[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Squeal little piggies!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Is Guts Man molesting animals again?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "I'm making bacon."

[RADIO: (B) World] Elec Man transmits, "Get'm, Guts Man!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Fresh bacon at that!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Bacon, huh? I hope you drain the greese off of it. That fat could kill you."

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...I am not going to ask."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Bacon fat is good. Makes you resistant to the cold winter air!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Like Byte. He could sit on somebody and kill them. Hence the theory of fat killing people."

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "Mass plus Inertia plus Velocity equates to Power, Repliforce. You should remember that."

[RADIO: (B) World] Elec Man transmits, "Wise man that anger fat man soon become wide man."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "If Byte sits on me we could merge into a Byte Man and then sit on inferior people!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Elec Man chuckles annoyingly. "Cause, you see, the fat man'll sit on the wise man, and they'll be flat on the ground! Y'know, wide? Ahh, what do you guys know."

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Guts Man. If there were anyone in this world I could merge with besides Bit... ...It would not be you."

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "The idea, however, is oddly satisfying"

[RADIO: (B) World] Elec Man transmits, "Well. Why don't we get all snippy about it then?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Are you cheating on me with Chi? Cause if you are..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...And, Elec Man, you have makings of a good proverbist. I shall remember to add that to the Coalition Fortune Cookie Suppliers."

[RADIO: (B) World] Elec Man transmits, "Oh. Well, why thank you."

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...The idea we had anything, Guts Man, that I could cheat on you by doing otherwise... ...disturbs me..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "You hussy!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...I am not the one that wears frilly womens negligée..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Rigger transmits, "Must you all yap while I'm trying to commit random acts of evil?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Neither am I. That's what Ten's for. Hey don't you find it funny that when Ten and Chi combine they don't end up as a She-Male?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Elec Man transmits, "AUUGH!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Elec Man whimpers. "The burning...~~"

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Evil? ...Oooo, you know just charm, don't you, Rigger? -then, Byte pauses- Sadly, Guts Man's last comment killed the mood."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...

[RADIO: (B) World] Rigger transmits, "Indeed. And, yes. Christmas is a great time for evilness if done properly."

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "Ahh... Yule."

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Nothing like giving people Nightmares before Christmas."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Unless it's a she-male Repliforce robot."

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...I have always had my questions about Chi..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Rigger transmits, "Nightmares are easy to manage. I go for more finesse than that."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "No no... Christmas is supposed to be about happy times! Gift giving! Good will towards men and reploids!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Elec Man transmits, "..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Christmas. Bah Humbug."

[RADIO: (B) World] Elec Man transmits, "That's the sort of voice that drives one to mass stabbings."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "You know what else leads to mass stabbings? Knives."

[RADIO: (B) World] Rigger transmits, "But I am giving gifts, Midi. It's the shopping part that's evil."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "Oh, well shopping has to be a pain... I do all mine online!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Midi... ...Were you not the child reploid who was with Iris that night?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "The night that Alia was conceived?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte then rumbles. "...Shopping. I /hate/ Shopping. ...But then, I hate Ten, and always she is shopshopshopshopSHOP!... ...So that might be a connection."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "Umm... Mr. Byte? Yeah, that's me."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "You know what I like to shop for? A decent stereo and a vinyl turntable. There's nothing like vintage music to sing along to."

[RADIO: (B) World] Conduit transmits, "Lets hope you never find it."

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Hmmm... Midi. ...Few Child-like Reploids are ever made... ...You must be... special. As for Christmas... keep your spirit, child. It has some merit."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Special like a fox! Hahahahahaha. Get on the short bus!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Elec Man transmits, "Child-like Reploids aren't made because they crush up so easily."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "Thanks... I think. And you don't have to be mean Mr.Guts Man! Just because I'm short...."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "You're so short that you need a ladder to use the toilet!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "...no I don't..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Elec Man transmits, "He's so short, he could use one of General's toenails as a pole vault!"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "No you don't what? Use a ladder or use a toilet?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "...I don't have to use a ladder to use the toilet..."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Yes Byte?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... should I offer ... ... body?

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte siiighs in contentment. "...Do you hear that, everyone?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Is it the sound of one hand clapping?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... also ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Why bother ... ...

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...It is the sound of the lack of the voice of Dr. Landon DeVry... ...The Steel Butcher."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Maybe we should summon him?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... shall ... you are ... ... can ... funds ... my personaly accounts.

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...He is dead."

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "Contentment Achieved."

[RADIO: (B) World] Big Bad Sword Man transmits, "Hrm? Who is dead?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Oh come on. He can't be dead just yet."

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...I must remember to thank whomever killed him."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... welcome ... bid ... course ... ... plan ... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... Why?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: And ... do ...

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...You should keep in touch with EBay."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "I dunno.... are we SURE he's dead? I mean... we all thought Dr. Wily was dead awhile ago... who says that he didn't pull something similar?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "And we all thought Admiral was dead."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... possible ... could ... shriveled up ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... want to ... certain that he ... in ... dead. Second ... curiousity. Third because ... ... of someone ... ... ... does ... win ... very much enjoy it ... ... Christmas present.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...DeVry ... ... Relic. A ... ... ... ... technology ... ... ... allow us to perfect /our/ Cybernetic ... like Cyclops. I ... ... know ... his ... is Alive ... Dead... ...but the ... ... over 2 ... humans ... his ... hands ... ... relic I wish ... ... in a ... ... to the Evils of ...

[RADIO: (B) World] Big Bad Sword Man transmits, "....it is true. So the Butcher has finally fallen."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... Father ... ... is that ...

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "So we've got one dead Butcher and a faction of Butchers still alive. So how long before we see Vile bits on eBay?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Not even Vile has killed as many people as DeVry has."

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "Personaly. With his own hands."

Frequency cleared.

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "But as a whole your group has probably killed more than Landon."

[RADIO: (B) World] Rigger transmits, "Could you not mention 'Vile' and 'hands' in the same sentence? He wanted to chop mine off at one point."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "I bet Vile is just going to get coal for Christmas..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Or a stepping stool."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Meh ... thing ... see useful in ... is stripping ... cybernetic body ... ... ... but ... we ... ... the ... ... ... ... However singlehandedly killing two million humans ... ... impressive ... bad ... ... have ... him ... repeat history...

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "As you say, Rigger. But, Guts Man... ...your entire group has killed more then Landon as well."

[RADIO: (B) World] Rigger begins to cackle loudly!

[RADIO: (B) World] Dr. Doppler transmits, "At least we are honest in our goals. We've declared war on humanity. All DeVry did was slaughter millions with the vague notion that it would make humanity better."

[RADIO: (B) World] Rigger transmits, "Yes! I knew it!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Knew what?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Rigger titters gleefully. "Oooh, nothing, nothing. Let's just say my 'evilness' paid off."

[RADIO: (B) World] Dr. Doppler transmits, "...has someone let Dr. Matthews off her medication?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Rigger transmits, "Very funny. I was just solving a small mystery, is all."

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "Father speaks... correctly. The Steel Butcher was unique. His Death Tally was... /personal/... not on a whole."

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Indeed, Rigger."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Hehehehe, killing is fun. Especially when it's worthless Reploids. Unlike humans. Humans are just the most precious resources on this planet."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "...Guts Man, you're just going to get coal too ya know..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Ring Man transmits, " So? He could probably squeeze it into a Dimond... hrmmm that give me an idea..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Nah, I know what I'm getting. I'm getting some of Roll's sweet treats."

[RADIO: (B) World] Rigger transmits, "Only this year."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "And the year after."

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Does Roll send baked treats to you and the other 'Alphas' every christmas or something? That would be... ...in character."

[RADIO: (B) World] Rigger transmits, "They claim not to have gotten them before."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "You'll be getting a fruit cake from me."

Somewhere on the MUSH, Iris has connected.

[RADIO: (B) World] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Fruit Cake. The Deadliest Weapon known to Man."

[RADIO: (B) World] Dr. Doppler transmits, "I thought the giving of fruitcakes was banned by the Beijing treaty."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Well shows that you can't think old man."

[RADIO: (B) World] Rigger transmits, "Fruit cake? Aw, c'mon, they aren't that bad. They make great door stoppers."

<Global News Network> "Ladies! Gentlemen! Reploids, Bioroids, Androids, Cyborgs, Humans, Metools, Joes, Gumbies and Gumbettes!" A smile appears in the darkness, a twinkling of light in the brightness of the synthateeth. "Members and citizens of the World at Large. Robot Masters, Repliforce, United Nations, Mavericks, Maverick Hunters, San Angeles, Eurasians, and anyone else I don't feel like listing out..."

"I welcome you all to the site of Easter Island! Come one, come all...and hear a proclamation, an exclamation, a very testament of things to come!"

Easter Island

Easter Island, a place shrouded in mystery and intrigue for years upon years. A mystery that has astounded and befuddled scientists, archeologists, and history scholors alike. The home of strange statues shaped in the form of somewhat human like heads. While nowadays it has a major seaport, the island remains untouched and devoid of civilization. Scholars and tourists from around the world, still seek to visit this island, to enjoy it's rich atmosphere, and to see the mysterious heads that line the coast to this day.

Abernathy [Winter] [C] Procyon [Stardroid] [SD]
Hidden Cave Memorial Statue
Submerge <D> leads to Underneath Southern Pacific.
Ocean <O> leads to Southeast Pacific Ocean.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above South Pacific.

Fusion Phoenix has arrived.
Barrage Raptor has arrived.
Wave Puma has arrived.
Rigger has arrived.
Iris has arrived.
Sai has arrived.
Pharaoh Man has arrived.
Sword Man has arrived.
Dr. Doppler has arrived.
Cyclops has arrived.
Conduit has arrived.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... something ... ... medical drones. "The lower ... of ... body is currently ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: :sighs. "I ... ... your repairs ... ... ...

[RADIO: (H) None] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Robot Masters...all monitoring devices on Easter Island have gone to nothing by static."

Joules arrives from the Sky Above South Pacific.
Joules has arrived.

[RADIO: (H) None] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...I just noted that myself."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I ... record ... goings on ... you ... ... Demon.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... need to ... yourself ... ... ... a mere ... ... ... ... ... staff ... ... ... ... before ... ... is over.

Ring Man has arrived.

[RADIO: (H) None] Pharaoh Man mutters. " Accursed Stardroids. "

[RADIO: (H) None] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "Blast..."

Bonne Airship <Gesellschaft> arrives from the Sky Above South Pacific.
Bonne Airship <Gesellschaft> has arrived.

[RADIO: (H) None] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Gesellschaft in route."

Morgaine has arrived.
Bonne Assault Mech <Gustav> has arrived.

[RADIO: (H) None] Pharaoh Man transmits, "I am arriving myself. Sword Man, were you able to procure any drones? My Rank is no longer..sufficient, and my personal stores are depleted."

[RADIO: (H) None] Ring Man transmits, "Mine still is Ra, I'm on my way."

[RADIO: (H) None] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "I shall be accompanied by a handful of Blade Joes, as well as a few mets."

[RADIO: (H) None] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Most Excellent Ring Man. It is a pleasure to have you at my side in battle agian."

Signas has arrived.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Midi transmits, "The Robot Masters are on their way to Easter Island guys... dunno if they're going to cause trouble or not. The Gesellschaft is too..."

In the distance... a dark bulk slips from the low lying clouds... just enough to disgorge a rapidly flying ship. Gliding across the skies, the Drache arrives... setting down the Gustav which hangs from it. The Gustav drops as the Drache floats back to hover just beyond, another rider aboard it. Where they have traveled? ...The site of the Memorial Statue.

Alpha has arrived.

Sitting at the foot of the memorial statue is a form that has become readily recognized in this day and age. Jumping up onto it, Procyon moves through the statues themselves before standing behind Hero Boy. Resting his right hand onto the statue he holds the other up. "I have brought you all here for one simple thing. One thing that I think shall be enjoyed by all, perhaps reviled by others. I have brought you all here to hear a proclamation that has been passed on through me to you. The delcaration of the Doomsday Games." Ah yes, it'd seem the main herald has finally admitted to his true calling, as he grins, he waves a hand toward Abernathy and the torch up several dozen steps up on a foundation behind him. It'd seem the torch is already lit... "And so I declare the Doomsday Games officially open to the denziens of the world! Prizes and life shall be held for one and all for those who win each of the games!"

Fusion Phoenix was called in by the news report, and flew in from the west. He stands with the others and responds to the announcement by shifting his feet. He does not like the sound of these

Gizmo Glider has arrived.

Fusion Phoenix was called in by the news report, and flew in from the west. He stands with the others and responds to the announcement by shifting his feet. He does not like the sound of these "Doomsday Games." He wants to live in history, and the end of the world would complacate that.

Dropping down thanks to a drache, Soprano Bonne flashes the piloting servbot a thumbs-up, thanking him for the ride. She waves for the Gustav to drop down, before looking upwards toward her cousin. "..Doomsday Games? You know, this "we're here to wreck your world" stuff is really getting on my nerves. Couldn't they just come buy and ask for a cup of sugar sometime?"

Ra strains his blink systems to the limit to arrive as quickly as possible after the news report, transversing the Pacific quickly from the mainland, wearing his battle armor and scepter being grasped tightly in hand. Arriving at the Memorial Statue, he halts, spotting Procyon....and hearing his morbid announcement. " You degenerate the fate of our planet to a handful of mere...games? "

Barrage Raptor got here on a Hoverbike, and just...Eyes, "Doomsday Games?" She shakes her head a little bit. Wonderful, .o(Probably more like the Olympics on crack.)

