San Angeles - Business District

Coming in from the more sedate surroundings, all of the close quartered office buildings might take you by surprise. What's even more surprising isthe massive roadway system that seems to encircle the downtown proper like a defense emplacement. Land and hover vehicles jockey for position on the crowded byways like rabbits evacutating a flooding warren. Getting past that, the buildings seem more squat than graceful, as if years of dealing with the pollution and traffic have resigned them to their fate. Humans and reploids scurry about duringthe daylight hours, going about their secular pursuits. After hours, though the nightlife is as varied as jelly beans in a candy store. Cafes and nightclubs open up and prepare to accept the differences the days around here seem to reject.

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Sigma [Sigma] [M] Nigel Braithwaite
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Dr. Unsinnig's Office

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As members of the public and the press arrive, they are treated to what promises to be an important announcement indeed.

A large stage has been set up outside of a towering office building in downtown San Angeles, in front of which mill dozens of eager reporters, cameramen, and other assorted members of the media. Microphones jockey for position and photographers trigger their flashes non-stop as cameras focus in on a podium, which bears the company logo of Arcanum Corporation. Currently, there is a large curtain which swathes across the stage, deep velvety red in colour, and the podium is empty. Security guards mill about the perimeter idly, as the press gallery begins to restlessly file minute-by-minute reports. A tall, lanky man stands off to the side, talking fervently with some of those guards and directing them about.

It looks like the Arcanum Corporation expects one heck of a turnout to their announcement...

Dr. Cossack arrives from the San Angeles - Western Mall District.
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Kalinka arrives, and very carefully makes her way through the crowd toward the front so she can see over the taller people.

Ebony Fox smiles slightly as she arrives, wearing a pair of mirrored sunglasses and a waist long black coat to conceal her holster. How fun, a press conference. And knowing Arcanum Corporation, this could be big. Pulling her false press credentials, the Fox heads for the front. .oO(This could be interesting...)

Scribe Robin is here. Somewhere. Do you really think I'll tell you that he's near the front of the crowds, wearing fake glasses? ... Bah.

Bit arrives at the scene, staying on the outskirts for the moment as he tries to get some idea of what the situation will be. For the moment, he is just hear to watch, although the smaller member of the Nightmare Police well remembers what happened at the last major unveiling of some new product that shook the world. The small war that started in the UN Square as a result of Gate's unveiling of the Dream Protocol had been interesting, to say the last. But finding a convenient perch, he waits, seeing what the new revelation shall be.

And off way in the back, a lavender and burgundy clad female keeps mostly to the shadows. Her blue eyes flit to and fro, keeping an eye on everybody coming in to the floor. Alia hears all, sees all, knows all. All she's missing is a big fat turban on top of her headset, and that's currently on order.

Dr. Cossack arrives. Why? Because he's a VIP, that's why. Being one of the Five Doctors that isn't wanted across the world has its advantages. His car takes him to the private disembarking area, and from there he is wisked to a part of the audience roped off for diplomats, important scientists and other big-wig people. He takes his seat, settles back, and waits for the press conference to begin.

It's been awhile since Midi's been in a crowd this size. Not counting when he has to maneuver through a crowd to get from point A to point B, this is the first time in awhile he's had to be PART of a large crowd. He seems quite excited about this bit of news, for his own reasons. Trying to work his way through the crowd, he keeps an eye out for any familiar face he'd recognize, better stick close to someone he knows, than be lost in a sea of strangers.

A quick squawk amidst the static in Alia's headset catches the dispatcher's attention. Distracted, she simply glances aside as she concentrates on the message.

Ebony Fox sends a radio transmission to Midi.

[RADIO] Ebony Fox sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Hey there, short stuff. What's the history on the Arcanum Corporation? I'm up in the press area for a closer look, and I'm wondering what we should be expecting here..."

Iris has arrived.
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Jiro Shoto climbs the short flight of stairs at the side of the stage, and makes his way to the podium. He gives a small smile, evidently pleased by the much larger turnout, and noting some of the more distinguished scientists and reporters in the crowd. The PR spokesman waits a few moments for the audience to settle down before speaking. "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming this evening. We here at Arcanum Corp have been hard at work, and it is a pleasure to see how seriously our research is being taken. As we announced earlier, we have found a new method of neural-net repair, one much more effective than anything the medical profession had before. Tonight, we would like to share more with the world, and introduce you to some of our patients."

[RADIO] You send Ebony Radishroot a direct message: "I don't really know, actually. I haven't gotten to check much into their background yet."

Prismatic Spider arrives on time this time... His Repliforce ID is enough to get him into the conference. Arcanum having a problem with military/government cash? Hell no, right? He's directed to the same area as Dr. Cossack... Just like being one of the Five Doctors, so does being third in command of Repliforce and the one in charge of MSE also have its advantages. He nods to the others present nearby, Dr. Cossack in particular... Suddenly, he wishes he brought some of his work with him. It'd have been convienent.

Ebony Fox quirks her head. Now /this/ could be useful. Targets taken down in combat could be restored for interrogation later. She leans closer, and begins mentally recording the situation.

"Good afternoon, Prismatik," says the Cossack, looking over as the arachnid arrives. "I hope ziss function has a reception wiff cheese and crackers aftervard."

The throng of press lean in closer to listen to the man's words, and microphones literally smack against the podium as reporters strain against the small barriers set up to keep them at bay. Cameras pan across the stage and then to the crowd around them, as if scanning for reactions to this preliminary announcement. Photographers snap pictures, and in the nearby hush the *snap* *snap* of shutters can be heard quietly as literally every moment is recorded for posterity.

Prismatic Spider chuckles. "I'm sure there will be a wine and dine session at some point in these strings... Nothing like scmoozing potential buyers into signing contracts and making them filthy rich now, right?" Goodness, he's bitter right now.

The Russian moves his attention back to the front as the conference begins. "Finally, Prismatik, you are startink to learn how business is done."

Kalinka smirks as she finally finds a place that isn't getting totally trampled, and she stands there, eyes riveted to the stage.

Iris is also in this crowd. She doesn't know whether to protest or cheer. She's brought a blank sign, just in case she needs to write a protest message on it.

Alia keeps her headset tuned, but after a few more moments of nothing but static, she shakes her head and returns her attention to the activities on the stage. Wait..... what's that she sees? A sign! It's... IRIS. Little heat waves begin to eminate up above the dispatcher's headset as her brow furrows ominiously. What

What's. She. Doing. Here.

Another person with a blank sign walks by, and stops by Iris's side! Who could this person be! Whomever it is, the man is wearing an oversized labcoat and a paper bag over his head!

Shade Man arrives from the San Angeles - Western Mall District.
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Midi ducks through the crowd, being short sucks, especially for a reploid. Everyone assumes they're so stout and tough, but Midi is quite frail, really! Finally, he finds a place to watch what goes on without being thrown around, which happens to be the same place Kalinka wound up. "Oh, hi!" He says, cheerfully.

Kalinka turns in surprise, eyes widening as she sees Midi. "Huh? -- Oh, hello, Midi! Did you bring sugar sticks??" She smiles hopefully.

Iris, in the meantime (since she doesn't know quite what to put on her sign yet) begins looking around for Bolero. Or Jet. Or Zero...

Jiro Shoto remains cool under the flash of cameras, though in retrospect perhaps he should have worn sunglasses. He continues, "With this new technology, reploids who were once beyond medical aid now have the chance to become active members of society again. Through a combination of restorative code and complimentary self-repair techniques, a reploid that has suffered crippling neural-net injuries can be brought back to fully functional. While it is not quite a miracle cure, it will be a great asset to the medical community."

The man with the paper bag over his head and the oversized labcoat says, "Psst!", to Iris, gesturing vaguely with his blank sign. The man is listening to Jiro Shoto, surely, but for now, paper bag.

Iris huhs? She turns a little bit as a man with a paper bag over his head beckons to her. Still trying to listen to Jiro Shoto, she edges over toward the guy. So he wants to wear a paper bag on his head -- that's his prerogative, it's a free country! Surely, it doesn't mean anything suspicious.

Midi blinks for a moment, and realizes what she's talking about. "Pixie Sticks." He corrects. He shrugs idly, realizing that, of course, they ARE just sugar with some slight flavoring. "And I sure did! I always have some on me." He opens one panel on his lower chest, and a few are vended. Yes, vended, he's a walking Pixie Stick vending machine after all. He grins and hands one over "Want one?" He asks before looking to the crowd gathered "So, what do you think of all this? Interesting news isn't it?"

A ripple of murmurs shivers through the pack of reporters, who find themselves quietly chattering into their own microphones to the viewers at home in the comfort of their couches. While they do this, they manage to stifle their questions for the time being. Some cameras continue to pan the crowd, while others zoom in closer on Jiro Shoto himself. Photographers pause to reload their cameras, adjust their lenses, and shift back and forth on their feet restlessly.

Dr. Cossack listens intently, putting his game face on. He concentrates, considering the ramifications for this. He remains silent.

Kalinka bobs her head to Midi. "Yes, and thank you," she says, taking the offered sweet from him. "If this is true, then there is hope for Bowie to get his memory back."

Scribe Robin does things.

Moving through the crowd quietly, Bastion seems intent on getting toward one specific person in the doctors area. Of course, he gets glared at a lot by people he 'nudges' out of the way till he gets relatively nearby. Moving up behind Prismatic and Dr. Cossack, "So Doctors, what are your thoughts on this..."

Midi hods, and takes a pixie stick himself. He's mainly interesting in this news, wondering if there's some way to help himself and Techno. Not that he wants to be put back together again with him, or that he'd want to seperate entirely. Actually, when he thinks about it, Midi doesn't know WHAT he wants, but nevertheless this news interests him. Perhaps it might help in someway, somehow. "I sure hope so... I just hope the bad guys don't try to exploid this new technology for their own goals."

"I think," says the Cossack in a near-whisper to Bastion, reaching into his breast pocket. "it's time for a cigarette." And, indeed, so it is. He pulls one of his Benson and Hedges coffin nails out, lights it with his flameless torch, and puffs on it. Nicotine helps him think.

Alia has stopped fuming over Iris. After all, there's a press conference on. And a lot of squawking going on in her headset too. She steps further into the shadows, one train of thought concentrating on the stage, another on the voice in her head(set), and the remaining thirteen on other things. None of which concern Iris. Really.

Bit continues to watch from the sidelines. Not much else to do at this point.

Ricochet, for what it's worth, has come along with Prismatic - likely to make certain that he's alright after the happenstances of earlier today. Orbit is, naturally, with him. His armor clanks - for some reason he's not in his uniform - as he moves around, finally managing to make it back to Prismatic's side. Unsurprisingly, he managed to get lost. Not that he'd admit it. No. He was geographically displaced.

Kalinka smirks. "Well, you know they will at least TRY," she says quietly to Midi. Then, she downs the fruity Pixie Stick. "Ooh, thisisgood! You have some more? -- Please?"

