Pacific Northwest

     Covered in dense forest and small towns, the vast majority of the large Pacific Northwest is made up of natural, untouched lands, left pristine and beautiful. Only the rare occasional city appears, long standing old cities like Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Most of the natural area found here consists of a mixture of traditional trees and pine trees, with a rich diversity of wildlife, including mountain lions, black bears, and the occasional sea otter along the shores, many of which almost risked extinction in the twentieth century. Now, though, they thrive thanks to the vast wildlife preserves and consolidation of the human population into cities.

<Global News Network> Today's weather forecast for Seattle.... High 60's with a low chance of rain in the morning, low 70's in the afternoon with cloudy skies, Robot Masters in the eveni-- what the *****. We bring in a special bulletin for all our viewers!" The scene: the Archie McPhee's Superwarehouse, a long-established novelty goods dealer. This is not worthy of citing the E-word. What is, is the approach of Robot Masters. It doesn't matter how or why. It's the Masters approaching a warehouse. C'mon. You guys know what to do from here.

      The Pharaoh hovers a few feet above the ground, arms crossed about his chest. In one hand rests his scepter, in the other, his khopesh. A smug, satisfied smirk crosses his face as the drone forces reach the warehouse. The fences are quickly torn apart, as are the rent-a-cop security guards. Ra floats onwards amidst their screams as Joes blast their bodies into burnt husks.

"You all know what we're looking for. Take anything that will work. Kill anyone who interferes. Thus commands the Pharaoh!" His optics turn towards a fleeing factory worker as the man scrambles into his car, and tries to start the engine.

The smirk widens, and the car is engulfed in flames.

     Fire Man, on site, is mesmerized by the terrifying sight of the giant head of a plastic frilled lizard. He burns as brightly, hotly, and vigorously as ever before, but yet, he is deeply disturbed at some fundamental level of being here. This was where the next glorious plan of Dr. Wily's would be built from, but yet...
     He is holding onto a package of gummy bacon. Meat... with a strawberry flavor? That cannot be meat at all. Even as people flee, drones gather, and other Masters do what they do best, even Fire Man, the hot-headed seeker of eternal infamy and fear, feels that at some subconscious level, his understanding of the world is at its limits.

The master of magnetism follows quickly behind Pharoah Man and the others. Raid time, raid time, tra la laaaaa~~~~! The RMs doing what they do best, looting.
Magnet Man is currently NOT powered up. That's not to say he won't activate his Force Metal powers the moment something happens, but he always likes to pretend he's intimidating others by his flashy transformation. It took him HOURS to choreograph if until it was /perfect/.

"It may not be epic loot, but we need it to complete our current quest! Rewards await, bros, so lets get looting! Alliance sucks, Horde ruuuuuuuuuuuuules!" Zug Zug.

Sword Man had followed some of his brothers for this trip. He's only got a single reason to be there.. Steal stuff. But.. He didn't approve of the car being exploded. Nor does he quite like the idea of just killing anyone that gets in his way. It's so.. Barbaric. Of course he's not one to talk, he's lost his marbles once or twice before already. Not that it matters now since he's there and for the moment rather sane. "Oh please. Please tell me this is not like a yon Zergling rush 'for the horde'. That is so.. Yesterday.." Uh huh.

And the Yawning Void opens forth to engulf the mortals...

    No, wait. That's Gate Man picking up a Tub 'O Ninja and dumping them into the non-space vortex in his chest. Maybe they'll work as a covert ops unit for Sgt. Barringer. "I am sure that Master Wily would be greatly pleased at our efforts. Let us proceed and make sure to gather what the Master desires, yes? Although..." He glances at another Tub 'O Ninja. "There are so many /curious/ things here!"

Greymalkin Arsenal, a private military contractor, assists in the protection of cargo and warehouses in the Seattle area. Most of the time, it's easy duty; small-time criminals and the occasional Yakuza heist attempt must be foiled, but day in and day out, the work is ordinary.

Maynard "Cherokee" Mongoose is a new hire by Greymalkin. He joined through the Hong Kong office on Monday and won a position by testing out of all of the physical exams within a day. He hasn't been rotated into active duty in some of the more dangerous areas Greymalkin works in, primarily because his employers are doing a background check to be sure he isn't a government infiltrator.

Maynard is a mild-mannered man and is liked by his fellow security-guards. This is his third full day on duty, and at the time of the attack is riding in a Jeep with his shift partner, Leona Hezekiah. "You like the states, then?" she asks. He seems about to answer when the explosions start.

"Time to get to work!" she calls out, turning the wheel hard and speeding back toward the McFee quadrant. Mongoose pulls on his balaclava and slaps a clip into his carbine, nodding once. His first non-VR live fire incident. Mongoose tries not to look nervous.

As the Joes starts gathering inside the warehouse, a certain someone shreds the first oncoming units to scarp parts. Scythe hums as its wielder awaits a second unit. This time, a storm blast from inside, of both air currents and blades that slices anything of its own will.

 And that will is, Red of Red Alert. The commando looks out through his lonely optic while it rains bolts and screws. The commando doesn't express any certain feeling on his face, not happy, not sad, not worried. Gusts swirl around him as he walks, almost silently, with only the winds at his back.

Alpha has been waiting to take on Robot Masters for a while now. Not that they haven't given plenty of chances, but Alpha likes to be efficient and instead of showing up to every battle, she tries to spend her energies on ones that intrigue her. Namely, two of the Robot Masters spied heading for the mysterious warehouse.
Alpha doesn't blink in, rather she arrives via her Cosmonaut armor which does not appear to have such systems. She's a fast traveler at any rate, but she seems to be holding off from jumping in quite yet, trying to size up the situation. Pharaoh Man? Well usually she'd be happy to try and destroy him, but for today she is still feeling the reprecussions of another Robot Master's actions. She eyes Gate Man, then glances at the Joes heading for the warehouse.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Drones report Red's presence. Alpha's as well."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Cut Man transmits, "/DESTROY THEM/."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Time to pump up my PvP rep!"

Robot Masters? In MY funky crazy store somewhere in the Pacific Northwest?

The reports say so, and since Clock isn't so partial to many of the Robot Masters, the bus went out in full motion. It hurried down the streets, first coming from a teleporter before charging towards the area like a chariot of rock. Clockverk's latest album blared from the interior sound system. And if that's only the interior system, it leaves one to wonder how the bass is.

Still, Clock lays down on a bean bag chair inside the bus as it enters the scene, strumming his new six button guitar. The Robot Masters took his last from him. They aren't getting it again. He looks up towards Oil Man.

"You ready for this, Big O?" He wears a grin on his face.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "The Gatespawn is mine."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "Gate Spawn? Pardon me?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Red, dude, Red."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "Oh."

     Pharaoh Man turns slightly as drone reports reach his audio sensors via radio. So. The leader of Gate's more heroicly inclined children has arrived. How quaint. The Delta blinks out of sight for a few moments, and the drones go on as normal.

     That is, until a large crate full of little religious figures is flung through a window at the Commando. "Now, now, Red. It seems you've angered St. Adrian, patron of arms dealers, butchers, and prison guards!" Ra calls from a hover behind the portal, grinning sadisticly. "Best you make amends, or it could be rather difficult for you."

Pharaoh Man strikes Red with his Generic Melee attack.

     Attacking Australia's not such a big thing. Ain't at all interesting. But when you start to mess with people who ain't calling to be destroyed, then you're messing with the wrong people.

     Clock Man might not like them, but Oil Man just thinks they're lame. Like, every last one. Alright, there's Guts Man but there's always a few oddities. As the bus went in full motion, Oil Man actually was surfing on it for a bit, readying a few things, before swinging into the bus, taking control over the autopilot. No, he can't drive, but that's the point. You're bound to get there faster.

     With the beats pumping and the rock on high, Oil Man was pumped. Leaning back, stomping on the break while turning to Clock Man, Oil Man smirked, a slick smile of sorts. "Tic Toc man, you know I was BORN ready. A'int no one stoppin' our flow."

     Standing from the drivers seat, Oil Man kicks open the door of the bus, hey, it's meant for that. Who can ALWAYS open the damn door? He then walks out, the sound broadcast outside. Yeah. It was pretty loud.

Sword Man sighs very quietly to himself, flexing the knuckles of both hands. This armor is good and all.. But really. He wasn't concerned with the armor so much as how readily Pharaoh Man jumped in to attack. Almost like there was no plan at all, or logic. This was going to be one of those days, he can tell. The good news is that he's not attacking anyone just yet. He's only waiting for a good opprotunity to begin picking up loot.

     Fire Man is still just outside of the warehouse. Boxes upon boxes of things are hurled carelessly. Frustration at little things in particular build higher and higher to the point that he'd love to do as he always does, which is to just set things on fire. But wait, what's in this box? Or that box? Mental stimulation and curiosity in a Robot Master often turns out very deadly or very funny. Sometimes even both.
     There's a jeep and some bus driving nearby behind him a ways, but he pays them no mind as he opens the ninth box he's torn open and searched through - corndog air fresheners.
     Another part of him dies a little more at the prospects.

Magnet Man's pace continues as they approach the warehouse. Thoughts of quest rewards dancing in his head. So much so that he nearly runs straight into a speeding car that drives into the area. A quick jump, tumble, and roll forward gets him out of harm's way. But he looks less than graceful in the attempt, though.
"Alright! Who's the wise guy that tried to drive at me while my guard was down!? Lame tactics, noob!" He shouts, spinning around to try and find the car that nearly winged him. Search and destroy, search and destroy. He has a hard time spotting it, though. Must be briefly disoriented.

The box smashes into Red from the side, shattering the box and a small amount of figures. He doesn't fall over nor does he flinch, but turns towards the sound of the voice of Pharaoh man. Red grins too, as he spots the portal of whatever realm the Robot Masters blabber about.

