San Angeles - Eastern Mall District

This area is filled with the hustle and bustle of people shopping. At ground level during the day, the street is filled with pedestrians. Both humans and robots are going about their daily lives in this busy place. About 30 feet up, the flow of air traffic starts. Flying cars, bikes, and the large public hovertransit vehicles zoom overhead in ordered streams, weaving at different levels through the forest of truely gigantic skyscrapers, all devoted to shopping and commerce. Lights controlling the flow of traffic are strung on laser beams that link the buildings. At ground level, small restraunts and independant shops line the road, which is restricted to foot traffic only. Occasionally a hovertransit will pull down into underground entrances to pick up and let off passengers. Designated underground parking lots for private vehicles are constantly in use, and they dart into and out of the flow of traffic overhead. Flanked by small shops are the entrances to the massive buildings, one to a side. Further up, each traffic level also has its own entrance where vehicles can pull in with ease.

Chocolate Store
Pyro Squirrel [Standard] [C]
Maverick Hunter Halftrack <Autotrack> [MH]
Big Eddie's

West <W> leads to San Angeles - Southern Downtown.
North <N> leads to San Angeles - Eastern Residential.
Northwest <NW> leads to San Angeles - Eastern Downtown.
Northeast <NE> leads to San Angeles - Eastern Outskirts.
Southwest <SW> leads to San Angeles - Southern Outskirts.

<Global News Network> A commercial comes on: "For a limited time only, everything at SugarDroid Chocolates is 50 percent off! That's right, 50 percent off! Hurry on down, because this offer's melting fast!" (San-an, eastern mall district)

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... happily.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... Iris?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... Half price ... ... ... ... -good-!!

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... uh ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Because ... ... Red! ... ... ... ... better ... ... whole price!

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "Chocolate Half Price? Wow, let's see, how much spare change do I have?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Only if you were ... to ... it in ... first ...

Iris arrives from the San Angeles - Eastern Residential.
Iris has arrived.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Well I buy chocolate ... lot so this ... ... ...

Iris is GALLOPING down the street...destination? The chocolate shop, of course! Woe to anyone who stands in her way.

Yep, it's a chocolate store. There are a good number of people around and inside it, but it's not too terribly crowded. Also inside is Pyro Squirrel, who is buying... chocolate covered nuts... No, not a stereotype, he just likes them, ok? OK?

Er, shopping for, rather.

He hasn't bought them yet.

Midi is also heading down that street, going as fast as his little legs will skate. Yeah skate, he's in his skating outfit again. And he's managed to get together quite a bit of loose change as well. Ah, his destination, the store comes into view! And... Iris is there too, cool. He waves an arm to get her attention "Hey!!"

Iris waves to Midi, smiling cheerfully -- almost from ear to ear! SCARY. "Half-priced CHOCS, Midi!!" she squeals.

Pyro moves around inside, shopping.

Midi hypernods "Yeah! I know! I got all the money together that I could!" We probably got two of the biggest chocolate lovers on the MUSH together here folks, these people will be sorry they put a sale on before long. "Let's hope they have enough in there huh?"

Iris giggles. "Yeah! -- I'll race you in!" She puts on a mock-stern face, looking at Midi ominously. "I will show you no mercy! Now...get ready!" Followed by a *wink*.

One of the employees inside the store jerks up suddenly. oO(Sugar sense, tingling!)Oo

Midi says "Heh... if you say so.." He also puts on a mock stern face. Lucky for him though, he has on skates, which is is good at using, or good enough anyway, to maneuver around a store, even in a crowd quickly. Yes, all that chocolate will be his. That he can afford anyway. "On your mark, get set... now!" Midi zips ahead just as he says it, uncharacteristically cheating. But it's... chocolate.

Iris gallops frantically toward the chocolate store. And, true to her word, she's showing Midi about the same mercy she shows others at the opening of an exclusive department store sale. Females can be crazy, with the right motivation. While Midi's a little bit ahead of her, she's gaining!

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... the ... purchase ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... I'm ... there!!!

Pyro picks up some peanut butter-chocolate fudge and puts it in his basket.