Midi is merely here, not on behalf of the UN, just on his own accord. He doesn't say much for now, but moves with the main crowd. Still, this proclimation doesn't sit well with him. "Why don't I like the sound of this..." He says to himself. Doomsday games, it just sounds bad...

Iris just stands there on the island, hands on her hips, listening to this 'official proclamation' without much in the way of emotional reaction.

Dr. Doppler arrived via an air skimmer (now parked a short distance away), Cyclops in tow. His reaction to this Doomsday proclomation is unclear, neither smiling nor frowning. Mute acceptance, or a poker face? You be the judge.

Wave Puma stares at Procyon, unblinking, his visual input being recorded for those not present. .oO(This isn't too good. I'm terrible at sports. ... I wonder if there's an artistic division...)

Among the countless faces is a relatively insignificant figure of silver whose shine rivals that of the Stardroid yet remains in perfect blend with the spectators as not to be noticed. Joules watches the gathering further with little to contribute save for a sweeping gaze across those present. For now however, eyes remain fixed on the interstellar visitors.

The Gustav's golden eyes narrow upon the figure stanting upon the Memorial Statue. Emerald eyes within the Gesellschaft narrow. "...Doomsday Games?! ...Is that was all this was about?" The Gustav turns its head, and nods back to Soprano, Tron muttering. "...I agree." The Gustav's eyes snap back to the Stardroid on the Statue. "...So. What. If we fail to win, you destroy our world?"

Sword Man drops out of the Gesellschaft, having heard Procyon's proclaimation from within, but only now prepared to face the creature. HOwever, the announcement...is both intriguing and maddening. "Games? You wished to bring us here, to this hallowed grounds, to announce GAMES?!" Obviously, Sword is not amused.

Vile has arrived.

Alpha is probably sleeping on top of one of those Easter Head statues. Or at least faking it. She's still wounded from the battle with Denebola and it looks like she hasn't bothered to get any repairs. Angie still has a bleeding hole and Angie's head is still bruised to heck.

Cyclops just stands next to Doppler, his red eye merely glowing, hands clasped behind his back as he watches with a straight back. Like the other Maverick cyborg here, Cyclops' reaction to this announcement is quite unclear...

Ring Man arrives on scene with Sword. having also hitched a ride from the bonnes. A small company of Sheild Joes hasilty pulled from Delta Territory in tow. "Games?" The Delta Xo says in a disbelieving tone. His mind quickly turns to how to make a profit from all this.

Sai's eyes narrow from where he stands, on exactly the same spot he'd been teleported to. He's worried, that much is obvious. Nor is he at all happy about the word 'doomsday' being involved. But, for the moment, he remains silent.

Oh, and guess what: This is the guy Abernathy signed on with. There goes the promotion, and probably any thought of maintaining an air of innocence. And, you know, he couldn't be much happier, if that odd grin on his face is any indication of his emotional state. Oh, look at all the little people -- either the diplomat has gone as insane as his Stardroid patron, or he was never as 'good' as everyone assumed. ... Push the button, dude. As he's indicated, Abby pauses a moment -- to take in the various, ahh, reactions to this little annoucement -- and pushes the button.

/BLAM/. Goodbye, torch. Goodbye, stand. Hello, shrapnel. The Battle and Chase games never had such an -- err -- explosive opening as that, unless you count the occasional hostilities.

If Signas flew in with one of the Hunter transports, it's not visible - besides, it would be unwise to leave a transport unattended in such a large gathering of firepower, especially with a Stardroid present. Instead, two phantom images of the Hunter Diplomat, each one semitransparent as if it were a very low-power hologram, converge towards one another from opposite sides, running along the ground. Each of the Signas phantoms grows more solid appearing as the distance between them decreases, and when they meet, the Hunter himself stands ready, surveying the scene and the others gathered with a grim expression.

"Oh come now. Doomsday Games is just a name for dramatics sake." Procyon's eyes burn bright yellow, the brightness of twin suns as he stares at Pharaoh, "You presume too much, and insult my very being by stating such." With a wave of his hand, he sends a beam of pure gravity toward pretender god. "Now, the fate of /this/ planet, not yours, is not at stake. Instead the fate of the stardroids who hide here from their destiny is at stake. The fate of those who wish to put themselves at odds with the universe. There shall be prizes and life after it all for all who partake of the games. Such things as a Scavenger Hunt, a new form of game called 'Battlesphere', and other such amusing little games shall be made for all of your enjoyment and amusement."

Procyon strikes Pharaoh Man with his Linear Dimension attack.

Pharaoh Man is temporarily disoriented by Procyon's Linear Dimension attack.

Soprano Bonne rolls her eyes, leaning a little on the Gustav, quite casually. "Wow. So they've got to take their petty squabbles onto our planet. Kinda sad, really." She rocks on the balls of her feet, snapping the collar of her jacket up. "You'd think beings like them could figure out better things to do. Like intergalactic pong. With an asteroid."

"Oh, we're plenty amused already," says Iris, looking not at all amused.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... you ...

Games? GAMES? Rigger was not pleased nor were the rest of the crowd it would seem. She lingers to the back out of the main press of individuals that had rushed here to see just what the announcement was about. There was no need to get trampled when no doubt people would be running in the other direction soon enough. This way, at least, she would have a small head start. "Oh this is pathetic," she mumbles beneath her breath while watching the explosive display and turning to the side to shield her eyes from any debris. The others made a nice enough shield from most things.

Dr. Doppler allows himself a small frown, but nothing more. "And the places you plan to hold your games?" he asks in a voice lous enough to be heard.

Midi narrows his eyes. So they're playing for the Stardroid's lives? "That's not fair!" He calls out. He's talked to Pisces, and Aquarius, they seem like such nice... uh, stardroids. They just want to live, and so does everyone here. "And what if none of us decide to play?" Midi, for one, doesn't want to gamble with other's lives.

Joules eyes Iris and her sarcasm, surprisingly uncharacteristic of her from what he's heard. Then again, these are strange times...

Alpha lturns her head over to look to Procyon. Guess she'll have to participate after all, since everybody thinks Pac Man is a Stardroid. She sits up and turns around a bit, looking towards Rigger silently. She wraps Necro around her lightly but Angie merely flaps silently.

Wave Puma shivers slightly, impulsively wanting to cover his face frome the explosion, but can't, as he's locked down his motor function. .oO(Well, I could help with a scavenger hunt, I guess. I'd better start thinking of places to look for scavengers...)

Fusion Phoenix blinks. Is this some sort of enlistment into the hunt for the 'Rogue' Stardroids? He asks his question, "Who will be playing in these games?"

Sword Man simply folds his arms as his Blade Joes and accompanying mets (who got hung up due to a mass tripping thanks to the Lead Joe not watching where he was going) file in behind him. Not many, but enough to make a point. "I am not amused, nor am I impressed..." His blade darts idly in the air beside of him as he watches on, a sour look on his face.

Ra finds his form stretched and bent through the very fabric of reality, twisting his form until he returns to being with a resounding 'pop'....his body crumpled and cracked, well damaged. Pharaoh Man groans slightly as he returns, having to steady himself agianst a nearby tree. " Hrmph...well, then, continue Procyon....and tell us mere 'mortals' of our chance for survival..." The Master of Sands comments a bit weakly.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I will be ...

Ring Man narrows his optics. A scavenger hunt is right up Ring's ally, his putpose in life after all is locating certain important objects.... Breifly looking to his brother in concern the lord of the rings returns his attention to the speaker, "Yes, what will we be, hunting."

Barrage Raptor shakes her head a little bit. No way she'll help this guy find the Rogue Stardroids. No way in hell. She'll turn around and walk right back off this island if that's what this is for.

Sai continues to remain somewhat quiet about the whole thing. He doesn't speak, content for the time being to listen and absorb what is said. The others are addressing any questions he could have. At least the 'doomsday' part was mere theatrics; that revelation alleviated at least some of his worry, though by no means all.

Tron narrows his eyes a moment, looking down at the screen with Soprano on it where she leans against the Gustav, the head turning with it. The Gustav then raises its head slowly, and Tron begins to speak. "...Stardroids who hide from their Destiny? ...You wish is to Fight for them? ...What right do you have to judge their lives, Stardroid? ...I have met with Virgo, and she seems to be a very nice person. Many of them were not involved in the Judgment of Earth... ...and I have no ill will against them. ...But, if you want to play games with lives... well, even for this Pirate, that is wrong. I'm just going to have to play in these games."

Cyclops just continues to watch, stroking his chin as he does so. He has nothing to say at this point in time, and just prefers to watch and listen for now...

"Do not be too quick to accept an easy answer," says Signas gravely - he adresses not Procyon, but the other people of Earth present, particularly those on the side of good. "It is the Nothing and the Stardroids allied with it who threaten to destroy us, and they have said they lack the power to defeat it. We will not be so easily sidetracked by fun and games when the fate of the world remains uncertain."

Joules sends a radio transmission.
Signas receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Joules's transmission to Signas: Well said, sir.

"I see not a one of you has /listened/ to what I've said. These games are a source of amusement and entertainment for everyone. No one shall die in my games, nor shall anyone come to find their planets 'destroyed' for losing. If that were the case, if you lost against your own fellow Reploids and Humans, you'd end up having your planet destroyed even if you lost. Since one side would /always/ loose. Please." Procyon seems rather annoyed at the presumptions tossed about, and straightens himself up and looks around. "Look around you, you shall all be participants if you so choose, the first games start in two days, have teams of three ready to go beforehand, substitutions on the day of the games are allowed. And again, /none/ of you should die. As for their fates. They have /all/ taken part in a Judgement at least once, very few of us have not. The one you call Virgo is the direct supporter of Duet. Regulus is the one who would go out and help find the next world for judgement. They have /countless/ lives to answer for. They have killed, or attempted to kill in your planets case, /thousand of billions of trillions/ of lives. They have /everything/ to answer for."

His piece in this little -- is it a farce or a passion play? whatever -- complete, Abernathy steps back, pink eyes hooded as he watches the festivities. Was it really so difficult to people to actually listen to Procyon's words? Hmph.

Pharaoh Man narrows his eyes at Procyon, remembering Aquarius from the previous evening. No, she does not answer to anything. She was obviously in the 'right' with her reasoning. " Very well. What 'events' are there, Procyon, and what might each one entail? "

Midi pauses... darnit, stop making sense! "Well.... maybe that might be true. But all that happened in the past right? The here and the now is what's important, isn't it?" He sighs "Forgive us for not quite believing you, but... well, we don't quite believe you. You didn't seem like the type willing to entertain us last time I saw you out around..."

Metal Man appears from behind one of the stone heads and says, "You are right every last stardroid is guilty of Genocide Procyon. All of you should eventally pay the piper for what you have done. I sucpect the trillions of dead are enjoying watching your kind slaughter eachother. I can't blaim them either.

Dr. Doppler is indeed listening, though his opinions on the words said are thus far kept to himself. The Maverick scientist takes a few steps towards the statue, away from the ocean lapping at his boots.

Sword Man frowns, arms still crossed. "Forgive me for doubting thy intentions, but your espousal does little to put me at ease. However..." He peers about, anxiously, his Joes doing the same out of an overliteralized command of 'Follow my lead'. "I shall bear to listen further. Perhaps my curiosity is getting the better of me."

Alpha muses for a moment, looking over those gathered. She doubts Brother Dear is very interested in these games. She isn't really herself, so Alpha scratches her head and looks over to Procyon, "Can you be on your own team?", she asks casually. "By which I mean, can I go alone?"

Fusion Phoenix listens to Procyon, then to Pharaoh Man. He adds his own question, "And how shall we form teams? Each faction gets one team? Or can any group of three become a team?"

Iris hasn't much to say. "...."

Rocket Rodent arrives from the Sky Above South Pacific.

Rocket Rodent has arrived.

Ring Man remains silent. oO(Hrmmmmmm gmes always are a great source of revinue there must be soem way to turn this to my profit... endorcements perhaps..) Ring has left reality and is in his 'happy place' schemeing.

Wave Puma simply continues staring, insure of whether to trust this Stardroid or not. He unlocks an arm, and brushes a fly off of his nose, then returns it to his side.

Soprano hmphs and rolls her eyes a second time. She yawns, stiffling it openly with a hand. "Well cousin, if you're in this, I guess I am too." A Servbot promptly pops out of one of the Gustav's hatches, plopping down onto Soprano's shoulders. #36 just gives Soprano a guilty look before she can possibly scold him for sneaking along with the two Bonnes. "..."

The Gustav's head nods slowly. The Gorilla-like arms cross, and Tron merely frowns at her screens. This whole time... Games? ...She made that question once. "...I see." Tron shakes her head slowly, the Gustav mimicing her actions. "...The question is... ...Where will the games begin?" Tron, it seems, has decided to listen and pay attention...

Rigger digs her hands down further into the pockets of her coat. Though she finds items there, very few give her any ideas on how to handle this new revelation the Stardroids have brought. A deep breath is taken as she calls out in a calm tone to those already agreeing so readily, "I would wait to agree until you know what it is you're agreeing to do." Then again she falls silent with her attention riveted on Procyon to hear if he answers such questions as 'what are the games going to consist of?'

Sai nods quietly, apparently the main questions he'd had are either asked or anwered. Procyon has clearly stated no one will die, which is certainly good, and puts Sai's mind a little at ease. But he's still wary. Procyon hasn't exactly shown himself to be all goodness and light in the past.