"I don't recall you being a saint yourself nor that you could ever befriend one." Red replies, despite having a couple of St.Adrian on him. He blinks in a spilt second and reappears infront of the portal that Pharaoh man is inside. Red stretches out his arm and hand, trying to grab him and slam the Robot Master into the concrete ground

Red strikes Pharaoh Man with his Dirty Fighting attack.

"Oh dear, sir. You don't need to be endangering yourself in such a way." One of the security guards gets an oversized d20 lobbed at him for his trouble. "Please, just remove yourself and we won't have any trouble." At the shout of Pharoah Man, however, the Master of Subspace glances up towards the arrival of Alpha. "A Hunter! Excellent, I was hoping to test a few new things today..." The chestgate swings open, and he produces a flintlock pistol, with which he fires at the incoming Alpha. "Oh, do stand still! It will reduce the pain." You'd think a primitive firearm such as that would be utterly ineffective against modern armor, but... Something seems different.

Gate Man strikes Alpha with his Generic Ranged attack.

"Our priority is to protect the civilians," Leona says, as the Jeep tears toward the attack. "We protect human life. The property is insured. That's the second thing we worry about. The third thing," she says, reaching behind her seat and pulling out her own carbine, "is wasting every last one of those sons of bitches for doing this near the end of our shift."

Leona tosses the carbine at Mongoose. He fumbles with it for a moment before efficiently slapping in a clip and running the action on the rifle, putting it in the rack next to her. She laughs, like a bark.

"Shake it off, Mongoose," Leona says, bravado hiding the real fear she has of the Robot Masters -- she's not a combat machine, just a well-trained soldier. "If we die before payday, I'll never let you hear the end of it."

Mongoose grunts, picking up his own rifle and setting it at the ready.

Leona swerves around Magnet Man, not stopping to engage. That's not their job. The Jeep rushes past the main attack and stops on the opposide side of it, about 50 yards off. Leona and Mongoose jump out, looking for any trapped civilians. Leona pulls a bullhorn out of the Jeep and starts shouting evacuation orders to anyone she sees still in the area. It still stands out a little above the music. Mongoose thumbs the safety off and nervously looks across the street for drones. His body knows what to do. Will his nerves hold out?

     Ra is shocked at the speed and efficiency of Red's movements, caught by the neck and sent careening into the pavement below with sickening crack of metal. Sparks fly upon impact, even. While wounding, the android is far from seriously hurt, and calmly picks himself back up. "Oh, but I am so much more than an elected peon of a benficial deity..."

Turning, he unleashes a howling wind of sand and dust upwards at the Repliforce Commando. "...I am unto a God! Ra Nubarak, Servant of Amun-Wily!"
Sword Man shakes his head a few times, looking at the store. Then he makes up his mind and starts rinning. He will need to get into it and evade stray shots. Hmm. Here's hoping. A simple thing to think of, but harder to execute. Surely this won't be too easy.

Pharaoh Man strikes Red with his Sandstorm attack.

Alpha's first priority is killing Gate Man dead. But gosh, she really should take into account the civilians. Turning to do just that, Gate Man shoots Alpha with a ... flintlock pistol. It bangs her on the shoulder and doesn't seem to do much damage, just denting where it hits, failing to pierce all the way, but then again: That's more than what a normal flintlock pistol would have done.

Alpha turns back towards Gate Man and glares at him, remembering again just how one of her dearest friends had died. Bringing an arm forward to protect her body, Alpha swoops down for Gate Man at about half speed, aiming to clock him against the head, aiming to knock that helmet clean off--even if she has to tear it off him with a section of his skull.

"The pain of what?" She hisses, even if it does hurt.

Alpha strikes Gate Man with her Kite Shield Swipe attack.

Magnet Man finally spots the jeep, and watches it drive away. He looks a bit irritated. They're just humans, by the looks of things. Security personell. Probably not worth his time, as he has other things he should be doing.


To Magnet Man, they're just 'grey' to him. Shouldn't take more than a few moments. And besides, they made him look a bit foolish when he had to jump out of the way, even if it was mostly his own fault. "Heeheehee... I'm /so/ gonna gank them." He says to himself, running after the jeep. As he approaches, he thrusts his hand forward, sending a magnetic wave towards their vehicle to flip it over. Not aimed to hit either human, but just to let them what they're dealing with, and to keep them from getting away too easily.

The sandstorm send Red into the air, landing on a few crates, breaking them. He gets back up slowly, not because he is injured but rather that he feels rather confident when it comes to his own turf of skill.

"Well now. I can't just let you shove me around even though you claim to be a god." Red snickers, as he stretches out his arm. The gust of the sandstorm have gone silent and died. A new wind arises and is more powerful than the last. Red directs it with his arm and tries to lift and twirl the pharaoh into the wall.

Red strikes Pharaoh Man with his Zephyr Blast attack.

As Oil Man heads out, Clock Man comes as well. "You got it man. lets do this." When he gets out, the battles already started. Looking around, the GERC lowers his gaze on Sword Man as he retreats, the Irregular coming out with guitar in hand. He's running? That's no good.

Clock Man is quiet for a moment, before raising his voice towards the Robot Master. "HEY MAN, DON'T YOU ME MESSIN' WITH THAT STORE. Ya dig? Cool."

For a moment, the rocker just cradles his guitar, only before to strum across is really quick. "I got this one man, you go kick some ass." Clock calls, before brining his hands down on the strings, striking them across, sending a pulse away and towards Sword Man, probably giving him a little jolt to his senses.

Clock Man strikes Sword Man with his Wake Up With The Clock attack.

Pharaoh Man tries to resist, only to be shoved hard into a wall. There is a trickle of mechfluid from his grimacing mouth. "ENOUGH of your insolence, boy! I shall burn you into an ashen husk, for the glory of Amun-Wily!" He begins to blink rapidly, appearing only momentarily behind Red to launch a blast of explosive sand-his melee implements stored away for now, one arm having formed a cannon from which the attack is launched.

As he teleports, a taunt is loosed, "And I'll deliver it myself to dear old, Maverick Daddy."

Pharaoh Man strikes Red with his Sand Burst attack.

Sword Man shakes his head in reaction to the entirely off-key music. Auch that was horrible! He slows to a stop, turning his upper half to face the guitarist. "Learn to play yon instrument properly cretin! Thou art off key! And its not symphonic metal!" What does symphonic metal have to do with this? nevermind. Rethoric question. Ah.. Perfect.. A fire hydrant! And an empty car.. Double perfect! He rips the door off the car, then kicks the hydrant off the street. The resulting spray of water is cause for him to jump back briefly to avoid, then he grits his teeth and uses the car door to bluntly redirect the flow at Clock Man. Collld water. Very. "Now please chill ye out, I've got a job to do!"

Sword Man misses Clock Man with his Generic Ranged attack.

     There's two guys in that warehouse. They were just about ready to begin the evening shift. They are not what one would call the favorites of their management - goof-offs even among people with a sense of humor that work here. There's two of them in uniform: Ryland "Fuzz" Redman, nicknamed for his uncanny resemblance to the ancient action figure based off of a real person, and Victor "Bacon" Grant, a guy who loves his cooking. Both are overweight white males that may never have had any real future given that they both dropped out of college and weren't stellar in earlier grades to begin with. Given that they are very close to the presence of deathbots, the two are huddled up in a corner somewhere away from the main action.
     "Dude, we're so boned, so boned, so boned," Fuzz chants over and over again as he hides behind a very large tiki.
     Bacon is, naturally, munching on some gummy bacon. "I never had these before," he says with a whole mouth full. "Want some?"
     Meanwhile, Fire Man is wrestling with yet another box of goods that do not seem to come close to anything at all resembling 'logical' or even 'important,' but yet he is adjusted to the mentality that everything you grab has to have some use, but what if it's candy hearts shaped like real human hearts? He is in very close proximity to Clockverk and his greasy lackey, but has not yet paid any true attention towards them.

     The music still plays though they leave the bus. It's needed though. Can't kick ass without a beat. As Fire Man continues to go through box after box, Oil Man spots him, throwing a thumbs up to Clock. "All over it. Got me a sucker, ripe and ready." He hooks that thumb towards Fire Man.

     Moving slowly over to him, Oil Man looks at what Fire Man's doing, the boxes being opened, sorted through, examined. Why the heck's he doing all this? Ah, no biggy. Ask questions after you dealt with the losers. Moving right behind Fire Man, Oil Man taps on his shoulder. "Yo! Man I got somethin' for ya!"

     If Fire Man turns to find out who's tapping him on the shoulder or not, there's still going to be a fist aimed for the side of his head. If only to help send the Firey robot master into the mess of boxes.

     It's a pretty strong punch, but the element of surprise ain't lost on him.

Oil Man strikes Fire Man with his Sucker Punch attack.

Leona doesn't want the Robot Masters' attention. She focuses on trying to get the stragglers out. The ever-present Wily drones make this more difficult. Plasma fire starts coming their way. Leona and Mongoose slam down behind the Jeep, using the armored vehicle as momentary cover.

"God dammit," Leona says. "Cover me!" She weaves out from behind the Jeep and starts blasting. Mongoose ducks out a little ways from the Jeep and does as ordered, blasting at the Wily drones. Just like in training. Drones. Just drones. They go down in a few hits, giving Leona the room she needs to get to another warehouse to set up a rough perimeter for the civilians to flee behind.

The magnetic wave flips the Jeep, catching Mongoose in the temple. He's dazed, his hands slipping on his carbine, but fortunately the Jeep lands on its side a good distance away.

"Goose!" Leona calls out. Mongoose gets up from the brief strike and stumbles over toward an alley, and she is momentarily reassured of his survival. Losing her partner on his third day -- corporate would have her ass.