Noting that the Doctor isn't replying, Prismatic looks towards the podium once more... Until Bastion asks his question. "It could be an incredible achievement, or it can be another Pandora's Box. While I've dedicated a good deal of work to this very type of technology, I'm considering both the ramifications once the Mavericks get ahold of it, and also some of the other issues that were mentioned at the last conference. I'm going to remain a bit suspicious of it until I can find out precisely what it does, how it really works, and what side effects it has."

Sigma slowly turns his paper-bag head towards Iris and says, in a voice fairly unlike Sigma's, because it would be a bad disguise if he used his real voice. It's pretty muffled anyway thanks to the bag, "Iris, yes? Interesting idea, do you not agree? On one hand, it may prolong the war, on the other, it may end it with less casualties, no?"

Scribe Robin does more things.

Midi grins "Natrually." <ka-chink><ka-chink><ka-chink> A few more are dispensed, one has to wonder how many he has? Then again, with subspace technology, it's best not to explore that idea. He hands another over to Kalinka "Well, I'm sure Mega Man and everyone would stop them like they always do. I guess I shouldn't worry about them right now, I'm more interested in seeing how all this will turn out."

Iris smiles kindly at Paper Bag Head. "I think it's kind of nice, it's yet another way for reploids to preserve memories! Very revolutionary -- oh! One moment, sir." She heads back over to grab her blank sign, and begins to write 'GOOD JOB' neatly upon it.

Kalinka grins widely as Midi produces more Pixie Sticks. Someone's going to be on a serious sugar high before very long!

Jiro Shoto continues on, "No doubt many of you are wondering just how effective this new treatment is. Let me introduce you to one of our patients. When she was brought to us, it appeared that her neural-net had been completely wiped clean. In that state, she was little more than a mechanical puppet, a vegetable if you will. However, after extensive treatment and therepy, we have managed to repair and restore her core systems. Ladies and gentlement, I am pleased to introduce you to Data Raccoon."

Data Raccoon has arrived.

Alia dashes forward out of the shadows, her jaw slack.

Sigma shifts in his labcoat for a moment, tugging at something inside for a moment, and then withdraws THE LARGEST SCALPAL IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! With this in mind, he raises up in the air slightly, enlongating so it appears, as he carves GUD JOB!! in his sign very ... awkardly. And then he places the giant scalpal between his teeth.

Midi wouldn't exactly hold out on Kalinka either... well, to an extent. He knows enough about human biology to know that too much sugar is BAD. But he hands another over all the same. "Well, let's see what they got now..." He turns to the stage and blinks as the first restore reploid is presented. Oh my. "Um... isn't that..." He tries to recall, Data Racoon was before his time, and he doesn't know much about the incident where her memory was wiped. "...this... will certainly be a fun night, I think." He grins.


Iris is almost finished writing 'GOOD JOB' on her little sign, and then at the mention of THAT name, she freezes. For a long moment, she doesn't move at all. Then, she very slowly looks toward the stage, eyes HUGE.

"Ummm....." Iris manages, "...Maybe this technology isn't such a good idea, after all. I think I just changed my mind..."

Kalinka looks blankly at the reploid on the stage, then she looks over at Midi. "You know who that is?" she asks curiously, downing another Pixie Stick. "Cause I sure don't. Mmmmmmm!"

The Madman's fists clench at his sides when, suddenly, Data Raccoon is brought out. The bone structure of his fists contorts a bit from the strain, a metallic clicking sound heard as his knuckles go white. "Zee bitch is back," he mutters. "Dammit ... Maverick trap, should haff known, should haff known..." He quickly does a mental inventory of his equipment, retracing his steps, remembering the exit plan he memorized on the way in.

Data Raccoon peeks out from behind the curtain slowly, tentatively, responding to the ensuing flash of photography with a distinct wince, optics squinted narrow... though opening slowly, gradually going wide. They wander the crowds, the stage, the cameras, as she steps out fully, stepping forward with a sort of numb look on her face. Behind her, her stripey tail whips this way and that, the only indication of just how agitating this whole back-from-the-dead thing is.

Swallowing heavily, she slowly opens her mouth, and as the press corp falls silent, she addresses the crowd with a single, eloquent phrase: "omf wtf."

Bit just smiles at this development - well, if this wasn't the most unusual of possible results of this perticular little conference, he didn't know what could be worse. Of course, there might be even more interesting surprises to come.

Admiral stepping out next, for instance.

Ricochet bablinks.

"...*BWIP BWIP BWIP*" <Our tax dollars at work, eh?>

"...what the hell did they do resurrecting a Maverick?" Of course, Cossack's words register on his audials. His weapon systems activate and lock an attack orb in place quietly.

Ricochet sends a radio transmission.
Prismatic Spider receives a radio transmission.

Sigma looks to Iris, "Time to make ammends for her death, perhaps? Hmmmm...A chance at Atonement?", he chuckles softly, "Or maybe this is, in the end, a cure for the virus? Perhaps, perhaps, but it is rather irresponsible use of new medical technology, I'm sure most doctors would agree.", he swings his sign in the air at Data Raccoon, Sigma silently smirking beneath his bag.

Prismatic Spider stares. He simply stares, his vocals barely working. This Maverick... Only a couple bytes short of being as bad as Cyber Peacock. If she was still a Maverick... RF's mainframe systems were in big, big trouble.

Sensing that the crowd's reaction is less than favorable, Jiro is quick to reassure the crowd. "Ladies and gentlemen, let me assure you that you are in no danger from this young lady. In the course of rehabilitation, our scientists have seen no signs of Maverick tendincies in her. We have every reason to believe that the Maverick Virus was lost when her neural-net was restroyed and then repaired."

Alia regains her senses quickly. After all, she's the brains of the outfit, even if half her neural net is having an Egon-like moment of terror beyond comprehension. The dispatcher starts to weave her way towards the stage through the stunned crowd, intermittent squawking coming from her headset as she grunts her way forward.

Midi hmms, and turns back to Kalinka "Well, I don't know the whole story. I can only say for sure that she was supposed to be a good hacker, and..." He winces at the leet speak employed, yeah, he doesn't like that. "I never did get the entire story about what happened with her though, it was quite a while before I came around. I guess I'll have to check into it now though." Nope, Midi's not totally sure about who exactly Data Raccoon is, he'll find out soon enough no doubt.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Midi transmits, "So, who's Data Raccoon? She seems to be getting quite a reaction. I've heard of her, but I don't know the whole story."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Alia transmits, "She's -good-."

"Not buyink it," says the Cossack grimly, cigarette ash dripping onto his shirt. "Too easy." His jaw grinds, filter flaying beneath his teeth.

Bastion hrmms at the display of Data Raccoon appearing. Looking to Cossack and Prismatic, "If you'll excuse me, I need to find myself a good vantage point to kill someone." Thankfully he whispers it, hopefully no one else hears it beside those two.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Midi transmits, "That's about all I've heard. How good? Techno good, or Cyber Peacock good?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Jet Stingray transmits, "Was she hot? I don't remember... It was awhile since Iris kicked in into coma."

Make amends? What was the big guy with the bag on his head talking about? Iris couldn't make amends with that Raccoon chick. (This can't possibly be good,) she thinks, her heart sinking. "...Hm, though if she isn't a Maverick anymore, maybe she won't be mad that I kind of killed her. I's hard to hold a grudge like that...umm...yeah." She stares up toward the stage some more, looking forlorn.

Kalinka nods to Midi. "I have no idea who that is, but this crowd sure has some idea, and theydon'tlikeit. Nope. Notonebit." Ah. Sugar rush.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] RF Science Prismatic Spider transmits, "Maverick Hacker. Iris brainfried her while defending the Repliforce systems during the combined Hunter, Maverick, and UN assault on Repliforce Island. From all accounts, she's a bit shy of being a second Cyber Peacock."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Midi transmits, "....Iris did?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Ricochet transmits, "Be on your guards... I smell an ambush."

Data Raccoon clears her throat and sets her shoulders, standing up nice and tall. "You heard the man, folks! Not a lick of Maverickness here." She leans in, opening her mouth wide, and extends her tongue. Look at those stunning tonsils. "Aaaaaaahhhhh." Her eyes are back to scanning the audience while she shows them all her stunning dentalwork, flicking from face to face, unrecognizable, unrecognizable... .... ... Iris. Her tail bristles out behind her for just a brief moment, though resumes its swirling soon enough, as her gaze wanders onward. Standing up straight, she snaps her mouth shut and pads off to the side of the stage, waiting there for the next 'example' to be paraded out.

Prismatic Spider peers towards Bastion, pondering, caught in a dilemma. Reincarnation? A second chance? Perhaps... But can he afford to be wrong in this?

Sigma nods severely, several times, "Mmhmm, mmhmnm, mmhmm...", and then he glances to the bristling tail and shakes his head, several several times, "Nuh-Uh, Nuh-uh, Nuh-uh."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Ricochet transmits, "Where is everyone's positions, anyway, in case this goes south?"

Midi hmms, a bit caught up on something he heard on the radio. He didn't seem to like it. "Well... we can only hope that she isn't a bad guy anymore. I sure HOPE she isn't..." He sighs, waiting to see who's next. Maybe the next one might be a bit more promising?

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Alpha yawns, "Huh?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Ricochet transmits, "I can't. Orbit and I can split up, but we don't really have anything that advanced."

The press-pack settles down once more, still acting skittish at best. The security guards move in slowly, forming a tighter cordon around the stage, some beginning to toy with their own weaponry to get their point across. Lenses zoom in on Data, flashes popping and live datafeed streaming through countless viewers as she sticks out her tongue and displays her charming palate to the world. Now there's someone ready for their close-up.

Ricochet optics Bastion as he heads off... leaning towards Prismatic. "Where's he going?" he whispers, watching the Hunter wander off.

Iris just stands there, looking forlorn...although she holds out hope that the next one will be a certain musical mosquito...anything's possible...she holds out hope, and her eyes seem to sparkle a little bit as she watches expectantly.

Jiro Shoto decides to hurry along with the introductions. Hopefully the next one will receive a better reception. He clears his throat, then continues after Data Raccon crosses the stage. "Our next patient was believed lost after his valient defense of Repliforce Island, when the United Nations mistakenly believed that Repliforce had turned against them. Though his shell was beyond any hope of repair, neural-net was discovered in the Hudson and brought to us. Though he suffered a great deal of physical injury, we were able to replace the most heavily damaged area and restore him to functionality. Ladies and gentlemen, King Dragon."

Bastion disappears into the crowd, moving away from the area, all people mostly focussed on the goings on of the stage... Hopefully he goes unnoticed as he disappears into the library conviently at the corner behind everyone.

King Dragon has arrived.

