Seoul - United Nations Plaza

It is here that most of the world's decisions are made. The kind of power here reflects in the architecture, with the HUGE UN building that holds the General Assembly. Blue and dome shaped in design, it is the only one in the world of its kind, and workplace to the thousands that work here. The perimeter of the General Assembly building is surrounded the flags of every country that has a seat, which is nearly everyone. Outside are a number of other large office buildings, ranging from delegate bureau's, to the Headquarters of the UN Police, to a Repliforce office. Constantly patrolled and guarded by UN Police, safety is among an utmost concern after the infamous April Fools Day Massacre. Despite that, the place is a very safe environment.

UN Heavy Transport <Magellan>
Press Stand
United Nations Vehicle Garages

<UN> leads to United Nations Building.
East <E> leads to Seoul - Northern Commercial District.
West <W> leads to Seoul - Tourist District.
South <S> leads to Seoul - Historical District.
North <N> leads to Seoul - Eastern Residential District.

Dr. Wily has arrived.

Yet another beautiful evening under Starhaven's omnious shadow. LOOOOOOM! While some are predicting the end of the world, Midi couldn't be happier! He's been busy researching those initial data scans from his first trip up to Starhaven, and he's about done with his research. And he's found..... absolutely nothing! It's still a bit too... alien to quite understand, but never fear! Midi'll get it eventually!

Seoul. Home of the UN. Lots of people. Good food. And...certainly NOT Dr. Wily. Yet, this is where we find the mad genius, strolling calmly into the UN Plaza, unaccompanied by any Masters. At least, visibly. He appears to be patting at his pockets idly. "Now where did I put that thing? I really hope it isn't on the shuttle. Still....if forty Robot Masters AND Ballade can't find it..." Sighing, he lingers for a moment on the edge of the plaza, then keeps moving.

For the past few days, Midi's been absorbed in his work. So much so he even didn't notice Abernathy and Symphony having a talk right in front of him. But now that he's nearly finished, he can sense other things happening around him like normal again. Perfect timing when Wily shows up. The old man's voice saying 'Masters' and 'Ballade' is more than enough to get his attention. Midi looks up at the scientist curious, he doesnt' recoil with fear or anything, since there IS an alliance for the moment. Shrugging to himself, he says "Hello?"

Dr. Wily turns his head slightly, roused from his own mumblings. The sound of a cane tapping stone comes closer as Wily heads for the voice. "Hello yourself." He stops several feet from the Midi, and smiles disarmingly. "Lovely night, isn't it? The moon, the stars, the giant orbital fortress of death and despair?" Wily chuckles sardonically. "Kind of gets you right here..." He taps his chest for emphasis.

Midi blinks in surprise. Well... that's certainly not how he ever expected Dr. Wily to react to a hello. Hey, who knows, this could be his ONLY chance to speak to someone like him freely. Quickly saving his work and closing it on his lab top, he turns back to the Doc "Um, yeah, I suppose." He looks back up at Starhaven looming there, like a big... looming thing. "What brings you here tonight Dr. Wily?"

Dr. Wily shakes his head and laughs. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you. Or maybe you would..." The Doctor follows that glance upwards, and eyes Starhaven for a moment. "I...uhh...lost my favorite pen on that blasted shuttle the other night." He grumbles a bit. "I've had that pen since I designed Guts Man." Amazingly enough, Wily looks truly distraught over the loss of his pen.

Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission.

Midi blinkblinks. Well geniuses are known to be scatterbrained, I suppose. "A pen?" He asks. "Well... let's see..." He thinks for a moment "If it WAS left on the shuttle... it probably would have been found and placed in the UN Lost and Found office, I would think..." He shrugs slightly "But.. if it got stuck down between a seat or something, it might still be there..." A pen huh? As foolish as it may be, Midi decides to believe what Wily says for now...

Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission to Tengu Man.
Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission from Tengu Man.
Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission to Tengu Man.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Pharaoh Man transmits, "I would like to start a wager. 100 Z says that Missy gets herself in trouble, just like that little snoop Plum."

Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abyss Dragon transmits, "Hmm..I'll take it. Anyone know where exactly she is, anyway?"

Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission to Tengu Man.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tengu Man transmits, "Umm...Starhaven, maybe?"

Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abyss Dragon giggles, "Nono, I mean precisely?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...I suggest simply... enjoying the show."

Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission.

Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abyss Dragon transmits, "Well..100Z is something to enforce, Byte. So I think I'll stay on guard."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...There is little reason to... rush around like headless chickens..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tengu Man murmurs, "Headless chickens...pffh..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Pharaoh Man transmits, "He is a Repliforcer, Byte."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Point, Pretender of Ra."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abyss Dragon transmits, "Well..I wont...I will simply...Be on guard....!"

Dr. Wily nods his head. "The lost and found. I had thought of that, though I think they might not know what to do with me." He chuckles. "After all, I am still a wanted man, those these be strange times." Wily shrugs that thought away, then looks upwards once more to that looming monstrosity. "Though what these times will bring, I can only wonder...."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Kalinka transmits, "Taking bets on someone's life. How tasteless."

Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tengu Man chuckles quietly.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Were we not allied, I would show you how wrong your comment as to my ominpotence is, Byte. But another time, Maverick stripling."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abyss Dragon transmits, "Heeeeey! I'm taking the bet that she wont die. That's not tasteless. Is it?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Wily transmits, "I'll take that bet."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sting Chameleon transmits, "Just as you've been able to show me!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Wily transmits, "Your time will come, chameleon."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Psh. You are a coward, Sting Chameleon, and not worth the effort."

Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission from Tengu Man.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abyss Dragon transmits, "As will yours, Dr. Willy."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...I do not make wagers. I merely watch... ...I have kept many shards from falling on the heads of the Reploids of the world for the last week. ...Pity I could not determine which peices would have fallen on only humans... ...but... ...Duty is Duty."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sting Chameleon transmits, "*rasberry*"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Wily transmits, "Perhaps."

Midi oh rights. The whole wanted thing. "Well... um... it's probably closed now... but I could take a look for you when it opens?" Even Midi stops himself here... he's offering to do a FAVOR for WILY? But it seems harmless enough... just find a pen, right? Realizing the time, he opens up his labtop again to a Live News stream to the transmission from Starhaven "Speaking of the times... looks like something's going on..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Pretender of Ra... ...I will enjoy crushing you in all your False Godliness one day soon, then."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sword Man transmits, "How mature of thee, Lizard..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Pharaoh Man growls.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abyss Dragon transmits, "Okay everyone, just chill a'ight?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sword Man transmits, "Enough prattle. If it shall degenerate to this, keep it on the global channel."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Pity. There is no Popcorn up here."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abyss Dragon transmits, "Trust Byte to be thinking of his stomach."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "Cease squabbling, all of you. There are more important things to do."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...As you wish, Father."

Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission from Tengu Man.

Dr. Wily blinks and steps around to peer at the laptop. "You would? Thank you. Its not often someone offer to do a favor for me." He chuckles, then his eyes narrow a bit and the chuckling trails off. "I wonder what those fool Doctors are up to now. Probably going to get us all killed." Not shy with his opinion, is he?

Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission to Tengu Man.
Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Cossack transmits, "NO! YOU FOOL!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abyss Dragon transmits, "Wazza Dr. C?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sword Man transmits, "This shall not end well...."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Wily transmits, "IDIOTS! We have no idea what that craft is capable of. And in the hands of those morons to boot!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cleaver Cow transmits, "...Did he just say he was gonna drive that?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abyss Dragon ohs, "I would go stop him. But I dont think I could make it on time."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tengu Man transmits, "D***it, WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME just WHAT is wrong with the freaking vehicle?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Pharaoh Man transmits, "He's about to tamper with technology he has no capability of understanding."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Or controlling."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cleaver Cow transmits, "Well, it doesn't have /wings/. That's a good start."

Midi feels a bit uncomfortable at first, sharing a Labtop view with Wily of all people... but we're all allies for the moment. Planet Earth agaisnt the Universe or something. Offering to find a pen, showing him his live stream of Star haven. Sheesh. Midi is an UNer, naturally... but even so.. he never really liked that Dr HH, he can't even pronouce his name "I dunno..." He admits, as he looks at the new events "Uh oh... I don't think that's going to turn out to be very good...."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cleaver Cow transmits, "It's smooth, see?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tengu Man gives a ragged sigh.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cyclops transmits, "Things like this can only end in pain..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Kalinka transmits, "*long, nervous sigh*"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Oh, and Abyss Dragon. I'll expect that 100 Z transferred to my account with the first Wily Bank of Africa."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abyss Dragon transmits, "Wait..Should I get away from the exausts(sp?)?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "I believe... ...I am about to be amused."

Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission to Tengu Man.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Gravity Beetle giggles.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blue Dragon Director Kain hrms...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abyss Dragon chuckles, "She hasn't got into trouble yet. Just done something that /may/ end in severe trouble and the upmost pain."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cleaver Cow transmits, "Field Commander, can you take a picture?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler mutters, "Haschenkopf has always been a fool. Have you ever read his papers? Pure drivel."

Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission from Tengu Man.
Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Naturaly, Cleaver."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tengu Man transmits, "Freaking idiot."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Pharaoh Man transmits, "The 100 Z, Abyss."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blue Dragon Director Kain transmits, "..."

Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sting Chameleon transmits, "A challenge! Does the fin head not remember MY challenge to him not a few months ago at Tartarus!? I PROVED MYSELF, lasting 5 rounds...I was the FIRST to fall at his hands in his open challenge tournament. So there!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte gives a slow... ...ominous laugh.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sword Man transmits, "Perhaps that was a tad too predictable..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cyclops transmits, "Well, isn't /that/ a surprise."

Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission from Tengu Man.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cleaver Cow transmits, "Hey, I watch movies. I expected it."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abyss Dragon transmits, "And movies are /such/ a brilliant reference to real life events, huh?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cleaver Cow transmits, "Worked, didn't it?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sting Chameleon transmits, "I accept your challenge, Monkey Fish!!!"

Dr. Wily sighs as the idiots make their annoucnment. There is a SMACK as the Doctor facepalms right there. "Those fools. Playing with alien technology they don't even fully understand. No good will come of this." Muttering vehemently under his breath, he watches the screen closely. "No telling what will happen. Those idiots."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Bass transmits, "Splendid. When would you like to fight Pharaoh Man, mister Chameleon?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Pharaoh Man transmits, "I shall burn him to a pile of ash."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sting Chameleon transmits, "Awww...Pharaoh Man? Oh well..I guess he'll have to do."

Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission to Bass.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blue Dragon Director Kain transmits, "Mr. Sting Chameleon? I have read over that particular email... and you're supposed to face Pharaoh Man, not Forte."

Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission to Dr. Cossack.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Bass tchs. "Reading comprehension is a lost art." He mutes the frequency again.

Midi furries his lack of a brow. Cute face an all. Technically, he messed with alien technology himself, up on the initial trip... but they were being attacked by a giant lobster thing, and there wasn't much else to do. Since then he's mainly just done research, and has been content with that. And now the latest transmission "...something's wrong? What do you suppose he means?" ANYTHING going wrong up there is a bad thing, does he even need to ask?

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sting Chameleon transmits, "So is sarcasm apparently."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...In the event of Sting Chameleon's inability to fight at the set time... ...I will face Pharaoh Man in his place."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Knowing Sting, he will most likely jump at the chance to avoid a confrontation, Byte."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abyss Dragon transmits, "He's muted the channel Big B."

Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission from Bass.

Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission to Bass.

Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission.

Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sting Chameleon transmits, "No, Pharaoh Man. I would not miss it for the world."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Kalinka transmits, "Why are you talking about a stupid fight at a time like this??"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abyss Dragon gasps, "What have you done to Sting?!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sting Chameleon transmits, "I'm not. I just wanted him to know."

Dr. Wily doesn't know Midi messed with alein technology. Then again, Wily had to himself once already as well. Mainly to do the UN Doctor's stupidity in the first place, but whos keeping track? "Wrong? Who knows? With any luck, it won't destroy the whole planet. With any luck." He doesn't sound so hopefull though, but then again, why should he?

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sting Chameleon transmits, "I just miss him, that's all. We had such a lovely time last time...and then he never called."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sting Chameleon transmits, "He never wrote...I felt so alone."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abyss Dragon transmits, "Oh hell."

Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Disturbing..."

Leaf Shuttle arrives from the Seoul - Tourist District.
Leaf Shuttle has arrived.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Gravity Beetle transmits, "WAHAHAHA!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy, mildly, "This is the way the world ends..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sword Man transmits, "Perhaps NOW the answers shall come, in a way most of us wouldst not have wanted..."

Skull Shuttle arrives from the Seoul - Historical District.
Skull Shuttle has arrived.

Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission to Dr. Cossack.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abyss Dragon transmits, "If anything's coming I cant see it *right now*. But.."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blue Dragon Director Kain transmits, "Oh...F**king...Hell."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Wily transmits, "*cursing. In German*"

The Leaf Shuttle, apparently the only vehicle Tengu could grab on a short notice, is coming in hot from above... <<Dad! Can you see me?>> tightbeams Tengu, coming in for a manual landing on the plaza if he has to...

Midi sighs slightly to himself. He looks at the monitors as things go from bad to worse. "I knew it..." He mutters. "Wish I could get up there to see what was going on...." Heck, Midi wishes he could get back up there period to study that technology. Even if he had to hitch a ride with the devil himself.... well, maybe not that bad...

A low rumble is heard from the distance, as the Skull Shuttle comes streaking into the area, slowing quickly to a stop above the Plaza. It lowers near Wily himself, exhaust pouring out of its assorted vents. An intercom comes online, " Amun-Wily, I have arrived. "

Dr. Wily blinksas BOTH shuttle arrive. "Well....." He shakes his head, and has a quick word by radio, then heads for the SKull Shuttle. After several paces, he stops and looks back at Midi impatiently. "Well...what are you waiting for? Hurry up!" He turns and heads to the shuttle without a backwards look.

The Leaf Shuttle quickly lands, with Zangief and Tengu grinning wildly... It slides to a stop near the main open portion of the plaza. Tengu punches a few buttons, and Tengu jumps out of it, Zangief snapping at his heels as he does so.

The door on one side hisses open, and a ramp extends. Two mummified guard drones flanking the entrance to the Skull Shuttle signal its pilot-Pharaoh Man.

Tengu Man has arrived.

Midi huhs? "You mean?" Wowzer.... Dr. Wily is inviting him to go along on a trip which might mean their doom! WOW! "Uh.. right! Sure thing!" Sheesh... he's accompying one of the most wanted men in the world... still... he can't pass this chance up. Off he goes after Wily. This is going to be so KEEN!

Tengu Man lands lightly, signaling to the Leaf Shuttle as he jumps /again/, cueing his jets in order to get to the Shuttle faster...

Job sends a radio transmission to Dr. Wily.
Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission from Job.
Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission to Job.
Job receives a radio transmission.
Dr. Wily has left.

Skull Shuttle


Pharaoh Man
Bastion has arrived.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tengu Man transmits, "...what the hell?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Wily transmits, "Hell...."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cyclops transmits, "Oh great..."

Pharaoh Man scoots over a seat into the co-pilot's chair. He's not going to leave Wily all by himself, that would be bad protocol. And what better a chance to see the master of machines at work as a pilot? " Greetings Amun-Wily. A fool metool team is at maintenence and engine stations. If Brother Tengu is willing to take the tactical controls, we can leave immidiatly. "

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Gravity Beetle transmits, "P-P-P-Proto Man?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blue Dragon Director Kain transmits, "Hunters. I don't suppose you could try to control one of your two berserkers?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "What the hell!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "Not with a--well, I'd call that a bang."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tengu Man transmits, "What the hell is with Break Man?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sword Man growls a bit.

Outside> Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission to Bastion.

Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission to Bastion.

Outside> Bastion receives a radio transmission from Dr. Wily.

Bastion receives a radio transmission from Dr. Wily.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "GOD DAMNED HUNTERS!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Kalinka transmits, "Proto!! Stop it, Proto if you can hear me, stop it right now!!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "They will be the death of us all!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Pyro Squirrel transmits, "I always knew he would crack."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Bastion transmits, "Why thank you Job. I'll make sure to grant you that thought later."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tengu Man transmits, "You heard the girl, stop it, dumbaft!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sigma transmits, "Don't panic."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "The anger of having state-endorsed vigilantes on our retainer."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Proto Man?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Whatever terrorist. Your as bad as those those you fight."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Why would the Firstborn... ..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Midi transmits, "Mr. Job... please, this isn't the time for this..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Pharaoh Man transmits, "He has forsaken his true creator and master. It has doomed him to imperfection, and for it he will be our fall."

Stepping onto the ship just behind the rest, with Wily's 'protection', Bastion seems a bit off edge for now.

Dr. Wily drops into the Pilot's chair and quickly scans the systems. The GNN feed plays over a side monitor, and Wily grimaces. "Things are getting worse, I see." Pharaoh's reports are acknowledged by sharp nods. "Excellent work." He turns to look at Tengu. "Both of you." As the last of their 'guests

Outside> Abernathy arrives from the Seoul - Tourist District.

Tengu Man is heeeeere. Yes. He's a little miffed that he doesn't get to drive, but ah...he'll live. He finds a seat, quickly, facepalming as he hears that Blues, of all people, is blowing stuff up with reckless abandon -- on Starhaven.

Dr. Wily drops into the Pilot's chair and quickly scans the systems. The GNN feed plays over a side monitor, and Wily grimaces. "Things are getting worse, I see." Pharaoh's reports are acknowledged by sharp nods. "Excellent work." He turns to look at Tengu. "Both of you." As the last of their 'guests' steps aboard, Wily nods. "Tengu, Pharaoh, we have a coupld of passengers, so lets all play nice now." The doctor chuckles, then peers at everyone. "Strap yourselves in, we're taking off." He doesn't give them much time either, as the engines surge to life very quickly, sending the shuttle vaulting into the air.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "I said my peace. So how about we put this mad dog down before Starhaven comes crashing down on us?"

Outside> Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission to Blues.

Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission to Blues.

Pharaoh Man secures his straps, " Guests, Amun-Wily? " He turns to Midi and Bastion. Typically, he'd detest the sight of the Hunter, for his allegiance, but hasn't the time. " Very well. They shall be looked after. "

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Teisel Bonne transmits, "Maybe.. maybe Starhaven is acting as a beacon for... for.. whatever it is! Maybe Protoman is doing us a favor!"

Midi plops into the Skull Shuttle behind Wily "Neat...." But quickly, as the latest batch of transmissions go through, he quickly finds a seat to... uh, sit in. He blinks as Wily says /guests/, he thought he was the only one. Looking behind him, he sees Bastion. Wow, this is going to be some trip.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cleaver Cow transmits, "You know what that sounds like from back here?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cleaver Cow transmits, "Excuses."
Tengu Man murmurs as he takes his seat. "Fine, fine..." The 'guests' are both eyed. Especially Bastion.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Bastion transmits, "I agree. Better to destroy the thing, given what happened /last/ time they showed up."

Dr. Wily adds a sort of afterthought. "Pharoah, check sensors for the Satr Seeker. I believe it should be visible now." He grins, a quiet little grin.

Strapping himself in, Bastion spots Tengu Man and grins slightly. "I see we're all fixed up from our last encounter? Good. Perhaps next time, you all will learn not to shoot yerselves." Bastion has out one of his pistols and seems to be fiddling with one of the mechanisms in it.

Tengu Man simply glares at Bastion, and replies with a generic 'feh' sound. "Save it."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blue Dragon Director Kain transmits, "...As Rattrap has so elloquently put it... We're all going to die."

Tengu Man says, "Whoa. 'Bout time..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sword Man transmits, "Pessimism will lead nowhere..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Teisel Bonne transmits, "Well, I don't know about you, but the Bonnes aren't going down without a fight!"

Tengu Man sighs quietly, and looks to Wily for reassurance. "Uh...Dad...just where /are/ we going, anyway?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Here, Here! This is our home, and we shall defend it!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "Mm, violence."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tengu Man transmits, "Damn straight."

Dr. Wily sighs at the radio. "Right now, we're going to pick up..." He shakes his head as if he can't believe it. "Dr. Doppler."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sword Man transmits the sound of unsheathed metal. "Indeed. We fight to the last..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Midi transmits, "Um... yeah, tally ho and... something."

Tengu Man blinks quietly. "..."

Kain has arrived.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Teisel Bonne transmits, "The Gesellschaft is prepared to defend to the last!"

Pharaoh Man gulps slightly. " Well then...your wish is our command, Amun-Wily! "

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Gravity Beetle transmits, "Hehhhhe! Let's get in there and do some damage..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Roger that Teisel."

Outside> Skull Shuttle swoops into the area, sensors homing in on Doppler's transmission. Landing without even a hiccup, the Shuttle settles only long enough for the other doctor to climb onboard.

Outside> You enter the Orbit of Earth.
Outside> Orbit of Earth

Outside> Star Seeker [C] [#3651 Te] Ether Skunk [Unarmored] [MH]

Maverick Aerospace Pod <Nighthawk> [M] Iris [Uniform] [RF]
Sigma [Holo_1] [M] Abyss Dragon [RF]
Byte [Byte] [M] Starhaven [SD] [#3630 Te]
Abandoned Space Station <Alpha> Space Colony <Eurasia>

Outside> Deep Space <DS> leads to Sol System.
Eastern Hemisphere <EH> leads to Sky Above Eastern Hemisphere.
Western Hemisphere <WH> leads to Sky Above Western Hemisphere.

What a crew. Robot Master, Maverick, Hunter, UNer, Yakuza, all we need is a Repliforcer. Trying not to fidgit in his seat with anxiety, Midi keeps looking out window as they approach their destination.

Tengu Man just...inhales as they exit orbit. He's no big fan of space...and leaving the sky itself kind of disturbs him.

Pharaoh Man eyes the controls, " Amun-Wily, multiple contacts.

Kain has arrived.

Dr. Doppler remains in his seat, watching the view outside with steepled fingers. He'd only just left Starhaven a few hours prior. Luck, or foreknowledge? Conspiracy theorists will have a field day.

Dr. Wily looks back to Tengu as if he knows how the Master feels. "Don't worry, we won't be here long, I hope." Then Ra speaks up, and Wily's eyes go wide as he eyes all those contacts. Everyone and their mother came to see this, didn't they. "Well, Dr. Doppler...quite a view eh? What do you suppose is going on?" He waves the other Doctor to come up front with himself and Ra.

Pharaoh Man eyes the controls, " Amun-Wily, multiple contacts. GNN, UN, and some others. " he comments, hands pressing assorted keys. " Oh, and in case of an emergency..." He taps a button, and at the far end, a group of space sits appear. Some, such as the ones decaled for Pharaoh and Tengu, are meant solely to provide a pressurized enviroment, while others have air supplies, and a rather stylish and high-tech one looks to be for Wily. " I took the liberty of placing your saucer within the main cargo bay. " As the GNN report comes on, " I now await your orders. My life is yours to command..."

Outside> Sigma looks to Iris, and blinks, "...Space?", he looks up, "Ah, yes... It is...", he lets out a sigh, as if recognizing that for the first time, "Nice night, don't you think?", he adds, grinning.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Teisel Bonne transmits, "You know, maybe.. maybe we're overreacting. Maybe it's not what we think at all!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Gravity Beetle transmits, "Here's hoping."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Midi transmits, "Well... whatever it is, there isn't much we can do to stop it, right? So... all we can do is deal with it..."

Outside> Iris nods. "I suppose..." She turns her gaze from the deep reaches of space, back over to the Maverick Emporer she's clinging to. "...Who do you think is coming?"

Outside> Byte pauses, directing a small mental transmittion to Iris for a moment, before raising his arms. Byte silently, and ominously floats a little higher above Starhaven... ...and farther away... ...and signals over Shortband to all entities and ships in orbit.

** "I suggest moving /away/ from Starhaven. ...with the Firstborn having provided the beginnings of its destruction... who knows if it will not simply 'Go up'..." **

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sting Chameleon transmits, "*with a muffling from a cigar he's smoking* Good luck up there."

Outside> Abyss Dragon looks around, looking rather worried. He lets a few small sparks of electricity dance in his hands..Possibly to pass the time, all the while looking off into the ditance, wondering what's there.

Kain idly watches the screen from the back of the shuttle. It is at times like this, K really does feel extremely helpless. "Twenty-Five minutes. Not alot of time..."

Outside> Byte sends a radio transmission.

Outside> Iris receives a radio transmission from Byte.

Midi blinks at Pharoah's... devotion. "Wow... sure take their job seriously..." He turns his attention back to the windows. 25 minutes huh? He's going to have a hard time waiting that long, he's a fidgity little kid, remember?

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "This is the Star Seeker anyone need a pickup in orbit? I got room in the ship for a few people."

Outside> Maverick Aerospace Pod <Nighthawk> just continues to keep it's distance from Starhaven, floating around ominously...

Tengu Man begins tapping his fingers on the side of his seat. Tap, tap, tap....tap, tap, tap... "Okay," he says simply in answer to Wily. The beginnings of panic are just beginning to seep into his mind. He's /always/ hated space -- to him, it's like some sort of perversion of his own home skies. So he taps. Tap, tap, tap...

