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C's Editorial: Interpol Bastards Wed Apr 16 News Report

The scene is once again in Chest's backup set in New York City. Chest is sitting behind his desk as the 'Chest's Editorial' jingle starts up and the logo appears. The GNN media mogul starts before the jingle even has time to finish. With the logo now gone, you can finally get a good view of Chest. Oh sweet mother of Jebus... Chest looks /pissed/.

"Every once and a while we get a few jackasses who feel that freedom of the press only applies so long as it suits their needs." The GNN CEO is virtually shouting already. "And who am I talking about in particular, you ask?! Would it be the evil doers known as the Robot Masters?! Or the terrorist Reploid Right's group known as the Mavericks?! Hell no! It's the 'GOOD-GUYS' in this case. Just when you think everything's black and white, and that good stands up for freedom, justice, and puppy dogs, one of the so-called good-guys has to come and pull this kind of crap!" Chest slams his fist against his desk in anger, and his coffee cup leaps a foot into the air due to the impact. He doesn't seem to notice.

"Perhaps I should start at the beginning. Recently there was a job opening here at the Global News Network for a computer administrator." Nice way of saying 'Hacker'. "We get in a few applicants. Some normal joes like you and I, and some of the more 'high profile' folks out there. But one of them stands out more than all the others. She was a member of Interpol, and as far as I can reckon, using a false name. All typical stuff in today's day and age. But do you know what she asked of me? She asked I pay her with fake press passes, and with voluntarily looking the other way for Interpol related news, and with deleting all information involving Interpol."

Chest virtually snarls here, "Naturally I refused. I won't let a bunch of secretive bastards come along and compromise the integrity of my Network! When I told her so, she THREATENED GNN's stability. She implied that if I didn't agree to her terms, she'd just hack through our servers and take what she wanted anyway, legal issues be damned." Chest thrusts an accusing finger at the camera and shouts, "Clearly Little Miss Interpol Agent doesn't understand the concept of freedom of the press! No other organization on this planet has dared to try and stifle the press!" A few reporters killed as bystanders notwithstanding. "Nor have they ever threatened this Network with illegal activity!" Well, not within the last week or so, anyway. "I suppose if Interpol had it their way all media would be controlled by State Approved propaganda techniques so that only what THEY want to be made public gets known!"

Chest stands up from behind his desk and glares at the camera, trying to calm down. He fails. "If you're watching this, miss, I hope you realize that you crossed the line the moment you even SUGGESTED that we hinder the truth for your own Interpol purposes!" He's back to shouting at full throttle again, "And you %@#!&ing LEAPED over that line when you threatened harm against GNN unless we aided you in covering up what the public has the right to know! Chest out!"

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming...


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Attacking News Networks is Good PR Wed Apr 16 Gabriel
*Resonance appears*


"Am I the only bugger who has no idea what Chest is talkin' about? I'm assuming this 'hacker' is in investigations, I request whomever did this come forward. If you weren't the Hacker involved, I suggest you let me know anyway. I'm not sure why Chest is trusting someone using a false name to be an Interpol agent instead of, like, someone pretending to be an Interpol agent, but if it -was- an Interpol agent, this is the first I heard about it."

"Resonance out."

*Resonance vanishes*

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Re:Hacker Wed Apr 16 Midi
<Oh look, it's Midi. Hi Midi! And it's Interpol only, natch>

He looks a bit worried, fingers tapping idly across the desk in front of him "I have no idea who this 'hacker' from Interpol was. I can't imagine someone would have volunteered for that job from here. We should stay out of the matters of the press, at least that's why I didn't go ahead myself. Since no one had said they were taking the job, I can only assume it was someone only saying they were from Interpol, at least that's what I hope. But we need to get this mess straightened out. I'm going to talk to the Mr.Chest and the GNN directly, to see if I can get any more information on who this was, and to apologize, whether we're responsible or not."

<Screen go blip>

GNN Offices

The interior of the GNN office building consists of a beautiful lobby, floors upon floors of offices and cubicles for the various workers, and the sets and equipment for producing the news. The elevators have that annoying mellow music, and there's various crappy pieces of artwork on the walls to try and boost morale.


The employees here at the backup offices are hard at work, and the building is very crowded as journalists rush from place to place. Many of the workers from GNN Central in San Angeles have been relocated here, and as a result wading through the mass of people is quite a chore. But, in the interest of saving time, we'll assume you make it up past the lobby and to the upper-most level of the building, where Chest's elderly secretary guards his office. She takes one look at the hacker, not hiding her disdain and points to Chest's office, barred with double-doors.

