Open Field - RHQ Australia

The dust of the Australian Outback stills floats free in the air that blows through the gates in this part of the base. A wide open space, capable of handling most of the large vehicles that Repliforce has, short of the Fortress III, this is usually filled with activity, being the main entryway to the base. To each side of the field are buildings each marked with the functions they hold.

General [General] [RF] Repliforce Space Shuttle <Comet> [RF]
Repliforce VTOL <Razor> [RF] Repliforce Dropship <Falconis> [RF]
Repliforce Attack Hoverbike <Delta> [RF]Purple Car

North <N> leads to Admiral's Way West - RHQ Australia.
East <E> leads to Civilian Center - RHQ Australia.
West <W> leads to Post Exchange - RHQ Australia.
South <S> leads to Security Checkpoint - RHQ Australia.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Jet Stingray transmits, "So... Or than good old Admiral and King Dragon being with the living and a certain Senator that will not be named being a jerk, anything going on I should know about?"

Admiral arrives from Admiral's Way West - RHQ Australia.
Admiral has arrived.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] UN-ED XO Jessica Blakesly transmits, "Just disturbing, this entire situaiton."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Alpha transmits, "hm?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Admiral transmits, "Well, yes."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Alpha transmits, "What situation."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] UN-ED XO Jessica Blakesly transmits, "Admiral, do you know HOW they got your remains to work upon them?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Admiral transmits, "No, I'm afraid not."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Dr. Cossack transmits, "I imagine zey stole zem."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] UN-ED XO Jessica Blakesly transmits, "I'm no greater fan of graverobbing than the next chap - and that sort of thing shouldn't be tolerated."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Dr. Cossack transmits, "Yes, vell. Abominable behavior is noffink new to zee UN."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Dr. Cossack transmits, "Arcanum vill probably get commendation."

The field just within the gates of Repliforce's base in the heart of Uluru houses two massive hammerhead shark airships, both hovering a few meters off the ground. A quiet thrum of revving engines in one of them, the one conspicuously marked in a deep navy and light grey pattern similar to that seen on an orca, can be heard, even as the unit rocks gently backwards, before pulling higher over the air and skimming over the turf. The ship makes an easy turn within the confines of the field, before retracing its steps in the other direction.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Midi transmits, "Hey, the UN didn't have anything to do with Arcanum Corp! I don't really know if we can call this good or bad yet though, but it's done now isn't it?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] UN-ED XO Jessica Blakesly transmits, "Playing God is nothing new to you scientists either, eh?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Dr. Cossack's voice is grave. "I learnt my lesson, Blakesley. I learnt after failink /vunce/."

General changes into his Holo-Gen armor.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] UN-ED XO Jessica Blakesly transmits, "Once a genie comes out of the bottle, it rarely ever goes back. How many more people are going to die because of this 'development'?"

Admiral walks up into the field, after a slight bit of strange nostalgia at walking down a plaza and road named for him...and in his memory. However, the sight of the new airships fills him with a stir of pride, and he cannot help but smile as he walks to the edge of the field. "Beautiful...absolutely beautiful."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Alpha transmits, "Playing God can be attributed to many things."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] UN-ED XO Jessica Blakesly transmits, "I admit, it scares the hell out of me to see this - we may never be able to wipe out the Mavericks if they get ahold of this technology."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Admiral transmits, "Unless, of course, it could be used to Cure the virus."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Dr. Cossack transmits, "I vould rather focus on zee potential for good zhat can come from ziss. Zee horror has been done. Now it becomes a matter of determinink if ziss procedure can be repeated in an ethical, moral fashion to save liffs."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Dr. Cossack transmits, "You vill never get vid of zee Mavericks until you start treatink Reploids like equals. I don't see ziss government helpink wiff zhat cause any time soon."

Midi appears to be quite lost, though he found his way to the open field. His first time in RHQ-Australia, good thing he asked for some help when he first teleported in. Looking around, awestruck at the size, he doesn't really watch where he's going for awhile, and right as he turns around, he bumps into Admiral's leg. "Ow, oh, I'm sorry sir." He says sheepishly, looking up, he sees who he ran into, and blinks. Just one of the people he wanted to meet.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] UN-ED XO Jessica Blakesly transmits, "Ask Double about that. He's got enough reason to go Maverick again just from this, provided he was even cured in the first place."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Dr. Cossack transmits, "He never stopped beink vun."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Dr. Cossack transmits, "Vee intercepted vadio transmissions between Double and Bit. His extraction vas planned. It vas fortunate zhat Bastion vas as proactiff as he vas."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Alpha transmits, "Double is a spy who caused the deaths of many Repliforcers. Rebuilding him may have done him more worse than good."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Admiral transmits, "True...but part of me wishes he had been cured, and offered a chance. If such a wretch as him could be saved..."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Dr. Cossack transmits, "Vee bought zee verld a few days. You remember zhat, Blakesly, vhen Double begins movink freely and zee dyink starts again."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] UN-ED XO Jessica Blakesly transmits, "I'm curious - was this transmission before or AFTER Bastion decided to go vigilantee again?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Alpha transmits, "Because even if he was cured, I would not expect Repliforcers whom have lost their friends, allies, and perhaps some of their hearts due to that fellow to ever forgive him. He will probably be hounded whenever he is identified."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Dr. Cossack transmits, "I do not vecall. Alia vould know. But he had his veasons, and I vill not condemn him for actink in zee interest of zee innocent."

The airship, easily two hundred and twenty-five feet in length, rolls on its horizontal axis slowy, rolling into a barrel roll until it hovers, belly-up, for a full minute, the glassy gaze of the head slightly directed towards the meeting pair. On speakers, a rolling, hurly-burly chuckle of a familiar voice rings out, before the ship whips around and then settles down in standby mode. A few moments later, a small, distant gilded shape, identified as General himself, emerges from the flanking hatch. However, as he steps towards Admiral and Midi, he doesn't appear to get as tall as he is normally supposed to do. In fact, he's about the same size as Admiral... what's going on here?

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] UN-ED XO Jessica Blakesly transmits, "I personally would like to find out - because if it was before, I had to laud your alacrity in taking care of the situation."

Admiral looks down in a bit of surprise. "Oh, that's alright, son...." He then squints a little. "I hate to ask this...but aren't you a little small to be a stormtrooper?" Chuckling, he smiles to take the edge off the -very- old joke. "In seriousness...can I help you?" Then, he turns towards General and offers a salute, though he still seems to be paying Midi proper attention.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] UN-ED XO Jessica Blakesly transmits, "...if it was after. Well, if I was brought back to life and someone tried to kill me, I certainly would be more trustful of my former comrades. Its possible that Double being snatched was in reation to Bastion's actions."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Dr. Cossack transmits, "And it vas also equally possible zhat zee master spy, Double, vas able to trick zee obviously ignorant Arcanum R&D techs into passink zee psych evals used to find Maverick tendencies."

