing is shot off

Ring Redwing retreats from the area swiftly, outdistancing all pursuit and parting shots.

    SLAM!! Alia's shot collides nicely with Magnet Man's face. It even blows off his faceguard, exposing his mough. No more ninja-like obscurity for him! The shot also disorients him enough so that he falls straight into the ground. Err, sand. This time he's down for a lot longer before his hand weakling rises up, and he pulls himself to his feet.

    Too many emotions mix up his facial features as he waffles back and forth from surprise, to anger, to shock, to irritation, to fear. This isn't SUPPOSED to happen! This was supposed to make him uber! And here he gets bested by ALIA of all people. So much for his daydreams about taking Rock down in Ultimate mode (yeah right, dream on.) He looks about ready to fire one last attack at Alia, when he freezes in his steps and remember the speech Wily gave him when he GOT the armor....

    "Remember! This Force Metal is more precious than YOU are! You CANNOT E-Ring while using it. And you WILL NOT let the enemy get their hands on it! I swear if you screw this up I will hunt you down and END YOU."

    Well maybe Wily didn't quite say it like THAT, but that's what Magnet Man remembers right now. "Tch..." He grunts, and quickly and hovers back into the air, weakly. "I'm.... going to let you go. You're clearly not worth my time! Later!" He manages to say, before taking off into the distance. Or trying to, anyway. Luckily his hover is fast, but he's far too injured to be graceful. All the while he's thinking 'RUNAWAYRUNAWAYRUNAWAYRUNAWAY'

Magnet Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Sword Man, Fliptop, Ring Redwing, and Alia.

    "Not worth your... hey! Get back here!" Alia is rather surprised when Magnet Man starts running (well, hovering) away for all he's worth. She's not done with him yet! "Got enough for one... more... shot..." she says through a haze of pain.

    Luckily, she really DOES have enough for one more shot. A nice sized one. Burning some of her reserve energy (with a slight cringe), Alia fires a quick triple shot after the retreating Magnet Man, hoping that'll do the trick.

Alia strikes you with a minor hit from her A-buster Triple Shot attack for 15 units of damage.
You fall to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Sword Man skids by the bomb, the blast missing him by a rediculous margin. Both halves reconnect and he looks up at Ring, who seems to be.. Well.. he doesn't know. He has a situation to finish. "I need to put an end to this. Your medical facilities will repair you soon enough anyway." He pulls a few blades from his subspace pocket and launches an attack on the banged up lunch box.

Sword Man strikes Fliptop with his Dashing Fire Slice attack.

    "Oh sh*tbees..." Magnet Man whines just before Alia's shot collides with him. He explodes nicely, though not E-Ringing. Rather he's cut into a few nicely sized chunks.

    Lucky for him, though, he always has a squad of Magnet Flies around him, even though he doesn't use em in battle. A swarm of em suddenly fly out of the Sandbox base, and pick up his pieces. Most of them buzz around the others as decoys, as Magnet Man is carted away by his servants.

    If these things could speak, they'd say something like 'HOW many times have we saved his big red aft by now?'

The bomb had rolled far enough from Fliptop so that he wasn't included in the blast. As he comes to, he slowly stands up, only to find Sword Man already launching an attack. Without even time to 'meep', one of his legs is sliced clean off, causing Eddie to topple over rather unceremoniously, and in a lot of pain. Like this, he's not use to fight, but Alia still seems to be in a decent combat condition. His subspace portal opens again, and a metal can, like a soda can, flies towards Alia. It's content? Yummy energy goodness, just perfect for a quick buzz/Alia Buster Megablast.

Fliptop transfers fuel to Alia.

    "Not before I--" Oh, to heck with it, everyone knows what's coming. Alia fails to notice Fliptop getting the crap kicked out of him, as she's heading towards the fallen Magnet Man (though she does feel the nice burst of energy he provides, snagging the can from midair and absorbing its contents).

    "One sec, Eddie!" she hollers over her shoulder, as the beeping A-Buster tracks Magnet Man's energy signature from his fallen body. She'd love to fire over at Sword Man, too, but the Alia Buster's busy forming a mimicry of the Magnet Missiles.