Mongoose might have a concussion. He's going to need a minute. Leona, palms sweating, shoots at Magnet Man with her own plasma carbine. "Go down, ***hole!" He won't, of course, but it might buy Mongoose a minute to regroup.

Leo strikes you with a glancing hit from his Generic Ranged attack for 5 units of damage.

Red straightens himself as Pharaoh man starts moving. But he doesn't react before it's too late, when he finds the pharaoh behind him. Red flies quite a bit before tumbling around on the floor of the warehouse. He gets up as he grinds his teeth in pain, as smoke comes from the scorching hot dents on his back.

Red looks angrily towards the pharaoh and speaks out loud. "One, that ain't my father. Two, I'll make sure I cut you to pieces and scatter them across the world and make Wily have a treasure hunt!" Ooooh, he is mad. A strong wind blows from where Red is standing. Red raises his scythe and holds it there, while the wind starts increasing in strength. Soon, Red's body starts crackling red sparks and shines brightly red. You can see the wind have become red, as anyone can see the currents so clearly. But the wind have changed, into a typhoon, spewing red thunder as it goes forth against Ra.

Red strikes Pharaoh Man with his Red Cyclone attack.

Clock Man continues his advance, even as the cold water comes. Clock stops, only to hurl himself upwards and over the water, rolling forward after hitting the ground, poised out on a single knee before he rose.

Clock was fine with this and all, but when Sword man tells him to 'learn how to play', Clock Man's optics beat down upon his figure. There is even a fire starting in them, thanks to the holographic systems he's equipped with. "Oh man. You did /not/ just say my stuff sucked." Clock man thinks for a moment. He's a Robot Master. He's probably never heard it before.

"I'll tell ya' what. I'm going to give you my new record and everything, and all you have to do is give this to Dr. Wily. Trust me. He /loves/ my work." The Irregular grins, fishing out a CD from subspace before hurling it towards the figure of Sword Man. It might hurt a bit.

Clock Man misses Sword Man with his Generic Ranged attack.

     The Cyclone slams hard into Pharaoh Man, who was far from expecting such a powerful move this early in the bought. His body torn and twisted, the cyclone expels him into a crate of boxing nun puppets. Pieces of his armor and outer body lay scattered about, showing his path. There is the telltale sound of a blink occuring, and a mangled Pharaoh Man appaars floating in midair. He blinks continiously, face growing in rage with each teleport.

"Oh, did I upset you, Red? Did I say something you couldn't cope with!?" In one hand, an orb of crimson heat is gathering. "Maybe you should simmer down Red...before you GET BURNED!" Finally, it is flung, a tiny sun.

Hope you remembered your sunscreen, Red.

Pharaoh Man strikes Red with his Pharaoh Shot attack.

Sword Man blinks at Clock. Oh, this was on. Kind of. He spots the glint of a CD flying and tilts sideways, catching it and slipping it away. At least it didn't smack him. "I might. But seriously, yon attempt to play a second ago was of less than fair quality. Methinks it was entirely meant to injure mine audio reception systems." He still has the door. It's still good for a throw. So he backs away from the water, aiming with the door and throwing it to skid on the ground and maybe trip Clock Man. "Be a friend please and put this door back on the car, ye?" Uh huh..

Sword Man strikes Clock Man with his Generic Ranged attack.

*blam blam blam* The bullets mostly ricochet off of Magnet Man's armor, but a couple hit a few sensitive areas, doing minor damage. It doesn't seem to slow him down any. If anything he just seems /madder/, now that he's actually been wounded by these so-called 'greys'.

"Ooooohh... NOW you're gonna get it! You're just lucky you're not made of metal, or else I'd turn you into a pretzel!" He shouts, pointing a finger at Leona. "That gun of yours is fair play though! Prepare to be schooled!" Time for some fun. Magnet Man sends another, smaller, magnetic wave towards the human which should cause the gun to fly upward and smack her in the face. Unless she is a /lot/ stronger than she looks. It's so easy for him to understimate puny human strength.
Gate Man reels from the impact of the shield, the helmet jarring and cracking, but not falling off. Not at least this hit. With a grunt of pain, Gate Man arches an eyebrow. "Why, the pain of the testing, of course. But you seem to know a great deal bout pain, yes?" Gate Man grins malevolently, opening the chestgate once more. From within the roiling vortex, a number of objects begin flying towards Alpha: A number of small plastic ninja, three shoes, several bricks, and a lava lamp. What an odd barrage! It would be almost laughable if they weren't being propelled at such high speeds.

You strike Leo with a glancing hit from your Embarrassing Self-wounding attack.

Gate Man strikes Alpha with his Non-magic Missile attack.

     Fuzz and Bacon remain in their (currently) safe hiding spots, but the sounds of carbines discharging nearby is pretty worrying. They don't know who's out there yet. It could be another killbot or two. Or three. Or more.
     "Dude, we're about to die, and you're eating the merchandise?!" Fuzz, in horror of the situation, doesn't want to poke his head out to see how things are going.
     "They're gonna chalk this warehouse up as a loss anyway. No skin off our backs, man," Bacon has himself another handful of the candy. Mmm, candied bacon.
     Fire Man, on the other hand, stops his search briefly when tapped on the shoulder. "Hm?" He looks behind his left shoulder, which was the wrong side in which to catch Oil Man sucker punching him in the back of his head, because that's just what happens - he gets knocked head-first into the crates, which ends up with something catching on fire since that's where he's always on fire.
     Fire Man growls in added frustration when he rises to face the slippery GERC. "Do you know who you just struck?" Fire Man glowers, flame atop his head flickering while the fire starts to spread behind him. Air fresheners start to smell really strange when they're on fire. He seethes at the very idea of someone messing with him, not like that's anything new from over the last nineteen years by now.

Fire Man forfeits a turn to charge WE.

Leona is not much stronger than she appears. She tries to wrench the gun down under her forearm when Magnet Man states his intent, but Magnet's force is stronger. The stock of the gun snaps up and strikes Leona dead center in the face. She goes down, knocked out from the force.

Mongoose takes a few breaths, getting himself together. He's got to get Magnet Man's attention. His heart bangs in his chest, adrenaline filling his body. Magnet Man's a killer robot, he's a man. But if he doesn't act, she might die. How many times does it have to happen before you act, he thinks, raising up his carbine.

The bottom falling out of his stomach, Mongoose fires at Magnet Man. Unlike Leona's fire, his is targeting known weak areas. He barely thinks about it as he pulls the trigger, the sleeptaught training taking over.

Leo misses you with his Firing Solution attack.

Clockverk wasn't ready for the door to fling across the ground, so it takes him by surprise, only clipping the bottom of the Irregulars feed, but taking him to his knees. Only minor scrapping. "Yeah man, give it to him. Dr. Wily be so damn happy. I'm sure would thank you for it." Clock man feeds out a sort-of slippery grin, nothing what Oil could do however. Oil was a lot better at being slippery.

"Man, don't worry bout that damn car." Clock Man called as he rose from the ground, dusting himself off.

"Worry bout yourself, dig?" The Irregular called, a second Clock Man appearing directly next to him. On hopped onto the broken car in question, before hurling himself into the air. The other hopped as well, the holographic Clock Man meeting with the real one directly on the dot, only for Clock to literally propel his hologram towards Sword Man, arms out and ready to tackle.

The car, well, is getting totalled. Clock lands, shrugs, and tosses a small wad of cash into the drivers seat through the open door.

Clock Man strikes Sword Man with his Time Management attack.

When anyone does a very powerful move, they have to cool down. No matter who you are. And Red happens to be that one. When Pharaoh man tosses the tiny sun at Red, his face wears the expression of, "**** a duck..." The flames spray over him, shining brightly as the sun. The flames should be visible for anyone since the lick everything outside the gate.

after the flames have burnt out, Red still stands. One of his shoulder tips have melted, along with cracking one of his boobgems. He's overall purple have gone rather dark, along with parts of his face that wasn't covered by his arms. Red finally looks up at Ra and replies, "I can comprehend reality. If you really where a god, you wouldn't be eating.." Red blinks right to eyelevel of Pharaoh man and shouts "THIS!" while swing his scythe at him, blasting him with a energy wave, at pointblank range.

Red strikes Pharaoh Man with his Scythe Wave attack.

Sword Man has to hand it to this irregular. At least he cares a little. "It is not that damaged. Unlike some brothers, I at least worry about certain aspects of combat.. Like keeping innocents out of the crossfire before it starts." WHUD! Okay.. We have one clock man slamming into his body.. And another just sitting there. He didn't go down, though the clang of the impact is quite a loud noise. He pries the hologram off his armor, only to watch it fade away. Okay, that scrapped that idea. But he has another in mind. He blurs out into a black streak of motion, rapidly approaching the smaller droid and reaching down to grab at one of Clock's arms.. And throw him into the warehouse. He could miss, since he's not really laying that much attention to where he's really going.
Nonmagic missile? Haha, that's so -funny-.

"Yes, I suppose I do. What is your purpose in attacking this warehouse?" She smacks the ninja aside because she thinks Shadow Man is a tool, and Necro incinerates two of the three shoes. The third, however, konks her on the head, doing no damage whatsoever, but distracting Alpha from the bricks, which konk her on the shoulders and face, sending Alpha tumbling backwards. The lava lamp lands on her face as she hits the ground.

Alpha pulls her shield back and whips out her hatchet. She STILL hasn't gotten her berdische back it seems. Regardless, the hatchet may be more dangerous because of what it guides Alpha to do. She leaps for Gate Man's body and slams the weapon for his throat.

Sword Man strikes Clock Man with his Throw attack.

Alpha strikes Gate Man with her Berdische Jab attack.

     Grinning as Fire Man goes down, then setting things on fire, Oil Man gets what he wants. A free fire and even getting to see a robot master end up looking like a fool. Mission accomplished. Course, the guy is getting back up. They do that alot.