Midi errs, and rubs the back of his head "I'm Midi, Mr. Admiral sir. I'm in charge of the UN Dataase security, and, um, recently I was also given the responsibility for being UN Liaison to Repliforce. Nice to meet you!" He grins cheerfully. He then turns in General's direction. Thankfully Midi's seen General's hologram in action before "Hi Mr. General!" He waves.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Lieutenant, aka Valor transmits, "Needless to say, is should be an interesting next few weeks."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] UN-ED XO Jessica Blakesly grumps. "Well, its all water under the bridge now. Double is back with the Mavericks, and we better pray he's not half as good a spy as he was before, else the Mavericks might have the entire process in their hands already."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Dr. Cossack transmits, "He fooled me, Blakesly. He fooled me vunce, and had zee situation been any different on my side, he could haff killed any of us. I von't visk it again."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Jet Stingray transmits, "I don't see what the big deal is. So we can bring back Mavericks. They can built new ones too from what I've heard. I would rather gain the ability to get my friends back just so I can fight a new Maverick than an old one. Double /does/ need an aft kicking, that's for sure. Maybe since we can bring him back, we can all have a turn killing him if you are up for that sorta thing."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Dr. Cossack transmits, "You get a chance, you kill him. You kill him dead. Shoot at his core. Don't let him get avay, because you vill liff to see your friends and family murdered at his hands ozzervise."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] UN-ED XO Jessica Blakesly transmits, "Trust me, Doctor - that's my area."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Lieutenant, aka Valor transmits, "I am sure there was a particular reason why they chose to bring back Double, I'm just not sure what it was exactly. Perhaps some maverick influenceon the company? Who knows."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Dr. Cossack transmits, "Probably because his corpse vas in zee same area as Admiral and King Dragon's."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] UN-ED XO Jessica Blakesly transmits, "Pardon me, but wasn't King Dragon... disintigrated by Sigma?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Inquisitor transmits, "If he truly is and was as bad as I hear, would that still merrit his rebuilding even if convenient?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Harmony transmits, "Wow, did you hear about those new cookies they started making at Hostess? Strawberry banana something.."

General rumbles amicably enough in a tone reserved for those officers that General typically holds in closer-than-average confidence. "At ease, Admiral. I may have shrunk in the wash, but I still command the greatest army on the planet." he allows himself the chance to tease slightly, before moving on to business. "I'm pleased to see you active, Admiral. And yes, hello, Midi." He gives a cordial nod towards Midi, and then says, "As you are aware Admiral, there has been much curiosity raised by Arcanum's activity. Midi is one of the leaders in the UN's corps, particularly where it relates to computer and other related systems. He's asked for an audience with you." he smiles.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Dr. Cossack transmits, "Corporations are godless creatures. Zey haff no regard for anyt'ink. Zey follow no moral code, just zee bottom line."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Lieutenant, aka Valor transmits, "Money."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Inquisitor transmits, "..disturbing."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Iris transmits, "Hostess can't stand up to my baking!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Harmony transmits, "Haha, I agree! Can't put money on that tasty stuff, Iris."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Dr. Cossack transmits, "Ah, Iris. Is good to hear from you again."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Dr. Cossack transmits, "How do you feel about all ziss?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Lieutenant, aka Valor mutters barely audibly.. "Not much can.."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Admiral transmits, "You know, I -do- miss your pie, Iris..."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] UN-ED XO Jessica Blakesly sounds rather resigned. "Regardless, this entire 'rebirth' thing is also going to hurt our cause again. If the talking heads don't drive more reploids to the Mavericks, then someone's going to bring this up as another reason Reploids are souless machines again..."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Iris transmits, "I just think, um...I just think that it's good technology if it's in the right hands, Dr. Cossack. know what, Admiral, I think I'm going to make a big, big, big pie, just for you and King Dragon!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Jet Stingray transmits, "There is a simply way to find out, Harmony. You and Iris can bake me some stuff to eat, and I'll give a nonbias judgement on which is better. This is in /no/ way a simply ploy to get food cooked for me."

Admiral smiles and relaxes. "This is an...interesting change, General. I'm quite impressed." Then, he nods respectfully to Midi. "Oh...UN Liason, then? Interesting. And I can understand wanting to take some more looks at me. I'm certainly curious about it, myself.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Admiral transmits, "Jet....share."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Admiral transmits, "And thank you, Iris. That's quite good of you."

General receives a radio transmission from Crescent Grizzly.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Harmony transmits, "Jet, you'd have to pay me for me to do ANYTHING for you. You know that!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Midi transmits, "<perks> Can I have some?"

General sends a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Alpha transmits, "...GNN stated that Arcanum is an EIT subsidiary."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Dr. Cossack transmits, "Oh, ZHAT explains it."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Jet Stingray transmits, "Okay, me /and/ Admiral will be nonbiased judges and... ohh, burn from the Harmonator."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Enforcement XO Jessica Blakesly transmits, "...why is it that the Repliforce seems to jump back and forth between between Army and College Frat House?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Harmony transmits, "Ssss!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Lighthawk XO Bowie transmits, "..."

Midi nods, still a bit humbled "Yes, well, I have to admit, I've been curious of Arcanum Corp's methods since they announced it. Though since I can't seem to find anything out directly from them, I thought I should ask one of you directly." Besides, it's good policy as liaison to do stuff like this. Granted, he COULD hack into their database with relative ease, but Midi is primarily a database defender "So, um..." He starts off, not really sure WHAT to ask "Well, how much do you remember of what they did? Did they tell you much of the procedures?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Iris giggles.

General receives a radio transmission from Crescent Grizzly.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Lighthawk XO Bowie transmits, "Not erryone in EIT's bad."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Dr. Cossack transmits, "Just zee overwhelmink majority."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Lighthawk XO Bowie transmits, "...never mind. MAh opinion don't count."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Alpha transmits, "That's not what I'm saying, Bowie. But EIT according to the reports I have read had several erratic trends. It used to be about as big as it was now, but suddenly it dropped at one point and it was on the verge on bankrupty for a while until it recieved new management which quickly bolstered the company's strength."

General sends a radio transmission to Crescent Grizzly.
General receives a radio transmission from Crescent Grizzly.

General glances up from a flurry of radio conversations, and nods towards both Midi and Admiral. "Something I've been curious of myself. Unfortunately, with Arcanum being based in San Angeles, it is out of UN jurisdiction." He inclines his head. "Perhaps we should retire in a more comfortable area, someplace... high profile, perhaps, so the public can appreciate the return of at least one of our officers? I would not mind actually leaking some of the information to those who would overhear; it would put their minds to rest."

Admiral mmms. "No, I'm afraid they did not, except for mentioning it was very delicate work, and that was part of why they were being as careful as possible with my...recovery. They didn't wish to cause a failure of some kind." Then, he smiles to General. "That sounds remarkably like a sidelong excuse to go get a drink."

Midi blinkblinks. "Drink? How about the Captain's Table, I could use a Milkshake..." Yeah, Midi's manner is very much like a child's, Admiral may find it odd to talk to someone like him who holds such a position. But such is the way things go when you're a hacking genius. "Well, how did it feel to wake up when they activated you? How clearly did you remember things?" He quickly trails off, not wanting to sound like a reporter.

General nods. "But of course, Admiral." He smirks at Midi, and states, "We were aiming for something a bit harder, but yes, Bastion is a wonderful host. Shall we?" He gestures towards the teleporters.

Admiral nods, as they walk towards the teleporters. "I started to remember things fairly felt...odd. There's really no other way to describe it."

<Sometime Later>

The Captain's Table <CT>

Through the door is a ten foot hallway with pictures of ships on either side in some of the most recognizable images of them. Even the USS Challenger's explosion is portrayed, with the words 'Your courage continues today.' beneath it.

Coming out of the hallway reveals the true homey feel of the tavern has, with a plethora of different people and reploids walking about in it's Victorian design. The tables and insides of the bar all appear to be of a fine oak carved and polished to perfection. At the main bar itself, a friendly white bearded reploid stands serving out virtually any drink you could imagine, from freshly squeezed Orange Juice to anything else you can think of. The only real prerequisite to being here, is that occassionally you might be called on to tell a story to those around.

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General [Holo-Gen] [RF]
Admiral [RF]
Bastion [MH]
Note/Bulletin Board <NBB>
Chess Board <Captain's Table>
Pool Table
Leave <O> leads to Torontreal - Park District.

General sends a radio transmission to Crescent Grizzly.
General receives a radio transmission.

Harmony has arrived.
Crescent Grizzly has arrived.

Walking quietly around the room is the owner of the Captain's Table, Bastion. He seems to be greeting the regulars who are in the tavern tonight, moving along quietly with an F-5 in his hand.

Cyber Peacock has arrived.
Sigma has arrived.
Ashriel has arrived.

