Seoul - United Nations Plaza

It is here that most of the world's decisions are made. The kind of power here reflects in the architecture, with the HUGE UN building that holds the General Assembly. Blue and dome shaped in design, it is the only one in the world of its kind, and workplace to the thousands that work here. The perimeter of the General Assembly building is surrounded the flags of every country that has a seat, which is nearly everyone. Outside are a number of other large office buildings, ranging from delegate bureau's, to the Headquarters of the UN Police, to a Repliforce office. Constantly patrolled and guarded by UN Police, safety is among an utmost concern after the infamous April Fools Day Massacre. Despite that, the place is a very safe environment.

Press Stand
United Nations Vehicle Garages

<UN> leads to United Nations Building.
East <E> leads to Seoul - Northern Commercial District.
West <W> leads to Seoul - Tourist District.
South <S> leads to Seoul - Historical District.
North <N> leads to Seoul - Eastern Residential District.

Vile arrives from the Seoul - Tourist District.
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Vile drops Heavy Ride Armor <Goliath>.

Midi is outside the UN building, in the plaza. Connected to one of the terminals outside the building. It's such a nice night out, he decided to do some updates to the mainframe under the sky.

Sadly, it's not such a nice night inside the UN HQ. Not for Gale Sorcerer at least: today it's one of those night he's got to work during the whole night on stuff with only a couple of short breaks to rest. It's probably his bad luck which made him exit the offices to go buy some coffee the moment he did. Because it isn't a good moment, is it?

Sigma Stomps along the street. If he was a Robot Master, he'd probably put on a beanie, hold a boombox over his right shoulder, and start rapping as he just walks along. However he's not a Robot Master, so he's not even shooting at anything. In fact, he's even taking great care to not step on anybody. Not that anybody is specifically trying to get in his path. He appears to be heading towards the very UN plaza which everybody enjoys so much. Sigma whistles as he walks along, determined to show a 'jovial' state of mind to the people of the world. Of course, Sigma wouldn't waltz into Seoul alone, at least not in this rather noticeable getup.

The ground begins to rumble and windows shatter from the intensity of the quake, the tremor itself growing in strength. The world seems to shake uncontrollably everywhere as individuals are swept off their feet by a powerful force that is unseen to the eye but very much felt by the earth. And as if unable to contain this strength, the ground beneath explodes in a rain of concrete and steel as an enormous figure rises from a fresh hole in the middle of the plaza. The dust and debree screen the area like a brown veil of mist, clouding everything to near impossible visibility. Yet as one looks straight ahead, they are greeted by the daunting form of a massive ride armor. Though the details of this machine are unclear as of yet, one can feel the sheer /pain/ such an abomination can inflict.

As the area clears of the broken pieces of concrete, the terrifying Goliath in assault mode is revealed. UnGodly power, it is pain and suffering incarnate, death in corporeal being, chaos in pure physical form. There is no escaping its shadow, its mere mass blocking all light much like a synthetic eclipse. And in the Ride Armor's cockpit lies an enigmatic shadow. It's outline vague and nebulous, though the trademark is undeniable as a single red eye pierces the silhouette of ebony. Vile, apprently, is a bit more dramatic in his entrances.

The Yakuza has a sudden interest in Seoul recently, and Zayin's presence int he area is warrented. He was a few streets down when he heard some screaming about something big going on down here, so.. up onto the rooftops Zayin went. From building to building he lept until he reached a close enough vanatage point to watch what was going on. Zayin blinks his bright green optics and sits himself down on the edge of the building, "Well lookie here..."

Midi is cuteness incarnate! So THERE! You're no match for him! Of course, he's also a bit of a scardy-cat. In the reflection of his monitor he easily sees (and hears) the approach of Sigma and Vile. It takes him mere seconds to react, and jump out away from the terminal to face them... several feet back. Oh man oh man oh man oh man, where's Rock when you need him?

No one could have ever thought that going out to buy a moccacino in the middle of the night could be SO dangerous, could he? Well, Gale has usually got that feeling that everytime he leaves the silly offices something bad will happen at the same time he's crossing the door. And most of the times he's right about it. After standing frozen in front of the entrance gates for a moment, he hurries to do the two things he's prepared himself to do in dangerous situations like this one. First, he quickly grabs his bladed staff's pieces, and puts them together. With the staff's desing and a bit of practice it can be done in less than five seconds, really. And second, Gale puts his radio near his mouth, breathes, and releases a deep "ALARM!!!!!!!!!". Well, that should do it for now, he hopes.

