[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "<sound of some equipment and such in the background> Well.... so much for that...."

[RADIO: (B) World] Cyclops transmits, "So much for what?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "Last night, Dr. DeVry suggested trying to communicate with the big... nothing encroaching on us. So I tried using a laser-powered radio signal. It didn't work. The signal just... stopped before it even got close."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "Or more like, it didn't exist anymore."

[RADIO: (B) World] Cyclops transmits, "...Interesting."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "Well it was worth a shot. But now I'm even more worried, if that thing can make a laser signal just disappear before it even gets close to it, what's going to happen as it gets closer to us?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Cyclops transmits, "I don't know... But I'm sure we're going to find out soon."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "I wouldn't want to find out by seeing the Moon or Eurasia simply cease to exists right before we do..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Cyclops transmits, "Well, I doubt there's much we can do at this point anyway."

Cyclops arrives from the Seoul - Tourist District.
Cyclops has arrived.

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "Well we can't just keep that attitude! We can't just give up and let it happen! We have to try something, anything!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Cyclops transmits, "Well, if you have some suggestions as to what we should do, I'd love to hear them."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "I.... don't have anymore..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Cyclops transmits, "Where are you? I'd like to see just what happened to this radio signal for myself."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "Um... well it's sorta in the UN HQ, but I could record the data and take it outside..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Cyclops transmits, "UN HQ, eh? I'll be there soon."

What a day this is turning out to be. It took Midi forever to get authorization to use the laser communications array, and in the end, it turned up zlich, except for even more foreboding data about the nothing's ... nothing-ness. Still, he made a record of it anyway, and has it on his labtop, maybe if he can share it with SOMEONE else, it might help somehow. Or not. Who knows? He heads out the gates from the HQ and waits in the general Plaza. He then realizes he doesn't know who to look for, darn.

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "And... um... who am I looking for again?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Cyclops transmits, "Just look for someone with a glowing red eye."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "Um... Ok...."

Aquarius has arrived.

[RADIO: (B) World] Aquarius transmits, " . . this sounds interesting."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "H-hello?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Aquarius transmits, "Hello."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... ... ...

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "Wait... you sound familiar... you're the one Pisces was talking to... I think..."

And walking in slowly from the west is the one and only Cyclops, Maverick cyborg. Despite been in what could normally be considered 'enemy territory' if the treaty wasn't on, the cyborg is actually looking forward to coming here. While he prefers not to be involved with things from his past life, he still enjoys to be involved with his past job. And so, entering the plaza, he looks around for Midi, someone he's seen a few times before, but not really even spoken to...

[RADIO: (B) World] Aquarius transmits, "Yes, I am."

[RADIO: (B) World] Aquarius transmits, " . . and how would you know?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "U-um... well... I sorta intercepted some of the radio transmissions... I think he knew though..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Aquarius transmits, " . . oh dear. How embarressing."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "Don't worry about it! I mean, I think he knew anyway, I really didn't overhear much, I just recognized your voice just now..."

Midi sighs, as he takes a look around the Plaza for the glowing-red-eye man. Let's see... Glowing red eye... Glowing red eye... and now he gets distracted by more radio conversation. What a day this is turning out to be. Red tape, failed experiment, foreboding data, glowing-red-eye man, and now chatting up a Stardroid. These past few weeks get stranger and stranger and stranger...

[RADIO: (B) World] Aquarius dryly says, "That is not exactly comforting."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "Um... sorry?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Pisces sounds amused. "He didn't hear anything -really- interesting, dear.

[RADIO: (B) World] Aquarius transmits, " . . . that is a relief, love. Thank you."

Cyclops stops in the middle of the plaza, taking a moment to scope out the UN Building, before he gazes over the area with his one eyed glare. Strange... No UN hacker type in sight. Stroking his chin, he decides to do something that could possibly help Midi find the cyborg. First, his red eye just disappears... Before reappearing with an extremely bright flash. And it continues to flash, quite brightly.

[RADIO: (B) World] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Hello Aquarius, Pisces... How are you both tonight? Still dodging assassination attempts?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Pisces transmits, "Don't worry, I do have some propriety...."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pisces transmits, "...actually, at the moment I've found something interesting...I think you call it a 'Rubik's cube'."

[RADIO: (B) World] Aquarius chuckles, and then sounds serious, ". . . not currently, Sergeant."