Ashriel changes into his Alu armor.

Crescent Grizzly sits at a table sized to his bulk towards the back, an equally to scale mug of the house brew before him, along with a bowl of some steaming seafood concoction, rich with spices and tomatoes.

Cyclops has arrived.

Harmony pushes the door open, strolling in with a cheerful gait. Humming something, she smiles and waves a friendly wave to Bastion. "Afternoon!" she calls out, blinking as she catches Crescent out of the corner of her eye. Well, actually, it's barely the corner.. I mean.. you can't miss him! Grinning, she saunters on over and smacks her hand on the table lightly. "Grizz! How are you today?"

Leading the way in with Admiral and the starry-eyed Midi, in his holo-projector form. However, he's not disguised as a human today, but is instead just in his smaller, eight-foot tall form. "I found the custom drinks here to be quite impressive, and perhaps, if he's not on the run from the law, Bastion will be here... there are a few matters that I had wanted to speak with him about..." The cowbell in teh doorway jingles merrily, letting them in. After moving through the hallway, General's gaze sweeps over the bar area, finally settling on Crescent and Harmony. He nods to the off-duty 'Forcers, and settles in at the main bar.

Admiral raises an eyebrow at the mention of running from the law, but nods as he walks in. "MMm...well, a drink does certainly sound good. And as to the rest, well...we'll see, I suppose." Mirroring General's nod to the Repliforcers, he pulls up his own stool, and looks over the various bottles lining the bar. "Ahhh, grog. How I have missed you."

Crescent Grizzly raises his mug to Harmony, along with the trio that arrive behind her. " Allo, ma petite!" the Ursine greets Harmony, smiling. " Genral'. Midi" Crescent continues, acknowlidging his commander and the UN Hacker. And then, there's Admiral. It can be a bit unsettling, suddenly finding yourself having drinks with a Reploid who by all means should be dead, and according to assorted memorials and place names within RHQ Australia, is. " Ah' dun' believe we've met, Admiral. Ah' cam' into service o' Repliforce sum' time aftah' the Battle, an' am' sure you are everytin' mah' comrades 'ave boasted you tah' be. Pull up a chair, deh' first one is on me. "

Midi enters with General and Admiral, and he orders his usual Chocloate Milkshake. No alcohol for him! Recieving is drink, he goes to sit with them. "I bet you must have missed a lot of things." He says, sort of naively, in that way only Midi can "Um, so tell me. It might be a touchy subject, but what did you think about Double?" He tries not to sound like he is prying, but he can't help but bring it up.

All is lovely and quiet and friendly in the tavern, isn't it? Of course it is. It's the Captain's Table, and those in the know do -not- start trouble in this tavern, it being a favourite hangout of numerous Repliforcers, Hunters and even Interpol on occasion. It seems, however, that it's also the hangout of one rather odd-acting human - tall, lanky, perhaps just a little smelly. Baseball cap pulled down low over his eyes, intentely reading something from a datapad, he seems like he's been here for a long time, nursing a half-drained beer. Back to the wall and as close to the door as he can manage, he's innocuous enough - if not really, really into whatever it is he's reading.

Harmony beams cutely, loving it when he calls her that. So cute! Turning to look over her shoulder, she waves to all those who've entered. "General, Admiral, sir!" she smiles, taking a seat across from the big bear. "Looks like you're having a tasty supper, I'm a little hungry myself.. huh." Crossin her legs, she rests her arms on the table, enjoying her time off.

Iris has arrived.
Jet Stingray has arrived.
Silo has arrived.

General regards the setting of the bar with an approving gaze, is nods all around. He tenses at Midi's questions, knowing that it was loud enough for the Maverick Hunter Bastion's audials to pick up on. He ahems, and states quickly, "Kind of you, Crescent, to offer. I think we will... and good evening, Harmony." He then changes the topic, stating outright, "One of the things this establishment is known for is the quality of the story-telling that goes on here. I even hear that if it's good enough, everyone gets free drinks. Considering what day it is... I'll propose a topic: Best prank ever pulled -- either by you or on you." He spreads his dove-colored ahnds wide, "What do you say? A free drink for running your jaw?"

Spotting the growing group of Repliforces, Bastion moves up behind Admiral and General. "Now now, there is no running from the law, since San Angeles refuses to give the United Nations an extradition treaty, so the UN had not given them one either. Afterall, I was /right/." Bastion pulls up a chair behind the two 'rank' namers, and sits with the chair back in front of him. "Now, Midi... it isn't a touchy subject, unless you count the fact that I will be killing him before the week is up." Shaking his head, he looks at Admiral, "Sir, its good to see you again... "

Iris cheerfully comes through the door...apparently arriving with Jet. "Wow, look at the crowd in here!" she giggles.

Admiral smiles to the Grizzly. "Actually, Captain, I've been working on catching up to the service records...and given on how you've been serving, I believe that I'm the one who should buy -you- a perhaps we can come to an agreement on that?" Then, he looks over to General. "On the other hand....not a bad idea, that...if perhaps, by nature of my rather unusual return to duty, it's a free -round- in exchange for me running my jaw?" Then, he looks over to Bastion as he offers his death. "Good to see you again, too, Bastion...though I admit I wish you were still in our uniform. And I'd rather prefer I got to live for a few more days."

Meanwhile, further down the bar a lone figure sits, green hair bound in a ponytail, wearing armor that hasn't yet seen battle. Thankfully for him. Though the Captain's Table -is- neutral ground, it still wouldn't do to be recognized quickly. Alas, Shark Man's drink mixing skills has given the Maverick a taste for Maragritas, and it would do to have a bit of refreshment.

Jet Stingray enters inside along with Iris, chuckling as he looks about. "Hey, you weren't the only one that wanted a party now that the Repliforce crew is back together now. It'll be cool.. Things will almost be back to the 'good old days'." He offers a wave to his friends, looking rather happy himself.

Midi is silent for a minute "I didn't mean to implicate you in any way sir. I was just wondering what Admiral thought of Double's reconstructed personality. What's happened has happened." He trails off, whether Double deserved another chance or not, is no longer the point. He then fiddles in his chair slightly "Um, well I've never been one for pulling jokes on people..." Now if TECHNO were here...

Admiral shakes his head. "I didn't actually see him for more than a few days...he seemed rather penitent...but...I suppose he was supposed to be an actor. But..perhaps someday, even the likes of him might get turned around. Perhaps. But then...on to the stories, and a happier subject. Please."

Crescent Grizzly shrugs slightly at Bastion, not sure of where he lies. On Crescent's professional radar, the man is a risk, plain and simple. But, personally, he's a great guy who is doing what he feels is right and in need of doing. " Well dere' was dis' un' tahm, down in Rio, back 'fore I ended up in deh' 'force. Ah' wus runnin a...." Crescent stops, realizing that he's telling this with /General/ accross the table. " Uhm, mebbe' 'ah bes not tell dat 'un..."

Iris happily joins the others, listening as Crescent begins to tell a tale.

Harmony grins, what a nice turn out! Resting her cheek in her hand, she watches everyone come in and ger situated. "Story telling, huh? I don't think you could win this one, General. I can't picture you doing anything like that to anybody!" she teases.

General leans back in his seat, half-turning so that at least his voice is directed towards Bastion. "I see that you are here, after all. I've been meaning to get in touch with you to congratulate you on your formal acquittal on the bombing issue in Torontreal. The form on that explosion was just all wrong, yours are much more artistic." He juts his chinplate towards Bastion, and says, "Whip up one of those F5's for me. I need to test it to make sure that the alterations that Prismatic made after I drank Jet's Electroshocker..." He listens into Crescent's story, smiling quietly as he rests a hand on his chin. "Perhaps, Harmony..."

Crescent Grizzly thinks it over, and continues. " Naw', Genral', yew' know 'bout double jeopardy, an' deh' pleh' bargain 'ah signed...anytin' in dis story dats nat in mah file 'n record...ah' can't git in trouble for, oui? " The bear inquires, sipping his beer.

