Data Raccoon sends a radio transmission to Midi.
[RADIO] Data Raccoon sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "*cheerfully* Hey Bowlhead! You wanted to talk, so let's talk, huh?"

Data Raccoon receives a radio transmission from Midi.
[RADIO] You send Data Raccoon a direct message: "Um, right. Will we meet at the same place you mentioned?"

Data Raccoon sends a radio transmission to Midi.
[RADIO] Data Raccoon sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "You betcha."

Data Raccoon receives a radio transmission from Midi.
[RADIO] You send Data Raccoon a direct message: "Ok, I'll be there soon..."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Midi transmits, "I'm heading out now to keep my word with Data Raccoon. I won't be far from the UN Building."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Retro Packrat transmits, " if something happens. I still want to make up for letting her get away in New York."

Seoul - Historical District

Like stepping into a time warp, this area represents Seoul's grand history. It is like the entire district is a large museum. From the humble start of the village of Seoul, to its turbulent times in the 20th century, to its reunification between North Korea and South Korea in the late 21st century, to finally becoming the capital of the world. Everything about Seoul, Korea, and its native people is chronicled here, through many museums, monuments, and informative residents who are constantly bothered by the tourists here.

Data Raccoon [M]

East <E> leads to Seoul - Southern Commercial District.
West <W> leads to Seoul - Mall District.
North <N> leads to Seoul - United Nations Plaza.
Out <O> leads to Outskirts of Seoul.

Midi strolls into the Historical District, from the direction of the UN building. He looks optimistic, he's hoping that talking with Data will go well. Moving quickly, as not to get caught up in the wave of the masses of taller people, Midi keeps a keen eye out for the other reploid.

Said meeting-place is a simple open square in the Historical District, a plaza around a monument dedicated to the efforts of those who accomplished the Reunification of Korea.

Data Raccoon sits in the shadow of the monument, peeking around rather anxiously. Her radio is starting to worry her... Midi had better get here soon.

He does get there soon. And what a coincidence, Midi's radio is giving him some disturbing reports too, oh those sneaky interceptors, smart ones they are. "Hey!" He calls out, waving, as he runs over to her "I'm glad you agreed to talk with me." Though his radio makes him a bit anxious, he maintains his friendly composure.

[RADIO: (G) Maverick] Science Chairbird: Cyber Peacock transmits, "Finally, the fruits of my labour are rewarded with success! I have located Data Raccoon!"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...

[RADIO: (G) Maverick] Science Chairbird: Cyber Peacock transmits, "We *must* retriever her at once. Who would be able to assist me in this endeavour?"

[RADIO: (G) Maverick] Blast Hornet transmits, "So you have located Data Raccoon? I will go and assist you at once! Where are you?"

The tip of Data's tail flicks back and forth slowly, almost an indication of the Raccoon's anxiety. She is being hunted, and that definitely is not fun.

Her eyes light up as she spots her fellow haxx0r, and she gestures quietly. "C'mere!" she hisses.

"So let's talk. Whaddya wanna talk about?"

[RADIO: (G) Maverick] Science Chairbird: Cyber Peacock chortles low in his throat. "I am everywhere. But Data is in Seoul, coordinates <Historical District>."

Data Raccoon's eyes suddenly widen. Uh oh.

[RADIO: (G) Maverick] Blast Hornet transmits, "Roger..."

Cyber Peacock arrives from the Seoul - Mall District.
Cyber Peacock has arrived.
Blast Hornet arrives from the Seoul - Mall District.
Blast Hornet has arrived.
Alpha arrives from the Seoul - Southern Commercial District.
Alpha has arrived.

And Midi knows she's being hunted, they must have cracked the same channels, even now his anxiety is starting to brim, oh geez. He needs to get this done quick, and he notices her expression "Well, there was quite a lot to talk about, but..." He says, hurridly "I think we won't be safe here for too long. I hate to just thrust this at you so fast, but there's at least one thing that I think that you need to know, something that we at Interpol have discovered anyway." He sighs, this is no way to tell her, not like this, not with her being chased, but he both has his orders, and his respect for her as a fellow reploid, and skilled hacker "We've discovered, that Arcanum didn't revive anyone as they claim. You, Double, King Dragon, Admiral, you're like clones. Not ressurected, reincarnated, I think is how they said it." He looks sympathetic "Listen, they're after you, the Mavericks. If you want to be safe from them, we are willing to protect you in Interpol." There's no hint of betrayl in his voice, he seems concerned about her, actually.

