Seoul - Northern Commercial District

Home to the Seoul Stock Exchange, everything here is related to that one way or the other. The Exchange itself is centralized in the district, housed inside a stratoscraper. Open 20 out of 24 hours a day, this place is almost without commotion. Stockbrokers, lawyers, and various businesspeople all scramble about, making sure they are still financially secure. Scrolling billboards constantly update stock prices, as well as provide advertisement to the many firms also located in the area.

Iris [Uniform] [RF]
Ricochet [Uniform] [RF]
Sai [Casual] [RF]
Spica [Armour] [SD]
Prismatic Spider [RF]
Fusion Phoenix [Armored] [RF]
Byte [Byte] [M]
Alpha [Wing] [MH]
Abernathy [Working] [C]
Procyon [Saturn]

South <S> leads to Seoul - Southern Commercial District.
North <N> leads to Seoul - Docks.
West <W> leads to Seoul - United Nations Plaza.
Out <O> leads to Outskirts of Seoul.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ...

[RADIO: (B) World] Pharaoh Man transmits, "It makes for good entertainment."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, "Heh, well now I chose to fight to have our world surive if needed."

< ... What? >

When did Abernathy's welfare become a topic for anyone's concern? Certainly, the situation is beginning to get weird -- but enough to warrant this? Nervously, the diplomat glances back over his shoulder -- then turns, walking backwards for a handful of steps as he surveys the streets behind him. ... It was rather empty for this time of night, wasn't it ... ? Of course, he is without benefit of the knowledge of those -- Repliforce, Maverick, Hunter, et al -- filtering into the area. ... Only the fact that it's cold. And very quiet. And very strange.

Fortune favors the bold, however; satisfied that he's not being -- openly stalked, except perhaps by Alpha, Abernathy faces forward again and continues on his way ... though he's taking more care with the shadows now, considering them with a certain amount of wariness.

The darkness of the night grows deeper and thicker as the night drags on. A twist in the road in front of Abernathy hides something far more sinister in one of the alleys nearby, but for now, nothing happens. The chill factor for the area drops even more, considerably lower than any previously recorded temperature low for the city of Seoul. Its hit about 20 degrees Farenhiet (approx. -6 Celsius).

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne transmits, "We have Free Will... ...and Robots have such personalities they /DO/ have Free Will. ...Even Robot Masters... ...who are Family to one another, not slaves. ...Good luck, everyone."

Fusion Phoenix humms as the temp drops. "Humm. bracing, but unsuial.

Serenade arrives from the Seoul - Southern Commercial District.
Serenade has arrived.

Sai blinks into position atop a building, perched on one corner that gives as much of a view as possible. He glances around, trying to find the source of the disturbance. As the cold comes, he shivers, moving his joints a bit to keep them from locking up. "Cold. Great...hope this doesn't get any worse or I'm in trouble..."

Fusion Phoenix is in the south of the area, trying to find out what is going on that prompted the GNN report.

Pharaoh Man arrives from the Seoul - United Nations Plaza.
Pharaoh Man has arrived.

Prismatic Spider pulls into the district on a hoverbike twin beams piercing the darkness. his optics searching through the contrast. Something is coming... The chill in the air speaks of it... And it matches the chill in the back of his mind.

Boy here's an uninformed person. Midi's just out for a walk, not paying any attention to news feeds or anything. He has a perfect right to be here though, he lives right around the corner. Oh look, a situation!

Sai sends a radio transmission to Fusion Phoenix.
Fusion Phoenix receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Sai's transmission to Fusion Phoenix: See anything? I'm not finding much.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, "What do you plan to do?"

Iris is hoofing it through the cold evening, trying to rendezvous with Fusion Phoenix if at all possible. She follows his signal, rubbing her hands together on occasion. It's REALLY chilling down...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "Put it this way: He said we'd get free will before the destruction of all. So. We choose to die willingly then? We choose to become the nothing we were before we existed at all? Not my cup of tea."

Fusion Phoenix sends a radio transmission to Sai.
Sai receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Fusion Phoenix's transmission to Sai: Nothing yet....

Fusion Phoenix sends a radio transmission to Sai.
Sai receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Fusion Phoenix's transmission to Sai: The cold is not normal.

Sai sends a radio transmission.
Fusion Phoenix receives a radio transmission from Sai.
You intercept Sai's transmission to Fusion Phoenix: Yeah, I didn't think so either. Seoul's not exactly ice material, as I remember. I'm joints don't deal well with cold conditions.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, "I'm going to fight this thing. By Wily I will fight what other option is there but other than to be errased like we never were. I dunno if we Androids have souls or not but I sure as slag don't want to cease to exist."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "We will find a way to stop Oblivion."

Alpha doesn't seem to mind the cold. She never did. She kisses her silver wing lightly for a moment. "Thank you.", she whispers and then she catches sight of Abernathy. She bites her lip slightly. And then adds, "Necro... I may need your help...Please...", she closes her eyes, "...I'm being so greedy...", she complains, "Only getting involved because of Abernathy....", she opens her eyes, "...But I never claimed not to be, Angie. I'm greedy and I care for little other than myself, but that's me...", after this she vanishes from her current location, and reappears next to Abernathy, in a crouch. "Hello.", she says.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "I d-daresay you all are m-misunderstanding the message. ... D-damn, why the hell did it get so /cold/ all of a sudden?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...It is like the Chill of the Void... ...Curious, that the thing I sheltered within for so long has become an Enemy."

A blue and silver armoured form makes its way to the chilly zone from the area of the harbour. It doesn't seem to be in a rush, but it also isn't wasting any time in its travels.

Serenade sends a radio transmission to Abernathy.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Abernathy: ... You okay? *sounds -gasp- concerned!*

Byte frowns slowly, feeling the chill... his golden eyes narrowing. A chill winter lies on Seoul, it seems

Byte then pauses, slowly closing his eyes as he reaches across an inestimable void to the mind of his Brother, the two linked by circuitry stronger then titanium wire. Then he pauses, and shakes his head slowly. Too soon.

And somewhere, in the far distance, and down under the earth, matching golden eyes open, and match the glow of the eyes that open at the same moment, then slowly close, returning to slumber. Byte's eyes open, glowing now... as he slowly slips out into mid-air, gliding to the next building and begins to search.

[RADIO: (H) None] Guts Man transmits, "I love war."

[RADIO: (H) None] Knight Man transmits, "Ahh war, the glorious heat of battle, crushething enemy's skulls under out feet, great conquest for Lord Wily..."

Not the smartest of choices. Alpha's quiet greeting provokes a startled yelp from Abernathy -- the diplomat pivoting easily to point a gun pulled from somewhere within his trenchcoat at the smaller Hunter. Oh, yes -- he's nervous enough he's twitching. Or, perhaps, that's merely the cold. On seeing that it's Alpha, though, his aim wavers slightly, and he forces a laugh, breath clouding in the sudden chill. " -- Oh, /hello/, Hunter. I r-recommend against surprising me that way again."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "I don't c-care what the he--AHHAHAHAH!!"

Abernathy sends a radio transmission to Serenade.
Serenade receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Serenade: *sounds, uh, very cold. Teeth chattering cold.* /Fine/, if it weren't for this Hunter trying to give me a coronary!

Serenade sends a radio transmission.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Abernathy: Where are you? I'll bring you something better insulating than your usual jacket. And shoot the Hunter, it's fun!

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, "..."

[RADIO: (H) None] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "Well looks like we will get to fight this thing."

Sai's eyes scan the area below. cold...more nothing...Blink. Sai fades away, crossing the distance to another building, standing this time to get a better angle as he continues his search.

Alpha straightens, looking at Abernathy, "...I'm sorry, Abernathy. I didn't wish to waste time since you might be in danger.", heck if she knows for real, because it's so confusing understanding these people, and she'd rather not bother. She doesn't seem to disguise the fact she doesn't really care much about the others here. "I will try not to, however, but I think I'm not really good at that sort of thing."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Why are you laughing? Are you on the wacky weed again?"

Abernathy sends a radio transmission to Serenade.
Serenade receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Serenade: F-fine. S-seoul, the commercial di...strict did you just say something?

[RADIO: (H) None] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "You ready to kick this things sorry tail pipe?"

Serenade sends a radio transmission.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission from Serenade.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Abernathy: Just over the radio. Sit tight, get out of the wind. I'll be there in a few minutes. If you have Acoustic with you, she'll help keep you warm.

Wow it got cold all of a sudden! Poor Midi's in the dark too, that's what you get for going out for a walk with the radio off. Noticing a group of people gathering, and in particular, Iris, he heads on over. Something must be up! He heads over in Iris' direction, poor kid has no clue what's going on.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "I think someone better go check on him."

[RADIO: (H) None] Knight Man transmits, "Ready? Aye. Unfortunatly, I art still bound by mine orders. So thou shalt have to do-eth without mine might."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "We are, Rigger."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "N-no."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Well then what's going on?"

Fusion Phoenix walks through the cold, using all of his senses to figure out what is going on. This includes his internal gravity senses. Then again, that works in a canary like fasion. Not to percise, but he can feel the wiggles in spacetime of the artifical disruptions. The blinking, however, is mostly lost in the background noise.

Abernathy doesn't seem to be listening to Alpha -- but that's not particularly unusual. It came with having a radio wired into your skull. ... But when he suddenly jerks his head up, looking away from Alpha and toward the shadows -- that's a little strange. " -- Fine," he snaps, attention suddenly coming back to a crystalline focus. " -- Did you just hear something? A -- a voice."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "Nothing!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sigma laughs softly.

Ricochet jogs into the area, likely with his fellow Repliforcers. Orbit clings to his back. "Probably gonna vanish again..." mutters Rico. Well... if he's acting as Stardroid repellant, as he has recently, maybe that's not such a bad thing.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Yer an idiot."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "Shut up!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, ".. THE Nothing, or just nothing?"

Iris hasn't gathered with anyone yet -- she's walking all by her lonesome, in the cold dark evening, following Repliforce signals and trying to catch up to them. As Midi approaches her, she waves over at him. "Oh, hi. I don't know how safe this is!"

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
Serenade receives a radio transmission from Abernathy.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Serenade: Fine. *sounds ... very distracted*

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "How the hell am I supposed to know?!"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Sai transmits, "Mmm. Corporal Sai here...not seeing anything. It's bloody cold, though."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "Right. The first, then I'd wager."

[RADIO: (B) World] Metal Man transmits, "What you can not see, what you can not here. All you can do is roll up your sleeves and fight."

[RADIO: (B) World] Metal Man transmits, "OOC MAV"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Make me!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, ""What you can not see, what you can not here. All you can do is roll up your sleeves and fight.""

Byte turns his head slowly, his eyes narrowing as he raises his hands, floating over one building. Byte then turns... and slowly begins to follow the chill, if possible... attempting to descern just where it is radiating from... sinking down to ground level when roof-toping becomes impossible. Byte pays no attention to those who are present... his eyes narrowing... ...there is something unnaturaly comforting, to /him/ at least, about the Cold. Byte had only recently spent a week in the bitter chill of the Void... ...and it is... ...almost familiar. Space is a cold, cold place.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF Major Fusion Phoenix transmits, "There is something here... Something is manipulating the gravity localy."

Sitting atop of one of the tallest buildings, quietly out of the sight of everyone nearby, a figure sits with his feet hanging off the building ledge. Oh, he watches everything that goes about the area below with mute interest as a grin forms on his face. Lifting a hand to his shoulder, he removes his massive ring and twirls it around a finger in front of him. Watching, silently, unnoticed through his own means.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy, mildly annoyed: "R-right then! If Nothing doesn't kill ALL of us, I'm going to c-come beat your @#! down, Gutsy!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Oh cripes. Now Metal Man's talking like a Stardroid."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Hahaha! I'd like to see that!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, "Its a line from an old song."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Sai transmits, "Bloody peachy. How bad is it? Should I grab on to a flagpole or something?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] A faint whisper, "Nothing is not its name. Nothing does not exist."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sword Man transmits, "What happened now?"

Alpha blinks, and looks around a bit. "...", she frowns a little, "I ... didn't hear anything unusual. Did you, Abernathy?", she turns her head to the shadows, "...You're safe.", she says, perhaps egotistically.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, "... I do not fear the void."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne transmits, "...Yannow... I read a book once..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Only once Tron?"

Fusion Phoenix stops cold. Something is blanketing his limited gravitic sense, a pushing force. He gets no closer to the apparent source. Hey, he's gravity weak. An unexpeded shift in the gravity around his reactor would not be plesent.

Serenade isn't here because of a GNN or anything of the sort. No, she's here for more practical reasons, gliding through the city and searching for a particular Diplomat .. which is conveniently found quickly enough. "Hey, Abernathy!" She heralds -her- arrival before she touches down, at a respectful distance. It didn't take a scientist to tell he'd been agitated, and that was heard only over the radio. She's got a duffel bag tucked under one arm too. The hell? The Hunter is scowled at only for a moment. Safe from what?

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne transmits, "...In it... there was a force called 'The Nothing'. ...Similar to what we have now, I guess... ...swallowing up the world."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF Major Fusion Phoenix transmits, "It's not that powerfull yet."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne transmits, "...Shush, Guts."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "The Neverending Story. That was one of my favorite books as a child."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne transmits, "...Pity we can't give a Princess a New Name to stop it this time, eh Rigger? ...And no Aurun..."

Ricochet hasn't got anything gravity-wise... yet. He notices Fusion slowing, however, and glances back towards the Phoenix... "...Fusion? You alright?" he asks, slowing himself.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne transmits, "I'd feel at least a little better if we had a Luckdragon though..."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "What's going on out there?"

Midi blinks as he runs up to Iris. "Well, what's going on? It sure got cold all of a sudden..." Finally his radio is turned on again, and he's almost blasted by all the transmissions "Sheesh... everyone seems to be all worried and stuff. What's up?"

Fusion Phoenix chuckles. "Call it a gut feeling, but something is wrong with the gravity."

The mysterious armoured figure looks up, easily focussing on the top of a specific building. She makes a bee-line for the selected building, easily weaving around people blocking her path.

"D'you think I would /ask/ if I hadn't, Hunter?" comes the immediate snarl from the diplomat -- who turns to face the shadows, gun trained on whatever's out there. A pause, then -- " -- Serenade." He pauses, taking a breath as if he's going to say something -- then suddenly shouts, "SHUT THE HELL UP!" ... To Serenade, or Alpha, or something else entirely -- it's hard to tell. But the shout /is/ loud enough to echo.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Maybe you could create a Wily Dragon mark 2 instead."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "The original was of use in stoping Duo the first time around..."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... Cold ... this places is not ... from any ... There is ... discernable ...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy growls, "Whoever's playing fast-and-loose with the burst transmissions and /my/ radio, bloody STOP. NOW."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Whoever's doing that I'll give you an extra $50 to continue!"

Iris shakes her head, pressing on despite her misgivings and the chill in the air. She doesn't have a good feeling about this. "I'm afraid you're asking the wrong person," she admits. "I'm just trying to find Repliforce. I think they're up ahead a ways."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy *click*

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Have ... been ... ... determine a ...

Alpha shakes her head, "... I wouldn't know. Would you?", she asks, remaining polite. She continues watching the shadows, however, letting the yell echo. Angie curves around a bit to provide partial cover for Abernathy. "...."

The Robot Master femme takes it in stride that she's not the one being yelled at. Bah. Abby looked stressed enough as it is. "Right. Turn your radio -off-, it'll help." If that's the problem, fix it! "And c'mon. No point staying out in the cold." Concern from Serenade is a rare thing, but it exists. Sometimes. "I know this warm tropical resort thing that has free alchohol for anyone under thirty." She's not worried about shadows, no sir.

Midi nods "Well... can I come along? I don't really like the looks of this..." Hey, maybe he's scared to head back to the UN HQ alone? Or maybe he just wants to see what will happen. Who knows.

[RADIO: (B) World] Abernathy *more belated click*

Byte pauses, his eyes intent on the scene arround him. Then, a pause... ...and Byte vanishes as he notices a presence... ...and suddenly, behind Midi and Iris... appears Byte. Golden eyes, now glowing, lower slowly upon them. "...Be cautious," comes out in the deep, ominous voice of Byte as he speaks. "...It is not safe for such a personage as you, Iris... ...nor..." Byte turns his head, looking down, and his golden eyes stop on Midi. "...A Child Reploid." Byte then looks to Iris, "...If you insist on remaining, I can offer my services to protect you. ...I do not believe Sigma would be pleased were you to be hurt, Lady Iris."

Prismatic Spider pulls up beside Iris, Midi, and Byte, bringing his hoverbike to a halt. "Hello Iris... Want a lift? It might be better than walking in this situation." Midi gets a querying glance, and Byte, well... He's the proverbial 400-pound gorrila in this situation. He remains polite, but ays nothing.