     Not knowing of the poor guys inside, Oil Man is dealing with the robot master. Hey, if you're weak and fat, then you'd probably cower too. Specially if you're slow. More importantly is the stuff that's sent out, burning, from when Fire Man goes down. Does it smell like bacon?.. Yeah that's bacon. He totally doesn't have a nose, but you know, it's pretty unmistakable. "Doin' some cookin' ya wuss?" Hey. That's totally the reason for it.

     Backing up as Fire Man raises, Oil Man keeps the grin when Fire Man faces him, just backing up a bit, scarf moving as he does. Heh, that's a stupid question. The fire's getting taller on the masters head, but Oil Man's got something else to do. "Do I kno' who I jes' jacked? Some freakin' Loser." He grins before attempting to add injury to insult.

     He attempts to slap that mug with an oily b****-slap across his face. It's a smooth move too, no hesitation at all.
     The Pharaoh ceases blinking, and in fact, stands there, allowing the scythe to slice deeply into his chest. A dark, fluid filled gash appears, sparking internals behind it. Ra smiles wickedly, "Oh, but you see, it's the fact that I can 'eat' that, and still defeat you, which makes me so much your better." He starts to laugh, almost maniacly. Forms start to shift and skitter beneath his bandages.

Ra wretches suddenly, doubled over from the laughter. Robotic scarabs, black, tangled swarms of them erupt from his wounds, stream from his mouth. All are intent upon feasting off Red.

Oil Man misses Fire Man with his Greasy Slap attack.

Pharaoh Man strikes Red with his Scarab Swarm attack.

Red falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

Magnet Man can't help but chuckle when Leona goes down. "Oh MAN! After /one/ strike? You humans really ARE wimps! They have you partoling this area, and then you stand up to US? This is hilarious!" His tirade is broken, though, as he sees Mongoose getting ready to fire again. You know what time it is?

Bullet Time.

Or rather, Magnet Man's approximation. He slows the bullet down with a strong magnetic field (something not very easy to do, even for him, but since it's just /one/ bullet it's do-able) and slowly backflips, as he lets the bullet pass over him, just missing him by an inch. He has to show off with everything he does. He doesn't let the bullet go on its merry way, however, he has it suspend in mid-air just as it passes over him.

"You seriously have no idea what you're up against, do you noob? Trying to shoot me is like jumping into the middle of a +5 mob." He floats the little bullet back in front of him, so that it's facing Mongoose. "Now then, doesn't this belong to you?" He says, before firing the bullet with a properly timed magnetic burst back at Mongoose. Aiming only for one of his limbs. He's not done playing with him yet.

You miss Leo with your Generic Ranged attack.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Status report."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Pharaoh Man coughs, "Red is....dinner."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Good job."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "I am heavily damaged however, he does not take well to commentary about his father."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Ganking some noob humans who decided to be sassy."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Cut Man transmits, "I hope you've shown the fooly of their ways, Magnet."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "Clock Man is being entertaining to a point. But he just made a nice hole in the warehouse for us to enter through. I think."

Training will only take you so far. Magnet Man's ability to distort energy fields around him makes him a harder target to hit than most. Magnet Man's showy moves do get the job done.

Mongoose doesn't have a lot of showy moves. Perhaps he should invest in some. For instance, this one.

Mongoose reacts before he is consciously aware of the bullet. The shot races at a point directly between his eyes. He snaps his head to the right sharply, the bullet whizzing by his balaclava. He might not have even known he did that.

Mongoose runs out of the alley and starts to strafe around Magnet Man, firing harassment shots at him. He's trying to lure him further away from the other Robot Masters, running off pure instinct and reflex now. His mind screams at him that he should run -- he forces it down. He's not running any more.

Leo strikes you with a glancing hit from his Generic Ranged attack for 3 units of damage.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily hums and adjusts his tie.
[Radio: (A) Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Goin' out, Doc?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "Apparently he is."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Heh heh Heh!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "I SUUUUURE AM!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "After all, I'm a hero."

The swarm of robotic scarabs lunge onto Red and encases him. They falls to the floor hence some splatter off him while those still on eats on him. Red desperately tries to get them off, but realizes too late it is futile. He is optic disappears and goes white, as he shuts down from lacking power. His body is full holes along with burn marks and dents. Wonder if anyone will pick him up.....

     Pharaoh Man smirks slightly, as the scarabs return to rest within his body. He then coughs suddenly, spattering up bits of metal and mechfluid. That last attack took a lot out of him, and there wasn't much left after Red. Glancing at his fellows, and the battle with Clock Man-an obvious and known timestopper user-he decides to leave the drones to their work and retreat.

Pharaoh Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Sword Man, Alpha, Clock Man, Fire Man, and Magnet Man.

Gate Man shudders as the hatchet slams into his throat area, cracking the armored area right above the Gate with the powerful blow. This causes sparking and a quick scramble back as he howls in pain. "Don't HIT me there! You could cause a malfunction! Do you have any IDEA what might happen if I... malfunction?" The eyes of Gate Man glaze slightly, and he gives a low giggle...

    He reaches up towards the gate in his chest, and pulls it open, the portal expanding outwards. The fabric of spacetime within seems to bend and warp as a great hand reaches out, slamming towards Alpha with incomprehensible force. "THEY WAIT IN THE DEEP! THE BLACK GOAT HUNGERS! And besides, our work here is none of your business anyway, Hunter."

Gate Man strikes Alpha with his Hands From Beyond attack.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Come Ballade! Bring out the nice suit."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Ballade transmits, "Of course, sir."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily whistles a happy tune!

     Bacon starts to lose his composure when the buzzing swarm of locusts are heard nearby. "I think I'd better start working off those calories," he says idly in an attempt to ligten the mood. His mood. But all he really does is just elicit another worried response from Fuzz.
     "We can't stay in here, man, what if they decide to just blow **** up? I don't wanna be in here!"
     "Me neither."
     They silently count to three before heading out towards the west end for freedom! And maybe another small package that their upper management would miss.
     Fire Man holds up his hand to intercept the oily slap. Optics narrowed, he shakes his head. "Hmph," he snorts. The world will one day speak his name in fear, he figures, but it won't be over something so... trivial. Almost meaningless! "You dance too close to this flame again... you will be burned."
     He, almost at a casual pace, walks away from the McPhee's warehouse and from Oil Man, towards the designated rendzevous point.

Fire Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Sword Man, Leo, Gate Man, Alpha, Red, Clock Man, Oil Man, Magnet Man, and Pharaoh Man.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Okay. Anyone who PROMISES to behave can come."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, " we have to keep those promises?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Uhhh, yeah."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Just clarifying, Amun-Wily."

Clock Man is picked up by the large android, trying to pull away as he does. "Man, what the hell dude. Let me go." And he was let go, thrown across the ground, bounding into the warehouse. He finally lands, shaking himself a bit, before getting up once more. "Man, I know you give a damn about the other people, but man, don't think I don't, dude. The people love me, and I love them, see?" Clock grins, his right arm changing into a small plasma cannon in a flashy process with small clock everywhere, and little notes and even a Irregular symbols.

The plasma cannon whirs to life as the Irregular points it at Sword Man, trying to keep him back.

"And damn, they sure as hell don't love you."

Before the Irregular fires, he sees something try to escape, old Wily Lover Pharaoh Man. Looking back to Sword Man, Clockverk smiles. "In times like this, I'm glad Scott gave me this kicken' system." The power which went for the energy cannon was converted quickly to power the lone hammer on Clock Man's head, between the bells.

"Excuse me for a moment, Swordy, when I kick it hard, will ya? Thanks man."

Throwing himself up into the air, Clockverk spreads out his arms and legs, before the hammer crashes into the bells above his head, the triangle on his forehead glowing.


The area begins to slow, a small ripple, before another comes through, aiming to hold all around the source helplessly in place. This goes for the area around the warehouse as well.

Clock Man strikes Sword Man with his Time Switch attack.
Sword Man is temporarily disoriented by Clock Man's Time Switch attack.
Clock Man strikes Leo with his Time Switch attack.
Leo is temporarily disoriented by Clock Man's Time Switch attack.
Clock Man strikes you with a glancing hit from his Time Switch attack for 0 units of damage.
Magnet Man is temporarily disoriented by Clock Man's Time Switch attack.
Clock Man strikes Pharaoh Man with his Time Switch attack.
Pharaoh Man is temporarily disoriented by Clock Man's Time Switch attack.
Pharaoh Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.
Clock Man strikes Oil Man with his Time Switch attack.
Oil Man is temporarily disoriented by Clock Man's Time Switch attack.
Clock Man misses Gate Man with his Time Switch attack.
Clock Man strikes Alpha with his Time Switch attack.
Alpha is temporarily disoriented by Clock Man's Time Switch attack.

     Pharaoh Man had just left instructions with a Joe as he leisurely walked back to the transport. Easy, really. Then, he hears Clock Man's posturing. "Oh no..." His shoulders slump. Power is insufficient for an emergency blink. This is gonna suck. The wave strikes him, and his form shattered from power imbalances caused by the timestopper field.

     Oil Man's hand gets stopped by Fira Man. He's prettty good. The HMPH is ignored slightly, but even worse, Fire Man has the guts to say to warm him... and then walk away.

     Oil Man for a bit stands there as he begins to walk away. And then he hears a ringing, but unlike last time, he's not as quick on his feet.

     Raising the nozzle towards Fire Man, he's about to fire... and then he's stuck in time. OH SHI-

[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "This is odd.. What is heeeee *this goes on a bit*"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Heeeee?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Gate Man transmits, "Oh dear. It seems that Cousin Clock has unleashed a Timestopper effect on the area."