[RADIO: (B) World] Prismatic Spider transmits, "That's good... But I would like to correct one point. I'm not a Sergeant. I'm a Commander."

[RADIO: (B) World] Aquarius transmits, "My mistake. I apologize for the misconception."

[RADIO: (B) World] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Yeah. I'm the Sergeant."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "Some people are trying to assassinate you two?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Prismatic Spider chuckles. "No harm done. Rank isn't all it's cracked up to be."

[RADIO: (B) World] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Guts Man has mentioned that he wants to kill the stardroids."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "Well... Guts Man mentions a lot of things..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Cyclops transmits, "Things which are best not to pay attention to."

Well the flashing certainly gets Midi's attention, quickly he whirls around to the direction it comes from "... well I guess that's as good a sign as any." He walks far enough to get Cyclops' attention, and wave him over to one of the many benches in the Plaza. He quickly takes out his labtop and opens it up...

Upon spotting Midi, Cyclops stops the flashing just as suddenly as it had started. Taking a quick glance around, he slowly began to walk over, gaining just a tiny bit of attention from everyone else thanks to all that flashing. But in not time at all, the cyborg arrives by Midi, and slowly sits down on the bench, holding out his hand. "Hello there. I'm Cyclops..."

Mikage Yukiato has connected.

Midi nods "I'm Midi..." He doesn't really look up, he's too busy booting his terminal. "I got most of the data recorded... all the nonencrypted information security would allow me to copy anyway, but it's enough." The data appears on the screen, records of the laser radio transmission, it's dissappearance, and various other schematics...

Cyclops slowly lowers the hand, scooting over slightly and looking down at Midi's laptop over the reploid's shoulder. "Interesting..." He doesn't say anything else, just watches with a narrowed eye, thinking...

Midi clicks a few keys, and the transmission data replays. The signal travels, and travels, and travels, and travels, and finally, it gets so close to the encroaching entity, and then, poof. Laser transmitted radio signals don't just poof. Had it been absorbed and there been no response it would have been somewhat more encouraging, but no, it just... poofed before it even got close. The transmission stopped, ended, as if it were never there. Midi displays some more data about spacial anomolies, radiation, and other energy readings, but nothing really seems out of the ordinary "That's the long and short of it... one second it's traveling through space, then, it's gone like it were never there."

"Speaking of the radio transmission you were mentioning earlier?"

Soft, pretty, and from right behind the two of them. Which is also where one of the lights are, so they're suddenly covered in rainbows. Aquarius, bless her translucent crystal self.

Cyclops leans back, stroking his chin once again. "Well, whatever this 'nothing' is, I don't like the sound of it." Though under his breath he mutters, "Though if something like this could be fitted into a weapon..." He's about to say something aloud when he hears the voice from behind, and slowly turns to look behind himself. "...Ah, you again."

Midi nods at Cyclops' 'I don't like the sound of it', thankfully he doesn't hear the weapon muttering. He DOES hear the voice coming from behind him, and recognizing it once again. Quickly he turns around and blinks in surprised, wow these Stardroids seem to be quite... unique beings. "You're Aquarius right?" Hoo boy, he hopes she's not mad about the whole listening in thing...

"Yes, yes I am." Tilting her head to one side, Aquarius looks at them both curiously. One she's seen before, albeit not in a memorable way, the other's a new face. "You must be Midi."

Cyclops doesn't say anything yet, just watches the Stardroid with interest, remembering their last encounter. Unfortunately, he didn't get much of a chance to speak with her... Actually, he's hardly had the chance to speak to /any/ Stardroids. Perhaps now his luck will change.

[RADIO: (B) World] Dr. Landon DeVry transmits, "*cackles triumphantly* FINALLY FINALLY I have escaped this miserable shell! I have finally escaped into the beautiful world of the eternal! I have become as unto a god! Unending and undefeatable! YES! And now the golden age shall begin at my hands. I shall make the world mine through my truly immortal wisdom and intellect. You fools who opposed me, MOURN at my success, know fear as I have attained my truest form! I have... What? No! Thats not supposed to happen! No!! AAAAAAAAAAUGHGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . ."

[RADIO: (B) World] Cancer transmits, "I think one of my friends found the Doctor."

[RADIO: (B) World] Aquarius transmits, " . . . that sounds absolutely hideous."

[RADIO: (B) World] Cyclops transmits, "Rats. I hope he wasn't just killed... I really would've liked to 'talk' to him before he was knocked off."