Sai sighs, eyes sweeping the area again. Gotta find that old man, gotta make sure no one else gets hurt...but jeeze, it's COLD! Sai hops up and down a few times to loosen the joints, then blinks across a few more buildings' distance, fading into existence again on a rooftop yet farther away. Unlucky guy, can't even find any of his fellows, let alone any Stardroids or that old man.

Ricochet nods, once, towards Fusion. "Alright..." With that, he speeds up, continuing the charge to get to the center of this all. Someone's gotta get there, after all... just in case... well, just in case. Not that they've managed to do much.

Fusion Phoenix stands where he is, and turns around, looking for... well, anything that might cause this.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Is anyone of us terrans in the area fiddleing around with the gravity?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] The whisper, "Nothing is just that, nothing. Remember what he said? Remember?!" The voice changes from a whisper to a loud roar, "LET THIS GET SCREWED UP!? YOU, MY FRIENDS, ARE THE ONE WHO BROUGHT THIS ALL UPON YOURSELVES! My inclinations are not the essence of the Stardroids as you think, they are not the remainders of their energy on Earth! They are my essence, made with my hands to give to them so that they may stop the events -you- all have set into motion! OBLIVION IS UNLEASHED! The end is NIGH!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne transmits, "...What?!"

Abernathy remains frozen in his tracks, staring off into the shadows with the gun trained on -- the most suspicious-looking of them all. And then, perhaps at Ser's suggestion, he reaches up with his free hand, tapping a spot just above the angle of his jaw. Radio off. Mind not at ease. "You know, it's almost more comforting with the damn thing on," he says, tone ... conversational. Oddly out of step with how nervous he obviously is. " -- And there might be no /point/ in staying out here, but there's someth ... ing ... here ..." His voice trails off, his posture taking on an extra ounce of tenseness. . o (All right, you 'efficient' SOB, where're you hiding?)

Iris places her hand on Midi's shoulder, as Byte approaches the pair. "Oh! Well...I mean...thank you for your offer, brother's already kind of angry at me for talking to that Dark Bat fellow...I really shouldn't...thank you for offering, though." She gives him a polite smile, and...right about this time, Prismatic drives up. "W...well...hey, I didn't know you had a bike! Could you take Midi, maybe? I don't think the two of us will fit on the back..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Knight Man transmits, "Gah, thou'rt fast becoming annoying, O unnamed one."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne transmits, "...That... ...Voice... ...Is it an Echo... ...or the real thing?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "Huh?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, "Wait... all the Stardoids were fragments of duo's essance..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Serenade transmits, "..Okay, who let the crackpot get ahold of the radio again?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "... Hardly. What have we done to deserve such a thing?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Yeah I brought it upon me and I'm gonna kick its ass into the sun. You don't scare me at all."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "...trying to locate source of transmission now. *tap tap tap*"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Kalinka transmits, "Who WAS that? He must be crank."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne begins to speak firmly. "To those who are listening and were not present... ...that was the exact phrasing used by the Child-like entity that we found and faced on Easter Island at the end of the Pendant Crisis." Tron pauses, and speaks slowly. "...But... ...was it an Echo?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ricochet transmits, "..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "I doubt it, Tron. We wouldn't be so lucky."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ricochet transmits, "Oh, S***."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Who cares."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ricochet transmits, "...I think I know what this is now. As if it wasn't obvious already."

"And logic says don't be where something sneaky is. Come on, Abby." Serenade's rather adamant about removing Abernathy from the area, yessir, but she's not so foolish as to actually reach out and seize the diplomat to accomplish that. "Playing games with the shadows isn't a good idea. So let's go somewhere where shadows aren't." She could think of a few places.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "... My, how convienent. At least we get a reminder."

Midi blinks up at fat Mr.Byte. Yeah, right. "Umm... what Iris said.." He looks up at Iris and Prismatic "Umm.. well, you know, I'm really small, we should both fit." He doesn't really want to leave Iris behind, or be left behind himself.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne transmits, "...I played that scene for Virgo only last night... ...from the Gesellschaft's logs."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Elec Man transmits, "...I always wake up at the most inconvenient times... what's happening??"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider remarks amusedly, "Nothing.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Elec Man transmits, "Clearly something."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Oh, it's something, but it's clearly Nothing."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Knight Man transmits, "Nothing, an Echo... whatever it tis, it tis fast becoming a nuisence."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Elec Man transmits, "Uh... huh."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "Prattling on asss usual, I sssee."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Why do you people all worry so much? Everytime there's a Stardroid threat we live through it."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "We've only had one Stardroid threat."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "For there to be an echo, there must be something to bounce off of..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "And we lived through it."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sigma transmits, "Tsk."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "This is true. However, that does not guarantee that we can sit back and ignore this new occurance."

Spica scowls at the building she stands in front of and moves into one of the nearby alleyways. A sharp gust of wind blows through the district; the strange woman is now on top of her chosen building. Making her way along the edge of the building, she could almost be mistaken for a mental case as she walks the dangerous path -- except that her posture indicates a strong sense of balance and no fear of heights.

The quiet night continues on, the winds get that much colder, making the chill factor feel even more cutting into. The clouds overhead gather into a mass that spreads across the megacity, engulfing it in their dark embrace as the stars are now completely blotted out from their dark stormbringing. And then, it begins to rain and snow together, a wet snow that is near the form of outright hail.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "With the way you people are being so negative and pessimistic I hope you all die while I live through it."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "It hasssn't been 'new"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "Not for weeksss now."

Metal Man arrives from a side street dressed in his civilian clothes thus sans armor. "So what is going on here." He muses to himself as he heads towards the gathering.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "The void is new."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "Ssso would intelligenssce from you, provided you were showing any."

Alpha looks over to Serenade, "...Perhaps that would be a good idea.", she looks back to Abernathy, not saying more. She's a patient bugger.

Byte pauses, and then nods to Iris for a moment. Byte then looks to Prismatic for a moment... frowning softly... ...then looks to the child-like Reploid before him. "...As you say." Byte then... ...folds space around him, and vanishes to the roof of a nearby building overlooking a square. The transmittions over the radio give him pause, and he frowns softly. This disturbs him just as much as it does everyone else.

Byte slowly raises his head as the Sleet begins to fall, his eyes closing as if the sleet were nothing but a gentle summer rainstorm. Contentment seems to seep through him, as he feels the chill increase... but then... so does the concern for the situation. The Void is nearing.

Fusion Phoenix is getting irratated. He spins once more before he notices the figure up on the rooftop. The cold is ignored as he watches her. "Hey, get down from there, you could be blown off and fall to your death!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "I don't think you're in a position to be judging intelligence, Snake Man. I remember something about you almost ending up an Android Meteorite recently."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "What android meteorite?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Snake Man has every right to judge your intelligence."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "I haven't eaten any metoritesss, android or otherwissse."

Ricochet feels the patterpatterpatter of frozen water smacking against his armor. A faint scowl crosses his face. Orbit shivers a bit - he hasn't armor in this mode to secure himself. Transforming, he shrinks down to the size of a billiard ball before attaching himself to Rico's hip. "This is gonna be bad..." he half-prophecizes to himself as he glances skyward, letting the hail smack his visor with a patter-patter-patter. Unfortunately he's only got a very vague idea of where to go, feeling gravity subtly changing. Of course, granted, it's more than his lackluster navigational skills usually permit.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "On Eurasia? I heard you were taken out for a... walk."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "Stop your bickering, all of you."

As the congregation grows, another joins the fold: A large 'man', dressed in dapper, custom fit clothes, all the way down to his oddly shaped right 'hand', with a noticible emptiness around his 'stomach. All things concerned, anyone who knows of the Master's odd design would realize it to be Sword Man, all dressed up for the end of the world. He sighs to himself. Yes, he's disobeying orders by being here, but something such as this might be useful, and truth be known, he's been starting to get a sort of cabin fever, especially with all the new Stardroid appearances. So here he is, wary, wild-eyed, and cautious. He tries not to make too much of a spectacle of himself, but that's hard when you're 9ft. with a giant blade for a hand.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "No."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "That wasss becaussse I grabbed Mega Man'sss ssstupid bird."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Who's more stupid? The bird or the one who grabbed it?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "You're the more stupid."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "If it hadn't been for Air Man, I would have sssucceeded"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "Unless you have something useful to contribute to explaining what's going on Seoul, then shut up."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Make me old man!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Shadow Man flips it. Of course, you can't tell over the radio.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Bastion transmits, "Doppler, shove it."

"Screw logic," comes the mutter from Abernathy -- as he continues to stare at nothing. As the snow begins to fall, the hold the unseen has on the diplomat seems to snap ... and he glances back over his shoulder at the women behind him with unsettled pink eyes. Glancing toward the shadows again, he smiles thinly -- and drops back a step, returning the gun to its holster before pivoting on one foot to stare at both Serenade at Alpha. "Fair enough." And with that, he brushes past both of them -- away from the shadows, back toward the streetlights. And out into the sleet. Eugh, who brought that in here?

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Midi transmits, "Guys come on, Dopplar's right actually, is this really the time to be fighting against each other now?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "I concur. This is hardly the time to debate over petty differences."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Doppler's never right. And it's always time to be fighting against one another! Only the strong survive!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "No time like the presssent. We may not get much more."

Fusion Phoenix notices another on the edge of the roof. With a single flap of his wings he launches into the air, arcs over the roof's edge, and lands on the roof at a good distance so that the air disturbed by his movement won't upset the pair. "Hello. Cold night to be out, and not a good one for stargazing."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Very well, I will simply remain silent while they make fools of themselves."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "Seoul units, Status report?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Major Iris transmits, "Here. And FREEZING."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Sai transmits, "Hate cold. REALLY Hate cold. Spotted a woman, blinking over to investigate."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Sweet! We made the annoying spider shut up!"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF Major Fusion Phoenix transmits, "I've found a pair up on a roof. The cold dosen't bother me much. Downright bracing."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "And the collective IQ goesss up 10 pointsss."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Midi transmits, "I'm here too! And yeah, it's really cold!"

Alpha turns around, shaking her head, biting her lip. She shakes her head and follows after Abernathy. Angie and Necro flex backwards.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "My point exactly. If you want to spend your last moments being petty, then take it elsewhere."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "Indeed. It is unnaturally cold here.."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "I take it where I please Doppler."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Alpha transmits, "...It's pretty warm actually"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "Who'sss being petty? I'm having a good time. I'm enjoying my lassst few momentsss, thank you."

"Oh do shut up you little firebird, before I extinquish your flames." Saturn turns his head and glares at Spica, grinning wide suddenly, "Oh so good to see you again my dear. Afterall, we're a rare breed, Chaos having been crushed by many of those pitiful orders. We shall rise again you know. Yes yes."

Ricochet glances upwards, optics falling on the distant form of Fusion Phoenix. He furrows his brow and heads towards that building; it's the best lead they have so far, after all.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "And I'm so full of anger and hate that I'm about ready to punch anyone that isn't a Robot Master!"

Serenade cheerfully follows Abernathy, doing everything she can to ignore Alpha's presence. She'd hate to start a fight here, after all. The cold didn't bother her any, and she was MUCH happier when he didn't have that weapon drawn. ..Ew, sleet. She was beginning to get the impression that Acoustic and Abernathy weren't SAFE out here, out of Master-held territory. Maybe she should do something about that. Like get her dog back and kidnap the diplomat. It's for their own good, you know..

Iris forges on in the dark, rubbing her hands together. She walks alongside Prismatic's bike, insisting that Midi be the one to ride and she'll do the walking.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "How about taking it out on Air Man for me?"

And Midi still insists on all of them going at once. And you know how stubborn little boys, and little reploids, can be sometimes, right?

Sai shivers quietly. "I. HATE. Cold," he mutters to himself, staring around and trying to find something, anything. Then...he spots the figure on a rooftop not too terribly far away. He blinks across the distance toward the strange woman, and is JUST about to open his mouth when the other one nearby speaks first. His only response? A widening of the eyes. He's been dumbsrtuck.

Prismatic Spider gestures. "You have a point... Both of you can probably fit on here if you like." He continues driving slowly, paying equal attention to surroundings and radio.

Spica turns her stormy gaze towards the Repliforcer. "It is not wise for you to be up here," she warns in a calm voice before turning back to the Ring Wielder. "And don't be an ass, Saturn. I always wondered if your preference for space has made your mind take a few strange paths. Chaos is the source of everything, isn't it? We cannot blame those of Order wanting to make sense of everything instead of simply accepting."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "Very well, then. If you want to spend your time acting like idiots, do so. I intend to do something to make sure that we do survive."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ricochet transmits, "Be careful up there, Fusion. What's going on?"

Fusion Phoenix blinks. That was not the responce he expected, but a few things fit together. "Stardroids of Chaos. Greetings. I fear I'd rather not leave. But I will be quiet for the moment." He sits crossleged.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF Major Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Ok, we've got a pair of stardroids up here."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "If you want to make a sssuggessstion that'sss not totally asssinine, go for it. There'sss not much work for a ssspy during a trussce. I'm bored."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF Major Fusion Phoenix transmits, "They seem to be allied to Chaos."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Are you going to make a BBQ for us with your propane tanks?"

Byte slowly lowers his head from the sleet, opening his eyes once more to the chill. He had not sensed any hostility from the girl, but then... Iris was never hostile to him. It was merely a suggestion on her part that he accepted for her benefit. Amusing, indeed.

Byte then turns his head slowly, and turns his gaze to study the feild around him, slowly gazing up into the darkness to try and pierce the Sleet... ...feeling out with sensors that work to peirce the gloom.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "Anything else?"

Iris jogs along, trying to keep her joints moving before they freeze altogether... "Brrrr...I think Ricochet is up ahead...are y-you t-trying to rendevous with the other F-forcers too, P-p-prismatic?" Chatterchatter.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "What's going on in Seoul anyways? Are you receiving cryptic riddles that are scattered across the city by some sort of voice?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Alpha transmits, "Who cares?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Midi transmits, "Um.. th-there's so-somethign going on... but I-I'm not sure what... I j-just know it's really c-cold!"

Heedless of Alpha's apparently concern, Serenade's illegal musings, the Stardroid tryst, or the other little dramas being played out on ground level, Abernathy ... is seriously beginning to Acoustic, who sat this one out, as he trudges through the mounting sleet, what few individual flakes there are starring his sodden trenchcoat with white on the black. So cold, so very cold -- just have to keep moving long enough to get somewhere warm ... which begs the question of why he stops /again/, shaking snow and water out of his white hair. . o O(... what?)

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Snake Man transmits, "My guesss isss running around like chickensss with the headsss cut off"

Prismatic Spider shakes his head. "They're all over the place... get on, Iris, it'll be faster."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Works for me."

Ricochet jogs around the perimeter of the building, trying to find a way into it so he can ascend. No such luck yet, however, and he continually glances upwards, towards Fusion, in hopes that he'll see something... or more accurately, NOT see something. At 200 stories up it's pretty hard to find anyone or anything, unless they're plumeting towards the ground in flames.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Alpha transmits, "And it's not cold."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... Seoul ...

Iris finally gives into Prismatic's urgings for her to get on the bike. "Okay," she chatters, clinging to him with one arm and Midi with the other. "I'm afraid to s-stop moving..."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF Major Fusion Phoenix transmits, "It's colder than it should be for this place at this time of year."

Alpha glances to Serenade and, without much concern for her, it seems, follows after Abernathy. She doesn't speak much, she tries not to speak much.

Midi whews, he didn't want either of them to be left alone. "All aboard..." He says, trying to remain his usual amount of cheerfulness. But with the cold...

Sword Man merely wanders closer to the gathered group, unaware of what the commotion is about, and still unaware of the Stardroids above. However, he still keeps a keen eye out for anything that might be of use.

The lightning that starts up shows that a storm is coming. A major storm. And indeed as if its very presence is the trigger, a blast strikes down to the building that Saturn sits upon. A blinding burst of light explodes as it strikes the building and Saturn's form.

Exploding out, Saturn's parts disintergrate before ever hitting the ground, the lightning still sticking to the building, crackling and snapping with its intense heat and high charge, it begins to burn out the building itself, but not catching on fire.

Then, a form appears where once Saturn stood, a bo-staff in his hands as he glares toward Fusion. Pointing out his free hand, "You. I told you to leave. Since you did not want to, I shall have to make you." Then something odd happens. A single spot of blackness forms in front of Fusion, pure and absolute. Anyone who was to look into it would see that it goes on and on, endless darkness. And then, its quiet song reaches out for Fusion and devours his very form. "You shouldn't have made me do that."

Coming in from between time and space, Procyon forms into the stardroid before you.

[RADIO: (H) None] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "What is going on Seoul at the moment?"

Procyon strikes Fusion Phoenix with his Black Hole attack.

Fusion Phoenix falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

[RADIO: (H) None] Snake Man transmits, "Lotsss of headlesss chickensss."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Midi transmits, "Wh....what just happened?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sai transmits, "Fusion just...just...gah. Falling back!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "HAW HAW!"

Fusion Phoenix is taken into the hole without a ripple.