From everywhere and nowhere at once, a voice comes, ringing through the ears of all in the area in an almost detached yet very real kind of way. The voice is soft, and gentle, almost soothing, yet overwhelming at the same time. No visible source can be seen, but the words can be heard quite clearly.

"Such a disgusting creature you have become, Procyon. How you so easily pervert something that means so much, and so cowardly, that you would do so through anothers hands. Duo never would accept this, Duo would never have allowed this. Even if through means of his death, this threat was brought upon us, it is you, who have already lost, by giving yourself to him so easily. Such a disgrace, one that will be judged with swift and merciless justice once the darkness is defeated once more, as it was deafeated once then. It is not /our/ fate, traitor, but rather, the fate of all of reality. As it is undone by the consuming void, so will all it provides life to, including yourself, as well as the people of this planet. Destiny? You know nothing of Destiny, it is a shame Duo was not there to teach you of it, for then you would surely know where yours had led... down the road of betrayal and ultimately, your own destruction..."

Then, as the words subside, a brilliant beam of white light streaks down from the sky, down to the earth a mere few feet away from Procyon. As it dissipates, it leaves the form of one very familiar body to go along with the strangely familiar voice. The acting commander of the Stardroids... Duet.

"Where others have fled, I shall not. Where others have died, I shall not. Where others have given in to you and your dark master... /I/ shall /NOT/."

Duet hovers up, casting her hands towards the assembled people. For a moment, she casts her gaze down to them, almost as a mother would look upon her children, a warm smile that almost radiates compassion, for all of those assembled, good or evil. However, it soon returns to Procyon, and returns to it's previously grim demeanor.

"These games of yours are perposterous, but these people will not yield to you, those who can defeat Duo himself, can also defeat Nigh. Your lack of faith in the power of mortals, has blinded you to the truth of your fate. Your judgement is coming, Procyon, and you know as well as I, that you are far from worthy."

"Believe me or not. The here and now? How very quaint that you would hold your own judgment against the Stardroids, yet dismiss the deaths of so many because they aren't /here/. So very quaint." Procyon sighs, "Any may form a team, any and all are welcome... None shall be forced into it, and in two days, as I stated they shall begin, here." Then, Metal Man speaks, and strikes a very deep cord within Procyon, his eyes glare a bright yellow, shifting to a bright white almost in its intensity. "Metal Man, you know not what you speak of. I have watched the destruction of billions, tried to stop them at times, and each time I was tossed aside by my 'comrades'. Only once have I succeeded, and it was /after/ they destroyed the planet. Time and Space bent to my will then, as my own home world was destroyed." And Procyon's optics glare down at ground beneath him, boring into the very dirt beneath his feet before he falls to his knees and stares up into the night sky. His eyes fall upon something specific, but what is hard to tell, his home planet perhaps? Something nearby? '

Pharaoh Man blinks....Duet? This is her first appearence on Earth since the pods fell, and it agian makes Ra wonder just how many Stardroids take refuge on the planet. " Well, we now know your true nature, Procyon..." The Master of Sands comments idly. " And I thank you for your support of Earth's people, Duet. It is much appreciated..."

Midi blinks, looking to Procyon, and the new arrival. Midi wasn't around when the initial Stardroid war took place, but he HAS been reading up on archived events, especially lately. He recognizes the face of Duet. "Wow.... and finally another good guy shows up..." Maybe things might take a turn for the better now? Maybe Duet will help them with the answers they need? Who knows? Excited as he is by this prospect though, Midi keeps a healthy amount of skepticism, who knows WHAT can go wrong between now and two days time?

Barrage Raptor just kinda stands there, "..." She sighs a little bit. Yay. Just what the world needs. /More/ Stardroids.

Alpha blinks at Duet. She shrugs and moves to lie back down again. Seems like there won't be any need to care about these games any longer. She whistles, but there's no real discernable tune. Maybe Duet won't shoot her.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Well this ...

Fusion Phoenix reblinks at the female Stardroid. He gives a gracefull bow. "Greetings Duet. I hope we manage to live up to the standard we set at the time of Terra's aid."

The Gustav's head /spins/ at the voice, yellow eyes going wide. Then... Tron watches... ...as Duet makes herself known. Tron can only speak in a soft, hushed whisper... ...even as he voice is amplified by the Gustav. "...Duet..." Tron then... smiles. Broadly with beaming light in her eyes. The Gustav's pose turns to one of contentment, shifting from the rediness for battle. Duet's voice... and even her gaze, sends an... ...oddly warm feeling through the girl. Tron remembers what it was like to be looked at by a Mother...

Serenade arrives from the Sky Above South Pacific.
Serenade has arrived.

Dr. Doppler raises an arm to shield his eyes as another Stardroid takes the stage. It seems some of them still enjoy grand entrances. Once the light disappates, he lowers his arm again. Nothing more than another troubled frown from the good Doctor, at least for now.

oO(maybe then I'll take the money and ru-) Ring Man's train of thought is halted as Duet arrives. "What now? Can't someone just explain simply what the heck is going on? pfft drama."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...Duet..."

Sword Man blinks, eyes widening as Duet beams down, arms uncrossing. Staring upward, he looks on, face set in stone, but his eyes obviously holding some sort of respect for the Stardroid. As he watches her speak, he continues to watch on, not sure what to make of things.

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "That's really Duet?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Squeak Toy Serenade transmits, "...Eih?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Yes. It is the Mistress of the Zodiac herself."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...From all the files I've seen... ...It sure looks like her."

[RADIO: (B) World] Big Bad Sword Man transmits, "Unbelievable..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "Looks like the files I've seen too... she sure acts like I always thought she would. Maybe we can finally get somewhere against this ... Nigh thing now?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Alpha transmits, "What's so unbelievable about Duet?"

Wave Puma's eyes widen a bit, and he seems to wobble, but doesn't fall down. .oO(This certainly complecates things.)

[RADIO: (B) World] Pirate Man transmits, "Arr, Shiver me timbers! Th' wench-in-command be back!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Ring Man transmits, "Could somone sit that girl in front of the history channel... PLEASE?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Gemini Man transmits, "What girl?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Big Bad Sword Man transmits, "The Stardroid Duet, Sir Gemini..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Big Bad Sword Man transmits, "Oh...pardon...I misheard thee."

[RADIO: (B) World] Ring Man transmits, " No I ment the hunter girl that never knows whats going on"

Iris just stands there impassively, listening but looking neither impressed nor afraid.

[RADIO: (B) World] Gemini Man transmits, "The pink one?" "Alpha?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...I think Ring Man was refering to the person who mentioned the 'Unbelievable'-ness of Duet and questioned it."

Cyclops just continues to watch with interest, stroking his chin, not saying a word... His composure doesn't change at all as Duet arrives, he just continues to watch...

Serenade isn't even here yet. That might change though.

[RADIO: (B) World] Star Man transmits, "*Hall & Oates* Whooooa, here she comes! She's a MANEATER!"

Signas turns to regard Duet. Although he has been over the reports countless times, unlike many here, he was nat around to witness the events of Judgement first hand, and so he has no real feelings concerning her, any more than any other Stardroid. "If you would have us defeat the Nigh that threatens you all," says the Hunter Commander, a veil of calmness over the apprehension he feels for being potentially at the mercy of a pair of Stardroids, "tell us how it may be defeated, and we shall do it."

"Ravens. More ravens," Abernathy murmurs softly to himself, folding his hands behind his back at -- seeming oddly at peace as Duet appears. It takes a certain kind of conviction to walk this path, and it's obvious that Procyon's got it, as well -- ... well. Until the self-professed Herald of Nigh became slightly dramatic for a moment there; anyone paying attention might have seen the slightest twitch of one of the diplomat's eyes, behind his sunglasses. Excusable grief. Even so. As Duet speaks, he listens -- and angles his head down, listening but watching the ground.

Sai's quiet, observant fascade crumbles on the arrival of...well, one of the better-known figures of the last Stardroid encounter. His eyes widen, and at the motherly gaze a small, confident smile crosses his lips. They're now backed, in an extremely verbal and open manner, by one of the most powerful beings around, even in Stardroid circles. It sinks into Sai's mind now that really he doesn't have a choice in the affair...he'll be here, participating. Particularly after the 'destroy the universe' bit. That made Sai feel like this was important.

[RADIO: (B) World] Alpha transmits, "Ring Man, you are an idiot. Duet is just like any other stardroid. Nothing unbelievable or shocking. She believes she has all the answers and makes accusations but offers nothing."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Quiet child."

[RADIO: (B) World] Eidolon transmits, "What is happening?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Pharaoh Man transmits, "You know not of what you are speaking."

[RADIO: (B) World] Alpha transmits, "Except Pac Pac. He's nice."

[RADIO: (B) World] Gemini Man transmits audible falling down sound. "Alpha. You just made sense."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pirate Man transmits, "Arr, what be so unbelievable about Duet be that she be back after we keel-hauled 'er on'-an'-only."

[RADIO: (B) World] Beam Demon transmits, "Isn't Duet supposed to be ... you know ... -dead-? Or am I thinking of the wrong Stardroid..?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "That's Duo."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Death is never the end, just another beginning."

[RADIO: (B) World] Squeak Toy Serenade transmits, "Unless you wind up in a black hole. Then that's pretty much it."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Indeed... Duo is the dead one. Duet never died."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pirate Man transmits, "Arr, Davy Jones' Locker be a place that I be enjoyin', meself."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...Though... ...It certainly brings up some more questions I'd like answers for."

[RADIO: (B) World] Alpha transmits, "I want to know how many planets passed judgement."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pharaoh Man transmits, "I think our questions will be answered in due time Miss Bonne. For now, I think a test unlike any other is upon us."

[RADIO: (B) World] Beam Demon transmits, "Due Time may be too late."

[RADIO: (B) World] Ring Man transmits, "Only if you let it be Beam, only if you let it."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Feel free to try and demand answers of Duet or Procyon, Beam Demon. It will leave just as, if not more broken then Bass left you."

[RADIO: (B) World] Beam Demon transmits, "SILENCE. The Force Leader did not 'break' me. He defeated me. There is a differance."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "Still... I dunno about these games... they don't seem like the type of thing I'd be good at. I'll probably have to sit on the sidelines again..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Ring Man transmits, " With Bass beaten and broken are usually the same thing."

Rising to his feet, Procyon glares up at the form he knew would appear sooner or later. His hand rests on Hero Boy's shoulder again, the statue seems to vibrate for a second beneath the strength of the hand before exploding into a million parts from the pressure. "I shall say nothing. You and Duo were no gods. You were devils. You destroyed our planets, then made slaves of us to yourselves to destroy other planets." Procyon's gaze seems to grow cold with conviction, his eyes burning back to the bright white they were minutes ago. Raising a hand, his staff appears, pointing right at Duet. "You are nothing but the very destruction you claim me to be serving. I shall see you fall, piece by piece, energy permanently displaced, and then grind my heel into your very face. You destroyed my world. I shall /not/ let this world fall like you destroyed it the first time. I shall forever protect /my/ homeworld!" And then, it happens. Procyon's form explodes in light, for a moment a glimmer of the human within his true form is apparent before a burst of light strikes out straight for Duet.

[RADIO: (B) World] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Along with Mangled, Mauled, Maimed, Neutered..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "I doubt they will all be tests of physical powers..."

Betelgeuse has arrived.

Procyon strikes Duet with his Quantum Staff Beam attack.

Fusion Phoenix blinks.... Is THAT what Procyon was talking about when he spoke of the time he succeeded?

[RADIO: (B) World] Ring Man transmits, "Did he just say what I thought I heard him just say?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "I think so..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Metal Man transmits, "Yes."

Wave Puma sends a radio transmission.

Dr. Doppler receives a radio transmission from Wave Puma.

You intercept Wave Puma's transmission to Dr. Doppler: Sir! What should we do? Attack one of them? If so, which?

[RADIO: (B) World] Dr. Doppler transmits, "...I believe so."

[RADIO: (B) World] Barrage Raptor transmits, "... Yeah. Wierdness."

[RADIO: (B) World] Ring Man transmits, " OCC er hear what I thought..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "....I don't know what just happened either..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Metal Man transmits, "It seems its as Crystal Man might say, Karam backlash for the Stardroids actions."

Midi only blinks and stares. Oh great, Stardroid battle, this will get ugly...

[RADIO: (B) World] Barrage Raptor transmits, "I'm confused. Who's the good guy here again?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Star Man transmits, "We are."

[RADIO: (B) World] Squeak Toy Serenade transmits, "You mean 'karma', Metal?"

Dr. Doppler sends a radio transmission to Wave Puma.
Wave Puma receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Dr. Doppler's transmission to Wave Puma: No, do not attack. Let us see which way this goes.

[RADIO: (B) World] Alpha transmits, "How unsurprising, their statements are contradicting each other's. *sigh* Oh well."

[RADIO: (B) World] Gemini Man transmits, "Karmic, dummy." "You are, Barrage! It's all you!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Midi transmits, "I don't know who the good guys are anymore..."

Cyclops's eye just grows slightly larger, and his mouth forms a slight grin as he watches...

[RADIO: (B) World] Barrage Raptor transmits, "I know I am. I mean among the Stardroids."

Joules ponders intervening, an impulse to prevent violence as he abhors all forms of it. The reploid reconsiders, however, as the given predicament is not the usual circumstance one is faced with.

[RADIO: (B) World] Conduit transmits, "Thats easy, none of them are."

Wave Puma sends a radio transmission.

Dr. Doppler receives a radio transmission from Wave Puma.

You intercept Wave Puma's transmission to Dr. Doppler: Yes sir. As you command.