Bolero arrives from the Seoul - Tourist District.
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Yes. Sigma is not dramatic and his player can't spam. However, Sigma stretches out his arms with a Kachink, just to show everybody that he's ready to push something over if there is a need for it. Despite the tremors, Sigma still walks with an assured pace, keeping his movements almost in time with the Goliath. With each step he takes, a small dust cloud billows up around his feet. And when Sigma removes his foot from that locale? A lovely indentation is revealed in the ground he has walked on. Seems like he wants to do the Walk of Fame or something. Sigma's eyes flash red, causing a few wusses to whimper and cover their heads, and kiss the ground. However he does not zap anybody. He just walks. He takes a few more steps before he finally catches sight of Little Short Midi. And he holds up a single hand. "Hey.", he says to Midi, he takes another couple steps, and then stops.

The Yakuza decides his current spot is not sufficient. He pokes his sword against the rooftop and pushes himself off it and towards the nearest rooftop. Once on that rooftop he begins to run and hop the various roofs before he can't go anyfurther. He seems to feel a need to get closer to the situation. Curiosity is getting the better of the Shadow Hunter now. When the Shadow HUnter meets the ground, he jogs towards the scene.

The Goliath emits an audio-splitting moan as the drills continue to whir about at the end of its massive cylinder forearms. Chunks of earth fly out as it does so, it begins to stand fully erect from its somewhat hunched position, and extends its both arms as wide as they can go as if 'stretching' the compacted joints. It gives yet another roar, alien to the world of men, its screech unbearable. The beast lurches forward with a single step, its gigantic foot landing hard on the pavement to cause 'spider-web' cracks by its weight alone. Those close enough are literally rocked by the shockwave of the step. The pilar-sized arms slouch down to the sides in a defensive position while the main engine continues to growl.

Vile, meanwhile, increases the intensity of his red eye so that it becomes a laser unto itself. A long streak of red cutting across the distance between Vile and Midi, tracing the hacker's movements much like a sniper would. The Maverick General stands from his seated position in the cockpit, arms crossed. "Away with your weapons peon! It is an insult to think you are even a match... pathetic whelps."

....hey? That is not how Midi expected a mighty tall Sigma to address him. He just slinks back... looks like he's cowering, but oh no. Midi is still connected to the mainframe of the UN HQ don't forget, particularly that of security. Nothing is moving for now, but if Midi wants to, he can activate all the outer cannons surrounding the HQ with a thought. Of course, this is Sigma and Vile we're dealing with, it won't defeat them, but it'd be enough to distract them for help to arrive. That is, if their intention is aggressive.

As if having two of the most dangerous reploids in the world walking near the HQ enough problem, Gale facepalms with his left hand when he notices both Vile and Sigma in front of Midi... talking? Well, he's definitely not going to debate that right now, but he's got to take the hacker out of there in some way. So, he quickly jumps into the air and floats as fast as possible towards Midi, landing on his left. Holding the staff with both hands, he gives a short glare to the mavericks, glups, and says. "I guess this has nothing to do with a "let's have a tea and have a peaceful conversation about peace", has it?" Man, the reinforcements should better come SOON.

Sigma draws a very, very large gun from behind his back. He is currently pointing it to the sky, so maybe he doesn't intend to shoot with it. "Yes. I thought we'd all sit down and drink green tea. You'd have to find suitable cups though.", he gestures to Vile with his free hand, "You do not mind if my friend here and I chat, do you, hm?", he chuckles and and carelessly slings the weapon he's holding over his back, "That gun costs more than some reploids. And just for a little more umph in it too. It's not really worth it, but I can't say I'm not thankful. So. Will you stop trying to delay us and let us pass? We want to chat with the ladies and gentlemen of the house. Just a polite conversation.", he looks towards the Goliath, "Right, General?", he grins widely. Then again, he almost always grins, but this grin is a little more mocking (not to General, but to the area) than usual.

The creature known as Vile simply watches the entire scene unfold with not a single word, he observes from the top of Goliath's cockpit. Needless to say, the deather harbinger's presence is intimidating enough without the massive form of a Ride Armor the size of a two story building with the more firepower than certain countries. The Maverick General looks down, upon Midi, itching to waste the little rat with a single shot of napalm projectile from his massive shoulder cannon. But, he does as Sigma had previously told him to. The Maverick tilts his neck to the left, then to the right, cracking it in both directions. He hisses, his crackling voice like that of a reptile as he replies to Sigma with a single nod. "Right..."