Waving a hand to one of the waitresses, Bastion motions for several F-5s to be made up. "No no Admiral, I'm going to mount Double's head on the wall here after I dismantle him...not you. And yes... lets just say the story of why I'm not in that uniform anymore is...complicated, another days story."

After a moment, Shotglass brings back the speciality drink. But that isn't it, the F-5 is in some type of heat resistant cup... wonder why.

Shotglass shows exactly why as she holds the drink and sits it on the table next to the group and snaps a welder's mask down over her face and pulls out a blow torch. With a move to her hands that shows she's an expert with the welder she ignites it and dips the flame /directly/ into the drink itself causing a burst of bright neon light to flash through the room, then into a second and third F-5 and Bastion another F-5. "Give it a sec' till the bubblin' stops," she says informatively in a distinct New York accent as she hands one to Admiral and General.

"Trust me, Admiral, General, you'll love it...give it a try." Bastion says.

Iris giggles. "What is this, Happy Hour?" she quips.

Midi idle sips on his milkshake as he listens in. He doesn't have much to offer at the moment. He idly turns to Iris and smiles in her direction.

Jet Stingray shrugs to General as he makes his way into the into the conversation, begining his words with a chuckle. "Hey, I /warned/ you about those, didn't I? Speaking of that, going to the tavern reminded me to teach you hot to make one..." He pauses at the light show, reaching for his datapad at his belt. "Dude... That's almost cooler then the electricity going around one of my Electroshockers."

Admiral smirks a little as he looks over at Harmony. "Careful, have to remember that he -did- approve promoting Jet. I'd say that was a fairly good joke, and subtle." Then, he carefully, respectfully eyes the drink....before slamming it. " That's -GROG-. Or something even better. Good stuff, though." Then, he nods to Bastion. "Sorry, I mis-heard. Though it's good to know I'm not going to be a masthead any time soon."

Bastion looks at Jet, "Steal my recipe, and you won't like what I do to you." A somewhat amused and devious grin forms on Bastion's face.

Harmony wrinkles her nose, she remembers the F5. Remembers it burning up her poor little insides anyway, but she doesn't say anything. "That's true, Admiral sir. Still, I'll be waiting for his so called story!" she smiles, tapping her fingernails on the desk. "Don't worry Grizz, you're family, I'm sure your story's good. Tell it!"

Iris says, "Yes, Grizz, let's hear it!"

General watches for a moment, finding himself grateful to be battle-hardened at the least. He regards the roiling drinks, and then says, "Well done, Shotglass." He ponders, gazing thoughtfully at Crescent. "Just a moment, perhaps I can be more easily convinced after I melt some of my circuits..." He gives Admiral a smirk of challenge, before taking a long, heavy draught of the drink, cringing in his seat even as he downs the drink. Squinting his optics, he utters a low, "Da-YUM!" before plopping the ceramic stein back on the counter-top. "F5 indeed, I think you've just created a NEW tornado rating with this..." He glances towards Crescent, blinking a few times, before gazing thoughtfully at the layout of the bar. There were a few wallfalowers around, and General furrows his brows as he thinks. "Not everyone seems to be interested in our stories..."

Ashriel returns to nursing his drink, looking up long enough merely to take stock of the newest arrivals, and little more. The pyrotechnics get a bit of interest, but even then, he's not exactly the most social of creatures. At least, not in this sort of setting. Idly, the soldier begins to ponder requisitioning some non-combat attire, to be far, far less conspicuous.

The man near the door looks up at the sound of General's proclamation of the drink being good (or is it bad?), and sips at his own drink, shuffling his feet under his chair. Oddly enough, though ... his throat doesn't work as if one was swallowing.

Crescent Grizzly eyes General for a few moments, but continues. If General tries to pin something on him, it appears the bear can just tell the Commander in Chief he was wasted. Thank you, Bastion. I'll send for the recipe later. " Well, ah' wus' workin' a job wit a tech junkie, 'is name 'scapes me..." Or he's still out there somewhere. " a few o' Repliforce rookies caugh' on to us. " Crescent starts to grin, " Deh' wus' so sure deh' 'ahd us pinned as we tried to ship ou' o' a warehouse late at naht. Buh', we wus' ready fer dem, 'n let slip dat' we were leavin' at 2 AM. Ting' wus', we left at midnight. So when deh' rookies com' chargin in, deh' find deh' place empty sav' fer a truck at deh' loadin bay. So they figures weh' jus' bough' to leave, and storm onto it. Problem wus', it was dairy truck whos' supplier weh' bribed off tah' use deh' warehouse space, and then weh' bribed 'em 'gain to put in sum' "special cargo" on dis' un'. " The bear stops for a moment, chuckling, and taking another swig.

Iris chuckles. "SPECIAL cargo, eh?" she prods.

Jet Stingray puts up his free hand to Bastion, "Hey now... I was talking about giving General the mix directions for the drink /I/ make," Jet offers with a cheery tone. "An Electroshocker.... The only drink I know that needs a mirco-electric generator placed in it for the needed /charge/...." Luckily for Admiral, Jet missed the comment about his promotion being a subtle joke. Instead of listening to him and others completely as they tell their tales, Jet glances over to Ashriel, hrmming to himself as he does. .oO(Is that my Stingray Sense going off? I wonder...) For the record, he has no special Stingray Sense in terms of E-Senses or psychic abilities. But like some things with Jet, it doesn't mean that he doesn't /think/ he has it.

General inclines his head, and nods, as he takes another hefty chuck of the drink, shuddering again, before setting down the drink for the last time. "Cherry coke?" He asks curiously, and then grunts. "So... Yes, please tell us about this cargo... You've got us in the setup, time to deliver the punchline..."

Admiral chuckles as the Grizz leads on with the story, and quietly whispers to Shotglass for a good, normal mug of something not quite f-5 strength, but still impressive, so he doesn't interrupt the story, and motions for Grizz to keep going.

Harmony grins, relaxing and listening to Grizz intently. Not saying anything to interrupt, she watches and waits for what this special cargo was..

Crescent Grizzly chuckles, and continues. " Well, dis' partner o' mine, he rigged up a pulse 'mitter so dat 'soon as deh' reploids' power outputs were so close, it'd activate, and trick 'dere neural nets 'nto 'mergency shutdown frum' overload o' volatile foreign fluids..." Crescent grins, and translates, "...lik' iffin' deh' 'ad too much to drink, n'est pas? Anyways, den', a dron' was rigged up to dress 'im up all nahc' 'n pretty, and then dump them at a predetermined location on deh' truck's route, 'fore it mad' deh' delivery. " The Ursine Guardian finishes his beer, and reaches into a storage compartment for a box. Opening it up, he digs about. Within are knicknacks, such as his harmonica, a few photos, and the like. Finally, he pulls out a newspaper clipping, and places it on the table. The headline? " Repliforce Doesn't Ask and Doesn't Tell " In the picture, a group of groggy looking reploids wearing elaborate, shiny outfits, like that you might find on a bird-women in Rio's annual 'Carnival'....or in most of Vegas' 'alternative lifestyle' lounges' musical numbers. The bear just chuckles.

Midi listens and slurps. Slurp.

Iris giggles a lot. "Oh MY! Heheh, big lesson learned THERE!"
The man near the door looks up in quiet amusement at the sounds of the Repliforcers and Hunters swapping prank stories. He taps a few more times on his datapad, looking intent and frowning for a moment before looking ... pleased. Crescent's story finally seeps through his studious air and catches his attention. The man turns in his seat, ostensibly watching.