[RADIO: (H) None] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "I noticed but whatelse I think we got at least one stardroid in the area"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ricochet transmits, "Fusion, did something happen up there?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Fusion Phoenix's transponder is silenced.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "Fusion? Fusion, respond!"

Ricochet stares up the building. Did something... happen up there?... he can't quite tell...

Sai is about to finally make his response when Satrun decides to eliminate Fusion from the equation. And Sai's response is...understandable, to say the least. He blinks across as many rooftops as his system will let him. This is...BAD.

"Don't stop now, Abby, keep GOING." Serenade's words are quite audiable to anyone within the short distance around them, very deliberately reaching out to catch Abernathy by one arm and tug him farther away from this ... mayhem. ESPECIALLY when a black hole is put into use- she was very sensitive to gravity, after al. "Stardroids are bad things." She was gonna get punched, but so what?

Iris gasps. "P..p-p...Prismatic, I just lost Fusion's s...s...his signal," she chatters on the back of the bike.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Sai transmits, "He CAN'T. He got sucked up into some kind hole, it looked like!"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Void Starfish transmits, "Oh REELY now..."

A cube, half a foot on a side, is spit out. From the red color, it seems to be Fusion, and is droping fast. Good thing all that explosive plasma got vented into the black hole.

Sword Man eyes widen as he sees the blast. Quickly shooting his head up, he peers upward just in time to see the black hole swallow up someone. Pupils not pinpoints, he stares in awe and fear. "Great blazes..." Then he sees something fall. A...cube? All Sword can do is stare on silently and slackjawed.

Midi is just holding onto Iris on the bike, he can't really see what's going on. "What happened?" He asks, quite worried.

Ricochet blinks... "...crap..." he backs away from the falling thing. He has no idea what it is, after all.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Ricochet transmits, "There's something falling here. A cube. I dunno what it is, though. I'd bet it's one of the Stardroid toys."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "Catch it! It might give us an idea on how to retrieve Fusion!"

Alpha turns around at that. "....Captain...", she looks back to Abernathy, and then looks back in the direction of the building, and then looks back to Serenade, "Keep him safe.", she says as she summons a gravitational field around herself, probably hoping that will keep her from being squished like Fusion Phoenix, and then with a quick jump, flies to the building.

Metal Man is still lurking about the area wondering what the heck is going on. Then he spots the falling cube and he breaks into a run hoping to see just waht it is.

Alpha projects a forcefield around herself.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Arafina transmits, "It might /be/ Fusion. Black holes squish good."

Spica raises her hands and glances skywards, the lightning dancing over her form harmlessly. "You didn't have to go to that extreme, Procyon," she retorts, settling her gaze back on him. Another gust of wind arcs up to slow the fall of the dense cube as Spica points to it. "What happened to Saturn?"

Byte looks up immediately. His senses immediately detecting such a gravitonic shift. Gravity and Magnitism are /HIS/ specialties as well... and on the instant... ...Byte vanishes.

Byte then suddenly reappears, above and beyond the location where he felt the gravitonic disturbance that felt like... the Nuclear Winter. A Black Hole. Byte slowly approaches on the gentle rumble of his powers, his eyes intent and ears open for what is taking place.

Byte definitely will not be leaving.

And his eyes peirce the gloom, to lock upon Saturn, Spica, and... what occurs.

Prismatic Spider growls as he kicks the bike into high speed. "Bloody hell.. Black Holes... Hold on everyone!" He kicks the bike into turbo, racing forward towards the sounds of the altercation.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Ricochet transmits, "I dunno if I can. Might just tear my hand off. I'll try, though..."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: :gets ... little ... insistant. ... report."

"Gah -- !" Abby reacts instinctively, yanking his arm away from Serenade and giving her a /shove/. Lightning, grabbing, snow -- it could only get worse. " -- H-h-hands off! I'll move!" And, so he does -- pace picking up to a jog as Alpha takes off, perhaps expecting Ser to follow. "Wh-when did Stardroids -- " A pause for breath -- "Get in-involved with th-this?" Beyond the voices, but there's no sense in mentioning those.

Iris just jitters on the back of Prismatic's bike. "D-d-d-d-d-d." She's shivering too much to offer much more in the way of witty banter.

Ricochet's optics follow Fusion's decending form. He cringes at his orders... he's liable to lose a hand if that thing's got as much mass as Fusion does. However, he'll do his best. He charges towards the falling cube's projected landing area. He's only got one shot at this. Leaping, he attempts to snag it out of the air - hopefully not losing his appendage as a result.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... Repliforcer ... ... half-annihilated ... a Black ... ... by... ... Stardroid. ... ... ... ...It is ... ... ... the ... ... another.

Void Starfish whirls into the area, looking about angrily. Nobody's black hole eats the happy fun phoenix lunchbox except hers! A scowl crosses her brow. "Allright now..." she whisper, "Let's see this Nothing." She transforms into nothingness herself, her cyan arm absorbing the cold constantly.

Void Starfish brings her reflect system online.

Midi just keeps hugging Iris from behind, in that bike-sitting position. Bike going too fast...

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "For Light's sake, don't engage the Stardroids!"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Alpha transmits, "Shutup."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Rigger transmits, "Alpha?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Alpha adds, "Please.", as an afterthought. "Sorry, Rigger."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Rigger transmits, "It's alright, Alpha. Just be careful out there."

Serenade expected the shove, and takes it in stride with her rather impromptu protection of the diplomat. "I don't know. Nor am I sticking around to find out." Unlike everyone else, she's not hanging around to see what they're up to, following Abby once more at a quick trot, plasma pistol in hand just in case. "If this gets bad, I hope you don't mind air travel." Not so subtle warning that she's gonna grab him and flee if things turn in their direction.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider sighs. "We're not in any position to be fighting something that can apparently summon black holes at a whim."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... holes? ... ... ... ... ... Not at all...

Sai eyes the situation warily, but...only blinks one rooftop closer. He wants to be cautious. He's actually pretty much panicked. What he REALLY wants to do is run like all hell...but that's not an option. There's nowhere TO run, after he's going to try and work up the guts to get closer and help. Which will probably take a while.

Procyon ticks his fingers away, one by one clenching them inward, before snapping his thumb against his index finger. With that, Fusion Phoenix is made from a 6 by 6 by 6 cube into a form resembling his true body. Of course, he's about half as light as he use to be, his armor stripped and crushed in many places, looking as if he was just unfolded from the cube he was just in. "Yes, it was necessary. I have business to conduct that I can not be interrupted upon."

Twirling around, Procyon becomes a tornado like whirlwind before disappearing. He reappears just in front of Abernathy, "Is your night here, Abernathy. Are you ready to walk upon a path?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "I can see the figures. ...Two unknown Stardroids. One, however, was the one who half-annihilated the Repliforcer. ...One of them is the Stardroid from the Message."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...One of them can manipulate a force akin to Black Holes."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Void Starfish transmits, "Two can play that game."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, "I can see it Byte. I'm closing in, hey forcers don't go shooting my tail off hummm? If we fight with eachother we are screwed."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...I felt the power. -a pause- ...where?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "Void, don't!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Are you beating up the Stardroids?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...If... I must."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Major Iris transmits, "It w-w-w-w-wouldn't b-b-be p-pr-prudent, at this j-j-j-j-juncture!"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... are your ... ...

Fusion Phoenix is decompressed. And his outer armor is so much chaff. And he has a hole in his gut where he tried to vent the reaction into subspace but it took the reactor with it. Other than that, he's fine. Oh, and he's got greater wind resistance now. So he shouldn't hit quite so hard.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Void Starfish transmits, "Acknowledged. I will not -engage- the stardroid. I merely wish to examine this field."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] A laugh is emitted across the channel. "Try as you must, Byte. TRY!!!"

Well, compared to being 6 by 6 by 6 at least.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Byte yer worthless. Beat up some Stardroids!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Beam Demon transmits, "Silence, Robot Master, unless you intend to assist."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte rumbles ominously.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, "I am here to help with this thing."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Eat a couple of children too like Popeye."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sword Man transmits, "Hrmph. Who are thee, voice? Lay a name to thyself so we may know who to address thee as."

Ricochet blinks. There's only one thing to say to something more than twice as large as you suddenly manifesting from a six-by-six-by-six inch cube.


God bless PG-13 ratings. Ricochet is smacked in mid-air, his leg caught underneith the plumeting thing, as that's all he can really manage as he was about to catch Fusion anyway, not leaving him much, if any room, to escape.

Abernathy glances back over his shoulder once more -- taking in the conflagration atop the rooftop in that one glance. That's all he needs to know -- and turns to face forward aga -- "AHAHAH!" The diplomat skids to an abrupt stop, footing unsure on the sleet-beslimed pavement, as Procyon blinks in before him. Shake the shock, boy. Shake the shock -- worse things have happened, and you need to be alert for this one. " -- Y-you -- v-v-voices ... " Swallow. Breathe. Say something more intelligent. Oh, and not confrontational -- that was a quick route to getting reduced to a thin layer of red jelly on the ground. Still, there's something of the diplomat's spunk that /can't/ be squashed by things even as esoteric as Stardroids. " -- And wh-what path is this?" he hisses, softly, still staring up at the Stardroid -- Serenade completely forgotten. There's an odd light in his eyes, though. Very odd.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Do not confront ... ... I ... ... ... ... ... ... some things ... ... cannot counteract. Otherwise ... trust ... ... ... ... think ... ... ... ... to ... ... ... do so.

Alpha looks behind her as if to make sure Serenade's doing her little duty. And, sigh, Stardroids can teleport. Jerks. Alpha stops her departure to the building and lands on the ground, turning around and walking back to Abernathy and Serenade. "I -know-, Necro. I didn't know -then-, but it's obvious -now-.", she complains to her wings.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Kalinka transmits, "I know! This voice does sound like a coward. He comments taunts, and then he stops."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] "You need no name. Just lie there awake as the shadows look on, think of every act you regret, every dream you've never met. And know the truth is Nigh at hand."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ...As ... ... ... Father.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "But I'm a liar, the truth doesn't apply to me."

Serenade predictably, trains that same pistol on Procyon when he decides to drop in right infront of Abby, sliding to a stop. "Why don't you go pick on your own kind? Not enough sport for you, that you have to pick on diplomats and Repliforcers?" Yes, she's asking for it, but that didn't matter. Ignored or not, she does have to try.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, " are the one who delivered the Message. ...Who /are/ you?"

"Well I'm going to delay you a bit longer. There is no need to have an impact on every being of this world with every step you take," Spica calls down to the other Stardroid before stepping off of the building. She, of course, has a much easier landing than Fusion Phoenix and his rescuers. "Has the time come for Stardroid to go up against Stardroid?" Her hands are splayed in front of her, a chilled cloud forming between them before getting shot around Procyon and Abernathy.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: We ... do ... we ... ... ... our kind's ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... means.

Spica strikes Abernathy with her Cloaking Mist attack.
Abernathy is temporarily disoriented by Spica's Cloaking Mist attack.
Spica misses Procyon with her Cloaking Mist attack.
Spica takes out a medical scanner and scans Abernathy.

Byte vanishes from where he hovers, appearing on the edge of the building's side, hovering upon it. His golden eyes turn downward for a moment, before his head turns back towards the other Stardroid.


His golden eyes flash an instant, before he speaks slowly. "...Are you some part of..." Byte then narrows her eyes as Spica leaps off. Byte then vanishes himself, reappearing on the ground near the scene of the confusion... ...and watches as Stardroid faces Stardroid.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Stardroid versus Stardroid..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, "Fun."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "They are attacking each other?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "Yes. A Female. ...She assails the Messenger."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "About time."

Prismatic Spider calls out, "Okay, brace for it, both of you! This won't be pleasant!" With a flip of a switch, the engine of the hoverbike whirs higher, and it lifts up even farther off the ground, swinging the curved windshield under Ricochet and Fusion, allowing them to impact the reinforced plactics instead of the pavement. The bike immediately protests under the added weight, and the windshield itself cracks and vflattens, causing the Spider Scientist much discomfort as he tries to guide the now unwieldy bike down to the ground, weaving back and forth as he tries to keep it balanced.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Midi transmits, "This is all we need..."

Sword Man looks on as the being blinks and reappears on ground level in front of Abernathy. Eying, he soon finds resolve and forces himself forward, pressing on to make some sense of this whole situation. . o O (My blade be damned, I shall find something worth understanding today...) He then stops, however, as he sees another being seemingly attack it. "What in the..." Of course, this time, he's unable to keep his thoughts inside this time.

Iris clears her throat. "P...P-p-p-p-prismatic, I have F-f-fusion's signal again!" As Prismatic suddenly takes the bike higher, she clings tighter to Midi. "D-d-don't fall kiddo...hang on tight!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "I hope the winner of the battle obliterates you all in attendance just so I can laugh at you losers."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, "So we going to assist?"

Ricochet smashes into the windshield full force, Fusion's weight smacking into his leg. An audible *CRUNCH* is heard as leg armor buckles, and probably a few servos as well. His face twists with sudden pain. Instinctively he clings to the bike, visor protecting his optics from random shards of windshield and Fusion. Orbit is fairly well helpless; transformed and in orb mode on Rico's belt, there isn't much he can do but wait it out until they're back closer to the ground.

Fusion Phoenix comes down heavy. He's dead weight at the moment, but the massive redundancies in his system have managed to keep his nural net supplied with energy. A faint signal comes from his trasnsponder, but not much else.

Midi ain't falling... he's still a bit scared by the whole ride, the cold, black holes, Stardroids, you know, stuff like that. Scary yeah? He just hugs tighter, not much else he can do for the moment, since he can't see too well what's going on...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Are you guys dead yet?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "Guts? You're off the Christmas cookie list."

Snapping a hand above his head, the mist that descends upon Procyon is dismissed with a mild charge of electricity to his immediate area. Looking over to Serenade, Procyon smiles derisively and just waves a hand at her. "Please, I am here to hurt no one so long as they do not interfere with what I've come to do." The words biting out toward Spica obviously, but he offers no return fire. "My friend, your path. Your path is the completion of so much good work you wish to acheive. I can give you that power, if you help me. Help me in that moment when all else is forsaken. Acheive your glory."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "I was on it to begin with?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "What, you haven't gotten the box of cookies Roll sends every year?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Beam Demon transmits, "Tch."

Void Starfish whirls over towards the Stardroids, halting a fair distance away to observe. Come on... suck someone else up so she can get the readings she needs... She's been ordered not to attack... which is the only thing stopping her from trying to squish Fusion's mangler into a 6 by 6 by 6 cube. So instead she bides her time peacefully and attentively.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Nope."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger OOCs 'Somewhere out there, Blues opens a cupboard to look at all the cookie tins he's collected over the years.'

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "Then I'll make sure you get them this year just so you know you won't be getting them again."

Pharaoh Man blinks into the area, the massive activity and Serenade's proximity to it having caught the Robot Master's interest. He is, of course, not surprised to immidiatly find a Stardroid at the center of things, and chaos seemingly insuing. For now, he perches above a rooftop with a small grouping of combat drones he could manage to bring-the Master doesn't hold much clout at the moment with his faction, and was only able to gain authorization to bring his typical guard drones. Patiently, he waits to see when the time may be right to join those down below....

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Good."

Alpha isn't so smart it seems, "I don't care.", she says in reply, "Nothing good ever comes from you...Except for Pac Pac.", the forcefield around her grows in intensity, bits of gravity lashing out around her in random directions as her field intensifies....and then she releases it to -both- the stardroids present, pure gravitational force pushing towards them, and probably doing absolutely nothing. "Go away.", she says, "And stop hiding him!", she needs Abernathy, after all. Greedy jerk. Or maybe just suicidal.

Alpha lowers her forcefield.

Alpha misses Procyon with her Gravity Pulse attack.

Alpha misses Spica with her Gravity Pulse attack.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, "So we going to fight or what and if we do who?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "I recommend not dogpiling the Stardroid with the black hole generator. But then, nobody listens to me."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Stupid Stardroid stabbing ... That ... ... Nrgh. Now I ... to sit ... the ... ...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "I have an idea. Wait until there's a victor. Then attack the remaining Stardroid."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] General transmits, "Did... any of you attempt to speak with this entity?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ricochet transmits, "Fusion tried."

Iris says, "I n-n-never thought I'd be asking t-this, but....are we THERE y-yet?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Actions first, talk later."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Fusion was turned into a small cube of material at whim apparently."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] General transmits, "*considers* What were his exact statements before he was compacted? Did he contact it?"

Ricochet grits his teeth at the pain, trying to hold onto the bike being guided down. "...thanks, Prismatic." he grates out. "Think my leg's busted."

Byte throws his arm forward, his voice roaring out... ...but to Spica. "FEMALE!!! ...Do not listen to his words. Deny him! ...The Darkness in which we walk is temptation incarnate, but it is as nothing without its Light. The Void /IS/ truly nothing without the Existance to fill it! Deny him... or spiral down untill the darkness consumes every last shread of you untill nothing is left but an eternity of being alone in your own self-made Darkness!"