[RADIO: (B) World] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "By the sound of things, he tried some expirment that failed."

[RADIO: (B) World] BroadbandClassic Jet Stingray transmits, "Okay... On that note, I'm taking back my wishes for superpowers. Should have figured they would pull those classic genie tricks. Like turning people into statues when they want to live forever and all that stuff."

Midi ulps slightly. Well what can he do in front of a Stardroid? Who knows what the Stardroid wants. "Yes, I'm Midi." He pauses "Um, what can I do for you?" Doesn't involve revenge he hopes. Of course, he wouldn't think that way of Aquarius, considering what he's seen of Pisces, but ya never know, most of the other Stardroids don't seem all to friendly...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I wanted to kill ... ... sucks.

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "Um.. does... anyone have any answers to what just happened to Dr. DeVry?"

Aquarius places her hand on top of Midi's head . . and just leans on it as she peers at the screen, tilting her head slightly to the side as she takes in what's show. " . . nothing indeed." She finally murmurs, her frills puffing out around her head and shoulders. Probably bapping both of them.

[RADIO: (B) World] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Does anyone care? If he's dead, it's cool."

[RADIO: (B) World] Aquarius transmits, " . . . chaos."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "Well.. even so, this doesn't sound too good..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Prismatic Spider transmits, "... Sounds like somoene made a deal with the Devil."

[RADIO: (B) World] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "What was that Aquarius?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Kalinka transmits, "...-What- was not supposed to happen, I wonder...hm. Very interesting."

[RADIO: (B) World] Aquarius transmits, " Chaos."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Bet we find out soon enough."

[RADIO: (B) World] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Chaos indeed..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Kalinka transmits, "I bet you are right."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Patchup Panda sounds like he just woke up. "...did someone leave their TV on? I think I caught the end of a show where the villian dies..."

Cyclops turns from the Stardroid, his eye focusing back on the laptop, flashing slightly every second, well, second. Rubbing his chin, he turns to look back at Aquarius. "How much do you know about this 'nothing', anyway?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] *+*Intruder Alert -- Repliforce Australia HQ -- *image of Cancer* -- *+*

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Still, hasn't DeVry read the Evil Overlord's list? #24 reads, 'I will maintain a realistic assessment of my strengths and weaknesses. Even though this takes some of the fun out of the job, at least I will never utter the line "No, this cannot be! I AM INVINCIBLE!!!" (After that, death is usually instantaneous.)""

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... STATUS REPORT!

Midi blinks, wondering if the 'nothing indeed' was a response to Midi's question, or a comment on the data Midi collected. He nods to Cyclops' question "Um, yes, is there anything you can tell us about the Nothing? Anything that hasn't been cryptically said already, that is..."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: On my way!

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...Well ... ... ... ... shout. ... ... ... ... ... med bay ... see ... ... ... here...and I don't ... any Stardroids...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Midi transmits, "Even so... I'd like to know what happened, even if it's DeVry I don't like the sound of people just disappearing..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Whoa. I think that might answer our question.."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cyclops transmits, "Hmmmm... Yes, I must agree."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cyclops transmits, "I think I shall send a drone out to investigate."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "Hm, yes. This would qualify as chaos."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... been working out ... report requested for ... been unconcious. ... Stardroids in MSE ... not that ... can see.

Aquarius admits, "Very little . . . my skills are in dealing with what /does/ exist, not the antithesis of that." She leans a bit more on Midi's head, reaching in to type on his laptop. Setting the data to replaying with a small frown. Without turning her gaze, her eyes roll in her head to look at them, one after another. "It defies logic, but it is exactly that. Nothing. Non-existence."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] King Kitsune transmits, " ... oh dear."

Cyclops hmmms, nodding. "This is all very interesting. Yet very confusing... All of our attempts to find out what this 'nothing' is only end up with whatever we sent simply disappearing altogether...

Midi sighs, he was sort of hoping that he might be able to get some answers, but the Stardroids he HAS talked to, if only briefly, either talk in riddles, or don't have anything. "Well... instead of what it is... how did it come to be? When did you encounter it? Do you know anything at all?" He pauses, frowning at the radio "Or maybe you could shed some light on what happened to Dr. DeVry? Not that I think anything of him, but I just didn't like the sound of the transmission..."

[RADIO: (G) None] Dr. Cyclops transmits, "One of my drones should be nearing Malaysia fairly soon."

