Rio - Southern Beach

The pure white sands of the beach continue here, the southern edges of the coastline. The buildings here are much larger than the other shorefront properties, some are custom made and futuristic even for this age. Much of the beach is for public use, and in many places you can find the neverending laughter of children playing and sometimes, even adults. The waters here are a deep azure blue, their beauty neverending and expanding as far as the eyes can see be they of human or reploid design.

Iris [Uniform]

West <W> leads to Rio - Southern Downtown.
North <N> leads to Rio - Guanabara Harbor.
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Nothing like Rio at this time of year, when other parts of the world start to get cold, it's always nice and warm down here. Perfect setting for playing around on a beach. Which one kid seems to be doing. Sitting next to a sand castle... which looks like a pretty good replica of Light Labs, Midi sits on a towel, looking at the ocean, a bag of Halloween Candy next to him.

Iris comes strolling down the beach, and spies the rather familiar-looking sand castle. She peers closer, then moves in to get an even better look. "Hey, is that what I think it is? That's pretty good!"

Midi peers up, oh look, Iris! "Hiya Iris!" If she didn't know before, she should now that it's Midi she's dealing with. "Yeah, I made that earlier. Y'see I was at Light Labs last night, trick or treating. I was even dressed up as Rock! Everyone said what a good costume it was! And.. guess what?" He leans up a bit, looking dead serious for a split second "Then Rock came out! An he was dressed up too! Like a Ghostbuster!" He pauses for a moment, then on impulse explains what a Ghostbuster is, since he's used to not everyone knowing everything about archaic pop culture "A Ghostbuster is a very old pop culture icon from a few hundred years ago. But Rock looked really cool in his costume!"

Iris chuckles, moving to have a seat next to Midi. "I'll bet he did, I could see him dressed up as something like that. What did -he- think of your costume of him?"

Midi nods again, rather happily "He really liked it! I woulda looked just like him if only I were taller... And I made it myself too!" He seems rather proud of that whole event, as any boy in that situation would.

"Well, good for you!" Iris exclaims. "So what else have you been up to, hm? Other than acquiring mass amounts of candy? Have you met back up with your brother yet?"

Midi's smile fades a bit at Techno's mention. Oh yes, he has heard things, he's seen reports, his picture, a hacking style that can only be his. Oh, he's heard lots of things, but has yet to encounter him. At the very least, Midi knows he's alright, with this latest outbreak of activity from his other half, but at the same time, it makes him more worried. Techno's been getting involved with some pretty sticky stuff, and who knows where it will lead him. Lately, Midi's been keeping the silent treatment, not speaking up about anything to do with Techno, until he gets to speak to him himself. ", nothing. Haven't seen... anything lately."

Iris says, "Oh, okay. Well, I haven't come across him, either, but would you like me to let you know if I do?"

Midi is silent for a minute "...thanks. Be careful if you do... if he tries something with Repliforce's database, I mean." Techno isn't much of a threat in the real world, but in the datastream, who knows what he's capable of, or how much he's improved in the past few months.

Iris nods, squinting an eye. "I'll keep a watch. Got some viruses I can use as a defense." Not knowing how 'close' the brothers are, she fails to mention their lethal effectiveness.

Midi sighs, and sits in a knee-hugging position. Not many at all know of how the Brothers are linked, which could be good and bad. Midi, of course, would never think Iris would use a lethal virus on Techno, and it's best he probably keeps thinking that. Hopefully he can get to Techno before he tries anything else. "I wish I could have a relationship with my brother like you have with yours... um, well maybe not exactly like yours, but you know what I mean."

Iris nods sympathetically. "I wish you could, too. It's hard when you have two different ideologies. Even though you're different, though, there must be SOME level on which you can connect."

