United Nations Building

Individuals entering the UN building tend to remark favorably on the open atrium space that is carved out of the rest of the UN building like a slice of an orange. Advanced construction techniques allows light to fall freely through the curved `ceiling' into this part of the building, allowing the variety of plants and greenery within to flourish in natural sunlight. Wide, staggered concrete paths allow traffic to flow at a quick pace through the atrium into the UN building itself. Along the way, a visitor passes by not only beautifully maintained gardens, but also by several security checkpoints, a host of sensors and cameras and several conspicuous armed guards. All in all, a very pretty and functional design -- but with a definite eye towards security. There will be no April Fools here.

Gale Sorcerer [Magician] [C]

<E> leads to UN HQ - Elevator.
<GA> leads to UN HQ - General Assembly Hall.
<O> leads to Seoul - United Nations Plaza.

Spin Cougar arrives from the Seoul - United Nations Plaza.
Spin Cougar has arrived.

Midi walks into the main lobby of the UN, looking like he's come back from a trip, what with the luggage and all. His expression is a bit of a mix of hangdog, and relief.

Even in the face of recruitment to a higher power, Spin hasn't given up his duties at the United Nations. At the moment, he's at the front desk position, checking IDs and such, and filling out some e-paperwork when he gets the chance. When Midi walks in, Spin perks, and stands up, waving him over to the desk with a grin. "Greetings -- Midi, is it?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Urgh... What ... me?

[RADIO] Transmission detected: A bunch of Mavericks ... ... I ... ... ... ...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... me.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... ... ... ... armor sheared off by an ... pulse and ... ... two...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... AUGH! STITCHES!

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ...yeah ... what I ... on ... radio that's what happened.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... Remind me ... find a power ... that ... actual ...

His fingers doing a slight rythm as they tap on the reception desk, Gale Sorcerer patiently awaits for something, while the bird-looking receptionist reploid girl in front of him types something on her computer's keyboard. "I don't understand this, sir Gale."-she says just before she starts typing again-"If you requested it then it should be written just in here, but it's not." The mage sighs and nods slightly. "Those fools from the main offices have surely messed the paperwork up again. Geez... Can you try accessing them from the main database instead?" The receptionist nods in response and begins typing again.

Midi blinks at Spin "Um, hi." He doesn't accept the invite, though he hates to be rude, but Gale is the one he needs to see for the moment. "I need to talk to Mr.Gale, sorry..." Quickly and quietly he walks up behind Gale, and says in his typical small voice "Um, hi, Mr.Gale?"

Spin Cougar nods, and waves Midi through. "He's right over here." He them returns to the paperwork and such, a great deal of nostalgia showing on his face.

Going back to tapping on the desk with his fingers for some moments, just before he hears the little hacker's voice right behind him. He turns back towards Midi, and smiles slightly. "Oh, hi Midi. I see you're back." Hey, some good news at least. The RDI director really needed someone as skilled as him to handle the data security again. Running RDI is starting to become such a pain...

Midi nods a bit meekly "Yeah, um, sorry about that. I didn't mean to just up and leave so suddenly. I was just..." He pauses "Well... I just decided to suddenly take my vacation time I've had saved up..." He doesn't seem to want to get into the reasons for it, or maybe he does and is just dodging the topic, who knows. He doesn't seem happy to be back, or rather, he's not happy at why he had to leave.

Spin Cougar continues typing away. Not much else for him to do, aside from check the people walking in. There aren't too many at this time.

Gale Sorcerer nods quietly to the little hacker. He really doesn't get surprised about him wanting to get some vacations after everything that happened in the last month. He himself was planning to get a couple of weeks away from work and this place. Of course, that was just before he became the RDI director. No vacations for him now. "Don't worry."- he answers while looking down at Midi -"It's your vacations after all. You don't seem like you're feeling very well now though. Are you okay?" He raises an eyebrown, his right hand moving some hair over his face.

Midi coughs "Well... not really..." He pauses for a few moments, before speaking again "I was... hiding. Not that there was anywhere I could have hid from what was going on, but after EVERYTHING that happened... and THEN the thing with the Stardroid Aldebarren on Eurasia, when he showed us all what the Nigh was really like... I just couldn't take it anymore, and just filed for vacation and ran off..." He sounds pretty disappointed with himself.