The stage shudders slightly with the arrival of the next arrival, the low rumble of an animalistic creature waiting in the wings slowly erupting into a thrum. Gleaming crimson optics break the shadows of the of the presentation stage, followed by a powerfully-hewn reptilian head, itself followed up by nearly thirty feet of horizontal draconian length. Blinking a few moments, reticently, against the lights and the flashes of the camera bulbs, King Dragon himself takes in a heavy draught of breath, rearing back slightly. Snapping wings out to their full sixty-foot span, he trumpets. A wordless, low thunder rises in his flanks, before he gapes his jaws open to reveal fangs and the massive jaw cannon concealed in his maw. However, nothing comes out besides a clarion call in the raucous bellow that he utters, a jubilant call to his former comrades and the public at large that he has returned to duty, even as his gaze sweeps over the crowd expectantly for familiar Repliforce commanders.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Ricochet transmits, " looks like it..."

Iris blinkblinkblinks...then begins cheering happily. "King Dragon!! Yay!!! Umm..." She quickly holds up the almost-finished 'GOOD JO' sign. "Welcome back!!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Midi transmits, "That's.... a big dragon."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] RF MSE Sgt. Spin Cougar transmits, "And to think I missed this to fight off the Masters."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] RF Science Prismatic Spider transmits, "Spin, keep at it."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] Ricochet transmits, "I wouldn't put this past being a trick yet, Spin."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Hunters] RF MSE Sgt. Spin Cougar transmits, "Oh of course. *thwack in background*"

Much like Iris was rather dissapointed in Data Racoon, Sigma drops his sign, clenching the sides of his giant death scalpal rather irritably. He lets go with his left hand and it sproings into a vertical position. "....Hrr.... Nothing is absolute...", he comments under his breath.

Sigma is going to have to kill someone again, obviously.

Bit nods slightly - this was not the most unexpected of developments, and seeing the return of so formidable a foe promised that things would be quite interesting in the future. The battles that would be faced against such an opponent would be something to be relished.

Data Raccoon watches this all with her arms crossed over her chest, and seems remarkably unimpressed. Yeah, whatever. All HE means is a big food bill and lots of dragon poop. Looking away, she begins scanning the equipment that the press has hauled in, her blue optics widening some... skittering over in a quick step, she nears a camera and reaches out towards it. Within the space of five seconds, she's dug into its inner workings, drawn out ten wires and weaved them into a new arrangement, causing the camera to wheel about on its turret-like base and look towards the audience. While its intended crew fusses and complains and moves in to intercept her, the raccoon giggles gleefully, twisting wires, pulling switches, making her newfound toy zoom in to focus on Alia's backside and broadcast the resulting image over a nearby viewscreen.

Dr. Cossack looks more confused than alarmed when he sees King Dragon appear. For one thing, he seems like his old self; for another thing, this either muddies the evidence that this is some sort of Maverick ploy or makes the news very grim indeed. He keeps his fists clench, trying to move the tension down into his hands rather than letting his body knot up. He has to keep fluid. He may need to run.

Kalinka oohs. "KingDragon! Wasn't he in Repliforce?" she asks Midi. "This is so weird!"

Ricochet watches. He's... got mixed emotions, himself. Mostly sticking to the radio, nursing his sense of paranoia, his optics rove the forms of the zombies before him. Of course, this could still be a Maverick trap - after all, how DID they get King Dragon's neural net?

King Dragon sets down on all fours as he listens to the rippling murmur that passes through the pressboxes, flicking multiple eyelides over his optics. After a moment's pause, with nostrils flared as if to scent out those comrades he could not see, he utters in a sibilant basso, "Thank you for your kind welcome." With that, he paces over towards Data Raccoon, and gives a small snort in her direction to behave, before patiently folding his foreclaws upon each other and tucking his head back to wait for the crowd's buzz to die down.

The first three rows of the press gallery are floored under the force of King Dragon's bellow, and the other five can only gape in amazed wonder at the awesome display of power from the once-upon-a-time Repliforcer.

Awe, however, does not make for good reporting. The cameras and the reporters are spurred to life by dead airtime hissing in their collective ears (not to mention irritated producers), and the questions are now coming fast and furious, microphones and data recorders waving around.

Midi wows at the size of the mightly reploid. He's only ever heard of him. "Yeah, from what I heard, Sigma killed him at the battle at Repliforce Island. It's great to see one of the good guys come back! This might be worthwhile afterall!" Shortsighted, as always, but Midi likes to try and stay optimistic. Besides, Dragons are so cool! He idly wonders if he could get Iris to introduce him.

Alia makes her way to the front of the crowd, just to notice all the giggling and guffawing at the viewscreen. The dispatcher's normally fair facial complexion takes a turn for beet red while more heat waves radiate from her headset. Glancing over at the chastened raccoon, her eyes narrow into little blue slits. She's completely forgotten Iris now that a brand new target has been acquired.

Admiral has arrived.

Iris gasps, her eyes filling with happy tears as Admiral is brought out onto the stage. "Oh my...Admiral!!!!" she shrieks. "This is a miracle, a MIRACLE..."

Data Raccoon squawls as she's pulled away from her hacked camera, while a few technicians swoop in to piece it back together, pulling its view away from Alia's tush to instead point it at King Dragon's, where it belongs. It's not long before things are put back in order, and the 'coon is standing back in line, pouting openly, wiping one hand across her muzzle in a sympathetic display of great patheticness. Turning her head, she watches Admiral parade on out and approach, tail tossing from side to side... hmph! They all like him! That's so not fair...

Sigma narrows his eyes again, merely saying one word to express his views on this revival, "Yamarenai.", he states, gazing to the side angrilly. Still...maybe they have another chance at redemption after all.

Ricochet just... stares.

Well, it looks like some of his paranoia is toned down. Orbit is perked and on Rico's shoulder, at 'attention'... and it's pretty clear neither of them know WHAT to think.

Prismatic Spider stares some more, the impetus to stop Bastion washed out in an instant when he sees King Dragon reappear... in the metal. Tearing his eyes away from the scene, he looks over to the Doctor and whispers. "Doctor... If anything happens, I'll..."

And then Admiral appears. He whispers, "Dear Light..." as he stands once more, and salutes the Resurrected Admiral. Ghost or no ghost, this IS Admiral... right?

Kalinka looks amazed at Admiral is brought out. "Now HIM I do remember from the is really incredible!" she tells Midi. "Can I please have more sugar sticks?"

The press takes the opportunity to repeat the rather ignominious death Admiral suffered at the voice of Mirror Pegasus before speaking of him in every possible glowing term in the book. Cameras zoom in to just about count every possible rivet on the once-decorated Repliforcer, while reporters claw and fight to get into position to shout questions at Jiro, even going so far as to hang over the security guards themselves, who stand impassively to act as dams to the reporter flow. It's like being at a boyband concert, only with less panty-throwing.

Midi chuckles, and hands another one over to Kalinka, he'll have to cut her off eventually. "You know, I've heard these things can cause 'cavities' in humans, whatever they are." He shrugs, and gazes at Admiral's majesty. Now this one, he has certainly heard of. "Wow, if this is all for real, it's GREAT news!" Though he does seem to be a tad crestfallen at the fact that it doesn't really seem that this technology would be of any help to him and Techno, save for restoring them should they ever die.

Alia has fifteen trains of thought, seven of which are busy keeping six from trying to create a coonskin cap. While one is busy trying to keep the dainty female from being jostled into a heap of reploid parts by the surging crowd of reporters, the last one is trained on the newest arrival. An ever-increasing surge of dread starts to seep out through her normally defiant expression, her eyes downturning as well as her mouth as she slowly shakes her head side to side. "This is just... wrong."

Dr. Cossack rolls his fists on his wrists. They generate a few clockwork-like sinewy pops. Focus, Cossack, focus. He wills his emotions down, forcing himself not to be swept away with elation on seeing two noble Reploids restored to life. They also restored Data Raccoon ... somehow. And they don't seem to be done yet.

Bastion sends a radio transmission to Dr. Cossack.
Dr. Cossack receives a radio transmission.

Jiro Shoto watches Admiral as he crosses the stage, gauging the reaction of the crowd, and is pleased at just how favorable it is. He takes a deep breath as he turns back towards the audience and the cameras. "Ladies and gentleman, we have one more patient we wish to introduce to you. But first, we would like you to know that out of all of our patients thus far, he was the most difficult to restore. His core systems were 95 missing, and his neual-net was over 98 corrupted, barely saved from total cascade failure. If not for many, many treatments of our therapy, he would have been beyond reach of any contemporary medical aid. Even so, it has been a difficult path back for him, and even our treatments have been unable to restore much of his memory and prior personality. Still, he has requested to be introduced tonight, and we see no reason to deny him this. Ladies and gentlemen....Double."

Double has arrived.

Double. A name reviled by who called him friend and ally. The one who took the trust of many, and drove a knife into their backs. What could he say, what could he possibly say, to the people he betrayed?

Awkwardly, Double raises a clawed hand, shielding his eyes from the glare of the cameras, and from the looks of the crowd. For some reason, it seems as if he isn't entirely comfortable with his body. The wickedly curved spikes, the protoplasmic fluid of his body, all these speak of Double, Maverick Infiltrator. And yet, there's something strange in his movements, something that suggests he should be a lot smaller, a lot more...rotund. In all respects, his bearing and demeanor...are reminicent of the old Double, the tubby little reploid of the Maverick Hunters.

With a trembling voice, Double splutters, "H-h-hi..." He sways unsteadily, threatening to topple over.

His footsteps slow and deliberate, Double steps fully around out of the stage curtain. A tall reploid, his face is human, clothed in synthetic flesh, lean features framed by the upward-swept wings of his helmet. Bladed projections rise from his shoulders, two to each side. Light gleams from his form, reflecting off planes of highly polished armor plate. Half his body is metal, shining and gold.

The other half is a grotesque fluid, a translucent protoplasmic mass. Under the lights, it pulsates, moving like a living thing.

Benedict Arnold. Judas Iscariot. Traitor. Double.

He smiles. The last time Double smiled, someone died. But the expression Double wears now isn't one of arrogant malice. No hatred shines through in his face and form. He looks...oddly...hesitant, nervousness flickering in his clear eyes. He has the look of someone desperately wishing for the ground to open up and swallow him whole.

Iris is covering her mouth, looking hopelessly confused, distraught, overjoyed, devastated, jubilant...even a little bit nauseous, though that isn't something that reploids normally feel. "...Urk."

Kalinka arches a brow. "Good lord? I wonder where Daddy is? He is probably freaking out by now...this is weirdest thing I have ever seen."

Sigma smiles, and raises the sign again. Take that. Double + Data Raccoon beat King Dragon and Admiral any day!

Midi is fairly disturbed by this as well, though that's not saying much. He's heard of Double's betrayl, that's about it. His overall appearance is rather unsettling, though he's never been one to shun others due to their looks. He's a living example of 'never judge a book by it's cover'. "W-well... I don't know, if he had his memory wiped too, then maybe?" He shrugs again "We're going to have to keep our eye on all four of them, naturally." And by we, Midi just means the 'good guys' in general. But that's such a vague term, isn't it?