Hey, don't be so mean to poor Midi. It's hard enough wading through a sea of people that are all twice the size of him, or greater. Still, he's here to apologize, and find out what exactly this is about. Entering the office, he puts on his usual pleasent smile, "Hello Mr. Chest." He says, trying to sound as sincere as he feels. He idly thinks though, why he's been doing so much PR lately, first between Repliforce, and now this. He hates confrontations, but he also hates people to think badly of him or Interpol.

Chest's desk is littered with paper, and the screen of his laptop computer glows brightly. Clearly the media man was hard at work. Shuffling the papers to one side, Chest manages to produce a small amount of room before leaning forward in his oversized chair. He inclines his head in response to the greeting and says in a bitter tone, "Shall I assume all the cameras have been hacked again so we don't find out what you look like or some such nonsense?" He inquires.

Midi blinks "The.... what? No, of course not." He sighs, this is gonna be tough. "I guess who was here before did that?" He shakes his head "I don't know how much you'll believe me, but we have no idea who this person is." Well, MIDI certainly doesn't, at least "No one from Interpol was authorized to take your job, and certainly not to make threats. At least not with my knowledge. But I'm here to apologize regardless."
Chest peers over his green shades, "I'll have to take that with a grain of salt, of course. Not sure what I can tell you about her..." He pauses, "Oh... wait." He ducks under his desk and pulls out his waste-basket. "It's in here somewhere..." he mutters. "Ah, here we are." Chest grins and pulls out two halves of a resume for a 'Verpine Hacker'. It's been torn in half, but some scotch-tape would solve that. "Here, see if this matches any of the covers you guys use." It should, unless Ebony makes up the covers as needed.

Midi blinks and looks at the resume. "I'm not familiar with the name... but I'll certainly look into it and see what I can come up with. Is there anything else you can tell me about this person?" Midi can't help but feel a bit responsible, it being a hacker from Interpol certainly makes it feel like he has some sort of responsibility. "If it turns out this was a member of Interpol acting on their own, well, it wouldn't be up to me, but they'd certainly be discipline. We don't approve of threatening the media, not in my knowledge, anyway." Though this is Midi, he's Naivey McGullible.

Chest is somewhat softening at Midi's kindness. He's about to shake his head when another idea comes to him. "One other thing, now that I think about it..." Chest taps in his computer, muttering to himself about 'new fangled technology'. Chest takes four hours programming his VCR. He's the sort of boss that Midi would hate, as the hacker would be getting all sorts of idiotic questions about where the cursor went, whether he has to double-click, or just single-click, and whether or not leaving the computer on for more than five minutes unattended will cause the CPU to fry. "Ah, here we are." He presses 'print', and a sheet of paper quickly zips out. "When she first contacted me, she gave me a frequency to contact her on. It no longer goes through. See if you can recognise it." He hands the paper over to Midi.

Midi takes the paper and blinks "Hmm.. no, again I don't recognize it... but I can look into it also, and see what I can find. Hopefully I'll manage to find something out with this information." He pauses "Again, I'm, we're all really sorry that this happened. If we find out who's responsible, we'll let you know, and I'll talk to Mr.Director about a public apology."

Chest blinks and hesitates. Geez, it's hard to be mad at someone who's apologizing. "Yeah, thanks, Midi." He quickly adds, "Before you do make any apologies... y'know, make damn sure you /do/ know who it is. If it turns out /I'm/ the one who's wrong..." Chest is clearly reluctant saying this, "Then /I'll/ be the one making the apology." Assuming you can convince him he was wrong.

Midi nods and smiles again "If it turns it out it is someone from Interpol who did this behind our backs, then we certainly will be. We'll get in contact with you once we do find something out for sure. Hopefully we'll get this resolved one way or another." At least that's what Midi hopes. Seeing that there really isn't anything else he prepares to leave "Well I need to get ready to look into this, thanks for agreeing to see me."

Chest nods and offers a slight wave, "Thanks for coming by, Midi. Good day." He says as he starts sorting through the load of paperwork that's littering the top of his desk once again. The work never stops for him. Except when he gets to yell at people. That's not work. That's a fringe benefit.

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Chest Wed Apr 16 Midi
<Oh look, it's Midi again. And it's Interpol only again.>

He looks a bit less worried, but nevertheless concerned "I spoke with Mr.Chest at GNN after he agreed to see me. He certainly seemed upset, which I can't blame him for. Whoever it was took some great lengths not to be identified, if it was an Interpol officer they must have gone behind all of our backs, or at least mine. Though Mr.Chest did give me all the information about this person as he had and I'll be looking into it to see if I can find anything out. If this turns out to be someone from Interpol, then we'll have to make a public apology. If it wasn't, then whoever it was somehow managed to get falsified documents to state that they were, and we can't have that either."

<Screen goes blip.>


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