Seoul - United Nations Plaza

It is here that most of the world's decisions are made. The kind of power here reflects in the architecture, with the HUGE UN building that holds the General Assembly. Blue and dome shaped in design, it is the only one in the world of its kind, and workplace to the thousands that work here. The perimeter of the General Assembly building is surrounded the flags of every country that has a seat, which is nearly everyone. Outside are a number of other large office buildings, ranging from delegate bureau's, to the Headquarters of the UN Police, to a Repliforce office. Constantly patrolled and guarded by UN Police, safety is among an utmost concern after the infamous April Fools Day Massacre. Despite that, the place is a very safe environment.

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United Nations Vehicle Garages <UNVG> Press Stand

<UN> leads to United Nations Building.
East <E> leads to Seoul - Northern Commercial District.
West <W> leads to Seoul - Tourist District.
South <S> leads to Seoul - Historical District.
North <N> leads to Seoul - Eastern Residential District.

Bridgit Cascio arrives from the Seoul - Eastern Residential District.
Bridgit Cascio has arrived.

Midi sits on one of the benches in the plaza outside the UN building. It's a nice evening, he thought he'd work outside for awhile. His mini laptop computer is on his lap infront of him, a direct connection into the UN database. Midi scans over some security protocols, and revises some passwords and codes, and other neato defensive stuff, to improve the security of the Mother Computer.

Bridgit Cascio is in a cranky mood - not because of the stunning revelations last night, but from the fact that she's been working rather hard to prevent Clown Man from attacking the UN... and he went off and attacked something else instead. Well, damn. That, of course, is only one of many reasons, and she's stomping through the plaza like a raging (yet limping) bull, a sheaf of papers tucked under her arm and her crutch *thok*ing on the pavement from the sheer force she keeps slamming it down with.

Midi hmms, and glances up. Yep, only one person would be making that sort of noise just by storming through the plaza. Nevertheless, Midi's not about to be rude and not greet her. "Hi Miss Cascio!" He calls out, with a bit of a wave, and a smile on his face. No matter what happens, Midi always has to be so damn cheerful.

The woman pauses in her fierce strides and slows to a purposeful hobble as she turns her attention towards Midi. Grunting acknowledgement, the woman changes her course and orients herself towards the little hacker, looking sour enough to curdle milk.

Midi's smile doesn't fade. Despite how unfriendly Bridgit can get, Midi always tries to be friendly and courteous to his allies, and he knows despite appearances, that she's one of the good guys as well. At least in Midi's rather narrow definition of the term. "Nice evening isn't it? Sure is a good thing that Clown Man never attacked us afterward, though it would have been better if he never attacked ANYTHING, but still, he's done enough to the UN I think." He was typing while saying that, though now he pauses and speaks again "So what're you up?"

Bridgit Cascio sits down next to Midi with a grunt, placing the papers on her lap. "(*&@#ing Clown Man," she growls under her breath. "Not only do I dump (#@*ing extra troops on UN defenses, but I get all kinds've people moved 'round... an' then the son of a (*&@! attacks Torontreal. MY OWN @(*&#ING HOMETOWN!" The woman's hands clutch spastically for a moment, ripping a folder neatly in half... which draws another curse of irritation from her. "I'm gettin' too old for this @*(&."

Does Midi at all wince or flinch with all the cursing? Nope. His brother is Techno, he's heard far worse insults, directed right at him, than this. "It must be frustrating, but you can't let it get you down! It could have been worse, right? Besides, there are new things to worry about now, for me anyway. With another potential hacker out there nearly as good as Cyber Peacock, I need to watch the mainframe even more carefully. And that Double guy could become a big problem too." He nods "And you don't look old at all!"

Bridgit Cascio arches an eyebrow as she peers down at Midi. "You need yer eyes checked, kiddo," she points out wryly. Of course, she sees all the wrinkles easily, unlike him. "An' all that crap about bringin' Reploids back from th' dead. What if we did that with humans, eh? What'd the press say about that if we went an' brought back Mussolini, Hitler, and Jesus Christ all at once? That's what this damn Arcanum Corporation's doin', y'know. Playin' God even more'n usual."