Outside> Skull Shuttle soars into space, leaving the atmosphere behing as it's pilot performs a skilled roll, bringing the Shuttle inline with the Starhaven and all those ships out there. Thrusters propel the craft easily and quietly through space. Which is a far cry the odd menagerie of people inside. Dr. Wily. Bastion. Dr. Doppler. Kain. Pharaoh Man. Tengu Man. Midi. How did that happen?

Outside> Fusion Phoenix arrives from the Hangar - Starhaven.

Dr. Doppler chuckles softly. "Quite the view, indeed. Thank you for letting me accompany you." His gaze turns back towards the window. "I imagine that it's either the Stardroids, or perhaps whatever beings have been chasing them."

Outside> Fusion Phoenix makes his way into Space Colony <Eurasia>.

Outside> Iris sends a radio transmission to Byte.

Outside> Byte receives a radio transmission.

Outside> Star Seeker rises up out of earth's atmosphere flying escort for the Skull Shuttle it seems. The Theif Class Salvage Vessel is following the Master shuttle. Its only passenger is the pilot Job.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Has the meteor's size been determined of yet?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "If its glowing blue..."

Outside> Prune zips to his own picture-in-picture view, all three reporters offering 'sideline commentary' as the main GNN feed shows the glimmering, shooting star. It continues to blaze, though just a bit brighter every moment, as it draws closer. Cut to a shot of Starhaven from a distance- with Byte, Iris, Sigma, and the incoming shuttles milling around it. "Things appear to have calmed down here in Orbit," states Missy. "Now that everybody is off of Starhaven, we have only to wait."

"Likewise, there is little to report from the Observatory," states Plum. "We still cannot say what it is that is approaching Earth."

The three reporters look somewhat dumbfounded, exchanging glances between their individual feeds. Prune looks forward, towards the viewer. "If my girlfriend is watching, and this incoming object proves to be the end of the world, I want you to know I love you. Oh, and, I think I left the oven on. Could you go see if it's off? Thanks, you're a doll."
The camera again switches to the observatory's view of the inbound object.

Time until arrival: 18 minutes.

Outside> Sigma looks to Byte, "A good idea.", but he doesn't move yet, instead looking back to Iris, "Oh, it may be the one who killed the stardroids, or something else. I am not sure why the entity that destroyed them wouldn't be in the ship, but...", he floats back away from Starhaven a bit. Just a little.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Teisel Bonne transmits, "End of the world, bah!"

Kain glances at Doppler with a eyebrow arched. "I'm hoping you're wrong, Doppler. Because I don't think we're nowhere near ready for whoever killed the Stardroids." He watches the ongoing screen. 18 minutes...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Teisel Bonne transmits, "Not while I'm still standing! ...well, I do suppose it could, say, knock me down or incinerate me or something, but..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sword Man transmits, "Hrmph....perhaps we should gather somewhere to discuss this..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "Good idea. Eighteen minutes until /something/ is blown to shrapnel, and we're going to use it all discussing what we should do."

The GNN Camera shows the group around Starhaven and in Orbit move as they will. Byte, on the screen, continues to distance himself from Starhaven untill he is in perfect position between Starhaven and Earth... his great hands slowly spreading as his eyes roll back in his head. Even now he prepares... for what will surely be one of the greatest attempts at the use of his powers in his life. ...If Starhaven goes... ...Byte shall seek to block what large peices of Starhaven go towards Earth itself. Byte /has/ been ordered to do so for the last week... ...and shall protect the Innocent Reploids of the World by order of Sigma.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Humm if we could get our ships along side of the asteroid we might be able to capture it with grapples and slow it speed or get someone on it to planet demo charges and break it into bits that would just burn up in the atmopshere?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Gravity Beetle transmits, "How about onboard Starhaven. so's we can fire up the main gun and shoot it?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cleaver Cow transmits, "Once you figure out how to read Stardroid, let us know."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Gravity Beetle transmits, "I mean, surely it has to have a main gun. Overcompensation and all that."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sword Man transmits, "The time is better used trying to plan something then merely chattering on radio."

Outside> Maverick Aerospace Pod <Nighthawk> banks slightly to the side to point at the newly arrived shuttles, before slowly turning to look back at Starhaven and space beyond it... It doesn't appear to be heading anywhere at the moment, just waiting for that mysterious inbound object to arrive...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cleaver Cow transmits, "Some of us have the brainpower to do both at once."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Midi transmits, "I doubt we could pull something like that off. We barely even know how to operate basic systems yet..."

Tengu Man is seemingly ignoring everyone else... because he's really, really nervous. It takes all he has just to contain his own thoughts, let alone respond to everybody else in here. Tap, tap, tap... the staccato tapping of Tengu's fingers on metal continue to ring throughout the shuttle's interior. Pretty annoying, huh? The WilyDemon concerns himself, therefore, with looking out the window.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Two tasks are at hand. Stop pieces of Starhaven from impacting Earth, and then the meteor. Choose one to handle, and get to it."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Teisel Bonne transmits, "And Protoman blew them /up/, remember!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne sighs... "Oh, Proto... .../Why/?! All that technology..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Gravity Beetle transmits, "Press everything until something functioning works?"

Outside> Iris frowns with concern. As Sigma floats back from Starhaven, she goes as well because she's holding onto's a bit disconcerting when there's no down or up. Or no way to tell what 'direction' this incoming UFO/Object is approaching.

Dr. Doppler's bushy eyebrows knit as his brow furrows. "Only a theory," he says. "Still, we'd best do something about it, or else we won't have a planet to fight over, now will we." He turns his gaze to Wily. "I don't suppose you've been developing anything in the weapons department, hm?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Teisel Bonne transmits, "Well, if Starhaven is impacted, we're waiting in the atmosphere--we'll knock out as much as we can if it happens!"

Midi can't do much but watch at the moment. Wily's busy... and the other Master's, Dopplar, and Kain don't look all too friendly.... sigh. Looking around, he shifts around in his seat to look over at Bastion. "Hi. Um... so what brought you here?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "I honestly doubt being inside Starhaven now would be a good idea."

Dr. Wily watches it all and sighs. The discussion around the Doctor seems not to affect him as he ponders things quietly. Finally, after several moments, he seems to come to some decision. "Not a problem , my dear Doctor. We should witness what may be the last moments of our planet without having to worry about our wars." He shakes his head, and peers at Tengu and Pharaoh. Even though he designed their weapons systems, he still asks. "Tengu, Pharoah....stop that thing, if you can. Do whatever it takes. If nothing else, knock it off course." He turns a rueful look to Doppler. "Nothing that can help us now. Have you?" He raises his voice slightly, "For that matter, does anyone have a nuke shoved up their sleeve?"

Outside> Repliforce Space Shuttle <Comet> arrives from the Sky Above Eastern Hemisphere.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...If Starhaven goes... ...Not even I will be able to stop all the debree from such an explosion. Who knows what damage the Firstborn has done inside the Station... ...we can only hope most burn up in the atmosphere."

Outside> Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission.

Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission.

Outside> Pharaoh Man receives a radio transmission from Dr. Wily.

Pharaoh Man receives a radio transmission from Dr. Wily.

Tap...tap...silence. "Dad?" asks Tengu, still looking out. "Can I even /use/ my jets in space?" Seems a harmless question, because otherwise...he might be useless.
Dr. Doppler shakes his head. "Unfortunately, the loss of the Enigma cannon has set us back quite a bit."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Cossack transmits, "Get zee shuttles to Eurasia. Everyvun should be safe zeir. It is prepared to accomodate refugees from an extinction level event to a degree ... zey vill treat your entry wiff top priority."

Dr. Doppler adds, "I don't suppose there's a way to bring General into orbit? His apocolypse cannon, while lacking the sheer power of the Enigma, may be enough."

Outside> Sigma says, "Are you alright, Iris? I can move more slowly if you wish.", at least he's polite. He noticed the statement that the object is too fast to catalogue, and that makes him merely more nervous about opening fire with his big gun of death.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Pharaoh Man transmits, "I hope you are not suggesting turning tail and running Cossack."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pyro Squirrel transmits, "What does our dear Protoman have to say about all this?"

Kain shakes his head and eyes the Cipher. And ponders. "I'm not sure what would or even could be the ultimate safest power levels on the Yang. But I think I can safely say my cipher alone wouldn't be enough.

[RADIO: (B) World] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Temporary insanity?"

Tengu Man suddenly poses a question. "Why not Rock? It's all, 'Rock this' and 'Rock that'. So where's Blue now, huh?"

Outside> On the TV, Missy continues to smile, fingering her microphone nervously. Behind her, Datastream and Haschenkopf can be seen milling around, watching the Camera anxiously- even they don't know what to expect. Plum and Prune talk amongst themselves, as the Camera alternates between shots of the inbound object, and Starhaven.

"Now, Plum, is there any speculation amongst the Observatory crew as to the nature of this object?" asks Prune. "Of course, of course," responds Plum. "The scene up here on the Eurasia is busy indeed, with more astronomers and scientists pouring in by the moment to study the latest reports. It is believed that this object is, indeed, somhow related to Starhaven- and further calculations estimate that it is headed towards the Stardroid space station."

The camera feed switches again to a view of the object. It glares brightly on the screen, close enough that a faint, dark spot can be seen at its center.

Down on Earth, it begins to glow in the sky, glimmering like a star... but brighter by the moment.

Time until arrival: Eight minutes.

[RADIO: (B) World] Job transmits, "Likely nothing. Guess the prototype for all of us finally lost his marbles."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "Certainly not. I am /trying/ to find a solution, thank you."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Eurasia /is/ on the far side of Earth from Starhaven. ...You have a point, Doctor Cossack. I see where your daughter gets her bravery and genius."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cleaver Cow transmits, "Alright, anyone who wants to panic, do it now so I don't have to listen to it. You have thirty seconds. Go."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Cossack transmits, "No. No, Pharaoh Man, zee time for vunnink is over...just get zee shuttles to Eurasia. Zeir must be survivors."

Outside> Iris smiles wanly. "I...suppose I'm as well as can be expected," she admits softly, trying not to look as nervous as she feels. (Live in the now, Iris. Worry not for the past or for the future...)

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Well my shuttle is at the dispoal of anyone who has some idea of how to try and stop this."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blue Dragon Director Kain transmits, "Cossack! If anything, he possibly have a crazy and destructive device on hand! Anything device right now would be wonderful!"

Pharaoh Man stands, " Tengu Man, your suit should give you limited maneuverabilty, you may have to rely on your drones for combat..." He says, and blinks right into his suit, and begins to secure it, pulling his scepter from subspace. A look is given to Tengu, before he then glances out the window, and blinks outside....

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sword Man transmits, "...what of that massive device he used on the beast in Florida. Perhaps that could be of some sort of use."

Dr. Wily is about to reply, when he receives a radio transmission. Moments later, he looks up and eyes Doppler. "I'm having my Mecha launched into orbit. Would you care to take the Wilysaucer for a spin, my good doctor?

Outside> The Steve Iriwin hummingbird drone perches on Gravity Beetle's shoulder. Thankfully, any inane chatter from him cannot be heard in the void. Gravity Beetle swims out of the Nighthawk, opens his wingcases and, covered in crackles of purple energy, swims... towards Starhaven?

Outside> Abyss Dragon turns around, noticing the skull shuttle is letting people off he makes his way towards, well, wherever they are getting off.

Tengu Man watches quietly as Ra leaves, and then looks back to the Doc. "I'll go, too," he says, making a move for the suits. Inwardly, he's hoping Wily will stop him before then. He'd rather /not/, but he will if ordered...

Outside> From the Skull Shuttle, a lone figure arrives via blink into the inky void of space. Pharaoh Man. An egyptian decalled space suit giving him a pressurized enviroment to work within, he blinks rapidly towards the path of meteor, determination in his eyes.

Dr. Doppler quirks a smile. "Don't mind if I do, Albert. Good hunting." With that, he stands up, moving towards the pilot's conn.

Outside> Sigma nods slowly, "Ah, well, that's all I can ask for, I suppose.", he ponders shooting Pharaoh Man right now, but decides that's a bad idea.

Pushing the envelope, the Gunslinger punches up from the Earth, roaring up from somewhere around Japan. Jets blasting at full power, the ride armor streaks up into Earth orbit, heading directly towards Starhaven.

The Cossack sits at the controls, pressure suit already on, clear fishbowl helmet on his head. His hands rest on the throttle to keep them from shaking, his gaze hard, resolute. He had his last cigarette already. He ate his last meal. He prepared the computers for his permanent departure. All is in order.

On the front of the Gunslinger, bolted into place hastily, is a device that looks like the Gluon Gun from Half-Life. It gives off a faint black glow from the nozzle, not accustomed to feeding directly from the power core of a ride armor. Sparks trickle from the sides, the heat shielding just barely able to keep up with the strain...