Some level? You bet. "There is...." Is there ever "...but it's not really something that can help reason with him." He just sighs again, ok, it's not good for a happy little fellow like Midi to almost reach angst levels. After a moment, he falls back on his towel behind him, and looks up at the sky for a minute, then decides to change the subject. "So, did you do anything for halloween?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Guts Man transmits, "/~My boyfriend is in trouble again, He got into a fight and got stoned on something, I am sick of him and so I told him, get out of here, And now I want a man like Putin. A man like Putin, full of energy, A man like Putin who doesn't drink, A man like Putin who wouldn't hurt me, A man like Putin who wouldn't run away from me. I saw him in the news yesterday, He was saying the world was at the crossroads, It's easy with a man like him at home or out and about, And now I want a man like Putin.~"

Iris chuckles a little bit. "Not anything Halloweeny," she admits. "I sat out here with a very nice man, who...might end up being a boyfriend, that's how it's beginning to look."

Gah! Romantic girly stuff! Midi enjoys that about as much as having to eat vegetables, or sit still after eating a lethal amount of sugar. But to keep the conversation off Techno, Midi keeps it going "Oh yeah? Who was that?"

Iris sighs, smiling a little. "He goes by 'D.S.'. He's a local DJ, and he's very, very nice. He also has nothing to do with Repliforce. I especially like -that-."

Dark Static has connected.

Midi hmmms, and here he thought she might be back with Jet again. Aww well, not even really understanding the relationship involved in being boyfriend-girlfriend, Midi lets it pass. "A DJ huh? That's neat. Haven't heard of him myself, I think."

Iris chuckles, tracing her finger along the Light Labs sandcastle gently. "He's really very nice. He practically LIVES along this stretch of beach. I always find him out here."

And lo, he comes. Walking up the beach at his usual slow, unhurried pace, comes a backpack-equipped DS. Smiling as he nears his usual spot as he hears a familiar voice, he calls out, "Hello miss Iris! Is that company I hear?"

Iris giggles with delight (probably much to Midi's nauseum). "Well, look who's here! Come on over here, there's someone I'd like you to meet..."

Midi blinks as an unfamiliar voice comes out of nowhere. According to Iris' reaction, this is probably the same guy. Midi turns a shoulder to get a look at the newcomer.

Dark Static smiles, bowing politely to Midi based on sound alone. "Hello someone miss Iris would like me to meet. I'm DS, pleasure to meet'cha." He pauses a moment, setting his walking stick into the sand, mindful of the sandcastles as he sets up a small table and a lawnchair. Onto the table goes an assortment of small snacking items, and some randomly chosen drink items, as well as three glasses. He grins, "Good thing I brought spare glasses."

"This is Midi," Iris says with amusement. "He does computer work for the UN...and Midi, this you know...DS, the DJ!"

Midi jumps up off the towel. Finally, seems he's gotten his mind off of his brother for now. "Nice to meetcha!" He replies.

Dark Static smiles, bowing to Midi again, "A pleasure to meet you as well, mister Midi." He smiles, "UN, hmm? I used to work for them." A chuckle, and in a joking voice he says, "I won't hold it against you though."

Iris says, "AND, not only is Midi a computer expert, he's also an expert in candy, need to check out these sandcastles. Run your hands over this one right here...see if you can guess what building it's supposed to be!"

Iris gently patpats the side of a sandcastle Midi has fashioned in the likeness of Light Labs.

Careful with all the praise, Midi has a fragile little mind and a swelled ego could hurt him :) He doesn't say anything at Iris' comments, just cutely blushes. Though he does react as Iris pats the sandcastle, with a 'be careful' look in his eyes.

Dark Static obediently folds down into seiza, reaching over with remarkable gentility to run his fingertips along the structure Iris indicated with a pat, letting his hands explore what his eyes cannot. After a thorough examination, he hmms to himself, "Feels like... a lab of some sort... but not anyplace I can remember having been offhand, I'm afraid."

Iris nods, looking decidedly impressed. Not bad tactile recollection, for a blind guy. "Actually, I'll give you the full point for a very educated guess. That's Light Labs!"

Midi looks relieved that the sandcastle doesn't collapse. Whew. He looks to DS "So, what kinda music do you play?" Considering their location, it should be pretty obvious.

Dark Static chuckles, rising and settling into the lawnchair with a happy sigh, "Depends on what mood strikes me. Anything from classical to rock to even a very little rap... not a lot of that that doesn't break our strick no-swearing policy on lyrics, these days. Mostly though, I do late night talk, with a variety of guests and invited speakers."

Iris takes a moment to coordinate efforts via the radio, murmuring softly into it and tuning in some channels.