Sword Man blinks and steps backward as the attack flashes out. He stumbles not so much in fear of the attack, but out of the confusion that Proc and Duet's exchange has just set upon Sword's mind. . o O (....what I thougt to have understood has become infinitely more complex than I imagined).

Ring Man just stares. Something important is happening. How to proofit from it is mommentarity driven from his mind, he just stands and bares witness. "Did he just say he id Hero Boy?"

Wave Puma watches in abject horror as Procyon strikes Duet. He communicates silently with Dr. Doppler, and seems about to make a move, but doesn't he just stands there, looking very, very tense.

Dr. Doppler also steps back as Procyon demonstrates some of his power, considering for a moment the prudence of erecting his own forcefield. So Procyon may indeed be human. Interesting. He snaps off a few quick transmissions to his fellow Mavericks, his frown deepening to a scowl.

Pharaoh Man gives a slight gasp of surprise, and revelation as so much comes together in his mind. All the gaps about Procyon thus far....fill into place. But destroyed? Does he mean that the world was once judged before? And if so...that means another Stardroid was picked from among the people of Earth. But who? Ra silently watches for now...wondering what the conflict shall bring. " For Procyon to judge the other Stardroids...makes him no better then they are for judging other planets. "

[RADIO: (B) World] Alpha transmits, "Except Pac Pac. He should just get his little energy ball thing and eat them all."

Metal Man looks at Duet and Duo and says, "Interesting." He can't help but admire Procyon's stand and finally adds. "There is an old saysing Do not judge least you be judged." And this time he holds back and just watches.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... a ... ... ... mean he'd have to ... from ... Which ... in turn ... ... ... ... judged Earth. ... ... ... know they ... because ... ... standing here.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... is assuming that the ... can only have ... ...

The Pirate Princess snaps her gaze back to Procyon, and frowns... the Gustav taking a like counternance. Tron then speaks, her words amplified, "...Chaos was the devil of the deal, I think. Also I'd blame Fate for spinning out the whole convoluded web. In the end, though, people are responcible for their own actions. Even Stardroids. My question is... /why/ are you fighting?!" The last bit is a roar from the Gustav's speakers. "We're all guilty for our own actions, and you cannot seperate yourself from the actions of the Stardroids by destroying those whom you think made you do your own evil actions! Why can't all the Stardroids just stop now that Duo is dead, and go to living in peace with the powers you have! You don't need to destroy one another!" Tron merely runs her hands over the controls, and then blinks... and watches what takes place. Especialy the image in the explosion of light that launches for Duet. "...A Human?!"

Abernathy glances up, expression odd, as that little revelation dawns -- and is abruptly filed, with a silent cheer. No part of this can be read in his face, though he watches the exchange between Duet and Procyon with a mildly nervous expression. When the gods -- or even just godlets -- do battle, it is best for mortals to say well shy.

Sai takes a few steps back, stunned by the events and revelations just made. He's too dumbfounded to speak, now. All he manages to utter are some half-assembled gibberings: " Wha...did he just sa...no. No, couldn't...we're HERE...if...but..." Et cetera. Sai's thought trains just collided, and unfortunately there's been an oil spill.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... in ... ... ... earth ... ...

Serenade has been here the whole time, really. No, really. She has. Either that or she's just unfashionably late, and by the fact that she's entirely soaked with salt water might suggest that she hasn't been here for all that long ... and eyes the stardroid conflict going on. Ooh, look, stardroid angst! Complete with 'it's all your fault!' COOL.

Duet smiles as she returns his gaze to the collective, responding to those who have commented. First to Pharaoh, "In Duo's final thoughts and feelings, he only thought of pride and relief, that finally he had found the answer he had sought for all his existance. You brought upon his final salvation, and for that, I shall always protect you, until it is my time to join him." Next, her gaze lies on Signas, "I shall aid you as I can, but there are some things even I cannot explain." She then regards Abernathy, a look of disgust forming on her features, "How you, could be one of them, yet so easily betray them over a false prophets words is unimaginable. It causes me overwhelming sorrow to see such betrayal."

Duet then turns her attention back to Procyon as he speaks, a look of sympathy in her expression, "It is unfortunate, that you do not understand. One day, when you finally embrace the knowledge and wisdom that you posess, and fully understand the reasons behind what we were made to do. You would understand." Duet sighs, shaking her head, "The answers lie so close, but yet you insist and standing so far away."

As Procyon attacks, Duet continues to hover there defiantly, despite the beam looking to cause her a great deal of pain. She then slowly brings her arms up in front of her as her entire body begins to illuminate the entire area with a bright pristine light. As she does so, a glowing aura begins to form around Procyon...

"People of Earth!" She exclaims, keeping herself focused on Procyon, "Certain peril awaits here if you remain, I can hold him but only for a few moments more. If you feel it necessary to flee now in order to fight later, it is now you should go. Those who will stand here, can not be garunteed safety... Duo's death has weakened me... and Nigh's reawakening has done so further still. I shall not falter, but I can not defeat Nigh's Agent... not yet. I shall come for you... all of you... and those who will remain... I shall do what I can to protect you."

Duet strikes Procyon with her Heaven's Gate attack.
Procyon is temporarily disoriented by Duet's Heaven's Gate attack.

Alpha looks over her injured body. It would probably be a good idea to leave. That way she wouldn't have to make any decisions on what to do. Alas, if only Zero was here. He'd say 'Lets do Plan Zero and stab them all!' but he's not, so Alpha just closes her eyes, sending off a transmission.

Alpha sends a radio transmission.
Rigger receives a radio transmission from Alpha.
You intercept Alpha's transmission to Rigger: Are you leaving?

Fusion Phoenix is in partal shock, and heads Duet's words. He jets over to Iris and Sai. "I think we should be getting out of here. Climb on." Once they are on (or leave by other means) Fusion is flying for safety, while his player eats dinner.

Pharaoh Man growls, and steps forwards. " The Pharaoh runs from no one. You stand to protect us selflessly, where many would lack the wisdom, and strike out at us for what may easily be viewed as an offense to you. " His arm cannon is leveled at Procyon. " And personally Duet, I think it is time we returned the favor. " Ra smirks, and moves forwards to stand next to the Zodiac Mistress.

Wave Puma sends a radio transmission to Dr. Doppler.
Dr. Doppler receives a radio transmission from Wave Puma.
You intercept Wave Puma's transmission to Dr. Doppler: Orders, sir?

[RADIO: (H) None] Ring Man transmits, "So we're staying till the end I take it?"

Kain has arrived.

Kain transforms to Kain.

[RADIO: (H) None] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "I shall remain. I shall not fall to the void so easily."

[RADIO: (H) None] Pharaoh Man transmits, "As shall I..."

[RADIO: (H) None] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "I'm staying as well."

[RADIO: (H) None] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "In for a penny in for a pound."

Midi blinks. Every instinct inside of him screams to run for it. But even so, he doesn't budge. "I've been running from all these things. Maybe I'm not help... but... I'm not gonna to run away anymore. You want to protect us? Well we have to protect you too... though I really don't know what we can do, still... it's bad karma you know?"

[RADIO: (H) None] Ring Man transmits, "Welp, guess that settles it."

Barrage Raptor blinks a little bit, and slowly moves back a couple of steps as the fight breaks out. She wants to help! But help who, that's the thing...She doesn't know..

Sai nods quietly to Fusion. "Y...yeah...I hate to go now, but we're not ready for this. We gotta tell everyone else what's going on. We can't die here, or no one'll hear about what's happened!" Having assured himself of that, and having apparently firmly reestablished communications between his neural net and the rest of him, Sai leaps on so the Phoenix can take off.

Sword Man watches on...then sets his face, the usual determined stone expression on his face, before walking toward the other side of Duet, opposite Pharaoh. "You claim to fight against devils which Duo and Duet represented. And 'lo, you have become a demon yourself, heralding a doom as potent as the Stardroids posed to us before. You have become that which you hate, and you wish us to believe you. I say to thee nay. I fight for my M'Lord, My Land, and My World." With that, he thrusts his blade into the ground, hand on his hilt, waiting.

Iris backs off from Fusion and Sai. "I'm staying," she insists. Hard to convince this stubborn little lady to take the path of greatest common sense.

Ah-ah. As Duet addresses him, Abernathy glances up at the great personage, one corner of his mouth twitching in a smirk. "I've been called far worse things in my time, lady, and they have cut me closer than accusations of my deception. Like it or not, your false prophet here -- " A nod to Procyon, and a vicious smile. " -- Speaks the only straight line I have heard any of you utter. It's amusing that /you/, of all people, who see /him/ as redeemable and deluded -- see me as a traitor. Religion." He shrugs -- and seems to take her word for it, remaining on his perch above the assembled below ... and withdrawing something that looks like a glass paperweight from under his trenchcoat. Plasma grenades, anyone? Though it would be doubtful if the diplomat would even enter the fray -- or stay nearby, given what happened last time.

Aldebaran has arrived.

As if this mess weren't bad enough, the air next to Midi is replaced by a grungy man in black and white vertical stripes. "I love this planet. It's so full of stupid people." He seems to be addressing Midi. His voice is like kittens in a blender. "So, did I miss anything yet?"

Tron's gaze snaps back to Duet for the moments she speaks, Tron merely pauses... then nods slowly. She quickly begins to run her hands over the controls. Suddenly, another Drache breaks from the skyline as Tron types. Emerald eyes glowing, she confers with Soprano and the others a moment... even as a fleet of Draches suddenly break from the skyline, moving down to settle. Tron's voice /roars/ out, "Everyone who needs a ride, the Bonne Family would be happy to oblige!" The first Drache reaches the ground first, and six Servbots, ready and waiting, spill out to the Gustav's side. The Gustav then breaks into a /very/ fast run... ...launching for Duet... Seems Tron intends to stay.

Dr. Doppler continues to scowl at the stardroids turn Easter Island into a battleground. Considering the tenous agreements made amongst the Stardroids, it's difficult to say which side is ultimately better for Earth. Not to mention he still has a medbay full of stardroid-injured 'ploids back at base. To the other members of the CRF, he snaps off a transmission: < Fall back for now. We can't affored to back the wrong side. >

Luna has arrived.

Kain arrives on Easter Island... and parks the bike beside a Head and approaches the crowd, silent for now...

Morgaine sends a radio transmission to Tron Bonne.
You intercept Morgaine's transmission to Tron Bonne: << Soprano's voice drops, revealing Morgaine's British accent >> What the bloody hell are you doing?!

Morgaine receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Tron Bonne's transmission to Morgaine: See that those who catch a lift don't break anything? ...Be careful. I'm not about to bow out of /this/ fight.

"Nothing is to be gained by remaining here," shouts Signas, loud enough for the other Hunters to hear him, and therefore anyone else who happens to be in the area as well. "Neither of them are the true enemy... We know the Stardroid Procyon may attack both the body and the mind, and we do not truly know which of them is on our side. Allow them to settle their differences between one another. When the /true/ time of need comes, we will not be found still recovering from needless old wounds." With that, Signas raises a hand to the sky, and splits again into the pair of phantom images, retreating off in opposite directions until they vanish altogether.

Morgaine sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Morgaine's transmission to Tron Bonne: Tron...

"HOLD ME?! USING TIME?!! HA!" Procyon's very form smashes through the time barrier of the timestopper with the ease of someone who is apparently quite accustomed to controlling time himself. "You have no idea, Duet. The torture and torment of watching the planet destroyed. You choose me as an agent of Time's Past, to serve Eclipse. YOU PERSONALLY!" Procyon slams his staff into the ground, "You destroyed my planet, as I stood there, horrified after everything I had done to stop you had failed. You destroyed it and left it a red wasteland, barely anything left of it. You dragged me away, denying me the death that should have held me." Procyon raises his hands, outstretching them to the world around, the very place you stand. "I pulled the very essense of time to bring it back. Brought it back where you and Duo would have denied me. And now, now they shall forever remain in eternity. They even /defied/ Judgement the second time. Destroying their destroyer. And now, you shall be destroyed like him. You shall pay for destroying my homeworld, destroying Earth!!!!" And the torrents of energy that unleash from his body continue to bathe him in pure white light, Procyon's stardroid form a ghost overlaying the true human beneath it, "YOU SHALL FALL FOR IT!" Then after a second, he looks around, "But not today. Not today, because I shall not destroy the very people I helped save. I shall come for you Duet, when you are alone, when you and I can settle our old score, one on one." And then, that is all there is, as Procyon's form fades, the glow first, then his stardroid form, then finally the human that he once was.

Morgaine receives a radio transmission from Tron Bonne.
You intercept Tron Bonne's transmission to Morgaine: Shh... Trust... -a pause as Procyon speaks-

Eidolon arrives from the Sky Above South Pacific.

Eidolon has arrived.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... am ... confused.

Signas blinks to another location.

Signas has left.

Morgaine receives a radio transmission.

You intercept Tron Bonne's transmission to Morgaine: ...What in all the hells is going on?!

Morgaine sends a radio transmission to Tron Bonne.

You intercept Morgaine's transmission to Tron Bonne: Dammit Tron, this isn't the time to play hero! Get going before something happens!

Wave Puma unlocks his body, and aims at Procyon before catching Doppler's command. "Yes sir." He frowns. "I'll cover you until you can leave."

Ring Man walks up behind his sibilings. Drawing one of his namesakes he prepars to stay to whatever end as well. He offers no speeches, just mutters under his breath, "The /joys/ of family obligation..." Whipping out a Master Field Repair kit (tm) a pair of pliers and duct tape, Ring Man does a quick number on Ra while he stands stares on at the enraged Stardroid. "You so owe me for this Ra."