Data Raccoon lifts her hands high over her hand, and starts to clap. Clap! Clap! Clapclapclapcla.... she stops when she realizes she's the only one, lowering her arms and shuffling awkwardly from side to side.

The press evaporates away from the barrier like water on a hot summer day. They explode back from the security guards which they were hanging over previously with cries of surprise and even terror, cameras knocked out of hands and datapads crushed underfoot. Some cower, others search for weapons which have been confiscated by the efficient guards previously. Fear radiates from the press corps in a nearly palpable wave, and even the reporters have a hard time giving voice to their questions at this ghastly new 'resurrection'.

And all the while, the cameras roll to watch the savage-looking but gentle-acting Double, the living contradiction.

King Dragon gives a concerned grunt to himself, red optics narrowed slightly as he listens to the crowd's ominous response despite the introduction. At the unreceptive sounds, he paws the stage slightly, head ducked in deliberation. Unbidden, he speaks. "Friends, please. I know -- we know -- our own histories. But, that does not mean we are destined to travel the same paths as our previous incarnations." his tail lashes, but he slips back into silence, his gaze aquiline in its perception and determination.

Jiro Shoto raises his hands in a placating gesture. "Please, ladies and gentlemen, remain calm. I assure you that he is not dangerous."

Dr. Cossack's expression pales when the worst comes. His hands loosen, a thin sheen of sweat dotting across his face and neck almost immediately. He is, for a moment, paralyzed with terror, jaw agape.

The synthetic adrenaline hits his system. The Madman returns to his senses. He slams his thumb into the back of his jaw and subvocalizes a command. They disarmed him, or so they thought ... but the Cossack has made himself into a weapon. Even seemingly without weapons, he has measures to protect himself. He works his hand into his pocket and grips what seems to be a stress ball, fingers splaying around it in a particular configuration. He *will* get out of here.

Admiral nods to King, looking out over the crowd. "We have been through a great deal, and the world has changed. Please accept that we may have changed, also."

Ricochet is nearly silent, watching quietly near Prismatic. However, anyone monitoring the radiowaves would likely be picking up quite a storm from him despite his apparent passiveness.

And amidst the receding tide of reporters and onlookers, one single solitary figure remains at the forefront. Alia's eyes lock on to Double, old stories her father had told her ringing loud and clear inside all fifteen of her trains of thought. Any thoughts of Iris or even Data Raccoon fade into the recesses of the Hunter's mind. Her eyes begin to light up and jaws clench, the forboding sense of dread transformed into righteous anger. "How... how could they... they bring back.... -HIM-."

Double's eyes widen, as he stares at the sea of people before the stage. So many, so many... and so many reacting to him with fear and revulsion. No... Panic flashes through his mind, the emotions playing like a stop-motion video across his face.

His hands drop to his sides, clenching into fists. He hangs his head, his eyes screwed shut, shivering under the intense scrutiny of the crowd and cameras. For several moments, he remains all but motionless, refusing to meet anyone's eyes. Then he looks up, first at King Dragon, then at Admiral. He's still close to tears, but when he speaks again, his voice is slightly stronger.

"Th-th-thank you," he whispers, quietly, just loud enough for the microphones to hear.

Rock arrives from the San Angeles - Northern Residential.
Rock has arrived.
Rush arrives from the San Angeles - Northern Residential.
Rush has arrived.
Cacophony Timberwolf arrives from the San Angeles - Western Mall District.
Cacophony Timberwolf has arrived.

That moment, that moment you know you have a job to do and know that /nothing/ will now stop you from doing that job... that moment has just touched Bastion, as he sits on the fourth floor of a library with a perfect overlook of the proceedings, a rifle in his hands being held out the window. "For my fallen comrades.. your dead, and you will /remain/ dead." he whispers to himself before pulling the trigger...

His targetting scope locked squarely on Double's head.

Bastion strikes Double with his Walther Wa-2000 Sniper attack.

*pitterpatterpitterpatter* Data Raccoon skitters over to take a stance just to Double's side, a cheerful smile on her face. She's about to reach out and put an arm around his shoulders in a show of support, when... a shot rings out. The raccoon is gone in a flash, tearing across the stage, latching onto King Dragon's leg and skittering up it until she can perch on his shoulder, cowering!

Rock changes into his Mega Man armor.

Prismatic Spider collapses back into his chair as Double reappears. The one who STARTED it all. The time when the world turned against Repliforce... He wasn't even built when this occurred... And then the sniper shot rings out, a clarion call of renewed vengeance... He looks over to Ricochet. "Rico! Protect Dr. Cossack! We need to vacate the area as soon as possible before more people die!" At that, he stands, and begins the operation. Perhaps... Operation Evacuation?

Protect. With the sudden jolt to Double's body, King Dragon's eyes widen in surprise, and then, he gapes his jaws open, a shriek of protest that echoes the realms of the Mesozoic rips from his throat. Wings whipping out, he lunges towards Double, planting forepaws on either side of the struck mechanoid. "Hate! Fear! INTOLERANCE!" Even as that happens, his hisses swiveling his head about, two foot long fangs unsheathed. "You act before you KNOW! COWARDS! You strike against ALL of us!"

Iris gasps as the shot rings out, and she scootches close to the Paper Bag Over Head guy because her normal bevy of male protection isn't around to stand guard for her, and...this guy's convenient, what can she say. "Oh no, they're shooting now!"

Kalinka, who's much closer to the stage -- and to the peril, winces as the shot rings out. "Oh crap!" She reaches out to grab ahold of Midi's wrist. "Come on, Midi, we have to find Daddy before we are trampled!"

"Pl-pl-please," Double stammers, his voice a hushed plea, "I-I..." He trails off, uncertain, not knowing the words he can say to all these people. How can he explain that he remembers not what it is they say he have done? How? How can he ever?

He steps forward, shoulders slumped. "I-I-I--"

And a single gunshot rings out, cutting the air with is harsh report. Double cries out, a heartbreaking wail, and drops, crumpling like a puppet with his strings cut.

Bit just smirks. That is all that he does. So, it seemed that hatred and intolerance were the name of the day. Well, let it occur - it simply was the way of things, and those who did not know better.

Ricochet grimmaces at the sound of the shot, instantly returning to full attention. Glancing towards Prismatic sharply, he frowns, but nods. "Gotcha! Orbit?" Orbit goes to full attention, jumping to the other side of Cossack. "C'mon, Doctor, I gotta get you outta here!"

The press manages to find its collective feet again, and the questions begin to come thick and fast, not just to Jiro but to the newly reborn as well.

"How did you ever revive dead Reploids?"

"How can you keep damaged neural nets intact for so long?"

"King Dragon! What does it feel to stretch your wings again?"

"Will you return to your previous life as a Maverick, Data Raccoon?"

"Admiral! Do you think you'll ever be able to listen to music again?"

"Double! Do you remember anything from you--"

The questions come to a dead halt as the shot rings out, and the security guards surge forward on the stage as forcefields flash to life to prevent any further assaults. Guards swirl around as San Angeles Police, plainclothes and uniformed, race through the scene not only to contain the crowds, but to find the shooter as well.

Cacophony Timberwolf speeds down the street at full dash, things are getting too weird to not come check out for herself. Dead reploids, returning fromt he grave... No one told her they moved Holloween up a few months early this year! And now there's gunfire too, oh this isn't going to turn out at all.

Midi is like a deer caught in the headlights for a moment, when Double is shot. But Kalinka snaps him out of it "Uh, r-right!" He knows all too well what can happen when a crowd panics, and he's in the middle of it. Medbay. And he certainly doesn't feel like being taken offline for repairs right when such a potentially dangerous hacker has returned. He follows Kalinka, trying to keep an eye out for Dr.Cossack, and anyone else he'd recognize to help get them out of there safely.

Sigma raises his scalpal, and is about to throw it! But Iris scootches closer to him, and he stops....Oh that's nice. Heeehhee... When he looks again, King Dragon appears to be protecting Double. "That's...", he twitches. He can't attack King Dragon now, can he? He looks to Iris and says, "I will find out what's going on, excuse me.", and with that, he vanishes, blinking away in the general direction of the shot as he looks for Bastion. So he can break him. The guy's a bloody cochroach.

Admiral moves beside King Dragon, shielding Double with his body, and even as the onslaught of reporters and bodies move, his eyes find each person he can recognize in the crowd, sadly, before he finally speaks a single word to them, and coincidentally right into the microphones. "Shame..."

The shot is fired. The Cossack draws his hand out of his pocket and pulls out a squishy, silver ball, squeezing it hard once -- pulling himself up out of his chair. He doesn't even seem to react to the statements Prismatic makes, making a fast break past him with speed far beyond what a middle-aged smoker should be able to manage.

The Madman follows his escape plan as he planned it. He squeezes the ball a second time as the security team starts to react to Bastion, the thermite charge inside of the sphere arming. He grits his teeth, a cruel smile on his face as he sees them dart by him without even thinking. Fools, he thinks, turning and throwing what must have once been a remarkable fastball pitch at the team rushing towards Bastion's position. The sphere flies -- hits somebody in the middle of the group -- and explodes, sending Gellion in a three meter radius around the team. The security team suddenly find themselves slowed, then stopped entirely as the deterrent, made to stop ride armors, comes into place.

Laughing bitterly, the Cossack's cigarette flies from his mouth as he charges back through the path he was taken on into the VIP area, shoving through the reception area and racing towards his armored hover-limo...

Data Raccoon drops from King Dragon's shoulder with a terrified squeal, hitting the stage floor with a thump and skittering away; she reaches the scaffolding that supports many lights and cameras and that tasty little curtain, and hauls her way up, slinking up to the top to hide up there. Already, she's busy digging around in the cablework, slicing some open, twisting wires... a few bright lights begin to turn on their bases, blinking and flashing in strange patterns. She's up to something up there, but what?

Jiro Shoto ducks behind the podium after the shot rings out, expecting more rounds to follow. He's simply a PR man, not a fighter. He doesn't even wear a protective vest, something he's no doubt cursing himself for now. The reporters questions will go unanswered, especially after he sees Double fall. Frantically he calls for one of the medics over his personal radio. What would be the point of the reploid's death now?

Ricochet sends a radio transmission to Prismatic Spider.
Prismatic Spider receives a radio transmission.

Ignorance. Discrimination. Fear. Bigotry. Hatred. Violence.

Stage center lies a still figure, his facial features frozen. Wide eyes stare blindly into space, blank, unseeing. From a neat hole torn through the reploid's forehead, clear protoplasm oozes, forming a puddle of vital fluids around Double's fallen form. He doesn't move, doesn't make a sound. He simply lies there. Still.