Midi shrugs slightly, not really interested in any of that sort of music. Or much music at all, really. True to his and his brother's names, he prefers to listen to compiled techno remixes of various sorts that he can come across. He likes synthesized instruments over real ones.

Dark Static grins, playing a hunch, "From your name, I'd guess you prefer more technological stuff?" He fumbles in his pack, digging out a small datacrystal and feeding it into a walkman-like player. A soft, classical piece comes up, building to a crescendo... played entirely on synthesized instruments. "This is some of what we played last night. It's called the Red Wings theme."

Iris hmms. "Ever play any of Psych Mosquito's stuff?" she asks, experimentally.

Midi nods as the music begins to play "Yeah, this is pretty cool." He then turns to Iris "Umm, no can't say I have." Psych Mosquito... should he know who he is? Oh well, brainfart.

Dark Static nods, "We played some of his latest album. We're not too picky about who they are or were, so long as their music is good. Though we do suffer through the routine weekly tomato-throw from the local chapter of the 'Children of Eve'." He grins broadly, "They protest, demanding to know how a 'wonderful, gentle human' like me can support a 'vicious mechanical monster' like that by playing his songs... I usually have to fight the gales of laughter."

Iris smirks and nods, then explains to Midi... "He was a...reploid musician."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Commander Jet Stingray transmits, "You Hunters want to check out the oil rig while I make sure that Ballade isn't helping out or something?"

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Kalinka transmits, "I can do this. Going there now."

Midi blinks, and shrugs. You'd think Midi would find it odd that Iris' boyfriend would be human, even though he's not, but since Midi doesn't even grasp the full meaning of such a relationship, he doesn't pay any attention to it. "Reploids aren't mosnters..." He mutters to himself "Just the badguys using them..." Ahh Midi's simple view of the world, if good and bad were so black and white like in his eyes things would be so much easier.

Dark Static chuckles softly, "I quite agree with you." He pauses for a moment, and then bows his head slightly, bangs flowing down to cover them as he removes his sunglasses, a curious affectation at night, before flipping his head up again, causing the hair to gently ripple back into it's normal position, revealing a pair of blank, golden eyes staring sightlessly out at the world. "Being one does help with that asessment, of course." He winks, before the glasses are slid back into place with a grin.

Techno arrives from the Rio - Southern Downtown.
Techno has arrived.

Midi is sitting on a beachtowel, near Iris and Dark Static, and the sandcastle of Light Labs Midi made. They're talking about music at the moment.

Iris sighs, haunted by the memories of her involvement with the deceased musician. For better or for worse, she can't fully escape her past. She only hopes DS hasn't heard too much about that. "So Midi, how much candy did you get last night?"

Midi perks up "A lot! This bag I have here is only a small part of it." Oh yeah, that bag which was sitting next to him, it looks like the normal size Halloween bag, quite full, and that's only PART? His Mega Man costume must have been a huge hit "You guys want some?" Well he MUST be feeling generous, or rather full, if he's sharing candy.

Dark Static chuckles, "No, thank you. I'm not much of one for sweets unless they're liquid. Speaking on which..." He rummages, and starts pouring himself a glass of clear, fizzy liquid, "Would either of you care for something? I brought whatever the local place had... sprite, root beer, cola, orange... even this weird blue stuff they say is all the rage, and a local specialty that probably won't go anywhere, strawberry soda."

Well, to say it'd been a successful mission would be an understatement. He'd cracked an amatuer slasher, sik'd the Musica on a Maverick he'd fragged a few days before, AND gotten away with the cargo ship. The contents of which are now safely stored away on a Mikage Intl. hover barge (the pieces they wanted), the rest sent on it's way to Sri Lanka without anything more than an automaton as a pilot. But he'd stretched his own system resources to the breaking point to pull it off, and now he had a migraine that'd kill a moose. Leaving Jared to handle the computer side of the Yakuza work - for the moment - Techno takes a vacation!

Where else, ironically, than the same place his brother had gone too? A little, child like reploid motors along on a rented, old fashioned beach crawler. The four wheeled vehicle bouncing over dunes, scattering other families like dust to the wind. Matter of fact, it'd be almost easy to assume this child - with his lavendar swim trunks - is little more than some young trouble making punk. Save for the crimson eyes. The Bass-esque cheek stripes. And the fact that, outside of that, he is Midi's exact double..

