The Captain's Table <CT>

Through the door is a ten foot hallway with pictures of ships on either side in some of the most recognizable images of them. Even the USS Challenger's explosion is portrayed, with the words 'Your courage continues today.' beneath it.

Coming out of the hallway reveals the true homey feel of the tavern has, with a plethora of different people and reploids walking about in it's Victorian design. The tables and insides of the bar all appear to be of a fine oak carved and polished to perfection. At the main bar itself, a friendly white bearded reploid stands serving out virtually any drink you could imagine, from freshly squeezed Orange Juice to anything else you can think of. The only real prerequisite to being here, is that occassionally you might be called on to tell a story to those around.

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Silo [RF]
Prismatic Spider [RF]
Bolero [Armored] [RF]
Harmony [RF]
General [Holo-Gen] [RF]
Note/Bulletin Board <NBB>
Chess Board <Captain's Table>
Pool Table

Leave <O> leads to Torontreal - Park District.

Yeah. Bolero returns to his normal form, otherwise known as Rodriguez.

Harmony enters the Captain's Table, looking pretty bored and tired. Blinking curiously as she spots the chili dob (or dog) eating man, creeping up to peek around. Aha! "Hey, you. Uh, sir." she grins, sitting down beside him. "Fancy meeting you here."

A quiet hush falls over the crowds in the Captain's Table, before the door swings open, allowing the demi-bishy cowboy coolness that is Bolero's current human form to enter. Curiously enough, the door swings shut behind him like a saloon door in the old west. B smirks slightly, spying Harmony and the chili dog eater, before he pads towards bar. "Bourbon sour, Shotglass." he hisses quietly to the barkeep. The Spaniard apparently isn't in the mood for another attempt at the F5.

Thunderbolt Raven has arrived.

The still as of yet unnamed man gives a cheery enough "Mmmph?" at Harmony, turning, and gives a quiet 'ah'. "Good evening, Sergeant Major. I was just asking after the owner of this establishment to congratulate him on recent acquittal. Good man, he is." He gives a sharp nod towards Shotglass, asking silently for him to pass the info along. "He did exemplaray work as the former division leader of Security and Defense." he raises the cherry coke towards Harmony in a small toast.

Harmony nods a little. "Yeah, I heard.. I wasn't around much for that case, so.. good thing I didn't have to arrest him or anything." she grins. Raising her new and seemingly out of NOWHERE ginger ale, she toasts un-named man in return. "Maybe I'll be a division leader someday, huh? Huh?" she teases, elbowing him in the arm.

Harmony grits her teeth, blue eyes wandering to Bolero. "Yeah, real good I caught you in here when he was a criminal, talking with him like an old /buddy/ huh?" Making a quick face, she smiles and turns back to General. "Aw, what secret? Anybody could tell that was you, who else could be so handsome!" Teasetease, yeahyeah. Sipping her gingerale, she quiets down and listens to the conversation. That is, if Bolero stops being mean.

Bolero grins at Harmony, "It's part of my job description to talk to people and find out what's going on in the world. Not my job to arrest them." he notes quietly, taking another sip of his bourbon sour. He grins playfully, twisting on the bar stool idly, "Not that you much seemed to mind, especially after he introduced us to the F5. By the by, how're your internals, sis?"

Midi accepts the chocolate milk, and merely blushes a bit at the prodigy remark. He really hates the praise sometimes, he's only doing what he enjoys and is good at. But he was made to be good at hacking and enjoy it, eh, no point in pondering the deeper meanings of existance. Save that for the more philosophical characters. He looks over at the General hologram. "Hi Mr.General sir! How'd you get so small?" Is he joking? Or just naive? It's hard to tell sometimes.

Thunderbolt Raven So..that was the famous it. Raven was rather out of it today. He could join his compatriots, but he didn't know any of them. Stuck in the corner for now, he sat contently peering around the room. Producing a deck of cards from...somewhere, he begins to shuffle them in the manner of a nervous habit.

