[RADIO] You send General a direct message: "Good evening General. I was wondering if I could help out Cyber's prank if it still persits? <relentlessly cheerful, as always>"

[RADIO] General sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "No solution as of yet, Midi. I still have to run the army, however, so I'm attempting to make the best of it."

[RADIO] You send General a direct message: "Well, I could take a look at it if you'd wish? From the bit I've seen of what Cyber has done so far, I believe I could fix it in due time."

[RADIO] General sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Ah... yes, come down. It appears that King Dragon has returned from patrol. You can interview him if you like. I have a few matters to discuss with Admiral."

[RADIO] You send General a direct message: "I'll be there soon, General. I'd really like to meet Mr.King Dragon, actually."

[RADIO] General sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "We are located in the command nexus, Midi."

[RADIO] You send General a direct message: "I'll be there soon! I can take a look at your situation as well."

Command Nexus - RHQ Australia

The rectangular room's walls are nothing more than just stone carved and flattened out. A large Repliforce sigil is emblazoned on the ground, just beyond the Check-In point by several Security Reploids. To each of the walls there is a marked door, but the one directly to the north with the walls reinforced with a layer of galvanized steel, the entrance to Command and Control.

Admiral [RF] General [Genevieve_uniform] [RF]
Red Tide [RF]

East <E> leads to Officer's Lounge - RHQ Australia.
North <N> leads to Command and Control - RHQ Australia.
West <W> leads to War Room - RHQ Australia.
Out <O> leads to King Dragon's Court - RHQ Australia.

Admiral shakes his head a bit as he walks in, quite amused. "I see that things are still rather complicated." Then, he walks over to the RF commander. "How are you doing, sir?"

"My face is up *HERE*, Lieutenant." A slightly surly, but oh so delectable boive purrs out, still sultry despite the hardened edge of it. A tallish woman, with finger jerked to her eye-level, is glowering at shocked, confused canid. "Sir Ma'am Sir yes Ma'am! I'll finish it immediately..." The tech turns quickly, sweating bullets, as he taps on the comm. "One of the requirements for access to the officer's lounge IS visual confirmation..." The Repliforce commander gives a weary sigh, and crosses her uniformed arms in front of her, making a point to cover her chest even as she gives the gorund the world's most punishing glare.

Exiting the War Room with an oversized and quite heavily environmentally shielded datapad held securely in one taloned hand, Red Tide gives a rather cheerless salute to the Reploid on guard duty there before she slips the rest of the way out, heading generally toward the way out - just in time to catch the conversation. Sharp 'ears' and all, and it isn't really that far away from her path. Turning to head toward Admiral and General instead, she offers yet another one of the formal salutes as she approaches.

Harmony arrives from King Dragon's Court - RHQ Australia.
Harmony has arrived.

General relaxes slightly, still in uniform, and then shakes his -- her -- *AUGH* head, and says, "So it would seem, Admiral. I must apologize for the strangeness of your tenure with us thus far. But, I seem to at least become better able to anticipate the swings that occur in emotions with that programming patch that Cyber slapped on this form." With a weary sigh, she reaches up and scrubs at her face with her hands, looking towards the salute of Red Tide. "Good evening, Sergeant."

Admiral shrugs, then returns Red's salute. "It could be worse...certainly it's been an interesting return."

Harmony shyly creeps around a corner, hearing everyone's voices awhile on the way to a different room. This whole Genevieve thing has had a weird effect on her, for whatever reason. Somehow a cross between extreme pity and over-protectiveness for her superior, or something like that. Maybe it just creeps her out. Saluting lightly, she clasps her hands behind her back. "Good.. evening."

"Emotions of that sort are hardly important. I ignore them as much as I can," Red says with a shrug, "so perhaps I am just not used to dealing with them, but I did not see the problem. In any case. Good evening to the both of you." A pause as someone comes up nearby, and she turns to salute to Harmony too. "And you, ma'am."

General nods towards the trio, and paces, still waiting on the Lieutenant to key in the proper codes. "I'm being deprived of my full-sized hot oil jacuzzi. UGH!" She kicks futilely at the outer casing of the wall. However, at the quiet call of hellos, she straightens, and returns a crisp salute. "Good evening, Harmony. And yes, Red Tide. I like to consider myself a typically stalwart personality..." Her gaze slips over towards Admiral for a moment, before she gives a sharp 'ahem', bringing one pink-fingernailed hand to her mouth, and adding, "But there's some twist to this that has our hackers guessing still..."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Ebony Fox transmits, "Abernathy, please advise. Double has shown up in Neo-Tokyo, and looks like he really means no harm. This may be a chance to examine him, but I don't want to cross the Hunters..."

Admiral's brows knit, confused. "Jacuzzi...hmm. Seems the creature comforts have increased." Then, he looks over to Harmony and nods, then looking back to the situation board, then back to General. "Fortunately the situation seems to be quiet, since the Masters attacked last night."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Abernathy transmits, "Thank you, private. Continue to observe him, but don't do anything -- untoward. It's not our territory."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Ebony Fox transmits, "Understood."