Midi keeps looking out the windows. Frustrating thing is, there's not a single thing he can do. Maybe coming was a mistake... but he's not about to pass up a chance to see this. Even with Wily and the Masters. As the object draws closer, he begins to feel a bit nervous. He could die anyway... even if he is safe in the shuttle.. if the earth is destroyed, so would Techno. Yeah that's a bit of selfish thinking, but it's true.

Dr. Doppler quirks a smile. "Don't mind if I do, Albert. Lead the way."

Outside> The glow of the inbound object increases almost exponentially as it approaches, until the glare rivals that of the Sun itself... a haunting throwback to a time when someone else, as bright as the sun, introduced itself in Earth's orbit. Filters in the observational equipment onboard Starhaven cut down on the light, allowing the dark object at its center to be discerned.

It's a ship. An alien ship, with a harsh, geometrical shape... the Stardroid escape craft, seen in the fourth Video. The one that Jupiter sent away.

And now it's coming home.

The thing streaks across the sky, visible from ground and orbit alike, leaving a brilliant, glimmering red-orange tail behind it, much like a comet- headed straight towards Starhaven. But the smaller ship is not slowing in the least- this is not the speed that something that intends to land moves at. Rather, at this rate, the smaller ship will impact WITH Starhaven- threatening to be quite the disastrous crash, for both the already battered Starhaven, as well as those that mill around nearby. Minutes until impact become seconds, seconds become moments...

Tengu Man has that pressure-suit on in a jiffy. Yep, he's outta here... goodbye, world! *gulp*

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sword Man transmits, ".....great blazes."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pyro Squirrel transmits, "WHY did that idiot play with the control panel, anyway?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ballade transmits, "Now comes the moment of truth."

Outside> Tears form in Iris' eyes, and she clutches Sigma's arm with growing horror as the alien ship kamizakes toward Starhaven.

Outside> "<<Croikey!>>"

The Crocodile Hunter-drone's figured out how to use the radio. Be fearing.

Gravity Beetle, meanwhile, stares lopsidedly at the approaching ship, and strokes his lack-of chin.

"Hmm. You know, maybe going in there isn't such a good idea."

[RADIO: (B) World] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Scientific research, I guess."

Kain does a pressure suit, checking airtanks, posulsion systems and such before leaving through the airlock...

[RADIO: (B) World] Barrage Raptor transmits, "No time to argue about it now."

Orbit of Earth

From this high up, everything is silent within the vacuum of space. Below you is the white, green and blue ball that is called Earth. From this high up, you can only make out the large land masses in the middle of the clear blue oceans. The white wisps of clouds can be seen stretching and swirling from one end of the Earth to the other. The site is breathtaking, and one that very few people ever see.

Dr. Doppler [Labcoat] [M]
Dr. Wily [Normal] [RM]
Tengu Man [Armor] [RM]
Gravity Beetle [Armor] [M]
Ride Armor <Gunslinger> [MH]
Pharaoh Man [Sunstar] [RM]
Repliforce Space Shuttle <Comet> [RF]
Capricorn [SD]
Skull Shuttle [RM]
Star Seeker [C]
Maverick Aerospace Pod <Nighthawk> [M]
Iris [Uniform] [RF]
Sigma [Holo_1] [M]
Abyss Dragon [RF]
Byte [Byte] [M]
Starhaven [SD]
Abandoned Space Station <Alpha>
Space Colony <Eurasia>

Deep Space <DS> leads to Sol System.
Eastern Hemisphere <EH> leads to Sky Above Eastern Hemisphere.
Western Hemisphere <WH> leads to Sky Above Western Hemisphere.

Kain has arrived.
Archer Colossus has arrived.

Gravity Beetle starts backpedalling from Starhaven, very quickly.

Repliforce Space Shuttle <Comet> suddenly lights up it's thrusters, and starts to move back away from Starhaven at a quick rate. So much for this mission..

Another figure drops out of the Skull Shuttle, this one in another pressure suit, decaled with...err...stuff, because Tengu's player really has no idea what it'd be decaled with. The powerful jets he has are still functional in the zero-g environment -- it's Tengu himself who has the problems. He clenches his hands into fists, working his way around in order to be there to protect Wily when the Mecha comes... he'll do all he can, for sure! For great justice, too.

Sigma flies back a bit more quickly at this, "Hold on Iris. I do not know what he sent out, but I doubt I can stop it. And maybe I shouldn't."

Maverick Aerospace Pod <Nighthawk> quickly begins to move, heading forward a bit to quickly pick up Gravity. And the moment he's aboard, it's going to kick tail out of here...

Star Seeker pulls hard to the right and away from Starhaven there are no weapons systems on the ship and its best to give the others room to work. Its drives light up and break for a safer distance while keeping gettins sensor readings.

Archer Colossus exits the Comet, which is...wherever Barrage took it too. Floating before the Spacecraft, Arger begins increasing in size, before raising a flaming shield before him. <Keep moving gang. I got no idea what's about to go down...but I don't like it. And the ship ain't goin down with this captain.> tightbeams Archer to the Comet.

...Byte narrows his eyes slowly, looking at the ship from where he hovers between Starhaven and Earth... The Escape craft. Byte slowly reaches out with his powers. Gravity waves reach out. Magnetic feilds pulse forward.

** "...Slow down... ...SLOW DOWN!" **

Byte... tries.

Archer Colossus changes into his Capital C armor.

Archer Colossus projects a forcefield around himself.

It is said that in space no one can hear you scream. Then no one can hear the shriek of the Wilysaucer as it launches from the shuttle. Strangely, Dr. Wily is not at the controls. Oh no. It is a white-maned doctor, but this one has hair that defies gravity. Dr. Doppler is at the controls.

Star Seeker then it tries something unexpected he powers up his com system and sends a transmission to the incomming ship. <Unknown space craft, alter your path you are on an impact coruse for Starhaven.> Maybe it will work some how?

Gravity Beetle sends a radio transmission to Byte.

Byte receives a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "hailing the unknown craft."

Well, talk about bad timing. Even as the Mecha Wily achieves orbital velocity, thanks to a pair of nice Dr. W emblazoned thrusters and docks with the shuttle, the incoming ship is identified. Powering upt he Mecha's systems, Wily fires off a short transmission to Dr. Doppler in the Saucer, then engages thrusters, kicking the Mech away from the shuttle. "Move over!" This said to Midi who is crammed into the Mecha with Wily. "I can't believe we didn't have a suit to fit you!" Linking to the Shuttle's computers, Wily moves the Mecha and his precious ship away from the area a bit. SSatisfied that the shuttle if safe, the Doctor edges forwards a bit, sensors straining to pick up whatever he can.

The Gunslinger breaks out of the atmosphere, rocketing towards Starhaven on an opposite course to the projectile. The ion drives kick in, speeding up the ship ... but it will be tight to see if it can get into position in time to avoid being destroyed in the explosion.

The Cossack is expressionless, silent, his eyes unblinking. Death is coming. He is prepared to greet it with his final creation ... strapped onto one of the fruits of his first creation.

He rockets past the shuttles fleeing, past the flying Reploids, past the people in pressure suits and other forms of transportation. They will survive ... he will see to it with the sacrifice of his own life, if he must.

He cuts the engines to the ride armor, shunting all the power into the weapon on the front. The Gluon Gun .... Nuclear Winter ... responds cheerfully, issuing forth more black radiation from the seams, glowing so black as to be almost violet. The Nerpium plates in the weapon spin up to speed, making the stream ready to activate at a power level far beyond what the weapon was supposed to accomodate.

Activation toggle, on. Confirm activation toggle, on...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Slow down... ...SLOW... ...DOWN!!!!!!!!!..."

That's right... in space, nobody can hear you scream- and this applies to spaceships as must as people. The small craft, with its pointed, almost needle-like nose, slips into Starhaven's hangar- the same hangar that the video showed launching it at Jupiter's hand before- followed immediately by a silent billow of blue flame, untold damage done inside the twice-abandoned station with the cataclysmic crash. And not moments later, the small escape craft emerges from the other side... having been moving so fast, so violently, that it lanced straight through that already battered Stardroid stronghold. And it is not yet slowing. While vast chunks of debris, bits of structure and flakes of those deadly black shards that have rained on Earth frequently since Starhaven's arrival, expand in a cloud around Starhaven itself, the escape craft continues onward, downward- towards the looming blue sphere of Earth.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Archer Colossus transmits, "****ing ****. You people are going to doom us all, you crazy sonza *****."

Behind that figure, another figure in a pressure debarks from the Wily Skull Shuttle... the very well known Cipher known as the Yang Cipher unstealthed and trailing a bright glow. K eyes the thing aiming to hit Starhaven. "..." The Cipher glows even more brightly before a thin stream of plasma energy is fired... Intent... Slow it down.


Midi eeps slightly "Uh.. s-sorry..." It's not his fault he's so small! Trying to edge over as much as possible to give the Doctor as much room to pilot the thing to keep them alive, he still manages to keep a good view. And then..... the shuttle rams THROUGH Starhaven and now... is heading towards earth? "Oh no!" Is about all he can say at the moment...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tengu Man transmits, "HOLY S***!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "... Oh no."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tengu Man transmits, "That thing's...that... ... ..."

Star Seeker takes cover in a holding pattern behind the skull shuttle and waits now.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "Fools! Do not attack it! ...Too late..."

Ra lets go of his scepter, and a red orb of light begins to glow from the Ra charicture at its head, taking a place just in front and above Pharaoh's head. Arms spread outwards, and his eyes stay closed for a few moment, and then open, glowing a violent crimson.

In ancient egyptian, Ra speaks aloud, "<Gods of the Nile, I beseech thy power. Bring forth your might, the raw energies of the earth....>>"

The android watches the craft, and narrows his eyes.

"<Anhur, your thunder and rain of me!>"

A bit of electricity crackles on the scepter, and a bit of water coalesces, both are pulled into a glowing red orb, pulsing brightly now.

"<<Geb, the might of the earth, to me!>>"

A bit of dust appears, and into the sphere it goes.

"<<Hathor, the energy of the moon, to me!>>"

A pale light enters the sphere...

"<Isis, the might of the storm, to me!>"

A bit of dark cloud appears, and is merged with the orb.

"<Nephthys, your protection, to me!> " A golden ankh of energy appears, and merges with the growing missile.

"<Osiris, the power of life, to me!> " A feather appears, and enter the sphere...>"

The bead of dazzling crimson light comes to a head, pulsing heavily with energy. The scepter comes before Pharaoh, and Ra crosses his arms about his chest, and concentrates. "<Gods of the Nile, protect your home. I, Ra, Pharaoh of the Gods and Rule of the Sun, give my might...defend your home, deities of the Egyptian Sands! STRIKE DOWN THE INFIDEL! >"

Not missing a beat, Ra launches the massive Pharaoh Shot at the oncoming pod. His systems spark, sputter, and tear from the strain of doing so, but he urges the attack onwards...forwards...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Archer Colossus transmits, "Barrage! Open the bay. Full assault on those shards! NOW! We won't be able to tack the ship, but we can sure as hell nail that debris! Move it! ASAP!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Roger!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blue Dragon Director Kain sounds like he's straining. "We're tr--" There is a pause. "Holy S**t. SOMEONE TRACK IT AND EVAC THE AREA IT'S GOING TO CRASH AT!!!"

Gravity Beetle looks chipper, wearing a grim smile. I'd elaborate on that, with words that end in eating, but we're going for PG-13 here. Gravity Beetle opens his wings, emits a mad, soundless cackle into space- and suddenly emits a massive, snaking lance of gravity power atht espaceship. Within the Beetle, systems scream and burn, and he laughs through it all. Time for Gravity Beetle, the ravenous crazy girl-eating mutant annoyance, to prove his worth to the world, or fry trying.

Iris watches in horror as the speedy craft streaks down toward Earth, her expression growing worried and horrified.

Maverick Aerospace Pod <Nighthawk> just keeps it's distance, floating around, unable to do anything. After all, it has no weapons, so all it and it's passengers can do is watch and wait...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "I would suggest everyone getting the bloody #377 out of Cossack's way."

The Comet's cargo bay doors open up, and standing in the bay, which has been angled towards the falling object, stands Barrage Raptor, anchored to the floor of the shuttle bay, "Retro thrusters on.." She murmers to herself, as the ship prepares for what she's about to do. Normally she has foot anchors to keep her from flying backwards when she uses this attack...The main cannon on her weapons platform glows bright yellow for a few moments, "Lock on!" It charges up in silence for a few moments, before it lets loose with a blast of energy that sails straight towards the object, set to break apart into a dozen explosive blasts as it nears it's target.