Ring Man effects some minor repair work on Pharaoh Man.
Metal Man sends a radio transmission to Tron Bonne.
You intercept Metal Man's transmission to Tron Bonne: We might an evac after this.

Vile goes home.
Vile has left.

Sai goes home.
Sai has left.

Morgaine receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Tron Bonne's transmission to Morgaine: ...I think... ...you may have the right idea. ...I'm not Terra anymore, am I?

Oi. Traitors, false prophets, blah blah blah. Serenade remains quiet for now, though there are a few she's keeping an eye on. There's an albino in this crowd who's going to be in for yet another hellish flight if things go sour and nobody -else- does anything. The white light from Procyon is shielded lightly with one hand. Thoughtful frown. Anyone ever wonder why the Stardroids speak nonsense all the time? Or why they always yell at the ones who actually give straight answers? She sticks around for now though. If things got bad, she could run away -later-. Running away, she was good at. Almost as good as fighting, and cooking.

[RADIO: (B) World] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Everyone who needs a lift off this rock! Get the Draches! ...Bonne Taxi Service is open for Business!"

Morgaine sends a radio transmission to Tron Bonne.
You intercept Morgaine's transmission to Tron Bonne: I'm sure Duet appreciates your sentiment, Tron.. but I don't think the Gustav can withstand a blow from Procyon!

Fusion Phoenix glares at Iris with Sai on his back. "And just what do you expect to do here? Get yourself bravely killed doing no good? What am I going to tell Colonel? 'Yes sir, I offered to take here to safety, but she wanted to stay.'"

Words ring out from Procyon, even after his form is gone, "Remember though. Not once have I said that Nigh was here to destroy you. Despite what those else who have claimed to serve him. Some do not know the true purpose of things. Remember that, and remember that /they/ have tried to destroy your world already once."

Morgaine receives a radio transmission from Tron Bonne.
You intercept Tron Bonne's transmission to Morgaine: ...I know... ...I must agree.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... What ... ... and I are ... ... ... ... out of earshot by ...

Iris ponders, tapping her chin. Then, she looks over at Fusion. "Um...yeah! That would work just fine," she says with a smile.

Duet continues to hover there, her defiant expression still stern on her face, however, she has no answers or responses for Procyon. She merely allows a soft sigh of relief to escape her as he disappears. She lowers herself down to the ground, the damage done to her being quite apparent now. Despite that fact, she turns to those still gathered and inquires, "Do any of you require healing... if so, I can provide."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Well aparently ... Stardroids destroyed ... ... then ... brough Earth back ... then we kicked ... Stardroid's ... ... second time.

As if this mess weren't bad enough, the air next to Midi is replaced by a grungy man in black and white vertical stripes. "I love this planet. It's so full of stupid people." He seems to be addressing Midi. His voice is like kittens in a blender. "So, did I miss anything yet?" (Repose)

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...I...wh...how...

Morgaine sends a radio transmission to Tron Bonne.
You intercept Morgaine's transmission to Tron Bonne: Let's go, then, before things get bad!

Alpha blinks her eyes open. Free healing? You bet! She sits up and looks over to Duet, "Sure.", she says, "That would be nice."

Metal Man blinks, "Hold the phone here? We lost orginally and then some how the clock was rest and that time we actually won the fight????"

Procyon disappears, and left in his place, is a basket. In that basket, a half dozen cute and cuddly kittens which are completely harmless. They seem to have long canine teeth, slightly abnormal.

Procyon has left.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ; ... ... ... having a more-than-slightly ... ... wrapping his ... ... around ... concept.

Fusion Phoenix -.-s at Iris, then he notices that things are getting quiet behind him. "I guess it won't be needed." He places Sai on the ground, and turns back to Duet. "I am unharmed, but I have a few questions."

Morgaine receives a radio transmission from Tron Bonne.
You intercept Tron Bonne's transmission to Morgaine: Good idea!

[RADIO] Transmission detected: *fizzle* Stupid radio. Ok ... ... ... active duty. What ... ... miss?

Duet nods to Alpha and begins walking towards her, reaching out her hand as if to heal her... before she too, begins to dissipate. "What manner of treachery is..."

And then, the Stardroid Goddess is pulled away.

Pharaoh Man blinks as Procyon leaves, pondering his words. " Thank you, Ring Man, though it may not be needed..." he comments as the repairs are completed. " Duet, your assistance and intervention with Earth's fate are appreciated, being on our behalf. But there is a question unanswered, that I think is on the minds of all of us....what was Procyon speaking of? A previous judgement, rewritten in space ti- What!? Who dares!? "

Rigger decides to hitch a ride on Air Bonne, to make a long story short. Because this scene doesn't need further spam. o.o v

Midi is about to walk up and address Duet.... well, until another Stardroid appears next to him. "Stupid people?" He asks, turning to face Beetlejuice "Um... well, you missed Procyon announcing something called the Doomsday games." He blinks "Um... who are you anyway?"

Duet has left.

[RADIO: (H) None] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "... Where is Flash Man, he might be able to make heads or tails of it..."

Luna goes home.
Luna has left.

Soprano Bonne has watched all this, but when Tron makes her offer, she snaps off a few quick messages to her cousin. Satisfied that her point went through, she hitches a ride on the nearest Drache, returning to the Gesellschaft.

As Procyon disappears in a burst of light -- why was it always light? -- Abernathy turns away, thumbing the safety of the grenade back on and returning it to its place. He narrows his eyes, and reaches up to tap the soft spot just behind the angle of his jaw. There was much he had to do, like cancel his reinstatement request to the UN. From the way every bloody one of the crowd below was reacting to Procyon's admissions and Duet's silver-tongued words, it didn't look like he'd be much more than a traightor for the longest time.

Fusion Phoenix sighs again, "At least no one was really hurt..."

The Gustav grinds to a half in its charge, staring at Procyon. The words he speaks ring in her mind... and Tron frowns slowly. So many stories. So hard to know what to believe. Tron pauses, then looks at the screen with Duet on it... ...and a small, tightbeam transmittion is sent her way. Procyon is gone, and Duet is weak... but Tron still has to make the effort. The Gustav then turns, moving away from the scene slowly... the scene where many a belief in the state of reality was shattered... and where the statue of Hero Boy lays crumbled to dust. ...After a few moments... the Gustav breaks into a run and springs up to catch a Drache heading back for the Gesell.

Sword Man looks up toward Duet, as if to ask the truth of the whole situation, but then, Duet is pulled away, leaving Sword facing empty air. "...*sigh*. There is no sense of this to be made it seems..." He falls to the ground, onto one knee, shaking his head.

[RADIO: (H) None] Ring Man transmits, "Or Bright for that matter, never a enough time... masters is there?""

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
Rigger receives a radio transmission from Abernathy.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Rigger: -- I am going to have a /very/ long talk with you when this is all over. *annoyed*

Serenade continues to watch. Oh yes. And when Procyon vanishes and leaves a kitten basket, the Robot Master cheerfully weaves her way through the crowd and heads for the kittens and basket ... to pick it up, and peer inside. "Hello, there." Mwahahah, kittens. They're so cute, even if they're toothy.

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
Serenade receives a radio transmission from Abernathy.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Serenade: Still here, Lady Serenade?

Rigger sends a radio transmission.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Rigger's transmission to Abernathy: Oh, yes, indeed. Should I invite Kalinka along to meet her new potential 'mother'?

Luna has arrived.

Serenade sends a radio transmission.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Abernathy: Abby! Still here, yup.

Eidolon lowers from the skies, in a moment to capture the last words of Procyon. As the electrified form of Eidolon cleaves through the air and comes to a halt several meters above the sight of the conflict, he cannot help but frown with a flash of memory. The words drift to his lips, a dim recollection, empty and yet full in his mind, "...Nigh is arriving. Nigh will not be so lenient as Duo." He lowers to the ground, touching it and falling to his knee as a hand lifts to his forehead, "The final survivor, to him it falls...a penalty of life, to see your civilization's destroyed..."

[RADIO: (H) None] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Feel free to hitch a life on Air Bonne, boys and girls."

Wave Puma lowers his weapon, and goes to stand neared Dppler. "How will we be leaving, Sir?"

SNAP-POP! Luna appears, hovering in mid-air, near the most concentrated contingent of Maverick Hunters. "Lady Duet..." she murmurs, watching her fellow Time Stardroid, who was Eclipse's second. "Please, do not fall!" she calls rather loudly, suddenly, clasping her hands before her in a prayer pose. But her weaponry is not needed; Duet has prevailed, and now is gone. "And... Procyon..."

Rigger has left.

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
Serenade receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Serenade: Mm. How much of that little song and dance did you catch?

[RADIO: (H) None] Beta CO Metal Man transmits, "Thank you Tron."

Morgaine has left.
Abernathy sends a radio transmission to Rigger.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Rigger: <sputter> You -- /you/ ...

Metal Man has left.

Pharaoh Man finds Luna arriving. " One of the Zodiac, I take it? " Pharaoh Man asks, stepping forwards. " What happened to Duet...where did she go? " asks Ra, curious.

[RADIO: (H) None] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "Ai, many thanks Lady Bonne."

[RADIO: (H) None] Theta Squad CO Sword Man transmits, "*Aye"

Dr. Doppler has apparently been too busy staring at the display of pwoer by Duet to realize that Wave is calling to him. "Hm, oh yes...I brought an air skimmer...yes, let us leave before they change their minds..."

Ring Man nods to Ra. Watching the disappearance of Proc... and then Duet? "Lovely," walking over to his sister Ring Man picks up one of the kittens and begins to inspect it. "A zoo would probaly pay good money for this."

Serenade sends a radio transmission.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Abernathy: I caught the tail end of it. *Yay for mewing kitten sounds* About this place blowing up before. Seems you chose rightly.

Betelgeuse extends a dirty hand. "Betelgeuse. Good to know ya." He doesn't even shield his eyes for the flash of light. "Games? That sounds like a load of fun." The smile bears green teeth. "Definitely not reruns."

Abernathy receives a radio transmission from Rigger.

You intercept Rigger's transmission to Abernathy: Oh, relax. You act as if I've described the times I've helped cut off his torn and stained clothing so that his wounds could be properly tended to. Or described the tattoo he has on his.... Well. I'll let your mind wander.

Barrage Raptor is about to leave...But then Luna shows up. So...Instead of advancing, she taps on her radio..

Iris strolls away from Fusion and Sai -- not unkindly. She just doesn't want to go with them, that's all. She's too curious to leave.

Kain considers this... before he steps forth. Of course, Duet choose that time to disappeared. He shrugs. (This leads to many many serious consequences...)oo. He glances at Luna. "Luna, is it? I want to tell you... that you can depend on us, The Blue dragons, in the coming days. Please let your mistress know this."

Abernathy sends a radio transmission to Serenade.
Serenade receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Serenade: It wasn't this planet. It was Mars. <humorless laugh> -- Where did the kittens come from?

Metal Man has arrived.

Serenade sends a radio transmission to Abernathy.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Abernathy: Procyon left them behind. They're adorable.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... What ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: What is this about ... ... wiped ... ... ... ... stardroid resetting the ...

Cyclops just nods to Doppler, turning around and getting ready to follow the more experienced cyborg.

[RADIO: (H) None] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "...Riddles..."

Serenade scowls fiercely at Ring as he picks up one of the kittens she'd decided to claim as her own. "You'er NOT giving or selling them to a zoo." So she does have a girlish side. Kittens. Who'd have thunk it?

Bonne Assault Mech <Gustav> has left.

Alpha ignores Luna as she sighs. Duet left before she got her free healing. She could've used that to shoot at her, probably. Or maybe not. Who knows? Alpha spreads her wings out lightly before appearing to Abernathy's side, "You're still alive. That's good."

Midi just blinks at the hand for a minute. Right, he doesn't wanna touch that. "Well... I dunno... he never got to get into any sort of detail before Duet showed up, and now they're..." He looks over to Luna, who's reaction doesn't exactly fill him with hope. He sighs "Betelguese huh? You're another Stardroid right?" Midi recalls hearing of him, he was one of the more quirky ones. "Um, do you have any idea what happened to Duet?"

Cyclops has left.

Dr. Doppler takes Cyclops.

Serenade sends a radio transmission.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Abernathy: ...Mars, though? You sure?

Sword Man blinks as Luna appears. Standing, he peers up toward the historian, eyes echoing his confusion. "Luna. Perhaps thou wouldst be able to explain that which has transpired here, and clear the confusion that has been set on by these turn of events?"

The violet eyes of the Stardroid of Time's Present turn to Kain, and she lowers herself to the ground, very gently . "I shall let Lady Duet know..." she says softly, glancing around the battlefield. "Can someone... explain? I sensed... felt a power similar to my own here, but I came too late. What... was Procyon doing? Attacking my Ladyship? Did he say anything? Do anything?"

Fusion Phoenix may be as confused as the rest, but for now, he will watch what occurs.

Abernathy pauses a moment, hand still raised -- and looks briefly stricken, before turning again to wander down the steps toward Serenade and Ring. Ring gets a look, and the addition of these words to Ser's warning: "Leave the kittens to her, robot. Finders, keepers."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... situation ... become ... more complicated. The ... contradict one ... and ... ... to be our allies ... at the same ... denouncing ... ... ... ... ... ... we ... ... ... ... they ... us carefully ... becomes ... that the ... of ... ... ultimately ... ... ... ... on ... ... ... ... ... ... ... support of Dr. ... and ... ... Masters. ... go now ... the ... ... ... ... ... they ... least ... aid ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... will gather ... the Command ...