Prismatic Spider sends a radio transmission to Ricochet.
Ricochet receives a radio transmission from Prismatic Spider.

A small explosion is heard within the library, seems the lower parts of the stairway were just destroyed, hopefully giving Bastion just a few minutes more to find a way the hell out of here alive.

Ricochet grimmaces... looks like Cossack doesn't need his help. "Orbit!" he calls out. The Replichu leaps to his shoulder. Not like there's a whole lot they can do for the cackling old guy. Dashing towards the front, he attempts to push his way past the crowd. His destination? With any luck, King Dragon and Admiral... got to protect them. Oh yeah, and maybe he'll keep an eye on Data Raccoon. But not if he can help it. Maybe he can creatively misinterpret those orders.

Cacophony Timberwolf skids to a halt. Well, she was already confused, having just heard things on the radio, and only getting here, is, well, even more confused. Especially when Double drops back to the ground, shot clear in the head. Uh, okay. The she-wolf blinks a few times, before something finally comes to mind to actually say. "Oh my god! They killed Double!... Again. The bastards!"

Kalinka, not knowing what else to do as the crowd swarms, clutches onto Midi. "Wait, I will try to radio him...I hope he is not still here, this is really dangerous!" And then, a quick radio in the chaos... << Daddy, Daddy where are you?? Daddy! >>

Iris, in the meantime, is having a mini-meltdown as the crowd surges around her. "Can't we all just get along???!"

As Double falls, Alia regains control of herself. Must remain in control, I'm the only one around here who can, she reminds herself. Luckily , Alia is also never unarmed. Becuase nobody ever thinks that a 2000-page manual on data transmission protocols could be used as a deadly weapon. Instantly the book is in her hands as she calmly walks amidst the chaos, making her way off to one side. There's the occasional swat to knock aside some panicked reporter, but her progress is mostly impeded as she makes her away across the floor.

King Dragon utters another bellow, and nearly lunges towards the building, but the force field snaps into place. Perhaps for the best, as the dragon is contained. With a mournful croon, he drops back to all fours, gaze locked on the site of the shot as the teams first rush forward, and then are repelled by Cossack's assist. With a pace, the dragon paces across the stage, much like a caged beast, still chomping his jaws, only pausing once to allow the arriving repair people to pass through to tend to Double. Hi hisses down at the incapacitated Double... "They do not know. But they shall." His gaze sweeps over the crowd, finally settling on and recognizing the distraught Iris.

With a near feral snarl, he utters to the convener, "Drop the field... let me pass..."

From the south comes a human sized reploid dressed in blue riding on top of a reddish jet sled that appears to have a dog head on the front of it. As the surfing reploid gets to the scene and sees the formerly dead reploids standing there, the hero in blue blinks. "What the heck is going on?" He shakes off his confusion and jumps off Rush. The Blue Bomber sommersaults in the air and lands on the ground. His knees bend to absorb the impact... his left hand touches down as he looks up. "Someone want to explain why we have dead Mavericks here?"

Rush, in the meantime circles around the area... waiting for his next cargo.

Admiral looks over to King, and the voice of Command settles in, now. "Belay that. We'll do better to set an example and keep from increasing the chaos. Otherwise innocents -will- get hurt as the situation gets out of control." Then, he looks over and sees Ricochet, raising his voice. "CORPORAL RICHOCHET! WE NEED A CORDON TO KEEP THESE LANDLUBBERS FROM GETTING HURT!"

A flash of light is the first thing thats seen from the third floor of the library, just a second before another explosion rocks the area that Bastion was in. After another moment, Bastion reappears, just on top of Rush. "Lets move it Rush, move move!"

Prismatic Spider sends a radio transmission to Bastion.
Bastion receives a radio transmission.
Bastion sends a radio transmission to Prismatic Spider.
Prismatic Spider receives a radio transmission.

After a few moments of uncertain looks exchanged between themselves, the operators alter the forcefield's strength to allow the dragon - and anyone else fast enough to move - through before being turned back up to full. The press flails around, trying to record the story, ask questions of those running around, and track the action both on stage and off.

King Dragon vanes his wings, bristling, before ratting his massive horns, jaws clenched to the point that jaws grate. "I heard... I heard them... we all have been labelled Mavericks. When none of us are." However, the command holds, although its grip appears tenous at best. The dragon turns his gaze back towards the retreating Hunters, eagle-eyes gaze easily picking up details. "Megaman aids the attacker..."

Ressurection and death, all in the same day. To the world, a corporation called Arcanum brought the promise of rebirth, the gift of new life. And yet, so quickly has the world moved to snuff it out. At the center of it all, Double lies sprawled on the stage, the oozing protoplasmic substance composing a full half of his body mass already beginning to turn colourless and grey. The stage lights dance off the gleaming metal of Double's body, shining through the hole punched cleanly through his skull.

Footsteps echo against the stage, pounding against the timbers stained by Double's body fluids. The promised medical team has arrived, Arcanum staffers dressed in white, the universal red cross on their uniforms, surmounting the Arcanum crest. Quickly, the me vengeful Hunter so callously tried to destroy.

Ricochet grunts, and manages to make it to the stage. Dropping his hand to it, he uses it as a balance point from which to vault onto the stage with a distinct *THUD*. Orbit's tail flies behind him as they stop. He shakes his head. Not bothering to correct Admiral-Again, he speaks. "Got others working on that now. I got orders to get you guys out of here in case that sniper gets a bit more trigger-happy." Though he has a feeling that they won't... last thing they need is to get these guys killed. Again. In a riot of all things.

The Cossack runs towards his hover-limo, even as he gets wind of some guards trying to apprehend him. He jumps sideways, Duke-boy style, to slide over the hood; but slides too far, as he had just gotten the limo detailed, and flies well past his landing point and slams into the street. Ouch.

With a nice knock on his noggin, the Cossack sneers and opens the passenger side door, taking control of the hover-limo. He guns it into combat extraction mode, active defense shielding coming online. He opens the throttle up and charges back around to the area he triangulated Kalinka in, plasma pistol shots evaporating against the hull harmlessly as he goes.

<< "I'm coming, baby," >> he transmits to Kalinka, gritting his teeth. << "Get ready to move." >>

Midi is just being lead around at the moment by Kalinka. This all has gotten way to chaotic for Midi to make sense of it anymore. He hopes he's not the one who'll have to write up the report to Interpol on what happened, but he may very well have to. Goody boring paperwork. He quickly asks Kalinka "Any luck finding your father?"

Prismatic Spider sends a radio transmission to Bastion.
Bastion receives a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (B) World] Bastion transmits, "You all think I'm crazy... I'm not the one who brought back people from the F***ken dead. I didn't bring back a murdering traitor who killed more Repliforcers and Hunters than almost anyone else. I'm not the one who is that murderer... I took the shot, and I'll friggin' /finish/ the job when Double's impaled on top of Berlin's spire. He /doesn't/ DESERVE another chance at life."

There's a bright flash from above the stage, as the array of spotlights falls into synch, all swivelling, all turning with a unified mechanical whirr... controlled by Data Raccoon, of course, who connects to it all thanks to a pair of wires plugged into ports behind her wrists. The searchlight-like gaze of the coordinated spotlights sweeps back and fortha cross the crowd, blinding folks here, glaring at others there, searching around until it spots... Bastion. Nyah-ha!

DR grins a wild sort of grin, bringing the light to shine on the sniper, lighting him up for the crowd to see, for the security he finds... "There he is!" she crows, voice echoing across the sound system. "He's the one that shot Double! Get him! Arrest him! Lock him up, swallow the key!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Snake Man transmits, "Where'd THAT come from?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Cut Man transmits, "Noooooo idea."

As soon as Bastion arrives on his back, Rush immediately turns and heads north. Like everyone in America who doesn't want to fight, he heads to Canada. Rush barks a greeting towards his new rider and opens up his engines full throttle. The jet mutt is slower than normal as Bastion weighs in more than Rock Light does. Yes, Bastion is a fat aft. :)

Megaman looks at the huge King Dragon as he stands up from his kneeling position. His right arm is replaced by his buster cannon, but he keeps it aimed at the ground as he addresses the large monster, "I wasn't referring to you. I was speaking of that traitor, Double... and Data Raccoon. I know no qualms with King." Rock stands defiantly, he won't start the fight. But he will end it if he has to.

That's Alia's cue. With all the speed her non-combat legs can muster, she dashes onto the stage when the forcefield lowers. Once there, she stuffs the manual quickly back where she usually hides it as she strides across the stage, waving cheerfully. "Hi, my name's Alia. Maverick Hunter, B Class. I have a few questions if you all don't mind."

[RADIO: (B) World] Sideshow and Clown Man transmits, "...Back from the dead... Excuse if I'm wrong, but isn't DeVry... aka 'Mr. Immortality at Any Cost' is dead right? If so... WHO IS THE SAD FREAK OF NATURE WHO BROUGHT THSE GUYS BACK TO LIFE?!"

Admiral nods slowly to Ricochet. "That makes good sense." Then, he looks to King, placing a hand on his shoulder. "We made the mistake of fighting when someone wanted to provoke us before. Let's not make it again." Then, he looks over the crowd, sadly. "Too many mistakes are repeated because we don't bother to thing about what's going on around us...lead the way, Corporal. We'll deal with this where we can see more of what's going on..."

"Repliforce Island."

Sigma reappears in the air with his labcoat and paperbag hat. He rears back with his arm, his scalpal raised like a giant spear of death, and then he flings it! Not towards Bastion! Oh no, no, but rather, his escape route: Rush. The doggy. Is Sigma crazy and evil enough to throw a weapon at someone's dog? Yes. Yes he is. "You will not escape...", Sigma sneers. King Dragon is just lucky he chose to be benevolent. Now Bastion will recieve his wrath.

Sigma misses Rush with his Claw Slash attack.

Kalinka listens to her radio for a long moment, then looks quickly over at Midi, grabbing his arm tightly with a confidant grin. "Hang on," she instructs with a grin. "Daddy is on his way!"

Iris is...somewhere in the crowd, at the moment. She disappeared a few moments ago. She's probably getting stepped on. This just isn't her day.

Cacophony Timberwolf has no idea what's going on, so she just latches onto the first familiar face she can spot in the madness... Which happens to Richocete. Lucky him. She bounds up behind him to the stage, and leans over his shoulder. "Um.. Like, I have no clue what's going on here, so, like, can I just, like, help you and stuff.?"

Rock sends a radio transmission.
Prismatic Spider receives a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (B) World] Alpha transmits, "Perhaps, Bastion. I cannot judge him, however, I will have to trust your opinion until further evidence surfaces."

Prismatic Spider stands from his vantage point, coordinating what Repliforce assets there are in order to protect the remaining Reploids and usher the civilians out of what is rapidly becomign a battlezone.

Kneeling down to cut the amount of him open to being shot, Bastion turns back, his glare dead set on Double. With a scream, "I'll be back for you, you slag heap. Your mine... and you are /already/ dead again!" With that, he holds on tighter as Rush accelerates.