General gives a silent smile at Harmony's teasing, eyes sparkling somewhat. At the moment, he defers comment, expression curious at the solitary Raven-form, but finds his attention drawn back towards the group at the bar. "Bastion was never a suspect, as far as I am concerned. The videos of the detonations gave that much away. Anything that large of a scale done by him is an art form. Such as his depiction of the... middle finger in the African desert." He takes a fork, and makes a clean cut in the chili dog, chewing thoughtfully before continuing. At the inquiry by Midi, he chuckles in good humor, before deadpanning, "I shrank in the wash, of course. Actually, though..." he inclines his head, "Our talented engineers developed a solid hologram project system to allow me more mobility, if you will. They have created several light-generated, fully reponsive, forms for the holoprojector. Skins, if you will." He smiles.

Harmony wrinkles her nose at Bolero. "You know, you make fun of me for being a dainty lady, but there's nothing wrong with it." Sipping her ginger ale, she shakes her head. "You just like to pretend your tough, you probably cry watching romantic movies."

Midi merely grins, and slurps some of the sweet beverage from a straw. "That's neat! You don't see really good solid holograms very often. It musta been tricky..." Midi continues to be rather happy, as if he's oblivious to the problems of the world. Well, that's rather typical of him, he probably realized he was bordering on angst a few months ago when the Stardroids showed up. He needed to perk back up to his normal level.

Bolero smirks at General, "Him and Siege Wolverine both." he notes quietly, stretching slightly. He's aware of Thunderbolt, but he's not about to invite the raven over unless Thundy's ready to come over and chill out with the reploid cast of Cheers. Basically, the Spaniard will walk back there in two poses and con Thunderbolt into joining the rest of the gang at the bar. For the moment, though, Darth Bolero looks to Midi, smirking slightly. "So, how's the 'net detective gig going, Midi?" He'd say more, but his masculinity is challenged by Harmony. He sniffs slightly, "I do not pretend to be anything other than what suits my mission objectives, sis. Otherwise, I'm no one other than who I am." The Dark Lord of the Spanish sips his drink, grinning playfully. "I'll have you know that I was curious as to how your internals were doing. Mine were killing me for a couple of days following those two." he notes calmly.

He shouldn't have been listening to the conversation at the table...but..hey..he wanted to. At Harmony's jibe at Bolero, he snickered out loud, forgetting to stifle it. Of course, with his luck, he made more noise than was necessary. He could only blame his creator for making him accurately. "Caw!"

Bolero says, "I'd hate to hear that my little sis was hurt because she was mimicking me."

Harmony rolls her eyes. "Oh, mimicking huh? You want to take this outside, punk? I can do outside." Rolling up a sleeve, she pretends to get all serious. "My internals are fine enough to kick your sorry butt into the ground, /brother/."

General gives a pleasant enough nod towards Midi. "They're quite talented. Repliforce is lucky to have such skill in its ranks. How have things been with you? We have not had the chance to talk since the beginning of the year? How goes your position in Interpol?" He regards the teasing between Harmony and Bolero with mild amusement, but doesn't interject for the moment. However, the caw does get his attention, and he asks, casually, "Any of you know our friend in the corner?" At Harmony's last statement, he gives a 'tch' sound.

Midi nods and both General and Bolero "Things have been going pretty good, actually! Despite the formation of Interpol, there really haven't been any attacks on the UN Database since the year began. Well... competent attacks, anyway." He slurps the drink some more "I thought that with the restructuring of the UN, some of the more dangerous hackers might have tried to take advantage of it, but it's gone alright till now." He shrugs slightly, dropping the professionalism again "But I'm not about to lower my guard! Defending the database is even more important now."

Bolero grins at Harmony, "Assuming you can reach it, Harmony." he replies in a mock serious tone. He inclines his head slightly, light glinting dangerously off his mirrorshades, although his grin is more than enough to dispel the glint's seriousness. Think of the beginning of Braveheart, where Mel Gibson and the big guy are having that big argument type thing, only it's just them being good buddies. The Spaniard looks from General to the Raven and back, "Cross-reference indicates he's one Thunderbolt Raven, though I imagine you already knew that, sir." he states in a slightly bored tone. He grins a bit, looking back at Raven, "So, feel like joining us or are you just going to laugh at our conversation, stranger?" he calls calmly, almost amusedly.

Harmony THWAPs Bolero in the back of the head while he isn't looking, and then just turns around to face General. Just so she doesn't have to look at his goofy face. "Don't 'tch' me, sir." she grins a little, sipping her ginger ale some more. "He knows I could mess him up."