Spin Cougar focuses on his work, but as he does, Midi's 'confession' becomes known to him as well. A sigh. He doesn't really feel like interrupting, just getting his work done.

Gale Sorcerer listens to Midi thoughtfully. He also saw Nigh, and even was in the last battle agains it. Then again, he was just acting like a support for dozens of heavy-firepowered people and Stardroid weapondry he more or less stood safely behind, so his point of fearing it was probably quite different from the hacker's. Besides, he remembers how deep did the little dude get into the whole Startdroids business. Far deeper than him. At any case, he should probably cheer him up or something. He kneels a bit, just until his height becomes more or less equal to the android's and smiles slightly. "Perfectly understandable. I'm sure you weren't the only one who got frightened with that whole business. Don't worry about it, really. Besides, heh, you hadn't had a vacation in quite a while, it probably was good for you."

Midi is still silent for a minute. He knows he's not Rock, but he can't help but idolize him. What Midi really wanted to do was try and do whatever he could to help save the world, whatever way he was able to. And in the end, he couldn't do anything. It's true the Nigh was a radical opponent, but Midi is still ashamed for just running off like that. "Yeah maybe..." He says finally, and sighs "It sure seems you guys have been busy in my time off right? The whole Interpol thing... I guess I'll have to get used to that..."

"Interpol. I feel somewhat guilty for leaving during this whole restructuring bit .. " It turns out Spin is listening, and his response comes regretfully as he turns to look to Midi and Gale. "Sorry for listening in, I couldn't help."

"Heh, yeah, you can bet we have..." Gale answers to the little hacker with a slight grin on his face. "Too many things so suddenly... and not that they went on the best of ways either..." He then gets up again, and looks towards Spin near him. "Don't worry, Spin." He grins to the medic. "Anyway, you'd have ended under mine or Bridgit's command. You wouldn't have enjoyed it." His gaze returns towards Midi again. "You'll catch up, don't worry. By the way, I must tell you you've got a new boss..."

Midi nods, he's read up on at least that much of what's happened "Yeah, I know Mr. Gale." He even smirks slightly "I plan on looking over the UN's database and doing what I can to revise the security protocols in the next few days, once I get caught up in everything..." He just wants to get back to normal, that's what he really wants. For nearly two months the Nigh showed up and threw their lives in the blender. It's time to get back into the normal humdrum of things, or so he hopes.

Spin Cougar blinks. "If you .... say so, sir. Just wish I didn't feel like I was cutting and running." A lame shrug.

"It's okay, Spin, just give it some time. You've got to seek the work you enjoy doing. Besides, Repliforce is part of the UN, it's just like if you were moving to a level above." Gale moves some hair away from his face again. The work you enjoy, sigh, he wishes he could do that himself. At the end he's just a would-be intel that does just what he's told to do. Sigh. He shakes his head and glares towards Midi smiling vaguely. "Well, it seems like there won't be any need for explanations then. Heh, much better. In that case, you can start when you feel like it, your stuff is where you left it. It'll be nice to have you in the team, Midi."

Midi nods "Yeah. Well, I just want to get back to work without too much hassle." He idly mutters to himself, not really thinking he'd get much peace once he gets back to work, once Cyber Peacock sets his sights on the UN's Database.

Spin Cougar slowly nods, smiling a bit. "Yeah .... yeah, that's what I've been telling myself. Going to MSE, even. It just ..... eh." Sighing, he returns to his work at the screen.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Hmm. ... ... I ... ... to ... ... ... ... ... I ... ... ... ... anyway.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... know...

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Right ... seconds ... I ... ... ... own mind.

Gale Sorcerer nods to the hacker. "There'll be more than enough work, so that shouldn't worry you..." He sighs a bit then. "I just hope I can run the place well, but I don't think it'll change much compared to how it was before Interpol was built..." His mind idles from the real world once again to concentrate on his own thoughts for a couple of second, then the mage shakes his head and continues. "Either way, it's nice to have you back."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: Right ...

Midi nods "Um, right, thanks!" He shifts his weight a bit, struggling with his bags, being reminded that he's been standingthere holding them for that long. "Well, I need to go get set back up, I'll see you later..." He nods before walking off again


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