Alpha says, "What?" at Gate Man, not caught by his dramatic flaire. She is, however, caught by the hand which tears her frontal armoring apart. Alpha screams and hisses as she tries to pull away and then ... FLASH ... she vanishes!

Which means she fails to see Pharaoh Man get owned. How depressing!

[Radio: (A) Chat] Guts Man transmits, "Punch him in the face."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "He's not your cousin, he's a retarded Scottbot."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "That was redundant of me."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Look, just shoot him."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Gate Man transmits, "Of course, Master Wily."

     Fire Man stops by Pharaoh Man on the way out. For whatever reason, he wasn't caught by the distortions in time. He sees Pharaoh Man shatter and short under the influence. He watches only briefly enough to see the demise of one with an ego similar to his size.
     It is almost comforting. So comforting he's in a good enough mood to drag Pharaoh Man off.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Shoot him hard."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, ".oO(I should get a cape.)Oo."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Doctor."

     And, also, Fuzz and Bacon were caught in the time freeze. The cameras in that corner of the warehouse was not. It gets a nice view of them looting a smaller box of junk. Looks like their jobs are not guaranteed following this, hah!

[Radio: (A) Chat] Cut Man transmits, "We are hearing your thoughts again."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "What?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Ballade transmits, "Nephew. Scott is Wily's wayward son, and the son of one's father's son is one's nephew."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Damnit. I knew that device would be trouble."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Ballade transmits, "Have you reached Security Level 20, sir?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "...."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Just. Keep. Driving."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Ballade transmits, "Yes, sir."

Sword Man winds up to follow Clock, blurring into that black streak again. This time with a streak of red. But then the timestopper hits. Everything freezes, except for one person. But he isn't that person. He is clearly in dash-jet boost, caught in the timestopper effect with one fist on fire. Oh dear.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "The Skull Limo wants not of your jib jabbery!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily .oO(Maybe I ought to open a boat shop.)Oo.
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man continues to emit 'eeeeeeeeeeeeee' as the timestopper continues. Good thing there is a volume control on everyone's radio that is transmitter specific. His drone of 'eee' can be turned down.

The warping timestopper field flares outwards, bending and halting all motion and movement around the area.

    However, as the wave intersects Gate Man's subspace portal, timespace warps and alters, the hand shattering with an eldritch scream. Perhaps Clock Man had just managed to slap the wrist of some unknowable entity. However, the interaction had also managed to spare Clock Man from the time stopping force.

    The portal closes, and Gate Man tilts his head, listening to the reports over his radio, before turning to Clock Man. As Alpha is frozen, he can leave her be for a moment. "Nephew Clock, my apologies, but I have been told to shoot you for your actions." Gate opens his portal once more, and from within, a small cannon pokes out of the chest, the type that comes with toy solder kits. Standing at the wick, is an animate soldier group, loading the cannon and applying gunpowder. The cannon belches fire, the recoil pushing it back into the vortex... but the cannonball flies towards Clock Man!

Gate Man strikes Clock Man with his Toy Cannon attack.

Magnet Man isn't one to be daunted. In fact he's incredibly easy to string along. Mongoose may not be trying to throw him into a blind rage, but it's working. There's nothing Magnet hates more than being shown up by a noob. As far as he's concerned this human shouldn't even be able to HIT him. That's what makes the spray of bullets so darn infuriating.

"Rrrrgh! Lucky shot, noob, lucky! Don't think it'll work a second time!" Shouting that, he runs after Mongoose, easily being fooled into seperating himself from the others. He'll worry their actual mission when he's done pwning this fleshsack. "Get back here!" He screams, chucking a game controller bolo at Mongoose's feet. Or.. at least, he was ABOUT TO, right before he got stopped by Clock Man's time stopper.

Mongoose keeps firing on Magnet Man, going numb from adrenaline and barely-controlled terror. He's using all of his mental resources to keep cool and use good strategy, just like he programmed himself to. He starts to swerve around the controller -- and then, well, Time Switch.

This is interesting, Mongoose thinks to himself, suspended inside of time. Is it supposed to hurt? It doesn't hurt.

Clock Man landed, much of the area holding still. He saw Pharaoh Man no more, and took it to memory that Pharaoh might just have been weak. But maybe there was something else as well. Just maybe. He would have to try again later.

But then there was an eldritch scream, the rocker's face peering over towards Gate Man's area before he actually comes from the area where the scream had originated.

The cannon gives the rocker a good laugh, before the toys actually /fire/ the cannon, sending the balls directly into his chest. Clock Man gives a broken smile, in a wince of pain, as he aims his own plasma cannon towards Gate Man, and fires off a low yield shot. Even on the ground as the cannon ball keeps him pinned for a moment. There is a nice dent there as well.

"Don't worry MAN... I guess I'll just have to give it back! Damn, hope you don't like returns!"

Clock Man strikes Gate Man with his Plasma Shot attack.

Clock Man, for now, ignores Sword Man. How much time could a Sword Man chop if a Sword Man could chop time?

Time returns to normal as well. But... is it really? It seems kind of fuzzy, but you do feel released from the Time Stopper.

*Zzzzzrrrr-POP* Magnet Man's time alignment snaps back into focus... or whatever the current technobabble is for that. His running pace only slows for just a minute before picking up again as he mumbles "Freaking time stoppers..." He's eternally grateful that his systems aren't weak to timestoppers. Nothing more irritating than being killed by LAG.

Oh right, his attack. His chucking of his game controller bolo was thrown off by the time shift, so he reaches out magnetically and grabs whatever bits of metallic debris he can find around the area. Mostly small stuff. He flings it all from every direction at Mongoose. Hell, there's even a kitchen sink in the mix.
Sword Man is again in motion. Like someone pressed play on the universal remote control that is time. But Clock man is nowhere to be seen in his direct path. He slides to a stop agan, looking. ".. How rude!" Rude nothing. It was only fair really. But he's blurring again, approaching and swinging his flame-lit fist. Ah.. The kiss of the flame. Too bad it isn't kissing food and it is on a fist swinging for Clock Man's head.. If he even had one.. No matter. "Moving without saying anything!"

Sword Man strikes Clock Man with his Fire Punch attack.

You strike Leo with a minor hit from your Metal Storm attack.

     Breaking it finally, being let back into the flow of Time, Oil Man shakes off the effects a bit. He's gotten used to it, hanging with Clock, but you never really do, you know?

     Fire Man? Loooong gone. He snaps his fingers once, and then gets a running start. Gotta be some more robot masters around here, obviously he had to stop for a reason. Slick gets to moving, forming a board of oil speeding to look about. It's a decently large oddity shop, but there's a all kinds of flashes and explosions going on.

     He speeds towards the latest ones, which happen to be Sword and Magnet. He's fast, but he's gotta take stock of what's going on. Okay, in the warehouse. Almost there!

     He's going to be coming in fast when he does.

This is very interesting, Mongoose thinks, hanging in the air mid-dodge. I wonder if moment --

Mongoose's question is answered when he drops dead out of the air once the pulse passes, being jarred by the impact. He grunts, rolling back and up.

The environment assaults Mongoose. He puts his arms up around his head and takes the battering from ejected brass, aluminum cans, screws and even, yes, the kitchen sink. This kind of abuse would knock out a normal man.

Mongoose snarls, the shocks of pain enough to jar him out of being afraid for the moment. He switches his carbine to full auto and blasts indiscriminately at Magnet Man, starting to strafe back around him again to get out of the metal areas.

Leo strikes you with a minor hit from his Carbine Full Auto attack for 12 units of damage.

Alpha shakes off the frozen time, blinking a few times, eyeing her damage. She seems about as damaged as she was before she got frozen, but it's hard to be sure since she was in the process of being damaged even when she was frozen.

And Gate Man has his attention off her. Let's see if he can predict how long a timestopper is supposed to last. Alpha slides closer to Gate Man, getting closer, and closer, and... then she lashes out with an axehandle towards the back of Gate Man's neck before sweeping a leg out, aiming to knock Gate Man down onto his face.

Alpha strikes Gate Man with her Combo attack.

Gate Man finds himself on the receiving end of two attackers! At least he hit Clock Man. The plasma blast shatters the armor off of one arm, exposing delicious complex circuitry and arm systems, while Alpha whacks him in the neck, another loud CRACK resounding out as she shatters the back of Gate Man's helmet, and the sends him sprawlign to the ground. "Ugh... This is most unpleasant." Gate Man comments, his face buried in the ground. He does, however, slowly, push upwards, standing... And then he begins projecting a large octagonal field from the subspace portal. "I must begin recalibration efforts."

Gate Man holds one hand in front of him, and suddenly a large, octagonal grey gate, much like the one on his chest. It hovers ominously, moving always in a pattern that places it between Gate Man and his foes. The gate shield is raised.

Again Magnet Man is shot up. The bullets hitting his armor with more severity than before. "Grr..." This isn't good, he can only get SO angry before he starts making up excuses. "Okay... maybe you're not grey to me. Green, perhaps. Blue at the most. So congradulations, noob, you just became worth defeating!"

Magnet Man reaches out and grabs yet another metallic object. A rather large piece of colored, decorative metal that looks as if it were a prop on a carnival ride. Must be something from one of the storage crates in the immediate area. Magnet Man flings it in Mongoose's direction. "Heads up, squishy human!"

You miss Leo with your Blunt Object attack.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man's 'eeeeee' drone stops. ".. he moved! .. Gate Man, you must realize this leaves me open to group attack while you recalibrate."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Gate Man transmits, "I'm afraid, Brother Sword, that this is quite necessary. Master Wily gave you upgrades using Force Metal technology, why not use them to actually succeed?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Because he's the new "D.irector O.f P.roduct E.nhancements.""
[Radio: (A) Chat] Color Man transmits, "Hee hee! Good one pops!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "I heard that Father. It's not very well appreciated. Now.. Brother Gate.. The armor is meant to enhance my speed and strength, NOT my durability."