Byte is... in the way. Byte's eyes go wide, and even then he reaches out, and, folding the space around him... vanishes from where he once stood, reappearing a good 1000 feet away from where he was. Byte has failed. Byte then pauses, and reaches out... but not to the ship... ...but to the debris. He reaches for them, in an attempt to deflect them from entering the earth's atmosphere. Who knows what will happen now... but it is out of his hands.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Gravity Beetle laughs.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blue Dragon Director Kain transmits, "...I'm not going to inquire the reason why..."

Meanwhile, fully assured that the others are going to be fine enough, Archer begins jetting back, while turning his flame generators to full output, and firing on debris. The others might be worrying about a damn ship, but he's a more important duty. His duty to the people. As he sends his orders, Archer himself allays the first strike on Debris proper, aiming at one of the larger chunks. <This one's for Earth, ya ****ers! Screw the *****ing ship, if those bits of station hit, killing the ship won't ***ing mean ****, you crazed old fools!> transmits Archer, over shortwave.

The pressure-suited Tengu Man positions himself around Mecha-Wily, trying desperately to think of SOMETHING he can do... but what? What? What can /he/ possibly do...? Wind systems, nada. Electric systems, nada... engines... But there's no way in hell he'll ever catch up...

With a muted sigh, Tengu does the only thing he can think of -- powers up. He drains all possible energy from his weapons systems and pours them into the Tengu Blades, now extended, which shake with the energy... and fires. Both go sailing off as fast as they can, though it probably won't help much...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "Anyone wil less powerful weaponry, concentrate on the debris."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Teisel Bonne transmits, "Debris is coming through the upper atmosphere over Asia.. we have it on radar."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "OOC: With"

K blinks as the craft slices through Haven like a hot knife through butter. (...)oo.

The Cipher lines with Plasma... and Kain proceeds to unleash Plasma Bolts.

(Damage some areas, get it to ease up may slow it down...)oo.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne transmits, "Gesellschaft set and in position! We'll take care of any shards that make it in the Atmosphere! guys just make sure they don't!"

Reif Falcon has arrived.

The Wilysaucer swoops towards the debris field, opening fire on the larger fragments. As far as Doppler can tell, there's no heavy weaponry on board.


The escape pods blast by the Gunslinger, barely missing it -- one scrapes the very edge of the armored dome, spidery cracks beginning to form along the defensive barrier. Alarms start going off in the craft, which he ignores. He ignores everything -- the radio, the other ships, all the people around. All he sees is the debris, and the ballistic calculations that run across his false eye.

The dome of the Gunslinger explodes outward


The escape pods blast by the Gunslinger, barely missing it -- one scrapes the very edge of the armored dome, spidery cracks beginning to form along the defensive barrier. Alarms start going off in the craft, which he ignores. He ignores everything -- the radio, the other ships, all the people around. All he sees is the debris, and the ballistic calculations that run across his false eye.

The dome of the Gunslinger explodes outward -- the Cossack's suit takes over, protecting the Doctor from the consequences. As his suit pressurizes, he moves his hands down to the triggers of the weapons systems, bracing his fingers around the `fire' triggers.

<< "For Vancouver! For El Paso! For my people! I WILL NOT FAIL!" >> he yells within his suit, pulling the triggers simultaneously.

Colors cease to be around the 50 meters of the Gunslinger, a energy harness in the form of a wireframe outline wrapping around it. Simultanously, day turns to night for a patch of land approximately 1000 kilometers behind the Gunslinger, the massive black wave that punches out from Nuclear Winter blotting out the light of the sun, as well as any other weak electromagnetic forces around. Any orbital debris within a kilometer of the Gunslinger's wake is pulverized into its component molecules, ice crystals forming where water and oxygen are present in the upper atmosphere.

The black wave spirals out, getting larger and larger. It races towards the debris of Starhaven like a living, hungering thing, anything that happens to get in its way seeming to simply cease to exist to all sensors.

Nuclear Winter will not be denied.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "I think I might be able to .. yes! I got the old aint meteor PDS working again... I might be able to help with some of the wreckage if I have to WOAH! What the heck was the Gunslinger packing but it seems to be helping . Dr Cossack do you need a pickup?"

Hummingbirds has arrived.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "That? That was Nuclear Winter if I'm not mistaken..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Oooooh..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne transmits, "...Cossack... ...Remind me to steal that Ride Armor if we live though this."

The Mecha-Wily covers it's face reflexively with one arm, mimicing the reactions of the human pilot inside. Or maybe not quite human, though nobody but Midi would notice it. And that only up close, if the passenger in the mech were to look at the right time, they might notice something a bit...odd about the doctor's eyes. Thrusters flare to life, and the Mecha hurtles forwards even as Tengu and Ra drain their systems in an all out attack. "Holy..." Wily trails off in awe as the ship tears clean through Starhaven. Altering course, the Mecha looks, for a split second, like Powedered Toast Man, flying aft first through space. Then, the Mecha does a neat flip and drops into formation behind the Gunslinger, giving the other Ridearmor a kind of jaunty salute. Wily keeps his distance though, he has a healthy respect for Cossack's skills. Make that a VERY healthy respect and CONSIDERABLE distance. Just as the Gunslinger opens fire on the debris, the Mecha lifts it's labcoat in a perverse gesture, only to reveal an immense array of weaponry. Then the Mecha is hidden behind the painfully bright flashes of massive weapons discharge. And yes, in space no one can hear you scream. But Midi's probably going deaf from Wily's cackling.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tengu Man transmits, "Shounetsujigoku! <Burning hell!> Cossack, if that works...!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Magnet Man transmits, "That looked rather strong. *Blink Blink*"

Iris clings very tightly to Sigma's arm, horrified as she watches the dark, dark cloud of Nuclear Winter envelop the Starhaven's remains.

The fire rains upon the inbound spacecraft from all directions, but the blazing heat that surrounds it vaporizes even the plasma-based weaponry- while reflective shelling on the craft dissipates the shots that pierce the heat. Gravity lassos are reflected off; pharaoh shots burst and fade against the escape craft's armored hull. Swiftly, inexorably, it pierces the first, invisible layer of Earth's atmosphere.

And immediately, the alien ship slows- in the blink of an eye, once it has pierced Earth's atmosphere, dropping to speeds that do not assure global destruction. The blazing contrail it leaves in its wake dies to a dim glow, as its surface heats up with the blaze of re-entry. The escape craft drops towards the Earth below, straight down- though it is as swift as any space shuttle caught in re-entry, compared to its interstellar speed beforehand, the thing appears to drift as easily as a feather.

Throughout the world, from Asia below to the Americas clear on the other side of the planet, the air throbs with the sudden impact of the blazing object, followed by the low, subsonic *thump* of the largest sonic boom ever experienced by Earthling ears. It echoes for several long moments, through every valley, along every river, across every lake and ocean, down every street, through every window, before eventually fading.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Can anyone track that ship? We need to know where it lands..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ballade transmits, "They are here."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Archer Colossus transmits, "At least you've still got the important objectives on your mind, Doc Cossack. I salute you, you crazy russky bastich. Earth first, ya bleedin morons. D'you realize that if that debris woulda hit, there'd be a high amout of frickin casualties?"

Sigma frowns at the nuclear winter, and then he slowly turns around to watch the landing alien ship. "...It appears we have lost one mystery and gained another.", he says to himself.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "I know that we all owe you Dr. Cossack."

Gravity Beetle fizzles, pops and crackles, armor smoking and warping as he continues to fire a gravity beam at the ship--

Then, it stops. Gravity Beetle's energy beam ceases, and the Beetle stands there, in space, with the BIGGEST DARN SWEATDROP YOU'LL EVER SEE hanging from his forehead. You could use it to fill a lake.

As one of the small cargo doors on the Nighthawk slowly opens, a small hummingbird drone hurtles out, armed with a tracking system. But seeing that the ship is already gone, it just looks around, confused.

Kain stares at Cossack. STARES, Dammit. "...He will the first I shall call upon if I want a Nuclear Winter Cipher..." He proceeds to concentrate on the shards.

Plasma Blast!

Plasma Bolt!

(I must not stop until the Earth is safe...)oo.

Reif Falcon drops out the back of the Nighthawk. His silvery optics reflect the debris as it falls toward the Earth. It is his only focus, considering there's no use in trying to change the world if there's no world to change. Coming a good distance from the Nighthawk he sees the Gunslinger firing. They go wide as he sees its power. Shaking his head he restarts his boosters and flies with great speed toward the debris. Positioning himself amongst it, he begins to fire walls of missiles, breaking apart whatever he can.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sigma transmits, "Dr. Cossack is quite good at massive destruction. I trust him in that regard more than anyone else."

Archer Colossus meanwhile claps enthusiastically, and shrinks back to normal size. Yes, the Archer is quite amused at Nuclear Winter. His only thoughts? oO(I wonder if I can get that in an arrow. Barrage is /so/ not getting one of those before I do.)Oo

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "Well done, Pavel. I have no idea what the hell it is you just unleashed, but I am very impressed."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sigma transmits, "OOC: <Cossack> Then return my stapler! <Doppler> Not that impressed..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blue Dragon Director Kain transmits, "Dr. Pavel Cossack. You will the first I shall turn to if any new Ciphers has to be created..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "Before you all continue you're praise... Someone check to see if Cossack is still *alive*! That weapon wasn't perfected..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Wily transmits, "Impressive, Pavel. I'd like to order three of those, if you don't mind."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sword Man transmits, "....most...<uneasy pause>...impressive......."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "How much would it cost to get something like that built for my own use, I wonder.."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "I'm on it..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "Not enough in the world."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Wily transmits, "Hold your position Job, I'm closer. Concentrate on the debris"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Roger."

Meanwhile, still in Orbit... the black void surrounding Starhaven, so cluttered and littered and choked with debris, lights up like the fourth of july, as all the pieces blasted off the station are fired upon by those brave souls who yet fight for Earth's freedom. Deadly, razor-sharp black shards are smashed to dust before they have any chance to rain upon the planet below. Vast, heavy pieces of structure are likewise dashed to chunks, or slung far beyond the range of Earth's pull by a powerful gravitic barrage. Though the immediate dangerou of the Stardroid escape craft cannot be contained, the secondary- and quite possibly greatest- danger that the escape craft has left in its wake, is being mopped up neatly and quickly.

Pharaoh Man blinks out of the way just barely in time, energy drained from his attack. He sneers at Cossack's hot dogging, regardless of it working. He begins to strike at debris with waves of flame from his scepter. He makes his way towards the Wily Mecha, to accompany the Evil Dr. Wily where in further effort to protect earth.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Kalinka transmits, "Where is that thing landing?? Can sensors even -track- it? It is moving so fast..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tengu Man transmits, "I'm thinking it...slowed down, didn't it? I'm not sure I can trust what I'm seeing. Not anymore."

Barrage Raptor is still outside, taking aim at falling debris with her weapons, firing off shot after shot with her rail cannons and gatling weapons, to try to rip them into miniscule peices that'll be destroyed in re-entry. At least, that's what she's going for. Of course, upon seeing that just about everyone else has it under control, she heads back inside the ship, to pilot it back to earth..

Star Seeker PDS system powers up while the low poweresd lasers were ment for blowing up micro asteroids. Well they seem to be doing some good. Its like the long forgotton game of asteroids! wheee ZAP ZAP ZAP! goes the shuttles weapons as it shots the various fragments.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blue Dragon Director Kain transmits, "...According to a old cartoon I've watched in my younger days... If it crashes... It would probably be at... Mount St. Halen."

Dr. Doppler and the Wilystar continue to pick off the remaining debris. While he might be envious of Pavel and his superior weapons, he's not letting that distract him from the task at hand.

Archer Colossus continues radioing out orders, and begins flying for the Gunslinger. Someone's got to check on the Russian.

As that horrific blast clears, the Mecha Wily's blast serves only to mop up a few bits and pieces. Thats secondary to the pilot though, as the Mecha immediately begins to close with Cossack's craft. Rigger's message has NOT made Wily happy, and the Mecha reaches out to cling to the Gunslinger like a chimp to its trainer. It would be funny, if what happens next didn't happen. A small airlock on the Mecha's.....aft opens and out pops a pressure suited Dr. Wily. He even has the Dr, W emblazoned on the front of the suit. And it's seat. But, you don't notice that as much as Wily fires the small thrusters on the suit, edging over to the Gunslinger. Cossack is visible inside through the shattered dome. Slowly, oh so slowly, Wily reaches out towards the Russian...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] A transmission tries to come through. It's very choppy, almost as if parts of it were being played backwards or in the wrong temporal order. It sounds vaguely like the Cossack. Whatever it really was, a rush of interference ultimately cuts it off.

Maverick Aerospace Pod <Nighthawk> banks to the side, watching all the chaos with the station and ship in front of it. Though it appears to be turning to watch the alien ship as it enters Earth, just watching and waiting.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blue Dragon Director Kain transmits, "...correction Mount Saint Hillary."