[RADIO: (G) None] Dr. Doppler transmits, "I am already enroute."

[RADIO: (G) None] Dr. Cyclops transmits, "Ah, perfect. If you it appears the Dr. Devry is there and still alive, I think I should come pay him a visit... He's been ignoring me for too long."

Aquarius says, "My speculation is that whatever falls into it . . simply ceases to exist. Simple as that. There's /nothing/ in it's wake, no energy, no raw materials . . " She shivers, a rippling chiming sound as her frills tap against each other. "I don't know what happened to DeVry . . I can speculate a few causes, but not the what."

Cyclops seems slightly distracted at the moment, muttering under his breath. After a minute though, he snaps out of it. "I shall know soon enough what has become of the Doctor..." Not too long ago he dispatched one of his drones, all of which are currently searching for Devry, to head in the direction of this explosion...

Midi hmms, well Cyclops seems to have found something on DeVry, so that's all fine. He was really only curious about the Not-So-Good Doctor. You don't just make an announcement on immortality then scream bloodymurder without attracting attention. Midi can't help but shiver himself, that ain't no good news. "So you Stardroids really don't know much either... except those that look like they allied with it..." He pauses "How could they ally with something like that anyway... is this thing intelligent in any way? Or is it just a force?"

Aquarius glances over at Cyclops. "Perhaps you could tell me when you do?"

"No, not really . . at least /I/ don't . . those that do, as far as I know . . are on its side." A small sigh, and she reaches over the replay the data again. "I don't know the answers to any of those questions."

Cyclops just nods to Aquarius, stroking his chin for the third time this scene. And probably not the last. "It is now only a matter of time." And while he isn't really talking to the others that much at the moment, he's still quite tuned in, and would probably join in the moment he had something to say...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Procyon transmits, "Is this the glorious DeVry that so many have talked of? Is this the one who many have tried to kill and never succeeded? Such a pity."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "So, did you kill him, Mr. Stardroid? Good job."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "The question is... Is he dead?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "I will believe it only when I see it."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Gemini Man transmits, "No. He's not dead."

Cyclops sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Cyclops's transmission to Dr. Doppler: Have you been able to spot DeVry yet?

Midi nods, "It's ok... after talking to Pisces... and to Capricorn, briefly over the radio, I see we can't expect you guys to just give us the answers. No matter what the other Stardroids who somehow are allied to this thing say, we're sort of on the same level in this, aren't we." He glances back to the screen "It's just sorta frustrating... not knowing what we can do, but it must be hard on you all too...."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Gemini Man transmits, "We refuse to believe it until we see a shriveled brain."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "What if the brain gets vaporized or something?"

Cyclops receives a radio transmission from Dr. Doppler.
You intercept Dr. Doppler's transmission to Cyclops: There's too much smoke and smouldering debris to take accurate visuals or infrared scans.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Procyon transmits, "Refuse all you care to. I do not care for what you do and do not believe."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "So, what did you do to DeVry? Or did you do anything?"

Cyclops sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Cyclops's transmission to Dr. Doppler: Okay then. You just make sure not to get in that Stardroid's way.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Procyon transmits, "I gave him what he wanted. The Knowledge."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "The Knowledge?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "And he couldn't handle The Knowledge."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Let me guess... You gave him too much for even his mind, and he went mad(er)."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Procyon transmits, "The knowledge to become immortal."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "So...What, he's not dead, then? If he's immortal."

Aquarius nods, her frills chiming again with the motion. "Very much so . . sometimes, the company helps, but it does not help that few accept those with the history of the prior visit."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Procyon transmits, "He is dead."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Procyon transmits, "Immortality is only acheived in death."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Gemini Man transmits, "Oh. Wow, that was anti-climactic." "Damn Stardroids ruin everything."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Ahh."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Well, I suppose that he finally got what he asked for."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "The father of cybernetics is dead."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "It's about time."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "He was a few hundred years old anyway."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Procyon transmits, "I will be holding an auction for his body tomorrow."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Another one?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Auction? You wish money?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Procyon transmits, "An auction where money is not the currency."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "What is the currency, then?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Gemini Man transmits, "What do you want us to pay in?" "We got women."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Procyon transmits, "You shall find out on the morrow."

Cyclops just continues to stroke his chin, his red eye now gone. He's way to busy directing his drone and listening to the radio at the moment, but he'll probably talk when he hears something of interest...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... like ... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...