Iris hears the sound of an approaching motor, and she frowns, puzzled. "What the heck...? Is that a dune buggy?"

Midi hmms as he too hears the approaching motor. Oddly he gets this twinge in the back of his mind. Nah, couldn't be. He shakes it off, then stands on his towel "Who would be driving one of those things around now?"

Dark Static frowns, draining his drink and grabbing his walking stick. "Nobody should be driving them at all. This beach is off limits to them." He rises to his feet and begins to pad towards the sound at a brisk pace, "Wait here, you two. I'll see what's up."

Techno leans forward, a bit, taking the next just a little too hard. Sure, he was a computer geek, but he wasn't a NERD and a PUSSY like his weakling brother. /He/ actually knew how to have fun, when he's in need of some downtime. The Sand Crawler hits the ground nose first, pitching over, and sending Techno into the dirt. He spits a few times, muttering as he wipes his mouth with the back of his arm - and pauses. Feeling a familiar little tingle in the back of his own head. Lips automatically twist down, even as he quietly glances across the darkened beach. Or what of it he could see. No way that little pansied be out here... that'd just be... WAAAY too coincidental.

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Breeze transmits, "Typical. I see bombs. And I'll give good odds there's more than I can immediately see. I'm gonna start relocating 'em."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Kalinka transmits, "Bombs?? Oh, I will come help you! This whole place could blow sky-high..."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Breeze transmits, "You're in a Ride Armor. You'd be in the way."

Iris peers at the up-ended buggy, and her eyes widen. "Oh, he tipped over!" Concerned that the rider might be hurt, she begins running over toward the buggy. So much for staying put.

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Kalinka hmphs. "I want to help..."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Gunsmith Cat transmits, "All things considered, unless it's one of the types without hands, she'd probably be a good help."

Midi's twinge grows stronger as well. He blinks. A small reploid, about his size, did something crazy and horribly irresponsible like renting a buggy like that on a restricted beach at night. No doubt about it. "Wait.." He says to Dark and Iris. He takes a few steps off his towel, looking at the darkened figure. He wants to keep Iris from getting too near, because.. well... if he can avoid it, he'd like them not to know who he thinks this is. Of course, that probably isn't going to work out that way.

Dark Static frowns, but does as asked, taking up a guarded position and only advancing as Iris does, keeping near to her protectively. "You know him?" He inquires of Midi curiously, deliberately half-slipping into the meditative state he uses when he needs to focus, heightening his already impressive senses even further.

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Breeze transmits, "Do whatever you like. I'm not really inclined to stop you..."

Techno spits out a bit more sand, finally swaying back to his feet. Stretching his arms up over his head, interlacing the fingers and stretching them back as well. Till they faintly *Krik* into the night air. Did he really need to pop his knuckles? No, not really. But it was a nasty habit he picked up, much like his love of l337. And he knew at least l337 annoyed the bleeding hell out of Midi, so that was one reason to keep it up. Though he still has his back to the group, the beach breeze stealing their words away. Course, it wouldn't take him long to notice if Iris got a little closer...

Ever feel like you're in the Twilight Zone?

Iris DOES, in fact, notice right off the bad what's familiar about the interloper. She blinkblinks in surprise, her green eyes luminescent in the dark. "............."

Midi sighs as he quietly says to the two "Just.... let me talk to him." As his words were masked by the night air, his approach likely is too, especially since the lightweight has light steps. Finally, as the twin is close enough, he does something that likely would 'annoy the bleeding hell' out of his brother, by reaching over and placing his hand on his shoulder. Probably just to get him to turn around, but it'd certainly make him jump if he knew who it was, which by their proximity, he should.

Dark Static can actually feel Iris' surprise, but does obediently stay back, turning to give her a 'might as well do as he says' kind of look. His hands vanish into his cloak, the voluminous folds covering a soft, curious scraping noise, like a rock on concrete, as he waits, and 'watches'.

Iris quietly makes her way over to DS, keeping an eye on the two brothers all the while as she leans toward her companion discreetly...