Red Tide's eyes flicker at one of Admiral's comments. "I have a tub in my quarters. It is rather necessary for some people...that and I would think that if anyone here had earned it, it would be General. And no, there is nothing to report. I was going to go for another dive later to do some more deep-sea study."

Harmony shifts uncomfortably, leaning on the wall. She stays quiet for now, not sure what to say, just wanted to make sure the General was alright. Her blue eyes wander the room, watching keenly as everybody talks.

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Ebony Fox transmits, "Damnit. Abernathy, Double is talking like he's defected on the Mavericks, refused to be re-infected.....he wants forgiveness from the Hunters, but /Blues/ is here. This is a hell of an opportunity."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Midi transmits, "Um, an... opprotunity for what?"

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Ebony Fox transmits, "Study him, Midi. Something ain't right with these 'walking miracles', I'm betting there's more then meets the eye."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Abernathy transmits, "In all likelihood. However, /I repeat/, Neo-Tokyo is not in our jurisdiction. If you start something ..."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Midi transmits, "Well, be careful. I mean, I'd LIKE to believe he has reformed, but we can't take the chance. Double was dangerous once, he could still be."

[RADIO: (A) UNGlobal] Ebony Fox transmits, "Hmmph. He's good. I got pretty close to him before I realized that Double is barely even injured, nothing close to match his sob story."

The rumble of massive wings beating the air announced the arrival of one of Repliforce's guardians -- the majestic King Dragon. With a clarion trumpet to those standing watch, he swoops in over the containment gates, sweeping in until his gaze locks on an appropriate area to land. He spots a small gathering, and then swoops in. Backwinging, he settles in with a small scuff of dust. Swivelling his massive, man-sized head towards the gates to King Dragon's court, he gives a low rumble to himself, but then clicks all four heels at attention, tail held arched and high off ground. "Officers," he greets, ducking his head in the closest approximation as possible to a salute.

General seems prepared to answer the flurry of questions headed her way, but is distracted by the arrival of the massive dragon. "Goodness," she whispers, "I haven't had the chance to see him in person yet, much less while being this... short." She glances at Harmony in mild embarrassment. "No insult intended." She blinks again at Admiral, and asks, "Would you mind retiring to a more secure location, Admiral? I would like to speak with you about the future of the Marines."

Admiral looks to King, and nods respectfully, then smiles. "Good evening, King..." Then, he turns back to General as she speaks. "The Marines...? Of course. I'm at your disposal."

Red Tide says, deadpan, "I could hold you overhead." It might be meant to be a joke, if she ever made them. Which she doesn't, so it couldn't be. Right? "I am good at that. I have had to do it before." She watches King Dragon, curiously, before returning yet another one of her salutes.

Ring Redwing arrives from King Dragon's Court - RHQ Australia.
Ring Redwing has arrived.

King Dragon gives a low croon at the assembled group, and states, "I have completed sweeps of Southeastern Asia. The areas appear secure. No large scale movements. I find flying to exhilarating. I did not do that much of it, so the memories of my previous incarnations tell me." He tilts his head forward, fangs nearly sweeping the ground, as he rumbles, "You two are departing? Good evening, then. I shall scour the skies once more, after I have completed a rest cycle."

Moving towards the Command Nexus, is Repliforce's newest Liaison, Midi, being escorted by whatever sort of gumbies that would escort him there. Please excuse his player, he's been out of RF so long, he's forgotten most of it, heh. Assuming he runs into no difficulty with security and identification, he's escorted into the Command Nexus after a few short moments. He regards everyone gathered inside "Hi everyone!" He says cheerfully, even to those he hasn't yet met. Hey, he's Liaison afterall, he needs to make a good impression.

General cuckles at Red Tide, and states, "That won't be necessary, but thank you, Sergeant." She regards the draconian for a long moment, and then also gives a parting salute. "A representative from the UN will be along shortly, King Dragon. He is quite curious to see how you are faring. You have nothing to fear from him, he's not guided by any political motives." Those deep blue eyes gleam in genuine pride, and infact, Midi's audials are likely burning as he steps up. "Ah, Midi, your arrival is timely. Before you make an attempt to correct Cyber Peacock's mischief, I was hoping to speak with Admiral on a closed session regarding command duties and such. I'll call when ready." She then turns towards Admiral, gesturing openly with a hand towards the offices.

Admiral nods to Midi, smiling a bit, then gives the crew on duty, including Red and King, a salute before half bowing to General. "Ladies first, Sir."

General gives a mildly annoyed huff, and then smarts back, lips pulling back over lips in a sly grin. "Keep that up, and I'll have you on latrine duty in Seoul for the next three weeks. Shoo, go." She swats at him, before waving, perhaps too cheerily, at the rest assembled.