He applauds, quietly but appreciatively as Crescent's story comes to a halt. Then he smiles a thin-lipped smile, running his index finger over the rim of his glass thoughtfully. Tossing back a healthy chug of his beer, the man readjusts his baseball cap by pulling it lower. "Might I," he inquires suddenly, loud enough to be heard as he rises from his seat gracefully, "tell one of my own stories? I care not for beverages... merely the sharing of amusing exploits. I find myself to be a bit of an afficianado for pranks and jokes." He offers a cheerful smile, if not a bit toothy - and why won't he pull up his hat?

Admiral laughs, obviously quite amused. "I -remember- that caused a lot of trouble, there." Then, he looks at the newcomer. "Well...come on in, I suppose....though you can undo your lid, Son."

Harmony giggles, clapping her hands. "Oh, geez! I can't imagine seeing that, it must've been great." she smiles broadly, peeking at the mysterious man that's made his way over. Huh.. strange. Oh well, the more the merrier!

Iris looks over at the baseball-capped low-profile guy. "You have a story? Let's hear it!"

General raises a hand to his temple, and murmurs, "I... recall the incident as well..." His experssion goes blank for a moment, and then says... "It explains so much about the behavior of one officer Phoebus... err, Phoebe..." He shakes his head, allowing a small chuckle. He regards the one man who speaks up, blinking once, but nodding. "We welcome the input of all patrons, this isn't an exclusive club, by all means..."

Prismatic Spider has arrived.

Ashriel smirks, and softly chuckles, as the story is related. But for a differing reason. Because this one, this Bear who's tasted darkness might be very suitable to being turned back to wickeder ways. And thus Ash goes back to sipping his margarita, but with one audial open to the thin-lipped man's story.

Crescent Grizzly nods to the stranger, " Oui, anyun' is welcom'. Spin us a nice yarn, monsieur..."

Jet Stingray just blinks as he turns away from Ash to hear the pay attention at end and look at the picture. "That's um... Whoa! Times like this I'm glad I'm not under Anthem anymore." He pauses at the new face and just goes quiet again. Seems like the ray isn't drinking... Or hasn't had a chance to get something.

The man doesn't change his hat one bit - did he even hear Admiral? "I must admit, my prank has yet to be pulled, however... I have been working on it for three months, four days, seventeen hours and forty-six seconds. Not even the dead walking once more will stop me from it," the man intones. Holding the datapad aloft in his hand, it flashes wildly in a cascade of tiny windows. "But you shall be the first witnesses of it, and tell me what you think of this stroke of brilliance." He presses a button on the edge of the datapad, and suddenly the illustrious Repliforce General is engulfed in a flash of light. A strange sound of shattering pixels can be heard as the Repliforcer's hologram is shattered and rearranged to whatever the odd man seems to want to do.


What are little girls made of?

What are little girls made of?

Sugar and spice and everything nice! what the hell happened to this one? At 6'1", she bears proportions that quite literally appear to have been envisioned by a heart-struck cyber-surfer. The features of her face allude to a Germanic heritage. Doe eyes of a navy hue, rimmed in luscious ebony lashes, are set in a face that for all intents and purposes looks cast in creany-hued bisque porcelain. Tresses of shoulder-length hair, bouncing round her shoulders, and if/when she speaks, she has a rolling, velvety alto voice.

The woman formerly known as General is clad in a sturdy, black haltertop, a healthy bustline barely restrained by it. A short zebra-striped miniskirt that hugs her hips and thighs should be designated 'cruel to animals', even if made of faux fur. The rest of her outfit is rounded out by the thigh-high black patent leather, stiletto-heeled boots that sheathe her legs.

Admiral says, ".....dyarr."

Crescent Grizzly just blinks. .oO(Zut Alors. Genral' est tres jolie....)

THUD. It seems Bastion has fallen out of his chair behind Admiral and General. He seems to be laughing so hard to be near tears.

Iris gasps! And blinks! And...stares at General. Then, she gives her thoughts on the situation: "How about that -- I guess that General goes BOTH know, AC/DC..."

Harmony stands up abruptly, panicing. "General, SIR! What's.." Though she stops dead, watching the light fade away.. and.. and! AND! "..oh.. dear.. oh my.. you're.." she stutters, unable to even speak. What happend, what did.. HUH? "I.. don't.. why are yours.. bigger than.. I mean SIR! Ma'am.. uh.."

Sigma strides inside, his smirk nice and ready to mock anybody who dares get in his way! He's fully armed and ready to laugh at Bastion! And then he looks up. He blinks. "....", his jaw slackens. He just doesn't know how to deal with this! With a quick step back, Sigma turns, clenching at his throat for a moment as if trying to supress something, and then vanishes, hopefully before anybody sees him and shoots him.

Sigma retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Jet Stingray, Cyber Peacock, Admiral, Harmony, and Silo.

Crescent Grizzly is at a loss, " Uhm. Shouldn't sumun' go after 'im..." he asks, trying not to stare at General's chest.

Midi blinks. Just blinks. And now his poor fragile little mind has been warped. Well not really. Midi's not one of those perverted hacker boys, but he is still fairly naive. But he doesn't recoil in utter surprise like some people do "That's one heck of a hacking and hologram job. Only few people in the world could pull something like that off. And I think only one would actually want to." He turns around in his chair to face the stranger "Cyber Peacock, right?"

Ashriel just stares, and begins to laugh. Laughing loud, laughing long, and laughing uncontrollably. It's remarkable that somethings actually humorous enough to break his rigid discipline. But this...this is an exception.

General cocks his head to one side, waiting for the story. However, as the person pulls up the pad, he frowns, humming quietly. And then, *BLIP* indeed. Suddenly, the natural motion programmed in the holoskin of breathing becomes... much more difficult.

At this point, Genevieve's mouth gapes open as she stares down at her own chest, and identifies the problem as constricting clothing. A stammering, wide-eyed whimper escapes her throat, before a more coherent voice, indeed in a throaty voice that would do a female jazz singer proud, utters, "You... Ah.... Ahhh.. AIIIIGH!!!" It's not even clear if all the other reactions have registered with him, her, it... but Genevieve stands quickly, before she trembles off-balance on the heels and keels over onto the floor, an embarrassing flash of snow-leopard print panties flashing oh so briefly.

Oh, the ignomy.

[RADIO: (B) World] A comely female voice cracks across the frequency.... "AIIIIGH! Someone get me a computer tech to the Captain's Table NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWW!"

Harmony is still shocked, eyes wide. Raising her hands to her mouth slowly.. she opens her mouth.. and screams. Screams loud and long like her legs are being cut off with electric turkey carvers. Eyes shut, she just screams until she runs out of breathe and faints to the floor. THUD.

Admiral is having a damn hard time reacting to all this...but the git laughing tears it, particularly after an F-5 and a few other drinks. Turning, he suddenly slugs out a fast punch at Ashriel's job. "Don't you laugh at a officer..."

Jet Stingray just pauses for a moment as he seems in a /deep/ state of shock. He stares for a long moment. Perhaps not in the good kind of stare. If there is one. He suddenly utters the words there Jet /never/ thought he would say in his life.

"General... Is a hot dudette?"

Another few moments are needed for Jet to process what all this means. Jet is attracted to good looking girls. General is a good looking girl. He pauses and then he sees it.... The straw that breaks the camel's back. The panty shot. He drops to the ground, his hands trying to wildly claw out his eyes. Luckily, his helm comes up just low enough that it makes his efforts are in vain. And he screams. A lot. It's like someone poured acid in his optics or something. He screams out something about cruel fate as he is torn between killing Cyber and asking for his commander's phone number.

[RADIO: (B) World] Frost Man transmits, "Huh?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Cyber Peacock transmits, "Heh heh heh... hahah... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Sigma breathes, "Cyber...Peacock..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "I'm a computer Tech."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "And I'm at the Captain's Table already, so..."

Bastion tries to get up, still laughing like mad from his position /behind/ General. "I must say General, nice ass. Truly fine." With that, Bastion /blinks/ away and to the other side of the group... he wants to remain alive afterall.