Reif Falcon quickly and skillfully moves amongst the debris, clearing more and more away. His reserves however are beginning to run low. He's taken to breaking large pieces off bit by bit with his hammer, "This isn't good enough." Noticing that he has help, Reif smirks, "In that case, maybe we can get rid of this stuff." Reloading his inventory, he fires another blast to get rid of a large piece.

The pressure-suited Tengu zips around where the WilyMecha once was, slower than normal, as his energy reserves are very much drained. He beelines for the Skull Shuttle, only to look behind him and shriek, though it's only heard by his own ears. He pauses momentarily, then ZOOMS for the Skull Shuttle. This is definitely NOT_ok!

Midi just sorta holds on for dear life as Wily moves the MechaWily around. Here's hoping....

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sigma transmits, "Or Easter Island. Again."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "I'd put money on Easter Island."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "I wouldn't be surprised."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Ensure that the debris are taken care of...we need an Earth to defend before we worry of that accursed craft."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sai transmits, "They do seem to favor the place."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tron Bonne transmits, "...I'm glad I got #1 off of thate."

Maverick Aerospace Pod <Nighthawk> just continues to stay in it's position, floating, before suddenly it's thrusters burst to life. It's heading for Earth, or more specifically, it's going to be following the alien ship on it's descent, and find out where it lands...

The Escape Craft continues to plummet towards Earth, soon glowing as brightly as a white-hot iron.

A fierce, black crack runs up along its side, its darkness standing in high contrast against its brilliant, glowing hull. The ship continues to drop like a stone- clouds whipping by it, torn and scattered by the turbluence of the descending craft- and as it does, more cracks develop in its surface. They spread, until the escape craft's hull is laced with so many faults and splits, it's a wonder it's still staying together... until it, well, breaks apart.

High in the sky above northern India, the Stardroid escape shuttle bursts like a massive firework, creating a momentary flare in the sky. The flare quickly fades, pulling together, revealing a cloud of small pinpoints of light. They drift slowly towards the ground, like dandelion seeds caught in a breeze, remaining in a 'cloud.' As the shards of the escape craft that brought them here flake away and continue to break and burn until nothing remains of the ship save for dust, the cloud of glowing spots of light remain, hung in the sky, making no further movement... yet....

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dynamo transmits, "Really, does it matter? All I hear is people trying to make poetic sense of inexplicable things. They aren't gods."

Repliforce Space Shuttle <Comet> 's engines flare to life as the rear cargo bays close. Turning on its access the Repliforce ship aims its self towards the Stardroid escape craft. Thrusters fire and the ship is off, heading backtowards earth, intent on chasing after the Stardroid vessel.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dynamo transmits, "Oh, that's very nice..."

Gravity Beetle floats in mid-space, looking like a black, charred, frazzled, rough-round-the-edges kind of Beetle. With sizzling noises and smoke rising from him.

Abyss Dragon looks around. Wow..What a mess.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sigma transmits, "Or...maybe it won't land at all. Hu."

Pharaoh Man turns around, and spots the cloud. He blinks, curious, before it dawns upon him. He speaks over broadband, <<Gentlemen, Ladies, and Reploids...I believe we are witnessing a Stardroid's true form...>> he says, motioning towards the cloud.

Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cyclops transmits, "Well, I suggest whoever is already going after it to keep on going. I'm sure there's still something else to gain from this."

Iris gasps, her free hand moving to cover her mouth, eyes wide and glistening.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "If there are any Live Stardroids on it..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ballade transmits, "Ladies and Gentlemen... evidence as to why Wily is the scientist in our family. Pharaoh - leave the science to those qualified to not make fools of themselves."

The Strider is tiring. K takes deep breaths... (Must Concentrate... Focus everything into one large blast...)oo.

The Energies of the Yang surrounds K.... as he narrows his eyes...


The Energy builds continously... enclosing K in its white light...


The Energy completely makes K disappears, leaving nothing but a white dot... THEN...


The energy is unleash in a blazing storm of plasma blasts... Lots of Plasma Blasts...

[RADIO: (B) World] Scribe Robin transmits, "Ahem... Speaking as a scholar and historian, I urge any and all available persons to collect as much data on this as possible."

Dragon, Dragon, Rock the dragon...

Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission.

Out of my head, you.

Sigma looks to Iris, "...Soon it will be revealed. I think I'll wait for then.", his eyes seem to close, as he muses, and the like. Or maybe he's trying to mull through the linebreaks.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Wily is occupied, Ballade, and what else could it be? You know very well I am perfectly intelligent, close even to the degree of Amun-Wily. Go back to your defense grid, and stop wasting time picking fights."

Tengu Man sighs raggedly as Wily does his thing. He can only trust, now... trust in his creator. Not too hard, but he's worried, oh yes... He reaches the Skull Shuttle quickly, and enters it. Time to pick up the pieces.

Tengu Man has left.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dynamo transmits, "-snrk- -jhhhk- BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Something's funny."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tengu Man transmits, "Pharaoh, shut up."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tengu Man transmits, "Just shut up."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blue Dragon Director Kain just sighs.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ballade transmits, "I see."

[RADIO: (B) World] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "I don't get it. How could it survive all those attacks, hit the atsmosphere like that, and THEN break up on entry?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ballade transmits, "You have made a grave mistake, Pharaoh Man. You just tried to order an elite. Again."

[RADIO: (B) World] Cleaver Cow transmits, "Really good shields?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Dr. Doppler transmits, "It's called physics."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Lets just work together on this? We can go back to our normal business once we get this takenc are of."

[RADIO: (B) World] Conduit transmits, "Cause alian tech is funny like that?"

The all-consuming black field of gravity and God knows what else flies at Starhaven, crushing through the debris. With the help of everyone else, the most dangerous hunks are destroyed, leaving only an impressive meteor shower to follow. The cities of the world are safe -- there will be no extinction-level event to end the civilization that has been built.

Nuclear Winter's stream continues to race at Starhaven. Perhaps the powerful gravity pulse could destroy the threat to Earth once and for all. But then ... it happens.

The beam integrity disintegrates, the black wave becoming a black cloud, which ultimately fades back to normal space. Like an eclipse passing, the thousand kilometer radius behind the Gunslinger turns back to day from the edges inward, the weapon's systems starting to break down. It throws a Nerpium plate, half-melted from the strain of controlling the event horizon of the quantum singularity. Explosions begin ripping across the frame of the weapon, as each small failure in the weapon builds on itself, building to a catastrophic failure.

Time begins to slow down around the immediate area of the Gunslinger, gravity distortions making light seem to bend and twist around itself. The Cossack can feel the Gunslinger being ripped apart at the atomic level, as the intense pain rips through his body as containment fields start to collapse.

He sees Wily coming towards him out of his peripheral vision. Moving as if through amber, he pulls an electrically fired flare gun out from under the dash of the Gunslinger, aims it at Wily's chest, and snaps off a shot. The hunk of unlit (as there is no air to ignite it) phosphorous moves in slow motion through the Gunslinger, breaking out of the gravity field at the last moment -- and resuming its normal speed. It strikes the Mad Doctor Wily in the chest, sending him shooting back towards the Wily Mecha.

The Cossack yells something over the radio, but cannot be heard. He works controls at the Gunslinger frantically, setting off explosive bolts to try to get Nuclear Winter away from the ship. But by now, the light that strikes the area around the Gunslinger is so distorted that it's hard to tell if it even still exists, or if it's just a mirage left by the event horizon of an ever-widening black hole.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dynamo transmits, "Ballade, can you make his punishment on Live TV this time? I'd really like to watch."

Dr. Wily receives a radio transmission from Ballade.

[RADIO: (B) World] RF Lieutenant Spiral Pegasus transmits, "You reall should just relax."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "I wanna watch too."

[RADIO: (B) World] Scribe Robin transmits, "We need all the information we can on this, as it might be a key to our survival."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Teisel Bonne transmits, "What are you jabbering about?! Stay focused!"

Dr. Wily sends a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "I'm picking up a gravity well on my sensors..."

Maverick Aerospace Pod <Nighthawk> is now entering Earth's atomsphere, heading right for the alien shuttle... Or peices of the alien shuttle at least. It should be there fairly soon...

Abyss Dragon follows everyone else, towards the alien shuttle.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "Can you all STUFF your petty arguments right now and work on the problem at hand? ... Oh cr--..."

Byte seems to slump slowly, his eyes half-lidding. He is so terribly drained from his own effots... and then... Byte turns, and vanishes once more into his Blink systems. He appears once more, however, in the Void near what remains of Starhaven. Byte reaches out slowly, and attempts what he has tried to do for the past week... ...keep Starhaven together...

...Byte pauses for a moment then, noticing the large gravity well spreading, his eyes narrowing as he turns his head to look... but he cannot help. Byte closes his eyes... ...and refocuses himself on his task.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Ya you said it Rigger..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "A gravity well? Where?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "...Holy Mary, mother of God..."

Midi can only wait around in the cockpit of the MechaWily as the Doctor is punted back.. not like there's anything he can do. Thankfully for him, the thought to try to operate it himself hasn't crossed his mind.

More and more of the rogue debris is further smashed and scattered, until soon, there is little to be seen of it all. Under so thorough a barrage and so complete an effort to smash it all, not a meaningful piece of Starhaven debris remains to drop into Earth's orbit and make a further hazard of itself... only quite the light show, as millions of tiny specks of Stardroid-created matter descend through the sky. Though the burgeoning threat of Cossack's artificial black whole may yet consume even the smallest bits of debris left over... and even more, if it continues to spread...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Might be the drive core of Starhaven..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Whatever caused it. We have one on our door step."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job uplinks a datafeed on said black hole for the science types.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "Nuclear Winter. It's a gravity based weapon. If it... *rambles off to mumbling incoherently in thought*"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Rember that gravity feild that was about Starhaven orginally?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy, deadpan: "We'll have a miniature black hole in the middle of Earth's orbit shortly, won't we?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler curses in German. "How many gravity-manipulating 'ploids are there in orbit? Gravity, are you still functional?"

Dr. Wily's eyes widen inside the helmet of his suit as whats happening to the Gunslinger registers. A quick burst transmission to the Mecha sends it rocketing away. And then....the flare strikes Wily in the chest, sending him hurtling away. His hand reaches convusively for Dr. Cossack as the Gunsling continues to shred itself. Even in space, you can almost here his shriek as he hurtles away. Unfortunately for what Cossack had intended, the Mecha is no longer in the right spot, as Wily moved it to avoid it's destruction. Which means that theres nothing to stop Wily. Nothing to save him. Nothing at all. The suit begins to glow red as the Doctor plummets towards Earth, gravity taking hold. The glow intensifies, becoming brighter and brighter, until it completely engulfs Wily. Then, as it hits the atmosphere fully, it sparkles to almost painful brightness...and vanishes. No trace of the Doctor remains.

[RADIO: (B) World] Scribe Robin transmits, "These Stardroids... all they cause is pain and destruction. If these lights are indeed the true form of a Stardroid, then I wish to be on hand to witness their utter destruction."

Gravity Beetle looks at the gravity well being produced by the malfunctioning gun. And he smiles, through sideways, blackened mouthplates.

A small sphere, undamaged despite it all, detaches from his damaged body, flying out from the burnt wingcases. A shiny silver ball with a purple gemstone set in it. It's the Gravity Well Generator.

The Beetle wiggles his fingers... trying to tap into the black hole Cossack has created... and draw that gravity into himself.

.oO(Come to daddy, baby. I'm the Hole Dang Show...)Oo.

Kain closes his eyes and slumps... sighing heavily. (Tired...)oo. He looks at the cipher. Not hot as the extreme coldness of space helps cool it down. He then looks in the direction of the Gunslinger...

...AND the Gravity Well. (...)oo. He watches helplessly.

Archer Colossus retro-fires to slow his approach, keeping himself out of the Gravity Well. Hovering at the edge, Archer rises to full height once again, and searches for...his 50 ton line grappel arrow. This bad boy can hold General's weight in full assault mode.

Carefully nocking the arrow, and drawing back, Archer takes careful aim, and begins to sight up the aft of the 'slinger. "..." Slowly, and even more slowly, the sniper prepares to fire, pulling back with all the power his massive size affords him. If he's going to get an arrow through a gravity well...if this is a gravity well, he'll need all the power he can get, to keep the shot on target.

Smirking, the Repliforcer lets his missile fly, sailing through the air towards the target. And then, if it doesn't get compressed by the immense forces, Archer knows what he's going to do next.

He's gonna save the day.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Gravity Beetle transmits, "Hum, hum, heehahaha..."

Star Seeker is staring to pull back now still shotting the various bits of wreckage but its tarting to slow down...