Yes, Midi may have a head start, and he MAY be cute, but there is one thing he doesn't have. Experience in dealing with frantic female shoppers at a sale like this, and the little guy may be getting in over his head, even if it is Iris. But, all the same, it's cheap chocolate, and he's not about to let this opprotunity go. Hopefully his skates will let him keep up.

When she thinks she's close enough, Iris does the insane thing and LUNGES toward the door, as if she were in a Steven Seagall action movie. "RRGGGHHH!!!!!" Sane bystanders scatter quickly. And hopefully, Midi isn't between her and the door frame.

Thankfully not. Midi has already ducked inside, thanks to his small frame and speedy skates, and is already looking among the remaining sweets. "AlrightLet'sSeeWhatWeHaveHere" He says quickly as he browses the shelves, snatching up anything and everything which interests him. ... He DID have a budget right? Right?

Iris gallops into the chocolate store, snatching up a shopping basket at the door and happily running up the aisles to see what sugery goodness she can get...for HALF PRICE!

Pyro Squirrel happened to be at the end of one of the aisles when Iris ran by, and looks up at the sudden sonic boom. "Huh?"

Midi needs no shopping basket, since he isn't taking any more than he can carry anyway. Which is quite a bit though, for his size. He continues grabbing things, here and there, until something grabs his eye. Chocolet miniature Rock Man! And Proto Man! And other characters! Oh yeah, he's snagging some of THESE babies.

Iris finds some 'minis' over in her aisle, too...but they're Repliforce chocs! "Hey, General is a Chocolate! brother, too! And Jet Stingray, and...Me?! Wow, guess I'd better get two of each one, I want my brother to have some too!" And so, the piling-into-the-basket process begins.

Pyro finds a chocolate bonanza banana, banana flavored of course. He would buy a Number Man chocolate, but he wouldn't be able to bite off the head. Why?

BECAUSE IT'S SO BIG! HAHAHAHA *smacks himself* Er, yeah.

Midi has grabbed just about every Rock Man one that was there, and most of the other good guys. He also grabbed a Guts Man, not so much for the character as for the sheer volume of it's size, and also a Bass one. But that one would be for all those neat experimental things kids like to do with Chocolate and Microwaves. After getting just about all he can carry, and afford, he makes his way up to the counter, being carefuly not to drop any of his carefully stacked items from his arms.

Iris doesn't recognize Pyro from the other day in African territory when she passes him. Why? Well, she smiles courteously as she passes him, for one. If she recognized him, she'd probably be pounding him into the pavement by now. "Wow, this basket is getting heavy!!"

Pyro does recognize Iris, though, from the news and last night. And he doesn't know quite what to make of the smile, just grins back with a large anime sweatdrop behind his head.

Midi plops all his gathered choco goodies onto the counter. The clerk looks at him oddly, since he's not in his armor, he more or less looks like a human boy, who was just lifting a LARGE amount of chocolate. Of course, when he opens up his arm compartment to retrieve his card, it becomes obvious he's a reploid. The total is brought up, to quite a bit of Zenny, though Midi seems to pay for it, no sweat. Benefits of working for the UN, apparently.

Iris finally finishes her own chocolate raid...when she's done, she's filled up five baskets to bulging capacity. Being a reploid, she doesn't have any difficulty hauling her choco-catch over toward the register. "Hey Midi, how did you make out?"

Pyro goes back to browsing the selection.

Midi nods and smiles at Iris as he finishes paying for his stuff "Alright! I could have gotten more, but I didn't want to spend so much... got a lot of mini-chocolate figurines though, they're cool!" Most of which are Rock Man, in several poses and armors.

Iris nods. "I saw the mini-figurines, too! I got all the Repliforce ones...can't imagine what my brother's going to say when he finds out there's a chocolate version of him! Or General, even! General's sooo funny, though, he has a sense of humor!"

Pyro keeps shopping, busy elsemu.

Midi nods "Wow, cool. I wish there was something like that for me, but I'm not famous enough for that." He doesn't seem to break stride though "I just wish I had more money!! Sales like this don't happen often!" Midi would continue to chat with Iris, but in the hussle and bustle of the line, he eventually gets carried along with the flow, out of the store. In other words, his player has to go now.


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