Clock man takes the fist to his face, wincing terribly as he does. "Ugh, man... I freakin' told you to excuse me. Man, whatever. Don't be hatin' one me now, man." Clock states, looking towards Sword Man as he back up, staggering due to the force. Much of it crushed a good portion of his forehead, so there is a good reason for the staggering.

"You know what man. Its that damn time again, and you know why? Because I said so." The rocker announced with a grin, taking his left hand, taking a hand right off his chest. Funnily enough, it comes off, and one appears right where it was. Placing it in the plasma cannon, it starts to glow with the heated plasma swirling around it.

Clockverk aims the cannon towards Sword Man, aiming right at his chest. And with a sly, quiet voice, Clockverk talks again. "Its party time." The weapons shoots off, trying to impale itself, the plasma swirling off, trailing like a blue ribbon, aided only by the holographic system Clock has.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily mutters.
[Radio: (A) Chat] Mist Man transmits, "I found it very clever, Sultan."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Ballade transmits, "Perhaps if you spin your upper half around fast enough you will become briefly invulnerable."

Clock doesn't have to worry about Gate Man. Alpha's got that covered now. He throws a thumbs up to her with his left hand.

Clock Man strikes Sword Man with his Party Time attack.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Mist Man transmits, "..."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Or incredibly dizzy. And ugly."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Guts Man transmits, "Perhaps if Sword Man stopped wussing out he'd be more effective."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Color Man transmits, "Yeah pops, Sword's jes got pie on his face!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "However.. Father.. Because you are going out to take your place as hero.. I'll still attempt to help finish that giant pinball machine ye wanted to build."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Ballade transmits, "Either way, we'll know."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Gate Man transmits, "Then use your strength and speed to avoid attacks and cut them down before they hit you."

Alpha glowers at Gate Man, "Unpleasant huh..." She isn't a duelist in battle so much that she strikes at multiple opponents typically with low powered, but directed, bursts. In this armor, she is somewhat inexperienced in its use, but she seems to be naturally gifted with it--perhaps a product of Cossack's genius more than her ability. Regardless of why, Alpha gives Gate Man time to recover because she's not typically a close quarters combatant, though she is more experienced in this than a complete amateur. She rears back with her berdische and tries to take another hefty stab into Gate Man, aiming to break through his shielding.

Alpha strikes Gate Man with her Berdische Stab attack.
Gate Man's forcefield withstands the attack.

Mongoose burns through an entire clip. He ejects it with a smooth motion and slams in another one as Magnet Man starts talking again. Behind his mask, his jaw tightens. The fear is going away. He can do this. He /will/ do this!

The metal pole rushes at Mongoose. Mongoose jumps up over it, boots scuffing across the pole for a moment. Instinctively he jumps back, getting even more air; he grabs onto the side of the building with one arm, boots digging into the wall, and aims his assault rifle with one arm down at Magnet Man without even thinking about it. The bullets start flying in a steady stream at their target.

Leo misses you with his That Jack Ryan Groove attack.

Sword Man really wishes he had a forcefield. Poor robot. Buut. He can attempt to ward it off. Both hands come up to block, catching the ball and shoving him back. But its got mroe velocity and it manages to slip past his hands and thump against his chest armor. Luckily, he slowed it down a little and it only left a darker black scorch mark on his armor. Of course, wearing black force metal armor made this harder to see, but it was there, along with a whisp of smoke from his hands and chest. It stung. But not much. "Of course nephew. I just felt like it. What's a little familial rough-housing for yon brother, and indirect insults about one's mother?" Er.. What? Maybe he's cracked. On the other hand.. He's a robot master. his sanity always was in question even if he's the only one with a shred of common sense and honor. "Now please excuse me for doing this, but it must be done." Both hands ball into one large blunt irregular bumpy 'orb' as he clenches them together. It's good to have two hands. He jogs back into position and takes a crude swing from over his head and down. he wants to bust Clock Man's bells. Who's to say if his aim is good right now? It's just the way things are. He can certainly try.

Sword Man strikes Clock Man with his Bash attack.

     Speeding into the warehouse, Oil Man notices two combatants. Sword Man, who he can't immediately get to, and Gate Man, with a glowing gate all around him. Well. That's a no brainer, that octagon... is totally sweet.

     Why? Crouching, Oil Man kicks the back of the board, him and the board leaping high, in an ollie, to come landing down on Gate Man, the field of force to be his target, the board parallel to the forcefield... with feet on both sides of the board, it's slammed against the forcefield.. if Gate Man doesn't move.

     He'd just grind the rest of the way off anyhow, it was the impact from the ollie that'd do the force. Warehouses rock for that reason though, as he'd ollie off to start a grind to go about the warehouse.

Oil Man misses Gate Man with his Hard Landing attack.

Magnet Man continues chasing Mongoose, until he does the wall-clinging act again. "You are SO not Spider Man!" He shouts, right before he sees another stream of bullets raining down on him. "Nnngh!" He grunts as he dives to the side, not able to set up a defensive magnetic field in time. The result is the same, though, as he narrowly escapes being shot up for the third time. He even manages to get back to use feet making use of the patented dodge roll.

"Ok ok ok, enough playing around. Time to show you /my true power/!!" Which is more true and powerful than Mongoose's power! Sending another magnetic wave up at his human opponent, Magnet Man tries to get any and every piece of metal on him to go plummeting down to the ground. Hopefully taking Mongoose with it all.

You miss Leo with your Magneticrush attack.

Not quite, Mongoose. He'll have to work on that move.

Mongoose isn't Spider Man, that's for sure. His aim isn't very good with this carbine, which is not intended to be dual-wielded. He runs the clip out, ejecting it -- but the clip starts to fall weirdly, giving him an indication of another magnetic surge.

Mongoose throws himself forward across the magnetic material. He executes a series of impossible running leaps against gravity, evading the small pieces and using the big ones to navigate.

Mongoose flips up over Magnet Man about halfway down, slinging his carbine behind his back. He snaps out his laser pistol as he lands hard, balls of his feet taking the impact of the landing, arm dropping down to stop himself. He fires quickly as he rolls back, luring Magnet further and further away.

Leo misses you with his Laser Pistol attack.

Gate Man mutters as Alpha and Oil Man slam into the Gate Barrier. The force barrier holds, even though it begins cracking as Alpha begins laying into it. It's not going to hold long at this rate. The barrier, however, repels Oil Man without effect either way. Looks like Oil Man will get some nice air out of that. The Master of Subspace begins the verbal-command recalibration routines... "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn..."

Gate Man forfeits a turn to charge WE.

Clock Man gets throttled by the fists, falling backwards from the attack, landing against the wall with a loud crash. He felt that one. The balled up fists and the hard wall didn't really seem all that fine in the end, causing Clock Man to start bleeding. He didn't look all that well after it. His right hand turned into a hand again, as mechafluid started to flow across his figure.

He slowly rose, looking towards Sword Man as he did. "Yeah. Whatever man. I'm tired of this now. We gonna kick this up now, ya hear? And there ain't nothing you can do to stop me." There is a glint in Clock Man's optic as he rises to the occasion, even terribly beaten and bruised, he had to do this. The hour and minute hand on his chest spins around his figure, quickly, plain in Sword Man's view. They both stop at Midnight.

"Because you know why? You can't stop the rock."

The rocker cracks his neck, before grasping both the minute and hour hand, each pulsing with energy as the area around him turns black, a large clock tower appearing behind him with a bell. It rings, twelve times.

The same amount of times which Clock Man lashes out, small waves of energy washing off of the blades towards Sword Man ten times. The eleventh the hour hand is thrown towards his figure. The last, was the minute hand, striking out directly for his chest.

After both hands are lost, the warehouse returns to normal. If Sword Man was fast enough, this would easily miss. Still, Clock knows he over exerted himself. He doesn't mind however, no matter how much it burns.

Clock Man misses Sword Man with his Midnight attack.

Running away again? Oh no ya don't! "Don't engage in PvP if you don't plan to stand and fight!" Magnet Man shouts, conveniently forgetting the fact that he was the one started all this. But to him that's just a minor detail. Running after him, the Gamma Gamemaster takes out a makeshift lightsaber. Nowhere near as powerful as most of the other ones used by people like Zero and the other pretty boy lightsaber users, but it gets the job done. Especially against a fleshy human. What needs work, though, is Magnet Man's technique. He just swings the sword wildy while chasing after Mongoose. Even the Star Wars kid is more coordinated.

You strike Leo with a glancing hit from your Lightsabre Facsimile attack.

Alpha says, "Is that Lovecraft?" stunned. "Argh, no wonder he went crazy!" She has no patience for it, you see. She takes another chop at the forcefield with her berdische.

Alpha strikes Gate Man with her Berdische Chop attack.
Gate Man's forcefield withstands the attack.

Mongoose starts charging up his pistol. He's a good distance away from the main fight now. Leona will be OK; the drones aren't going after civilians, they're just stealing. He could care less about goods. He won't let another person fall because of his weakness. Never again.

The sword slashes at Mongoose's midsection, causing a flesh wound and ripping through his fatigues. The sudden intense heat shocks him, disorienting him for a moment -- blind instinct has him raise the gun at Magnet Man's head and fire with a powerful shot.

Leo strikes you with a minor hit from his Charged Laser Pistol attack for 10 units of damage.

Sword Man must be lucky. Wave after wave of energy flies at him. he ends up doing a dance. A black blue in a ballerina's grotesque display of agility and grace. It was freaky. Ten wqaves he dances around, over, and sometimes even under. The clock hand blades fly by as well, except the minute hand which he picks up from the ground. He has plans for that. "I enjoyed that Nephew. There may yet be some way to sto you, but that dost depend on fate's dice, yes?" His blur of motion turns into a gold DBZ-esque cheesy display of light as he zooms by. He's certainly fast enough for short-distance motion. Enough to make him a blur. "Let me set you up then nephew. Step one, paralysis!" As he passes again, he pops this golden bubble of energy (which was really a bright yellow fire field) and unleashes its shockwave at Clock Man. Here's hoping!