Iris gasps and mouths something as Wily appears to...burn up in the atmosphere. "...Oh my...oh my WORD..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ballade transmits, "Dear... God. No......"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dynamo transmits, "Oh, I'm predicting Gravity Beetle will explode in a matter of seconds."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...I. I have also been trying to keep Starhaven together for the past week... ...I do not have the capacity to close such a void at this time, even if I house one... ...Gravity Beetle. Do it."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "One can only hope."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Any idea where Gravity Man is lurking? Never mind he could not get here in time and Ballade? What's wrong?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy, softly: "I can't believe it."

Sigma frowns slowly, "...Doctor Albert Wily...", he says slowly, "...He won't die that easily. Certainly."

The Skull Shuttle DIVES for the atmosphere. At full speed.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blue Dragon Director Kain transmits, "Dr. Wily? Can you hear me? Is there any gravity manulapation devices on aboard the Skull Shuttle?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ballade utters a screaming unholy keeening sound into the radio, with the sounds of things being smashed into flinders as the scream gets louder and louder until the radio dies in a screech of feedback.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Gravity Beetle transmits, "If I get back here... in one piece... you'd better... throw me the... biggest... dang... party... and make sure you buy the canapes with sweetcorn if you do, can't stand the ones with shrimp."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Serenade transmits, "Pray that was simply one of the Doctor's duplicates."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dynamo transmits, "I don't think that was... otherwise Balls has a banshee on the ship with him."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cleaver Cow transmits, "Sweetcorn, got it. Stay in one piece."

[RADIO: (B) World] Fusion Phoenix transmits, "Ok, a pair of eyebrows just went zipping past."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Wily? Respond..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Well, looks like today isn't a total loss. Wily might very well be dead."

[RADIO: (B) World] Fusion Phoenix OOCly holds up a sign that says "Joke"

Abyss Dragon has partially disconnected.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Blue Dragon Director Kain transmits, "All life is precious Raptor. Never forget that."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Reif Falcon transmits, "Yeah, Gravity! You've got the touch!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...I would not believe that man is dead even if I sat five days with the Corpse... ...but... ...perhaps."

Midi blinkblinks. Dr. Wily.... is gone? "No..." Sure Wily was an evil madman... but... um... well he was nice to Midi today! Yeah... oh, and there is this one other thing. Midi's still in the cockpit of the MechaWily with no way to operate it, or escape, as it /also/ heads back to earth, after the SkullShuttle. Seems Midi might be paying a visit to the Robot Masters really soon...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Well, yeah. I suppose we don't get to lock him away in jail now."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "Shut up, you ignorant termagent. Do you realize the kind of -- /chaos/ that his death could throw us into?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ballade's voice is ragged. "No loss? I'll show you all... loss." *click*

Dr. Doppler curses, not that anyone can hear him. It would not do well for two of the greatest minds of the world to die in one day. The Wilystar comes about, hovering on the fringes, sensors scanning for any signs of life from either Dr. Wily or Dr. Cossack.

Maverick Aerospace Pod <Nighthawk> just happens to be near where Wily was last seen. It is however already too far down the atomsphere, going too fast, to have a look to see if Dr. Wily is still around. So it just continues on, getting closer and closer to where the alien ship broke up...

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dynamo transmits, "Indeed. As much as I am one to speak without tact, this isn't exactly the time to celebrate."

Pharaoh Man blinks, and must take a moment to steady himself. He then blinks towards the Mecha Wily, and into its cockpit. " Glaring at Midi, he says simply. " Move over. "

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "Oh you idiots."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Archer Colossus transmits, " Like the old man doesn't have an escape plan. You're talkin about Doctor ****ing Wily. He'll live, and he'll be back with something to menace the likes of which we've never seen. Eithe r that, or it was a robot duplicate, like usual."

The glimmering cloud of white spots that hovers over India drifts serenely for a few moments further, before it bursts. Without the slightest of sounds, moving as quietly as though it were still occuring in the grasp of space above, every little sphere of light fires in a different direction. Several streak towards the North, spreading out across Asia, Russia. Yet more fire off towards the South... the Indian Ocean. Australia, Africa, eventually, Antartica. To the east- streaking over the vast reaches of the Pacific. To the west... Europe, the Atlantic. All throughout the world, the glimmering spheres of light streak through the skies overhead, winding through the air... dropping....

And in seeming harmony, the vast numbers of smaller lights fall towards the Earth. They splash into the oceans, they impact with the sides of mountains. They disappear beneath the soft earth of open fields and the green canopies of trees. The small spheres of light, whatever they are, land in every conceivable environment and setting, though all away from civilization. No explosions, no fanfare... from afar, it can't be seen what effect they have, if any.

And for once... all is calm.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sigma transmits, "...Hurgh. Wily would not die so easily."

The Skull Shuttle cuts its dive, jerking like an space-going bronco... It swerves around, heading for the WilyMecha.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tengu Man transmits, "Would you all just SHUT UP?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "I doubt either of them are dead. They're both too stubborn."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dynamo transmits, "Which is most likely Ballades only hope for sanity."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cleaver Cow transmits, "Sorry, but if that was easy, I don't want to see hard."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "No, he wouldn't."

Midi just moves aside, not like he's going to argue with Mr. Crazy Egyptian man...

[RADIO: (B) World] Fusion Phoenix speaks softly, "We've been seeded..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pharaoh Man transmits, "The Stardroids sought escape. They found it."

[RADIO: (B) World] Abernathy transmits, "Pray we don't reap the whirlwind."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pyro Squirrel transmits, "Are they going to try and possess people now?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Barrage Raptor transmits, "Where'd they get off to?"

Kain activates his suits propulsion systems and kinda floats over to the MechaWily. "...Room for one more?"

Iris turns toward Sigma, blinking. "Those lights...that isn't debris, is it...what is it..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Barrage Raptor transmits, "We'll hunt 'em down and take 'em out."

[RADIO: (B) World] Conduit transmits, "They seem to have scattered across the globe. I don't think we're going to find them any time soon..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dynamo transmits, "ATTENTION, MORONS OF EARTH! Despite the fact that you idiots seem to be treating this truce of yours like a mutual 'we'll keep hating each other but not fight' thing, you had better hope that Doctor Wily is /not/ dead. What happens if he dies? Well, it's nice and simple. Bass and King get to lead the Robot Masters, and I doubt they have the good doctors at least partially non-genocidal aims in mind. Also, you're going to have to deal with Ballade. You may think I'm just a playboy, but I do my homework, and I don't envy any of you that made fun of Wily on this radio just now."

Pharaoh Man glances at Kain, and opens the air lock before taking the controls. " Hurry. I lack the time to wait long. We will rendesvous with the shuttle, and return to earth immidiatly. You two shall be dropped at the nearest teleportation center. "

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Archer Colossus transmits, "Well said Dynamo. At least you don't have your head stuck in your ass."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "I'm quite aware, Dynamo. Most of us are."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "Ahh, a voice of reason at last."

The Gravity Well generator and the Beetle that control it are anything but calm. They stare down Cossack's growing black hole and try their best to save people. AGAIN. Sheesh, it's getting to be like a habit or something.

Kain nods once and gets in, moving to somewhere in the back.

Sigma looks to Iris, "Jupiter's body was not at the console. Nothing remained except for the blood. I will not say what it might be, though. How can I be sure?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "I hope someone appreciates the fact that two of the Coalition are busy saving the rest of you."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dynamo transmits, "Honestly... even if I were being paid to help, there isn't a lot I can do."

As the space pods slow to a gentle halt on the Earth's surface, the Gunslinger bends and warps to the naked eye, like a reflection in a turbulent pool. Any movement within it is completely impossible to discern -- the gravity distortions make it impossible to get any accurate readings. All kinds of impossible radiation issues out from it, the ultra-dense matter at the heart of Nuclear Winter becoming more and more exposed to normal reality.

Gravity Beetle intervenes, trying to siphon off the gravity well. For a few seconds, it seems to work -- the distortions start to come under control, and the threat seems to be lessened. Then the Archer fires his missile.

What happens next is difficult to describe, as the terms to describe the process of a gravity well expanding to the size of a fifty story building before being annhiliated in a thermonuclear implosion of matter/anti-matter reactions in one one-tenth of a second do not exist in nature. The Gunslinger, Gravity Beetle and anything sharing the airspace around them simply /cease to be/, the entire continent of North America being plunged into midnight's darkness for three seconds from the interruption in light before things return to normal.

As they were.

Most of Gravity Beetle survives. At least, his head and part of his torso does, which is currently heading at terminal velocity towards South America. The Gunslinger ...

As if it had been erased by a gigantic pencil eraser, three-quarters of the Gunslinger is missing, leaving only half of the cockpit intact.

Half of a conspicuously empty cockpit.

Meanwhile, across the Russian steppes, stimulated by the chaos in the upper atmosphere ... stretching from the edge of Moscow to the shores of Neo-Tokyo ... snow begins to fall.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Doppler, as you can see.....we have a problem of greater importance to us to attend to."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Doppler transmits, "And if there is anyone else who can manipulate gravity, we could certainly use you. *pause* And preventing a massive black hole from erupting /isn't/ important?!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy laughs, raggedly. "Dear doctor, most of the world does not appreciate it when the REPLIFORCE and MAVERICK HUNTERS stick their necks out for them, let alone the UN Secruity Force....Forces...dear God almighty...

[RADIO: (B) World] Pyro Squirrel transmits, "What the farg! What's with the blackout?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Sigma transmits, "...That man has a point, Dr. Doppler. The more you help the world the more you're hated, isn't that so? *dry, humorless chuckle*"

Reif Falcon flies in toward Gravity Beetle and parks, waiting for the time to move him. If that thing is getting bigger, its going to swallow the 'courageous' Beetle too. Reif can't let his XO go down like that. He transmits to Gravity via radio, "Alright, man...I'm here when you need movin. Just lemme know when, and we'll get you out of here."

Iris begins to cry, covering her face with her free hand. "...This is too horrible to bear...poor Dr. Cossack," she sobs.

Dr. Wily has left.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Cleaver Cow's radio clicks. again. "Quiet! Shut up! Shut the - gaah! STOP TALKING! You make me sick, you - you people who think you know better then anyone! So help me, unless we get some decent thought on this, I'm going to hunt you down and kill you /painfully!/"

The Wilystar immediately heads in the direction of Beetle's homing beacon. Doppler's expression, for any who can see it, is a grim mask.

Pharaoh Man pauses, quickly bracing the mecha and himself agianst the gravity surge. " By Amun-Wily...." he says, looking a bit saddened instead of awed by speaking the name. " Quickly now..." he says simply, and moves for the Skull Shuttle, beggining docking procedures....

Archer Colossus meanwhile snaps his fingers, as his vision enhancements begin scanning the Cockpit proper of the Gunslinger. Carefully, Archer begins reeling his projectile back in, whilst trying to get a glimpse of the cockpit proper, searching for clues.

This is a good time to recognize that by the time Reif got to Gravity Beetle, he was already erased...poor Gravity...lucky, lucky birdy.

Midi is just mainly cowering now. Hey, he still has the mind of a child, more or less. It's amazing he's gone this far. All this is terrifying enough to break even brave souls, let alone someone like Midi. So even though it's a Robot Master, he's just going to do what he's told, until he gets back on solid ground... if he gets back on solid ground.

The Skull Shuttle merely waits, allowing itself to be docked to and whatnot. Tengu's busy, and Ra can handle the docking procedure by himself, right?

Sigma shakes his head, looking to the Gunslinger, "...And Dr. Cossack too...It cannot be.", he doesn't sound too sure, however. There's a hint of regret too. Losing two of his greatest enemies would be a great loss. Even if they were human.

Kain silently does the sign of the cross. He does not speak... nor does he show any emotion. The perfect human solder... that is what a Strider is. But inside he weeps. (Dr. Pavel Cossack... I bid you good journey...)Oo.

Pharaoh Man quickly docks, and the mecha is loaded into the shuttle itself as part of the process. He shuts down the systems as best he can-Ra is obviously not trained for combat vehicles such as these, and has so far been using the basic navigational controls. The android slips into the shuttle, ushering Kain and Midi along with him...

Outside> Iris just clings to Sigma, crying and sobbing, generally inconsoliable at this point. Her wide-eyed wonder is gone. Her eyes are tightly shut, not wanting to see the horrors.

Outside> Gravity Beetle's head floats around in space. And the Gravity Well Generator. And the Steve Irwin Hummingbird.

"Don't worry, mate, everything's gonna be OK!"

Outside> Dr. Doppler brings the Wilystar over to Reif, it being immediately obvious who is piloting. "Salvage whatever of him you can," he snaps in a shortband transmission.

Outside> Tengu Man sends a radio transmission.

Tengu Man sends a radio transmission.