Techno puts a hand to his forehead, feeling that tingle in the back of his skull just get even worse. It was like an angry bee was trapped somewhere between his ears, and bitching up a storm about the whole ordeal. It is then, now, that the Dark Reflection turns and glances over his shoulder at the hand. Actually reaching up for a moment to FLICK at the hand without really seeing who it is. "Hey, hey! No touchy. Perv.." Yeah. He's definatly the opposite of Midi. Worldly to Midi's innocence, meanspirited to Midi's generosity, and the night to Midi's day. Course, those crimson eyes alight on blue ones - ever so like his own. And JUMP he does, straight back. Fists automatically popping up.

".. What the hell are YOU doing here, dweeb?!" Give him a moment to get over the shock. Then he'll be MEAN.

Iris whispers to Dark Static: 'I think ... two ... brothers...they ... almost exactly ...'.

His brother reacts in much the same way he'd expect him to. Withdrawing his hand, he sighs. "After all this time, you can't even try to be nice?" He mutters. That is all he's ever wanted, just a normal brotherly relationship. True, brothers fight, but not on the rival level that Midi and Techno are on. "I've been worried ya know..." Who cares how meanspiritied Midi knows Techno is, it's been months since he's heard anything from him, how could he not be worried.

Iris, for the moment, leans into DS, watching the brothers argue, and marvelling at how alike (yet how very different) they are.

Damn. And here, he'd been hoping to utterly FORGET that his brother existed. The only proof in the world, uncircumventable, that no matter WHAT Techno did - he would NEVER be unique. Those dreadfully crimson eyes narrow, almost dangerously, before the sparks of a nasty idea form in Techno's head. Quickly dropping his fists, the Dark Brother seems - relieved?! And worried. "... Oh, god, Midi. I'm sorry. I.. I was startled.." He draws in close, actually reaching up to put a hand on Midi's shoulder. Glancing back over his own. "I've been on the run. It's why I've been so quiet. I /quit/, Midi.." He smiles. Much like an alligator. "... I got out of that... business. Trying to go straight, and all. But they don't like people quitting on them.."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Breeze transmits, "Some psycho down here...I'm going to kill her."

Dark Static continues to stand, cloak tucked around Iris as he frowns. This close, the conversation is almost as though they were shouting to his alert ears, and he, being the more pessimistic person that he is, can hear Techno's words for the bull that they are. It's his job to know when people are lying, after all. Observant people would note a glitter of metal as something in his hand touches the sand, and those with senses to match his own would be able to feel the vibration as he sends a radio transmission along the grains of sand using a precision laser array. Sand, after all, is merely glass that doesn't know it yet...

Dark Static sends a radio transmission.

Dark Static sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Take his words with a grain of salt, Midi. He's got something up his sleeve..."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Commander Jet Stingray transmits, "Breeze, that's not a nice thing to say. You should say you are going to pound her or something else non-lethal. Hey, any of you MSE online and listening?"

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] RF Captain Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Yep, MSE is ready for action. What's up?"

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Digital RF MSE Prismatic Spider transmits, "Need something?"

Midi normally isn't a gullible person, too much. He can usually see a false premis a mile away. Though even with Dark Sand's warnings, and the sheer utter falsity of Techno's act, does Midi believe him?

Of course, duh. This is still his brother we're dealing with, and no matter what, Techno is telling Midi the very thing he's been wanting to hear. "Techno I... that's wonderful! D-do you need any help? I can try and hide you from them if you want! I'm sure Iris can help too, she's in Repliforce after all, they can protect you!" Yeah, he seems really happy over this, poor guy.

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Commander Jet Stingray transmits, "I've got some bombs to take care off, but I'm not sure on time. When I get to them, I'm going to need some help in disarming them... So get to those computers and get ready to give me so help in disarming them without blowing up people."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Breeze transmits, "They blow up if moved."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] RF Captain Fusion Phoenix winces. "Just clear the area of people and things you don't want hurt. Unless there is something you can't move, don't even try to defuse the bombs."