The Shadow Hunter skids to a stop when he turns a corner, and sees everything goin down. He steps back to said corner and leans against it. His sword swings down to the ground and he pokes it into the ground while he watches from his position. His green optics flash brightly, "Tough hardware..." Zayin murmers to himself as watches... biding his time.

Midi ulps, and says in a small broken voice "The... the... the Security General doesn't meet w-with the likes of y-you when you arrive like this." Gulp. If only Midi had Rock's courage here, he wishes... "Now l-leave or we'll have to f-force you away from the UN HQ..."

Courage? Well, being able to run fast has been many times something more useful than courage for Gale. That and his intelligence, but for now it seems like the mage will have to act as a wall along with his partner. "Yeah, gentlemen... ah, er, I mean. You haven't even got an arrangement for this... agh." That's it, he's going to choose a hologram and toss it when he gets the chance.

Sigma ducks down a little, his armor releasing some hot steam into the area as it adjusts to Sigma's new movements. Kerchunk. It moves into places as Sigma peers right at Midi. "Oh? That's too bad. I was -so- hoping to talk to her. I guess she enjoys sending her dogs after the Empire instead. It's so much more pleasant that way, for her, don't you agree?", he raises a hand again and adds, "Well next time I'll make an appointment, write it down in the little black book and everything, how bout that? But can I trust you two to impart a message to the rest of the UN? I promise it will be nice and short, it won't hurt too much for you to remember it all, and you won't have to deal with our unpleasantness for much longer after we impart our news.", he looks to Vile and says, "Shall you do the honors, General?"

Sigma is big. Goliath is big. Midi and Gale Sorceror? Small. Zayin? He's a ninja.
Of course, as luck would have it. Sigma isn't so big. For there is larger.

Bowie arrives from the Seoul - Tourist District.
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Ride Armor <Triumph> arrives from the Seoul - Tourist District.
Ride Armor <Triumph> has arrived.

Across the land, across the sea, there is not one single Reploid who is as cool as the one who has arrived. Oh no, they can say they are cool, but one has the themesong that this one has, none can compare.

The Colonel runs through the streets of the city, knowing where his destination is. The steps of the Repliforce Executive Officer are perfectly spaced, even in his hurried pace, and not the least bit akward. The Colonel has cometh.

Zayin stands there at the corner. A few buildings away from the lil party going down. The Shadow Hunter just stands there. No attention is being drawn to him, so why not just stand out in the open like that? Zayin's optics dim a bit as he stares and tries to listen to what the large Maverick has to say. He takes hold of the hilt of his sword, pulls it from the ground and sneaksneaks closer to the scene.

Reasons why Bolero's luck blows:

1) His girlfriend has an overprotective brother that is usually twice his size and always twice as fast as he, used to be engaged to a blonde haired pretty boy berserker and a Stingray with no face, and has Mr. Clean using his pine scent to try and lure her into a relationship with him.

2) He has two bodies which are not allowed to ever be separated, lest he die.

3) No, you evil shmoes can't separate them.

4) He's always in town doing something when Evil strikes.

At the present time, Bolero was in Seoul, looking for a gift to get Iris... And got several gifts for her, as well as a few spare pranks. He sighs in the commercial district, stuffing his stuff into a conveinient storage locker in the bus station. The Reploid Master of Sound then sprints outside, blinding light shifting to his power armor, jetting cross-town faster than most commercial vehicles, before hitting the phaseshift button one last time. Immediately the Spaniard's 7' stature is replaced with the imposing 18' stature of Wreck Brahma, also known as Bolero, the Spanish Scourge of the Hellish Heathen of Europe and Africa. The Bull stalks down the avenues, coming from the Vile-side of the United Nations building, praying that no one steals his stuff back at that bus station.

The Maverick General leans farther down the edge of the cockpit, one foot resting on the seat while the other on the outline of the opening. Arms crossed, he keeps a steady single red optic gaze upon the United Nations officials. The redy eye flaring like never before, its intensity matched with the deepest corners of Hell itself. He hisses once more, his demonic garbled voice echoes across the streets. The reptile crackle of his tone is as spine chilling as his very gaze. "Defile our land again, and I will scorch the earth, preferably that of a highly populated density, beyond all recognition." He leans down, red laser slowly gracing across Midi until it falls between his eyes. "And not just that, this time... lives will be lost. /I/ will personally guarantee to that, I will bathe in the blood of the innocent and I will not rest until all is consumed in flames and the very air is thick with nothing but the smell of smoke!"

