King Dragon's Court - RHQ Australia

There is but one entry to this looped road, the single intersection into Admiral's Way East. The looped road is more for walking traffic than anything else, large enough to fit General down, but most land vehicles will be crowded in by the activity coming and going from the buildings.

This entire street and the buildings nearby, are all carved directly into Ayer's Rock. The butte of rock having painstakingly been cut into for nearly a half a mile to create the natural fortification that each of these buildings share. Overhead is the natural overhang of tons upon tons of rocks, held up by nature herself, but also with steel girders.

Finally in the middle of the courtyard is a single slab of rock which was carved around to make the Obsidian Obelisk.

Obsidian Obelisk [RF]

East <E> leads to SecDef Station - RHQ Australia.
West <W> leads to Intelligence Center - RHQ Australia.
North <N> leads to Command Nexus - RHQ Australia.
South <S> leads to Admiral's Way East - RHQ Australia.

General arrives from Admiral's Way East - RHQ Australia.
General has arrived.

Why are kids always able to wake up so early? Must be the metabolism. Even for reploids that resemble and act like children. Midi is bright-eyed and wide awake as always, as he cheerily heads towards the Command Nexus, escorted again, to finally try and put an end to poor General's grief caused by Cyber's prank. Being let inside, he walks in, and smiles "Good morning General!"

General paces in, glancing about from time to time, as if sizing up the quiet, still dark base. With a stretch, the female version of the commander slips hands into pockets to ward off the early fall nip in the Southern Hemisphere's air, and quirks a brow at the greeting. "Well, hello there, Midi. Have you swung by Intelligence yet? I think they've made some progress on the programming... shouldn't be much longer, but I know that you've been interested in this since the start. Any thoughts on a way to crack this?"

Midi nods "I've checked with what they've done, and what they've found out so far. I'm pretty sure I'll be able crack it. Would you like to come along? You're probably anxious to get this over and done with." He certainly seems confident that he'd be able to do the job.

General smiles as she falls into step, and nods. "Which area? Research, or the office?"

Midi leads the way to research. Yay.

<About 3.5 moments later...>

You enter the Research Labs - RHQ Australia.

Research Labs - RHQ Australia

General [Genevieve_uniform] [RF] Prismatic Spider's Study <PSS>

North <N> leads to Medical Complex - RHQ Australia.
Out <O> leads to Flash Rabbit's Terrace - RHQ Australia.

General steps in, nodding and waving off the salutes that she receives, and then steps quickly towards the software imaging section, walking briskly. She doesn't seem too horribly talkative, as if preoccupied with something. However, she sits calmly enough on a medtable, hands clasped before her, tapping the inner crook of one elbow to indicate the location of where Midi should jack in should he desire physical feed connections.

Midi quickly sets himself up at one of the main stations, and quickly opens up the work that has been done so far. He scans through it quickly, literally it flies across the screen beyond the rate a human could pick it up, and he nods every now and then "Your people have done a good job so far, but it seems they still can't actually break through his protection. I see where they've gone wrong so far, let me see..." He begins a flurry of typing, his fingers blurring across the keyboard. Then he sets up the direct interface "I'm pretty sure I can manage this. First I should be able to see what I can crack in what order... please wait a minute.." And then, he jacks in, so to speak.

General flicks eyes shut for a moment, brows raising high at the sensation of another presence slipping through her consciousness, rifling with unexpected ease through various directories and other, less well-defined areas. "They've pointed out all the things that it isn't, and a fresh perspective just might be what we need. Is there anything else I should be doing right now to ease your task?"

From inside the mainframe, Midi finally is able to observe what damage Cyber has done, and how best to clean it up. Luckily, Midi is able to divide his attention well, so he is still able to speak with General while he is busy inside "I think I have it figured out sir. Cyber Peacock seems to have placed the heaviest protection on his block keeping you in the hologram, so to speak, that'll have to be cracked last. His sloppiest job is on the personality patch he has on you, I should get that cleared up first, and then holographic imaging routines will come after that." He pauses, still working "At the moment sir, waiting is all that you can do. I should be able to break those three hurdles in a matter of time."

