Eurasia - Skydeck

A park resides at the top of this station, which is as open to space as any place can get. Massive transparisteel windows cover this area, and pleasant grass and trees are maintained by careful gardening staff. It's very pretty, and not as dark as one might expect for a place that's exposed to space.

Iris [Iris] [Retro] [RF]

Obvious exits:
Lift Down <LD> leads to Eurasia - Empire Central Square.

Iris is, at the moment, lounging about on one of the benches on the observation deck. She isn't in her usual uniform,'s still quite obviously Iris.

Off the lift a figure emerges. Among many others it seems. Many, taller, people walk back and forth, going on and off the lift. And the small figure of this one reploid is virtually ignored. He seems to be carrying, or dragging is a more appropriate a term, a rather large sack. Looks like a backpack that's totally overstuffed. The smaller figure makes a few half-hearted attempts to get the attention of a few passerby's, but out of the few that are in his area, don't seem to pay attention to him. Big people have big things to do, he guesses.

Dragging his pack to the closest bench he rests it there and climbs up onto the seat, and gazes up at the stars. He looks slightly depressed, actually. Like a child that got seperated from his mother in a crowded shopping mall.

Iris doesn't immediately notice the little 'ploid, until he sits down nearby. She does a double-take...could that -BE-? Her eyes go wide. That isn't a child, she -knows-who that is...that's...!

"MIDI!" Iris hops off the observation bench, and flurries over to crouch next to her friend, smiling warmly. "I thought you had quit the UN! Where have you -been-??" Without waiting for an answer, she huge the little guy tightly. "I've missed you!!"

A little too depressed, for the normally happy, spunky little guy. You'd think that nothing would be able to cheer him up at first glance.

Funny how friends can so easily change a mood.

Midi has only time enough to blink, as the very familiar voice can probably be heard throughout the skydeck. He doesn't even need to look to see who it is, the voice is enough. That and the person behind the voice is in front of Midi in a matter of moments. And indeed, he can't even get to utter a phrase before being hugged tightly by his friend. She has no idea how much he needed that right about now.

Though indulging in embrace for just a moment, his normal child-like boy-ish attitude kicks back in once more, and he struggles to wrestle himself free from a 'girl's hug', one of the worst things in the world for a boy like that.

Hey, they have cooties ya know.

Coughing, he smiles sheepishly, not looking at all depressed anymore. "Iris." Comes the small voice, still with some hints of doubt in the tone "Quit the UN? No, I've just been.... gone far away for awhile."

Iris looks on in concern. "Are you alright?? Were you captured or something? I haven't seen you in -ages-." Her radio this close range, one might be able to hear... <"This is a priority, Major. Unless you happen to be in surgery."> She smirks, and mutters something dismissively into the radio. "'s good to see you're back. I just wanted to make sure you were alright. I've been worried."

Midi smiles again, it's good to talk to someone familiar. "No, I haven't been captured. I was just..." Aw heck, not like telling Iris will matter. Repliforce is the army of the UN anyway, if she doesn't know now, she'd be told eventually. "The UN had me working on the mainframe of one of their more isolated outposts in northern asia. I think it was all damaged when you guys blew up Wily's evil castle there, so they sent me up to repair it." He shakes his head a bit "It was a complicated job, the server was physically damamged, and thus the network itself had to be completely re-worked from the ground up when it was restored." He sighs, looking down at his feet, which hang off the seat of the bench, about a foot off the ground. He kicks them idly "I only just finished up last week. After making sure the job was satisfacotry, the made arrangements to take me back to Seoul... but..." He pauses "My arranged escort never arrived in time, so I tried to use the teleporter myself... and wound up on Eurasia. The security protocols on the station wouldn't let me just use the teleporters freely, so I wandered around. I didn't know anyone, and they didn't know I was here, and..." He seems still a tad shaken by it, but there doesn't seem to be any harm. Gave the guy a bit of a scare, and just a tad idignent that he couldn't operate the teleporters correctly.

Iris nods, listening curiously. She's learned to tune out or 'selectively listen' to the Repliforce broadcasts. Lately, she's taken to wondering why she even bothers with Repliforce, other than remaining to give her brother support. "Okay...did you know how -that- happened? That sounds kind of weird. The teleporter mishap, I mean."

Midi errs, a bit embarressed "Well... I've spent the last few months looking at code on the networks..." He may have been made for that sort of thing, but too much is still too much "I was so glad to get out of there, I just tried to activate the teleporters myself. I think I messed up.. I mean, I guess I HAD to, to wind up here." He looks down at his kicking feet again "And, well, I ended up here." He sighs "My radio is out of date too. We communicated via direct messages and digi-mail at the outpost. Apparently the frequencies were changed and my notification must have been lost." Running into Iris then was a real stroke of luck.

Iris hmms. "Well, I can give you the joint frequency," she remarks. "As for the Repliforce frequencies, though, I'll need to ask permission from my brother to give any of them. I'm sure he'll oblige, though. I don't see why he wouldn't."
Iris says, "Anyhow, the joint frequency is 5943."

Midi nods "Gee, thanks Iris! Now I just need to get the rest when I get back to the UN HQ." Seems his mood as brightened considerbly "So, what have you guys been up to? You, an Jet an Zero. And Rock! I haven't heard much of ANYTHING that was going on over the past few months! Jus' some crazy stuff about pendents, and Europe and Africa being conquored." Mentioning such a depressing topic doesn't seem to slow him down any, looks like he's getting back to normal in fact "A lot of details on world events were sketchy, and I didn't even have access to the main interweb! Just that the Mavericks and Masters got the upperhand. Man I can't believe that, I bet Rock fought as hard as he could against them! They must have cheated to beat him, he's the best!" Yep, normal.

Iris ehehehs. "Well...a -lot- has been going on, that's for sure. As for the Master and Mavericks...I would say that they had good planning and surprise on their side. It isn't anyone's 'fault', really. It's just the tide is turning in the wall. Now, as for my relationships...that's a saga in and of itself. I'll need to tell you all about that, because that will take an -entire- evening."

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