...That is a change, now isn't it? ...But then, if anyone would know about the Void, Byte would. Byte looks at the Messenger then, his arms slowly rising. "...Messenger. ...Your Void makes the Darkness within me appear as Shadow... ...But even you should see that without your Yang you are meaningless in your existance!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Beam Demon transmits, "Actions speak louder then words, General. Your own soldier's fate is proof that dipolmacy may not be possible in this situation."

Prismatic Spider grunts as he brings down the vehicle, and sets it to stand mode. However, as he's still pinned under the bent windshield, there isn't much he can do at the moment tan wait for somoeone to get the Reploids off of the top of him...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "All along I've been telling you idiots to act first instead of talk. But does anyone listen to the Robot Masters? Nope. Well I'm glad you got what was coming to you for being arrogant and thinking only your plans matter."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Fusion Phoenix manages a weak transmission on reserve power, "... ow ..."

Void Starfish sends a radio transmission to Byte.

Byte receives a radio transmission from Void Starfish.

You intercept Void Starfish's transmission to Byte: You contain a singularity as well?

Midi still holding on to Iris. Bike going very fast! Cold-cold-cold-cold-cold!

Iris is kind of small for the task, but she helps get the nice Reploids off of poor Prismatic regardless, as best she can.

Sword Man continues to walk forward, a forced confidence in his step, approaching the Stardroids, even as the attacks come in clear. Finally, he speaks. "What is the meaning of this? Who be thee, and what prophecy have you been brought to lay down? What are you hear for?" He knows he likely won't get a straight answer. Past encounters have made it clear many SDs aren't straight talkers. However, he is hungry for answers, and he wants them now.

Not nearly so fortunately empowered as either Stardroid, the diplomat throws up an arm -- shielding against the mist that sweeps up and giving a shuddery noise of distaste as it envelopes him. Well, isn't this how paths are always chosen? In the dark, without anyone to advise you? Abernathy hadn't been much one to rely solely on faith -- he'd never /had/ much faith -- but ... but ... For some, the lure of power proves a siren song, something undeniable no matter what the danger. Unfortunate that someone who seemed so innured to such things otherwise has one, little, exploitable weak spot -- but then, trust a Stardroid again to know what the weakness might be. Take the apple. Take knowledge. Know good from evil for once in your life ... take the apple. Take free choice.

" -- Y-you drive a h-h-hard bargain," comes the soft murmur from the mist-enshrouded diplomat -- and he waves one arm at the clearing fog, listening for a moment to those without the mist. What did this matter to /them/? " -- B-but I accept! T-take m-my aid as you h-have n-need of it!"

Midi ISN'T scared by the fast bike anymore... no. But he did forget to let go of Iris it seems. Yeah...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "General. To Seoul. ...I know not what this Messenger is going... ...but he tries to tempt the other Stardroid to his side."

Ricochet slides out from under Fusion. "Gah." He hits the ground with a thud. Orbit transforms and materializes to his side. "Damn leg..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, "Then the messenger is our target?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...with the easy he dispatched the Repliforcer... ...I would not suggest armed confrontation"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Quickly General! Put that giant butt of yours into overdrive!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "That does not bode well. And yes, Byte, I agree."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...If weapons cannot help us, then the Words of the Wise must do."

"Don't do it!" Spica calls into her own mist, abating it with a wave of her hand. "The promise of greatness isn't so great. There are many more costs than any one being can expect, and still many pitfalls after the rise if it is chosen. The path is made all the steeper with this choice."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Going by this channel, we're screwed, then."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Beam Demon transmits, "... Guts Man. Report to Tartarus immediately. Whether you accept my challange or not, I cannot allow your stupidity to plague us any longer. Perhaps when occupied with combat, your voice will stop plagueing our radios."

Pharaoh Man sends a radio transmission.
Serenade receives a radio transmission from Pharaoh Man.
You intercept Pharaoh Man's transmission to Serenade: Well, Serenade, of what side shall the children of Amun-Wily take here? Of Spica, or of this newcomer?

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Sorry but I have strict orders to remain in tip top shape to prepare for the Stardroids. I can't be bothered with low life scum like you."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Beam Demon transmits, "This is -not- a request."

It would seem Pharaoh Man is not the only one making a teleportation entrance. While the usual crimson beam is there, the normal musical accompanyment is absent. If, like the Robot Master, Blues is surprised to find a Stardroid presence, it is well hidden behind his usual lack of expression. Having appeared at the same locale, the First Android moves up next to Ra, ignoring the drones and looking down at the scene below.

Obvious by his silence, he isn't one for pleasantries or greetings.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Well you're not Bass or Wily so you can't really tell me what to do. So I've got two butt cheeks here telling you to piss off."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Beam Demon transmits, "You're a robot. You don't have buttcheeks."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man moons over the radio fartily fart sounds!

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ballade transmits, "Maverick? Do you /really/ wish to be the reason Bass annihilates Europe?"

Pharaoh Man sends a radio transmission to Serenade.
Serenade receives a radio transmission from Pharaoh Man.
You intercept Pharaoh Man's transmission to Serenade: Serenade, you couldn't be serious.......

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Beam Demon transmits, "Bass wouldn't get through the flak cannon defenses, Elite."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "That sounds like a challenge to me."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sigma transmits, "...Beam Demon."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sigma transmits, "Do you remember Dr. Doppler's orders?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ballade transmits, "Then you are a fool."

Serenade sends a radio transmission to Pharaoh Man.
Pharaoh Man receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Pharaoh Man: I am serious. If only for the reason that if I succeed, our father will have an inside source on this ... nothing. In whatever strange way, I trust Abernathy, and he will be useful.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Beam Demon transmits, "....... *explosion* Standing down."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sigma transmits, "Thank you."

Rising around Abernathy is a solid yet invisible forcefield, just before everything else goes insane.

Gravity, it is a wonderous thing that has now been stripped from the area around everyone. Not enough to send everyone off into space, but to make you all begin to rise above the ground floating up and slightly to the side from the rotation of the world. "Ignorance. That is absolutely without a doubt the most common thing in many of your comrades, my Abernathy. For instance, Alpha and Byte. They know not what they speak of, and strike at me without provacation. Fusion Phoenix would not heed a simple request for him to leave. And now, I simply will have to show them why they should stop and /learn/ before striking out in word and in deed." While the gravity for everyone remains non existant, it suddenly comes back for Byte and Alpha, with alarming force.

Procyon strikes Alpha with his Gravity Reverse attack.

Procyon strikes Byte with his Gravity Reverse attack.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Repair ... report ... the Heavy Command ... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I ... ... ... clear ... all troops are ... to ... the stardroid. ... get ... ... video feed.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: :sighs. "Drones are on their way."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ...

Procyon sends a radio transmission to Spica.
Spica receives a radio transmission from Procyon.
You intercept Procyon's transmission to Spica: As for you. You know not what you speak of. You assume things of me, that you can not possibly understand, and assume loyalties that are not there. We shall talk of this.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ballade transmits, "Interesting. Finally shortening their leashes, Sigma?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: And inform ... ... Commander that ... apologize for ... hole ... his ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: And ... you ... ... combat ... I'm no ... ... hang out in ... ... else ... ... ...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Sigma's the pimp daddy, gotta keep his hos in order before they run wild."

Fusion Phoenix starts floating. That should make him easyer to move.

Pharaoh Man sends a radio transmission.
Serenade receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Pharaoh Man's transmission to Serenade: Then you shall have my aid, sister.

General arrives from the Outskirts of Seoul.
General has arrived.

Iris stares at Fusion's floating form, then looks over at Prismatic. "Uh. Are you doing that? Or is he?"

Serenade floats. Yay. But she's still hanging around. Like hell she's just going to abandon someone who was watching her dog for her. "Sure, ignorance. Is it ignorance when we lack the time to learn? It's not the student's fault when the teacher's lesson plans suck, you know." Whee. Antigravity's ... weird, yo.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Ug. Trying.

Byte closes his eyes the moment Procyon turns his attention to himself and Alpha. The feeling of the gravitonic energies are immense... ...greater then anything Byte could ever weild on his own. Byte's eyes close as his arms spread, trying to control himself as well... ...but to no avail. Byte's mouth opens as he /YELLS/ in pain!!


And Byte collapses as Reality is returned, slaming hard to the ground, collapsing to one knee. A gasp comes from his open maw, and breath to cool internal systems is drawn in at a rapid pace. Byte slowly raises his head, and locks his eyes on Procyon.

...Nothing but Hatred fills them now.

Byte sends a radio transmission.
Void Starfish receives a radio transmission from Byte.
You intercept Byte's transmission to Void Starfish: ...Yes. I can... ...Tell me your plan, Repliforce.

Ricochet sends a radio transmission to General.
General receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Ricochet's transmission to General: You getting this, sir?

Procyon sends a radio transmission.
Void Starfish receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Procyon's transmission to Void Starfish: You, gravity conjourer. You seek to study my powers. Yet, your processor can't even come close to comprehending my power. Such pity I have for you.

"D-d-don't /tell/ me wh-what to choose, St-stardroid!" is Abernathy's only -- albiet shaky -- response to Spica.

And then everything goes haywire.

As the mist dissipates, and Procyon begins to speak, the diplomat -- glances back, then turns to face the assembled -- and floating -- horde. That odd light is still in his eyes, his jaw clenched slightly as he watches both Byte and Alpha tossed toward the ground with force probably greater that 32 feet per second per second. What had he unleashed ... ? More importantly, what cost would /this/ come at to him. " ... I-ignorance is excusable. W-willful ignorance is not," he murmurs softly, in assent.

Serenade sends a radio transmission to Pharaoh Man.

Pharaoh Man receives a radio transmission.

You intercept Serenade's transmission to Pharaoh Man: Be careful.. I imagine this may be like the Pendant races ... he may forget everyone around him in favor of power.

Midi yeeeps as gravity suddenly stops working. Instead of letting go of Iris, he hugs tighter. "Wh-what's going on?" This is all gone beyond the poor little Reploid, he's a genius, but a HACKING genius. Save figuring out the greater mysteries of the Universe to someone else. He does, however, narrow his eyes, his radio interception is picking up some interesting conversations, particularly from the Stardroids...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte's yell of pain fills the channel for a lone moment... ...before being replaces with heavy, pained breathing. "...You... ...will pay... ...for that... ...Stardroid."

Ra speaks into his comm. headset, and gives a solemn nod. He motions to his drones, and they follow him as he leaps from the rooftop, blinking downwards to come before Procyon and Abernathy, near Serenade. The drones themselves leave small craters as they land, with their metallic bulk, before hurridly charging their weapons, and taking a defensive position between those also gathered, and the diplomat, centered on Ra. " Stand down Hunter....Maverick. You attack unprovoked, without reason, and even moreso, agianst a trusted comrade of my sister and fellow Robot Master. Such a blow is not to be tolerated. "

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "So much for not attacking it."

Sword Man attempts to step foward...however he soons find himself unable to move under his own power, gravity taking it's leave from both his upper and lower halves. Growing more irritable as this goes on, he shouts out to the figure. "Ignorance for lack of one to convey the knowledge necessary. We want to learn, we are here to learn, others in more unorthodox methods than others. We are here to understand what to make of this whole situation dropped upon our backs. So if you wish us to ascend from our ignorance, perhaps it is time for the sufficient knowledge to be given." He puts on a stone serious face right now. Not a forced stoicism out of fear, but a true annoyance, a face of someone simply fed up with everything around them at the moment.

Pharaoh Man then glances slowly towards Serenade, with a look of 'I hope you know what you are doing'

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...I'm... ...holding. Even if he struck the first blow..."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... being prepared.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...This ... strikes ... ... from only ... words.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...Such ... ...I ... never felt its like.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "So...You let him hit you. Why is that?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Ask again once experiance grants you knowledge."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... comin' through?

Void Starfish sends a radio transmission.
Byte receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Void Starfish's transmission to Byte: I'm going to begin transferring power to you through that subspace frequency. If you are taken inside, I shall rotate around you and take your place, and attempt to absorb the singularity into my own.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Maybe I ... come out ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: He is maintaining an Anti-gravity ... across an ... ... ... ...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "I would have blasted it to peices before it got that far, thanks."

Iris wriggles away from the clinging Midi. She's only ever let ONE Reploid call her Mommy, and that poor little soul is no longer living. "Enough already," she chatters. "I told you, if I knew what this was all about, I would have told you a long time ago!" She stares toward the Stardroids, squinting her eyes. "What are they trying to do now, fight him? Idiots...if they ARE attacking..."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: :sighs.

Ra speaks into his comm. headset, and gives a solemn nod. He motions to his drones, and they follow him as he leaps from the rooftop, blinking downwards to come before Procyon and Abernathy, near Serenade. His drones stay behind, not having the locomative abilities needed as they float silently in the anti-gravity. " Stand down Hunter....Maverick. You attack unprovoked, without reason, and even moreso, agianst a trusted comrade of my sister and fellow Robot Master. Such a blow is not to be tolerated. "

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...impressive. ... ... ... ... would be enormous...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Be careful. He maintains an Anti-gravity feild across an entire section of Seoul."

Spica uses her own powers to compensate for the sudden lack of gravity. "We speak on parallel topics, Procyon," she comments, watching Abernathy closely. "And those that think they can compensate for the strengths of a Stardroid need only to look at the fallen one from an hour ago. His situation but a thought in passing for us." The latter comment seems to be directed at a specific set of people.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Can't you use your gravity powers to counter-attack?"

Ricochet grimmaces, trying to keep his head level so that General can get a good view of the scene. "Prismatic... I think my servos're fried, I dunno if I can walk." He tries to drag himself up next to the bike. Orbit scurries around - there isn't much else the robochu can do.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...At his level of Power? ...Not... ...likely."

Alpha says, "I know all about ignorance.", carelessly, "I don't care about your war. You have nothing I could care about. Except him.", she is smashed face first into the ground, but Alpha uses her gravitational system to lessen the force. And it still hurts...Alpha grunts verbally as she struggles up to throw the force of gravity off her, manipulating gravitational forces so she can still look at Procyon. "I don't care about provocation. Don't touch him. Don't manipulate him. Maybe I'm ignorant, but maybe that's why I'm the only one who is doing something..."

Alpha muses. The other stardroid tried to disorient him with ice, didn't she? "At least I'm not crying when I see you...Or hiding in a little hole.", Angie expands outward, growing, and then the wing curves around her body and ice mist is once again directed against Procyon. Enough that some balls of ice form as they attempt to impact against Procy's form along witth the mist itself, trying to freeze him into place. Alpha floats lightly as tries to fight the gravity off of her. And she downright ignores Spica.

Byte sends a radio transmission to Void Starfish.
Void Starfish receives a radio transmission from Byte.
You intercept Byte's transmission to Void Starfish: Understood. ...An excelent notion. ...Hold for now.

Alpha strikes Procyon with her Heavenly Snow Angel attack.

Void Starfish sends a radio transmission.
Procyon receives a radio transmission from Void Starfish.
You intercept Void Starfish's transmission to Procyon: I do not conjure gravity, I release it. I also contain an infinity, perhaps not unlike the one you have displayed. Obviously I cannot match your sophistication... but I wish to learn.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... appears that ... are going ... ... ...

Midi reluctantly lets go, but he doesn't like this anti-gravity thing, that's for sure. "I dunno... but I think they are trying SOMETHING... I don't think that trying to fight them right now is the way to go either..." Pity Midi can't contribute anything to this situation, only watching from the sidelines, maybe an opprotunity will arise...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "What if we sent Gravity Man to help you out?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: En ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... go in.

Abernathy sends a radio transmission to Alpha.
Alpha receives a radio transmission from Abernathy.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Alpha: D-don't be a fool, Hunter! D-don't get yourself /k-killed/ on my account!

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I'm ... ... Byte's ... ... ... ... ... Please ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... the ... some ... ... ... anyway.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Belay ... Void.

Regulus has arrived.

Procyon sends a radio transmission to Void Starfish.
Void Starfish receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Procyon's transmission to Void Starfish: You can never learn what I have learned. If you did, your mind would explode and you would be nothing. You can not understand the facets of the past as one who /is/ the past, present, and future of time and space itself. I surf its edges, feel it through me. I /am/ it.

Procyon brings his reflect system online.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... sorry ... General... ... ... late to abort the ... ... orders..." ...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Perhaps. His help would be useful. ...but... ...Fighting this thing as we must in the middle of a major city would cost the lives of many innocent Reploids."

Void Starfish sends a radio transmission to Byte.
Byte receives a radio transmission from Void Starfish.
You intercept Void Starfish's transmission to Byte: The General has ordered me not to proceed. I must break the connection. My apologies.