[RADIO: (H) None] Ring Man transmits, "Curiouser and curiouser. How much farther do you think this rabbit hole goes?"

Eidolon sighs and forces himself to a shaky standing position as his head throbs quietly, "...why do I always seem to arrive just after the singing is over..." He blinks away the memory of Procyon's voice, and allows himself to return to the present world, allowing himself to see in the current what may have occured in the past and from that glean the future. He glances at the others, odd how...chummy these people are with these Stardroids...

[RADIO: (H) None] Serenade transmits, "Gimme back my kitten, ringhead."

Abernathy sends a radio transmission to Serenade.
Serenade receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Serenade: ... Not entirely. It fits the criteria, however. And there are intimations in /our/ mythology that life came from Mars.

[RADIO: (H) None] Gamma CO Gemini Man transmits, "More kittens?""

Pharaoh Man narrows his eyes at Luna. " Who are you? Procyon declared the Doomsday Games, and Duet arrived to intervene on Earth's behalf. Procyon struck out at her, while Duet disabled him to give those needing of it a chance to flee. Procyon, once free..fled, swearing vengeance upon Duet, who dissapeared abrubtly soon after. "

[RADIO: (H) None] Serenade transmits, "Six. I'm keeping them. If you want to kill one or keep one, then you better have something I want in return."

[RADIO: (H) None] Ring Man transmits, "These ones seem to have dental deformities, but yes, kittens."

Wave Puma has left.

Dr. Doppler takes Wave Puma.

Kain frowns. "I've arrived too late... but I've heard something about some sort of games..."

Dr. Doppler goes home.

Dr. Doppler has left.

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Rigger: <is quiet for a very, very long time -- probably trying to distract himself, and then, tightly:> Is there a reason you've decided to torment me this way, Dr. Matthews?

Serenade sends a radio transmission.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission from Serenade.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Abernathy: Truth. There are also myths of battles in heaven.

Abernathy receives a radio transmission from Rigger.
You intercept Rigger's transmission to Abernathy: Yes.

[RADIO: (H) None] Pharaoh Man transmits, "They would still be worth examination. I think Tomahawk Man has a basic animal care program, what with his attachment to his precious 'land' and its 'denizens of nature'."

Sword Man nods. "Indeed, Procyon declared the start of these...games, and upon Duet's arrival, proclaimed that the world had been once destroyed, only to be rebuilt by Procyon's manipulation of time...as well as claiming that this...Nigh is not all that we have made it out to be. I am.....so utterly confused."

[RADIO: (H) None] Epsilon CO: Star Man transmits, "Tomahawk Dude sure knows his animals! He once showed me an armadillo that wasn't a Maverick!"

[RADIO: (H) None] Serenade drily, "I've had pets before. Like I said. I'm keeping them. In all the health care and problems that includes."

Abernathy sends a radio transmission to Rigger.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Rigger: <sigh> And why is that?

Ring Man turns to his sister and smiles behind his facemask. "No, I supose I wont be," he carefully sets the kitten back in the basket and gives it a rub behind the ears, "Good luck keeping them from Snake."

Iris sings to herself, under her breath, as she wanders amongst the huge head-statues. "o/~ You gotta be cruel to be kind, in the right measure...cruel to be kind, it's a very good sign...cruel to be kind, means that I love you, bay-bee! o/~" She takes out a little handheld scanner, probably checking out local energy readings.

[RADIO: (H) None] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Very well...but don't let Snake Man near them."

Eidolon slowly walks closer to the larger group, rubbing his head and frowning, "The pre-Egyptians..." He stumbles onto the ground and frowns for a moment, "...thats who was here before, he told me..." He grips his temples, "Ow! My head..." He blearilly fights off the memories again...its one thing to say you want your memory back, another when it comes back with a large sledge and starts smashing down your house.

Abernathy sends a radio transmission to Serenade.
Serenade receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Serenade: <seems ... upset> True.

Serenade eyebrow wiggles cheerfully at Ring. "Never said I'd be keeping them at home." No sir. Once more with the kittens well in hand despite mewings and moving around, she glances up at Abernathy, and inclines her head slightly in an almost-bow. "Hello again. How's your day been?"

Serenade sends a radio transmission.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission from Serenade.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Abernathy: What's wrong?

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
Serenade receives a radio transmission from Abernathy.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Serenade: <amused> What isn't wrong, after tonight?

Metal Man looks to Luna and says, "Procyon, said he wanted justice for his planet and being made into Duo and Duet's slaves." HE shrugs and then adds. "Keep Gemini away from the kittens eh?"

Serenade sends a radio transmission.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission from Serenade.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Abernathy: I'd think you'd be somewhat happier, given it's been more or less proven that those who call you traitors are full of shit. Here, come hold a kitten, it might make you feel better.

Luna receives a radio transmission from Duet.
You intercept Duet's transmission to Luna: ... Luna... if you can hear me... if this somehow reaches you... protect his children... and gather our brothers and sisters... I fear I may not live past this night...

Abernathy offers a couple of fingers to an intrepid tabby kitten who's attempting to escape the basket, smiling that little smile of his. "Honestly? Horrible. I doubt it's going to get a hell of a lot better." He glances up briefly, over Serenade's shoulder -- lookie, there's another Stardroid. How lovely.

"Yes, we're back... Must be a Tuesday. I left my laundry here, and I'm out of quarters." Betelgeuse pulls his hand back. "Duet's been here? REALLY? I wanted to get her autograph." The man holds out a dark, and still somewhat smouldering hunk of rock. "This was part of Guard-boy's home planet, right after it went boom. He's still kind of sore about it. Not as sore as 'Precious' was over there," Betel motions towards where Procyon was standing, "But he's more laughs, anyways."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Wow ... is dying!

Alpha stares at Abernathy, taking her time.

Abernathy receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Rigger's transmission to Abernathy: As Dr. Cossack would say 'It builds character.'

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Really? Where's she ... at?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Don't ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... too ... ...

Fusion Phoenix overhears Luna speak. "You say this world was not destroyed before, than what of what Procyon says of his origin. Is he truely from this world?"

Ring Man chuckles at Metal's comment and adds to it, "Yeah Sere, deffinatly keep hem away from Snake, Gem... better just keep them from the Gammas in general."

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Rigger: ... I don't need /character/.

Abernathy receives a radio transmission from Rigger.
You intercept Rigger's transmission to Abernathy: Okay, it's also hellishly fun for me and I get very few things in the way of amusement. Sue me.

Metal Man says, "I bet Flash Man would love to talk to you about temporal mechanics. That stardroid seemed like he was human once... whats the deal here..."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...I ... ... idea ... ... ... anymore but ... ... ... ... ... ... think...

Serenade seizes the escaping kitten gently, and promptly hands it over to Abernathy. "Here, hold this." She might want it back later, knowing her. Ring is given a slow, entirely unpleasant smile. "Anyone who hurts, eats, or takes them is going to be shot in short order. I'm not worried about it." Stardroid, ally or otherwise. Unless it was Wily, but he won't FIND the little fuzzies. She had no idea what she was going to call them though.

Midi blinks, a bit distracted by somethign he just intercepted. Something he didn't like the sound of. "Uh..." He blinks and turns back to Betel "Y-yeah... she was here. But she's gone now... I dunno if she'll be back..." He looks over at Luna almost sadly. And here he was hoping to actually try and talk to her, Duet seemed like the type of Stardroid that would listen. Still, he turns back to Beteljeuse again, maybe he might be able to get some kind of answers out of him "Say... do you know what Procyon was talking about? I think he said he was from THIS world... but we managed to escape judgement..."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...Something tells me it's a good ... it was ... good ... the ... I ... planning to go ... tonight ... ... What's up?

Luna receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Duet's transmission to Luna: I know it isn't your place to intervene... but please... at least ensure the safety of those gathered at Judgement...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Hey Luna. Just in ... ... don't ... ... ... ... me ... ... dying.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... Jet!! Guess what? Procyon is ... ... ... ... ... here and she's dying ... Procyon ... her!

Abernathy sends a radio transmission to Serenade.
Serenade receives a radio transmission from Abernathy.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Serenade: ... Wait, wait. Back up. /Proved/ they were full of shit? I beg to differ. Did you listen to anything they were saying? 'Oh, Duet! We love you! Of course that Procyon is evil!' 'Oh! Duet! Ask anything of us!' 'Oh! Duet! We'll die for you!' 'Oh! Duet! Will you have my babies?' Etc, etc, etc, ad nauseum. They weren't even LISTENING, just eating every candy-coated word she shoved down their throats. ... And she called me a traitor, too. <mild hurt there>

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...

Pharaoh Man nods slightly, " Ah. Luna. It is a...unique pleasure. Do you know possibly what may of happened to Duet? Could Procyon's vengeance have been so swift...? " Ra asks, quirking an eyebrow.

Metal Man says, "We have been judged before some how one time we can not recall..."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... up ... ... ... ... Procyon fought. Now ... ... to tell me ... ... ... ... ... and ... ... he ... the earth back from ... judged ... you guys ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: The short ... is that ... ... of ... ... again. ... Stardroids ... ... ... Easter Island.

Sword Man turns toward Fusion and nods, having a similar question in his mind as well. He ignores Betelgeuse for the time being, not wishing to have to turn upon someone that pretty much disgusts the Swordsman. "Indeed...he claims that it was this very Earth he came from which was destroyed...then reborn. My mind has been addled by these convolutions and tangles in the threads of this winding tapestry. Can nothing be certain anymore?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Duet ... ... ... Island. Procyon attacked ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Procyon attacked the Stardroid of Hotness? ... ... ... unacceptable! You guys ... ... to help ... ... or do ... think ... guys got it handled?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... where she ...

Serenade sends a radio transmission to Abernathy.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Abernathy: Yeah, and I guarantee they'll turn on her the first chance they get. Look, Abby, I can't speak for anyone else, but Procyon's the only one talking sense. They'll see that eventually.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I ... ... And... as for ... ... shall ... his ... ... And ... ... ... ... not here. She ... after ... ... her.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... ... all this about ...

Bonne Airship <Gesellschaft> enters the Sky Above South Pacific.

Bonne Airship <Gesellschaft> has left.

Abernathy glances back as he's handed the kitten, cradling the little squirming cat against his body and scratching it under the chin almost on reflex. Yes, he knew how to handle cats. "Thanks," he mutters, quietly. Kittens were soothing. "I second her motion," he adds, as an afterthought, to Serenade's threat.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...Um...Miss ... has to ... wrong...I ... ... ... ... ... ... looks like she's...um...how ... ... put ... "Not Here ... ...

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Rigger: <sigh> ... At least you're truthful.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... guys you still need to answer ... ... ... did Procyon say ... ... brought Earth ... ... ... destroyed ... stuff?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... vanished?! ...I... spoke to her... ... ... said something ... me ... ... was garbled in ... ... ... she is ...

Abernathy receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Rigger's transmission to Abernathy: If you think I'm bad, try getting tag-teamed by Dr. Cossack and Dr. Cain. This is typicaly the treatment I get.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: If ... ... ... answer I would ... you.

Eidolon removes his glasses and rubs his eyes, "I saw the images that Procyon offered me. It was important to him for some reason." He looks up at Luna, and his eyes narrow slightly and he steps backwards and glances at Metal, "We cannot recall because we were not the ones judged...they, not we were destroyed..." The flash of memory returns, "Because there must always be one. There must. Where Duo came to judge, now something else comes. Nigh is arriving. Nigh will not be so lenient as Duo. ... Those aren't my words, those are a quote..." He frowns, and looks at Luna, "Who is Nigh? What has -he- come to judge us on?" An amused smile rises to his face, as if he was a boy puzzling out a cryptogram and not asking questions about a being about to annihilate the planet, "And what is his judgement based upon?"

Abernathy sends a radio transmission to Rigger.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Rigger: ... You didn't mean that ... *sputter*

[RADIO] Transmission detected: If you ... her you ... be needing to ... ... question. At least ... what ... ... ... So ... Procyon is a ... does that ... he isn't a Stardroid ... ... he ... Stardroid that was ... ...

Abernathy receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Rigger's transmission to Abernathy: I didn't mean it sexually, no. They prefer mind f**king to actual... well.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Procyon told ... the ...

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
Serenade receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Serenade: You think? That's what I'm waiting for. He /was/ talking sense -- <a sudden horrified noise -- it seems he's talking to two people at once> -- ... he was ... talking sense and they don't /listen/, the sheep.

Abernathy sends a radio transmission to Rigger.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Rigger: ...Mnph.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... not on Easter ...

Aldebaran has left.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... having been at the ... ... his ... I'll ... ... yes he seems to be ... stardroid.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I ... ... ... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: No ... is ...

Luna stops STARK, all the color draining from her body. "I know, mortals..." she says, tears beginning to fall from her face. "My Lady... she cannot die..." she says, letting her book close. "This... is much more important. Yes, it is." And she lets the book vanish, beginning to gather energy, as etheric wings appear on her back. Her hands weave in front of her, weaving a pattern of light in the air. "My lady... I shall do as you have asked... and gather our brethren..." she says, but her voice is soft. And abruptly, time stops... for miles and miles and MILES around Easter Island. Except for those here, time has stopped for 150 miles around Easter Island. "I shall find my lady..." And those here, would feel a wash of energy was out through the timestream.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: she ... ... in this time-space...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Luna ... do ... say this?