General noddles, and then glances down at her thumbs, and begins twiddling them.

Midi is silent for a long while as he works. Time passes, though rather quickly to the hacker. "His alterations on your personality might seem like the hardest to break, but they're actually the easiest if you know the tricks to it. He didn't actually affect your personality subroutines directly, more like he placed a mask over them. Like people dressing up for halloween, they may look totally different, but the person is still there underneath, untouched. It's a complicated mask to remove, but it shouldn't take long..." And such time passes, when finally, it comes off, and General should feel his personality returning to normal.

General gives a murmur of relief, and nods. "I had guessed that from the reactions I had. I swear, half the faction swore I was schizoid..." She shakes her head, and then ponders. "I'm really curious, though, about why Cyber Peacock did not push his luck. I was locked out of the body, why not attack IT while I was down?"

More time passes, as Midi continues his work, now focussing on repairing and restoring the holographic General's usual form. "The holographic emitters will be a bit more difficult. The data of your original form is still there, but Cyber's altered image is in a prioritized spot. I'll have to break the locks around that first, before I can place your proper form back in the right position, then delete Cyber's false one. He said he only spent about three months doing this. It's probably a good thing, because if he spent any longer, he could have done a better job, and I might not even be able to restore your form." He hmms, as he continues working "I'm not sure, I think this was intended more as a prank than anything else. He's really immature, I think, probably laughing his head off. Besides, I think he knew it'd be broken eventually, I doubt the Mavericks would want to risk attacking Repliforce only to have you suddenly in control of your body again..." He nods a bit, and more time passes. Finally, General's image starts to pixalate a bit, and shift, and after a few moments of doing that, General should find himself a him again.

General rumbles. "Could have been a ruse. But I suspect you're right. The thrill is more than enough of a reward for Cyber, and Sigma seemed suprised at the event, from what I could tell on the broadband frequencies." And then, the holoemitter, buried within all the programmed forcefields and light control areas, chimes pleasantly, and General's default holoskin, that of a eight foot tall version of himself, snaps into position on the table. With a contemplative expression, he regards his hands, before casting a quick, critical glance at his chest. "Well, that part is a relief." He casts his gaze over to his much larger double, lying inert a few dozen meters away.

Midi takes a bit of a deep breath "And now the hardest part. Actually getting you back into your body again. He's got some tricky stuff set up to keep me out of unlocking that, but, it shouldn't stop me entirely." Midi begins to concentrate harder, tuning out everything not happening in the mainframe, and focusses exclusively on eliminating the rest of Cyber's work. This part would take the longest for anyone waiting outside, but with Midi's attention set directly on it, time passes much faster for the little hacker that could. One by one, Cyber's blocks gradually break apart. Had the Maverick hacker put more effort and time into his little prank, it could well have become permament. "I think I'm almost done..." He says finally, and after about 10 more minutes, the final block is destroyed. Midi sighs, and disconnects "There, that should do it. You should be able to return to your body any time you wish now sir. I've isolated and deleted all of Cyber's work, so you don't have to worry about any 'easter eggs' so to speak."

General waits, and waits, and waits, regarding the little hacker that could. With the slightly glazed look on Midi's face, General almost becomes worried, but he pops back up, and ahs quietly. "There you are. And yes, I think I will try it." With a glimmer, the holoform fades, causing a football sized steel canister to plunk to the table. With a whine of standby systems coming to full life, General, bristling with full armaments, swings legs over the distal countertop, and stands, optics carrying in them a baleful thirst for revenge for a moment. However, he gazes down at Midi, complete with mustache and all, and gives him a gracious nod.

General changes into his Assault armor.

General says, "You have my eternal thanks. I will be sure to convey word of your talents and generosity to your superiors in Interpol."

Midi nods back, and hops off his seat "Glad I could help sir! I'm sorry to just run out, but I need to get back to the UN HQ. Let me know if you ever need my help in any other hacking problems here." He nods himself and runs out. If General looked at the monitor Midi was working at, he might see, for the briefest moment, the image of Midi's own cyberspace avatar before the program is shut off, which sort of looks like an altered Mega Man. But Midi has left before any questions could be brought up.


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