[RADIO: (B) World] Cyber Peacock transmits, "Do you -honestly- (heheheehe) think you could (snickersnort) do it remotely?! (gales of laughter)"

Prismatic Spider enters shortly after General's... change of life(?), seeking company and perhaps some refreshment during his off-duty time. He glances about at che chaos, eyes widening as the orders crackle over the comms... And Genevieve make with the falling and... "What the..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "I can try. Even if I can't, it's just a hologram. And people think I'm immature."

Harmony lays limply on the floor, if she wasn't unconcious she'd be crying.

Iris begins humming an old song to herself, drumming on the bar... "Oh, my, god. Look. At. Her. Butt. It is so. Big. She must be one of those...rap guy's...girlfriends..."

[RADIO: (B) World] The voice continues, "Oh my god oh my god ohmygod I'm not supposed to be like this!!!

[RADIO: (B) World] Metal Man sings. "How can we stop these mutant fruits! Where will we find our brave recuits! Can Wilber get rid of that dumb parachute???

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "You're overreacting, calm down."

[RADIO: (B) World] Metal Man transmits, "Call in the Tomato Task Force!"

[RADIO: (B) World] The Book of Daryn transmits, "ooc: it's ooc. you know. um."

[RADIO: (B) World] The sultry female voice gibbers. "I am *THE* General of Repliforce! Not a /*HOOKER*?!

[RADIO: (B) World] The Book of Daryn transmits, "ooc: oh wait, nevermind."

[RADIO: (B) World] Frost Man transmits, "General's a hooker?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Sigma transmits, "G...general, I'm not sure stating your name would have been the most prudent..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Cyber Peacock cackles madly. "I certainly canont tell the difference from HERE!"

Crescent Grizzly reaches out behind him, trying to find something to....that shirt on Genevieve, er, General, is awfully tight, and...

He hits the Jukebox.



~oAnd I cannot lie..o~

Ashriel didn't see the punch coming. Why? He was a fair distance from them, and coolant was leaking into his eyes, laughing so hard. Of course, after the punch impacts with his jaw, and Ashriel's margarita is spilled, the reploid's head is turned away, and he slowly turns his head back. But he says nothing. Instead, the Maverick places his glass on the bar, the purple umbrella somewhere on the floor. Standing up, he begins to start wiping the drink off of his person, when he thinks the better of it. No, he'll wait and see if the authorities do something, or if this mess will have to escalate. Still, he'll be using non-violent protest. So Ashriel only has one question for the undead Admiral. "Is that all you've got?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Jazz giggles, "At least no one has gotten me...and no one will!"

Admiral receives a radio transmission.
Admiral sends a radio transmission to Metal Man.

[RADIO: (B) World] The Book of Daryn transmits, "JAZZ! I'VE BEEN LOOKING EVERYWHERE FOR YOU!"

Admiral receives a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (B) World] Jazz transmits, "Huh?"

[RADIO: (B) World] The Book of Daryn transmits, "Quick! Run! They are after you!"

Admiral sends a radio transmission to Metal Man.

[RADIO: (B) World] Frost Man transmits, "....What's a hooker?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Jazz giggles nervously, "Nuh-uh...."

[RADIO: (B) World] The Book of Daryn transmits, "A hooker, Frost Man, is General."

"Heh heh heh heh... ha ha ha..." The man starts to laugh, throwing the datapad away with a dramatic flip of his wrist. The other hand grabs his hat and sweeps it off of his head - pixels morph and melt to form the head of the fabled Maverick hologram, his headplume sweeping up graciously, pale optics flashing triumphantly in his face. "April Fool's, -amateurs-," he hisses as the rest of his 'human' appearance melts away into his brilliantly coloured and slight form. He hovers a few inches above the floor pirouetting once and snapping out his tailfeathers in a braggart's pose.

"I -am- the computer emperor! Never forget that!" the bird brags between bouts of laughter, one fist curled triumphantly. "You are correct, little man," he addresses to Midi. "Cyber Peacock, Maverick computer -emperor-. Do you think you can undo what I have done? Only if I *let* you," the peacock snarls threateningly before looking over... towards the jukebox.

"How fitting, Crescent Grizzly... you assist in my humiliation of the General. I could not have done better myself." Pause, and a thoughtful tapping of the side of his beak. "Well, yes, I could have," he drawls, "but your little attempt is fitting enough for now." The bird seems to prepare to blink out, cackling softly at the chaos ensuing and particularly relishing General's discomfort.

[RADIO: (B) World] The Book of Daryn transmits, "Yes they are! They said: 'We're gonna get Jazz and eat her!' That's what they said!"

Admiral receives a radio transmission from Metal Man.

[RADIO: (B) World] Deceptor Raccoon transmits, "So YOU'RE the 'They' in 'That's what they say'!"

Admiral sends a radio transmission.

Genevieve does indeed shriek, and being one to never take his, er, her armor off, doesn't think of taking off the boots. So, it's a hop, stumble, and a few awkward clump-clumps to a booth, stewing, and has just enough time to regard the inactivated Harmony. He -- she -- *zzt* well, something broke -- emits a catty enough hiss at Bastion, and gives him the finger before hunkering in a booth, face flushed from the surprise, excitement... and then, finally, finally, the thirst for revenge raises its bloody call. With a glower fit to freeze a nove, she fixes the gloating avian with a deadly glare, and in a leap befitting a Jerry Springer episode, she emits a howl and lunges for the bird. "I'll throttle your scrawny neck faster than your momma goes down on the mailman!" Apparently, a case of PMS has been programmed in as well.

Admiral receives a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (B) World] Deceptor Raccoon suddenly singsongs, o/` "What would you doo~OOO~ooo~... For a Klondike bar?" o/`

Admiral sneers at Ashriel, but then gets caught by Cyber's statement, and the music. "We'll see about that..later." Then, he ahems, and takes a step a the ranking (Non-genderbended) officer. Deploying his harpoon, he levels it at the peacock. "Repliforce....GET HIM!"

Midi knucklecracks slighty, what an odd motion for him "I can try birdbrain." seems Midi's getting serious, it's not often he throws off his sweet and cute exterior, and becomes a true serious hacker. He idly turns to General "Please General, calm down. It's only a hologram afterall. Iris, if you and Prismatic Spider could assist me..." He turns back to Cyber "Maybe not alone I can't beat your hacking, but I think with some friends it won't be a problem." Good for Midi, for reviewing the Repliforce personell files.

Crescent Grizzly stands. No, he looms. The drill claw clanks and clackles, blades shining mercilessly. " Ah' do lik' chicken..." the Cajun comments, " Les' carve ourselves sumtin' tasty..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Metal Man transmits, "So should Crash Man pimp out General?"

[RADIO: (B) World] The Book of Daryn transmits, "I dunno, General'S kinda big. It might take a few Crash Men to pimp him out."

[RADIO: (B) World] Deceptor Raccoon transmits, "No, no..."

[RADIO: (B) World] The Book of Daryn transmits, "TUMOR!!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Deceptor Raccoon transmits, "The only person who can pimp out the General is Golonel."

[RADIO: (B) World] Frost Man transmits, "What does a hooker do?"

[RADIO: (B) World] The Book of Daryn transmits, "Lead Repliforce."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pharaoh Man transmits, "And look like a whore while doing so."

Ashriel frowns, and reaches out for Admiral's harpoon-hoisting arm, and shakes his head. "I...think not. No matter what, this establishment is considered a global safe-zone, by the management's wishes, respected by all sides. /All/ sides. And if you harm one pixelated feather on the Peacock's personage, I'll have to request that you step outside." explains Ashriel, menacingly, as he begins to walk around Admiral, and try to interpose himself between hacker and swiftly-forming posse. "Anyways, I'm sure your computer specialists can remedy this innocent outburst of holiday spirit." adds the Coalition soldier, as an afterthought.