Byte sends a radio transmission to Void Starfish.
Void Starfish receives a radio transmission from Byte.
You intercept Byte's transmission to Void Starfish: ...Good luck to you, Repliforce.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ballade transmits, "Not to mention the humans, androids, and cyborgs."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Well then get the UN to start evacuating them."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Beam Demon transmits, "And innocent humans as well. Remember, Byte, not all are akin to those we fight to end the tyranny thereof."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "It's obvious that this Stardroid is destructive. And if you just leave it there then those people are dead anyway."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Beam Demon transmits, "...Though the kind I speak of. Those worth saving. They are surprisingly ... few in number..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "And how do you propose evacuating a city currently under the influence of anti-gravity?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... will ... ... this ... Void.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... fight was elsewhere... ...The General could ... Cannon... ... much as ... ... ... ... death of the UN by ... destruction ... Seoul... ...That would ... the lives of many innocent reploids. ...If ... ... ... are there. Avoid ... ... ... ... Combat.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Bahahahaha, the UN. That's a good one. They're probably in a commitee right now deciding if they should do anything. By the time a decision has come to the city will either be destroyed or the Stardroids gone. Heheheheh, the UN."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "You can still move in zero-gravity, no?"

Void Starfish sends a radio transmission.
Procyon receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Void Starfish's transmission to Procyon: My mind has exploded before. I'm quite used to it. I know some of the mechanics... please teach me what I -can- understand, and perhaps I can intuit the rest without understanding? It is my purpose to be nothing... and as nothing, to still be.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Beam Demon transmits, " kill... rising..."

Pharaoh Man can barely hold position having to blink here and there to avoid floating randomly off on a tangent. " Damnable Hunter...." he snaps, " See you not what this is about? Not of your pathetic need to fight, to, this is a battle of heavenly proportions. Not agianst chaos or order, but agianst the higher powers that are agianst existance. Enlightenment may be the only key to survival, or it could be its destruction....." Ra calls out to Alpha.

And then, The Pharaoh does something unlike him, remember something tasked to him by Regulus. " I will do what is demanded by honor, and defend those who are allied with my own. Namely this diplomate and his...." The Master of Sands ponders as to what to call Procyon, and curiously, he finds an oddly fitting word. "...friend."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "I hope those Stardroids kill off a couple million reploids while they're in Seoul."

Alpha sends a radio transmission.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Alpha's transmission to Abernathy: ...Strength doesn't matter.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Worthless pieces of junk."

Raising a hand, Procyon returns gravity to what it should be, gently no less. "I am not here to fight. And if you persist to attack me, I shall wipe out your entire group now and here with a single thought to what true blinding light brings."

Sighing heavily, Procyon glares toward Spica for a long moment as he considers everything said, "Come Spica. Come and follow. Follow as Abernathy has choosen. And learn that I offer no manipulation, no hidden agenda. I offer knowledge. The knowledge of what past, present, and future brings to all. Knowledge that my former comrades of Eclipse, Luna, and Starlight once brought. Knowledge I now possess. Let us stop our fighting, let us stop our bickering, albeit it is probably harder for some here who have ingrained hatred against each other. Let us set aside our differences." Procyon grins as Void implores him through radio, "And let us not be stupid as this one has been, and ask for something that is simply not something they can handle."

Ricochet attempts to force himself to his feet. "Iris..." he says, his foot sparking. "*BWIPBWIP!*" <Careful, Rico...> the two keep their optics focused on the Stardroids so General can keep a good view of the scene. "How's Fusion?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... don't ... we ... any ... to ... Guts Man ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... want ... ... ... some Semtex down ... throat.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Bass transmits, "Your Shark has not made an appearance, demon ... if you need to fight, fight me."

Abernathy sends a radio transmission to Alpha.
Alpha receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Alpha: It isn't a m-matter of strength, it's a m-matter of you b-b-being a /fool/! Stand d-down!

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Beam Demon transmits, "Metal Shark is not my concern. And neither are you, Force Leader."

Serenade cackles, slowly drifting upside down. "Me? friends? There's a thought!" She's still here, at least. And more concerned than she looked; but she wasn't going to raise weapon against any stardroid until she understood more about this game, and what the rules were. If there were any rules to begin with. "Nah, really, if this is all about what Abernathy chooses, let him choose. It's his right." And as the gravity comes back on, her thrusters likewise ignite, keeping her from crashing into the ground.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "Do /you/ want to attempt the evacuation of tens of thousands of people who have never tred to move in anti-gravity condisitions before? I must agree with Byte. While I personally would enjoy the sight of the UN headquarters destroyed to its companant atoms, there are simply too many reploids in the way."

Alpha sends a radio transmission to Abernathy.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Alpha's transmission to Abernathy: ... Are you sure you want to follow him?

Procyon strikes Void Starfish with his Lapis Elixir attack.

Void Starfish is temporarily disoriented by Procyon's Lapis Elixir attack.

Void Starfish successfully reflects Lapis Elixir.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Guts Man. Bass spoke of Respect and Mutual concord. ...I, personaly, expect the same from you. ...Or the Godmachine will do to Africa what Bass threatens to do to Europe. ...And yes, Bass. ...He /shall/. ...Even if I must bring him in a Box."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Bass transmits, "You have the charming arrogance of many I have seen, Demon. Will you show and prove, or not?"

Iris hmms, turning to look at Rico and Orbit for a moment, then turns back to rather dutifully inspect Fusion. "I don't know, but I can find out..."

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
Alpha receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Alpha: ... Listen t-to Serenade, Hunter. M-my choice. I wouldn't h-have made it if I didn't want to f-follow him.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Beam Demon transmits, "I repeat, you are of no interest to me."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "Metal Shark, that is."

Fusion Phoenix looks trashed. But he can be fixed... with a lot of work though.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Whatever you do. Don't attack Cairo!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Now... ...Control your brothers, please? ...You know me well enough to know that I will keep my word."

"When you want to speak to me without interruption, merely make yourself known to me. I will come soon enough," Spica comments to her fellow Chaotic. "And I will only consider what you say. For now, I leave you to handle these beings." As she finishes speaking, her form shifts to a mist -- very similar to that would cloaked Procyon and Abernathy previously -- before dissipating.

Alpha sends a radio transmission to Abernathy.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Alpha's transmission to Abernathy: You're stuttering.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Please for Wily's sake! Don't attack Cairo! I've got too many business' in Cairo!"

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
Alpha receives a radio transmission from Abernathy.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Alpha: *laughter* I'm b-bloody /c-cold/, Alpha!

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Bass transmits, "Beam Demon has made a challenge to Guts Man. Guts Man has been ordered not to accept. I will be happy to let him work off some of his free-floating aggression in the Pit."

Iris smirks. "Well..." She studies the readings for a moment, then puts her scanner away, looking over at Ricochet. "He looks TERRIBLE!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Beam. That is between you and the Force Leader."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Beam Demon transmits, "Force Leader, you are not Guts Man. I have no aggression towards you. Your offer is charitable, but I must refuse."

And another Stardroid chooses this time to arrive. Unlike is past appearances, however, Regulus doesn't arrive in a flash of light. Instead, the quality of night far overhead shifts slightly, revealing from that darkness a cloaked shape drifting on wings of black. Furling those wings, Regulus settles on the roof of a building nearby. He glides over to the edge, and the silver mask of his face turns downwards, towards those in the square... particularly Procyon.

"Past, present and future," he muses to himself. "But he is not here. With one here and speaking, he should be here..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Metal Man transmits, "Who is still fuctional?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Beam Demon transmits, "I am a patient reploid. Guts Man shall face justice from the muzzle of my Demo Bazooka sooner or later."

Orbit snorts. "*BWIP*" <We gathered that, I think...> he hops over and pats Fusion's head a bit. "Can he be fixed?" Rico asks.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "What's a Demo Bazooka? Haven't gotten the real thing yet?"

Pharaoh Man calmly floats downwards, and uses his weak dash jets to maintain a slight hover.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Beam Demon transmits, "Demo is short for Demolition."

Byte stares at the scene intently now, slowly rises up into the air once more. Gravity control is /still/ one of his specialties, as is the Magnetic drives. As Spica shifts into a mist... ...and vanishes... Byte's eyes narrow, glowing golden. Slowly he forces himself to stand, mechfluid floating in globlets from the corner of his mouth in the Zero-G.

Byte merely waits, and watches... ...even while the hum of his various drives begins to increase.

Alpha lands on the ground lightly, Necro growing slightly, but she pauses as she hears a few statements. She blinks just once, and looks towards Abernathy, "...", she then looks towards Procyon, "...Fine.", her wings shrink to their normal sizes. "...But I'm not hiding before you. You will return Abernathy when his service to you is completed safely and unharmed.", she demands? Yikes. Cocky Alpha. Then again, she seems to be holding back now, likely due to the radio transmissions from Abernathy. And then she glances up to Regulus.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Still waiting for your real weapons huh? I pity you."

Prismatic Spider pulls himself out from under the crushed cockpit of the hoverbike and moves to assist, pulling out a scanner of his own and checking both Fusion and Ricochet. The scans report back about what he expected. "Fusion will live, but the rest of his body is more or less destroyed. We need to get him back."

Iris nods. "Oh, of course he can, of course!" she tells Ricochet cheerfully. "Just...not here."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "The Female Stardroid has withdrawn."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Bass transmits, "Very well. If you will not fight me, then cease antagonizing Guts Man. He is preparing in his own way for the conflict to come. And I will continue to await Metal Shark."

Abernathy falls silent, tapping briefly at the same spot on his jaw as he watches the Stardroids exchange attacks, invective, and abuse with the surroundings. Already the ravens were coming home to roost on this choice -- but that didn't mean /he/ had to account for how others chose to react to what he'd done. Oh no. Perhaps a little simple advice was in order, but nothing more. Nothing more. But seeing Alpha relent from her course of action causes him to nod, just slightly. Good.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... arguing ... him Commander. He won't listen no ... ... ... ...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Beam Demon transmits, "Then, Force Leader, tell Guts Man to cease in antagonizing us."

Midi just continues to hover around, not really doing anything but watching. Just as another Stardroid enters the scene, he does nothing but watch. Eventually the realization hits him, after seeing everything that has come about over the past while. All he thought he knew, all the skill he thought he had, in the end... "...I really don't know anything, do I?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...And another Stardroid has come..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sigma transmits, "...If Metal Shark does not show on his own, Bass, I will be quite willing to deliver him to you."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Serenade transmits, "Anyone else get the impression that these Stardroids can't do much on their own without coming to us for help in a not so roundabout way?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Which one?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...A Male. Winged."

Sword Man lands down, used to odd landings like this, though his torso accidently clangs with his lower half before righting itself. Staring back up at the unknown figure suspiciously. HOwever, Regulus's arrival soon catches his eye and he peers toward the new arrival, wondering what is to come next. For now...he just waits and lays silent, taking all that has happened in.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Bass transmits, "Your good will is promising, Emperor. But I will wait all the same."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Eh, shoot it. Only nice ones I've met have been female."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I know. ... there ... ... ... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... the Stardroids are ... Seoul.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... Leader is ... more ... a conversation ... then Guts Man you ...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Serenade, I've been saying it from the starts. Stardroids are pretty incompetent."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... course ... ... ... ... ... it's a waste ... ... ... ... ... ... who ... under Wily. But ... floats your boat sir.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Alpha transmits, "I agree."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "For Godly beings they're pretty wussy if they need our help to battle another God. It's like if Byte here needed our help to win a pie eating contest."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Serenade giggles.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... stereotype ... ... ... ... ... ... experiance ... the sons of ... ... me too ... they are ... more ... ... ... ... ... ... for ... a tortured ... ... all ... ... which we ... ... ... It's ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... Oh?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... the Medbay.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...Is it ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Is ... ... ... ... nice'? ... chuckle*

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... talking ... ...

Procyon sends a radio transmission to Blues.
Blues receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Procyon's transmission to Blues: I know what you want. I know what your deepest desire is. We shall talk later, when easedropping individuals, Midi, are not listening in.

Ricochet nods, attempting to balance himself on his damaged leg. He's rather obviously limping badly.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... say ... ... ... Quantum ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I sometimes ... why ... did not atomize ... Man that day ... Russia. It ... ... ... mercy ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Star ... droid?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: WE'RE GONNA DIE! ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Have ... ... ... a rock the ... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... Kitsune ... say hello ... this ... for ...

Void Starfish's eyes widen and pupils dilate as the data dump from the stardroid begins. She grits her teeth, and starts flickering for a moment. "Error in module four-oh-one, four-oh-six, five-three-eight..." The power of the transmission erupts from her again as its shadow returns from her void, lancing back to the Stardroid. There's a sharp crack of gravity, so brief as to not do any damage, but tangible, and the starfish falls to the ground, flickering in and out of subspace. "pretty colors..." She sputters and vanishes.

Void Starfish brings her reflect system offline.

Void Starfish activates her stealth mode.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Can I finish fainting after ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... may.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I see ... ... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... the event I ... ... ... ... this ... ... be ... that ... funeral is ... lavish one.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: :shifty-eyes ... Certainly."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... "It ... I ... ... you will ... fine however."

Midi blinks, eep. So much for trying to get an ear in on the subject, he should have known the Stardroids knew he was listening. Still, that last bit has him wondering... should he step in and say anything? Or would that just get him crushed like Fusion. He's no where near as sturdily built, he can't take an attack like that. Decisions...

Iris takes a look at Ricochet, and shrugs a little bit. "There isn't much that can be done, way out here. It's going to have to wait until we're back at the base with all the equipment. In the meantime I can let you have a pain-blocker, if that will make it more bearable."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Is Seoul nuked yet? We could always use another huge crater like Vancouver. Then we could fill it up with cheese and have the world's largest nacho cheese container."

[RADIO: (B) World] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "YAY!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "OOC mis"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... I ... My ... goes down everh time that ... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...Ignore him. ... ... his ... in your ... circuitry ... ... must. ... ... us have ...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "YAY!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Do you like nachos Ditz?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... never found ... one ... ... ... -grating- ...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Yes!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Do you like football?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Sure!"

Ricochet grimmaces. "Alright, but adjust it so it won't dilute anything, if you can. Gonna need wits out here..."

Receiving a transmission from a Stardroid has almost the same effect on Protoman that most things do. That is to say, none. His face might as well be fashioned from metal, for all the lack of expression it usually experiences.

the 'almost', however, means one thing does change. His posture goes from watchful but unconcerned, to almost defensive. Where there was once a fully functioning hand, now there is an instrument of destruction; The Protobuster.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Well say Ditz. How would you like to come over to my house and have some nachos while we watch football?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "I'd love it!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Narf!"

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
Alpha receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Alpha: ...G-good.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sigma transmits, "Taking a break from your rigorous training Guts Man?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "That probably is his rigorous training."

Prismatic Spider nods towards the diminuative Midi. "There's a lot to say... And this isn't the best time to explain it." He moves to heft the large Reploid... And grunts. "I won't be able to move him by myself..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Why is Guts training Rigger?"

Iris smirks. (Do this, do that, blah blah,) she thinks as she affixes a pain-blocker to Ricochet's leg. (And make it snappy, too. Oh, and could I have fries with that? Yes sir, please drive through. Jeeze! Does my nametag say 'Servant'? This sucks.) "There you go!" she says cheerfully. "Shouldn't hinder the movement at all."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sigma transmits, "He's n...ah...*cough*"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Who needs to train when yer as strong and perfect like me? I'm just on the reserve list waiting for the orders to destroy inferior Stardroids and people who would want to aid them."

Ricochet nods. He manages a bit of a smile. "Thanks, Iris."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "So why weren't you out there destroying the Stardroids tonight? And didn't I see footage of Duo blowing you into Energy Rings back when he was still on earth?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sigma transmits, "Ah. Who is playing, in the football game, then?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Can I play?"

Abernathy sends a radio transmission to Serenade.
Serenade receives a radio transmission from Abernathy.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Serenade: I'm gratified to see at least /one/ of my 'protectors' isn't ... being a fool.

Serenade sends a radio transmission to Abernathy.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission from Serenade.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Abernathy: Hey, your choices are your own, be it Stardroid or whatever. Nobody should be saying you're wrong or right for it.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Because I have orders not to engage the Stardroids until I'm told to dumb ass. And the only reason I e-ringed when Duo was here was because I was deemed the biggest threat out on the field. I was the one who softened him up for you jerkwads to take him down."

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
Serenade receives a radio transmission from Abernathy.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Serenade: *laughter* You're a g-good woman, Lady Serenade.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I wish ... ... ... ... ... ...

Serenade sends a radio transmission.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission from Serenade.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Abernathy: I pretend to be, anyway. Still cold?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... I ... ... ... ... hiding.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... glad ... not actually singing...

Abernathy huddles down within his trenchcoat, still chilled by the current OAT. Ahh, but it was worth it. Maybe. Now, if the shivering would just quit -- but while he's waiting on that, there's ample distraction in the dramas unspooling round about the area.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "... Is it possible to pre-build a replacement body so that there's little time wasted after you e-ring, Guts? In this case it might prove helpful."

Abernathy sends a radio transmission to Serenade.
Serenade receives a radio transmission from Abernathy.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Serenade: Still cold. It's getting better.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "You'd actually want him around?"

