Eurasia - Empire Central Square

This area is by far as breathtaking as any downtown megalopolis area, but even moreso due to the large dome that covers the top of it revealing the black emptiness of space, disturbed only by the defiant light from the hundreds of stars. This is the main hub of activity on the space colony Eurasia, and it's easy to tell. Mobs of people constantly rush through the streets and sidewalks at all hours of the day. Armed guards watch over the proceedings carefully, making sure things continue to run smoothly and efficiently with as few disturbances as possible.

Iris [Uniform]

Lift Down <LD> leads to Eurasia - Sub Level 1.
Lift Up <LU> leads to Eurasia - Skydeck.

South <S> leads to Eurasia - South Quadrant.
North <N> leads to Eurasia - North Quadrant.
East <E> leads to Eurasia - East Quadrant.
West <W> leads to Eurasia - West Quadrant.
Teleportation Station <TS> leads to Teleportation Station--Eurasia.

The Eurasia Space Station is... spacey.. as always. As the taller people come and go on their own business, it seems one particular short little reploid lost his way up here again. What are the odds huh? Well who knows what the little guy was doing up here, but it looks as if he's forgotten which direction he should be going in, among the bustle of people.

Iris is seated all alone at one of the tables, at one of the more upscale cafes which have outdoor seating. She's just sitting there at one of the outdoor tables...and her face is absolutely -blank-. It's as if she's in a trance. She's just sitting there, expressionless and motionless.

Midi doesn't see Iris, probably due to the bustle. It starts to settle down for a moment, but just when Midi thinks he can pause and try to figure out where he is, another group of people swarm up from behind him, knocking him aside, and to the ground. And he lands right near Iris' table, how convenient. Though he doesn't notice Iris yet, he does make a small-voiced 'Ow!' as he is knocked down.

Iris responds in a slow, detatched sort of way. "Don't let them push you around like that," she mentions. "Let them know you're there, and that you're important just like they are."

Midi sort of responds naturally at first "Yeah... but they're all bigger than me, and there's more of them... huh?" Suddenly it hits him, who's voice that was. He turns around and has to peek over the table a tad, but there she is. "Oh Iris! I didn't know you were here!" For a moment he found it odd that her reaction was so... well, there wasn't one, but as long as she's here, right?

Iris nods, sipping her coffee. "I'm here," she mentions. "You can join me if you'd like. I'm pondering the essense of nothing."

Midi blinks as he hops up onto a chair "Pondering the... what?" He asks, puzzled "Um... how can 'nothing' have an essence?" A waitress, or whatever they have up here, walks by, and Midi quickly orders a Chocolate Milk for himself, while he's there.

Iris says, "Everything has an essense. If it didn't, you wouldn't be able to think about it, now would you? Nothing is just as important as something."

Midi pauses for a moment, "Well, everything has an essence... but everything implies that it is... something... and nothing is that, nothing, nothing isn't a something, it's just not there, so it shouldn't have an essence..." Apparently Midi doesn't think anything's wrong with Iris' detatched mood at the moment, or rather, he might have if his order of milk didn't arrive that second later. Mmm, milky chocolately goodness.

Iris actually grins a little. "Now, you've got it. See, you're examining something that would otherwise be nothing to you. But now, your nothing is something. And why? Because you've given it priority. You've given it significance."

Midi blinks "Well...." Pause. ... She's right. "Ok... so I've given this nothing a significance, making it something... but what about when I stop prioritizing it, and it goes back to being nothing, will it have no essence then?" Hey, Midi may be a kid, and he may have some childish mannerisms, but he's certainly proven time and time again that he has a developed intellect.

Iris nods. "Exactly. Sort of like...if you put something in a closet, and leave it there behind a door and don't think about it there? Perhaps it isn't until you're actually thinking about it."

Midi pauses again "So no matter what, something can't be nothing, because just that it is something makes it impossible to be nothing." He hmms as he sips through the straw "So no matter what we try to come up with to be nothing, the fact that we can come up with something makes it something, not nothing. So maybe it's not that nothing has an essence too, but there is no nothing?"

Iris pouts. "There -is- a nothing," she counters. "When we -think- about it."

Midi hmms again <sip> "But, like you've said, when we think about it, doesn't it become something?" Seems we're going in circles here.

Iris nods. "Now you're catching on! It 'is' when we think it is."

Midi sips "So...... when we think if something as nothing, is it nothing, or still something?" Hmm, Chocolate milk almost gone, not good, the lack of chocolate milk is distressing, until Midi orders another glass. Mmm, chocolatey

Iris says, "It is still something -- because you are 'actively thinking' about it."

Midi hmms "Then... how can there be a nothing when we think about it... since if we think about it, it becomes something?" So what was Midi originally doing on Eurasia again? Eh, not that it matters, oh look! New milk!

Iris chuckles softly. "Am I confusing you?"

Midi pauses as he sips his new milk "Well... a bit. It's like we're going in circles... what got you thinking about this anyway?"