Data Raccoon and Midi are currently talking in the shadow of one of the major monuments of the district. It's big. Tall. You can't miss it.

Data's shoulders slump as Midi speaks. No. way. She absolutely refuses to believe it.

"NO! No I'm NOT! I'm the REAL me! I'm not a clone!" She crosses her arms, glaring. "Hmph! You're a liar!"

The offer for help seems to calm her down only slightly. Way to drop the bomb, Midi. "I know that," Data snaps. But will she come? She leans back against the monument, against her temporary safety, attempting to think this through a little. Uncharacteristic of the 'coon...

Midi sighs, he was afraid she'd react like that. "I wish it were true, but I don't think there's any denying the evidence. But even so... what does it matter? Whether or not you're the original Data Raccoon, you're still who you are. What you do in your life is up to you. The original Data Raccoon was a Maverick, it's up to you if you want to follow in those footsteps as well." He offers as friendly a smile as he can manage in the current situation "We're willing to help you. You don't have to go back to them."

You just can't move fast enough to stop the speed of light, no matter how fast you try to move. In a flash of light and a brisk reassembling of pixels, the Maverick computer genius appears into this plane of existence, hovering just behind a nearby tree with his tailfeathers down - he doesn't want to be spotted, yet.

Cyber Peacock leans forward, neck craning around the tree, optics narrowed dangerously as he peers at the monument Midi and Data find themselves in front of. A cold, tiny smile tugs at the corners of Cyber's beak, and he makes the motion of cracking his knuckles - except not a sound comes out. "Mine... my protege, my student... what was once taken away from me shall be rightfully returned," he whispers softly as his intent gaze fixes on Data, avarice gleaming through. "And then we shall wreak justice upon that wench, and return the favour tenfold!" He waits, looking about for a certain Maverick who said she'd accompany him. .oO(Where is that confounded hornet?)

Blast Hornet appears and looks around in the area where Midi and the rest are, she sees Cyber behind the tree but she came from a very wrong way. She can only hope that her trenchcoat doesn't give off her identity too fast here. Or else she's forced to act upon those who sees her true identity, except for any mavericks of course. She walks towards the area where Midi and his companion. (Looks like Cyber was right, there they are and Data.....) Blast Hornet thinks while she moves towards the monument.

Of course, some have yet to see any evidence, though Alpha is quite content to stride ignorantly into the Historical District. Alpha doesn't really like Iris much either, but she doesn't go around hating much either. She gazes around, sighing, "There are no vending machines here.", she says, leaning forward a tad. "Maybe I got lost...", she whispers before straightening, looking up, and blinking at Midi and Data Racocoon. She smiles widely! What luck! She can ask what it was like being viciously slaughtered by a pacifist!

"But I /am/ the real Data Raccoon!" she insists. Very upset, but wouldn't you be if somebody told you you were a clone?

Data shakes her head vigorously, seemingly still fixating on the first issue. "I'm the real one! Don't you believe me? I'm not a CLONE!"

Of course, the real question is, is she that upset, or purposely avoiding the topic...?

Cyber Peacock facepalms, very quietly, as he spies Blast trying to make her way through the area without being spotted. "Note to self," he mutters softly into his wrist - perhaps a recorder? "Give Blast Hornet lessons in disguising herself in a crowd - refer to MIE for further instruction." He watches, quietly, before turning himself into a pile of pixels and sweeping through the air to a closer tree to eavesdrop better, and to wait his moment. He murmurs softly into the radio, giving instructions to the scrambling Blast.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Stay ... my ... ... ... will ... ... ... ... ... compatriot. You are ... ...

Blast Hornet stops instantly and quickly hides behind a tree and pulls up the wrist up to her facemask as she responds to the radio transmission.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... I ... ... here ... ... case ... a ... ... hope that ... can do ... ... having ... much trouble.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: You ... ... ... my ... ... a ... for ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...