Outside> Byte pauses... hearing the information seeping out. Slowly he pauses, his eyes close... ...and he reaches out mentaly even as he turns. Byte looks upon the scene... ...even as he simply attempts to keep the remains of Starhaven in once peice.

...Poor Kalinka...

[RADIO] You send Iris a direct message: "<voice is broken and shakey> Iris.... Dr. Wily and Dr. Cossack... are they really?"

Iris sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "*crying* I don't knoooow!"

Outside> Archer Colossus just turns back, and begins flying towards the nearest thing heading downwards. Once more, he's cocking back that bow, intending to hitch a ride to earth. It's either that or float endlessly, like the poor sod's head that's flying damn concience. Archer grabs the wuss-boy's head and generator in one humongous hand, before shrinking down to mid-size.

Outside> The Skull Shuttle remains in position as Ra and Midi board...Tengu, however, is at the pilot's conn, staring in near-shock at the wreckage of the Gunslinger. Just about all he's processing is 'oh my God, now what do I say to Kali?' So he sits, open-mouthed, though it's not visible under the mask...

Pharaoh Man enters the shuttle, and takes his seat in the co-pilot's chair, next to Tengu Man. He looks to his brother, and sighs wearily. Both the RMs are obviously drained from this ordeal, not just in the send of fuel....

[RADIO] You send Iris a direct message: "I... just wanted to research new technology.. that's all... why did it have to turn out like this?"

Iris sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "*cries, sobs, some unintelligable speech as well*"

Outside> Gravity Beetle's remains are picked up by Archer. The Crocodile Hunter follows. Boy, posing's going to be a lot easier from now on.

Midi is silent, sitting in a 'hugging his knees' position. Seems you could do what you want with him, drop him off, take him hostage, maybe even kill him, he's sorta spaced out.

Tengu Man is very much drained. He's sitting with his head in his hands, leaning on the console. He can't look away... And yet he's so, so, very tired...


The remaining half the Gunslinger's cockpit floats benignly in orbit, starting to drift a bit from its original location by the stellar winds. Half of a cigarette floats away from it, being sucked down towards Earth by a rush of dust from Starhaven.

Cold, empty space sits where the Gunslinger formerly was, albeit one with a colorful radiation signature. TV reception for most South America is going to suck for a day or two.

The snow across Asia picks up, large, fluffy snowflakes falling across the continent. An icy wind cuts across the steppes, rattling windows and making homes tremble.

[RADIO: (B) World] Pyro Squirrel transmits, "Excuse me to all that are listening. I am organizing a search party in order to locate one of the shards of light that came from the Stardroid escape craft, for purposes of study and containment. Are there any who will assist me?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Squeak Toy Serenade transmits, "... No. I have my family to attend to."

Outside> Reif Falcon gives the thumbs-up back to the Wily-Saucer and its pilot. He moves to gather the Hummingbird and Gravity's head. He nods to Archer who is also helping. "I can get him back to base...Mind if I take the rest of those pieces?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Tengu Man transmits, "Looks like you're on your own."

Outside> Iris just clings to Sigma, crying and sobbing. If her brother were out here, he'd surely put an end to -this- nonsense!

Pharaoh Man taps in an autopilot course, and then stands. " We shall take you to the nearest teleporters. For the moment, you are still guests of Amun-Wily. " Ra rubs the bridge of his nose, and heads for the back. The android then stops start still, and listens to something, maybe over radio. A look of utter dread and despair comes upon his face.

" Oh fu- "

And before Ra can utter the second syllable, he explodes in a cascade of E-Rings.

Stark still, rather.

[RADIO] You send Iris a direct message: "<doesn't seem any better off in terms of emotional stability> A... black hole?"

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... ... series of ... ... snaps ... ... bring the ... back ... I ... ... we're ... to find's ... up ... ... I ... fit ... ... ... this."

Iris sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "Yeahhhhh....itswallowedhimup...justlikeablackholeofnoreturnjustlikeinthemooooviiiesss*snort**sniffle**sob**cry* POOR Dr. COSSACK!!!"

Outside> A secondary hatch opens up on the Wilystar, collecting the remnants of Gravity Beetle and the helpful Archer.

[RADIO: (B) World] Pyro Squirrel transmits, "... I understand. But if anyone could send me information on possible locations the shards might have landed, then I will do what I can to help with the situation by obtaining one."

Tengu Man just sits there, staring, listening /very/ carefully for an answer from the channel he's got open. He's extremely worried about a certain young lady right now... His head jerks as Ra E-rings, and he swivels around in his chair. "Pharaoh? ..." He swallows, then looks at Midi...

Tengu Man peers at Kain, too.

[RADIO: (B) World] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Do everyone a favor, and leave it to those trained for the job. Just look at what you civilians did in a matter of an hour when left to you own devices with these things."

Midi just sorta rocks back and forth. He's just a kid after all. What, you think he E-ringed Pharoah?

Outside> A secondary hatch opens up on the Wilystar, collecting the remnants of Gravity Beetle and the helpful Archer.

[RADIO] Transmission detected: :stops the snapping ... ... think it's ... ... of ... ... ... ... be worried ... grudges ... ... ... ... don't ... if this is insolent. ... I ... to put ... with ... like ... ... ... ... why I ... joined ... folks!"

Outside> And Archer had handed the majority of Gravity to Reif Falcon, since he so nicely asked. Now Archer needs a break from posing. Chalk it up to overtaxing his systems. Natch.

[RADIO] You send Iris a direct message: "Maybe... I mean... h-he... might be ok? Like... those movies..."

Iris sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "*sobs*"

[RADIO: (B) World] Abernathy laughs, humorlessly. "We make up most of the population you so-foolishly fight to control, Ra. Not all of us are complete fools."

[RADIO: (B) World] Cleaver Cow transmits, "Frankly, I think we /all/ have enough fools right now!"

[RADIO: (B) World] Kain transmits, "He can't hear you... He has been temporary... removed."

[RADIO: (B) World] Pyro Squirrel transmits, "Those trained for the job are indespensible. I am not, as you Masters have previously said."

Tengu Man just peers at the two 'guests'. Kain gets a special lookover, but Tengu knows that it couldn't've been a combat e-ring... Then what? Tengu already knows the answer. He gives both Kain and Midi an empty stare, and then swivels around in his chair. "We're going home now."

[RADIO: (B) World] Abernathy transmits, "Good. We have both fools and wise men out in force tonight."

[RADIO: (B) World] Tengu Man transmits, "Don't bother arguing with Ra. And Strider - I'm not a happy camper. If you're not quiet I will leave you to find your own method of transportation."

Kain nods. "Understood."

[RADIO] Transmission detected: ... ... worried? No! ... pissed ... ... ... ... listen to ... complain ... who ... ... ... kill who when ... a thrice-damned /thing/ happening that we ... no idea ... ... actually did and ... more ... the way!

[RADIO: (B) World] Kain transmits, "..."

[RADIO: (B) World] Ballade hisses softly into the radio. "One down...."

Midi is silent, not like you're going to get any resistance.

[RADIO: (B) World] Squeak Toy Serenade transmits, "Uh. One what?"

Tengu Man says, quietly, "Thank you." He is strangely quiet and flat-toned. "We leave. Now. Any preferences as to where you'd liked to be dropped off?" There's about a second's pause before he speaks again. "Oh, Seoul? Good. Let's go." He taps buttons purposefully. He is mad. He is angry. He is tired. He is very, very worried. Piss him off further at your own risk.

[RADIO: (B) World] Rigger transmits, "I suggest someone see to Ballade quickly for your own good."


Snow falls across Russia, the end result of Nuclear Winter. Most of it sticks, some of it blows around. In some places it is a dry, cold snow. In others, larger and wetter. But snow falls, covering the former Soviet Union in a blanket of quiet white.

The Gunslinger's remains continue to float away, being pelted by orbital debris. Slowly, it starts to fall back towards Earth, probably to leave quite an orbital show in its wake. The immediate threat to the Earth has ended. Only the pods that have touched down remain ... and perhaps their threat will be more insidious than any falling rocks.

A mile long streak of light bisects the former location of the Gunslinger, gold rings surrounding it. The streak slowly fades down, but it followed by another white burst in a perpendicular direction. Then, around the point the two rays of light met, a puff of light sears out, like a gigantic glowing snowball.

The white debris -- concentrated snow -- flies off, leaving only a blurry humanoid figure behind.

It becomes abundantly clear who the figure is in a split-second, as the blur suddenly resolves back into normal space. The Cossack -- bruised, battered, but intact -- suddenly resumes his previous velocity, flying back towards Earth. His boot and backpack jets engage at the last possible moment, slowing him down to a stable orbit above the planet. Once he stops, he hunches down, hands on his laurels, taking several long, deep breaths, staring vacantly at the suddenly much more empty reaches of space before him, confused...

To him, it seems, no time has passed. One supposes fate will have to try harder if it wants the death of Dr. Pavel Cossack.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte transmits, "...Am I... ...seeing what I think I am seeing?"

[RADIO: (B) World] Ballade transmits, "They don't dare. My soul is shattered, and all shall feel my endless loss. Heh... heh..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "Much as I hate to break this moment of lingering horrified silence... There's still work to be done. All the more so now that... ...Oh dear god."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger starts laughing.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Rigger?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte rumbles. "...Cossack?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Cossack coughs. "Mike, I broke zee Gunslinker again..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Michael Eildath transmits, "YOU'RE A DEAD MAN, DOCTOR!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Gravity Beetle's ghost says, "No, you have to do it from the lungs, not the gut!"

[RADIO] You send Iris a direct message: "D...Dr. Cossack... he's alive... <voice still quakey, but better>"

Outside> After all of its passengers board, the Skull Shuttle quietly turns in space, heading down back toward Earth, in the general direction of Seoul.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Archer Colossus transmits, "Eh. I think one near death experience is enough for the crazy bastard for one night. You kicked some ass tonight Doc. Major ass."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Gravity Beetle's ghost considers going to haunt someone.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Kalinka transmits, "*soft thump of a body collapsing upon a metal floor*"

Iris sends you a tightbeam radio transmission: "He IS?? Oh, thank GOODNESS!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Abernathy transmits, "Proving once again that Russians are stubborn bastards of the best kind. Congratulations, doctor."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Yin Yoma Byte's ominous, and weak, laughter fills the channel.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ballade transmits, "Ssss... so one survived. How nice. A pity the Doctor wasn't the one. I congratulate you Cossack. As for those who think Wily still lives due to some elaborate trick... Do you think I wouldn't know? I, of all people?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Cossack transmits, "...God. Wily...zee shot must haff not hit him in time to knock him avay."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ballade transmits, "No, Doctor Cossack. It hit him. His suit was not able to catch him... in time. Unlike you."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Serenade OOCly does it again. e.e ignore her. +o is not +radio..

Seoul - United Nations Plaza

It is here that most of the world's decisions are made. The kind of power here reflects in the architecture, with the HUGE UN building that holds the General Assembly. Blue and dome shaped in design, it is the only one in the world of its kind, and workplace to the thousands that work here. The perimeter of the General Assembly building is surrounded the flags of every country that has a seat, which is nearly everyone. Outside are a number of other large office buildings, ranging from delegate bureau's, to the Headquarters of the UN Police, to a Repliforce office. Constantly patrolled and guarded by UN Police, safety is among an utmost concern after the infamous April Fools Day Massacre. Despite that, the place is a very safe environment.

Skull Shuttle [RM]
UN Heavy Transport <Magellan>
Press Stand
United Nations Vehicle Garages <UNVG>

<UN> leads to United Nations Building.
East <E> leads to Seoul - Northern Commercial District.
West <W> leads to Seoul - Tourist District.
South <S> leads to Seoul - Historical District.
North <N> leads to Seoul - Eastern Residential District.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Rigger transmits, "He... spiraled into the atomosphere, Cossack."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ballade transmits, "Make your peace with your daughter. I have lost my father. She will share my pain."

Kain has arrived.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tengu Man transmits, "Ballade..."

Kain transforms to Strider.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Ballade transmits, "Shut up, Tengu Man."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Tengu Man transmits, "..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Dr. Cossack transmits, "I vill end ziss, Ballade -- I vill end ziss *FOREVER*! AFRICA VILL BE ATOMIC DUST BENEATH ME IF YOU DARE!"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Teisel Bonne transmits, "Maybe it's a good idea for everyone to sleep it off... eh-heh, this has been a very stressful night! Right? Eh?"

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Serenade transmits, "Who cares, Cossack. We've already lost everything."

[RADIO: (B) World] Elec Man simply begins to whine.

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Mr Eildath he just likely saved millions of lives... and witl Dr. wily if there is no body found I'd not count him out. he is a resourceful person."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Archer Colossus transmits, "..."

[RADIO: (F) Alliance] Job transmits, "Everyone stop this now!"


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