[RADIO: (B) World] The Book of Daryn transmits, "Military Sex is IN!"

[RADIO: (B) World] The Book of Daryn transmits, "So I hear."

[RADIO: (B) World] Deceptor Raccoon voice-copies the 'New' General, "Why, Pharaoh Man. You say that as if you didn't want me in your harem."

Harmony stirs, the stomping of Genevieve's boots past her head and the other various loud noises going on starting to bring her senses back. Sitting up, she rubs her head and looks around. "Oh.. gods.. I'm still here.." she sobs quietly, stumbling up. Being the defensive girl she is, she rushes and grabs a table cloth off a table. "No, cover up! Don't let them see you, here! Here!" she says, tying the table-cloth around Genevieve like a toga.

[RADIO: (B) World] Frost Man transmits, "Oh.........<inevitably> What's a whore?""

[RADIO: (B) World] The Book of Daryn hesitantly, "Uh..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Well, if you're volunteering, there's a position somewhere in the lines of 'Wednesdays' at 3 o'clock."

[RADIO: (B) World] GNN Manager Chest flips on his radio and sighs, "Man, all those interviews with General would have been *much* more interesting with this new voice."

[RADIO: (B) World] FemGen Deceptor Raccoon transmits, "I'm SO there."

Prismatic Spider charges towards the fallen Genevieve, withdrawing his own datapad as he kneels. "No problem, Midi. Let's do this." He works to try to establish a connection to the holoprojector hidden in the middle of the altered form, and setting up an enlarged projection from the datapad so all three can use it for I/O... Provided it can communicate. Was the Uber-Hacker wise enough to shut down external access?

[RADIO: (B) World] The Book of Daryn transmits, "Yeah, everything's more interesting now that General has a---Chest! Man! Wassup!?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Mmmmmmm techno rat."

Bastion finally talks within the bar and does indeed nod at what Ashriel said, "Indeed. I'd prefer to keep the place in one piece. It took a great amount of work to get Sigma and Wily to agree to keep this a non-combat zone. Outside that door I could care less."

[RADIO: (B) World] Deceptor Raccoon transmits, "Isn't that a repliforcer, too?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Pharaoh Man transmits, "If only I weren't too smart not to know this is no doubt Cyber Peacock, or some other technocrat."

[RADIO: (B) World] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Cyber Peacock... You do realize that you're going to seriously be regretting this shortly?"

[RADIO: (B) World] GNN Manager Chest transmits, "Oh, you know... just busy working on the books. Have to balance the budget. You would not -believe- the turnover I have to put up with around here."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Cyber Peacock, in exactly 15 minutes I will come to pluck you!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Genevieve AUUUUUUUGHS, and clack clack on the comms, betrayed yet again by the velvety voice, "Chest, you are NOT to get any images of this."

[OOC] General has already dove for him. :D

[RADIO: (B) World] The Book of Daryn transmits, "Dude, Gen, Cyber Peacock was there, it's probably ALL OVER THE FRIGGIN NET now."

Cyber Peacock pauses in his gloating cackle as he watches the Repliforcers suddenly turn on him. The bird pouts, almost childishly, and lets his headplume sag in disappointment. His voice is pained as he asks, "You did not enjoy my little joke? What a pity. I would love to stay and discuss precisely -why- you did not enjoy this sudden gender reversal, however it seems I have overstayed my welcome." The bird eyes Admiral and Crescent askance, and shakes his head almost sadly, before blinking in surprise at Ashriel. Well, well. "I trust you enjoyed my admittedly juvenile prank? You seem like the sort of fellow who would appreciate the nuances of it," he asks the Maverick before looking back to the sour Repliforcers. "What, no earth shattering kaboom as I depart?" He sounds disappointed, but shrugs anyway, turning his back to the bar patrons and flicking his tailfeathers mockingly. "Pity. Ah, well. Toodle-oo, Replifarce!" crows the peacock.

Not waiting to act as a target for those present, the bird blinks out in a nimble flash of light, his pixels funneling up in a tiny vortex towards the ceiling where he disappears to points unknown.

[RADIO: (B) World] Metal Man transmits, "Let the General get in touch with their femme side *sinckers*"

[RADIO: (B) World] Frost Man asks again, "What's a whore?"

[RADIO: (B) World] The Book of Daryn transmits, "Not too sure, Frosty."

[RADIO: (B) World] Deceptor Raccoon transmits, "It's all over the net?"

[RADIO: (B) World] GNN Manager Chest chuckles and jokes, "Of course not, of course not." But then, GNN cameras are everywhere, it seems.

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Well sit down Frost Man and I'll tell you all about it."

[RADIO: (B) World] Deceptor Raccoon transmits, "Sweet. I want to save some images of this."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "You see whores come in many different shapes and sizes, from size 1 to size 10. Sometimes they're human, sometimes they're robots."

[RADIO: (B) World] The Book of Daryn transmits, "I'm sure it is. Hey, Chest, whatcha mean by turnover?"

Cyber Peacock notes, as General dives for him but is skilfully netted in Harmony's tablecloth, "My, my. The women still throw themselves at me." He sighs, amused, as he starts to dissipate. "I still 'got it', as the colloquial saying goes..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Search Man's right head transmits, "Oh... it-it's best you didn't know, Frost...."

[RADIO: (B) World] Frost Man transmits, "I /am/ sitting down...oh...different sizes?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Yes, just like we come in different sizes. But what makes a whore so special is that she has no qualms about sleeping around. Sort of like a horny guy, but only she's a girl instead."

[RADIO: (B) World] GNN Manager Chest explains, "Turnover means how often I have to hire new employees due to the old employees... ah... being no longer able to perform their function."

Jet Stingray just lays there, his little show of freaking out done for the day. He just lays there, whmpering quietly. "I could take the death of my good friends. I could take losing the Battle and Chase. But this... This...Freaking dangit, I wonder if I can still get a restart those sessions with Fugue."

[RADIO: (B) World] The Book of Daryn transmits, "Well that's what happens when people shoot at your dudes."

[RADIO: (B) World] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Given that the Masters and Mavericks tend to kill the reporters as they report on their activities?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Cleaver Cow transmits, "Beg to differ. I don't kill reporters."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Our best example of a whore would have to be that kid Sigma had a while. The one he let run around doing whatever she pleased."

[RADIO: (B) World] GNN Manager Chest transmits, "You said it, Daryn. Thank God for Robot Master insurance."

Crescent Grizzly murmers, and heads for the door. " Ah'll call in sum' troops tah' keep deh' media at bay..." he murmers, shaking his massive head at the antics of Cyber Peacock. Pity General doesn't have a sister, based on 'Genevieve'.

[RADIO: (B) World] Cleaver Cow transmits, "I /like/ reporters."

[RADIO: (B) World] Prismatic Spider transmits, "With fava beans and a nice Chianti, no doubt."

[RADIO: (B) World] GNN Manager Chest transmits, "Speaking of which, Daryn, you're buddy buddy with Doctor Wily, yes?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Pharaoh Man transmits, "I take it as a sign of flattery when insurance companies are forced to create a seperate division to deal with our forces."

[RADIO: (B) World] Deceptor Raccoon transmits, "I don't kill people." *pique* "I KILL PEOPLE! Ghehehehehe..." *pique* "But she only comes out when I get angry." *pique* "You wouldn't like me when I'm... ANGRY..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Frost Man transmits, "Whore's are girls that sleep around.....that means General is really a girl that sleeps around?"

[RADIO: (B) World] The Book of Daryn transmits, "Yup, Doctor Wily rocks."

Frequency b is now gagged.

Genevieve growls, just like the one episode of 'My Man Ain't Cho Baby's Daddy', but finds herself tangled up in a tablecloth, and blinking at Harmony. "I... thank you?" She pauses as Prismatic scans, and stews, "He even installed some sort of behavioral anomaly..." She sags, and then gibbers again... "This su-ucks! I don't whine like this! I swear it!" She pants slightly, hair mussed as she buries her head in her hands. "how LONG is this going to take?"