Midi thinks quickly, there's no time to debate this. He'll have to be tactful "I'm sorry it was such a shock. I certainly wasn't on the committee that found this out, perhaps their evidence isn't quite conclusive yet. Some further research into what Arcanum did might yield something new. And we could use your help to do that also. Real or not, you're certainly in danger from the Mavericks. We want to help, and perhaps you could help us prove whether or not you and the others are the originals." He pauses, thinking more, he's pretty anxious, knowing that the Mavericks could be on their way. But they're not far from the UN Building, if he can convince her, they shouldn't have trouble getting back. He hopes. "What do you want to do? Do you want to go back and be a Maverick again? You got a new chance at life, so you can choose what you wish."

Alpha looks to Blast Hornet, wonders who she is, perhaps completely and totally falling for her 'disguise'. She scratches the back of her neck. Or maybe she just doesn't remember... "Oh.", she says for a moment, looking back to Data Raccoon, noticing how upset she appears to be. Well, duh. How lovely. Interpol is telling the people they are nothing more than copies of copies, and the obvious happens. She sighs and strides immediately forward, crossing her arms. This lass is a lawbreaker, isn't she? Shouldn't she be under arrest or something? Now granted, she probably breaks laws she has never even heard of all the time, but checking into the circumstances is generally done after the arrest anyway. "Hello.", she says as she comes near!

Data answers with another firm 'hmph!' Okay, so you want her to pick between a) the people who care enough to come get her (or something) and b) the people who have decided that she is not real.


Data sticks her nose in the air, only to turn and /stare/ at Alpha. The 'coon's neck jerks back, peering at the Hunter. "...and just who are you, huh?"

That's his cue. Cyber Peacock scowls at Midi's words, then shatters himself from his holographic form, scuttling along in a sea of translucent, vibrant pixels towards Data and Midi. "Indeed, she may choose what she wishes," the peacock's voice croons, disembodied, a mockery of Midi's last statement. "So why do you not present both sides of the argument, little boy?" The peacock's elegant voice comes out of... somewhere. How does he do that?

Question answered as the Maverick rematerializes beside Data, gracefully, one arm neatly draped across the raccoon's shoulders as he leans against her, insouciant. "You talk to her as if she is to be your new pet science project!" he scolds the small hacker, clicking his tongue almost like a mother would do to a child. "You call her a 'clone', you accuse her of not being real, and then you try to sway her without allowing her the necessary information for her to make an educated decision!" He gives Alpha a glance - unforseen complication. Hmm... well, Blast can always take care of that complication if she turns into an interference. Pale optics dart back towards Data, and he offers her a rather sincere sort of beaky smile.

"My dear Data Raccoon, how long has it been, now, since we last exchanged words? Two years, one month, seven hours, forty two minutes and eighteen seconds - I hope that you remember me, despite that lengthy time? I have remembered you, my dear, and it does my heart good to see you whole once more, instead of..." He sniffs slightly, lower beak trembling. Is he really shaken? He seems it, but he forces himself back to his stoic composure. "... well. It is too awful to discuss now."

Blast Hornet just watches Cyber Peacock make his move and rematerialize beside Data Raccoon. Blast Hornet would ask Peacock what she should do now, but that might blow her cover completely and endanger the whole mission. She just locks her eyes onto the hunter and at the same time surveys the area for more trouble. Her bombs might be needed for this and she hopes that she can defeat that Maverick Hunter with her current skills....

Midi sighs, perhaps this is fate? Maybe, but Midi's not going to just give up. Though he should have known dropping the bomb like this would have been difficult. Darnit, if it weren't for the fact he knew trouble was coming, he wouldn't have had to spout it out so quick. He begins to open his mouth to try again, when Cyber's voice fills the air. He silently oh greats to himself. "Cyber Peacock." He says slowly, a greeting? Negative statement? Who knows. "You're not one to talk about trying to manipulate people. And if anyone's to blame for this it's Arcanum. But that's besides the point. I have no intention of making her into any sort of science project." Heck, Midi isn't even the one working on Arcanum, he's just a messanger, for the most part "I want to help her, keep her from falling into your sorts again. Since last time she was with your lot, she wound up dead. She has a second chance, and you're just going to force her to blow it."