Velguader has arrived.
Sigma drops Velguader.

Midi blinkblinks "Um, ok?" Yes he was paying attention to who shot Double, yes he was paying attention to who aided who shot Double, and yes he knows Cossack doesn't much like the UN types. Still, he's with Cossack's daughter, and she's offering to help him get out of this mess without being trampled. Hopefully Cossack won't pull an ejector seat on him over the Pacific or something.

Harried, one of the medical staffers looks up from where his team is working on Double. The former Maverick's body can hardly be seen, just a cluster of white suits and emergency medical equipment, as the Arcanum team tries to stabilize the badly damaged reploid. The man stares at Alia, eyes blazing, and snaps, "NO! Can't you see we're BUSY?!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Snake Man transmits, "Who'sss back to life?"

Prismatic Spider sends a radio transmission to Rock.
Rock receives a radio transmission.

Bit steps away from the wall, looking about for a moment as he listens to a crackle of orders over the radio. Well, it was time to get to work then. With the rebirth of some of their fallen comrades, it was best served if they could try and... bring them back into the fold, as it were. Or if nothing else, to discover what method was used to bring them back to life. The Maverick Virus was the glue that held the Mavericks together, and if this was a threat to it, it must be dealt with.

There is a momnetary whine, and then a flashbulb goes off somewhere back in the crowd - and Bit reappears on the platform, just short of the medical team who is moving to carry Double off to recieve assistance. The Golden Samurai rests one hand lightly on the hilt of his beam katana, before drawing his blade free of its scabbard. "Double - the Emperor craves an audiance with you, now that ou are feeling better," the Yang Yomi comments brisky. Pointing his blade at the medics, he adds, "You shall desist your actions, lest you shall be struck down. My duty requires me to depart witht his one."

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "I'm always back to life."

"Do not let go," Kalinka warns Midi. "Not for anything. This is going to be quick!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Snake Man transmits, "You haven't died yet."

Orbit catches the voice of Cacophony before Ricochet does. "*BWIP BWIP*" <We got company!> Rico half-turns towards the canine. "Cacophony!" He glances towards Admiral and King Dragon. "I got orders to get these guys outta here ASAP! I could use some help makin' sure they don't get sniped!" He pauses at Admiral's words... and shakes his head. "Sir, you have a lot to catch up on."

Rock sends a radio transmission.
Prismatic Spider receives a radio transmission from Rock.

[RADIO: (B) World] Cut Man transmits, "Yeah, I always come back to life, too."

[RADIO: (B) World] Snake Man transmits, "Well, technically, none of usss have died yet."

King Dragon continues to lash his tail. Rock's response, nearly lost on the wind but caught by the dragon's sensitive audials, hold no comfort for the reptilian. He continues to wait in the protective force field, pointedly ignoring Data Raccoon's chitters. Admiral's words seems to have some positive effect on the distraught beast. At the shout from Bastion, King Dragon gapes his jaws again, snout wrinkled in a silent snarl. Just the perfect greeting for Alia as she comes to the stage.

At Bit's arrival and orders, he hisses again, and snaps his jaws in the air. "Admiral, have you not read the news?" He continues to sneer at the arrived Maverick, wings half-unfurled. "He requires assistance. His new life will NOT be sullied by the likes of YOU."

Alia is about to riposte with a snappy comeback when Bit arrives to ruin the show. *fwip* The manual returns to Alia's hands as she quickly sends an urgent message through her antenna areial.

Alia sends a radio transmission.
Rock receives a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "Exactly."

The hover-limo flies around a corner, being shot at by San Angeles police. The bootlegger jets keep it stable as it corners hard, afterburners slamming the hover-limo forward. He's rigged it with the Triumph's flash field -- it knocks anything clear in its path, keeping the vehicle from being damage d from debris. Fortunately, the Cossack is a skillful enough driver that he avoids hitting anybody yet.

The hover-limo roars up and slams to a stop, fishtailing out and stopping just far enough ahead of Kalinka and Midi that it acts as cover. The back door opens up automatically, driven by hydrolics.

The Cossack lunges out of the sunroof abruptly as the security forces continue to advance, seemingly bearing a LAW rocket launcher. A cruel smile is on his face as he watches the realization dawn on the San Angeles police who, exactly, they've been shooting at. Some of them try to scatter. It's not enough.

The Cossack fires the rocket as cover for Kalinka and her little friend, the missile flying forth at the security forces. It shoots directly over their head, then explodes -- disgorging several liters of multicolored paint at the police. Most of them fall down from the shockwave and have difficulty getting back up because of the slickness of the material. The others that continue to fire are disorganized, buying the Maverick Hunters some time.

He dives back down into the limo, shouting. "HURRY UP!" he says, getting back in the driver's seat and sending off a radio message.

[RADIO: (B) World] Cut Man transmits, "That's the thing."

Never let go! La la la laaaaaaaa!! Well, it's not like Titanic. It's not ANYTHING like Titanic. Midi just nods "S-sure!" Hoo boy, he hopes this'll work out. Kalinka is probably going on the sugar rush. As much as Midi does love sugar, it honestly doesn't do a lot to make him that much more hyper, and he's probably more scared now than anything else. The sooner he can get away from the chaos and is able to think again, the better.

The press disseminates. And stuff.

Admiral coughs, actually embarassed. "Ah. Yes....I remember now. It slipped my mind, I'm afraid..." Then, he calls the old Harpoon from sub-space again. "You're not taking him anywhere, Maverick. Repliforce will care for him. Stand down, and leave here before you get into a situation you can't possibly win." Backing up King Dragon, he looks to Ricochet. "We will -all- go to a place of safety."

Cacophony Timberwolf blinks a few moments, and then ahs. "Okay! So, like, get them moving and stuff, and I'll..." She snaps up her arm guns, as various weapons open up and activate, and starts moving across the stage again. ".. Help handle this. Hey, Shiney Boy!" Count on Caco to be the one to have a voice loud enough to carry over the din of the scene as she yells at Bit. "Maybe he, like, doesn't WANT to go with you this time, so, like, back off and stuff!"

Rush moves quickly north and drops as the attack from Sigma flies by. Rush growls and barks, but he knows he has a passenger to take care of... although he'd like to stay with Rock. Rush drops below the buildings and flies through the streets above the car levels to avoid any accidents, but to also get him out of the line of fire.

Megaman glares as he sees a weapon fly towards Rush... no time to worry about that now, Rush will be okay. He hears something in his receptor and look around for the stage and Alia. Rock looks back at King Dragon and sighs... He heads for Alia's position rather quickly... his optics keeping a watch on the dead Mavericks... and his former (?) allies.

Rush retreats from the area swiftly, leaving it open to pursuit or parting shots from Bit, and Morph Moth.

Data Raccoon howls with frustration as Bastion gets away, stomping up and down on her perch high above the stage- the lights wheeling about furiously as well, creating a disco show that sweeps over the panicked, dissipating crowd. They all die out and go still as the raccoon yanks the cables out of their connections at her wrist, dropping down to hang from the scaffolding by her hands, before falling to the stage proper; glancing about, tail flicking, she turns and scampers back behind the curtains, out of sight, making her escape.

Even as Alia approaches the stage - and gets yelled at by a defensive Arcanum medtech, another figure steps onto the scene. Bit, armed and dangerous, his armour shining beneath the stage lights. One or two of the medical team look up, in fear, inching away from the Maverick swordsman.

But the officer that was yelling at Alia turns, and glares. "Are you out of your -mind-! He's injured, you can kidnap him when he's damned well STABLE!"

Behind the doctor's back, unseen to the Arcanum man, Double's eyes dilate. He hardly moves. His eyes merely swivel to rest, making contact with Bit.

As Cossack's hoverlimo zaps on over toward Kali and Midi, Kalinka quickly tugs along Midi. "Come on, this is our ticket out! Thank you, Daddy!" she says, crawling into the limo post-haste.

Iris re-emerges, all dishevelled and trampled, but now she's up near the stage, wobbling about in disoriented fashion. "K...King Dragon? Admiral??" She grins, her hair a fright-nest around her cheerful face.

Shark Man arrives from the San Angeles - Western Mall District.
Shark Man has arrived.

Double sends a radio transmission.
Bit receives a radio transmission.

Cyber Peacock has arrived.
Cyber Peacock turns off his holographic projection of Nigel Braithwaite.

Nigel Braithwaite has left.

Rush has left.
Rock takes Rush.

Bit sends a radio transmission.
Double receives a radio transmission from Bit.

King Dragon manages to grit out, between fangs, to Alia, "Excuse me, we will speak later. This Maverick intrudes..." His gaze burns into Bit's form, daring, challenging him to make a move.

Midi shrugs, and follows Kalinka as she drags him into the limo as well. Not much else to say at that. Midi's mind is pretty scrambled and chaotic right now, he'll need a moment or two away from the mess before he can think clearly again.

"While I can respect your wishes in hoping to preserve new life, unfortunately my orders take precedence over your desires," Bit replies, not looking at King Dragon - instead keeping his blade focused on the medics around Double. "The Emperor will have this *Maverick* delivered to him," Bit declares strongly, flipping his blade back over so it is resting along the back of his arm for a moment. He then shakes his head. "You have been given your chance - stand aside, NOW."

With that, Bit begins advancing on Double, his blade at the ready - his stance clearly indicating that he is ready for an attempt at attacking him from any direction. The medics are clearly motioned to move aside - and from Bit's glare, it is clear that this is their final warning.

Sigma lost his scalpal! Damn it! He vanishes once more! Reappearing by Bit. He leans forward, saying, "Ahummm...I wonder what this could beee...? So many in the way.... Now... I would prefer....", he reaches for his paper bag... and tears it off! REVEALING A SHINING BALD HEAD OF BLINDNING STRENGTH! "If you left us to do our duty. You see, it would be a shame for you to die so soon after your rebirth.", the BLINDNING BALD HEAD, fades to... Oh god... It -is- Sigma after all, my word. And it looks like Sigma has come a little more prepared for heavy resistance.

Sigma changes into his Neo Sigma armor.

Alia makes eye contact with Rock and starts nodding her head towards Bit when another squawk is heard in her headset. Suddenly the dispatcher freezes, her eyes widening. "Great Scott, you idiots, you didn't do it right. Proper mind, indeed!" Quickly she brandishes her trusty manual and dispenses with the radio, instead yelling, "ROCK!"

Double's voice is weak, virtually inaudible admist the chaos raging at the heart of San Angeles. A few of the stage microphones, still remarkably active despite the manupilation of Data Raccoon, pick up and amplify the soft whisper escaping the fallen reploid's lips. All hear his next words.