Midi pauses, thinking. "Well, yeah, that's true I guess. But, it'd be much harder to do that I think. And besides, humans created reploids in the first place didn't they? Not that I'm saying you shouldn't have, but that was also playing God in a way, wasn't it? Of course, Dr. Light was just trying to create something wonderful, and I think that the people at Arcanum were only trying to take it a step further. A lot of reploids have died in this war that shouldn't have, and probably some that should, so... um... well, I guess it gets complicated no matter how you look at it. Still, the four of them are back now, so we have to be prepared to deal with anything that could happen, I think."

"Dealin' with 'em comin' back ain't so bad," Bridgit notes after a moment of thinking. "What bugs me is that they're comin' back at all. I mean, *(&#. If I saw one've my old cop-buddies come back after bein' killed in action, I think I'd @(*& my pants, y'know?" She calms slightly, but her expression is still pretty thunderous. "I used ta think Reploids were just a bad idea all together, but y'know, I got used to it. I really don't think I wanna get used to th' dead walkin' around again."

Midi nods "Well, I think a lot of people were happy to see King Dragon and Admiral back again. I mean, it was pretty tragic how they died in battle like that. But, the reaction to Data Raccoon, and especially to Double, well, it caused the crowd to typically turn chaotic, I was lucky to get out of there without being trampled. Still, call me crazy, but it didn't LOOK like Double was a bad guy anymore, he should have at least been given a chance..."

Bridgit Cascio grunts slightly. "I dunno. You think leopards can change their spots, Midi? I just got this bad feelin' in my gut that bringin' Mavericks back is a real bad idea overall. What if by recreatin' them offa their personalities they put back the very things that make 'em Maverick in the first place?" She sits up slightly, turning to look at the little computer whizkid thoughtfully. "Think 'bout this. If I were t'die all messy-like, but someone decided to clone me offa what they know - no, it ain't me, but it's still gonna be a lot like me. Who says I ain't gonna make the same choices?"

Midi hmms "And who says you will? It's risky, that's true. But there's no gaurentee of it right? If we keep Data Raccoon away from Cyber Peacock, she could wind up using her skills for the good side. Also, not to tarnish King Dragon or Admiral's names, but who's to say that one of them might go bad? We don't know enough yet to make any judgement on what'll happen with them." He pauses "One thing's for sure though, Double didn't even get a chance, and now if anything, because he was shot, the Mavericks get a chance to take him. Any chance he DID have of becoming a good guy are pretty much gone."

Bridgit Cascio scratches her chin. "Dunno if they'll stay good or bad, tho'. Personalities make ya who ya are, y'know? Even if they don't come in contact with the bad guys, who says they ain't gonna interpret somethin' that happens to be bad an' change their minds?" She sighs, and rubs at her forehead. "I dunno. It just don't feel right, resurrectin' folks."

Midi nods, and stretches slightly "I guess I agree with you there. If the Mavericks get their hands on this technique, this war could stretch out forever. It's complicated enough with Robot Masters being able to restore themselves." He yawns a bit, then looks back at his screen "At any rate, I guess we each need to worry about security in our own departments, huh?"

"Why not jus' blow up the place they keep respawnin' from?" Bridgit suggests with a slight growl before rubbing the back of her neck. "Security. Tcssh. I ain't lettin' any of 'em near our buildin's if I can help it."

Midi nodnods "And they're not getting into the database if I have anything to do with it either." He says, rather confidently. Of course, the thought of Cyber and Data teaming up is unsettling to say the least "And well... if the Mavericks get their hands on the technology, they could possibly do it anywhere. But yeah, we need to keep an eye on those Arcanum guys."

Bridgit Cascio struggles to stand up to her feet. "I'm all fer bombin' the hell outta the place an' razin' it right to the ground. An' salt the earth while we're at it as a reminder to anyone else who'll be some big wise guy an' play God anymore'n we already have," the woman growls as she tucks her folders back under her free arm, and readies her crutch once more.

Midi shrugs slightly "Well, if that happens or not, guess we'll see." He says, quickly taking the conversation away from that incident as Bridgit prepares to leave "Anyway, see you later, ok? Have a nice evening!" His cheeryness returns to it's normal level, as he turns back to his laptop. It's getting dark, and he'll soon need to go back inside to work efficiently.


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