Sword Man strikes Clock Man with his Fireburst attack.
Clock Man is temporarily disoriented by Sword Man's Fireburst attack.

Clock man was taken by the golden bubble of energy, the fire field causing Clock Man to be a bit more on the burning side. He wasn't really happy in the field, as he didn't look at at all. Some of his armor burned away as he went.

"Man, stop calling me that! That ain't even cool man. Do you want to be not cool? Because it looks like you aren't cool."

Clock Man can't do much more then try to escape from the field of fire by putting it out.

Magnet Man's celebration for going all jedi on the hapless security guard is cut short by one of the most dreaded shots of all.

The head shot.

Magnet Man only likes headshots when HE'S giving them! He's just lucky the bullet isn't powerful enough to fully pierce the armor, but it does its share of damage. Some sparks fly out of the hole, and it takes Magnet Man a moment to get his vision straight.

"Rrrrrgh, if you weren't such a lame twink you'd be defeated by now! All of this is only a fluke!" He insists, shouting a bit. "A FLUKE!" Another wave of magnetism rips through the air, this time attracting much larger objects. Three of em to be precies. And they all close in on Mongoose's location. Magnet Man finds himself wishing he WAS fighting a non-human, since he just can't use his magnetism to DIRECTLY affect this jerk.

You strike Leo with a solid hit from your Fatal Attraction attack.

Mongoose NOSCOPED you, Magnet Man. Never forget that.

Mongoose is off-balance and can't adequately avoid all of the objects. He leaps back onto the first, wall-runs onto the second, but the third -- a large, heavy metal box -- is where he gets tripped up. He can't land a solid footing on it, and the crate slams him against the wall of a warehouse hard enough to dent the metal exterior.

Mongoose coughs up something wet behind his mask, skidding down the wall before landing hard on the ground. His ribs aren't broken. He can't understand why his ribs aren't broken from that. He can still breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

Mongoose jerks over off the ground, rolling behind some trashed cargo. A can of kerosene is laying half-ruptured on the ground. He chucks it over at Magnet Man, expecting him to grab it magnetically. As it sails, he slides another clip into his carbine and fires through the can, hoping to ignite the fuel while drilling Magnet full of more holes. He's got to put him down. It's either the robot or him.

Leo misses you with his Tactical Maneuver attack.

     Sweet he got some AWESOME air off that one. Being launched from Gate Man's shield, Oil Man gets some phat air before grinding on some of those industrial line lights, then on the steel graters, or other such materials, that usually hold up the boxes. They aren't stacked on top of each other all over after all.

     Clock goes all out, watching, but doesn't hit gold. Aww man. Well, if you go all in, you go all in.. and Oil Man's going to follow right after him. So the guys fast... that ain't a problem. Just gotta watch him. Oil Man grinds while watching as he sends out a shockwave, stunning Tic Toc. Well, now that's no good.. He's gonna need some backup!

     Nephew huh? "Ah man.. we aren't his freakin' lame relatives." Oil Man, still grinding, looks about the room while his slick mind goes to work, at least in situations like this. The nozzle fires at one of the objects, a quick blast of oil and fire to melt the beam in the middle, sending it bending downwards. It'll give him the speed he needs.

     Crouching, Oil Man ollies to the beam, already pretty fast but going down, picking up even more speed, barreling down towards Sword Man, who's currently got Clock Man at his mercy... well that ain't good at all.

     As he zips by, Oil Man attempts to slam into Sword Man and then keep him hanging on, heading out of the warehouse and towards the wrecked car on the outside. Sword Man still hanging on, if he is there, would see Oil Man grin if he were looking to him, as he stopped, leaving Sword Man on a crash course for twisted metal.

     All or nothin', G! You play big or you don't play at all.

Oil Man strikes Sword Man with his Skate Or Die attack.

Gate Man gives a dim smile as she chops again, the Gate Barrior cracking and fracturing in the impact. "Why yes, yes it is. I find that it makes a wonderful recalibration method." The Gate Barrier vanishes, and the Master of Subspace stands vulnerable once more. "You know, I met another Hunter once. Aa large, glittering round one. Quint had the audacity to shove him into my Portal. I don't happen to remember his name.... Do you?" He laughs, and spreads his hands outwards, reciting the final words to finish the calibration.

    "PARGON WILY PARGON PARGON ANTORBOK PARGON PARGON REDGORMOR PARGON!" lights flicker on around the edge of the Gate as he speaks, and with a low hum, the doors open once more, unleashing a howling windforce that whips outwards, scattering crates and loose objects everywhere. From within the chest, a massive cannon extrudes, humming with power, and Gate Man grasps the sides. "They say genius is simply madness with method. Let us see yours!" The cannon fires, a large vortex of junk and wind blasting towards Alpha.

Gate Man waves a hand dismissively, and the ominous looking gate shield disappears back into the nothingness which spawned it.

Gate Man strikes Alpha with his Gate Cannon attack.

Magnet Man will never admit anything! It was nothing more than a lucky shot!

He does indeed magnetically grab the kerosene can. Some quick dodging keeps him from getting gas all over himself, these same fancy moves also cause him to narrowly dodge the shots. This was totally on purpose. It was, seriously!

Flinging the gas can to one side, Magnet Man seems about fed up with this pesky human's inability to just go down like all the other weak, squishy humans (except Wily) SHOULD do! He doesn't even seem to be enhanced! "I don't get where you're getting all this endurance from, human, but it's about to come to a quick end. Prepare to face my /ULTIMATE ATTACK/!" This can only mean one thing. If Mongoose is even the slightest bit familiar with Magnet Man, then he should know enough to start putting some distance between him and the magnetic master. If he fails at this, well, Magnet Missiles find their target. Metallic or not.

You miss Leo with your Magnet Missiles attack.

Sword Man takes the minute hand, coating it in a little flamable liquid. This will be sweet. "Okay. Game over." Then.. WHOOMPH! Ooh! Look! Flying! And a board. And an Oil Man. ".. You know, it is very rude to interrupt a duel. I'm afraid I'll have to hurt you." Okay, so he hasn't been flung yet. He has a good dent.. But he lets go of the board and grabs onto a passing lamp post to swing around and get back on his feet. It bent the post.. Broke it.. And it lands on his head. Ow. Another bit of pain. Of course he had to have let go after Oil stopped. but the pole was so convenient. "I guess this will have to do." He lights the liquid on the minute hand he stole from Clock, and starts spinning about like a helicopter rotor. It fans the flames, making a tornado of fire around his body. And then he's flying again. At least his torso is. His legs and hips go dashing back and forth in madd streaks of black, trampling anyone stuck on the ground in his path. Ah.. A fire spin. And using one of Clock Man's gadgets against him at the same time. "Have at, both of ye!"

Sword Man strikes Clock Man with his Fire Spin attack.
Sword Man strikes Oil Man with his Fire Spin attack.

That didn't work out very well. However, it could have been worse. At least he didn't light himself on fire with that stunt.

Mongoose knows about Magnet Man. He knows that he has homing missiles. He also knows that missiles have a minimum effective range. How all these facts connect together in his head all at once is a mystery.

Mongoose runs off something that is totally opposite to his animal instincts. He charges at Magnet Man as the missiles fly at him, throwing his gun between their flight path. The missiles get confused and start to bow inward.

Mongoose leaps up into the air, jumping on the first set of missiles, then the next, dashing across them like he was darting across stones in a lake. He doesn't know why he's doing this. Conditioning. Programming. Insanity.

He draws his laser pistol again and starts firing as he jumps off the next set of missiles. With his other hand, he grabs the carbine and, without really aiming, starts to lay down fire. The entire time, he's sailing toward Magnet Man, leading with his right foot. He bellows in mixed rage and fear as he races at the robot, rounds blasting.

How did I come to this point in my life? he asks himself.

Leo misses you with his Two Gun Mojo attack.

Alpha can't Metacrush people. Her gaze hardens as Gate Man taunts her over Mirror Orange. The 'goofy accidental' master is showing his Wily Fangs. "Yes." Alpha says quietly, "I hope you aren't too proud of that."

She has no idea what Gate Man means or wants her to show him. On the other hand. She doesn't care. Too angry to dodge, the cannon assault tears through her armoring as Alpha is forced to slam her hatchet into hte ground and steady herself. Her body shakes and her ears ring but she doesn't hold her position for long.

Alpha pushes herself forward with a gravity thrust for Gate Man's body and as she passes by, she swipes out for his neck with the hatchet full force.

Alpha strikes Gate Man with her Berdische Executioner attack.
Gate Man falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "This isn't going well brothers. What say we thus retreat?"

The sword cuts through Clock man, causing his to recoil after the fire is gone. But as the minute hand comes back, and slices him, he winces a bit. He can take the minute hand if he wants, as long as he gives Dr. Wily the album that Clockverk wanted him to have.

Still, the blade sears into the rocker, and at this moment, it was a good time to run. "Alright Big O, up to you now bro!" Clock calls as mechafluid seems to seep down over his figure. Blades were not Clock Man's fun time weapon. They really hurt, as they could easily travel through his figure like a hot knife through butter, and usually do.

"REMEMBER. GIVE THAT RECORD TO WILY." Clock yells towards Sword as he dashes towards the bus. He didn't look that good, beaten up and covered in mechafluid.