Iris smiles, feeling just a tad guilty for getting so grouchy. (I need to be more of a people person, that's what it is,) she thinks. (Either that, or this whole 'end of the world' thing is just beginning to grate on my nerves. Nothing, indeed.)

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "I'm sure she'd want me around rather than you."

Serenade sends a radio transmission.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Abernathy: Well, if that stick-weilding fellow lets you go, I -did- bring you a warmer jacket. I just can't walk through forcefields.

Alpha just, like, waits to see if her question/demand will be responded to, or if Procyon is going to kill her, or Abernathy, or if Regulus is.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "He has a point. He is one of the heaviest hitters around."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "I sent Libra packing twice during the first invasion. Which is more than I can say about you."

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
Serenade receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Serenade: ... We'll s-see what happens.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Well, I wasn't built when the Stardroids first showed up."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Software Pirate Man transmits, "Arr, Guts Man be able to hold his own in any port-o'-call in this here universe!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "That's your excuse for everything."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sigma laughs softly.

Serenade sends a radio transmission to Abernathy.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission from Serenade.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Abernathy: I'm patient. Eventually they'll go away. If they don't take you with them, you can have the coat. And a drink, I can imagine you're gonna need it.

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
Serenade receives a radio transmission from Abernathy.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Serenade: N-no need to coddle me, but a drink might be nice.

Serenade sends a radio transmission.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Abernathy: Coddle you nothing. I owe you for taking care of Acoustic for me, remember?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Stupid ... ... ... any way to squelch one ... ...

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
Serenade receives a radio transmission from Abernathy.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Serenade: I d-do. You may want to take her back, after this. And don't think you'll g-get off lightly with just a drink or two.

Procyon of course notices the build up of power, and just sighs heavily. "Now, look, another has started to do something monumentally stupid and /knowingly ignorant/. Byte for instance, is now powering up his weapons to strike at me? /DESPITE/ my call for civility. Such poor, poor manners. We'll show what this calls for then." With a hand, a ball a foot in diameter forms, its crackling with gravitic energies and hovers above the ground. Another object forms, a baseball bat, in his waiting hands. Hovering up directly above Byte, he reaches back in a classic baseball pose, and cracks the ball toward Byte, the condensed gravity well of a thousand suns powering the ball itself as it drives toward Byte. And then, as if nothing untoward has happened, Procyon turns back toward those who've asked questions or demands. "Fear not, no harm shall come from my hands to anyone who has the enlightment to help me or follow me. And all shall be answered in due time.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Turn off the frequency?

Midi notices Proto Man's reaction, oh great, this won't be any good. One of the most deadly and unpredictable androids on earth, going up against unimaginable powerful forces from outside the earth. Midi heard what Procyon said to Proto, and now seeing Proto's reaction, he can't help but drop the silence now. He just hopes he doesn't regret this.

Jumping up from his spot where he was thrown to the ground, he tries to get in a position where Proto and Procyon can hear him, he doesn't want to waste time trying to radio them both at once "Please Mr.Proto Man! Don't attack them! Don't listen to them, just..." He pauses, he has no idea what to say. He turns to Procyon "Please... just... go away?" If only it were so easy "I really don't know anything about what's going on, but even so... I can tell it's not good for the earth. Can't you just... stop?"

Procyon misses Byte with his Space-time Distortion attack.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Or ... a ... down ... vocal ... but ... ... ... ... first.

Serenade sends a radio transmission to Abernathy.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission from Serenade.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Abernathy: Depends if she wants to go. It's her choice, not mine, though she probably likes that couch of yours by now. And of course it'll take more than one or two drinks. I'll ... find something to do. Eventually.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... alliance ... ... ... turn ... ... ... at ... same ... ... ... ... probably ... ... in ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... blow ... up ... a Stardroid attacks...Wait..

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "One of the other Stardroids has delivered a message to us. He says that we must band together, just as we did against the Stardroids."

Unless you're a curious Void Starfish, asking about things innocently enough. Then harm comes to you. The starfish lays there invisibly on the floor, slowly restructuring herself.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Quantum Kitsune transmits, "So let's all join hands and sing folk songs!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Tell me, why do we have to listen to the Stardroids. First we had to listen to the UN. Now the Stardroids. Then when the Stardroids are killed we'll probably have to listen to the Shadow."

Abernathy sends a radio transmission to Serenade.
Serenade receives a radio transmission from Abernathy.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Serenade: I'm feeling magnanimous. Take the couch, too, if she likes it so much.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "I thought we've been trying that so far."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Quantum Kitsune transmits, "Because if we don't listen to the Stardroids, we all die, and that includes your beloved frizzy-haired maker."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "No! Dr. Light!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "It only confirms what some of us have been stating all along. If we want to survive, then we must work together."

Alpha nods to Procyon, politely. "Good. That's all I needed to knowe.", she doesn't seem too impressed by the display of power. Even if it misses it'd be a sight, but Alpha doesn't seem to care much either way.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... be ... he's ... singing

Pharaoh Man turns to Procyon, and smiles, hovering slightly stll above the ground. " Well, then, I must admit, you have my undivided attention....." he tells the Stardroid.

SS Dreadskull arrives from the Outskirts of Seoul.

SS Dreadskull has arrived.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Quantum Kitsune transmits, "Besides, think of it this way ... if th"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Quantum Kitsune OOC If this cat doesn't get off my $*@(ing keyboard ...

Serenade sends a radio transmission.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission from Serenade.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Abernathy: We'll have to ask her later, then. Once that fellow lets you out of the forcefield anyway.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Quantum Kitsune transmits, "If the Shadow wipes out all life on Earth, Guts Man ... there won't be any asses left for you to kick."

Regulus doesn't even twitch as Procyon raises up the power to annihilate Byte. It's not as if Byte's all that important in Regulus' world view. And Procyon's quite right about idiots who attack Stardroids while mouthing acceptance platitudes.

The black wings spread once again, and the robed Stardroid draws out a blade from the very night itself, thunder and light crackling up and down the blade. In a thundering voice, Regulus speaks, addressing Procyon. "Where is he, Oh keeper of Knowledge?"

SS Dreadskull enters, bearing it's Robot Master Captian, Pirate Man!

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Hmmmm interesting theory."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... This one appears to ... ... ... ... or ... type.

Sword Man looks on, still rather skeptical...however, he watches on, showing a willingness to listen. Hand lowered at his side and sheathed blade propped on the ground, he watches on, looking toward the two Stardroids expectantly. However, as Regulus takes out his blade, he wonders if there ARE some ulterior motives about.

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Hey Shadow thing, if you're out there I want to join your army of chaos."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Quantum Kitsune transmits, "That's probably it ... the Shadow is just here to take away all your fun. Think about it ... what do you like doing more than anything, Guts? Fight, am I correct?"

Serenade meanwhile keeps up a steady radio discourse, subvocalized conversation enough to keep her busy for now. She does reorient on Procyon briefly before giving a soft snort, and returning to her conversations. So long as nobody tried to off the diplomat, she'd be more or less quite calm. She owed him, you know. For the dog. That's all.

Pirate Man has arrived.

Pirate Man enters the scene, departing from the SS Dreadskull.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Or maybe it's here to create more fun! Even think about that?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Hotstuff Harmony transmits, "Quit mooching, Guts Man."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "Well, looks like that answers that. He seems to be the 'join me or die' type."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Software Pirate Man transmits, "Arr, or maybe it be a trick of Gemini Man's!"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Alpha transmits, "No."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Hey I don't know about you but I don't want to help people that came here to judge me. I think I'd rather help the thing that wants to kill them."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Abernathy transmits, "Byte is a fool."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... wish ... ... of this situation...I am ... to ... if ... new ... is being genuine.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "I'm not talking about Byte."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Software Pirate Man transmits, "Arr, the enemey of me enemey be me friend!"

Byte throws his head back, his very seeming to compact for an instant... ...and screams. The Gravitonic Power that struck him before was only a /taste/ of what is happening to him now. Byte is torn, literally, as gravitonic forces greater then he can fathom. Why he was attacked, he cannot say... ...but he is prepared this time... ...if not for this.

Byte's arms go wide... ...and the singularity kept within the great sphere within his black, round belly is unshielded. Within Byte are not only generators to control Magnetism... ...but also one of Doppler's greatest achievements... ...a self-contained Singularity. The forces send against him are ungodly strong... ...but was he powering up to attack? ...No. To defend and mitigate the damage that could have been dealt by this beast... ...yes. And as the Singularity within Byte is unshielded, all of Byte's strength is bent in another direction. Absorption and Control.

The fury of a Thousand Suns is driven into Byte... ...and the visual effects of the gravitonic unshielding are visible in a sphere around him. Reality seems to Ripple. Byte's scream of pain continues unabated... ...his arms slowly lowering tighter and tighter to his frame... ...until, slowly, his scream turns to one of /RAGE/... ...Byte's hands move outward as he seems to stabilize his stance... ...and with an odd ripple in the 'reality' around him, Byte's Singularity is reshielded.

Byte slowly drops to his knees... ...and collapses until he barely catches himself with a hand to the pavement. Then, without another ado... Byte tears open a hole in the fabric of reality... ...and vanishes.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "He sure dispenses death casually to those who disagree with him. Do you truly want to serve one without mercy?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Kalinka transmits, "A stranger is just a friend you have not yet met?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Burn Dinorex transmits, "Aren't most evil types 'join me or die' types?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Procyon comes onto the channel, surprising? No. "No, I am of the type who does not like being taken advantage of. Build up your weapons to strike me? Oh, such poor manners."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "So you don't go out on dates with slutty Stardroids then?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Quantum Kitsune transmits, "What can I say? <Marvin the Martian voice> Being disintigrated makes me angry. So very angry. </Marvin>"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "So...Are you that new Stardroid? Why'd you hurt everybody?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Abernathy transmits, "There's a little /difference/ between totalarianism and ruthlessly enforcing consequences. -- Repliforcer. I work for the UN. Not only do they lack /mercy/, they have the gall to hide it behind platitudes and sly words. At least the Stardroid is forthright!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Procyon says, "Hurt everyone? I was attacked first. Fusion, would not give me the privacy I desired, a poor mistake on his part."

Metal Man receives a radio transmission from Dr. Wily.
You intercept Dr. Wily's transmission to Metal Man: Report.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Burn Dinorex transmits, "Oi vey"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "I'll give you $10 to obliterate this Fusion Phoenix for good. An extra 5 if it's real messy."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "You come to our planet and then expect privacy?"

Metal Man sends a radio transmission to Dr. Wily.
You intercept Metal Man's transmission to Dr. Wily: I'm at ground Zero of the rumble, I kept out of it for the moment and I'm obeserving. Awaiting orders.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Alpha transmits, "...It is true, he spoke plainly that he would not allow harm to come to Abernathy."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Alpha transmits, "And that is all I care about."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "What, did someone tell you to make yourself at home or something?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Any communications ... ... ... ... get a lock on ... ... signal!

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte begins to scream. Louder then last time. Terribly so... if his core was being ripped out. Byte's transmittion then suddenly ends, cut off by a blaze of static which fades to nothing.

Metal Man receives a radio transmission from Dr. Wily.
You intercept Dr. Wily's transmission to Metal Man: I think I might send a bot down there...Will the situation allow a bot's presence?

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Software Pirate Man transmits, "Ye should be stickin' to yer own ports, yea bilge-rat, if yea be wantin' privacy! Yea musta realized that yea stardroids had a bit o' a reputation precedin' yea..."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "And you wonder why Cossack wrote his book. Judge not, lest ye be judged yourself. I know all about the UN. What makes you think he is any better?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "I suppose next you'll want Rush to fetch your slippers while you sit in a recliner and read the Sunday paper, huh?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "And Alpha... IS Abernathy all that matters to you? What about Rigger?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "You want privacy, then get off our planet!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Shield transmits, "Is Byte dead?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Quantum Kitsune transmits, "Guys? Could we please not unnecessarily antagonize the omnipotent cosmic being?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Abernathy transmits, "You assume so /much/ about me and my motiviations, Repliforcer -- can't /you/ c-come up with a good reason for why I think he's 'better' than the UN?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Wily transmits, "You seem to be repeating yourself Barrage."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "Then tell me, what WOULD drive you to accept such a bargain?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Alpha transmits, "He is not doing anything to Rigger."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Yeah, that Barrage's a real parrot."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Dr. Cossack is enraged. At least, as enraged as he can manage in his condition. " ... /vace traitor/! You are a t'ousand times more repugnant zhan zee Maverick cyborgs! At least zey sold out to zomet'ink zhat holds zee sanctity of /zome/ life as sacred! Zees Stardroids, or vhatever zey are now zhat zey serve zee dark t'ink in space, vill kill us all at a vhim! Zey do not care about you or anyvun! Zey are zee /absence/ of liff! Zey are beyond deaff! And you vant to HELP such a t'ink! I vill see you hang for treason at zee end of ziss, even if I haff to tie zee rope around your t'roat myself!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Software Pirate Man transmits, "Arr, perhaps yea could pearch on me shoulder then, barrage- Snake Man ate me last parrot, and I be needin' one fer me image..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Procyon says, "Barrage, I think instead I'll have you fetch my slippers. Rush is too good for that job."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Alpha transmits, "So far he hasn't done anything to make me dislike him except for arrogance, and I imagine many listening in on this frequency have that attribute as much as he."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Procyon says, "Actually you can fetch Rush's slippers and get us both a cold drink."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "Alpha, and if Rigger does not accept this Stardroid's /generosity/, wht will you do?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... comes onto this ... ...then ... ... further ... ... agony ... turns ... ... ... ... ... into strangled gasps ... air.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Abernathy sounds as if he's about to reply -- the channel's open -- but then the Cossack cuts in. And the diplomat says nothing. Finally: " ... As you will, dear doctor."

Iris frowns as she sees Byte apparently fall to the attack. "This is just appalling," she murmurs worriedly. "Are they just going to kill us all? Is that what they WANT?" She begins heading over to the area in which she saw Byte vanish.

Metal Man sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Metal Man's transmission to Dr. Wily: What class of bot?

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Alpha transmits, "Kill him if he tries anything."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Shield asks with total seriousness, "Did this being just make a joke, or did it speak gibberish that accidentally formed a punchline?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "You think that you can kill him?"

Metal Man summons his armor and it appears over his body first as a wireframe and then in about 10 seconds the wireframe fills in and Metal Man's armor fully takes shape. Then he breaks into a run towards a pair of the building and then starts to wall jump like Samus between them. "WOOOOOOSSSSSSHHHHHHH!" He says as he rebounds between the two untill he raches the top and takes a perch looking down at the chaos below. "Let me see..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "... I think he just made a joke. I'm actually kinda impressed."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Bass chuckles.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Shield transmits, "I've never heard a Stardroid make an intentional joke before."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... Byte! ...

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "You have no idea... This being toys with gravity more easily than we breathe AIR."

In a flash of light, Procyon is gone. Obviously, someone just really ticked him off. He'll probably be back.

Procyon has left.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "Or not breathe. Whatever. Being moderately crushed twice in a day will make one a bit flustered."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Abernathy pauses, and then adds, serenely: "I have considered the r-ramifications of my actions, and if it means my death as a traitor, well ... " He laughs, quietly. " -- So be it."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "I'll get you a cold drink. How about a couple E-Tanks?"

Prismatic Spider sighs and begins stripping out parts on the hovervehicle to link it into Fusion's backup supply. He has a feeling that he'll be here a bit longer.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Alpha transmits, "Yes. And Gravity is of no concern to me."

Hypothermia: It's being so cold you don't care. Not that Abernathy is verging on hypothermic, but he's chilled -- enough that the otherwise supernatural and eldricht events surrounding him go unremarked upon. As Procyon summons up the gravity well and lofts it toward Byte -- as the giant black Maverick soaks the damage -- as Regulus steps forth and begins to speak ... all this the diplomat watches with a certain detached air -- that is, until the Stardroid disappears. Well, that was somewhat anticlimatic. "L-lady Serenade," he mutters, through gritted teeth -- taking an unsteady step her way as he does so -- "-- You still have that jacket, I pr-presume?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "... Were you created with no sense of self-preservation?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Procyon says, "E-Tanks? Great. I'll supply the cosmic football. We'll have the bats of Dromedon play using the carcass of Barrage Raptor in a minute."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Alpha transmits, "No, I wasn't."

Midi stands where he was, having not moved since his past plea for it all to just stop. Ignored. That's even worse than not knowing or not being able to do anything. Listening to the radio conversations, it doesn't take a genius to figure out where he just went. It's hopeless...

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "Well, that explains some things."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Dr. Cossack sneers, says something obscene dealing with traitors in Russian towards Abernathy, and seemingly rips the radio from his head in disgust.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "If you're going to play cosmic football. You'll need a cosmic E-Tank hat where you put straws in the E-Tanks and just sip them. That's one of our planet's most ingenius inventions ever."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Midi transmits, "Stop it... just stop it! Why are you doing all this? What's the point? Why can't you beings just leave our planet in peace??"