General adds, almost in addendum, to Midi and Prism. "Gentleman, I had the real body moved towards the research areas. It's in lockdown, but just so you know." She grins, and then heads out.

General enters the Command and Control - RHQ Australia.
General has left.

Admiral laughs, and heads into the offices, smiling. "Chivalry isn't dead, it's just under orders, I suppose."

Admiral enters the Command and Control - RHQ Australia.
Admiral has left.

King Dragon gives a mildly confused grunt at the much smaller, much curvier General, raising his massive front claw talons to scratch behind his head, his expression quizzical. "Good evening, sirs, and I hope that you find the answer." He then turns towards Midi, snuffling at him curiously. "What questions do you desire to ask?"

Red Tide keeps /her/ mouth shut. Really. She doesn't need to say anything; she's amused just fine without it, eyes a cheerful blue.

Midi greets everyone, and then King turns towards him. Whoa. Big dragon. "Um, yes." Hey, KD is very big, Midi is very small, even though he knows there's no threat from him, he can't totally shake off the intimidation. "Well, I'd like to know how you're faring since you were, restored. So many people are so happy to see you and Mr.Admiral back, both of you, sadly, were gone before my time." He smiles, just radiating friendliness. Quite a step in a different direction than Bruce Fury, that's for sure.

Red Tide salutes again. "Unless any of you need to speak with me at this moment, I need to bring this pad down to the science area, then return. Good day to you."

King Dragon blinks for a moment, and swings his head over towards Red Tide, before she gets away. "You are a Sergeant in my division, and thus, my superior. Perhaps you would like to evaluate my performance over the next two weeks to supplement the reports." He then turns back towards Midi, sitting back on his haunches, thresher-sickles for fornt claws dangling limply along his belly. "I fare well. The violence that we had been greeted with upon our unveiling distressed me. Ignorance and fear shall always be present in this world. It saddens me; I have heard rumors that the Double had indeed chose the Mavericks."

<Global News Network> < Breaking News: LIVE FROM NEO TOKYO > "Light Labs, Neo Tokyo! Double, the infamous Maverick traitor recently revived by the controversial Arcanum Corporation, has reappeared outside the former Hunter headquarters!" < Video footage from a moving vehicle plays, jerky images of Signas, Blues, and Ebony Fox arguing over the fallen form of Double. Jazz is faintly visible in the background. Double lies on the pavement, shivering and curled into a foetal position. Above the indistinct voices of the Hunters and UN agent, you can hear...crying?...coming from the trembling Double. > "We'll bring you more as the situation develops. This is Simon Lee, reporting for GNN!"

Midi nods slowly, a bit sad by it too "I heard similar rumors. I don't know if they're true or not, but we can't rule the possibility out. It's too bad he couldn't get a second chance, but from what I've heard about him, it probably isn't likely everything he's done in the past would be forgotten" He finds a chair to sit in himself, at least that props him up a bit taller, with his feet swinging in the air "But even so, I'm glad to see you and Admiral are be doing well. It must be an odd experience, to go through what you all have. Have you been ajusting ok?"

King Dragon tenses at the news comm, gaping jaws into a his and tensing up. "Even now they persecute him." He twists his head around, nostrils flared, as if trying to fathom the situation. However, he recalls his orders, and coils upon himselfin a seated position, eyes upon Midi. "this is my third lifetime. I wonder how many more I will have to go. I have been taught that yes, I am separate from my past lives, and that I am to use those experiences to enhance my current existance. I am not bound by what my past forms have done. It pains me to have lost the island, but I do not feel a lack of purpose. I am to protect all of that which is under the umbrella of the UN. I..." The next transmission comes, and the dragon bolts back upright, giving a pained warble.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] RF Science Prismatic Spider transmits, "So, Double is crying and begging on the ground before Light Labs. How are you taking this... development, Hunters?"

King Dragon sends a radio transmission to Double.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Alacrity Demon transmits, "Can't talk. Ride Armor trying to eat me."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Justice Jaguar transmits, "I'd assume we're going to kill him anyway."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Alpha transmits, "I think we are shooting him, but I am not there."

King Dragon receives a radio transmission from Double.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] A bellow, distictly large, distinctly reptilian, can be heard.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Justice Jaguar transmits, "Well, that can't be good."

King Dragon snaps his head up, and with a bellow, leaps skywards, showering Midi in a shroud of dust. "My apologies, liasion. But I live, and I must serve."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Blues transmits, "It's an act."

King Dragon enters King Dragon's Court - RHQ Australia.
King Dragon has left.

Midi gulps, as King Dragon bolts out of the Command Nexus. "Oh dear.... this isn't going to go well..."

[RADIO] You send General a direct message: "Um, General, I hate to bother you, but King Dragon just, well, abruptly left the Command Nexus shortly after the recent display on GNN..."

[RADIO] General sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "What did he exactly say?"

[RADIO] You send General a direct message: "Um, he said that 'he lives, and he must serve', I think he might have been distraught over Double."


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