"Not. A. Clue," Betel says, matter of factly. "What? Like you'd know what sort of skeletons YOUR leaders have in their closet?" Betel puts the chunk of otherworldy rock back in his jacket.

Figures she'd be viciously protective of small cute fuzzy things. Serenade nods amiably at Abby's seconding her threat of severe bodily harm. Except quite suddely, she lightly pokes Abby in the arm with the edge of the basket and frowns. "You sure you want to loiter here?" They could loiter somewhere other than ground zero.

Alpha sends a radio transmission to Abernathy.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Alpha's transmission to Abernathy: I brought the journal, do you want it?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... reporting ... for duty!

Serenade sends a radio transmission to Abernathy.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Abernathy: Something's got you stressed, white boy. Who're you talking to?

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
Alpha receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Alpha: <distracted> ... Fine, sure.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... the ... status ... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... doesn't make sense.

Luna receives a radio transmission.

[RADIO] You send Luna a direct message: "She's in trouble isn't she? I picked up what she said to you, I didn't mean to eavesdrop but... well, I hope she'll be ok..."

Abernathy sends a radio transmission to Rigger.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Rigger: Damn you. I'd be more vicious, but I have to appreciate how ... clever ... you were about it.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I mean it's right now ... ... right ... ... ... someone ... ... ... ... and ... here?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... exactly ... ... ...

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
Serenade receives a radio transmission from Abernathy.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Serenade: ... Acquaintance. A recent one.

Alpha sends a radio transmission.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission from Alpha.
You intercept Alpha's transmission to Abernathy: ...Did I upset you?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... believe ... best ... of ... is ... ... neither side for now.

Abernathy receives a radio transmission from Rigger.
You intercept Rigger's transmission to Abernathy: Why thank you. That was his cologne, by the way. With a dab of ashes from his favored brand of cigarettes.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: The waves ... ... ... have stoped... ... calmed ...

Ring Man shrugs, "Hey, I never said I wanted to hurt the cute little cats," he says throwing his arms in the air, "Geez that's the last time I ever think out loud."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I ... not ... ... within this ... ... mortals ... your experience with the ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Prophecy future should realize ... multiple ... ... exist.

Serenade sends a radio transmission.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission from Serenade.
You intercept Serenade's transmission to Abernathy: If they're bothering you, tell me who and I'll tear their faces off. *mildly* They're disrupting the flow of thought around here.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... sides ... tried to ... us to ... ... honeyed ... become ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... Stopped? What could ... causing ... cessation of ... activity?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ...I continue ... wonder ... the ... this works. ... is ... Who however.

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
Alpha receives a radio transmission from Abernathy.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Alpha: No. One of your coworkers is.

Virgo has arrived.

Alpha sends a radio transmission.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission from Alpha.
You intercept Alpha's transmission to Abernathy: ...Who?

Sword Man sends a radio transmission.

Pharaoh Man receives a radio transmission from Sword Man.
You intercept Sword Man's transmission to Pharaoh Man: Will nothing be clarified before this Nigh is upon is? *sigh*

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I wasn't around for ... ... ... guess ... kinda makes sense. So ... ... she ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... play ... ... souls like Greecean ...

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
Alpha receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Alpha: <growl> Rigger. You might know her -- face of an angel, mind like a rabid weasel.

Pharaoh Man gives a slight 'gulp' as the timestream ripples. This is not a feeling he associates with anything 'pleasent'. Ra glances about, seeing the time stopped save in the immidiate area. " Luna, please...I'm sure there have to be easier ways to...find Duet..."

Iris climbs up onto one of the massive funny-shaped cranium statues, and stares out toward the water curiously, as if noticing something for the first time.

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Rigger: ... gg ...

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
Serenade receives a radio transmission from Abernathy.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Serenade: I ... no. She's clever enough I can't let you do that.

Midi sighs, and tries sending off a transmission to Luna, to see if something will come out of it. "I guess you're right..." He ponders for a minute... trying to think of something else to ask this guy. But, he can't think of anything worthwhile, what with all the temporal distortions and stuff. "Um, so...what... was your world like? You were from a judged world like all the other Stardroids were too, right?"

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Rigger: Damn you!

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Rigger: And damn him, too!

Fusion Phoenix eyes the sea beyond the shore. Ok, things are getting REALLY odd. He turns to Sword Man. "Looks like we may be trapped here for a wile..."

Alpha sends a radio transmission to Abernathy.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Alpha's transmission to Abernathy: I know her, she's my mom.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I ... ... ... amused ... we ... ... ... ... hushed tones.

Abernathy sends a radio transmission to Alpha.
Alpha receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Alpha: <mildly> Your mom is evil.

Sword Man sighs and watches Luna disappear. Shaking his head, he walks over toward the water toward where the Repliforcers are and stares at the water. Turning toward Fusion, he nods. "Indeed." Sighing, he stares at the water as well. For something so lethal to him, it oddly seems enchanting and inviting at this moment.

Alpha sends a radio transmission to Abernathy.
Abernathy receives a radio transmission from Alpha.
You intercept Alpha's transmission to Abernathy: Oh.

Eidolon laughs and claps his hands together as he feels the sensation wash over him. "Hee! We might actually get to see something neat now." He smiles and looks towards Luna, "A bee's gotten in her bonnet, I must say, I wonder why..." He drops down into a squat and begins to lightly draw in the dirty, smiling and humming as he does so, "I'd imagine we're not trapped...I'd imagine something else is up..."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... slowly... ... ... ... better then ... ... ... then ... ... ... Vile. ... I ... ... ... talk in of ... Stardroids ... Hushed ... ...You ... me ... enough to ... ... ... ... see ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Abernathy is totally normal. He doesn't pick up temporal ripples. The fact that the kitten is purring like an outboard motor, however, does register on him -- and he keeps up the scritching up, expression growing gradually more dark as radio transmissions come and go. " ... It might be an excellent idea," he replies to Ser's suggestion. "And good of /you/ to see sense," is to Ring.

Alpha draws forth....A Journal! And she glances to the kitties too. But she mostly offers it to Abernathy. The journal. Alpha probably doesn't sense temporal ripples, and if she did, she wouldn't know what it was.

Metal Man says, "Several Realites worth of stardroids? JOY..."

Luna Raises a hand, and the timestopper field abruptly vanishes. "You may leave, if you wish. I shall remain, and search for My Lady..." she says softly, glancing back to the rest of the people. Is Virgo ICly here yet? And she looks to Midi with a soft smile. "My world... was a world of forests and elfin people. We First Three were taken from there. The Earth, the Sungod and Historian." She continues to search through space-time, her eyes scanning the gathered.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: It all makes since now... Him ... a human ... ... ... the ... on Duet... ... all makes ... now!

Betelgeuse visibly frowns at the mention. "Yes. I was from a planet. And a planet. Let's just say I did my civic duty, and now I'm on vacation."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... shall see if ... ... face me ... second time.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... Care ... explain ... ... ... rest ... ...

Pharaoh Man sighs, " I seek Duet's fate as well, Luna...but is there any way we can help? You must understand, temporal distortions...they are not pleasent experiences for me. "

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...What ... going ...

Kain feels a wave of energy rushing from Luna and outwards... he blinks before peering outwards... to see... things stopped. Heck, there was a tide coming in... and it looks like the water is trying to decide to whether or not to wash upon the sandy shores. "..." He looks at Luna. "...You and Duet require help." There is pause. Prepare for cliche line!

"I am Kain. I will help you."

OK, Cliche line OVER.

Serenade glances around the island. It's not a small island, after all. "I'm going over -there-," is the sudden declaration, one hand pointing to the other end of the islandm where there aren't people, where it's quiet, where she could sit down and think. "If you want to come, Abernathy, feel free. If you don't, don't get Nikki hurt." Who?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...Consider me volunteered ... ... partictular ...

Luna receives a radio transmission.

[RADIO] You send Luna a direct message: "She's in trouble isn't she? I picked up what she said to you, I didn't mean to eavesdrop but... well, I hope she'll be ok..."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Then ... just ... well ... ... ... the ... are ... complete.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... the ... ... ... ...

"Who's Nikki? The kitten?" Abby inquires, mildly, as Serenade points off at random. " -- I'll come. I need to ... sit down. Lead on, Lady Serenade." Nikki the tabby kitten, meanwhile, is in heaven. Scritchies for everyone!

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... simple. ... a ... ... um... ... ... how ... I put ... ... never ... ... with the ladies? And being ... angsty ... ... rejected ... ... girl he liked at ... prom ... ... was too ... ... ... ... ... ... taking out his frustrations ... the ... people ... Earth by ... the ... biggest ... ... ... ... ... ... that to the bad Stardroids too ... ... ... ... ... ... from having /his/ ...

Luna sends a radio transmission to Midi.

Luna sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "She is... and it is fine, Little One. I know you did not mean to. And I shall find her and restore her. and if not, Procyon shall pay the price."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... this is ... an ... ...

Fusion Phoenix also walks over to Luna now that the waves are going up and down again. "I wish I could help you, but Repliforce will not commit to helping any of the battling groups untill we understand what is going on. Please, what is this war among the Stardroids?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... facepalms.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Most of his upgrades are complete. ... ... is not ready ... be ... out of stasis.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... try to establish what ... just found out?

Eidolon stands up, and lightly pushes his hair back away from his face as he does so. "I believe Procyon intended for me to be the final survivor, thats probably why I remember that the most of him.." He smiles at the assembled Stardroids, "And as for skeletons in my boss's closet, I wouldn't know! I don't even know if I have a boss!" He laughs to himself and happilly twirls around for a moment before coming to a halt and glancing out to sea, "What does this Nigh come for, thats the question..." He begins calmly walking off down the beach, "Yes, yes, that is the question, isn't it..." He glances behind himself, face deadly serious for a moment, "You don't figure that if I'm the 'chosen survivor' and I snuff it, if then everyone will be saved?

Virgo sends a radio transmission to Luna.
Luna receives a radio transmission from Virgo.
You intercept Virgo's transmission to Luna: Luna? Did you find her?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I'll do a ... on ... ... ...

Midi sighs, he's always being called Little One. Well, to the Stardroids, everyone on this planet is a child after a fashion, but still, Midi's sensitive about the height thing. He looks at Betelgeuse, seems he's also sensitive about the whole past life thing, like Pisces and Aquarius were. Guess he should focus on the present "So what do you guys do now? Is judging planets ALL you do? I mean, do you have any other source of fun?"

Serenade does indeed promptly head for the other side of the island. "The kitten. It's a boy." How'd she know that, anyway. "I want to get away from all this.." Gesture. "..Nonsense." Nonsense to her, anyway. She has her kittens, she has her Attuned, life is good. Luckily most of what's underfoot is grass, and getting away is pretty easy.

Luna receives a radio transmission from Midi.

[RADIO] You send Luna a direct message: "I hope you manage to help her..."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... your ... It may cost ... and ... brother greatly... ... should ... ... ... My ... ... ... ...Even in ... ... ... could form ... Godmachine.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Major Iris transmits, "Wow, the view from on top of this head-thing is pretty neat!"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...Such ... ... time ... Bit called me ... when ... ... ... ... ... was at its ...

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Jet Stingray transmits, "Should I ask, Iris?"

Alpha holds out the journal silently as she listens to the cliche line. That's a nice line. Maybe she'll use it some time.

Luna smiles softly at Kain, shaking he rhead. "That is a kind offer, and I thank you." She weaves ehr hands up, and stops. "She... is found. But I cannot free her." Her hands drop, and all the energy dissipates, and she seems... mortal? Instead of the two-ponytailed winged Stardroid. She looks rather elfin and tan, much like Pirotesse the dark elf from Lodoss War. Turning, she now clutches a small, grimy journal in her hand. "I must research..." she says, and her voice is small and weak. Her body is clad in a white bodysuit. She sends off another radio message, and settles on a rock. Then looks up at Fusion Phoenix, and shakes her head. "I do not think I should trouble your mind with such things. But if you wish..." she says, and opens the grimy little journal.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Major Iris transmits, "I'm on that island with all the heads on it."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... Fine. New ...

Luna sends a radio transmission.
Virgo receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Luna's transmission to Virgo: I found her. Procyon has her set out of space-time on the Moon...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... guys really did destroy ... Earth ... ... brought ... back ... being destroyed like ... ... ... are ... no ... of ... ... ... other ... the ... ... we beat ...

Virgo sends a radio transmission.
Luna receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Virgo's transmission to Luna: On the moon? That is distressing...I keep Denebola in the depths of the mines there.

Abernathy glances Alpha-ward as the journal's thrust his way -- and he takes it, sliding it into an interior pocket of the coat with nary a thanks -- and then it's after his Djinn, across the island. Time to go elsewhere.

Virgo is probably here, but nobody can see her.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... "If ... ... ... that ... then yes I ... allow it."

Alpha nods to Abernathy, "Thank you.", she says, turning away, wondering if Serenade is Abernathy's mother. She then looks for one of those giant Easter Heads to lie down on again. Sigh.

Luna sends a radio transmission to Virgo.
Virgo receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Luna's transmission to Virgo: ... Denebola?! I thought... WHY?!

Serenade is young enough to be his daughter. Of course she's not his mother. However, he does have her kitten.

... Only if Abby had had children at a very young age, which he certainly did not. Kitten!

Sword Man nods to Luna...though he seems rather hesistant after her change. "Indeed...I wish to know what this all entails. The Order, for all the sins held against it, shall not let his planet fall. We need to know what has lead to these events here, however, before we can truely act."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... been ... my voom.