And coming down the street in the direction of UN headquarters...Kalinka Cossack, wearing the ever-fashionable 'Triumph' armor. Kali narrows her eyes...she KNOWS that her wayward brother is involved in this tussle. Every time she has to face Vava, it's increasingly unpleasant. She expects no less this time.

And hot on the Triumph's heels is Bowie...not the scourge of anything in particular, but loyal Maverick Hunter nonetheless.

Bastion has arrived.

Wow, such an impressive speech should scare the bejabbers out of poor ol' Midi. But.... no, he seems very not frightened, in fact, he seems to be thinking about something. "Say...." He says, pondering "...isn't that the speech that the bad guy made in Final Fantasy CCXXVII? Man, that game was stupid, had nowhere near the story of CCXXVI." What on earth is he babbling about? Who knows? But perhaps he's just killing time for something else to happen. The sounds of many <K-chacks> fill the air, and if you would look up, you'd see several large and mean looking security cannons pointing at Sigma and Vile. Seems Midi's rambling was just a stall so he could activate the cannons via the security grid.

Sigma idly imagines burning Seoul to the ground. Unlikely to happen even if he attacked now, but there'd still be heavy damage. Oh well. Pity that. And everybody's rushing to greet he and the General. They always do. "Always predictable.", he says after a moment, "That has been attributed to us, but it's rarely considered the other way around. Still.", he nods to Vile, "Vile puts it very well. You call us the villains. If you disgrace and dirty our home with your filth, we will have to take out the garbage. And of course that won't be enough, we'll have to recycle it too, yes Midi? I wonder how that would feel, being recycled, crunched into something unrecognizable as your former self? Why, it must be like reincarnation. I wonder if that works for machines.", he looks up as the cannons point toward him, "Tsk. Defenses. You're lucky I don't want to rummage through the garbage today.", he turns around and nods to his General, "Do you think they have sufficiently gotten the picture, or do we have to explain? You are a better judge than I in this regard."

Coming in from one of the building tops is the Maverick Hunter, Bastion. With a rifle strapped over his right shoulder, the Hunter's glare, with only one optic (the other having been torn out by the Maverick General Vile), falls solely on Vile. "Listen, buckethead, don't make me steal another of your helmets so you shut up and run home to hide that horrendous face of yers."

The mage's sight goes from the Maverick Emperor's head towards Vile's red eye nervously. His audio recording system takes good note of the message, while Gale, trying to stand on his position near Midi without running. Something that turns QUITE harder to do after he hears Midi's comment with big open eyes. Somehow strangling his staff with both hands, he adds "Actually, it was CCXXIV to be exact... ah... Got the message gentlemen, me, ah... oh, damn..." He just sighs, puts his right hand on Midi's shoulder, and does what he should have done minutes ago. "Ready to vanish from this place?"-he whispers

The Yakuza Enforcer skids to a stop, a few meters away from all the hubbub going on here at the UN. He just stands there, receiving the words being exchanged much more clearly now. Out from a compartment in his arm, Zayin pulls out a hat. He places it on his golden helmet. Hmm.. good disguise Zayin.

Ride Armor <Triumph> continues her approach, powering up the ride armor's weapons array as she goes along.

"The message has been conveyed, it is sufficient." He pauses and looks at the pathetic predictability of it all. It rings true of Sigma's description, how close-minded these arrogant fools are. They fail to see a possibly different outcome than that which they so typically believe to be. It matters not, for the end of this conversation has come... and it is not in Vile's place to decide the consequences of their visit, as Sigma had so pleasantly put it, but the UN's. His look falls heavily on Midi.

"Why you little piece of monkey-loving filth, very clever. But do you really think your toys will save you from being recycled into a bedpan? You may yet prolong your meaningless existance, fire... and I will personally see that you are recycled as Wily's bedpan." With that said, he returns to his seat inside the cockpit of the Goliath, powering it up for their departure. Yet as the engine starts, a familiar voice rings across the vicinity. A red eye glances over to Bastion. "Well, if it isn't the donut-muncher."


... Where has Bolero gone? He was just thooming along, but with a single tremulous noise, he disappeared. Hmm... That can't be good. Disappearing 18' tall brahma bulls with a nonsensical attitude? Yeesh... Oh, wait, there he is. Bolero's horns cut through the middle of the street, powering along readily as he charges forward in the same tunnel the Goliath used. Hey, recycling works kids!

"Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, Siggy-poo! Yooooooooooooooo-whoooooooooooooooooooooo! And where's that crazy li'l Russian anarchist, Viley-Wily!" cries the Spaniard, in a very much sing-song voice. Annoyingly sing-song, in fact.