[RADIO: (G) Maverick] Science Chairbird: Cyber Peacock growls softly. "Blasted little pest. He attempts to win our fair Raccoon!"

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Midi transmits, "Oh great, it's Cyber Peacock. I knew he was coming, darn he got here fast..."

Alpha looks to Cyber Peacock, and then to Midi, "I agree with Cyber Peacock.", she says simply, "Because I have not seen such evidence either, perhaps if you give her what was procured, she can decide for herself...Provided the report is correct.", Complication? My word, she appears to be assisting of all things. She spreads her wings out, thoughtfully, smiling a bit as she looks completely unviolent, and not really in the mood to smash things (though according to her, she hardly ever is). She hesitates for a moment, "Though I doubt Midi would be the science project person, that's more of Gate's expertise.", she looks to Data Raccoon, bowing her head slightly (as if to an elderly old lady), "I'm sorry, I'm Alpha, I talked to you on the radio earlier. Are you feeling better?"

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Retro Packrat transmits, "Uh oh....need help?"

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] UN Security Elite Serena Gilbert transmits, "Say wha?!"

[RADIO: (G) Maverick] Blast Hornet transmits, "Hmm..... Call me if you need some....explosive muscles!"

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Midi transmits, "I promised Data that this wouldn't turn into a battle, but the Maverick's are forcing things. Nothing violent has happened yet, but he's trying to talk her over to his side, it looks."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Retro Packrat transmits, ""

An arm around her shoulders...comforting...reassuring...just what Data needs right now. But it's ever so surprising to find one there so fast. Like Cyber is in her brain or something.

She stands there rather uncomfortably as Cyber defends her before Midi, as Midi bashes her peacock in shining armor. For shame!

"It's you," she whispers. "It's you..." She fixes an eye on Midi, more curious than angry. "So what *is* the other side then, huh? Why didn't you TELL me there was more?" She unfolds her arms, suddenly irked.

If Midi is withholding info from her, that makes him part of the Great Conspiracy. And why does Data like the Mavericks? Because they fight the Conspiracy's agents! Wah! She knew it! Data turns to Alpha, cocking her head slightly. "Hi...not really..."

Cyber Peacock snaps his beak as he darts optics over to Midi. The little brat's going to blow his chance! Besides, he's really not that manipulative. Really. Outrage flashes in his pale optics for a moment as he points accusingly at Midi. "-NO-," he booms, an expression of withering disgust on his face as he glares down at the pixie-stick-fueled hacker. "It was not our cause! It was that confounded Repliforce wench, Iris, that destroyed Data!" His tone turns scathing, brutal. "The self-proclaimed pacifist MURDERED. IN. COLD. BLOOD," he proclaims, pausing for effect. Starting anew with the fervor of an evangelical priest, his expression turns dark, angry. "You would force Data to associate with that unfeeling, crude, *killer* - even in the same breath as you offer your version of salvation! Should she accept, only to be killed again?!"

The peacock pauses for a moment, his expression pained as old memories are recalled from storage, and he turns back to the raccoon. "Indeed, if anyone failed Data, it was I." He bows his head, tailfeathers and headplume slicked back as in misery. "I should have been there to assist you. I should have trained you better, taught you more tools of our trade. I should have been a better commander and mentor to you, and for that I am truly sorry, my dear Data. I would beg of you, forgiveness, and a second chance at our relationship."

He drops to one knee quite suddenly, clasping for her hand, and bows his head in repentance like a knight out of a fairy tale.

[RADIO: (G) Maverick] Science Chairbird: Cyber Peacock transmits, "Hold your position, Blast."

[RADIO: (G) Maverick] Blast Hornet transmits, "Roger...."