" agai...again..." His features twist into a panic-stricken mask, as through the haze of pain, he distinguishes the form of Sigma. ""


Admiral nods to Iris, smiling a bit more. "Iris..." Then, suddenly, he sees Sigma appear next to Double, and he growls. "You...." In so many ways, the man ultimately responsible for his death, really. "Sigma, you have a great deal to answer will not take him away....and in are under arrest for crimes against humanity." Can he pull it off? Oh, no way. Will he try? Well....yes, probably.

The limo's doors slam shut, bolting -- the flash field reactivates, deflection systems running at 78%. Immediately, the vehicle slams into reverse as the Cossack cuts the wheel, riding the bootleggers backwards at 55 miles an hour until the car points the right way again -- then he slams the afterburners, hauling aft away from the scene.

At this point, as Sigma appears, as Double seems to be still alive, during the midst of a full-scale riot, wanted by the law in San Angeles for at least twenty-five different infractions witnessed by hundreds of people present and millions worldwide on TV, driving a military-grade hoverlimo at 250 miles an hour through the crowded streets of San Angeles being rapidly pursued by police hoverships and news crews -- at this point in the Cossack's adventures, he wonders whether or not there would have /really/ been cheese and crackers at the after-party anyway.

Then he slams over a hill, activates the flight systems, and slams out at Mach 2 towards international waters.

Ricochet grimmaces, his arm-launchers loading. "Alright, I..." pause. "Oh. S***."

There's the sounds of a scuffle back behind the stage, voices shouting, things falling over, the crackle of electricity. Something's happening back there, though the hanging curtains are obscuring it just now...

Bastion sends a radio transmission.
Dr. Cossack receives a radio transmission.

Cacophony Timberwolf was all ready to advance on Bit... but then His Royal Baldness shows up. "... Oh crap," she mutters under her breath for a moment. And then remembers she's suppose to be doing something. Like protecting people. Yeah! So we have a shiny samuarai, and a shiny bald head. Oh, this is gonna hurt. But she levels both her guns at both the Mavericks, keeping up her bravado none the less. "Like, back off you shiny hoodlumns, or, like, there'll be a lot more hurty pain coming if you don't, and junk!"

Dr. Cossack sends a radio transmission.
Bastion receives a radio transmission from Dr. Cossack.

All the speeches in the world don't do any good against Sigma at the moment. As the mechanoid reveals his true form, King Dragon emits a ululating shriek, eyes rolling at the sight of the person that all the files and reports SAID killed him. With a near reflexive lunge, he snaps his head down, aiming for his teeth to wrap around the Maverick leader's torso.

King Dragon misses Sigma with his Bite attack.

Watching the leader of the Mavericks appear from the crowd doesn't make Rock feel any better about this. The Blue Bomber quickly makes his way to the stage and arrives to the yelling Alia. The young reploid smiles slightly at Alia, "I'm here..." he nods at Sigma. "And so is he..." Rock managed to hear Double's comments and is shocked by them. Rock steps between Alia and Sigma. "It appears he doesn't want to be with you, Sigma... I request you leave the area..." Protecting Double, is Rock out of his mind... Nah. Rock just wants to know what's happening and these undead might know.

Alia is armed with a book and willing to use it! So much for gaining information, now it's just a matter of getting out with her heardset intact. Though with Rock and King Dragon and Admiral on her side, she does feel safe enough to let the manual drop - just a little. Her thought patterns race - how to inform Rock without distracting him from the situation at hand...

Prismatic Spider growls as things rapidly deteriorate, punching in some really, really old radio codes pulled from the Repliforce dossier databanks. Will they work? Who knows? Meanwhile, he dashes about, getting a better view and possibly look for Data Raccoon.

They weren't paid for this. None of them were. The medical technicians are already backing off, and two are running, as fast as they can, away from the standoff forming over Double's broken body. Arcanum doesn't give its employees enough hazard pay to put up with risks like this. A face-off between Bit, Sigma, King Dragon, and -Rock-? Um. No. Too risky.

Well, except, perhaps, for the team leader. The middle-aged man is still staring daggers at Bit. He doesn't even turn to acknowledge Sigma. Those damned Mavericks are -all- the same. He doesn't appear to even notice King Dragon lunging towards Sigma. He has other concerns. Even as Rock finishes, red-faced, he screams, "YOU LISTEN TO HIM! YOU LISTEN TO -ME-! ALL OF YOU LISTEN! THIS MAN," he points to Double, "IS INJURED! NOW QUIT ARGUING AND LET MY TEAM WOR--" he blinks, turns, and growls at his retreating colleagues, "GET BACK HERE, YOU IDIOTS!"

Bit takes a single step - and vanishes in a blur of motion, his blade lashing about as he slashes out at all of the medics around. He doesn't care if his attacks are fatal or not - he simply aims to scatter them to the four winds, and move to knock them away from the fallen Maverick. Reaching down, Bit snares Double by the back of his armor, and lifts him up with one hand. "I fear that this is not the proper venue that m'lord wished for this discussion. Come Double - we shall depart for greener pastures, to repair the damage they have done to your body and mind." And hopes that he'll be able to get away from this mass of medics and fighters with the reborn Maverick.

Iris continues to make her way toward the stage, because she's so completely overwhelmed at this point...she just wants to see for herself, close-up, if it's true...if Admiral and King Dragon are, indeed, REAL.

Prismatic Spider sends a radio transmission.
Admiral receives a radio transmission from Prismatic Spider.
Admiral sends a radio transmission.
Prismatic Spider receives a radio transmission from Admiral.

Ricochet, in all honestly, really couldn't care less about Double. However, Admiral and King Dragon do, and they might stop fighting and start running if Double were in less peril. As such, his attack orb launchers click into 'ready' mode as he draws a bead on Bit. Ready... aim... "...hold it right there, you sonuvabitch." Fire. *BLAM!*

Ricochet strikes Bit with his Frost Ball attack.

Sigma gazes around. If Bit can't handle Prismatic Spider, then something is very, very wrong. Sigma says, "Bit. This is going to hurt like hell, so hurry the f*ck up, please.", and with that, he withdraws four boomerangs from his utility belt of death. And he says, "This'll be a damn fun show though.", with a brief twirl, he flings a boomerang at each of those whom have even insinuated getting in his way, except the medics for some damn reason. And not Ricochet, though he may focus on him if there really is trouble.

Sigma misses Rock with his Boomerang Spread attack.
Sigma misses Cacophony Timberwolf with his Boomerang Spread attack.
Sigma misses King Dragon with his Boomerang Spread attack.

The curtains are tossed aside with a crackling burst of electrical energy, and from behind them charges Data Raccoon, having reneged on her attempt to escape for the opportunity that Iris now provides- hot on the coon's ringy tail, a cadre of San Angeles police chasing after, waving their nightsticks, clearly intending to apprehend the suspicious Data before she can get too far. She pays them little heed, however, making a bee-line for Iris, her eyes wide, furious, her arms raised and hands curled into claws. She's even screaming a furious scream, too! "YYYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAARRRRGGGGH!" she squeals as she leaps towards the frazzled, trampled Repliforce girl, teeth bared, attempting to tackle Iris to the stage.

Data Raccoon strikes Iris with her Grasp attack.

Admiral nods, respectfully, to the Doctor. "I understand, Doctor. Do what you can for him." And then, he moves between Sigma and the Medical team. Then, however, he cocks his head slightly. "King...we'll need to..." Then, he pauses as the boomerang slips between him and King, and watches Data Racoon leap onto Iris. "Apparently we're going to watch it all go to hell in a handbasket."

Blood fountains, spraying like geysers as arteries and veins are ruptured, torn through by the cool energy of Bit's beam katana. With cries of pain an agony, the Arcanum medical team collapses, caught in various stages of retreat from the scene. Some collapse to the stage, squirming, twitching. Others fall, and don't move any longer. The team leader, the one so defiantly challenging the Mavericks - he lies on the stage, blood flowing freely from a clean red line bisecting his torso. Dead.

Double hardly't resist, as Bit pulls his limp form from the ground. His hands claw weakly, ineffectually, at the swordsman's iron grip. And even that soon slows, stopping entirely, as Double's head lolls to the side. Consciousness fading.

Iris blinkblinks, as Data suddenly lunges toward her. "Wait! Can't we just -- EEEEEEEEKKK!!!" And down she goes, tumbling in a heap of red and blue and red and blue and red and blue as she rolls right along. "WWAAAIIIITT!! I know you're mad -- but can't we talk? Aieeee!!!"

Prismatic Spider sends a radio transmission to Admiral.
Admiral receives a radio transmission.
Ricochet sends a radio transmission.
Iris receives a radio transmission.
Admiral sends a radio transmission.
Prismatic Spider receives a radio transmission.

King Dragon braces for the incoming impact, even as he stomps his feet on the ground, rolling optics in frustration at the smaller, more agile Bit as he takes King's fellow resurectee. With a groan, he stamps, hissing, and fanning his wings. With an enraged bellow, he rears up on his hind legs, wailing out the single, chilling word, "Miscarriage!" And then, with hind feet spattered with Bit's victims, he whips down one of his pinions, the tip flying towards Sigma's forehead gem.

King Dragon misses Sigma with his Wing Slice attack.

Prismatic Spider blinks as he sees Iris get tackled, and leaps from the VIP area to move at full tilt for the Data Raccoon/Iris pile forming. "Data! Iris! Calm down, both of you! You both need to get out of here!"

Bit staggers as Ricochet takes a good shot at him with what appears to be a bit snowball - the cold freezing over Bit's joints, but only for a moment. He turns, finishing hefting Double under one arm as he points his blade at Ricochet. "Attacking a man from behind, as he moves to help a fallen comrade - how dishonorable. You and I shall discuss this at a future date, 'forcer. But for now..."

Securing his grasp on Double, Bit leaps across the stage... and bounces off of Ricochet's head as he launches himself into the ground. Or rather... onto the crowd - Bit is using his incredable speed to attempt to do some mad form of crowd walking for as far as he can, figuring that the others won't take any pot shots at him for a moment.

Bit retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Morph Moth.

And as a boomerang is chucked in her direction, Cacophondy does the one thing you would expect a canine to do. Catch it in her mouth. And then promptly spit it out again, sputtering a few times. She bit something a Maverick touch. Icky! "Okay, now it's on!" Dammit, why did this have to be in a city, she can't randomly fling about explosives out here, and just blow up everyone in the spread. Thus, she's left to resort to firing on Sigma, sending a dazzling array of neon lights at the Maverick Emperor. "Look! The colors, Baldy, the colors!"

As soon as Megaman sees the boomerangs come into play, he takes two steps forward driving his body into as much speed as he can with those two steps. At the second step, Rock dives down, his feet sliding forward towards Sigma. Rock watches as the bladed boomerangs fly over his head. Rock is smooth... just like Dhalism...

Rock strikes Sigma with his Slide Kick attack.
Thunderbolt Raven arrives from the San Angeles - Northern Residential.
Thunderbolt Raven has arrived.
Cacophony Timberwolf strikes Sigma with her Laser Light Show attack.
Prismatic Spider sends a radio transmission.
Admiral receives a radio transmission.