Iris shrugs, and she sips her coffee. "I miss Psych Mosquito," she says suddenly. "We would talk like that for hours. Sometimes days."

Midi blinks as he sips again "Psych Mosquito? Who's that?" Sounds like bit of an odd-ball, to talk for days like that... but who's Midi to judge? He's not an oddball, just a Maverick.

"He was a musician and a philosopher...he was also a very good friend of mine," Iris mentions.

Midi nods, he still has no idea who this guy is though. Then he blinks, and queries "Was?"

Iris says, "Yes, he's dead now. I miss him a lot. Especially on days like these. I just sit all by myself, thinking back upon the good times."

Midi pauses for a moment. He'd ask more about that, but he gets the feeling it's something best left alone "I'm... sorry about that..." He says, not knowing at the truth, but it's probably best he don't. Anyway, moving on "So, um... how's it been going otherwise?"

Iris shrugs a little bit. "I am at an impasse," she admits. "Nothing is going bad...and yet, nothing is going good."

Iris says, "How about you?"

Midi errs, as he recalls what he's been doing for the past month and a half, most of which is a sugar-induced blur of pixels, code, and data "Well... I've spent some time working on a few... projects I've been meaning to get at, and really didn't do much outside of the UN HQ for awhile." Ok, so most of that time involved digging up old records made by humans in ancient video games and breaking the heck out of them... and database work at the UN. So he pretty much shut himself in for awhile.

Iris ahs. "I see. Those top-secret UN type projects. Well, all of that hard work is for a good cause." She sips her coffee.

Midi sweatdrops for a moment "Uh.. yeah, you know... hard at work, right." He coughs "Anyway, what brought you up to Eurasia?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Dynamo transmits, "You know, I wonder who /does/ control the Mirror Desert... I would /so/ be interested in getting some real estate there."

[RADIO: (B) World] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Wily, last I checked."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pyro Squirrel transmits, "I feel sorry for the people living there."

[RADIO: (B) World] Dynamo transmits, "I mean, more specifically. I figure this place would be divided up into squadron areas like some whacked out video game, but I can't hang around the desert long enough to figure out who's in charge."

[RADIO: (B) World] Gravity Man transmits, "Gee, I wonder why?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "The walking cactii control the desert. He who trespasses will have an ass full of thorns!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Dynamo transmits, "Well, I have no wish to wander about looking like a poorly animated cartoon character. 'Wai' is /so/ not me."

[RADIO: (B) World] Gravity Man transmits, "If you'd like it to be you, though, we might be able to arrange something."

"I had to get away from the madness of the base. A lot of it is just pointless to me," Iris admits. "All of those missions...all of that violence...I'm not really a part of it."

[RADIO: (B) World] Dynamo transmits, "I think I'll pass on the ass grass, Guts Man."

Somewhere on the MUSH, Rock has disconnected.

Midi nods "Oh...." He trails off for a moment, violence isn't something he's too familiar with, mainly because he's not equipped for combat, and he spends most of his time in the sanctuary of the UN HQ "Well.... if it's pointless and you're not a part of it, why are you there?" It's an innocent question, to him, just putting together what she told him.

Iris sips her coffee. "Because, my brother's there, and I -must- be with him." The way she emphasizes 'must' indicates that this isn't an issue she's willing to budge on.

Midi hmms again, seems this second Chocolate milk is getting low "And I guess there's no way to convince him to leave the Repliforce, huh?" Stupid question "Well... I mean, is it /all/ really pointless? You guys are still out there doing good things, right?"

Iris shrugs. "I don't really know anymore," she admits. "But I know one thing...I'll never leave my brother. Not if he becomes the biggest war-hawk next to General himself.

Midi blinks, war-hawk? Politics, and how things look on the inside aren't things Midi is familiar with, he's as swayed by the media and what's presented at face value as anyone, to an extent. Though he usually ignores any bad publicity the Repliforce gets, since Midi still has his own opinion that them and the Hunters are the good guys, doing what is right. Sure there's more to it than just that, but sometimes, ignorance is bliss. Suddenly he speaks up on a different topic "Family is important.... I wish I knew where my brother was, or what he was doing..."

Iris hmms. "I think I met him, once," she admits. "He's about your size, isn't he? But he doesn't look -quite- the same..."

Midi nods sadly "Yeah, we more or less look the same, our original armor is colored and shaped slightly differently, and then there's our personalities..." He sighs, staring down into his nearly-gone chocolate milk "I just... don't know where he is... of course, he has to be ok.. but... I'm worried about him..."

Iris nods. "If I see him again, I'll let you know," she says. "Last time I saw him, he was hacking into someone's web page. But he looked like he was doing just fine." She manages a grin. "See you later, okay? I've got a few things to do before I head back home."

Midi doesn't seem any bit relieved by that news, but he does give a wave as Iris departs. Still, with the nature between the two brothers, how can he not be worried? For Techno, and even for himself.


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