Techno nods his head, biting his lips as he squeezes his eyes shut. Pulling Midi in for a long, big HUG. Awww, brothers! Before he gently pushes away, and tilts his head towards the Sand Crawler. "Maybe later. Right now, I've got to go. I can't stay for very long, Midi... they're still after me. Thats why I'm using the crawler at night.." Unlike his brother, HE wasn't gullible. He could follow the leylines of a thought better than most psychologists. Mostly because he's so used to exploiting them. Ironic, mm? "Help me get it back up, and ... and we can ride to the nearest teleport station. And we can finally be together again, Midi!" Doesn't he sound so happy? It'd take something like Dark Static to realize those aren't tears of joy. Their tears of him biting his tongue to keep from bursting out laughing.

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Commander Jet Stingray transmits, "Well, Fusion, I would. But last time I checked I couldn't pick up entire buildings and take them away from bombs. I'm sure there is a way I can handle it. If I can't then prepare to send one bomb boy over to handle this. No need to worry about getting hurt, as I will be able to play personal bodyguard. Regardless we need to get those bombs removed ASAP."

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] RF Captain Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Pits. On my way."

Iris stares at Techno incredulously. Then, she looks over at Midi. . o O (Is he really buying into this??)

Midi doesn't hesitate. "Yeah! Sure, let's go!" So Midi's just been scamed to help Techno get his buggy back up. Don't ever say your brother has never done anything for you. Of course, Midi is buying every word. There's just something about Techno, that makes Midi lose a lot of common sense. Also, he hasn't seen him for MONTHS, so he believes there could be a glimmer of hope he could be telling the truth, and he could actually have his brother back. So off he goes, to help get that buggy back up. Though they're smaller reploids, they should both be strong enough to get that up.

Dark Static twitches. Too many alarm bells ringing in his head from Techno's posture, from just the way he holds himself, and from his words for him to believe this. He cannot see the tears, nor the expression on Techno's face, but he CAN see that Midi is buying it, hook, line, and sinker... So he calls out, "But you can't run off. You haven't introduced yourself yet." Sliding fully into his 'persona' of cheery radio talk show host, he smiles, body language hidden by his cloak but suggesting total relaxation, "After all, how are we supposed to celebrate later if we don't know you?" A sly, conspiratorial grin, "And we can help you get away. Like Midi said, miss Iris is in Repliforce, and I myself have a few favors I can call in to help you escape. Do come and sit down with us for a while. They won't strike at you out here, not with the city on stormwatch."

Iris hmmmmms to herself, as DS slides into his radio show persona...and she knows he must have a plan, so she cheerfully follows right along, grinning widely and nodding. "What can we do for you? Any friend of Midi's is a friend of ours!"

Indeed they are! With a heave, the two Brothers manage to right the Sand Crawler back onto it's four wheels. Those heavy shocks squeaking and shaking slightly. Techno dusts his hands off, chuckling a bit as he walks back towards Midi. Putting an arm around his Good Twin's shoulders, as he looks on at the Crawler.

A single foot sneaks aside, even as he glances back to the interloper - aka, Dark Static and Co. Smiling ever so innocently: "Sorry, I really can't. I've got a rather large.." NOW we -yank- back on Midi's shoulder. To try and send him to the sand, tripped over that one foot "... trip to finish. Ain't that right, lil' pussy?"

Oh harsh reality, thou art so cruel. Some say a shattered hope is worse than no hope at all, Midi recognizes that now. As he falls face first into a tuft of sand. Techno's cruel words and actions ring in his ears as he tries to pick himself up, sand partly clinging to his face like a mask... he whimpers "Why... are you always doing this? Why can't it be real for once?"

Dark Static moves, even as Techno is tripping Midi, in fact moving BEFORE he begins to trip him, a metallic blur escaping his hand, gleaming silver as his cloak whirls around him from the motion, and resolving itself into a gleaming steel blade, imbedded nearly half a foot into the engine of the sand buggy... and quivering only a half-inch from the side of Techno's head. A deliberate miss. He finishes the motion by stalking over and retrieving his sword, clicking it into the wooden sheath lightly, and glaring down at Techno, cloak and anger resolving with the moonlight to make him a rather imposing figure, "Seeing as you no longer have a ride, I suggest you run - don't walk - away, before I get mad."