General quirks a brow. "Oh, I'm sure... but threatening a superior officer?" He gives a small grin, and then adds, "I haven't quite gotten the time up yet to go horseback riding. I'd be much more comfortable about it, now that I've got the human form for this." He ponders. "Palamino sound good for you?" He blinks at himself, reminding himself internally of a few protocols himself. He gives a small nod, giving an mm-hmm to Bolero. "Checking your connection speed with the dossier databases..."

General turns back to Midi. "Excellent to hear that. I'm sure I don't have to remind you -- in fact, all of you -- to be on your toes this April 1st."

Eep. Well crud...found out. He could do one of two things. 1) Alienate his peers and superiors by staying put, or 2) he could suck it up and join them. At the moment, seeing as that IS General, joining them was the better idea. "..I think I'll join you." Raven ceased the shuffling, and tucked the deck of cards away before rising to his feet and carefully traversing the room, watching where his wings went so he didn't smash anyone with them. Luckily he didn't have to find a chair, as there was an empty one at the table. He seated himself, adjusting his unweildy wings, making absolute sure not to jostle anyone.

Midi just nods again "I'm double and triple checking the security subroutines just for April 1st, actually. Even Dr. Wily and Sigma's best hackers would have a tricky time getting in if they tried. I'll leave the actual physical security of the UN to everyone who's better fitted for it. If someone actually attacks the building itself, there won't be so much I could do."

Connection speed? Who says he's got a connection to the dossier databases? Bolero, like Siege Wolverine, uses an optical profiler program. It's fairly big for a program, but it's useful as an add-on to his HUD/glasses. The Spaniard grins, "Aye, sir." he replies quietly. It's about this point that he's laid out on the floor by the unexpected smack to the back of the head. That'll teach him to lean forward on bar stools while messing around with Harmony...

"... I'll make note of this... It'll go with 'Do not turn back on Harmony when she has a stapler... Pardon me... I think I'm going to take a nap..."

Harmony snickers. "I didn't know staplers bashed your head in, man, you never said." Ah, still a funny incident. Blinking innocently at General, she tilts her head. "Superior Officer? Oh, he's not my superior on Thursdays." she grins, crossing her legs and ignoring the Bolero on the floor. Smiling, she gives a wave to Raven, being friendly. "Hey, there. Don't worry about him, he falls over all the time for like /no/ reason.."

The avian peered at the prone(and twitching) form of Bolero. "...Really? And he fights Mavericks and Masters? Isn't that a bit...dangerous?" He grinned as best as one could with a beak, he perfectly well understood what was going on. He was shy, not stupid.

General regards the joking around between the group, and then finishes off the the cola and the chili dog. With a quick dab with a napkin, he hums to himself. "Perhaps we should tell stories... I seem to recall that being one of the favorite pastimes for the patrons of this establishment?" he looks curiously at SHotglass as if to receive affirmation.

Bolero slowly pushes himself up from the ground, shaking his head. "... Remind me never to take that ride again..." he states slowly, finishing off his drink. His eye twitches slightly, before he raises his hand to his ear. "Pardon me... Something's come up back at the Intel Center." he states with a crooked smile. "You'd think we could get a mini-Midi to run the radio analysis machines." he pinky-smirks, before placing down 20 zenny for the drink and a tip. "Have fun, folks."

Midi finishes his chocloate milkshake, and blinks. "Umm..." He may not be quite as shy as he used to be, but he's still not one to openly brag, or even tell stories, about what he's done. He's still far too shy for that. "Sorry, but I really should be getting back, need to run the nightly check of the Mother Computer's systems pretty soon." He smiles though "Be glad to meet up with all of you some other time though! Bye bye!" He gives a quick wave, before hopping off his seat, and heading out. Thankfully the bartender knows to charge the UN for what Midi buys, and they take it out of his pay. Not like he buys much but sweets, software, and equipment anyway.

General blinks again at Bolero as he drags himself off, and then nods towards Midi. "Certainly. And let me know when you've managed to secure that rank of leader in the UN." he gives a generous enough nod, and then asks of Thunderbolt. "Corporal, how much experience do you have with card-playing? I noticed the deck earlier..."


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