Mikage Yukiato receives a radio transmission from Dr. Doppler.
You intercept Dr. Doppler's transmission to Mikage Yukiato: Perhaps next time you should divide the contribution equally and send it yourself, rather than trust a group of bastards like them.

Midi nods slowly "Well, I know it's not much consolation, but I don't really hold it against you guys, the Judgement I mean. Considering the actions by a lot of us over the past few weeks, I can't blame Duo and the others for thinking of us as a warring world. But... even so, there's a lot of good things in this world too, things worth protecting." He sighs "It's just... frustrating not knowing what to do, you know? All I really want, more than anything, is a normal daily life. But it's something I never have, because no matter what there's always something waiting to happen that throws into question even if we'll be alive in a few months time or not..."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I hope you guys don't mind repairing ... ... bay..

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... Potentially hostile... ... ... ... standby.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... I'm comin' ... ... force.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: No!!! No shooting!!

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... don't shoot he /will.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: If he attacks ... will ... little ... ... hold.

Mikage Yukiato sends a radio transmission to Dr. Doppler.

You intercept Mikage Yukiato's transmission to Dr. Doppler: Perhaps...still, the UN does have your money and if they keep it would be you that is to suffer, not them. If they keep it they would be breaking their part of the treaty.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: It's best ... put ... ... on ... ... ... ... ... a chance ... supprise ... with some of that ... ... ... can do.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... But ... he ... you ... ... not my fault.

Aquarius replies softly, "As I've found, just watching you all . . but then, I guess I'm one of the few who have the quiet needed to watch and speak." A shrug, and she settles into the spot Cyclops vacated. "Both chaos and order happen . . so /easily/ on this planet, meshed to the point where you cannot tell one from the other."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Who's ... you ...

Mikage Yukiato receives a radio transmission from Dr. Doppler.
You intercept Dr. Doppler's transmission to Mikage Yukiato: The fact you expect the UN to keep their word amazes me. They have proven time and time again that they're nothing more than liars and thieves.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... It ... ... ... ... ... way.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ; seems ... using ... training ... ... ... Anthem. ... ... ... and you guys are ... like Chill ... I ... ... ... you ... ... don't ... to be explaining ... ... why we ... half of ... base. We are going ... have ... choose ... ... ... choose now. First order of business ... we need to ... the ... ... before we even ... any ... of ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... wounded are being ... ...

Mikage Yukiato sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Mikage Yukiato's transmission to Dr. Doppler: And yet you seem to accept that fact and by your actions of doing nothing you let them continue in their process of deceit.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... listen to him. If ... are ... ... ... his ... If we ... with the Rogues ... are ... ... He's ... Join Us Or ... ... I HATE ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... this ... one ... ... Stardroids that ... ... destroy the ... If ... ... join ... he'll just try ... frag us ... ... said.

Mikage Yukiato receives a radio transmission from Dr. Doppler.
You intercept Dr. Doppler's transmission to Mikage Yukiato: I know the way the UN twists their own rules. They're the ones who branded me a criminal, after all. They will simply call it diverting funds from a terrorist organization. And more than likely shoot our bill collectors on sight.

Mikage Yukiato receives a radio transmission from Dr. Doppler.
You intercept Dr. Doppler's transmission to Mikage Yukiato: ...and how many groups did you designate your funds to be distributed?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... hate this too. ... ... can ... ... ... and buy some ... for now ... ... ... we can talk ... ... ... ... only ideas ... can think ... is merely ... that ... is ... ... ... over the ... ... say that ... ... still ... over that. ... still ... had ... chance ... ... CoC to ... ... ... ruling ... And ... remember this ... the dude that beat ... snot out of ... ... ... ... ... too ... ... are far ... the peace-lovers that you think of.

Midi is silent for a moment. "Chaos and Order, I think, might be a key to solving all of this. Somehow it might have something to do with dealing with the Nothing.. at least, that's what I believe. However we do it, I really don't know. I'm not a genius in these matters like Dr. Light, or Dr. Wily, I've tried just about everything I can think of... so many people seem to either be too caught up in fighting the Stardroids, whether they are provoked or not, or just letting it happen..."

Mikage Yukiato sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Mikage Yukiato's transmission to Dr. Doppler: Aww but you have as much right to that Zenny as they do. And it was amongst 4.