Midi blinks, this is going bad, real fast. Darnit, if only he had time to talk to her casually, there wouldn't be holes in everything like this "There's nothing else I'm not telling you. I can only tell you what I know. Prismatic Spider is the one who discovered this about Arcanum, with Dr. Cossack's help." He quickly thinks over what to do, then shoots Cyber a cold glare himself, much colder than one would expect to see on Midi's face, it would probably be surprising, for a moment "And don't forget that you all framed Repliforce and tried to wipe them out! Iris did what she had to do to protect her allies, just like you all do what you think you had to do! Many Mavericks, and Repliforcers were killed in this war! She should have KNOWN the risks when she got involved with you, now she's brought back with a second chance and you want her to get back into that?? How can you say you care about her?"

His voice almost breaks a bit near the end, it's not like him to lose his temper in any way, his eyes almost tear up. This is madening for him, he honestly wants to try and help her, but common sense, by his logic, won't seem to work.

[RADIO: (G) Maverick] Science Chairbird: Cyber Peacock transmits, "My, my. He is a tempermental one, is he not?"

[RADIO: (G) Maverick] Blast Hornet snickers a little under her facemask. "Yes indeed Cyber.... Shall I make my move now?"

[RADIO: (G) Maverick] Science Chairbird: Cyber Peacock transmits, "Be prepared. I expect him to lash out. Tch, tch. The little boy simply *must* learn to control his temper better..."

[RADIO: (G) Maverick] Blast Hornet transmits, " Dont ever underestimate someone, because it might end up very badly..."

[RADIO: (G) Maverick] Science Chairbird: Cyber Peacock transmits, "Oh, I have encountered him before... I know his capabilities."

Data's stance softens as Cyber speaks again, only to tense back up at the mention of EVIL Iris. Ugh! She /glares/ at Midi, agreeing whole-heartedly with every word.

As Cyber turns back, Data begins to frown... just what is he doing? Overdramatic peacock. Fortunately for him, Data swallows it, hook, line, and sinker. Her jaw drops slightly, touched by the depth of his devotion to her. Aww... that's so...cute. She allows her hand to be taken. Her eyes almost water. If only.

But then we have Midi. Data frowns at him again, still upset. Iris did, after all, KILL her. Who /cares/ why? Data certainly doesn't. But still... something about Midi's sincerity just pulls at her heartstrings.

And then the third party speaks. Data cocks her head again... eh? "...but here is /fine/! I want to stay /here/ right now..."

Alpha frowns, letting the philosophy continue even as she focuses in on Data Raccoon, "I'm sorry to hear that.", she glances to Midi, "It wasn't the Mavericks fault the UN and Hunters fell for an obvious trick and couldn't be bothered to be certain of matters before betraying them. If we were there, the battle would have not been nearly as bloody.", she looks back to Data Raccoon, "However, I don't really care, I was wondering if you wanted to go to Tetsuo's, or if somewhere in more neutral territory, another restaurant of some kind. Perhaps rent a private room. Whenever you wish, but I figured you might want some peace and quiet. If I'm wrong, I can try and find a more rambunctious location."

Midi calms down. His mind is still racing, trying to think of how he could be expressing this better, but this is the first time he ever really got into a situation like this, aside from trying to convince his brother to leave the Yakuza on occasion, and that never worked either. He doesn't want to have to feel that same feeling of regret and defeat by letting someone he cares for fall into bad sorts like that. A little quick to say he cares for Data? Well, Midi's like that. He idly glanced back at Alpha "Whether the UN and Hunters fell for it, doesn't justify the Mavericks in doing it." He looks back to Cyber and Data. He could ask for help, he could call a good number of people from the UN, which is just nearby, to assist and force Cyber away. But what would that prove? He promised her he wouldn't make this violent if he can help it, and that she'd be able to make her own choices.

What a situation...

Midi merely shakes his head "Data, what do /you/ want to do? Or more importantly, Cyber, /if/ she doesn't want to go back to the Mavericks, will you respect that?" Yeah right, even if he says he will, Midi has a feeling he won't. But he has to ask it anyway.