Serenade woots softly. Yay, Proc left poor Abby alone. "Sure do." From that duffelbag she'd been carrying is pulled ... a fuzzy jacket. No really, it's black, it's fuzzy, it's not fur, and it has 'Have a nice day' written on the back in white fuzzy letters. "Guaranteed to keep humans warm in weather of up to fourty below Zero." It's then handed over.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Procyon says, "Because, you could not leave us in peace." The radio then goes silent.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Alpha transmits, "However, I would not care to cower before beings of power. Since you enjoy it so much, why do you not lick General Vile's boots?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Software Pirate Man transmits, "Arr, if we be such a small fish in teh big open sea of this universe, why be yea so interested in us!"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "I don't seek power. Power breeds war and death. I seek peace."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Arafina transmits, "Alpha!"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Abernathy transmits, "... I think that's a first. I've never been called /that/ particular epithet before."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "There's a line between bravery and suicide. You apparently don't know where that is."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Serenade transmits, "Because we have things like Dr. Wily, and soda, and beer, and porno magazines. Why WOULDN'T they want to be interested?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Shield transmits, "You have porno magazines, Serenade?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Hentai!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Serenade transmits, "I used to. Then someone stole them."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Wily transmits, "*innocent whistling*"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Shield transmits, "How tragic."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Quantum Kitsune transmits, "Wait a second wait a second wait a second. Because *we* wouldn't leave *them* in peace? But they came here ..."

Sword Man eyes as the being in front of him...just disappears. "What in blazes?" He looks about, wondering if any of the gathered has a better idea of what happened than he does.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Stupid statement, I know."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Bass transmits, "Because of your United Nations and their meddling."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Shield transmits, "It appears that, despite having a sense of humor, it still makes no sense like any other Stardroid."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Quantum Kitsune transmits, "It's Star Trek: The Motion Picture all over again! It's an unmanned space probe that's evolved and come back to join with its creator!!!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Bass chuckles. "Funny, really ... nature does clean out its ecosystems, sooner or later."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Rigger transmits, "What? Fina? What about Alpha?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...I... ...Function... ...Attacked... ...for no reason... ...but ... ... .../POWER/. ...Barely... ...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "I told you we should have blown up Starhaven. You didn't listen. Now reap the benefit of your efforts!"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Arafina transmits, "I'm angry at her, not worried!"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Rigger transmits, "Don't scare me like that!"

Metal Man sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Metal Man's transmission to Dr. Wily: Just be careful father its utter chaos down here...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... we ... ...

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Alpha transmits, "...I'm sorry, 'Fina, what did I do?"

Metal Man receives a radio transmission from Dr. Wily.
You intercept Dr. Wily's transmission to Metal Man: Acknowledged. I'm deploying a Wilybot now.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... ...his ... ... ... ... ... ... ... in ... pain ... ... have ... ... ... ...Worse... ...then ... ... ... ...And... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... fractured. ... and ... ... like a ... struck by ... ... ... ...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Alpha transmits, "Doctor?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: What on earth happened?

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Quantum Kitsune transmits, "Look ... listen, all of you. This is *not* a time for pointing fingers. I can't believe you people. Total extinction staring us in the face and you're bickering over random bull$*@(. CAN WE CONCENTRATE ON SOMETHING IMPORTANT LIKE KEEPING ME ALIVE??!!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Quantum Kitsune transmits, "Uh, I mean, like saving the Earth. REally."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Shield transmits, "I don't care if you live."

Abernathy takes the jacket with a certain amount of aplomb -- though something heard over the radio causes him to grit in his teeth and suck in a breath as if he'd taken a physical blow -- and peers at it. And calmly -- turns it inside out. "I presume it'll still w-work reversed, yes?" He wasn't going to give anyone the wrong idea, after all.

Metal Man receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Dr. Wily's transmission to Metal Man: On second thought....I've just received an important transmission Metal Man. I don't think I can spare the time for Seoul right now...

Metal Man sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Metal Man's transmission to Dr. Wily: Its quite the rucus here.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Wily transmits, "Doctor who?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Sure it is. You and the UN screwed up big time."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Bass mumbles. "On a long enough timeline, everyone's life expectency goes to zero..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Shield transmits, "In fact, although I have never met you, I'm fairly certain I would be happier if you were dead."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "Alpha?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Ricochet transmits, "...since the Mavericks and Masters don't seem to want to bother trying to save the world, we might as well stick to this channel."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Arafina transmits, "Even I don't tell people t'lick Vile's boots!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Even Zero's Bass?"

Alpha looks to Serenade, smiling slightly at her...and then she looks to Abernathy, running her eyes over him as if inspecting a car for damage. Ouch.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "The Masters are useless and the Mavericks are doing nothing."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Shield transmits, "I think Bass wants the world destroyed. However, I am no psychologist."

Regulus falls silent, letting the tip of his blade dip slightly. He raises his head somewhat, turning the blade slowly from side to side in a gauntletted hand.

"Now you begin to see. You blame us for Judgement, you mewl and whine like children. When it came for me, at least I stood proud, and dealt with my fate. You miserable excuses simply wish to chew over what has gone before, blind to what is coming. Now... now you at least begin to see. But it is far, far too late."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Dr. Cossack sneers. "Zee /vace traitor/ is probably usink ziss frequency..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Quantum Kitsune transmits, "So frickin' sue us. Can we just worry about what to do next instead of playing 'Told You So'?!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...That... ...was truly... ...Unpleasent."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Alpha transmits, "Oh. *long pause* I'm sorry, Prismatic Spider. Do -not- lick Vile's boots."

What, Abby couldn't wear fuzzy jackets? "Yeah, it does. What say we get out of here before your Stardroid friend pops back in? I intend to be completely drunk by the time I have to deal with one of them again..." Pause, as his expression changes. Serenade can be perceptive sometimes. "..And you look like you could use a break, too."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Abernathy transmits, "So I am, doctor. Never fear -- I have no desire to leak all our petty little secrets to the Stardroids."

Metal Man sends a radio transmission to Dr. Wily.
You intercept Metal Man's transmission to Dr. Wily: Understood I'll try to keep you updated.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Bass transmits, "Even Zero, Guts Man. Even him."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Shield transmits, "I cannot understand you do to your accent, Doctor Cossack. Who is on our frequency?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Wow! Guess being a pretty boy is pretty worthless in the end."

Serenade also, carefully considers throwing a snowball at Regulus. Neat-looking blackwing or not, he's also depressive.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Shield transmits, "I would imagine so, Guts Man."

... and sexy.

Oh yes, and sexy.

Mm. Regulus.

Alpha looks up to Regulus, "...And that's why you're fighting your family? Because you dealt with it proudly?", she curves Necro in front of her, ever so slightly.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "I wonder if the Stardroids can sing?"

Pharaoh Man approaches Serenade and Abernathy, " Well, that was interesting. You meet the most curious people, Serenade, I must say..." He eyes the diplomat. " Didn't we..." he glances at Serenade, and narrows his eyes.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "I would love for them to teach me some of their galactic songs."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Dr. Cossack switches to Russian. << "The race traitor, the concentrated pile of offal, Adrian Abernathy, is on this frequency. He is in league with the enemy. This channel, more so than usual, is compromised." >>

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Alpha transmits, "Doctor Wily."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Wily transmits, "Thats me!"

Prismatic Spider sends a radio transmission to Dr. Cossack.
You intercept Prismatic Spider's transmission to Dr. Cossack: Doctor, we should work on creating an alternate network. This is wearing on my patience and sanity. We need to get as many as we can together to do something about this...

Ricochet is fairly immobile, save for the bike he stands behind. His gaze remains leveled at Regulus - naturally, since he's still providing a video feed for the base. "You were actually 'PROUD' when they came and obliterated untold millions on your world? Unless genocide's a new thing with the Stardroids." He idly wonders if Chaos and Order is a cloak for nuts and more nuts.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Quantum Kitsune transmits, "C'mon, people, try to focus ..."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Shield transmits, "Does anyone besides Doctor Cossack speak Russian?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Wily's the man! Hail Wily!"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Arafina transmits, "Hey, Coss. SOme of us don't speak RUssian. I got a few words but it had to do with - uh, crap."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Software Pirate Man transmits, "Arr, some shanties from across the galaxy would be a true prize!"

Prismatic Spider receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Dr. Cossack's transmission to Prismatic Spider: A plan is in motion.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Alpha transmits, "Mmhmm!"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Phoenixflame XO Bowie responds, in Russian no less. << Just wonderful. And what should we do about it?>>

Prismatic Spider sends a radio transmission to Dr. Cossack.
You intercept Prismatic Spider's transmission to Dr. Cossack: Excellent. Let me know how I can assist if I am needed.

Nothing worse than being powerless in a situation like this. Midi isn't a fighter, though he's brilliant in his own right, he isn't someone to be solving the mysteries of the galaxy. But he knows one thing, he hates being pushed around. He hates people bullying those weaker, and he hates not beign able to do anything. He stands up again, and looks up at Regulus. "Well... what should we do?? We defied your judgement in the past and we suceeded in defeating you! All we want is to go on in peace! All we want is to go on like we were before, before you all came and intruded in our lives!! What can we /DO/ now?? I can't believe we're doomed! There has to be SOMETHING that we can still do!"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Ricochet transmits, "...uh... I... got some translation data in my neural net, um... what did you want with the spaghetti?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Rigger transmits, "... A little. I definately know 'traitor', and Abernathy's name was easy enough to pick out."

Pirate Man has left.

Iris stares up at Regulus. "You know, I'm getting pretty sick and tired of being told that our race is nothing more than children. Look, if you've come here to insult us, then insult us and get it over with. We don't have to stand here and listen to this! I mean, honestly, it's getting old. You know?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Abernathy laughs quietly. "Fine. I'll remove myself from the channel. Don't fret so much."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Quantum Kitsune sighs. "Never mind ... just ..." *click*

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Abernathy *click*

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... need ... be killed?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... can't understand it.

Sword Man turns upward toward Regulus. His eyes burn defiantly...then soften. "Perhaps he is right. After all, which all that has come, many of us have been merely content to bicker and mistrust...even in the face of what threatens to consume us all, we have let pettiness rule the prevailing winds. So...what now?" He lowers his head in pondrance, wondering.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Dr. Cossack transmits, "If he is seen out of uniform, shoot him. Zee Geneva Convention allows for such. He is an enemy combatant out of uniform."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "This channel keeps getting quieter and quieter. Guess I'll have to pick up the slack again."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Shield transmits, "Does he HAVE a uniform?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Dr. Cossack transmits, "Not my problem."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Arafina transmits, "Not until you explain what you mean an' why you mean it."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Shield transmits, "Your efforts inspire us all, Guts Man."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Ricochet transmits, "My pleasure. Don't suppose we have clearance to do that?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Shield transmits, "If he is not a soldier, than he falls under a different classification under the Geneva Convention I believe."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "Well until my orders go through there's nothing I can do but offer moral support."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Alpha transmits, "You could sing, Guts Man. That would probably get the conversation started again."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Ricochet transmits, "OOC: Retcon that"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Cossack's ... ... point. ... ... ... can ... clearance ... do ...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Elec Man transmits, "Yes! Guts Man, sing for us! Sing for us all!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Serenade transmits, "Screams of anguish is not 'conversation'."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Dr. Cossack is getting increasingly frustrated. "He is servink a foreign aggressor. Zhat means he is an enemy combatant, or a spy. Spies may be shot wiffout a trial per zee dictates of zee Geneva Convention."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I will be unavailable for ... ...

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Shield transmits, "Ah."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... I'd ... ... ...

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Dr. Cossack transmits, "If an enemy combatant is out of uniform, he is a spy. Zeirfore, he is to be shot, as zee Stardroids do not utilize a uniform structure."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Arafina transmits, "Which one? Got proof? I'm waitin'."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Elec Man transmits, "Perhaps the power of Guts Man's rich karaoke stylings will quell the anger of the Stardroids."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... Stardroids ... ... him ...

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Dr. Cossack transmits, "Haffen't you been payink attention for zee past two hours?!"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Dr. Cossack transmits, "Somebody else brief her. I haff to save verld."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Shield transmits, "How?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Dr. Cossack's radio plays the `mute' tone.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Of course Doppler. ... fun at you *cough*meeting*cough*.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... Stingray ... ... ... ... checking out ... Repliforce ... What the ... ... going ...

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Alpha transmits, "Co... Oh."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Arafina transmits, "Doc. I've got a problem with my radio, remember? I don't get all the damned channels!"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Rigger transmits, "Abernathy sided with the Nothing, apparently."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Alpha transmits, "May I ask you a question, Doctor?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Oww... I really ... having ... repair ... by ... the air's kinetic energy ... ARCTIC temperatures.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Kalinka transmits, "Stop making Daddy upset, he is in a delicate condition! Bother him at another time."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Wily transmits, "Sure, why not."

"If you are so sick of being insulted... then do something about it."

He raises the blade again. "I am the LAST of my race. I raised the final army to hold back the madness and chaos of our rulers... and then they came. I lost my war, but continued the fight, tried to bring salvation to the deserving." Regulus' voice is thunderous, as he levels the blade down at those in the square. "Some... some of you have shown decent character. The spark that permitted you to do what no one succeeded in doing before shows up here and there... As for what I want? I do not care if your world lives or dies. I might have once. But all I care about now is settling things with my Brother."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Arafina transmits, "Then he can stop threatenin' people without givin' me a reason. I only asked him. *click*"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Two Stardroids ... duked ... out one was on ... side of ... 'Nothing' ... A ... ... ... merry ... insulting session. ... ... got hit ... Some civilian ... Abernathy defected ... ... the 'Nothing' ...

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Alpha transmits, "I am not sure that this Stardroid is Nothing. He's doing a lot of Somethings."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Alpha transmits, "Thank you"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Rigger transmits, "He works for it."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... "Know what? ... ... ... ... ... Robot Masters ... all ... ... ... ... ... ... do nothing and apparantly ... ... ... ... ... ... to ... ... thi situation. I ... know what ... do. I don't KNOW."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Hunter-Forcer alliance channel is ... ... alliance ... ... ... and useless because of ... Man's ... whining. Be ... ... what ... ... ... both.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Rigger transmits, "Nothing, Ecthroi, whatever you want to call it. The thing that wants to kill us all."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Phoenixflame XO Bowie transmits, "Wunderful."

Abernathy finishes turning the jacket inside-out, his expression smoothed back to an impassive mask. Peeling off the wet trench coat, he drops it -- wet side out -- and shrugs into the 'fuzzy' jacket. Mm, yes. That was better. The trenchcoat is reclaimed, though he doesn't put it on yet. "... A drink might be nice. I don't want to consider the ramifications of meeting my new ... employer ... again while drunk, however." Regulus' speech earns the Stardroid a thoughtful look, and a slight, odd grin.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Aghhh!

Void Starfish goes home.

Void Starfish has left.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... That Ab guy ... ... jerk anyway. As for ... to ... ... the ... is simple. ... ... ... ... always ... ... perhaps ... will. ... many great dudes have ... ... ... of freedom ... ... ... We will fight and we ... ... ... ... as I hate to ... ... I ... I'll ... ... ... the ... ... hold.

Procyon has arrived.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Guts Man transmits, "I like Chinese. They only come up to your kneeees!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "*click*"

"If I may be frank," Serenade responds to Regulus briefly, "You're mighty stuck on yourself." That said, the femme turns her attention back to Abernathy, and the promise of something less hazardous to do with her time. "So we'll keep you from drinking that much. Come on." Before Procyon shows up again. "I know this great little bar in the Appalacians.."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Cossack ... up ... ... ... enemy combatant ... ... ... ... Geneva ... ... all that that ... can ... him. ... say it'd ... ... good ... ... this ... ... ... discretely. Procyon might be protecting ...

Alpha sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Alpha's transmission to Dr. Wily: I am having trouble convincing Pharaoh Man to talk to me. He has been fairly insulting and doesn't believe you suggested to me that I talk to him.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "We are not going to succeed like this. We are divided and weak. We have apparently learned nothing from the last time they were here..."

"-- Is it cold?" is the diplomat's immediate reply.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Captain Ring Redwing transmits, "OOC *slugs Guts Man in the knees*"

Alpha receives a radio transmission from Dr. Wily.
You intercept Dr. Wily's transmission to Alpha: Well, let me have a word with him.

Pharaoh Man receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Dr. Wily's transmission to Pharaoh Man: Pharaoh Man...

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Ricochet transmits, "We've been doin' our jobs. It's the Masters that're going nuts. And the Mavericks that're sitting on their asses."

"Nope. The Americans have neat things called 'Central Heating'. It keeps things nice and toasty." Serenade's response.