Cyber vanishes, and Midi merely shrugs. "He's so immature, I'll never understand why he's probably one of the best." This coming from Midi. He quickly runs his fingers across the keyboard to check into Cyber's hacking job "Hmm... no good. I don't think it can be fixed from here. But from General's actual location where this data is stored it shouldn't be a problem." Midi seems oddly confident for once.

Iris continues to watch 'Genevieve', absolutely fascinated. Maybe she thinks this is some sort of improvement.

Genevieve furrows her brows, "I feel this sudden urge to nibble on someone's audials..." She looks around, dismayed, gaze slipping across the room at Crescent, Admiral, and Jet, although a vicious scowl is lobbed towards the still-cackling Basion.

Harmony plops down next to Genevieve, patting the cloth around her. "I can't believe this, this is beyond cruel.. not even remotely funny! That stupid.. crunchy-in-milk Peacock.." she mutters, looking sympathetically at General. Why she doesn't find this funny right now, she can't even be sure. Has been treated pretty well by him in the past.. and well.. this is humiliation here! Besides, god.. would you look at that rack? "I know, it's okay.. it's hard being a woman, but..! It'll be over soon.. just.. keep ahold of yourself okay? Ohh, dear.."

Prismatic Spider nods. "Indeed. I'l like to know how he managed this... But we need to get General back to the base. We can't have this getting out." He glances over to Crescent. "Can you get us a van or something so we can transport General back to base?"

Crescent Grizzly sticks his head back in and nods, " Ah'll ahv' deh' boys bring it. "

Admiral gives a -rather- perplexed look at 'Genevive' as she starts murmurs about nibbling his audial. "" Putting away his Harpoon, he makes sure to have a good bit of the bar between her and him.

Jet Stingray gets up as General speaks, just blinking a few times. "Um... Yeah. Well, my artificial are in my helm, which are not accessable to, nibbling. Not that I would refuse if you asked for them to be nibbled on. Err, I mean, not that I /want/ you to nibble on them. Wait, that sounded wrong...." He conintues to mutter along these lines.

Ashriel meanwhile smirks as Bastion states exactly what he wanted to hear. "Now then..." begins the Maverick, turning back towards the waitresses watching the scene. "If you could supply me with a new Margarita? This gentelman over here jostled me, and it fell." explains Ashriel, with a telling bit of malice in his optics, as he walks back to his seat at the bar, and begins cleaning the alcohol off of his armor with a napkin. "Hmph. Bringing back the dead, and that's the best Repliforce had to offer? Pirates. Harumph."

Midi stands "Um, everyone please, can we just focus on getting General back to your Headquarters. We can work more effectively there." He stands "I don't think it should be a problem though, Cyber's coding looks pretty sloppy, for him anyway. It'd take some time, but we can beat it."

Prismatic Spider nods, and reaches down to help General to his (her?) feet. "Come, General. Let's get you back to base so we can fix this."

Genevieve gives a final exhalation, and sits cross-legged, her slightly petulant face served well by her slightly chubby features. She finally gives a winsome expression at Midi, Prismatic, and several of the other techs, and sighs. "Right. Less fidgeting... more work. Yes..." She then hmmms quietly, gaze slipping over towards Harmony. "So... what sales did you get in on this past week?" She pauses, and then auuughs, and curls up in a ball, head falling down to her lap. "Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet... go blow them up."

Crescent Grizzly comes back in. " We'll 'ahv sum' troops 'ere soon, wit' a truck fer'..." he eyes Genevieve, wondering how to refer to the commander in chief of Repliforce.

Prismatic Spider peers at Crescent. "General."

Crescent Grizzly says, "Genral'. Oui..."

Admiral coughs. "Ah...General...." He then offers his hand to her. "Please. My friend. Let's go back to worst, I suppose you can go to Saville road spend a lot of the UN's money."

Midi shakes his head slightly, then 'Charlie Brown's "Good grief..." Stupid Peacock, dealing with him is just so agrivating.

Harmony gets on the other side, helping Prismatic. "I got 3 pairs of shoes for 150 at Celese's Shoe Deluxe Shop, but I don't think they'd fit you." she says quietly, feeling bad. "Poor General, I really can't believe this.." she sighs, tying the makeshift toga on tighter. "I guess I'll have to help you with your girlish tendancies until we can fix you."

Jet Stingray just blinks at Genevieve. For the ray that looks up to the General like a father figure, it's a freak out for Jet for sure. At least there is one that remains a safe place for him. Blowing things up. "Blowing them up, right! I'm going to blow them up this instant." He races out the door. A few moments pass before he is back inside again, rubbing his beret with uncertainity. "Who am I blowing up? Cyper, Sigma, any cameras that get close to the tavern?"

A vehicle can be heard pullin gin. " Deh' rides 'ere fer Genral'...." Crescent informs them, " I 'ahd dem' bring sum' scannin' 'quipment fer yew'..." he informs Prismatic and Midi. " Goo' luck..."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Ebony Fox transmits, "Is a Parade Scheduled for tonight?"

Genevieve deadpans, "Fixing an animal refers to neutering..."

Then with a resigned sigh, she takes Prismatic's and Admiral's offered hands, and rises, glancing towards the returned Admiral with a grateful expression. "Thank you, thank you." She then hrmms, one corner of Harmony's cover slipping off her shoulder, "Belay that, Jet. We will look for another method of retaliation." Delivered like a true empress. "Oh, three pairs? That's lovely..." And off to the van it is. Someone put the poor CO to bed, already.

Midi clasps his hands behind his back, and follows the others out of the restaurant. Seems he's the only one who hasn't flipped out over this whole matter so far. He's much more mature than he looks, and acts, and sounds, and... well you get the idea "I doubt you could find Cyber to blow him up. But if you ever do, by all means."

Admiral sighs, relieved. "Well, that's one crisis averted. I think..."

Ashriel meanwhile chuckles over his new margarita, though his armor now reeks of alcohol. "Mmph. So much for -this- outfit." snarls Ashriel, as he subspatially exchanges armors, to something Jet surely should recognize. And then, he turns about to watch the proceedings, still sipping his Margarita. And Alpha's cute, cause Angie's made from Ash.

Ashriel changes into his Corsair armor.

Ashriel receives a radio transmission from Dr. Wily.

The table-cloth clad lady bats optics at Admiral, and then gets escorted off.

Prismatic Spider escorts General to the waiting van, allowing General to keep out of the sight of inquiring eyes.

Ashriel sends a radio transmission to Dr. Wily.

Midi follows, whee.

Harmony follows behind, trying not to cry. "..she said lovely.." she mumbles.

Ashriel receives a radio transmission.

Crescent Grizzly has left.

Ashriel sends a radio transmission to Dr. Wily.

Harmony has left.

Admiral's jaw drops, as General makes eyes at him -and- offered to nibble on his ears. "......what in god's name -has- been going on while I was dead?"

After a few quick transmissions, Ashriel also departs, behind the Repliforce contingent.

Ashriel has left.

Prismatic Spider glances over to Admiral. "It appears that whatever Cyber did also altered General's behavioral patterns."

Admiral sputters a little. "Yes...but....."

Jet Stingray is getting ready to follow, then he notices Asheriel. He pauses as he shouts out on the top of the lungs, "It's FREAKY HUMANOID MAVERICK WITH WAY TOO MUCH FIREPOWER and I can't shoot him! Arrrrg!" He points to the Maverick in question, getting ready to yet at him... But he's gone. A foe he wanted revenage on gone, his commander turned to a girl. Talk about a Stingray in dire need of a hug. Lowering his arm that he used to point at the Maverick, Jet just follows the group in a state of mind that could be best termed as shellshocked.


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