Alia's attention is grabbed by the charging raccoon. She watches her jump upon the unsuspecting Iris. And in a flash, all fifteen thought process chime in one voice, even as the dispatcher grimaces at the decision that she needs to make. Without warning, there's a lavender and burgundy blur where Alia once stood as she races towards Data, 2000-page technical manual raised over her head. "GET. OFF. OF. HER!"


Ricochet's face is now one with the floor.

"*BWIP BWIP*" <Hey, Rico, you OK?> Orbit asks.


"*BWIP*" <Perfect.>

Data Raccoon is in no mood to talk, her teeth drawn back into a grimace, her eyes wide, expression a mix of fury, terror, shock. Pressing Iris to the stage, pinning her long enough to raise one fist, she seems ready to reach down and tear her face off with her bare hands... before she's seized. She squawls angrily as one of the burly security guards grips her raised fists, while another moves in to haul the raccoon off of Iris. The spry reploid is powerless to resist, kicking, squirming, squealing in wordless rage as she's hauled away.

Intent on putting her back in the control of Arcanum scientists, the security entourage hauls Data off; her struggling dying down until she hangs limp in their arms, dragged along like dead weight. The mix of emotions in her expression never fades, though, her gaze doesn't leave Iris even as she's pulled back behind the curtains once more... and though not a sound escapes her grit teeth, those wild, furious eyes say more than any angry scream could.

Held in Bit's grip, merely a powerless passenger in the Maverick's furious escape, Double remains still. His eyes shut, his body limp, layers of protoplasmic gel slewing off and staining the platinum armor of the swordsman carrying him with clear necrotic ooze. Still he bleeds, from the hole torn through his head. How he was able to function earlier is anyone's guess, but the effort seems to have drained all of his meagre reserves. Dead to the world, Double remains, now. Or maybe just dead.

Iris cries miserably as Data gets pulled off of her. "I'm really sorry...Please can we put the past behind??" She crawls in the general direction of Prismatic and Alia. "She'll never listen...hate is all she understands..."

Valor arrives from the San Angeles - Western Mall District.
Valor has arrived.

Bit launches himself out and away from the crowd, already making a beeline for the teleporters. He is not going to stick around and wait while everyone chases him - not with his most precious cargo in hand.

Sigma turns, walking stately towards Data Raccoon, and growls at King Dragon, "What the hell is Miscarriage supposed to mean!? How many times do I have to FARKING KILL YOU!?", he shrieks in rage just in time to be tripped up by Rock, hitting the ground roughly. Grinding his teeth together, Sigma ignores the light damage caused by Cacophony's lightshow to raise his foot into the air, and try to bring it down on Rock's stomach, and crush hard. "Ghrrr...", he growls. At this rate he won't be able to get Data Raccoon out as well. "Data Raccoon...", he says irritably. Why the hell isn't she running? "I'm going to have to depart...ghrr...soon..."

Sigma strikes Rock with his Crush attack.

And Bit makes his escape, the wails of the crowd, the echoing cries, fading behind as the Maverick rushes towards the teleporters. Double goes with him. Still unconscious, merely cargo, an unwilling passenger to the Maverick flight.

All this time, a silent figure has been perched ontop of a building a distance away.

Of course, this figure appears to be one of the many gargoyles scattered across the building does much for the 'hiding in plain sight' factor.

Though, the fact that the Gargoyle is currently laughing with much quiet amusement at the battle between Living and Dead Reploids below him COULD give him away.

Shade Man. Resident Vampire. Lurking as he usualy does... and finding the whole thing QUITE entertaining.

After the San Angeles local police were effectively immobilized, the Captain on duty put in a call. The thunderous sound of the San Angeles Marines is heard long before they're seen... and oh what a sight. Big ol' tanks, the type of tanks seen in Tank Police, helicopters equipped with enough armaments to destroy a city block. "YOU WILL ALL CEASE AND DESIST! I REPEAT, THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING TO CEASE AND DESIST!"

Jet Stingray arrives from the San Angeles - Western Mall District.
Jet Stingray has arrived.
Ring Redwing arrives from the San Angeles - Northern Residential.
Ring Redwing has arrived.

Alia isn't as fast as the San An police, it seems. All's the better, Alia thinks to herself as she puts the manual away yet again, that's one night I won't have to waste in the San An jails. A soft mewling sound catches Alia's ear and she glances down, now noticing a crying, crawling Iris. "Of for crying out loud, woman, get a hold of yourself! You're a Repliforce soldier, not a child!" With a harumph and shake of her head, Alia offers Iris a hand up off the floor.

Ring Redwing receives a radio transmission.

Prismatic Spider notes the arrival of the Tank Polics, and takes that as a sign that playtime is over. He quickly helps Iris up, and begins escorting her off of the scene. "Perhaps. Perhaps not. We will have to talk to her and find out what she still remembers."

Ring Redwing sends a radio transmission to Spin Cougar.
Ricochet has reconnected.
Ricochet has partially disconnected.
Prismatic Spider also nods to Alia in thanks as he heads off.

Rock groans as the foot makes contact with his stomach. Rock steps back in pain as his stomach explodes in pain. His torso armor shows lots of dents and some mecha-fluid leaks from the hairline cracks. Rock jumps back and attempts to get some distance between him and Sigma. "Falcon armor, ACTIVATE!!" Rock shimmers slightly and his Blue Bomber armor disappears to be replaced by his falcon head crested falcon armor. Rock lowers his right arm and takes aim at Sigma as he activates his jet boots trying to gain more height... a thin laser beam lashes out at Sigma.

Rock changes into his Falcon armor.

King Dragon gives Sigma an irritable snarl, but allows him and Rock to tangle. With swift, searching darts of his head, he sniffs about to find Bit and Double, but the pair have already left. With a dismayed flick of his wings, he hangs his head, hissing out with enough volume that the entire Repliforce contigent can hear, "What is the purpose of protection if one cannot carry out their duty?" He narrows his optics slightly, gauging the arrival of the San Angeles police forces. With another snort, he swings his massive, synth-scale plated head towards Iris, an apologetic croon rising from his throat. "You asked for us earlier?" He lowers his head snout-tip almost reaching the plascrete as he hunkers before her, the beast before the maiden.

Rock strikes Sigma with his Pinpoint Beam attack.

Cacophony Timberwolf just blinks a few times as she's pretty much ignored in the madness, as Sigma yells at King, and goes stomping on Rock instead. Man, he didn't even leer at her or anything. And if there's one thing she hates, it's being ignored. "Like, how rude!" And her voice just gets louder. "Don't you DARE ignor me when I'm shooting at you!" And louder. "And yelling insults, and trying to put up a proper fight!" And yet louder. "So either START paying attention, or GET your UGLY bald head OUT OF HERE!" And to a point in volume that she's getting to be quite painful to listen to as she stops her feet and is pretty much yelling at the top of her Angry Voice(tm) now. "YOU'RE NOT EVEN LISTENING TO ME!!"

Iris stares at Alia in dazed disbelief. "Oh...come ON, I just got trampled by a crowd of hundreds -- and jumped on by someone I killed two years ago, head's all buzzy! YOU'D feel bad too, if it happened to you!" She pouts, trying to manipulate her beret into a hat shape. "But thank you for helping me up," she adds, with a petulant whine.

Admiral growls with fury as Bit wantonly kills the scientists. But as he disappears, he has only one thing he can possibly do...the only target for his cold anger is the Maverick Emperor, and so, raising his harpoon, he slashes at His Mighty Baldness. "MURDERER!"

Cacophony Timberwolf strikes Sigma with her Apocalyptic Howl attack.

And the she-wolf's temper tantrum strikes again! Good thing Sigma's sturdier than Flame Stag was.

Thunderbolt Raven sends a radio transmission.

Admiral strikes Sigma with his Harpoon Cut attack.

Alia hides her face inside one of her gloved hands as she waves Iris off. Good grief, Repliforce has to deal with -that- all day long? She quickly makes her way back towards Rock, only to find Fearless Leader engaged with the Bald One himself. "Um, Rock? Not that I want to interrupt your bashing of Sigma, but the police are arriving and they don't take kindly to fights within city limits. So... I'm going home now, and if I don't catch you back at the Labs, I'll ask Dr. Light for some bail money, OK?"

Thunderbolt Raven receives a radio transmission.
Rock sends a radio transmission to Alia.
Alia receives a radio transmission from Rock.
Thunderbolt Raven receives a radio transmission from Spin Cougar.

Sigma stops as soon as the Tank Police shows up. He raises his hands, mocking, grinning in the air, even as he -lets- the severely painful blows wreck through his body. Rock's beam doesn't really do much but scratch Sigma, the harpoon is a bit more painful and Sigma lets out a pained hiss, but it's CACOPHONY TIMBERWOLF whose pure LOUD VOICE crunches Sigma's armor around him, jolting him forward. Sigma spits out some mechfluid before smirking and saying, "Alright. I cease...and desist...", he remarks before vanishing. He feels bad about Data Raccoon, but he'll have more chances to get her back to the fold.

Sigma retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Bit, Jet Stingray, Shade Man, Rock, Alia, Ring Redwing, Thunderbolt Raven, Morph Moth, and Shark Man.

Velguader has left.
Sigma takes Velguader.

Thunderbolt Raven sends a radio transmission.

Ricochet... finds himself pretty much useless after all, as Sigma is now running. This isn't quite his day, after all. Orbit pats his leg encouragingly. "*BWIP BWIP BWIP*" <One of these days, Rico, you'll find a battle where things won't go all to hell on ya, people you're supposed to rescue'll pay attention to you, and you won't get your face smashed into the ground.> Pause. "*BWIP BWIP*" <Given our luck, though, you'll die immediately after.>

"Thought so."

Cacophony Timberwolf is all ready to go with even MORE yelling... But then Sigma's gone. She stops in mid-shout, blinks a few times, and just sort of eyes the spot where he stood a few moments ago. Well, she did yell at him to leave. "... Like, huh. He actually listened."

Rock watches as Sigma blinks out of the area and sighs... They still got Double, he thinks to himself. Still, the SA police aren't going to be happy with him... even he isn't allowed to defend himself inside the city... ironic considering he saved it once. Rock looks at the sky and fires off his jet boots... no need to hang out anymore.

Rock retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Ring Redwing.

Emerging from the teleporters is the one known as Valor, a UN Enforcer. Of course he wasn't always with the UN, no no. For many know, and still refer to, him as Lieutenant: Repliforce Field Commander.

Hearing about the appearance of an old friend, namely Admiral, he couldn't pass up the opportunity to see for himself if this was indeed true. Add to the fact that he's not exactly happy from what he has heard of what caused the whole situation, and you get one confused, yet miffed Valor. Wee.


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