Iris covers her mouth demurely with her hand, her hair blowing slightly in the breeze, not making a sound.

And, as an insult to the injury? Techno - KICKS sand at his whimpering cohort. Rolling those crimson eyes: "Oh, grow up, you little baby. Stop sucking on Dead Daddy's titty, and get a pair." Ouch. Even TECHNO felt that. After all, he DID care about his father. Sort of. But rebellion and the urge for identity sent him on his downward spiral. It was also the best way to twist the knife in Midi's back. "How many times have I done the /exact same thing/ to you, idiot? Gods. You make me so.. RR! WHY do I have to be related to YOU, of all people." It is here, now, that Techno notices ... a blade. Imbedded in his sand crawler.

".. Look what you did! You ruined my ride. God damned cripple, why don't you go get some repairs instead of flinging Ginsu products?" Yeah. Meanspirited to the core. As a final act of rebellion, Techno shoves his hands in his pockets - and WALKS away. Making sure to spit towards Dark Static's feet as he does. Hey, he knows his brother'll pull the 'friend' off. Midi's just too much of a pussy not too. Now, Techno? Techno wouldn't have a problem letting some of the Yakuza bouncers rough up Midi. Just so long as they didn't kill him. Well, he wouldn't, save HE'D feel it too. Damn.

Midi finally stands again, as Techno walks away. Purposly standing between him and Dark Static as well, to make sure he doesn't try to go after him, yeah Techno was counting on that, yeah it's predictible and gullible. But hey, if he didn't, he wouldn't be Midi. He doesn't bother saying anything else, not like more words would matter now, it would only lead to more hurt after Techno twists it around. He just mutters under his breath "It's hard for me to be related to you too ya know. You don't understand that I can't hate you."

Dark Static quietly offers Midi... a handkerchief. He isn't inclined to go after Techno, because unlike what they both may think, he DOES know a little bit about the two of them, now that he's had occasion to dredge it up from memory... you don't work UN comm for five years without being at least somewhat curious about the people you're dealing with, after all... and he had the rank to get information. So he lets Techno walk away, face impassive as he says softly to Midi, "Don't hate... He wants you to hate him, because he hates himself, and can't stand that you still don't, when he thinks you should... but try to be a little more cautious, hey? Just because you love someone doesn't mean you can trust them utterly, sadly."

Iris watches Techno move away, shaking her head sadly as she watches. Then, she wanders over to Midi, giving him a gentle hug. "That must be so frustrating for you...I'm really sorry."

Techno does have one final gift to give, however, as he rapidly becomes a blurr on the horizon. A fist lifted, over his head, without turning around. And one particular finger lifted.

"Fr4g j0, |_053r!!" Yes. He just somehow managed to pronounce l337. Where Midi got quiet and shy because he was small, Techno got angry and beligerent. Amazing duality, mm?

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Commander Jet Stingray transmits, "Jet here... Breeze, I hurt you were fighting somone in here... You alright?"

[RADIO: (E) UN-Secure] Breeze transmits, "*Clearly furious tone* No, I'm NOT! Going to rip her face right off!"

Midi doesn't take the hankerchief, though a low word of thanks is given. "I'm not gonna cry over it..." He says in a voice which betrays those same words. At Techno's parting comments, Midi only shakes his head. Good Grief. "He really hasn't changed at all..." Sighing, he doesn't react so much from Iris' hug, like he normally would. This is the first time he's seen his brother in months, so it's not something that just washes out of your mind 3 minutes after it's all over. Wordlessly he heads back over to his sandcastle, which thankfully Techno never noticed, and picks up the sack he had "I'm... gonna head back home now." He says it as even as he can, but his voice doesn't fail to let on that he's struggling to do so.

Iris sighs, and murmurs very quietly... "I can't blame you, hon. Go on, I'll see you later." As Midi makes his way out, she says louder, "Call me later if you feel like talking about it, okay?"

Dark Static sends Techno a final retort, "heghbat, naHlet!" While it may not be 'leet', one can always count on good old-fashioned Klingon for insults, even if they are kept light due to company. He nods solemnly to Midi, "Take care of yourself." He tucks the kerchief on top of the sack, smiling faintly, "Use this to wipe the sand off your face."


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