Sword Man slows his attack. No, actually. he stops. "You are not worthy to fight me. Your assistance to your comrade however, even in your severely damaged state, is honorable. Thus, I will not deactivate you. I will however, give you a free lift.." His range is still close. And with it in minds, he picks Fliptop up uncerimoniously and launches him at Alia. "Your friend needs repair hunter. Leave now and take him with you."

Sword Man strikes Alia with his Generic Ranged attack.

Well what did Sword Man expect? Eddie's a freaking suitcase with legs! Sure, he could probably fit a nuke into that subspace portal, but he apparently didn't have one today. As mechfluid leaks from his leg stump, he just whines as Sword Man chucks him at Alia. The impact wasn't painful on his part of the deal, but that doesn't mean he's not in pain. In fact, he's in a lot of pain, poor mite.

    With an 'oof,' Alia catches Fliptop. In her damaged state, however, it DOES still hurt. She eyes the Buster's energy readout as it announces 'WEAPON GET,' then returns to its usual energy readout. She considers. And she charges.

    "I'll leave when you do," she says. "And I suggest you leave." The Buster is humming dangerously now; Alia's drawing on reserve energy above and beyond what Fliptop provided. She aims it directly at Sword Man. She narrows her eyes.



Alia strikes Sword Man with her Alia Buster Megablast attack.

Sword Man ends up flying. But that doesn't mean a dang thing. His armor holds up very well, but it is smoking all over from the effects and some systems spark. Does he show pain? No. But dang that's a lot of sparks. His landing is quite clean, skidding on the sand on both feet and eventually coming to a stop. "This is our base. You are not wanted here." There's not much to be said. He's off, as fast as his natural velocity will allow, picking up some of Magnet Man's peices along the way. And where is he aiming? Right for the base which will slam its doors shut right behind him and sprout little laser turrets for covering fire.

Sword Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Fliptop, Ring Redwing, and Alia.

Fliptop would get up and give Sword Man 'what for' like a real suitcase should, but he's too busy being in pain, so Sword Man gets off easy.

    Alia sprints after Sword Man (well, more kinda jogs). Will it be a two-for-one day? Let's find out!

    "This is Africa. You were never wanted here to begin with!" Alia hollers after Sword Man. Suddenly, she hears a voice in her head, loud and clear - a memory from quite a while ago.


    Who is Alia to deny voices from her early training as a Buster user? Despite her pain, she decides to try and take down Sword Man as well - by dropping to the ground and sliding for home. Will she strike Sword Man out, or is he safe for today?

Alia strikes Sword Man with her Slide Kick attack.
Sword Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

In a vermillion blurr, Eddie zips up to your leg and promptly clings to it telekinetically. "HEY! Issa Good RPer an' m'thinkins y'need a cookie!" His lid opens, and out pops a copy of 'Playbeing' with Doctor Cain's name on it. "MEEEEEP! S'NOT WHAT I WANTED." It dissapears quickly, and is replaced by a chocolate chip cookie and a wide-eyed little suitcase.

Sword Man hops over a rock in his way. But there's a problem. He ends up landing on a foot. A moving foot. It trips him, right in front of the door. He teeters sideways. And.. WHAM. Right into the side of the entryway. That megablast must've made his armor very brittle in places. because it cracks all over, and the impact zone caves in. He stands there for a second, apparently already offline. No erings, no fires. Just one black robot with cracked armor. Until gravity takes over. Falling sideways and forward, right into the doorway's path. But it doesn't close. The lasers just keep dumbly shooting . Their bad luck.

See Eddie. See Eddie in pain. Go Eddie!

Well well well, have you ever role-played a scene worthy of being cookied? Apparently you have for here is a ring-shaped cookied from Ring Redwing to you. My dreams are the wings that allow me to soar to the limitless sky.

    Alia hurriedly stands, holding the Buster over Sword Man's fallen form. "You too," she mutters. The A-Buster beeps...

    The Hunter then heads back to where she dropped Eddie, scooping him up and heading for the Ride Chaser. "C'mon, Flip," she says, coughing lightly. "Let's go home. We could both use a tune-up."

[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man's retreival alarm beeps. System deactivation. Massive external electrical overload and impact stress.
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man's also beeps, but scanners indicate he's being carried back to the base, at least.

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