Sword Man looks back up and folds his arms, blade sticking out at a 45 degree angle. "So, what shall we do, then? Continue to resist what this threat, this nothingness impending and proceeding? Continue to stand up, raise arms, and show the courage necessary? Or have I been mistaken during this whole ordeal?" He peers up expectantly, hoping for an answer he can at least understand, even if it's not the one he hopes for.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Ricochet transmits, "I dunno how we'd convince 'em."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... is ... for ... 'Nothing'? Well that's ... ... Chill Prism ... ... ... freak out ... less ... ... ... to get things solved.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Elec Man transmits, "OOC Meanies."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Bastion transmits, "Procyon says, OOCly, keep the dang OOC off the radios:P"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "Whatever we do, we need to do it together."

Midi is, by all rights, the definition of the Stardroid's view of the people on this world being children. He's naive, somewhat narrow minded when it comes to viewing 'Good guys' and 'Bad guys'. But even so, for the moment, he stands, stands tall on his own two feet. Yes, he's weak, but he's still not going to give up, he'll at least plead his case as long as he's able to. "We... just want to live." He says at first. Glancing back up at Regulus "And we... will do anything... anything it takes to continue to do that! And we'll resist whatever threatens to destroy the world until our own deaths. I know that's how a lot of others feel... and I do to. We will do whatever it takes to live..." To live huh? "And we don't care about your own battles either. Your planet, your brothers, it doesn't have anything to do with us! We just want you to go away!!!"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Arafina's radio comes back on. "Don't. They wanna die, let 'em. We don't need their help."

Alpha sends a radio transmission to Dr. Wily.
You intercept Alpha's transmission to Dr. Wily: Thank you, Doctor. I'm sorry for being a bother.

Alpha receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Dr. Wily's transmission to Alpha: Its no bother Alpha.

"Damn those American capitalist pigs and their central heating." Yes, he's ignoring the drama with the other Stardroid -- he's landed himself in enough trouble as it already is, and starting an argument with one of Procyon's 'kin' is not high on his list of priorities. "Lead on, Lady Serenade." He didn't need to borrow trouble.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Jet Stingray transmits, "Maybe, maybe not... Repliforce was almost destoryed by disunity, but if you look at the reports, it might have been saved by it as well. The Robot Masters can't be expected to be controlled. If they want to help, fine. Give them the chance. If not, we smash them. That's all we can do."

Metal Man watches Regulus from his perch and just raises an eye brow. Then he calls out but wonders if his words will have any meaning to those fighting or if they will even be heard. "What is the point to this madness! What! You Stardroids claimed to be better than us but now its clear you merely let your powers get the better of you. Then again what will it matter." Metal wonders why he said what he did but he does not know why...He remains on his perch watching and listening.

Pharaoh Man sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Pharaoh Man's transmission to Dr. Wily: Yes Amun-Wily?

Pharaoh Man receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Dr. Wily's transmission to Pharaoh Man: Have you been refusing to talk to Alpha?

Abernathy has left.

Serenade takes Abernathy.

Pharaoh Man sends a radio transmission to Dr. Wily.
You intercept Pharaoh Man's transmission to Dr. Wily: Well, yes, Amun-Wily. She has been pestering me with whatever means she can think, and at the worst possible times. She even dared to say that /you/ had gifted her with some sort of /task/. Really.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Jet Stingray transmits, "Anyway, the situation taken care of, or am I needed?"

Serenade snags Abby before anyone can stop her, and zips off.

Serenade sends a radio transmission.
Pharaoh Man receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Pharaoh Man: Thank you for your patience with me, brother. I -know- this will work out to Father's benefit..

Pharaoh Man receives a radio transmission from Dr. Wily.
You intercept Dr. Wily's transmission to Pharaoh Man: I did suggest she have a word with you. If she pesters you at an inopportune time, thats understandable. But....

Serenade enters the Outskirts of Seoul.

Serenade has left.

Alpha stares at Regulus for a few moments. "...So your world failed it's judgement. Is it a habit of the Stardroids to pick up remnants of fallen worlds to assist them?", she looks to Abernathy, "Necro says she can try to help warm you up, but I don't think she'd be able to do that very well.", she looks back to Regulus, "From what I've seen, this world deals with 'Stardroid' things more than would seem to be the case elsewhere. Is that true too?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Ricochet transmits, "I'll... leave that to your discression, Jet. I dunno, right now."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Ricochet transmits, "OOC Er, change that to 'I'd say I'd', not 'I'll'."

Pharaoh Man sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Pharaoh Man's transmission to Dr. Wily: But as a Hunter, what could she possibly have to tell me that, Amun-Wily, cannot?

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Shield transmits, "The Mavericks will almost certainly join us. Sigma has nothing to gain by the destruction of our world. The Masters are harder to predict, and frankly many of them may not care if the world is destroyed."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Jet Stingray transmits, "Things seem like a mess right now. Seems like we need a good leader right now. But considering that I'm not one, I'll come over and see what I can do. Where is all this happening? Seoul?"

Pharaoh Man receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Dr. Wily's transmission to Pharaoh Man: *chuckling* Live and learn, Pharaoh. Live and learn.

Metal Man says, "No one should have to watch their entire world die along with their own race." He shudders at that thought. "Why did you join the ones who shattered your world..."

Pharaoh Man sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Pharaoh Man's transmission to Dr. Wily: Amun-Wily, really, she is a reploid...below me..below YOU.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Ricochet transmits, "Yep."

"You defied Judgement. Some acts of heroism - for I call your defiance just that - mark a world. And your eternal warring is what drew Judgement. You think the Stardroids choose worlds at random? Your own acts brought Judgement upon you, and from there... events progress."

Regulus grounds Illumine into the roof of the building, settling his hands upon the pommel. "As for what you should do... I cannot say. We fought - and we died. I do not have the answers you insist that I must have. Do what your natures call for you to do." His wings spread slowly, the feathers drifting loose from them and drifting down into the square like black snow. "Why? Because they did not shatter it. Our mad rulers, greedy for power and wealth did that. The Stardroids simply expunged that infection before it could spread. And it would have."

Pharaoh Man receives a radio transmission.

You intercept Dr. Wily's transmission to Pharaoh Man: True, but no need to be rude all the same. After all, we will soon rule the planet. Why not be nice occasionally? It keeps the lesser folk happy.

Prismatic Spider growls as he finishes patching in the extra power. Fusion will be fine for quite some time now... If reduced to a brain in a box. He looks up towards the gathering, and shakes his head. With a loud cry, he calls out, "ENOUGH!"

Now, likely gathering the attention of everyone there, he begins his own speech. "Have we learned nothing? We are standing here divided and squabbling like children. The only reaseon why we survived before is because we banded together as one. We have to do so again! No matter what we choose, we must do it together, for that is our power. Individually, none of us can match up. This is not a time for individuals, but a time for everyone! A time for unity! A time to work together to overcome and survive, or else we will all die! Forget your prejudgements and your grudges, this planet is for us all! We have to stop letting our petty grieances divide us, for the sake of every being on the planet."

Jet Stingray arrives from the Seoul - United Nations Plaza.

Jet Stingray has arrived.

Alpha reaches out to catch a feather, and it dissolves, "...And what do they say?", she gestures to Regulus's wings, as if they should be chating. She looks over to Prismatic, "...I believe...", she says cooly, "That the only Force that chose not to unite this time was Repliforce. I do not mind that, but is that unity?", she looks back to Regulus, "...Has there anybody who chose not to fight?... Too much is solved with battle."

Metal Man listens for a moment and adds, "It is better to die on one's feet than to die with out a fight. I'm not going to go quietly that is for sure." he smirks slightly, "I'm going to make this thing thats comming for us scream and bleed or die trying. This is my world and I'm not going to let it be laid to waste." After all no world nothing left for Wily to rule. "We will draw a line here, this thing that Denebola has become will be stopped here and get no further. Sometimes all you can do is fight for your own surival. Galadiators fight to kill, warriors fight to live...I want to live."

Sword Man lowers his head in thought as Regulus speaks. After a few seconds, he nods. "Indeed. So I shall continue on." Then as Prismatic makes his speech, he gives another nod. " I an others have said before, we must unite. 'United we stand, divided we fall.' A man of great historical standing said that, and it holds true, even now. We stand together like a pillar to hold up the roof...or we scatter and let ourselves crumble under the weight." He looks around at everyone gathered. Masters, Repliforcers, Hunters, Mavericks, Civilians, even the Stardroid that remains.

Pharaoh Man blinks upwards, to the gathering " Really, Alpha, I didn't realize you felt such. Thus far, you seem to shoot first, insult now, and ask questions later. " He comments. " Well, Regulus, it is good to see you agian. I hope my actions thus far to pursue a more 'honourable' existance have not failed your expectations, and this is a visit of vengeance..."

Iris sighs. "I'm not fighting anyone," she murmurs, closing her eyes and shaking her head obstinantly. "War is just never the answer."

Midi pauses for a moment, what with Prismatic's speech, and everyone elses, he is lost for what to say. "Yeah, we fight a lot. But... there's a lot of good things on this world too, that are worth protecting... worth living for... You must have had things like that too, before your world was destroyed. We're not just about to lie down and die."

Ricochet doesn't say much. All he could say would be yay, me too, though his optics narrow slightly as he regards Regulus. He's rather obviously distrustful of the Stardroids... but what choice do they have?

Prismatic Spider peers back at Alpha. "We performed in good faith, and did just as we were expected to. The group that had been broken from had constantly shown extremely poor behavior and had even staged a fake Stardroid combat in this very CITY, causing chaos and damage to people and buildings. General had very good reason to believe that they were not behaving in good faith. If they act differently, I see no reason why he would not reinstate the ceasefire. But this is not a time for blame. We all have the ability to choose for ourselves. We are not all of one mind. We are all groups of individuals. And regardless of who our allegiance belongs to, we have to work together!"

Fusion Phoenix dosen't say anything.

"Denebola is not alone."

Regulus lifts his hands from the sword, and chants in a sonerous voice for a few moments before the blade vanishes with a crackle of thunder. "You have my blessing. Do what you choose to do. As for fighting... I am a warrior because it was needed. I remain one because it is still needed. But conflict draws attention - and you can barely maintain peace in the face of obliteration." He pauses. "Impersonation? Who has done this?! Who would engage in an act so craven and low, to play on indecision and fear?!"

"Try World War II, Iris... People then wanted peace, so they tried everything to get it. The only problem is that Hilter was never satisfied... He wanted it all. As long as some uncool dude wants everything to themselves there can never be peace. There must be comprimise and understand for there to be peace. I pray for peace like any other person, but I fight because there is no other choice given save give up and let evil rule the Earth. Robot Master, Maverick, Stardroids, mysterous unknown beings.... I will fight them all until the Earth's race comes to a peaceful end."

Sounding faintly poetic in the background is none other than Jet Stingray. Having heard a bit of the coversation as he has walked in, he looks over to Regulus and nods. "It seems that someone else understands me. The only reason why Repliforce pulled out is because the treaty was not being respected, we cannot let ourselves be pushed, even in dire times like this. To save the world from one evil force, only to let it fall to another is unthinkable."

Alpha looks to Pharaoh Man, "...I'm a base creature created by baseness. I am a product of this world. I really don't care much for it, but I fight to repay my debts and that is how it appears to be desired at most times.", she looks back to Prismatic Spider, "...Antagonizing and insulting your allies is not a way to be united. That is like discarding self. However, if this enemy gets in the way of interfering with my debt repayal, then I will obstruct it as well.

Iris glances over at Jet, as he makes his way to the group. She can't refute his logic...while she doesn't agree with him, she is pretty relieved to see him.

Prismatic Spider sends a radio transmission.
Sword Man receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Prismatic Spider's transmission to Sword Man: I have a report detailing the Master responsible for the faux Stardroid attack. Will you take exception to me giving Regulus this information?

Pharaoh Man looks to Regulus, " You all don't have the /best/ reputation on Earth, you and your comrades. It was a tactic in /fear/, meant to incite propaganda agianst the ability of the UN, Repliforce, and others to 'defend' the Earth. If I remember correctly, it failed. This war pushes us all to dire means that do not always meet the ends aimed for. "

Denebola isn't alone? Oh great, not what Midi, or anyone, wanted to hear. But all the same... "Then I'll do what I can... whatever that is." What is it, what can he do? Something to ponder for later. Midi's energy reserves are running low, in other words, he's getting sleepy. Some of his usual trademark cuteness returns, as he rubs his eyes, and glances back at the street he was walking down earlier, before all this started. He'll head back to the UN HQ, and think over everything... until now he had such a cheery outlook on how things will turn out, but now he's not so sure. But all the same, he's not going to let himself fall into despair, as long as they still live, they can still try. This world is still alive, and so are all of they, and as long as that is true, they're not finished.

Sword Man sends a radio transmission.
Prismatic Spider receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Sword Man's transmission to Prismatic Spider: As long as you make note of it being an isolated incident. We may not be the order many seek, but their actions do not speak for all of the Order of Wily.

Prismatic Spider sends a radio transmission to Sword Man.
Sword Man receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Prismatic Spider's transmission to Sword Man: Agreed. He must be punished for his transgressions, as you appear to agree.

Pharaoh Man sends a radio transmission to Alpha.
Alpha receives a radio transmission from Pharaoh Man.
You intercept Pharaoh Man's transmission to Alpha: You have been graced with the right to speak with me personally. Consider yourself extremely lucky.

Alpha sends a radio transmission to Pharaoh Man.
Pharaoh Man receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Alpha's transmission to Pharaoh Man: I do, thank you.

Sword Man peers toward Iris. "Ever the pacifist, Lady Iris? Unfortunately, conflict is ingrained in all. Whether it be the struggle for survival which all beasts much endure, the internal conflict to keep our base instincts at bay, or even the power struggles which have persisted through history. War is an inevitability. Sometimes, for the better, some times for the worse, but far from unstoppable. And this...this is a time for all to resist. If not through arms, than through spirit alone. Our existance depends on such. To lay down and let things come as they are now is to invite the reaper himself upon your doorstep."

Pharaoh Man sends a radio transmission.
Alpha receives a radio transmission from Pharaoh Man.
You intercept Pharaoh Man's transmission to Alpha: Once I am done speaking with Regulus, we shall find someplace not so...crowded to do so.

Prismatic Spider nods. "The Robot Master known as Gemini Man was the one responsible. He is known for his penchant for trickery. However, this incident only occured once after the were discovered to be false. The rest of them, as far as I know, did not participate or are responsible for this."

Metal Man says, "I only exist to fight. I exist for war...funny ain't it?" He tilts his head to the side a bit and goes on. "Gemini Man and Shadow Man did not hurt anyone with their prank. It was one of your own soldiers who shot up the area. Either way we need to ahem deal with such problems. We will not always be on the same side but at the moment we are. "Evil? Prehaps I am prehaps its only from your views that I am." He looks tp Pharoah Man for a moment. "Brother some times..." He swallows as if the next thing is going to be hard to say, "Swallow your pride to get what is need to be done... done." oO(Did I just say that????) "It seems Regulus does not want this planet to meet its end..." As if he trusts him? Well always be wary of powerful beings after all. Its only smart to do so. "Gemini Man hates this truce and I think he was trying to undermine it"

Prismatic Spider looks over to Iris. "If I could find a way to solve this without struggle, I would gladly do it. But the only way would be to give in... And we cannot simply give everything up to one who sees us as his playthings."

Byte has connected.

Pharaoh speaks, and Regulus' gaze snaps to the being he has already chastized once before. Light blazes up from behind that featureless mask, spilling out in a halo around it.

"Fear. You sow terror simply for your own gain, and try to justify it because it did not work?!" The gauntlets snap down to the hilt of Illumine. "It would seem, twisted lord, that you did not LEARN." Although no expression is visible, Regulus' voice is angry, and booms louder and louder as he continues to speak. "Your brethern who dreamed up this idea shall taste the bite of my blade, but as for you... a reminder is in order!"

Regulus begins to speak in that strange language again, the words rolling out in a thunderous cadence - but for everyone in the square but Pharaoh, his voice drops in volume. Poor Ra, on the other hand, is subjected to Regulus' raging voice at full volume as it roars out of the very air around the Robot Master.

Alpha sends a radio transmission.
Pharaoh Man receives a radio transmission from Alpha.
You intercept Alpha's transmission to Pharaoh Man: Alright.

Regulus strikes Pharaoh Man with his Vox Irae attack.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...Ow.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Ow?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...Returning... base. ... need time... the Repair Chamber.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... can ... ... ... ... ... want me ...

Iris looks over at Prismatic, with a sad nod of assent. She knows that they're very much in agreement over this.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... awakening from ... Unconsciousness. ...And ... Cyclops... ... would ... ...appreciated.

Byte enters the Seoul - United Nations Plaza.

Byte has left.

Pharaoh Man can give only a scream of pain as his body is twisted and snapped from the words, his joints bending ways not even a robot's should. He can barely even speak, " Regulus, it wa...*snap*...was before you tasked me...." Ra is in a world of pain.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... course. I ... prep ... ... bay.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Medic team Delta see to ... repair. You ... well ...


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