Mikage Yukiato receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Dr. Doppler's transmission to Mikage Yukiato: 7,500 Zenny is not worth my trouble. The residuals from our schnitzel and pretzel exports alone makes more than that on a weekly basis.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... attacking! I repeat the Stardroid ... attacking! All non-combat personnel ... ... ...

Mikage Yukiato sends a radio transmission to Dr. Doppler.
You intercept Mikage Yukiato's transmission to Dr. Doppler: Correct. However that 30k was only a small faction in what I hoped to distribute.

Mikage Yukiato receives a radio transmission from Dr. Doppler.
You intercept Dr. Doppler's transmission to Mikage Yukiato: If you would prefer, I could give you the name of our charitable donations director.

Aquarius tilts her head to one side. " . . I have heard those names before, but not of why they're spoken of so often."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... Oh maaannnn...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Vell? ... ... dead?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: He ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... DeVry? ... ... look dead yes. ... Stardroid ... holding -auction- ... ... tomorrow. ... there is possibility he ... in ... ... alive ... auction ... ... ... right to kill him.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... how barbaric.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: :snorts. ... It ... probably ... ... ... haff no part of ... ... t'ink no ... ... temptink."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... suppose ... ... ... ... question ... ... ... ... ... need ... money?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... the auction is not for money. ... would not say more.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... ... but then what ... the currency he ...

Keeping their chatter amongst themselves a small group of men dressed in business suits stroll quietly through the plaza. Their breathes seem to catch the coldness as puffs of icy air forms around their mouths. Gently rubbing their hands together to keep the warmth in the tips of their finger the men cautiously look about. It seems almost accustom lately to see members of the Yakuza lately just strolling around the grounds. They claim they are helping protect the UN. But from what is unsure. Still they try to keep themselves rather civil.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Here ... ... Everybody ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... this ...

Midi blinks "You mean... Dr. Light and Dr. Wily? Well, they're like, the most famous scientists in the world. They both are the creators of artificial intelligence on Earth, and also the creators of Mega Man, Proto Man, Zero.. at least I think Zero... not to mention all those Robot Masters which... um.. well, some of them aren't too bad. To be honest, I would have thought that they were our best hope in finding something out about the Nothing, but I haven't heard of them doing anything about it..."

Mikage Yukiato sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Mikage Yukiato's transmission to Dr. Doppler: Hmm...It would be easier to not have to split it on my own and have my men venture into territory that they are unwanted. And if I do give you the full amount how am I to believe you will not try to keep the money for yourself?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Ahahahaha!

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ...

Mikage Yukiato receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Dr. Doppler's transmission to Mikage Yukiato: I stand behind everything for which the CRF stands. If you cannot trust them, then why bother giving us your money in the first place?

Mikage Yukiato sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Mikage Yukiato's transmission to Dr. Doppler: Oh it is not all about trust, though that may be part of it. I just don't want to deem you an enemy when I am sure we can work out something that could benefit us both.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Has Cancer ... ... what ... ... are ... the ... Procyon..?

Aquarius glances over at the group, only with a minimal amount of interest. After all, what Midi says is much more interesting. " . . So they are the founders of the artificial races on this planet!" She tilts her head. "Perhaps . . . with a leader of such age, they are more wary?"

Mikage Yukiato receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Dr. Doppler's transmission to Mikage Yukiato: And what do you propose?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: There ... ... ... pressing questions...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I ... ... ... busy ripping holes ... ...

Midi nods "Yeah, that's them. And.. well, I don't know if they're wary. I know Dr. Light would be careful, but Dr. Wily doesn't seem like the type that would take this lying down. But the thing is... if they can't do anything, I don't know how much else there is anyone else could do..."

The men turn and slowly eye the small situation behind pairs of shades before slowly gaining some interest. Little a thin smirk form on one of the men's lips he softly mutters something to himself before reaching deep into his upper coat pocket. Pulling out what seems to be some sort of golden spider the men step back and wait.

As soon as it is placed on the ground the golden mech spider takes movement and rushes towards the scene. Its multiple legs dig deeply into the ground as it fastly approaches.

Mikage Yukiato sends a radio transmission to Dr. Doppler.
You intercept Mikage Yukiato's transmission to Dr. Doppler: What is it you need?

Mikage Yukiato receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Dr. Doppler's transmission to Mikage Yukiato: Information. It's the most valuable resource in the the world.

Mikage Yukiato sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Mikage Yukiato's transmission to Dr. Doppler: On what?