Cyber Peacock turns slightly to look up at Midi from his one-knee position: over his shoulder, eyes slit with disdain. "Kindly save the histrionics, and replace them for actual facts, child," he drawls as he rises up to his feet with an eerie phantasmic grace. "We force no one to join us - our ranks swell due to the discontent bred into them due to the Repliforce. No one Reploid deserves to be used, controlled as they are in those confounded groups! Created solely for the purpose of spilling blood, mechfluid! Sent to fight wars they never wanted, sent as cannon fodder into the fray without understanding the risks! Our Coalition informs our loyal followers of the risks of fighting for our cause - it is because of the Repliforce and the United Nations labelling us the criminals that we must now take offensive action. Now we fight to survive, little boy - *survive*. You have never been in fear for your life, have you? Safe and snug in your little mainframe, surrounded by unfortunate souls who never asked to be shoved into duty. Every member of our group has been, and for -what-? For the freedom to choose, the freedom of thought, the freedom to be just that: free. You *persecute* us for wanting to be free."

He turns to Data, tilting his head slightly. "He does, despite his theatrics, have a point. Our cause is one fraught with danger, but it is the right cause, and I am sure you believe so as well, deep in your heart." He bows his head slightly, solemn. "I do promise you, Data, that if you are to return with me tonight to Berlin, I will do everything in my power to protect you and prevent any more harm befalling you, at the risk of mine own life. I owe you at the very least, that much."

He turns back to Midi, expression arch. "I would be the very last being to force my student into a path that she herself did not desire," he replies stiffly, staring down his beak at the pint-sized hacker.

[Radio: (G) Maverick] Blast Hornet transmits, "Cyber? Do you need help?"

[Radio: (G) Maverick] Science Chairbird: Cyber Peacock transmits, "I do not know. I can only hope that Data makes the right decision."

[Radio: (G) Maverick] Blast Hornet transmits, "Me too Cyber.... Me too...."

Blast Hornet begins to move away from the tree and begins to spy on the hunter and the interpol agents, in her brown trench coat. She blinks a couple of times and concentrates on the hunter, she's the most dangerous one. But some doubt appears inside Blast Hornet as the maverick hunter is not so....aggressive as she thought.

Alpha nods to Data, "Very well. You don't need to answer them. What you desire to do can be simply done without words.", she looks to Cyber Peacock, peering at him now, and then reddens a little, as if embarrassed, looking at the ground, kicking her foot at it as she thinks. This fellow...Is a very renowned Maverick, from what she remembers, perhaps she could ask him a little bit...about, ah...well no, that would be imposing, yet it's tempting. She looks at the ground, slinking away as she thinks.

The decisive blow in this match was most likely struck a while back.

Midi has proven himself to be withholding information from the Raccoon, and Cyber? Cyber's letting loose! Cyber is spilling the beans! He's pouring his pixelated heart out! That means a lot to the 'coon.

She merely stares at Midi for a while... then at Cyber, for a much longer time. She seems worried, even scared. Unsure. There are people who want to get her. They would hurt her. They would deny her blessed knowledge. But Cyber...

Data reciprocates Cyber's original gesture, clasping his hands right back.

There are no words to adequately express this. She gets the feeling that they're fighting over her, and that hurts, because somebody has to lose. Alpha's words ring in her ears -- 'what you desire to do can be simply done without words'. So why bother with words...

Data sniffs, briefly, before nodding almost imperceptibly to Cyber.

And that..... ends it? With a nod, a simple nod. Earth-shattering as it is, in Midi's eyes, however. One has to lose alright, he did. He failed to convince her. Was he withholding information? Not in his eyes, but the poor kid can be confused so easily, he did the best he could in this situation. Cyber is probably overflowing with pride and arrogance now. So what's Midi left to do? Call in the reinforcments from the UN, get them to rain fire down on Cyber and forcefully seperate him from Data?

There is a voice inside Midi telling him to do that, he does have some orders, afterall. But, he's going to ignore it. He promised her he'd let her make her own choice, and he intends to do that. Despite that it means she's virtually throwing away her second chance, despite it means the Mavericks will now have yet another master hacker at their disposal. Midi has to respect her right to choose, or he'd be no better than them in his eyes.

His eyes show no lack of sympathy, however, he's genuinly sorry it has come to this. He says slowly, voice certainly saddened "I won't keep you from making the choice you want.... I honestly hope you won't regret it later..."