Clock Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Sword Man, Alpha, and Oil Man.
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "But.. this noob isn't owned yet--- hey wait, where ARE you guys, any way?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magic Man transmits, " I am available for backup if needed, gentlemen. What seems to be the trouble?"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Guts Man transmits, "Sword Man's wussing out again."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "We're outnumbered. Fire Man was forced to retreat. Gate Man I think I saw collapse. It's just me and Magnet Man. And we have two enemies to deal with each."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Gate Man Collapse--OH GOD."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magnet Man transmits, "Whoa, really? I didn't even notice."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Tell me his gate is closed!"
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "Guts Man, if I hear another crack from you about wussing out, I will take this minute hand I stole from Clock Man and wrap it around your head in a bow."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Guts Man transmits, "Wuss."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "That's it.. Just wait till I return home."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Guts Man transmits, "You do that."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Ballade transmits, "Magic Man, please join us at once. I require a holoscan of the mayor and as many of his entourage as possible. No violence until otherwise notified."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Dr. Wily transmits, "Last I checked I had programmed it to auto-deactivate when he does. Let's hope that's still working. It if isn't, well... it was nice knowing you."
[Radio: (A) Chat] Magic Man transmits, "At once, sir. I'm on my way."

     Oh man, now that stings a bit. The fire blade slamming across his frame, slashing into he grease and under it, the machinery struck. Yeeeouch. Cut up a bit before he's launched away, board dissipated and gone, he gets up, pulling himself off the ground before watching the slashing and moving of the legs and upper body. Nothing you get used to, fore sure.

     He comes out of the action figures and launchers, of rather odd things, and throws the thumbs to Tic Toc. "Later Tic Toc, ain't going going to let this moron get me."

     Raising up the nozzle towards Sword Man, he notices the legs... hey.. yeah that'd rock. Aiming towards where they were headed, where the spinning arms blazed and cut, Oil Man plans on tripping those things up pretty badly. So badly, after all, that it'd end up doing one of those air flips straight into the air at his body.

     Maybe making him dizzy in the process.

     "Man, you gotta deal with Oil Man now, and you ain't got a chance G!" The oil's fired. Let's see if he's really as slippery as he's named after, an oil slick created for the legs.

Oil Man strikes Sword Man with his Slick Terrain attack.
Sword Man is temporarily disoriented by Oil Man's Slick Terrain attack.

Magnet Man nimbly dodges the hail of bullets, mostly using his own reflexes but he does send some out of his way with a magnetic barrier. How did he get to this point in life? Magnet Man doesn't have an answer. But if he were to give one, he'd probably tell him he shoulda bought a strategy guide. Not his fault he didn't look at a walkthrough.

Speaking of walkthroughs, Magnet Man's about run out of strategy he can use against this guy. He's crushed him with metal, didn't work. He's shot at him. Missed. He's tried his game bolo, way to go Clock Man. This human just won't go down. He's like Solid Snake. Except a Mongoose, the natural enemy of snakes. So... does that make him MORE awesome? Such a thing is inconcievable! He's not going to stand for this! As Monboose is still overhead Magnet Man lifts his arm and fires a bolt of pure magnetism at him. It'll have less effect on Mongoose since he's just human, but the force of the blast interacting with all the metal on and around him should be enough to slam him to the ground. Hopefully.

You strike Leo with a minor hit from your Magnet Buster Megablast attack.

Sword Man turns in the air, coming in after Clock Man. His legs do the same. The prob, oil on the ground. the legs slide and go off course. They smack into a car, and as if his two halves are linked by an invisible cord, his spinning torso is jerked to a halt that seems to have him tilted in an effort to chase Clock Man down. But the tilt turns too much and he stalls out. What happens when a practical spinning rotor stalls out without its stabilizer? It falls. WHAM! Ow. At least he's on his back for the moment. Ow. What just happened? Aw he's getting away! "Magnet Man! Shoot Clock Man down, NOW!"

[Radio: (A) Chat] Sword Man transmits, "Anyone available for backup so we can make a retreat? Or are we going to have to deal with this ourselves? Of course, I blame Pharaoh Man for such a total lack of planning."

Well, human or not, nothing likes being hit with radiation. The shot of magnetism is packed with his own ejected brass and various inconsequential metal parts of debris, which knock Mongoose back and away from Magnet Man for about half a block.

Mongoose skids across the ground, rolling back hard. He skitters to a stop, disoriented. He's losing blood and is badly hurt. If he dies out here, he'll never complete his mission.

Mongoose hears Sword Man's order. He should retreat, but he's sure as hell not going to let them take a shot at someone else. He reaches into his vest, pops out a flashbang grenade, and chucks it at Magnet Man. If nothing else, it'll draw attention to his position.

Leo strikes you with a glancing hit from his Flash Bomb attack for 0 units of damage.
Magnet Man is temporarily disoriented by Leo's Flash Bomb attack.

     As Sword Man slams against things, Oil Man saunters over at the spinning, then falling, then stalled Sword Man, shaking his head when he gets over him. And when he starts to command Magnet Man to shoot Tic Toc? Ain't gonna happen.

     "You know loser, that ain't cool. You dented Tic Toc. Slashed up my scarf somethin' good too. AIn't coming outta my budget, it's gonna come outta yours." Putting a foot on Sword Man, he points down the nozzle, an odd, greenish glow happening before a line is fired out, towards Sword Man's armor, the chunk it land on being ripped off and then returned to Oil Man, the armor being used by his 'upgrades' to 'pay' for the damage he's done.

     After wards, he walks off of him. "A'ight man, we almost even. Now I jes gotta kick yo ass." A smirk, although he's walking away from him.
Magnet Man seems to be ignoring all the talk going on the radio, and opts to keep going after Mongoose. He's not stopping until he goes DOWN! In his haste to chase after his opponent, though, Magnet Man isn't prepared to shield his eyes. In fact he doesn't even attempt it. He just tries to DODGE the Flashbang grenade, thinking it would be so simple. But no, that's not good enough. The flash blinds him, and stops him cold. "MY EYES! ZE GOOGLES, ZEY DO NOTHING!" What goggles?

Oil Man strikes Sword Man with his Smooth Criminal attack.
Oil Man drains energy from Sword Man.

Clock Man is on his own from here. Mongoose uses that brief moment of disorientation to make his escape, staggering off into one of the warehouses to try to sneak back to Leona's position.

Leo retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Sword Man, Alpha, Clock Man, Oil Man, and Magnet Man.

Sword Man glowers, then reaches up. "That belongs to me you miserable excuse for an android, You will give that back right now!" He's standing. Or hovering. His legs have come back to him only a second later. But there's just one problem as he attempts to attack. The black armor peice that was stolen held a component he needed to generate an attack. Even if the armor chunk itself was just tungsten-titanium plating and not force metal, tit was still needed. And boy did it severely impede him. He seems stuck between trying to decide. ".. I doth hate you. And one day I shalt wipte your miserable carcass across the floor. But not today." A blue of motion. "Magnet Man, break off! We're leaving! Now!" Dashdashdashdashdashdash.

Sword Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Alpha, Clock Man, Oil Man, and Magnet Man.

It takes a few moments before Magnet Man's sight returns to normal. When it does, there's no sign of Mongoose. He ran.


"Argh!" Magnet Man shouts, kicking a tin can which was so conveniently placed a foot away from him in the confusion of the battle. Then he hears Sword Man's order, and he decides to cut his losses. At least he wasn't hurt as badly as his other brothers. But he can't help but think he's forgetting something... surely they came here for SOME reason. As Magnet Man flees he turns his back to the warehouse of giant decorative props, perfect for Wily's pinball machine. So close, yet so far, perhaps it just wasn't meant to be.

Magnet Man retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Sword Man, Clock Man, and Oil Man.

Mongoose crouches in the dark, listening to the retreat of the Master forces. He silently opens up his medical kit and starts to close up the deeper wounds on his body to the best of his ability, bandaging things so he can stay up right. A few shots of painkillers and synthetic adrenaline and he should be good to get his partner out of harm's way.

Leona starts to come to in the alley, dazed and with a black eye from the sharp hit from her own weapon. She clicks over her internal radio. ** Mongoose, report. **

** Just dandy, ** Mongoose transmits back over his internal radio. ** Forces are retreating. Could use a medivac. **

     As Sword Man gets moving, Oil Man watches Sword Man and Magnet Man get moving. Giving ha;f a wave, Oil Man watches them run off. "Losers, GET MOVIN! You ain't got nothin, ya' hear me?" He smirks, leaning against the building before heading over to the bus.

     Taking a shot on those losers would be too easy. So damn lame. But man, he totally thought Sword Man had it when he made that idea up earlier. Maybe he was just too big. Ah hell, he'll try something better next time. Wily couldn't make a good robot if he tried. Scott did it right countless times.

     Oh yeah, one last reminder. Yelling out over the buses booming music, Oil Man reminds Sword Man. "YOU MAKE SURE WILY GETS THAT CD, G, OR I A'INT GOIN' EASY ON YA NEXT TIME!" He leans against the bus in the end, nodding. He still got it.

Magic Man , having slipped in under stealth some time ago, now deactivates his active holographic cloaking to cover his brother's retreat. Stepping forwards with a holographic flash of light, he throws back his cape with one arm. "Gentlemen, if I may have your attention for just a moment..." He then clenches a fist, producing... a tiny rubber ball. "...The show is over." He then winds up and chucks it at Oil Man as a distraction.

Magic Man strikes Oil Man with his Generic Ranged attack.

     Oil Man is hit by a ball, having his eyes closed, but open them slightly dizzy as Magic Man takes advantage of the situation. Glaring at him, Oil Man raises the nozzle of his arm, pointing it towards the Magician. "A'ight, the show is over. Got it. NOW GET A MOVE ON, and get the **** OUTTA HERE!"

     What, don't they give up?

     Oil Man, meanwhile, is charging up, pressure rising to pump out more oil.. and fiya! "So go on, get the hell out. Last chance dog. You be toyin' with me now!"

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