Bowie's air cannon hums ominously as the compressors charge. The smile he's been wearing most of the week is gone now, replaced with a more sober, if annoyed, expression. There is nothing he can say that would change the situation for the better, and so he says nothing. Giving the Triumph a nod, he moves to get into a closer position to the Maverick speech-makers.

Midi idly asides to Gale "Whenever you're ready, I guess..." he whispers. He looks back to Vile, yeah Midi isn't that scared. Mainly because he's a firm believer that the good guys always win in the end, even if that is a big naive, it's just how he sees things. He doesn't say anything else, just waits for Gale to do his thing, and with a cute looking smirk on his face. Even in the middle of a potential conflict, he has to look so darn cute.

Within the Triumph, Kalinka can't help but BLINK when she hears the weird taunting. "...Where is that coming from?" she wonders. "Weird." She peers in Bastion's direction, then looks back at Bowie. She doesn't want to move in too soon, so she's taking Bastion's lead.

Landing on the ground about a dozen meters from the pair, Bastion's good optic glares across the area directly around him for a moment, hearing the arrival of some before spotting them. Of course, Bastion's not exactly prone to be civil right now, as he grabs his rifle and prepares to take aim at Vile. "Ohho. Never get tired of the obvious jokes, do we?" And by his voice, he knows he's made the obvious one as well, "Lets look at it this way, ol' Chrome and Buckets. I really don't care what little propaganda spouting you want to do... I'm sure we're all use to yer normal drab speeches, but lets cut to the chase. Get the hell out of the city and back to yer stink hole. We're not going to stand for another of your 'Reign Fire Upon the Land' for Denmark slag like yer little cronies did earlier. You've done worse, so kiss our afts and get lost."

Sigma hms softly as he floats slightly above the ground, drawing his more-expensive-than-reploids gun and says, "Do you guys want to die or something? Do you -like- prolonging conflicts and agitating minor ones into major ones? I suppose this is the way human innefficency works.", he pats his cheek and gasps, mockingly, "And it appears we're using 'obvious jokes' and being called such -new- phrases as Chrome and Buckets. I never heard those before, General.", he sighs, scanning upward, and while he didn't ignore Bolero (in fact, that's why he has gone from 'neutral' to 'potentially hostile' in this encounter) he doesn't reply. "And now we're being shuffled to the door. What rude hosts."

Perhaps, Zayin's made an error in being here. People are showing up. And he's approached too close to everyone's target, the pair of Mavericks. Ninja vanish? Only if it were that simple. The Golden Shadow Hunter with the hat on his head begins to backpedal away from the area... perhaps it would be good not to look like he's associating with the Mavericks.

That's it! Green light for Gale at least! With a silly smile the mage looks towards the Mavericks again, being also able to see the arriving reinforcements. "Well, sorry about it. You know, these thing usually happen when you read a book with a name such as "Use maffia tactics like the professionals"." The UN agent turns the smile into some kind of grin and points his staff's sphere towards the mavericks. And then...

Then Sigma and his General are engulfed into a deep crystalline mist with dozens and dozens of reflections and image distortions, the result of hours working with a holograms-creating tool. And that's when the intelligence agent takes his change to grab Midi with both hands, jump, and floats towards a safe distance. Not an easy task for Gale though, since he isn't the strongest of Reploids. "Ghh... Midi, you're way heavier than I thought"-he says in the middle of the air-"You should start controlling your diet, you know..."

Gale Sorcerer projects a holographic image of Crystal Mist Spell.

Crystal Mist Spell has arrived.

The occupant of the Triumph isn't in the mood to deal with these Maverick clowns, either. Scowling, Kalinka powers the weapons array up to 100 with a deadly whine, and clicks on the external speaker. "You did hear him!" she says to Sigma...then adds to Vile, in scathing Russian... "<< You too. Get lost. Vava, I just don't understand why you have to pick on people weaker than you. Does that make you feel like a big man, now? Sad. >>" Kalinka blinks, as the Mavericks are suddenly obscured by the holographic cloud. "What is this??"

Bowie arches an eyebrow at the optic-dazzling holographic display. That's different. He flips down his visor, not that it helps to cut through the conjured fog. Again, no words from him as he takes up a position on the wall above the plaza. Just in case the Mavericks decide to escelate the situation.

Midi is being taken by Gale! Whee! "Hey, I'm pretty light for a reploid ya know!" And that's about it, whatever happens now is up to those involved. Midi's player need sleep.


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