A faint flush colours the hologram's cheeks - what little there is on the bird's sparse frame - and he nods, slowly, to Data. There's nothing to be said, really. It's all been said, and now Data has made her choice. "I shall hold the promise I have made as sacrosanct, my dear Data," he murmurs quietly, before turning to Midi. Oddly enough, he doesn't seem to be smug at all. His famous arrogance is hidden, his irritating pride and preening absent from his expression. Instead, he bows quietly to Midi. "You are a clever boy," he notes in a respectful voice, "and it was a pleasure to lock wits with you. Perhaps next time, you shall triumph instead." He moves to turn Data towards the teleporters, giving Alpha a quiet nod for her bizarre assistance.

But Cyber plays one last, triumphant card - who can deny him his ego? He waits until Data's back is turned before he turns his profile to look over his shoulder at Midi, and then... he smiles. But it's not a polite 'see you later' smile: it's a smug, patronizing, malicious bastard-grin, his eyes slit and optics alight with evil. "Until next time, Interpol agent," he replies in his previous respectful tone, but with *that* smile (fi you can see his face) it's nothing but mockery. Cyber, obviously, is not as 'good' as he seems...

A faint flush colours the hologram's cheeks - what little there is on the bird's sparse frame - and he nods, slowly, to Data. There's nothing to be said, really. It's all been said, and now Data has made her choice. "I shall hold the promise I have made as sacrosanct, my dear Data," he murmurs quietly, before turning to Midi. Oddly enough, he doesn't seem to be smug at all. His famous arrogance is hidden, his irritating pride and preening absent from his expression. Instead, he bows quietly to Midi. "You are a clever boy," he notes in a respectful voice, "and it was a pleasure to lock wits with you. Perhaps next time, you shall triumph instead." He moves to turn Data towards the teleporters, giving Alpha a quiet nod for her bizarre assistance.

[Radio] Transmission detected: OOooohh...

[Radio] Transmission detected: My diodes ... ...

[Radio] Transmission detected: ... ... ...

[Radio] Transmission detected: ... right head ... innocently enough "S-something's wrong with ... His left ... picks up ... ... "There's ... shocker."

[Radio] Transmission detected: Well for ... information I ... finished ... ... ... ... ... the I/O ... er... ... ... ... ... our ... programs installed ... ... ... to keep our equipment from destroying ... own systems ... ... the ... ... the ... system of the virus.

Data still clutches Cyber's hands, nodding silently. She made her choice. It was not easy, and it will not get any easier from here on out. Midi tried, at least... it aches her heart to see him so...aggrieved.

She turns her back, looking away from all of them, back to the skyline of Historic Seoul. This will take a while to sort out, but Data is confident that she has made the right choice. The comfortable choice. The best choice. She just wouldn't cut it for those good guys, anyway... yeah...

"Cyber... I want to go home," murmurs Data. Quit your ego-inflation and get her out of here already! Yeesh!

[Radio] Transmission detected: ... ... I get on ... ... now or what?

[Radio] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... ... ... may resume your downloading ... bad hentai.

Midi keeps himself from reacting to Cyber's smugness, it would only encourage it. Midi can be surprisingly mature, considering his nature most of the other time. At least he doesn't go around turning people who walk around as holograms into his own perverted fantasies. There's nothing more to be done, but go back and write a depressing report. The little hacker turns and heads back in the direction of the UN building, kicking a few stones along his path in the meantime. His hands are just clasped behind his back as he stares at the ground sadly. This is a bad turn of events, in many ways. But despite the tactical failure, Midi still truly feels bad for Data, she could have been saved from the Mavericks, but perhaps that would have been impossible.

[Radio] Transmission detected: ... amused ... ... as mildly ... ...

[Radio] Transmission detected: Hard ... work how about ...

"As you wish, Data," Cyber remarks quietly as he turns away from Midi and Alpha now. "To Berlin we go, and to you, a new, unwritten future." The bird moves gracefully, ferrying Data away from Seoul, and into the heart of the Maverick Empire.

[Radio: (E) UN-Secure] Midi transmits, "<sounding utterly saddened> It's over, I failed. Data went with Cyber Peacock."

[Radio] Transmission detected: Oh ... having a ... ... ... ... and ... ... ... Had to fly some SecDef guys ... around the ...


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