Virgo sends a radio transmission.
Luna receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Virgo's transmission to Luna: Betelguese captured him after the Robot Masters brought him down. I cannot hold him for long, my powers are not sufficient, he is gaining strength again.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Wusn't ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Because I ... ... ... ... able to ... the ... distortion ... ... ... ... it back. He ... to ... a ... degress of ... ... and thus might have been immune ... the ... ... the timeline.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: maybe it was that stardroid that ... here ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: OOC ... ... ... Man ...

Fusion Phoenix lets Sword Man take the lead, then askes a question of his own. "What is the Southern Oracle?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... think...I'm ... to ... a few recharge cycles. I ... ... ... process ... ... ... today and ... due ... ... ... all later.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Thank ... Father.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... zee ... ... haff ... ... ... ... of you.

Luna Sends a couple of radio transmissions, liekly Midi will hear them. She sighs at return radio transmissions, and looks to Fusion. "I do not know what Nigh is..." she says, as honestly as she can sound. Because... she honestly doesn't know. "Nigh came before my recording of History. It is... what we came from, and what we all shall return to. Nothingness."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... I ... I guess ... makes ... sense ... ... ... ... did the ... come ... to ... ... ... if they'd already done ... once?

There's a tinge of bitterness in Betel's voice. "Oh, you make it sound so boring! But you think they'd let me flip a coin? Pbtht." Betel leans in, as if whispering, "I was part of the redundancy committee of redundancies. You need to /find/ a planet first for all the high muck-a-mucks to do their thing."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Hm? Oh ... ... ... me. Sorry ... was borrowing something for ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Yes. ... ... ... ... bottle ... you? You haff ... ... it yes?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Well ... couldn't ... been me ... I'm ... ... ... would ... triggered

Eidolon glances over his shoulder, "The Order? Order without chaos is a thing of forgotten writs and grey oracles. Chaos lacking order is similar. Life without death, death without life following..." He rubs his chin and floats up to a Moia statue, where he sits in thought for a few moments, "I wish I had clarity...perhaps if I had a deeper understanding of myself I would understand the current situation more properly.."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... doesn't ... up right.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: If the ... judged ... once before...Why did ... come ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...Reporting.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... Er... I... I'm ... ... regret ... aren't ...

Kain blinks at Luna's change and cleans off a nearby rock. "...What do you mean she cannot be freed? Is Duet being held like Terra was once held back?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... back Pall.

After a few minutes of trekking, Serenade winds up at a spot where the nonsense going on could be watched but not heard. Why? Because she had no desire to not see something like a cosmic space blast or a sudden outbreak of violence coming. Setting the basket of kittens down on the grass, she sits quietly a few moments later, and stretches her legs, then chooses a kitten at random and picks it up, studying it quietly.

Midi hears all and sees all!!! ...well hears all anyway. And his small face contorts even more with worry. This doesn't sound good. He glances at Betelgeuse, this guy captured Denebola? "Wow... well I guess someone had to do that. So were you the one who 'found' earth?" He doesn't ask like he's accusing him of anything, he's just curious...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... back ... pretend like ... never judged ... ... ... It doesn't make sense..

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... in ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... telling ... ... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... on?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... something... long ago. ... planet we did not destroy ... ... thought.

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Midi transmits, "According to what I've picked up between Luna, Duet, and Virgo... I think Duet is being held on the Moon. So is Denebola apparently..."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I ... know. ... waiting ... hear ... ... ... learned.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... Which planet was that?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: We need ... ... if ... ... ... ... ... ... out.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... no name for it...

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Chill Snowcat transmits, "Ummm denebola got beat up by the stardroid that came visitin here"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] RF Major Fusion Phoenix transmits, "So that's the high place..."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... on it?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Well. ... was it? ... ... this happen? What was ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Not ... Whom.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... a ...

Sword Man eyes Eidolon as he rants, before turning back toward Luna. "Then why has this Nigh been set upon us. Why has it come to us, before this world's proper time has transpired?"

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Midi transmits, "Yeah, from what I heard, Denebola was captured by this Betelgeuse, and then Virgo imprisoned him on the Moon... but from what I hear, I don't think he'll be imprisoned for long..."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Jet Stingray transmits, "If they blow up the moon, I'm not going to be happy."

Pharaoh Man sighs, and heads off home, before the temporal field is raised once more...

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Midi transmits, "It seems Procyon brought Duet to the Moon as well..."

Pharaoh Man goes home.

Pharaoh Man has left.

Luna looks at Kain, letting her book shut. "I cannot free her. AT this time." She looks skyward. "I must confer with Virgo... we must contain Denebola." She looks about, and he eyes fall on Midi. And they seem to nod. "I shall return. I will need your assistance, many of you. Kain, Midi... muster your assistance. I may need your help." And with that, she's gone.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... not ... zee bottle correct? ... did not ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...The ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Jet Stingray transmits, "I heard that she was dead though... What's her role in all of this?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... How bad ... it ... ... be?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... static to ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Did you ... contact any of zee liquid?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... see...

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Phoenixflame XO Bowie transmits, "Death seems t'be a temporary thang these days."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Midi transmits, "I... I dunno... I just heard things..."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I ... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... Vho did you ... ... ... and ... ... ago?

Abernathy settles next to Serenade on the grass, after a minute of staring back the way he came -- and promptly sets the kitten in his lap, the better to scratch behind its ears while he pulls out the journal Alpha gave him, to begin thumbing through it. It took his mind off things.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: I'll ... ... ... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: :sighs. "Kalinka... ... She clears ... throat ... seems ... consider ... ... again. ... ... half ... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Seems ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... tone indicates that no ... ... not be ... ... many ... Did ... physically contact him?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: No ... ... the fumes.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... nuts ... to be ... native of ... *chuckles*

Luna has left.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: :sighs. "Whatever ... case. ...I'm not ... up. ... world may ... ... ... be in peril... ... ... ... be ... ... ... who have ... us are in peril." Tron sighs ... ... ... will not ... Terra's ... ... ... ... ... matter what happens this world and ... Terra cared about will ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... seconds. ... ...

Betelgeuse shakes his head. "First time I've been vacationing on this mud ball, really. Love the decor, though. Hate to see this become a grease stain. There's so much laughs to be had here."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Let ... vun ... interactions algorithm. ... ... few seconds.

"This one's a girl." Pleasantly oblivious to the nonsense going on some distance away, Serenade pulls a strip of light green ribbon out of subspace, and loops it lightly around the kitten's throat, tying it off gently like a little collar. "Name suggestion?"

Eidolon stands up on his moia and smiles happilly, "The smell of the sea air, its been so long since I felt it! So welcome, so sweet and bitter. A memory of travels and seas, of homes and discovery..." He closes his eyes and clasps his hands over his heart, "Yet what discoveries have I made, why am I light and yet so heavy..." He shakes it off, "Must remain fixed on the present! Hrmph! Fixed. Hrmph! On! Hrmph! The Present! HRPHM!" He then turns and almost schoolgirlishly hops down from the stone statue.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Got that right Tron. ... our ... Wait! Stained ... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... me explain ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... if humans are ... from Mars it ... wiped out and this ... restored ... moved everyone ... ...

"Try 'Eli'. It means 'most high'. Sort of goes with the the 'victorious people' thing, if 'Nikki' is short for Nicholas," comes the distracted reply from Abernathy. He turns a page of the journal, and ... frowns. Why is his hand trembling? Writing it off as adrenaline, he shrugs and returns to reading.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Please.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... I ... ... ... ... ...

Fusion Phoenix turns from where Luna was sitting, and looks around those gathered. "It seems there is little left to learn here today... I still wish I could get a straight answer from them about something important."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... was his ... ... were ... ... Terra ... Sunstar ... ... ... ...Who was Procyon's Counterpart.

Iris peers down from her perch on one of the stone heads, checking out Eidolon curiously.

Midi blinks as Luna vanishes, though addressing him right before hand. Yeah, Midi's gotten to talk to several Stardroids, he's had some important conversations, but he STILL feels like there's nothing he can do. But all the same, he's going to try. He looks back to Betel again "I hope not either..." He sighs, and looks at the ominous horizon, time to head back. He has to try to put everything together... "Well... I need to get going. Thanks.. um.. Mr.Beteljeuse. Maybe I'll run into you some other time?"

Abernathy receives a radio transmission from Rigger.
You intercept Rigger's transmission to Abernathy: Ah... Um... Are you... feeling alright?

Iris smiles and waves at Eidolon, as she sees him looking up at her. "Hi."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... other ... ... ... with him ... he ... ... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... bottle ... classified ... neurotoxin ... in ... ... ... Zee ... is ... colloqually ... zee ... ... community ... ... ... ... ... ... agent ... ... even veddy ... ... is ... ... ... down muscles ... breathink ... ... Every government ... zee verld has ... it ... ... ... ... vun ... on ... extremity ... deadly viffin minutes. Inhalink ... ... lonker but ... equally ... wiff enough ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... of ... colorful expletives.

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Rigger: Define 'all right'. I've just been denounced as a turncoat by one of the most powerful beings in the universe in front of everyfreakin'one, YOU decided to torment me today, and now my hands won't stop shaking so I can read this stupid journal! But since I haven't KEELED OVER DEAD YET, I suppose everything's not that bad!

Sword Man sighs as his question fails to be answered today. He looks around...and stares at Eidolon, giving him a look echoing his confusion at his actions. "Perhaps revelation shall be handed down another day..." With that, he begins to walk toward the Gesellschaft, getting ready to go home.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... ... question if ... loves Earth so much ... ... ... ... ... all given the chance? Well ... me anyway.

Eidolon turns his gaze, looking up at the young girl above him, almost as if feeling her eyes resting on him. A smirk touches his face and he turns to look at her sternly, fixing his forest tinted glasses as he speaks, "What are you doing up there young lady! You could be hurt!" He chuckles a bit and slowly rises up to her level, "Hello. You...no wait, I know it.." He puts a hand over his eyes and snaps his fingers, "You're...well, you're familiar. I'm known as Eidolon, or at least thats what I remembered the most. Who are you?"

Serenade hrms thoughtfully. Well, that did certainly fit. She chose Nikki almost entirely on whim. "Actually, it's short for 'Dominic', I used to have a neighbor with that name.." The little green-ribboned kitten, however, will remain Eli. It'll do. Another kitten picked up and likewise eyed thoughtfully.

Iris calls down to Eidolon, "I'm Iris! What are you doing here?"

Abernathy receives a radio transmission from Rigger.
You intercept Rigger's transmission to Abernathy: Oh, good. Well... you might soon. It, ah... I ... forgot how paranoid Dr. Cossack can be about his personal safety, and... er... the cologne was apparently laced with an illegal neurotoxin.

Abernathy sends a radio transmission.
You intercept Abernathy's transmission to Rigger: ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... had a feeling those ... didn't like ... other... ... least ... long ... I ... awake... three ... ...

Betelgeuse shrugs. "Either way it'll be fun to watch." He waves, with sincerity.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... would that ... to ... someone ...

Virgo sends a radio transmission to Betelgeuse.
Betelgeuse receives a radio transmission from Virgo.
You intercept Virgo's transmission to Betelgeuse: Are you in a place where you may speak with Barrage Raptor?

Fusion Phoenix sends a radio transmission to Iris.

Iris receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Fusion Phoenix's transmission to Iris: Can you find your own way home? Things look safe now.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... leave ... stuff ... around?

Iris sends a radio transmission to Fusion Phoenix.
Fusion Phoenix receives a radio transmission.
You intercept Iris's transmission to Fusion Phoenix: Sure can! Thank you, though.

Eidolon looks over his shoulder, "Oh, I thought I could learn something. I'm like a novel I don't have time to read, Iris...I'm always looking for people to offer me the cliff's notes." He looks back to her and then blinks in sudden concern, "...Iris. You should get down from there, you might fall and hurt your legs..."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... for Rigger to ... ... ignores Bowie ... ... "Fortunately I ... a small ... of ... ... ... hand for ... accidents ... ... ... I ... ... you ... as ... ... If you ... clean you ... haff vun hell of ... hankover tomorrow. ... ... haff been exposed it is effective ... of time on average ... ... ... less exposure. Just ... lonk as you haff ... ... movement ... ... verk. ... ... not ... in extremities ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... his ROOM ... ... not ... ... ... going ... ... ... ...

Abernathy abruptly just -- freezes, eyes widening behind his glasses. He glances down at his hands -- and the journal -- then up at Serenade. As carefully as he can, he shuts the book, returning it to the inside pocket of his jacket -- and hands the kitten back to Serenade. "Excuse me for a moment." Very calmly, he gets to his feet, and walks several yards away to tilt his head back and look up at the sky with a seriously /annoyed/ expression on his face. Taking a deep breath, he screams, "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DID I EVER DO TO YOU?!!"

Fusion Phoenix makes shure that Iris will be fine, and launches into the skys.

Midi is then gone. Poof. Well... however he ICly got there, he got back, or something. Don't worry about little details like that, his player is tired. Posting tomorrow, yes. For now, he just waves back to Beteljeuse, and then, leaves. Sleep first, then report...

Virgo sends a radio transmission to Betelgeuse.
Betelgeuse receives a radio transmission from Virgo.
You intercept Virgo's transmission to Betelgeuse: Find if she can secure the laser that I asked for.

Fusion Phoenix enters the Sky Above South Pacific.
Fusion Phoenix has left.

Serenade enters the Sky Above South Pacific.
Serenade has left.


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