Aquarius stretches out, her tail looping a few more times around the nearby light. "No . . he did not seem to be. But this is an unusual situation. Perhaps one that imposes new limits." A small shrug, and she stretches again.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... the only person shooting ... Open fire!

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... I ... feel ... well...

Midi sighs, shutting his laptop and closing it. "It's how we're limited is what I'm worried about. I don't know what else we can do but sit back and wait and see... and I really hate the thought of doing that... I don't want to just give up."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... Crab-boy's going to ... ... ... ... of ... ... ... ... that.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... a ... ... ... ... ... always thought if I did this ... ... would be on ... ... him out ... the game for ... ... it seems that ... will be ... out ... ... ... on ... much ... ... ... ... ... ... is for the ... projects ... people ... to ... ... ... leaving behind... ... I'm ... ... down."

Mikage Yukiato receives a radio transmission from Dr. Doppler.
You intercept Dr. Doppler's transmission to Mikage Yukiato: Several things...how are your resources in scientific research?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... here 'n' now El ... Ese has ... ... ... ... to ... ... you're just the ... ... ... it.

As the small golden mech spider nears at Midi and Aquarius' feet a thin beam of light is emitted from the object. The beams seems to widen as a figure within the light slowly begins to take form. The particles of light begins to shape into that of a figure of a towering black Asian dragon. Letting his arms fold across his chest the hologram of a dragon nods slowly to both parties before letting a single grin cross his muzzle. "I apologize if I have interrupted anything..."

Mikage Yukiato sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Mikage Yukiato's transmission to Dr. Doppler: Adequate.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... a talking mood. He ... a killing ... and... Um yeah ... like ... ... have ... ... I guess I ... do ... whole ... ... sacrifice bit ... ... ... I?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: :growls. "Jet ... ... the ... ... already.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Uh...could ... ... ... ... authority ... ... evacuation? ... ... that'd be ... ... idea.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... GET ... ... OF ... ... ... ... ANDALE ANDALE!

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Aldebaran... This ... ... ... be ugly. ... ... doesn't want to ... ... ... ... ... of ... ... ... GET AWAY ... MSE NOW!

Mikage Yukiato receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Dr. Doppler's transmission to Mikage Yukiato: Then perhaps we could arrange a mutual exchange of information.

Aquarius nods at that, smiling faintly. "I know how that feels . . I have a reason to live as well. Mmm?" The hologram has snagged her attention, and with a small smile . . she sticks her hand into the middle of it. Reflected through her, the image becomes distorted into a shapeless blur. "Ooh, very nice . . . and no, you've not interrupted."

Mikage Yukiato sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Mikage Yukiato's transmission to Dr. Doppler: However I am able to get any resources that are needed for your projects but yes information can be given.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... growls ... ... ... ... ... ... ... my job Spider. ... is ... ... the few ... ... ... life ... ... ... ... fire ... Besides ... ... totally healed ... Marines take the ... and ... out. I'm ... ... be ... last one out ... ... that ... Mel ... ... that war ... Marine ... regroup ... ... complex ... ... ... ... offensive stuff. If ... ... his crabby head and we get ... ... ... I want it ... Get ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... sir!

Midi doesn't take it /quite/ as calmly as Aquarius does. I mean, it's a giant dragon, holographic or not. He sort of yelps in surprise, but calms a bit when it speaks "E-err... no, you're not interupting..." Giant dragon thing, just what he needed to end off a bizarre day...

The muzzle of the Dragon frowns slightly as the hand makes its way through its image. Letting a thin sneer press faintly the Kumicho takes a calm inward breath before continuing. "I am glad you are pleased. However I will ask you not to do do that again." He stares over the stardroid for a long time before smirking. "So I take it you are one of the soo called Stardroids that is plaguing our world with confusion. Interesting...."

Aquarius doesn't remove her hands from the middle of its body. "I am indeed . . thank you for providing such an unusual meal."

Mikage Yukiato receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Dr. Doppler's transmission to Mikage Yukiato: Access to prior research would be preferred...as you can imagine, time is of the essence.

Snarls softly and seems to be able to speak but stops abruptly. Tilting his head to the side a kumicho mutters curses softly in his own tongue before taking a step back. "As I regret to make an interest and not express my views I am sorry to say that I have urgent business elsewhere to attend to. It would seem one of my men have gotten out of place." He gives a slight nod before letting the hologram drop and letting the spider skitter away


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